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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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breaking news this morning hurricane hermine swlaums into florida coast 80-mile-an-hour winds and heavy rains just been downgrade to a tropical storm we will have the latest on the storm track for you, good morning. >> dwooj to you, to you. investors waiting for jobs' report, a strong report could push the federal reserve to raise interest rates again meeting later this month stock market futures ahead of 8:30 a.m. release of the report, mostly flat this morning, dow futures gaining 7 s&p 500 unchanged nasdaq gaining 5 -- also, on hold ahead of u.s. --
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take a look at nikkei in japan down just fractionally, higher -- oil prices continue spiral could -- yesterday, now about 4 dollars 4342 barrel. >> new galaxy seven note device amid reports of the phones catching fire, and walmart slashing 7,000 jobs to make trailretailer, 49ers colinp technique booed c. >> booed. >> thanks to roof at arthur ashe stadium murray able to advance in storm highlights coming up, in new york it is friday, welcome to your first look what is moving in markets the a list breaking news what to expect for the day ahead.
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>> we have breaking news this morning, hermine across northern florida right now, after making landfall with powerful winds heavy rain, now just waninged to a tropical storm, the national hurricane center for storm hit east of st. marks 1:00 eastern time first hurricane to strike florida more than a decade residents preparing for the worst there. >> this was a -- properties here, there is no way -- mother nature, shutters on the front -- coming down here just checking out my lines making sure they are secure. >> -- 10 inches of it rain no, your honor florida southern georgia to push into georgia carolinas up east coast. >> a lot of people are traveling, joining us right now on phone to talk about all this he chief meteorologist weather bell analytics. >> good morning. >> good morning. how you doing. >> great how you doing what do
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we know about this storm state of emergency in three states, florida georgia, as well as north carolina how dangerous is it just downgrade obviously to tropical storm. >> well, look, first of all, it is first hurricane hit florida in -- first hurricane sit that area since 1966. during 1966, alma was there, a create or two hurricane, very unusual place to hit real tough to hit it in that bend over there right up the eastern see bored cape hatteras by tomorrow, you folks that are living east of the -- evidently ci, i-95, you are going to receive gusts 60, 70, 80 miles an hour tornadic activity 6 to 10 inches of rain running from west of savannah to hatteras, then things get really tricky, because the storm i don't know what the hurricane center is going to do with status, but
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that storm will reacquire hurricane winds right offshore. so this thing could stall within 100 miles of atlantic city two or three days, will never go back onshore again, once it gets back over -- sandy went out came back in, but what this is going to do, is stay just offshore, and keep piling every tide higher and higher beaches from maryland delaware all the way up to -- long island new jersey, area devastated by sandy what i am very concerned about is one tide three feet above normal 3 1/2 feet above normal, 4 feet above normal piling up we have a new moon coming -- >> sounds like going to be strong on the east coast let's deal with florida last time hit florida 2005, five people died wilma, what about the danger facing right now looking at greater danger
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flooding or high winds in florida. >> well, what happens in florida now the worst of storm is getting into georgia. so we are this kind of thing, thunderstorms on eastern side can produce tornadic he activity the worst is now over, in florida, worst going into coastal georgia south carolina north carolina coming day florida is taking the brunt of it right now, believe it or not, the worst damage with this when they totally damage up may be further nor northeast coast beaches new jersey long island beaches as many hope to celebrate labor day, thank you. we will keep you updated. >> thank you bye-bye. >> big story for the markets labor department to release august jobs' report this morning, and added -- last month, employment rate to drop
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4.8%, today's report could have a impact on the economy, making it more likely, that the federal reserve will raise short term interest rates, soon. >> if i looked at the day as i look at the economy the progress that is made, i judge that we are nearing full employment we should take advantage of the opportunity to remove some accommodations not looking for high interest rates by any means not trying to slow down the economy i think in the interests of long run sustainable growth we should be raising rates gradually. >> we will have complete coverage analysis of the august jobs reports "mornings with maria" starting 8:00 a.m. eastern. >> -- in clinton e-mail scandal a close connection between former secretary of state, and the clinton foundation, a new batch of e-mails allegely shows a top foundation official asking hillary clinton aide abedin -- for democratic passports in
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2009 clinton officials say request was revolted to effor-- relate to efforts to get two american journalists released a spokesperson says exchange does not tell the whole story. >> state department agreed to rooes daily schedules from hillary clinton secretary of state to ap by mid october after government lawyers said hundreds of pages would not be released until after election ap found more than half people clinton met spoke with concluding u.s. government have donated to the clinton foundation. >> donald trump, immigration speech earlier this week in phoenix after he met with mexico's president according to "the wall street journal" the original version did not include the line that mexico would have to pay for his proposed wall along the u.s. southern you board after trump landed, about those he and mexican president peña nieto
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tweeted that his country would not pay for the wall. journal says trump was upsets about disclosure tut the line back into the speech. >> last speech san francisco 49 quarterback colin kaepernick sat down in national an then to previous to what he calmed racially injustice in the u.s. didn't sit in anthem last. >> it instead knelt on one knee the crowd in san diego booed him as he entered the stadium. hadn't booing] during the national anthem. kaepernick -- he was joined by spacey reed, the 49ers be the chargers 31-21. >> okay asia stocks mixed bag you have nikkei in just fractionally, wait and see on hold approach to see what happens at 8:30 eastern
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in u.s. with the jobs' report, the shanghai composite up a tenth of one percent in china, the kospi, korea gained quarter of 1%, shares halted after that company filed for receivership on wednesday. >> european stocks waiting that jobs' report all onboard, this morning, ftse londz gaining 6/101% cac in paris gaining points dax in joirnl gaining 24 u.s. stock market refutes on final day of the week dow futures up 18 s&p up 1 nasdaq up nine markets -- all right checking key commodities this morning, trading 43.43 the barrel up 29 cents gold is down by 2.70 up 13.14 -- a long side -- setback for --
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>> . >> fireball destroyed a spacex rocket a rocket being tested for a launch as israeli satellite part we facebook to use satellite to provide internet access to africa. >> zuckerberg posting he was deeply disappointed by failure will take several months to determine tcause of the descent. >> recall for smartphone galaxy, will offer global exchange program for the galaxy note 7 after reports of the phone catching fire charging, samsung said phones have a fault in the battery company said it had 35 cases of the problem in south korea before recall samsung
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suspended shipment of the galaxy to conduct additional quality tests. >> did you see pictures, phone was scorched. >> scary, apple dealing on aub in of fronts suppliers reportedly say company told them expect price cuts for next generation iphonecars in china joined to push apple and sale with k deep discounts facing weakening sales as global demand slows down also seeing competition, from new chinese companies that offer cheaper phones. >> coming up, hermine into coast of florida downgrades to tropical storm the latest on the storm track the hard hit areas residents bracing for the worst. >> -- the winds, from the hurricane, cedar key, this was a -- properties here, there is no way -- mother nature. >> watching you have thes stocks ahead of key august
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jobs' report, checks on u.s. stock futures ahead of opening bell dpoouts up 16 s&p up 1.nasdaq up 8, you are watching f. but hadn't naihadn't. >> stay with us. .
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>> welcome back. it is 5:15 a.m. what is happening now, in darkness in northern florida, after couple hours just downgraded to a tropical storm the governor warned people hermine could be life-threatening forecasts said surge of ocean water could be high as nine feet above normal watts first hurricane hit florida more than 10 years a live report in a minute, first let's check in stock market futures headed opening bell, of course, ahead of the jobs' report, for expected:30 this morning all on the board -- gratuities up 14 s&p up 11 and a quarter nasdaq up 8. >> -- >> i just got a report --
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can't wait to see what the month is continue right now, with our coverage of hermine now moving inland over panhandle making landfall in state big board membered -- big bend area the very latest, doesn't look bad behind you jonathan. reporter: not at all that is because we are on the western side of the storm a lopsided storm, so most damage the heavy winds the rain on the eastern side, and that is exactly what tallahassee state capitol is located take a look at this video from overnight, tallahassee was pounded by heavy rains, heavy winds, in fact storm knocked out power to more than 70,000 customers, in this relatively small town according to the web site, among those commerce, fsu campus, take a look at this photo of the florida state
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university campus, in the dark. throughout the night. during this hurricane as it came ashore. even though the storm is now downgrade to a tropical storm, it is still causing problems in terms of power outages dramatic video pour lines on fire sim scenes throughout the state. in between feeder bands power companies sending crews out to repair damage in many cases, they are able to get communities back online they believe within 24 hours, of the storm moving out of the area. we also have more video from overnight to show you from cedar key a barrier island off northern gulf coast of florida and, again,, a community that is considerably far east of the eye and, yet, it has been experiencing torrential rains, heavy winds, and a record storm surge from this former hurricane. also we like to show you
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video, from the tampa bay area, again, another area very far east of eye and while it did not take full brunt of hurricane force winds experienced torrential rain wind damage, and power outages, the radar image of the storm again most of the activity is concentrated to the east of the center of the storm moves out of florida, into southern portions of georgia, possibly heading into portions of south carolina before moving up the atlantic coast and likely causing many headaches for americans going into this long holiday weekend. back to you. >> thank you for that report. >> all right coming up we will have more on hurricane hermine downgraded to a tropical storm from fox meteorologist, and look at hurricanes likely storm track how residents prepared for the storm. >> it is what it is you know
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you live in florida, you are -- >> all right checking u.s. stocks futures ahead of the opening bell, on the board dow up 23 s&p 500 up almost 2 nasdaq up by 10, you are watching fbn:am first look at marks and breaking news, stay with us. ♪ (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones,
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. welcome back, tropical storm hermine pounding florida
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with -- 80 miles per hour winds heavy rain sunshine state in a state of emergency tornados also possible across northern florida and southern georgia, the center of the hermine moving to carolinas tonight. >> meteorologist -- live, fox extreme weather center good morning. >> you can talk about the storm, i want to know how long do you expect it can last i heard into late next week. >> why he, this is something to watch not only for florida, back east but the remains of the storm are going to reregenerate nor'easter type of event well into next week dealing with unfortunately several days let's get to it, made landfall 1:30 a.m. local time, east -- a category one you are correct have, the first time a hurricane has made landfall, in the sunshine
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state, in almost 11 years. now down to a tropical storm, but that doesn't mean let your guard down year dealing with very gusty winds at least tropical storm to have winds along the coast ongoing as center of circulation continues, to move to the north and east, tornados, also a concern, in parts of florida, and georgia and south carolina. a lot of times tropical systems we fee 23r50ikion at surface upper level winds twiflth with motion potential for tornados throughout the day day the latest track through time, molds in agreement until saturdays, then this is off the coast and starts to develop into a sort of a nor'easter type event as we head into sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, the molds don't quite know what to do with this storm this is where the big takeaway is going to be. all along the east coast, you need to monitor this, until labor day weekend and into next week.
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this could be a huge weather story for tense of millions of people back to you. >> thanks so much, being impacting athletes the latest from sports good day for williams sister u.s. o pen serena by -- last night, winds -- even with martina navratilova record, only fred. reporter: has more. earlier -- venus bet -- one and venus number 6. >> storm didn't stop play, at stadium thanks to new roof murray explained about noise from rain got past marcelle, is it a straight sets advanced to third round in nfl tom brady played last game -- said
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-- suspension tomorrow, played first half against giants last night 16 of 26 passes 166 yards giants won the game 17-9. coming up, florida now taking the brunt of what is tropical storm hermine first to hit florida in 11 years the latest on the track and the fallout from 80 mile-per-hour winds refreshments hunkering down for the storm. >> we could get prepared -- stock up on everything necessity make sure that all sandbags are in place, and that we are ready to go we all come together take care of one another. >> checking in on stock index futures as we await release of the august jobs' report 180,000 jobs expected to have been added, 4.8% ahead of that futures higher 22 points nasdaq futures 9 and 1/2 your
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. >> breaking news hurricane hermine slams into florida coast overnight 80 mile-per-hour winds heavy rains downgraded to a tropical storm we will have the latest on storm track happy friday and good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. >> i am in for nicole petallides happy friday to you -- investors are waiting for key august jobs' report information strong report, could push federal reserve to raise interest rates again later this month futures ahead of 8:30 am reese dow futures up 20 s&p 500, nasdaq up by
5:31 am
nine. >> asia mixed bag stocks on hold ahead of u.s. jobs nikkei -- .01%. oil prices continue their downward spiral, another 3 1/2% yesterday -- 3357 for the barrel up 41 points. >> all right. we are gaining a percent national recall of device, reports of the phone catching fire. on charging walmart 7,000 jobs to retailer. >> kaepernick booed -- last night game in san diego. >> u.s. open -- venus thanks to recent article at arthur ashe stadium -- >> in new york friday,
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september 2 welcome first look at markets latest breaking news what to expect ahead. >> breaking news hermine across northern florida right now landfall powerful winds heavy rain a tropical storm national hurricane center said storm hit east of saint marks 1:30 a.m. eastern time first to strike florida more than a decade, residents have been preparing for the worst there. >> this is -- properties here, there is no way, mother nature. >> shutters on -- and, coming down here, checking on lines making sure they boat secure. >> -- in northern florida southern georgia expected to push into georgia carolinas east coast this labor day weekend. >> i-95 corridor busy joining us on the phone, chief meteorologist weather. >> good morning, center is
5:33 am
just -- west now moving northeast what is going to happen here is because of the approximate to the ocean, even though inland going to maintain intensity overless say charleston -- tremendous amounts of tropical moisture, very much warmer than normal in a atlantic ocean one of the big problems with this storm he fox the ocean temperatures up ocean city maryland as warm as georgia coast because of that once this system gets to cape hatteras like a horse running in water once it smells ocean again whatever weakening now over next 36 hours, will reverse it, and what we maybe seeing here is a
5:34 am
storm, sitting about 100 miles southeast atlantic city hurricane force winds continually pounding away, now the pluck of the storm worst is in florida, we have feared bands coming to florida, severe weather now because -- storm from georgia in fact north carolina, so you will get 40 to 60 may be 70-mile-an-hour wind gusts in coastal communities heavy rains, thunderstorms what the maybe of hermine maybe the damage that it may cause to the barrier islands from maryland up to nantucket it sits there, , 3, 4 days. >> possibilities for damage right now talk about the danger of governor rick scott warned of danger of storm surge wind downed trees power oi outages what are you opening
5:35 am
as it crosses the land. >> worst is over what happens with storm inland like this heavy rains will -- east side you get banz very strong winds, thunderstorms, will transfer right down to the surface, so you folks are in a coastal community those are areas have to worry about real intense winds. >> telling us about the sunshine state thank you so much chief meteorologist, thanks. >> you are welcome. >> and big story for the markets labor department to release august jobs reports this morning predict employers -- 1 -- unemployment rate expected to drop to 4.8%, about today's job report a big impact on the economy making it more likely federal reserve will raise short term interest rates soon. >> -- the data as i look at the economy the progress it has made, i judge that we are
5:36 am
nearing full employment that inflation is low and stable and that we should take advantage of the opportunity to remove some of the accommodations not looking for high interest rates by any means not trying to slow down the economy, but i think in the interests of long run stage growth, we should be raising rates gradually. >> complete coverage analysis of august jobs' report on "mornings with maria" 8:00 a.m. earning. >> developments in clinton e-mail scandal close connection between former secretary of state and clinton foundation a batch of e-mails allegedly show a top foundation official asking hillary rodham clinton aide huma abedin to help with in passports in nine officials say request was related to efforts to get two american journalists ing north korea released a spokesperson for bill clinton says the exchange does not tell the whole story, the state department has agreed to release all the
5:37 am
daily schedules from hillary clinton time as secretary of state to the second or press by mid october, news after government lawyers said hundreds of pages would not be released until after the presidential election ap found more than half people who clinton met or spoke with concluding members of the u.s. or foreign governments, have donated to clinton foundation. according to new fox news poll u.s. voters growing more concerned, about terrorism, a record 54% americans say u.s. is less safe than before 9/11, 39% say safer, last year 53 he% say country less safe 38% said it was safer you can see the comparison there prior to september 2014 more than half voters polled said country was safer. >> a major terrorist attack likely in the near future last year's u.s./iran agreement on the nuclear program made the country less safe. >> -- last weekend san
5:38 am
francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick sat down in national anthem to protest what he called racially injustice in u.s., kaepernick didn't sit during national anthem last night instead knelt on one knee the crowd in san diego booed him as he entered the stadium, listen. [booin [booing]. >> the national anthem -- o'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave ♪ marines in san diego kaepernick not alone in protests last night joined by safety eric reed 49er beat chargers 31-21.
5:39 am
>> -- in asia shenzhen up a kentth of a percent kospi south korea gaining quarter of one percent nikkei in japan down ever so slightly, over to european stocks ftse in london 7/10 of one percent cac quarante in paris, the dax in germany gaining almost /10 of one percent u.s. futures this morning, putting in a decent performance yesterday the first day of the new month september, second day gratuities up gratuities. >> commodities a look at oil 42.56 but up 40 cents gold at 13, 14, down -- >> apple is -- reports apple trying to cut better deals with suppliers for parts suppliers reportedly say company told them to accept price cuts for parts used in
5:40 am
the next generation iphone, carriers in china joined together to push sales with deep discounts, apple facing lower sales of global demand for -- competition, from chinese companies cheaper phones. >> walmart employees cutting thousands behind scenes jobs retailer in u.s. stores says starting next year much will be a central office new money cash -- in stores, company says employees jobs were cut have option to work in another walmart jobs were higher paying jobs. >> wall street walmart stock up 2% -- "the wall street journal" -- seeking a buyer for software operations the as much as 10 billion dollars hp
5:41 am
enterprise one of two companies created by breakup last to hewlett-packard. >> weighing a legal challenge to the federal reserve stress test big point of contention among banks is the lack of transparency annual stress test biggest ever they could survive a run on cash, during the severe downturn, retailers seeking help for shipping crisis want government to help resolve cries by collapse of south korea positionings shipping company try to stock up for crucial holiday sales season and goods they need stuck on ship. >> some ships -- >> coming up hurricane hr here downgrades to tropical storm, as it barrels into the coast of florida we will have have latest on the storm track and hard hit areas. >> -- the windows, hurricane, cedar key, all we have to do
5:42 am
-- there is no way -- it is mother nature. >> watching u.s. stocks headed of key augjobs' report indication as well a look at u.s. stock futures dow futures up 16 s&p up 1 nasdaq gaining 7 1/2, watching fbn:am first look at morning markets and breaking news, stay with us. ♪
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> . >> welcome back 5: new york, caught up on what is happening talk about the weather hermine ashore in darkness hope for florida wee hours of the morning downgrade to a tropical storm, the florida governor warning people that hermine could be life-threatening, forecasters said surge of ocean water could be as high as nine feet above normal weather, hermine first hurricane to hit florida in more than 10 years a live report on the storm in a minute. right now stock data big story of the morning markets the jobs' report, ahead of that, dow futures up 14 points, s&p futures talking on not even
5:46 am
one nasdaq futures gaining seven we are back with what is happening. >> all right, continue with coverage of hermine inland or eastern florida panhandle making landfall in big bend area, fox news jonathan serie live with the latest. good morning. reporter:. >> hi things here relatively calm on western side of the eye of the storm, the pluck of the damage is on the eastern side, and that is where the town of tallahassee found itself overnight storm knocked out power to more than 70,000 customers overnight, those customers include, entire campus of florida state university, fsu in the dark, during the hurricane overnight, also have video to show you from krecedar key northern gulf coast of florida cedar key is far east of where
5:47 am
the eye was passing by, they experienced record storm surge, flooding, heavy rains and at times heavy winds another community, that experienced similar problems is the tampa bay area, again, far east of the center of the storm and, yet, experiencing torrential rains and strong gusts elsewhere in tampa bay area the town of clearwater street flooding from combination heavy rain storm sur take a look at this video. >> very dramatic video power transformer blowing people record similar video throughout the state take a look at provide sparks flying
5:48 am
as palm tree rubs against power lines, utility companies are sending crews in to repair the damage, in between feeder bands many cases power company believes they can communities completely restored through electricity within 4 hours, you of the -- 24 hours of storm leaving but as florida begins to dry out, at least portions of florida, the storm is now moving into communities in south georgia. back to you. >> video you are showing us this morning, really highlights dangers people governor scott said you can rebuild rot property you cannot are you build a life what is offered residents who are in trouble. >> state deviat100 you been natd troops 6,000 on alert the state has fish and wildlife officers as well as boats that are ready to go out, and assist in search and rescue efforts.
5:49 am
>> storm posing dangers all the way up the east coast, thank you this morning for thank you to jonathan this morning. >> quick programming note for you tonight guest on wall street week ceo, thinks feld raise interest rates by the end of the year. >> interest rates have been kept very low and i think the fed would like to change that kind of -- many times increase but have not quite found the time to do it i suspect the markets, feel that they will do it for sure this year, my own view probably in december, rather than september but who really knows i think even in summer though the amount of increase, it is -- fed feels comfortable to doing back to where we were 5, 10 years ago. >> fed funds futures a 24% chance of interest rate increase this month on 21st, 55% one in december. you can see more tonight 8:00 pm fox business. >> all right coming up more on hermine from folks
5:50 am
meteorologist the likely track how residents prepared for the storm. >> it is what it is you live in florida it is what it is. if you -- ride it out. >> watching fbn:am first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪ ♪ compl.
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. wide weather tropical storm hermine pounding northern florida georgia with winds heavy rain much sunshine state, under emergency
5:54 am
tornados possibly across the region extent of hermine coupled to move into he carolinas tonight eventually up the east coast. >> sr., meteorologist live in fox extreme weather center with latest we are hearing that this is going to cross over land move offshore gain strength what can you tell us. >> definitely the possibility, of that, it is right onshore now, in north florida, and you can see the heavier rain bands moving through georgia and south carolina, tornado watch as you mentioned until 8:00 a.m. local time probably see, tornado watches being extended north and eastward with tropical systems we typically we tornados so that is going to be ongoing threat next couple days, tropical storm force winds probably very least gusts 50 miles per hour along the coast north florida georgia south carolina, at the
5:55 am
very least tropical storm force wins six to 12 hours tropical storm warnings you will the way through outer banks, in effect to river new jersey because this storm we think going to move offshore, still tropical but extra tropical characteristics meaning a transition from a warm core low, to a cold-core low, kind of like a nor'easter here is the problem we think the pattern is going to make this storm stall out. so sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, at the coast again because cone of uncertainty the reason for that is we are very uncertain further in time all along mid-atlantic northeast need to more than this for the long labor day weekend. >> wow. >> very dangerous weather so
5:56 am
our thoughts prayers with all. >> communities that rely on revenue. >> transition to sports williams sisters u.s. open serena -- last night even, martina navratilova, ne. >> federer has more. >> -- number one, venus number 6. heavy rain band at u.s. open does not stop play stadium thanks to new rules but murray complained about noise on roof got past marcelle, in straight sets. marlins ended five-game losing streak 6-4 win over mets last night -- singled twice, stole
5:57 am
two bases two games behind for second wild card spot marlins three back. >> hand over to "mornings with maria", stay with us.
5:58 am
. .
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lauren: thank you so much for joining us this week on fbn:am. markets closed monday. >> yes, indeed. we will turn it over to mornings with maria. dagen mcdowell in for maria.
6:00 am
dagen: have a great weekend both of you. maria bartiromo has the morning off. it's friday september 2nd. top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. hermine makes landfall overnight slamming florida's gulf coast with heavy rain. now the entire east coast under threat, we are tracking that storm. turning the new fox poll, the economy is the number one issue for voters. this coming as investors wait for the august job report. economist expecting 180,000 jobs added with unemployment i -- edging down to 4%. on the campaign trail, donald trump tripling down on méxico paying for the wall and joe biden slamming donald trump.


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