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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 2, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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dagen: have a great weekend both of you. maria bartiromo has the morning off. it's friday september 2nd. top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. hermine makes landfall overnight slamming florida's gulf coast with heavy rain. now the entire east coast under threat, we are tracking that storm. turning the new fox poll, the economy is the number one issue for voters. this coming as investors wait for the august job report. economist expecting 180,000 jobs added with unemployment i -- edging down to 4%. on the campaign trail, donald trump tripling down on méxico paying for the wall and joe biden slamming donald trump. >> there are many ways they can
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pay for the wall. we have a massive trade deficit. that makes the wall pail in come -- comparison. >> american workers make too much money. all kidding aside. this is about the character of person we are talking about elected as president of the united states. dagen: hillary clinton's latest issue with e-mail scandal. her husband former president clinton staff reportedly use taxpayer dollars to support the private e-mail supporter. another setback for spacex, a rocket explodes on the launch pads before take off. details on how this affects facebook. plus colin kaepernick taking a knee during national anthem and the crowd not having any of it.r
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on his knee. we have gains on the future, 24 gain on the dow at the moment. in europe we are seeing gains across the board. take a look at england, france and germany. markets were a little changed on this friday with the markets closed. only one lower. the nikkei barely. here with me jack otter and curson. welcome to everybody. who is excited. [laughter] >> i'm excited too. absolutely. why not? it has a great impact in november. dagen: in terms of who would do
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a better job on the economy, hillary clinton and donald trump exactly the same. >> neck and neck. dagen: he lost a lot of ground on that. we will be discussing that. we have the niece of dr. martin luther king, jr., alvita king, she is here. scott brown, john bolton. [laughter] dagen: ceo and nfl star embassador jack brewer. mike huckabee, all of those fine folks coming up. you don't want to miss that. first hermine downgraded as tropical storm but getting hit with severe rain as it makes rainfall. cheryl casone has more. cheryl: good morning. hurricane hermine has been downgraded to a tropical storm that happened about an hour ago but this after it made landfall
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in florida overnight. it hit 1:30 a.m. eastern time bringing winds about 80 miles per hour and 10-inches of rain. this cat 1 storm left 70,000 residents in tallahassee without power and set off a tornado watch for dozens of communities in florida and also georgia which remain in effect until 8:00 a.m. eastern time. we are going to keep you posted. there's still the threat of heavy rain and deadly flooding in these areas. now governor rick scott declaring state of emergency in 51 of the state's 67 counties. 6,000 members of the national guard ready to be mobilized if the national hurricane center warns of surges of ocean water as 9 feet above normal levels. now the storm is weakening. winds of 70 miles per hour right now as it moves further inland but expected to affect states
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from virginia up to new jersey at least and this will threaten labor day weekend travel. 35al million americans expect today travel on air and roads, dagen. as the coast is moving up the east coast, the threat very real. we should say hermine's time was is far from over as of now back to you. dagen: it's going to be a wicked weekend for people on along the east coast. the economy remain it is top issue for voters. hillary clinton and donald trump are tied on who voters trust to do a better job on the economy. both with 48%. in early august donald trump held a 5 percentage point advantage. look at the gap. what's changing? what will change before november, today's job report
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will put it front in center. mercedes, good to see both of you. >> good morning. dagen: should donald trump be concerned now that he's tied with hillary clinton? he should have been all summer long hitting this, hitting this. >> right, it's one of the most where he feels talking about that policy in particular specially when he rolled out his tax plan and economic plan. i think he should be concern. hillary clinton, what she's been able to do after the convention is continue to build narrative about trump being unfit or dangerous using those words about his temperaments really without offering innovative or bold economic solutions herself. she's standing by the fact that she's going to go move forward on incremental changes to obama plan which we have seen sluggish economic growth where millions of americans still feel that
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their wages are stagnant, they're not getting the opportunities that they're looking for and as well as anemic economic growth in our country. so donald trump he's been focused on policies, for example. his message middle class, lower income, we are here to help you, help is on the way and that would be effect i -- effective if he stayed on economic message. dagen: in terms of overall polling, donald trump has closed the gap on her. 6 percentage lead for hillary clinton and what's -- what is she doing wrong? >> well, here is the thing. hillary clinton is going to focus on the economy. labor day will be the turning point in when americans really start to focus on who they are going to vote for. we are four weeks away from a
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major debate. she is going to continue to the double down on it. while donald trump had good week going to méxico. dagen: but one thing about hillary clinton in terms of the economy, you have an economy in terms of the rebound from the downturn in 2008-2009, it's the weakest rebound since 1949. there's a lot going wrong. economy barely growing this year. well, i'm just going to do more of what president obama did to get us through the weak road. >> the other more we are going to lower the corporate tax rate, make it easier for production and innovation and all that. obviously, we a lot of us here think, gosh, a progrowth tax plan and economic plan is much better, however, you know, most people aren't necessarily looking at that.
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they are looking at the candidate up on stage and behind the podium and who do i trust with the economy and the trust factor is really character. they maybe are not looking at policy specifics and more on the temperament. anything donald trump can do from mercedes' point of view showing he has temperament and character. dagen: he took big steps and terrorism is the second concern, the number two concern for voters. donald trump remains adamant that méxico will pay for the wall. here is what trump said on the o'reilly factor last night. >> we have to stop the drug trafficking, the human trafficking, you look at what's happening at the border, it's incredible. for wall will get built, that was sort of acknowledged if you look at the statement and he disagrees on who is going to pay for the wall but that's a negotiation and i will tell you that the united states will not be paying for the wall. méxico will be paying for the
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wall. dagen: this comes after mexican president, méxico will never pay for the wall. >> absolutely not, dagen. this is the worst that donald trump can do. i like it because he can continue doing it. one, this is main spill for almost 14 months since he's been running for president of the united states. the idea they're going to build a wall and méxico is going to pay for it. last republican to win the white house won 40% of latinos, that was george w. bush in 2004. donald trump has 20 points down from where george w. bush was almost 10 to 15 years ago. if he doesn't win to 40% he does not win the election. 60% of latinos find him to be bigoted or racist.
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largest growing population of the united states and that's why he is going to lose the election. dagen: i want to move onto hillary clinton. i want to point out front page of the wall street journal that donald trump after he found out that president peña nieto had tweeted about what he said we are not pay forking the wall, donald trump inserted a line in his speech after that meeting, he intentionally inserted the line they don't know it yet but they are going to pay for the wall. he was taken nothing from the president of méxico. i want to move onto hillary clinton. a daily headline that clinton -- there's something about clinton-related emails. the state department announcing that it will hand over hillary clinton's schedule while she served as secretary of state in mid-october, this is a reversal from a commitment to release schedules after the election. mercedes, i want to get your reaction to this because it's relate today that work that ap did that the clinton campaign pushed back on about how many
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donors to the clinton foundation she met with when she was secretary of state. it comes out in october, i think, but does this hurt her? >> i think so, i think that we see the continual distraction of e-mail and cozy relationship between the state department and the clinton foundation. it's important for the american people to remember that it was hillary clinton herself that promised, she said she would separate, make sure that she would not have that connection with the clinton foundation, why she was secretary of state. obviously that promise has been broken. the other thing that the state department -- there have been obstacles. the state department delaying release of schedules. that information belongs to the american people. it does not belong to hillary clinton. dagen: richard, time and again it just looks like abuse of
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office, abuse of power. there's a report out that president clinton, former president bill clinton used taxpayer to subsidize the clinton foundation and support hillary's private server, richard. >> here is the thing, dagen. whether we like it or not -- don't get me wrong i think we need to move the emails off the table but there's a drip-drip here here. the american people are used to the drip, drip, drip. even though we have seen e -- revelations about emails, they don't trust her. if they want to talk about the emails for the next 60 days, we will win the election. dagen: good to see both of you, we will be right back. from veri.
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dagen: mosquitoes carrying zika now in the united states. cheryl casone has the details and the rest of the morning headlines. hey, cheryl. cheryl: hey, dagen. officials in florida have announced positive testing yesterday afternoon. for the first time mosquitoes in miami beach, local mosquitoes have tested positive zika virus. the results have confirmed that the zika virus is active in the miami area, in fact, seems like
6:17 am
it's spreading. sample came from one and a half square mile in miami beach. now the cdc is tracking more than 1500 pregnant women who have been infected with zika, so far 16 babies have been born with defects becaused by -- caused by the zika virus. there is it is on the launch pad exploding the satellite. blast last more than four minutes and could be felt around the area. the exprofession occurred during test. the rocket had a satellite that facebook plan today use to sub-sahara, africa. facebook ceo saying he was
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disappointed with what happened. finally this. imagine me going, hey, be my friend. they would be able to send secure payments. apple announcing they will release series function to developers. other features including sending messages, you can use linked-in and whatsapp. they're going to hold that keynote event september 7th. that's next week. we are expecting the iphone 7, but i can pay you to be my friend and talk to me every day. 10 bucks, 10 to 20 bucks. dagen: exactly. i think i owe you money. [laughter] dagen: investors watching for clues of when fed might raise interest rates. what you need to know ahead of the biggest economic number we
6:19 am
get every month. colin kaepernick taking a new position during national anthem but this time he was not alone. the backlash is next ♪
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dagen: it is a big day for the u.s. economy. august job's report coming at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. this report specially critical because it could weigh heavily on the federal reserve's decision on whether to raise interest rates later this month and also politics, two folks to be the next president of the united states, jack, what are you expecting from the job's report first and foremost?
6:23 am
is it going to be as strong to get the fed to move? jack: over 300,000, seven years into a recovery, extremely strong. i think if we had one of those blockbusters it'll be tough for the fed not to move. i don't think the fed wants to move. i really think they are trying to but the market is waiting for the 180 or so to allow everybody, we are on track, same old sloth. dagen: we've had hourly earnings growing at 2.6%. >> i think that in today's
6:24 am
report we might even see more movement because that number really has not been keeping up. when you look at like the consumer price index and how much increase we have seen, wages really have been flat. and we are starting to see at our customers that they are having to pay for, not just jobs in demand, it is also the jobs that are the lower level. it's difficult to get people working in warehouses, the order fillers for the jobs. we have a business prologistics. they have having to pay people a dollar, two dollars an hour more and we are seeing increases of up to 10% from where they've been in the last 24 months. i expect today wages is going to be a big factor and i do think it's going to move in the right direction. dagen: i want to ask you about
6:25 am
the politics of it all. i think if voters are paying attention at the unemployment rate and if it's below 5%, that says, hey, not bad. >> absolutely. people too understand that that's not factoring the people that left the workforce and the amount of people who are not participating at a 40-year high. it's still very high. 40 year-low, excuse me. but when you look at how this is going to affect the election, historically it really becomes a factor as the president's approval rating, incumbent -- >> one of the highest in recent memory and the state economy. dagen: which is lousy. >> changing who the party in power is. it's going to make a big impact, for sure. dagen: the economy is lousy, the job growth is getting better. [laughter] dagen: jack, i want to get a
6:26 am
look at the cover, optimism, pessimism, how do you think the election is going to impact next year? jack: every six months we interview ten strategists and see what they expect from the market. the bulls are pulling in the horns a little bit. they are expecting the s&p 500 to end lower than it is right now. they are worried about an interest rate hike, earnings growth just isn't quite there so they're a little bit pessimistic. that said, when it comes to politics they all expect a clinton victory and more optimistic about stocks in that scenario. citigroup, for example -- dagen: how can you be optimistic higher taxes? she's promise to go gain capital taxes. jack: a couple of things. the tax rate that she has layed out is pretty much what we have now.
6:27 am
that's a fairly small economic effect. the biggest things that they identify are immigration and trade and limiting immigration, bad for the economy. trade war, very bad for the economy. that's their two main things. the main thing they say it's more or less status quo. the market loves divided government. the republicans look as if they're going to hold on to the house, democrats might take the senate but that's gridlock, i don't think we like it. dagen: she's gone a lot further left than obama on health care and guns. donald trump making his appeal to african american and minority voters as he heads to a church in detroit this weekend. florida getting pelted with heavy rain and flood. the updates on hermine, the storm as it targets more of the u.s., right after the break.
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dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell, it is august september 2nd. top stories 6:30 eastern time. the storm has been downgraded to a tropical storm but americans up and down the east coast face the fallout from this storm. we will get update live from florida straight ahead. and your top story is the
6:31 am
economy this morning. the august job's report out exactly two hours from now. economists expecting 180,000 jobs added, a slowdown from july and june with unemployment edging down 4.8%. in the race for the white house donald trump ramping up efforts to appeal to hispanic voters. this week he focuses on african american. >> you have ve mendous numbers of african americans who have really had a hard time, i mean, beyond belief, i said what do you have to lose, give it to me and i am going to fix it and a lot of people are agreeing with me. dagen: we are looking whether he would be able to improve numbers with minority. victims of the shooting attack forced to pay the theater chain, why a judge is making them pay.
6:32 am
colin kaepernick taking a knee, fans show their outrage. taking the markets ahead of the job's report, slight gain on all three major market now up 14 points at the moment. in europe we are seeing gains across the board with the biggest winner there being the ftse 100 in england. in asia overnight markets were little change but ever so slightly down on the nikkei, the summer box office season winding down but there are some big movies coming out this weekend including the thriller morgan. what you need to know before you head to the theater ahead of the holiday season too. hermine making landfall with winds and heavy rain. the system downgraded to a tropical storm just a short while ago. now the entire east coast is under threat. fox news' jonathan is live from panamá city, jonathan, what do
6:33 am
you know? >> things here are relatively calm because i am on the west side of this very lopsided storm, most of the damage is on the eastern side and that's where the city of tallahassee found itself last night. shortly after the storm came ashore it hit the capital city of florida knocking out power to more than 70,000 customers according to to the city government website, among those customers the campus of florida state university. we've also been seeing dramatic video from around the state of power lines sparking as trees brush against them, power has been an issue for much of the state but the power company sending utility workers to conduct repairs in between bands trying to restore people as quickly as possible. we have overnight video, an island on the northern gulf coast of florida far east of the
6:34 am
eye of the storm and yet they experienced record storm surge, heavy rain and strong gusts and it was a similar scene in the tampa bay area which experienced winds and storm surge. this is an area far east of the eye. most of the damage to the east of it and just looking at the winds and storm surge much more than you would ordinarily expect miles away from the eye of the storm, dagen. dagen: jonathan, thank you for the report. >> certainly. dagen: less than 70 days left until the election and donald trump is traveling to make his appeal to african american voters. he will be speaking at the great faith ministry international tomorrow in detroit, predominantly black church. joining us right now the niece of martin luther king, jr., dr. alvita king.
6:35 am
thank you so much for getting up so early. what do you think will come out of trump's visit to detroit tomorrow? >> well, good morning and what i'm hearing across the african-american community really across america through twitter and facebook and all of that is that this has never been done before by any candidate in recent history. usually the democrats will take us for granted and the republicans have kind of ignored us over the years, so to have a candidate simply say, i want your vote, i want to talk to you and i want to here you and so people that's really catching attention and it's kind of catching fire. i believe that he will get some candid questions. we pray that he gives candid answers and responses and i think it's a good thing, it can't hurt anything. dagen: dr. king, there's a story in "the new york times" this morning that said that the trump
6:36 am
campaign wanted to know what bishop johnson was going to ask and got ahead on some of the questions and prepared rough answers on how he should respond. does that hurt him? does he need to really be himself and speak from the heart? >> this does not hurt mr. trump. one thing that we have fallen into in america in our elections is paying more attention to the personalities of the people rather than the platform and i think the platform actually can reveal a lot about the character of the candidate. i personally i am voting pro-life and when i say that, you can tell that that's very important on any platform for me, but whatever your platform issues are, that's where your vote should follow and to maybe get the african-american community to see that is going to be a challenge but it is doable. >> dr. king this is kristin and younger generation and conservative and i care about
6:37 am
the future of the republican party and the future is going to be more diverse, we know this, there's -- it's under 5 the majority minority. what does donald trump say that conservatives are not just for white people, they care about the african-american community and care about increasing diversity in the nation, what specifically does he need to say to make communities fell that this isn't too late and we really do care about them? >> we as african americans are human beings, one human race and that's 1726, one blood, i learned that from my dad, my uncle dr. king. mr. trump must talk to us about
6:38 am
human beings. to value our community is very important but i say just taking the time of day to stop and visit and talk to us will go a long, long way. the economy safety and security of the nation, making sure that when immigrant come to america, they come to a strong america with respect and regard and then we need to respect them as well but there are laws and we do need laws and things like that. so i think that he understands this and i believe it's okay to get a little coaching and to have questions in advance. i like to have a few questions in advance myself. [laughter] dagen: i should point out that in the past hillary clinton's staffers have gotten questions in advance, not always but it's not out of the norm for that to happen. >> right. dagen: i want to ask you san francisco colin kaepernick protested the national anthem again. he was on one knee during this singing of the anthem and the
6:39 am
49ers preseason game he was booed, what is your thoughts on this? >> if he was one knee could be indicate prayer. i believe he is exercising his constitutional right and that's very important to us to remember our constitution and the freedom to express, to worship, to speak, that's very important. i believe that it is our obligation in america, those of us who are sensitive enough to understand that the system is flawed but america still has some very good qualities and to show young men like colin and young people across every ethic group or socioeconomic group that there's hope for america. so if he was on one knee and i admit i haven't seen that one quite yet t
6:40 am
indicative of player. -- payer. dagen: coming up the victims have to pay theater $700,000 in legal fees. the outraging over this judgment. running into trouble as shares on earnings report. what is happening? more on what is causing the setback. straight ahead.
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dagen: welcome back, futures pointing to a higher opening this morning. see what i'm doing. the monitor is not there, you know why, because the camera moved. it's one of those mornings. the athletic wear maker offering weak guidance for the quarter.
6:44 am
second quarter coming below expectations. despite the weakness the stock is up 46 so far this year but that's a haircut this morning. an outrageous decision from a court in colorado, cheryl casone has the story and more headlines. cheryl: remember the tragic movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado, some of the survivors try today sue the movie theater chain are now going to have to pay money to the theater company. their suit claim that had the chain did not do enough to prevent the massacre that killed 12 people and injured 70 others. well the survivors lost the suit and now have been order today pay the theater company, get this $700,000 in legal fees to be covered. well, it is going to cost you more to send packages via ups starting on december 19th. the company raises rates for freight service by an average of 4.9%.
6:45 am
ups also going to go up by the same amount on december 26, the day after criticism. ups says the higher upgrades will help pay upgrades, shocker, 109.50. fancy resolution walkman player. any music from high-resolution files to mp3 files. get the price tag, $3,200 for this thing. a standard version of the walkman will be available for $20,000, dagen, but it has 250 gigs of storage or you can go to ebay and get one for 7.50, thank you. dagen: i used to have a walkman, tape player. >> we all did. dagen: i strapped my arm and ran with.
6:46 am
[laughter] >> kristin doesn't know what i'm talking about. i do know what a cassette is and vcr. dagen: did you say ancient? making her last appearance on mornings with maria. just joking. >> hey, a lot of hipster millennials love that stuff so i can see how they would definitely be interesting. jack: sony should get out of electronic business. the studio is doing pretty well. one of these things cost a lot less than $3,000 and some other stuff besides playing music. dagen: in case you missed it, some of the top week moments of the show. >> if it's security, donald trump is going to win. if it's the economy growing at 1.2% on a gdp percent basis, we
6:47 am
need job. >> i thought people would be looking to run the 12th largest economy in the world done it successfully. [laughter] >> look, you weren't my first choice, i was my first choice. >> fresh polls showing donald trump closing the gap with hillary clinton in a head-to-head match. dagen: 2-point lead and not a 3-point lead. >> how furious -- >> he has done more conferences in méxico than she has anywhere. maria: the magazine september issue no exception. highlighting the sky watch valued at $400,000. it's absolutely beautiful.
6:48 am
my question is, what time is it? >> it actually follows the revolution of the earth around the sun. dagen: if i choose sports cars than watch, i take the cars any day. >> nasa say it is downloading of data from juno is going very well. kevin: it's hard to get wi-fi. maria: what are your thoughts of this? >> personally i think i would eat it once and i would be in trouble from my wife if i did. dagen: free drinks for the whole month of september, free burritos, customer reward programs, cheap alcoholic drinks in some locations. >> they ought to include professors too. i'm all for that.
6:49 am
maria: yeah. cheryl: pizza and a complement that you have done a good job go a long way, managers, pizza. >> pizza decreases with my productivity. i agree with the complement. maria: your company has provocative ads. is this the most effective way to get the customers in there? >> you need ads or you need promotions that people are going to share, something that goes on virally, from millennials for millennials. >> if you're ex-boyfriend is getting someone new and you want to see she's hotter than you and you accidentally like it, makes you look a little crazy. >> were i to do this dancing with the stars then, you won't see me dressed up like that. dagen: if your feet move like
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that, it doesn't matter what your costume is. >> being able to dance father and daughter dance would be really important. [cheers and applause] >> i want to see you -- >> that's what i was told. >> that's how you do it. very good, maria. i did it in high heels, though. [laughter] (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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dagen: labor day weekend is a sendoff to summer but tropical storm hermine forcing many americans to cancel pool party, those looking for weekend plans, how about going to the movies?
6:54 am
kim, what's in theaters this weekend. is it the drags of the summer or do we expect some good flicks? >> labor day not really a good weekend. this weekend will probably be the same. there's a couple of new releases, the light between oceans, this is a mee view has a óscar-bait written on it. it's kind of a weepy movie. get ready to cry if you're going to see it. a couple finds a baby, they're childless and raise it on their own and not all things as they seem and there's a big secret but be prepared to try and morgan starts, a thriller, human-like robot, things go awry
6:55 am
. dagen: what are you looking for in terms of new releases? i can't way for star wars row one. >> everyone is waiting for this one. that people are waiting for and a lot of good movies in the fall. in september you'll see two bio picks, tom hanks and this is based on captain landing that jet in the hudson and that comes out in december directly clint eastwood. a lot of people are excited to see this. another bio pick in september. edward snowden directed by
6:56 am
oliver stone and other movies -- dagen: they would have to pay me to see that and pay me like a hundred bucks to see that. very quickly, what's happening in term of honoring him, getting his movies out there? >> if you were looking for a movie to see this weekend, check out the amc theater website because they are playing some of his former movies on their theaters over the weekend on saturday and sunday, you can go see willy wonka and check out the website and you will find where you can see it in cities across the country for five bucks. dagen: that is awesome. kim, thank you so much. i know the people in the studio, matt watched willy wonka five times in the next few days. cheryl: i've seen the movie twice actually. the drop box data breach that led to the leak of 70 million
6:57 am
users, the cybersecurity etf, hacked, hack, that includes palo alto networks. we are going to be coming back after a quick break. stay with us. a great part of using the usaa car buying service was seeing the different discounts.
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>> good morning. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. her cage hurricane here mean making landfall. it will be headed up the east coast. they are waking up this morning without power we are looking at that storm in its path ahead. out at 8:30 a.m. eastern time. the unemployment rate fell to 4.8%. when i get in the mojo on the campaign trail.
7:01 am
working to build a wall of mexico's can to pay for the wall were to stop them from coming in. our youth is being poisoned. working to get it stopped quickly. when he sat down and looked him in the eye can have the guts to bring that up. >> hillary clinton's latest issue. they used taxpayer dollars to support the primary --dash private e-mail server. the details ahead. turbulent times for american airlines. the company is out for it with a new aunt. plus he continues to protest during purchase during the national anthem and the controversy is not a crowd pleaser.
7:02 am
in trade two was colin kaepernick was not the only player protesting that pregame ritual. checking the markets i have of opening. in asia over night that overnight the markets there little change a slight loss ever so slight. i let kirsten state on the set. by the way he's back on tuesday of next week. is done with love. thank you.
7:03 am
>> we love our lineup. an all-star one we have. stop brown is here. john bolton, former nfl star jack brewer. in the former governor of arkansas mike huckabee. it can't wait to see what steve has to say about the job numbers. first and foremost the hurricane hurdle labor day weekend. cheryl, what's up? >> hermine just in time for labor day weekend. up and down this labor day weekend get ready for hurricane hermine. she has some other plans in store for you. we were just downgraded from hurricane it happened at 5:00 a.m. eastern time that's good news.
7:04 am
it did make landfall in florida overnight. winds were about 80 miles per hour and at least 10 inches of rain fell in florida the hurricane the first to make landfall in a decade since wilmot walmart back in 2005. here's what we know about the airlines so far. so far all of them give america delta every airline has issued a travel waiver which allows you to book to travel between today and next week and cancel or rebook any of your flights. they can cost you anywhere from 100 to $200. if 35 million americans traveling over the weekend. a lot of it by road and air. they are expected to still be a threat. thank you so much for that report.
7:05 am
donald trump is saying that mexico will pay for the ball is a bold call but well tripling down when him the election. it's always good to see you. there is a front-page story that said it's really fascinating. donald trump after he found out that the president of mexico had tweeted about this. he reinserted lying in his speech that he gave earlier this week to make it clear they don't know yet but they are paying for the wall. what do you make of that i think it's a little posturing on both sides now. obviously the mexican resident is still battling. obviously donald trump is one of the main focuses of his
7:06 am
campaign and how does it get paid for. we give them aid but were to give them a little less. they are to go up. there are a whole host of ways to do it he looked good and sounded good. he was down there meeting with the president of mexico. he needs to focus on the economy now until the first debate and just keep hammering it because there is no one out of the two people that are running they can handle it better than him. >> can he do it though scott? who do you trust to do a better job he have a 12 percentage point lead on that in may.
7:07 am
who in her ideas do more of what the obama administration has done. your scene she is outspending him dramatically they are still battling the super pacs. it has taken its toll certainly. he can continue to close that gap. i think it is still his to lose a providing he stays on message. as people know more and more about hillary they don't like her and they don't trust her. there can continue to come out. there's probably could be more. the kind of glass over when you see that. but when it comes to the economics and terrorism and taking care of our military and a strong border i think trump is hillary in that regard. it's the job of her opponent
7:08 am
to message her problems in a way that resonates with voters when i want to get your take on the latest scandal surrounding the clinton foundation. they show once again and this is being kind quite frankly and bill clinton aids. they used tax dollars to subsidize the foundation and also hillary's private e-mail server. they were at the beck and call of the foundation why aren't more people angry about that. nuc with washington. a different set of rules in a different set of rules for everyone else. hopefully they will continue to wake up they really start
7:09 am
focusing on the electoral process right after this long holiday weekend. now they're saying okay we have a couple of debates coming up. what does it mean to me individually. because donald is battling from all fronts and doesn't have a lot of folks out there. he's out there battling by himself pretty much. everyone is kind of behind her. and bernie sanders is get getting the campaign for her next week. i don't know if that helps a little bit but he's looked at by his supporters and kind of leaving him. as a problem for a lot of supporters. it just reminds them of the fact that he kind of sold out as well as elizabeth warren and that results.
7:10 am
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7:13 am
thousands of protesters turning out in venezuela. we have that story and every other headline. people from all over the country shouting that they are hungry. demonstrators demanding referendums recall him and show their anger over the rapidly growing crisis. they were deployed across that city. here at home it is louisiana's sales tax holiday and that means hunters and other sportsmen won't have to pay sales tax. the sales tax holiday was created back in 2009 and it runs through sunday. another headline this morning. the pink t-shirt it lists
7:14 am
these things. she said she was offended by the shirt and gives the wrong message. it generated more than 300 comments so target australia removed the shirt by the way they don't have a relation to america's target corporation. at some point are we full of outrage. there's no more room for outrage should they just walk the aisles of the stores looking for something to complain about.
7:15 am
it's a way to exercise that power especially in social media. it offers people the vehicle to just throw out whatever they want to the university -- universe. their points aren't that valid at all. it also gives everyone a platform sometimes it is like enough is enough. i guess it was years ago that it was doing. that was some really good causes. and really good issues they can use that visibility but when you put things on there
7:16 am
that really don't matter it just takes up more of the space. there is a push-up challenge that they're doing it is to raise awareness. i think things like that are fantastic. when you see things like this for a t-shirt frankly i wasn't i think is more about giving them power it was probably the intent of it. some is gonna take that and construe it or interpret a different way. >> there's also something known as humor. people have too much time on their hands. have a to do list that is so long.
7:17 am
you don't like some buddy who gets upset about anything. you've seen me get going occasionally jack was my editor about 16 years ago it was the '90s my friend. the publication doesn't even exist. you're already on the edge. exactly. there is more still to come everybody. the airline says you the fire
7:18 am
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>> airline controversy. the third largest carrier rolling out a new campaign but it is upsetting consumers who don't like to be told what to do. the new ad features ways to be the perfect passenger. watch this.
7:22 am
crisis communications and messaging expert is joining me now. you have looked at this ad it features examples of how to be a good passenger like bring their own noise canceling headphones. if it walks fast at airport is there any problem with it. i think first of all i think it's very easy to get outraged today. we can find something in this to be angry at. it's not what you say that matters it's what your audience hears.
7:23 am
don't tell me what to do especially when you run an airline that leaves a lot to be desired in a lot of cases. the way that it does actually tell people what to do and how to behave. great fires make the best of their situation a matter where they're sitting. it's basically like shut the hell up if you think your seat is too small. the intent is to start a conversation to make it better. but what customers are always going to hear in this environment that we operate in is a certain amount of hypocrisy if america really wants to fly what are they doing to ensure that there flight attendants are doing things better.
7:24 am
you can have those two things running at the same time without expecting to get a lot of pushback from social media. to the americans defense to celebrate our customers were hoping we can create a conversation around flying. this is not an instructional manual. the thing is it kind of reads like that. a lot of people are taking it that way. if we are trying to put a message out there like this there is a right way to do it. it's usually done in -- tongue-in-cheek.
7:25 am
articulating what they can do to help solve the problem. in this case americans didn't do any of these things. if they have said here's what we're doing were actually can make the seat the size of the average american instead of it only works for skinny people but instead they're making it more and more miserable. the seats are smaller there's less legroom. and then this is how you're supposed to act. it has to be a two-way street. they should just head photos with bottles of alcohol. i kinda feel like their marketing and pr department was also dealing with all of the complaints on social media and they came up with the campaign to educate their flyers it's really good to turn off their customers do
7:26 am
you think that they might pull this campaign do you think they might actually pull back from this type of a strategic marketing? >> i think the answer is yes. it reminds me a lot of what starbucks tried to do on a much more serious note where they ask for them to start conversations about race at the counter. they have a lot of backlash. i think they will probably pivot and start shifting the conversation to being more positive and less instructional for customers they will try to do that without pulling the entire campaign. but they will have to do something. i feel like the tone is just off it doesn't work for me. i'm sure it doesn't work for the less frequent flyers.
7:27 am
michael, it's good to see you. thank you so much for being here. there is more coming up. i know what i can expect from usaa because i have my checking with them, my savings with them, my credit card with them.
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>> welcome back. your top stories at 7:30 eastern time. hermine making landfall. heavy rains and winds to the florida gulf coast heading up the east coast. thousands of florida residents waking up this morning without a power. a race for the white house. a new poll says that terrorism is one of the top issues for voters and americans think more voters of feel feel like the u.s. is less safe today than it was before 911. we will talk about it straight ahead. i will be uncompromising in the defense of the united states and our friends in our good allies. they are focused on just during isis and radical islamic terrorism.
7:31 am
the magic giving the sky access to the nuclear codes. the guy who says how we would consider using nuclear weapons. we are taking a closer look. the new samsung phones. they're now pulling the devices of the store shelves after just one week. they were booed at last night's 40 niner game. more on the head. in the top story for the economy is the august jobs report. they're expecting 1,800 jobs added last month. they are showing the 17-point gain.
7:32 am
big gains in england. up about 1% right now. the markets were little changed today. just as jean done ever so slightly. bluebell releasing a new ice cream for outdoor enthusiasts. moving back to the weather they make landfall overnight. it's downgraded back to a tropical storm early this morning but now the entire east coast is under threat. jonathan is live in panama city beach. the images are very misleading. over here looks very clear but that's because of the lopsided nature of the storm. the worst part of the storm is the east side. that is a video i want to show you from overnight.
7:33 am
the city of tallahassee in the capital city of florida found itself in the direct path of the east side of the storm including the entire campus of florida state university. also it's well to the east of the center of the storm they experienced record storm search. a combination of heavy rains and the smaller around of storm surge caused the flooding in low-lying areas. is not just of florida though. according to georgia power some 30,000 customers are without electricity. and near the city of valdosta they reported winds in excess
7:34 am
of 55 miles per hour. the storm system now moving towards south georgia possibly in the south carolina and causing problems all up and down the atlantic seaboard. turning to politics donald trump will receive his second intelligence briefing today. the briefing comes as a new fox news poll finds that 80% of americans think it is somewhat likely that a large terror attack would happen in the near future. 54 percent of americans feel like they're less safe than they were before the september 11 terror attack. let's bring in the ambassador. this is almost eight years in the making is it not? the obama administration agrees with the assessment of the public that were in more danger today.
7:35 am
the terror threat worldwide today is equal to or greater then and this not just the terrorist threat. they continue to make progress towards nuclear weapons. china is continuing to make aggressive moves in the south and east. it's pretty obvious i think. last year the agreement maybe you ask that. it was a ransom. terrorism one of the most important issues facing the country is also the words that come out of the administration in terms of the past week. they told the press to stop writing and talking about terrorism so much.
7:36 am
they had been for a long time. they protect us against foreign threats. all other issues are secondary. to meet it is why the national security issues ought to be at the centerpiece of this election. they slammed donald trump in his recent comments on u.s. foreign policy. >> when he stands up there and says barack obama invented isis if people believe we are supporting isis what do you think happens. the man is totally irresponsible. he is not sure he would honor the commitment this would
7:37 am
almost be saturday night live skit it means that it won't be deflecting. i think they're uncertain about it. in governments that they feel comfortable with people that they have dealt with before even if they don't think they are necessarily get to perform the best they know people he has a responsibility which is try to come up with and i think the trip to mexico helped demonstrate this they will come down about it. if you want it.
7:38 am
they still feel like hillary clinton who said she would be a continuation of the foreign policy and all of that she could handle terrorism better. they still feel that hillary clinton is a choice in that way. it is can have an effect after a while and second hillary has tried to distance herself. i happen to think that's not true. she would be a bomb is a third term and it would be true on domestic policy as well as international policy. the abuse of the power of the office of secretary of state. >> i can't tell you what it's
7:39 am
like not just on the e-mail front. i have served at high levels of the state department under six secretaries of state. as i join in the monastery. if the cut of your business ties. you basically had to cut out contact with the rest of the world unless your name is hillary clinton. i'm just stunned at what they were able to do with the clinton foundation and i think the american people are as well. coming up simpson halting sales for their next phone. it's catching fire literally. was it enough. colin kaepernick taking any during the national anthem. the billing ahead.
7:40 am
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simpson recalls its newest smart phone. with the history and more news for you. that is a galaxy note seven. after reports they catch fire some of the phones have a fault in the battery most of them in south korea the company needed to act. to conduct some additional testing. they are cutting thousands of behind-the-scenes jobs.
7:44 am
much of that work will be handled by a central office. there can have the option to work in another role at walmart. >> new and different from bluebell creamery. a new flavor called camo and cream the combination and cream cheese ice cream all swirled together in our camouflage pattern. member they really do need to help with that. they're trying to kind of recover from that sale. the company was fined while
7:45 am
well into the six figures on that. they have gone through this with its better related. companies tend to get over these sorts of things and simpson is not as closely known for its phones in the sense that apple is. everybody knows that they have a different models. people were making fun of my iphone the other day. and the new apple phone is supposed to be waterproof and this will get taken with a new cycle. it will depend on if we see more issues with this.
7:46 am
you're starting to see more and more people with the phones if you notice out and about your trying to see more of them than even the apple. this could really change things for them. well had to see. the booing and the outrage. plus we are less than one hour away we are 44 minutes away from the jobs report for the month of august. we are braced and ready.
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
>> colin kaepernick protest the national anthem again. he wasn't alone. fox news headlines has more on the story. he kneeled he did not set thanks to a 90 minute conversation that he have yesterday with former army green beret who also played for the seattle seahawks. he said we came up with taking a knee. it was also a way to show more respect for men and women in that fight for this country. the teammate also kneeled alongside cap next last night. the 40 niners quarterback they hosted the 29th annual salute to the military. colin kaepernick did not stand for the anthem during the break in the first half when
7:51 am
god bless the usa he applauded veterans and active military. the niners one. he is not anti- america. he plans to donate to communities in need. but will he teach an anti- police sentiment. images appeared online with these socks. as early as august 10. andrew this response from bill johnson. it's just ridiculous at the same league that prohibits the cowboys from honoring the slain officers and their community stands silent when
7:52 am
colin kaepernick is dishonoring police officers with what he is wearing on the field. to that colin kaepernick said i wore those socks in the past because the rogue cops not only put the community in danger but but the cops that have the right intentions in danger. another nfl player. he plans to continue to do so until he feels that justice gets served.
7:53 am
jack, your reaction to all of this. i just got a tweet from one of our viewers. i request please stop showing that player i'm not saying his name we are giving him way too much tv time. >> it just summed up my response. you know, it's america and i'm just as pissed off about it that are unarmed been killed without any consequence. who wants to see that but it is the way that you put the message out. so to wear socks that depict a police officer as a pig. i think it's disgusting and outrageous. there are some the other profound leaders athletes and activists we should highlight those people because in my opinion he's not that person. it is disgusting.
7:54 am
i was out having dinner and i wanted to catch what was going on. and all of them were explaining what's going on. a lot of fans wayne and saint you just broke out of this giants game to show the anthem. never in the preseason do you see that on television. it's everyone in their civil liberties if you want to stand up for their opinions. there is a certain way it now going to do that. and not ways to bring people together. if i if i were this. is there room and then a
7:55 am
fellow in uniform do this. to do that is disgusting. i would expect them to go out against that. it has come as it's been commented on. a celebrity profile basically may get the opportunity to talk about issues that matter to him. isaac is a great step frankly cinnamon to donate the first million dollars of my salary to community organizations to help do this. that is really what it's about. it's about actually taking action and not just talking about it using words. i did not to to speak -- i
7:56 am
used an opportunity to speak all around florida. dissecting and serving as. this is not a divisive topic. you can support the police officers that protect us and serve us you can be against the racism that takes place. there's no reason that it has to be divisive. it's ridiculous. some issues that they highlight whether i was september 11 or things that happen in the past. it's ridiculous to really step in there. have a great weekend if i don't see you.
7:57 am
more coming up next hour. we are waiting for the jobs report. we will also talk about pumpkin spice lattes. ♪ ♪ the highly advanced audi a4. ♪
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7:59 am
dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell maria bartiromo has the morning off, it is friday, september 2, your top stories, at 8:00 a.m.
8:00 am
eastern time, 30 minutes away from the august jobs reports economists expecting 180,000 jobs added, with unemployment rate downloading to 4. % investors watching this about closely the last one beer next federal reserve meeting, of course, all about politics as well. this as folks news poll shows the economy is being number one issue for voters. and on the campaign trail, vice president joe biden and donald trump went on the attack. >> hillary rodham clinton's campaign is funded by wall street, and hedge fund managers my campaign is powered by my money, but also by small dollar donations of people working all across the country who want a better future -- >> i have said too much already but guys, donald trump is simply not qualified. to be the commander in chief
8:01 am
of the united states of america. >> latest in the race for white house ahead in zika threat mosquitoes with the virus now found in southern florida. >> pumpkin spice latte at starbucks across the country has a new drink hoping to be next big thing. >> markets ahead of jobs' report futures showing gains s&p 500 dipped into red, dow futures up 9 points moment in europe gains across the board. with the ftse 100 england up more than 1%, in asia markets there little changed he had fired up ready for the report start with me all morning long joanie courtney, out of -- jack -- commentator christian welcome all. >> thank for having us. >> dagen. >> -- great to see you have you been -- >> yes we want to move to
8:02 am
tropical storm hermine on is to other states after wreaking about havoc in florida appellateing the state with rain, causing flooding, power outages ahead have had labor day weekend. >> dagen, well hurricaneh downgrade by national weather service to tropical storm that happened about 3 hours ago eastern time but not before it tore through state of florida it made landfall overnight 1:30 a.m. eastern time bringing a winds at about 80 miles per hour, and several inches of rain as well 10 inches in areas, the hurricane the first to make landfall in the state since wilma 11 years ago. now the storm leaves more than 70,000 residents in a across the area without power, and set off a tornado watch for dozens communities in florida and georgia we should say, the governor rick scott declaring state of emergency 51 of the state 67 counties, ,000 members of the national guard
8:03 am
ready to mobilize flash flooding in effect for several hours, now this storm is weakening further image but expected to reflect the several states mid atlantic even heading up into virginia and new jersey over the weekend, and this will threaten labor day weekend travel aaa priekdz 35 1/2 million americans expected to travel by air and road going to be -- we should say some airlines raising fees, to change ticket, rebook cancel 100, 200, 300 dollars depending on airline united american delta everybody is getting in on this, and issuing alert that you can adjust your scheduled if you don't want -- >> thank you for that cheryl casone covering the storm for us former arkansas governor former presidential candidate mike huckabee governor you were supposed to be here today the storm kept you in florida. reacting to these kinds of
8:04 am
disasters gorng governing arkansas what do you make is in a i want to commend governor rick scott i take that terrific governor overall but really showed extraordinary leadership, in getting ahead of the storm, instead of coming navigate and saying what a mess to clean up, there will be people say well it wasn't as bad as could have been it was really bad for people hit will continue to be, i thought he did a masterful job especially let me me commend specific thing, he reminded people that during the storm, if you have not gotten out of the way of it don't call because they can't come get you. you are on your own, i think that kind of candor was refreshing but he also staged all you resources assets in advance to be prepared for the very worst, a great example of first class leadership on part of rick scott. >> governor i want to get your take on this, he refired new jersey police officer
8:05 am
interviewed on headlined news saving is a baby from hot car wearing a trump support 2016 shirt they reman interview hour later you blurred t-shirt out days after cnn took word crooked out of trump tweet on air what bias is this. >> you journalism is dead as we knew it, it used to be if you read a story written by a journalist, you didn't really know whether that journalist liked the person -- was writing about or didn't, i always said the best journalists were the ones when i read story about me i couldn't tell whether he liked me or not when i read that i said that is a real journalist. i don't reed many stories like that ever tle aren't any today bias in media we have seen this week gave two examples from headline news cnn, all the time at facebook with "new york times" "the washington
8:06 am
post," organizations that used the to be respected in you jrnlistic circles nothing more than fronts for left wing claptrap. >> trump krifs mainstream media goes after individuals networks but hillary clinton has just as much to say, for media has been 272 days, i think, since she had a proess conference department of seem to have impact on donations raised her campaign and party 143 million dollars in the month of august. and i know her running mate on another network was called out on the fact that she is not giving press conferences. >> well, would it be years to find amelia area hart than to find hillary clinton in public these days, but she continues to bring in money the donors have something that they expect in your honor are, hillary is clearly open for business.
8:07 am
that is if you give money to clinton's campaign you know that if she is elected, you are going to get access, favors, and we continue to see evidence wlstsdz state department e-mails clinton foundation e-mails, the obviously connection between the people who gave, and their access to meetings, so, yeah, i am not surprised she is getting enormous amount of money donald trump is not getting that amount of money, because he is being funded by small donors you don't expect to be named ambassador to the court of st. james as a result of a 50 dollar contribution. >> do you think the way of politics in general why people give money to politicians for access. might not be kind of access you would giving tens of millions for clinton fogs but is access the way of doing business, if you are in washington. absolutely the way it does i would say three magic words never forget these work one hundred percent of the time, follow the money.
8:08 am
if you want to know what government is going to do follow the money, yes, it that the republicans in congress have done no differently than the democrats for the most part why is it that they surrendered from trade agreements, to the iranian deal i tell you why, follow the money. it is one of the reasons donald trump has been a refreshing if not disruptive candidate not tied to same donor class running not just contributions but actually running the government for the fast several generations, i really believe it is what americans are most sick of, in when they think about it beyond rhetoric media everything else they are going to ask themselves do they want a government that is fully funded by very top elite of this country, or do they want a government that is responsible to we the people. >> governor huckabee this is christian here what is game plan for the ad buys in the future skwieng states where
8:09 am
she is hitting him very hard a lot of money what is donald trump's plan next monthor two? >> well, here is what i hope he does because if he runs it be typically political ad i call cookie cutter voice announcer slow motion black and white pictures threats if hill is elected it gets lot of in clutter nobody pays attention hate those if heruns something nobody expects would lover humor in political ads, self-deprecating humor but do something fun to watch the commercial that even if you are not interested in the product you can't take your eyes off it if anybody has the ability to do that kind of spot it is donald trump, if he does it -- cuts through the clutter, people pay attention to the ads and frankly that is far more important than how many ads you have it is whether or not when on people even bother to turn necks to see what it is. >> great as always governor
8:10 am
huckabee i wish you had been here -- we will take you via satellite. >> i will be there soon. >> take care governor still to come in hermine was a not enough threat to zika in florida 20 minutes away from the august jobs' report we have a breakdown, you absolutely need. next. i know what i can expect from usaa because i have my checking with them, my savings with them, my credit card with them.
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dagen: mosquitoes carrying zika virus found in united states cheryl casone has that and headlines. >> that is right officials in florida found zika virus in three groups of mosquitoes they trapped in miami beach first time this happened in u.s. mainland in mosquitoes but mosquitoes -- among their population, helpful to keep it contained in the area.
8:14 am
>> headlines dallas police chief david brown has announced his retirement, in a statement says he will retire next month after 33 years with dallas police department chief brown did not -- decision to retire. >> leadership following shootings five officers introduce you praise from president obama and others at the time. >> starbucks hoping new drinks a big hit, as big a hit as pumpkin spice tat leigh starting tomorrow a mocha, new beverage alongside very popular latte, starbucks will promote the drink with official launch on tuesday pumpkin spice latte on sale, here we go, has chile mocha cayenne pepper, paprika cinnamon sea salt insuring like a mexican hot chocolate
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don't miss the biggest sale of the year. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36-month financing. hurry, ends monday! know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. . dagen: exactly 10 minutes away from august jobs' report analysts expecting 180,000 jobs, added last month, the unemployment rate falling to 4.8%, joining the conversation, trump economic advisor and heritage foundation distinguished visiting fellow -- fox news contributor jonathan hoenig, former nfl star ambassador jack back with us -- go. what are we expecting? >> i think we will probably get you know, a half decent number i am predicting 200,000, but i will go back to the point i made on this show last week i think the business sector in america right now is
8:21 am
in a soft recession dagen employment is okay, but you look at business profits poor, if you look at business investment it is poor, that is what drives future employment this employment picture right now, is mediocre at best. >> johnson what about market erect if numbers are good may be interest rate increase in matter of weeks. >> dagen, you will see tremendous volatility in just nine minutes, it is government volatility federal reserve, is wrong they will always be wrong, interest rates set by -- not by trade i am not only see volatility you are probably going to be going on limb want to have sold bonds short, price of gold precious metals start to jail japanese government bonds start to fall i think month better than expected volatility interest rates begin to spike. >> jack coming off best back-to-back two months so far
8:22 am
this year strong job gains 255,000, 292000, in june. >> i think -- jobs in increase this time around airports full, flights full definitely continues in america i think mediocre i don't see any numbers that are going to knock the ball out, i think the economy is going to stay stable, i don't see the fed raising rates. >> in go ahead. >> just a quick point, you know, a lot of -- stress this 1% growth over last six months, now the economy does show some signs early this quarter of -- increasing the 2 1/2 to 3% range but 1 percent growth you don't get wage growth not getting the quality of jobs what i am going to be most interested in 8 minutes when that report comes out what is happening with wages wages if you look what happened last gdp report,
8:23 am
ask consumer spending up 4%, wages up 2%, you can't stain that unless you completely -- dip into savings look what happens to people's wages in this report, they have been really flat, for the last 10 years or so. dagen: steve. >> steve i agree wages going to be most important piece of data. certainly that is the fed probably looking at as well. because wages if not moving, then no one is spending any money and, obviously, gdp is going to stay very stagnant but i will tell you from the employment industry we are seeing wages move really, across the board so i am expecting to see movement in the area. me three, i would point out that on the consumer really pulled in horns for years savings increasing spending going down even with small wage increase if it false to
8:24 am
4.8% steve 15 seconds what people watch in headlines, following morning. >> throw out the headlined number it is completely meaningless i want to on this real number -- not including all those people who dropped out? >> very quick for you. >> -- the numbers the polls -- throw out. >> very increased by steve coming up the august jobs' report you don't want to miss a miniof it right here. after the break. a minu or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. that's why a cutting edgeworld. university counts on centurylink
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dagen: welcome back i am dagen mcdowell, 3 minutes away from the august jobs' report, right the bottom with of the hour, economists expecting 180,000 jobs added last month, but unemployment rate edging down to 4.8% investors certainly watching this closely this is the last jobs' report before the next federal reserve meeting. could it tip the scales on whether central bank raises interest rates later this month look at futures right now to give you a -- what
8:28 am
investors are feeling not much 2-point gain on dow futures the moment 3-point gain really flat markets right here right now, take a look at the praise of oil, as well. oil is trading slightly up about 40%, 4359 -- didn't get you to last block, what are your expectations for this how does it play out for the presidential election. >> right, i know we have had a real good summer we talked about what people see when they look at this numbers look at stock market they look at unemployment rate, there is an -- doesn't necessarily translate how they feel in jobs o pocketbook is doing how they feel they can handle expenses how much money able at a save right? usually when you zoom in picture is placeboinger for the american consumer, this report as well was to before election are going to be really, really key, and assessing overall picture of the economy if good tends to go with incumbent party democratic party hillary clinton probably going to
8:29 am
benefit froo that anything can happen. >> the market has been strong -- >> indeed, and unemployment, for what it is worth a lot of people dispute dagen the figures unemployment rate now, lowo below 5% steve can rhyme us would talking about normalizing rates unemployment rate below 6 1/2%, below that if you go back to basically -- 2008, 5%, not 2% so interest rates normalize a long way to go. dagen: that is true. >> jonathan i think that you are -- you know follow wall street obsessed too much about what fed is going to do i mean our problems are not monetary they are tax regulator until we fix those i don't care with a whewed does with interest rates not going to improve economy much. >> you should be obsessing about fed they met with a liberal group fouled fed up more politicized than ever. >> great point. >> did you think raising
8:30 am
interest rates before the presidential election you are living in willy wonka's chocolate factor factory. >> 1108,000 jobs 4.8 percent unemployment rate blake burman at labor department in washington now, go, blake. reporter: 151,000 jobs, created in august, dagen 151,000 jobs, that is a slight miss compared to the 100 -- 180,000, that analysts were expecting with it the unemployment rate stayed at 4.9% for the third straight month in a row again, it is a miss compared to what analysts were expecting 4.8% o roigs a net negative july revised up towards 20,000 jobs 275,000, but june was revised downwards 21,000 to 271,000 so a net of minus 1,000, that brings the
8:31 am
three month average, of job gains, to 232000 jobs created. labor force participation rate we always look at stayed at 62.8% the same last month, put in context though that is just slightly up from last august, august 2015, it was 62.6% we are still running at near historic lows, that level u6 those unemployed marginally attached o part-time for economic reasons 9.7% also again, the same as last month, average hourly earnings average workweek tell two different stories dagen earnings rose 3 cents, a gain of .1% to 25.73 that is a 2.4 percent increase since last year however, the average workweek, dropped .one hours to 34.3 hours per week, it was summer month of auctioning seems a lot of folks might
8:32 am
have been having fun one sectors that gained food services drinking places, that is a net gain 34,000 jobs however on the other end, areas that lost the dagen construction down 6,000 manufacturing down 14,000, and there was also a slowdown, in health care hiring the headlined is this 151,000 jobs created in august, slight miss. unemployment rate stays 4.9% again. slight miss. dagen. dagen: manufacturing laos the 14,000 jobs what you said; right? >> correct, manufacturing jobs, 14,000 construction down 6,000. >> not a good sign blake burman thank you for that report joanie first to you your thoughts on this. >> yeah, you know i am actually surprised that the report is not stronger, we were expecting better numbers not just that headlined number but more movement in wages, i will say august is notoriously
8:33 am
underreported, it could come back next month and have a revision that is possible. but this is a disappointing report we did not see much movement in labor participation. more people are not entering participating in the workforce, that is the concern, this is new 40-year low, just off the 40-year low. >> it is not improving, i think that you know when you look at those 94 million people, that are just deciding i am not going to participate, a lot of that is women, but also millennials at home, it is you know some of it people say yes baby boomers maybe retired early but across the board all sectors labor participation is a challenge certainly i think not seeing the job growth in manufacturing and construction i mean two negatives there certainly can you know a concern, that that is not a good sign for the economy. >> go ahead. >> what is interesting is that there are depressing, the
8:34 am
conference board recently asked the question all the time are jobs plentiful, that number hit a high since back in early of this millennium to suggest yeah good jobs out there i don't want one may be job participation simply is not going to increase. >> i think that is a problem wages, is really holding that back, because if people start like well, you know may be i could go out get that job, and make more money, may be they would kind of get off couch and come into the workforce but it is has not been enough we talked about consumer pricing before, the prices are increasing but people don't feel they can enter workforce and make more money it is almost not worth it for them we have to have a correction, in wages. to really start to see this economy improve, that is what is going to drive this. >> i look at this report, and it is indicative of the malaise set in, not just in the last year but during the recovery from the recession,
8:35 am
and '08, '09 people don't want to participate in the labor force near 40 year low -- i know you will agree captures unemployment much better 9.7% still near double digits earnings, year over year earnings growing 2.4% that is a low slowdown last month 2.6% looks like a little bit of heat there again a cooling in wage growth. >> this is a ho-hum report very unexciting when i was in college used to call something like this -- you just nothing to get excited about here, but i would follow up on what joanie said i agree with you, you two things i am most distressed about is this instruction in construction and manufacturing because you know this is what the whole election is really about where are the good jobs for middle-class working class people? those are typically the jobs
8:36 am
30, 40 dollars an hour manufacturing jobs, amazing statistic just came out recently related to this, since the recession, started back in late 2007 we lost at a million and half manufacturing jobs in the country and they are not coming back, quick thing the spot in the economy housing, right yet if there is housing, you think there would be construction jobs. where are they? >> exactly, construction lost jobs -- quick look at markets, we've seen a pause in futures 59.gain dow futures big move upside in oil. and in gold, if we can show what gold is doing right now, oil up almost a dollar a barrel it will was up half a buck a barrel earlier, and gold shooting up as well. explain that. >> well, it is to me dagen almost, a little bit of a relief real markets that have been down quite sharply in advance of the number and
8:37 am
pointed out this was almost, so much of our ho-hum number peopleslugging shoulders agency pointing out one sparrow does not make a spring it is not one number that necessarily determines the course of the economy, and i take a bigger picture by time fed i realizes how much inflation it created i think too late for investors to protect themselves don't read too much into one number take a step back look at big picture of the economy. >> inflation rears ugly head if you own -- the trez reese could be scary. >> job numbers not a signage number, but a very least three monthing moving average when right now as of today would be 232000 about par for the course, on gold, dagen i think what is going on market is saying, there is not going to be a september rate increase. and when gold bugs hear fed not moving inflation is on the
8:38 am
way they -- the gold that is why the number. >> it is either a haven or you know -- saves from you inflation, it is wedding season in india another -- >> your take on the jobs' report. >> not surprising to see such an increase in my opinion with wages coming down lots of people want to get those jobs, and excellent income this economy interesting time, into the election obviously -- i don't think think we will see one this year hopefully, we can see a bump in wages i think that is the most telling, story about this entire report. >> if you are in politics how do you play this? >> well, this is i mean okay -- i think about how this impacts my generation, and don't you know just lay this off, more than 83 million millennials a lot of them in business waiting for millennials to grow up they
8:39 am
are grown up they are -- making decisions buying homes starting families all things when play into the economy if they are sitting down not participating in the economy or they are the ones around the getting wages increased -- not able to participate going to feel the economy is not doing well -- it is going to affect how they participate in the marketplace and honestly not going to be good we have to start looking at how millenials in this economy making sure they can get good jobs stay in company not leave can't afford to leave really treat them as you know, ownership in this economy. >> steve, go ahead, i just wanted to bring up fact when asked how do you trust to do better job on economy latest fox news pol clinton and trump are tied 48%. ti tied i want to meet these pi clinton a better for economy a couple things here when you look at these numbers, you know it has been a long time, since we've had a really,
8:40 am
really good jobs number. 400, 500,000 jobs just hasn't xitdz like last 10 years the first decade ever where we haven't had one year 3% growth so just stuck in this rut, stagnation this is the new normal, one and a half to % growth we are betting in the trump campaign we can do a lot better we can get the 4% growth, you no, one quick one other quick thing on issue missfies all of us where are the workers where -- participation rate so low i love joanie's thoughts about this i think a couple factors one schools not educating kids for the jobs that are out there, you know we are talking about millenials they are graduating with psychology degrees nobody cares about that stuff, you go the to have a skill, number two, we still have 44, 4 , 44 million people on stamps welcome far programs. >> i want to stay on this before we move on to joanie
8:41 am
you said how can people look at hillary clinton idea to raise taxes, and dismiss donald trump's idea to lower taxes steve she is promising essentially an entitlement a entitlement wants paid leave for people, sounds great but costs a trillion dollars, even with her tax increases she her plan to deficit doubled in the last almost 8 years. >> look, there is no question about it we have a one percent growth economy you have to be idiot to want to raise taxes in this environment, right now, the business sector needs a tax cut, every business in the country dagen every single business not only general he elect tricky every corner are grocery store i guarantee you put that in place to going to get a lot of jobs. >> go ahead jonathan. >> jump in quickly steve i
8:42 am
think alluded to it earlier we can't look at factors in isolation federal reserve activity regulation passes all play a part in stirring economic growth big picture economic freedom, that we are looking for taxes are part of it, secretary clinton talked about raising taxes donald trump talking beg raising todayed tariffs a barrier to this country look another -- can't make it one element say that is key to success we need economic -- >> before you move on i will point out trump has stopped talking about tariffs chinese goods you don't stop talking about penalties on companies moving jobs to mexico he doesn't bring up those numbers anymore, that is very calculated move on his part trying not to freak out business economy and economists. >> he has not used that term in months, jonathan the other thing look, not just tax cuts we are going to repeal obamacare, a lot of executives
8:43 am
orders, that -- obama put in place, the one i mentioned, is we're going to put donald trump's -- the day first day in oval office and repeal all of these laws killing our coal industry put 50 now, coal miners. >> down again concerted government policy laying off works not created destruction from free market -- >> i have to say that you know, i am working with businesses all the time, and our offices that are recruiting across the country, and whether you are in california, or i was meeting with recruiters in new york, yesterday, down in florida, i can tell you there are so many opportunities, they have more open positions the challenge is having a hard time finding the people, so it comes back to your point steve we have to look from few different angles number one we have to -- there are great jobs out there people need to come back in participate in labor force we
8:44 am
need to start request schools we need to start at very early age, when, you know, certainly, even high school buthers educating on opportunities trade schools colleges what are the jobs in the future. they see are things, that we have to do, and wages again i hate to beat that a dead horse but that is the other piece of this puzzle because people are not going to enter back into the workforce unless they feel that they have an opportunity, to make an impact, and a difference in their lives, and bring home more money, to better themselves, if they don't see wages moving, they are not really excited other he mot vistaed. >> there is a new normal people are not paid as much as they think they deserve not to do with education but at the same time this is a different day and age we can't den --
8:45 am
obamacare is not going to be repealed we got to get people health care, and people don't have to work in our country we need entitlement reform we need to be able to force people to go back to work, stop people to stay on welfare give welfare to too many people this day and age if you you know are doing drugs you should not be allowed to -- >> steve -- >> steve, we've got to take at a quick break i instant to give steve moore final word 15 seconds steve -- so much better than this, 500,000 jobs a month we are going to get 4% growth we are going to make america great again, how is that? >> mike it is already good. [laughter] > greatest. >> repeal obamacare get rid of that, going to cover everybody -- >> -- running for office next steve thank you, by the way,,
8:46 am
great to see you more, on after this break on august jobs' report stay with us. .
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
dagen: welcome back, everybody, the economy, added 151,000 jobs last mooun, came in below the expectations of
8:50 am
180,000 jobs, the unemployment rate held 4.9% labor participation rate also holding steady, 52.8% essentially means that we have a percentage of people in this country who are participating in the workforce near the lowest level in about 40 years, panel is back with us, thoughts we do have a little bit of a some relief buying going on in the stock market, with all your major market here heading higher 59-point gain on dow futures jonathan tell me what the next month looks like what the rest of this year looks like in the markets. >> well -- i can do that dagen my sense trends -- you continue to see trends persist in the marketplace even given -- uncertainty about unemployment situation election, stock market not too far from all-time high just last couple weeks trend yesterday something like 250 -- new 52-week highs stock
8:51 am
about a third -- trend remains higher i think -- you still want to be long stocks, but short bonds investment supplies limited assumption now -- nothing on interest rates, the curve you have to do something make rate now short bonds long stock. >> this is an economy not getting not picking up steam if you look at just the jobs' report it is okay, but we have the economy is going to little more than 1% second inquiry 1.1% this is not enough, to really speak on jobs put some gas on fire. >> a couple he perspectives, one is that this is a global story not just u.s. story, europe and japan practicable in recession china the big growth engine of the world over a billion people growth is decelerating there there are economics talking how manufacturing jobs now some cases require college
8:52 am
education those that don't require college education robots are -- >> lemon read from barron's this weekend, if you look at new economy versus the old economy, so google has a market value much he larger than general electric one thaist employees amazon selling negotiators employs 2 -- half what krog employs blockbuster 50,000 changes in the economy using fewer people fewer highly educated people that is going to be a real headwind on employment for a long time. >> there was a story that came out, just this week that amazon is actually piloting a program where they are going to hire a group satisfy -- people on part-time basis they are trying to tap into a sector of the workforce that might be staying home mute want more flexibility.
8:53 am
and you might actually see a trend that more part-time jobs may come back. and amazon isn't doing it to not pay health insurance these people are being they will have access to the same health insurance as full-time person but what they are really trying to do they are trying to make up that gap they can't find the skilled talent to work full-time so coming up with other alternatives we're seek in other large employers as well trying to be creative how this find weem to come to work we could see our economy in the workforce might start to look different may be the way to get the labor participation rate up, is by having more people work part-time and part-time doesn't have a negative stereotype around it that has to change, people think part time is bad. it might not be bad it might be great for to be great for men also want more flexibility, baby booleers want to keep working but don't want to work 40 hours a week
8:54 am
so i think we need to kind of change the mind-set also, around the part-time worker. >> you were you laughing, america already great if people in terms of the workforce, they don't feel that. and they certainly don't act like that, they don't feel the incentive to go out there and look for a job this ones they are offered they don't want to have. >> -- you have a reality check -- to jack's point that is new day and age educated people have to go back start getting hands dirty again that is where marker america is until the reality you continue to see job numbers like today. >> jonathan we got to let you go i give you final word. >> i know what has to do with how to get your hands dirty necessarily job creation can occur at any time, dagen there is unlimited amount of jobs a can be created unfortunately something is happening euro consolidation of america
8:55 am
people getting stuck not pound abouti pounding the he pavement this is a bigger picture we need economic freedom creates jobs creates wealth. >> jonathan great to see the you my dear, thank you so much for being here, we got final thoughts on jobs' report that is next.
8:56 am
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8:59 am
>> final thoughts on the jobs repor reports. >> hillary can't raise taxes, we need repeal, college kids get ready to have your hands dirty, we need more manufacturi manufacturing. dagen: kirsten. >> people care about the economy. the polls show that. if donald trump is going to make head way, we've got to hit that economy every day. >> the possible jobs number is skyrocketing compared to people taking the jobs and we are going to see better numbers.
9:00 am
>> i have to echo jack's thoughts there. there are great jobs out there. for those who want to work, pursue those opportunities, but they'll see next month. hopefully positive revisions to the numbers. dagen: thanks to all. right now it's the ashley webster show. ashley: for three hours, thank you, dagen. it's all mine! i'm ashley webster, stuart, by the way back on tuesday. nice break for stuart. he's earned it. the big story though is jobs of course. not enough. frankly, 151,000 jobs created in august, that's it. hiring slowing down. wages not growing and the participation rate still at a generational low. that so-called blowout jobs report, that was revised lower, 20,000 less. the market responding positively. we're locking at a higher open because the bad report makes the fed rate increase less likely. bad news for the economy. good news for stocks once again. we have been talking about that for years.


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