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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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very lackluster jobs report, no, the fed isn't going to raise interest rates, maybe later this month september. the market up 84 points or thereabouts. my time is up but guess what? connell mcshane, take it away. connell: the baton. thank you very much indeed. you and i are the four by 100 relay. have a good weekend. we do have a lot going on on the friday. as ashley said the wild weather is part of it the politics and the damage is done by hurricane hermine, the first hurricane that hit the state of florida in 11 years. power outages, high winds, plenty of flooding. it is now moving north as your map shows you there. a tropical storm as we speak. we thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm connell mcshane who is in for neil who is coming back on tuesday. now, parts of florida still getting hit right now, but not done certainly by any means with the east coast in
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general. we start things off today. we'll be talking a lot about the storm, the effects, the cost of it with accuweather mark. what's the latest, mark? >> well, it looks like hermine is tropical storm has weakened quite a bit there. to the northeast about 18 miles per hour close to savannah, georgia. but here's the main shield of rain, and that is going to work its way right up the east coast this weekend. there's a cut off and that's going to be an important feature. once you get west to i-95, very little rain. close to the coast, though, it could be a problem once hermine gets out into the water, it's going to get stuck out here, and it's over very warm water, so it's going to get stronger, it could become a hurricane again, and it's
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going to wobble west on sunday and that could increase the wind and rain right along the coast. so not gab a good beach weekend here starting saturday. southeast virginia, that's where the eastern shore. and right off sunday hermine offshore. possibly even a hurricane does look like southern new england righted down into the mid-atlantic coast again we'll be seeing big time problems here. the sharp cutoff to the rain if this storm wobbles more to the west, we could see ten inches of rain to the coast. farther out maybe just an inch or two and the winds, they'll be strong and gusty. and this is going to be the big problem. a prolonged period of winds out of the northeast here, and that is going to batter the coast. so we'll see extensive beach erosion and major flooding as the gets up into the bays and inlets here. so along the coast there could be excessive rain that will cause flooding, you'll see a rise in the water level, and utilizes these battering waves coming on in.
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so we could have some expensive damage up and down the coast this weekend. sunday and perhaps into monday here, this system is going to move out probably through the middle part of the week as it's trapped between two high pressure systems. connell: right that's the thing that we've been following. thank you, mark. we're going to talk more about that in just a few minutes. the cost and what the affect will be, not only today but as mark says the next couple of days. but let's give you a friday look with stocks with fairly weak job growth reported earlier this morning. that's certainly many people's minds lowering the chances that federal reserve will come in and raise interest rates for september. so that's good news. up 81 right now, 150,000 jobs added in the month. we missed the estimate there by nearly 30,000. and the labor force participation rate stayed just below 63%. 62.8. so that remains a historically low number, which we will dive deeper into as the show moves
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along. another batch of e-mails as we turn to politics, which is also in the news today, the lines even more with the clinton foundation and the state department. a top clinton foundation official has now asked aberdeen for help in a e-mail for obtaining diplomatic passports. worked for clinton for years. clinton officials, though, disputing this claim that it was a violation related to a trip president clinton was making over to north korea to work for the release of two american journalists who were being held by the north korean's. so we going to talk to chief congressman who is here with us. what would like to see now as even more comes out on this, congressman? >> connell, we've been simply after the information, the data, really the truth from mrs. clinton as you recall back in 2008 during her confirmation for secretary of state. she cade that her professional relationship with the clinton foundation would be held to
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and obviously it's not. hundreds of people gave millions of dollars. those people who they are were funneled to the clinton foundation not withstanding that mrs. clinton met privately with these people as secretary of state. all these are questions and answers that need to be developed and were waiting for the clinton foundation and mrs. clinton to be honest about them. so in the meantime, we're going to ask for the data that is the e-mails. connell: now, we're getting more and more of it as you know. kind of drip, drip. i mentioned this example who had worked for doug who had worked for the clintons and particularly mrs. clinton for years. an example of how cozy the relationship appeared to be between the foundation and the state department. sent an e-mail to aberdeen and said, hey, i need to a diplomatic passport. it didn't end up happening apparently because when they went on their delegation to north korea, they just didn't even stamp the passports. the north korean's agreed to do it that way. but it does say there's a cozy
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relationship but does it say there's anything illegal going on? it doesn't; right? >> well, in fact, in my opinion, it would be illegal. connell: okay. how is that? >> the state department -- well, you violated what you said you would do at the confirmation hearing. but the law that really exists is that relationship that should not be violated. not only with your e-mails, the law specifically related to mrs. clinton and her use of private servers. all these are violations of the law. it is an ethical violation within the state department. it is the law that we're expected to follow. and that is not just ethics. this is an important violation. and this is where mrs. clinton has repeated failed to see because the lines are blurred, they're not blurred. they're a violation and mrs. clinton believes she's above the law.
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connell: so you asked for more information, what more do we need? is there enough here to go forward that this should be something disqualifying to a presidential candidate to office or to your point we're just not quite there yet? >> no. it's -- connell: where are we now? >> well, all of the above. what's interesting is that mrs. clinton as secretary of state represents the united states of america, and we see other countries that are for openness. other countries we expect them to be above the board and avoid the kinds of relationships with people where there's a transfer of money back and forth. mrs. clinton is guilty of everything that she would wish as secretary of state to hold other countries that we believe have ethical questions and violations. it's called not only a violating the law but really an ethical violation as secretary of state. and mrs. clinton should be held to that standard. what are we saying when we receive any of these e-mails?
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they're heavily redacted. which is thesing. and that is a difficult task for us to overcome. when you have these e-mails that are heavily redacted. if that's not smoke or fire, i don't know what it is. and there's a clear line of distinction here. and we're trying to make that the american people need to see where it's important. connell: yeah, almost every day a story comes out related to this, that's for sure. and we keep covering it day in and day out. i want to ask you about at least one or two other things while i have you here. and the trip donald trump made earlier in the week got a lot of attention to mexico. and then we hear all of this back and forth about the president and mr. trump that the border wall mr. trump made centerpieces. mexico now saying that they will not pay a cent for mr. trump's wall. so what do you think is going on here? how important is it? what have you made of all of this? >> well, first of all, let me say this. the president of the united
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states, and i believe mrs. clinton too would really hold mexico hostage as political issues. political issues of us gaming the thought about not only the border but really our relationship with mexico. i think donald trump has been straight forward to say that he will deal with the mexican issue, with the border issue, and he would err on the side of america becoming the winner. america will be the winner because donald trump will stick to the law. donald trump will work after our drug problems with catch and release and follow the law. in that regard -- who's going to pay for the wall? i don't know that that's the issue. i think it's an analogy because you can go over walls, and you can come under walls. he's going to build a relationship with our law enforcement and the mexican government because they have a problem with the drug trade cartels also. so we all live in a glass house. that's what donald trump is going to work on.
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connell: so in your view, trump is not literally serious when he talks about mexico paying for the wall. i've been to so many trump rallies, who's going to pay for it? the crowd yells out mexico. to your point he's never been serious about that. it's more about getting a wall built. because some people do quite frankly i know this for a fact speaking to his supporters and stuff. some people do take him literally on this. you don't? >> let me tell you what i take seriously. i have been to the border many times. i've lived on the border. and i can tell you firsthand that we are not following the laws of the united states. we are not working well with mexico. president obama intentionally invited thousands of children from central america through mexico, which was a big embarrassment for mexico. we will have a better relationship with mexico as donald trump as president, and he will help them solve their problems and solve our ours also.
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mrs. clinton will use it as a political whipping stunt, and it's wrong. donald trump will work the success of america. connell: congressman, great conversation for the various topics. i'm sorry to interrupt, i have to move pop thank you for coming on with us. breaking news about a story we've been following throughout the week, we just gotten confirmation from ireland that it will appeal that $14.5 billion tax bill that the european commission hit apple with earlier in the week. interesting, interesting story as we've been talking about from so many different angles that the irish government, the government that would get many at this money is also appealing along with apple. will seek the endorsement of the irish parliament on this next wednesday. but the idea that ireland is on the same side as we've been talking about with apple essentially saying, hey, we don't want this money. we want the system to say-to-stay as it is. low tax country. i said we would go back to the storm we are a number of times throughout the show. some pictures we're seeing earlier today.
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the start of what could be a busy hurricane season. just getting to the peak of it here. we have meteorologist michael joining us in studio. he's in new york with us. good to see you, michael. and one of the things we've started to focus on is first this storm and then this season. what kind of season are we expecting? which is important to our viewers but people watching in general, what kind of season are we expecting? >> yeah. people forget that the season really doesn't get going until labor day weekend. here we are with eight named storms. there's no reason why september couldn't be an active month. we've had september with ten named storms. so this could be a very active season ahead. but already we've had eight, and they've made some impacts. connell: is it the models you're looking added wld be more active than normal? is there anything that you can tell from these storms forming that tells you what we can expect down the line? >> well, what worries me with our research is that the water temperatures, the gulf stream, the bahamas are so warm and
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any storms that come to america have the stance to stay strong or explode. we saw with the case with hermine that became a hurricane right before landfall, first landfall in florida in 11 years. connell: mark with accuweather was with us a few minutes ago, and his point is we're not done with this yet and we don't know what direction it will go as it goes up the coast new jersey, new york, new england, or go out to sea. but it could even if it's not a hurricane be damaging and costly; right? >> yeah. i think it has two chapters to it. there's the inland story which is florida, georgia, carolinas, tropical force winds very, very heavy flooding. once you get north of let's say virginia beach delaware, the rains kind of tamper off. but the coastal flooding and the wind story becomes the bigger event. connell: right. >> and it could linger offshore, become a hurricane again. so anybody from the mid-atlantic states up to new england, especially who's on the shore, they may be dealing with these winds and this
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ocean piling on for maybe four or five days. connell: well, that's the thing. well passed labor day weekend into the middle of next week is when we're seeing this an issue up here? depending on which way it turns. people say the meteorologist comes on and they're scaremongering. but we just don't know left turn, right turn, we don't know yet; right? >> we're pretty confident the next couple of days it's going to be the mid-atlantic states. but ones it moves in the ocean, it should linger around. that's the sun certainty. and that lasts for three or four days, the issues could be the worst since we've seen since sandy. connell: well, isn't that what sandy did? i know it wouldn't be as strong of storm we any stretch once it made it this area, but isn't that what sandy did? >> well, sandy was an acute event in that it turned west. it made landfall into new jersey. so very, very intense for new york harbor and long island, but it was kind of long and done. with hermine, it's going to
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make a right bend and kind of linger in the atlantic offshore. and the cumulative multiple day effect, it could really hit millions of people. connell: good explanation, michael, thanks for coming in today. >> no problem. connell: we do have more breaking news. we want to go to this overseas. an explosion in the market of the philippines. and we know of at least ten people who are deed as a result of that. dozens more wounded. ten dead, dozens wounded in the philippines. an explosion with new pictures coming in from a market over there. we do not know the cause of this. the cause is still unknown. more to come on that breaking story as we get information. back to a big business story here in the u.s. and around the world really if you have a samsung product, you certainly want to stay tuned to this. the recall underway today over fire hazards. some of the samsung product. the details on that product we're talking about and the issue up there coming up. dow's at 55 today. what had what it fed does next has been the big market question even after today's lackluster jobs report and
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could be an impact on the election. we'll talk about it after this i'm just a guy who wants to buy that truck.
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and i'm just a guy who wants to sell him that truck. so i used truecar. it told me what other people in the area paid for the truck i want. and because we're a truecar certified dealership, i already know the truck he wants. so we're on the same page before he even gets here. -it's fair. -and it's fast. look good? looks great. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪ connell: we have a business alert on that samsung story that i mentioned before our last break. we just heard from target and target says it's now
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discontinuing the sale of the samsung in question. the samsung galaxy note 7. the reports have come out that the note 7 -- the batteries inside it had been exploding essentially during charging, they're a fire hazard when you're charging it, they could catch on fire. so discontinued at target. that's just announced at the company. we'll come back to the story here in a few minutes. let's go now to the markets and the politics. our wheelhouse today. stocks are up largely because the jobs report wasn't so hot; right? investors had been betting that weaker than expected growth in the labor market actually lowers the odds that we'll get a rate hike in september. a little bit of a rally in the market, not much really. the labor participation rate mentioned earlier. that's right around that generational low where we've been, 62.8%. scott martin is here and so is daniel and hello, daniel and scott. could the scot, what did you think of today?
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did it change your thinking on anything? >> i change my thinking a lot these days, connell. but you change one thing -- yeah, you know that already. change one thing for me, and i think it's the fact that there seems to be a trade in the market until today that the fed was on the table definitely for december but also possibly for september. and i think today's number at 151,000 with no change really in revisions prior to the two months net, net is such a good number for this market that even rapper chris brown couldn't find a reason to be angry about it. connell: chris brown reference in the segment, only scott could go there, daniel. i don't invite you toking in the same direction. do you think he's right, though, that september's off the table? can we agree on that now at least referring to the fed? what do you think? >> well, you know, i've never actually thought september was on the table because i think the fed is too political to hike rates in front of this election. but absolutely. the data right now, now validate they're not doing
12:22 pm
anything come september. and that's a little bit of a celebration that we're seeing today ahead of this long weekend. connell: daniel, a very skeptical person, i try to convince her that the fed is a apolitical organization and doesn't get involved in that thing and -- >> now, now, now. i'm going to belt out a rap of my own, buddy, don't go there. connell: wow. actually i might want to prompt that a little bit. so now, speaking of politics and obviously scott joking around a little bit about it. but it certainly does enter things; right? what do you think the relationship is between this market, this economy, and this election right now? have you started to -- i'll say this. if this conversation was happening a week and a half ago right, scott? i think people in your position and many people told me privately or on air i'm starting to think hillary clinton is assuming she's the president looking at odds and that kind of thing. but is there less of that now in the wall street now that the polls have tightened? >> potentially, yeah. but, connell, i really do think wall street wants a
12:23 pm
hillary presidency, and i think it's from the main fact that she's a known quantity. and i think when you look at the markets and how they've reacted to different bits and starts in the polls, the market seems to at least lately be reacting to the trump narrowing in the polls. but i think longer term if you look closer to november, i think hillary if she does pull away again, that's probably what supports the s&p here versus trump winning at the polls in november and maybe adding that uncertainty and that volatility we haven't had all year, frankly. connell: very interesting. that's a market opinion, daniel, not necessarily a political one by scott saying, listen, this would be the status quo essentially. we would have rates staying low, no rate hike in september. and hillary clinton, the status quo candidate winning. do you agree that that's good for stocks? we'll quick and then we have to run. >> i do think that a lot of the money that's been behind her donations has come from wall street precisely because wall street believes firmly that no change is a good thing going forward. connell: fair enough up 39 right now.
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have a great weekend, both of you. we are going to move on to talk about iran at the moment. getting away with breaking away the nuclear deal? really? well, the secret the u.s. apparently didn't want many people to hear. still to come
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. connell: so we have reports that the united states and others have granted secret exemptions to iran over the nuclear deal essentially allowing them to evade some of the agreements on that deal. former governor is with us. that, well, we're giving up a lot. >> how are you doing? connell: i'm doing well. the argument would go a lot here and didn't get much back. what happened here? >> this was all about the deal. this was all about giving, this was all about legacy, this was all about placating a terror regime. connell: just get it done. >> i really think clearly that's the case, and i have a
12:28 pm
piece as you know today in the washington examiner to that very effect. this was all about legacy. it was about side deals, secret side deals, $180 billion of unfrozen assets. and it was about literally getting nothing in return. but, again, when you have this kind of president, this kind of secretary of state, the deal was the news. forget the long-term consequences. connell: don't get lost in the details. just know that we have a deal done. does it -- >> we're peace makers. don't forget this is antiwar administration. they came to power on antiwar platform. connell: i certainly understand the concept behind it. by the way, the white house has denied that there's any kind of evading here going on in the negotiating in the back and forth. but what happens now? i mean -- >> is that the same white house, by the way, that denied the 400 million for the five hostages? connell: but what happens now? we learn this and then what do we do with the information? anything? >> it becomes an issue in the presidential campaign. it really plays into the trump mantra that this has been a
12:29 pm
weak administration, a administration willing to placate bad people around the world. and literally to get nothing in the return. no quid for the pro. connell: i will go for fox news polling, and it's interesting in a picture that we show over half of the voters think the deal overall, the iran deal, has made the country less safe. 54% say less safe, 31% say the deal made it safer. and that's probably not right digging into the details. just the idea that we did a deal. people do think it made us less safe. >> voters are smart. well, i argue giving my piece in the examiner with regard to cuba, ukraine, south china sea, with regard to gitmo, this administration's entire record has been to make us less safe. connell: governor, thanks and have a good weekend. thank you very much. hillary clinton who had been talking about throughout here has a new plan.
12:30 pm
and it has to do with one of the big stories of the week. the epipen story, she wants to stop the massive drug price hikes. would that, however, make things worse? we're going to talk about that after this the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. knowing you is how edward jones makes sense of investing. therthat can be serious,ere. even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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connell: now, we have a business alert on some of these big deals that have been seeing some big backlash from the government. we had one story this week but overall we started to tally up what many are calling an assault on company mergers and the man doing the tallying approximately blake burman down to the nation's capitol. hello, blake. >> hi, there, connell. happy friday to you. deere just the latest nah string of high profile mergers blocked by the obama administration. that estimated 190 million-dollar deal is a fraction of some others that have been halted this year. we'll give you a few examples. mergers between anthem and cigna, aetna and humanna, pfizer were stopped. those totaled nearly $250 billion. height securities told us he feels the administration made the wrong decision in each of those cases. >> i would say that the majority of blocks in 2016 have been pushing the envelope
12:35 pm
on what you can say is a reasonable basis for blocking a transaction. >> now, when i spoke earlier this morning with jason, who is the the president's chief economist, he deferred to the justice department but did stress the need for competition. >> the goal of our antitrust laws is to create a more competitive economy. and i think a competitive economy is, you know, the most important way to be pro business. >> now, these halts, connell, can prove costly for many of these companies, for example, pfizer. it had to fork over some $400 million to allergan because that deal fell through. connell: definitely a trend. thank you, blake. and hillary clinton has this plan out now where she wants to stop the price hikes. like the epipen story. and her new plan for the campaign is number one monitoring drug prices. okay. but here's where it gets interesting. she wants to penalize
12:36 pm
companies as what she describes excessive hikes in price. that brings up questions. also wants to expand access to other treatments. luckily we do have here to answer questions john. many of -- one of the questions quite simply, john, is this the government's job to get involved like this? >> no. i don't believe it is. the days of the carnegie when they have true monopolies, that's a different situation. this is not the case right now and this is giving a person with a brain to your memorier an aspirin for their headache. the problem we have in america right now is the pharmaceutical and drug dealing doctors right there have gotten america addicted to pills from pain pills to diabetes. recurring pills that's what they make their money off. not these isolated incidents where there is price gouging. and worked well, by the way, with the aids medication as well. connell: right so, in other words, when we heard about it and we made a big deal about it and everybody started talking about it, then all of a sudden the fix was put in place. is that your point?
12:37 pm
>> yeah. absolutely. look, this is what should happen. you have this epipen come out. they were price gouging. the ceo was vilified, as she should have been. the ceo with the aids medication was vilified, as he should have been, and the price came down. but how many of these have we had in the recent years? that's only two. these pharmaceuticals would be fine with the new federal oversight, which is just more government. when they're making their money off things -- look, state's medicaid. that we give a cheaper alternative because they have to give a drug that's fda proved. this was fixed by congress. connell: well, another issue with the epipen story. we had people come in and say that there were alternatives available. i know we've since seen a generic version or others about to be introduced. but there are available that are drugs, for example,
12:38 pm
approved overseas but they can't get through the process here and that's why they hiked it so much. >> a huge problem and right now taking three to five years for generics to be approved by fda. so when you have companies that can control the fda in those way, that's one of the issues. connell: they'll say it's safety; right? and then the others just hiding behind that. they say, well, we don't want to rush these things because it could be safe. >> of course. this is the whole game and that's exactly what they say. it's in the interest of public health. and it's not. look, they're in the interest of making money, i understand that. they're corporations. they're not here to make the world better, they're here to make money for their shareholders. so when they have that patent preck, which they should have, by the way, it should be up and that's when generics should come on market but they're not because the fda is stalling and legal means where they're filing lawsuits. put a new coding on the appeal. changed the appeal slightly so that they could extend that through legal means and lawsuits several more queers to make money. that's how the system gets gamed. connell: john, good to see you.
12:39 pm
john with us today. now, talking about mark cuban in a moment. you know he's been all over the place attacking donald trump here. and he's endorsed hillary clinton. he's very antitrump at the moment. why trump's reaction to all of that may come as a surprise. ♪ with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be...and more. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> good afternoon live from the floor of the new york stock exchange, stocks off the highs of the best levels but still on track to post gains
12:41 pm
for the week. the report that puts the odds of the september rate hike not likely to happen. in the event let's look at winners and losers on the s&p 500 index for this week started with united continental up 9%. the fertilizer maker got a good mention at barons, not likely they would reduce their dividends. united block and offshore were losers this week by 11 and 12% losses respectively. let's look at oil, we do have a weaker jobs report rose as the dollar weakens. right now oil is just off the lowest levels of this week. gas prices, gas prices at 2.22 national allergic, 27 cents than this time last year. back to coast to coast
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
connell: now time for the important news of the day, pumpkin spice outrage, it is come back this tuesday. and that means of no coincidence, many people saying it's too soon to be releasing a drink like this. too soon in the season. of course charlie gasparino joins me now in the studio. no coincidence that it would be coming back this tuesday. >> there is no coincidence. sources tell the fox business network. and they're bringing it back in commemoration with neil cavuto's return. connell: of course. >> this is among the most masculine drinks that starbucks offers.
12:44 pm
it's very clientele, and they wanted to basically bring back the pumpkin spice latte as me the most masculine anchor here returns. connell: i think that's a very good move. >> can we show a stock chart? [laughter] what's going on with starbucks? connell: cavuto really likes these? the lattes? this was a true story you made up. >> this was a fetish of neil's for years. connell: that's not the word. >> oh, it is and i caught him one day, i was sneaking -- i was following him around outside. connell: where -- >> the starbucks right next door. i followed him, you know -- and he walked up, and he actually ordered, and i caught him organized a pumpkin spice latte, and i go busted, dude. connell: really? did he have any other -- >> he wanted extra pumpkin in it. connell: very weird and -- >> at that point i ran out. i don't think that's a -- connell: now, i have a few other stories for you.
12:45 pm
in order of importance we work today. the on other stories are actually real business stories maybe even some political stories. aig. >> we should point aig is the company that almost blew up the economy during the great recession, the financial crisis. since then, it's been on a road to come back. now, something quite interesting happened along the way. carl icahn, the shareholder bought stock in it, has two board seats, and tried to break up the company including selling its big mutual fund units. a big part of aig. the company doesn't want to do that. so now to prevent from pushing the sale, from what we understand we got this from sources inside the company, aig is going to rebrand the unit. the aig. funds. essentially an attempt to say we are not going to sell mutual fund -- connell: going to call it aig. >> going to call it aig. connell: by the way, carl icahn is back on with neil when he comes back.
12:46 pm
but aig a few years ago you would call nothing aid. >> right it was the plague. but now they think enough time has lapsed and if they call it aig -- we should point out people inside the company say there are no plans. they're going to downsize the company a little bit given the fact that carl has two board seats. they're not on any list. aig pupil funds is what son of america comes. we understand what's happening towards the end of the year. and this is a big story because we should point out this is a huge mutual fund company. 23billion. sold generally to our viewers through the likes of merrill lynch, morgan stanley through the brokers. so this is kind of a big story. this one company is not going anywhere. and it looks like aig is trying to stay keep as much as they have now the coherent company moving forward. connell: very interesting. now, the final story, i want to talk to you about cuban. we know he's been going after
12:47 pm
trump, he's for hillary. in many of these cases someone like cuban, it doesn't have to be high profile frankly. goes after trump and says trump says you hit me, i hit back. there's not much of that here going on. >> well, here's -- this is the first feud of presidential campaign that featured twitter wars. donald gets up into them. connell: right up your alley, by the way. >> went after cuban when cuban went after donald's economic speech. connell: was this yesterday? i was reading -- >> boiled over when my producer, smart kid, bryant schwartz went and said, hey, mark, what do you think of michael cohen saying this? and, hey, mike, what do you think of cuban saying this? and when it got down to it, they got in a even bigger war of words in exclusive e-mails. go to
12:48 pm
cuban went after donald in the funniest way. because cohen said, listen, cuban wants to be donald trump some day. have his name on all of these buildings and then cuban came back and said, yeah, i want to be donald trump. goodnight who lost all of his money, was on a retainer from his banks, allowance from his banks. mainly not going after cuban directly. but it looks like mark cuban is going to be the -- famous enforcer for don corleone, he's going to be for hillary clinton going forward. and we have heard he's probably going to be standing in as donald trump when she does the bait prep. connell: so that's going to happen most likely? >> i hear "yes." but who knows in the end. we should point out mark cuban has taken the role. very interesting. connell: what does he want, by the way? the attention? he wants to be involved? >> i think cuban really believe donald trump -- and his opinion -- does not have the policy chops to be president and he might be president.
12:49 pm
i think some of this is pure rivalry. they both are rich billionaires. both worth about the same amount of money. three to four billion dollars. and they both have successful reality tv shows. connell: right? >> donald trump the apprentice. shark tank is very successful right now. that's cubans. connell: they used to be friends too. >> they were frenemies, rivals. and i think this is how it's playing out. and i'm just waiting for donald top of the key the bait. now, he's barrel taking it. a few times he went back at cuban. usually surrogates go at him, but you get cuban hitting him a little below the belt. you have to read this story on connell: i saw yesterday a lot of back and forth. and you of all people throwing stones here. are you fighting currently with anyone on twitter? >> no. connell: oh, come on. >> i did put out a couple of tweets about disney pumpkin spice. and he has yet to respond on twitter. connell: #neilreturns on tuesday. there's a starbucks across the street.
12:50 pm
you should have one. >> i'm going to drink one. connell: come on, neil. >> he looks good in that picture. connell: in that picture? he looks good in person too. >> i'm sure he does. connell: thank you, charlie. now, we're back to the news and not that we weren't on it. but this is a big story. certainly was yesterday. yeah, that massive explosion, the spacex story, could it be a big hit for the space race? the largely private space race. we have that next
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
connell: a alert on a samsung recall, the galaxy note 7, the brand-new phone, the big one. the report out today the battery being a fire hazard. basically explosions in the battery while the phone was charging. so the latest development on all of this came via target. target announced earlier this hour it was discontinuing
12:54 pm
sales of the note 7 and working with customers on how to replace the ones that they have already purchased from target. so target discontinuing the sales of the samsung note 7. another business alert to the fall out now from the explosion. cape canaveral. there it is. the spacex explosion. what does it mean for this private space race, managing editor here, good to see you. what's the significance of this in a broader picture? >> it is a big blow for spacex and possibly the industry depending on what happened. this is spacex's second accident in two years. they lost a rocket with a nasa payload last june. and so seeing how they bounce back from this what the problem was here could have repercussions down the line. connell: right it's almost like elon musk's other business when you start to have autonomous-driving cars and maybe the technology's not ready and others get worried. is there something in private
12:55 pm
space flight and craft and ambition that makes it more difficult or dangerous than when the government's handling it? i am not, well, the space general in industry is very unforgive. connell: rights it's not like when people it's not rocket science, that's what they're talking about. it's not easy to do this. but is there anything about making it private that makes it more dangerous? >> well, the bottom line is on the company now and not on a government agency. so nasa would do things a lot slower if they had to watch, you know, every step of the way. spacex and their competitors are in it for a business case. so they want to make sure that they have a product, these rocket launches, rather than a larger science mission too. connell: so what's their next step? it's just almost a wait and see, and you say in and of itself that's a dangerous business proposition if you have to slow down? >> well, what's happening now is we have to see what happened on the long-standing. connell: we don't know yet; right? >> yeah, they're not sure what occurred. if it's something relatively simple, something on the
12:56 pm
structure of the launchpad. they might be able to fix it really quickly. they had another rocket launch slated from california later this month. that's probably going to be on hold until they make sure there isn't a similar cross over problem there. they had nine more launches for this year. there could be a ripple back from that too. connell: so maybe we slow down a little bit, these goals getting to mars by a certain date have to be pushed back or things like that. >> so you would expect some delay while they analyze it. hopefully they can bounce back. they did last year. it took them six months. connell: good insight. thank you very much. as we move on, we'll move back to the weather and hermine, it is wild weather, and it is one of the big stories of the day. it's moving its way to the north. a live report on the storm's progress. tampa, florida's mayor is also coming up with us. cavuto: "coast to coast" we'll be right back
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
. connell: this is "cavuto: coast-to-coast." good to have you with us. neil is coming back to the program on tuesday, the day
1:00 pm
after labor day. i'm connell mcshane. tropical storm hermine is one of the big stories, we continue to cover it. more on the actual progress of the storm, the very latest details and what we can expect next. remember, this doesn't end necessarily with today, talk with janice dean in a few minutes. stocks are up a little bit today. we didn't have a great jobs report, we really didn't. as a result of, that you have a good day for the stock market, or decent day, the thinking is the september interest rate hike is not as likely, so if interest rates are not going up, stocks can continue to advance. the labor participation rate still right around the generational low where it's been, and on top of that. new fox news polling shows the number of voters worried about the economy has now gone up. skyrocketing. it's gone up a lot compared to the early polling on this. if the economy is the most important issue facing the country, is it really improving?
1:01 pm
is it as strong as some would argue. we have gina loudon, and lauren chivee is with us also. gina, to you first on the idea of the economy moving up. couple of things going up, possibly. one might be we haven't had recently as we had when we were doing the previous poll in the summer, terrorist attacks, maybe that's part of it. but also may speak to the economy. what does it is a to you? >> yeah, well, i think that as we are watching our economy completely flounder, we have to be thinking in terms of what's coming at us with the next administration, forced a lot of people to think that way. it plays honestly into mr. trump's hands, he knows how to deal with economic issues. if he will talk more about that, people will think his plan makes economic sense, if you take basic economics in school. connell: here's what i will say, lauren, i don't know if the economy is completely floundering, if it's getting
1:02 pm
better, better at a slower rate than it should be, but i say that gina's point, lauren, lauren, you hear us okay by the way? >> i do, thanks. gina saying this plays into donald trump's strength. the polling does show us that, trump if he polls well in anything, it's terrorism and the economy. that's what he's done throughout. you think it's a strength? worried about it? >> no, i don't think it's a strength for them, i don't think economists think it's going to help the economy, and ridiculous to say our economy is floundering, floundering is the recession we saw following the 2008 crash. it's not at all that's happening.l: it's not as big as they made it to be. >> could it be better? absolutely. one of the big issues in the economy is those at lowest end of the economic scale are doing the most poorly. does adding trillions of dollars to the deficit improve the economy or raising the minimum wage for the lowest
1:03 pm
level workers in the american economy make a bigger difference. connell: what do you say, gina? >> no, and on par maybe hillary clinton has a plan. >> hasn't spent much time in the parts of our country that are in dire need like mr. trump will be in detroit by the people most affected by a floundering economy. those of us sitting here are doing just fine. hillary clinton is doing fine make hundreds of millions off of essentially a slush fund. but that doesn't mean that there are people in detroit who are suffering. people in outstate america who are suffering. mr. trump's economic policy is very sound. you look at leading economists in the world who are saying that mr. trump's plan is so basically much better, and all you have to look to is the fact that we have doubled the debt under the clinton and obama administration. connell: i'm not sure about that, lauren, i don't know that the economists will matter that
1:04 pm
much. >> of course the economists don't matter. if you want to talk about detroit look how the democrats have done in michigan. connell: from trump, that's different from other republicans that might resonate. >> yeah, look, it's all going to resonate in detroit, detroit and michigan overwhelmingly democratic for a long, long time. i don't think trump will lose detroit by ridiculous numbers. connell: in the city, but what does a state like pennsylvania say. >> they are in such peril. >> can i stop you for a second? i honestly did not hear what lauren said because we were all speaking at once. finish the thought, lauren and go back to gina. >> there are americans struggling in the current environment but the bigger issue is whether or not investing and things like minimum wage hikes for the lowest level workers in the country is going to make a difference. we have major displacements in the economy because of big changes in the global economy, we're not turning back the
1:05 pm
clock on globalization, that's impossible, isolationist tactics. mainstream republicans think that is insane economic policy and can you only look to the hundreds of republicans refusing to support trump over economic issues. connell: the one thing that trump needs is to sell that, gina, maybe not inner city detroit. >> i know that's where he's going. i was making a broad statement about a state like michigan but certainly pennsylvania and definitely a state like ohio. that's where he needs the message to resonate, you think it is right now? >> i think it will peak at absolutely the right crime. policy is so bad, one thing we need to learn, tax hikes are not investments. anyone who knows basic econ101 can tell you that. we need to teach business in our schools, there is settle on knowledge out there. when you call a tax hike an
1:06 pm
investment, mr. trump talks about how you can make negotiations where everybody wins. for example, if you look at his illegal immigration policy, that will automatically hike the wages of workers. connell: i do want to look at that for a minute. >> unknown amounts, maybe higher than the investment that hillary wants to raise on building roads and schools and infrastructure. >> you mean roads and schools and infrastructure which we need to fundamentally fund our country as opposed to deporting 11 million people. >> those are tax increases. how are you paying for those? >> she and i love each other, we just disagree. connell: i like disagreement, it's just when i can't hear what's going on? what's going on here? donald trump goes to mexico as the pictures illustrate for us earlier in the week and has the exchange with the president, president pena of mexico and takes a hard-line stance against immigration. there are reports that he revised that speech, that primetime speech after the
1:07 pm
president of mexico made his tweet. this is back and forth tweet who said what and who's going to pay for the wall and what discussion was had behind closed doors? gina, you first on, this what do you make of it? >> well, i think it was probably the best week of mr. trump's campaign, and i think you will continue to see him doing great things. not only spoke to the american people presidentially, he beat hillary not only to louisiana but there and now he's going to detroit. this woman hillary who has not bother dodd a press conference, she will not answer the questions of the american people, and yet here he's gone and really, really looked presidential this week and i think his policy is very sound, and i think his economic policy on this is a win-win. no matter how you slice it. connell: i'm sure. >> and we're going to see that going forward. connell: i'm sure lauren agrees 100%, right? >> absolutely. the lowest bar in history for a good week that i've ever seen, if that's a good week. connell: and the polls are
1:08 pm
tightening, be fair about the polls tightening. >> the polls are exactly where they were four years ago, and obama won by 10 million votes. connell: the odds of victory are still in hillary clinton's favor. >> hugely in her favor. >> look, you cannot win -- she may have -- some people think he looked presidential, you don't win the presidency by excludeing and discriminating against millions of americans of minority descent it. wins with a small segment of americans who are completely out of touch with the reality of what our country is today. republicans themselves are terrified because republicans in order to maintain majorities in congress need minority votes. what trump has done not just this week but throughout his campaign is destroy the relationship that the republican party has with minority communities built by george w. bush successfully. george bush won 40% of the minority vote. connell: i have to wrap this up, as much as i've enjoyed the
1:09 pm
last few minutes. gina and lauren, thank you very much. stocks are off a little bit today. nothing crazy but 48 point advance on the dow. and the bet pretty much is that a rate hike, interest rate increase in the month of september is less likely after what we saw from this morning's jobs report which isn't that great. richmond federal reserve president jeffrey lacker said the economy does appear strong enough to significantly warrant higher interest rates. lacker not a voting member. we have seen a sharp reversal for the state department. it will now give the associated press all of hillary clinton's schedules before the election. originally that was not going to happen. let's bring sabrina schaeffer in on this, whether thisieses up on the pay-to-play questions or makes things worse, what do you think?
1:10 pm
>> it's so interesting, first of all the general election is historically kicks into full speed after the labor day weekend. there's a lot of attention that will be turned back to both of these candidates and they are going to have to do a lot of work to get the undecided voters. a challenge for hillary clinton continues to be this trustworthiness factor. interesting when you look at poll numbers more than 50% of americans are comfortable and know a lot about hillary clinton's policies, but what they're not comfortable with is that honesty piece. this may help stave off some of the problems. i'm frankly surprised she hasn't done it sooner. connell: i'm wondering what's going to change between now and -- i understand more people are paying attention, between now and november 8th. what's going to change? every day we get something on the e-mail story, on the foundation story. has it helped donald trump and hurt hillary clinton in the polls? yes. but what is going to change to fundamentally alter this race?
1:11 pm
anything that can do that, do you think? >> interesting, i think both candidates have their own challenges. donald trump has a lot of work to do to lay out what kind of policy solutions he's going to advance on foreign and domestic policy, economic policy and on the flipside as i mentioned, hillary clinton's policies, the americans are familiar with them. she has a lot of work to gain the trust of the american people. interestingly enough, nearly 60% of americans find her not trustworthy. connell: how does she do that? not like nobody knows her. how do you make a change on that? >> it requires new information. it's possible if they start releasing information about her schedule, that she will be able to control the narrative better, give people more information and they will somehow fall in line with her, but it could also do the opposite. the more information people get, they may become more
1:12 pm
skeptical of her, and connect some of those dots that seem a little sort of not quite right. >> i hear you. i was half listening to you and look at breaking news that was crossing at the bottom of the screen that relates directly as fortune would have it to the conversation we're having. that's the release of the informationment the fbi is releasing documents in the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. we don't -- i don't believe know much about what's in the documents, that they are being made public. they're being put out there. so that's my point from earlier, more and more coming out now. is there something in here that's a smoking gun? i don't know, maybe. we don't know. but the idea, the drip, drip, you think maybe is enough to continue to hurt hillary clinton more and make the race as close as close can be or take something bigger? >> you know i suspect it's going to take something bigger, only because we've had the drip, drip for so long that people have grown accustomed to it. if you're a conservative republican, every time more of
1:13 pm
the drips come out of the faucet, it makes you dig your heels in deeper and say this is exactly why i can't vote for hillary clinton or why i'm voting for donald trump. for the undecideds in the middle and there are many of them, this may be the same old tune which makes them say, hey, i don't know who to vote for. connell: we will know more about what she says about it, which is interesting. as i look further through this, what this will subject a summary of hillary clinton's interview on the 2nd of july that she did with the fbi about the classified information being passed along the e-mail and improperly stored on her server. so what did she say about that? she was interviewed on july 2nd, and now we're going to know what she said. we'll get a summary of that. that interesting to you? >> absolutely is interesting to me because i think one of the things that the clinton have done well when you looked at the foundation and business dealings and time in public office is things haven't been
1:14 pm
illegal, they've been unethical. there's been a lot of blurring of the lines and it's unclear. that's what gives people pause. did they do something wrong or uncomfortable. she is going to have to explain herself and she has the ability to control the narratives should she choose to do so. connell: note the time we're finding out this information. it is 1:00 p.m. eastern time on labor day friday. >> everyone is at beach. connell: literally for any news or data dump, but it does come on labor day fried sdmie could have been labor day saturday morning. connell: i guess so. people got to get out of town that are handling this. talk more about it on this friday before the labor day weekend, the release from the fbi on the hillary clinton interview. nearly 60 pages are heavily redacted. that's one of the other things in this. we're going to dig through it. it's tough you get all the redactions because there is classified information to figure out what people are saying in the e-mails. bear with us on that, we'll
1:15 pm
have much more news to come. "cavuto: coast-to-coast" coming right back. better buckle up.
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. connell: back to the breaking news of the hour. the release by the fbi of documents in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. as i said before the last
1:19 pm
break, we are still digging through that to see what is in the actual release, but the fact there is a release is somewhat interesting, so we welcome in now the republican congressman tom marino pushing for a probe here, and that kind of make it interesting, congressman, the idea we're getting information, right, on a friday as i pointed out there a few minutes ago before labor day, tough to have a factual conversation because we do not know what is in this, but the idea that more information is coming out, especially from the interview that hillary clinton did with the fbi. what do you make of it? >> it's a friday dump. the minimal amount of news reported on it. we have nothing to read at this point. as far as i'm concerned, i know it's going to be heavily redacted. sometime when that's sent over to congress and it's confidential and it usually is, it may not be as redacted, but
1:20 pm
it is redacted. anything that is redacted as my experience as a prosecutor, doesn't go very far. connell: fair enough. let me interrupt our own conversation for one moment and go to our washington, d.c. newsroom and bring blake burman into this. he's our digger in chief, i know this is putting out spot, blake, have you been able to dig through any of this yet, what do you know? . >> reporter: reading through the first couple pages, it was released exactly 10 minutes ago, and the first few pages outline the basic steps of their investigation and presumably they go from there on out. what i can point to is the redactions, and i kind of want to walk you through a few different levels here. for example, this is the very first page, i don't know if you can see it, you can notice, heavily redacted, page 1. page 2, no redactions whatever a full report and keeps on going down on down the line.
1:21 pm
when you dig into it, there are 58 pages of this, let me show you page 36. i think you can see here, completely redacted. not a single word that you can read. that's 36 and goes from 36 all the way to 47 entirely redacted. so some of this we presumably might learom, and a lot of, thissor a good portion of it we won't learn were of anything from the fbi. connell: not going to be able to read through the redactions. we'll come back to you, possibly. congressman marino, that's what you were saying as a prosecutor, right, you come into the situation united states and expect to learn a lot, and boy, but that's because these issues are secret or classified. has to be classified to be redacted? >> yes, we have information that is classified that can cause us problems, but the bottom line is what is there to
1:22 pm
read? a good prosecutor could draw a conclusion from the questions asked or what was said right before the redaction. but by and large, and there's not going to be any smoking gun because it's so heavily redacted and this is another pie in the sky attempt to try to minimize what has truly been a disaster for this country. connell: does keep the e-mail story in the news. the clinton foundation story has been in the news all week long and maybe longer than that. >> sure. connell: the terms of the horse race quality of it with the polls tightening up. >> no question. connell: hillary clinton is still, according to the data that we have, the favorite, would be more likely she would be president than donald trump, but the odds of that are this week, because of this, don't you think? >> it sure, is the closer we get to the election, the more of a problem it is for her.
1:23 pm
i'm not one that pays attention to the polls, my attention paying is the day after the election. so much that whenever hillary clinton opens her mouth, it's a lie, the director of the fbi said she wasn't telling the truth and perjured herself in front of congress. the american people are sick of this. i go across pennsylvania, pennsylvania is a swing state. i have union democrats saying they're voting for trump. connell: we got to run here for time, congressman marino. last time i saw you was out of trump rally in harrisburg. he is struggling in the polls in the philadelphia area, in the suburbs. can he win it? is he going to win pennsylvania? >> he can win it if the fraud is kept at a minimum in philadelphia. we have lawyers at the polling places. he's going to win this, he's going to win pennsylvania because even the democrats, the hard working, tax paying democrats are tired of the
1:24 pm
obama administration and hillary clinton is another four years of that. connell: congressman tom marino from pennsylvania. there is more "cavuto: coast-to-coast" straight ahead. we'll be right back. ♪ music
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connell: breaking news continues a few more items from the fbi release of the documents related to the fbi investigation. one would be that we are reading through it and finding out that hillary clinton actually told the fbi when she was being interviewed she could not give an example of how the classification of a document was determined. so in other words, was it indeed classified, was it top secret. she could not give determination what she told the fbi. she told them she really relied on career foreign service workers for guidance how she would handle the classified secrets. those would be presumably the non-political types there. navy reserve commander tom croce is our next guest. he has been sitting with us in
1:28 pm
the studio going through this the last few minutes. what do you make of that, tom, hey, i don't really know? >> when you reach that top security clearance and at that level, national security information there are tremendous steps taken to protect it. you sign a non-disclosure agreement says that you understand that the information can not be disclosed. there are steps and courses of training to insure you're handling it properly. this is a process that had been set in place. for those of us who see the pages with the redactions even hear on news, some of the subjects in there makes you very uncomfortable in the intelligence community. connell: that stuff you heard in the past that made you most uncomfortable that really bothers you? >> the kind of information dealing with the foreign powers. sources and methods how we collect information overseas and elsewhere, makes you very disturbed. those of us who worked in the white house and national
1:29 pm
security staff because that information is fused. connell: you handled that information in one way, shape or form and know how it should be handled. she talks about what she remembered or she remembered, that she cited her concussion which took place in 2012, could not recall every briefing that she had because of that. >> whether you recall it or not, once you sign the document, that you are entrusted with the information and obligation unpenalty of united states code violations and prosecution. connell: you wouldn't think something like that would be something you would forget. or certainly you know, unless you're at a point where you can't continue in office which she clearly was not. you would know you somethinged like that if you had a concution? >> absolutely. back in her time as white house as first lady she was exposed to national security material as well. there is a long-standing tradition of insuring that kind of information, once its fused
1:30 pm
and polished and sent to those executive decisionmakers there are extreme measures taken to protect it. connell: yeah. >> certainly if it is put out electronically and not protected and not kept in those corridors, it's a very disturbing and damaging to those of us in the intelligence community. connell: i bet. let me throw one more at you. these are coming in to me, bits and pieces we look through them in our newsroom. she told the fbi she knew she had the power to classify information as secret but she could not recall using that power. what do you make of that? >> most departments or agencies who deal with national security material and intelligence of that kind, some of them have original classification authority. so they're able as department or ain't sy to classify that material and then it can not be changed unless you go to the department or agency. whereas i'm sure a secretary at the cabinet level is not doing that i know they're not doing it at their level. connell: right. >> they are in charge of the professionals in the security offices that do that and they are again responsible for that classification and maintenance of that material.
1:31 pm
connell: good explanation of all this for someone who handled at least similar circumstances. thanks for rolling with us. >> not at all. connell: thanks, tom. we'll have more on all of this, blake burman will continue to help me out on his end in washington, d.c. as we look through the fbi release. we'll cover the other news of the day. oil, for example, in the middle of the worst week since january. that is one story. it is up by a $1.37. weaker dollar we'll talk about, more on the markets after a quake break. there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize
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connell: there is a business alert before we get back to the hillary clinton story as stocks continue to gain some ground on friday up 34 points. jobs growth number not so great. september rate hike may be less likely. that is our logic. tonight on the latest episode of "wall street week," from the carlyle group cofounder david rubenstein will be on. here is a preview. >> i suspect the markets feel for sure they will do it this year. my own view is december rather than september. who really knows. in december it will be a modest increase. i think it takes a while before the fed feels comfortable going back where we were five or 10 years ago.
1:36 pm
connell: full interview, "wall street week," friday, 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox business network. back to what we were talking about the fbi releasing documents related to the email investigation surrounding hillary clinton. a few other items we are just learning, and this is in real time, with clinton aides saying she frequently replaced her blackberry, frequently replaced it, and whereabouts of the old device, would frequently become unknown. so she lost her blackberry a lot. deirdre bolton and dagen mcdowell and julie roginsky after she finds her iphone. who makes what of any of this? we deal in real time, deirdre. it is a lot of talking around and coming up with excuses, be they technical excuses or somebody was telling me this are i followed advice of this one. >> you were covering with blake burman, so many on first page of emails have been redacted, which
1:37 pm
a lot of people have said, that doesn't really help us in this goal towards transparency. connell: right. >> i don't know if this is strategic or a purposeful sidestep but hillary clinton coming out today with a plan on combating high drug prices. so we can circle back to that i don't know if this is meant to create a separate but equal dialogue distract from emails. connell: may be. you try to get out and talk about something that keep you out of the news but you don't control when the dump is going to happen with the news which was on a friday before labor day, julie. anything here sore is all involved in the studio making too much? we're looking at it in real time saying, you know, i don't know that is smoking gun but again you make excuse, oh, it is hardware, it was the software, i wasn't sure. people were telling me i was following their advice. i will tell you this, politically, julie, keeps in the story in the news and keeps people talking about, emails foundation, which can't be good for hillary clinton. >> you're right about that. it keeps things in the news of the as you point out it is
1:38 pm
friday before labor day. i'm not sure how many people are paying attention to this but does ensure it will be topic of the sunday news shows this sunday. and yeah, anything that keeps email story in the news for her, it is not good for her. the story keeps going. state department schedule released at end of the month. so forth, there is ticktock happening of releases of information "judicial watch" and others have requested going on right up until election day. so the she can do is what she is doing today, which is changing the subject from her emails which you don't expect real people to the price of epipens which affect real people that is the strategy. change the subject to something not really that big of a deal to everyday people and talk about things that really do affect our lives. connell: i want to give you two other headlines out of it, dagen and react to what julie said as well. number one, email address she was offered at state department at start of her tenure.
1:39 pm
she declined that. we knew already. emails from hillary clinton displayeded only letter h address which hid the domain of the private server. that is kind of interesting. dagen, real quick. >> it is interesting, but goes to her trustworthiness which, again in terms of trustworthiness, still trailing donald trump in the latest "fox news poll." connell: right. >> it goes to how responsible she is when, in a position of power. that does hurt her. trump needs to message that better. i want to point out, 272 days she has not done a press conference this is the reason why. she would be asked tough, targeted questions about everything gone on we found out about the foundation about emails. connell: mic doesn't sound great. which is something i've been trying to make happen for years. that said, bleak burman, only a joke, dagen. let me bring blake back into this. julie, deirdre, dagen has been
1:40 pm
talking about, you're going through the documents in real time. what can you add if anything? >> so there has been, you remember the fbi director james comey in his press conference said, and afterward, even if a document isn't necessarily marked classified, the recipient should know just based on the material that it is indeed highly sensitive or has classified information. that is one level. the other level is whether or not there is actual fee on the document, directly expressing that something is confidential. it appears that hillary clinton, at least in this one instance, in the interview with the fbi said that she didn't necessarily know what that c meant. let me read to you a quick passage from this report. they say, quote, when asked what the parenthetical c before a paragraph with a captioned email, clinton stated she did not know and could only speculate referencing paragraphs marked in albaket call order. connell: really?
1:41 pm
>> clinton could not say for sure, keep going, could not say for sure if the pair then the call c was used for portion marking class fight documents. she understood the top of the email is marked confidential and asked the interviewing agent that is what c referenced? connell: would you defend it, c, that she didn't know c means classified? maybe in retrospect apparently know all of this, what do you make of that? julie: i'm not a dumb dumb. so i'm not -- connell: dumb dumb. that is, well -- julie: polite way of saying defending something that i would not say is entirely accurate. she is lawyer, first and foremost. she is speaking to the federal bureau of investigation. her first job is to say something that is going to keep her out of legal trouble. so i never had to do this obviously but my understanding you suddenly don't know as much. you don't remember as much. connell: tell me one thing,
1:42 pm
ralph, you want to take the break now? this is going in real time for real. two more minutes. blake you have two more minutes on the block. what can you tell us before we take this commercial? >> picking up on julie's point, hillary clinton, a lawyer by trade, you read through these emails and a lot of it appears to be a very smart, very well-trained attorney, some would say either hedging or just kind of playing that role of pushing back. connell: right. >> because a lot -- >> can i point something out? when you lie to the fbi you go to jail. when you lie to the fbi it is an offense and a crime, and she doggone well knew that, that is why she obfuscates. connell: we have breaking news. dagen's microphone is working again. >>lousen, buddy, i will talk in your microphone if you're not careful. connell: keep her where she is belongs. this is all ralph's fault. he put it in the plan.
1:43 pm
we want to keep everybody around, julie, deirdre, and dagen. apparently hillary clinton contacted colin powell, former secretary of state, 09, january of '09 at beginning of the year to ask about his use of blackberry while in office. remember these stories were out there. he advised her to be quote, be very careful. more on after the breaks we talked about so much. here it is.
1:44 pm
reporter: lori rothman on the floor of the exchange with your
1:45 pm
fox business brief. stocks given up earlier gains. dow is down 25 points. it hit triple digit the on august jobs report. weaker-than-expected in terms of jobs created, 151,000, with unemployment ticking up to 4.9%. not what economists were looking for. in any event it is having market reaction across the board. look at individual stocks. hog, my goodness, folks not interested in buying motorcycles. sales down almost 3 1/2%. why are shares so up so much? they reversed course. hog is cutting 200 jobs, at judding production line to accommodate fewer motorcycle orders. that system outage caused flight cancellations, really hurt sales. look at shares. back to cavuto. ♪
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models. connell: back to breaking news and hillary clinton information released about the fbi email investigation and summary of her interview wither had. she also said, this is new information we dug up, in 2014 she told her lawyers to return all emails to the state department and that could be work-related. didn't personally get involved. deirdre is here. dagen is here. julie is here and blake is still here as we were before the last break as i mentioned dagen, colin powell essentially telling mrs. clinton be careful with all of this.
1:48 pm
what do we make of that if anything? >> she tried to blame colin powell recommending she private email for her personal correspondence. connell: pin it on me, right. >> pin it on him, kind of from the clinton playbook. you do something wrong you try to blame someone else. what you said is also blaming the lawyers. >> didn't reflect about a personal email server, right? connell: no. you take either a lawyer, you take a piece of technology. you take a former secretary of state. you're basically saying hey, listen, i didn't know. julie, this type of stuff, it may work if my parents come to me, i didn't know how to operate my phone but you're secretary of state. does any of this, none of this looks good does it, even if not something criminal or some sort of quote, smoking gun. julie: no. is it criminal or not, fbi said it is not. from optic this is is awful.
1:49 pm
i don't know why she did it in the first place. hillary clinton has incredible need for secrecy or privacy, privacy, not secrecy. ledder had to set up the email server that had nothing to do with the state department and belonged to her and did not belong to the government and when you're secretary of state, you're not entitled to that kind of privacy especially if it has to dot with public records. connell: people start to think that you want that type of privacy, or as you said, initially, secrecy because you have something to hide. >> there is paranoia. even supporters of the clintons say they are known to the paranoid tendencies, they want privacy times 100, doesn't exactly match with having public position. >> paranoia dismisses this. this is actively trying to keep information that is valuable and necessary to the american people out of their hands because they're using the state department for their own personal gain. that's what was really going on. and, julie, you know, it is bad
1:50 pm
judgment, however you want to describe what was happening with this private server. she wants to run the entire government as commander-in-chief. how does this not get in the way of that? julie: doesn't get in the way of that. it is not criminal. you might think it is improper or unethical. i keep saying this. people are tired of me saying this. she is not running in vacuum. a stronger opponent would have made the case better a stronger opponent would make people feel more secure the fact he might do a better job running the government than she does. she does not have that stronger opponent. >> she is asking the american people to elect someone unethical. overtly unethical. >> asking american people to make a choice between herself and donald trump. that is whole different paradigm. connell: another conversation we'll keep having. we'll have it out of this. blake covers it out of washington as the day continues. hermine. we're back with that as it develops. "cavuto: coast to coast" is coming right back
1:51 pm
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1:54 pm
connell: another big story of the day. tropical storm hermine damaging certain parts of the state of florida from tampa. the mayor of tampa, bob buckhorn is kind enough to join us what has been a tough day for him. how are things down there? >> things are okay. it could have been a lot worse. we were on the tail end of that hurricane. it goes in counterclockwise motion. so it push ad lot of water up into tampa bay. we're far more fortunate than our friends and neighbors in the tallahassee area. connell: it made a direct hit in tallahassee, didn't it? what issues are you dealing with? more flooding than wind damage? how do things look? >> it is definitely more flood
1:55 pm
damage than wind damage. we place barricades to prevent people from driving into the standing water. what we experienced, a lot of wind and rain, the ground is saturated. losing trees as pulled up out of their roots. so far it has been flooding. better than this time last year, when we had 11 straight days of rain. connell: even if it is not heavy winds associated with a hurricane. that can be far more damaging as the floods were. do you need anything, in terms of where it needs to get in terms of resources? >> i think so. state government and governor scott has been helpful. we tend to know how to do these things. we train for them all year-round. we are blessed it could have been worse than it has been. make sure people aren't driving into the standing water. checking on power lines that may be down. we have some folks that may be out of power. power companies are up and working on that. for the most part we were very
1:56 pm
fortunate this time. you just never know. we prepare like it is gameday every time we go through one of these. connell: of course. it has been 11 years since an actual hurricane touched down, florida deals with severe storms all the time as you expressed in the flooding. good update. keep us going. bob buckhorn is the mayor of tampa, florida. breaking news of the hour, fbi release of email related to clinton investigation. more on that coming up. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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connell: back to the breaking news and another new development in the fbi's release of the documents relate to hillary clinton and her e-mail server. there is a suggestion, i want to give a hat tip to doug mcelleway for pointing this out to us, that indeed the clinton server may have been compromised by an i.t. server from the outside. one particular paragraph says that when they looked at the locks, the scanning attempts
2:00 pm
from external ip addresses, they did say that one appears to have resulted in a successful compromise of an e-mail account on the server. i don't believe they say which account, but that's interesting, and so are many of the other nuggets in it. remember, neil is back in this chair tuesday, the day after labor day. for now, it's time for trish regan. trish: thanks so much,com. breaking right now, everyone, the fbi releasing documents relating to its investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. the heavily redacted notes -- in fact, i've been going through these, and you can see entire pages redacted -- coming out in a document dump on a friday before, of course, a very big holiday weekend. i'm trish regan, come to "the intelligence report." blake burman has been pouring through all of this, both the synopsis that the fbi gave as well as all of the e-mailed. blake? >> reporter: happy friday afternoon,


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