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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 2, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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from external ip addresses, they did say that one appears to have resulted in a successful compromise of an e-mail account on the server. i don't believe they say which account, but that's interesting, and so are many of the other nuggets in it. remember, neil is back in this chair tuesday, the day after labor day. for now, it's time for trish regan. trish: thanks so much,com. breaking right now, everyone, the fbi releasing documents relating to its investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. the heavily redacted notes -- in fact, i've been going through these, and you can see entire pages redacted -- coming out in a document dump on a friday before, of course, a very big holiday weekend. i'm trish regan, come to "the intelligence report." blake burman has been pouring through all of this, both the synopsis that the fbi gave as well as all of the e-mailed. blake? >> reporter: happy friday afternoon, trish, before the
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labor day weekend. i'll give you just a few headlines from the fbi's investigation, the second batch of their report about 11 pages long. when traveling domestically, hillary clinton had no ec call support traveling with her -- technical support traveling with her. she could not recall any briefing or training by the state department related to the retention of federal records or handling of classified information. they say clinton could not give an example of how classification of a document was determined. they say clinton never had a concern with how classified information pertaining to a particular p -- drone program was handled. she requested a secure blackberry while at state, but they also add her request was not out of concern for the sensitivity of the information of her then-device. around january 2009, they say that's when she directed aides to create the e-mail account. they say clinton was not aware
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of any state employee expressing concerns that her e-mail server was not compliant. critics are going to go through this, and those maybe not of criticism beforehand, and say there is a big question just how seriously hillary clinton treated classified information and whether she was concerned with the process at all. let me quote from you -- quote for you, trish, one exact paragraph that's put forward, say -- they say, between the fbi agents and hillary clinton. put it up if we can. quote:
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>> of course, folks will say this wasn't just some random intern, this was the secretary of state who should probably know what c on the top of an e-mail means. trish: yeah, you think? blake, thank you very much. i'm going to let you go back to poring through those documents. we're going to continue checking in with you throughout this entire show. as you get more information, one thing i just want to point out our own doug mckelway over at fox be noted this one particular paragraph in the fbi's assessment of what happened there, and they point to how a tore user, a way of people anonymously surfing the internet, it's a way to get into various programs so that people don't know your actual ip address, a tore user was apparently able to log into her e-mail account and browse some e-mail folders and and attachments. this is coming from one of the paragraphs there that the fbi wrote up.
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obviously, a real concern especially when you note that so much of what they just released, page after page, has been redacted. i was showing you this earlier. here's one side, here's the other, and there are many pages like this. we've got about 60 pages of e-mails, again, page after page redacted. joining me now, carey sheffield and progressive radio host chris hahn. you know, carrie, this doesn't look good for her. clearly, somebody was trying to lend a helping hand there by releasing it on a friday ahead of a labor day holiday. but, you know, any way you slice it, this one's just not going away. >> well, you would lie to think that justice is blind, in this case they're blind for us, the public. we don't know what's in the redacted pages what's already out there is incredibly damning, and yet the fbi is not prosecuting the case. is justice actually blind given that this is the obama administration. trish: no, i think that there's the reality that the obama
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administration, i mean, i don't care what side of the aisle you're on, chris hahn, the obama administration obviously has a certain bias in that we don't want to effectively indict themselves. >> well, i don't know that there's anything indictable. that's what the fbi director said a couple of weeks ago, and i think it's odd that we're even releasing this conversation which is very rare. it shows there's one rule for everybody else and one rule for the clintons, and the clintons' rule is more scrutiny. [laughter] trish: it's kind of the opposite. it feels like -- >> less scrutiny. [laughter] trish: the fact that she never participated in any kind of training session and had no idea how to handle classified information -- >> yeah. trish: -- how does that happen? you're secretary of state, for goodness sakes, chris hahn. >> hairks i think this was very careless. i think this was a bad way to handle e-mails, and i think she's admitted that. i also don't think it's as big a scandal that it was made out to
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be. i think it was carelessness, i think it was stupid finish. >> chris, what this shows is in the e-mails she herself said i relied on other people in the state department to use their judgment when they were e-mailing me about whether something should be classified. leadership means you take responsibility, you take ownership for your actions, she's blaming other people. that is not what we want in a president, t absolute weakness, and it's exposing our country to security threats from abroad -- trish: and by the way, she got hacked at least once with a tore user who was browsing her e-mail. again, these are state secrets. this is the secretary of state. i mean, it's kind of a championship thing, right? she's a smart woman. >> well, yeah, i think she is a smart woman. i think it's smart to rely on professionals who are used to handling classified information to be determined what should be sent and what shouldn't be sent,
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not a political appointee. now, she should have been trained, she should have known better on how to use it, but that said, i don't think this is the end of the world, i don't think this is a thing that is as big as has been made of it over the -- >> chris, she was not relying on professionals. she was relying on amateur hacks to make a home brew server in her attic vacation house in colorado or something. the fbi even said, if she'd used gmail, it would have been more secure than what she created. she did this for control, secrecy, because she doesn't believe this transparency or accountability to the american people. >> well, she's done this, carrie are, because for as long as she's been in public life, she has been attacked and scrutinized by people on the right and left, and she wanted to have a certain degree of control -- trish: do you think this had anything to do with, in fact, the clinton foundation, chris? she knew there was very little separation between what was happening at the foundation and the state department.
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you had people at the state department simultaneously working for the foundation, and it seems as though the line was very blurry as to which one started and which one ended. so thus, could she have done this because she wanted to basically be able to keep all of it separate from any kind of eyes that might be watching? >> i don't know what her motivation was other than wanting more control and more privacy over her communications. clearly, she was doing some communicating that was personal and some communication that was professional, and she wanted to keep the two under or her own control and not under some i.t. guy somewhere in the state department who could send those e-mails out to -- trish: isn't that a decision that the the government should be making as opposed to her personally making? >> look, i think this is a big mistake on her part -- >> it was. >> and i think if if she had to do it again, she would do it differently. trish: i think -- >> chris, you owe it to your
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listeners to be on the side of sunlight. you owe it to your listeners. >> i am. i am on that and, carrie, you know i'm on that side. that's why i have said this was a mistake, and she shouldn't do it that way, and be it should never be done this way again, but let's move on. it's not the end of the world. trish: we're not moving on, guys. >> the polls are dropping. rich trish blake, as i told you, he's going through all of these pages right now. again, you've got the fbi summary of their interview with mrs. clinton, an interview in which, apparently, it was revealed she never got any kind of training on what's classified, she had no idea how to send or receive classified information and, of course, as we also pointed out, it looks as though a user had gone on via the tore network where they can go on privately and, you know, effectively may have been hacking her because they were look at her e-mails or at least trying to do so. we're going to be right back with more of this, blake burman, as i said, going through it all.
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trish: here we are on a friday afternoon ahead of a big holiday weekend, labor day, of course, coming up, and what do you know? you get a big document dump just put out by the fbi. they released the notes from their meeting with mrs. clinton, and they also released about 60 pages of e-mails from mrs. clinton, many of which -- as i was showing you page after page -- has been redacted because, apparently, that information is too sensitive for anybody to actually see. some of the headlines from that meeting that hay had with her -- they had with her, apparently she didn't know how to actually handle classified information in any way. nobody had instructed her on how to do it.
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he had no technical support ever traveling with her and a variety of other things that we're going to get to in just a moment with blake burman. but joining me with his reaction to this news, director of research and investigation for judicial watch, christopher be, whose force -- christopher rell whose organization shoed further -- sued for the result of these e-mails. as i said, about 60 pages much of which, however, we cannot see your thoughts on the timing of this release. >> well, it's a friday document dump, classic washington, d.c. style. i can tell you, i'm a former potential agent of army counterintelligence. i've conducted national security crime investigations just like this, and i'm disappointed in the fbi's approach based on what i've read already. any other federal government employee with a clearance would have been polygraphed on their statements. i think record actually documents really kind of the disgraceful decision by director
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not to go after her x. mrs. clinton's statements and comments as they've been reported are absolutely utterly unbelievable. there's no way in the world a woman in her position with 25 years' government experience can sit there and pretend they don't know what the portion marking c in front of a paragraph, it's insulting to the intelligence of the american people. trish: so you think she was saying that in order to play dumb? oh, i don't know what's classified and what's not, nobody ever told me. >> sure. this is a very well-educated attorney, highly experienced, and this is a case of selective amnesia. it's pathetic. it is really disheartennenninging. the segments i've read so far are ultimaterly unbelievable. trish: but, in many ways did you ever think that the justice department would indict her? >> not with -- trish: this is the president's justice department. this is his fbi. if they actually go after her and indict her, they're effectively indicting
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themselves, are they not, chris? >> well, with loretta lynch as the attorney general,. no but that's the point for director comey to really have sort of a fall on one's sword moment. you know, if he's built the case and goes to the attorney general and she says, no, i will not impanel a grand jury, then she has two choices, right? he either does the right thing and resigns or makes an issue of it, or he goes along and plays along. and in this case director comey disgraced himself. he's complicit in this cover-up. trish: let me ask you about another story that you guys just broke, and that's huma abedin -- >> right. trish -- was working to try and secure some diplomatic passports for some clinton foundation members. you guys discovered this via your foia request, and you got some e-mails that suggested this, in fact, was something that huma was trying to do. you can't do that, but i'll let you explain why. in other words --
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>> sure. trish: -- huma would have been violating state department protocols by trying to secure diplomatic passports for clinton foundation members. >> correct. doug band, clinton foundation director, doesn't ask, he tells huma huma abedin to get him and two other associates diplomatic passports. the fact that that occurred is outrageous. i've interviewed two contacts of mine, diplomatic service agents, i can't repeat what they said to me on the phone, it's unbelievable the reaction from the professional staff in the state department. she agrees, she says, okay. she answers back to doug band, okay. doug band admits in the second line of the e-mail he's had diplomatic passports before. how that happened is another great question for the state department. nonetheless, the state department went on the record yesterday saying, their spokesman said president clinton may have been given a diplomatic passport as a courtesy, but the
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staff are never allowed to be given diplomatic -- trish: hey, chris, will you stay with me? don't go anywhere. we've got breaking news from blake burman. as i said, he's been going through all of these e-mails. >> reporter: one of the concerns after this story broke was whether or not hillary clinton's account had been hacked or compromised. at the time, james comey said they couldn't answer that question. there was a lot of activity trying to get to her account. now it appears in the interview with the fbi from hillary clinton, clinton appeared to be worried that there might have been a successful hacking into her account. i'll quote from the fbi report. they say, quoting here: clinton was worried someone was hacking into her e-mail. given that she received a link to a web site with pornographic material, there's no additional information as to why someone would have been hacking into her e-mail account. they go on to say open source information indicated if owned,
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the targeted user's device may have been infected and information would have been sent to at least three computers overseas including one in russia. so at the time hillary clinton -- or she at least told fbi investigators that she was worried there could have been a successful hack and if that was the case, that it could have gone potentially to russia. trish: wow. is chris farrell still with us? this is an important point here, blake. in other words, she seemed to have known that she was in jeopardy. >> reporter: yeah. trish: and yet she continued to send and receive classified information. chris farrell? >> this is an absolute outrage. look, someone at the secretary of state's level who receives briefings for sensitive department information, all the special access programs, the word they use inside government is indoctrinated. they're not trained, they're not briefed, they're indock try nateed because the information is so sensitive. and we already know from the inspector general of the intelligence community that 22
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top secret, sensitive, compartmented information e-mails went across her server. that's his legal finding. that happened. and now you can assume based on what was just reported, that information is now in the hands of the russians. this is a compromise to a hostile, foreign power. you know, people have tried to ask me, well, what's the comparison to general petraeus? general petraeus did something wrong objectively, but the information he gave was to his biographer/girlfriend who was an army lieutenant colonel in the reserves. that's wildly different than compromising sci material to the russians or the chinese. they're light years apart in gravity. this is a grave threat to our national security, and she had an awareness of it. who did she tell? trish: well, we've got a lot of questions that still need to get answered. blake burman is continuing to read the fbi's assessment of their interview with her, so he
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will continue reporting for us. chris, stay with us. we've got a lot more coverage coming up. i'll see you right here. [ yes. yes. ] uhhh, you're really getting the hang of this. anncr: want feedback that helps? verified reviews. another reason to join angie's list for free. this new ac guy is not that good. no he's not. anncr.: need a job done right? search top-rated providers on angie's list. join for free.
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trish: all right. we're going to get back to the hillary clinton e-mail situation in just a moment, but we want to give you an update here on hurricane hermine which has slammed into the florida pan handle and is now working its way up the east coast. one man has died, several people have been injured. the storm leafing thousands -- leaving thousands of people without power, downing trees, causing massive flooding. calls massive power out acts in georgia which is where we find phil keating right now. tell us what you're seeing. >> reporter: well, as the forecast went throughout the day in northern florida and georgia, the ferocity of now tropical storm hermine would gradually be diminishing and weather conditions i can't imagineally improving, and certainly that's what we're seeing right now. wind gusts were perhaps hitting
2:25 pm
40 miles per hour, now i'd say it's in the 20s. the seas are far less rough and sol sunshine and blue skies have actually been peaking out. down in florida, in cedar key -- the big bend area that bore the brunt of then-hurricane hermine -- last might and into this morning when it made landfall at one a.m., you see the damage all through town today. streets flooded, bust bed doors, broken windows and tree debris all over the place. now, hermine's one a.m. arrival really then impacted every county across the florida panhandle, and that's where strong rains, heavy winds brought down hundreds upon hundreds of trees. that in turn took down power lines, and the state of the situation in northern florida today is an estimated 300,000 people without electricity. and for most of them -- at least according to the governor -- it's going to be at least one day, two days possibly even
2:26 pm
longer before electricity is returned to their homes. in savannah, it suffered some flooding as the tropical storm then left florida and crossed into georgia. they're recovering there. about 10,000 people there without power. so a lot of people cleaning up debris today and, again, this storm is marching up the coast and more of what happened here is headed toward or the carolinas, virginia and beyond. trib trevor oh, my goodness. thank you so much, phil. we're going to be back with more. we have more breaking nudes to get to surround -- news to get to surrounding hillary clinton's newly-releasedded interview with the fbi.
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. trish: okay, again, just moments ago, the fbi released notes related to its investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. they also released some e-mails as well. quite a bit of this has been redacted, heavily redacted, and it's coming on a friday before a big holiday weekend. quite a document dump if you would there on a friday before a holiday weekend, raising some suspicions. i want to go to blake burman who has more on this from washington two. things in focus if you could run through some of them. a like to start with mrs. clinton apparently being worried she had been hacked, blake, according to all of this. >> reporter: the e-mails always come on a friday, especially before a holiday?
2:31 pm
there's one e-mail, not one e-mail, this is a document from the fbi with hillary clinton in which they say at one point that hillary clinton was worried that someone had hacked into her e-mail system. they say the reason she was worried is because she got a link to pornographic material which would raise anybody's eyebrows i guess, and at that point she was asking why someone would be hacking into her e-mail account. and according to her interview with the fbi, they say that this open source information indicated that if targeted, the targeted user's device may have been infected and information may have been sent to three computers overseas including one in russia, which raises the question whether or not hillary clinton's system was compromised, how much, and if so where, did it go? i also want to turn your attention, trish, to one portion of this interview. a lot has been made in the last
2:32 pm
few days about this bleach bit which wiped the server clean. we're getting information how the process went? cheryl mills who is one of hillary clinton's top aides had tried to tell the people involved with the server to make sure, after the "new york times" article was released, march 2nd, 3rd, the "new york times" article is released. cheryl mills makes a call and says hey, essentially, the procedures we wanted in place with the server, are they in place? the person in charge of that server tells the fbi they had an, oh, bleep moment and at that point, three weeks later that's when the bleach bit was used and that server was wiped. three weeks after the "new york times" investigation. trish: my goodness, certainly lots of questions here. there's also a portion of this, we've just been told, a part in
2:33 pm
which the fbi asked mrs. clinton if she would actually consider a drone strike classified information to which she responded in the negative. she also said, apparently, i don't know, more than 30 times throughout this interview. ma blake, i know you're going to go through this, come to us as you have bullets you want to headline with the viewers. i'm here with chris farrell, chris hahn, carrie sheffield. multiples in i don't knows in answers to the questions of the fbi here, what do you make of that? >> on my break, one of my colleagues informed me she said i don't know or i don't remember 39 times of fbi reporting. that's extraordinary. one wonders if her head injury had a greater effect than has been previously reported. trish: well, you know, that aside --
2:34 pm
>> i think she knew exactly what she was doing. >> of course she did. >> she was trying to obscure the truth, obscure sunlight, obscure accountability. i have to bring up the name of brian nashimura, he had information that was classified, took it home, put it on personal devices, he was stripped of security clearance, put on probation, fined and never allowed to be near classified information again. based on this. if justice was blind, hillary clinton is disqualified from being president because she would be near classified information. she should not be within 25 feet of classified information at all. >> carrie. trish: chris, if it's in reaction to what blake burman told us. it looks as though three week after people were starting to ask questions on the e-mail server, they allegedly seemed to have bleached or wiped it
2:35 pm
clean. chris, what do you make of that? >> it's at least the question of obstruction of justice is raised. when an attorney, you know, cheryl mills is hillary clinton's personal counsel, and she has guilty knowledge of the existence of these records is put on notice and then after the fact orders the destruction of these by bleach bit? the question is -- trish: i can tell you, for example, in the business world, if you were a banker and they came to you because you know, maybe there was some kind of sec information into insider trading and you went through and deleted all your e-mails, guess what? you would be behind bars! you can't do that. >> in the case of cheryl mills, she's in a position for a bar complaint. she came out this way, it's deliberately destroying evidence that you have knowledge of and it's weeks later. >> go ahead, chris. >> there would have to be an order asking them to hold onto
2:36 pm
those e-mails for her to have committed any crime here. >> that's false. that's false. that's false and misleading. >> hold on, hold ochris. there was no -- these were personal e-mails they did not want falling in the hands of the general public to be scrutinized by people like you that were taken out of context. trish: these are public records by public officials. >> mrs. clinton absconded with 60,000 e-mails. trish: one at a time. >> they were public to the extent they were public, i agree. the public had full access, should have had full access to what cheryl was asking to have done was the private e-mail be separate from the public e-mails and be destroyed. >> who is playing arbiter? hillary clinton is playing the arbiter, not the american public. that is wrong and illegal. trish: the banking example, you wouldn't be able to get rid of what do you want for dinner tonight, hun, all of it has to
2:37 pm
be seen. she didn't want anybody knowing what she was doing in yoga class, it doesn't matter. it is a matter of seeing every single e-mail that is in there. it goes back to perception, chris hahn, right? >> you're hitting the nail on the head, trish. the perception is the problem for her and as a political analyst, i am very uncomfortable with this situation. i think it's going to have damning effects on poll numbers for the next three weeks, we're going to go into the debates basically tied and i think this is a problem for her and she's got address it head-on very soon with a full press conference and i believe she will next week. >> i used to work at goldman sachs and at moody's, every single e-mail under dodd-frank, it's regulation for me but not for these. that's what the clintons are all about. trish: unfortunately, it seems, it seems that way for sure, carrey. guys, stay with me, more to get to over the course of the next hour.
2:38 pm
blake is going through all of this, there's a lot of stuff to go through here, and we've got a lot more to talk about. chris hahn brought up her poll numbers, they have shown weak points as of late, and many are predicting that donald trump and hillary clinton will be tied by labor day. that's right around the corner. could it happen? you got a dismal jobs report out today. economy doinglously, we added far fewer than expected and most of the new jobs came in the low wage service sector. so you combine that with lousy gdp number showing we're not growing this economy at all, and many think this stagnation is really going to take its toll on hillary clinton as well. we're on that. we're on the e-mails and we're on these markets which are up 47 points, right after this. ve. hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go.
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. trish: okay, we're continuing to pore through the fbi's assessment of their interview with hillary clinton, and i want to point out that the market has given up a little bit of the hype that we saw earlier in the session, we are now up just 52 points, employers added fewer jobs than expected. this makes it less likely the fed is going to raise rates at its next meeting. a whole lot more coming up. some of the jobs, most are coming from the services sector. so these are low-wage jobs,
2:41 pm
that has an effect on this election. we will discuss the implications of it. plus energy companies on the rise after oil prices moved higher today after a week long slump, oil closing out the day up nearly 3%. all right, much more intel right after this. see you back here in two.
2:42 pm
2:43 pm
. trish: breaking news, people are talking about whether or not the clinton foundation, the scandal will take a bite out of hillary clinton's poll numbers, and it looks as though it is starting to do in fact that. we have a brand-new poll that just crossed right now from investors business daily and it shows the two candidates tied in a four way race, in a two-way race this would be just donald trump versus hillary clinton. it is only a one point spread with hillary clinton at 44 and donald trump at 43. so you can see this race is indeed tightening as many predicted by labor day, they said, they'll be in a dead heat and looks as though the prediction turned out to be right. of course, our own blake burman is going through the fbi's analysis of their conversation with mrs. clinton which she said many times, 39 times in the first 10 pages she either didn't know or didn't understand when it came to the
2:44 pm
classification of the e-mails. and as we watch the poll numbers and we watch the economic situation in this country, many are thinking if donald trump continues to hit on some of these themes, he might actually start to get out in front of her. donald trump promising to create more jobs and perhaps will need that because of the disappointing report you got out today. here he is, watch. >> and the great future will be built on these three critical words -- jobs, jobs, jobs! >> all right. today we saw the economy added only 151,000 jobs in august, economists were estimating 180,000, and the labor force participation rate, the number that shows how many people are actually working unchanged at 62.8%. we're talking about levels we haven't seen since the 1970s, and yet hillary clinton is out there saying this about our economy. watch.
2:45 pm
>> president obama's job, one that he did not ask for but was handed to him, was to save us from a second great depression, and that is exactly what he did! >> of course, that was eight years ago, right? joining me with his thoughts on new poll numbers that crossed that show hillary clinton and donald trump in pretty much a tied position right now. former u.s. assistant secretary of labor, al agrasani, good to see you. >> good to see you. trish: are you surprised? >> this connects to the narrative of the campaign, a bad jobs report, no wage growth. the key indices of manufacturing and construction which are the high-paid jobs going down, productivity going down. we can go through the list. this may be the peak and the beginning of the decline of the
2:46 pm
tepid obama recovery of 8 years. trish: the peak and the decline. does that mean, when you say decline, we're heading back into a recession-like environment? >> people think with gdp 1% less than last year which is a 50% cut, except for the free monetary policy that we have should have been -- interest rates should have been raised over a year ago, we are slipping into a recession. trish: in terms of the political significance of this. new poll shows the two candidates essentially tied. the economy plus i guess the lack of likability among voters here in the u.s. when it comes to hillary clinton, is this something that you think could actually help him in his path to the white house? >> yes, if he stays on the right issues, right? and we stay on jobs and creating jobs and the fact that this has been a nonrecovery, the bar was so low, we haven't had a traditional recovery and could be pushing into a recession. trish: let me ask you a question about that. you think about the 1930s and
2:47 pm
the struggles that we had during the depression, yet there was a big bounceback after, and every single recession we've had historically speaking, you have seen a big bounceback. talking 6%, 7% growth. this, however, was entirely different, why? >> it was different because the construct of what happened with the mortgage rates really threw the country into bankruptcy. the banks were in my opinion, fundamentally bankrupt, and the steps that were taken to print money to fill up the coffers of the banks was the first priority, not an economic recovery. so what we've been doing for the last eight years is printing money, getting our banks healthy and the question is how do we grow the economy? for the last eight years --. >> i know what you're going to tell me. lower taxes, less regulation. in other words, create an environment which business can thrive and business can hire people. >> and that's what president
2:48 pm
reagan did, right? he cut the taxes. we have to go there whether it's trump or clinton. trish: i don't think hillary clinton wants to go there. she's talking about raising taxes and wants to make sure corporations are paying their fair share. good to see you. we're going to be right back. more developments there on the fbi's release of their notes from that meeting they had with mrs. clinton. see you here.
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. trish: all right, everyone, we are getting more information coming to us right now from the fbi report on hillary clinton's e-mails. i want to go to blake burman in d.c. poring through that report. blake? >> reporter: we made our way to page 30 in batch one. hillary clinton had 13 different mobile devices that
2:52 pm
she used during her tenure that they know of. they haven't been able to recover any of those. they don't have them in their possession. they don't know if any of the 13 mobile devices potentially were tampered with. similarly, they say that she had five ipads and they were able to examine two of the three that they have in their possession. they say those two did not have any evidence of cyberintrusion, but the fact there are 13 different mobile devices out there and they haven't been able to locate them is an outstanding question of just what might be on it. trish: blake burman, thank you so much. i want to point out there is a new poll that crossed moments ago from investor's business daily, many speculating that clinton's troubles both e-mails and foundation would start to hurt her in terms of poll numbers and looks like that is, in fact, the case. take a look at this. in a four way national race,
2:53 pm
trump and clinton are 100% tied. 39% to 39%. in a two-way race, in the two-way race they are 44% to 43% with hillary clinton leading donald trump by just one point. donald trump this week of course doubling down on his immigration plan delivering a fiery speech emphasizing the need to get rid of dangerous criminals that are living in this country illegally. one of the most powerful moments of that speech came at the end when he brought a group onstage called angel parents. those whose children and other loved ones were killed by illegal immigrants in the u.s. watch this. >> our son matthew denise, if donald trump were president in 2011, our son matthew and other americans would be alive today. [ applause ] >> that was the father of matthew denise michael maloney
2:54 pm
and he joins me now. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. trish: tell us, what happened to your son? >> he was coming home from a friend's house where he had helped his friend repair his mother's car on his motorcycle, and it was august 20th, 2011. he was just doing -- he was traveling less than the speed limit and nicholas guaman ran a stop sign and hit my son. the first impact, he rolled over the windshield and hit the ground with minor abrasions, and he would be alive today if that were the end of it, but then nicholas decided to flee and hit my son a second time and he became lodged in the right wheel well and was dragged quarter mile to his death, and there was more to
2:55 pm
it. you know, when he fled, the police -- and there were 20 or 30 people in the town trying stop the truck, and he just kept speeding up, made a left turn, dislodged matthew and then he backed up over matthew a second time and, so -- >> it's a horrible story and such a tragic thing for you to have had to go through. is this person that did this, did he have a record at all? did anyone know he was here illegally? >> he did, in 2008, well, he had multiple infractions. he assaulted a policeman, he was charged with breaking and entering, so -- trish: he had a history.
2:56 pm
>> wasn't a good one. trish: and was here illegally from mexico? >> he was here from, i believe it was ecuador. trish: okay, ecuador. so here illegally had, a record and yet was able to continue existing. what has happened to him since, do you know, michael? >> well, we went through the trial process, it was three years of -- it was a torturous three years. he was convicted and he was convicted and serving 12-14 years. trish: in an american prison on the taxpayers' dime. >> yeah. trish: you want donald trump to be elected because of this immigration issue. how important is it to you? >> well, it's very important. the reason i'm here, and the reason my wife maureen, and
2:57 pm
she's really just been a leader for this, is that we want to get the attention of our lawmakers. we're hoping that they put pressure and force our immigration laws. trish: michael, thank you very much. ♪
2:58 pm
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