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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the epipen at the middle of that. we want to let you know, there is a fox business weather alert, hermine barreling across the southeastern u.s., battering millions of americans with wind and rain. "making money" has more on the storm and all else right now.. liz: breaking news tonight, the fbi released long-awaited files of its july interview with hillary clinton, along with the report on its investigation into her private e-mail server. right to our fox business correspondent blame burman in washington, d.c. with these breaking developments. blake? >> reporter: hi there, liz, the fbi report of hillary clinton's e-mail practices at the state department cuts to the heart of two central issues. one, did she treat classified material appropriately? and second, did she expose the country? two passages highlight the debate surrounding those very two questions. start with one of them. it appears the secretary of state had issues identifying
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classified material. here's what the report says, quote -- it goes onto say -- secondly, clinton appeared to have her very own concerns about whether or not her e-mail account might have been compromised. another passage goes as follows -- that report goes onto say --
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liz, this report was 58 pages long, at least what was released to the public. much of that was entirely or heavily redacted. liz: hillary clinton's answers to the fbi about her private e-mail server defy belief. i was absolutely shocked to see her answers to the fbi stood in direct contradiction to what she told the american people. after reading the documents i don't understand how she was able to get away from prosecution. let's bring in our expert panel, steve rogers, a former military intelligence officer, and also trump campaign adviser. cathy taylor, former national security council director of international finance policy. and michael taubman, a democratic strategist. i need to tick tock more
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disclosures. in the fbi report, it also quotes colin powell, former secretary of state under george w. bush, advising hillary clinton that the way to get around freedom of information act requests is to, quote, don't use systems that capture the data. this is going to be lengthy, i need to walk the viewer through it so they get it. what happened was clinton then went to use a private server, she used an outside company to help manage the private server. she said to the private server company i only want a 60 diretention policy for the e-mails. that was the, oh, blank moment. the "new york times" disclosed the story she was using the private server and they used bleach bit to wipe out the e-mail chain which it erases them, you don't see what was on the e-mail system. this came after the house oversight committee in early march said keep those records wiped out.
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what do you make of those things? >> she reminds me of the people that used to be criminal suspects and they point the finger. colin powell stated he has not guided her on how to capture data, not capture data. i think that's an allegation. liz: she's quoting him or an aide is quoting him in the fbi interviews. >> that's number one, number two, i went through the vetting of classification processes. a high school student could clearly understand that you are not to at all do in anyway, shape or form, the appearance of compromising classified material. what she's doing is compromised security of this country. she got caught, and now the best thing to do is to blame somebody else. and look, she has said, well, i depended on aides, i depended on this person. my goodness, you are the top person in this country when it comes to the classifications of certain material. national security information and you're blaming everyone else. liz: michael, also the hack, the fears of it being hacked,
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so if you're afraid of being hacked, why keep the private servener your basement? why not come back into the government and have more layers of security on it? >> what you're pointing out appropriately, ten steps, 20 opportunities, 50 opportunities to say maybe this isn't such a great idea. got an e-mail from a known associate i'm sure wouldn't forward me a link to a pornography site, who knows these days. stop what i'm doing and bring this back to government. she has not had a good week, and we were talking before in the green room, michael was saying what are you going to say about this? hillary clinton is the candidate? i threw my hands up and said i have nothing right now. liz: honest opinion from a democratic strategist. cathy, you and i were talk before the show, looks like in an fbi report that a clinton aide destroyed two of the 13 devices. remember she said she only had one device for ease of use,
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maybe devices throughout the chronology of this. she used a hammer to the device. >> her math is not very good either. this is a woman when you don't know what classified mean us and work in the u.s. government particularliesa the head of the department of state, secretary of state, you are not qualified to drive yourself to the supermarket. let's be very clear about that. not knowing what c meant is hands down inexcusable. couple important facts that you allude to, liz. not only did she have multiple devices but there's a laptop and thumb drive missing, and what the reporting is failing to report about the laptop and thumb drive, they are not any laptop and thumb drive they were specifically used at her home to back up information, and the same aides that helped do that are the aides that helped smash the cell phones. liz: that's an important point. we need to make clear to the viewer, steve, what was going on with our fight against terrorism in 2009 through 2014.
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this is before the rise of isis. this is 2009. you know, talks of drone strikes and terrorists in pakistan, al qaeda remnants were still a problem in iraq, right? >> absolutely. and it seems to me, liz, there appears to be, and always say it appears to be, you're not guilty until proven guilty, she has made some very, very serious, serious violations of law here. and the bleach and everything else that went on is covering it up. look, when i worked at fbi headquarters and the u.s. military intelligence, you couldn't bring cell phones in, you couldn't bring floppy disks, flash drives. how did she get away with setting up a separate computer service and using other devices is behind my comprehension. liz: we're going into the debates, right? this is a crucial labor day weekend, the beginning of the homestretch. donald trump could bring this up easily, this is proof -- not proof but evidence and pointing towards a cover-up.
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how would she respond in a debate? >> why wouldn't it come up. slightly disagreeing with my colleague, all of this information was reviewed and part of the deliberation in the record when they declined any sort of criminal prosecution. >> and? >> not just a presumption of innocence. liz: criminal prosecution. >> but, of course, it will come up in the data. >> look, the fbi exonerating her is not proof she's innocent. let's be clear about that. they have a process, they have political implications they were concerned about for sure. they went through their process. let's assume it was a good process. it does not mean she did not lie, which looks like she very well may have does. not mean she followed the rules and the procedures. that she took the oath for security clearance. liz: the fbi director james comey, steve, you get the last word. james comey said he was asked at the congressional hearing if
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anybody did what hillary clinton did, that person would have met with sanctions. that means firing, right? you lose your security clearance and you're fired, right? >> all of this does go towards an appropriate line of attack by the trump campaign, surrogates in the debate, there are separate rules for the clintons. >> great talking points. here's the fact. liz: it wasn't just a talking point. >> i'm going to qualify that. the fact of the matter is that i have always defended the fbi. in this case i won't, the director of the fbi got his marching orders in my view from the justice department, got the attorney general off the hook. it is not the job of the fbi to recommend or not recommend prosecution. it is the job to give the justice department the evidence and they make the call. liz: wow, this is a heck of a -- bombshell report with new, fresh information. you guys are terrific. thank you so much for your insights. i do think that was more than a talking point, it was honesty. >> i appreciate that.
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liz: hillary clinton unveiling plan to stop drug gouging, the ability of a government panel to levy new penalties and fines on drugmakers that are gouging you. could this plan stop life-saving drugs? we're going to debate it next, don't go away. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills
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. liz: welcome back, hillary clinton out with a new plan to crack down on what the democrat nominee calls unjustified drug price hikes, basically drug price gouging and sparked by the recent epipen controversy that started with mylan, essential part of a new plan, the federal watchdog unit
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advised by patient advocates to stop price hikes on drugs. this time threatening to impose fines for perceived wrongdoers. this isn't the first time hillary clinton cracked down against drug companies, she spoke out against martin shkreli, he jacked up the price of the life saving hiv drug 5,000% last year. there's a lot of questions circling around clinton's new idea. who determines the penalties. who are the bureaucrats who determine the fine? how much will the fines be? and could the new plan stop life-saving drugs? joining me to discuss, former staff aide it robert kennedy and jillian melchior. what do you make of hillary clinton's plan here? completely ineffective and here's why. a bureaucracy that created a monopoly, people trying to create an epipen alternative. fda makes it hard for approval for that. other companies that come up
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with alternate delivery devices, the bridge of bureaucracy stopped it and hillary clinton wants to create more bureaucracy and we have kids going to school with peanut allergies, corn nut allergies and it is tough because of the bureaucracy. liz: you see the epipen two pack costs 600 bucks. parents are sending their kids to school, they can't afford the $600 price for the epipen two pack, they can't, jeff. this expires after a year, so they have to buy new pax. do you think hillary clinton's new plan could work in any way? >> you know, i think that the role of any public official or anybody who has a public platform is really going to shine a light on the subject and let the marketplace determine what the price should
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be or what the correct price should be. >> if we're going to talk about shining a light on things, jeffrey manson, the west virginia democrat whose daughter has this thing up. >> heads mylan, right? >> mylan pushing to delay because it wants a monopoly on the market. this is democratic corruption through and through. liz: and executive bonus, composition went up over the years. there is heather bresch, she's the daughter of senator joe manchin. go ahead, jeff. >> i was on your station last week with liz claman as i started to tell you, and she had the foresight to shine a light on the epipen controversy and on mylan. in particular, and i remembered the stock at that point was in the high 40s, close to $50, and the marketplace took a look at the epipen, what the company
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had done and the stock closed under 40 today. liz: so it's under pressure. that's a good point. >> under a lot of pressure. liz: jillian, the fda has yet to approve, there's generic drugs out there, but not the delivery syringe, right? the product that's out there. that's a problem for parents out there. >> that's correct, there was one trying to get it through the fda. fda is not transparent, which is another huge problem when you've got a life-saving drug like, this but they withdrew and there is speculation because the fda created far too many hurtles. and kids with allergies -- liz: a simple drug, adrenaline drug that costs three cents. we saw this with the hiv drugs, the fda stepped in the way. next up, colin kaepernick pledging a million bucks to charity after refusing to stand for the national anthem. is his protest catching fire?
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. >> i am planning on taking it a step further. i'm currently working with organizations to be involved and making sure that i'm actively in these communities, as well as donating the first million dollars i make this year to different organizations to help these communities and help these people. liz: colin kaepernick pledging to donate a million dollars to charity in a press conference last night. after the san francisco 49ers quarterback and teammate eric reid refused to stand for the national anthem. the nfl star's controversial protest sparking a wave of boos, you can hear them throughout the evening as the 49ers took on the san diego
6:22 pm
chargers in the annual salute to military preseason game. that happened at qualcomm stadium. joining me to discuss the contributor gianno caldwell and jillian melchior and leadership institute dire director of campus activities. is that it? >> yes. liz: is this going to soften colin kaepernick's image and calm down the controversy around him. what do you think? >> we heard the boos, i don't think it's softening any time soon. however, i was always questioning his motiving in the situation. i mentioned on the fox news channel why was he doing this? does he have a history of activism. doesn't appear that he did at all. now it seems he's taking this to an appropriate venue, spend a million dollars and give to charities that talk about these very needed issues, whatever he believed, it's a right step. it's a step in the right
6:23 pm
direction. i think he should stand for the national anthem. >> what do you think, jillian? >> i absolutely agree. we've been going through public records of university of missouri where football players walked off the football player in protest of similar issues. ticket sales are way down, nobody wants to go to sporting events, fans saying i'm burning my jersey, i hate this. liz: 49er fans burning his jersey, right? >> no, the mizzou football players went that. the nfl, he has every right to protest. financially makes sense. nfl should require it, i think it's going to hurt his career. liz: the nba requires their players to stand during the national anthem. you think the nfl should change their rules? >> i don't know if the association mandates patriotism. the left love to talk about we can't offend anyone, and colin kaepernick goes out offends millions of americans, servicemen and women and he's the hero.
6:24 pm
it is selective outrage on the part of the left. i wonder if this is a conservative player refusing to stand out of protest to president obama or oppressive flag that is representing big government, there would be outrage from the left media. >> we know cabbot, all hell would break loose, absolutely. no question about that. what's interesting about the case, he met with an army -- former army military official who told him he should kneel instead. i know there's been football players that have kneeled -- liz: they've knelt before. stay with me. you know how colin kaepernick wore the socks, the images of pigs making fun of the cops, right? doesn't seem like it got -- the cartoon image was on his sock right there, and then take the other side of this, the nfl stopped the dallas cowboys pro cop helmet decals in support of the five police officers who were shot in dallas. i don't know how they're making
6:25 pm
the decisions at the nfl. seems strange the way it comes across here. you know, this guy is doing this, and then when the dallas cowboys try to do something in support of the cops shot and their families, the victims' families, they get smacked down. what do you make of that? >> i think that it's inappropriate for him to wear socks like that, especially considering all that's gone on in america, you are fueling, adding fuel to the fire, and i think he should know better. his explanation was this is for the cops that don't obey the law or obey regulations, but at the same time, for you to send such a strong statement like that, makes me believe you are anti-police. liz: quick final word, go. >> interesting, how is this going to effect? he was going to be cut anyway and saying this as i was going to be cut anyway. liz: that is happening tomorrow, the roster determination. you got 10 seconds there.
6:26 pm
next, facebook's mark zuckerberg is steamed over elon musk's failed spacex launch. what happened was it basically blew up, $200 million satellite from facebook. see the scathing statement that zuckerberg released to vent his frustration about the spacex rocket explosion. we've got that next, don't go away. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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liz: did you catch this explosion? this is the spacex explosion that was carrying a facebook satellite that was meant to beam access to south africa. it sparked a controversy between mark zuckerberg and elon musk.
6:31 pm
here is his quote he put up on his facebook page. "i'm here in africa. i'm disappointed to hear that spacex's launch failure destroyed our satellite that would have provided connectivity to so many entrepreneurs and everyone else across the continent." musk queetplus -- musk tweeted a comment and said it might be an anomaly. >> i think it was an anomaly. this is about ego and mark zuckerberg being embarrassed by being in kenya speak being the success of the launch that was supposed to go off tomorrow.
6:32 pm
and i think elon musk can't be too pleased with the failure of the space launch as well. i think he took the high road by saying next to nothing. and his -- i think zuckerberg had traveled to kenya, had spoken about the success of the internet, and i think they are very different personalities, and i'm not surprised by zuckerberg taking umbrage at this anomaly. liz: so two he goes going at it. yes, insurance could cover it. but is there a risk for spacex? this is a high-profile explosion. zuckerberg goes elsewhere for his payload delivery. >> it's a definite risk for musk and spacex.
6:33 pm
private contractors with nasa are limited in their ability to deliver what the government used to deliver. and this is going to make it harder. and musk is under tremendous pressure both in spacex and tesla, spacex because of financing, tesla because they had somebody who died of injuries sustained in the motor car accident. >> so it looks like musk might be in a bit of a corner. he's a visionary. getting a lot of governments subsidies. i want your reactions to another story that crossed. samsung announcing one of the biggest recalls of smart phones. this is because of reports of battery fires. samsung just created a u.s. products exchange program for
6:34 pm
the galaxy note 7. it's a nearly $1,000 device. people when -- exploding battery stories scare people. people charge their phone and they leave it. if that catches fire that's scary for snob their house. maybe the house could burn down. >> all recalls are problematic for the companies. samsung launched the series 7 august 19 or 20. and they got rave reviews. and all of a sudden there is a tremendous problem and it gets them in a very difficult position. >> so if -- this reminds me of the dell computers that were also catching on fire. and dell got hit with a boatload of negative public opinion, right?
6:35 pm
>> i think that shining a light on subjects and the public's ability to understand that subject and make decisions as to their comfort with the product or lack of comfort with the product is in the long run what will tell the story. liz: would you buy a samsung phone? >> no, i have an iphone. elizabeth: here is a sneak people of "wall street week." he's the co-founder of carlisle group. he's talking about hillary clinton's plans to do infrastructure spending to build bridges and roads. take a listen. >> people wants you to give a lot of money to the campaign so they must care about it. but people will take the circumstances and try to work with it. whoever is president, wall street will try to react to try to make money. liz were venezuela's --
6:36 pm
liz: venezuela's economy is collapsing. socialism is collapsing in venezuela. have you heard from bernie sanders or sean penn? don't go away, stay tuned.
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6:38 pm
liz: donald trump cam name detroit and hillary clinton nowhere to be found. we have more after the break. don't go away.
6:39 pm
liz: you are looking at more than 1.2 million people in venezuela crowding the streets of caracas. they are hungry, they are
6:40 pm
starving. they don't have work. they don't have food. they are demanding that maduro be recalled. inflation is expected to hit 480%. it's almost ridiculous to cite the numbers. have you heard from self-described socialist bernie sanders or sean penn? social i am leaves venezuela in a state of desperation right now. we have foot and of tribal villagers, marching more than 1,000 i'm to the get to caracas. they came in from, orinoco region to protest.
6:41 pm
let's cue that foot and of the tribal villagers. do we have it yet? what do you make of what's going on in venezuela? >> it's an absolute tragedy. 90% of the people saying they don't have enough to eat. elderly people losing 0-25 pounds. it's just outrageous that bernie sanders and sean penn, he can take time to meet with el chapo but he can't shine light on these people who are truly suffering. liz: villagers came in from the amazon river region. they marched over 1,000 miles to show solidarity into caracas. they marched to caracas, the
6:42 pm
capital of venezuela. >> these protests have been going on for 2 1/2 years, which is a long time. yesterday's was the largest we have seen. the fact that you have tribal individuals involved and those protesting the abject poverty that they are in, the dane ever they are facing and lack of economic opportunities and freedoms, we have to his be to that as the u. smentd government. and we have tools we can use to isolate those that are subjecting the venezuelan citizens. >> nicolas maduro, they don't want u.s. aid or outside help. why? because it would be an embarrassment. when you look at that footage. venezuelans are telling us the government hires thugs. we have foot and of thugs
6:43 pm
throwing rocks at buses of protesters as they try to make their way into caracas to protest. >> it's a dictator's playbook. they are failing their country's fundamental need. elizabeth: the democratic party is moving more socialist. this is a textbook example of what can go wrong under socialism. venezuela has some of the biggest oil reserves in the world. >> i think it's not surprising bernie sanders refuses to comment on the situation. he didn't comment on it earlier this year when he was asked. it's clear that since socialist started venezuela has been going down hill. it lent itself for the venezuelan government to increase corruption.
6:44 pm
the level of inflation has skyrocketed. >> the journalists are not being allowed to cover where the president and hi his people liv. literally mansions made of marble. coming up. we have an update on hurricane hermine made landfall in florida. now she is turning her way up the east coast as a tropical storm. we have rick reichmuth joining us with the latest details. don't go away. stay with me. ♪
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liz: this is a big story. it looked like the was bearing down on the east coast recollecting your barbeque plans. but the hurricane made landfall in florida. it left one person dead and hundreds of thousands without power. it is a tropical storm right now, and it's bearing down on the east coast making its way towards washington, d.c. and new jersey. joining me now with all the latest is fox chief meteorologist rick reichmuth. people are saying holy cow. they didn't expect the storm to come our way on the east coast. >> the longer you go the harder it is to get an exact forecast on it. any time the center of tropical system is over land, it
6:49 pm
weakens. it makes people think it won't be as dangerous. not the case with this storm. bringing tornado concerns, a tornado watch in effect until midnight. especially along the coast. but a lot of rain to be had in the short term, say by tomorrow morning. north carolina, maybe 8-10 inches of rain. flash flood watches in effect in that gray. we'll see a lot of that tonight. then we see the storm pull offshore here. then it regenerates and strengthens and gets back over water. we had the gulf stream and the waters are abnormally warm for this time of year. we'll see this storm strengthen. the national hurricane center brings it back up to a 75-mile-an-hour storm. that makes it hurricane strength off the delmarva or new jersey. this is a sunday-monday
6:50 pm
situation where we have a strong hurricane-like storm off the coast in the mid-atlantic to the northeast. by wednesday it has barely budged. there is a prolonged period of winds coming out of the northeast all across the coast. that will pile a bunch of water into the long island sound and the knowledge coast. you said this will ruin people's labor day beach plans. it might ruin the beaches in general. this prolonged storm of winds battering the coastal area. winds 25-30 feet high for a 24-48-hour period. by the time we are done with this, we'll see major beach erosion, think about especially the jersey shore that has just been rebuilt after hurricane sandy a couple years ago.
6:51 pm
now we'll have an event that causes a lot of damage to the shores. we'll be watching a storm surge. liz: rick, you always get it right. you are the guy to listen to. with labor day weekend ahead of us, many of us will be hitting the road for a getaway. jeff flock, what have you got? >> i have got a convertible and a beautiful day. you guys in the east, you should in the midwest. the sun is in my eyes. the good thing about driving this labor day, low gas prices. take a look at the numbers. down 43% since the high water mark in 2012. huge savings. it's been ticking down ever since that high water mark. last year a big dropoff.
6:52 pm
if you look at what the guys at gas buddies said. they said because of low gas prices we have saved $19 billion because of lower gas prices this summer come fired last summer. you can see the traffic building on interstate 294 west of chicago. the sun is shining. everything is good. my hands on the wheel. no texting and driving. all good. elizabeth: you will be reporting on airplane jet fuel prices next while parachuting out of a plane. coming up next. the race for the white house tightening. hillary clinton and donald trump neck-and-neck.
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liz: let's get the race for the white house between donald trump and hillary clinton. we see trump campaigning in practically every corner of the country and dominating the labor day headlines. hillary clinton not one public events the last couple days. mostly private fundraisers. now a new poll showing donald trump tied with hillary clinton in a four-way race it's a neck-and-neck race that mirrors the fox news poll that shows trump and clinton are virtually tied within the margin of error. michael. do you feel hillary is in trouble? >> the race has settled down. everyone understands the post-convention bumps are over. trump has had a really good week
6:57 pm
and hillary had one week that was necessary on american exceptionalism and it sort of fell flat. so yes hillary had a difficult week and trump had an exceptional week. liz: mieka, what do you think of the polls? >> the media isn't reporting on the fact that trump is tied in ohio and within striking distance in michigan. i'm here in detroit where i'll be joining pass for wayne t. jackson and donald trump at an inner city african-american church. he's only going to be there to worship. it's not a rally. he wants to experience way it's like to be there. earlier he will do a twaipght bishop. but contrary to what some of the reports are, it's not scripted. he is a good listener an wants to hear what the concerns are in
6:58 pm
the african-american community. liz: we have other media reporting donald trump is unhinged, he doesn't have the temperament, he's racist and bigoted. but the prols showing something else. there is a disconnect. >> especially when we are talking about if the african-american community. we have to put it in proper context. john mccain only won 2% of the african-american vote and mitt romney got 6%, and mr. trump is coming at 8%. it's very interesting what's been going on with hillary clinton. we haven't seen much of her. it's a rally here if you can calm it that. not many people show up. maybe there is an he stlenlt. a lot of fundraisers. i'm beginning to wonder after the f.b.i. report shows there was a lot of things she doesn't recall. she said it was about the concussion. is there trump right?
6:59 pm
elizabeth: stay with me, michael come in here. is hillary clinton basically not making public appearances because the clinton campaign knew the f.b.i. was going to release their interview notes showing she said i don't recall 39 times? >> that's part of it. but also because they are trying to figure out how to address the immigration keynote. willy horton worked for george h.w. bush and dukakis never recovered. it was effective. we may have seen that moment for the hillary clinton campaign with this immigration people and the angel mothers that trump brought up on stage and put a face to things. >> let's look at the jobs report. it's depressing. we have 628% employment.
7:00 pm
we have 4.9% unemployment. elizabeth: thank you, gianno. we have david a in for lou dobb. david: the f.b.i. choosing a friday before a holiday weekend to release its report on the investigation into hillary clinton's email sandal. 60 pages of notes show she claimed ignorance on how to handle classified material. telling f.b.i. investigators saying she can't remember receiving training on how to handle sensitive information. she said she relied on the judgment of her aides to know what should and shouldn't be transmitted via email. and we'll take up the fallout


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