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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 3, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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we have david a in for lou dobb. david: the f.b.i. choosing a friday before a holiday weekend to release its report on the investigation into hillary clinton's email sandal. 60 pages of notes show she claimed ignorance on how to handle classified material. telling f.b.i. investigators saying she can't remember receiving training on how to handle sensitive information. she said she relied on the judgment of her aides to know what should and shouldn't be transmitted via email. and we'll take up the fallout with former u.n. ambassador john
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bolton and the weekly standard's fred barnes. that's not only bad news for clinton to stay. the business investors daily shows clinton only ahead 1 percentage points. last week she was ahead by 7 points. tropical storm hermine could affect the labor day plans of millions of americans. it poses a major threat to residents from georgia up to new jersey, new york, rhode island, and above. more on the clinton emails and the f.b.i. investigation in just a moment. but our top story tonight. it has been a great week for donald trump who has been gaining on hillary clinton in the polls. the republican nominee helped his cause with a trip to mexico to discuss illegal immigration.
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well, now trump will try to change the conversation on how progressive policies have failed african-american community. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is in new york with our report. reporter: after receiving his second classified security briefing donald trump flew to philadelphia for round table discussion with african-american community and religious leaders. he has 12% support among black voters. he met with a african-american mother whose daughter was savagely murdered in a middle school school yard. at least one of the availants was an illegal immigrant. reporter: tomorrow trump will trip an interview with wayne t. jackson.
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he submitted his questions to the campaign in advance and trump's aides scripted the answers. he will visit detroit inner i neighborhoods with dr. ben carson where he grew up. he said he toughened up his speech when president enrique pennpena nieto tweeted that he d he wouldn't pay for the wall. >> the united states will not be paying for the wall. mexico will be paying for the wall. if somebody else becomes president, probably, you know, it will go right down the tubes like it always does with the politicians. reporter: trump's team warned him his path to victory is shrinking.
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the trump campaign recently complained that it had not opened enough field offices in co-battleground states. it turns out the party was waiting for the trump campaign to sign the leases. now they are struggling to catch up. david: tropical storm watches and warnings are in effect tonight. hermine left widespread damage in its wake. phil keating is in st. simons island in georgia. reporter: we are 200 miles from where hermine slammed into the florida panhandle. throughout the day as tropical storm hermine marched north through georgia, her ferocity increased in intensity.
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across the florida panhandle evidence of hurricane hermine's impact littered towns, flooded streets, busted doors and windows. one resident spray painted "bring it on hermine, and she did. 80-mile-an-hour wind, heavy rains, and 5-foot storm surges along the gulf coast. >> we usually have sandbags up. but it came through the walls. there is no way to prepare for that much. >> many people wisely evacuated ahead of the storm. one who didn't, a homeless man died when a large tree crushed his tent. hundreds of downed trees blocked roads and broke through roofs and toppled lines in tallahassee.
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florida governor rick scott said 300,000 people lost power. many won't have electricity returned for perhaps days. >> we'll spend the coming days assessing the damage and responding to the community and florida families. but the number one thing is to day safe. >> after downgrading to a tropical storm, hermine still packs a punch. wind and rain whipping the georgia coastline on hermine's march north. for millions this holiday weekend there is no fun in the sun. just a lot of wind and 5-10 inches of rain bringing life-threatening flash flooding and tornado possibility up the east coast. tens of thousands of georgians are still without electricity thanks to all those troops formers blowing up in the wind
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and rain. david: for more on hermine's path, we turn to new york. >> we have the mid-atlantic to the northeast. it may be thursday of next week, believe it or not. a long duration. tornado concerns overnight along coastal areas of the carolinas. the storm will continue to hug the coastline. it's going to drop a lot of rain. some spots in north carolina. 8-10 inches of rain. we have seen that in south carolina. that caused the flash flooding. we are seeing that around the wilmington area and the overnight hours tonight. we are confident the storm the next 24 hours moves offshore of the outer banks.
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still intact with some sort of a tropical storm and that's by tomorrow afternoon. then we see all of our steering currents. kind of get tuck. we'll watch this storm hang out off the delmarva and jersey shore. maybe off nantucket and the islands for about five days. when you have a very large storm and strong storm and you have it in the same spot for five days. that will bring a lot of beach erosion. monday wind back up to hurricanes strength off the shore. we have our tropical storm warnings in effect along the coast. that includes the coast of jersey and we have tropical storm watches in effect back towards new york city and long island sound. a lot of populated areas will have big impacts. we have hurricane-force wind and you see this prolonged event of the wind pulling all of that water, pushing it in toward the coast. it will go through a number of
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high tide cycles and we expect to see a storm surge. we'll see it in new england and the long island sound. and a lot of people thinking it's the last part of summer. not only is it not a good weekend to be at the beach. but the beaches themselves will take a hammering and we might be seeing a lot of damage to them on the final weekend of summer. david: the f.b.i. making public dozens of panels of its investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private email server for private business. after the investigation the f.b.i. recommended no charges. but now we have an idea how the agency reached that conclusion. though many of the document are heavily redacted. catherine herridge with our report. reporter: the 11-panel f.b.i. summary of the july 2 interview shows the former secretary of
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state could not remember key details of her emails two dozen times. she told f.b.i. agents she could not recall when she got a security clearance or draining on classified information and could not recall specialized training for managing the government's specialized programs. >> she is 25 years in government and suddenly she has selective amnesia? it's not believable or plausible. reporter: she signed two non-disclosure agreements and said she knew the rules and violating the rules could result in criminal charges. clinton told the f.b.i. she could not recall the details regarding the setup of the clinton domain. she said it was a matter of convenience. f.b.i. agents do not appear to
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press clinton on the issue. >> remember james comey said she was not indicted because he didn't have sufficient evidence on the issue of intent. she said she did the for convenience, but i didn't see the follow-up questions in the interview i read. reporter: she was asked about the cable that advised against email use -- personal email use for state department employees. she was questioned about the top secret emails too classified to released. >> leaking information about programs sources and method, especially the names of assets gets people killed. reporter: a separate document shows 13 of clinton's mobile devices are unaccounted for. without a forensic examination the f.b.i. could not determine if any were hacked.
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>> while her use of a single email account was clearly a mistake. these materials make clear why the justice department believes there was no basis to move forward with this case. trump said i was shocked to see her answers to the f.b.i. after reading these document i don't understand how she was able to get away from prosecution. his campaign alleged the secret email server was an end run around government transparency laws. damning new documents on hillary clinton. the f.b.i. releasing its interview notes. >> the only way to learn the full depth of her public corruption is to read the 33,000 emails that she deleted. >> we'll take it up with
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david: joining me to talk about the document drop about hillary. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. john bolton is a fox news contributor. good to see you ambassador. the first thing wants to talk about there will be is a lot she can't recall. she can't recall when she got security clearance, she can't recall when she was trained on how to handle classified information. she can't recall managing secrets of special access programs, and that's just the beginning. i'm just wondering, you must have had some of these courses in how to handle secrets. do you recall? >> i remember those sorts of things because if you are conscious of the need to protect classified information, you remember what the rules are. this is a good example, this category of can't recalls that you mentioned, a good example of why this defendant money is not believable. i think a lot of it is outright
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falsehood. she was on the senate armed services committee for six years before she became secretary of state. she had to have a much better knowledge of what was classified and what was not classified. how you hand sensitive material. if she didn't, if that's really her testimony, then she was even income tent manager of tens of thousands of people at the state department who do have to follow the rules even if she doesn't think she does. dive * this is the first time i here where she actually used the fall she had and the bump on the head and the concussion as a reason why she couldn't remember certain incidents. is that going to sell? do you think? >> doesn't the hypocrisy bell go off at some point? people are not allowed to talk about hillary clinton's health unless you are hillary clinton and you are trying to beat an indictment.
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then you can talk about hillary clinton's health. david: there is this revelation that she had 13 different devices.these are just hand-held devices. she had five, at least five ipads. that contrasts with what we heard her say a few months back. listen. >> i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and personal emails instead of two. looking back, it would have been better that i simply used a second email account and carried a second phone. but at the time, this didn't seem like an issue. david: she just had one device. maybe she is sloppy. she might have destroyed 13 device. but it's unlikely she did so, right? >> this is just an untruth. what the report also reveals is many of these devices cannot be located now.
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her own staff knew she was careless when she got a new device. what happened to the old one? maybe they were destroyed or recycled according to department policy. that's a gold mine for foreign intelligence if they get hold of this. david: her main hit against donald trump is he's dangerous. you don't want a wild man like donald trump with his finger on the red button. what does all this show if not that hillary clinton was very dangerous in the way she was handling top secrets? >> i think it's extraordinary. if it tells us anything about her performance as president it ought to stair people. there are so many untruths. the idea she didn't recognize the c in front of some pair graphs in her own email -- paragraphs in her own emails reflected confidential information. other senior officials get
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documents all the time with each paragraph labeled what its classification is. she knew what that "c" meant and she was not telling the truth. if the worst part is the f.b.i. investigators did the not follow up and press her on that investigation. david: it's hard to tell because so much of it has been redactsd. there is a glimmer of how bad things got. apparently she believed she was breached. we never heard that before from her publicly. if there are indications because of certain things the computer did that it possibly was breached and she mentioned it to somebody. >> she keeps going using the private server. this was a demonstration of gross negligence when you go through her entire statement and an example of why the f.b.i. amended the critical statute to require intent when the point of
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the statute was to protect against this kinds of carelessness because of the and i adequacy of the person handling it. i.e., hillary clinton in this case. >> it was just the reckless handling of stop top secrets. have a wonderful holiday weekend. roll the video. watch as 31 world class skydivers perform their synchronized stunt. they took to the skies over chicago to break the record for the largest skydiving formation at night. you wouldn't catch me doing that. donald trump is vowing to stop if the flow of drugs across our southern border. >> we are going to have strong borders and stop the drug flow into our country that's destroying our country. the drugs are pouring in.
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david: well, more players are joining colin kaepernick's protest of the national anthem. the 49ers' quarterback last night dropped to one knee during a rendition of "the starr spangled banner." he was joined by his teammate, derek reid. in oakland, seattle seahawks' corner back jeremy lane showed his support. kaepernick is protesting what he sees as racial injustice in america. joining me now to talk about all this, maricopa county, arizona, sheriff joe arpaio. what would you tell this multi, multimillionaire if he was within earshot of you? >> well, i'll tell ya, i just -- three hours ago in the tent city
3:28 am
jail, i had inmates that are veterans and others listen to the national anthem. they stood up, they put their hand next to their heart, and isn't that great? you -- now you got a couple football players that don't like certain situations -- i know they have first amendment rights, but i think it's disgusting. david: it's extraordinary. you'll have criminals, felons in your jails, and this guy has got the world on a string, he's making millions and millions of dollars, $61 million guaranteed, can't bring himself to do it. he was even going so far during one of the practices a couple of weeks ago of wearing these socks depicting policemen as pigs. we've got a picture of it right there. what do you make of that? >> well, there's a war on cops.
3:29 am
i guess he's involved in that, which is sad. supposed to set an example. and i think this is an insult. and once again when i was at the cleveland convention giving a -- you know, introducing trump, they're burning the flag outside. it just destroyed, it just destroyed me on that, that they're burning our american flag. i know they have the right to do it. so i wonder what this country, what's happening in this country. it's very sad. david: well, sheriff, i'm wondering if we are this danger of -- in danger of going through another downward spiral in crime like we did in the '60s, the '70s and the '80s. i lived through a lot of that period. thank god we came back because of people like rudy giuliani and you who had stronger police methods, but are we many serious danger of going down that rabbit hole again? >> yeah. you can thank the department of justice sticking their nose into all these police departments, including my agency, trying to
3:30 am
control the police departments and establish policies that they feel is right. and i think that's one of our big problems. but, you know, we have to do something about it. i was with donald trump from day one, and on the illegal immigration. i'm glad he's also talking about the drug traffic -- david: yeah. >> -- that's coming across our border. that's a very serious problem when with you talk about the inner cities and crime and violence. it's a drug problem that's perpetuating a lot of this crime that's occurring in our country. david: of course, sheriff, this week he was talking a lot about immigration as well. we should mention 36%, over 36% of the crimes, to offenses committed in the united states were committed by illegal immigrants, and even when you take out immigration offenses themselves, it's still about 14% of all sentences in the united states committed by illegal immigrants. now donald trump says that's where he wants to focus.
3:31 am
not just on the 11 million broad, but that specific group of people. do you think he'll have success there? >> oh, yeah. if he takes office and -- i'll tell ya, watch out when he becomes president. another thing, i had 10,000 people in the jails that i run that were turned over to i.c.e., they were there for different crimes, and not being here just illegally. guess what? 39% have come back to the same jails i run. david: wow. >> you figure that one out. david: and the other thing he wants to do is enact kate's law. of course, that creates mandatory minimum sentences for aliens that come back after they've been kicked out. is that going to help you? >> of course. of course it is. he had, he has a great ten-point plan, by the way. it makes common sense. hillary doesn't like it. she's saying he should not, he should worry about arizona when he was here?
3:32 am
i go gotta worry about -- you gotta worry about mexico. especially secretary of state. try to get the mexicans to do something about the drug and illegal immigration. they don't want to go to mexico, obama and and her, to try to insult the mexicans because they're not doing the job. you know, this is all politics, and we need a new president, and donald trump will be a great president. i'm not afraid to say that. i said it from day one, i'll say it now. we need him back as a law enforcement official for 55 years i can say we need him as president of the united states. i'm not talking about politics right now, i'm talking about a guy that fought the drugs in mexico, in turkey, everywhere else. we gotta do something about that problem. david: sheriff joe arpaio, have a good holiday weekend. appreciate you coming here. we're coming back with a lot more, stay with us. the political fallout from
3:33 am
the growing scandals surrounding hillary clinton. the trump campaign keeping it front and center until election day. >> nothing surprises me anymore, it really doesn't. you see huma abedin, her connection between the foundation, the state department, the e-mails going back and forth. pay to play on the largest level. david: we'll take up the impact of the fbi's document release today with fred barnes, next. today with fred barnes, next. and it's no smooth sailing for
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david hillary clinton is going to be traveling very soon on same plane with the press who cover her, that begins next week. it's been 273 days since mrs. clinton last held a news conference. democratic nominee avoiding not just the media, but also theic,s in august, all of august, and attending at least 37 fundraisers. donald trump, meanwhile, held at least 37 rallies and attended 15 fundraisers. joining me now, fox news contributor fred barnes. well, fred, i guess with news hike today, you don't want a press conference, do you? [laughter] >> no. she obviously doesn't want one. you know, the strategy of hillary clinton has been to have a low profile, to stay in the background to make donald trump the issue, that he'll be front and center, and she can just take pot shots at him. well, that's not working right now, because her issues are
3:38 am
front and center, and she's the issue in ways she doesn't like. david: and he's not, you know, he's not just sitting back and waiting for her. he's going out to mexico, and he's going tomorrow to detroit can. he's been out every day. this guy has a lot of energy. >> he has, you know? he's in detroit -- [laughter] he's in mexico city, he's in phoenix. he is. but trump, you know, my advice -- trump hasn't asked for it -- would be to sort of lean back and let hillary's issues be the big events, the big things that the press has to pay attention to. and they've certainly done a lot of it today. you know, it's e-mails to the foundation, they're lying, now there's 17,000 more e-mails that have been discovered by the fbi? david: yeah. >> the clinton people did not turn over when they were supposed to. it just keeps going. david: it does. it's -- from trump's perspective, it's the gift that keeps on giving. andall of this is catching up with her in the polls.
3:39 am
the ivd poll has them at a dead heat. they are virtually tied n. a four-way race, but even in a two-way race, she's only one point ahead which is a statistical dead heat. >> indeed. look, trump has gained, slowly and gradually, but he has gained on her. and, you know, much of the mainstream media seems to think this is going to be a landslide, and they're still writing about how trump's going to bring down all these other republican candidates running for the house and the senate when really the landscape has changed over the last two or three weeks anyway. david: yeah. >> the bump that hillary got from her convention has gone away, and it's an awfully, an awfully close race are. you know, nate silver, this guy who examines all the polls, says people who think that somehow the electoral college is going to be a sure thing for hillary clinton, they're just, they shouldn't believe that because it's not true. david: yeah.
3:40 am
nate silver, no friend of donald trump's, so for him to to say that, it's interesting. let me just ask you, you know the clintons, i know the clintons, they don't just sit back and take it. these are very proactive political campaigners. what do you think they have in store? we saw them try to sell the message that donald trump a very dangerous guy, you don't want somebody that erratic in the white house. trump did a lot to defuse that charge this week by going to mexico. what do you think they have up their sleeve next? >> well, i think that's probably their strongest argument, that he's unfit to be president. hillary, one of her best speeches of the campaign has been one that made that con tension. they know there are some republicans, particularly here in washington where i am, who agree with her or on that. so i think they'll probably go back to that. you know, one thing that donald trump has shown as a candidate, he can take a punch andrecover. david: oh, he sure can. >> he's been punched a lot, and he comes right back. he is incredibly resilient. >> i think muhammad ali would
3:41 am
appreciate the way he can take a punch. fred barps, great to see you. well, roll the video, it won't be smooth sailing more these boats, a nearby carnival cruise ship's propellers washed away the marina. literally. the damage to the boats cost nearly $266,000. ouch. coming up next be, donald trump's campaign slamming the august jobs report. they say that the clinton-obama economy is failing to deliver the jobs americans desperately need. we take that up next with trump economic adviser cath lien economic adviser cath lien harnett white.
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♪i believe, i believe ♪believe we're still worth the fight♪ ♪you'll see there's hope for this world tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe
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♪ ♪ david: on wall street stocks closing higher, the dow gaining 73 points, the s&p up 9, the nasdaq up 23. volume on the big board just over three billion shares. for the week, the dow, s&p and nasdaq all posting gains of a little less than 1%. well, the economy the top issue for voters in this election, and americans today getting a very disappointing report on the labor market. employers added just 151,000 jobs last month, less than expected, while the unemployment
3:46 am
rate held steady at 4.9%. some good news, hourly becames climbing 2.4% from a year ago, but the share of americans working or actively looking for a job is still near 40-year lows, 62.8%. joining me now, trump campaign economic adviser kathleen harnett white, also author of the book "fueling freedom." kathleen, wonderful to see you. so what is holding this economy back? >> well, i think i might say in the fewest amount of words, the policies of president obama. and i think amidst the reporting on it, i think pathetic figures -- yes, some growth, but much less than distinctive of the last 70 years of our economy since 1970 -- i think it's the weight, very difficult to measure and to explain, but weight of increasing entitlements and the regulatory burden. it's a shacking that just --
3:47 am
shackle that just, you know, increasing deficits far, far more. public investments using taxpayer money to fuel entitlements and growing subsidies. and the regulatory burden. whether you're a small business or whether you're a huge business, the amount of regulation that surrounds productive activity is just amazing. david: we do have more regulation than we've ever had before in this nation, no doubt. but we've been here before, that is to a state where it's so cumbersome that the economy can't move, and that was in the late '70s. ronald reagan saw that the regulatory burden was in some ways as bad as the tax burden was. january 22, 1981, just a couple of days after he became president, he started the task force on regulatory relief, a huge part of his economic plan was regulatory relief. does donald trump have a similar goal? might he do the same if elected president? >> i think so. and i think, actually, his
3:48 am
boldness and his business savviness give him an advantage over a career politician in really taking on the regulatory state. david: because he knows from the ground level what bad regulations can do to stifle economic growth. >> yes. i mean, we have literally many small businesses that can't operate because of the weight of regulation, and i would include on that also obamacare. the fewer new employees have been hired, and the numbers are also very high on those moved to low income. but i think with a boldness and a savviness and, ooh, a real will it will take to take on the regulatory state. david: another thing that ronald reagan did before he actually became president, he came out with a blue print. part of it was developed with the help of the heritage foundation, but an economic blueprint that gave americans where he wanted to go. in the campaign he described where we should be, in the blueprint he described how he would get there. are we going to see the same
3:49 am
kind of planning by donald trump or more of an ad hoc basis? >> i think he really wants to hear from a wide range of people how to get the job done, the how that you've mentioned. and i think the heritage foundation has already been working for some time -- i participated in that on things involving air quality. so i think those things very, very much are there. david: it's an interesting and eclectic group, the folks behind donald trump right now. most of them, though, on the big issues -- on taxation, on regulation -- are in agreement. but there are a couple of things they disagree on, trade in particular. how are you guys getting together on that issue? >> well, i tend to agree very much with how i understand mr. be trump says it. he's for trade too, and for free trade. but he thinks the agreements that we've made with different countries so disadvantage this. i was a former environmental regulator, i was head of the texas version of epa. the amount of environmental
3:50 am
regular a la story burden that -- regulatory burden that many agreements, including nafta, puts on the united states but not on the other country, i think he's right. and it's good negotiating strategy. david: and by the way, with the tpp and separate deals with china. kathleen harnett white, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. david: coming up next, donald trump is trying to broaden his appeal with a weekend visit to a detroit church, all part of his effort to win the support of minority voters.
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david: donald trump heading to detroit tomorrow in a push to rally minority support. trump's recent appeals to black voters have been in front of majority white crowds, but bishop wayne jackson says that's why this visit will be the real test for trump's message to african-american communities. >> i'm very, very, very concerned about that, what would his administration look like. he asked me -- i didn't go to him. he asked me, and i said at prayer -- because i knew it was going to be a big, emotional uproar. i knew that. but, you know, real leaders have to make tough decisions. david: joining me now, former member of president george w. bush's senior staff, brad blakeman, and new york republican senate candidate, attorney and former legal
3:55 am
adviser to mitt romney wendy long. wendy, first of all, what the preacher said is strander. it's love hi -- extraordinary. it's lovely to see a person who may not necessarily agree with the guy he's hosting but wants to give him a fore rum because he believes -- forum because he believes in the truth. >> well, that's the way it's supposed to happen in an election. it's supposed to be a testing process, and things are supposed into -- to get jumbled up, and the lines are blurred, and people look for new support. i think it's incredibly exciting. knowing what's in donald trump's out this community and how long it's been since any republican has really effectively done that, it's just so incredibly exciting. it's an american thing to do, the right thing to do. david: and yet, brad, in 2008 detroiters gave 97% of their vote to barack obama. in 2012 it was 98. i mean, this is, this is a tough group for a conservative republican to crack. >> no doubt.
3:56 am
but, look, don't expect a vote if you didn't earn a vote. and don't expect a vote if you don't give the audience the opportunity to to understand how different you will be than something that they're used to. and one thing's for sure, i stood with ronald reagan in 1980 when he went to the south bronx. everybody said, what's he doing that for? he did it to make a statement, that when he becomes president, he's going to be president of everyone. and so far the minority communities in the united states have pretty much been ruled by democratic administrations, mayors predominantly who have just taken them for granted. david: right. >> donald trump needs to ask them one question that ronald reagan would ask is them, are you better off than you were four years ago? david: wendy, that is the message he's trying out, and, of course, in detroit which is ground zero, perfect example of what brad was talking about, these communities that have been taken advantage of by democrats for years not only in terms of their promises being
3:57 am
unfulfilled, but in terms of corruption. a lot of the detroit mayors have ended up in jail. >> yeah. to me, the question is not just what do you have to lose or look how bad things have been. i think he needs to turn it around and talk about what he has to offer and how much better it can be. one of the main themes of his campaign is this anti-corruption against crooked hillary, getting clean, honest, good government back. that would be huge just to start with. but beyond that, you know, getting back an economy where people can have the dignity of work and the purpose of work. you know, if you look to the original purposes of our country, it was life, liberty and property, right? the pursuit of happiness, property. those three things are really what he's focusing on and holding out to this community in terms of school and education, school choice. david: yeah. >> something that neither party has provided. david: and, brad, i'm wondering if he's going to try to link the corruption which was so rampant in detroit and, again, as i said before, led to at least one
3:58 am
mayor going to jail, try to link that to the policies that kind of made it easier for politicians to dip in the till? >> well, i think donald trump should concentrate on two things. first of all, he should concentrate on how that community and other communities similarly situated around the country have been let down. and then he's to got to lift them up. he's got to tell them what will donald trump's administration do for them that hasn't been done more years? and i believe donald trump is in the best position to do it. we saw him do it in mexico, and he's going to do the same thing in detroit. david: wendy, i saw you nodding when i suggested he may try to actually link policies to the corruption that somehow when you have the big government, when you have -- >> precisely. david: -- less accountability in the money you're dealing with, it makes it easier for corrupt officials to take advantage of you. >> exactly. look what's happened to the food stamp program. look at all the medicaid and medicare fraud. these huge, giant, out-of-control government programs are just complete bait
3:59 am
for fraud be, and that's exactly what we see. david: and, brad, as i mentioned, dr. ben carson will be with him. he grew up in detroit. this is going to be a boon for donald trump. he'll be able to say, look, i'm a new yorker, but i'm being shown around by one of your own. >> you know, showing up is 50%, and going to a place where you're unexpected to go, beyond that donald trump has to deliver, and i think he will. just like he did with the mexican president, and then his speech polling on immigration. -- following on immigration. he's now got to put some meat on the bone and tell people exactly what he's going to do, how he's going to do it. david: very quickly, wendy, beyond reaching out to the minority communities, he musts also be reaching out to moderate republicans and democrats who are kind of wary of him. this is a real outreach, a good leader to have. >> it shows his heart, who he is. people who are wary about him want to sew what he's made of,
4:00 am
and this shows what he's made of. david: great to see you both. thank you for joining us. lou dobbs is back on tuesday. we hope you can join us then. have a wonderful holiday weekend. ♪ us. let not your heart be troubled. have a good weekend. see you back here monday. >> winning the presidency, what does that take? a strong debate. >> i'm paying for this microphone. >> this is all theatre. it's theatre and politics. it's trying to get people to come in to the theatre and take a look, see if they like your play. >> yes, we can. >> you have to learn to see campaigns through the lens of the camera. >> campaigns are made of moments that everyone remembers. >> the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull, lipstick. >> there you go again. >> where's the beef? >> senator, you're no kennedy. >> commerce, education, and the -- what's the third one there? oops. >> tonight we take you behind the scenes.


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