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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX Business  September 4, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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20% next year. >> scott, what do you have? >> dollar general, symbol dg. it's going to come back plus insider buying going on. >> the of freedom continues with david aston "forbes on fox." more accusations against the clinton foundation. a new report saying bill clinton aides used taxpayer funds to subsidize the family's foundation and to support hillary clinton's private e-mail now, they deny it. also, a separate report saying a foundation worker asked the state department under hillary's watch for special diplomatic passports. a big no-no. even clinton supporters are saying, the clinton family, including shell sea should sever all ties with their charity. are they right or wrong? hi, everybody, i'm david ashton. with "forbes on fox."
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what do you think, sabrina? >> you know, it's so interesting, david, when you look at some of the deeper numbers, like pew research is found out more than 50% said they actually know a lot about hillary's policies. what people are uncomfortable with is sort of her untrustworthiness and her honesty. there's so much for the time in office, the clinton foundation, $2 billion operation and their business deals, that is what is getting voters uncomfortable. >> even the appearance of conflict you're supposed to avoid in these circumstances. bruce, that's why some of your liberal friends say that the ties have to be cut, i'm quoting from the "times," achieving true distance from the foundation is not only necessary to ensure its effectiveness, it's an ethic ago imperative for mrs. clinton."
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that's pretty strong stuff. >> the thing is, in paragraph three of all of these stories about the e-mails and clinton foundation, they say they did nothing illegal and so forth. i realize that you're going to get investigations and all of this other stuff. but the clinton foundation has done billions of dollars of good. as a matter of fact, it did good for trump, because he gave them $100,000. one of the reasons is why he did charitable work -- >> hold on a second, he's done our charitable work. particularly with the veterans. rich, let me go to another issue again this may not be against the law. but it's the appearance of conflict of interest. this politico article talking about how bill clinton used a lot of money from taxpayers. 16 billion from the president's found pay off staff members of the clinton foundation. politico is the one that came out with that story.
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clinton has denied, an interesting fact to that story, that perhaps one of the servers that hillary clinton used was paid for by taxpayers. they say no gsa funding was ever used for a private e-mail server anywhere. it sort of reminds me what he said about monica lewinsky, i did not have sex with that woman at anytime, you know. >> yeah, viewers should know that the fund this were talking about were started in the 1950s to keep ex-presidents out of poverty. harry truman was living pretty close to the financial edge and specifically to avoid presidents doing unseemly things. bill clinton has used this a lot. far more than any ex-president. ten people are dipping into this. ten staffers are getting funded to money that was supposed to go to bill clinton. and even i.t. equipment like
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servers. is it technically illegal. i guess we'll find out but it sure reeks of the clintons having this entitlement that's beyond any ex-president. >> there's another reek here which is the reek of phony capitalism and extending overseas. there's a swedish branch of the clinton foundation that the state department didn't even know about. it was kind of like the showoff. we looked at their 990 form to find it here in stockholm. it's used to give money to the clinton foundation but don't want it to be publicized as much. it adds up to $20 million from the swedish version to the u.s. version. the thing is, it happened at the time when swedish companies were being investigated for violating the embargo. it's interesting about the same time they got all of this money from the swedish interest, they dropped the investigation at the
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state department. coincidence? >> there any doubt, david, that the clinton foundation is about pay for play. not in my mind, but as far as hillary clinton's election goes, the worst thing i think she can do at this point is remove herself and her daughter and husband from it. >> why? >> because that there therefore admit being tied to it previously when she was secretary of state. >> but there's all of this information coming out from that, mike. >> i think if she removes herself from that will admit everything that she did as secretary of state was unethical. i think it was. but it will be far more helpful if the foundation started to give out more than 10% of its donations to charity. that would be something good. >> by the way, you were the one who talked about pays for play a couple weeks ago, we should mention that. bill, somebody mentioned the views of the american people which are not insignificant, 66% of americans believe that it's likely that the clintons were
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using the clinton foundation to sell influence while hillary was secretary of state. >> well, i found out that 44% of the americans don't follow the news. i don't think the clintons should sever ties to the foundation. that would give an aura of legitimacy to it. far better left as over it is pay for play. what the white house says making bedrooms -- >> at the very least, the clinton sfougs a strange animal. bitd, mike mentioned 10% goes to charities. but they have a lot of internal operations and that's why their expenses are so high. why their travel fees are $50 million a year because a lot of their staff goes out actually with them. they were have proud of what they did in haiti. they had a terrible earthquake back in 2010, the clintons and the state department and the
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clinton foundation both teamed together. but it involved charges of phony capitalism. people like hillary clinton's brother was involved in some gold mine venture that never panned out. cheryl mills, the chief of staff for hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. he has a husband or father of her children who was involved in ventures suggested in one e-mail by cheryl mills to hillary clinton, maybe a good idea for the clinton foundation as they have unencumbered money. >> that's the problem, you can't follow this stuff. >> you're right. more than 50% of americans have said now that they don't think hillary clinton will change business as usual here in washington. and i think the foundation is a
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perfect example of that. they may be doing some good. i don't have enough information to say that they are not. but what is clear is that we don't really know how things are operating. and that's the thing that most americans are responding to. they say we want something to change here in washington. this is supposed to be an election, once again, hillary clinton leading in the polls. >> bruce, doesn't that at least show the appearance of conflict bother you in some cases? >> no i think when she's president, she will not be involved and he will not be involved. >> she was secretary of state, they claimed they wouldn't get involved and they did. in theory, they were given money that they shouldn't have been given. and there were all sorts of bad things that happened with the clinton foundation that weren't supposed to happen when she was secretary of state. what happens when these president? >> there's a lot they've done with fighting aids, fighting malaria. behind me is the city of
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chicago, i know a little bit about pay for play. you can't swing a dead cat here without getting an alderman on the tail. >> as far as chicago, the clinton foundation is business as usual. coming up next, the internal revenue service not telling millions of americans their social security numbers were stolen. is the taxman
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philadelphia. >> i'm elizabeth prahan. thanks for watching. so, you think that the government knew someone had stolen your identity, they'd tell you about it, right? wrong. the inspector general is reporting that the irs failed millions of americans by telling them their social security numbers were stolen which i wonder what would happen if we
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didn't inform the irs of critical information like that. >> well if you ran a publicly traded company or if you didn't dispose an act like this, you would have federal lawsuits all over the place. this just proves in addition to the irs being the bullying incompetent organization it has always been, it is now corrupt in a way that is just fi mind-boggling to targeting political enemies and now this. >> and bill, we have an example, target was being hacked, and they didn't do the due diligence of informing their clients, according according to the federal. a lot of people suffer from that in target. >> i suppose the irs, here's why, ten immigrants get jobs by using social security numbers. at that point, the irs assigns
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the ten social security numbers, rich, how are you harmed? >> i think what is basically happening here, the irs is spending more and more taxpayer money on trying tax these identity thefts. in 2014, they paid out $5.8 billion in fraudulent tax returns through identity theft. i think what goes a long way, they stopped use refunds with pre-paid deb the accounts. the. >>? terms of our own safety groups, in terms of what we have a right to know as taxpayers, one would assume we have the right to know if somebody has stolen our i.d. >> well, i mean, i read this report and they said they'll be notifying people in january. i understand that's not prompt. one of the residence they did not go after people right away, they want to make sure they get these folks who are trying to avoid taxes to pay taxes. and i think this could be solved
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with a comprehensive immigration bill to give these people some kind of an i.d. so they're paying taxes. >> well, that might solve the pieces of problems but the main piece, sabrina, the fact that they're not informing people when their i.d.s are stolen. by the way, that did come out with a response. i'll read it. they stated they have scheduled programming changes that will be implemented in january 2017 to notify taxpayers when the irs has reason to believe they may be victims of identity theft. frankly, i don't have hope of them fulfilling that promise. >> six months away. since steve isn't here today, i'm going to throw it out maybe one solution is having a flat tax, getting rid of the irs and simplifying things. i think the irs does need to notify people. if somebody is using your social security number to get a job is the least of your problems if
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have you identity theft. it can't wait till january. >> there's 1. people. there does seem to be this idea that we are the slaves of the irs. it's not the other way around that they're supposed to be the public servants. in this case, it's flipped. >> and they're blatantly political, too. the reason they don't disclose this. they know what they did, even if bill is right, there's no immediate harm, they know if they disclosed this, it would turn even more people towards this rampant immigration fraud in the united states. it would be bad for hillary clinton and good for donald trump. >> i think you hit the nail on the head, bill, this is a political issue right now. that's why they're waiting until 2017 to solve that. >> it anyway be a political issue to solve that. but the irs has figured out how to collect billions of taxes from immigrants. >> i don't think anybody is harmed -- i'm harmed by it, i
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don't want my information being used by anybody else. >> you don't know where it's going, it's not just isolated to the irs, necessarily. but the problem is the best cyberspace crooks aren't working for the irs. >> if i ran for president, one issue, get rid of the irs. that's the only thing i run on. >> i'm societying for you. >> the "cashin' in" gang getting ready to roll. dav eric what do you got? >> donald trump saying we should be self-sufficient, is he right or wrong? and he's still refusing to stand for the national anthem. colin kaepernick. >> up here ia is investing your tax dollars, all kinds of james bond-like security firms. security firms. they say it's to help protect us
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if you take the top awe, you'll find a little red button. whatever you do, don't touch it. >> why not? >> because you release the section of the roof and engage and fire the passenger ejector. >> i never joke about my work 007. >> i love that line.
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that was the fictional hue showing james bond the car in "goldfinger." the spy agency putting money in a venture capital company calls in-q-tell. half of the trustees reportedly have ties to companies it has supported. so, mike, is this a good investment to protect our lives or just another case of crony capitalism? >> all that is investing into this fund is crony capitalism. and anybody who doesn't think that haven't even the jason bourne movies. >> rich, i have seen the jason bourne movies. >> look, i wouldn't want to be a limited partner in that venture
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fund because they have a different purpose than the research project agencies. i think it's a way to tap all the talents out there. china has millions of people working on spy ware. we need the best and brightest in this country, too. >> sa breen nashgs the cia does have a history of working with private companies. it does that surreptitiously. we find that out decades later. they've had a lot of success doing that. maybe we should give them a break in this case? >> yeah, i'm a little bit on the fence here, david. i like the government thinking a little bit more, a private industry and being creative. at the same time, there's no real competition here. it seems there's too many potential conflicts of interest, once again. >> and bruce, we're talking about 300 companies. there are about 300 companies, according to "the wall street journal," half of those companies there are ties by it
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and members that are are getting capped by in-q-tel. >> what i want to know is what kind of financial return is the taxpayer get on this? >> is there a way to report this? >> bill, if i'm spending all my money on this, i want to see the pictures. as "goldfinger" just showed us with these cool gadgets. if they have that, i want to know about it. >> i don't think it'sfy good for the government to interest in that. >> mike, wouldn't you at least like to see these gadgets? >> i'd like to have one. thank you, gang. september is historically the worst month for the market.
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. it's our right as a sovereign nation to choose immigrants that we think are the likeliest to thrive and florida issue and love us. >> so deport criminal aliens and welcome with open arms those immigrants who can help america thrive. i'm eric bolling. kristin, should we choose immigrants who trump says will thrive and love us? >> we should be able to choose who comes into the country. we want immigrants to contribute to society instead of those who drain the


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