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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  September 4, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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. it's our right as a sovereign nation to choose immigrants that we think are the likeliest to thrive and florida issue and love us. >> so deport criminal aliens and welcome with open arms those immigrants who can help america thrive. i'm eric bolling. kristin, should we choose immigrants who trump says will thrive and love us? >> we should be able to choose who comes into the country. we want immigrants to contribute to society instead of those who drain the society.
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this is a moot point because the administration and certainly a clinton administration has zero intention to follow law. they released 200,000 criminal illegal aliens on u.s. soil. back to the question, as long as the welfare state is in place we should prioritize. you can have a welfare state or open border but not. >> juan, good luck taking the other side of that one. >> i don't think it is hard because i love america and i know that the statue of liberty talks about taking in the wretched, those that have been thrown out of other countries. i know we as americans remember when italians were viewed as lest, certainly when jews in the midst of the hole caocaust, we to push them back. we find in america we take people that have been rejected by others and they come here and thrive and make us stronger, and they make our economy.
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this show is called cashin in. >> interesting. now, i think juan is talking about legal immigrants. i think donald trump was talking about illegal immigrants. go ahead, mercedes. >> i think that's the core issue. the core issue is are we going to have a set of laws that are followed. what has happened, eric, we have see the complacency, we have seen the fact that the clinton/obama administration clearly has -- they allowed illegal immigration thing to become a norm in our society, where if you come in and -- as an illegal, visa over stay, you don't leave, really chances are you're not going to be deporlted, chances are you're not going to pay the penalty. i think that that's what has happened. even for liberal pundits, they get use todd the idea of saying, yeah, okay, there's illegal immigrants and it is fine. it is not fine because we have a process, and we should honor and
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respect those legal immigrants who have gone through the process, followed the law and come to the united states because it is true that immigrants make this country great and it is part of that immigrant story that helps build this nation. >> again, mercedes, go ahead. the difference here between the illegal immigrants and legal immigrants, i think -- i'm not speaking for everyone, but i agree we need more immigration. i would suggest we need double or triple the number of legal immigrants we allow in the country. it is a growing problem. >> that's the problem with you, eric, you are blowing me up because i didn't expect to hear that from you, but okay. i embrace you on this point. i will say that i think donald trump was talking about legal and illegal. in some countries they give points for the wealthiest people, best educated, people who know they're going to have a job. in america what we have always talked about is either family reunification or given haven to
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people who have been subject to, like, political oppression in other countries. >> right. >> and people who in some cases have been just exclude canned because, you know, they're coming from dictatorship. >> i don't understand why liberals are so opposed to the america-first policy. what is so wrong with putting our citizens and their well-being first? the facts are the facts. 51% of immigrant families use welfare. it is a far higher percentage than the percent of native american families who rely on welfare. even in illegal households the use of welfare is higher than in normal american households. we need to look at these facts. i don't like how liberals make it a race issue. this has nothing to do with race, nothing to do with nationality. it is about success. >> juan, take this up. kristin points out the amount of welfare, amount of resource and assets that the illegal community in america either up. i think the center for
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immigration policy, i believe it was, came out with a number of $114 billion of welfare illegal families take. >> that's one side of the story, but there's another side to the ledger which is that illegal -- again, just talking about illegal immigrants, not legal immigrants to go back to eric's point, illegals don't benefit from social security. they don't get the money back. >> no, it is more than that. >> they never recapture in terms of services, benefits that they contribute to our country because, guess what, as they pay taxes they get nothing in return. >> hold on. mercedes, i will bring you in. what taxes are they paying, juan? sales tax? >> they're working. >> they're not paying federal income taxes. >> they're paying the normal taxes everybody pays but they're not getting any of the benefits. >> you are talking about immigrants who are working. we want those folks. we want to make it easier for
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them to become legal. the problem is illegals come in and drain our system. they can use our medical system. >> they're not allowed to get obama care. >> they're not allowed to get obama care but hillary clinton mention in her first 100 days of office they would be able to get -- she is going to push for them to get obama care. let's start from there. i want to say something here because i think this is very important. you know, in our nation we have -- we've gone to a point that obviously we have the 11 million illegals that are here. this is -- because we have -- because of the broken immigration system. so i think to really start going after them and saying they're draining our system, they are also adding to our economy in a lot of ways as well. i think it is a bit of both. i think it is a bit of juan, a bit of kristin, but i think it is the opportunity to say, look, we know this is what has happened. there needs to come to a point we have in our responsensure the
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are able to learn about -- assimilate, learn english, pay taxes, make sure -- pay back taxes. there's going to be penalties associated to coming to the country and breaking the law, end of story. that's why it has to be dealt with sooner rather than later. >> well, god bless you, mercedes, i think you're right. let me just say ronald reagan to george w bush, all trield to pass immigration reform to level the playing field, to do what you are talking about. who blocks it? hard line republicans who are anti-immigrants. >> part of it is because there's not the sense of wanting to end the cycle of illegal immigration. we have to get to the point the u.s. is not putting out a welcome mat, sending a signal every time you come into the country and you have a visa over stay there's no penalty. >> good republicans, ronald rager, george w. bush wanted to put in place limits so we could
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have this. but it was blockedably hard-line republicans. >> and they said undocumented workers should go to the back of the line. that was exactly what was part of george w. bush's plan. so it is very clear -- >> stow why was it blocked? >> because part of -- because the fact it was kbre hencive immigration reform. it was just very controversial, very divisive. republicans -- >> can i throw something in here? because under all of these democrat proposal there was pa path to citizen offered. i think you can make the case for the economics, you can make the case for the taxes. mercedes, you can make the case for welcoming more legal immigration here, but you also have to have that decision, do you want to let the people who are here illegally, that path, or make them leave and come back and do it the right way? >> the american people have spoken. it is like 75%. >> but this is the heart of the immigration -- i'm going to give
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kristin last five. >> i don't think anyone is against immigrants coming into the country who are hard workers. the problem is there need to be consequences for people who break our laws, and we have to prioritize those who do it the legal way and the hard workers goes. >> colin paper nick is at it again after sitting during the national anthem to protest the police, the quarterback is now refusing to stand for the national anthem during military appreciation night. ♪ and the home of the brave
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i'm cheryl casone, stocks ending the week higher despite a disappointing jobs report. employers added only 151,000 jobs in august.
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that could mean the fed is less likely to raise rates. ups will be racing its rates by an average of 5%. the good news is changes will come on december 26th. ups ended week up slightly on the news. the white house says president obama will discuss apple's fight with the european union over a supposed $14.5 billion tax bill. the issue will come up at the group of 20 summit in china. apple also ended the week in the green. well, watch the fox business network for the latest in business and financial news. fox business, giving you the pow to prosper. yeah, he did it again. lots of vets not happy about pro football player colin kaepernick refusing to stand for the national anthem during military appreciation alt thursday's game. he did it again even after police groups voice out rage after he sat during the anthem
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to protest police last week. kaepernick says he will remain seated or on a knee for black lives matter. mercedes, what is going on here? >> i have to say it is heartbreaking to watch, i think for kaepernick -- what i find is an insulting action especially for our military, who they sacrifice their lives to fight for our freedom so he can live this very luxurious life becoming a successful football player and living the american dream. i have to tell you, sports figures are heroes for children, and i find that he just is so disappointing because of the fact that he won't stand up for america. i understand he has the freedom to do what he wants to do. if he wants to sit, not participate, use it as a way to protest, that's fine. but it sends a message of not appreciating the greatness of america. >> juan, we have a right to protest, i get it, first amendment, but when you see an african-american military man singing the national anthem, he
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is risking his life for the country so kaepernick can make $19 million a year. i am welling up and i look at him on a knee. am i wrong? >> i agree with you actually. i am so strongly pro american, but i have to say he has the right. it is interesting to me, let's just talk about it in economic terms. the national football league and the commissioner said there's no requirement to stand during the national anthem. in addition, here we are on this those, this highly-rated show talking about colin kaepernick's protest against unnecessary use of force by police against black americans. jackie robinson, an american legend, also refused to stand. muhammad ali refused to go in the military. there are people in terms of the women's movement in this country. you know, every protest movement uses whatever platform is available. colin kaepernick, i don't agree with you, but you have the right to sit during the national
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anthem. >> now, criskristen, you're a libertarian, are you not? >> i am. >> what do you have to say? >> i am a girl who doesn't know a lot about football, but i know an ungrateful jerk when i see one. he is a miss guded person who doesn't know how to handle fame. this is a man who is paid $19 million a year and has been given a large platform, and he is using the platform to make himself look like a jerk and hurt the 49ers brand. i have heard football fans are patriotic, people who plesh police officers. i think this guy is hurting his own brand there. >> i want to show this picture. this is what he practiced in. he is wearing socks depicting police officers as pigs. quit around on this. start with you crist en. >> it is crazy because the nfl allowed the rams to run out on to the field with their hands up saying, hands up, don't shoot. they allow these socks but
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didn't allow the team in dallas to wear stickers on their helmets honoring the five murdered cops. >> juan. >> he said this in interviews, in fact this is about bad cops. it is not about all cops. similarly, during the sitting at the san francisco/san diego game, i went out and shook hands with the military. let's not just damn colin kaepernick. >> i love football, i wish they would keep politics out of football and let's watch a good game. >> that's the way i feel -- >> i mean seriously. >> i said it before. maybe offensive line may know a military personnel or a police officer, and say, why don't you take my quarterback over here. i was looking the other way during the play. >> we have to leave it right there. coming up, one media company blurring out a shirt during reairing of an interview with an excop. find out what his shirt said and
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. hln not blurring lines in what critics say is blatant media bias. this week the network which is a sister network of cnn interviewed a cop who saved a child from a hot car. what was on his shirt that was so bad that needed to be blurred. look at the original interview.
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turns out he is a trump fan. hln says this, kwee blurred the logo and shouldn't have. it was done in error. juan, he was pro trump so they blurred the logo. any bias there? >> yeah. well, look, i think the bias is they didn't want to introduce politics into what was a story of rescue. it was wrong. that's what he chose to wear, it is his right, so i think they were wrong and they apologized. >> mercedes, if you think it was a hillary shirt they would have blurred it? >> i doubt it. >> i would say know. >> hillary or bernie for that matter, come on, eric. what bothers me is that -- and we have seen it time and time again with, for example, cnn and now in the case of hln, is that there has been a sense that here is a man who is a hero, right? but then they spend so much time on their network talking about how donald trump is racist or bigot and all of this, so they don't want to associate the hero with the racist comment. it is fascinating they made that
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decision to go forward and just not let him just wear his shirt freely. i think it was a big mistake. >> kristin, shots? >> cnn and hln have taken a hard swing to the left in the past couple of months. we saw it when cnn edited the trump tweet. it is as if the word trump is so offensive they need a safe place. this is what we get when we have liberals running secondary ed igs we are writing trump in a haven of grace. you have people writing journalism blogs in their mom's basements. >> don't hold back. journalism, right? take the shot, don't blur out what is going on in the background. >> i agree. but let's tell the whole story to the viewers. cnn, hln, everybody covers trump endlessly. trump gets so much free publicity, his immigration speech, prime time as if he was
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having a second convention speech and nobody says, oh, geez, the media, the media basically laid down for trump any time he wants to do anything. >> go ahead, mercedes. >> juan, you and i spent a lot of time together in cleveland and at the convention. cnn coverage at the convention was strikingly different. they would have a six panel analysis on trump's every single word or cut out some of the speakers. at the democratic convention they covered every single speech. >> come on, mercedes. you know it was the controversial kahn speech, do you think the conservative network covered it? no. >> the networks are making decision, and you can go into the case of univision, you have a primary anchor who has come out, stated he is not supporting donald trump.
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it is clear advocacy journalism, this is what we're seeing in this election. the lines have been marked by how the different networks are handling theshon. >> you say they've giving trump non-stop coverage and they're trashing him non-stop. i think it is going to blow up in the face of the mainstream media because it is so obvious. >> coming up. a great summer is coming to an end and a lot of people to thank. be right back. man: i am a veteran, and my victory was finding the strength to be a champion. man: i am a veteran; my victory is having a job i can be proud of. narrator: america's veterans are on their most important tour, the tour of their lives. woman: my victory was finishing my education. man: mine is proving a disability is not a limitation. narrator: at dav we're on a mission to help veterans get the benefits they've earned. woman: my victory is having my new battle buddy.
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narrator: as veterans face their challenges, dav is there to help, for victories great and small. man: i'm a veteran, and my victory is getting the help i needed to put my life back together. narrator: dav offers veterans of all generations a lifetime of support. man: i'm a veteran; my victory is being there for my family. narrator: when america's veterans win, we all win. o or
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and happiness♪ narrator: when america's veterans win, we all win. ♪but above all this i wish you love♪ ♪and i will always love you, i..♪ i want to say thanks to our crew for joining us. great debate week everybody. time to wake up, america. as we celebrate the labor day weekend, the unofficial end of summer 2016, i want to give you a peek into my summer. kicked off with a book lunch. started right here on cashin in.
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we spent seven weeks on the prestigious "new york times" best seller list. the five hit the road on the bus trip across america as we headed to the conventions. first into cleveland where we had an awesome time. i ran into matt lauer there. dnc was a great experience, although different. summer progressed and i had a happy and heart challenging experience. so many parents have when they send their kids off to college. we had such a great time helping eric chase prep his room. check out the room. the summer wrap up would not be complete without a hat tip to o'realo o'reilly factor. finally, a super special thank you to all of you cashin in viewers who have been engaged with me on air and facebook and twitter. i appreciate your support and
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always listen to your opinions. tony, amanda and kyle, thank you very much. summer 2016 is coming to an end. mine was filled with work, labor, and certainly a labor of love. thanks again, everybody. have great weekend and be safe. we have david a in for lou dobb. david: the f.b.i. choosing a friday before a holiday weekend to release its report on the investigation into hillary clinton's email sandal. 60 pages of notes show she claimed ignorance on how to handle classified material. telling f.b.i. investigators saying she can't remember receiving training on how to handle sensitive information. she said she relied on the judgment of her aides to know what should and shouldn't be transmitted via email. and we'll take up the fallout


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