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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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we live you, anna. >> buy, you guys. \s. well-begin with a fox news alert. million of people along the eastern seaboard, especially in coastal areas are brace fog hermine. it may gain strength, possibly producing hurricane-force winds on monday and tuesday. several governors taking precautions and announcing emergency preparation. we'll have full team coverage. let's begin with maria molina in atlanta city. >> hello. a state of emergency has been dlabd, including ocean, cape may, and right here in atlantic.
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we do the high tide coming in. we have been observing the water levels coming up. while the shore is well offshore, about 300 miles to the east-southeast we're seeing some impacts already here in atlantic city. the surf is dangerous, rip currents ongoing, and beach erosion will continue to be a concern. the storm is also forward to slow down. it's going to track very closely to the coast. because it has such an expansive wind field with tropical storm it force winds, we'll be feeling the impact for several days. not only through labor day, but even possibly by midweek the storm a forecast northward. tropical storm watches and warnings are in effect alongic coastal areas, extending up into portions of new england.
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a big concern with the storm is if it tracks closer to the coast we'll be see the tropical storm-force winds, evening hurricane-force wind gusts potentially. the worst of the storm here in atlantic city forecast to hit as we head into late tonight, also into tomorrow. many of the companies are already feeling the impact. we do know that attendance is much lower labor day weekend. many people haven't come out because of the storm and several concerts canceled already. >> maria molina, thanks. let's turn to kristin fisher. the summertime pop lay there really swells, but wow, i wonder how many of them are trying to get out before this thing really hits hard. right now business wavingle to 10 feet right off the beach and
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very strong rip occurrence, very dangerous swimming conditions, which is why everyone is being told they have to stay out of the water. hermine is right right off the coast. the big threat here is not rain or wind, about you flooding, and these rough conditions at the beach. if it floods, it will likely happen later tonight at high tide or perhaps high tide early tomorrow morning if it really does flood here. the biggest impact in ocean city may end up being an economic one. this is the boardwalk in ocean city, on a big holiday weekend at the end of the summer typically it would be absolutely packed with people. people are certainly out and enjoining themselves, but nowhere near the crowd you would expect to see. i was talking to the woman at the desk at the hotel we're staying at.
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she was not happy. she called the stormed a wash. we're hearing that from business owners up and down the boardwalk, but what can you do when you have a storm that could have gone either way? we are still under a tropical storm warning we're still under a state of emergency here. the national guard has been deployed in case of flood, but for the local businesses they wanted to see more people here this weekend. the good news for the locals they're not likely to get to get the worst kind of damage, and if they do come out to the beach, you have a pretty nice empty beach all to yearself and because of sunshine at the moment. >> not much consolation for the business owner. when labor day comes, i know they hate to see that.
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>> hate it. >> kristin, thanks. donald trump, courting minority on voters and preaching a message of unity during his weekend visit to droimt. in the meantime his democratic opponent hillary clinton dealing with a growing fallout stemming from the fbi as release of new documents summarizing her interview about her personal e-mail server. brian, let's begin with trump. how did his visit to the african-american church go? illustrates from the trump campaign's perspective it was a success. speaking in front a black congregation yesterday, he swayed to worship music, spread scripture inside, but how he's going to deliver jobs in safer neighborhoods, all while delivers a message of unity.
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>> we're all created by the same god. we must love each other and support each other, and we are in this all together. all together i fully understand that the african-american community has suffered from discrimination and that there are many wrongs that must be still be made right. inch while he was welcomed inside. outside there were vocal protesters who shouted "go home trump" he also visited the southwest home of dr. ben carson. c carson spoke about how trump offers an alternative to the black community, which leans heavily democratic on "fox news sunday." >> what is going to be accomplished is somebody that many in a denialic party fear, and that is an alternative. an alternative to promises that
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are not kept. >> greg, we'll see how that message resonates with the community. let's turn to hillary clinton now, are we expecting some kind of a response on these newly released fbi notes of her interview with fbi agents any time soon? >> perhaps. tomorrow hillary clinton will begin traveling on a larger plane that for the first time will allow the press corps to travel with her. it's a welcomed opportunities for reporters to ask questions about these fbi notes that has a striking revelations, particularly that she said roughly three dozen times that she could not recall key specific details about e-mails, including receiving training on how to handle confidential information. it's been 274 days since he held a press conference. >> looks like 40 times she said i do not recall. we'll be talking with our panel
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about that later this hour. 40 world leaders meeting in ho hangzhou, china, president obama seeking to smooth diplomatic efforts there. this marks the final g-20 summit for president obama. also hillary clinton in full damage-control mode over the latest revelations from the fbi. will her actions derail her march to the without. stick around with us, as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." ♪
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morning futures." her opponents step up attacks over the fbi investigation, after the agency last week released more documents, including notes from their interview with mrs. clinton in early july. susan fericio is the chief on -- what's striking to me is hillary clinton cannot remember key facts or important events, and in fact i've picked out just a few. she could not rule getting security clearance, receiving classified training, using her power to classify, who had access to her e-mails.
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that's pretty important, receiving emace that should not be on an unclassified system. security briefings when leaving office. 40 times, susan, i said "i don't recall" which is the sergeant shultz defense from "hogan's heroes." how damaging is this? >> i think it's the problem for her going forward the central theme is she is is the most ready and competent to become the next president. looking through the fbi notes that were revealed, you're seeing a pattern here, where she can't remember very key details. this isn't, what did you have for lunch on this date? this is about the classification system, this is about her training, about her using of electronic devices. all these things that many other
6:14 pm
people might be able to remember, and she's saying she can't remember. is it because it's a safer answer? >> you know what struck me is she's confronted with these e-mails that show proposed military drone strikes on enemies, and she says i can't remember these. in the same breath she says, i didn't realize that was classified. does that call into question her competent -- not just her judgment, but put another way, rank incompetent? now she's claiming ignorance or claiming she didn't know, and it also counters what she said at the outsid in march of 2015 where she was very adamant that
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she understood the classification system and never sent classified e-mails. so it looks like she's not telling the truth or she really didn't understand what she's doing. also that overshadows what she should be doing, which is talking about her record as the nation's top diplomat, her time in the white house. she could talk about any of that, because it's completely overshadowed by this e-mail situation and the drip-drip from the fbi. in particular it makes her look incompetent. >> it's not just that she can't remember anything, but seems oblivious to the basic duties of her office, uninformed about vital mashds. she was not aware of hardware or software systems which she's using on an hourly basis. not aware of a security concern
6:16 pm
with a private e-mail system, could not give examples of how to classify a document or recognize its classification. she did not realize drone strikes were classified, didn't think about whether military documents should be classified my goodness, an eighth grade opportunity should probably know that military documents probably should be kept secret. >> that undercuts her whole argument why she's the better candidate than donald trump. the republicans have smartly been going on the attack on this front and we'll probably hear more about it during the upcoming debates. we've seen the polls tighten, trump even a point or two ahead, but this will come down to these undecided voters who are in some cases growing. who do they think can hasn't the job? that is what it gets down to
6:17 pm
when people vote. you can just hear trump and republicans saying, look she's america's top diplomat. she has action to the most closely guarded secrets, yet seems entirely cavaliers if not unknowing. she hasn't held a news confirms in 274 days is she hiding because she doesn't have good answers? >> as long as she's leading in polls, it's a comfortable place for her to be to just not face the press. if you see her start to tank in the pops and she needs to get out and defend herself, she'll hold a press conference. 30 of the e-mails she purged where she said it was all about yoga and wedding planning, 30 of those e-mails were about the benghazi terror attacks which are you are two investigations at the time. there's so much that the republicans can continue to drive home about this issue that will really challenge her
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competency. what it does is that it prevents her from talking about her report in the state department. that 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. phone call. susan, thanks very much. >> thanks a lot. donald trump doubling down on his hard-line immigration plan, promising to build that wall, you know, the beautiful wall? we'll hear from an arizona sheriff on what he thinks it will really take as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." stick around. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number.
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welcome back. donald trump reiterating his hard-line position after being accused of softening his tone, holding a big speech in phoenix, where he vowed to build a wall and create a deportation task force. >> we will break the cycle of amnesty and illegal immigration. we will break the sighle. cycle. there will be no amnesty. people will know that can't just smuggle in, hunker down and wait to be legalized. it's not going to work that way. those days are over. earlier this week, maria spoke to a phoenix sheriff about the situation tess border and mr. trump's plan. >> sheriff, good to see you thanks for joining us. >> great to see you.
6:23 pm
thanks to having me on. >> how would you characterize the border situation? >> certainly it's unsecure. being here on the border in arizona, we've 820 to 120,000 illeg illegals apprehended each year. in law enforcement, we call that a clue. the border is not secure. >> and you're on the front lines. we want to know what you're sigh, what you would propose. >> i'm a retired army officer, i commanded soldiering inniuma, arizona. that portion of the border is secure. there's a double barrier, a 14-foot corrugated steel, no climb fence. we don't need it across the entire boarder. we dmeed it in certain portions, in he-traffic areas, proving smuggling corridors, not just because of illegal immigration
6:24 pm
or the drug car tells, but what about isis? the trophy threat? if our border is that porous, it stands to reason that people who have bad intentions for america can slip across this border. donald trump is making it a top priority. >> do you think the clarity he has now given will sort of quiet the base and help boost the base in terms of getting behind these plans for immigration? >> i believe so. the reason being. first, all americans should agree we need to secure our sovereign border. even more important than a wall or barriers is i'm wearing a law enforcement uniform. the laws apply to us and i, they should apply when it come to illegal immigration.
6:25 pm
we want to enforce the laws, then what do we do with the illegal immigrants who are here? his priority is very clear. focus on the criminal, the violent criminal illegals, which is a small minority of that large group, and get them out of though country never to return again. that's where all of us should agree. and quite the contrary, president obama with the support of hillary clinton has released 84,000 of these criminals, violent offenders many of them into our communities in the past three years alone. >> this is the really important distinction that donald trump is trying to clarify. over the last year we realized sending that many back outside of the country is not doable, not realistic. >> its not the fact that what is great and beautiful about america is the strength of our
6:26 pm
country is our immigration. every year we allow 1 million legal immigrants, so donald trump wants to get anybody who wants to be a citizen, do it the right way, we're more generous than anything other nation in the world, but follow the law. >> this is all very important points, but the devil is in the details, right? >> yes, it is. how do you make sure to vet the people and understand what it is is the bad guys, if you will, and who are actually trying to create havoc in the u.s., and separate those from people who are working here, trying to get ahead and regardless living here illegally. >> that's the whole point. you're looking at refugees asylum seekers from across the
6:27 pm
world coming in here, and we've had leaders in the cia, military, fbi, said very clearly that isis and other terrorists would use this process to exploit the vulnerabilities in our own system in the united states, because we love and defend freedom and we are compassionate, but we have to be certainly in this very dang are you time we live in that they aren't the bad actors they truly are the people we can allow in our country. >> were you surprised that trump went to mexico to meet with the mexican president? i mean, so much talk about that before he actually left, because with you know what he says about mexicans and even right now the former president is saying he wasn't welcome here. i don't know why he came. what's your take on this? >> i think it's fitting, it's appropriate.
6:28 pm
look, mexico is not our enemy here. >> right. >> they're our neighbor, certainly arizona's number one trading partner, americas's top three, and we have interest in their success. we want to respect the sovereignty of each nation and our laws, we want them to succeed economically. whatever we can do, and i think donald trump is sincere, to help pena and the leaders of mexico defeat the car tells that have created this instability, where 156,000 of their own citizens have been killed in this decade. that thwarts growth, and created this dire situation for mexican nationals to come here. you have a partner in donald trump who is such a successful businessman and wants success for mexico, hey, it bleeds over and there's success
6:29 pm
for us. we want sovereign borders. i think this meeting was very helpful. >> thank for joining us. we appreciate it. see you soon. hillary clinton and donald trump prepares for their upcoming debates, but does a third-party candidates have a shot at mag it to the stage? as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. knowing eliquis had both...
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mott raters for the upcoming presidential debates are now set. the nominees are both said to be preparing diligently, but libertarian candidate gary johnson is still hoping to get on the stage. well bebe low the 15% threshold needed to participate in the debates. maria bartiromo talked to the former new mexico governor about his strategy and what he hopes can change going forward. >> governor, a recent quote you said, it is game over on winning the white house if you do not make it to the debate stain. how are you going to get there? >> well, all of our analytics are pointing upward.
6:34 pm
getting to that first debate is really crucial, maria is just getting included in the top line. johnson from clinton then 99% of the media just reports the top line. the clock will keep ticking f. a second or third debate. we're still believing that we can run the table on this whole thing. >> all right. so we no that both donald trump and hillary clinton have very high negatives. some people are saying they're going to vote for one, because they don't like the other. make the case to the american people right now. why should they say forget both choices and go with gary johnson this inch 70% of americans don't even know who we are, and then
6:35 pm
presented with the fact there is a third choice, two former republican governors serving in heavily democrat states getting reelocate electriced, you don't have to guess about outcomes. we've been there, we've done that, i don't think anyone can argue that we changed our states for the better. we're both fiscally conservative, socially inclusive. we really have skepticism when it comes to our military interventions that have less to a less safe word, not more safe, and i'm talking about military interventions when it comes to regime change, and we really do believe in free trade. bringing the world together, so there's the elevator pitch right there. that was pretty good, i think. navl security and the economy, the two big issues, you're
6:36 pm
talking about military would you be cutting military spending? >> i think what's really significant is there was a poll three weeks ago by active mole tear personnel on whom they favored to be president of the united states. i actually won that poll. i'd like to think it's based on what i am saying, which is to have an invincible national defense by the way, isis, it is a real threat, and we will see those sands move through the hourgla hourglass, but there will be a void just like with al qaeda. we didn't even hear about isis until two years ago. when the void gets created taking out isis, it's going to get filled by other terrorists
6:37 pm
that are going to call themselves something else. i think the real things, so that diplomatically with russia and north korea. we're going to have to deal with that diplomatically, and it's gf toe involve china. >> so just to be clear, you will pull back, and you will look for help from china? is that what you're saying? >> well, in the case of north korea, and looking at balancing the federal budget, i really do believe we need to balance the federal budget, and we're talking why balance the federal budget? well, it's future generations, it's the fills cat cliff we are headed towards with regard to medication, medicare, social security, all these programs have to be reforms, if they are
6:38 pm
going to be available in the future. with regard to the military, the brac commission recommends 25% of u.s. bases. this is the pentagon itself basically with its commission that has said that 25% of u.s. bases can and should be closed, and yet there has not been the political will to do that, because congress, hey, it's all about getting reelected, it's all about bringing home the bacon. if we had term limits, i don't think you would see a closing of u.s. bases as an issue. if we had term elements i don't think we would have a $20 trillion national debt. >> just to be clear the priority is to balance the budget, meaning lowers military spending, cutting some of the programs that are so expensive, like social security and medica medicare. is that your strategy? >> it is and just when it comes to the military, everybody needs to recognize we are spending as much money on our military as the rest of the world combined.
6:39 pm
for anyone to think that there is not an excess with regard to military spending, you know what? i think they're in the minority. i think the majority of us recognize what we have been doing isn't working it hasn't resulted in a more safe is world, and that we shouldn't be the world's policemen, that we should have an impenetrable national defense. when we're attacked, we're going to attack back. >> we will leave it there. governor good to have you on the program. we will be watching. gary johnson joining us there. >> thank you. with a look at what's coming up on "mediabuzz," let's check in with howard kurtz. howie? >> good morning. our own chris wallace will join us to talk about his role as the first to be picked as a moderator. very positive on his trip to
6:40 pm
mexico, very harsh on his speech in phoenix, and as well we'll talk about the fbi document dump on hillary clinton and why did the anthony weiner sexting story get so much attention. >> that's a very good question. thanks, howie. donald trump making appearances in detroit. how did we do? we'll ask our panel as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces.
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donald trump bringing his message to detroit in an effort to appeal to minority voters. the republican nominee speaking to a predominantly black congregation, which gave him a warm welcome. but outside, well, the mood was
6:44 pm
different. dozens of protesters demonstrated against mr. trump, as they try the to court voters in the church saying he would live our country's economic fortunes. >> i believe we need a civil rights agenda for our time, one that ensures the rights to a great education, so important, and the right to live in safety and in peace and to have a really, really great job, a good paying job, and one that you love to go to every morning. that can happen. >> let's bring in our panel mo staffa, shawn jackson is with us, the chairman of the board of the black caucus in florida. shawn, we'll put it up on the screen. trump's support among black voters i think is fair to say abysmal. the latest fox news poll has him at 4%, poll average is 3%.
6:45 pm
he's deeply unpopular among african-americans is one visit to a black church really going to change that? >> first and foremost, thanks for having me on this morning. >> sure. >> but it's not about this one visit to this one black church. you're going to be mr. trump i believe doing this time and time again. >> what took him so long? he's been running for 14 months. >> you know what? i can't personally speak to that. the person person would be to speak to amount marosa. >> he didn't go to black colleges, black churches, black communities, especially when he rejected the invitation to speak before the naacp. >> you know what? to be quite fair, mr. trump did not reject that invitation, as i understand it. there was a conflict of interest, and interest, and unfortunately i believe the ball
6:46 pm
was dropped ensuring that someone from the campaign, a representative was there. >> did it frustrate you? >> it didn't frustrate me. again, i knew there was a conflict of interesting, and i believe the naacp knew how important the republican national convention was at the time of their event, so i -- no, it doesn't frustrate me. >> fair enough. trump delivered very scripted remarks, some people thought he hadn't read it yesterday, but said those who seek office do not do enough to step into the community and learn what's going on. it sounds like he's talking about himself, right? >> absolutely, but i am glad that he went. there was a letter by national security experts, mostly reps, that said donald trump is not prepared, and if there's anything he's let prepared in national security is domestic policy. for him to be in inner city and for the first time i think i've
6:47 pm
heard him say he's actually going to try to listen. detroit ace mayor said trump offered no solution, and some people said, you know what? he wants something from us. wouldn't it have been nice if he came to us before he wanted something? if elected he'll be the oldest president elected in the united states history. he spent a lifetime building condominiums for affluent golf clubs. >> and discriminating against black tenants. his company was sued for racial discrimination, and that was early -- with him and his family. he's had an entire lifetime to do something. he hasn't done it. now that he shows up right before election people will naturally be suspicious. his red riggs has been
6:48 pm
completely -- >> shawn, what about that? he stirreded a lot of anger. that's exactly to my point. mrs. clinton has done the exact same thing, showing up at the ninth hour. she's suppose once. >> for her entire expand. >> is might i add that mr. trump was absolutely on point when she said that what do we have to lose? black folks across america have been given the democratic party their vote for the past 50 years. if you look in the most blighted communities and inner cities and major most metropolitan areas that are democratically run,
6:49 pm
might i add, you will see that black americans have not been able to advantage their quart of life. >> is it too high of a hurdle for him to game any measurables in in support? a lot of people hold it against trump that he claimed for the longest time that the first african-american president wasn't born here and he also suggests he wasn't qualified to attend ivy league schools. i mean, people remember that stuff. >> it's hard to forget it because he's had such a long history of not just saying the wrong things, bulge really doing the wrong things. you know, after the last election, there was an autopsy done that talked about what the republicans need to do in order to gain back trust from african-american and latino communities, donald trump has done and said completely the opposite of that, alienated communities of color from voting for republicans.
6:50 pm
it's a sad thing. we're a two-party nation. as a democrat, i'm saying i want a strong republican party. >> i disagree. >> and donald trump is weakening the republican party by saying a strong party. donald trump has weakened the republican party and he is the fabric of our nation. stick around because in the next segment we'll talk about hillary clinton, the fbi releasing files on its investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail server. did it clear up the consternation for the democratic nominee or is it clear as mud? we'll be back to talk about it as we look ahead on sunday morning futures. hillary cli
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
facing some serious questions after fbi notes are made public about the agency's investigation over private e-mail server, mrs. clinton claiming she had little to no training on how to handle classified information. the democratic nominee saying she relied on the judgment of her staff and other officials. well, the panel is back to talk about this. mustafa, what's striking is when you read through this, and i've read through it three times now, some 60-odd pages here, she doesn't remember key facts, vital documents, important events. i'm just going to put a few of them up on the screen. she said, i cannot recall getting security clearance, receiving classified training or
6:55 pm
briefings, using my power to classify, who had access to my e-mails, receiving e-mails that should not be on an unclassified system, and skrurt briefings when leaving office because of her concussion. is it more than just a lack of judgment but incompetence? >> look, in the past friday, the state department released her calendar and it showed that she has basically, from early morning to late evening, every single day, been out there working for the american public. >> but in what capacity? what measure of confidence? >> as a secretary of state, she has delivered for this nation. and the questions that were asked by the fbi, you know, she responded truthfully, she talked about things that -- she has apologized for this, she has said she did not have training
6:56 pm
on the server. i believe she did everything she could to answer the questions truthfully. >> 40 times, mustafa, she said, "i cannot recall." it was really pretty stunning. how damaging could this be to her? >> sadly, as damaging as it is, i still find it absurd that the american people won't open their eyes and realize just how detrimental a leader mrs. clinton would be if elected. i'll give you a perfect example, craig. as chairman, i'm responsible to understand this policy to help african-americans make the world a better place. if i don't know that, i fail at my job. hillary clinton has known everything in her classification briefings and it's a blatant lie if all of a sudden she doesn't know what related to her.
6:57 pm
and if she doesn't, she shouldn't be president. >> military documents about proposed drone strikes and she said, i didn't realize that's classified. gentlemen, thanks. that ♪ [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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we have david a in for lou dobb. david: the f.b.i. choosing a friday before a holiday weekend to release its report on the investigation into hillary clinton's email sandal. 60 pages of notes show she claimed ignorance on how to handle classified material. telling f.b.i. investigators saying she can't remember receiving training on how to handle sensitive information. she said she relied on the judgment of her aides to know what should and shouldn't be transmitted via email. and we'll take up the fallout


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