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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 6, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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mainstream media on her flight. later in the day she blames a coughing fit on rival donald trump, listen. >> welcome to our big plane. it's so exciting. >> what do you think? >> i think it's pretty cool, don't you? >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> the media is protective about crooked hillary. maria: latest from the campaign trail this morning. president obama says the united states has a moral obligation to help the people of laos and pledges $90 million of your taxpayer money. details on how historic visit to the isolated southeast asia nation ahead. plus widespread delays for airline passengers, we will tell you about british airways computer failures coming up. bayer raising bid to buy
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monsanto. market this is morning pointing slightly higher, kicking off a short week for stock prices. investors watching economic data including ism manufacturing index, due out later this morning. dax index leading the way. 37 points, one-third of one percent. ftse in london fractionally lower. in asia overnight stocks ended across the board higher, fractional moves, hong kong index rather, meanwhile shanghai up two-thirds of one percent. all the stories coming up with me and here with me wall street journal editor in chief jerry baker and dagen mcdowell, and harlan hill. good summer? dagen: yes. [laughter] dagen: you say that like it's
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over. maria: it feels that way. count-down to the election. >> nine weeks, we are into the final stage, traditionally the last after labor day is when it's the really the last opportunity to change, to move the needle, three debates, presidential debates coming up. one vice presidential debate, all happening in two months. maria: we got a taste of it on the planes on the campaign trail. joining us this morning to talk about that is former florida congressman and fox news contributor lieutenant colonel allen west. ed rawlins is with us. we have a big show ahead and the band is back. we kick it off with politics. candidate donald trumps and hillary clinton spent labor day in the swing state of ohio. the democratic nominee try today quiet critics by holding a press gaggle on her campaign's new plane. earlier in the day clinton
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stumbled during campaign when force today pause campaign speech during a coughing fit. >> i've been talking -- so -- every time i think about trump, i get allergic. maria: i want to bring in political commentator alan. >> hey. maria: your reaction to what you saw yesterday? >> i'm actually getting over a cold. this paranoid talk oh, my god, she has lung cancer, crazy stuff. there's not one wit of evidence that she has serious illness. maria: i guess it didn't help her. dagen: i remember the letter that was released from physician was a a year old.
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is everything not fair? >> listen, they'll be somebody -- dagen: you repeated internet rumors that -- maria: i was shocked. >> so hillary clinton health problems don't show up when you start typing in. the most outrageous she has press with the plane, 270 days without a press conference. they get a few, like 90 seconds to ask her questions and the questions they ask her questions like how was your summer, how is your labor doing, what kind of a day you had today, we really like your plane. you know, it wasn't an opportunity for them to ask really tough questions about emails and the clinton foundation but one of them might have had the dowrnlg say, are we going to be seeing more of you
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hillary clinton in the campaign since you've made yourself available so far. harlan: to your point, this is the most favorable press core that a favorable candidate has ever had and unwilling to face them. 270 days without a press conference. she barely answered any questions on the plane. so what is he evading, what is she trying to avoid? why won't she face the press? >> i guess we have one candidate that's unavailable for comment and one that's unavoidable for comment. that's really kind of what we are left. i'm a journalists, i want to ask politicians questions all day long, it's my job to ask them and their job to sleaze around them or avoid them or to throw stuff up in the air that changes the conversation. i mean, isn't that just the game today, you do what's most effective for your campaign? maria: what's your take surrounding the clinton foundation that surround her while secretary of state like the sale of uranium to russia.
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>> the fundamental argument is that there's a pay for play policemen, i want to welcome everyone to washington because let me tell you, the candidates out there in every single political position in washington, when someone gives money to a senate campaign, harlan, do you think they expect greater access than the average person on the street gets? i think we need to have grown-up conversation about it. let's get money out of politics. a lot of ways to do that. >> you hear that defense from hillary. what they've done is there was nothing wrong. we are going to shut the whole thing down when she's president. things that she was able to do the foundation was doing while secretary of state apparently not okay when she's president. how does the double-standard apply when she's secretary of state than president of the united states? >> i don't mind rich people giving their money to help poor people.
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that's basically about the best thing you can expect -- maria: not exactly rich people helping poor people. the money was going to the clinton foundation and the clinton foundation is not allocating all the money out to the people who need it. they actually made money to it. >> what do we want our esm politicians to do? a lot of them become lobbyists, trade association, the idea of going and running a charitable, let's talk about maybe they should be a better charity. dagen: here is what i want out of politicians, i want them to represent the people that appointed them to that job or elected them to that job and not lie and not lie repeatedly to the american people, buried on friday was the fbi report, the fbi summary. it doesn't redacted and the wall street journal as always does the bank-up job of summarizing it. she was confused on classified markings.
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she said she thought it was about alphabet call ordering and there were 40 times she didn't recall or remembered crucial details about her e-mail server, this is in the unredacted portions of the fbi report and it goes to -- if you read through what you could read through in the fbi documents, she clearly was skillful lawyer and knew exactly what she was doing because she was trying to avoid prosecution. maria: represent the classified, she said it was abc. >> no a and no b. alphabetical ordererring. she's going to be and as we report this morning, the next two months, a series of releases of documents, more emails, calendar, it's going to keep this story front and center and it's the clinton problem that instead of getting, you know, just coming clean and saying, you know what, i ran the e-mail
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system, i shouldn't have done, i did things that were clearly not right, you know, it won't happen again, this continuous, continuous drip of information that we are going to get over the course of the next few months and the tragic thing for her it's going to damage her more than if she just came clean right at the start. harlan: democrats are trying to draw between the behavior of the clintons and every other politician. the truth is that no other politician operated a foundation while office, they took money from saudi arabia and other countries that murdered and imprison home sex wales, they carry out practices that are and expect to remain unscathed. there are no other politicians that are in office today that expected they can conduct their official work through a private server, communicating classified information without having any sort of consequence and the clintons think that they can do it. >> harlan, while i appreciate
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the overheated tone, i think it's a fact that -- harlan: overheated? >> certainly that everyone i have ever covered. maria: which one had a foundation, can you name one? >> let me make my point. what they can do to try to avoid public scrutiny. tug of war between the media and the people that we cover. so listen, i'm on the med aside of this. i want total openness at every circumstances but let's don't pretend that hillary clinton invented this tug of war. we have a balance, shouldn't we? >> the problem is she does have all of the polling indicates that she has a big problem with the question of trust worthiness. >> sure. >> it's quite distinctive and unique. donald trump, although he has significant polling problems too, people don't like him, they don't trust his judgment and character, but with her there has been this continuous issue
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about her trust worthiness and honesty and this reinforces the impression that is people have that this is not someone who actually tells the truth and that for a presidential candidate and someone that's going to occupy the oval office given with presidents that haven't told the truth in the past is a real problem. >> if you're making a pr argument, i think it's a good one. >> it's about whether or not you trust the person who is your commander in chief. >> right. she had been more effective if she had given an answer that was more like this. maria: or would not have had all of those conflicts. >> listen, she's in a position that she has a group of enemies, i don't think you need to be paranoid to say this. she has a group of enemies that have decided that that's an issue. maria: you don't think trust is an issue? >> i'm distrustful of all politicians. we ought to take what every one of them says --
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maria: there's real conflicts here, substantial conflicts while she was an officer of the united states government, secretary of state. and this is not just one other -- another politician just taking money and -- this is completely different. her husband got paid through speeches, the foundation has gotten hundreds of millions of dollars and she made decisions, she made decisions on -- in representing the united states government. that's the issue. >> let's take -- politicians, expoliticians getting speaking fees. dagen: when you're trading favors. >> no one should be trading favors. maria: we just gave the uranium in russia, saudis, the list is long of evidence. >> i don't know. i think you guys might have showed up expecting to find it. maria: all right, thank you very much. >> this is fun. maria: it's good to get all that on the table.
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president obama making history as the first sitting u.s. president to visit laos, details of 90 million-dollar pledge to help the south east asian country. raising bid to $65 million more on the merger mania coming up. stay with us. help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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maria: welcome back, president obama arrived in laos yesterday for a four-day summit. here is cheryl casone with the other headlines. cheryl: good morning, maria. the president's trip to laos mark it is first time an american president has visit that had country. yesterday during an address to laos people obama plelged 90 million-dollar with the government. the united states has an obligation to clear the millions of unexploited bomb that is were dropped during secret vietnam campaign. in other headlines, british airway passengers facing delays after computer glitch around the world. flights were canceled yesterday due, to quote, operational reasons. customers encourage today check in online before they go to the airport, some passengers even given handwritten boarding passes, still no word on what
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happened to the computers at british airways but we are trying to get updates for you. finally this, bayer raising bid to buy monsanto. the german has been discussing a deal since mid-may and would now pay $127, 50 cents a share, that is up from previous offer of 125. monsanto now valued at over $65 billion, maria, but i want to leave you with this one, fund is voicing concern that this deal my pose risk to shareholders of bayer. something to kind of consider. maria: top story in the journal. jerry, you're reporting that they're increasing the bid. do you think this pass with the regulators, the obama administration has been getting in the way of the blockbuster deals? >> that's a good question. there could be antitrust concerns. there's been concerns of
6:18 am
national security, chinese bid, chinese companies bidding for certain u.s. companies particularly in the area of agri business, there has been issues about that. it's germany so it's bayer, they are unlikely to have problems with that. there could be antitrust problems although this doesn't increase significant in the market, they may require -- but it's a big deal. the biggest deal announced this year. we will see whether it's now enough for monsanto shareholders to accept it. maria: do you think the shareholders are raising a red flag? >> the one that cheryl mentioned is raising consensus about bayer, you are seeing a lot of this. the german economy has been the only along with the uk success story in europe.
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german companies have been continuing to do very well. germany is piling up significant amount of foreign cash because it exports world most successful exporter after china and the german companies are looking for things to do, looking for way to employ cash more productively so they are looking several big german companies have bought u.s. companies in course of this year and obviously as they look for good returns, they are willing to pay more and more, so there are concerns for shareholders. i don't know. they have to decide. this is a significantly sweeten offer than the one we are getting previously. maria: dagen and i talk about this a lot. they are going to have smartphone tomorrow. >> normally we are in september, we have labor day, the end of the summer, all those things, football season starts, college football started, nfl next weekend and apple come up with a new phone. this time around it's not the
6:20 am
most -- this is not a significant advance on previous funds. nobody that comes out with a brand new phone, they have a big version of 6s plus, last year plus before that. we think, of course, nobody knows, the world east most secretive company but we think the event that's going to happen this week, they don't officially announced it but we think it's going to just involve a few subtle enhancements to the iphone. [laughter] dagen: the headphone jack out to improve the water resistance. >> possibly two lenses in the camera. iphone is the driver, one of the great business success stories in the last 50 years, extraordinarily -- maria: incredible. >> everyone has one. tens of billions of phones around the world. apple does seem to have kind of
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run out -- part of -- still a crucial driver but apple's bottom line seem to be running out of ideas. maria: we are going to talk more about that because samsung is out with its phone. we will be right back. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls.
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maria: welcome back, the iphone 7 will likely be released tomorrow. jerry baker is with us. we talked about rumors surrounding the device, what do consumers need to see to boost sales? we want to see how this compares to the galaxy and harlan hill, you have one. >> i do. and i love it. i carry both because i am a developer. i need both excerpting systems. dagen: that one has been recalled. [laughter] harlan: i think they had 34
6:25 am
cases catching on fire while charging. >> many people reviewed it and thought this is their best phone yet and they have been making significant improvements and catching up with apple. this unfortunate incident is not good for them. maria: what else can you do not to peek for the iphone, anything else to put on these phones? dagen: they are wait to go the tenth year anniversary. it'll be a full screen and then the headphone jack, thinner and lighter but beyond that, i can't imagine -- >> the one thing they can do is improve battery time and battery performance. for all the bells and whistles they are radding, it's still frustrating that if you're using your phone on the day you are running a full charge. that's something that really --
6:26 am
dagen: the bigger picture is tim cook even close to being steve jobs in terms of the next great big thing. what kind of innovations do they make with that? revenue from the iphone was down 23% in the most recent quarter, stocks lost 5% of value in the last 12 months. they've got to come up with something. it's got to be about more than just the phone. harlan: a supply chain logistics guy. he's not the visionary guy like jobs was. we thought johnny might have been the guy, who is going to lead the next generation of apple? >> they have an amazing bench. yeah, they brought angela, ceo, remember, very talented, one of the most glamorous fashion lines in the world.
6:27 am
maria: run retail stores. >> obviously some improvements but that hasn't dramatically changed. as you say, the design genius. it hasn't broken through. they were going to do tv. that really didn't go anywhere. apple tv is not significantly advancing where it was and the car, everyone is wait to go see what they can do with the car. dagen: the stream asking horrible. maria: a lot of competition. let me get back to samsung for a second. you have the phone that they actually recalled. the biggest recall on smartphone industry. did that open the door for more opportunity for apple? >> before the recall i thought that that was going to spell trouble for apple. this is terrific. maria: everybody was recommending that. harlan: we will see. i got a text message from my carrier, bring it in and we will
6:28 am
give you a new one. >> it didn't say destroy this phone. [laughter] maria: are headphones wireless? dagen: they want wireless, the headphones will go and charge. maria: all right. got it. we will take a short break. u.s. officials investigating reports that russia is attempt to go influence the race for the white house. details on the effort to protect elections coming next. fda cleaning up the aisle, cut antibacterials from soap. back in a minute. ♪ [engine revs] ♪
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maria: happy tuesday, it is tuesday, september 6th. it is 6:30 on the east coast. a new cnn poll shows donald trump pulling ahead of hillary clinton as 88 military leaders show their support for donald trump this morning, the latest on why they think trump is the best candidate for national security. the us investigating a covert operation by russia to disrupt the presidential election. congress returning to capitol hill to talk zika this morning, details on funding to fight the virus. the battlefield to the boardroom, a former marine joins us on wall street. lulu lemon, wall street eyeing the stock that is taking a
6:32 am
downward facing job last week in a big way. markets point to a slightly higher open to kick off a holiday shortage week. a handful of economic data today, we have the nonmanufacturing index this morning. in europe stocks are mixed, the dax index in germany leads the way with a gain of 23 points. the s&p 100 is lower in london, stock end that they hire across the board, shanghai composite top performer of 0.6% overnight. in china president obama took a moment to note the united states has more capacity than anybody authentically or defensively in cyberspace, hillary clinton spoke to the recent russian interference in the presidential election. >> vladimir putin and the team
6:33 am
around him believe there is benefit to doing this. as tim kane said this is like watergate in cybertime. maria: joining us is fox news contributor alan west, good to see you, thanks for joining us. what do you think about this narrative, the president's comments on russia on cybersecurity and russia getting involved in the us election? >> very interesting democrats create this strawman of russia. if i was wedderburn the person i would want to see in the white house come january 20, 2017, would be hillary clinton because i would think about the russian reset button and all the things he has been able to do since she was secretary of state and barack obama the president. we have seen an expansion of russian power in the middle
6:34 am
east, we have seen an incredible expansion of russia towards taking over crimea and ukraine. one thing to understand vladimir putin, they are strong men, a strong man could care less about rhetoric, they are about actions. this is president obama who made the redline comment who said assad must go and russia went in and assad is not going anywhere, he has gotten stronger and the iranian influence in the middle east has gotten more strong. maria: it is hillary clinton and the democrats with real ties to russia whether it is the reset or backdoor deals, not donald trump. >> seating power to russia in any way, shape or form starting with syria and not standing up to russia. the entire display we saw over the weekend how the united states and the president were treated in china, has to get off
6:35 am
the plane out of the belly of the plane because the chinese couldn't bother to wield the stairs up to the plane, confrontation on the tarmac for a long list that shows you where america stands on the world stage that these nations, enemies treat us with total dissent. >> do you think donald trump has said some things about russia that concern some people, he talked about -- themes to have wavered on whether the united states would support nato allies, in the baltics invaded by russia, said some things about vladimir putin that sounded more favorable than people would suggest. i take your point about hillary clinton's record of secretary of
6:36 am
state, donald trump has said and done some things that do make you raise eyebrows about what kind of president he would be with regard to russia and our relations with that country. >> no doubt donald trump has had some misstatements when it comes to relationships with nato and things he said with russia and that is why you see the narrative trying to tie him to russia talking about russia influencing the elections because he gave the democrat party and hillary clinton something they could exploit. with a new campaign manager, he will be a lot more savvy and a lot more careful of statements he is making and you have to surround yourself with the right advisors to make sure you are honing your self or foreign-policy, you won't see him making those mistakes again. >> democrats going big with a campaign ad which challenge his
6:37 am
temperament using things he said in speeches and the things he said about people that look -- challenging his temper saying he has the kind of character and temperament to be president of the united states and deal with the global crisis, the thing he does? >> the maturation process donald trump is not a politician and democrat said early on they would go after his temperament, make him seem erratic but look what is happening in the last 71/2 years for president obama, hillary clinton is a part of that. dagan mcdowell talked about the disrespect, president obama is not seen as a lame-duck president in the global environment, he is seen as a sitting duck president. you can look at all his misstatements and where he positioned. the fact we have iranian naval vessels harassing ships in the middle east, the fact that we
6:38 am
have russians buzzing our ships in international waters of the baltic sea. this is unconscionable. dagen: there is a letter of support for trump, 88 retired generals, this letter has surfaced where they stayed in the letterwill rebuild the mili secure borders and defeat isis. what are your thoughts on this letter? >> this goes back to the reagan mantra of peace through strength, looking at our military, in the years of obama where we had an army at 1939 levels and navy at mcmxvii levels, marine corps at world war i level, the oldest and smallest fleet for combat aircraft in the air force, aviation maintenance crews at museums to try to find spare parts for our combat aircraft, these generals realize military readiness, they will take the chance with trump because they don't have another way to go.
6:39 am
>> you think democrats have been successful in obvious gating the meat of this issue which is hillary clinton misused her email scandal it has scandals between the clinton foundation of his that are worth highlighting, the discussion about trump nonexistent ties to russia. as dagan mcdowell laid out hillary clinton has the russian reset, abdicated her responsibility on syria, sold a quarter of our uranium reserves to russia in a deal between the clinton foundation and the state department. seems they have succeeded in distracting the media from the meat of this issue because we are talking about it. >> the thing donald trump has to understand is if he does not make himself a news item they have to talk about these issues. the american people, i am out here on the street, they understand what is going on with
6:40 am
hillary clinton, they understand the kansas city, go left and right and create a straw man like i said earlier with russia and other things but there are serious flaws with hillary clinton, her ties, the private email server and ask yourself how can you run for commander-in-chief and say you don't understand how to handle classified information? any airmen would lose their clearance, be dishonorably discharged, be in fort leavenworth. dagen: thanks so much, we will talk to you soon. congress goes back to capitol hill to provide funding to fight the cup at the clock is ticking, the race against time for the house and senate, gm is closer to leaving its emissions which scandal in the rearview mirror, more on the recent settlement of two cases, back in a minute.
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maria: looking for a higher open in the broader market once the market opens in two hours, a couple names on the move, carnival cruise taking a tumble on concerns about sluggish artist booking, company stock down 5% friday trading lower again on sales worries. investors eyeing lulu lemon after the company plunged in quarterly results after the close. the stock was downgraded on fears profit was slowing. the company hired premarket after jpmorgan and morgan stanley should positive outlook for sales growth and after a 7 week summer recess lawmakers are returning to capitol hill for a short election season session with cheryl casone he has the headlines. cheryl: coming back, they have
6:45 am
four weeks to pass a temporary spending bill to keep the federal government operating, the senate also making funding for zika its first order of business, lawmakers left washington in july without resolving a dispute over the zika issue, the president asked for $1.5 billion to fight zika, officials are waiting for the outcome of that. and headlines general motors has the final emissions which cases going to trial, the latest development moves gm closer to remaining legal hurdles from a safety defect linked to 124 deaths, gm recalled older cars in 2014 with faulty ignition switches that could suddenly turn off cutting power to the engine and safety features like power steering, power brakes and even airbags and finally this. antibacterial hand soap has been around for a long time but the
6:46 am
debates whether they work keeps going. the fda said manufacturer produced actual data that showed these products worked. the fda said it is banning 19 chemicals, many of them in antibacterial soaps. manufacturers did not demonstrate ingredients are safe for long-term daily use and more effective than preventing illness at the spread of certain infections. antibacterial soaps are more effective than using soap and water but i do like the coconut version. back to you. dagen: i have never been a fan of antibacterial soap. it is superhot water and soap. it is a crutch and i believe that report. >> this is on the heels that
6:47 am
millennial's are killing the soap our. dagen: killing a lot of things. >> everything that goes wrong. i am on the same page as you. maria: stefan curry, and warren buffett and pope francis applying skills for success on the battlefield, back in a minute. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking
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to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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maria: my next guest took what he learned on the battlefield and turned it into a recipe for success in the board room. the new book the marine corps way lays out a set of principles and values he said would improve the wall street image and performance, retired marine, investment banker and author ken marlin. thanks for joining us. take us through these principles, 5 principles you start with and you start saying take the long view. >> there are actually 11 principles i have learned while a marine and applied while leading businesses, tech businesses and for the last 14 years running an investment bank. the one i lead with, if i take the long view is a marine corps approach that says you have to know where you are going, all tactics need to align the said mission. we see too many in business and too many bankers being reactive. maria: you are an infantry
6:52 am
officer for decades. you say take a stand. what does that mean? conviction. >> take a stand has two connotations. it means conviction. one of the marine corps leadership principles is decisiveness but also about doing the right thing for the right reasons every time and as a banker sometimes i tell people they pay me for my advice, can't make them listen to my advice but i can't give advice i don't believe in. from a banker perspective advising your client on the right thing to do, not necessarily what they want to hear and telling them what they don't want to hear. maria: know the enemy, you want to know who the enemy is, who is the person or group on the other side you are fighting? at the same time you don't to focus on them but not on you. >> that is right and there is
6:53 am
another principle about knowing yourself. knowing the enemy is about knowing who they are, understanding their motivations, understanding nobody believes they are the bad guy, nobody -- understanding their strengths and weaknesses and capabilities and motivations, negotiating standpoint is huge. once you fully understand the capabilities of the other side but why they want what they want oftentimes from a negotiating standpoint you can come up with a win/win scenario. maria: trust and verify. >> ronald reagan didn't coin the phrase trust but verify, but he made it famous. the concept in business is there are no sure things. you cannot -- there are no
6:54 am
treaties or contracts that absolutely guarantee any performance so at some level if you come to an agreement you have to trust but that shouldn't stop you doing her best to verify. maria: the third point is being disciplined. >> being disciplined in some ways is the last one i put in the book because it does encapsulate the principles but it is about being disciplined in your planning. we do backwards planning understand where you want to wind up and when you want to wind up there and all the steps necessary to be there. it also involves not only doing the right things but not doing the wrong things which sometimes means skipping those. you don't have to fight every battle just because you can. maria: what about political leaders, who best exemplifies the marine way? >> an interesting political
6:55 am
season. i voted in every presidential election since richard nixon i hate to say. while at various times i voted for democrats for senator democrat, i never previously voted for a democrat for president. i have thought about this a lot and tried to apply marine corps principles, i am going to hold my nose and vote for hillary clinton. i think she does more clearly embody the marine corps principles which does not mean that i like some of the things i hear about policies or taxes or some of the things i hear about emails but on balance i do believe she embodies them more than mister trump. it is a tough year. maria: when you say hold your nose it is because you don't
6:56 am
like any of the above, the policies, the emails but do it anyway. >> i'm going to do it anyway. i believe we don't have time to go through the other principles. i do believe taking the long view means you have to have a clear sense not only of where we are going but how you are going to get there and on balance i think she wins that one. maria: good to see you, thanks for joining us, congratulations on the book, hillary clinton meets the press in midair. was it enough to quiet critics after 270 days without speaking at a press conference, more on that in the next hour of "mornings with maria". back in a moment. n a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology help keep cities moving, so neighborhoods and businesses can prosper.
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tuesday, september 6 thanks for being with us top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast race to white house on donald trump billing ahead of hillary clinton right now in latest polls, we've got very latest on the new national poll out this morning. then clinton declines a visit to mexico, and slams trump again for his trip. >> not only did trump mess up his first international engagement he choked. >> he didn't have energy to go to louisiana? she didn't have energy to go to mexico. >> she should have gone to mexico should have gone to louisiana. >> still hasn't go ento
7:00 am
louisiana didn't have energy or drive to go to mexico. >> hermine churning off share expected to weaken coastal flooding dangerous wind gusts a threat live report on that hurricane coming up "black lives matter" closing airport runaway disrupting flights details on the delays and arrests coming up retired legendary apple engineer turning down job at apple store jeans bar t-- genius bar. >> colin kaepernick certifies unify sales soaring late on national anthem previous to controversy markets indicating slightly higher for broader averages as we kick -- of holiday shortened week investors looking at economic data isnnonmanufacturing index due out this morning may set the tone for markets, in europe, stocks mixed dax in germany leading the way, that is up, about a quarter of a percent, but if the other
7:01 am
major averages flat to lower in asia stocks end dad higher across the board take a look best performer shanghai composite up 6/10 of 1% joining they me to break it down "the wall street journal" editor in chief jerry baker own dagen mcdowell and democratic strategy colin hill great o show so faradayday can i do one thing quick. maria: please. >>. dagen: neil coming back happy noon on fox business on news channel. >> great show mark cuban on ki carl icahn been in a feud a long time coming. >> so glad neil coming back join us 12 pm or cavuto coast to coast, we can't miss lineup former real estating economic advisor arteri laffer with us stuart varney as well don't mission a moment as we
7:02 am
continue, trump is pulling ahead in latest cnn pol out this morning republican presidential nominee leading by two points, joining us right now to talk about it republican strategist fox news contributor ed rollins good to see you a thanks so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> is this new moment that you see what do you make of new cnn pol has trump ahead. >> i wouldn't get yofrl excited about it i think the key thing here he caught her a competitive race the rest of the way on traditional grounz men for him women for her young for her older traditional way breaks out, she still has a slight advantage in money, advantage in electoral college but he is where he wants to be the way donald trump plays golf i am not a golfer likes to hang around to last two or three holes from what i understand kind of finish strong, the good thing, this poll is that two things he gets highest marks on economy, and fighting terrorism, if he makes the rest of the campaign about those two issues as he should,
7:03 am
then forget the other stuff he can win this thing. >> harlan hill how do you see it. >> hillary rodham clinton not barack obama, and so i know she overperforms with minorities young voters i am not convinced they turn out the way they did in 2012 for the democratic ticket what do you think. >> i didn't think they would turn out the same way 2012, they clearly have better memorabling organization interesting thing about this race they have done everything right as far as campaign, they have raised money they have good advertising, they have been on the air, they have ground games everywhere, and nonmattered to this point in time, it is really about her. and just something about her -- david -- keep getting i reenforthwithed trump is trump people more comfortable with him i think can have a fair debate win this she has gone to have a great debate to move as farred. >> three weeks from debate. dagen: how does he win states ed he has to stay out of the
7:04 am
states that he can't win. i have gone watching. >> like tomorrow night here in, no, a conservative endorsement conservatives are for him at the end of the day, he is not going to win new york not going to win california not winning you been washington needs in he pennsylvania north carolina virginia, definitely in florida, at the end of the day, trump won in florida, about lead every day from florida so he las a presence there. >> one thing. >> and ohio he is very, very close to ohio. the great thing about if governor kasich would have helped him that would be over now, but the senate race there is now -- is -- is very, very well getting reelected i think that is going to help him i'm measurably. >> a solid lead 5, 6, 7 points depending how you measure it traditional last four years, whoever has the lead at the conventions about usually i mean i think i had varies takes through election day, do
7:05 am
you think that is going to to be broern. >> i do for this one we had back-to-back conventions this time normally would i say trump had okay conditions she had pretty good she gained momentum out of the two combined and kind of gave her a host, i think the reality she took august off, for all practical purposes raised a ton of money at the end of the day may matter, but i wouldn't argue with those today, and basically continued to dominate the free media what he has done effectively i go back to all the medics that i know 50 years in this business she has done so much better than he has but doesn't matter, he she -- she he just can't she can't -- stick in with anything at this point in time and people getting more and more acceptable he is not her good enough for a lot of people. >> one thing, i noitsdz in cnn poll is that they have got 90% republicans behind trump been a struggling in other polls what he was like in mid 70s, and needs to get to that 90% mark she has 92% democrats backing hillary clinton that is where he needs to be again,
7:06 am
strong with independents. >> independents. >> this is this is the this as i looked at that poll this morning i said this is traditional republican democrat again romney numbers, a little bit -- here or there independents going to win this race at the end of the day always done better with that argument has to be you want change i am the change agent you want the same -- of four more years vote for her, i can pick fix economy she want all she is going to do raise tags spend more i am not that is the message. and stay with that message should not get distracted by 15,000 other things. >> interesting to see the impact visit to mexico had hillary clinton rejecting president enrake aye peña nieto invitation to visit mexico she wants to focus on creating jobs in the u.s. also put to attack he opponent donald trump met with mexican president last week watch hillary clinton on that. >> he managed to turn his trip to mexico into an embarrassing international incident.
7:07 am
>> president of mexico said i told him in the meeting we weren't paying for that wall not only did trump mess up his first international he he choked he continue bring limbs to tell president of mexico one of very few policy demands. >> i think you are absolute right, that argument doesn't resonate what was brilliant actually about mexico triplets be honest what you said free media hillary has he done nothing no terms of campaigning last two weeks invisible suddenly appeared yesterday he was out there did trip i don't think people may much attention to the details of what president peña -- >> they saw him he looked presidential up there at meeting came back to arizona later that day gave a pretty full throated speech on immigration him out there doing stuff talking to foreign leaders looked impress. >> it absolutely did again he
7:08 am
wiped out her speech gave a impeach to the veterans continue find coverage anywhere dominated two weeks on free media, again, there is nothing revolutionary he is arguing she looked winey placate to go labor unions she always does at the end of the day we're tired of obama kind of going ining coming out second trump's campaign has been about the picture in the paper today, that, stare down putin i don't think he stared down putin one more time putin basically showed him bye little guy go back home wherever you are going i am not giving up what i want to do on very important issues i think people are kind of tired of that to a certain extent -- >> fbi released notes on hillary's e-mails friday what was it 4b. >> 4:30 labor day weekend. >> -- >> yeah. >> i was at my desk. >> did not mamatter 4:30.
7:09 am
>> on the air going through heavily redacted dominates she told fbi didn't recall remember anything when asked, at least 40 times, in the -- unredact unredacted documents thought c didn't stand for confidential she thought the small c, didn't know meaningch small c was thought regards to al bettal order of documents. >> no a, and b. >> staff deleted e-mails after he receiving e-mails colin powell warned her about you k disclosure possibilities aide destroyed breaking one with a hammer. >> i would argue for the good i would also argue going back to plan i wouldn't waist one more moment about e-mails any rest a vast majority of americans don't think she is
7:10 am
honest she died about e-mails benghazi lied about everything last 30 years economy what people care about elect trump keep more money better chance kids getting a job future being better, you know she is a traditional democrat, at the end of the day, and -- issuewise -- democrat going to basically have more spending programs, more entitlement more taxes again her tax plan very complicated, nothing in there for -- corporate tax really -- the economy. >> 8 brackets. >> one final question do you think that daying enwas saying early he will be getting all republicans onboard this has been republicans still withheld support as election gets closer in terms of time and in terms of the race, do you think you will see more and more republicans -- >> i don't think you will see more fighting him i think at the end of the day they are going to shut mouth senate going to try to get reelected house the same way, back in session this week no won is standing up against him at the end of the day when voters walk in here to going to vote for him republicans in
7:11 am
particular. >> ed how does that look to people, that you know, she had 13 device, and they destroyed one literally with a hammer? >> i think -- >> hammer. >> again, again, if you try to get her indicted, my premise i want to get her defeated, and you should never going to be -- she will do all things she always does, that already is a basically rein forthwithed reason polls closed back up people believe that already why waste 7, 8 weehammering her on that get back to the economy he has the lead on that that is what people want change agent i am going to i can ma it better. >> trust him. >> 8 years on obama, economy no better than when he came in. >> good to see you that i so much president obama defends he emat about epidemiologically 49ers colin kaepernick. >> unofficialing end of summer what company is doing to
7:12 am
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7:15 am
center. >> hi right now twakdz two storm systems one of them really is not technically a tropical system anymore right now hermine has sustained winds 65 miles per hour moving toward the west made that sharp turn, towards the left and moving closer toward the coast many areas out there, still under a tropical storm warning, parts of eastern long island cross southern parts new england strong winds of tropical storm force we are anticipating beach he ro shinn coastal flooding concerns out there, that very dangerous surf rip currents a threat as well not only for today but even into tomorrow as storm is going to be a slow -- mover, cross pacific a category one hurricane making landfall across -- cabo, eventually a lot of tropical moisture of move northward with storm impacting parts of the southwestern u.s. plays like arizona could be looking at this from storm system a heads-up over the next few days going to be a big threat
7:16 am
out there, otherwise right now moving across center of the nation this is bringing in risk for severe weather from parts of the upper great lakes farther west portions high plains damaging winds hail isolated tornados possible not only today maria but into tomorrow over to you. maria: i will take it back this is your last day with us, maria congratulations to you we all want to wish you our best wishes. >> thank you i am going to miss you all so much thanks for having me on your show maria. >> all the best protesters blocked runaway in london cheryl casone with that. cheryl: -- maria london city aerate flights disrupted the 10 prestsdz lord themed on runaway "black lives matter" uk movement claiming responsibility saying black people in plugs 28% more likely to be exposed tire applyings than white counterparts. >> it is against law looks like age discrimination in the workplace alive and well "new
7:17 am
york times" has the story of jk shine bergh there he is apple engineer, become restless retired from company in 2008 now 54 plied to work at genius bar that is the retail support division at the stores rejected, he says all you interviewers said they would be in touch you never heard back long actually good story you get a chance to read it finally, this this morning participating locations going to be celebrating unofficial end of summer today, with -- giveaway 2:00 to 5:00 pm free f-r-e-e one smell a small frappe, this is the ultimate oriole frappe coffee ice oriole cookie pieces, vanilla, whipped cream instead of telling you about it i brought you some, because -- we should have try these things make
7:18 am
sure that we like them or don't like thim, i think it you looked pretty darned good. >> know, coffee, anything. i think all chains realize you put coffee in ice cream oreo together you got a hit. >> cut sugar -- >> wake up america! there you go. >> exactly. >> delicious. >> special -- >> take a plant in this -- i won't do that. >> dairy queen thank you from jobs data to megadeals watching the big news impacting oil prices this morning, then tail of two quarterbacks latest on colin kaepernick's protest and tim tebow, all next stay with us. ♪ ♪
7:19 am
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. ♪ maria: welcome back positive jobs data oil deal between saudi arabia and russia expected to move the commodities today, joining us right now strategy phil phillip, analyst cme how does it look a lot happened over 3-day weekend how do you set yourself up for the week looking at oil prices? >> well, i wish i knew what you the fed with those going to talk about this week lot of fed speeches, could move market quite a bit i think you got to favor the long side, you know russian oil minister said this is a historic agreement between saudi arabia
7:23 am
and russia, the world's two largest oil producers, to do something on oil production to stabilize markets what does that mean the production freeze? a lot of traders are skeptical whether that can be done or not but that is what they are moving towards. a we even heard comments out of iran that they would be open to some type of a production agreement as well. and looking to stabilize the markets around 50 to 60 dollars a barrel where smoke he can there could be a fire when it comes to this deal but it wasn't only that this weekend we had earthquake no oklahoma, a lot of people are going to be blaming fracking for that earthquake, because of the way they put the waist waste in the ground we know this caused some quick in the past, but we're not quite sure whether this is going to be you know, the cause of earthquake but investigations are going on with that, the other thing, of course, that weak jobs number weak dollar always gives oil a little bit of a boost, we're going to get
7:24 am
fed-speak this week are they going to september december not going at all whatever the answer to that recol could be derl factor in oil fed as i know could move oil almost as much as opec and rush. maria: great point, jerry baker let's talk about this deal between russia and saudis they stopped short of saying that they are going to actually limit production. >> yeah. >> what does this mean to you. >> not a lot to be honest, i mean i think you know, look, they all have a vested interest in seeing oil prices high russians in particular hit really hard they are an economy that is very, very heavily genetic on energy revenues so they want to talk prices higher talk about constraining production to push prices higher, but they are not really going to -- they don't really have the ability to do that. saudi arabia for the last two years, actually was pushing very aggressively to increase production to drive low cost producers -- high cost producers out of business, so you know, they talk good game i think a strategic element
7:25 am
here going on, too. you know the whole region, saudi arabia concerned about iran, iran has very vicious aggressive things over the weekend -- iran ramping up oil production russia ally saudis trying to find a way, to keep oil prices get oil prices back up a little bit. , to maintain good he he relations with some countries in the region and to basically not rock boat too much i don't think amounts to any kind of significant constraint in oil production. dagen: prurs have ability to ramp production back up, prices go up 50 dollars has been one eyeball target in terms of prices where they my bring oil production back on line. maria: quite a ride up close to 50 just last week, two weeks ago, now oil prices back down to about 44. or so we will keep watching that a short break coming up move over web sites new study shows the staggering amount
7:26 am
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6, your top stories right now, 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, the presidential race countdown on donald trump slamming federal reserve chairman janet yellen president obama on the economy. >> well -- to keep rates artificially low so economy doesn't go down obama can say he did a good job the only ran rates are so low keeping rates artificially low so obama can go out after january and say that he did a good job. but it is a very -- it is a very false economy. maria: we will have the very latest from the campaign trail coming up americans sending time using smartphone applications apps surprising amount of deals ahead did you know akia 7th larnlt restaurant chain inside new do it yourself restaurant, plus despite outrage 49ers cab nick
7:30 am
jersey sales sooing latest on protests coming up markets to a flat to higher opening this morning, as we kick off holiday short end week dow jones industrial average nasdaq s&p 500 expected to open up fractionally, investors watching economic data on the docket day isn nonmanufacturing data later this morning europe stocks mixed dax in germany leading the way gains as you can see a quarter percent higher in asian overnight stocks higher across the board, shanghai composite in china best performer up 6/10 of one percent republican nominee donald trump slamming fed chair janet yellen attacked her for lack of action playing politics with the economy. joining us right now former economic advisor to president ronald reagan, art laufr good to see you thanks so much for joining us does trump have a point about janet yellen the federal reserve. >> yeah he does the fed has been messing around with economy keeping rates way, way way too low i this i they think that helps this economy
7:31 am
it doesn't it makes the economy a lot worse the reason we have this horrible recovery is because of the fed's keeping rates too low, and, therefore,, keeping capital from flowing into the mortgage market investment market donald trump is totally correct that is political fed, and they have been doing a very bad job on economy and they think they are doing a good job but it is it is it needs to be set by markets not by janet yellen. >> what would trump do about it, this is supposed to be an independent agency the president or would-be usually doesn't talk about federal reserve. >> well i don't think fed should be an independent agency these people are unelected professors at harvard or yale should not be running the country without at least some semblance of concern for he electorate they should not be independent they are too powerful to be independent should not be i am right along with milton friedman we should have a monitortory rule set that rule get the heck out of the way let market clear. >> i think we -- what is one of the very interesting things
7:32 am
about what trump has said is that think about the timing, right, so the fomc meks neithers a few days before the first presidential debate, there is a big -- market whether raising rates thanks to the employment numbers last week may be that he possibility recedeed a bit but markets think maybe 30% chance or so they raise rates a clever move i this i about donald trump puts them in interesting position doesn't. >> it yes, they actually raise rates then you know looks like perhaps responded to donald trump's argument they should raise rates that doesn't help hillary clinton, running for incumbent party if they don't raise he can being criticize them again for having done what they should have been do you think very careful political he calculation in this. >> i do the fed very political organization in the united states donald trump is correct but the fed has been blamed almost every election for ember ing, arthur burns, nixan
7:33 am
way back fed amz blamed in this case donald trump is correct fed has been acting politically, and should not it should get out of the way let markets clear but that is not going to happen. dagen: evidence of that before the jackson hole conference you had 8 members of the federal reserve including bill dudley from new york, that met with this very liberal left-leaning organization called fed up why taking a meeting with this organization? the "the wall street journal" editorial page, wrote an editorial about it said you know what if you are going to meet with liberal activists you need to stand up in front of american people tell them hey i am sorry you got completely screwed if you are in this country since 2008 i mean that -- they have completely stuck it to people, who did the right thing. and they never stepped up and spoke to them, but they are willing to take this meeting with liberal group.
7:34 am
>> go ahead. >> do you -- dagen point very good one you make the point that fed should be following some kind of hard rule sort play to rule kind of approach for monitor policy but there is going to have to be a chairman of the federal reserve clearly i think if trump it were elected wouldn't be janet yellen reappointed to second term do you fancy the youshz. >> i am 76 jerry thank you very much i am not interested -- in -- >> when he i mean when he -- >> i rest my case. [laughter] let me just -- >> all right. >> let me -- i mean there are lots of good people around i think, larry would be very good fed chairman a couple others steve moore i think great as well i want to get it out of hands of he professors, i am a yalie as you he know pitch hd from stanford talking about the at university of chicago i don't think professors know enough to be able to run fed this is not something that should be
7:35 am
solely in demean of academics, you've got stanley fisher janet yellen, bill dudley all of of these people all fine people in their own right but they don't know straight up from -- stickem about private sector just how to run governments do academic research doesn't supply to fed doesn't work in this case because they ignore supply side of money which is very low risk interest rates who the heck is going to lend 30 years on risky lone no won why housing markets so darned low investment so low why we have a lousy economy because these guys don't understand economics. >> let's get off fed for a second the economy obviously most important issue for voters. the economy, is pulled ahead, of terrorism 12% in new fox news poll what is donald trump going to do to continue this momentum, that he is the best -- in terms of creating growth for the u.s. economy? >> let me just -- i have no idea what he is going to do but what he should do is he
7:36 am
should stress the economy conwin on this one it is a slam-dunk for donald trump if he does the right thing i have never seen a political race where the republicans should win by more than this race. i mean look at turnout republicans state local elections everything points to republican landslide all donald trump needs to do is say he can control the economy, with a low corporate tax, and getting rid of obamacare whatever else he wants to put in there, isis great for him the issue is hillary all elections are ref republiceda on incumbent hillary is running as incumbent frankly running on a very, very poor record this is an awful economy we've had a poor economy a long time, and if donald trump handles right can win by landslide. >> 15 persons corporate tax rate a will havewill have a mar. >> ultimate hypocrisy of real estatingonomics. >> monetary economic policy of
7:37 am
this administration has hurt low income earnings middle class the most we are growing, at you know 1% first half of the year, you know maintain household income down over -- obama's 8 years, why what does trump need to do to show people that? because if we are talking about janet yellen i am not sure people are really paying attention. >> yeah well i think you are right i mean they probably are aren't paying attention about janet yellen that was the question put forward here. of the but what they are paying attention to is jobs, output employment production the reason u.s. doesn't attracting jobs from world our corporate tax rate is highest, thereof people won't come here they don't want to pay highest tax rate in the world what we've got to do is lower that corporate tax enumerate ask what donald trump is suggesting the reason michigan ohio pennsylvania doing so balanced they tax corporate profits way, way way to a much send jobs to us in tennessee
7:38 am
thank you very much, but they are the is it yours of their own problems in the u.s. is the source of slow growth we need a low corporate tax enumerate real estate pale obamacare i think we are off to the races. >> do you think that resonates with people that the fact hillary has 8 brackets you look at all braths add on state and city you are talking about a heavy tax load, for somebody making 90,000 dollars, 100 thousand dollars. >> taxes clearly have gone up, you know, on hiring come taxpayers even on not just taxing, hirnz premiums gone up a lot what people really feel taxes -- >> taxation may not have gone up that much, health insurance, some of the other costs, they have gone up one quick question to you as well, the issue of trade, trump said pretty negative things about trade. whether -- tpp, whether basically u.s. gets -- gets the short end of trade agreements and would he kind of basically do away with
7:39 am
them, that is not going to help growth is it. >> i mean, i am totally for free trade one hundred percent free trade all the way. of the now donald trump is correct that the agreements that have been done nafta tpp, all that include lots and lots of exceptions for foreign countries if you look at japanese nontariff barriers concluded from all the agreements to retrofit american car to sell in japan would probably take 50,000 dollars just to get over nontariff barriers if you look at some other stuff as well, japan monetary policy, has clearly been aimed at concernsy manipulation these need to be brought into trade agreements, but that having been said, free trade is the answer, and we should never, ever, ever retaliate to foreign protectionism by putting in protectionism on our own. you need to find other ways of shaming or embarrassing or pointing out these problems without retaliation, a trade war is a killer for the u.s. and the rest of the world.
7:40 am
maria: dagen: watch trump campaign shame the obama white house also hillary clinton on obamacare particularly in october, when people find out how much their premiums are going up, if they lost their insurer because you have higher premiums, skyrocketing premiums, you have limited choices with more hmos people losing their health insurance provider many states, and you are talking to people pregnant women have to go out and find new health insurance, when they are getting ready to give birth in january and februaril february anecdotes that i have read in the many papers. >> and that that is going to be a critical thing because we gave you the health insurance plan and it is a failure it is in the process of failing. >> do you think premiums continuing to up because of amount of losses talking about united health care will lose a billion dollars from obamacare policies aetna just pulled out.
7:41 am
>> a massive health care, they denied it at the time frankly lied to the american people that it was the -- to bring in all these people who were previously uninsured to subsidize them they had to be, because they couldn't afford any couldn't afford insurance also, to pay for -- deal with vast majority largeub in of people healthy and young, and not taking up pay health insurance premium they don't feel they need it basic economic logic always anybody who middle class middle-aged had health insurance was going to have to pay more clearly, clearly, the -- the solution to this, and that is exactly what has happened, now being made worse as you say dagen says by the fact that halt exchanges one providers many areas basically monopoly make prices as much as they want government to subsidizing, it is an economic financial mess. >> evidence by rise of bernie sanders you are going to sea movement to double down on
7:42 am
this, and to move to single pair health care that is -- >> and it is not because i think, are, millennials have any sort of socialist meaning not ideologic people came of age when i did don't remember good types you see somebody offering free stuff it is very alluring. >> good to see. >> you thank you. >> i am off to turkey. >> are you? when you come back we want to hear a report on what you -- learned. >> my first time there, i am going right after the show. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> safe travels. >> thank you, what are you doing in turkey. >> just a conference over there economic conference you know, economic problems are global not in just u.s. unfortunately. >> art laffer see you when you get back john. >> plan diesel has a new home is similar tebow good at baseball as well why the a former quarterback may be close to signing with a major
7:43 am
league team back in a minute. ♪ ♪ when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health,
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7:46 am
maria: welcome back, popularity of splatter phone apps continues to rise cheryl casone with that now. cheryl: that is right, well, quite a milestone, in mobile internet use report for the first time ever, halftime u.s. users spend online has development how big a role smartphones play in our lives has not taken that long google apple app stores open for business less than 10 years ago, well in sports this morning, serena williams made history a u.s. openly happened yesterday beat yaroslava more victories grand slams than anybody else in open era of
7:47 am
tennis open matches 308 wins one more than federer he faes number five in roman main quartr finals. >> venus williams failing to convert a match point lost three sets 10 seeded carolina of the check republic if you are hoping for williams sisters final not going to happen venus put up quite a fight, let's talk about akia, opening a do it yourself restaurant dineers are the chefs the company going to run pop-up restaurant in london from september 10 to 25th anybody with a can cook up to 19 people under supervision of the head chef no word whether they plan to introduce this idea in united states, of course, this is home of do it yourself furniture if you went to college had ikea you know
7:48 am
you can may be do-it-yourself or not do it yourself. >> swedish meet balances in ikea restaurants. >> >>. >> a vegetarian in a jam. >> thanks, coming up colin kaepernick refusing to stand for national anthem has some people seeing red, retailers seeing serious green we will tell you about it. ♪ ♪ across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive.
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7:51 am
. maria: welcome back san francisco 49ers quarterback colin cab nick has many talking about his protesters
7:52 am
of national an them, now his jersey sales are through the roof that is top five of the jerseys on, joining us right now espn radio host robin good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> what are thoughts here on this spike in kaepernick jersey sales. >> his message recess naitsdz with a lot of people buy yes, sirs. >> representative kaepernick people know i am standing with him, in not standing because i don't think many people are buying the jerseys to -- >> he made comments national anthem upset people he would not stand for the national anthem then made comments about the presidential he election, donald trump and hillary clinton. some people didn't agree what are your thoughts. dagen: some people buying jerseys thinking he is going to get cut might be worth something. >> he made 53 man roster i would bet kaepernick starting week five better player when
7:53 am
healthy i think the best thing that he did after all that is clarify some of what he had said because, i mean the presidential election stuff we didn't really deal with too much, you know with espn all that but as far as clarifying that he was not against the military even adjusted his stance to be on one knee rather than sitting down. >> that was intentional? >> i think that was. >> then he talked about going to give debt money to certain causes. >> i think you know, there has been some you know oiyou goline wants people to listen to what he has to say he adjusted stance protests shows it is not like a one-way street. >> after cut by clooefbd browns nfl quarterback going back to school fiscal confirming enrollment monday is this beginning of john. >> football's return.
7:54 am
>> hope beginning of the end of his descent i wouldn't see him back on the football field but johnny manziel seemed like a guy with a real problem every time you read a story or see headlined come out almost fear worst now at least this is a step in the positive direction, i saw his major recreation i don't know if he needs messing with recreation so much. >> he can't -- >> at least wasn't is in a not going to have a career if is he he is done? . >> it is tough he dent play well enough like there is also a a scale of distraction and talent he didn't play well enough for a team to go all right. we are going to want to deal with all talk we will have about signing johnny manziel, that is the big thing in nfl about distraction. >> again giving what he is doing when at a&m initially didn't people recognize that i know he didn't go that high in the draft i forget where he went when he was drafted by browns. but, again, they knew his nature they knew what he was about.
7:55 am
he was about partying, not really focusing on his game, and i don't know why they there was bummed in the first place. >> in draft because of -- you know, as far as translate in the pros but i think a difference how the whole parting thing was viewed at the time could you think all right, he is a college kid, it is frat kind of stuff starts missing scheduled events all that sort of stuff makes you think there is actually a problem involved. >> speaking of those who play well don't play well there is tim tebow let's talk about this a second open workout in l.a. he he represents 28 of 30 may be able league teamed in attendance received offer from minor league team bridgeport bluefish major league team may have interested atlanta braves suppressing interest what do you thinkch potentially bringing in tim tebow geois good. >> for minor league teams
7:56 am
attraction bluefish wherever that is. >>. dagen: that is my state bridgeport. >> the braves? >> somebody -- thunder bluefish minor league baseball team but as far as -- >> tebow a really good athletic see if it converts because there is a lot more goes into baseball, you know, it is lent you toys jokes people make jokes tim tebow never past first base how kaen perform at major league level. >> he is an athletic, can't get lot of even playing nfl that is a guy i saw run for a touchdown evaded guys fast out there the problem with him in nfl was ability to pass, the fi accuracy stuff. >> sliding in base -- kind of -- >> national anthem -- >> if you are hitting home ren you don't need to slide.
7:57 am
>> you can do it -- >> thank you robin, next hour you can get a car, and then you can get a car pb we are shifting into high gear what experts are saying best time to get new wheels we tell you why stay with us. ♪ ♪ gonna be a long, long time ♪ ♪ (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere.
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a. . maria: good tuesday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, september 6 top stories right now 8:00 aem on the east coast, donald trump, billing ahead of hillary clinton in the latest pol, just 62 days until election day, we've got the latest on new national presidential pol this morning. then clinton finally stopped domgdz the press took some thoughtful questions from mainstream media on her plane later in the day blames a coughing fit on rival donald trump listen. >> so excited pretty coal don -- cool. >> [coughing] so [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] every time i think about trump i get
8:01 am
allergic. >> on capitol hill lawmakers discussing funding to fight zika, raising offer to acquire monsanto detail on 65-billion-dollar takeover coming up now time to buy a new car you should get behind the wheel coming up, and markets this morning, pointing to a higher opening broader averages kick off a new holiday shortened week investors watching economic data isn nonmanufacturing data due out this morning europe stocks are mixed dax in germany leading the way with k slightly gains up a quarter of a percent, in asia overnight markets higher across the board it was shanghai composite topped perform up 6/10 of one percent all stories psychological up joining me to talk about it this morning "the wall street journal" editor in chief jerry baker with us, our dagen mcdowell, and democratic strategy harlan hill great to see everybody. >> great to be here. maria: i want to ask about uk economy this is an article in the journal this morning about brexit, and how all was he
8:02 am
worries about all of the hysteria, and the angst, never materialized. >> not so far it was the most extraordinary campaign that people said during the campaign that britain votes to leave eu would be a disaster, economy going to recession government talked about a serious economic crisis, the immediate aftermath all of the again reaction in europe around the world was oe. my god a disaster how dare they, they are going to be punished for doing it a are terrible recession we have a few weeks where numbers were certainly a lot of uncertainty, about the economy, every piece of data since then has shown economy doing fine. >> -- uk -- >> using -- really important point, that the a real issue is not problems in uk economy or the need for ucommittee he supposedly to be in europe the problems are european economy rest of the european company eurozone a disaster what is happening in europe a continuing disaster you are seeing front page, of the
8:03 am
journal today resulting in political consequences such as populist parties all over europe advancing because furious frustrated with the stagnation their economies have faced 10 years has been driven by euro by the forced integration into something they don't want to be part of united states of europe think don't want it you see angela merkel in german a huge defeat in home state, in germany across europe countries electing populist politicians want to do away with euro. >> amazing we will see if that comes to anything in u.s. you wonder if elites are missing it here as well as relates to donald trump talking about a lot this morning stay with us a can't-miss lineup wisconsin republican congressman duffy with us you horticulture of "varney & company" stuart varney will weigh in, donald trump hillary clinton, are
8:04 am
barn astronomering across ohio blake burman has details right in you in washington burpo good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well take a swing state any swing state chances are you are going to find hillary clinton or donald trump, campaigning there, in this post labor day final 63-day stretch to the election, today, for example,, clinton heads to florida, trump making stops in virginia and north carolina, both trying focus elements national security trump released a list of 88 retired generals backing his conditionedcy clinton he releasing yet another tv ad this one tries to paint trump as one low disrespects veterans and cannot be trusted by them. yesterday as you mentioned both in ohio, at points clinton finally made herself available to reporters traveling with her asked about friday document by fbi showed she struggled to identify classified information.
8:05 am
>> i -- i take classifications seriously, the fact i couldn't remember certain meetings, whether or not they had occurred, doesn't in any way affect the -- commitment that i had and still have to the treatment of classified material. >> maria to look at this new poll this morning, from cnn shows how tight this race is, nationally here heading into the homestretch it is trump who tops clinton by two. 45 to 43 but as we mentioned the last 60 days or so here a lot of focus really heads towards those swing states polls but as national numbers come back trump's way you got to take a look whether or not the swing state polling does the same, back to you. maria: we will watch that thank you blake burman joining us to weigh in wisconsin congressman sean duffy good to see you thanks for joining us. >> good morning, maria thanks for having me on. maria: reaction to trump leading in new cnn poll.
8:06 am
>> i think, this is an indicator that for the last five or i'm sorry two to three weeks donald trump has been on stump doing well talking to people reaching out to african-american community, goes to his -- his speech on immigration but most important i think the fact donald trump has been on script has not had moments in the last or 4 weeks where he goes off script says things that media takes, and runs with. so positive for him, look at hillary clinton, new -- news cycle worse the corruption between tie of the clinton foundation, and clinton state department, we now have her lying again about e-mails she gave over to the state department, actually did not give all the news cycle benefited trump gone against hillary clinton, and if i could mention one more thing, if you look at the money has been spent in this race maria the last number i have is clinton has spent 68 million
8:07 am
dollars in ads he donald trump you foufr million dollars in ads for yin ads winning news me in tank for hillary clinton with those going against trump still in the lead, i think it says a lot about the positive campaign you mentioned earlier not the national poll you got to look at every state, he has to do well in a pennsylvania, ohio, north carolina, virginia, florida, colorado, and nevada he does well there, going to pull this off. >> see what happens next 60 days harlan, wickly leeks asong says more dirt releasing in e-mails. >> absolutely i think we will see that coming weeks what i think is interesting she says she takes classification he seriously in that last clip there is zero evidence, that is actually he substantiated she didn't know what classification markings went neither e-mails, and so about those. >> c, means classified.
8:08 am
>> [laughter] >> this is something i would expect of a low level staffer let alone secretary of state. and so how does trump effectively communicate that or move past the issue focus on economy and jobs? >> congressman. >> that is me, i think he still has to focus on this issue of classification, because again, it is another lie told on her plane that she -- she doesn't understand classifications of vary information and to note if you look at u.s. house of representatives we have classifications cleansers some stuff is so sensitive that only the intelligence committee in the house is able to view this information she had on in secure on server i think that is a serious point, but you can't leave that completely aside you got to talk about it i think most americans care about kitchen table issues they care about the economy care about jobs care about upward mobility a better paycheck they care about security.
8:09 am
stories about isis beheadings shootings want a president low is going to address at a threat i think they care about southern border want a compassionate solution is to decide who comes in and out of our country play to donald trump. >> list of swing states, you didn't mention your state of wisconsin, there was a pol last week that does show race p is it even possible that donald trump could win a state that republicans not won in a long time there? >> the -- >> thank for bringing that up. hadn't how could i forget home state of wisconsin a month ago, donald trump was i'm sorry hillary clinton up by 15 points, last week this poll came out, marquette law school poll, and hillary clinton only up by 3 points, so he made up 12 points in less than a a month, and so he can win we
8:10 am
have a problem in wisconsin, we are in southeast part of the state there is a aggressive anti-trump movement if republicans come home in west i think trump will be for the first time since 1984 wisconsin will go for the republican nominee. >> because he didn't win primary there he lost the primary in wisconsin. >> right. >> -- ted cruz won. >> in our state northern part of our state, is usually 50-50 part we are rural, we are manufacturing and my district northern part of the state love donald trump making a huge numbers in part of the state republicans normally don't do that well in so that is actually carrying him in the southeast part where usually do well, but he is you know -- >> interesting. >> here is dagen. dagen: congressman to jerry's point what has happened in the state in terms of of the ground game? that has -- has turned the polls given donald trump some momentum? like is it people on the ground what is it?
8:11 am
>> so first of all, the trump ground game is -- is not that big in wisconsin but if you think back scott walker our governor had two recall elections, and our state party is one of the best state parties in the country. so trump's able to tap into that organization, and play it throughout the state benefits him significantly but i think wisconsin voter looks at the issues that they play out they want a candidate who is going to level with them be honest and twoi trustworthy with them if you look at president coming out telling us if you like health care plan you like your doctor you can keep it or the four hundred million dollars that went to iran unmarked bills that is not a rannom payment americans in wisconsin are sick of being lied to they want a president low is going to level be honest with them no matter how bad news is they look at hillary clinton think this woman isn't going to level with me i want the truth if i have the truth understand
8:12 am
it we as a country can work together to fix that problem, but if you are lying to me, dishonest with be we are no better than third party -- i i'm sorry third world countries that have you know banana rebuttalesque leadership. >> congress headed back to capitol hill one first order of business to allocate fund to go fight zika unable to do it before congress left so recession in july what are chances that both sides can come to an understanding here? >> now, i have to say maria we got that work done in the house we passed zika funding bill sent to senate, the senate zmademocrats holed it up concerned about funding for planned parenthood the zika money i want to get that done again in highways hopefully senate can pick it up actually look at zika issue on its own because, this is especially in florida that is serious issue, people to have necessary resources to take care of it.
8:13 am
so we will do that, in my committee i serve oversight committee on financial services looking at trying to bring in the fed and treasury doj to talk about 400-million-dollar payment that went to iran unmarked bills. we have a lot of questions about it. if you can only magic do you think that those three agencies accepted our request invitation to test before our committee? >> the answer is no. >> sorry. >> a subpoena bring them in. >> you think clearly ransom payment that four hundred million dollars despite what the administration said. >> absolutely it was ransom payment! the release of hostages did not come until plane touched down in iran. there is no other way to look at this. >> the definition the definition of ransom payment is is what happened with the 400-million-dollar payment to iran the president won't call that it every single american half a brain understands that
8:14 am
is ransom. maria: a lot of other money through iran as well, the entire tab paid according to journal -- >> settlement, yeah. >> good to see you -- >> the -- thank you, maria. >> see you soon, ge -- that is next. upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at a combination of see products.. and customers.
8:15 am
every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
8:16 am
republic. . . maria: welcome back general electricity wiring two d
8:17 am
printing companies. >> ge announcing agreed to acquire 3-d printing machines 1.4 billion germany's solutions, each company reporting 70 million dollars in revenue last year ge there is a stock ask just slightly higher in premarket, for ge, headlines activist phyllis should have afully died first lady of conservative movement died yesterday rose to fame in 60s for opposition to acquittal rights movement abortion rights founded a conservative organization endorsed donald trump her son john said cause was cancer died at 92. out of germany raised offer for pesticide company monsanto depend on achieving what it
8:18 am
called a quote negotiated transaction says going to pay 127.50 a share up from 125 a share the offer valuing monsanto more than 65 billion dollars. >> coming up next terrorism fears on rise new documents show isis is more sophisticated than ever much more than we thought plus the media finally got chance to ask hillary clinton the hard questions. so why were they so soft? back in a minute. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking
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priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark.
8:21 am
. maria: welcome back, new reports reveal isis las at least 400 trained fighters spread throughout europe, joining me right now he former u.s. army air mission commander amber smith good to see you thanks so much for joining us seems a shocking
8:22 am
report that they are operating stronger than ever throughout europe. >> it is, so their are reports over 5,000 europeans have been have gone down to iraq and syria to fight with isis, and so there is a huge threat for those soldiers so to speak have been trained on battlefield intelligent counter surveillance operations and now we are seeing them come back, into the different european countries to carry out some of these attacks. >> so your book danger close is out september 6, today. >> yep. maria: we want to talk about this it details your flying into enemy in most dangerous places in the world you you weren't only fighting the enemy you were fighting to break into boys club of army aviation. >> yeah so part -- it out lines how the warrior was in two theatres of operation iraq, afghanistan how it contributed to battlefield
8:23 am
success every single day, in combat in both those. >> you look what is happening on the ground when you consider the technology, and the warfare you obviously witnessed used, are they is isis loching ground in iraq and syria or not? >> well, they are still a significant amount of ground, more than we have ever seen from a terrorist organization they hold second largest city in iraq able to carry out sort of the command and control planning those attacks inside of europe still able to recruit, so until we sort of disrupt those operations in territory they are holding iraq and syria they are still able to move forward and plan and conduct those attacks. >> one story in back describes flying security for air force one in afghanistan tell us about that. >> that was one of the last missions that i got to do in 2008 when i was in afghanistan it was a super secret mitigating known knew what we
8:24 am
were doing supposed to be a day off instead they told me i had to fly, i got into my for mission brief that night they said you are flying air force one surprise mission president bush flying from iraq can when shoe incident happened spray of trip to afghanistan to see president we got to fly security for air force one all air bases closed except air force one we got to fly in dead of night surrounded by security incredible amazing to be part of that. >> what a shock what a thrill to be protecting the most powerful most important person -- the world. >> it was. >> leader of free world. >> a strange feeling to have an armed aircraft carry hell fire missiles security around the president interesting that and rife time experience we were the ones with weapons
8:25 am
protecting the president. >> what do you think the air force wants to hear from the next president of the united states? >> well, i think that the military in general right now wants to have a k commander in chief they are wl going to feel like it is behind them and is a leader is going to rebuild the military. and when they send them into war, to fight isis and other conflicts around the world that they are doing so with all the assets and resources available so we can ensure when we go in to fight these wars we go in to win them. >> do you feel that way do you feel that you were supported protected in your role when you were there? >> when i was in iraq, afghanistan i flu under bush administration, and i felt as though we did have that we were trusted in jobs given the authority to make those life and death decisions. >> did that change under president obama. >> definitely changed under president obama still talk with a lot of people in the military community, and they feel the rule of restriction
8:26 am
hinder their mission make them less safe because having to do more with less, and it puts a lot of americans' lives in danger send them into war with hands tied behind their back. >> not just what president obama says it is actuallies what he is doing in terms of policies the number of troops, the amount of equipment. >> exactly, so when president obama makes it very political, our military our men and women in uniform are the ones that have go into those combat zones, and future with all those restrictions placed upon them combat is hard enough when you put all of these you know, restrictions, and very strictest rules of engagement makes it much harder foster them not what they need when having to fight these wars. >> first ever man and a woman away active combat by female helicopter pilot in iraq and afghanistan good to see you, thank you very much. >> hillary's campaign debuted a new plane new poll shows trump taking flight before break take a look at markets u.s. futures indicating a
8:27 am
higher opening after a long holiday weekend more on a "mornings with maria" next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:30 am
here are your top stories on 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. hillary clinton will stump for votes in florida and donald trump makes stops in virginia and north carolina. they prepare for the first debate at the end of this month. >> the answer is clear, donald trump does not have the temperament-- to be our commander-in-chief. imagine him in a real crisis. i've said it before and i believe it. a man you can bait with a tweet cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons. >> i think i'm preparing somewhat like i've prepared for the other debate. i think i'm preparing, you know, i enjoyed the debating process. maria: meanwhile, president obama says the united states has a moral obligation to help the people of laos and pledges $90 million of your taxpayer money to the country. details on this historic visit
8:31 am
to the isolated southeast asian country coming up. wall street is eyeing smith & wesson. the gun sales and shake-up of the accessories division. and is now the time to buy a new car? apparently yes, why you should get behind the wheel. there is a holiday shortened week and economic investors are looking at the economic data on the dockets. we'll get the ism nonmanufacturing data later this morning. in europe, stocks are mixed and dax is 1/2 more% and the seaning high composite in china, best performer 6/10 of 1%. and hillary clinton giving voters a reason for her moving fit yesterday. >> [coughing] i've been talking so -- every time i think about trump i get
8:32 am
allergic. maria: the democratic nominee invited the press onto her new plane, a new addition to her campaign, after avoiding a press conference for nearly 280 days, but donald trump, well, he's not buying it. >> very, very-- it's shocking to see what's going on. see what's happening-- >> we want to talk right now to weigh in, real clear politics editor amy stoddard is with us. washington examiner chief political reporter byron york. >> thank you. maria: let me kick off with you, what was your take on what we saw on hillary clinton's claim, those questions, the q & a she took from reporters, and move on to trump. >> well, i think that, you know, she heal had to lance the boil and get in front of
8:33 am
reporters, it was becoming impossible situation. she's not going to hold a press conference, that's obvious. she deflected, you know, a things about her handling of classified information and it was a setting in which she could keep it really short. not a lot of reporters could get questions. i think she'll probably do it again, but again, she'll keep it very controlled and doing it so that she can say i answer questions from the press. maria: right. >> so we won't be looking at this clock of 280 days, but i still think, you know, not coming up with a good answer for these stories, which of course, she doesn't have a good answer for, is going to it into dog her until election day. maria: before that it was 280 days without a press conference, without any address to the press. what did you think of it? >> well, i don't think it really qualifies as a full-fledged press conference. some of the questions were kind of easy. i think the reporters, these were clearly not reporters who had dug very deeply into even the incomplete fbi documents
8:34 am
that we got on the friday before labor day. so, i don't really think of it as a whole press conference, but it's certainly an improvement. and if she were to do things like this on a regular basis, even under the restrictive conditions that a-b just described. i think that that would lessen the criticism for her about not having press conferences. >> byron, do you think that the health questions are fair game? look, from my perspective it's clear she's not well. she disappears for days at a time and can't stand up to a line of questioning from the press. she forgets things by the revelations from the fbi. and e-mails huma said that hillary frequently gets confused. do you think it's fair game? as trump continues to go on that line of attack? >> let me say this, is that yesterday when she gave her big kickoff campaign speech in
8:35 am
cleveland. it was very uncomfortable to watch four to five minute period she could not talk, coughing, coughing, coughing. a couple of weeks ago newt gingrich said that tv doctors shouldn't be diagnoses a patient they didn't examine, i'm not a doctor. gingrich gave good advice. the layman couldn't look at her without saying, is she okay? is there something wrong? she'll have to explain in more detail at some point. dagen: i have a question in terms of her not really speaking to the press. does that hurt her particularly leading up to that first debate? because you can kind of at least soften the people's perception of how you're going to present yourself and kind of take some of the sting away from the attacks that are sure to come from trump. >> right, it would be better for her to sort of practice this back and forth, particularly about answers about what byron said, the
8:36 am
findings of the fbi 302 notes, it's not extensive. many of the things that she says, which raise further questions, were just left to hang out there by the agent doing the interview. it's not a transcribed interview. it's not-- it's not -- it's really not enough, but it raised enough questions and it was sort of controversial enough that she should get at answering questions about that before the debate where she surely will be asked about it by the moderator and by donald trump and she needs to get used to talking about that kind of thing before it's pent up above the debate or it will consume much of the hour and a half. maria: makes sense. >> and it seems the last two weeks have been striking. hillary has been pretty well invisible, except yesterday, obviously. she's gone very quiet, a lot of fundraisers, and martha's vineyard and the hamptons and trump was out there.
8:37 am
and some of them didn't like trump's performance with mexico and arizona. and the gap seems to be closing and if not closing completely in the polls. it seems to me that hillary has missed an opportunity in the last couple of weeks. >> absolutely. >> and trump has taken advantage of it and now we're in the final nine weeks of the campaign. it looks pretty tight and hillary has got-- trump has made up a lot of ground. >> that's absolutely true and i think, go back a couple of weeks, just a couple of weeks. hillary clinton had a six to sto eight point lead. and now we have a poll, trump going ahead in likely voters. let's call it tied. and hillary clinton has had bad news in the last few days, that has an effect. and two, as you mentioned, she's been out of sight. she spent most of august in fund raising in the homes of the super wealthy, spending
8:38 am
time in steven spielberg's guest house in the hamptons and three, trump has been out there campaigning the whole time and it appears, just an appears that much criticized speech on immigration in wednesday, last wednesday, maybe the voters didn't have as negative a reaction to it as the pundits and critics did. maria: now it's about the debates. 62 days left until election day. the candidates gearing up to square off face-to-face in the presidential debate in september 26th. here is how trump says he's preparing. >> i think i'm preparing somewhat like i prepared for the other debates. i enjoyed the debating process, obviously, i did well in the debates. i've seen people do so much prep work when they get out there, they can't speak. maria: so what do you guys think? is donald trump going to be better prepared to answer tough questions because he's been holding press conferences regularly? do you think he doesn't need to do these mock debates that apparently hillary clinton is overpreparing with?
8:39 am
>> well, donald trump is going to be in a totally different setting and experience on september 26th than he was in all the primary debates and the stage was full and people had a few seconds to bash each other. if you remember, he would remain silence for much of the policy debates back and forth when the other candidates were confronting each other. i think that he needs to do a little preparation because when they get off the foundation questions on hillary clinton and back to policy, he's not actually going to be able to just do a quick quip and move on. it's just, the two of them for 90 minutes, so, i think some kind of preparation will be necessary on thorny policy issues to be sure. maria: byron, what's your take? >> actually the same take. this is not the republican debates and when he did get into policy sometimes in the republican debates, it got em bah,remember the things about lines around the states and
8:40 am
obamacare. clearly he'll have to have more command of things and if hillary clinton has a lead at that point, he's kind of hoping for this home run. it would be much better to actually gain on her and perhaps even build a lead before going into this debate and not put everything on this one single night. maria: yeah, do you think there are really a lot of people today that are undecided? >> well, i was going to say, a question for both of you, really, you know, they both have historically high negative ratings, we've never seen anything like this in a presidential campaign before. in the end, how is that going to-- is it going to determine the result? can they get the ratings down, usually negative ratings go higher as the negative attacks land more firmly. and can they get those down or is it a kind of scorched earth
8:41 am
and get them as high as they can go? >> i don't think that's super important here. they both have negative ratings, but one is going to win. i watched the pga tour playoffs. two of the best golfers in the world. one triple bogeyed and one double bogeyed, and the double bogey won. and i think that people will make a decision basically on whether they want a change from the years of president obama or not, whether they think that hillary clinton does deliver some sort of change or whether they think that trump is too risky. i think the getting stuff. the voters are always going to tell you they don't like them and they'll end up picking one. >> sure are, we'll see you soon. >> thank you. maria: president obama will become the first sitting president to visit the southeast asia country of laos. it's already shrouded in controversy. stuart varney has that.
8:42 am
and buying a car? car dealers are giving you every reason to do it this fall. that's next. >> welcome back to another tennis channel u.s. court report and a special presentation for fox business. serena williams is the most successful player of all time at the majors. the world number one victory at the u.s. open was her 308th win at the slam, overtaking roger federer in the all-time list. serena remains on course to chalk up her 23rd major title in new york and extend her reign at the top of the ranking. the american reached the quarter finals. 28 winners and 11 aces for williams in what was a dominant display. serena looking to make history at the big apple. don't forget tennis xhanl from
8:43 am
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>> welcome back. 45 minutes to the opening on wall street. on a holiday-shortened week. we're expecting a higher on the broader average. smith & wesson is up in premarket trading. the gun company was down 4% last week, but up 50% in the past 12 months, due to a surge in gun sales. general motors settling two landmark cases related to faulty ignition switch issues. they could decide how it's settled related to those issues. down 5% year to date. president obama is in laos in an effort to build a relationship with the asian country. but the trip is not going smooth. for starters, there were no stairs set up to exit his plane and insulted by the president of the philippines. "varney & company" host stuart varney is coming up.
8:47 am
stuart: embarrassing. this is the end of the seven and a half years of president obama's election, look at what happened at the china meeting. vladimir putin stared down president obama, our president, the president of the united states of america had to go cap in hand to russia asking for help in the middle east and refused. now, that's an insult. then, we have the incident at the red carpet, and the arrival of president obama in china. if you know anything about china, you will know that that was a deliberate insult. that was a deliberate forcing of loss of face for the president of the united states. now, the iranians, they were know the at the china meeting, but they've been humiliating america for what, the past few years with this nuke deal. the whole thing is an embarrassment.
8:48 am
our standing in the world has come way down and i think it's going to have a real impact on all americans going forward. maria: it's pretty extraordinary. if you wonder if it resonates to the person out there. stuart: hillary clinton is tied with president obama. she was secretary of state. and i'm sure she's going to try to go extra lengths and untie herself. if donald trump has any sense, he will a he-- he'll jump on that one. maria: "varney & company" is right after mornings with maria. and stay with us for a brand new fresh "varney & company" at the top of the hour. and looking for a new car? why september's prices will get you revved up. back in a minute. ♪
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8:53 am
>> this year, overall, may not be as good as last year, so, that puts you, the consumer, really in the driver's seat. maria: what's is most exciting to you? you've been doing a lot of shopping? >> shop, shop, shop. given that gas prices are as low, 2.19 and gas buddy is predicting we'll see under $2 a gallon by halloween time, good news for everybody, but it's not been good for the electrics, the hybrids, those types of vehicles. if you're in the market for one of those and those stand out not only it's highly incentivized, good time to purchase, good time to lease, whatever you want to do. $7500 federal tax credit and some at the state level, in terms of rebates and the 2016 leftovers. cars redesigned for 2017, rebranded for replaced, significant savings on those as well. maria: so this is the green and electric where you're going to get the deal. >> really good deals, because the trucks and suv's, because,
8:54 am
gas prices are where they are and those have been flying and they've had a banner year all year around. maria: i was going to ask you. when you see oil prices making a move all the way down. do people forget, i don't care about the gas guzzling. i want my suv? >> that's what happens, our purchasing behavior changes. maria: isn't that funny? so the green and electric car market has-- >> it hasn't been. the nissan has big expectations and hasn't done as well as they had expected and overall, like i said, the industry, there's consumer demand that seems to be tapering off. talks, perhaps, it's not as good as we saw last year, that things are levelling off, that we've hit a plateau. maria: this is the big ticket item. we look at the car market for a sense of how people are doing, feeling, what they're spending money on. >> that's why the sales have been as good. because the incomes earned, and gas prices are as low as they are. sales have been good, some
8:55 am
people are having too much of a car and don't budget for it. no more than 20% of your take home pay should not be on the your total cost. they're looking at monthly costs so we're seeing delinquent payments. you want to secure your financing in advance, and focus exclusively on the price of the car and operate as a cash buyer. a lot of people make that mistake, they do it the at the dealership with a calculator and they get thrown. maria: any good bargains out there that we should know about? what do you drive? >> i drive an audi, i haggled with the guy. i love it, steelwood blue and love it. maria: thank you for this, the tips. >> thanks, maria.
8:56 am
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>> welcome back, final thoughts from our all-star panel, harlan. >> this election is about the pivot to the economy and the media and establishment will try to paint donald trump as dangerous and out of control on the economy. that's why i predict that. maria: jerry baker? >> who cares about the election? football is back. amazing college football and nfl starting next weekend, that's great. maria: big money in that, too. dagen: and you do mean american football? >> i do. maria: not soccer. >> i like the round football, too, i've got to say this is going to be great. dagen: excellent, i liked you a little more there, jerry. what i loved today is cavuto is back after being out. maria: yeah! . dagen: the big kahuna is back at 4 p.m. on the fox news channel and i know he's interviewing carl icahn and mark cuban, a feud, and
9:00 am
independent. maria: and neil cavuto, coast to coast. that will do it for us, have a great day everybody, we'll be back here same time and place tomorrow morning. "varney & company" starts right now. stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you very much indeed. this is a whole new election. nine weeks to go and the new trump, he's coming on strong. good morning, everyone, fresh today a national poll those trump two points ahead of hillary clinton and more importantly, that same poll shows trump winning independents by 20 points. hillary's problem is endless scandal. in a moment, judge napolitano on friday's document dump he says is politically devastating to her. more developments for you. hillary says the russians hacked our electoral system and she says trump is urging them on. trump reportedly wants mexican drug cartels to pay for the wall. i ask you this, what i


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