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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 6, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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independent. maria: and neil cavuto, coast to coast. that will do it for us, have a great day everybody, we'll be back here same time and place tomorrow morning. "varney & company" starts right now. stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you very much indeed. this is a whole new election. nine weeks to go and the new trump, he's coming on strong. good morning, everyone, fresh today a national poll those trump two points ahead of hillary clinton and more importantly, that same poll shows trump winning independents by 20 points. hillary's problem is endless scandal. in a moment, judge napolitano on friday's document dump he says is politically devastating to her. more developments for you. hillary says the russians hacked our electoral system and she says trump is urging them on. trump reportedly wants mexican drug cartels to pay for the wall. i ask you this, what is
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trending? #hillaryhack. facebook feeds are full of hillary's latest coughing fit. we're four weeks into the new scripted policy focused donald trump and he's bounced back in the polls and hillary wants to stop the drift. she has a more active schedule in the future, but she's playing defense on scandal. that's politics. money, welcome back to the financial action, a new all-time high for stocks could come this week. isn't it great to be back? i say it is. i mean that. it's great to be back, "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ [coughing]
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for hosting us-- [coughing] i've been talking so -- every time i think about trump i get allergic. stuart: fairly good line. two coughing fits for hillary. one while talking in cleveland and one with reporters. and she joked about trump. the hacking hillary is rampant. we won't indulge in speculation on this program. america is back to work and i say the markets want to go up. that's my opinion. i think the markets want to go up. remember, we're way less than 200 points from an all-time high. we'll be up at the opening bell. saudi arabia and russia agree to an oil pact without a production freeze. eye iran supports the--
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this is all talk meaningless. the price is down $44 a barrel. and trump tops clinton. look at this, 45-43 in a cnn poll. gary johnson and-- karl rove is with us this morning. i know you're not a big trump guy, but look, the new trump as i define him. scripted, focus, very much on policy on point, seems to be working, doesn't it? >> well, yes and no. yes, the polls have tightened. i think this may be more an expression of the effect of the conventions in july gave hillary clinton a temporary bump at the end of july. the first part of august. if you take a look at the polls, in the four-way, that is those are the polls that include the libertarian and green party, there's a lead in the real clear politics average at 2.1% for clinton. at the beginning of august, it was around 8 points. in the two-way, just, head to
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head, the two of them, 3.3% for clinton, about 7.1 the beginning of august, so, we usually have an effect of the ce durable. in this case looks like they weren't durable and the combination of her decline and his improving campaigning in the past couple of weeks i think has closed this race up about to where it is today on labor day. stuart: do you make anything of this morning's letter, i think it is, from 88 generals, retired, very senior, military people saying they support-- they endorse donald trump for commander-in-chief? any significance to this? >> yes. stuart: will it move the needle? >> none of these things will be dispositive. but if you're running a campaign, remembering when 50 national security folks endorsed clinton, gave her three or four days. nearly 80 generals and admirals endorsing trump will give him a day or two of good press.
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we're at the point of 60-some days left and what you do every day, if you've got a plan to advance your ball and depict yourself in the best way possible, that's what he needs to do. he is the underdog. he has led, excuse me, he has been behind in most polls and led recently in only two national polls, a rasmussen poll and new cnn poll and he's the underdog and has to find ways to break through. the debates are the best shot. he can't pin it all on the debates, he has to find ways to advance his cause he did so with the visit last week to mexico and saturday morning visit to detroit. stuart: you know, he's 20 points up among independents in that cnn poll. i think perhaps the most significant number i've heard recently. last word to you. >> i think that's right. the independents though have been very, very-- he's led among them in big margins sometimes and been behind.
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they've shown great variability. and those are where the votes from the libertarian and green party and gary johnson is doing well among independents. they're going to be flowing around and going lots of ways between now and november 8th and that's where trump has got to focus his efforts, those people. stuart: it's great to be back and in the thick of things in this election, come on, smile, this is great stuff. >> it is great stuff. this is one weird election, one weird election. stuart: i'll give you that, karl. thanks, karl rove, see you again. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: how about this, the german drug maker bayer is offering 65 billion bucks for one of the most hated companies in the world, monsanto, it's among the genetically modified food liz: it makes roundup and it was almost banned in europe and monsanto didn't want the deal
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so bayer may have to get an approval from a supervisory advisory panel to get this company and if they merge they would dominate nearly a third-- >> 127.50 per share. right now 107. some say if it hits 130, it will probably go through israel will liz: and what's what monsanto is-- >> if the germans are at 127.50, why is it not more? liz: they didn't want to merge with bayer, they wanted a seed business not aspirin and-- >> i'd like to see a european company end up with the gmo-hated monsanto. we've got two stories out of europe. they may not think so, but angela merkel's party beaten by right-wing pop lists.
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in her home state she came in third. and a repeated pledge, we'll have a referendum on france's membership as well. look who is here. louise is here with a british accent to boot. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: i'll try to make this into what it is in my opinion. this is the breakup of europe. >> i think it could be. what a slap of the face angela merkel in her home state, she came in third. the worst ever results for her party, the ruling party in that little local election and the national paper in germany said it was a huge slap in the face. stuart: for the benefit of people who have never seen this program before, our first-time viewers this tuesday morning. tell them why arrange la merkel was beaten into third place? >> she was beaten in a lousy third place because she flung open the door to so-called refugees who in fact are young men are fighting age that
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flooded into europe and caused essentially societal breakdown in germany. that's what happened. stuart: if there were a vote in france, you want to stay in the european union or leave, it looks to me like they'd leave at this point, wouldn't they? >> i think it would be very close. it's not so much a skeptic feeling as in britain, but worse with every passing month because of the refugee crisis and marie la penn isn't her dad. she is not far right and nazi, if you like she's the donald trump of france and i think there's every possibility that the next nation to have a vote will vote to come out. that's why the u.n. doesn't like referendum-- >> that's the end of the european union. if the brits are out and france is out, what is left, germans? >> keep your eye on austria, the far right president might well be elected there and they said we don't want anymore refugees and the eu is trying
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to impose quotas on the countries in europe. i think it could break up in the next five years and good riddance to bad rubbish. stuart: tell us how you feel. with a british accent you can say just about anything. [laughter] >> the lone american voice on the show, yes, you can liz: we'll be the judge on that. stuart: i want your stuff on venezuela later. you're a major hit on the internet, i believe liz: it reached nearly 2 million people on facebook. stuart: they liked your story about venezuela liz: and joining in and joining the protest and the amazon delta river region. stuart: the next thing you did, you linked bernie sanders to socialism. it's great to be back. the first day of trading after the summer. you know, this is an opinion. 18,636 is the all-time high. we're what, 130-odd points away
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from the all-time high. i think that's worthy of note. the soccer star megan taking a page from colin kaepernick's book, saying that white people need to stand with african-americans. and some saying hillary is in deep trouble because of the document dump. there's a fresh new angle. a passing note. phyllis schlafly, founder of the eagle forum, died yesterday. she recently made news when she took the stage with donald trump to offer her endorsement. trump made this statement on twitter, the truly great phyllis schlafly who honored me with her strong endorsement for president has passed away at 92. she was very special.
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>> here is the story. it may be tuesday but we did not forget about the friday document dump from the fbi on hillary clinton's e-mails. we've got a lot to go at with the judge, who is back from his interminable vacation. >> very european, i may add. stuart: is that right? were you away six weeks? >> a vacation two weeks, six weeks? nice to be missed. stuart: yeah, yeah, okay. jump on that. and now let's get it straight. the fbi set a trap for hillary. >> yes. stuart: explain it, what happened? >> okay, so, before the interview began they took a very-- the paper version of a very innocuous e-mail from mrs. clinton to her assistant, huma abedin, stamped it with the word secret on it and then presented it to her, saying do you recognize this document? she says no, i don't and by the
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way, that's not a secret. there's no secrets contained in there whatsoever. stuart: so she didn't fall for the trap? >> she didn't fall for the trap, but she also demonstrated an awareness of the fact that a document contains secrets by sir view of what's in the document not by virtue of what's stamped on it. so, they sort of-- it's a good trap in that it enables them to derive information about her thinking no matter which way she went on it. she didn't fall for the phony stamp, but she also knew you have to read the document to decide whether it's secret or not, whether there's a stamp on it or not. stuart: so that's a contradiction of what she said previously. >> can the fbi attempt to trap you in an environment like that? absolutely. it's perfectly lawful. stuart: okay. >> but many of the things that happened in that interview show me that she was terrified of indictment. and opted to save herself from
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prosecution at the peril of her political career. stuart: what she said was, sorry, i don't recall and she said that 39 times, covering her legal position. >> before you say 39, the fbi failed to record her interview because her lawyers negotiated with their bosses and the justice department for no recording. a violation of the fbi regulation. you record an interview. so we don't know what was 39 times. what was released on friday were two documents, a summary, written by a fbi agent of what they learned about her and a summary of their interview with her. it's not the raw interview because it wasn't recorded. in that summary, it is recounted that 39 times she said she doesn't remember, but what she said she doesn't remember is extremely telling because it shows a reckless disregard for what is a state secret entrusted to her or safe keeping and what is not a safe
9:18 am
secret, so reckless i think that mayor guiliani made a very good point, she probably could not pass a simple national security test. if she were an entry level lawyer, applying fob a prosecutor in the federal system, she couldn't get the job because she couldn't get the clearance. stuart: surely, there's a whole lot of material to go at for donald trump on this. because she's politically exposed by this. >> she did not have to do this interview legally, but her advisors told her she had to do it politically. i'm sure that her lawyers tried to talk her out of it. she opened up doors big enough for donald trump to drive a tractor-trailer through with respect to her memory problems, with respect to her saying i had a concussion and i don't remember what happened at that time, and with respect to her utter cavalier reckless disregard for the sanctity of state secrets. stuart: sum it up. it's tuesday, september the 6th, the day after labor day, it's exactly nine weeks to the election. they were hoping for new a
9:19 am
start start for hillary to come out strong after a period of resting and she's still got to look back at the scandal and offered donald trump material to go at in the next weeks. >> it's 18 months since the new york times and fox news exposed it and we're talking about it because e-mails are still coming out. 17,800 work related e-mails that the fbi discovered that the state department discovered that she failed to return to the state department when she swore under oath she had returned them all. stuart: there's a job for you for life. [laughter] judge, welcome back, great to have you again. >> you must know that i spent labor day weekend reading all of this stuff. stuart: yeah, because it's a long, long, lengthy list of stuff. >> happy to do it for you, stuart. stuart: thanks, judge. hillary clinton says the timing of the russian hack was aimed at helping trump, attacking the electoral system. more in a moment. a tense staredown between president obama and vladimir putin, 90 minute conversation
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yielded nothing in terms of a cease-fire in syria, yet another foreign policy failure. more varney after this. ♪
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to-- a diplomatic and political disaster. chinese officials failed to provide the appropriate staircase, to get off air force one. no red carpet. there was an argument on the tarmac. the president of the philippines publicly shared very unkind words for president obama and our president then canceled his meeting with the guy. and president obama and putin held meetings, failed to come to any agreement on syria, begging russia to do more in the middle east and they turned him down. these kind of staredowns kind of captured the mood. i say the trip was a disaster. liewinskie lieu-- louise. >> and that picture of president obama staring down tiny vladimir putin is the only good thing.
9:25 am
he can give vladimir putin dirty looks, but can't do anything about it and he drew the fake red lines and allowed russia to do whatever they want to do. he's shown america under him is weak. stuart: he lost face to the chinese. he was beaten back by putin. the iranians who are not at the china meeting are still humiliating america, and add it up and the foreign policy stuff. >> what an absolute disaster president obama's second term has been. he's allowed iran to run rough shod over the united states, capturing their soldiers, publicly humiliating. he allows putin to bomb civilians in syria into the dirt and now we have the clown in the philippines. unkind words is one way of putting it. i mean, the guy-- >> awful. stuart: a disastrous trip. >> this guy was like your drunk uncle. not you, the president of the philippines. stuart: big stock is bayer,
9:26 am
they've raised their bid for monsanto, the evil gmo company. and monsanto will open at 107. we are trying to work out why. it should be 127. i think you're right. donald trump taking on the fed. that's the federal reserve, says the fed has been keeping rates low to prop up the obama economy. does he have a point? last check of futures, the first day after the long holiday weekend, we will be up a little bit on the dow jones industrial average. back for the opening bell, first of the week. back in a moment.
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>> it's great to be back. in three seconds the market opens again after a long holiday weekend. 9:30, here we go. we should have a very small gain at opening bell. that's what we've got, eight points up. look at the left-hand side of the screen. there's more green than red. more up than down. that's very, very early going. how about the s&p 500? is there a small gain there, he asks? yes, .13%. how about the nasdaq, a gain there, i declare up 1.9%. not a bad gain for the nasdaq this morning. how about oil? down in price despite the fact the saudis are russians are talking with each other with the iranians, only $44 a barrel. that could play a role in the stock.
9:31 am
bayer st. pete sweetens the offer for monsanto. bayer is up, not much. apple, new iphone coming out tomorrow. more details on that in a moment. 107 this morning for that stock. and tesla, elon musk tells employees, oh, cuts cost and every car you can out. we want positive cash flow for the third quarter and it's the last chance to show up a decent balance sheet before we try to get some more money. just holding at $200 a share for tesla. big energy deal. enbridge buying spectra, a merger there, more in a moment. who is with us this tuesday, heads up, everybody, look at the camera, ashley webster, liz macdonald. todd horowitz and keith fitz-gerald. and around the block, i say this stock market just wants to go up. keith, you're first. >> absolutely. what's bad is good, what's good is bad as long as the fed does nothing, what it's probably going to do.
9:32 am
the path of resistance is up. stuart: mike? >> i think the market is moving higher, but you have to be careful as an investor. the only thing propping up the market is fed. if anything goes wrong with this country or the geopolitical you'll have a major selloff in the market. stuart: what do you say, todd? >> first of all, congratulations, number one. i want to say great to be here. anyway, say that the market is going down and searching for a reason to go down. that's what i'm looking for. i think the market breaks from here. stuart: are you referring to our ratings, what's the relevantsy to the hat? >> yes liz: that's the new year's eve hat, a number one on it. >> the whole crew. stuart: todd is being generous and pointing out, yes, we are number one in the ratings and we really appreciate that. we announced it last week, i believe, and we're feeling pretty good. anybody want to add to my opinion that the market wants
9:33 am
to go up? liz: i agree with keith said, although i need closed captioning and subtitles, what's good is bad and bad is-- >> until further notice, as much as we hate to navel gaze, we're at. and we're trying to interpret everything. >> the market has a-- buzzer. >> buzz me away. the market cannot go up forever. the market has never gone up forever, it's not going to go up forever. at 19 times earnings it's at or near peak. stuart: such fun to have you back. newborn baby and all by the way. donald trump, well, he's taking direct aim at janet yellen. he says the fed has created a stock bubble and a bolstered economy to boost obama's failed economic policies. is he right?
9:34 am
>> i think he's 100% right. i don't have the answers, i don't think anybody has the answer when you have negative interest rates the entire world. what happens if it starts to fail? what happens if there's one chink in the armor? i don't have the answer. i for one hope the fed can steer us out of this. i think the growth policies, 1 is to 2% growth is not going to give us enough to led the fed unwind the position they've got themselves in since 2008, 2009. yes, artificially inflated. stuart: we're here as we speak. the market wants to go up. it's not a huge rally, but we're up in the very early going. now, we get the big reveal from apple tomorrow on the iphone 7. what do we know about it? >> what we know, the expectations are pretty low. we know they're trying to be thinner, lighter, larger
9:35 am
screens and perhaps the biggest thing, it's not a secret is the head phone jack will disappear in order to make it thinner, and that may upset some people and you have to go to bluetooth and wireless. other than that no major-- from what we understand, no major overhauling which we come to expect, a bigger, different type of phone is not expected until next year. the other issue for apple, is that people are hanging onto their iphones a lot longer than they used to. >> that's a fire poi-- fair point. >> am samsung galaxy note 7 has been exploding and catching fire. stuart: good point. keith, what do you make of that. the galaxy 7, 2 1/2 million had to be withdrawn because of possible exploding batteries. i see that as a plus for apple, don't you? >> people forget about transaction away from eight track and head sets and early
9:36 am
days to the movement. and i think it boosts apple's potential market share, nobody wants it carry anything that could catch fire in their pocket. we're at 15, 549. the chip maker marvel, m-a- m-a-r-v-e-l. >> and hundreds in illinois has gotten it notices. trying to buying components, and ge. general motors settling the final ignition cases settled for federal court.
9:37 am
vw has taken a minority stake in navistar wants a bigger footprint in the u.s. >> a new image. stuart: how about this one. a $28 billion energy deal to tell you about. a couple of companies you may never have heard of enbridge and spectra energy. details, nicole, 28 billion. nicole: a 28 billion dollar deal and enbridge is gaining 2 1/2% and spectra 11% right now. while everybody may not know the names, the big deal here, this would create the largest north american energy infrastructure company overall. we know that enbridge has been trying to expand in north america, this is one of the reasons they're doing this. enbridge is the largest canada pipeline and so they are expanding by doing this. this is not the first for a canadian company to take over a u.s. pipeline. you may remember back in july, when we saw transcanada, canada's second largest pipeline, this is a $10 billion
9:38 am
deal where they took over columbia pipeline back in july. so we're seeing mergers in this sector and you see some up arrows there. stuart: we got it, nicole, thank you. this is one of the most fascinating stories here, bayer, a german company willing to offer about $65 billion total for monsanto, monsanto is the endless target of the greenies. why would that be? liz: because if they merge they would create the biggest gmo company in the world and monsanto is bigger in pesticides-- genetically engineered-- >> and we've got two department of justice officials saying we're going to review the deal. they killed halliburton-baker hughes. and that's why they might not move higher facing anti-trust hurdles. stuart: monsanto is only at 107 liz: correct. stuart: that's anti-trust
9:39 am
problems so you think it won't happen? >> possibly, yeah. stuart: todd horowitz come into this. we say that monsanto is one of the most hated companies because of the genetically modified seeds, and roundup, et cetera, et cetera. >> they're hated by everybody, they're not welcome-- did you mention monsanto on a firm, they're going to come at you. they're not welcomed by anybody there. not the greatest operators when it comes to the average guy. so they do a lot of damage to people they shouldn't be doing damage to so they're not well-liked. not well-liked in the neighborhood and this deal will probably not go through because of that. stuart: another one for you, please, todd. the saudis talked to the russians about oil and then they say we'll go along with what you come up with.
9:40 am
the price of oil down, just this. >> the oil found a range between 40 and 50. the bigger story, we've got 100 years supply of oil in the united states of america without having to go to the greenies or dig deeper. we can produce 100 year supply. we are no longer held hostage boy saudi arabia, and we haven't had any fear and we still don't get fear. oil is stay in this range regardless what the fed does because other than that we don't need their oil anymore, we can survive without it. >> well said. todd, keith, mike, thanks for being with us today. i'm glad you agree with my proposition that this market just wants to go up. check it up, 18,537. say no more. up next, more on politics. hillary clinton suggests vladimir putin could be tampering with our election, that russia could be tilting tornado donald trump. we will explain it all.
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9:45 am
that's not heathrow, it's city airport. ashley: it's east of the city, popular with the bankers and business professionals who want to get in and out and that's why they targeted. nine protesters got on the tarmac, protesting climate change, which is interesting, saying that it's unreasonably, unfair on black people, it says black people are first to die not the first to fly in this racist climate crisis. stuart: there was something else at heathrow. ashley: they were arrested, by the way, and back to normal. a problem with british airways at heathrow and gatwick, a number of flights are canceled. not a good day to fly out of the u.k., a rough day, put it that way. stuart: we recommend flying out of the u.k. not easy so far. let's get to american politics, shall we? the latest cnn polls, trump back in the lead, in a four-way split and also this morning, 88 retired generals endorsing donald trump, saying it
9:46 am
publicly, 88 of them. jeff dewitt, trump campaign manager-- i'm sorry, trump campaign chief operating officer, coo of the campaign. that cnn poll, he's got a two-point lead and we also see that hillary among minorities leads 71-18. are you going to try to spin that positively as if trump's coming back with minorities a little bit? >> well, i think he is and, you know, he's obviously done a great job of reaching out to minorities. if you saw sunday, or saturday with the great faith ministries and the visit up there in detroit. you know, minorities really need to try something different as he points out, because the poverty rate in african-american communities is over 26%, and they have doubled the unemployment rate of caucasia caucasians. so, they've bought into democrat policies for too long. they've got to do something different, donald trump is the answer. stuart: he made various
9:47 am
outreach speeches, and attended the black church in detroit. is he going to keep it up? is he going to keep making speeches on this issue and keep going to black community? >> the message of the campaign is opportunity for all. we need to obviously make sure that all races and everybody can-- >> and keep making these visits? you're the chief operating officer of the campaign. >> yeah. stuart: can you tell me, yes? >> yes, absolutely. stuart: he's planning more of these visits. >> absolutely. that's why one of the reasons you've seen since august 1st, the polls have swung 11 points our way. that 2% we're up now is a 11-point swing from a month ago and i think that plays a role into why that's happening. stuart: how is he going to improve his appeal among women? he's way behind with the women vote. now, what's his strategy for going after the women vote. >> traditionally college educated women have voted republican and i think it's
9:48 am
naturally going to play out. stuart: what's he going to say, who is he going to say it to, where is he going to say it? >> it's putting forth the policies. stuart: come on, you're the operating officer of the campaign, you've got to know what the plan is. >> the plan is i think it's going to work itself out and everybody is going to realize-- >> that's not a plan. i'm giving you -- that's not a good answer. >> no, it's going to play itself out. you'll see. it's going to play itself out. what they want is safety in the communities and that's a big thing even for my wife is a safe community. stuart: be careful. >> what do we want? a safe environment to raise our children in and only our immigration policies provides that. hillary's is unvetted, uncheck mass immigration and we want to know who is coming to our borders and living in our communities. stuart: within your campaign, you're in the middle of it, is there a feeling the new trump is working on the up-swing and
9:49 am
morality is-- >> trump is trump. the campaign is exciting and we have a 0 new leadership and our campaign has gained by leaps and bounds in size and scope. we're all excited and it's a great, great thing. we're moving in the right direction, going well and the polls are reflecting that. stuart: jeff, we hear you, thank you for joining us. >> appreciate it. stuart: oh, amazon, look at that, that is, i believe, a new all-time high. ashley: it is, yes, it is, one on friday, it's now eclipsed that, it's almost a daily event liz: now it's the fifth most valued company in the world behind microsoft, apple, and. >> we'll take amazon. what have we got going on? check the market scam. about 50-50, about an even split with ups and downs. and also, the weather
9:50 am
forecasters, ooh, they were warning us about hurricane hermine, how-- hermine. stuart: it would have flooding all along the east coast. why did you get it so wrong. kaepernick's protest against the national anthem. get this, since his protest, the jersey sales have skyrocketed.
9:51 am
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>> first day back on trading after the brokers went to the beaches and pushed amazon to a new all-time high. $778 a share. allergan pledging to limit drug price increases. investors like that. $4 up at 240 on allergan. the share price of sirius xm radio says that the company says it's going to offer coverage of the 2016 nfl season. no impact on the stock. it's just down a tiny fraction. interesting news, weather, meteorologists predicting hermine. how do you pronounce it? hermine, as a major weather event and ruin the labor day weekend. those of us in the northeast had virtually little rain, and
9:55 am
sunshine. what did they do wrong with the forecast? liz: they basically-- this is how wrong they were, ended up 125 miles east of where it was supposed to be. stuart: out to sea liz: a cold front came in from north carolina and didn't expect that. jersey shore merchants are mad because basically they shut down the beaches throughout the region, including on long island. so the computer models spectacularly wrong. double the average incorrect forecast. ashley: the models liz: double the-- hang on. double the average incorrect forecasts in the past, how bad it was. i'm trying to explain how wrong they were. stuart: i feel bad for the poor merchants up ap down the eastern seaboard. it was supposed to be a fabulous weekend liz: a million people to the shore in jersey they were expecting. ashley: didn't get them liz: didn't get them. stuart: that's a sad and that's the fact. it's the computer models that
9:56 am
got it wrong. president obama on the trip to asia defended colin kaepernick's actions, when he sat for the anthem said that's their right. and megan rehab -- rabinw took the knee. ashley: before this hardly sold any. and now it's the number one seller of the list who sells the most and red version is number six on best seller. it's very interesting. stuart: wait a second, now. ashley: this has been done in support of him. exactly. so, if you wore that around-- >> rather than burn them as a few do. stuart: if you walk around with a kaepernick jersey, you're
9:57 am
showing support for not standing for the anthem. ashley: the barrier police union is threatening to boycott the 49ers home games on providing safety because of what kaepernick has said about the police force. now the police chief says you've got to put the safety of the people first liz: people are criticizing president obama for not taking him to task for doing this during the afternoon. >> a guy works 22 weeks a year and gets 20 million. you know. stuart: show some respect. ashley: yeah, show some respect. stuart: top of the hour, my take on the obama administration legacy. the headlines from the president's overseas trips. they're not good. and donald trump says that the federal reserve creates a follows economy and he accuses janet yellen are helping president obama. more of this in hour two. >> they're keeping the rates artificially low so the economy doesn't go down and that the obama can say he did a good job.
9:58 am
so they're keeping the rates artificially low and go out and play golf after january and say he did a good job.
9:59 am
10:00 am
.. stuart: the obama presidency started with great hopes for a reset in our foreign relations but the second term an ending in despair. the meeting in china over the weekend showed what a disaster his foreign-policy has become. at that meeting mister obama had to go to the russians to help in the middle east and they turned him down. the president of the united states loses the stare down about the middle east with larry boudin. china was openly insulted, no red carpet at the airport, no chinese naval vessels head to those specific islands. the climate agreement, the obama team thinks it is a win for the
10:01 am
planet but we, americans have to jump through hoops while china does what it likes for the next 15 years, where is the win for americans in that. iran not at the china meeting but looms large and obama's foreign-policy. the iranians out negotiated and humiliated our president. this is not a record hillary clinton wants to be associated with. she is associated with it. trump, the total outsider who has demanded we make america great again and leads hillary by two points and a national poll out this morning, that is the state of play, trump makes pulling progress, same old same old, hillary is in trouble in the president's disastrous foreign policy helps no one but our enemies, second hour of "varney and company" is about to begin.
10:02 am
we will get to what i am calling the president's failed foreign-policy in a moment but first a look at this. dinesh desousa has a documentary called hillary's america, just been be released to more than 400 movie theaters, she will join us shortly this program today. joe the plumber said american workers will flock to trump. he is back in the next half hour. to the markets please, check the big board. we are up 50, now 60, 18-5, look at amazon. moment ago it touched an all-time high, still there, $778 per share. ali baba stock at its highest level in more than a year and a half reaching 102.93 as we speak. the price of oil is down despite a lot of talk between russia,
10:03 am
saudi arabia and the iranians joining in, the price of oil deifying that talk, it is down, barely holding $44 a barrel. that brought the market down a little bit. i went to get to president obama's disastrous trip to china. kt mcfarlane is with us. mi coming on too strong? i was using words like disaster and catastrophe. >> it is worse than what you said. when you talk about iran out negotiating the president and russia, the stare down and let her boot and wins the stare down, iran and russia are getting together. what this is is payback time for leading from behind. president obama shut out his administration, leading from behind, not understanding at a certain point, the guys running to catch up are not looking behind her shoulders. we have been left behind in the
10:04 am
middle east, with china, with russia. stuart: how does it affect me or any other ordinary american citizen sitting at home in the united states of america? i am calling it disaster overseas. how am i affected by this? >> in several ways. we are not in a position to shape events in the middle east anymore because we checked out of the middle east. who is making the alliance? who is determining things like where refugees go or whether refugees have a place to go, what happens to oil in the middle east? how it all affect you, the united states is no longer in a position to shape those events. the second thing it does is in asia, they are looking to take over the south china sea, that is where the majority of trade goes. and to the oil lease to asia.
10:05 am
those are all affected, that does not affect you with war and peace, the position of the united states is eroding and eroding. still time to turn around and get it back, every week, every year we wait for america to catch up to the world, all the countries in the world see this as their moment, grab while you can. >> this morning 88 retired generals and admirals came out and endorsed donald trump to be commander-in-chief, that is following on from the disastrous foreign policy. >> retired flag officers, they are waiting in the wings, can't wait to sign up through the trump team. trump has done several things, he talked about the military, he has been critical of american foreign policy particularly the
10:06 am
iraq war but has not been critical of the military. he said i criticize the political leadership, military leadership did a great job and we honor them, finally he said when i am president i will increase the defense budget, put america back like reagan did in 1980 where we lead from the front again, have respect. stuart: it reminds me of 1979-1980 where the incoming president proposes a vastly build up the american military and at the same time stand up for america to stop the retreat. it is a parallel. thank you very much, hope you had a good summer. thank you. staying with the elections, the national poll, trump tops hillary 45-43. and technical terms that is a statistical dead heat. the real clear politics average
10:07 am
of national polls shows clinton leading by two points. tom bevan is with us. this is the fourth week of the new trump. he is narrowing the gap, is that accurate. and in both of those he was over 70%. and that lead has -- two points and 3% in the two way race. trump has tightened, he had a good week last week and clinton had another week of bad news, the cnn poll is the first we have seen that has some of that
10:08 am
incorporated into it. >> is that the story within the story? a new trump on target on script on teleprompter, doesn't say rash things particularly versus the same old same old hillary reacting to endless scandal. is that the story behind the narrowing of the gap in the polls? >> i think that is part of it. you have had trump, one of the things he did last week, if you buy the argument as most people do, trump's biggest hurdle to get over, biggest drawback is the idea he is unfit to be president, doesn't have the right temperament or experience. he is standing there, looks very presidential, that helped bolster him and leads me to think this debate coming up, where he stand on stage with hillary clinton is another moment in the campaign.
10:09 am
>> the four way race, i'm not an expert in reading policy, some of the voters that used to go for gary johnson swinging towards donald trump, the remaining gary johnson taking votes from hillary clinton. >> each of the polls -- if you look at quick politics average, they have both been very stable, between eight and tween 9 points, between three or four points for a number of weeks, there has not been much variance when you abrogate all the data and see the average, a little bit among republicans and lost altitude. stuart: ever seen an election like this? stuart: thank you very much for
10:10 am
joining us, appreciate you being here. i want to get to venezuela's ongoing crisis. liz mcdonald has been all over this leading the charge on how to cover the collapse of socialism. we had more video which you see on the screen. stuart: 2 million people looked at their videos, we have villagers from the amazon river region, so upset because the country is starving because they joined the progress nationwide. what is happening? they want to kick out madera. the economy was crushed by socialism, wealth redistribution, taking from those who create businesses and
10:11 am
redistributing it to cronies in socialist venezuela. this is how close it came to the united states, bernie sanders, his policies, democratic socialism, the ugly truth is it is about cronyism, intense interests for the venezuelan people, more than half the country starting in poverty. stuart: 2 million views of that video on our facebook page. thanks very much. chaos for british airways passengers, a computer glitch, check-in system, heathrow airport, delays around the world, an extensive system is back up and running but they have nasty delays, black lives matter closing city airport, they trespassed on the runway --
10:12 am
stuart: isis banning the burqa, the clothing muslim women wear to conceal their face and hair. isis says women are no longer where the burqa in its buildings because it is a safety risk. what is this about? some isis commanders have been murdered by failed assassins. dinesh desousa, sharp critic of hillary clinton's documentary hillary's america re-released across the country and he is next on this program. when it comes to healthcare,
10:13 am
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stuart: our next guest, a documentary filmmaker who made the documentary hillary's america, the history of the democratic party, that documentary is being brought back, now showing and more than 400 theaters and i am certain dinesh desousa will have something to say about this. here is hillary defending the clinton foundation to reporters, roll tape. >> i just want to say how proud i am of the work the foundation has done, it is world renowned for what it has accomplished since my husband started it. 11 million people, would have had a hard time with the work they have done. they brought the price of malaria drugs down, that is now,
10:17 am
and to get the into do for heroin overdose into every high school in america and there is so much more. we one hillary clinton on a new campaign, the foundation is all to the good. dinesh desousa made that documentary, and he says otherwise. glad you could be with us. i'm sure you heard what hillary had to say come all about doing good but you have a totally different take. >> the foundation has 10% of its revenue to charity, that is the lowest of any existing foundation in the united states if not the world, 90% of resources go to the private behest of the clintons, the foundation reports its
10:18 am
accomplishments, if it is sponsoring a conference they claim credit for the entire school as if they built the school. you have to look skeptically at these claims that we did all this for malaria and so on. most of that is flimflam, smoke and mirrors is where the foundation has been for the clintons is a receptacle for large donations from foreign governments and foreign entities that wanted favors from hillary clinton while she was secretary of state and the foundation has been very lucrative vehicle for that to happen. stuart: when you say lucrative is it lucrative to the clintons, bill and hillary clinton personally, do they live out of the foundation and how does that work? >> the foundation pays a lot of bills that bill and hillary have for travel, living in expensive
10:19 am
suites and hotels, these are expensive by the foundation but accrued the price for the clintons. what happened over the last several years is the clintons of gone from 0 to $300 million of personal net worth and the foundation went from 0 to $3 billion of donations. what we have seen, the clintons have done this on government salary. how do you accumulate this kind of wealth? bill clinton's speaking fee was $150,000 which ones hillary became secretary of state, was selecting $500,000, $750,000, to give a 15 minute speech. obviously it was kind of a down payment on favors that entities, both american and foreign, wanted from secretary of state hillary clinton. stuart: can you give me a concrete example where someone made a huge donation to the foundation and got something from the state department or from bill or hillary in return? >> i could give you ten off the top of my head but i will give you a single one that impacted
10:20 am
my own countrymen to you, hillary was a guest at the nuclear deal the indian government badly wanted and bill and hillary were spirited off to india, they were given all kinds of money from various indian industrial entities, hillary had a change of heart, became a big backer of what the indian government wanted and did so directly to this large inflow of cash for the clinton foundation. >> thank you for being here. i went up at this, >> they are red, just a few of them are up. the dow industrials are down $18, here are the biggest percentage movers on the dow industrials, caterpillar up 20%
10:21 am
year-to-date, 3m up 19% year-to-date and down this morning. it is up a fraction this morning, walmart up 17% thus far this year. those are the big movers, there they are today. the mother of an imprisoned u.s. navy sailor punished for sharing classified information, his mother says hillary clinton should be held to the same standard. there is a double standard. britain's prime minister getting tough with european migrants. more varney after this. you both have a
10:22 am
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10:25 am
stuart: what are we dealing with, volkswagen, a truckmaker, they want a bigger footprint in america, 57%. i go to facebook and a second, 127 facebook right now. teresa may, if they don't have a job, that is not going so well. >> we voted for brexit on the belief, they want to go to the australian point system where you show up, it is a score above
10:26 am
a certain level. and any migrant must have a job, a top workman. it is more resistant to abuse, you sound like you are going soft on it. there you go. they are thinking, that is what they wanted in the brexit vote. stuart: donald trump says the federal reserve is keeping rates at artificial lows to help president obama. president obama is living with a false economy. hillary clinton, don't want to make much of it but she has been coughing a lot in front of reporters. coughing at a rally. a lot of speculation about her health. hillary's cough is trending on
10:27 am
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stuart: born to be wild. you are down 30. the dow down 20 points and the price of oil down a little bit, no change. you can call that stale meeting
10:31 am
crude and wall street too but not on facebook, facebook stock of the day, $127.51, to be closer to that level and all-time record closing high. >> it tripled in three years time. we got the read on the service sector. ashley: retail, construction, the lowest reading in august, and all you know is expanding a lot slower pace, >> the federal reserve will not raise -- >> out of recession. >> stock down 18. donald trump keeping interest
10:32 am
rates low to prop up the obama economy. watch this. >> they are keeping rates artificially low so the economy doesn't go down so obama contained he did a good job. that is the only reason rates are so low. the only thing, obama can go out and play golf and say he did a good job. it is a very false economy. we have a bad economy. the only reason rates are low is so he can leave office and say i told you. stuart: an interesting point. the professor of economics, peter morici, a very good point, janet yellen has financed economic policies. >> it is an absolute fact.
10:33 am
obamacare, heavy regulation, although student loans, the hangover from that is so many other things have caused the economy to grow too slowly and create too few jobs with one way to compensate is to borrow a lot of money, you pass it around, and people on social security, janet yellen is not just helping mister obama, that will cause turbulence in the stock market. it is important to remember where janet yellen comes from ideologically, she and her husband are to economics what the nancy pelosis are to politics. stuart: you have been practicing all along the holiday weekend. >> it just came right out. stuart: that is very good. i am very much in favor of
10:34 am
trump's tax plan, very much in favor of trump's plan to deregulate, we might get into a trade war. that is the theme all along. are you therefore in favor of trump's confrontational approach to china. >> i have advocated a tear for the last 10 years. mitt romney who thinks barack obama is the devil himself, he advocated that when he was running for president. he is not going to start a trade war. we are in a trade war. china is winning and using all the dollars it earned to build fleets to extend its influence, create trouble around the world. i don't know why we are running a printing press to facilitate a
10:35 am
trade debt. instigated by chinese currency manipulation so they can become a world power. stuart: are you firmly in trump's camp, economic policy? >> i don't think so. i want to do things conservatives are not inclined to do. i think healthcare needs more regulation especially on the pharmaceutical side and things of that nature and i am not a trump surrogate and haven't endorsed him but if you look at the academic policy of hillary clinton it is not guns, butter and butter. i borrowed that. of the one that was another good line. thanks for joining us, see you again real soon, thank you. don't fool with mother nature. look at this. the latest cnn poll, female voters, shows trump at 38%, this is with women, 38 trump, 53
10:36 am
hillary clinton. come and mercedes slap. we have been concentrating much of the morning on that cnn poll. shows trump in a two point lead, and he is way behind. is there any strategy by which he might catch up a little bit with women? >> when i talk to my suburban moms i can tell you, there is temperament and tone, they are very weary about supporting candidacy, there were several missteps, and you take the instance of the hispanic judge, that settled well, he is always on the attack. for men they rally on, it is not as comforting. this is an opportunity for donald trump to make a direct
10:37 am
appeal to african americans on critical economic issues. it is the direct appeal, education, healthcare, safety and communities, national security, given the economic messages what they want to hear. get her out there to suburbia in the battleground states, she speaks to married women and millennials. and letting them know her father has the right temperament for the presidency. stuart: she is an asset, use the assets you got. there are a lot of questions swirling about hillary's health, the coughing attacks she has had on frequent occasions including this one in ohio.
10:38 am
watch this. >> may i have some water? thank you. >> thank you for hosting us. [coughing] >> i have been talking so -- every time i think about trump i get allergic. stuart: i thought that was a good line, very effective line but is it legit to bring up her coughing fits as a legitimate issue in this election? >> i got to tell you i am recovering from a nasty summer cold. what she has is not a summer cold. absolutely the health issues are important to bring up because when you look at the history of presidential politics there was a time it was secretive what was happening with the health of for example john f. kennedy, franklin delano roosevelt, woodrow wilson. now with 24 hour news coverage it is hard for candidates to keep their health secretive
10:39 am
because they are out in the public constantly. when hillary clinton says she can't recall 40 times, an issue with the fbi or when they asked the question about her emails and the fact when she had concussion they only let her work a few hours a day, this is a serious concern. it would be reckless of her not to give an explanation to voters, it goes for both candidates as well. stuart: thank you for joining us on this tuesday, first day back after a long weekend, get rid of that summer cold. 10 seconds. >> electoral college, that is why trump and clinton are in battleground states like ohio, trump, the women are going for clinton more than trump in battleground states and losing to clinton in the battleground, the real focus should be on the battleground states.
10:40 am
stuart: i will take that. how about this? cattle futures. we all follow them vigorously. they dropped to a 5-year low. jeff flock is out there in a cattle farm on illinois. >> cattle futures, the cattle futures right off the bat. stuart: why are cattle futures -- why is it down? are we eating less of it? >> we are indeed eating a little less, they blame a lackluster economy but these guys are dramatically lower at a 5-year low, part of it is consumption, part of it is a cattle herd at its lowest level during the drought since the truman administration which you remember very well and then after the drought, they begin to
10:41 am
grow their herds again. the other thing that helps it, the cattle feed, looks tasty. look at the pieces of corn, it is a 7-year low, so that brings the price down as well. stuart: fascinating stuff, almost the collapse in commodity prices with profound effects. on the foxbusiness network, interesting. the music producer pdd says president obama has, quote, shortchanged black people and african-americans should hold their vote for hillary clinton. we will explain that in a moment. on the other side, joe the plumber, why the union big shocks back hillary but the workers themselves seem to be leading towards trump.
10:42 am
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stuart: "varney and company" start at 9:00 eastern. this is what you have on karl rove at latest polls. those polls include, the libertarian and green party, in
10:44 am
the beginning of august, the two of them 3.3% for clinton, 7.1 at the beginning of august, we usually have not affected the convention, they tend to be durable, looks like they were not durable and the combination of her decline and his improved campaigning in the last couple weeks has closed this race up. [ yes. yes. ] uhhh, you're really getting the hang of this. anncr: want feedback that helps? verified reviews. another reason to join angie's list for free. this new ac guy is not that good. no he's not. anncr.: need a job done right? search top-rated providers on angie's list. join for free. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls.
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10:46 am
>> the reason i ask about the american dream, i have worked on 10 or 12 hours a day and i'm going to continue to work that way. if i buy another truck, and taxed more and more, fulfilling the american dream. stuart: most people remember that, joe the plumber, promoting then senator obama in 2008, look at it now, the three union figures, obviously all supporting hillary clinton urging blue-collar union members to get out and vote for hillary. bring back joe the plumber. he is with us. how many union guys, union rank
10:47 am
and file people are going to follow the dictate of their leaders and go for hillary? i suspect if you will vote for trump. what do you say? >> i have been going around the country a lot lately since last time we spoke, in eight different states, liberty alliance, giving a truck away called we have been going to nascar. i have been talking to a lot of people and every single one of them who was born dumb, send they were vote for trump. stuart: you got it in delivery, you have been planning that line. of all the -- in the private sector, union members, people unionized in the private sector, what proportion of them will vote for donald trump? >> at least 70%. i worked for chrysler a couple years ago because i wanted to
10:48 am
understand the process, i hate when people talk about things they know nothing about. a lot of great americans, hard workers it also a lot of lazy guys who use the system to get what they want so i do believe there are a lot of hard workers out there who are not buying union leadership. it has been bought for a long time, we know that on this station but union membership, they understand what happens with trade agreements and what trump once to do as far as renegotiating and making it better for the american worker, talking about the blue-collar american worker. stuart: is that the issue? trade? trump says i will bring those jobs back and change the relationship with mexico in china, is that what union guys 0 in on all the time? >> what they 0 in on is making sure their kids get a good school system, putting food on the table and put as much money in the bank as opposed to what is happening the last 8 years. everyone has been struggling, you have to work two or three times harder to do what you did eight years ago is today.
10:49 am
of the one donald trump says i will bring those jobs back, i will bring those manufacturing jobs back to the united states. there is a great deal of skepticism about that. do you think he can? do you think we can return to the manufacturing that we had 30 years ago before and after, the rise of china? you think we can get back to that? >> we have 2. it is not about can we, if america is to be great again, to move forward in this world economy, we have to become a powerhouse again and donald trump is the only one who will make that happen. hillary clinton keeps beating the same drum, if we don't become a powerhouse again, america will go the way of rome. stuart: we heard from joe the plumber, 70% of private-sector union members will vote for donald trump. you will come back again when we get election results and see if you are right, we will bring you
10:50 am
back, good luck, thank you very much. hillary clinton's interview, she couldn't recall or couldn't remember 39 ties when asked about her emails. we are on that story. check this out, the world's largest glass bottom bridge in china stands, not sure how to pronounce that, the grand canyon, jumped out at me on the prompter, closed down after being open for a few weeks. why that? two many people were visiting and exceeded its loadbearing capacity. better buckle up.
10:51 am
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10:55 am
in detroit, minorities never -- the poverty rate in african-american communities is over 26% and they have doubled the unemployment rate of caucasians. they bought into democrat policies for too long and do something different and donald trump is the answer. stuart: various outreach speeches last weekend the week before, attended the black church in detroit. is he going to keep making more speeches on this issue, keep going to black communities? >> opportunity for all, everybody needs the same direction and make sure all races and all -- everybody -- stuart: you are the chief operating officer of the campaign. can you tell me? >> absolutely. that is one of the reasons you have seen since august 1st the polls have swung 11 points, the 2% that are up right now at 11
10:56 am
point swing from a month ago and that plays a role. stuart: how is it going to approve his appeal among women. i don't have it in front of me but he is way behind with the women vote. what is his strategy for going after the women voters? >> traditionally college-educated women have voted republican. >> who is he going to say it to, where is he going to say it? >> putting forth policies that show he is able. stuart: of this campaign, you got to know what the plan is. >> it is all going to work itself out. stuart: we hear you, thanks for joining us, appreciate it. ashley: jeff do with of the trump campaign. christine filling in what is coming up at the top of the hour. here is what we have, donald
10:57 am
trump says the fed kept interest rates artificially low to keep the obama economy look good. economic advisor steve more is here to talk about that, so is janice dean to explain how and why forecasters got hermine so wrong. back in three minutes. nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. who don't have access we thto basic banking,on people. but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time.
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one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. stuart: what a mess. all over the world interest rates have been driven down to zero and below, but nowhere has economic growth taken off. and if there's one thing we need right now, it is economic growth. we want jobs, we want incomes to rise, yes, we really want and need economic growth. i think trump got it right over the weekend when he said janet yellen has basically covered up obama's economic failures. she has kept rates super low even though america's economy has struggled for years. janet yellen financed obama's policy failures. i would expand on trump's point. it's not just america, it's the whole world.
11:01 am
everywhere governments have resisted the one policy which i think would produce real growth: tax cuts for individuals and businesses. the europeans haven't done that, the japanese have not done that, and we certainly have not done all over the world the same cry goes up, you cut taxes, and that is a handout to the rich. oh, we can't do that. all over the world center-left governments have refused to cut taxes. time for a change, in my opinion, especially in america. if we were allowed to keep more of the money that we make and spend it and use it as we see fit, america could lead a worldwide resurgence in growth. ours is a huge economy. get it moving, and the world -- the whole world -- gets a break. and the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪
11:02 am
stuart: well, you just heard what i had to say about interest rates and the federal reserve and growth. well, donald trump says the federal reserve has kept rates historically low to help this president's claims that the economy is strong and recovering. steve moore, economic adviser for donald trump. okay. let's get it clear here. donald trump says you, janet yellen, have financed policy failure by the obama team. what says steve moore? >> i say, stuart, you get an a in economics today. congratulations, well put. i agreed with everything that you just said. but i would put it in even a broader context, if i may. you're right, we've had now, what, seven and a half, almost it years of a zero -- eight years of a zero interest rate policy from the fed, we've had a massive keynesian spending stimulus with, by my estimates, nearly $8-$9 trillion of more borrowerring. we had obamacare, tax increases on the to rich. what i'm saying, stuart, you have to put what the fed has
11:03 am
done in the context of the left throwing every page of their game book at this recovery trying to make it a real recovery, and we've seen the results. we've seen, you know, less than 2% growth. it's now slid down to 1% growth for the last six months. my point is none of these policies have really worked, and i think trump is right that despite all the borrowing, all the money printing, we've had the worst recovery, as "the wall street journal" put it, since the 1940s. we've got to try something different. i would only add one other thing to what you said. the taxes are important, absolutely. you're singing my tune there, but don't forget about regulations. they're just strangling businesses, small ones and big ones too. stuart: okay. here's another one for you. the media continues to attack donald trump vigorously. look at "the washington post" editorial, headline. here it is: donald trump's bet that we're all chumps. that's what they say. that's directly what they say. the article goes on to say he, trump, has released no major policy plans. that's what they're saying.
11:04 am
i don't want get that. i don't get that. he's surely released a detailed economic plan amongst other detailed plans, hasn't he? >> stuart, what do you think i've been doing for the last -- stuart: exactly. [laughter] >> the answer is absolutely, yes. let me go back to their main point, because i did read that washington post editorial because you guys made me read it. [laughter] look, the media is completely obsessed with donald trump releasing his tax returns. now, why is that? why are they so obsessed? and if i were, look, i don't have privy to whether he's going to do it or not, but if i were donald trump, i would not do it, because all you're going to get is five or six days of distraction from thousands of pages of tax returns where they're going to nitpick about this or that, why did you claim that deduction, and that's not what the american people want to talk about. we want to talk about jobs, growth, faster wages. why do we want to spend four or five days? we've only got 60 or so days left talking about donald trump's tax return, and the
11:05 am
answer is because a lot of liberals don't want to talk about policy was they're embarrass -- because they're embarrassed by the growth they've given us. stuart: i want to know -- after all, there's only nine weeks of the election -- will he do what you famously did on this program about ten days ago? [laughter] you went many front of the camera, you said i'll give you 4% growth -- >> for five years. yep. stuart: will he do that? >> i hope so. i mean, he talks a hot about growth. i want him to be specific like i am. that's the target, 4% growth for five years, that adds almost another texas to our economy if we do that. we're talking about big numbers. but back to this idea that there's no detailed plan, because i never really answered your question about that. we've put forward the most detailed economic plan, i think, of any candidate in 40 years. i mean, we've got a very detailed tax plan. you look at his web site about how we're going to replace obamacare, you look at his energy plan -- the media didn't pay any attention to that.
11:06 am
we're going to drill for resources, put coal miners back into the jobs they lost. this is a very, very -- in fact, i would say a lot of our political people say we're giving too many targets for the, for our opponents to shoot at because we have an extremely detailed plan, and anybody who wants to look at it, go to the web site, and you're going to see, you know, compare that with what bill clinton or hillary clinton has come out with. i mien, hillary is all luster. she doesn't have any plan at all. stuart: that's true. tax and spend, i suppose you could call that an ageless plan. i'm being sarcastic. >> the shovel-ready projects, what are they? stuart: yeah, right. [laughter] steve, we'll see you again real soon, promise. thank you very much, sir. now, new cnn poll, dynamite stuff. donald trump is in the lead 45 to hillary's 43. this is in a four-way split, 7% gary johnson, 2% for jill stein. now look at this, trump has a 20-point lead, a 20-point lead among independents.
11:07 am
49-29 in that same four-candidate spread. lee carter is with us this morning, the expert on looking at polls and focus groups. lee, welcome back. >> great to be here. stuart: first point. the independents, that is a huge lead for donald trump. and it seems like it's all of a sudden. >> it's a huge lead, and it's been really fascinating to watch how voters have been reacting to donald trump throughout the whole cycle. independents have been tracking with republicans almost throughout the whole cycle until the three weeks after the conventions. people started questioning him. people wanted reasons to trust him, but he was giving them every reason not to. and what we saw was one after another the economic speech, the immigration speech, his speeches where he was laying out plans, giving details, getting back to his core message on how he's going to make america great again, really focused on national security, talking about how he's going to grow the economy, and the independents came back. stuart: the new trump worked especially well among independents. >> it's unbelievable. stuart: now, you just brought
11:08 am
this to my attention 30 seconds ago. if you look at that same poll, it's a cnn poll -- >> it is. stuart: -- he gets -- hillary clinton gets 73% support from unmarried women. she only gets 36% support amongst married women. now, that's astonishing. >> it's absolutely astonishing. everybody's talking about how to he has a woman's problem. he has a single woman's problem. and that's something that's really interesting because when you look at it, the creme graphics -- he does have an issue with younger people, he does have an issue, and so it could all be the same issue. we're talking about married women, they're willing to support donald trump, and that's good news for his campaign. stuart: i'm going to repeat it. hillary clinton gets 71% of the votes of unmarried women. she gets 36% support of the married women. >> it's fascinating. it's fascinating. stuart where does this come from? i mean, i'm astonished by this. >> the numbers underneath all of this, and i think it's so important to look at what's most
11:09 am
important to american voters, the economy and national security -- stuart: you wouldn't know that from looking at the speeches of the candidates. >> donald trump is winning on both of those fronts. i feel a lot of people are afraid to say out loud that they are voting for donald trump. and be that's partly because you see the way he's painted, he's been painted as a bigot to, as dangerous by hillary clinton. people are afraid to say that out loud, but i think it's going to be a similar kind of situation like we had in brexit where people didn't necessarily say it out loud -- stuart: they did. lee carter, i want a focus group from you on what dials, and i want to see the results on this program very soon. >> okay, done. [laughter] stuart: thanks, lee. >> thank you. stuart: to the markets, check the big board. stocks still in negative territory, not much, down 26. there was a very weak reading on the service sector, down goes the stock market. but, again, not by much. the price of oil, the saudis are talking with the russians and the iranians are joining in, but
11:10 am
oil is down, $44 per barrel. oh, will you please look at -- oh! look at that. >> amazon. stuart: oh! $780. ladies and gentlemen -- [laughter] >> record highs. stuart: to the moon. >> yes. stuart:ally baa pa baa, that stock just touched its best level in more than a year and a half, 103 for alibaba, and it's up another 4%. bayer sweetens its offer for monsanto. the stock is not going crazy. bayer is offering $127.50 -- >> a share. uart: monsanto is at 107. there's got to be antitrust problems. >> right. stuart: and now this, sean p. diddy combs, calling out president obama. he says black americans were shortchanged by our president. he said this as donald trump visited a black church over the weekend. california's larry elder, he had to sound off on all these points, but first, listen to this. >> i mean, my number one thing
11:11 am
though, and to be honest, is black people. i feel like we put president obama in the white house, and when i look back, just, i just, i just wanted more done for my people. you put somebody in office, you get in return the things that you care about for your community. i think we got a little bit shortchanged.
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
>> that's better. now, the advice, of course, is just don't -- [inaudible] yeah, that's not going to work. >> how are you going to manage that? >> it's not going to happen. [inaudible conversations] >> i just upped my ante. as i said, it's, you know, it
11:15 am
happens -- [inaudible] >> there is a long, i'm sure, video record that someone is compiling right now. [laughter] oh, yeah, going back decades. >> [inaudible] >> yeah, i'm allergic to him. stuart: that's hillary clinton moments ago, she spoke to reporters on her plane. she was talking about the long video clip that we've been running where she's coughing, frequently. >> she was asked, hey, how you feeling? >> she's saying she's better, she's up to antihistamines although she did laugh and said the best advice she's been getting is you've got to rest your voice and not talk. ofof course, she's not going too that. stuart: interesting now that the coughing fits have been addressed by reporters -- >> yeah, the press pool, yeah. stuart: it's out there. >> and hillary's speaking to reporters in the back of the plane.
11:16 am
stuart: fair enough. now, to those strong words, you heard them a few minutes ago, from sean p. diddy combs. he says really president obama shortchanged the african-american community. now, he said this as donald trump visited a black church in detroit over the weekend. larry elder's here, salem radio nationally-syndicated talk show host. first of all, sean.diddy combs. says our president, mr. obama, shortanged black voters. where do you stand on that? >> well, that's an understatement. when you look at the exit polling, the number one concern that voters had in 2008, stuart, was economy. 63% cited the economy. the second cited reason was the iraq war at just 10%. for black voters, almost all of whom voted for obama, 65% cited the economy. what's happened? black poverty is up, black net worth is down, the so-called wealth gap between a black family and a white family hasn't
11:17 am
been this wide in 25 years. the labor force participation rate, the percentage of black men working or looking for a job hasn't been this low since they've been keeping the fed. he has failed to deliver. and what donald trump should be saying is don't judge these people by their intentions, judge them by the effects of their policies, and they have not worked. stuart: okay. in a cnn poll that was released this morning, among non-white voters hillary clinton is favored 71-18. now, that's still a huge gap, but it seems to me that donald trump is coming back a little bit. he's moving up in those polls just a little bit over the past couple of weeks. am i reading too much into this? >> no, you're not. he absolutely is. and for young black voters, they don't have this blind allegiance to the democratic party. not that they're looking at republicans, but more black voters like p. diddy are beginning to think opt of themselves as independents. when donald trump makes the
11:18 am
argument that left-wing policies have destabilized the black family to the degree that slavery and jim crow couldn't do, minimum wages have stopped black teenagers from getting jobs and the marriage to the teachers' union has degraded the quality of education in public schools, they're going to begin toethink their allegiance with the democratic party, and some black people are going to hunt down democrats with dogs when they realize a what they've done to the inner cities. stuart one quick point. if if there is a small swing of black voters towards trump and some black voters stay home, is that enough for hillary to lose the overall vote? >> it is. i predict that donald trump, if he talks the talk that i'm talking about, what policies have done to the black family, what economic policies have done to job creation in the inner city, what illegal immigration has done to take away jobs and put downward pressure on wages, he can get from 15-20% of the black votes, but he needs to stop trying to be so nice, and
11:19 am
be it doesn't matter whether they think he's a racist or a sexist or what have you. look at the effectiveness of her policies and compare them with mine and vote your economic interests, and he'll stave off some of that 95% monolithic black vote. stuart: you know why you're popular, larry? because you go right at it. >> i just call 'em like i see 'em. stuart: i'm jumping in because we've got breaking news. reports of iranian ships again harassing u.s. navy vessels in the persian gulf. >> here we go again. happened over the weekend according to officials, the uss fire bolt is a coastal patrol ship, it was harassed by some seven iranian boats -- stuart: yeah. this is video from earlier. this is from a week ago. >> okay. but just to finish that thought, one of them stopping directly in front of it to try and stop the boat's forward movement until it moved out of the way. one of the boats came within 100 feet, so the harassing of u.s. naval ships in the persian be
11:20 am
gulf has been a constant theme. we had four or five in a week, and here we go again -- >> right. this is in the strait of hormuz. remember, the uss cole was harassed and eventually attacked at a cost of 17 lives and 39 injuries in 2000. remember that by swarming, the swarming boat, you know, method there. stuart: all right, everyone. much more ahead many this hour's programming. a navy sailor has been sentenced to a year in prison after he shared classified pictures. his mother's here. she says her son is in jail for doing exactly the same thing that hillary clinton did. she's on the show. all those weather forecasters, they warned about the hermine, the hurricane, saying, oh, it'll be a terrible storm, big damage up and down the eastern seaboard. boy, did they get it wrong. janice dean is the weather machine. she is with us momentarily. ♪ ♪ you do all this research on a perfect car,
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then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
11:24 am
due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: well, well, well, foxing news senior meteorologist janice dean, who was on the show friday predicting doom and gloom from
11:25 am
the tropical storm. here we are tuesday morning, no storm, and janice is back. >> tell that to the people in florida. we got it right. [laughter] stuart: what? [laughter] >> this is the same storm that hit florida as a hurricane, their first hurricane in over ten years -- stuart: yes, right. [laughter] >> and we knew there was going to be great uncertainty -- stuart: i'm not talking about that, i'm talking about hermine. you said it was going to really mess incline thats, north and south -- >> it did! did you see the pictures? stuart: how many million families left the shore early? >> listen, i fully admit, i e-mailed people and said you need to cut your weekend short because we're concerned with this storm system, but i always say it's better -- listen, would you rather it have taken a left hook and completely destroyed the jersey shore? i'm really glad they took the precautions, and it wasn't like we were predicting a landfall be, stuart. stuart excuse excuse me. >> we knew there was great uncertainty, and i am glad that you are sitting here today with
11:26 am
me instead of on cape cod holding onto a stop sign in the wind. stuart: can i the thought? -- can i finish the thought? >> yes. stua: you didn't get it wrong, the models gut wrong. and if we can't trust models with an offshore hurricane, we certainly can't trust them for climate change. i'm right. [laughter] what happened to all those people who gave the clinton foundation money and got a tax break this. >> what do the models say? [laughter] stuart: the judge is here. here he comes. [applause] >> here he is! stuart: a rough start. >> our model. ♪ ♪
11:27 am
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>> by the way, you may have seen that i recently launched a snapchat account. [cheers and applause] i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. [laughter] stuart: a h, yes, okay, hillary clinton making a joke about the e-mails. on the same subject, a navy sailor is in prison, sentenced
11:31 am
to a year there, he shared classified picktures of a nuclear sub. hillary clinton used a private server for multiple classified e-mails. no charges for her. she's running for the presidency. come on in kathleen, the mother of the young man who is now in prison. now, kathleen, have i got this right? your son, he did exactly the same thing that hillary clinton did. is that -- that is accurate, is it? >> actually, no, stuart. first, thank you for having me on this morning. i'd like to clarify that. the judge clearly stated during my son's sentencing that there was no evidence whatsoever that he ever shared any of the photos that were on his phone, the six photos that were taken when he was 22 years old. there was no evidence whatsoever for that. stuart: so he took the pictures -- >> correct. stuart: -- but he stored them on his own pc, his computer, and then he destroyed the computer because he was worried about the consequences of putting the
11:32 am
pictures on there, and for that he goes to jail. that's accurate. >> well, let's -- accurate, again. so it's legal mumbo jumbo, i suppose. but what he's actually going to prison for is not the charges of destroying that. those charges were dismissed during his sentencing. he's going to prison -- and he hasn't actually reported yet. the judge gave him a little time to prepare his family for him going to prison. he'll be reporting on october 12th to federal prison. and those charges are specifically just for having the photos on his phone. stuart: did he try to mount an appeal based on the difference between his sentence and what happened to hillary clinton? >> yes. his defense attorneys did attempt to do that, and it was dismissed before going to sentencing by the prosecution. stuart: how does he feel about this? i can see that your son there with your little grandchild there, his child -- >> yes. stuart: how does he feel about this?
11:33 am
he must be really fit to be tied. >> i can tell you we've gone through many range of emotions, but where we're at right now at this point is devastated, devastated that my son's life and dreams since 9/11 when he was in high school and saw the twin towers go down and he made the decision to join, enlist in the navy even though he'd received a congressional nomination to go to the naval academy, he chose instead to go as an enlisted young man. those were his hopes and dreams for his future. he planned on being a lifelong navy man. myself as his mom and our family were very proud and continue to be proud of the service, no matter what has happened. we're grateful and proud that he's took that, you know, choice and stood up for his country. stuart: he just -- >> and we're proud to be american. stuart: he just should not have taken the pictures of the sub, that's it. >> correct. stuart: what did he intend to do with the pictures? was it like a family picture or something, a picture of interest for his family? >> based on what was shared
11:34 am
during his discourse is through his defense attorneys was that he planned to have them as tokens of his time in the military service to share with his family later on in his life. stuart: i think it's just a terrible thing. look, thank you very much, indeed, kathleen, for coming on the show and tells us the -- telling us the story. a lot of people don't know about the story as you set it against what happened to hillary clinton or didn't happen to her. thank you very much, indeed. and you have the sympathy of all of our viewers, i'm sure. last word to you. >> thank you, stuart. thank you so much for taking the time. i think it's important that we recognize and acknowledge that as american citizens, we should all be held to the same standard to include hillary clinton and her staff who have, only, violated mishandling classified information not joust once, not six times, but thousands and thousands of times. and the evidence has come forward multiple times. and it's time for them to stand up to the same standard that my son and owl our family has hat -- and our family has had to go through.
11:35 am
stuart: our very best to your entire family. thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. stuart: judge napolitano is here just to straighten out the legal issues -- >> young man took the selfie, and behind him was a sonar screen. it was a rethem want of his -- remembrance of his time working at the sonar screen. he didn't send it to somebody like sid blumenthal who was hacked by romanian hackers, he didn't send it to his staff, and they didn't worry about whether or not it was secret or not to. he kept it on the cell cell pho, put it on the pad, then attempted to destroy the ipad which is probably one of the reasons he was prosecuted. but if crime is defined as harm, there was absolutely zero harm in this young man taking the selfie and sending it nowhere. stuart: you cannot say the same thing about hillary clinton sending messages to sidney blumenthal who was hacked by a foreigner, put it like that. >> and who had no security clearance whatsoever. stuart: it's a disgrace, in my personal opinion. >> it's a very, very bad attack
11:36 am
on the rule of law when people are treated differently with respect to the criminal law because of their last name. or because of the job that they're seeking. stuart: i really want to get to a new twist in the foundation story which you revealed to fox and fox business earlier today. that charity, the foundation, was not registered as a charity until way after it was supposed to have been registered. that means people who donated to that charity and got a tax break on their donation, do they now have to pay it back? >> that depends upon the irs and whether the irs is going to look the other way because this is a clinton charity, i'm showing quotation marks, or whether the irs will enforce the law as it does when everyone else. when you take an improper deduction, they come after you, and you have to recalibrate your taxes and pay the tax on what you thought you didn't owe the money on and pay interest and a penalty.
11:37 am
now, when we say not registered, a charity has to be registered not only with the federal government, but in any state in which it does business. many, many registrations failed. then you're talking about documents that were filed with these governments after the registration showing differing amounts than what the donors claimed to the irs that that they gave. so you're really talking about very, very, very serious violations. i must tell you all of this will soon be display bed throughout the political cam -- displayed throughout the political campaign as people who have analyzed this and possess it begin to reveal it. stuart: and you're talking about some very wealthy individuals who gave a great deal of money. for example, the if i were to give a million dollars to the foundation, i'claim that as a charitable deduction. >> right. stuart: and that would come off my taxable income. >> right. you would not pay income tax on that million. stuart: if i'm in the top bracket, i save 39.6%, $390,000. >> right.
11:38 am
we know you're in that bracket. stuart: stop it. [laughter] stop it right now. >>, take into account the fact that some people not only gave money to to the clinton foundation and took the deduction, but were expecting a favor in return from the secretary of state, the so-called pay-to-play which some people is bribery. she has a lot of hot potatoes on her hands that are going to be rolling in her direction in the next 60 days. stuart: now, why do you say this is going to become overt and people are going to know about it? why? >> because the people who have been analyzing it and doing the research are prepared to reveal that analysis and that research. and they're going to be doing so, i tell you, in short order to. stuart: that's a political bombshell. >> it is a political bombshell. and, again, it is something of her own doing and her husband's own doing. stuart: it's just fascinating, judge. >> yes.
11:39 am
stuart: welcome back. >> thank you. did i earn my keep today? stuart: yes. a couple of times over, actually. no more of these -- >> all right. the screen of the two of us hugging each other. stuart: where is that? our viewers will be delighted to see it. i think we burned it. [laughter] >> on orders from the second floor. stuart: wait a second, think it's going to be on the screen. they're telling me -- >> they're back. [laughter] stuart: that picture is 20 years old. i was much thinner. >> you never wear a shirt like that either. >> it also makes me a lot taller. i never wear dark shirts and black ties ever. >> and i never wear white shirts. stuart: that's right. and you stole that tie off me. [laughter] enough, enough. look at the dow jones -- no, look. look on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, ladies and gentlemen. amazon, $782 a share. up $10.
11:40 am
the dow industrials down 9, that's it. but look at amazon, please. >> smoking. stuart: now this: joe biden attacking trump. he says trump believes american workers are lazy. and we have a newly-minted trump economic adviser.
11:41 am
upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at ♪ ♪ >> i'm robert gray at the port
11:42 am
of long beach. we're following one of the largest ship companies filing for bankruptcy causing a log jam in shipping. now, if you look over my right shoulder at the red cranes, that's the largest terminal in the world. this bankruptcy has left 79 ships and goods in limbo including three off the shore here in the port of long beach. south korea's company, the cargo's not moving, not being unloaded, it's unclear if people will be paid, so dock workers here and other terminals around the world unable and unwilling to unload it until the parent company stepping in with $90 million today to try and unclear this log jam. obviously, retailers could be in a bit of a bind as they're trying to stock to up for the holidays already. i'm robert gray, fox business has the latest. stay with us.
11:43 am
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stuart: two stocks are just performing in a sensational fashion today. top of your screen is amazon, would you believe? $783 per share, up $11 today. now more valuable as a company than general electric. and look at facebook. that is an all-time, lifetime high, $128.73. facebook is now -- i think that's right behind amazon in terms of most valuable companies. >> yeah. bigger than exxonmobil and pfizer. stuart: could you ever imagine that? who would have thought? couple of newcomers just like that.
11:45 am
>> exactly. beating the industrials, that's right. stuart: and how about this one? donald trump says the federal reserve, janet yellen, have kept interest rates historically low to help president obama claim that he's the guy who brought the economy be back. economy back. andy foster is with us, newly-minted economic adviser to donald trump and the ceo of cke restaurants which runs arby's and carl's jr., have i got that right? >> no, it's hardee's and carl's jr. he's a buddy of mine -- stuart: i'm sorry. you could get awfully sensitive about who you run. [laughter] now then, do you think trump's got a point? you're the new newcomer economic adviser to donald trump. he says it's a false economy. all the fed has done is financed, janet yellen has financed president obama's failure. i guess you agree with that? >> well, look, it is very strange. you've got a lot of talk from the left about how we're at full be employment and the economy's
11:46 am
very strong, but you look at the numbers, gdp over the past four quarters averaging about 1.2%. the fed said it's going to average 2% going forward rather than ifbe 3 or 4% we need. labor participation at 63% or below for 29 straight months which is a terrible number, and then they talk about raising the interest rate a quarter of a point like it's a huge deal. you know, if we had an economy as strong as the left contends, as the democrats contend, then a quarter of a percent interest rate increase would be like a blip. it wouldn't be a major concern. but the fed is so afraid to raise interest rates. stuart: all over the world central banks and governments have made the same mistake. you print money, you go to zero interest rates hoping that will reviefer the economy. revive the economy. nobody has said cut taxes, stimulate private enterprise. that's what trump's saying. >> that's exactly what trump's saying. and look at the effect it's had on the stocking market. if you're not going to invest in
11:47 am
bonds, if you're a pension fun fun -- fund, you need returns. all that money goes into the u.s. stock market so you can invest in american businesses. and it's simple supply and demand. we're hitting new highs, record highs in all of the markets because the supply of american businesses is limited and the gland is very high. when -- demand is very high. when interest rates start to go up, you could have a bubble that bursts. this is what trump is trying to say. we need better tax policy, energy policy, trade policy so we can generate genuine economic growth. not this false growth. stuart: i just want to play you a sound bite from vice president biden. now, he appeared recently addressing a labor union, and he attacked donald trump. but listen to how he attacked trump. watch this. >> he really does believe that the problem is american workers are lazy. what's he say, the purpose is to make a profit.
11:48 am
the purpose so to make a profit -- is to make a profit fairly to make a profit. you think for a minute, do you think he has any idea what the at your kitchen table this morning? stuart: the thing is to make a profit fairly, and he will decide what's fair and what's not. go at it, please. >> well, you know, uncle joe, he's a little bit like -- for old baseball fans like me, he's like the yogi berra of modern politics. you never know what's going to come out of the guy's mouth, and it doesn't necessarily make sense. donald trump absolutely does not think american workers are lazy. he's never said that. he wants to create better, higher-paying jobs with better tax policy, better regulatory and energy policy. look, and americans, the american working class knows this. that's his support. his support is american working class and middle class individuals. he's not drinking wine with rich people in the hamptons. he's in detroit talking to african-american voters about how he's going to help create jobs and lift them out of
11:49 am
poverty. his appeal is to the very workers that joe biden thinks are -- it's, you know, you can't listen to joe bind too long without laughing, and that one made me laugh. stuart: well, we subjected you to it. andy foster, thanks very much, sir. we'll see you soon. >> my pleasure. stuart: the market turned around, we're up 13 be points -- >> in the green. stuart: that's almost an even split, 50/50, but we're up 13 points, that puts the dow at 18,5. and now this, everyone -- >> cue the trumpets. stuart: he's back, that's him. >> there he is, yea! stuart: he's been a couple of months away. he had successful heart surgery, and he's with us next. we're going to welcome him back the varney way. >> he's the greatest. stuart: alexa, who is neil cavuto? be. >> sorry, i didn't understand the question. [laughter] stuart: sorry, neil. guess what?
11:50 am
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stuart: alexa, who is cavuto? >> sorry, i didn't understand the question. [laughter] stuart: sorry, neil. guess what? it's all yours. neil i so hate you.
11:54 am
stuart: you want me to socialize, neil cavuto? neil: scratch that. what was i thinking? welcome. it's a little late. you're like, about 89 years old, and you discover it's kind of good here. stuart: he's going to make some stupid comment about my accept, aren't you? neil: no, no. stuart: neil cavuto, it is yours. neil: you know, i was thinking about you, stewart, and i'm thinking you're also a noted penny-pincher. [laughter] would stuart varney tackle someone for a flat screen tv? top this, stuart. you know what i've got here? i've got janet yellen's statement. and it's embargoed for the next half hour, but i'm going to start reading it. italy is represented here. thank you, guys. my people. [laughter] how con desending can you be? i love, by the way, stewart, the way you say vulgar. [laughter] its sounds even worse than the words you might be using. stuart: it's yours. neil: two words, thank you! [laughter]
11:55 am
tour stuart some of the really wonderful times we've had pitching to neil cavuto between shows. and look, he's back. >> yea! neil: how you doing, my friend? stuart: well, for some strange reason we're all happy to see you, neil. [laughter] neil: you know, you don't look happy. the others there they sound genuine. you, i don't know. how you doing? [laughter] stuart: neil, you look great. neil: no, you look great. stuart: no, you look great. neil: so what's been going on? stuart: nothing much. did you know that donald trump's running, by the way? [laughter] neil: is he really? stuart: doing quite well. any comment on that? neil: no, but i like the con desending vibe. i do like it. do you know what's weird about all these polls? it's funny, this is about electoral votes if you think about it. while the race might be tightening on popular vote, hillary clinton still has these leads in these battleground
11:56 am
states, and donald trump has got to cut into that to get those 270 electoral votes, and he's a long way. but it is interesting. i mean, you and i can remember, stuart -- not saying we're old -- but we can remember when at this point in the race ronald ray a began was behind by, what, 8-10 points? anything can happen. stuart: so i'm trying to pitch to you, i'm trying to say, hey, neil, you look great. welcome back, man, do you look good -- neil: but you don't mean it. no, no, you don't mean it. it comes across as like very, you know, eyewitness news, we're throwing to the next anchor kind of thing. [laughter] stuart: eyewitness news. >> eyewitness, that's local. neil: very local. very, very local. you know, i missed you guys. and, stuart, i know you particularly did great work in my absence, in fact, too great. my doctor said, neil, you can really rest up. you need another couple of months, and then i looked at the ratings and how good they were looking and that you're beating
11:57 am
cnbc on a regular basis, and i said, no, i'm going to have to compromise my health and get back -- [laughter] because varney is stealing the whole show here. as soon as he became a citizen, it's like he's mopping up anything he can get his hands on. stuart that's what took me so long to get good. forty years without being a citizen -- neil: there you go. [laughter] stuart: neil, stay there because i know you've got billionaire investors -- who have you got? mark cuban and carl icahn they're on your show, stay there, neil. i'll do a real pitch in just a second. neil: thank you, my friend.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: if you are an investor these stocks are the big stories of the day. amazon has reached $785 a share, up $12. it is now more valuable than general electric. who would have thought?
12:00 pm
facebook is almost at the $129 per share. and all-time lifetime stock. those of the suites a big stories, it is this man, a good man, neil cavuto, who is back. it is yours. neil: appreciate that and all your kindness out there, i still have a job, good to be here. where have you been? thomas jefferson and the broadway show, what did i miss? did i miss something? were you away? not that connell. the news story is cavuto has a heart. connell mcshane, the real news story is you can type. the funniest anchor in the world


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