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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  September 6, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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or woman in the open era after winning yesterday, topping roger federer's to record. she's 34, she's now going to face the number five from romania in the quarterfinals. another big ten misfan, that's liz claman. liz: oh, i know, i went the first night, it was amazing. thank you so much, cheryl. breaking news, mylan pharmaceuticals has just in the last couple minutes been hit with this first class action lawsuit related to that drastic price hike of its life-saving epipen. is ceo heather bresch in hiding? she's apparently canceling conference appearances, this as new york's attorney general launches an investigation into whether mylan violated antitrust claws related to its epipen for schools program. that just in time for back to school season. schools faced with life and death decisions due to steep prices for epipens and questions over how mylan will proceed in
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the future. standing by first on fox business, republican bill roe. he's the cosponsor of what is known as the epipen bill, also the chair of the republican doctors' caucus. he's with me live speak toking out for the first time -- speaking out for the first time about this breaking news. mylan's price hikes on the epipen and mylan's ceo heather bresch. it's game on for hillary clinton and donald trump who just in the last 30 seconds finished his speech, both looking for home runs in swing states at this hour. this as billionaire carl icahn and mark cuban swing verbal bats on "cavuto coast to coast". one on team trump, one on team clinton. trump campaign national spokesperson katrina pierson in her first reaction to mark cuban saying trump gives nothing more than, quote, headline porn with not much else underneath. can't wait to hear what katrina says about that. wait until you hear what icahn and trump are warning about with the markets.
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i'm back, let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: all right. let's get to that breaking news, and perhaps it was reallonly a matter of time considering one in fifty americans suffer from fatal allergies, but mylan, the only drug company with the patent to make the epipen which saves people's lives has just been hit with a class action lawsuit are. here's what we know. an ohio woman has filed this proposed class action suit in an ohio county court claiming that sharp price hikes for the company's epipen device violated the state's consumer protection law. again, this is just ohio. but hours earlier new york attorney general eric schneiderman announced he's launched an investigation into whether mylan violated antitrust laws to provide epipens to some school systems. what's that about? mylan reportedly told some schools that the only way they
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could qualify for a price discount was to not -- was to agree that they would not purchase any competitors to the epipen and their products over next 12 months. epipen saying it, quote, dropped that requirement, but no word on when they did that. in the meantime, stock -- and this is an intraday picture. you can see first it spiked at the opening of the bell because people are coming back x there didn't seem to be any big news. you see the drop. that's when schnide herman, right before noon, said he was going to launch an investigation, and then you saw it climb back out of that hole, and now it's back down on news that at least one state has a class action suit that is being formulated right now. in just minutes we've got congressman dr. phil roe of tennessee in a first on fox interview. he's going to give first reaction to the breaking developments. he w one of the co-authors of the epipens many schools bill back in 2013, also a doctor. let us get to politics.
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with 63 days left on the campaign trail, we are potentially in what we're calling the eighth inning of this election cycle. both candidates out on the trail in major swing states at this hour. trump just finishing in virginia while hillary is in florida. both of them taking jabs at each other every opportunity they get, and we should tell you just minutes ago donald trump hit clinton's immigration plans to let in what he described as scores of refugees while also slamming the iran nuclear deal and clinton's involvement in that. let's get to blake burman. he's been looking at developments. these are pretty significant here on both sides. >> reporter: and this has been, liz, an interesting day on both sides because right now hillary clinton is in florida. this is the post-labor day push as both candidates will be in swing states all across the country over the next nine-plus weeks until election day. the clinton campaign earlier today was out with a new ad called sacrifice in which they are trying to make the case that donald trump is not the right commander in chief to be in place more veterans. of course, trump has made the
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case throughout his candidacy that he would be the one to fix what's going on at the veterans affairs. this new ad today tries to paint a completely different picture as to what trump would mean for veterans. the clinton campaign rolled that out this morning just hours ahead of a brand new poll from cnn that shows there could be a different kind of change in this race. donald trump now up two over hillary clinton as it relates to likely voters, and that is key, likely voters. as we start getting closer to the election, as those get polled versus probable voters. or registered voters, i should mean. with that, hillary clinton was asked on her campaign plane earlier this afternoon as she was heading down to florida what she thought about that poll, and she tried to make the case -- as most politicians always do when they're down in polls, it seems -- that she's not looking at it and cha she's not going -- and that she's not going to change her course of action.
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listen. >> as to the poll, i really pay no attention for polls. when they're good for me, and there have been a lot of them recently, i don't pay attention. when they're not so good, i don't pay attention. we are on a course that we are sticking with. >> reporter: by the way, liz, donald trump, he just wrapped up a town hall in virginia focusing, again, on foreign affairs, international policy and the like. from virginia. he heads later tonight to the state of north carolina. liz? liz: i know. they're moving around so quickly, it's hard to keep track. [laughter] blake, thank you. we're keeping an eye on that moving target. don't move a muscle. in just 20 minutes trump campaign spokesperson katrina pierson about to join us to respond to the latest blistering attacks from fellow billionaire and hillary clinton supporter mark cuban. it will be her first reaction to what unfolded on "cavuto coast to coast" between billionaire carl icahn and, of course, cuban.
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icahn, a trump supporter, cuban, himself's side. to the markets, we have this breaking news. if the fed or were to hold its meeting right now, you can forget about a rate hike. look at this. in fact, it's a moving target. we've literally had to update this second by second. the odds of the federal reserve raising interest rates at its september meeting just plummeted from about 21% yesterday to 15%. why? the data are coming in too weak or not strong enough. right now all three major indices are actually heading higher. you know the market loves when the central banks put pillows down. with a handful of big names breaking out to new records, facebook and amazon hitting lifetime highs today, shares of e-commerce giant alibaba touching highest levels in more than a year. it's a very different picture for crude oil, barely moving after lackluster action from saudi arabia and russia. these two mega-powers keep jawboning without any action.
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they supposedly signed an oil pact but then, yeah, stopped short of announcing any kind of output freeze. folks, we've got too much supply, no move to cut it down. but lukewarm oil benchmarks aside, there is a mega-deal heating up in the energy space. embridge buying houston's specra energy for $28 billion, spectra skyrocketing. enbridge is gaining at this moment, up 5.5%, to both surging on the news. and adding to the tuesday merger mania, let's look at ge, snatching two european 3-d printing companies for a combined $1.4 billion. that looks like a smart deal because that momentum trade from two years ago on 3d printers kind of cooled down, so maybe these names have gotten cheaper. finish shares jumping higher. look at 3-d printing systems, up 6 at any.25%.
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let's bring in the traders at the new york stock exchange be, cme group and the nymex. scott redler, you've got all of that news plus carl icahn telling neil cavuto he just thinks anybody who's involved in this market and isn't nervous isn't paying attention. are you nervous? >> i think we've been warned probably for the past three years -- [laughter] the to be nervous. i think it's to be nervous if you're not in the market. before you said four key stocks at historic highs. you have facebook, you have amazon, you have baba on the move, google strong. everyone that bought these stocks on friday and before is in profits. obviously, you want to trim and trail along the way, but that's healthy. no one points out the healthiness, and thas mibe why retail doesn't like the stocking market and they're not involved, because everyone is warned every day to not be involved. liz: you know what? why don't we look at some leaders and laggards as we continue on that vein, because
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people own some of these name, alan, and there is that fear both icahn and mark cuban expressed some concerns for different reasons. but, you know, i mean, i think that fear trade has not really worked, especially considering icahn has said there was going to be, i guess, a high-yield bond disaster. he said that early in the summer, kind of waiting to see that. do you see any signs of that at all? >> none. none whatsoever. right now i'm worried about fear of missing out on more opportunity. really it's become a binary equation, like you talked about with dollar. the dollar not going up is going to be supportive of we see metals and minders today, oil stocks have also based out a bit, so i think those particular sectors that have lagged behind can get some boost, and that could give the market a leg up. but it's mainly because the dollar's declined, now back underneath 95 with really no chance of a rate hike here in september. liz: $1.12 will buy a single
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euro. elliott warren, arguably that trade is certainly affect what's going on in the oil world. but you and i have talked and we'll talk again, they're supposed to meet -- both opec and non-opec members -- coming up in algeria, what, september 26th? what are they going to talk about, more jawboning? >> they're going to talk about a lot of things. i really agree with what that first speaker had to say because all i've heard is doom and gloom, and it just goes up or holds highs. and i really agree with him again on if the energy sector does rebound, it would put your dow over 20,000, but i do not see that happening, liz,, because there is a glut of oil. they will talk about cutting production, but nobody's cutting production. i don't think they can actually afford to do that. really, i think if there is sort of a built-in top around $50. even if they do, you know, somehow manage to cut production, they would just all ramp it up as soon as there's a
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higher price in oil and knock it right back down again. really, i think they're self-defeating, you know -- liz: yeah. give them enough rope, they'll hang themselves over and over. scott, alan, elliot, we'll see you next time. thank you so much. with the closing bell ringing in about 49 minutes, the dow up 25. kind of staying right there. at the top of the list, chevron moving higher by $1.37 followed by intel and verizon. apple in the red as everyone is waiting to see what that iphone 7 might look like, down about 13 be pennies. mylan had been up 1% earlier, it is now up about half a percent at the moment. ceo heather bresch missing many action as the drug giant faces attacks on all fronts. new investigations and now, in the last hour, a class action lawsuit piled on over its epipen price hikes. coming up in a fox business first interview are, the republican congressman doctor who co-authored the original
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bill in 2013 that required epipens in schools. he's here, he's speaking out for the first time. tennessee republican phil roe. and knowing now that mylan jacked up the price by 600%, would representative roe still have floated the bill in its current form? what does he say congress should do now? and how do you say sweeten the bid in german? bayer knows because it just did it in its effort to to swallow up the world's largest seed company. charlie gasparino on whether u.s.' monsanto will finally say da, or yes. and enter the grinch who's about to steal christmas. get ready to tell your kids that a bankrupt korean shipping company, hanjin, is to blame? we're live at the port of long beach coming up. don't move. ♪ ♪ there are two billion people
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♪ ♪ liz: 2%, that's how much bayer increased its bid for monsanto, a little bit of sprinkling in its bid for the chemical giant. so $127.50 from $125. will monsanto finally bite, charlie? >> i don't -- from what i understand, they are -- and they
3:18 pm
may bite on this, but from what i understand, part of the negotiations right now involves trying to up that bid, that they want it closer or maybe above 130. so that's where the negotiations are now. this deal, this is the way it's described to me, to take it from what it's worth. i'm getting this from people close to the deal. it's not imminent, but it is in the final stages. it's do to die time. they're trying to get it higher than -- liz: sure looks like bayer's scraping the bottom of the barrel the if it's only a 2% -- >> yeah, well, they've got their issues with the board, and a lot of people say don't pay up in this environment because commodity prices, crop prices are down. on the other hand, they believe hon santo fits their -- monsanto fits their strategic vision. there's two sides to it, i can just tell you what i hear from the people inside monsanto. the stock is starting to spike a little bit on what we're saying here, that they want a higher bid.
3:19 pm
they want it in that closer to 130, maybe above. we'll see what happens. i don't know if bayer has the money to do that. still, don't look for this deal, from what i hear, not tomorrow, but we're coming down the line. liz: monsanto's now going down a little bit -- >> on our report! liz: on your report. >> anyway -- liz: you saw carl icahn, you heard him on cavuto -- welcome back, neil, by the way. he comes out -- >> and he breaks a great story. let's play this. remember, herb baa life, there was the big story that touted that carl was selling his entire herbalife shares. bill ackman, his nemesis, basically saying that carl was selling it. listen to what carl had to say today about that report. >> ackman, first of all, went on tv and started talking about the fact that an investment banker had called him saying my stock was for sale or something to
3:20 pm
that effect. neil: right. >> you know, i never offer my stock to anyone. plus the fact that you sort of violated a bit of a rule there where, you know, i get this all the time. i would never talk on the about bids i get more my stock. liz: well, you had come out on "countdown to the closing bell" and said you're hearing he wasn't selling stock, and since then he's bought more. >> he's bought more. the company has told me he's still positive on the stock, he hasn't sold it yet. the way the story just proceeded was to bizarre. usually on big block trades you don't hear about it before trade was done. you hear about it after -- liz: when you've filed the appropriate sec -- >> right. and you don't want people front running. liz: do you think he'll file a suit against bill ackman? >> you know, he was so vague. i don't know what you're going to sue -- liz: well, possible legal action over the story. you can't speak for another intent investor.
3:21 pm
independent investor. >> he was being obtuse on who he thought violated the rule. was it ackman who theoretically -- we don't know, we've got calls in to him -- or was it the banker that allegedly told ackman about this, that carl was on the other side of the trade or, you know, or is that even -- i don't know if that's violative of the law. we do have calls in to ackman, a call into carl, we have a call in to jeff reese who was banker -- jeffreys who was the banker mentioned. i'd have to have it on great authority -- liz: can we see an intraday of herbalife? >> yeah, we should. they're up a little bit from last i checked. liz: now, remember, the interview was around 12:30. >> yeah. here's the thing, you know, they were saying carl was selling based on ackman saying that. okay? i got it, he's on the record, he's saying it, but carl was never quoted. he wasn't talking to anybody. and literally that night after all this stuff came out, i think it was a friday, he bought more.
3:22 pm
and then he bought more last week. so it was, they were on dangerous territory. now, whether this is legal, illegal, i have no idea. but carl said rules. you know, here's where i think it's different, there's a rule in the market, your word is your bond. we as journalists try to uncover it, but you're going to -- rarely does someone, i've never heard another investor go on tv and say -- liz: what another guy is doing. >> and here's what the bid was because i got a taste from -- liz: yeah, you can't do that. we shall see. >> i'm not saying it's illegal, it's just odd. liz: charlie, thank you very much. in the meantime, with about 38 minutes before the closing bell is going to ring, you've heard of a make good? well, how the heck do you make good after you accidentally blown an israeli satellite headed to space? tesla figuring out how to answer that question with millions of dollars on the line. and nobody wants coal in their stocking come christmas.
3:23 pm
robert gray is at the pot of long -- port of long beach to tell us what a bankrupt korean shipping company could lead to holiday tears this december. uh-oh, the "countdown to the closing bell" coming right back. the dow up 24. get ready to hear that one coming up. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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liz: we have got this news alert the fire is still not out from the spacex rocket explosion. israel's company's who satellite was destroyed in the blaze, demanding $50 million or a free flight from elon musk spacex, what looks to be a very expensive make good. no word from spacex how to plans to compensate the satellite maker or facebook who wanted to use the satellite to provide internet to africa. like water off of a duck's back for tesla shares. not getting harmed at all here.
3:28 pm
back on earth does south korea have its own form of a grinch because one much its shipping companies in danger of stealing christmas. they filed for bankruptcy protection. they are being turned away from ports globally including long beach, where handjin putting up 19 million to help the troubled shipper will that be enough to get ships into support with all of that stuff that needs to be distributed by christmas? robert gray standing by at port of long beach. how bad could this get, robert? reporter: liz, it could get really bad. you have obviously ships in him he bow around the globe. it could put a real crunch on retailers trying to stock up ahead of the holiday season. we are keeping a close eye as we heard from 90 million-dollar infusion plus cash that government kicks in. what causes all of this, if you look at the graphic, the baltic
3:29 pm
dry index tracks how much shippers are paid to ship commodities. it has fell to a three-decade low taking shippers with it. look at guggenheim etf. this is a small etf. these publicly-traded ships companies are smaller than they were. many others in the pink sheets, penny stocks. they bounced off the lows but historically low levels for both. to continue the discussion i'm joined by the chief commercial officer with the port of long beach. noel thanks for joining us. jump right into the $200 million infusion. that ballpark including what government kicks in as well as parent company. how quickly this could affect things? there are one ship offshore amongst the three coming into long beach and would be unloading goods behind us at their terminal? >> thank you for having us. we're monitoring this around the clock to make sure we're
3:30 pm
tracking all developments. hand gin shipping took two important steps to pave the weigh ships on water to come it berth. one is they filed chapter 15 which provides the protection and allows to mitigate impacts of seizure. more importantly allows the ships to come to beater to have the cargo discharged. other major step they announced they would be infusing and themselves and government, $180 million which would fund operations required to bring those ships to berth and have the containers discharged. to make the contents make their way to the store shelves. port for the they would have installment plan to pay things down. now people require cash up front. what happens if the goods are unloaded and money runs out? >> we have every confidence hanjin understands severity of
3:31 pm
their issues has caused. we're optimistic that $200 million infusion will allow them to fund operations. every contain irdestined to the u.s. will make our way into the supply chain and to the store shelves. reporter: i mentioned coming in, shipping companies, public ones are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. we'll have to talk about that another time. send it back to you in the studio. liz: unbelievable. keep and eye on it, huge global story that may affect everybody watching right now. robert gray, thank you very much. we're 20 mine minutes away from the closing bell. the dow gained another five points, making it up 30. 18,521 where we stand. donald trump flying just a bit higher in new polls with 62 days to go until the election but another billionaire trying to knock him back down to earth. mark cuban taking on donald trump on "cavuto: coast to coast." we've got trump campaign spokesperson katrina pierson
3:32 pm
standing by with exclusive reaction to the businessman's harsh words. you have to stay with us to hear what he has to say. here is what cuban say. >> the guy is master at headline porn. you want to deal with the headlines and not look what is underneath it. there is nobody better at it than him. but that is not the decision-making, that is not what i look for when it comes to deciding who i want to vote for, for president. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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liz: well, billionaire sounded off on our presidential nominees right here on fox business during neil cavuto's return from his time away. we're so glad he is back but dallas mavericks owner mark cuban who recently as june would consider being donald trump's vice president went off today on republican nominee to neil. he said if trump would become president the pain will be
3:37 pm
spread all the way to your pocketbook. >> in the event donald wins i have no doubt in my mind the market tanks. the one thing the markets hate is uncertainty and right now with donald there sun certainty. liz: we'll hear from carl icahn in just a moment, katrina, but katrina pierson is trump campaign national spokesperson. this is your first opportunity to react to what mark cuban said. he said that the stock market, that is for our viewers, fox business network, they care about that kind of thing, he said that the markets would tank. your reaction in donald trump were president? >> well i think it is just the opposite. the markets are looking for certainty. they're looking for someone that can actually spur growth in the economy. we have had a two cycles now of economic downplay. the markets are being actually held up by zero percent interest rates. we have had little to know growth economically. carl icahn said it best. we have a government at war with
3:38 pm
business and so i don't understand why supporting a third term of what's been happening is somehow good for the markets. we talk about the epa regulations and banking regulations where ceos can't even get loans to get workers more efficient equipment. this is a problem. mr. trump can fix that. liz: some people look at mark cuban, he is a pretty successful guy. he is a bill irthat. he is kind of self-made. he has been able to make very good decisions in his life. he is the "shark tank" guy. he owns this big basketball team. he sold at the top during the dot-com bubble, making billions. then investing it in the right way. you know, is there any validity to certain things that he says about knowing that the markets do like certainty, if you do look what the markets have done, you can blame it on the fed for putting in too much stimulus or giving credit to the fed, rather, but since president obama has become president, over those past eight years the
3:39 pm
market has done this, it has gone straight up. >> well, look everyone has their opinion and mr. cuban has every right to his but i will also say that carl icahn, who has been around a lot longer, has been in this game a lot longer than him, worth five times as much as mark cuban i think he knows exactly what is talking about. he knows mr. trump's policies particularly on trade as well will help the market. liz: i will quote carl icahn who just minutes later had said, that he disagreed with mark cuban. he was actually quite polite bit. we were expecting these guys to start, you know, scratching each other's eyeballs out but he in essence said hillary clinton is not doing what the markets would love to do when it comes to corporations, lower corporate tax rates. allow companies to repatriate money a la apple they have parked oversees. that could come here put to work again.
3:40 pm
would that be something, when donald trump becomes president is priority or looking immigration is priority, which some say his opinions on that matter confuse some voters? >> well, i would say the economy is the priority. mr. trump is a businessman. one. things that really helped him push his agenda forward, which really set him apart from the republicans other than immigration was the tpp, the trans-pacific partnership, which would take control over jobs and even wages to that point which is why you saw a lot of the labor organizations, a revolt against that concept. mr. trump's number one priority is the economy. if we get back on track economically, we can then solve the other problems our country is facing. liz: i need to quickly ask you, he did today get the support of 88 different generals who have come out saying we are for trump. this on the heels of others saying that they were for hillary clinton, but 88 is a significant number. however, even as he gains in the polls, the electoral college map
3:41 pm
still favors hillary clinton and then you have texas, which is traditionally been a red state, you have "the dallas morning news," katrina, saying it will not endorse donald trump or a republican nominee for the first time in 50 years because, quote, his ideas are so far from republicanism, that they have spawned a new description, quote, trumpism. there appears to be some headwind here from the dallas morning news. that traditionally is a paper that endorses republicans. >> yes. even in the state, more importantly, but look still a liberal newspaper. i will remind you, particularly on immigration, the statewide elected officials that we have this last cycle -- liz: if it were a liberal newspaper, if it were a libnal newspaper, why has it always supported republicans. >> because it is texas. because it is texas and they like to make our incumbents in texas very happy. the state leaders we have right
3:42 pm
now who were just elected those were very much strong proponents of immigration reform and making sure we fight back against illegalses coming across the border the see that play out in the texas legislature and they all won handily in texas. liz: quatrain, thank you very much, as we watch, pretty significant with 88 generals coming out saying trump is the man. >> it was good day for the trump campaign. liz: thank you very much. closing bell 18 minutes away. the mylan epipen outrageed rattles the nation is accelerating at this hour. straight ahead we'll talk to a republican tennessee congressman who helped craft a bill that got the life saving drugs across the country. boy, is he furious now with the company. "countdown" coming right back. his first reaction to the class-action suit filed in the last hour 1/2. when it comes to healthcare,
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seconds can mean the difference between life and death.
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liz: this is the developing story that we need to get to. the mylan epipen saga that has taken the nation by storm has only gotten worse. more bad news for mylan. in the past hour 1/2 the company has been hit with a class-action lawsuit over epipen price increases. the suit, we understand, was filed in an ohio county court today and this on top of the fact that earlier new york attorney general eric schneiderman took out his sword and started slashing. he is launching an antitrust investigation into mylan over a possible monopoly at schools, just in time for back to the school season. you know schools are required by law to have epipens in there and mylan's ceo, heather bresch, who said just a week 1/2 ago, i'm just as frustrated, really? where is she now? because she is apparently canceling all kinds of
3:48 pm
appearances at different health care conferences. the farm see ceo in defense mode while desperately trying to control the company's pr disaster after her company jacked up the price of life saving autoinjector epipen by 550%. as sticker shock intensifies and mylan attempts to quell public outrage with discounties on overpriced generics, my next guest bass the cosponsor in 2013 what became known as the epipens in schools bill. this helped push epipens into school across u.s. to save children. representative phil roe, also a doctor, republican doctor's caucus live on capitol hill. first on fox business representative to react to the whole thing and breaking news. what do you think of the fact that mylan continued to raise the price on this over many, many years?
3:49 pm
>> liz, it is unconscionable what they're doing. a shame that it will get a lawsuit to get their attention. steny hoyer, a whip on the minority side he has a relative a grandchild with food allergies. the allergy network came to us to make sure life saving medications are in schools, if a child has a reaction, the very year we talked about it a child died. this is preventable death. we passed a bill so epipens to be in school. to mylan's credit they have given out 700,000 life saving auto-injectors. i carry one wherever i go, i get asked on airplane and whatever, is there a doctor here. i know this can one is out of date. it was bought about $100.
3:50 pm
now the exact same thing was 500, $600. the ones with high deductible programs are forced to do without it or do with something else. liz: knowing now mylan drastically hiked the price of epipen time after time, twice every sippingfer year, up more than 30% each time over past couple years, knowing they had done this, how would you changed bill? would you have signed it or crafted it the way it is now or would you have changed it? >> no, we would have kept the same out there. what we need out there, what mylan needs big time are competitors to drop this. fda turned down two generic competitors in the past two months. we need competition out there, liz. every time generic enters the market, when you have as many as four generic alternatives the price of the brand-name drug tends to drop 80%. for example, lipitor, a drug
3:51 pm
that is used to low you are your cholesterol, which i take, it is at least 80% drop. liz: right. >> we need to do this, taking lipitor is not life and death. but for children, adults out there, look i had someone, my wife is a nurse and a young man was mowing our yard. hornet stung him. he had anaphylactic reaction. went out and gave him eppy negative friend and saved his life. i seen that happen over and over again -- eppy negative friend. if you look at ceo's what their pays are. liz: what would you say to ceo heather bresch, who happens to be ceo joe manchin's daughter, there are all kinds of questions whether political favors were being done here. heavy-duty, robust lobbying on behalf of mylan to make sure there were requirements that businesses not just schools had to have epipens. suddenly the fda conveniently is unable to approve any kind of
3:52 pm
generic. then heather bresch says, i'm as frustrated as anybody is? not only was her, but her compensation tied to the benefits that came in financially from higher prices of epipen. what would you say? >> well, i hope that scenario you just laid out is not true. i hope it is not. if it is, there should be an investigation of that. i think there will be here on capitol hill. i really do. when we get back, i don't think you can, american citizen, i looked around and looked at price of this drug in canada, france, germany, australia. all of them nowhere else has it done this. i think this is just pure unadulterated greed by this company. liz: what would you, what would you say right now? because i'm looking at all that has happened. you have new york attorney general eric schneiderman investigating there whether there was antitrust behavior? that issue has to do with the
3:53 pm
fact that schools were toll they would not get a discount on the epipen, or free epipens if they bought any competitor, not that there are competitors but there is something called the clip that they could have gotten their hands on. that sounds a little ham-fisted on behalf of mylan, doesn't it? >> that sounds a little ham-fisted and quite frankly what mylan needs is not one competitor, they need half a dozen competitors to behave like this. i think it is egregious behavior and certainly, i don't see how they can, hopefully they can be shamed into doing the right thing because there are people out there today who can not afford $600 for this. i can afford it but they can not afford that. they may have a child at home or a loved one who might die because of they can't afford it. this happens fast. as you well know, you have someone in your family has this. liz: i do. >> it is very fast, when this happens. you have just seconds. liz: seconds. >> to pull this out, put this
3:54 pm
injection in your leg to be eated. >> that's it. doctor, you're doing wonderful work. and as we say, we say that the mylan ceo is mia. we have put in multiple, multiple calls since the story broke. heather bresch is welcome on this program. any representative from mylan is welcome. we would love to be wrong just as you would love to be wrong on some of this. at the moment the stock price continues. today slightly up but has plummeted double-digit percentage as people still continue to want answers. please join me again, congressman. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me on. liz: anytime. first on fox business congressman phil roe says it is egregious and shameful how mylan is behaving her. six minutes to the closing bell. traders done from vacation ready to schalk up their portfolios this hour. a look what they're buying. intel leading the dow but nike, nike is the stock to dump right now. back in may at the salt
3:55 pm
conference, a woman in charge of nearly $3 million of assets at charles schwab warned that upcoming election would rattle markets. liz ann sonders taking the pulse of investor worries as we look into the final stretch of the presidential race. liz ann coming up next.
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♪ liz: traders are back. september is traditionally a volatile month for the market but if you're looking for clues how your portfolio will move, you may want to follow the presidential polls. charles schwab chief investment strategist liz ann sonders gave us a clue back into the salt conference where you said it would cause volatility. you continue to see that with 6e been in not only election but fed going into september. the market gotten comfortable
3:59 pm
with the notion that fed had september on the table. we got only weak jobs report and weak ism and manufacturing services and there is still uncertainty there. as far as election i think it is important to note, not just unique aspect, leave it at that, the fact there is no incumbent running which if you look back in the history of elections with entity is not in the race. liz: what do you think people should do with their money at this point, liz ann? should have a plan, you want to stay at your normal equity allocation. what i would say is, use volatility to tactically rebalance around that allocation. so we've had a particularly nice run this summer with very
4:00 pm
limited volatility. i would say if you're over your equity allocation you might want at that pare that back. [closing bell rings] any kind of ring do in the opposite direction. liz: we'll have you back with the fed meeting just days away. liz ann sonders from charles schwab, thank you so much. the markets ending at 45 points to the upside for the dow. david and melissa. melissa: absolutely. stocks staging a comeback. major averages all ending the day higher. i'm melissa francis. hi, david. david: hi. i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." glad you could join us with big market movers. here is what else we have for you at this hour. as we enter the homestretch the race for the presidency could not be tighter. donald trump pulling slightly ahead of hillary clinton in a key poll with just 62 days until the election. both candidates holding rallies today in key swing states as campaigns look dramatically different than from just a week ago.


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