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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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i would say if you're over your equity allocation you might want at that pare that back. [closing bell rings] any kind of ring do in the opposite direction. liz: we'll have you back with the fed meeting just days away. liz ann sonders from charles schwab, thank you so much. the markets ending at 45 points to the upside for the dow. david and melissa. melissa: absolutely. stocks staging a comeback. major averages all ending the day higher. i'm melissa francis. hi, david. david: hi. i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." glad you could join us with big market movers. here is what else we have for you at this hour. as we enter the homestretch the race for the presidency could not be tighter. donald trump pulling slightly ahead of hillary clinton in a key poll with just 62 days until the election. both candidates holding rallies today in key swing states as campaigns look dramatically different than from just a week ago. melissa: yeah.
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david: after 25 days hillary clinton is -- 25 days, hillary clinton is taking questions from the media. tepid media questions and soft answers fall far short of a hardcore presser. when will she fully answer questions about the fbi investigation and into her emails and controversy in the clinton foundation. new emails show the clinton team may have manipulated the benghazi hearing three years ago. we have denails in a, to news exclusive coming right up. melissa: back to the markets. dow ending in positive territory for the third straight session. longest win being streak since july 20th. phil flynn, price futures group is fox news contributor. watching all the action in oil and gold in cme. adam shapiro at new york stock exchange. what is behind the move? >> a lot has to do with the ism non-manufacturing number. it came in at lowest level since 2010.
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this is survey of 400 non-manufacturing firms on their economic outlook. that is upsetting. that is also good news but means the fed less likely to raise interest rates. dollar fell. stocks became attractive. phil talking oil becoming attractive as part of that as well. that is one of the reasons some analysts say we saw the rally in the dow and s&p closing up. take a look what will happen with apple. apple's stock closed a little down. we get apple iphone 7 tomorrow. the big question if too many cook actually announces it, will the thing have ear phone jack or not. in this day and age, people work at apple genius bar, they're too young when we listened to things to listen to cassette tapes. they don't know what cassette tapes was. final stocks to pay attention toker, enbridge energy in canada are buying houston spectra energy, $127 billion deal.
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nothing looney about this deal. they're pipeline companies. some analysts and both their stocks. david: cassette tapes. you lost our demo for us, adam, thanks a lot. oil is up but gold popping up almost 30 bucks. looks like traders are betting there won't be a rate hike before the election. >> how can there be, david? that ism number was pathetic. when you back it up with the friday jobs report, dispointing, ism non-manufacturing number, how can the fed justify raising rates when you have both of these sectors slowing down dramatically? that is why the market is definitely moving. you saw that in gold in a huge way. when we saw the ism number we saw an immediate drop. the dollar just tanked. i think it went down 90 cents in a minute. yen soared. all for ren currencies rallyied a real ching in perception what
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the fed can do. it will take guts if the fed decides to raise rates in december but there may a backlash because of that let's talk about oil yesterday. the big news, russia and saudi arabia came up with some type of a deal. nobody knows what it is quite at this point but it does look like something is going to get done. whether it is going to be production freeze, that remains to be seen. but we know things are going on. initially when the report came they had a deal oil was up big. fell back down. came back up on houston shipping channel. it will be wild day. back to you. david: phil flynn, thanks. melissa: bayer announcing it is increasing the bid to acquire monsanto. this as the obama administration is being labeled the toughest on mergers and acquisitions in 30 years, challenging 47 deals in 2015 alone. here now is jared levy of profitable morgan ortega national pac co-chair. thanks you both for joining us. morgan, start with you.
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this is why our economy looks the way it us did. blocking deals then at the same time also strangling small business which creates the new jobs as big business gets bigger and more efficient and has fewer jobs. you can't win coming or going with these guys. >> you hit the nail on the head, melissa. what is going on here, this is the government stepping into mergers and a with a -- acquisitions private business and not giving them reasons why the businesses can't go forward and merge. in the case of monsanto, it's a company vilified because of its relation with gmos and other products in europe it is probably one of the most hated companies which is why we have to watch the merger. this fundamentally comes down to, take away everything the obama administration has done with m&a over the past four years, this comes down to very simple question we ask a lot on show, should the government be involved in business deals and business mergers? what the next administration, whether hillary clinton or trump going to do.
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allow business to fester? constantly will we have the big federal government arm reaching into to make decisions. >> jared, what is the effect on average person watching? i love my seedless watermelon from monsanto. what is the effect on the ordinary person. >> there is couple effects. in that industry, that is oligopoly. you have a couple of key players. rising population forced these companies to merge. by the way this deal isn't a given and what it means for everybody right now, we are demanding cheap food, that tastes good and fresh all year-round. melissa: right. >> as much as we want that we got to have monsantos, we have to bayers or bayers whatever you call them. melissa: whatever we're calling them this week. >> it is nature of the beast. i suspect, and believe this deal will go through. david: meanwhile mark cuban and carl icahn giving their thoughts on the effect of a trump presidency on the markets.
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take a listen. >> i have my trump hedge on in the event donald wins i have no doubt in my mind the market tanks. >> i really will say i don't think there is anybody smart enough in this world, there are too many variables to predict the market to begin with is very difficult. to predict what is going to happen when you get a president and, is really, i don't think you can guess it. david: morgan, who's right? >> listen i think carl icahn is totally right here. how can you predict the what will happen the day after the election. i give mark cuban some credit. there is uncertainty about trump will do on global affairs. here what is exactly certain. hillary clinton we'll see more regulation. we'll see elizabeth warren run economy. higher tax rates and higher capital gains taxes. while trump may not be certain on global affairs, what is certain hillary clinton will allow elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and left of the
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leftist to run the economy in this country. david: it is true donald trump wants to cut taxes and cut regulations where hillary wants to go into the opposite direction. but he also wants to fire janet yellen. the market is in love with what she is doing with zero interest rates. might that be a problem as far as markets are concerned? >> last week if you put a gun to my head, asked me depending who got elected who would drive markets higher. i would have said trump all the way. after his comments on the fed and said he believes rates should be much higher. david: hold on a second. much higher than zero. you can't go anywhere unless you go higher except negative rates. monetary policy has gone about as far as it can go, hasn't it? >> that's right. when higher, going to 1%, markets could take that. if he is going to push it, interest rates to 2 or 3 or 4, that his idea of right, i don't think we could take that too hard to call at this point. in either direction. melissa: new york attorney
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general eric snyder launching an investigation whether mylan violated antitrust laws in its contracts to provide epipens to some school systems. mylan reportedly told schools only way they could qualify to a price discount to agree if they not purchase any competitors to the epipen the next 12 months. jared, this story, a layer on top of a layer. >> i know. it bothers you so deep down inside, right? i'm amazed mylan gave away anything for free. in looking at this, in terms of antitrust they're created for fair trade. this is mylan giving away for free. they have got no competition n a way i don't believe this part is violation of anti-trust. that said, i think what mylan is doing here in the states in terms of jacking up the price of the epipen that is another story all together. this is a big problem, the company has to get ahead of it and they're not. as a stockholder i would be really concerned here.
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melissa: morgan, there are some layers to this. it is parksly the broken insurance system. the price tag, 600-dollar, i don't think anyone will pay that or they will do 12 deals discount ad million times to different groups. there is regulation with others coming in into the market with another epipen type product. it doesn't work exactly the same way, so you can't take it off patent. all in all, too much interference and taking the customer too far from the supplier. >> melissa, you hit the nail on the head again. if we care about consumers and people that need to use epipens we need to look the a the entire food chain when it comes to these products. look at all the products, the regulation, insurance companies, the pharmacies, everyone who is taking a cut of this product as it goes throughout the food chain. this is why you saw the ceo that said you know what? if congress wants to hold hearings, let's hold hearings to bring everybody to the table to discuss what goes into pricing
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for the drugs. new york attorney general you can always count on him to grandstand. that is not surprising. >> jared, just astounding to me, it is sort of every problem we have in health care around business encapsulated in one story. they managed to get it all together. >> maybe out of all this mess, comes a lesson, hey, government, stop meddling. obamacare is broken. the mechanisms we have in place trying to fix this are making it even worse. maybe as bad as mylan is, it's other things making them appear a lot worse than they really are. melissa: in addition to what they have done. all of it together. david. david: what a mess. more details coming from hillary clinton's emails. now there is reason to believe the clinton team may have manipulated the benghazi hearing three years ago. this is fox business es clucks sieve. melissa: making it clear that donald trump will make america safe. 88 admirals and generals signing on to a letter of support. that is coming up.
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he couldn't use the red carpet. he had to walk out the backdoor which is what we see here. were these accidental problems or was this purposeful snub of the president of the united states? >> it was purposeful snub. it was not just these two incidents. it was another one at the guest house. you can sort of explain one but you can't explain three. david: you heard what donald trump said in the tease. he said if this happened to me, if he had been president, happened to him, he would have said, come on we're going back home to america. we're not going to accept this. what would the chinese had done if president obama had done that. >> they would have really panicked. they want a big g20, controversy free, showing china at center of international system. if you had the american president turning right around it would have destroyed anything. david: for them to panic would be good from our perspective? >> absolutely. there was real issue whether we should have gone to this g20 in the first place. china is doing things unacceptable and really dangerous right now.
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david: was any of that addressed? there was a final communique at the g20. it was kind of boilerplate stuff, can't we all get along type stuff. whereas serious stuff like south china sea, them taking over the south china sea, chinese protectionism, the real kind of dumping of chinese steel on world markets, were those issues addressed? >> they addressed steel but only important issues things people really wanted to talk about. south china sea, east china sea, cyber, north korea, were scrubbed from the g20 agenda as china. as host they wanted to make sure there was no controversy. so the important things were not discussed. david: so if in fact there was a president trump there and he got back in the plane because of the snubs and flown out of there, that would have ruined their plan to kind of make this a thing without controversy? >> absolutely. you know there are some times when we should have done exactly what trump had said, basically to leave, to not legitimatize china. what we did was we strengthened
4:18 pm
xi xinping the chinese ruler. that is the last thing we thud should be doing. he is about to commit another act of aggression in south china sea at scarborough shoal. we said nothing about it. david: final question, about the hillary campaign whether trump's connections with russia, whether or not that is true. what about russia. do you think the chinese would rather have hillary or trump as president? >> in beginning they sort of wanted trump. at the sort of changed but stayed media is against trump. they have misjudged things because neither president will be good for them. they are driving events. it is not about the u.s. anymore. it is about them. david: gordon chang, good to see you. thanks very much. >> thanks, david. david: melissa. melissa: only 62 days to the election a new poll suggesting the race is closer than we thought. we have the numbers. new scandal for bill clinton by his past contract with laureate
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david: the countdown is on, battle for the white house entering the final stretch and the race is tighten as donald trump edges ahead of hillary clinton in at least one important poll. our own blake burman in d.c. with very latest. hi, blake. reporter: hi, david. a potential polling turn around for donald trump. latest poll from cnn shows trump leading hillary clinton by two points, 45-43, and this is among likely voters. as clinton was heading to her lone campaign event of the day in florida, she told reporters aboard her campaign plane she is sticking sticking with her strategy. >> as to the poll i really pay no attention to polls. when they're good for me and
4:23 pm
there have been a lot of them good for me recently i don't pay attention. when they're, not so good, i don't pay attention. we are on a course we're sticking with. reporter: meantime jason chaffetz, who is the head of the house oversight committee sent a letter to the u.s. attorney here in d.c. he did so earlier today, requesting he look into whether clinton or her staffers were involved with obstruction of justice. as you know the fbi's report released the other day on friday shows clinton's server was wiped in march of last year even though it was the subject of a congressional inquiry. trump, well he kept clinton's email questions in the forefront during town hall earlier today in virginia. >> now look, look, folks. this is a very sad time, i'm telling you for justice in this country. this is a very sad time. i've never seen anything like it. reporter: david, clinton says she has no concerns about her deleted email archive.
4:24 pm
she said republicans, this is what she told reporters on board her campaign plane, republicans should produce results eninstead of engaging in what she said conspiracy theories. david: very interesting. melissa: we have guy benson and sabrina schaefer and steve murphy, democratic strategist. get right to it. guy benson, seems like trump has momentum now. is that what we're seeing? >> yeah. i think what we've seen, melissa, last few weeks, hillary clinton's scandals on clinton foundation and emails which are interconnected of course are taking a toll on her candidacy and her standing in the race. what is significant about the new cnn poll which shows trump ahead in four-way race, even the tightening we've seen last four days, we've seen hillary's numbers eroding and coming down, trump trucking around high 30s
4:25 pm
and low 40s not budging. cnn poll shows him climbing into the mid 40s taking her. if that is not an outlyer, that is a trend. that is significant. melissa: sabrina he was breaking to the ceiling. that was talking point, yes, she is dropping but sitting at that ceiling and can't get above it. he has done it in the latest poll. do you think there is momentum there? will he keep going? what do you think? >> yeah i'm not actually sure there is momentum yet. we have to be realizic, historically the general election starts in earnest after the labor day weekend. we're really just getting into the final stretch of the political season. there is a lot of sort of, sort of uncertainties for trump. for instance, his worst he has been down eight to 10 points. at his best he has been tied. this seems a little bit of an anomaly. we have to look how these different polls are considering voters this particular cnn poll has him ahead says they're looking at likely voters. i suspect though that they are not including independents, the same way that other polls are
4:26 pm
because they have almost 90% of republicans who are supporting trump. some of these numbers don't seem -- melissa: let's let steve in. steve, one thing i was drilling down on the numbers more closely, one thing i found very surprising she brought up idea of independents. when you put in a four-way race, that hurts hillary clinton. you have people going over and voting for gary johnson, who you would think would have almost nothing in common with hillary clinton or bernie sanders. but they're coming over to him from her. and it hurts her. isn't thatint race to, excuse pn race to four-person race. not at all. melissa: it does. he gets further ahead. >> hillary maintains, no, well, actually no. melissa: i'm looking at numbers. no i'm looking at numbers. >> excuse me. they changed their methodology.
4:27 pm
melissa: no they didn't. >> no they didn't. melissa: he was never ahead. he was behind by the same amount this whole way into the close. guy, would it be. >> not in this poll. not in the poll. you're wrong. melissa: i am correct. i watched this the whole way last time around. romney was never ahead once we got into the close here. guy, does it surprise you that you would see voters for the other two candidates come from hillary clinton as opposed for donald trump? >> not on the jill stein front who is farther left than hillary clinton. melissa: but gary johnson? >> he is an interesting sort of maverick or, or sort of card in this race because i interviewed him for down hall last week. there are a lot of things that he believes are much more appealing to conservatives and republicans but on other hand he has enough i think on social issues the way he approaches some of these questions that maybe disaffected, left-leaning folks might be willing to give
4:28 pm
him a shot, particularly if they're disaffected an unhappy with both two major candidates in the race, hillary and trump. which is a heck of a lot of voters. melissa: i was surprised to see people who like bernie sanders quintessential big government, go for gary johnson who is libertarian, that is no government. i understand your point. it makes sense. david. david: that was a good one. more than 80 retired generals and admirals standing up for donald trump. why they believe trump is the best fit for commander-in-chief. melissa: plus exclusive emails obtained by fox news, suggest the clinton team manipulated the 2013 benghazi hearing. has the controversy just begun on that one? >> she has done a horrible job communicating. she tried to address the emails as a stand-alone issue when really the question is how did she deal with classified information on a day-to-day basis? can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health,
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david: clinton email story has just grown another leg. new emails obtained by fox news suggests that the clinton team manipulated the 2013 benghazi senate hearings. fox news's catherine herridge has the exclude sieve details. hi, catherine. reporter: thank you, david. these emails were obtained by the group citizens united seeking records from the state department including emails from chelsea clinton as well as hillary clinton's closest aides. in this exchange from january 2013 clinton's media petition keeper, write to chelsea with update on benghazi
4:33 pm
hearing before the senate foreign relations committee. chelsea uses pseudonym, die anian reynolds on clinton two topics we needed to debunk and actions and whereabouts on nine left andven and emails about chris stevens look to move locations. i was one of the four americans killed in the 2012 terrorist at tank along with for sin service officer sean smith andty woods and glen daughtery who died defending the base. first two questions by senator menendez covered both topics. >> can you give us your insights on the decision-making process regarding the location of the mission? and as part of that, can you also in your response, you touched upon it in your opening statement but what actions were you and your staff taking the night of september 11th into september 12th?
4:34 pm
>> first, you're right, mr. chairman, there was an ongoing discussion. reporter: today the chairman of the house government oversight committee is asking the u.s. attorney here in washington to investigate whether clinton and her team obstructed justice by deleting emails that were subject to a court preservation order. just this afternoon clinton was asked about this issue when she was traveling with the press on her plane and she said she had no concerns whatsoever about the actions that her aides took when they deleted those records, david. david: great reporting once again, catherine herridge, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. melissa: hillary clinton is brushing aside the email controversy bill clinton is stealing the spotlight. laureate university signed bill clinton to a $17 million deal. it was a five-year contract. it ended in 2015 according to "the washington post" auto there was no evidence that laureate received favors from the state department, the relationship is sparking concerns. charles ortel is financial whistle-blower. that is a lot of iormation. this is something you've been talking about for a while. finally others are picking up on
4:35 pm
it. break it down in a very basic sense. laureate university is online and in person university. what were they paying bill clinton for? >> in theory they were paying bill clinton to be chancellor, part-time work, 17.5 million five years that is tremendous money for part-time work. while he is smart, well-connected guy that number is way more than individual executives at laureate were bade. melissa: it is conflict of interest. not only emails went back and forth where they asked hillary clinton to seat the president of laureate university in high-profile spot and bring them to things and that sort of thing help fluff up his credibility, there is conflict of interested within the foundation where there was a separate financial joint venture between bill clinton and laureate university which calls into question the legality of all of it, right? explain that to all of us. >> it is very unusual to have not-for-profit, clinton foundation to enter into a joint venture with a for-profit,
4:36 pm
laureate. that is exactly what happened in the 2007-8 time frame where the clinton global initiative, i have my own problems with that, i don't think that was legally organized entered into sub sit airy of clinton foundation and entered into the running something called cgi university. have small thing. if you look at clinton foundation, size of cgi university is minuscule compared to the 17.5 million bill is pocketing. >> yeah. >> that amount of money he got is not disclosed in the clinton foundation filings. melissa: what i try to break it down tore people what is really wrong. the email doesn't prove pay for play. there are two big things here. one, the fact they're using foundation a charity to profit. and they're not paying proper taxes on that income comes in. they're acting like it is, this foundation does all the great work but in reality they're doing this conglomeration with laureate and other things putting millions of dollars directly into their pocket which has nothing to do with charity. laureate university is
4:37 pm
for-profit online college like trump university only much bigger. nothing charitable bit. people go into great debt for this. isn't that one of the big problems, mixing of charity and non-charity? >> absolutely. to deal with the conflict you are supposed to have independent trustees. they never had independent trustees. supposed to have independent accounting firm check all the work. they never had that. you won't find this information on the clinton foundation tax forms although they claimed they cured all their problems november 2015 for 2010 forward. that is not true. melissa: that is not true. >> absolutely not true. melissa: they're back on charity navigator and charity watch and they provided tax documents and everything is okay now. >> that is north ruse. go back to the financial crisis, 2007 through 9. i have a aaa rating and that is okay. charity navigator, charity watch small organizations easily gained. charity watch is tiny organization which derived benefits. melissa: in the end other big problem obviously they were
4:38 pm
using their influence at the state department to give laureate clout to bring him along. really questionable situation where you have a for-profit university, very expensive, providing classes online that may or may not be of value and people boeing into debt for that. it is tangle web. we'll have you back. thank you, charles. david: $18 million as honorary head of that university. unbelievable. international attempt to disrupt our election, u.s. law enforcement and intel agencies reportedly investigating a russian scheme to influence the presidential election, this according to "the washington post." here is morgan wright, center for digital government senior fellow and cybersecurity analyst. gordan, let's get to the crux of the issue. >> right. david: how easy or difficult would it be for a foreign actor, say russia to interfere with the vote counting in november? >> the russians have stolen information on stealth aircraft. they have penetrated the fbi, cia if somebody thinking getting
4:39 pm
to the vote system is insurmountable hill to climb, they're quite misinformed. this is something well within their technical capabilities. the question is within their political will to engage in something like this? this would be groundbreaking type of interference. david: keep it in the technical. that is where your expertise really is. >> right. david: if the loser in november challenges the results of the election. >> right. david: could we do a recount, because it might, there are some different ways and different computer systems being used, that would be quite difficult, would it not? >> i just watched a video about how an expert manipulated the memory card to change amount of votes, eve printing out what the memory card was supposed to store didn't see the difference what was there and was reported. so, look you don't know what you don't know. if this has been manipulated we may not know it. if information is stored, transmitted, kept somewhere else in digital form it absolutely
4:40 pm
can be manipulated. david: bottom line when there is no paper, there is no paper trail, we have to rely on stuff could be manipulated very easily. all right, homeland security, i'm sure you have seen this story. >> right. david: is worried about all this. there are suggestions that they may play a role in monitoring the election. frankly that concerns me because it is -- >> me toys, the head of homeland security is appointed by a president very partisan in this election. >> right. david: how do you think that will end? >> look, if homeland security approaches it from standpoint we want to give guidance here are things you can use. if they come in and start taking over networks, start putting their people in there, and i'm not looking at nefarious political purposes. all i'm saying that is not a good use for them. the states, it is still a state operation. their best-suited to say here are threats, here are things you need to guard against. give states intelligence and information they need to protect against these threats and let them go do it. to allow the federal government
4:41 pm
to get directly involved in monitoring management of networks and state and local elections i think set as bad precedent. david: i don't want to sandbag you, this is little off topic, hillary's emails, the dump from the information from the fbi on friday, where the thing that stood out to me, she had 13 cell phones when she previously said she just had one. now possible she could destroy 13 emails, i don't know anybody that goes through 13 in three years, do you? >> no. that is either you're abusing them quite a bit. worried anytime they're compromised. anytime you land in foreign country, turn the cell phone on and haven't taken things to protect it, north korea, libya, china, anywhere of those places absolutely dangerous to turn on your cell phone if you're government official. david: easy to compromise if you have a private email server. >> much easier. david: morgan, thanks for coming in. >> you bet. david: melissa.
4:42 pm
melissa: top military leaders are endorsing donald trump. we'll talk to a retired general why he thinks trump is best for our national security. plus, the latest provocation from iran. details on yet another u.s. ship being harassed by iranian vessels. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is.
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one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. >> bottom line we have to get very tough and we have to get very smart or we'll not have much of our country left i can tell you that right now. david: donald trump speaking earlier today with military vets and families in virginia beach. meanwhile nearly 90 retired u.s. generals and admirals throwing support behind the republican nominee in a public letter saying quote, we support donald trump and his commitment to rebuild our military to secure our borders, to defeat our islamic supremacist adversaries and restore law and order domestically. retired brigadier general ream mow butter signed that letter, remo butler.
4:46 pm
thanks for coming in. hillary clinton says donald trump is all talk as commander-in-chief, therefore we should go with experience. why do you say no? >> experience is good, don't get me wrong but in addition to experience there is another thing. it is called personality and drive and ambition. donald trump exhibits traits of a leader. if you look at his following. he has a large following in the military community. don't know if you understand that or not. but that is very significant because military people are a little different, and they respect him and respect him for what he is, what he stands for, and how he says it. the world is a very volatile place. to have respect times you have to take respect. being nice is wonderful but sometimes in the world which you live, you have to be able to take respect and we believe that donald trump is a person who is
4:47 pm
capable of taking respect. there is -- david: forgive me, general. there is also the general what hillary clinton did when she was secretary of state to make the world either safer or more dangerous. do you think the world is more dangerous as a result of her being secretary of state? >> well, i really can't give you an honest answer on that, and i can say the world is a dangerous place because i haven't really followed secretary of state clinton, what she has done, what she hasn't done. but -- david: more the character of the candidate? that is what you're basing your decision on. now -- >> yes. david: democrats as i mentioned before, they attacked donald trump because he doesn't have the experience. they're also attacking him pretty hard with a new ad campaign which they quote him as saying, kind of contemporaneously, i love war. they show a mushroom cloud and he talks about nuclear war. do you think that's going to have an impact on the american people or should it? >> i don't know.
4:48 pm
if you go back, do you remember when curtis lamay was running? david: yes, i remember that. >> do you remember the nuclear cloud commercial. it was same thing. politics is a very dirty business. people will say and do whatever they say, or feel they need to do to get elected. i discount a lot of that. it is all politics. i want to hear what the person has to say. a good example today was donald trump talking to those veterans. david: yeah. >> he spoke a lot about the va. now i'm a disabled veteran, so i have been to the va i understand exactly what those people are talking about, when he says you know what? we might have to do a total housecleaning. i understand that the veterans understand that we can relate to that. those are things that directly affect us. david: it does go to the heart when you're a veteran. general remo butler. great to talk to you. come back to talk to us again. >> thank you, i appreciate it. david: bye-bye. melissa. melissa: there is another close
4:49 pm
call in the persian gulf involving iran revolutionary guard and navy ship. defense departmentfficialing telling fox news that a u.s. patrol ship had to change course approached by seven iranian vessels on sunday, one which stopped within 100-yard of a ship. we're show youing video after similar incident that was last month. the navy is calling it provocative harrassment. david: they upped the ante with a few more ships. what changes do the nominees need to come out on top? ♪ better buckle up.
4:50 pm
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4:53 pm
turkel is the branding master! bruce he's new booking all about them. focus on others. turkel brands ceo joins us now. i have my copyright here. it boils down a very simple message that works no matter what business you're in. you're there to satisfy the needs of your customer to make them better. it is about them, not you, did i get it right? >> you got it exactly right. not openly that but took me a whole book to say it and you said it in five seconds? melissa: i love it. you taught me well. for a news person, it could be i'm going to make you smarter, richer, funnier by virtue of watching me, one example how you will do something for them. >> right. melissa: apply this to the political race going on right now? what should hillary clinton's message be? >> you know it is so great that you said that because we get this opportunity to watch this incredible branding exercise. hillary is making a huge mistake. she is not making the message all about them.
4:54 pm
she is making the message all about herself. when she says stronger together, of course she is talking about the country. she is talking about herself. worse she is responding to the competition and one thing that the leader never does, and polls still show she is the leader, you never change your message to accommodate the person who is coming up from behind. stronger together says, hey that other guy, who says we don't get along, we're not doing good things, he is wrong, i'm right. taking a step further, she said yesterday the debate is about issues, not insults. well i made to break it to anybody, a lot of us watching tv like watching insults. we like it exciting. we like nhl, nfl, we like mixed marshal arts. this has to make it about her and why she will make our lives better. melissa: right. that even goes, if you make it about issues, then again it is about this thing that is not well-defined out there.
4:55 pm
it is about how i'm going to make you as family viewer stronger, happier, wealthier. >> richer, all those things. whatever it is you want. melissa: you're going to make it happen. for donald trump, what should his message be? is he doing it right? >> well donald trump is doing one of the most important things, which is, you turn your liabilities into assets. you make your scar your star. that's what he is doing. he is taking his personality, let's face it is aggressive, it's loud, it is obnoxious and he is turning that into what his audience says, hey, that's me up there. he is becoming the surrogate for his audience. he is letting their aspirations that they can be greater, that they can be important, he is doing that. he has made -- melissa: that they're going to win. >> made it all about them. whether there is enough of them remains to be seen but the point is, he understands the philosophy in the book and making it happen. melissa: for the person at home in any kind of a business and
4:56 pm
wants to buy your fabulous book, all about them, the idea is whatever business you're in, whatever you're trying to do, what is it that you're doing for the client, right? am i saying it right? >> exactly right. stop talking about yourself. it is not about what you offer. tell me why you matter to me. melissa: bruce, you always make your show smarter, faster, more interesting, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. david: making it all about him. melissa: see what i did there? i learned from the segment. all right. david: meanwhile honoring god and country in school, isn't that what the nfl might in school. one little boy's dedication to the pledge taking the internet by storm. who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john.
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works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. : . >> one little boy's moment of patriotism gone viral. a texas kindergartner stops to recite the pledge of allegiance. >> incredible. he took the time to say a short prayer, thank god for a, quote, wonderful day.
5:00 pm
i think you can get arrested for saying that on the field of the nfl. it's nice to than some schools still allow it to be done. >> i know, so cute, and he was running late. i love it. back to school. great story. >> that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> as to the polls, i pay no attention to the polls, when they're good for me, a lot have been good recently, i don't pay attention. when they're not so good, i don't pay attention. >> donald trump's poll vault, 62 days before the election, trump overtakes clinton in the latest national poll. hello, everyone, this is "risk & reward." i'm cheryl casone in for deirdre bolton tonight. with labor day in the rearview mirror, the final push to election day has trump two points ahead. a new cnn poll showing donald trump leading hillary 45-43% and a four way race among voters. clinton held an eight-point lead among registered voters in


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