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tv   Special Coverage The Republican National Convention  FOX Business  September 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> mylan pharmaceuticals is being sued for the price of its epipen. it's drawing criticism from consumers groups and its stock has fallen 0 per there are last month. charles: billionaire mark cuban tells neil cavuto that a trump presidency would taint the market. a shout-out to elizabeth mcdonald. she did a wonderful job. a cnn poll shows donald trump with a slight bump over hillary clinton in a national poll. clinton shook off the polls as
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we spoke to reporters. >> there have been a lot of them that have been good and i don't pay attention. and when they are not so good, i don't pay attention. we are on a course we are sticking with. is this a signal hoik, her unfavorables are adding up, and all of the above chipping away from her support? van, i'll go to you since you are remote. you talked about this a lot. you said the polls will go up and down. when we get infinal stretch they will be very tight. are you surprised how much they tightened up? >> we'll reach a tipping point like death by a thousand cuts. as more and more revelations come out. we may be seeing the beginning of that tipping point.
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he has an electoral college challenge and he has to win states like north carolina. in one hour donald trump will have a rally in greeneville, north carolina where he has to get an overvote to win. i have it that king of nascar is in the building right now. elvis presley doesn't have poll numbers like richard petty in carolina. charles: maybe hillary will get little e. but to your point, no one can touch the king. "the washington post" had this and bition thing when they did all the states. north carolina, a swing state, navy, some other states, to a degree it's up in the air. the momentum is on donald trump's side. >> she spent $150 million in ads. he tested missteps absolutely.
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all of media is on her side. both machines are on her side and she cannot escape. this tells you the mood of the country. also she is running as the incumbent. when you can't run 50% as the incumbent, you lose. the mccain-palin ticket was ahead going into september. what will change thing is the debates. it's also about the ground game in the swing states. if he handles these things properly the elect will reflect the mood this country. charles: hillary clinton has her new plane, she is talking to the press all of a sudden. we don't count those as official press conferences.
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but maybe in the month of august she took the old school playbook. she took the month off to raise a ton of money. >> we are seeing telegraphed what she understands the narrative of the country to be. she'll manage this spread and keep it as low a continues between them as possible. since elections are about choices, scarer in the swing states to vote for her and against trump. but no negatives work against trump. all of this opponents in the primaries tried it and it didn't work. the negatives in the republican pry mayors are more nuanced, but those didn't work. charles: ways going to work? >> just scaring voters to come out. >> the count tore that is the enthusiasm gap. even before the primaries, the
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republicans had a 30% enthusiasm gap. she won't be able to create that. >> everybody knows who trump is and ebb knows who hillary is. the numbers we are seeing are the purest numbers. charles: a large degree of people say they could change their minds at the last minute. i want to get back to the enthusiasm issue. you see the polls, clinton had a 3-point lead among registered voters. this reflects the thus am we see with the huh emergency gus crowds where people gather at the airport, they go around the block four or five times at the larger arenas. i think a lot of people in the trump camp have been waiting for
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this to be reflected. >> the and of voter is less motivated than any presidential elect in the last 30 years in this country. that's one point that has to be a concern for donald trump. he will have a good get out the vote technology platform, and he doesn't have it. but reince priebus has done a lot to beef up the get out the vote platform technology of the republican party platform. we'll see how good it is because donald trump has got to have it. he's winning with independents, but he has to make sure his people get out to vote. >> these polls are huge. ultimately it will come down to handful of states. how does donald trump coffer out the race in pennsylvania. >> the individual state clearly matter. but in today's world, the technology, all commercials, all rallies, all news affecter single state.
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what we know with he single state, none of them are missing the desire for change and a rejection of the establishment. all the state are hurting. all the states are impacted by the hillary clinton legacy. all of them are hurting because of the immigration dynamic and economy. what matters to the people in illinois matters in pennsylvania and florida and north carolina. you will see you it coming together in this country. even though with the individual states, it has to be the same message. the nature receive i and law and order and the nature of immigration. that will resonate in he single state. charles: mike, why are you smiling? >> you are talking about a national tone and national narrative. hillary's campaign is banging on
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elections being about choices. and come election day -- charles: donald trump has set himself up to be the law and order candidate. he got 88 former military officials, high-ranging officers to come out and endorse him. what is she working on? i saw somewhere where joe bide' says she has to be warmer. that's good on the personality side, but what about the policy side? >> they will continue to present trump -- >> why should i vote for hillary clinton no matter who the opposite candidate is? >> the consequences will be so dire and that's what you will be presenting. on the personality front she'll warm up some and these informal chat that don't qualify as press conferences will be a standin and try to convey a level of formality and warmth.
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charles: all we have seen from hillary clinton over and over again is donald trump's gaffes, but her unfavorables have ended him out. >> i think the trustworthiness issue is a big one. the american people regardless of political pli philosophy or political party, they want a government that has integrity. i think donald trump needs to express that. i have got some flaws and imperfections, but at end of the day i'll give you a federal government that will have integrity. harry truman said you can't get rich in politics unless you are a crook. although the bar has been set high by president clinton and company. thank you all three have much. coming up. hillary clinton is back on the
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charles: hillary clinton back on the campaign trail after taking a whole month off. some say her absences cost her big time in the polls. meanwhile donald trump had a strong fundraising month. but the question is can he catch up to hillary and how much does
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he need to raise. adam, you are our expert on the republican side. donald trump's fundraising has gone up but hillary really scored. >> i have never seen anything like donald trump. look at jeb bush. he beat that money with shame. it didn't scare him. when it was down to ted cruz, he beat that money machine. he had texas and it was a state of bundlers and he beat them. hillary clinton has a lot of negatives. she'll have to get her message out. donald trump raised $5 million after his immigration speech and that was from a lot of small donors. that's the heartbeat of america. charles: if you look at the money hillary is raising, a
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large chunk of it is going into grounds game. the swing states, experts on both sides of the aisle agree, if this is going to be a nail biter, that would be a determining factor. >> giving a chance of no money and no, i would go for the money. this election won't be won by who has the biggest bank account. hillary clinton raised 37 times she went out and asked for money so she could pummel donald trump and fund these field offices. but let me give you a fact that i think everyone should keep in mind. the biggest events to come are the three presidential debates. i'm guesstimating $90 million or more will watch each and every one of those debates. being in the media part of it. if you were to price out the cost of a minute of television
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before 90 million viewers you can surpass the rates of the super bowl. you are talking about a $400 million ex mose sure every time donald trump and hillary clinton are seen together on stage. that's the ad campaign i would like to run and that's would be the most telling. charles: noel, you mentioned the primaries, a couple billion in earned media for donald trump. when you have head-to-head, there are certain rules and they both have to get the same amount of media time. doesn't that mitigate the major chance donald trump had in the primary? >> you are right. but done there are creates his own media stir. all he has to do is get on twitter at 3:00 a.m. and make some bizarre comment and the
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next day all the stations are reporting what donald trump said. he can create a next date next day. charles: he does create the news cycle. she has not learned how to do that. his tweets and comments set the tone. you know a lot of these well-heeled folks. is there any indication some of them want to press their noles against the window and thinking they want to get involved? >> i had a couple donors on the west coast said they will support trump. they were getting business from that. they were getting people saying i may not want to do that. there will be people looking through the window and going in the door this time. charles: adam, what are your thoughts on that.
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>> good polls breed confidence and confidence breeds fundraising. we saw people heading for the hills on the trump campaign. right now they are hedging their bets. charles: on twitter i'm watching the never trumpers hedge their bets as well. donald trump gaining against clinton in key states. the candidates are focusing their campaigns on these states. how worried should hillary be? my political team debates that. poor mouth breather.
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charles: the latest national polls show donald trump and hillary clinton in a statistical
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dead heat. a "washington post" survey shows trump has a slide lead over hillary? ohio and iowa. clinton was in florida and she spoke to the press on her way to the sunshine state. this is the first time in almost 300 days. if the clinton camp concerned about these polls? how concerned should they be? let me start with you first. hillary clinton nonchalant. will she have exphandsing leads in the polls? i didn't hear her bragging by the but i didn't hear a lot from her anyway. >> talking to the press today, she did it in a contained way on her campaign plane, but it was a combination of this coming from donald trump counting the number of days since she last held a
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press conference. you never want your lack of accessibility and fear of the press to become a story which it was. i'm sure the campaign reamized this was mush room out of their control and they wanted to nip it in the bud. she still has not held a full press conference. charles: she'll start to give more since views. but all the things that have hit her. on the one hands you could say, maybe she is lucky, the email controversy, the f.b.i. controversy, the lingering multi decades of trust worthiness issues. we know donald trump has the momentum. but is there a silver lining for hillary? >> not right now. this is a hole new horse race we have going on. there is a lot of news for hillary clinton and all of it is bad.
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her press availabilities? not even her staff trustser in these unscripted moment. her staff person cut it off the moment a substantive question came her way. if you take a look at north carolina, she got 1.2% advantage in the real clear politics average. florida 2.7. that's not comfortable at all. she is in a dangerous time for her candidates i because she has to take risks. and she is risk averse. she is not a woman who likes to trust the marketplace. but the marketplace is showing she must take risks. charles: when you try to sit on the lead in football, you lose it. it happens over and over again. it happens a lot when a team sitting on the lead is
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penalized. i think mark brings up an amazing point. can hillary clinton change her style to seem more the -- >> i think if she starts talking to the press and doing more events -- we talked about this for a month. i think she would do well. when you hear her like we did with anderson cooper. talk about how sorry she was about the email issue and she wanted to move past it but would be happy to answer a question without making excuses, that that works to her favor. i would say everyone on the trump campaign is going nuts for the cnn poll. one issue concerns me, one is he's up with independents and other is the enthusiasm gap. i think she has got to be out
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there more talking about the issues, and also have tim kaine there. he has done well in being an exciting force. michelle obama, barack obama. her husband. >> also in that same poll jessica talks about cnn, it's the trust gap that's troubling for her. >> a 15-point advantage on the economy. trust in the economy. >> let's talk about terrorism and foreign policy. effectiveness. temperament. this is a troubling trend for her. charles: there are areas where donald trump is working his unfavorables -- in the debate he worked on the commander in chief stuff. surprisingly some war worry
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about him on foreign policy. >> the most interesting thing that jumped out from that cnn poll is trump seems to be winning over more independent voters and he appears to united more republicans linds him. last month we saw only about 83% of republicans coming behind trump. and it jumped to 90-91% of republicans. if that trend continues he will be a more formidable force on the campaign trail. more people are beginning to see him as a possible commander-in-chief. we saw him go to mexico, stands on stage with another world leader. but he has to keep it up, and consistency has not been his strong suit so far. charles: mark cuban made a bold prediction about the stock market while on neil cavuto on fbn.
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remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. >> in the event donald wins i have no doubt in my mind the market tanks. i literally have put on more than 100% helping, i'll put it on stronger fit looks like there is a better chance. neil: what does that mean, donald trump wins in november. what is mark cuban doing?
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>> if the polls look like a decent chance donald can win, i'll put a huge hedge on that's over 100% of my equity and bond position as well that protects me just in case he wins. charles: that's mark cuban saying with our neil cavuto that donald trump would crush the market. >> keep they are keeping the rates artificially low so the economy doesn't go down so obama can say he did a good job. they are keeping the rates artificially low so obama can play golf after january and say he did a good job. charles: donald trump went on to say the market exists in an artificial bubble. if mark cuban is right, what
6:33 pm
happens to our financial markets and our wallets? joining me now, adam, let me start with you. not good stuff here. not long ago donald trump said he was okay with lower rates back in may, and george h.w. bush blamed alan greenspan not keeping rates low enough for him losing. is trump saying he wants rates to go higher outer' unavoidable that we have some sort of calamity with the stock market? >> rates cannot stay this low forever. his point is the market is overbought. we haven't had 3% gdp growth in 8 years. a historically slow recovery. it's a bubble. we are living in a bubble.
6:34 pm
if you look at the real unemployment in this country it's so high. the real unemployment is so high. the metrics are negative. except for the market. >> although, david, one thing that we have seen in the last decade is u. s-corporations make more and more of their money from around the world. profits as a percent and of gdp are still at high not seen since the 1950s. if you are looking at a market based on earnings you could argue that could justify valuations. but what happens when the fed eventually does hike rates? >> it's not clear they have to do it soon. if you look at the feds' share of government debt it only holds 17%. most of the debt is being held up by foreigners. the fed now holds about the same amount of government dead it did
6:35 pm
prior to the crisis. the fed is trying to raise rates but it can't get ahead of the recovery. interest rates in germany, switzerland, u.s., they are all incredibly low and there is an appetite for government debt. we can race that to policies. the fed is in a bind and it's not clear the fed is being that easy with monetary policy. >> i think the fed is loathe to raise hates. it would take an emergency to do it between now and the election. today was another lackluster number. i think they may have the right cover for that. but having said that, should donald trump also talk about fiscal policy? in my mind, it's one thing to talk about monetary policy. and the feds aren't doing what they are supposed to do. without the monetary policy that gets corporations to invest.
6:36 pm
the fed is inconsequential to a degree. >> first of all, a little piece of economic history. the and interest rate in america since the founding of this country is 5.18%. right now we are 2.2%. what we heard from mark cuban is the hyped up hyperbole which is to create fear about the future, in a way take our eye off today. what i'm most fearful about is what's happening right now in this country and what donald trump is addressing right now, a squeezed middle class and educational standard declining. 46% in poverty. obamacare socking it to small businesses. what donald trump said, we have low interest rates right now. we are thankful for that. but the bigger issue is how are we going to juice the economic
6:37 pm
engine of this country to create more jobs. >> donald trump has a revolutionary plan to simplify the thanks bracket. we know what that did to ireland. it skyrocketed the irish economy. charles: mark cuban is saying because donald trump scared a lot of business owners with the past rhetoric on trade. do you think the market would cash under a president trump? >> absolutely not. none of that is true. mark cuban didn't make this money in the stock market. charles: that made him a billion. fox news channel settled a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by gretchen carlson.
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charlescharles: coming up. president obama having a tough trip in asia. many say the president's chaotic arrival and the snub --
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charles: it was supposed to be the big session after all the big wigs got back into the market after spending the summer at martha's vineyard. some blame the purchasing. this is the lowest reading since february of 2010.
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a 7.5% drop in business activity. the markets came to grips that this puts the kibosh on the federal reserve doing anything before the election. cautious toafnt market reflected another sharp update for utility. the market also reflected 200 new highs on the new york stock exchange. last friday less than half of that hit new highs. while the focus is on the blue chips. we are approaching the old all-time highs. meanwhile those looking for a helping should consider majestic silver. it hit 18 earlier this month. it's a good hedge for your portfolio. my report on a race for the white house.
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learn about the historic core racial from the market to the economy to the stocks. i have got names that will win no matter who wins. coming up, president obama gets assaulted by the filipino president and snubbed by the chinese. his thing with vladimir putin got even icier and colder. talk about the president getting dissed next. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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obama was disrespected by some of the g20 leaders. if the president isn't respected what does that mean for us. ambassador john bolton is joining us. we have seen between president obama and other foreign leaders. but this seemed to take the cake. the guy from the philippines, vladimir putin, china. they lined up and disrespected him one after another. >> it was a variety of different things with different causes. but i do think there is an underlying theme. they appreciate that obama is a lame duck and they won't have to deal with him much longer, now they can show their personal feeling without suffering any veal consequences. but the larger issue is they don't think america under obama is in need of the respect that
6:48 pm
we have gotten before. these were from different causes. i think the president of the philippines who had an unpleasant thing to say about the president, i think he's not politically correct. he talks that way to almost everybody. but in the case of china. the failure to put out the big steps for the president to come down and air force one was no accident. the chinese have been doing this for 7,000 years. they understand exactly what they were doing. and putin not agreeing to a deal on syria is telling obama the same thing edtold him for 6 years but neither obama or hillary or john kerry wanted to hear. he's going to look after russian interests in syria and not go after what obama wants. charles: president obama began his presidency with what many called apology tour. he was extremely popular and he talked about everyone being
6:49 pm
proud of their own nation. he was criticized for being too open with the rest of the world, too humble, if you will. is there anything positive about the fact that now these folks are look at him differently? does it mean he has done anything right? or is it all about the personal animosity or lack of respect for this president? >> there is the bigger picture about what they can see he has done to the united states. he has single handedly deconstructed positions of strength and alliance structures we built up for decades. he reduced our power of deterrence which causes people to say we are not going confront the united states because the cause is too high. i think it does reflect the spreading anarchy we see around the world particularly in the middle east and elsewhere as the positions of strength erode around the world. so it shouldn't come as any
6:50 pm
surprise that this is one of the consequences. it's going to be very difficult for the next president, whoever it is, to rebuild them. it's what he has done and hasn't done on things like the military budget which has been reduced drastically. >> you talk about the two presidential candidates. and i do wonder. today i read where japan will start to provide some sort of help for filipino ships trying to navigate around the south china sea islands and territories. you saw the iranian ships once again bugs our ships. this disrespect has to reflect on both candidates to a degree. aren't they going to have to show some sort of strong force to get the world to sit up and pay attention that america is back? >> i think the new president will have to do two things. one political in the short term
6:51 pm
and one resource based in the long term. i have no expectation hillary clinton will do that. i think she is a third obama term. but much like ronald reagan taking office in 1981. they have to send a political signal that the policies of weakness that preceded them are going to change and the united states is going to protect its interests, protect its people and friends and allies. second there is a page rebuilding job to be done with the american military. that's going to cause money. it's going to cause expenditures that will have to come out of domestic program even as we cut the overall budget. the damage obama cause is really substantial. charles: it reminds me of the old television commercial, can you hear me now? donald trump and hillary clinton both spent time on the campaign
6:52 pm
trail court the black vote. but i think they are both missing a critical point. what is success? is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing.
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you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. charles: this election season as seen a refreshing effort to court the black vote. but both sides in my mind making sat the same huge mistakes. blacks don't want the jobs illegal immigrants are doing. and they don't want minimum wage jobs.
6:56 pm
there is no doubt internal issues within the community make these goals tougher to reach. too many people are choosing the narrow paths to own those jets. the understanding about the work that it takes to achieve those goals can be tapped into in a big way. one estimate says there are 35,000 black millionaires in the united states. the great divide is in the middle class that didn't move up the last decade. they want prosperity and upward mobility. we want to be rich, we want to have the riches that have always been part of the american dream. to any political candidate out there, you pitch that and you will get a whole bunch of converts. that brings me to comments made by sean p. diddy colmes about barack obama and the black community.
6:57 pm
>> my number one thing though to be honest with black people, i feel like we put president obama in the white house. and when i look back i just wanted more done for my people. put somebody in office. you get in return the things you care about for your community. i think we got a little bit short changed. charles: joining me, jess tatar love and van hipp. my son is in the studio, he's going back to london for college and he doesn't want a minimum wage job. i think we need to start crafting the message even more.
6:58 pm
they want to be donald trump. i've got college tuition for two kids. i thought he was authentic saturday, and we did i cannot picture some of these establishment republicans do what he did. he talked about the african-american churching about the conscience of the african-american community since the country's founding. and he talked about bringing jabs back to america and extreme choice. i think he's taking a book out of ronald reagan's book when he asked what have you got to lose? he got 14% of the african-american book. charles: when he talked about black people being short changed by obama. that has to worry democrats. he was talking about this in relation to opening a charter school in harlem. barack obama and hillary clinton
6:59 pm
being so wedded to unions. >> and we have a ton of teachers in rubber rooms who shouldn't be teachers. i think it's something democrats should be talking about. when donald trump said what have you got to lose half elegantly. then he said it totally elegantly and offensively. he said you walk down the street and you get shot. charles: he sharpened up that mess and since. >> because it's manufactured by kellyanne conway. charles: you have a brand-new book about the gop reaching different demographics. >> i think republicans do offer a much better option and opportunity for members of the african-american community. i any what we can do is relate to black his matter and talk
7:00 pm
about police body cameras. it keeps the police honest and also the offenders. charles: you guys are all fantastic. it's great to be back, and it's great to lean into this man. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. 3 days remain until election day and donald trump has what he wants. -- 63 days remaining until elect day and donald trump has what he want. he's riding in the polls. but hillary's advantage is now down to 3%. he lost more than half her lead in the past six week. the latest national poll shows trump evening ahead of clinton 45-43% in a statistical


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