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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 7, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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here are your top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. focusing on our heros, donald trump and hillary clinton shifting their attention to military today. they are ramping up the attacks on one another. >> who -- he looks at hillary clinton and he smiles, every decision has been a loser. >> this november the american people have a choice to make when it comes to national security. on the one hand we have donald trump who has called the american military a disaster, who disrespecting our military leaders by saying and i quote, i know more about isis than the generals do. maria: this comes as hillary clinton faces questions over private e-mail. claims she did not know the classification markings and now lawmakers are calling for a new investigation. technology giant set to unveil new phone but one major change can fall on death ears.
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the warning one coach has to any player who choses to sit out the national anthem. let's check markets today as we await a whole host of economic data this week. futures expected to show a market that's opening fractionally lower this morning. check out performance in europe right now. stocks moving between gains and losses, investors on somewhat of an edge after european decision. in asian overnight market ange, fractional move in all of the above. at first you don't succeed, try again. sony raising offer to daniel craig to return to the silver screen as james bond. here to talk about it dagen mcdowell and recon capital kevin
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kelly. kevin: you had a front runner. dagen: i think that daniel craig, i saw him on stage here in new york he looked like old cheese. i know. so i can't imagine -- i can't imagine the price tag that they come up with i know what they're offering them. he's an idiot if he doesn't take it. kevin: worked out for him. i'm always for a blond bond. [laughter] maria: i bet. the president and ceo of the ncaaap cornell williams brooks and what the african americans think about donald trump, katrina pearson with us and assess -- sa you don't want to miss a moment of it. we have a big show right now.
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we kick it off with the top stories. a new battleground poll from george washington university. donald trump and hillary clinton in a tie. libertarian candidate johnson with 10% and jill stein with 3% support. thank you so much for joining us. what does it tell you? >> i think one of the things we are saying is the tightening on the polls specially on the four-way. the fox poll shows hillary last week with 6-point lead with only 2-point lead on the four-way ballot. what's not changing is the favorable, unfavorable ratings of either of the two candidates. we had hillary at 55% and trump at 58%.
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the closing is coming in large part from two things, one is that hillary believes more to the other third-party candidates when you go to the four-way ballot. the other is that trump in recent weeks has gotten back up to equal support level from republican voters as hillary with democratic voters and closed the race. maria: he certainly has had a better two weeks relative to what we isn't that true the convention. dagen: she's been in hiding during nothing but fundraising in the month of august. >> i wouldn't put too much credit of that. a combination of fundraising and planning for debates which are going to be very important. i think what we saw from trump in the last two weeks, less of the rallies, aggressive donald trump which gives an opportunity for those republicans to kind of fall in line. one of the things i've been saying sometime him leading with
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personality, he doesn't need to do that anymore. he's the nominee. leading with personality stirs up the negative. he needs to talk about issues which he's doing and the more he talks about issues and connects that with the republican position on the issues, which is stronger than he is on the economy, on jobs and even foreign affairs, the better he's going to do in the poll. maria: let me get to the next poll you want to look at, heading to the election poll shows top issue for voters, walk us through that and what's changed? >> well, you are seeing a little bit of emphasis on terrorism than what we saw earlier in the summer and mid-summer, more of an emphasis on economy, jobs, taxes, so again i think the more he has an opportunity and one of the things we saw in the survey is that republicans we are sus democrats for a higher on measurements than he does versus clinton. falling in and falling back on
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those positions that republicans have been fighting quite frankly for quite sometime the better he'll solidify. maria: people feel that donald trump is better equipped to create jobs. >> i guess so. i'm interested in that number of the economy is quite low, 21%. i think because the economy is doing okay. what we are hearing is the more donald trump acts like the despised establishment, the better he does in the poll, less trump and more gop. hillary clinton was absent for the whole campaign. if he can get out of his own way and act like a real republican, then he has a chance to win. >> really what i'm saying is if you look at the survey and you look at republicans versus democrats on the issues, it's coming out on the policies
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rather than leading with his personality because those policies whether he wants to call it antiestablishment, we have been fighting those battles for the last decade or last eight years and that's where the republicans would gravitate to who perhaps are negative about -- unfavorable about his favorability so it's not all of a sudden becoming the establishment. it's setting the establishment argument aside and focusing on the issues which is what we are seeing him do. we saw it on immigration, we can see him do it on taxes, economy and jobs where quite frankly the republican party has a stronger standing with the broader electorate. >> a bonn ballot, for example, marco rubbleio in florida is outpolling his opponent doing far better than donald trump in swing states so despise the republican establishments,
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they're doing better. maria: interesting. kevin: one of the interesting aspects is third party is garner ing 13%. so i think that's something we are losing out on and it's because hillary clinton's narrative keeps crisscrossing. maria: yeah. >> and i think the key on that traditionally what we would do from a polling standpoint understand the shrinkage that happens when people focus on the top two candidates and the candidates are forcing them to stay longer with third-party candidates. the more we can stop stirring the pot on the negatives, the
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more they will look at the candidate for what it stands for and what is going to do as oppose to negatives. maria: go ahead, dagen. dig dig hillary clinton's public image is a record low for her. has her ads done her to sell her to the american people versus attacking donald trump with tens of millions of dollars being spent since may. and doug has shown an editorial in the wall street journal today where mrs. clinton has not offered any defining vision for why she should be elected. remember change that we talked at the dnc, democratic national convention, change-maker, she's running on president obama's record. that's all she's got. she's not defined what her presidency would look like. maria: how would you be a change-maker if you -- dagen: other than corruption. maria: the corruption continues.
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hillary clinton's e-mail server, the issue is not going away. trump and clinton are discussing the issue as congress is now considering a new hearing on the matter. listen to this, ed. >> i take classification very seriously and what i want people to understand two things, i take responsibility, i have learned that trying to explain what happened made it sound to some people like i was trying to excuse it. there are no excuses. >> 13 phones, iphones, whatever they were and banging the heck out of them. how about the acid wash of the emails that didn't mean anything? how about the 33,000 missing thousand emails that were acid-washed? >> we are going to have a series of hearings based on the information that we have learned since the fbi investigation concluded and we have a duty and
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responsibility to do that. maria: ed, those sound bites are all in the last 12 to 14 hours or so. what is the impact of the fact that the clinton campaign literally used a hammer or hillary clinton, her folks used a hammer so destroy two of her devices and she had 13 blackberries and iphones. >> it's part mix. trump has a 4-point lead. they are both about even in terms of that. what you saw with trump tone was much better but more importantly allowing surrogates like rudy giuliani and go out there and drive the message. what we have right now is 20% of the electorate. you have to let the dislike for hillary surface without stirring up the dislike through donald trump. you do that through surrogates
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and not through principle. maria: what was the point of using bleach to get rid of emails and using a hammer? kevin: you had a reporter who asked her, did you clean your server, oh, like with a clothe and it was a big talking point. that's the last time she did it and also said, she said, i'm certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material. >> is she incompetent or corrupt, because neither one of those choices are particularly attractive? i think the hammer does matter, maria, because people are bored of the where had of wiping servers. when you say somebody smashes something in the hammer, you see it in your mind, emotional component, bashing them with a hammer. i think that's going to hurt her. maria: i agree with you. i don't know how it can't.
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and she was a government employee. i wonder if this is like obstruction of evidence in some way. do you think there's going to be investigation launched because of that? >> again, i mean, this is not a good story for hillary clinton. we need to kind of get out of the way and let the story come out as oppose to looking as partisan politics or looking like it's donald trump issues. this story is what it is and let it play, let it dig in and have an impact on stirring the negatives that are out there for hillary clinton which is 55%. maria: great point. thank you so much releasing polls right here. coming up the senate failing to pass fund to go fight zika virus on first day back on capitol hill. what it means in the fight to contain this spread of the virus? next. the coffee chain going beyond pumpkin spice latte to test a weekend brunch menu.
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maria: japan waking up to an earthquake this morning. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: good morning, 4.9 malling nit uid earthquake shook buildings in tokyo. no injuries thus far and no
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tsunami issue has been issued. japan accounts 20% of the earthquakes of the world with 6 or greater, makes it one of the world most active areas. we will get more details as they come in this morning for you. well, back here at home the senate has fail today pass a bill for funding the fight of zika virus, this comes as florida officials document seven more home-grown zika cases, that now makes 56 locally transmitted cases in the state. democrats in the senate blocked the bill because they said that it included a provision to prevent fund to go planned parenthood. and finally when you think starbucks, do you think brunch? well, get ready, the company confirming it's going to be conducting a weekend-only test of brunch menu, 78 oregon location, beyond being a coffee house. starbucks has recently tried to sell wine and beer to bring customers during the less busy time.
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here is what's on the menu, you guys, baked french toast, belgium waffle ls, of course, there's a catch, all the food arrives premade this morning and gets warmed up before serving. maria: i like it, it looks good, what do you think? dagen: i can heat ego waffle ls at home. when you ask for anything other than a drink, it always takes forever for them to assemble it even though it's premade. they've got to keep growing business somehow and keep people coming in the door. [laughter] kevin: they haven't rolled out the drinks in new york yet. i can't go into a starbucks here and get drinks in the afternoon. i think they -- maria: alcohol. kevin: yes, exactly. dagen: there aren't enough bars in new york city, kevin. there's one on every third door.
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you open -- maria: mark cuban, what he said will happen to markets if donald trump wins with presidency. you to hear this. he was with niel yesterday. sony may not be done with him just yet. the staggering amounts of money that the studio is reportedly offering him to return as 007, back in a minute. the big the big
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maria: welcome back, billionaire backlash mark cuban stepping attack on donald trump with niel cavuto yesterday. he issued this warning for investors. >> i have my trump hedge on in the event donald wins i have no doubt in my mind the market tanks and so i literally put on american 100% hedge that i will put on stronger if it looks like there's a better chance as we go forward. maria: what about other investors? let's talk about that. joining us jason, investment strategist. do you agree with that markets tank if donald trump gets in? >> no. i mean, i think there may be an initial reaction in that regard because it's fear of the unknown, by the same tone if markets were to sell off, i would be a buyer. when i look at the policy mix that we have right now we have easy monetary policy, tight regulatory policy and trade i would say is probly a push.
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we get donald trump, you're going to have easier fiscal and regulatory policy along with easier monitoring policy. so that is going to be very good for the economy. trade i would say is the big question mark but i have to say both candidates right now are being pushed into being somewhat more hawkish on trade. i'm not so sure there's a big difference of frankly anything that's stimulates capital investment, capital formation is exactly what the economy needs right now. i don't think you're going to get that with essentially a third obama term. maria: i think this is a great point because the fact is donald trump is talk about 15% corporate tax rate. he's talking about bringing companies back from overseas. >> listen, the u.s. tax code is 3 and a half million words. the new testament and old testament are about 8,000 words. as a businessman myself, i can tell you anything that
6:25 am
simplifies the tax code is going to result in more investment, it's just -- the lower prices are the more you get of something and that's, i think, i feel very strong that that would be helpful. kevin: he talks about taxes and he talks about bringing that down to around 15% as well as when you look at oversees we -- overseas 15% and we are not competitive globally on g-20 in corporate tax rate which is ashame right now. so for him to talk about that, you're seeing the market really give into the fact this whether donald trump or hillary clinton wins, it's going to be a stable market. there's not going to be -- maria: hillary wants to raise taxes. that's going to hit small businesses. how does that grow the economy? dagen: she wants to raise capital gains taxes in a way, complicate the tax code with
6:26 am
mid-term capital tax rates, that's never good for investment. but do you worry we've gone so long without a recession, we have valuations that you have to hold your nose? >> i think that's fair. i think there is also certain element of true in the idea that sths manipulated economy. maria: because of the fed. >> because of the fed, 0% interest rates. kevin: and other central banks around the globe. $1.7trillion on balance sheets of the g-7 economies. >> listen, you're providing all the wrong incentives for company. if you can buy back stocks without investments, that's exactly what companies are going to do. this is why in some ways hallow recovery. i am worried by the same tone i don't think it changes until inflation becomes a problem. inflation stays low and interest rates can stay low, stocks can grow. i think what's going to happen, what is happening is that the
6:27 am
valuations of the very best companies, the strongest companies are going to go -- they're not quite nose-bleed levels now. i feel a feeling it's not going to feel that strange to pay 25, 26 times earnings for coca-cola. kevin: those earnings are worth more in an interest rate environment. you're seeing company like clorox trading at double. maria: i like to look at brexit as it relates to u.s. election. you made great point in terms of policies coming out of two candidates on the way to push back on mark cuban's ideas. look at the uk economy. everybody told us how everything was going to fall out and -- >> i was involved in the campaign and i knew that it would not. i remember going on fox and i
6:28 am
said, buy on the dip. i may not be a financial professional but i knew the markets were going to come right back but, indeed, they did. part of that is free trade. the city, for example, can conclude a trade dale with singapore. i think donald trump wants to solidify financial advantage. he neats to get up antifree trade, what is antigloballism, you know, republicans are in favor of free trade. he has to be a probusiness president. he's halfway down on the taxes, he has to get rid rid of antigloballist stuff. the republicans believe in free trade. >> i think part of this election, this gets into social science but i think a lot of regular people are questioning what the intellectual lead have been telling them is good for them and whether that's free trade or open borders and it's negative interest rates is the latest thing that elites are telling them are going to be good for them and it's not working out. dagen: where i come from, they
6:29 am
don't call them elites, they have other words. [laughter] kevin: hillary clinton has been the queen of crony capitalism. maria: nasdaq had an all-time high. would you buy technology? >> i would. some of the companies don't have dividend. there's a lot of old tech, ciscos and microsofts of the world have become yield plays and the concept of paying a dividend was seen as absurd. the apple is a yield play. maria: microsoft. >> in a world of negative interest rates -- maria: good to see you. thank you so much, jason. straight ahead chicago struggles as the city sees the 500th murder this year. surpassing the total of last
6:30 am
year. outrage over failure to control deadly violence there. a new headphone jack could steal the spotlight, back in a minute
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maria: welcome back, everybody, good wednesday morning, i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday september 7th. thanks for joining us, here are your top stories 6:30 a.m., targeting the minority vote, donald trump and hillary clinton looking to appeal to african americans and hispanics in the
6:33 am
final countdown to election day. trump efforts with recent trip to detroit. >> look, i went to detroit, we had -- it was like a love fest, we had just a great, great time. i was there for a long time. again, the bishop and his wife and the whole congregation. these are fantastic people. maria: the latest in the race for the white house coming up. apple's big day, unveil its newest phone but one mayor change could fall on deaf ears, we will tell you about it. nasdaq hitting an all-time high and building on that. this morning right around the spotlight right now. a bit ahead of tomorrow's european central decision, we will see if they come out with new stimulus. in asia little change. quiet day and quiet week. the warning that one coach has
6:34 am
for his players if they choose to follow him and sit out the national anthem. try again, sony is raising offer to daniel craig to return to the silver screen as james bond, the eye-popping price tag they're willing to pay upcoming up. donald trump visiting large african-american churches this weekend. last night bill o'reilly asked trump whether they hold a bruj over past birther comments about president obama. >> i guess with maybe some, i don't know why. i really don't know why. but i don't think -- you're the first one that's brought that up in a while. i don't think so. we had a great time. i was there for a long time. bishop and the his wife and the whole congregation, these are
6:35 am
fantastic people. maria: joining us right now is ncaap president and ceo cornell williams brooks, thank you so much for joining us. your reaction to trump's response last night an his showing overall right now in the black community. >> mr. trump's response last night is a demonstration of the degree to which he does not appreciate the -- the intelligence, the policy awareness and the love of african americans for this country and our concern about its future, so the point being here is one visit to an african-american church 60 days before the election does not a campaign make. dancing at an african-american church and having a good time does not speak to his positions with respect to policing or voting rights or the economy relative to african americans or americans more broadly.
6:36 am
maria: yeah. >> as mr. o'reilly has looked it up, his calling into question president obama's parentage, citizenship is insulting and the fact that he has not taken responsibility for that or apologized, speaks to the fact that he does not -- he does not understand the people to whom he is speaking. maria: yeah. that's a good point. do you feel that president obama should apologize to the african-american community for fail to go live up to the promise that he made at the start of his term? >> well, the president should not apologize to anyone with respect to his policies. the president worked in the first term with congress, passed health care, rescued the economy from the beast and so the
6:37 am
president doesn't owe anyone an apology. maria: the reason i bring this up because rap mogul. p diddy said they need to eastern community support. how do they eastern community support? >> they earn community support by offering plans, prescriptions for reform that make sense. you have one candidate who is declined to speak to african-americans until 60 days before the election. you have another candidate who came before the ncaap, went before the national association of black journalists, have spoken in-depth and in detail with respect to the nation civil rights agenda and issues of concerns to the african-american community. there's a star contrast. we are 60 days out from the election. if someone can share with me or
6:38 am
any members of the ncaap with a nation at large, where does mr. trump stand with respect to voting rights, where does he stand where pt to community policing, where does he stand to african-american unemployment which has cited inaccurately but he has not offered any prescriptions as to resolution to that in. >> do you think it's patronizing, i will fix this and make it better without offering solutions, something that he does on other policy issues too, i'm going to make it all better in isn't the obvious question how and the same thing for hillary clinton? >> it is absolutely -- it's personally patronizing and con descending to both refuse to offer up specifics and to simply be late to the party campaigning
6:39 am
and visiting one churnl with one pastor would suffice in terms of addressing issues of civil right issues and issues to the african-american community. this is certainly con descending. maria: she carries around false -- i carry around hot sauce. she was playing up to the group that she was with at the time. >> i think she was playing off beyonce's lyrics in terms of lemonade and hot sauce and carrying in a bag. that's certainly a hip-hop reference, a joke, but -- maria: you don't think it was patronizing? >> in the context, no. dagen: when she was running for nomination in 2008 the clinton said some things that repugnant and racist quite frankly and talking about our president, our current president, does that
6:40 am
stick with you? >> certainly there are people within the african-american community among democrats, among republicans who were taken back by comments in the previous campaign and held them accountable. so there's no lack of -- lack of a critique for the clintons with respect to things that they said, certainly comments of hillary clinton by super predators, notice the difference here, hillary clinton has taken responsibility for things that she had said. mr. trump on the other hand has not. maria: how did she do that? >> she talked about the term super predator. she talked about her crime policies, she's talked -- he came before the ncaap and talked in-depth and in detail as to what she would do.
6:41 am
note, mr. trump, on the other hand -- kevin: quick question on that, you talked about what she would do on crime policies. she lobbied congress in 1994 on that crime bill that oppressed minorities as well as the poor when bill clint open was president and so i was wondering what her take was on that and how she addressed that issue with you and while i got here, i want to congratulate on beating debt -- detroit where you can run your ad. >> secretary clinton stood flat-footed and spoke about sentencing, she spoke about criminal justice reform, she spoke about policing and community policing for at least 40 minutes. maria: have you invited donald trump to speak in front of the group? do you want to invite donald trump to the ncaap?
6:42 am
>> we would say to donald trump what we have said all along which is to say that the ncaap is a nonpartisan civil rights organization. maria: are you inviting him to speak to your group in are. >> we have extended invitations to mr. trump before he won the nomination and subsequent, the fact that he has declined to speak before the ncaap and other civil right organizations speaks to the fact that he either does not have anything to say or does not know how to say it. maria: yeah. >> in either case, people are listening. maria: i know he has been during this narrative about sort of a dire situation, but when you see things like the 500th murder committed over labor day in chicago alone year to date, you wonder what's going on. what's your take in terms of reversing that course? >> if you truly are concerned of the number of young people
6:43 am
losing their lives in places like chicago, then the way to respond to that is not really with grief but with specific policy prescriptions, in other words, what would you do in terms of weapons on the streets, what would you do in terms of youth unemployment, what we have seen from mr. trump quite often has been a campaign of complaint, he, however, has not spoken specifically about what he would do with the problems that plagued the african-american community specifically and in america more broadly. that's a challenge here. maria: he does have an economic plan and talking about creating new jobs through his tax plan and through the rollback of regulation. i would say that is his plan. >> i would simply say that he has become more specific in that regard as time has progressed but note the calendar, 60 days out. maria: right.
6:44 am
>> the point being here if he's just becoming with large segments of the american populist, this does not speak well. maria: all right, we will leave it there. good to see you, thank you so much. we will be right back
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maria: welcome back, quiet market activity this morning. take a look, futures indicating a mix open when we see the market open about two hours from now. a couple of names on the move, billionaire activist bill taking 9.9 stake in chip ot low, that's worth $1.2 billion, the move making the firm second largest holder of chipotle stock, the stock has been under pressure so far this year. it did pop in afterhour trading following that move. we are watching facebook this morning. the company trending feature experiencing problem under alga rhythm.
6:48 am
celebrity gossip in place of hard news, nevertheless the stock at an all-time high. the next big apple reveal is here. here is cheryl with the story. cheryl: this is interesting, maria, apple is hosting an event today, they are expected to unveil the next iphone and a new brand of apple watch. well, as usual the rumors are flying among them that apple is going to add two rare cameras to improve quality, that's on iphone 7 and to listen to music or calls you need to use bluetooth connection or new style of ear bud. remember in the past decades, customers always complain, let's talk about today's event, though, scheduled for 10:00 a.m. pacific time, 1 pp eastern time yow can see the event on apple's website and we are going to have complete coverage here on the fox business.
6:49 am
in other headlines this morning, a federal judge has temporarily stopped work on controversial oil pipeline in parts of north dakota until at least friday. a native american tribe says that it as ancient burial and prayer sites. the pipeline is building south dakota, iowa, illinois, native americans have asked for restraining order following violent flashes between protestors and security near the site. and then finally, there is this. i should have just said him, daniel craig offered $150 million to do two 0007 films, well, craig, remember,
6:50 am
maria, he didn't want to do another james bond movie, i would rather slit my wrist, the 75 million-dollar craig would make per movie more than dewayne johnson made last year with 64.5 million, sony definitely wants him to. maria: 150 million for two more films, thank you, cheryl. coach has warning for any hockey player who may be inspired by colin kaepernick's refusal to stand up for the national anthem. details next. from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive.
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maria: welcome back, one day after serena williams victory,
6:54 am
he even made history of his own, sports reporter jared max with the story, good morning, jared. jared: shortest distance between two points for, novac djokovic. the fist set goes to novac djokovic and takes 6-3, second set 6-2. joe was treated for left knee and unable to continue playing, so djokovic advances to the semifinals having set a record for playing only nine sets in six games to reach this point. two op oints retire. two watches went to minimum of three sets.
6:55 am
6-2. first time in two years she advances to. you've had your fantasy draft. you're all set for the nfl to kickoff. new england patriots open sunday night for jimmy starting due to suspended tom brady. check this out o. posters of the suspended quarterback. nfl can't deflate this. look, who sent a tweet. that's new orleans saints head coach showing support for the patriots and taking a shot at the nfl.
6:56 am
the league suspended him for the entire 2012 season. any players who will represent the united states during world hockey, if any of my pyers sit on the berchl for the national anthem, they will sit there the rest of the game. first game in exhibition two days away in columbus, ohio, team usa takes on canada, no ifs and or buts about it. maria: that's funny. he's taking a stand all right. thanks, jared. still to come outraging over u.s. cash payment to iran as more details emerge. it wasn't $400 million, it was a whole lot more, the wall street report that puts the total over $1 billion, stay with us.
6:57 am
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how about the acid wash of the e-mails. how about the 33,000 missing e-mails there were no headers
7:00 am
on the thousands or of e-mails. it has not in any way contradicted that. all that coming up. the reporting new details. more than $1 billion. the outrageous find at the airport. he tried to bring in a loaded gun through security. this is what regulators want to know right now. in one and one of the biggest issues for couples and it says what you need to know to plan for retirement with your significant other. it looks like a flat opening this morning. it continues to build on lesser performance yesterday. investors are somewhat on edge
7:01 am
of the have of the bank decision. will see what they have to say about more stimulus. the biggest performer down not even a half a% in japan. all of those coming up this morning. what an interview. we are getting a lot of talk about the interview with cornell brooks. when hillary clinton tried to put on the voice of a black baptist minister wants. you talk about something that makes you go what that's it. she panders. >> that is what he said. he doesn't like about donald trump. i think it's very clear what the issues are with donald trump.
7:02 am
>> they wanted hope and change and they got more of the same. invited him to come right here on your show. he has turned them down many a times he just challenged him to come. i would take up that challenge and go and make the case. will see donald trump response. coming up in the program. with the institute of world politics. along with the billionaire investment. they will join us are coming up. with the very latest from
7:03 am
philadelphia. it looks like national security in the military is to dominate the discussion. donald trump's military advisers are concerned he may get a little bit of a rough ride. the form is being hosted by the veterans of america organization which is not exactly been friendly to donald trump. back in january when they hosted the big fundraiser for veterans in des moines iowa they told donald trump thanks but no thanks we don't want any of your money. there's an online position. in the few hours remaining between now and tonight to lay down some markers on the military national security. he'd couple of appearances yesterday. he talks exclusively about the military. he will be speaking into the union league here in
7:04 am
philadelphia today one of the things his advisers want him to do is compare and contrast. with hillary clinton's record as he did last night in greenville, north carolina. >> she favors what has been called military adventurism i believe in a foreign policy based on our national interest that focus on american security and regional stability. instead of using our military to create democracies in countries with the no democratic history. now in today's speech here in philadelphia donald trump will focus on rebuilding the motility as part is that. he would end the sequester. he would also talk this morning in some detail about how he would pay for ending the sequester and also end the policy of regime change and building a democracies around the world he will also be speaking on missile defense
7:05 am
and also later on this morning we should get a bigot number from the trump campaign fundraising numbers for the month of august. we don't know where they will be at this point but donald trump predicted yesterday they would be big though he did say that some of his own money has gone into the pot there he continues to dig deep into his wallet here. as folks on the streets of philadelphia exercise their first amendment rights. they're trying to change the focus fromer eail anda to h oppent naldrump new mailobtaed b citins uted gges mor scanl. a niorlint aidstag manad thfirsbengzi arin the questions that she wanted to address. what e-mail reads this. we wired it that meant as it would provide an opportunity to address two topics we needed to debunk.
7:06 am
her actions and whereabouts on 911 and the e-mail from chris stevens about moving locations. joining us right now as katrina pearson. she's a national okpeon thank you so m this is another example of hillary clinton working to rewrite the facts of the benghazi attack will voters care. >> i think they will absolutely care. i think we've seen that in the polls here recently. this is a problem and this is why they are now looking at obstruction of justice. this was obviously a failure to secure state secrets and we have a serious problem now because the e-mails were found in this big stack of e-mails and they're still going through them today. as much as her negatives continue to rise his negatives are as well. people want to see a specifics from donald trump. tonight we have a big forum
7:07 am
what will he talk about an offer in terms of the war on terror. first the negatives are high but for very different reasons. for hillary clinton its honesty and trustworthiness. i think at the end of the day the policies are gonna move up. the naacp as an institution that has kept in place by a division among the racism. the policies are for all. whether you're black, white hispanic or asian. his economic policies specifically which is he leaving on. he is offered ten-point plans on it number of different thanks. you can find those specifics because he is running an american campaign he is not running a coordinated box campaign. >> donald trump was invited on the show to come and address the president said that mister trump has turned them down
7:08 am
time and time again. are you saying that he would dodge the invitation to go and address the naacp dizzy of the gods to show up and address the organization. i don't think guts are a question for mister trump. they left a small detail in the invitation. it was that during the gop convention. >> he has there are about 60 days left in this in this cycle. and what the individual also failed to mention that he have been meeting with individuals and the black in the black community since the primary. he met with the black chamber of commerce. mister trump has even tried to go to chicago desist past march. but he has been making an effort the entire time. in the polls have tightened in the last couple of weeks so
7:09 am
he's doing something right. >> they have to actually tighten. they show a race that is tightening. and even potentially arizona still within reach of the trump campaign. how much more time can be spent on the ground in those states and avoid estates that are not wins for him that are just out of the question like washington for example. >> i think what you've seen with them as he is extremely hard worker. he's been out there all day every day going from state to state holding multiple events per day. this is something that mister trump has been speaking about from the very beginning. he is a strength and stamina to get the job done. he will compete for every single vote that is available.
7:10 am
they can see this and 30 and the policies because he cares about this country and the polls are tightening even among african americans. mister trump is working hard. one of the biggest staff that surprised me was that hillary clinton has a staff of over 700 people donald trump has only 80. when is he going to do that. now that the polls have tightened as he can a start actually putting boots on the ground and taking this seriously where he needs to go in there and actually go on the ground in the states. >> they're the same there the same reports we have during the primary you were called he doesn't had offices in that he broke the record and primary turnout. there are a thousand offices that are open and they are fully functioning. even though she has hundreds
7:11 am
of staff members and has spent hundreds of millions of dollars and add he just pulled ahead this week. they are releasing an editorial this morning at the first time the hometown paper has recommended a democrat before world war ii. what you do about it. we acknowledged that it is a liberal paper. the reason why they have the support of republicans is that as the is the establishment in the state of texas. when donald trump joined us about a month ago now he said after labor day he would be releasing some of the names of the people that he would consider putting in his cabinet so that america can understand who he is going to surround himself with should he become president is that still in the plan will he be
7:12 am
telling us a name or two in terms of who he is expecting of who he would name in his election. he is committed to doing that it is important for people to see what his administration would look like so they have a better idea of the policies and governance that would be coming forward. when were looking at the status quo and the thought of continuing that the country cannot sustain you can't sustain moving forward with more spending and more government programs and less jobs his as i can work for america. he will show you who will help them lead that process. tonight the commander in chief for him. what is the most important policy change we will hear tonight at this important forum. again we cannot continue to
7:13 am
sustain the policy of regime change we cannot continue the policy of funding iran. did i have to make a bomb anymore they can just buy one. we can't continue to sustain that type of policy in the middle east. >> katrina good to see you. more trouble for mylan labs. they're launching an investigation into the epipen manufacture and white prices have skyrocketed. the new study that said the raised request are looked over far more often than men's. back in a minute. ♪ [engine revs] ♪
7:14 am
[cheering] ♪ the highly advanced audi a4. ♪ always has to be who sat your desk? phone now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number.
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7:16 am
welcome back. a man is arrested for bringing a local -- a loaded gun into jfk international airport. >> according to tsa the weapon was detected by an x-ray machine at one of the checkpoints. he have the gun in his carry-on security officials say it was loaded with 15 bullets they can carry firearms in checked baggage.
7:17 am
it also can't be loaded. he broke all of those rules. >> tropical storm newton now moving towards the u.s. border. it is expected to bring heavy rain and powerful winds to parts of arizona and new mexico later today. it can also cause mudslides in some areas. there are some pictures for you. and finally this there is a new study out that shoots down the notion that they're reluctant to ask for a raise. they ask for more pay just as often as men do but they get it less frequently and fact the city says they were 25% less likely to get a raise when ask for it. conclusion they do ask that you don't get it. one thing i will leave you with this the researchers broke down the data by age. younger women successfully
7:18 am
negotiated women. for higher pay. this was several universities that did the study. thank you. still to come. the iran saga continues this morning. the outrage over an additional $1.3 billion said to iran. and then were taking another shot. the latest controversy with the price increase it's all coming up next. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
7:19 am
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7:22 am
now the latest on of the increase in drug prices. that is under antitrust investigation in new york. it is a member of the house oversight committee. good to see you. i think thanks so much for joining us. what are they trying to accomplish. i think that new york state is involving antitrust and well just head to see how that shakes out. here in the congress what we had found and this is in a first example of a company doing this there capitalizing on regulatory monopolies that are created by the federal bureaucracy. there is nothing special about the drug. it's been over a hundred years. but any competitor who wants to compete with epipen runs into all of these regulatory roadblocks. it is a government conferred
7:23 am
monopoly. it would lead to higher prices. we need to look at what the government is doing to create the environment that is leading in some of these instances. will you looking at it and talking about it actually do anything about it. it comes out to the fda not approving generic competitors there was a few instances where that went wrong. that is really the issue the food and drug administration. i agree 100 percent. we were and the fda and they said we don't really follow the prices that's not our mandate. they have to understand how their lack of action is fueling these price increases
7:24 am
so i think part of it is the fda has dropped the ball but yes i think there is some so we can streamline this process and make sure that these drugs were getting to market what legislative reforms are you talking about to address these issues. they hired lawyers and lobbyists to squash the competition and overburden the fda. what can actually do to prevent that from happening. you have a special interest protecting themselves. unfortunately that is just the mother's milk of how washington operates. not just in this instance the company to have access to the people who can lobby to prevent these type of changes
7:25 am
they are in the receipt. i think all of those things will be roadblocks. there are certain common sense things you can do in terms of the speed in which they have to be dealt with and removing other roadblocks that people are well-meaning they're getting beat down by that bureaucracy. they depend on these and this is an huge increase. it also sounds like it's gonna take forever what can you do right now to ease the situation and can you put a rocket behind and tell them that changes can come sooner than later if they don't pull those ideas out. but when pricing hurts sick people as it's doing in this way that has a direct effect on health. people are terrified about the
7:26 am
price of this going on. i think we will bring the fda again i can in front of the congress and i think identify some of the shortfalls and when you get to some sunlight on it that tends to be a good motivator for them to start to change their ways. hillary clinton's staff distorted with hammers donald trump responded let me get your reaction. it is such a long answer to that question. it could go on for days. whatever they were. how about the acid wash of the e-mails that didn't mean anything to 33,000 missing e-mails that were acid lost.
7:27 am
nobody does it because it's such an expensive process. we know this from the fbi notes. we got the fbi notes that we know that hillary and her staff used a hammer to destroy at least two of 13 devices she used during is during a four year timeframe and she used the bleach to ignore the e-mails. >> we are going to investigate all of the fallout from how these devices were handled. they rested the recommendation not to prosecute on the lack of intent but i would ask what intent is being shown when you're taking a hammer to blackberries you're going to these extreme and links to use
7:28 am
bleach bit. and yesterday they told us that hillary's lawyers told the fbi she's not gonna speak to you at all if the interview is recorded so you better not record it. they went against protocol and did not record the interview. we will conduct oversight. i would also say not only do they not record it they let cheryl mills who was the chief of staff sit in the interview. she was a potential target of the investigation as well. they would never do that for the run-of-the-mill criminal suspect. there's so much about this. congress is going to investigate this.
7:29 am
on monday we are doing a hearing about the e-mail issues and trying to get to the bottom from the technical side. we need to talk about how the stuff came to pass. thank you. we won't be watching. there is more coming up. once again they stopped the navy ship. ane. everything is hectic. and when the boys aren't eating, they're fighting. and the rest of the time, they are asleep and you can finally something done. you're tired all the time. but somehow, even sleeping is hard. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue, and you immediately know what it is. it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it, because you and your advisor have prepared for this.
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wednesday september 7. we're focusing on heroes this morning. this has the journal is reporting new details on the massive cash payment to iran. they paid $1.3 billion in the days after the american hostages were released. wh he has been all over the map. you would have to literally map it out he has a secret plan to defeat isys. but the seeker is he has no plan. the look of the policies of hillary clinton and they have created what will be a world power they have become rich
7:33 am
and powerful. it reports that it shifts on the americans yesterday. it is back-to-school season. vaccines for many kids across the country but now doctors are advising against one type of the vaccine. what you need to know coming up in the program. one of the biggest issues for couples is of finances. if you want to cool off they now have a fix. we have a detail for you. there hovering at the flat line. the other major outages. in europe. there may be moving between gains and losses as well. we will see if they have any more stimulants in mind. as you can see they have the
7:34 am
shanghai deposit. on top of that another $1.3 billion was sent over with just in 19 days of the initial payment is also the author of defeating jihad. good to see you. we had been reporting this on this program for a couple of weeks. it actually that they paid $1.7 billion at $400 million what you make of these new developments. remember the original press conference that the president held when the hold cash on pallet story erupted. we have to make this money back. and we cannot wire them any money because that's illegal by u.s. sanctions laws. the president said that and
7:35 am
what we find out after the crash -- cash transit was made each of $100 million. did the administration break the law or was the president line. what were finding out in this article is that in fact that in the additional payment was made in cash as well. $1.7billion total was made in three cash shipments to iran we all know where that money goes. it goes to has law. it goes to fund that is what is interesting. they are being lied to over and over again about these payments and how they are being made.
7:36 am
somebody is lying yet again. it's what you just said. who are we giving this money too. was it the regime they gave us money. it is a dictatorship that the u.s. state department said is the greatest sponsor of international terrorism. that's when we gave in this $1.7 billion to you know, that money is going to be spent on terrorism. they confirmed late last night that the subsequent payment was also made in cash. why all the secrecy. why are they the last to find out that the payments are being made and that they are all-cash. why do you think there is such secrecy around it. it's part of a pattern. look at what we found out about the nuclear deal.
7:37 am
they have secret seals that meant that they didn't have to actually meet the targets set in the deal because when they told washington sorry we need more uranian the administration caved. they are desperate. this was a last chance for some kind of positive legacy because it can't be syria or iran or relations with russia or china. they were desperate for legacy. right here so people can see it and it was all-cash. the cash payments were made in swiss francs. i would just like two-point out that actually they owe over $6 billion to american families who are victims of the terrorism so what precedents does a set where the president pays for
7:38 am
terrorism over american families. there is one last point. and now we say we have to pay back. they gave us a million bucks and we never gave it to them. we want a million dollars back with the interest. would it be okay for the u.s. government to give the third right and the money back. of course it what it. you don't give money to dictators who want to destroy you. >> what about the timing of this?
7:39 am
at the same time the iranians are threatening that. when does the demonstration strike back. is it the obama administration does literally allowing these bureaucrats to push the united states around and paying them for the privilege. >> this is the 31st incident. to say this some kind of justification. the minimum expectation is that afterwards they treat us a little bit better than they did before. they enable statistics. we've have twice as many intimidation incidents from
7:40 am
the republican guard. compared to 2015. they have taken it up by 100 percent. they went in within 100 meters and actually stopped in front of it. blocking the passage. what happens next. what is the iran look like. it would be at least the third obama term. that is a charitable way of looking at it. if we look at it and the clinton foundation it would in
7:41 am
fact be worthless. i think we see that current trend simply escalate what i have hillary clinton as a potential president. always a pleasure to have you. thank you for your insight. the major mistakes americans are making. the market there is a growing.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
welcome back. good morning. two people have been detained in paris after police found
7:45 am
seven gaskin answers in gas canisters in a car. the cart was discovered a sunday morning along the river with its hazard lights on. six canisters filled with gas were found in the trunk. after a string of isis attacks. here home the leading group said that the naval spray flumist not effective and should not be used in the upcoming flu season especially for kids it goes along with the earlier recommendation. they have already recommended this. it has hardly protected against influenza for the past few years it says all children age six and up should get the flu shot.
7:46 am
ford becoming the official sponsor. there can be using their truck line to do it. it has established a three-year deal for that official truck of the nfl. they will have a fleet of pickups across the country. to ferry potential customers and their working out a deal with it were. and finally this. if you love iced coffee but you don't like it when the ice melts in the coffee and you end up with a watered-down something weird beverage. they are available in south korea as of now. i think we should rally for them to come here. they offer all line of cubed beverages. they're also making milk chocolate ice cubes and then
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welcome back. i you ready for retirement. it could can be a stressful endeavor. when planning for retirement as a couple the mistake can be further amplified. they found a third of american couples are not saving for retirement. they are not even discussing how much money they will need to achieve that comfortably. the podcast host in best-selling author rachel cruz. let's just first kick it off. why are they having a harder time getting the nuts and bolts of retirement and getting in step with one another when it comes to their money. >> i think it comes from a lack of training and confidence. you're either taught about that growing up or you are left to defend for yourself on your own. so when you get married and i have this issue that maybe you've never even worked on
7:52 am
you learn very basic things. one of the more alarming statistics was how many couples aren't truthful with each other. two of five are keeping information from themselves. a lot of people say when they find out that they've lied about their money it feels like an affair. you have to face the reality in order to get to your future. it is a hard conversation to have. and the other person is not. i was told you should bring up these conversations when you're on a hike or doing something that the both of you enjoy where there is no stress of the let's get it let's get our money ideas together at the kitchen table to when when you're out and about.
7:53 am
how do you bring up the conversation. >> i encourage people to have a dream date and i love your suggestion go somewhere where it's a low stress or just sit at the kitchen table make sure the kids are asleep and to sit there and i want you to talk about your dreams what are the things you want to do. i think it's easier to start with those dreams then you can begin to get tactical later. debt with america's seniors they are carrying an average of $50,000 in debt is a problem amplified by living above your means. it steals your income from you. paying off all of your debt and then you start investing
7:54 am
that. when your paycheck is going out. the first thing you need to do to do as much as you can with then you can start putting away some money. when you get rid of debt once you do that i want you to build up a fully funded emergency front. then you can start to invest. when you are investing you are giving yourself to positive options. as an interesting and that they don't discuss this or have these cumbersome stations before they walked him out. i would encourage them to do this when you're engaged. if you do pre- marriage
7:55 am
counseling you need to do some kind of financial education. what are you working towards. go sit down with someone that you trust. this is someone you can trust. someone in person to say here is our financial goals. number two make sure you both understand what you are putting your money into. i ask a thousand questions because i wanted to be 100% positive this is what i'm putting my money in. one spouse may not enjoy it you want to be unified. you both want to be on the same page. that is one of the biggest issues. they don't know who to trust and half of the money managers
7:56 am
out there and have all of these hidden fees that people are getting taken to death. talk to each other about your goals. i would like to head children and buy a home. i would like to be able to pay for my child's wedding. make sure you have those big ticket items under control know what you want and then you can try to figure a plan of how to get there. i think that's a great piece of advice. if you understand what you're trying to accomplish. you can stay focused and then i would encourage you to gain agreement on your plan of action and then you can involve a third party. i encourage people to fire -- find people that have the heart of the teacher. good to have you on the program. thank you so much. tim cook gets ready to take the stage. the apple enthusiast were not sure if they're ready to make changes. what you need to know ahead of
7:57 am
the big event today. back in a minute. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. l seems beautiful to me.
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live in your home and get the steady income you need. enjoy your family. your home. your life. lendingtree: when banks compete, you win. ♪ ♪ maria: good wednesday morning i am maria bartiromo, it is wednesday september 7, thanks so much for joining us your top stories right now, 8:15om on the east coast. the focus shifts to foreign policy nominees appearing
8:00 am
tonight in charm in chief form detailing policies for war on terror democratic vice president nominee tim kaine says donald trump was commander in chief scares him to death. >> if you look at the map of the wider middle east from 2009 she bake secretary of state, look at map today you can barely recognize it. the rise rule and reign of isis a testament to truth of history. >> latest on race to the o white house straight ahead the cyberathlete details this morning about the hack attack that affected more than 20 million government workers. how the attack could have been presentered coming up, apple big day technology giant set to unveil newest phone one change could fall on deaf are ears. >> britain's exit from european european prime minister may wants to take time before revealing plans to
8:01 am
leave eu futures flat line expecting lower opening for brifrjz not much, the nasdaq continues to ride on a record-setting performance yesterday, finishing all time hi, in europe this morning stocks are modifying between gains and losses investors on edge a bit ahead of to remember's ecb decision asia markets little changed as you can see fractional movers across the board, stories coming up this hour joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, recon capital chief investment officer kevin mccarthy, and louis mench what a show guys. dagen: wow. >> getting fired up, and iran -- oh, my gosh. >> 1.7 billion dollars total cash three payments first being the four hundred million dollars in ransom the principal payment then, two more delivers of cash, and a little more than two weeks after the ofrm payment was made. maria: this was swiss francs, euros. >> bank notes, two of the
8:02 am
central banks in europe, by the way, to state sponsor of terrorism funnels this money, to the assad regime to the -- rebels in yemen, to -- hezbollah you name it that is where the money is going. >> cash. >> death in america they want cash and deal 6 billion dollars to american families victims of terrorism. >> all coming up can't missline up stay with us former ubs payne weber ceo going to talk about cybersecurity that is hays business, host of "varney & company" stuart varney will weigh in don't miss a moment, 61 days until election day we are on countdown mode the race to the white house could come down to one key group, the undecided voters could provide donald trump edge needs according to recent "the wall street journal" nbc polling to weigh in investor chairman paul mitchell good to see you thanks for joining us. >> good morning, love you all out there.
8:03 am
>> what about that, you've got one group loiflists to hillary one to don a swath of people in the middle that are undecided independently what does trump have to do to make sure undecided voters rotate trump. >> one thing i think he has to do start telling the truth, in other words, if he goes out there says i met with the president of mexico, and we never discussed the wall then president comes out says we did discuss the wall i said i would not pay for it. so in other words, he has to really, really come across clean, and more honest. second of all i think he has to occasionally put a sock in his mouth he says things totally off the wall piss off a lot of people we see people want to vote for it is worst that is not very, very exciting i this i two areas, he has to make big will improvements. >> i have a question about the economy seems like donald trump's plan, is the best he wants to take business tax
8:04 am
rate to 15% we saw apple get attacked over in europe because ireland gave him preferential treatment a superstate eu came in said you can't do that do you think donald trump an differentiator himself appeal to business leaders like yourself say i am going to protect you a great capitalistic society no crony capitalism we will defend you -- >> not coming across like that he couldn't because what you've got to do as businessman anyway businessperson knows you have to balance it out fine, if you are going to reduce taxes that is great, that is good for everyone, i am all for lower taxes what are you going to do to cut out government spending so deficit doesn't continuing to up it starts going down? there you has got to be a balance of the two i think when mr. mark cuban made that comment about stock market will crash in event donald trump gets elected or go down narrow. maria: he did say that, we want to play that that sound
8:05 am
bite mark coogan was on fox business yesterday here is what he said, if trump becomes president listen to this j.p. >> okay. >> there are so many external global flus on our market you know what money comes here when interceptor o overseas what money goes into treasurys where does it go you know if rates go higher or lower, then there is the uncertainty of the election. i mean, i -- i have trump hedge on in the event donald wins i have no doubt in my mind, the market tanks. maria: you agree with that? >> uh i think there is no doubt that no matter who wins, we're going to see market off a little bit because with mr. trump does win the big question marker for a lot of people in financial community would be, how the world is he going to be able to reduce tags when we hope he can, by the way, without a plan, and that is what they need plan to reduce our deficit. very important but on the other side hillary has the same challenge, during the administration, when i believe slow a is going to follow through with obama administration we've had
8:06 am
nothing but debt and he is claits he is claits if you don't have a plan to get rid of deficit plsucks that they have right now. dagen: what happens neither one of them are talking about that the national debt has doubled, under president obama, it is nearly 20 trillion we pay out just for entitlements, on the half of annual budget entitlement she has another entitlement of the paid leave which is north of a trillion dollars even with her raise in taxes she adds to the deficit. >> that is right, either way however you look at it there are addressing both candidates what they think people want to hear to freak them out or scare them or get elected, they are avoiding big issues the biggest you hit it was the deficit! we are going to go bankrupt follow other kinds in the
8:07 am
world went down the tubes because we did not address it why a lot of smart people are standing on the sidelines right now, a lot of smart people saying let's see if may be maximizing changes, i am also amazed how many people i talk to said that i don't like either one i am either republican or democrat but if i vote right now would vote for gary johnson at least he is a third choice and who knows something may come out of that avenue -- >> do you think johnson gets in debate that could make be a game changing play one factor 60 days out we haven't really addressed yet, do you think the dabs could shifts no independents one way or the other katrina pierson came on this show said donald trump wanting to ray of triple digits would be scary i think. maria: wait a minute, wait a minute, come on, she said that this economy is not working because the interest rates are -- are higher then made a mistake said obviously i meant lower she didn't say trump wants to raise interest rates let's be clear here.
8:08 am
>> i did not say he wants to raise interest rates. >> she said you can hardly tell may be that is problem with trump we don't know how he is going to pay for all this you think debates can change that we can get some clarity. >> if you put gary johnson in debates, you are going to see a change, i saw him on television, a couple weeks ago i said whoa he running mate make sense they both make more sense than trump or hillary. amazing so i think would be very good thing i believe they need 15% of the vote, or proposed vote to be able to get in there i sure hope they get in i think will make things a lot more interesting and may be from green party i think make it much more interesting. >> more interesting going to take votes away from one of them, so you the if gary johnson and jill stein onstage when do they take votes from hillary clinton or donald trump do you think? >> what a great question people ask me that all the time like losing the jet
8:09 am
throwing one way no, it is not. all americans should vote. if you don't like either that you might like. not worst of two it could make a big change could be all of a sudden the third party pops up, and wins. it is possible. this country anything is possible i don't think it is a wasted vote, i think it is a vote of conscience. >> -- what about -- could take utah out of the republican column is it possible in a tight race third-party candidates mcmullen stein, johnson could kemahe difference? >> -- make a big difference. >> hillary clinton -- >> for sure. >> they could win for both make a difference for both. >> i think you brought up a great point not he wasted vote when you vote your request conscious your bleaches what gary johnson said, he is polling very well to millennials, and as well as bern spise business leaders as you just said i think that is important to note is that most
8:10 am
people are trying to find a difference an alternative do you think that should basically hillary or donald win the election, that they will actually tackle go oft entitlements or deficits this you think it is maximizing they will do? >> -- something they will do? >> very good answer don't know. during political years they promise everything, and not that much happens after so the answer is i don't know. i would say probably more likely that someone that other than hillary would go after the deficit a little stronger i would think. >> again -- >> it is going to take a crisis, you have to admit that it will take a crisis, of a giant spike in interest rates, interest expense basically is as tsunami across the economy that is what will end up happening. >> right now we are in a very critical spot in the united states, but, overall,, no
8:11 am
matter who gets elected, you can't screw our country up that much in four years. >> [laughter] >> we will we will bounce back it just said that in a situation they have we love to see johnson and jill in that debate would be exciting for our nation. >> we will leave there it, good to see you, sir thanks. >> love i go a is. >> coming up russian cyberathlete concerns over plot targeting the u.s. presidential electiofrom about those headphone jacks to duale kraerlz rumors circulating will anything be enough to satisfy customer commanded whin a demand what you need to know ahead of apple's big event later today. ♪ ♪ escalates.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
. . maria: next big apple reveal here hosting the even if it is expected to unveiliths next iphone and apple watch, fox business robert gray with details in san francisco, robert good morning. hi. good morning maria in five hours' time apple expected to unveil i felt phone seven titled see you on -- everyone parsing for clues barely make out the sign over there, shows, the clues on the invitation there everyone expecting that to means upgraded for the camera today is 7th iphone 7 looking for clues perhaps out of that as
8:15 am
well saying may be more waterproof, that is because the headphone jacks expected to go away the way of the cd-dvd is dr. no longer en masse in kroifs, charging port blue truth could be a boost for beats items apple and others will sell wait and see what is going on with that you may see a update for apple watch, apple watch 2 eye on that new systems for ios10 into iphone ipad perhaps 35i9 mac, os may be on apple tv lots of rumors swirling around reports out there, this could go on sale quickly as next friday some say could be following friday we wait for official word there, in a couple his or' time but i did mention improved camera could be two cameras on the larger plus format phone would give
8:16 am
it more dflr feedbacking allow you to do photography there more memory most would like to higher that one fee of we are hoping for maria that, of course, is mobattery life to charge it up certainly check a lot of boxes out there, of course, iphone is still a key driver in fact more key driver now than it has been, for apple, two-thirds of revenue you have seen iphone growth growing since they started selling in china in particular, keepg eye on that we are not going to g update on that we will see if we get any numbers, on sale just getting product launch in a couple hours' time back to you. maria: thank you, you are right people want to see more battery life not necessarily new area phone bugs, buzz about iphone you have to get dagen and i have been upset about this now. dagen: i've got new head phones get new ones. >> three payirs in bag i lose
8:17 am
them. >> dapter wireless has not caughts on bluetooth side interesting about launch compared to other ones everyone waiting for iphone 8, 10-year anniversary upgrades not he incentivizing people people are not excited don't need upgrade what is fascinating about apple and iphone sales is that it is a commodity whole space is commoditytized to reluctant to bring people in now that stopped so that is why you are seeing this stock stall last couple years. >> if this if this iphone does not have headphone jack it will be the first one i do not buy. i use my head phones jogging, music i don't want to be dependent on wireless connection. >> one that goes into the charger. >> they give you a -- >> i know, they will give you a set of head phones with new
8:18 am
phone that works with the lightning. >> forget it i am not buying it of the. >> you are right. >> i don't think you know what they always push people to change, people -- >> people -- people were upset -- >> a mack book single usbcre port worse decision every made they say slick piece of design was one port you know how inconvenient that is useless. >> the worse addition when you committed your digital life to the apple world, and it is -- itunes and your mac, then you try to change, and manage like a microsoft laptop or samsung phone your apple environment, that is a disaster. >> harlan yesterday said he liked high a samsung galaxy, that is getting a lot of good -- >> underwater selfies people doing in sper so looking forward to that it will be
8:19 am
interesting to see if samsung other manufacturers go towards this. >> i don't allow photos of me i don't need a waterproof phone to take photos in the swimming pool. >> a push to the core for minority vote why campaign is outreach program will bring voters to the pol then new congressional probe finds that massive opn hack could have been he prevented, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ the
8:20 am
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. maria: welcome back new report that has oversight government he reform committees blaming office of personal management for hacking chinese government said behind theft effectuated more than 21 million personal documents concurrent former government embassiployize forme ubs painewebber chairman current chairman ceo of a cybersecurity firm thanks jo much for joining us reaction to that hack. >> one i think one of the most serious issues facing america. the sovereign states sponsored hacking, going on, very previouslant startsdz out after u.s. government now going into commercial side. a few -- he ask what do j.p. morgan chase home depot target sony irs have in exxon not that they got hacked the despite spending a billion
8:24 am
dollars on fire walls they were exploited, so what it says is as a country we have to take a whole new level of protection. very, very serious. >> what do companies corporations need to do budget for this type of a -- of expenditure? to think about? >> last year o morgan stanley spent 280 million dollars, i understand bank of america is going to spend four hundred million dollars. >> jamie diamond told me a couple years ago he would probably spend a billion close to a billion dollars. >> eye agree higher percentage of the revenues are going to go in terms of the funds but real issue here is you need a mano a mano human being who really understands the attacker the best that we have in america came out of nsa called 35 or so the best america has in terms of expertise we have 25 of the 35 dm my company 70% of them but the challenges we have to
8:25 am
train, our ctos never trained in cybervery, very talented people, network a process tractions now they have to being trained in cybercybercommand itself in united states announced they want to train 6,000 more people in terms of countering cyberattacks. >> new generation of hackers, that is what we. >> that is correct. >> because -- it is is human component you have to combine proprietary software a human component that understands the data we have a center in colorado sprin colorado springs adversarial pursuit center look at 10ing corporations tell you something amiss. >> they see appearance of activity. >> absolutely. >> how long are we talking about joe to be safe and will we ever be one hundred percent secure because we are so far behind?
8:26 am
>> again, i think that this is an issue that is not going away. and a new exploitation that takes place fortunate for us because we train come in say look this is a new problem, help us solve it, it is ongoing process. i do think though that we will as a country we will -- rise to the situation we will be able to go mano a mano the automated fire walls deploying as nation government and commercial certificating any defense is better than on in but inadequate you have to integrate k human component. >> bad actors russia china monday president obama and vladimir putin had what looked a tense meeting look at looks on face on sidelines g-20 in china coming as officials are investigating a potential covert russian operation could disrupt november elections do you believe this could 2016 election be compromised by hackers out of russia. >> i don't know about the word
8:27 am
compromise but certainly they are going to try to influence with data, and information and create some excitement for the situation. look, even the president said i am going to increase budget 10% to try to -- deal with these issues but we have not nsa is probably core like i defense relative to sovereign states -- >> part of that tracking retaining top talent we have issues trying to get people that actually do have the skills and capabilities to actually do what you are talking about? >> people -- enough of it, and it is our situation for instance because competition see that is they have to have integrated model moving to that, makes our people susceptible to getting hired away. >> you have 35 -- that scares me is a small number. >> we are small company hopefully, we can answer that differently a couple years, but i do believe that we will
8:28 am
rise to the occasion, as because you look jamie diamond you mentioned they get it they understand it i think it is every board room in the united states i think the real issue is our government has been dealing with state-sponsored he hackers for decades now however, the subways commercial sector,i ip watch identity, now the world goes to for instance mobile payment systems telephone, that is going to be that is -- >> tremendous issues. in terms of -- >> great to have you on show, up next trump putting faith if voters he says he thinks minority outreach program is working, and starbucks could be the weekend brunch we tell you about it next. ♪ here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue.
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8:32 am
one loinsult to while the worn uniform to protect most cherished american values. >> a totally disaster so as many different ways disaster. >> i don't really think they believes it hurs. >> a closer look at breakdown of the minority vote what it means, force november. is mr. billionaire technology investor says donald trump teaching the country most important political less oen of the year, what that is next. starbucks betting on brunch chain offering to go with pumpkin spice latte amazon takes on web moving into food delivery business markets across flat line that is across the world, dow jones industrial average expected to open down this morning the nasdaq, continues riding a record setting performance from yesterday. we will probably see mixed opening this morning, europe stocks also a little changed
8:33 am
between gains and losses as you can see see dax in germany up a third of a percent investors watching european central bank a decision on interest rates any stimulus tomorrow at eecb meeting in asia markets little changed fractional movlths in asia election back in u.s. republican nominee donald trump to expand his voter base as we move closer to election day trump spoke with bill o'reilly about his campaign outreach to different groups including women and african-american voters. >> i think we went way up with married women going much higher with women than two months ago i never understand that why we with respect to the doing well because it is very much also, it is national security, it is -- jobs i think jobs for men and women i went to detroit, we had it was like a love-fest we had a great, great time. >> how does campaign plan to do just that want to bring in
8:34 am
a mesh of trump national hispanic advisory council good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks fostering me. >> is it a love-fest how does trump campaign gage hispanic african-american voters. >> i think it was love-fest i give such credit for doing this i think a shame that party of lincoln has in recent decades earned a small pafrmg of african-american votes people of color in general as a party we can't just be comfortable in rural 4-h meetings, we need to be in bar dwro inner city donald trump making a deliberate effort to reach out to minority voters tell them democrats have taken you r granted lives not better not more prosperous as a community not saver as a community we have answers give us a chance to implement our policies, that can make your lives better. >> that we are sitting in on the panel, and we spoke with president of the n-- naacp,
8:35 am
cornell brooks he basically said what trump did was pannedeer tooechl community didn't have true specific solutions to change what happened last 8 years. >> i would argue not pandering at all on policy it is school choice i think number one, far too many children of color attend failing schools you one of the reasons one-third of minority children live in poverty disgrace to country lower taxes regulations to encourage entrepreneurships hispanics far more entrepreneurial than other americans. >> -- naacp game on invited donald trump to come address that organization it is the flagship in organization as you know, for african-americans in the united states, he said that mr. trump turned down that invitation, in the past, and he extended it again, today, do you think that donald trump will take advantage of that great opportunity. >> i would say this, he is deliberate about speaking to
8:36 am
people of color, where they live we are getting intentional about that whether or not speaks to naacp i don't know my advice to not for this reason the naacp has become basically an arm of the democratic party so i don't think he will get an honest listen there the way in detroit, and i would also say this we have uphill battle no doubt about it we are fighting decades of voting patterns against republicans and i would also argue in some ways we are fighting against the mainstream media because, every channel but this one but fox all day long every day donald trump called a racist we are fighting a constant cacophony of smeer from mainstream media going to continue to fight we need to because people of color are not being well served, by democratic party democratic policies. >> steve if you feel like you are getting the short end of the stick from the main treem jeed wh -- mainstream media what took to long to speak to black audience in church has been running for presidency since last summer. >> right dagen fair question
8:37 am
i've gotten it quite a bit i think i have reasonable answer republican primary unfortunately doesn't have all the very many people of color didn't make much sense fighting for nomination to go into niner city not where votes are the right now i hope we can change. >> hispanics in florida hispanic voters do you think mr. trump has done enough to reach out to i hispanic voters? >> i do, but look never enough we are going to continue to fight for next two months, fight for every vote from people of every color, and i think regarding hispanics i was honored he named me to counsel ill listened very carefully trying to be very deliberate about showing that he doesn't just care about votes he car is about their lives, and people of color, if you look at the staff in recovery people are color badlyly under upcoming by any measure household wealth income a shame not because not working hard hispanic men have highest workforce participation rate of any
8:38 am
group in america. yet hispanic household wealth is only one-tenth that of white households so not because not working hard it is because of bad policies holding them back donald trump i think is bravely speaking to them saying we as republicans need to earn your votes your trust we can make your lives better more prosperous safer. >> are those policies resonating with hispanic community with african-americans saying that listen, here is our economic plan we are going to drive the economy forward so actually you can actually see your median in being rise beyond food stamps is it starting to resonate. >> look at numbers latest cnn poll shows trump outreach working with nonwhites trump sport from group is now 17%, up 10 points since july but look where hillary clinton is come on 70%. >> right, again on first to concede we have uphill battle here we are fighting recent history, decades of minorities not trusting republican party and again we are it take to the mainstream media an
8:39 am
incredible by az may candidate called ray ofist constantly will become no pushback hard to fight against we have to fight against it america is too important america includes, people of color, i would argue again, the democratic party exploits minority communities cares only about their votes, hillary clinton and her policies have done nothing to help the lives of african-americans and hispanics i would argue quite opposite made their lives generally tougher. >> not what president of naacp said just pointing that out he was on earlier basically said we need specific policies you can't just say hey your life is not better 8 years later. >> well, i would be leap to debate hnl him on specific policies place would i start school choice i will proud of donald trump talking about that, every time he reaches out to minority communities, too many minority children are trapped, in failing public schools because of government monopoly over education because of teachers' unions
8:40 am
school choice you one leash i think an normal amount of creativity and market-based solutions would increase educational attainment of children of color. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> steve cortez joining us fallout from uk decision to exit eu may not be as bad for british businesses as economists initially thought starbucks big on brunch the details next. . >> 2016 u.s. open down to business end tuesday, quarterfinal action flushed ine me. >> serena's reign can end if she lifts trophy this weekend germ campaign on track after she brushd aside last year's
8:41 am
finality in straight sets, caroline in semis after former world number one next out the opponent -- you didn't recover. >> tennis live u.s. open kicks off coverage from new york 9:00 a.m. eastern wednesday u.s. open hitting the air 11 pm. still paying for your home when you should be enjoying your retirement? if you've paid off at least 50% of your mortgage and you're 62 or older, a reverse mortgage might be the answer. a government-backed reverse mortgage stops your mortgage payments and gives you steady tax-free income. let the home you've taken care of, take care of you. turn your equity into a comfortable retirement, all while continuing to live in, and own, your home. find out how much you could receive for retirement.
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maria: welcome back, 45 minutes until opening bell for wednesday we are expecting a flat opening this morning but a couple names on move have to morning, starbucks, betting on brunch, soon you maybe able to order a waffle with pumpkin spies late tay starbucks confirming weekend only test of brunch menu more than 75 oregon locations shares up 1% over last year, gamers rejoice video game makers sony microsoft are planning an upgrade to upgrade devices at faster rate the current released new counsel you will say 6 to 7 years demand
8:45 am
forcing them to ramp up development of new models amazon launching a food deliver service in london to compete with uber other food delivers the service limited to amazon prime users that stock is up 52% last year hit all-time high yesterday, now 780 dollars and change, new "washington post" op-ed paypal cofounder wrote says donald trump is teaching america valuable political lesson we spending bigger budget solving problems not same host of "varney & company" stuart varney. >> who would have thought breaking ranks with silicon valley universely extreme libertarian peter thiel saying government american government does not work, we can't do things the way we used to do things. we are riddled with public sector unions and lawyers
8:46 am
prevent anything actually getting done. and here is peter thiel as you say technology billionaire stands out from the rest of silicon valley and says hey, government is not working, it cannot work, what we want is efficient government that works that does things well. we have not got it. i thought a fascinating article just jumped out at me today. >> "washington post" op-ed by thiel, he really did -- was impressive at the republican national convention, totally breaking ranks as you say with his colleagues in silicon valley even bringing up, gay lesbian communities, at republican convention, he did really well. >> not been ideologic. >> not extremist said i don't want government at all not over the edge not fringe kind of guy he says we got to have government, but we want it to work. we want it to be he efficient, that is what we want, effective government. it just stood right out at me.
8:47 am
isn't that what everybody wants can't we make our government actually work. >> you are right we want about accountable government i think you are seeing is that showing throughout polls hillary clinton has never been held accountable, and that is why you see donald trump make it up in the polls, so i think one of the things that is going to resonate from a here, through the debates through the election, is that government accountability because more spending hasn't worked higher taxes hasn't worked we are going to need to get kwon in there resonates. >> hillary rodham clinton candidacy all government all the time response to every problem is government, the government can solve it fix it i don't think that is right i think peter thiel is right we want effective government not ideological statement at all. maria: see you 10 minutes great audience here vairn vai-- "varney & company" top of the hour the british vote to leave
8:48 am
eu has economists worried it could kill business systematic right. >> we went to streets of london to get ground look at economy the results may surprise you. back in a moment. ♪ ♪ it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out,
8:49 am
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8:51 am
. maria: welcome back, nearly 8 weeks since britain historic vote to leave eu economists still foshthdz trouble for britain it may not be all bad, the process of the exit drags on but it is business as usual in great britain victoria craig in the newsroom. >> good morning that is right i traveled to london 8 weeks after that brexit vote took place and i was so surprised because right, the business as
8:52 am
usual walk down the street, restaurants have people in them shops are busy with outse tourists i sat down with business leaders economists trade exerts to taok about why that is they said because really nothing has changed yet two pieces at work first we have seen economic data from july right after that vote, in july, many factory services data took a plunge in august rebounded as businesses kind of figured out like i said nothing has changed yet, the other piece of this puzzle too is that uk economy has two years, to get americas of brexit once that two years is over they can start renegotiations trade deals with not only eu nations but also other countries like u.s. >> eu could not get that transatlantic partnership. deal done dead in the water we in britain think we can concluded that two weeks can't wait to get out making trade deals, with singapore india
8:53 am
china, and future is so bright after brexit economists want to play it down because they made all these dire predictions like imf approved pat ently falls. >> the occurrencey has gone down exports business investment over there actually even have a favorable tax rate, so that is important they haven't invoked article 50 would start process for them to leave eu they haven't done that yet. >> taking time with that victoria teresa may says no rush to invoke article 50. >> lat week said there are two things that we want to do we don't ma thaish we we don't have to deal with immigration issue drove voters to the polls don't like open borders concept uk has to kind of abide by to be part of eu one part of it the other part, is that she wants to work at you a favorable trade deal there are a lot of different options
8:54 am
for trade deals that is one of the things you know, working out new trade deals can take i mean could take decades or kwieg depending what deal you come up with, so that is the things for businesses right now what a lot of leaders told me is that you know, there are all different things that have to be reworked and until the government kind of signals what kind of deal they want to have, and until we know more from eu what they want to do going to operate business as usual right now ago in has gone changed. >> should point out that the eu needs britain as much as britain needs the eu when it comes to trade. >> germany biggest customer, get that straight who is buying those german -- angela merkel knows what side bread is buttered, when twigg article 50 when not in interest to do so eu can take backseat bye-bye we're gone. >> you are part of that campaign. >> i was -- >> at your party suffering defeat over weekend, a great movement not just in germany
8:55 am
but other countries, to right and far right because of immigration because of the burden that the influence refugees put on country eu could break up over this. >> angela merkel did say no it giving favorable terms to unfortunatelik did say that. >> can say whatever she wants. >> -- you guys, the euro has been a failure? >> oh,, absolutely we stayed out of the euro and like you just said, it was smart move 10% as a result we have weathered short term shock we have economic certainty euro -- >> markets in europe turned around positive, thank you very much all-star panel after short break stay with us. ♪
8:56 am
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8:59 am
hear what they'll do about iranian ships hassling, obama will do nothing. >> we've seen our economic numbers not too too well, but the u.k. doing well. no matter how you paint it, everyone is worried and it's a dog-eat-dog world and seek refuge in the nasdaq where they're getting global growth. dagen: mark levin announced that he is voting for donald trump and he's been against trump all along. he was a supporter of ted cruz. and he walked his listeners through and he's critical about donald trump, but he talked about his tax plan and things that he does like and i think that you're seeing something take shape. in that cnn poll yesterday, 90% of republican voters are behind donald trump. that's the number he's got to hang onto. >> and the supreme court, too, that's pushing people to donald trump. dagen: that's the critical thing. are people getting on board who are conservatives and die-hard
9:00 am
republicans? and the answer seems to be yes. maria: he's done something in the past two weeks. kevin kelly, louise, and dagen, thank you. stuart, over to you. stuart: quiet on the set, i'm trying to start the program. listen to this, we've started. ashley: we have? >> we're on the air. ashley: notre dame or motnotre dame. stuart: we'll get to that shortly. the lunatics are running the asylum here. trump frames the debate. he's out front and running the election show and guess what, he's going to do it all over again todayment good morning, everyone, at 11:00 eastern trump takes to the podium in philadelphia, rebuilding the military. that's his theme. he's getting his policy out first, before he goes head to head with hillary clinton tonight at the nbc commander-in-chief forum. now, this fits the pattern. trump go


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