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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 7, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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republicans? and the answer seems to be yes. maria: he's done something in the past two weeks. kevin kelly, louise, and dagen, thank you. stuart, over to you. stuart: quiet on the set, i'm trying to start the program. listen to this, we've started. ashley: we have? >> we're on the air. ashley: notre dame or motnotre dame. stuart: we'll get to that shortly. the lunatics are running the asylum here. trump frames the debate. he's out front and running the election show and guess what, he's going to do it all over again todayment good morning, everyone, at 11:00 eastern trump takes to the podium in philadelphia, rebuilding the military. that's his theme. he's getting his policy out first, before he goes head to head with hillary clinton tonight at the nbc commander-in-chief forum. now, this fits the pattern. trump goes to mexico, speaks on
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immigration. if it's a black church, outreach to minorities. he criticizes the federal reserve, yellen has created a false economy he says, now in each case he's first out of the policy gate leaving hillary to comment later. he seizes the political initiative. hillary trails. she follows his lead, she's reduced to criticizing what he just said. instead of getting out front on the issues, she's stuck in react mode. today for example, she's saying that trump shouldn't mention the federal reserve. with the new campaign team and a focused candidate, the trump camp now has momentum in the polls and real clear politics hillary's lead cut from 9 points at the beginning of august, to 2 points now. today we're going to take you to his rebuilding the military speech. that's at 11 eastern. so, watch out, we've got a big three-hour show coming. wait until you see what amazon
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and facebook stock is doing, can you say 800 and $130 a share? "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> now, we start with this breaking news from paris. a car packed with explosives found outside the notre dame kathcathedral there. >> he's known to authorities on their terror watch list. this car was found with the emergency hazard lights blinking, no license plate in front of notre dame. obviously, raised suspicions. when they got to the car they found seven gas cylinders on the car one on the passenger side. they were empty. no detonating device, so whatever it was, it was men
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na menacing-- >> and the driver and the passenger are? >> radicalized. stuart: radical islam. can we say that? in notre dame or notre dame. >> in france notre dame. stuart: inside notre dame in paris. the dow jones industrial average is 100 points, roughly from its all-time high. i think the market wants to go higher. we'll open almost dead flat. if you want to talk about records, look at the nasdaq, it closed at its sixth record high just this year. it's back well above its dot-com level of 15, 16 years ago. how about this? facebook, it will open at $130 a share. another all-time high. the same with amazon, 789, 790,
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can you believe that? liz macdonald we heard from you earlier, by the way. this is why we cover the companies. this is where the money is going liz: when you look at the three-year stock chart amazon is up nearly two and a half times and facebook has been tripled. what's going on here, amazon and facebook are now the fourth and fifth richest companies in the world by market cap. you look at jeff bezos worth as much as warren buffett. and mark zuckerburg, 55 billion. what are they doing right? they're giving what the customers or consumers want. amazon has delivery service from restaurant in london and maybe cars or car parts. and facebook has a snap chat, al video app for teams. stuart: old-fashioned values on companies don't work. >> you can't-- their p.e.'s are rich, very expensive, but no momentum plays right now.
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stuart: you know what happened-- no buzzer, i got away with it. [laughter] >> [buzzer] >> a little late. and the iphone has no head phone jack. is that such a big deal? suggests there's nothing else to talk about it. ashley: the criticism is as they overhaul and improve each product, the consumer is going to have to pay more in areas, the charger, in this case they take out the head phone jack. annoying. no longer can you use ear buds. you have to use an adapter into the power part, another 20 or $30. or go to bluetooth and wireless. and even steve wozniak says the quality is not as good through bluetooth wearless.
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and all of this tends to anger-- i was going to use a word, but get upset. stuart: they get p.o.'d. ashley: yes. >> and samsung phones are catching fire and that helps. >> they have to do something, they have to come up with something liz: now, it's a phone that lasts a half hour under water. stuart: and let's get to politics liz: moving along. stuart: less than two hours from now, donald trump will have a speech on rebuilding the military. joining us now is trump's surrogate and rn deputy press secretary. can you confirm for us that at this speech this morning a couple of hours away, he will say how he's going to pay to rebuild the military? >> absolutely. we've seen a new donald trump post-labor day. he's been on absolute fire. look what he did in mexico. he laid out his plan, stuck to his word and he delivered the message that the american people wanted. a lot more detail oriented and i think that's going to continue today. stuart: the knock on trump, one
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of several in the media is that he's way behind in the electoral college vote. he may be catching up in the polls, but when it comes to the electoral college, he doesn't have them. >> baloney. remember out of the rnc, he's not going to get the nomination, and that was literally next to nothing and into the hands of the democrats. stuart: they have mathematical point. >> everything ends up shaking up. stuart: there's another knock on trump not releasing the tax returns. here is what he had to say about that with bill o'reilly. roll tape. >> in the meantime, she was 33,000 e-mails she deleted. let she probably knows how to find them. release the e-mails, and i'll release the tax returns immediately. stuart: that's interesting, release the e-mails and
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however, that doesn't take the pressure off of him. >> and mike pence said that he and trump will release the tax returns and we understand that he's under a routine audit still and his attorney advised him not to yet release the terms. stuart: we need to see what hillary is hiding. >> whether it's smashed devices with a hammer. >> hiding? >> pretty straight offer, you release, boom. stuart: our colleague, neil cavuto made a very welcomed return yesterday. he came back with a long interview with mark cuban. turns out that cuban is a passionate hillary clinton supporter, she can do no wrong and clinton in t-- and what effect a trump presidency would have on the stock markets. >> i have my trump hedge on. in the event that donald wins i
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have no doubt that the market tanks. i'll put on a 100% hedge i'll put on stronger if it looks like a better chance as we go forward. stuart: liz peek with us, he basically says that the market crashes. i couldn't disagree more. two things is one is sentiment and economics. from the sentiment side i think a hillary victory will be met with great dissatisfaction across the country. depression, maybe on the part of republicans. people want a change. there is nothing about hillary's campaign that suggestions a new start, a new beginning. on the economic side, my gosh, every single policy is wrong. she wants to raise taxes on corporations. she's very eager to implement more regulations of the kind that are really caused this 1% slow growth economy. i think right off the bat, there could be, as there was off brexit, kind of a shock selloff. i think as people come to their senses and begin looking at policy and personality, and so forth.
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i think trump's the winner here, i really do. stuart: i'm surprised how much cuban is behind hillary clinton. that was a full-throated endorsement big time. >> look, a lot of people are because it's the known commodity. they know what to expect with clinton. people think that the markets will welcome the certainty of hillary clinton presidency. i think, honestly, it will cause this incredible sense, we missed a bet here, is 1% the best america can do? no, we can do better. stuart: i've got tape for everybody to look at. a trump supporter in indiana tired of people vandalizing and-- well, what's going on here. [laughter] the home owner with the trump sign wired the sign with fishing line. it had been stolen before. the lady comes along, grabs it and runs away not realizing the fishing line is attached and falls flat over. that's indianapolis, ladies and gentlemen, watch out for booby
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trapped trump signs. of course, trump is making a big speech today and talking military preparedness once again framing the debate and we'll bring it live when it happens. roughly 1 is 1:00 eastern time. the latest hillary clinton e-mail programs. staff used sophisticated software to wipe servers and used hammers. attorney general alberto gonzalez is here on that subject. the e-mail scandal, next. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is.
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>> how about chipotle. the stock is down 40% in the past year, look what just happened, billionaire bill ackman bought a chunk of it, 9.9%, says it's under valued and management and turn around. the bingo, going to go up. do you stream music on pandora? do you? pandora will reportedly offer a
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$5 a month option. no change whatever for the stock. seems like there's a new scandal every day for the clinton camp. now she claims ignorance of bleach bit being used to wipe her server. as i understand it, this bleach bit program was used to delete countless e-mails from her private server and they did this after congress said hold onto those records. joining us now is the author of the new book called "truth faith and allegiance, a study of service and sacrifice in war and peace", the former attorney general of the united states, alberto gonzalezme oe gono gonz sir, welcome to the program. >> good to be here. stuart: have i got this right. >> let's hear it. stuart: it's alleged that bleach bit was used to wipe that server clean and she did that after congress told them to hold onto these.
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>> i would call it obstruction of justice if you destroy evidence after you're told to get a preservation order from the judge or often times also comes from a prosecutor or from congress and, you get into trouble if you don't obey that order. stuart: that's a firm statement. it's, what is it, what did you call it, obstruction of justice. >> yes. stuart: it's a crime to do that? >> potentially it's a crime. stuart: so you find out who ordered this. >> yes. >> then they're criminals. >> there are a lot of unanswered questions, i don't know what you don't know and there are a lot of questions. the problem for the hillary campaign, the innuendos, potential criminality and so there's a lot here to be discovered. stuart: it's a problem for voters. how are you supposed to pick and choose between the different strands of all of the different scandals conclusively
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that said she did this and that was right or wrong? we have a problem. >> in a perfect world you'd have a department of justice who investigates this and congress investigating this and hopefully reaching a conclusion and informing the american people and having the american public have confidence in that conclusion. i'm not sure that that exists today. stuart: really? we do have the congress and the machinery of government investigating this and saying-- >> there are limitations in terms of what congress can do at the end of the day, in terms of whether or not they can prosecute a crime. depending what congress does, they do an investigation. if they believe a crime has been committed, they make a referral to the department of justice. it's the department of justice decides whether to prosecute that wrongdoing or not. not congress. stuart: if you've got a beef, it's with the department of justice. >> i don't know what information the fbi had and the attorney general had about all of this, and so, it's hard for me to criticize the decisions. stuart: how could an attorney
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general not have knowledge of what the fbi found? and what they-- >> i don't know, i don't know. that's-- it appears to me that the attorney general sort of stepped back, almost recusal, and basically said, whatever the fbi has found and whatever they recommend, i'm going to accept. that's one of the main problems i have with what's happened here. it is the job of the attorney general and the prosecutors to make that decision, know the fbi. otherwise, you have the investigators making these kind of prosecutorial decisions without any kind of check and that's dangerous. stuart: is hillary clinton fit to be the president of the united states, bearing in mind what she's done with e-mails? >> i've got some questions about her judgment and i think the american voters should have questions about that judgment and should try to get as much information as they can because judgment is important in this position. stuart: mr. attorney general, i think that's the correct form of address. thank you very much for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. stuart: now, more trouble-- more trouble for hillary clinton.
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new allegations that her team fed senator bob mendez questions to ask at the benghazi hearing. judge napolitano has got that one for us coming up. and carl icahn, would you believe, is a varney fan. you'll hear his reaction to my interview with trump advisor steve moore, watch this. >> the taxes are important, you're singing my tune there, don't forget about regulations, they're just strangling businesses, small ones and big ones, too. do you worry if you've saved enough for retirement? are you or your spouse 62 or older? a government-backed reverse mortgage enables you to turn the equity you've built into the retirement you deserve. with over 20 years in the mortgage business, lendingtree allows you to compare free reverse mortgage offers with no obligation. just go to or call now to get started. live in your home and get the steady income you need.
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>> well, here was a very pleasant surprise. billionaire carl icahn watches "varney & company." he appeared on neil's show yesterday and gave us a shoutout when talking about regulation issues. watch this. >> in our economy you don't have capital spending. if you don't have capital spending because in certain cases one of the major reasons, and i think stuart varney spoke about it earlier today on your program, and actually, you know, steven moore was on with him. it was interesting. varney, i think he's right. you have to grow and maybe have to lower taxes, but i think the point that's more important, to get capital spending back, you
9:24 am
have to not do irrational regulation. stuart: we're proud that carl icahn watches the show and frankly, i think he's right, liz. he's right. >> i think he's totally right. it's business investment that's hold back, or the lack of business investment that's holding back the economy. businesses are not spending, why? because they feel under siege. and let's go back to the beginning of the obama white house when there was not a single private sector person in that white house. he still doesn't get it. they don't get it. they've never looked out beyond their little purview liz: to liz's point, business orders and activity at 2008 recession lows, that's the new data coming out. >> that's horrifying liz: six year low. ashley: and investment of cheap money from the fed, that's what you get. tax cuts is where you put the money for the economy. stuart: he's right on that. capital spending, what is that? >> it's a factory, yes,
9:25 am
machinery, that kind of stuff. buy a car. >> people have written how impossible it is to build a new plant in this country. you have so many regulations and there are people advocating for swifter approval of things. we really, we have really got to get on the ball because this is a competitive issue for the united states. if we don't bring into the 21st century our manufacturing facilities, our infrastructure, et cetera, we're going to continue to lose out to other countries, it's very serious. stuart: thank you, carl, i hope you're watching now. i'm on first name terms. apple. they debut the iphone 7. the speculation that they're going to do away with the head phone jack. is there nothing else new with the brand new iphone 7 to talk about other than the absence of a jack? that's extraordinary. billionaire hillary clinton supporter mark cuban says if trump becomes president, stock markets will crash. really? we will discuss. and amazon near its all-time
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♪ >> all right. almost 9:30 eastern time. it's wednesday morning. an interesting open to the stock market today.
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in particular, i'm going watching two stocks, amazon and facebook and i'm also watching the nasdaq composite. closed at a record yesterday. if it goes higher this morning, it's another record. and that's the dot-com. how about that? boom. 9:30 eastern time. we're off and running and the dow industrials should be flat at the open. down 10 and looking on the left-hand side of the screen and get a sense of the overall market and the particular stocks, the green means they're up. so right now, a few minutes in. they've opened up and we're down 25 points. how about that nasdaq? i want to see if it's moved higher at all and it has. that's a new high for the nasdaq composite. 5,275. you've not seen this ever before. we've now beaten the old record highs set in the halcayen days.
9:31 am
how about apple? the adieu of the iphone 7. i can't believe the only buzz is the absence of the phone jack. i can't believe that's the entire story, more in a secondme secondment-- second. bill ackman takes a near 10% stake in the company, chipotle. and peek maybe about the performance. it's up. how about that. ashley is here, liz is here, dan and jeff sica round it out. i'm starting with facebook and amazon, straight up, all over again, this is where the money is going. and jeff is with us, a bearish kind of guy, but i think he kind of likes amazon and facebook, is that correct? >> let's be honest, amazon and
9:32 am
facebook are the two most innovative, dynamic companies in the world, but look at where they are. look how far they've come up recently. we have a market that's artificially inflated by the fed. we have a fake rally, and the two stocks that are doing exactly what they should do to execute and generate revenue and grow have become overvalued and so this is a time to be careful, not to invest with reckless abandon. stuart: dan, what do you say, amazon and facebook? >> you know, the same thing. i think all of these stocks are way over valued. amazon and facebook, as jeff, mentioned doing the right things to get good value out of it. i don't see any reason the market to stay as high as it is, given the economic fundamentals in the country and earnings we've been seeing in this country. we need some change here and i don't know where it's going to come, but right now, i'm not getting involved in any more stocks right now. >> that's interesting, dan, thank you for that. dan mentioned valuation.
9:33 am
it seems to me that the amazons, the ubers, the facebook of this world don't respond to normal valuation models. we don't look at their profits versus the price. we don't do that with amazon. how else could it get to 787 dollars a share. it's a whole new ball game with the stocks. >> it is. it's always about what the expectation gain and momentum play. ashley: the growth potential, where they continue to grow and expand and there's room for it. stuart: last word. >> when people-- people are going to give up a mile to get the next inch in these stocks. i think that everybody is trying to take the path of least resistance at market top. famous last words you ignore valuations and one more top and scared missing out. god forbid amazon heightsits an and-- >> and the wall of worry.
9:34 am
>> iphone 7 debuts today. now, this head phone jack seems to be dominating the news about the new phone. should they have more? >> the rumor is, of course, these are rumors, but two rear facing cameras on the iphone, we think it's going to be called 7, 7s like the 6 and 6s. it doesn't mean you can take the double amount of selfies, but they think that the cameras work together to make a high quality photo. i think they take great photographs already. this will take it the next step up. because you're taking the head phone jack out, make it thinner and they manage to upgrade the process and they operate faster and lighter. it's not just the head phone jack, but that's the thing that everyone is going to home in on. stuart: this does not impress, i can tell. >> and that's a big problem for apple, they get a lot of money and sales from the greater china area. stuart: bring it back to earth.
9:35 am
fair point, liz, fair point. billionaire several times over, i believe, mark cuban, says the stock market will crash if trump is elected. jeff, you're kind of bearish, are you on mark cuban's side on this one? >> know the at all. the fact that trump is criticizing the fed, i am ooh, i've been criticizing the fed for white a while and to use this to get people to vote for clinton, i think that's hit a new low, as far as i'm concerned. i think what you have is you have a reckless fed and as far as i'm concerned, we are in a free country and people are allowed to criticize what this fed has done because, i think most people know in the back of their minds that this fed has no idea what they're doing and at some point, this artificial suppression of interest rates is going to create a collapse and somebody's got to make that call. stuart: that's fascinating. let's bring in dan on this one. because donald trump did say,
9:36 am
he criticized janet yellen, said that she has facilitated obama's failed economic policies and basically bailed him out and we're in a corner and hillary clinton says donald trump, you should not every be talking about the federal reserve. what says dan stechich? >> i think that's an absolutics statement on hillary's part. why shouldn't any candidate propose an idea that might help the fed along, whether or not it's good or bad? but it's his obligation to let us know what he's thinking about the economy and how he thinks it might be better. if she wants to go in her shell and do that, as she is on press conferences, but if i want to hear a good idea. stuart: 18-5 is where we are, remember, the all-time record close is 18-636. so, you're still, 114 points away. all you've got.
9:37 am
how about pandora? they're reportedly going to offer a $5 a month option for streaming music. the market likes that, up 1.2%. can you get anything you want on pandora or their content liz: pretty much, but the ads are annoying. stuart: oh, the ads. case closed. and this is 84, electronics arts. pretty much the same story about visa, close to an all-time high, 82 on visa right now. how about sony? rolling out two new game consoles, give me the story, please, nicole. >> i thought today was apple day. it's not necessarily just apple day. it's also sony day. at 3 p.m. eastern time here in new york, sony will unveil two new game consoles. one is the ps 4 slim and the other is the ps neo. the thing about these when you look at these, it's going to be an upgraded platform. better visuals.
9:38 am
virtual reality, we're back to vr talk so that's part of it. 399. and what's interesting about the whole gaming industry is how it's becoming more like the retail industry. you know how all of these fast-moving retailers like h&m and zara and swoop in quickly, that's happening in video gaming. they have to release these consoles one after another and we're seeing that trend, m of the is doing that, have the xbox 1-f next year so they're in a race to beat each other out, but it's all about virtual reality and making it better for the gamers. stuart: interesting, a rollout on the same day as the iphone 7. how about that? thanks, nicole. take a look at chipotle. this is that stock, oh, dear. the past 12 months. now, income's bill ackman, he's bought nearly 10% of the whole company. he's going to talk to management. that's the guy, bill ackman, makes a habit of this kind of thing.
9:39 am
what's the story here liz: he investored $1.2 billion. and breaking news that there's no quick fix. the problem with it, it has a criminal probe, 1/5 of its work force is suing, it hasn't paid, they say, overtime. it's very rare for a fda criminal probe for a company. proctor a proctor and gamble, he's working at other companies and-- >> and unless it's his on brand and. stuart: the brand has been hurt. ashley: it's been tainted for sure. stuart: and goldman sachs enacted a rule that would ban senior employees from donating to donald trump. how about that? >> this is the rule. and when you get into the
9:40 am
details of it, it is basically, also cites the pence trump ticket and employees say you can't invest in people running like that. state officials who are seeking federal office can't donate to them. ashley: but you can hillary. stuart: trump is out and you can for hillary, that's the rule for goldman sachs. that makes hillary the wall street candidate plain and simple liz: she's getting more money from trump from wall street. >> it's relevant because there's over 300 something partners at goldman sachs liz: that's right, the partners only. stuart: have you ever heard of this before, a premier investment bank on wall street says you can give, but only to-- >> not to this level. and goldman sachs lloyd blankfein donated to hillary clinton's 2008 campaign. ashley: they say they don't want the appearance of paying to play, but you can donate to hillary-kaine ticket liz: there's an issue there because pence was governor of
9:41 am
indiana and sec reacted rules on pay to play with pensions. stuart: i'll buy it, liz liz: i'm giving it clarity. stuart: thank you for being here as well. the big board, dead flat. now your daily dose of outrage, a muslim group complaining about a new 9/11 memorial because it identified the attackers as islamic terrorists. they say that will encourage violence against muslims. they object to that. and a mystery man spotted alongside hillary clinton at several events, helping her upstairs. who is that? ♪
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9:45 am
>> the dow industrials down 12, out of the corner of my eye i see facebook at 131 liz: whoa! . stuart: how about that, 131. and how about this, too, donald trump talks about the military at 11:00 this morning eastern time. in his remarks, he will explain how a buildup, that's what he's calling for, a military buildup. how he's going to pay for it. pete is with us this morning, a military expert, the author of that book "in the arena." first of all, you know the military probably inside. has it in fact been hollowed out and to what degree? tell us. >> very much so, the size of it, the mass, the smallest army and navy since before world war ii. you want to talk about mobilization, our military is
9:46 am
less prepared and ready. modernization, our fleites are not modernized in real-time. the technology which we took for vagranted we can't anymore and morale. it's the troops who don't believe the commander-in-chief has their books. isn't committed to win. the missions are amorphous. and pits the people-- there's quality and quantity. if you've got less of it, you can do less with it. stuart: do you think his message is going to be well received in the america of today. when you start talking about a significant military buildup which is going to cost a great deal of money, hundreds of billions of dollars, is america prepared to do that? yes, because we look at the world and the carnage barack
9:47 am
obama has given us and they say who else is it going to be, if not the american military, who else will preserve that for us. they understand that providing for the come mop defense is the one thing our federal government ought to be doing well for us. right now it's not. america loves our military and service members, that's one place we're willing to invest in, alongside the candidates who make that case. that's what donald trump has done and is doing. the military abroad and defense-wise and then with law enforcement here at home with law and order. people want those furpgss to work and they haven't been working so i think it will resonate. stuart: i want you to deal with this, upstate new york, a group of muslims took offense of the 9/11 memorial honoring those who died because of the words "islamic terrorists". they take offense and say it will take outrage.
9:48 am
>> i can do it quoting the city manager who has been great on this. he says i don't live in a politically correct world, i live in a historical correct word. the reality there were islamic terrorists who' tacked us on 9/11 and the memorial should say this. god bless the city manager. i don't think they're going to get their way in changing this monument. stuart: in 25 seconds this man. >> under time under budget. stuart: and the dow is a fairly even split. and the dow went down ten points. and more trouble for hillary clinton. and i say this every day. new evidence that her staff fed senator mendez questions. >> what difference at this point does it make? a lawyer,r dad's a lawyer. and you land a job with a 401k and meet your wife.
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9:53 am
can you believe that? >> they're discovering massive gas fields. stuart: do you think they'll let us go and get what's ours? >> how about manufacturing jobs? >> next case, one of hillary's aides may have fed specific questions to senator menendez then chair of foreign relations committee. fed him questions to ask during the benghazi hearing with hillary on the stand. napolitano is here. there's nothing wrong with that, is there? >> no, and i suspect it happens very frequently. it's kind of demeaning to senator menendez that some aide of the witness is going to tell him what the witness wants to be asked and he's actually going to ask the witness the questions that he wants to answer. what kind of interrogation. stuart: he had not much choice, because he was subject to a federal investigation at the time and they did look at it. >> he since has been indicted and is probably going to be on trial before this year is over
9:54 am
in the federal court. and for things having nothing to do with this interrogation of mrs. clinton, but the problem here is, you know, if you're going to enter into had a conspiracy to do something wrong, it's in the e-mail, we need menendez, i think it's senator, to ask these questions. stuart: as blatant as that? >> yes, and then the question was almost verbatim to the e-mail, very demeaning to the senator. he probably was unaware of the e-mail and didn't imagine we'd be talking about this today. stuart: do you think it goes on all the time? >> i think i do. i think a lot of q & a at congressional hearings is scripted and is done for our effect so that we, in the news industry, will talk about it. stuart: it's just, j just looks fixed, like rigged.
9:55 am
>> when i ran into congressman gowdy, what questions would you ask hillary clinton if you were on the committee and i said none, none, i would hire an attack dog like mike chertoff to ask the questions rather than let the members of the committee ask questions that are scripted, that are designed to get on the evening news. is this a real investigation or is it a pr show? unfortunately, most of them are the latter. jason chaffetz is difference. they really, really want to find out what happened here, that's the house oversight committee which i think we are going to look at later, smashing of blackberries. stuart: i'm giving awe promo for when you appear in our 11:00 hour. trump is speaking and we'll get you in, you say that devices with wiped with bleach bit and smashing of blackberries with hammers. and this was after congress said you save those.
9:56 am
>> nobody was charged with obstruction of justice. stuart: nobody. which means somebody restrained the fbi. i'm not going to give away your 11: 11:00, but that's what you're saying. >> and i'll elaborate when we speak. stuart: we've got 40 seconds, elaborate. you're laying-- it's not a conspiracy theory, but you're suggesting that somebody must have restrained the fbi, the justice department-- >> i will demonstrate to you that the fbi failed to use ordinary, reasonable law enforcement tools available to it which one would expect in any investigation. stuart: that's fascinating. can't wait. 11:00 this morning you'll be on unless mr. trump takes the entire hour in which case, tomorrow. >> okay. [laughter] >> judge, we appreciate you doing with us. i'm going to do a quick check on my little phone here because i want to see a couple of stocks. amazon at-- down a bit.
9:57 am
facebook is now 131. >> up, up and away. shocking crime statistics from chicago, 500 murders this calendar year alone. that's one my democrats for years, this is a disgrace. peter field writes in the washington post, government is not working. the title of his article "what trump gets right", how about that? back in two minutes.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> well, how about this? a technology guy who gets it. a silicon valley legend to understands what works and what does not. peter thiel is the guy and in "the washington post," of all places, he writes today about government. it's not working. now, he's not being ideological, he's being practical. he says the pay things are in america today, government doesn't work. he says, it can't work.
10:00 am
he gives examples government success in the past and examples today. the new fighter jet, 15 years in development, 15 times more expensive than building the atomic bomb. the obamacare website, what a mess. and nobody was fired. billions down the drain. that's his point. government today is handcuffed by unions and lawyers. government workers can't be held accountable, they have cast iron union support. you can't fire for failure. government cannot do things because lawyers will second guess and then file suit. peter thiel doesn't say it, but his argument goes right to this administration. mr. obama has been the all government all the time president. his government projects, especially obamacare have failed. thiel is not out there on the fringe. he's not railing against all government, no, he's not. he wants effective government, government that works, that uses our money to do things
10:01 am
well and the title of thiel's article, what trump gets right. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> i'm sorry, folks, apparently it's peter thiel. don't pronounce the t-h liz: you're a new american, you're forgiven. stuart: the dow 18,500. the nasdaq, if it's up and it is, that's another new high for the nasdaq. better than the dot-com level, 15, 16 years ago liz: could be a record. stuart: if it closes at that. and a big reveal for apple later on today. no head phone jack, is that all they're talking about, the new iphone 7. can't believe just that. another day, another high for
10:02 am
amazon, hit 790, i believe, 790, backed off a little from that. how about facebook? will you look at that, that's 131.62 per share liz: a new high. stuart: it's all tech. ashley: all tech. if facebook finishes above, then it's another record high close. these stocks, watch where the action is, where the money is going in, these large big tent companies, of course, bringing up the nasdaq, a tech heavy index. we had jeff sica, the perma-bear, i'm going to put money in it where the innovation and growth is coming. that's what you see. it's a remarkable story. stuart: this is why we quote those big name tech stocks every single day. that's what people are interested in liz: in 401(k)'s across the country. >> excellent point. stuart: how about chipotle, there's a warning out the stock could drop another 50%.
10:03 am
stuart: let me explain. chipotle is up today because bill ackman has bought a near 10% chunk and that's putting it up. this new call for it to drop 50%, where does at that come from liz: from hedgeye. and free food can't fix it. and bill ackman-- food-borne illness, suing chipotle for not paying overtime. there's a lot of head wind. stuart: i think of ackman who have turn around the dollars and cents of a company, not to turn around the image of a company liz: he tried do with valeant and j.c. penney. mcdonald's and burger king. ashley: he's got his work cut out for him. he says it's a strong brand and had visionary leadership. we shall see. stuart: we shall see. less than an hour from now, donald trump will make a speech
10:04 am
on rebuilding our military. that's the theme. once again, he is framing the debate, outfront with the issues. tammy bruce is with us this morning. do you accept my premise, tammy, that trump is seizing the political initiative and outfront on the issues, leaving hillary behind, only available to criticize what trump says. >> it's remarkable to see her in a classic reactionary mode and donald trump where the entire media and environment is against nim he's managing to control the narrative. who would have thought you'd have the sentence trump is controlling the narrative. it would not necessarily occurred to us, but it's a combination of things. he's focused and understands that he can win this. he sees the reaction by the american people and hillary is doing the very strange thing, repeating what happened in 2008, overconfident, dismissing her rival, believing that she'll be carried through. you see her team doing it.
10:05 am
classic group think behavior to where they don't see what's happening on the outside. she is going to, of course, the big deal is going to be the debates. you saw on the airplane when a hard question came up, they cut off the questioning. she's not going to be able to do that in the debates. it will be an interesting trajectory and i think the debates are going to call what happens in the election. stuart: let me throw this out, do you think that the clinton camp is complacent, that they'll coast, do you think that's the way they think liz: i don't think they're complas sent. they're working every day about the debates, they're focused on the debates. >> i think they're panicked. what they did not expect is all of this to happen. they did not expect this reaction by the american people. they're unprepared for the e-mail dynamic and for her own behavior. ashley: i don't think they believe that the new trump would stick, that he would stick with the new trump. >> they didn't think he would be the nominee. ashley: all she has to do is sit and hide and wait for trump to trip up.
10:06 am
that's the strategy up until now. stuart: to the hillary clinton e-mail scandal, i don't know which one we're talking about, but there are several. our next guest writes in the washington examiner, that clinton's team wiped her server clean with the software after the congress ordered had the records. who did that? byron, have i got that right? did they wipe the server, wipe it clean professionally get rid of everything on it and they did that after they were ordered to preserve what was on it? >> very simple. that's exactly what happened. you have to go back to december, 2014 after hillary clinton had handed over 60,000 e-mails to the state department. she said that was all of them, excuse me, about 30,000, but she deleted the other 30,000. she said that was everything. then her staff ordered the technical people to delete everything. get rid of all of it.
10:07 am
well, what happened was apparently they didn't do it. maybe there was a misunderstanding, an oversight, something, so fast forward to march, 2015 on the 2nd of march, the new york times publishes a story revealing the existence of the secret e-mail system. two days later the benghazi committee issues a subpoena, a subpoena for documents in that cache that might be related to benghazi and then after that, after the subpoena, not before, the hillary clinton team realized oh, my goodness, we didn't delete everything back in december and then they did. so, all of these deletions that we've heard about took place after congress had issued a preservation letter and a subpoena for the information. stuart: this is why this jumps out at me. because it's clean cut. when you have a vision of a totally wiped server and somebody with a hammer smashing devices, you know that that is a very deliberate act to corps
10:08 am
up whatever was on those e-mails. the rest of the e-mail scandal, i think, goes over a lot of people's head, it's so complex, so legalistic, you lose track of where the story is, but this one, this is-- i'm going to say this is different, is it? >> it is. well, you know, the hammer gave us an image, there's an iphone and wham. that's quite easy to understand and what we heard about, probably you and everybody else hadn't heard about before, bleach bit, that was used at this time in march of 2015, and by the end of the month, on the 27th of march, remember tray gowdy, the benghazi committee chairman, had asked david kendall, who was hillary clinton's lawyer, had said we'd like to get a neutral third party who can take a look at the server and find out if there was anything missed. well, david kendall writes a letter to tray gowdy and says let me save you some time. forget it. everything is gone and if you're thinking about backups,
10:09 am
you can forget that, too, it's all gone. so, they were confident by the end of march 2015 they had finally deleted everything. stuart: what a story. just what a story. you know, somebody should write a novel about this, using the fact base from the e-mails. ashley: they'd never believe it. stuart: pure fiction. [laughter] liz: wait for the movie. stuart: brian is not a fiction writer, he's a great writer. welcome to the problem, byron. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: and paypal co-founder, peter thiel. he's got an op-ed, american government isn't working the way it used to. ashley: if you go back in time, he says, with regard to making the atomic bomb, took a huge effort, a lot of people, a lot of time and done in four years and yet, these days, no one takes accountability, nothing gets done. there's dysfunction at every level of government. the escalator not working at
10:10 am
the train station to a website for obamacare that just can't seem to get it on-line, but the bottom line, no one takes responsibility 0 are is accountable. he talks about the metro d.c. guy who falsified records prior to a fire to a d.c., you can't fire up, he's brought back. clearly it's more important than safety liz: there's more. ashley: and donald trump, bottom line, donald trump talks common sense finally and that's why he's reaching so many liz: theovernment analysis out there shows that government officials don't know how big the federal government is, how many agencies, units, hang on, private contractors they've hired. there's less people working now in the u.s. work force than in 2009. government spending does not create middle class jobs and that's what peter thiel is saying, we need a--
10:11 am
this is the worst economic recovery in the history of the united states since world war ii. stuart: it was a pressure to hear peter thiel standing out from the silicon valley crowd liz: refreshing. >> make him the head of the fed. a man like that makes a big difference. stuart: people on social media, they're talking about this man, hillary's mystery handler. you'll see him run on the stage to protect startled hillary clinton as a protester interrupts her. they say wherever hillary goes, this man goes, too. and conspiracy theories on that, we don't do that, but we ask the question, who was that guy? we want to know. to europe, the u.k. is trying to stop migrants from building a wall in calais in france, that acts as a gateway into the u.k. the wall would be a mile long,
10:12 am
13 feet high and 22 million dollars. >> wow. stuart: it will stretch from alongside a highway when migrants have been on top of trucks. ashley: sound familiar? >> the british wall in france. and jeff williams, this is kazakhstan. set a record by an american, 534 days, he just landed right there. 534 days in space. more varney next. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
10:13 am
one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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10:15 am
>> a play on the markets. not much movement. the dow is down 10 points. check out the dow 30. easterly split. green is up, red is down. goldman sachs, a new rule enacted, bans senior employees
10:16 am
from donating to donald trump liz: but they can donate to hillary and, and she's the wall street candidate. the rule says if you're a state official running for office, the partners cannot donate to that campaign. stuart: can you remember a time when a leading investment firm says you can give to this one and this one, oh, no liz:. if hillary clinton is not now the official wall street candidate, i don't know who is. >> it h reinforces what we know. stuart: precisely. where is bernie sanders? >> at his beach house. stuart: and the historic events in the city of chicago. as of september the 1st, 500 murders, mostly black on black violence. with us now from the national
10:17 am
review, what gets me, deroy, is this, a, it's a national disgrace, and b, nobody is talking about it. i'm shocked. >> you shouldn't be shocked. what's sad about this number three city in america, hometown of, um, obama, as a matter of fact, you have this tremendous number of deaths, 500 more than in new york and los angeles combined and the only time you'll hear about this, the only time the outrage machine will kick in, if a white cop kills a black person. if it's black people killing black people, it doesn't matter. >> and yet, donald trump goes to a black church in detroit, what do you have to lose. >> this is denounced as a racist,' shakes hands and he'd be denounced if he didn't do it. stuart: and you've got numbers on total deaths in chicago.
10:18 am
>> it's fascinating, since obama became president there are more people killed in chicago than in the entirety of the afghanistan war, u.s. casualties. stuart: you've got numbers on the last three holiday weekends, shootings and deaths in chicago? liz: 200 shot and 24 fatally. it's not a police issue, it's a society issue. people are without jobs and without hope. stuart: all right. now, i don't know where-- maybe we should have social workers, surgeon social workers in dangerous neighborhoods of chicago. stuart: you have got to explain to me, why it is that black folks in america, consistent vote in power, governments which allow this to happen. explain. >> this is an amazing situation. in chicago, in baltimore, in washington d.c., st. louis, these people receive tremendous amounts of crime and going on in new orleans as well. you've had democrats running those places for 80 years, 90 years.
10:19 am
i think baltimore is like 103, 105. they can't blame this on white republicans and the right wing and the conservative attack machine or whatever. stuart: why the-- >> caring compassionate democrats, the rubble they've left behind after sometimes a sentry of disruption. stuart: it's a gross failure, why it's continually repeated and black folks do not break out of that, why not? >> i don't know the reason. part of what i call pachyderm-phobia. if you have a republican come forward, oh, he's a racist. don't listen. the democrats take it for granted and the folks line up-- >> may i say that the republicans don't reach out. and that's part of the abandonment of machine of the people of color in the inner city. the republican party saying we can't do it.
10:20 am
donald trump is doing and that's why he's so threatening to so many at this point. >> he's doing it all-- every sunday ought to be a black church. >> and administration must, a president trump will continue to care. stuart: thank you. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: we'll see you soon. no conspiracy theories on this program, we don't do that. there are some people asking about this man, they call him the mystery man or mystery handler. where he goes, she goes. and the question, is it legitimate for the media at that talk about hillary's health. and nbc news criticized about the cough. and some people say we should stop talking about hillary's health altogether. [coughing] >> to represent inmates, excuse me, i'm sorry.
10:21 am
[coughing] . every time i think about trump i get allergic. i just saved thousands on my loan at in less than a minute, i found out how much home i can afford. i like how you shop for loans the same way you shop for flights online. i didn't realize that lendingtree you can save money on almost any sort of loan. i consolidated my credit card debt with a personal loan. i found a new credit card with 0% interest for 15 months. you just shop, compare, and save, and it's all free. go to lendingtree right now and start saving.
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10:24 am
>> very interesting news on that company. apache. they've got a huge find in the delaware basin. that's formation in the west texas southern, new mexico region. 7 75 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 3 billion barrels of oil. one of the biggest in the s&p 500, drill, baby, drill. apache is up. delta's chief says higher fuel prices will trigger revenue.
10:25 am
and that's why the airline stocks are 3, 4, 5, 6%. they're going to raise prices on us? not going to engage in conspiracy theories here, we don't do that. but there are questions surrounding this man spotted several times alongside hillary often come to go her aid. seen on the travel pool on board the plane. in this clip rushing on the stage in the rally and urges her, keep talking after she was startled. watch this. >> okay. keep talking. >> okay. here we are. >> wasn't that interesting? keep talking, keep talking. >> people on right wing blogs and social media asking, who is this guy? tammy bruce, go with it. >> they have to ask because we're not being told, keep
10:26 am
talking, you know, and then he actually moves other secret service off the stage. we've not been informed who he is. we have to guess who he is. he seems to be playing a personal role. he appears when she's in trouble with the coughing or health issue or in her case, the reaction to a heckler. it's troubling because you've got a man doing something that the secret service wouldn't do, physical with her. touches her, has his arm around her. you saw the secret service were doing on the side. they stand next to her. no one went up to touch her and that's what he seems to always be doing. it's a legitimate question. her health is legitimate. paul songus, if he would have been president, he would have died before the term. and that's an interesting and handler matters. stuart: i think, he could be, i don't know, but he could be her health and crisis handler.
10:27 am
>> could be. stuart: when she's on the podium or out in public. >> if he's not. he's so close to the candidate we should be informed who he is. stuart: thank you, tammy. donald trump, he's about to give a speech about rebuilding the military. the day he is appointed president, he says, he wants the top generals to come up with a plan. they've got 30 days to give him a plan to defeat isis. that's what he wants, if he becomes the president and also we're on this. trump saying that we live in a false economy, that the federal reserve is just keeping rates artificially low. excuse me, to help the obama legacy. we're on that story, too. a lot more varney still to come. ♪
10:28 am
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10:31 am
trading tuesday to play on the market. the dallas latin with an equal number of stocks on the dow 30. i do want to show you two big-name tech stocks, especially today. amazon retreated him a fraction of them a new made early this morning. facebook powering ahead now up $131 a share. they change on the date introduces the ipad heaven. then we have netflix and a very popular show called marcos. what is this? they just got another two seasons? >> the colombian drug kingpin pablo escobar. it is not my status of the rich and heinous. it is going after pablo escobar
10:32 am
and his maybe in cartel. the rise and fall down in columbia. >> key binge watches. if you don't see enemies at the chiropractor appeared stuart: about a half-hour from now, roughly 30 minutes, donald trump delivers a speech. i want to know how it's going to pay for it. david malpass is one of several economic advisers to the trent campaign. welcome back. he's going to rebuild the military. and i think he's going to tell us how he is going to pay for it. i know you can't reveal how is going to pay for it comes to give us some clue. >> the bigger focuses on how you make us stronger. that's what we ought to be talking about. stuart: offsets. that means spending cuts elsewhere.
10:33 am
>> that means cost-cutting elsewhere. you know the government is really and lots of areas. one of the things of his campaign has been to have an effect of government that runs more like a bit mess. to demonstrate itself throughout. stuart: in your lifetime, how many candidates have said i'm going to cut the waste in this and then spray? >> they all say that, but not many of them, in fact none of them have been this mad to look at the bottom line, look at the budget. how many of our presidents have actually made lots of profit in their lives? stuart: i'm not sure. >> prior to being in office. some of them make a bundle after they are in office but that's a different story. stuart: donald trump talking about the senate. listen to this and ralston taped. >> they keep the rates artificially low said the economy doesn't go down so obama can say he did a good job.
10:34 am
so they are keeping the rates artificially low so obama can go out and play golf after january and say he did a good job. but it's a very false economy. we have a false economy. we have a bad economy everyone understands that. but with a false economy. stuarthe is saying janet yellen financed obama. donald trump shouldn't even be talking about the at all. >> you know, we have a wet situation. rates have been near zero throughout the obama administration since late 2008. and so, i think we have to talk about this. working. we need a policy that works to promote growth. the fed is on the wrong track.
10:35 am
stuart: but it's okay to talk about it. >> you can talk about it and candidates should talk about it. the fed needs to have independence of what it's doing. on the other hand if you cut the flow of growth, we are down the first half below 1%. yet the fed is saying it is being stimulated. that is worthy of discussiodiscussio n of human beings. everybody in the country should talk about this. part of the problem is he simply can't make money on savings so we are benefiting people who borrow lots of money. today's "wall street journal" had two stories on the front page about how cds and money market funds are hanging in the european companies are doing negative interest rates. how does that work for people that save money? stuart: on this one, mark cuban told neil cavuto our colleague yesterday he has no doubt the market tanks if donald trump
10:36 am
wins. go. >> market will look at growth in earnings. trump is a lot better than clinton and growth in earnings. we've had really low volatility. one of the issues as you go across the presidential election, you will have volatility. we should be prepared for that. the critical point is he's got a better policy for growth in the long run. trump does. stuart: we will see you again soon. thank you. nbc news facing some criticism both from the clinton campaign and supporters. because of their coverage of her coughing fits. here is a tweet from hillary's press secretary responded to nbc. the right dear nbc, get a life, thanks, nick. the headline from the "washington post" today, can we just stop talking about hillary clinton's health now? howard kurtz follows the media for us and the media forest and he's with us this morning.
10:37 am
if there is something wrong with looking at hillary's help in light of these coughing fits, is there something journalistically wrong with that? >> i didn't have any problem with nbc running a five paragraph online items they should have been eeriest coughing fit in turned it into a joke in attack on donald trump saying she's allergic to him or whatever in getting whacked by the clinton campaign sounded to be that defensive. by and large there so many issues that republicans and conservatives in the media can attack hillary clinton on the pushing this notion are insinuating some secret illness they don't think is the way to go and i don't think there's any solid evidence. stuart: but if you look at these coughing fits and there have been several and they go on for some time, is it not a legitimate question to ask, is there something wrong. >> a 6-year-old woman whose takes a lot in public and sometimes strays her voice has coughing fit.
10:38 am
i think it's legitimate to ask. when i see a headline from the drudge report raising questions about her help in bringing in all kinds of speculation, that's not saying whether she cost so much. that's suggesting that she hasn't had an illness. i just think it is an overreach on the part of her critics. >> i'm interested to hear what you say about the drudge report as it is drudge who has been leading the charge on questions about her coughing fits. i've been reading that for months on end. the point deemed that it is the online nonestablishment pdf bringing this to the floor and the established media doesn't like it. >> well, to some of the people pushing this do it in a conspiratorial way. both hillary clinton and donald trump should release medical records and not these letters from doctors saying how great their health is. i would go a long way to
10:39 am
answering questions. that would be a responsible way for the campaign to deal with it. >> just a few minutes ago, i think you saw it. the mystery man, the guy who appears right by hillary clinton, touches her, tells her to keep talking at a moment of crisis. was i wrong to do that? i'm not a conspiracy theorist and absolutely not. i would reject that entirely. i think i'm raising a legitimate issue here. don't you? >> on the human interest level, who is this guy. i want to know this guy so close to the candidate and his third visit -- in spirit to people around the candidate and that the candidate does in a presidential campaign is all perfectly fair. i'm against the insinuations that something deep and dark and terrible that has to do with hillary clinton's health until there is actual evidence of that. bush and find out more about the mystery dude. stuart: i want you to keep me in line professionally.
10:40 am
but to make sure you don't go astray not in conspiracy theories. >> what did you say? stuart: very good. how about this. under antidiscrimination law in massachusetts could force churches to adopt transgender bathroom policies. what is this about? >> well, massachusetts have passed legislation amending its antidiscrimination law taking a place on october 1st. the commission against discrimination forces that law and they've issued guidance about public accommodations that you have to accommodate to every person is based on how they identify. they specifically notice church is in a church could even be a public accommodation if they hold secular events like spaghetti dinners. and if that happens, that means churches have to allow a man identifies the wanted to use the bathroom.
10:41 am
the problem is that no one in the state has identified the secular means. clearly the law can't specify out churches, said the guidance does it for them. we see this at the federal level as well. laws are very basic and then you have rules and pay that expanded out to places of worship as an example. starting october 1st, unless there's a major pushback for the civil rights commission to specifically no churches, they intend this to affect churches and clearly when it comes to religious freedom and the ability to do events for your flock, the argument is if you do something that involves spaghetti or some other secular event, baby bingo, i don't know. suddenly bad things have to be accessible by a man who identifies something other than a man and people are concerned. stuart: don't say a word. i'm just getting old. love said. thank you good coming of 1:00 eastern time today.
10:42 am
apple to unveil the new iphone seven. the stock usually drops day out and unveil event. is that accurate today? >> right now we are seeing a down arrow down today. don't almost two tenths of 1%. the bad ms. is if we take a look historically over the last five years on the iphone launches, a majority of them have got arrows. they dip on the day of the announcement. take a look. you can see the iphone for us, the iphone five, 6s plus. they've always been to the downside with one exception. here's a bit of good news than bad is over six after this occurring, apple has been to the upside. if you feel like you love apple, wall street watchers want to get in on that. the big picture is historically
10:43 am
it shows on the day up the day of the day up there with the of of the news you see them still on the news. i have the rumor, sell on the news. stuart: all of this old technology companies. nicole, thank you indeed. breaking them for breaking news. mexico's finance minister resigning. ashley: the wake of donald trump's visit. he was seen as the person who came up with the idea to have mr. trump come down to mexico. however, president p. nato has said it was my idea, but this guy has been under a lot of pressure because it was seen as a humiliation to make the code that donald trump was even invited down there. he has decided to resign. >> they did not anticipate that. they underestimated. >> i am really old. a man in tennessee accused of all does seem his neighbor's
10:44 am
home. the two guys -- i hated it, don't you? the homeowner came home one night to find half of its own completely destroyed. a piece of this house was found. the moral of the story, don't ever have a fight with your neighbor. don't fall out with neighbors. moments from now, donald trump about to come out and speak about the military. watch it unfold right here. you'll see it. more "varney" in a moment.
10:45 am
10:46 am
ashley: always remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here's a look at what you missed last hour. >> it appears to me that the attorney general cerda stepped back, almost a recusal and basically said whenever the fbi has found in whatever they recommend, i'm going to accept. that's one of the main problems i have this happen here is a job at the attorney general prosecutors, not the fbi. otherwise you have the investigators making these prosecutorial decisions about any decisions about any check and that's dangerous.
10:47 am
stuart: okay, it's a liquid and had to be president of the united states bearing in mind what she's done with e-mails. >> i have some questions about her judgment. the voter should try and get as much information as they can. ig, ig, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity. who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank.
10:48 am
now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
10:49 am
stuart: we are all waiting for donald trump speech. rebuilding america's military comes at the top of the hour. stay there, please. joining us now, cia officer gary burstyn. you've sat on this program. you want to send troops to syria now and get rid of isis, obliterating them. with donald trump to speak about military preparedness, could our military do what you want, go to syria, kill syria, k-kilo i says, could they do it now? >> the first thing that have to do is have a deal with the turks to place forces on our border and it probably wouldn't take very long. if the troops had set comments though, have their way, they could put together an operation in fairly short order and execute them under president trump. stuart: so we are prepared. the military has capacity to do that as of right now. >> they could do it in very short order.
10:50 am
people didn't think we could enter afghanistan in 2001 in short order. against a force that is much larger than i says in a land mass that is much larger to drive them out. defeating isis over the long term will require a longer term strategy for the very first thing to be done is the caliphate has to be taken from them. stuart: in what areas of the united states military not prepared in what areas has that sharp, gone down in size? >> heart of the issue is the obama administration has taken the army 54 combat brigades and drive down into the mid-30s. i think we will have to find that is too small an army. the number of ships had been pushed down to roughly 420. his discussions of a combat aircraft were going to use. another ratio is the special operations troops we've had have
10:51 am
been borne out a lot of them over many years of war and a couple of places. afghanistan, iraq, we will have to increase so calm. your earlier question with david malpass was how do you do this? you reconfigure the types of forces that you have for the missions that are going to be ahead. trent administration has to produce in the first 150 days the national securities dynegy and in that document, they will have to lay out both the short and long-term plan to deal with isis. the obama administration has only done that in two of the eight years and it's mandated by law and they have failed to execute. stuart: in thinking in terms of the structure of the military to fight what type of order. the military is still geared towards a major land war against another major power, whether it be russia or somebody else.
10:52 am
do i military like that these days >> when you look at the size and scope of so calm, special operations command has expanded rapidly over the last decade. some of those units are classified. some of them are. they are much larger, much more effect is. since 9/11 we had cured ourselves with different types of warfare. the current administration has not made the military has been downsizing other components of the armed forces and we made a military that can respond across a broad spectrum of threats because not only do we have cases that we've got to deal with issues of china, russia, global threats. stuart: gary, when donald trump's geeks literally 10 minutes from now or thereabouts, do you want him to say we need
10:53 am
more manpower, we need my military equipment, we need more battle carrier groups, we need more aircraft. is that what is going to say? >> will be made more than anything is the willingness to fight our opponents. our enemies know they will be defeated by the united states on any battlefield good with the united states appears to lack in the world is the will to fight. we need a commander-in-chief with the will to fight for the will to stand up to adversaries and spill blood if necessary. if you are not willing to do that, you'll wind up fighting many battles in many ways. as much importance as there is on the gear, the equipment, the structure, the attitude of the commander-in-chief when reagan came to power in 1980, the iranians released those on the first day because they were afraid to be confronted by reagan. train to hold on for a second. we have got trump's taking 10 minutes from now.
10:54 am
i want to break it because i've got another developing story which has some relevance to donald trump and the wall. this is some relevance to that. the british are trying to build a mile-long 13-foot wall in france. ashley is going to explain this because as i see it they will build this wall in france to keep people in france and stop them getting across england. ashley: absolutely right. half a mile-long period will cost close to $3 million. not that much. it's nothing. this has been in place for some time. the french said fair enough. this camp known as the jungle and what happens is these migrants are trying to jump on trade. the euro tunnel train the trucks going through and on the poor. this wall blocks off all of
10:55 am
those points, those transportation to present them from getting the class on a boat, on a car, whatever it takes to stop it. and it's armed french territory. true to every migraine too manages to jump onto a truck, train through the truck drivers have been under fire. they are fined about $5000. any migrants found on the back of the church are indicating to the u.k. it's going to be built in france. who is paying? ashley: the u.k. train for the 2000 tree -- 2003 treaty that asker the migrants are throwing rocks at the tracks. now they can get out of there.
10:56 am
final thoughts, before we go to commercial break, gary, what is the one thing that you want to your friend donald trump about the military more than anything else. one thing. >> i think a willingness to project american power when needed and when any actual interest of the u.s. that is what i'm looking for more than anything else is desired and willingness to project willingness to project to use american power when needed where we've been lacking in this administration. stuart: is it possible that if we do rebuild the military, you've got to spend the money on this if you're going to do it. could that be stimulated to the american economy? >> i think that security is stimulative. if you can make the country safer, people will invest more. a couple points on what we just heard. i worked in the reagan administration. one of the matos was peace strength. you didn't have to adventure around the world if you were
10:57 am
strong people ran away from you or they respect you. that is one of the things we've been missing now a lot. hillary clinton just doesn't project back. she may have to fight more and not get the job done. trade to trump speaks moments from now. you'll see him do it in a moment. and gives you steady tax-free income. let the home you've taken care of, take care of you. turn your equity into a comfortable retirement, all while continuing to live in, and own, your home. find out how much you could receive for retirement. lendingtree: when banks compete, you win. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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11:00 am
stuart: you're about to see donald trump take the political initiative began. good morning, everyone. he said to speak in philadelphia moments from now be building the military. that is his name. this is the latest in the series is set to policies beaches. it is another item on the new trump calendar. focus, scripted, on message and out one of his opponent. while hillary has stuck to attacking him, trump has switched to specific policy things by doing that, he has shaped the debate. we are about to hear what donald
11:01 am
trump has in mind. foundations cut back military and we are told he's going to say how it's going to pay for that rebuilding. have you heard the subject? the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. stuart: with mr. trump about to speak, we have an all-star cast of characters to comment on what he's got to say. fox news military analyst, war stories, lieutenant colonel oliver north. i hope i got all of the ranks right along with private ashley webster. first of all, before we get to our assembled guests, we do have an outline, bullet points of what donald trump is going to say at that podium momentarily. why don't you start.
11:02 am
liz: we need more than the $600 billion in defense and impeded new sea-based radar systems. defeat isis in one month. he wants the major investment in the military and he wants to do and a sequestered 20 of five and captured by militaries ending. ashley: how do you pay for all that? what must become energy independent. obamacare must be terminated immediately. the u.s. corporations overseas will be given a one-year tax holiday to bring about. the corporate tax rate as we've heard before from 35% down to 15% eliminate the regulations, individual tax rates must be lower. all of this he hopes it says will create a growth that 3% to six rate per year. stuart: he will pay for it by energy independence will save the money.
11:03 am
as long as you don't replace it with something else. and that is how you pay for it. charles hurt, the political guy of months is goodwill that fly? i think it well. one of the great advantages before we get into the specifics, his message has been that he wants to reassert america's strength abroad and that has been undermined for the past eight years. hillary clinton has been part of the undermining. president obama does not believe in american might and american exceptionalism. even before you get to specifics, he is winning that fight, that argument. when he does get into specifics and says something like wanted to lend a sequestered, remember this requester was democrats refusal and the agreement was to basically hold the military
11:04 am
hostage, to take whatever cuts that were made to the federal government and lord knows there should be a lot of them and apply them at an equal rate to the military. that's been great for democrats. it's been terrible for the military obviously. stuart: you are the political guy in the reporters on they're going to say. let's bring in the military guys. ollie north first. we heard a long list of what mr. trump is going to do. more planes, more ships, more resources, more money. does that sound they can ask to you? >> absolutely. ronald reagan campaign on the 600 ship navy and campaigned on rebuilding america's military which the carter administration link rich. the bottom line, our u.s. national security is try to cheat, our budget, our military equipment buys all have to be based on a cascade of risk from the very worst risk that we face
11:05 am
to the very least. and it requires that we know our adversaries and the threats posed in intelligeintellige nce, which has to be a lot better than it is right now. there are priorities established in the order of what is the greatest threat and that obviously an attack on the united date. military action be rebuilt to deter war. stuart: early on this program 10 minutes ago we heard from an expert who said the one big change that he wants to see is a commander-in-chief who wants to win, who wants the military to be strong on eradication. a different attitude towards the truth. >> absolutely. gary was spot on its leadership. to find the enemy and his radical islam. it is not by olympics are a myth. define fund it.
11:06 am
you've got to grow the economy first at 3% to 6% and do those things that we can put the money. ali was working for reagan, we had a $2 trillion debt. with a $20 trillion debt, we cannot rebuild our defense. hillary clinton's economic plan will not allow us to rebuild the military no matter what she's does. only trumps label were. anybody who doesn't understand that is missing a time. stuart: the political guy. i have not heard hillary's plan for the military. i've not heard it. >> i don't think you are going to hear one really. her plane as will be seen in the last eight years and the four which of course it is sort of hard to find out what the obama doctrine is because it's been all over the place. the best i can come up with
11:07 am
would be surrender without peace. he's withdrawn from all of these places around the world had surrendered, take iraq for example where hillary clinton by her own admission made in this take when she voted to invade iraq and to give up that land and tune out eight years on realize, fill that vacuum. the same thing happening around the world where the vacuum of american lives be filled by its very nefarious nurse. stuart: gettys out front. a lot of people watching this thing. he's out front on me. >> the number of issues and he brings that. she laughs at it or mock it and within two weeks is packing about it. maybe we will hear some sort of plan.
11:08 am
stuart: give us a very good rundown of the bullet points. he returned for a second to more ships, were playing, more resources? >> you want the navy to have 300 -- that the 350 with that art of missile defense is sent. the naval cruises, illicit missile defense capabilities. at least 1200 fighter aircraft. he also will enforce all classification rules and enforce all laws related to the handling of classified information. stuart: just in terms of equipment and hardware, ollie north, common, please. 350 ships and submarines at sea-based missile defense force for capacity, 1200 fighter aircraft. i have no means of acknowledging whether that is a huge jump in
11:09 am
equipment or not. spell it out for me. how big it increases this? >> you also have to have the people and the budget to pay for the spare fires. the most important thing is protecting our homeland in u.s. population. that is why the sea-based ballistic missile shield is important. there is an existential threat of a nuclear attack on the united states. the nuclear proliferation like we haven't been before. there's the building of the blessed missile shield for others. and i guess the third part of protecting the homeland of securing our borders. all of those things can be done but she made the people in the equipment that enable you to do it. stuart: i've got some numbers that he's talking about. he wants to rebuild the army to an essay 540,000 he wants 36 battalions of marine corps people. i don't know how many people are
11:10 am
in a battalion does that down to you? we are talking a huge increase in personnel? >> we are talking significant. better prepared than i am. a fix for structure of three divisions. what you want to do is modernize the marine corps. when i was the number three man in the air force assistant vice chief, we had 155 fighter squadrons. today we have around 50. you can see we are one third the size will be used to be at the tail end of the reagan administration. it is continually gone down as you've heard me say before, we have unilaterally disarmed america. this administration and the congress of sequestration as we pointed out earlier and we haven't told america yet. mr. trump is telling america we have to rebuild, we have modernized. stuart: i've got a political question because i want to know whether america wants this significant increase in
11:11 am
equipment and personnel for military. i suspect america is somewhat more wary after all these years. i'm wondering how america will take a big increase in our military. in the wake of isis and let the to be done, there's more of an opinion if you like. yes, people know about that after iraq and afghanistan, but i do believe that night and the fact that our image abroad has been so diminished that that feeling of weakness in the military will be generally accepted. stuart: donald trump has to convince voters that this big increase keeps us more safe at home. i don't think americans -- i'm not sure that they really care that much about engaging the wars overseas. it is keeping the homeland safe that is the big deal. he's got to nvince them that is the case.
11:12 am
>> that takes political leadership. i don't think we are going to see it from hillary clinton. absolutely their war weary, but that's why you have to make the argument that we want to be strong so we don't have to fight wars. the stronger we are, the more people afraid of us than they don't mess around. what we see with our draw is the rise of putin and syria all around the world. stuart: he's got to sell it. you think you can? >> i do. if you added up, the families of the veteran comedy active service, 40 million voters. one of the things this president has to do is take the political as stopping the use of military u.s. personnel at lab rat and his radical social engineering because of the fact the morale. we had the finest morale and all
11:13 am
those things matter, but the idea, for example of putting women in ground combat is absolutely not. the commander-in-chief has to stop that. we have a very interest in question. stuart: mr. trump leads double digit which is interesting and it's striking that isis plan hit them fast, hit him hard in 30 days. that's a big headline about how people react for his same to the military defeat cases, give me a plan within one month. stuart: let's get back to ali's point. in ground combat she wishes. that is the policy of the obama administration. i believe that's what they're pushing for the marine core as well. there's nothing in your notes about what mr. trump is going to say that indicate they'll take that on. stuart: and you don't expect it, would you?
11:14 am
>> that seems to be a can of worms that is a drop stayed away from. if he listens to his generals, as he says he would that i wouldn't be surprised if he didn't reverse that. stuart: is that accurate to the generals are not in favor of ground combat troops? >> if you look at the lineup it is overwhelming, it's not just a general of soldiers, sailors and marines who although this is not going to work. the idea at the nfl putting women on football teams. here's the answer for every score. the team with the most women will lose. liz: there are women amateurs pics in the combat on around the world. there is no doubt that women get put into combat. the idea of requiring them to serve in ground combat is the
11:15 am
most egregious, outrageous, difficult brutal experience a human being can have. i've been there, i've done that. i would want any of my three daughters or seven granddaughters having to do that and they should have to. that's the problem with the administration. a handful of women to play in the nfl and their been ground combat. making them do is absolutely not. liz: i have seen women that want to serve in a combat zone. stuart: i don't want to go off on a tangent on this. >> a handful. stuart: okay it's a handful. we are told he was going to speak at 11:00. he is not thus far appeared. let me bring you up to speed on the markets. not that mr. chomsky shall have any impact on the market or finance whatsoever, but they tune in to see what is going on with their money. right now the dow industrial average is down 40 points. that is not a big loss. down 40 on 18,500 index.
11:16 am
that is a tiny fractional decline. the action this morning is that amazon and facebook. both of them are going very strongly higher, especially facebook. boston facebook. by so much i.q. is $131 a share. it is now back to 130. who would've thought a stock like that would triple in the last couple years and it has. liz: this is also a tech angle. he's going to say we need to call silicon valley for cyberdefense is to build our infrastructure and make our cybersecurity battered, make her communications systems moore's date at a time when russia sought to be hacking into the u.s. stuart: that has been there. i wonder who would benefit from not. at a time when hockey -- tried to make our country safe her. train for a new infrastructures
11:17 am
and then. stuart: that they just throw this at the military guys. there was a terrific op-ed in today's "washington post" written by peter teale. he is a much greater from silicon valley and he says that the american government, our government these days does not work. it cannot do things well. it used to do things well. they cannot do things while now. he cited the specific example of the brand-new air force fighter jets. 15 times more sensitive than building the atomic bomb. 15 years in development still not running. what do you make of that? the american government including the military doesn't do things while these days. >> he is spot on. when i was involved with the development of the asset team from the contract award to first fight it took us two years. the same thing with the f-16.
11:18 am
today, the f-22 and they asked 35 but contract award to first fight now is 10 years and the bureaucracy and have cascaded throughout the bureaucracy and we are broken. there's no question in my mind about it. stuart: ollie, peter touches on lawyers who seem to be everywhere and government in stopping things from getting things done. i don't mean to open the floodgates, but i presume you've got something to say. >> idea. my son is listening and he's a lawyer and the government. i would point out, however, despite the mission failure, i would say that he would agree with what that assessment was. there are too many lawyers. there are too many people with the opportunity to shut it down, stop things and twist them all around. all of that affects the ability to build the military and keep
11:19 am
it as a deterrent force needs to be. stuart: we are about to see a very significant presentation by donald trump. he's going to outline his plan. what would he do for the american military if he were the president of the united states? this is a major policy speech because what to do at a time like this with our enemies and our rivals, that is surely going to be a big topic in this election. >> absolutely. the fact that he's doing another policy speech where he is focused on message is further indication that he is intending to keep between his campaign on laser focus. going forward, over the next eight, nine weeks, i tried to envision what could happen abroad, what events could take
11:20 am
place that would hurt donald trump. i don't see how any of them well. anything that happens anywhere around the world that is bad news, terrorist attack or anything like that, it goes further to undermine president obama, undermine hillary clinton spent the night and get donald trump a great position to save you want more of that? >> just the other day when the every man can vote mess around with the naval vessels of the persian gulf. a classic example of that cannot be bad for donald trump. >> they wouldn't have done much to ronald reagan. stuart: there is a parallel between 1979 and 1980 and 2015, 26 team. >> piece drew strength is something reagan understood. liz: thrashes y, the headline came out that another 1.3 billion after the hostages were released on top of the 400 alien in cash.
11:21 am
stuart: at risk of unloading the flood gates, there is a parallel. 1979, 1980 and 15-16. >> absolutely. one of the things is he laid down the hammer on what the soviets are going to be able to get away with it what they couldn't. he was willing to sit down and talk and he was negotiating peace through strength. he also said trust but verify and that's why the iranian nuke deal has been what the deal with because we need to impose those sanctions on iran and the democratic republic of north korea. the nuclear weapons and the icbm testing is a direct existential threat. it has to be at the top of the list. you've got to build it back it up with force. >> is this the stance we want our military to push forward overseas than we have been for the last eight years?
11:22 am
>> i think we want to take an aggressive dance where we deter and dissuade rats. the fact is they know when you are strong and when you have strong leadership. that is why reagan was able to get the wall to collapse and how the soviet union did because they respect that. we were in a strong position. by the way, back to your point about the american people accept it. they will accept it they all have jobs of 93 million people not employed. if you are growing the economy 3% to 6%. they will be absolutely delighted that we have a strong economy. they have jobs in america is strong locally. trade to stay in place, please. we are going to take a commercial break. we are going to have to pay for ourselves than we do that with commercials. stay there, please. donald trump will appear. don't know when, but he will
11:23 am
appear at that podium and you will see him speak on this program. back in a moment.
11:24 am
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. stuart: we are back here from donald trump about rebuilding the military and paying for that of course. the moment just before he speaks, the dow industrial down to two-point. there is some individual stocks that really are moving.
11:27 am
technology, amazon down three points, but it's at 785. it reached the edge of the 90s earlier. that is an astronomical game for that stock in the last couple years. states that still higher. $130 per share. apple about to introduce a new high for seven and literally within a couple hours and the stock is down a fraction, we'll be right there at 107. what is on the new iphone? it is apache corporation. they have found trillions of cubic feet of natural gas in west texas, southern new mexico and 3 billion barrels of oil. an extraordinary amount of energy. ashley: they want us to be energy independent. western digital. not sure what the story is.
11:28 am
raised its forecast for the future. going to make more money down the road investors love to hear that the stock is up 12%. that is western digital. who else is moving? the airlines. this is not good news. if you are an airline passenger, delta airlines kaman said jet fuel prices we can raise ticket prices and we can get more. up go the airline stocks are more revenue, more profit. what about us. coming any moment now, looks like a secret service or an official guy walking out front. before he has to leave us and i know he's got about 90 seconds left, what you think hillary clinton is response is going to be to the big buildup in
11:29 am
military power that trump is about to announce? >> shall make fun of him and find ways to ridicule him and his ideas. that is of course after she spends a week or two continuing to hide from the press. as you mentioned earlier the way donald trump is setting the tone and setting the agenda this entire election, she will be forced to come out and say some in about it and make remarks about it. the problem for her is reality and that is people feel like they have seen what her foreign policy, military stance would be. they don't like it. they are more weary and donald trump will stand there and the alternative, the change alternatives. stuart: great contribution to the show. we appreciate that. seeing other official people looking around from that podium. that means something is about to
11:30 am
happen. what will probably see is someone who introduces mr. trump. that will probably be fairly brief in the trump himself comes on. i believe this will be scripted. i think he will do this on prompter. he's not made speeches on major policy areas, just off the cuff. this is not a rally. an off-the-cuff speech to a rally. this is very much focused in on point, on message and we've had a brief outline of what he is going to say. let's do that again. we do know about he the point is going tonight. go through bullet point by bullet point. liz: he wants to increase military spending. he wants a sea-based ballistic missile defense system. he also won the generals to come up with a plan if he's elected resident to defeat ices within one monttime. hillary clinton is revving up
11:31 am
supporters with his reporter's same trump disrespect their military leaders by saying i know more about ices than generals do. hillary is using trump sowed words again to now. she's got more. she same trump has the support of 88 retired u.s. she's got 95. stranger that is not a very strong response to his policies beach by donald trump. that is my judgment. let's bring in somebody else. what you say hillary clinton did now in tampa, florida is saying that trump disrespect the military because he says he knows more about ices than the generals do, what the other thing? >> he had 88 retired military. she's got 95 if i make in the judgment is not a terribly strong response to a donald trump is about to say. >> i would forecaster in till she says that.
11:32 am
i don't think she is a very good argument on any case. the most important thing is our allies at the end of all of this come january next year, our allies have to count on us. they have to trust us. our adversaries need to respect that it's not fear us. we've got to make sure the rest of the world understand it's the only way we've got to go. we've got to is the only way to go. we have got to make sure the slogan we have got your back is more than a commercial for a mattress company. our allies are crucial. the weaker we are the less likely they will do something. stuart: you were one of the 88 retired flag officers who support donald trump. how do you feel about the 95 who support hillary clinton? >> that is a pathetic response from what you decca did it at the out she was talking about. we have is gotten 300, the
11:33 am
military supports trump because they understand only his budget, his economy will allow us to grow. she cannot have obamacare, pay every college student tuition, she is going to give us 1.1% as obama has given us for the last eight years was we started this off, you need 3% to 6% growth in the economy and a minimum of 2% gdp that goes into the fence. only trump's numbers work in the military understand that. stuart: you got the bullet point on his speech. part of the speech is he will pay for the improvement in the military by economic growth. ashley: 3% to 6%. how do we get there? becoming energy independent within 3 years, immediately
11:34 am
repealing obamacare, corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%, individual tax rates down as well. repatriating $2 trillion of money, offering a year tax holiday where they are encouraged to bring the money home. stuart: a very wide ranging state bringing in the economy. ashley: how do you pay for it? stuart: we are joined by a special guest who i think will be skeptical. none other than judge andrew napolitano will be back into the shot. judge napolitano: the nsa doesn't listen. only when you are a classic libertarian. you don't approve. judge napolitano: the things i think he will say will appeal to libertarians particularly the idea of no more nationbuilding,
11:35 am
no more using the military to enforce democracy on people and accustomed to it, no more using the military for regime change by having a strong military for defensive purposes only, libertarians do not oppose that, they don't pull the trigger as quickly, but having defense at the ready in the manner our colleagues general mcinerney and colonel north articulated would appeal to small government crowd. and odd combination. and -- what do you think of that? no more nationbuilding. there was a long conversation
11:36 am
about that. report back to your barracks. and put a great overcoat on, and power stations and sanitation and they rebuild their country. we could have done that in iraq, it was a big mistake. and cindy iraqi army home. stuart: your views on no more nationbuilding. >> spot on. they do not want our jeffersonian democracy, we tried to put an ideology on them and islam will not accept democracy, jeffersonian democracy. we didn't understand that and why our coin strategy of hearts and minds fail so miserably. trump is spot on, let's not
11:37 am
nationbuilding, let's defeat the enemy and get out of there. the allies i was talking about, out of mecca and medina, go against the radical islamicists lose they must pick up the role, infidels will not change that. we must expect king abdallah ii and those leaders in the middle east, king solomon. they defeat the ideology. no more nationbuilding. >> we are in an odd political season where a democrat is far more belligerent and more willing to use the military for nonmilitary purposes. i think hillary clinton will reject all the sound advice all in north and general mcinerney, not nearly belligerent enough. stuart: that is fascinating.
11:38 am
have the judge napolitano: and i would version from what we are accustomed to. stuart: how do you use the military, i find that fascinating. i want to go back with some numbers. i got some numbers on what he wants with the military. $540,000 in the army. active army, 540,000. and as he wants an increase. and those are numbers on what he wants. clearly -- let me turn to ali for a second and general
11:39 am
mcinerney. i have given out these numbers, do they represent a significant increase in manpower, don't know what the expression is. is it a significant increase in personnel and equipment from what we got now. >> you don't have 36 combat capable -- almost a third of the infantry and comparable number of artillery and the marine corps is stopped. and close to my heart. the idea of all of this, a lot of folks forget ronald reagan came into office, and rebuild america's military, that put
11:40 am
tens of thousands of people in really good jobs at work. all of those remarkable things we are using right now to fight this war started in the reagan administration. creating those jobs is an important factor. >> i can't do that. judge napolitano: i am happy from the talking points that they are tempted -- they attempted to articulate. stuart: you are doing your best to look good on this program. judge napolitano: and you are doing your best to help me. stuart: moments ago lieutenant general michael flynn was on the podium, is back, introducing mister trump.
11:41 am
we will take donald trump when he comes to the podium and starts to speak, not sure why the general walked away for a second but he did. he is acknowledging some people in the crowd. this is not a rally. and the raucous crowd response to everything donald trump says. he is not addressing a crowd with off-the-cuff remarks. this is probably one of the more important speeches donald trump will make in this election cycle because it is a large and important area. america is pressed in at all sides by our enemies and rivals. many of them are challenging us in military fashion. the future standing and status of the military is of extreme importance at this stage in the election cycle and that is what
11:42 am
donald trump will address moments from now. judge napolitano: and dealing with an area mrs. clinton has claimed for her own and almost taken for granted, the willingness to have muscular foreign policy. stuart: she has not acknowledged that, she is in retreat. judge napolitano: look what she did when she was secretary of state, waged a war in libya not using the military, intelligence services, and selling arms to what turned out to be terrorist groups. stuart: lieutenant general michael flynn is on stage introducing mister trump, formerly head of military intelligence. >> he was director of the defense intelligence agency and prior to that to the joint intelligence office for the international security systems force in afghanistan. stuart: he has input on trump's military policy. >> i assure you, i have spoken
11:43 am
with him recently, we exchanged emails on a regular basis and he is a firm advocate of knowing your enemy and explaining to the american people who the enemy is. he is not afraid to say the words radical islamic terror. stuart: he is not afraid to use the term. >> the 9/11 report said it devon times, chapter xii, islamic terror. judge napolitano: why mrs. clinton makes herself a punching bag over this, what she can't use, a common phrase which adequately describes the people that are trying to destroy us. stuart: i can't describe it either. liz: the term is isis islamic terrorist. stuart: if the muslims coming to america voted republican do you think hillary clinton would maintain the same political
11:44 am
position? judge napolitano: great question. stuart: hispanic coming across the border were voting republican do you think mister obama would welcome so many of them to come into the country? i am being sarcastic in the extreme. >> you are reflecting political realities of people making decisions in this administration. stuart: go ahead. >> young people won't remember this but the hispanic people who came to the united states as refugees from cuba were overwhelmingly republicans. it was a major part of the case to support ronald reagan's presidency. stuart: hispanic people play a large role in america's military if i am not mistaken. i don't know the percentages but many hispanics are in our armed forces and served admirably in iraq and afghanistan. >> you got general rodriguez at
11:45 am
the top. they are in general officer positions. there is no question, initially they were very conservative. in recent years, marginalized them and made them, quote, a minority. they don't fully appreciate. the democratic party has taken ownership with nefarious means as you were talking about. liz: hispanic make up 11% of active-duty, 17% of new recruits, they are a growing force in the us military. stuart: nearly one in 5. fascinating. my producer -- i would not be able to hear what lieutenant general michael flynn has been saying. have you been monitoring it? can you tell me if any point is made?
11:46 am
he is giving a pre-outline of what donald trump is about to say. i don't want to miss anything. >> seriousness and passion for this country as many of us in this room have but this is a very important time. what we need to do is reflect between now and november 8th how we want the country to be going forward. not that i wish we had this era or that era, this is where we stand globally, where we stand in the homeland and where we want to be going forward be on four years, could be the next four years or the next 400 years. listening to the words donald trump is going to talk about today i want you to reflect on the word he has been labeled with. 's temperament is solid. and unbelievable listener, somebody who takes in all the
11:47 am
advice he has been given and you have seen a series of messages he has been providing for us. stuart: lieutenant general -- i want to get the rank right, lieutenant general michael flynn introducing mister trump. probably outlining where mister trump stands. ashley: what general flynn said is interesting. since 88 generals came out in support of donald trump, he said he received calls from, quote, hundreds of others who want to sign up. stuart: here comes donald trump. the crowd is standing. there is some applause. we expect him to appear. ashley: smart phones up. stuart: he has a flair for the dramatic. that is a smile.
11:48 am
donald trump. listen in please. >> beautiful place, beautiful place, thank you very much. greatly appreciated, thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you very much. great honor. today i am here to talk to you about three crucial words that should be at the center always of our foreign policy, piece through strength. [applause] >> we want to achieve a stable, peaceful world with less conflict and more common ground.
11:49 am
i am proposing a new foreign policy focused on advancing america's core national interests, so important, promoting regional stability and producing and easing the tensions within our very troubled world. this will require rethinking the failed policies of the past. we can make new friends, rebuild old alliances and bring new allies into the fold and we can do that. i am proud to have the support of war fighting generals, active-duty military and top experts who know both how to win and how to avoid endless wars we are caught up in like the one we have right now that never ever ends. our longest war. just yesterday, 88 top generals and admiralss endorsed my
11:50 am
campaign. these people are the best. [applause] >> in a trump administration our actions in the middle east will be tempered by realism. the current strategy of toppling regimes with no plan for what to do the day after only produces power vacuums that are filled by terrorists. gradual reform, not sudden radical change, should be our guiding objective in that region. we should work with any country that shares our goal of destroying isis and defeating radical islamic terrorism. [applause] >> and we are going to form new friendships and partnerships based on this mission and this
11:51 am
mission alone. we now have an administration and a former secretary of state who refused to say radical islamic terrorism. and unless you say the words you are never going to solve the problem, it is very simple. [applause] >> immediately after taking off i asked my generals to present to you plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy isis. [applause] >> this will require military warfare but also cyberwarfare, financial warfare and ideological warfare as i laid out in my speech on defeating radical islamic terrorism several weeks ago. instead of an apology to her which you saw president obama
11:52 am
give over and over again, i will proudly promote our system of government and our way of life as the best in the world just like i did in our campaign against communism during the cold war. [applause] >> we will show the whole world how proud we are to be americans. at the same time, immigration security is a vital part in the national security. and support our values and love our people, they have to love our people. this are the pillars of the national security strategy unlike my opponent, my
11:53 am
foreign-policy emphasized diplomacy, not destruction. hillary clinton's legacy in iraq, libya, syria has produced only turmoil and suffering and death. her destructive policies have displaced millions of people, then she invited these refugees into the west with no plan to screen them including veteran healthcare costs and this is just announced and read over the last couple weeks, the price of the wars in iraq and afghanistan will total approximately $6 trillion. we could have rebuild our country over and over again. yet after all this money was spent and lives lost clinton's policies as secretary of state have left the middle east in
11:54 am
more disarray than ever before, not even close, had we done nothing we would have been in a far better position. china has grown more aggressive and north korea more dangerous and belligerent than ever. russia has defied this administration in every single turn. vladimir putin has no respect for president obama and has absolutely no respect for hillary clinton. sometimes it seemed like there wasn't a country in the middle east that hillary clinton didn't want to invade, intervene in or topple. she is trigger-happy and very unstable whether we like it or not, that is what is going on. [applause] >> she is also reckless, so reckless she put her emails on an illegal server that our enemies could easily hack and
11:55 am
probably have. clinton epstein used a technology called bleach bit which is acid and this is going to acid wash her emails. who would do this? nobody does it because of the expense. who would do this? they even took a hammer to some of her 13 phones to cover up their tracks in obstruction of justice. these email records were destroyed after she received a subpoena. remember that word. after. after. she received a subpoena from congress, to turn them over. if you do that in private enterprise it is a violation of the law. she did this after receiving a subpoena from the united states congress. the fbi report claims she couldn't recall important information on 39 separate
11:56 am
locations. she can't even remember whether she has trained in the use of classified information and she said she didn't know c means confidential or classified. if she can't remember such crucial events and information honestly, she is totally unfit to be our commander-in-chief, totally unfit. [cheers and applause] >> i have a feeling she did remember and she does know and that makes her unfit. [applause] >> her conduct is simply disqualifying. she talks about her experience, hillary clinton's only
11:57 am
foreign-policy experience ended to do up in absolute failure. everywhere she got involved, things got worse. let's look at the middle east in the very beginning of 2009 before hillary clinton was sworn in. libya was safe, syria was under control, egypt was ruled by a secular president, and now i of the united states. iraq was experiencing a reduction in violence. the group that would become what is now called isis was close to being extinguished. would never have happened. iran was being choked off by economic sanctions. fast forward to today. what have we gotten from the horrible, horrible decisions made by barack obama and
11:58 am
secretary clinton? libya is in ruins. our ambassador and three other brave americans are dead and isis has gained a new base of operations, taking their very valuable oil. syria is in the midst of a disastrous civil war. isis controls large portions of territory. a refugee crisis now threatens europe and the united states. hundreds of thousands of people are dead. in egypt terrorists have gained a foothold in the sinai desert near the suez canal, one of the most essential waterways anywhere in the world. iraq is in chaos and isis is on the loose and iran, by the way,
11:59 am
will be taking over iraq and their vast oil reserves. isis has spread across the middle east and into the west. iran, the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism is flush with $150 billion in cash being released by the united states, plus another $1.7 billion we learned about last evening in cash, we thought it was $400 million. turns out it is now $1.7 billion in cash. our country was blackmailed and extorted into paying this unheard-of amount of money as ransom and our president lied to us. worst of all the nuclear deal puts iran the number one state
12:00 pm
sponsor of radical islamic terrorism on a path to nuclear weapons and that path will go very quickly. this is hillary clinton's foreign-policy legacy. failure and death but that is not all. president obama and hillary clinton have also overseen deep cuts in our military which only invite more aggression. we will have aggression like you have never seen before and you have it already happening. our adversaries are jumping at the bit. history shows when america is not prepared is when the danger is by far the greatest. we want to avoid and prevent conflict through unquestioned military strength, we have the greatest people in the world. [applause]


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