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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  September 7, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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the research conducted by three universities surveyed nearly 5,000 workers in australia. so guess what, ladies? you are asking. you're not getting it. and i'm going to leave that with you #equalpay. that is it for me. and liz claman taking it away with more news i'm sure. liz: you know what, cheryl? we've got with breaking news out right now. we're watching four major developing stories. number one apple ceo tim cook has now finally revealed the details of the iphone 7. he just said it's the best iphone apple has ever created. the front facing camera and two in the back for the selfie nation among you. it's waterproof. but the new iphone will force people to trash a universal standard connector we all know and love. our experts are about to beam whether the change will alienate the iphone faithful right now. right now my floor crew was having a fit. and donald trump promising a new foreign policy if he's elected as the nation's next commander-in-chief. speaking in philadelphia just hours ago, the billionaire
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businessman said peace strength is the best way to protect america. jordan winery ceo weighing in on that and why the golden state isn't interested in a president trump but he says they should be. epipen outrage has resulted in the first class-action lawsuit, now the top allergy advocate in the nation. that counts mylan as one of its corporate sponsors as a fox business exclusive. food allergy research ceo james baker with me live. on wall street not one but two record highs within reach right now. we're within spitting distance of history, folks. with less than an hour to the closing bell, let's start the countdown. ♪ ♪ >> breaking news in the next 50 minutes we could break market history here's why. two of the major industries
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could close at record highs. the sky is not falling. at least not today. nasdaq already touched a new intraday lifetime high this morning any move to the upside will mean a record close of the 2016, down one and three quarter points to the s&p 500. it is within just about three to five points of its record close of, well, make it six points that level that you need to see is 21.90. meanwhile if it drops the mark, and we're well behind that be that will bypass the record last seen on the 15th. the dow component trading lower as investors digest the big iphone unveil, down a third of a percent. kind of been stuck there all hour long while the big announcements were being made. but take a look at nike. it is actually getting a boost after apple announced just moments ago it's teaming up for with nike for the apple watch nike edition.
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moving higher by half a percent. they also have some golf news too. so you have to decide which one is moving this stock. two other tech giants shining bright this hour. amazon, both on track for record finishes. and we need to tell you we just got this moments ago. breaking news in. a russian jet has flown just a mere ten feet within spitting distance of a u.s. navy spy plane in the black sea. and we're keeping an eye right now on defense stocks. they're not really moving right now. but this is being released to the markets at the moment. we will keep an eye on the stocks as the news develops, and we'll talk about about that more because donald trump is saying we have to beach up all of our military at the moment. leave it to countdown. we've got team fox business coverage of each one of these stories. robert gray live in san francisco apple event just wrapped up minutes ago. the breaking news on the
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iphone is in. blake burman on his plans to confront isis, russia, iran, and rebuild the military forces. and lori rothman on the floor o of the new york stock exchange as you can say the markets are struggling but getting closer to new record highs. so, yes, so, yes, forget the russian jet threatening us and look at sia hanging with the hair in her face. the he was not just finished in san francisco with the performance artist. honestly this looks like the 8th grade dance troops from my school. i don't get it but i'm not cool like the apple people. and the big hello kitty bow on her head and the event is over. and no apple jack for you. what do we mean by that? well, let's get to the other news here. apple says waterproof phone but jack be damned. apple fresh off this unveil that's sure to possibly
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infuriate you. tim cook unveil the iphone. look. >> the world's most advanced mobile operating system deserves the most advanced smartphone. it's the best iphone that we have ever created. this is iphone 7. >> i'm hyperventilating. and it's water resistant right, water? it's not waterproof. it's water resistant. okay so you're just outside of this. give it to me, baby. what's going to happen here with this iphone seven? because my floor crew is already screaming and bellyaching. they're not happy. >> well, you know, here's a piece of good news for iphone users. if you are going to upgrade, and it is good news because the battery life is actually going to be longer. so maybe not chasing down that charge quite as quickly. there's promising that if you're upgrading from the six to the seven, you'll get two hours of extra battery life. obviously depending on what you're doing. but in a typical day. the cost is actually going to be the same.
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that's fairly typical as well. holding over if you're upgrading from the six to the seven, it will be 649 from the six plus 769. they will as typically as been the case in the past years be available starting next friday. but they're going to start preorders this friday. so quite soon. just in two days. and then september 16th they'll be shipping there on the 16th. so that has -- the latest there from the close just before sia took the stage there. and the biggest change is that the headphone jack is going away. and they're going to connect headphones through the lightning port. and they're going to include a pair in the box and also an adapter. that was the big wild card. people were not sure whether that was going to be included or not. i know a lot of folks have headphones sitting around the house and we were hoping they could continue to use those. and also wireless ear buds. these were unveiled. they have a special chip that powers them and they say there's no pairing involved like you typically have a lot of other wireless gear. so it will be interesting to get hands on with that. the camera improved again as
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always the case with these iterations. the seven plus will have dual rear lenses for those of you who want to get fancy in taking portraits. they have a new portrait mode for that. you'll be able to get depth of field there. some good news for the gamers out there too, liz. i know you'll take a like to this news. super mario finally coming to ios. that got a big round of applause from this crowd in san francisco. they'll be coming by, and it will be a single price. not pay to play and pokémon go plus for those who have been stumbling around looking at their phones, they're going to promise a heads-up version so you can actually take in your surroundings. and of course did mention the watch that in the nike version a high end version as well. claiming to be the number two watch brand, saying this one has built in gps, it's faster, brighter, and add in a few, liz, back to you. liz: i'm speechless. does anybody talk on phones anymore? no?
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they want to wonder into traffic on their phones and watches. robert, thank you. so here's the question. you saw those air pods. is it brilliant? is it arrogant? is it change for the sake of everyone? coming up, apple trying to force you to trash your old headphones.. will that be the final straw for the apple faithful? apple shareholder robert gerber and steinberg have different opinions on this. in the meantime let's get to this. while our economic ties with china might keep us out of war with that country, we've got breaking news with our security today. one of these -- that's a russian jet, came within ten feet of a u.s. navy spy jet in the black sea. this comes just days after seven iranian vessels harassed yet another navy ship isn't the central persian gulf. so iran, north korea, this is the triple charming group here.
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and russian all pose this threat to our nation as their leaders remain volatile and aggressive and unpredictable. that's why today donald trump released proposals to boost our military including eliminating the defense sequester, which it cuts spending on defense; right? building an active army of 540,000 and conducting a thorough review of the u.s. defense systems. let's get to blake burman. you've been tracking these developments, and i look at that, and the timing is unbelievable. you have russia within ten feet of one of our spy planes. it's really quite frightening. >> it is, liz, and donald trump giving this speech today, he clearly feels that there is a few threats in the realm of national security. right now, he believes the military is currently too small. just laid out a bit of it. he wants to increase the size of the army and the marine corp. while also adding to the air force and the navy. but at the top of his list says is defeating isis. he says if elected, he would have his top military brass
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reporting back to him with a plan to defeat isis within 30 days of assuming the oval office. and along those lines, he called for the need to improve our cyber capabilities. he called a -- called cyber basically a new and very expensive -- a real threat. he feels it is a problem. and in a moment of left through it all, trump did, though, thank his opponent for identifying that problem. listen. >> hillary clinton has taught us really how vulnerable we are in cyber hacking. that's probably the only thing that we've learned from hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton, liz, has yet to respond to trump's speech today. but ahead of tonight's commander-in-chief forum which will involve both trump and clinton separately. the clinton campaign now just pushing this out. pointing to a letter from last month from 50 republicans who say trump would put at risk our country's quote national security and well briefing. that from the clinton campaign
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in just the last few minutes here. liz. liz: blake, thank you. i don't know if people knew this. but california used to be the center of defense jobs. at the bottom of the hour, we have republican strategist john jordan of ceo wires. and he's going to tell us what donald trump needs to do to steal the golden state from hillary clinton's grasp, if it's even possible. john jordan coming up. okay. look at this. the nasdaq is now in record territory. if we close here or even a tiny bit in the green, we win yet the seventh record of 2016. we're there right now. terror on the training floor. markets hitting these records folks that trade stocks although are getting nervous. let's get right to the new york stock exchange and been speaking to traders. what do they say? it's a tiny record but a record nonetheless. >> but you know what it is? it's this trend, liz, of records. pointed out to me right now that it's been 60 trading days where we haven't seen a
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trading range broader than 1.5%. really all through the summer we were coming in reporting an smt new lifetime high, an intraday high and then a closing high. so when you have market around these levels for the last couple of months without any big break out rather whether it's up or down, you have to wonder, like, how vulnerable are these markets? as for the day, today safe to say that the market was very much propped up by oil rising about 1.5%. we have modest growth inspect economy, the labor market is still. so nothing surprising, nothing shocking but as you know, it's very vulnerable right now with stocks at these lofty levels. liz: lori, thank you very much. so we're going to keep the nasdaq up on the screen throughout. and it's important to note that any move to the upside, that's a win. caterpillar, visa, ibm at the top but walmart and merc
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dragging the dow 30 lower. we have a warning, a rare weather anomaly that hasn't been seen in decades. something they're naming newton. it's sweeping across the gulf of california threatening flash floods in the southwest. we're going to tell you what it is. we're going to pictures of this vicious storm that left two people dead, three people missing, and tell you where it's going next. plus did apple just make their fancy pants headphones obsolete? fox anchors talent are so mad they're tossing their old ones in the garbage. don't do it just yet, liz macdonald. she's just one of the millions struggling with apple's latest move. our experts break down tim cook's big announcement. that's next on countdown >> i just bought these brand-new bose headphones, they were over $100. thanks, apple. what next, people? after my running shoes? i mean come on. when it comes to healthcare,
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loss cabose, mexican, a level one hurricane before being downgraded to a tropical storm. two other people while three others missing after their shrimp boat capsized in this storm. the storm is expected to bring heavy rain and winds to arizona, new mexico, and even parts of west texas before weakening. but, again, it's highly unusual to see that on your screen. an actual hurricane moving around that particular region. well, the rumors are true. causing a bit of a hurricane among the apple faithful. torching its headphone jack which has us here at fbn tweaked while doing away with the traditional iphone jack, the head jack, everything is connected to the lightning adapter. apple isn't isolating traditional headphone users, they will be including an adapter to connect to the old ear buds to the new phone. oh, thank you, apple. was this really the best way to make all the apple users happy? let's bring in the experts with me now, ceo and apple
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shareholder ross gerber in california and ross steinberg here in new york. i will begin with you, ross. your thoughts on these ear buds that make this bye-bye. >> well, you know, i'm a little disappointed. i can't believe they didn't put the ear buds in with the iphone 7 when you buy it. they're trying to sell these things separately. but the way i look at these things, they're half out of your ear, they're weird. and then what about the risk for cancer putting this wireless bluetooth right in my head? so there's a lot of things about it, and i don't think they look cool. liz: whoa. you just said the c word? hold on. i hadn't thought about that. >> no way, ross. ross, that is absolutely ridiculous. i do agree with ross that they should have included them in the box. but at 160 bucks, it would have brought the price up way too much. apple pushes us forward. they got rid of the keyboard, this pails in comparison to that. and in the modern time to have
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this ridiculous cable, it's archaic. liz: 160 bucks. i have to ask my floor crew. guys, what do you think? [booing] >> they're just playing to you. if i was sitting in that chair and it was awesome, the crew would have been, like, yay. >> you have your own crew. >> i think they had to remove that jack. it was taking up too much space, it allows to put in the wireless chip. it allows them to put in that touch sensitive pad on the home button. apple pushes us forward. the word courageous that was used they got a lot of laughs to get rid of the ear jack. it is courageous. getting rid of the keyboard was courageous. apple doesn't copy like samsung does. >> but you're missing the point, john. liz: let me ask you this, ross. because apple torched the cd-rom and the dvd drive and, you know, we didn't leave the country. we didn't jump off a cliff here. we managed. seeing a little bit different
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because it's this universal adapter but people are very sensitive about which headphones they put on their head. >> absolutely. it's a very personal choice, and i think it's really important that apple realizes that they made kind of a mistake here. and one of which is they've only included one lightning adapter and what happens if i'm charging my phone, and i also want to listen to music now? so it's creating other issues that don't need to be created. they should have put in two lightning ports then. but nevertheless, i do think it's okay to get rid of the old wired headsets, and i do -- not have a problem with that per say. >> ross, you're a shareholder; right? you're a shareholder of apple; is that right? >> yes. >> this company can't win if they don't do innovative things you shareholders gripe about it, and they do, you want to stay with the old whitehead set. they have to do it one way or the other here. liz: no. no. in. let me read you a quote that i loved from the verge.
3:22 pm
can we put -- can we put this one up because it did kind of crack me up. it wrote we are so out of ideas that actively making them -- and then i can't say the word. but starts with an sh and ends in er is more user hostile. is that the only innovation left, john? >> i think it pushes outside our comfort zone. there's a difference. if anything removing the charges which we had for years and years and years. that was hostile. they put the case to adapt your headphones into the jack. everything is going to be wireless. you're going to charge wireless. >> maybe it's the pokémon go and the super mario. listen, as i said earlier -- >> i'll tell you that the smartest thing they did was that they're selling the black iphone only in the higher memory levels at the higher premium prices. so they baked in margin in the most sought after version of the phone that they're selling. so i think that's a smart move for apple.
3:23 pm
and probably the smartest thing they did. but if they're not giving me this wireless ear buds, i'm not buying them. i'm very happy with my beats headphones, and i do agree that wireless is the future. but you have to give consumers choices and now with all of these adapters floating around and all of these headphone companies, i do think that they could have done this maybe in a better way. >> let's talk mario. let's talk nintendo before we run out of time, though. this is bigger. the stock should be higher on this nintendo thing. i know that sounds crazy. nintendo is up 20% right now. >> 20. >> mario is a game that moved the entire generation of consoles. everybody got the entertainment system because of mario. you have a lot of people that are going to switch from android to iphone for the nostalgia factor. >> do you really believe that, ross? that there's a lot of android users? i don't believe that at all. i think it's worthless. liz: 27% for nintendo.
3:24 pm
john, which just got a 10 million-dollar round of funding. ross gerber, my buddy in california. we've got more countdown after this. semi-up half a percent, so i think it turned up on our discussion. . . . .
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♪ liz: another day, another shot being taken at bill ackman by herbalife. take a look at this. herbalife out with a new attack ad against the billionaire hedge fund manager who shorted the sports nutrition company for years. they're turning tables on him but maybe they have something much worse than this ad. charlie gasparino. >> we should point out the ads they are putting out, third one that you said, very controversial in the analyst community. a lot of analysts say they should back off. go back to business as usual. they feel ackman is ramping up pressure on them. the whole notion of him going on
3:29 pm
cnbc saying carl will unload stake or looking to unload his stake. liz: carl icahn. >> carl icahn, biggest shareholder, carl buying more, they think that is shot that they won't leave them alone. they're fighting back. what we understand from sources inside of the place, they have no intents and purposes to slow down their attack ads on bill ackman. they will go further on the offensive. here is one other thing. it kind of adds to some of the reporting we've been doing. what we understand, they do, they have, their lawyers have drawn up, put together a draft lawsuit. so there, against bill ackman. they have taken what we understand is the first steps to a possible lawsuit against bill ackman. what the lawsuit might be, i think it might be along the lines of slander and libel. not saying i agree with them. they say they have been libeled and slandered by bill ackman. from what we understand attorneys in the company drawn up a suit on bill ackman, based on his attacks.
3:30 pm
liz: drawn up. haven't decided. >> i give it, asking me personally, suits like this are difficult to win. we're talking first amendment. the first amendment protections are on shakier ground talking about commercial speech. it is not -- liz: commercial speech, what do you mean? >> this is speech involved in making money, right? liz: you're not allowed to pump dump or do the reverse. >> and we're not saying bill ackman is doing that we're just saying you're not allowed to misrepresent certain things. liz: so a stock goes down and you capitalize. >> i know when it become as commercial -- listen, one thing for a buy in the corner to hold up a sign saying charlie gasparino is an idiot, he is bad, he is evil. liz: no one would say that. >> yes they would. they do it on twitter every day. they have a right to do that. they're not making money off him. once you start involving commercial speech the law getting a little gray from what i understand. what is great about the markets
3:31 pm
somebody on one side, like bill ackman could say a company sucks. the company says we're not. we'll fight it out in court of public opinion. i think that is the way to go at it. herbalife feel like he is stepping over the line. they have taken sort of preliminary step. liz: they have taken a page out of his book when it comes to the attack ads. he launched websites and events. >> i think that is fair game obviously. it is the lawsuit part. liz: the prey turns into the predator. >> like we said, we're talking about first amendment, even though the first amendment becomes a little gray on commercial speech area but if they do that suit, it will be pretty interesting. it will take this, the debate over fairly innocuous company, if you really think -- liz: can't we all just get along? >> they sell protein shakes and we're yapping about this still. this is not apple or, you know
3:32 pm
mylan, right? liz: great facial scrub. which i use every day. >> no, they have good products. i have seen them, this is not like, it is not the worst thing in the world. so i'm just saying this thing could still be transfixing the business media for the next 25 years. liz: hell hath no fury like herbalife scorn. >> when will the last story of herbalife be written? i don't know. i'm old. guys, bill, herbalife. i'm old. give me a break. liz: charlie. >> get off my lawn. liz: thank you very much. closing bell ringing in 28 minutes. epipen outrage still far from over as the first lawsuit appears over mylan's painful price hike. we are following up with one advocate that pushed epipens for everybody. what does he think of the company's tactics now? what is he going to do about it? silicon valley should be a political gold mine for a billionaire businessman running
3:33 pm
for president but california is turning out to be a bust for donald trump so far. but the end of the story hasn't been told. jordache ceo john jordan is a major gop don'ter. he is next to tell us what trump needs to do to turn around the state. john is next. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. liz: breaking news. it is not just apple dominating the tech headlines at this hour. take a look on your screen. this is just moments ago where sony made some buzz worthy news of its own. the tech giant gearing up to unveil a brand new playstation 4 live at a press conference, happening right now in new york's times square. this is what we know about the new console. does everybody want to be slimmer?
3:38 pm
slimmer, less expense system. the cost? 299 bucks. now don't be deceived by what you see with sony's stock. it is unchanged. it hit a new annual high today. so we're watching sony stock for the moment. let me check my thomson reuters here. i've got it, it is just flat at the moment. we're watching sony at the moment with the new playstn unveiled. any news we'll get it to you. for politics, donald trump heading to new york this hour after revealing major proposals for the military in philadelphia. his running mate is in california to raise campaign cash. mike pence attending multiple fund-raisers in addition to delivering a speech at reagan presidential library. california is a state uphill battle for more republicans. trump has raised a little more than $3 million in the state. where hillary clinton raised 77 million thus far. what does donald trump need to do to gain traction with
3:39 pm
california business leaders? bring john jordan, one of those business leaders. ceo of jordan winery and republican stratit. california hassle -- it hassilicon valley. make whitman says i'm republicanning going with hillary clinton. howard schultz endorsing hillary clinton. what are business leaders not liking and pushing back against donald trump about? >> calfornians are not comfortable with donald trump. i am supporting him as i. he is not acceptable to the silicon valley crowd. that is okay. we're at end of fund-raising season. labor day campaigns switch money
3:40 pm
spending money than raising it. better spent getting earned media in ohio and florida rather than scooping up 2hundred dollars checks in california. $2700 checks. this cycle has not mattered that much at all. look at amount of money spent on jeb bush and even hillary clinton during the summer when she really tried to pull away from donald trump, it just, the paid media just isn't working. money is becoming less and less relevant this cycle. liz: than it was before. >> i think we're going to see that going into 2018 as well. liz: money is always relevant to companies certainly. what surprises me the silicon valley crowd, they would really stand to benefit from donald trump's position on repatriating funds parked offshore. apple specifically has billions offshore. it would solve a big problem for them if they had a donald trump has president who could move to make sure there wasn't double
3:41 pm
taxation. but that even apple says, forget it. we're not interested. we're not a one issue company. that's what tim cook has said. so they're not that interested but i would think that the defense industry, which used to have its glory years in the '40s, '50s, '60s in california with northrop grumman and you know, these other big names, general dynamics, they would love, i'm sure, to come back to california and have big business there and donald trump made a big speech saying i want to up our navy components. you're a naval come -- commander. what could he do to make promises of jobs. >> frankly not much. at close of cold war in 1990. there were 320,000 aerospace defense jobs in california. now there is about 130,000. after the cold war, defense spending drew down a lot. there was a lot of consolidation inside of the aerospace and the defense industry. but more than you saw a political phenomenon happen.
3:42 pm
you saw a lot of these bigger companies, move not only production, but production of subcomponents, got sent to various congressional districts and key states where very important senators were. worst offender at all is the f-35, which is the biggest acquisition program in history and if you ask me a complete train wreck. look where pieces an parts where the airplane is made it is in key districts of very important congressman. the defense industry spread itself out across the country to keep itlyally viable to insure the political viability of a lot of programs in the face of shrinking defense budgets. liz: good news at least in california, some of the parts, the fuselage of f-35, b-21 parts being made in california. we'll see. quickly before we go, can he do it in california or is it pie-in-the-sky? >> absolutely not. there is no way that donald trump is going to win california.
3:43 pm
nobody is seriously, no serious person thinks that he can. doesn't mean he can't win the election you about there is absolutely no chance in california. most people i think understand that here. liz: well you're tough guy and you're out there raising money for a cause you believe in and for a candidate you believe in. we shall see. john, thank you so much for being a frequent guest here. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. liz: john jordan, jordan winery ceo and a naval commander. great to hear that. closing bell, 17 minutes away. the dow is down 15. nasdaq is right there, slightly higher. we're about to see if there is another record. it will be the seventh record lifetime high this year for the nasdaq. september always a stormy month for stocks but nuveen's $130 billion man, bob doll has the picks to protect you from the black clouds. you have to stay with us to find out those names.
3:44 pm
exactly 24 hours ago the first class-action suit against mylan was announced. but something way worse could be on the horizon. dr. james baker live in washington, d.c. mylan is his group's top corporate sponsor. where will this relationship being headed? dr. baker tells us ahead on "countdown." when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life.
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liz: breaking news. the mylan saga has been getting worse by the minute. moments ago the u.s. senate's permanent subcommittee on investigations just decided it is going to look into mylan's pricing of the epipen. you've been hearing about these. the probe is described as quote, a preliminary inquiry. mylan happens to be the top corporate sponsor and partner of a group called, food allergy
3:49 pm
research education, fair. the ceo of fair, in fox business exclusive, dr. james baker for first reaction of breaking news that the senate will possibly launch this inquiry. >> liz, thank you for having me. i think that all of the events over the past few weeks have been very disconcerting to us, and our job is to make sure our patients have access to epinephrine, that life saving drug, and all of the issues that have gone on, issues surrounding availability and marketing, and, many statements made by mylan are very disconcerting to us. liz: dr. baker, we spoke to you a week ago. you hadn't had opportunity to hear from them. have you spoken to the ceo, heather bresch, or anybody on the board, have they tried to reassure you about the epipens, which i'm holding two and if you
3:50 pm
buy them retail, $600 worth and used to be just about $114 a few years ago? >> yes. everybody knows about the price increase. we had a brief conference call with several other otherrizations with miss bresch. we are concerned about statements they made where they seemed to take credit about initiatives of epinephrine supplies as marketing tools. the school epinephrine bill had nothing to do with mylan. based on the issue young people dying in schools without this drug, and it doesn't, prescribe epipens for school. it prescribes epinephrine. that epinephrine has saved young people's lives already. liz: to this point though, everyone is waiting to see what your group will do. you represent a huge number of people who suffer from fatal allergies. dr. baker, what are you going to do? you have got a very powerful
3:51 pm
voice here? >> well we have really reviewed the extensively. it has given us tremendous pause. we at fare believe if a single child is injured or died because they can't afford an epipen it is a preventable tragedy. we're today putting statement on our website as we move forward we decided to make ourselves totally independent from anyone in the autoinjector space. liz: whoa! >> you look at www to get our statement and the position. we feel that we need to do this because the market needs to be fixed. there are many things that could be done. we could bring in foreign products. we could do a number of things under these emergency situations to make sure that patients have auto-injectors. but to do that we feel we need
3:52 pm
to do that to be totally independent. liz: to be clear, you're removing mylan's logo off your site, because i remember seeing that and you are not going to be related to mylan in any way? because as i'm being told it is, is that correct, the logo is still on your website? you're removing relationships with mylan? >> there are contractual issues that we can't resolve until the end of the year but moving forward, we are going to be independent of any producer or marketer in the epinephrine space. liz: how much will it cost you? what kind of money are you out doing that? it's a brave move. i'm sure many of your people might appreciate the move but does this leave with you a financial hole? >> well, it is money that we won't have to support our programs but it's something we felt that we needed to do regardless of how much money was involved. liz: do you think the ceo, heather bresch should step down?
3:53 pm
i'm only repeating what some people have said about the situation. not so much from the past but how the near past mishandled this situation so badly. and worse going on another business network, cnbc, saying she is more quote, frustrated than anybody. that is hard to believe for some people who have children, either who have died because they didn't have access to epipens or who have children who suffer from these fatal allergies? or they themselves suffer from them? >> i was personally very disappointed by miss bresch's appearance on cnbc because that's when she seemed to take credit for the epinephrine access programs. that really were the work of thousands of advocates across the country. i can't say what she should do. i can say that right now mylan needs to fix things and move forward. liz: okay. >> we're very concerned for our patients that we maintain their
3:54 pm
access to epinephrine. and mylan is part of that. liz: interesting. we will soon be totally independent of mylan is what dr. james baker is saying. thank you very much. we appreciate it, dr. baker. join us again. he is head of fare, food allergy research and education. by the way our coverage of the epipen story is in full swing. tomorrow in a "first on fox business" interview we have the attorney for the woman who has filed the very first class-action lawsuit against mylan. stay tuned for that tomorrow, first on fox business. we're coming right back. bob doll and september stock picks.
3:55 pm
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3:58 pm
you said in your note, third quarter earnings will be better and things will be better, and here we have nasdaq at another high. >> the averages grinding to new highs slowly and surely. worst comparison, bottom of earnings recession was first quarter. second quarter was less bad. markets got to like that. liz: carl icahn said if you're an investor and you're not worried you're not paying attention. >> i'm always worried. i'm worried about a lot of things, liz. the good news the world is worried. that is represented by cautiousness out there, amount of cash on the sidelines which you have to interpret constructively. liz: what trips the wire to get tsunami of cash off the sidelines and into the markets. >> i've been asking that question for years. liz: you're saying just get this there? >> don't be a hero. we'll not go straight up. it is going to be bumpy.
3:59 pm
we'll outperform. stocks are outperforming the broad bond averages and outperforming cash this year. who would have thunk it. liz: you have have a couple picks we put up on the screen. how do these perform if the fed says, bravo the fed says we'll tighten in couples weeks? >> most people are not expecting september. maybe in december. i'm in that camp. september would be what does the fed see what we don't see? come my is growing but grinding. a couple months before the election, unusual. david: >> liz: we have the fed beige book to show how the world is doing in the united states. it basically said we have tight labor market. consumer doing okay. you look at a delta, for example. you think people will be flying more? >> i do. passenger revenue officer revenue seat mile, that is statistic for airlines. that is not doing well.
4:00 pm
in the fourth quarter it will do better. airlines are very, very cheap. liz: here we go. a record for the nasdaq, bob. >> let's toast to that. liz: let's toast to that. [closing bell rings] apple was not exactly the cause of it. as we close the nasdaq heads for another record high, seventh of a year. david and melissa have more on that with "after the bell." david: thank you very much, liz. tech on top. nasdaq at new record high while the dow and s&p finished a little lower for the day. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on the big market movers. first, here is what else we have for you at this hour? apple announced a new iphone and apple watch. we'll tell you what is included and perhaps more importantly what is not. donald trump announced his plans to boost our military and national security. details on his plan to defeat isis and dramatically increase spending on the troops. members of congress calling for a new investigation into hillary clinton's deleted emails


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