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tv   Special Coverage The Republican National Convention  FOX Business  September 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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tell them to resents. i don't think you are misogynist. charles came is up next. we will tell you how to deploy the cash in this kind of market. while there is a political showdown they are making the pitch to be commander in chief. the fresh headlines everything all day. and now there is greater focused on the timing of the donald trump donation to the florida attorney general. it will break all that down for you and has a hero in hillary.
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they are telling its partners to stay awake. there's gobs of money. why is the big question. we to begin with national security. they warned americans today that the gloomy state of affairs that they're talking about he calls it catastrophe rising. he said guess what this today was a report. it is now the minister of war from isis. which candidate is right about the true ability. and which one would be best to keep americans safe. brian of course you are a republican and i'm sure you you're gonna lean towards donald trump. in the realization that they say that there.
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build the military. how did they deploy this military. let me just back up just a little bit. it's great to be with you. i will do a lot more than lean towards donald trump. working to be running headlong we are trying to win the hundred yard. he is the man and that can put i can put us in a different direction. i am a veteran myself and i have a need the seal sign. this is a big thing for me. i see the military at the lowest in years. the weakest it has been. with the world war i. when he came out and said that he he's going to give the generals 30 days to come up with a plan to defeat and destroy isis to go back to
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reagan's philosophy and put us back in the first place on the clinton and obama administration. they have to see something different. on the clinton and obama administration. they have to see something different. one of the problems and i guess you can go back the appetite for the death and destruction that we head in the middle east how does donald trump convey that. we may need 30,000 troops. even if it is temporarily. even if they did put him in the white house. if the american people contingency the activity that's going on and look at western europe and our allies
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there and look at the atrocities that are taking place they want to be safe and it is a much better deal to fight and destroy isis over there than here. it brings us to the refugee and immigration. the dysfunctional system they will wind up being a terrorist for that reason i think donald trump is speaking a language of the american people want to hear. could donald trump over promise and under deliver in a sense that almost all of the expert to say on there is the ideological battle all of the
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places your. it might be a much longer battle to win. do you think the first one the combat in the middle east helps us with the latter. absolutely. they have three tours for iraq. those guys did a wonderful job. they all did a great job. they did their job over there. when you were leaving. and basically just pulling out of the place. and it has now moved in. the extremists have moved in as well. we have a problem there as well. we know we can do that. and then we can concentrate inside our borders.
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we continue to let people into this country that the fbi said they can't properly that. to stop that. they are trying to get that into the must pass continuing resolution. thank you. they actually had full honors when he was buried early this year. we thank all of them for keeping the country safe including you and your son. thank you. donald trump and hillary clinton are scheduled to attend a form tonight. whose security plan will register with the voters. i want to bring in that panel. let me begin with you. we know that they score externally height with respect to people who are in the military and people who are veterans they have a
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tremendous amount of confidence in them. what does he and/or hillary clinton had to say to get more respect as the potential commander and chief. >> donald trump is doing very well and that is pretty consistent. we sought the mitt romney did very well about the 20% advantage in 2012 for trump to grow his base he has it speak and he is not effectively spoken to. he has to articulate a plane and a vision for how he is going to serve as commander in chief he has to address his temperament problem. the suspicion is predominantly about his temperament. it's wonderful to say i'm in a pool of my generals together and we are to come up with a plan for isis and that sounds attractive but at the end of the day the public does not see him as commander in chief
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yesterday without tonight. i don't think you agree with that. i think his temperament is right where it should be. we already have an administration that wanted to lead from behind we've already had an administration that wants to create power vacuums so that some of the worst people in the world could rise up and had power we have already had a secretary secretary of state who left our nation vulnerable to foreign invaders just because she wanted to cover up what she was doing with the clinton foundation she was secretary of state. she did not know what confidential meant. everything she touches gets worse. why would we trust her with our national security. let's ask this. i think americans are okay with that. but maybe the idea of leaving the bad guys in that we know
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rather than kicking up a bunch of it just the right not having someone to fill that backing to your point. is that the policy that you think americans are willing to go into. gets better than the alternative. the part of his plans that i like so much is where he wants to work with other nations who want to destroy isis. that is a very smart tactic. it will actually work. the other part i love is that he actually wants ltoten to our experts in the pentagon and listen to our generals and let them devise a plan you don't ever know what hillary is going to risk for her own personal gain. she has demonstrated again and again. she is the one with the temperament that can't be trusted. i'm wanting to go around that has been a trail of disarray left in the wake of president obama. and it does lend precedent if
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we don't have a plan to keep the peace than might go in and remove these dictators and maybe we should be a little bit more reluctant to go in and use this. hillary clinton actually enjoyed a rather hawkish ricky tatian. i think a lot of people are gonna perk up when they hear him talking that way. when you had been a part of the problem yourself as a candidate. when she's talking to her plan she had four years of secretary of state to really implement her vision for defeating these forces and she failed to do that but i do think blake makes a good point. he is talking about a message i think a lot of people can't get behind by has to say in a way and this is the part attend politics he has to make
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it sound like it's not about keeping anyone else it's about keeping it help both candidates react to the notion of becoming closer to the vladimir putin in russia. that is good to be an area where we see major distinctions. thank you all three. more scandals piling up on the presidential nominee. as we have to the home stretch were talking about a major problem with hillary clinton. how will they impact who gets in the white house. it's all coming up next. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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charles: we have scandals for both candidates. the clinton e-mail controversy once again signaling yet another potentially devastating e-mail and dump it just right around the corner in fact take a listen to what he told our very own sean hannity last night. >> we are quite confident about it now. we might put out some teases i don't want to promise anything if the to see how it goes. will put out some teases. it's great news for the donald trump camp. he is putting back on accusations that he paid the attorney general a donation that coincided with her
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dropping an investigation into trump university. let me start with you. some media outlets are now taking this and they are stoking their saying there's something here and of course we know the focus has been on the e-mail system. what you make of the situation. >> it is not comparable to what hillary has done let's start with this this is something he gave not something she took. the charity have the same name as what he was proven that he gave the money to. thirdly, he self reported this. hillary took bleach bit to the evidence. it was a done deal. they're not comparable.
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they know that her scandals are sticking. not many more percentage points include. maybe she did know what they were because she used them herself. i think one of the things that is really clear this is another scandal that she's going through that is amazing she keeps getting these. she can't get away from them. they come back time and time again. is continuing to deteriorate the overall perception that people do not trust her and there is a real trust factor involved. we talk about the october surprise this one is being telegraphed big time now again the american public when we heard bernie sanders say no one cares about it. particularly the most recent
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revelation. is touting as they did talking about the under seen understanding of what she told the fbi of the classified symbol in this is a trademark of clinton's and how they operate. bill said it in the '90s when he said he did not understand the definition of is and then clinton is saying it right now. it is been proven that she actually did know the meaning. hillary is claiming that she is the smartest and most qualified person to be running this country right now. you online to us. it's that simple. >> let me ask you. it feels to me that the mainstream media is really key
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in that. it's something going into the home stretch. i think is what the folks it could be something of a deciding factor come november. >> caleb is having some trouble i will redirect that to you. i definitely think that coming november everyone no matter what your priorities are whether it is national security or all of the things we talk about all the time here on your show is gonna come down to who the american people feel like they can trust. that is the reason mike was semi- undecided mister trump is doing so well. he has a huge lead.
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we have a record amount of jobs opening that is a great signal for progress of the u.s. economy. however americans are leaving their jobs and maybe that is cannot force janet yelling to do something she does not want to do especially before the election. we will be right back.
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the so-called report the openings and closing and things like that they searched they cryptic job and that was a signal of confidence in the economy. it comes weeks ahead of the policy meeting where they are
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still not cannot raise rates but still they suggest that they and their decision could be political bias. the only thing is the strong. it's only strong because it's free money. it's an unofficial market. as a bubble. brad let me start with you. in the sense that it would precipitate a stock market crash or at least a correction and that could hurt hillary clinton but how false is this economy and how political was a. i think it's really strong right now.
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we just came back licking and most of the real estate and were seen in a very positive growth in that sector as it relates to that part of the economy. how is i can relate to donald trump as you know he has a vast real estate portfolio that i cover in my book and will see a lot of job and growth. was the real net -- net worth. i would love for you to read my book. can you give us a range my range is between 6,000,000,007 -- and 10 billion. let me ask you i think there certain segments that has an extraordinary will but there are a lot of who are not. we saw the on the middle class which is now smaller than the upper and lower class for the first time ever. here's the good news. those who did they are still stuck in the middle class 11 percent in the lower class. they are watching the rest climb in their stock.
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the politics and of a course are all about perception. is not just jobs added were talking about people who are stuck in a mutt rut. don't misunderstand me. my point is that is not just with the numbers are but what people perceive to be their situation. that's when they compare themselves to people doing much better than them. all of that being said i passed by on the street today and said i already hate our next president. that is a level of stress out there. i love your insights on the economy and politics because i never know where you are going to come from. with that they blamed alan greenspan for not being more aggressive in the wake of the recession and he said that specifically cost him the election i have to tell you something i've looked deep into the data and has adjusted
6:27 pm
the rates this close to an election since then. >> the interact with banks. the idea is they could engineer a rally in the u.s. if that worked why did it work in japan and the last 20 years. why has it not worked in europe. i also i hate both parties. i definitely hate the next president but the idea that the u.s. economy is weak as defined by the simple truth that the most prominent business in the world's lineup trying to have a market share in the u.s. if we were in a poor economy they would not be seeking share in this country. here's the thing. america we know has the mightiest economy in the world but we've come to expect that. upward mobility in that and that letter has been fractured for so many people even in the
6:28 pm
jolts report. for highly skilled manufacturing work. where does that leave us and how do we remedy that i do you have confidence in any candidate being able to do it. my circle of competence being real estate. is a gold standard for real estate. the think that is wanting that the market underestimates. i'm going monday over to washington dc the real estate market is driving that. that is the main point for the ticket. will he be the commander in chief for this country. thank you all very much. there more up next.
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>> i'm proposing a new tax credit to even courage more companies to share profits with workers. every employee from the office to the factory floor contributes to a company's success. charles: today howard schultz, the starbucks ceo spoke about hillary clinton's example to share the riches. he said the line between doing the right thing and profits are collapsing. this is a real movement that could give government a chance to grab money directly from income statements before taxes
6:34 pm
or balance sheets. both sides of the aisle seem to be at war with corporate profits. if you manufacture overseas and save money we'll penalize you. hillary clinton saying this welfare utopia costs a lot of money. i need to get into that cash bucket you guys are holding. >> i like this idea of owner capitalism. worker capitalism. i think it would be a great thing if every american worker owned a piece of the rock. it's why i have been for putting social security money into private markets. it's the best way to get every worker to be a cap thattist. the most important thing that starbucks does for americans is produce a good product that people want to pay for and employs people.
6:35 pm
profits are not evil. i hate the idea that somehow profits are a bad thing. most americans have money in the stock market through their 401k plans. when american workers do better. american workers do better. charles: i have got to tell you, another poster child for contagious capitalism is the container store. forget milton freedman. forget steve moore. we don't believe in shareholders, we believe in stakeholders. it includes everything else and whatever is left. whatever crumbs are left for shareholders, so be it. the stock opened for trading at $30, now it's $6. >> this ceo at starbucks has a history of being delusional when
6:36 pm
he tried to do this with the cup, this race together initiative thinking we would have a national discussion on race. my biggest fear on progressive policies, at the end of the day businesses lead community. the community need the businesses for jobs and money for their families. we are taking a big risk trying this initiative. >> i like what steve said with respect to money going into the s & p 500. it mitigates crashes. the forbes 400 list, the reason the rich stay rich, their money works for them. i'm afraid of giving power to the federal government to take this money for the greater good. >> a lot of people who aren't familiar with the market feel it's safer in the government. the government enjoys a
6:37 pm
reputation that i say they haven't earned. but people need to understand there is no guarantees. the government has demonstrated a poor fiduciary duty with the money they do have. >> the best example of that is what happened with government pension funds. you governor this story all the time. the government fence funds are going bankruptcy and the firemen and policemennen women of this country aren't going to get the pensions they were promised. charles: i worry about -- go ahead, lawrence. >> they can't even manage their own bureaucrat is and employees. here in texas they are saying take the gold the state of texas owns and we want to house it right here in texas because we don't trust them.
6:38 pm
you guys may be on the cusp of something. i'm very, very concerned about the idea that publicly traded companies owe something to society at large. i worry about that destroying one of the great foundations of this country. thank you very much. two companies touching life-time highs. a strong day for the nasdaq and russell. so what does it exactly mean and how do you game a market like this? i'll be right back. etirement? if you've paid off at least 50% of your mortgage and you're 62 or older, a reverse mortgage might be the answer. a government-backed reverse mortgage stops your mortgage payments and gives you steady tax-free income. let the home you've taken care of, take care of you. turn your equity into a comfortable retirement, all while continuing to live in, and own, your home. find out how much you could receive for retirement. lendingtree: when banks compete, you win.
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>> we talk about it all the time. government spending gone through the roof. we saw what happened in europe. this seems to be topic number of one. debt. we'll be right back.
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it's the tale of two markets that put this whole thing apart. the s & p 500 in over a 40-day period, it does help when the index does not go down and it's been 50 days since it's been down 1% or more. on the other ends of the spectrum you have the nasdaq and the russell 2,000. this is underscoring earn out of control market. if you were to put stock in the ford p.e. ratios, the trailing, the russell is looking wildly off the charts. you know, here is the way would you have to play it. this is the index you ride when it's hot and one you jump off when it's high term. the nasdaq did close at a fresh all-time high. it rallied four days in a row. the rustle is on fire.
6:43 pm
if you are in there, i think you stay the course. how do you handle a market like this. my subscribers are 15% scsh. i'm ear to put money to work. i would only chase for stock. it great lakes out, fine. but i would say wait for a pullback to put money into core long-term positions. hillary clinton and donald trump will be taking the stage in new york to talk about national security and military issues. the commander-in-chief forum will pose tough questions to both of them. we'll be right back. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ charles: donald trump and hillary clinton taking the same stage together, it will happen tonight. but it won't be at the same time. they will say good-bye to the teleprompters and appear at the commander-in-chief forum. we'll get a chance to see which candidate is the strongest to lead the american military. we are industrial the strongest military in the world. but we have been gutted. what should the role of the military be going forward? >> before we go out and buy a
6:48 pm
bunch of new stuff or bring on more people or let more people go, it would be nice to have a strategy you can build or subtract to. once we figure that out, then you follow on with the tools and equipment and the people you need to execute that strategy. we have been drifting rudderlessly for the last 8 years and the next president is going to have to couple that strategy first before we start throwing money at anything. charles: it feels like the american public is torn between the old school sheriff ride together rescue of people being crushed in their own countries and save the day, and the idea that maybe we should let the world settle in certain ways and maybe not put our brave young men and women in harm's way baits hasn't yielded great results.
6:49 pm
>> looking back at our history, world war i, world war ii, typically we have been the reluctant warriors and society that would send its sons into combat. now, you take a look at it and people start to think with all this technology we can send our daughters, too. let's put them in come bad position. heck, we can put transsexuals in there and it will be great. war is just a nasty, messy, the most destructive thing human beings can possibly go. it's wasteful and just a mess. before we get involved in these things and start to think that we are going to help see sights that we have -- societies that we have no idea how they think, we'll go in and straighten things out, i think circumspection is in order. charles: is it possible to walk softly and carry a big stick?
6:50 pm
can doubling the size of our military be enough to dissuade the whenling rant actors of the world? >> i think you have to have capability to get in their face to do things to dissuade them from doing things. and to a their will to fight. that's really victory. is sapping your enemy's will to fight. it's not taking territory or doing things. it's how do you get into their head and make it he they don't want to fight. we are fighting an ideological enemy with its roots sunk into a religion, an ideology. that's the hard part about this. it's not like taking on the soviet union in the old days. charles: we have vladimir putin who seems to have ambitions of the old glory of the ussr.
6:51 pm
we have a belligerent china. who would have thought the philippines would have asked japan for help. think of the atrocities japan committed. and they are saying japan help us because of the imperial ambitions of china. >> we have to start looking at what we are doing. we are approaching a huge bow wave. in the clinton era he was living off the reagan expenditures. the obama administration, they are building off the bush administration. at some point you have to pay the piper. it's a $164 billion replacement for the minuteman 3.
6:52 pm
and the bills are all coming due at the same time. charles: we are going to bring in check expert to discuss that very thing. there was a time when debt was critical. we had a thing called sequestration. or deficit went down and our debts started growing slower. military debt, does it work for you? we'll be back with three experts on the debt ceiling going through the roof to keep america safe. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina?
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charles you remember when this image used to scare and anger americans invoking rallies around the country about what we are leaving for children and grandchildren. the tea party movement which gained political influence and
6:56 pm
engage in runaway spending and unfathomable amounts of debt to charlie after we had worst-case scenario play out with the great debt crisis and the implosion of europe's social welfare driven economy. congress responded with a budget control act of 2011 and here's the thing. people thought of an go into effect but it did involve a budget couldn't be reached the words sequestration and heard our lexicon. equally applied in dollars not percentages keep that in mind it's important because the results have been slower deficits by the fact that non-defense spending will be lowered from 7.8 to 5.5% in 2012 seems unfair to many because defense spending is going to take a hit of 10%. this ultimately has guided our military reduction of military bases and what most people are worried about combat preparedness.
6:57 pm
both candidates are calling for an into defense spending sequestration and there's no doubt would have been more dangerous world and we will eventually see an arms race and nation are causing lot of anxiety in the middle east of course. americans want a prepared military. joining me now to discuss the ramifications, guys remember a few years ago when it was like hey we needed to bring the debt down and the debt clock now it's $19.5 trillion. steve, can we double the military not social security and medicare and medicaid and still have this debt not go to sky-high levels? >> hell no we can't. we have to do something about all spending and by the way look we did this sequester spending. we got these agencies you remember charles the liberal said oh my god the whole world is going to come to an end if we cut the park service by 2% and the world went on. i'm going to say something lately corrects red eye like sequestration i like dormant
6:58 pm
agency saying okay i'm going to spend 97 cents on 7 cents, dollar this ear because american families do that all the time. charles: you know what steve if i had pom-pom side either give me an s, give me a t. i'm with him. we saw all these nonessential personnel doom and gloom and it wasn't the end of the world. alternately we have got to pay the piper so how do we reconcile that knowing our military does need to be rebuilt? >> i don't think, i'm not so much worried about the military spending. i'm not worried about deficits either. to me all debt and government spending is deficit spending. i want nature shrinkage is in it. what we forget is the government spending is the ultimate tax on growth and it amounts to paul ryan in nancy pelosi rather than talented people in the private sector so i want bigger than 97 cents on the dollar. i want something much greater. >> what we did in the 1980s was we grew the economy so much
6:59 pm
we could afford a much bigger and more prepared military. the problem is you can't have all these things that we want like a strong military if we don't have a vibrant economy. we have got to turn the economy around. growth will allow us -- charles: i'm with you on the supply-side aspect of this steve but ultimately though we have to deal with all of this. we have to curb spending at some point. >> anybody tells me the pentagon can save money is crazy. the biggest brockers in the world. let's cut some of the wasteful spending and put it in the programs we need for our national security to keep us safe. charles: john there's no political will and can anyone get elected on that message? >> he is talked about immigrants and republicans in congress spend wildly. nothing is going to change. there's no reason we can substantially reduce military spending and still be the strongest in the world.
7:00 pm
my one problem with tax cuts, love them but they generate too many revenues per government. the program so growing drop a. charles: regulated their pedigree conversation. i will bring the pom-poms next time steve. here's the man himself, lou dobbs. lou: good evening everybody. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump today calling for an increase in military spending in a speech in philadelphia. the republican nominee warning that america's enemies are now capitalizing on perceptions of american weakness and trump says he is the man to turn it all around. trump also blasted hillary clinton's record as secretary of state saying she and president obama put america in grave danger. >> sometimes it seems like there wasn't a country in the middle east that hillary clinton didn't want to invade come into being in or tackle.


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