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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 7, 2016 7:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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my one problem with tax cuts, love them but they generate too many revenues per government. the program so growing drop a. charles: regulated their pedigree conversation. i will bring the pom-poms next time steve. here's the man himself, lou dobbs. lou: good evening everybody. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump today calling for an increase in military spending in a speech in philadelphia. the republican nominee warning that america's enemies are now capitalizing on perceptions of american weakness and trump says he is the man to turn it all around. trump also blasted hillary clinton's record as secretary of state saying she and president obama put america in grave danger. >> sometimes it seems like there wasn't a country in the middle east that hillary clinton didn't want to invade come into being in or tackle.
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she is trigger-happy and very unstable. whether we like it or not, that's what's going on. lou: i'll be taking on trump's foreign policy with former u.n. ambassador john bolton here tonight and also among my guests house oversight committee member congressman nick mulvaney. we have a lot to talk about including new revelations that the obama administration actually forked over $1.7 billion in foreign currencies to iran around the time that more americans held hostage were released in january. we told the last month that the administration paid iran for that million dollars in cash in foreign currencies but it turns out that was just a down payment. two other cash payment of accrued interest as the administration called the amount brings the total to $1.7 billion. and the race for president getting even tighter tonight.
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a brand-new george washington university poll shows clinton in a virtual tie with donald trump, for 18-2440 and trunk closing in on hillary clinton despite being outspent of a margin of 6-1. former medical director at ed roland's pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post" michael goodwin join me in moments to discuss all of that. our top story tonight tonight, donald trump in a national security speech in philadelphia laid out his proposal for strengthening our military and defeating the nations declared enemies. trump says on becoming commander-in-chief his urgent priority will be to ask congress to lift military spending caps to raise defense spending and seek a plan from his generals to counter the islamic state and defeat it within his first 30 days in office. trump also blasted hillary clinton and her memory lapses during her fbi interview.
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>> if she can remember such crucial events and information honestly she is totally unfit to be our commander-in-chief but i have a feeling she did remember and she does know and that also makes her unfit. her conduct is simply disqualifying. she talks about her experience that hillary clinton's only foreign-policy experience ended up in absolute failure. lou: trumps the message resonating with veterans and our military. and on line survey by monkey poll shows trump leading clinton by 19 points. 55%-36% among voters who are currently serving or who have served in the u.s. military. military support for trump also reflected on the "fox news poll" earlier this month. trump besting clinton among veterans and uphold 53-39%. joining us now former reagan
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white house political director great america pac strategist ed roland's pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post" michael goodwin vote "fox news" contributors. it's great to have you both here. michael this is now a two-point race according to the three most recent polls. i mean this is a famous newsman once said tighter than eight --. >> what's remarkable lou is how quickly trumpeted close the gap that was as much as six, eight or 13 in one poll. here we are right after labor day and it looks to be a tied race. there is one analysis out there that says trump hasn't really gained anything. it's just that she has lost but i think that misses the point. lou: that's a negative narrative being spun by democrats. >> that's right that trumps
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behavior on the campaign trail has improved remarkably in the last two think that is what is causing her to decline. that stories are no longer about trump saying things off the cuff that draw a lot of negative attention. it's about the news flow damaging her. lou: do you agree? in anyway it's not distracting from his own message. >> he's very much on message and it looks very presidential. this is a guy who's used to being a big player in a big television personality and he got distracted by his little tweaks and what have you. he was not an experienced candidate. he's not getting much better. he is a smart team around him. i think this next six-day weeks is going to be very good. lou: just as an example in listing two donald trump just now in that video and audio that we brought you, he had the tech
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needs to lower his voice and talk about the fact that she probably did know and that also makes her unfit. he would never have dropped his voice in that way. he is really talking to the american people now and obviously with impact. >> he is providing content. i believe the immigration speech which got a lot of negative attention that i think was actually quite good. he had a 10-point plan which is something all candidates do but when he does it it's not typical for him so i think he has come a long way in terms of substance and it's making a difference. lou: honestly he has come a long way. she has i think very demonstrably fallen a long way. i mean these coughing fits, trying to dismiss them as absolutely relevant and the mainstream medium -- media won't even hold her accountable for
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her own health records. the american people are not buying into this nonsense that the clinton cartel is. >> around mrs. clinton. >> i have to tell you she's the worst candidate i've seen on the democratic side in a long time since dukakis and dukakis had a big lead regular member bush got them at the at the conventions of my senses she is not performing well and if you listen to what she is saying it's not meaningful. i think to a certain extent she is not exciting anybody and he basically is. lou: what's interesting about this bringing the press supporter new larger aircraft to accommodate the media, the questions are how is everything and love loveland? i mean how do you deal with the conspiracy discussion about what's causing you to go into a form in a coughing fit quite this is the national media right now that's embarrassing itself. >> you know before she started doing this there was a clock as
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to how long she had a press conference, 272 days. this is now being counted. lou: by the way the count goes on. >> the mainstream media was not pushing her to have a press conference so much as others because they have this access. lou: everyone is tired of being lied to don't you think wax. >> they get their questions answered by somebody off the record. lou: they get their questions answered? there is no answer. at every turn. you write a column, three days a week which by the way i read and i love the column but i have to tell you other folks writing right now about her are acting as if she's a serious candidate giving serious answers to serious questions for the american people. it's nonsense. we don't know anything about what's going on that candidate.
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do you agree? >> two years ago she was a knighted by the mainstream media and obviously every day since then every single day she has stumbled to move forward and they are now looking into the abyss and are very concerned and very worried. they have run a great campaign. she's a lousy candidate. lou: while i would only argue about the campaign part. i will defer to you on the running of the campaign but i mean to have all of this, i mean she is carrying every piece of baggage behind her automobile. smoke is pouring out of the thing and you know it's about to run out of gas and you don't know where it's headed. >> it goes over by -- all the way back to 2008. it was clear she had no real rationale. here we are in 2016. she is inevitable again in here we are after labor day and she
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still does not have a rationale. she still doesn't have a reason why she should be president. u: and that's showing up in the polls. what do you think, is that clear as daylight? >> every day the state polls follow the national polls by a week to 10 days. lou: we didn't even get to the battleground states but things are tightening up there as well and dramatically so. michael michael goodwin, good to see land at rollins thank you very much. we are coming right back to much more to take up here. stay with us. donald trump ups the pressure on clinton as she continues to stonewall congress and the american people. >> these e-mail records were destroyed after she received a subpoena. remember that word. after, after she received a subpoena in congress. lou: hillary's hiding the truth will or coverups exceed? committee member commerce men mick mulvaney joins me next.
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lou: fbi director james comey today defended his decision not to prosecute or recommend prosecution of hillary clinton over her e-mail scandals. comey sent a letter to employees where he said in part quote at the end of the day the case itself was not a cliffhanger despite all the chest beating by people no longer in government. there really wasn't a prosecutable case. comey also said more documents from the agency's investigation of clinton will be forthcoming. joining me now congressman nick mulvaney a member of the house oversight and government reform committee as well as the financial services committee to congressman, great to have you with us and it looks to me like the chest beating is being done by james comey trying to defend the decision that is unpopular and many say utterly wrong. >> that is just bizarre. keep in mind would come he did. he took a law which especially
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you have to do four things to be guilty of breaking the law. you actually have to have specific intent and it's not written in the law but it's hard to imagine how congress could change the law to actually get at what hillary clinton did and it ripped away -- i'm very disappointed in fbi director comey. lou: to me i would love to hear an explanation of the difference between gross negligence which is in the law and which would have been chargeable and his invention, his concoction is extremely careless. what would be the intellectual divide there? >> in the first year of law school there wasn't any and every more being taught that extreme carelessness was disregard. again, very strange. it does leave everyone at the distinct impression that certain people get treated differently under the law. if you are rich and powerful and
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the secretary of state to get treated one way and if you are some guy or gal on the street you get treated another way. no reasonable prosecutor would bring the case. i know a lot of reasonable prosecutors. trey gowdy is one of them and their many in congress. again just a sad history. lou: the contrast between servicemembers and the way they have been treated by this administration and the specific issue is in stark contrast to the way they put their warm loving arms around mrs. clinton in her moment. do you believe james comey is crooked? >> absolutely not. that's what's so frustrating to me as someone who has spent a lot of time in the hearing. seems like a very honest upright and straightforward guy. that is his reputation. there are men and women in congress who have worked with him and this guy is a straight shooter.
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that's why the end result here is so confounding. it doesn't seem to match what the facts. lou: congressman how do we explain the director of the fbi turns to the state department and throws it at them and says okay you guys decide whether you want us to prosecute or not. i don't see anywhere in my reading of the potential charges and the basis for it. >> fast-forward to what's going to happen tomorrow. we are going to have a hearing here tomorrow with the folks that maintained that e-mail server and wiped it clean after balloting they got a subpoena and it works to preserve evidence. they then got a phonecall from hillary clinton's lawyers and miraculous way a couple of days later wiped the server claim. we are going to have this hearing tomorrow but in the back of our minds we are wondering what could we possibly show that would get somebody charge of something in this world where director comey starts making it up on his own. that's what's so frustrating to
7:19 pm
us. we will have the hearing tomorrow and we will continue to shine light on it but we are concerned as everybody else that the law is not being legally applied here. lou: i want to touch on this because so much is being made now in discussing the integrity of our electoral system and particularly their number of democrats who seem to be far more concerned about the russians carrying out a cyber attack against our electoral system than they are in the integrity of the vote itself, that is making certain that everyone is indeed a registered and qualified voter. what in the world is going on with the idea that the office of personnel management, what was that 30 million former and present federal employees names and files breached that could have been prevented? >> the answer to your question what is going on is politics. many democrats seem more
7:20 pm
concerned about the russians possibly getting involved in election process than they are concerned about hackers actually getting our information on the office of verse no management rated to go deeper than that there are risks that all sorts of federal agencies right now. the department of education keeps hundreds of millions of records. that's not an exaggeration. they include bank records and they are using technology from 1980s. where's the outrage from my democratic colleagues on that material that they get so on up and politics that they can't focus on anything else could. lou: congressman nick mulvaney thanks for being with us. breaking news ryan lochte and three other american swimmers olympic swimmers have reportedly been suspended for lying about being held at gunpoint in rio de janeiro. according to "usa today" lochte's suspension will be 10 months long. it's expected to be longer than the other three swimmers penalties and while we are on
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sports tiger woods announcing he's returning to competition. the golfer today saying he will be participating in the safeway tournaments in napa california next month. and that's sports to the moment. but sure to vote in our poll, do you trust the fbi is more or less after the document dump and decision not to charge hillary clinton. we would like to hear from you. cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs follow me on twitter @lou dobbs and like me on facebook follow me on instagram. there it is "lou dobbs tonight." links to everything found @lou please roll the video. three lucky fishermen treated to an amazing sight off the coast of brazil. a pod of dolphins swimming alongside them below the boat. some 30 dolphins swimming with them at one point. marine biologists say dolphins depend on these pods for their hunting, their mating and defense in this case just
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obviously having a lot of fun. what amazing playful creatures, spectacular. up next 62 days until the election and the math keeps getting better for donald trump. what's the hind his surge? i we'll tell you next in my commentary. much more straight ahead. we will be right back. if you're taking prescription medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can cause cavities and bad breath. over 400 medications can cause a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. biotene can provide soothing dry mouth relief. and it keeps your mouth refreshed too. remember while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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lou: we have never had a presidential election quite like this one. a few thoughts now on this presidential race is getting closer by the day. the race between trump and clinton has narrowed dramatically over the past month mrs. clinton held a double-digit lead into national polls at the beginning of last month. she now holds a three-point lead over trump in a head-to-head race, shrinking to point lead in a four-way race according to realclearpolitics average. the latest "cnn" poll were see poll shows a nominee should have solid support from their bases
7:27 pm
now and about 90% each. remember when that was not going to be possible for donald trump? well things have changed and they keep changing. trump winning among white voters, men and older voters and those without college degrees and has a 20-point advantage among independents. this is clinton meanwhile leads among women, nonwhite voters, college grads and younger voters that their race is tightening by the day despite her barrage of attacks against him. a new analysis shows mrs. clinton dominating on attack ad spending by a 6-1 margin over trump. 6-1. clinton has now spent more than $81 million on those ads in the general election compared to trump's 13 million and when you factor in spending from super pacs, clinton and her supporters outspending trump by a 5-1 margin. to what effect though? despite vicious attack ads the sheer power of her ad spending there has been almost no impact on trump at all.
7:28 pm
in fact he has managed to pull within three points of her, to point in the three most recent polls. trump was impervious to attack at when battling as many as 16 opponents in the primary campaign season. some political "capitol update" stop the result would be different in his head-to-head general election race. they are wrong again. clinton's attack ads have been changed trumps trajectory at all that she will keep trying, you can count on that. she has lots of money to spend and she headlines 37 fund-raisers last month. we are sure that she has plenty of ammunition for what is now an all-out battle that will be fought out over the next two months. we have a large number of voters still undecided in some states. that number is as high as 20%. trump has in my opinion significant at bandages. trump outperformed by his significant margin, is polling in the second half of the
7:29 pm
primary election season so there is that while hillary may argue she is running for a third obama term she obama term she is in the minds of many democratic voters doing just that and a campaign should be deeply troubled that her poll performance to this point doesn't validate voter support for them, third term. while clinton and trump have their detractors certainly and obstacles, trump has some momentum and poll direction and should act three. independents are breaking for trump by a huge margin, as much as 20%. at least anecdotally he is making a persuasive case for himself among for the first-time minority voters and finally it appears the republican establishment and republican elites are beginning to come to their senses. trump's final advantage would be an energized organize focus republican party network turning out voters in favor of their nominee on november 8. with that, trump the republican
7:30 pm
party in this country in my opinion would be the big winners. our quotation of the evening, this one from author and columnist william bond who said, a citizen of america will cross the ocean to fight for democracy but won't cross the street to vote in a national election. maybe this year we will all be a little different at maybe it's time we tried to cross the streets instead of oceans. we are coming right back. stay with us. donald trump today exposing clinton's failures as president obama secretary of state. >> unlike my opponent my foreign policy will emphasize diplomacy, not destruction. hillary clinton's legacy in iraq , libya, syria has produced only turmoil and suffering and death. lou: how will a president trump picks it? will discuss that with matt slap and tammy bruce here next an
7:31 pm
have you ever wanted to go cliff diving? tonight you get your chance. next, at least the fear part and we will show you the video after these messages. c we will be right back with a lot we will be right back with a lot more. stay with us. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix. by the time i was 30, we ai said "that's it,customers. ife." >>
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lou: wikileaks founder julian assange accusing hillary clinton of lying when she told the f.b.i. she didn't know what the
7:35 pm
classified markings on her email means. he says every one rsh in government knows it and for classified confidential. he promises there will be a september surprise of damaging clinton emails. >> it will be reasonably soon. we might put out some teasers. i don't want to prop is anything because we have to see how the formatting goes. but we could put out teasers next week or the week after. matt schlapp, and tammy bruce, that's the next week or two, tammy. teases from assange. is hoik -- well, i know one thing. nancy pelosi thinks the republicans shouldn't be using
7:36 pm
any of that material, what do you think? >> of course not. the fact that she is afraid of it means it' important stuff. wikileaks, they deliver, they don't make things up. they are careful to when they say what they have and when they will deliver what they have. we have seen they have delivered some important things. this comment from him is an indication -- lou: do you think he will back it up? >> he will. and the clinton team knows they are probably in even bigger trouble. lou: julian assange, the republicans are boosting him and the democrats are fearful of him right now. can we embrace the idea that the public has a right to know and the devil take the hind most? i don't care who it's on. if it needs to be out there for the public i'm delighted it's happening.
7:37 pm
>> what does she have to hide. she deleted thousands and thousands of emails. shy stonewalled. it took five congressional investigation before we found out she had the server in her home. what they lied and object few ad every inch of the way. what do she do? she attacks the man overseas doing the disclosures for hillary. i don't condone everything he does. but why shouldn't the american voter see these things? >> there is no reason. and the idea that pelosi as she implores paul ryan not to use document that are the result of cyber attacks, that to me is laughable. she has been part of this cartel of corruption i call the clintons for decades. and it's just utter nonsense.
7:38 pm
tammy, your thought right now. this race tightened to a degree that hope springs for most republicans. what do you make of it? >> everybody should who is a republican and cares about the future of the country should be excited about this. hillary clinton has spent over $100 million on ads for herself and against donald trump. the media and the establishment machines are for her and she can't get away from donald trump, even with some of his own unforced error. it shows how baked in the attitude of the american people is when they look at a chance for something different and a complete rejection of the establishment as it stands. it's finally the indictment of hillary clinton that we have been waiting for, and i think we'll see this continue. we have 60 days? it will be very exciting. lou: let's get to that issue. the issue is this.
7:39 pm
the republican establishment, matt, there are signs and reports that some of the never trumpers are starting to realize he might win this damn thing and they might ought to shovel money on the table toward him and his candidacy. is paul ryan on board? is mitch mcconnell on board or are they still playing the pools? >> my approach on ryan and senator mcconnell and others is their constituency or republican members in their conferences, i talked to the people looking and tracking polls in the contests house races, and they look very good. the house is in very good shape, and they are starting to feel confident they will hold on to majority in the house which eases their concerns. lou: i realize these are states men and not interested in politics. but the reality is they are
7:40 pm
starting to understand that as if they can carry the label in a hypothetical discussion like this, they are going to have to follow their constituents toward donald trump even though they don't have the guts or the sense to do so. >> i think they are hearing from grassroots regular old americans across the country who are saying to them, we voted for him in the republican primaries. we want an outsider. the things you don't like about him are the things we like about him. when elected officials in washington on the republican side have trouble with trump it's because trump is taking on what they have done, and it will be good for the country. lou: that should be the priority. unfortunately, it isn't for everyone. matt, great to have you here. matt schlapp, tammy, right here in studio. roll the video, pretty please. watch as this thrill seeker --
7:41 pm
we are talking about jumping off -- jumping off the cliff -- who tax! he misses that -- whoa! he misses that october 1 inches, 2 inches. that's in laguna beach, california. he let out a scream when he realized he was falling toward the jagged rocked. afterwards he said he would not try that anytime soon. donald trump says there is one positive outcome from hillary clinton's email scandal. >> hillary clinton has taught us how -- how vulnerable we are in cyber hack. it's probably the on thing we
7:42 pm
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perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. lou: the u.k. taking a page from donald trump. the british minister of state
7:46 pm
for immigration announcing plans to build a big new wall in a border port in france, calais to prevent immigrants in nearby camps from sneaking through the tunnel. it's not quite as big as trump's 35-foot wall. at least the minimum, if you will, the floor on at wall is 35 feet high. joining me now john bolton, former united nations ambassador. the british after being so rude to donald trump, now are stealing his ideas. >> well, they face -- it's
7:47 pm
ironic, this cal air, s entry -- this calais entry point has attracted thousands of people who want to get through the channel. they have had riots and terrorist threats it's something happening all over europe. they see the impact of these people coming in. it's amazing the political effect it's had. lou: for the british to be emulating donald trump, this looks like the resumption of a special relationship if he's elected. let's turn to russia. current problems we face as a nation. a russian fighter taking on one of our p.s. surveillance and spy planes over the black sea within 10 feet. and what happened? nothing. how long can this nonsense go on
7:48 pm
without a mistake? >> we are right at the point of mistake. 10 feet away with those kinds of bleans that kind of speed s row feet away it calls to minds the sort of things they did to our ships in the baltic sea a few months ago and resuming flights of strategic bombers near our coast. putin will continue to do this as long as he thinks he can get away with it. he certainly got a free pass until january 20 of next year. it's not just the russian problem. it's around the world. everybody saw what china did to obama to make him come out of the belly of the plane instead of the main entrance with it other leaders did. lou: as a national security expert, former member of the
7:49 pm
state department, ambassador to the united nations, what leader in his right mind or her right mind takes an insult like that and just tramples on down out of the belly of air force one? why would you put up with this? >> this is no drama, obama. he did stands up to the president of the philippines who called him an s.o.b. and agreed not to have a meeting with him. the real problem is not the insult and lack of response. the real problem is china, russia and, and o on on the of d others will already perceived the weakness and taken advantage of it. he has a bull's-eye sign on his back and "kick me" sign and they are willing to oblige. lou report russians have crimea. the chinese continue to build their islands in the south china
7:50 pm
sea. they continue to build out their missile capabilities. this is happening and it's without effect. it's a lot more than just an insult with having him trundle down the steps of the aircraft. >> the positions of strength we created over decades, political and economic strength are eroding, and the struck tiewrts of deterrence that stopped the russians and chinese from thinking about this kind of thing are disappearing. you don't hear anything about this from hillary clinton. she'll be barack obama's third term and i think these leaders know that already. lou: on wall street stocks were mixed. the nasdaq closing at a new
7:51 pm
record high on those 8 points. a reminds tore listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. apple unveiled the iphone 7 featuring no ear phone jack. apple as a result unveiling new wireless earbuds. the water resistant phone features a two-camera system. apple begins taking orders starting this friday and also a new second i watch. you have next. pastor jarrell scott says it's a mistake to underestimate trump's support among minority voters. >> there is a huge undercurrent
7:52 pm
of support for donald trump. there are a lot of people. lou: pastor darrell scott joins me next.
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7:55 pm
lou: last night in our online poll we asked you, is it irresponsible of the national liberal media to ignore hillary clinton's obvious hailtd l health issues.
7:56 pm
93% say yes, it's irresponsible. senior pastor of the new spirit revival center, pastor darrell scott. great to have you with us. lot of people are reacting to donald trump's trip to detroit. the democrats are having a hissy fit. they are upset. it's like there is a fence you don't cross if you are a republican candidate for president, and he has mightily upset democrats, especially one hillary clinton. what do you make of it? >> they are upset about it because they are making inroads in the african-american community. he went to my friend wayne t. jackson's church. we had a wonderful time. so hillary wants to reach back into the past and pull the birther issue out so they can play it. they are trying to make birther issue a racial issue. and it was never a racial issue,
7:57 pm
it was political. they are trying to ply on the emotions of black people. but we had a great time in detroit and there are a lot of people who changed their mind about donald trump just off that one meeting. they say he's not the way i thought he was, the way the media depicts him to be. lou: it's a terrible to see when people are shoulder to shoulder that people aren't cartoon cutouts of one another. looking at the reading i do every day. one reporter was having a fit about a black pastor who he claimed was opening his church to a quote-unquote bigot, referring to trump. this is nasty stuff. you know, what do you think? >> they play the race card on trump all the time because that's all they have.
7:58 pm
trump communicates and connects with african-americans. we can relate to his realness, his plain spokenness. i like this swag. he's cool. they play that race card. one thing about the race card, when you play it. they played the race card as a trump card because when you refute the racial allegations they can accuse you of being a racist for revealing it. but there are a lot of supporters of donald trump, there is an under grounds trump support movement by blacks that fear the backlash from our constituents and our families. but i know of a ton of leaders and people who will support him. i coined the term i want to continue produce on the lou dobbs show to america. there is a term for the black supporters of trump who don't want to let everybody know. the term is right now they are
7:59 pm
incognegro. they prefer to remain incognegro. they will support trump. when they are in that voting booth all by themselves with nobody look over their shoulder to critique or judge them for the choice they make, they are going to vote for donald trump a lot. lou: i feel about the vote, the african-american vote, the black vote in this country that's taken for granted by the republican party, working men and women who are union members. their management is going one direction supporting illegal immigration. and they are going to be voting for trump. just as they voted for reagan. i think it's a wonderful thing to see. >> i do, too. lou: pastor, it's great to see you.
8:00 pm
>> thanks for having me. i'm looking forward to coming back again and again. i'm trying to invite myself back. lou: we appreciate that. pastor darrell scott. we thank you for being with us. kennedy: tonight donald trump says he has a plan to rebuild the u.s. military and rebuild isis. but will it work? damaging new details on hillary clinton's seem scandal. is there evidence she tried to manipulate the benghazi hearing? one well-known coach tells his players if you pull a capper nick you are never -- pull a kaepernick, you are never getting off the bench. this election is about gauntlet throwing. and one up manship.
8:01 pm
hillary i'll release my taxes when you release your emails. >> let her release her emails and i'll release my tax returns immediately. kennedy: she probably hit her emails with a hammer. donald trump would be the only presidential nominee not to show his dough before the election. >> nobody cares about it. i'm under a routine order. when the order is complete i will release my returns. when the audit is complete i will release my returns. i have no problem with it. kennedy: when the audit is complete he will send a tweet. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. kennedy: they will continue to slap each other with various gloves.
8:02 pm
let us see your goldman sachs speech transcripts and i will fly you around on trump force one. no one cares about his tax returns, this is all about hyperbole and emotion and who can paint their opponent as slightly less likeable. so why is she so hell bent on setting her peepers on his tax papers. >> clearly his tax returns tell a story the american people deserve and need to know. he clearly has something to hide. kennedy: as the future drip of her emails threatens to turn into a tidal gush, her campaign could water board it self. all she can do is lull us into a false sense of security by
8:03 pm
miscategorizing herself. my emails are so boring. i'm embarrasses about that. >> you know what wouldn't be boring? getting a full independent psychological evaluation from these two. so we can decide who is less demented and the lesser of two evils. i'm kennedy. donald trump is holding on to his tax returns and hillary clinton may be withholding evidence from her email server. so where is their slap fight going to go? joining me for the first time is glenn hall from the "wall street journal." he's the u.s. news editor. and we'll tackle a new "wall street journal" poll. joe devito is a comedian wearing a pocket square.
8:04 pm
and also host of red eye. tom shillue. welcome everyone. welcome to the show. this is exciting. we'll talk to you at length in just a bit. i want to know, what do you think is more important. donald trump releasing his tax or getting even more emails from hillary clinton? >> i think the emails are more important and that's why it's a brilliant move by trump. he she she isn't going to release them because she destroyed them so she can't. kennedy: i'll bet there are emails on missing device. i'll bet she know whereas they are. but she is too busy smashing blackberries to comply with written each dicts or laws -- written edicts or laws. >> it just goes to show how ridiculous it is that she is in favor of let's open up the
8:05 pm
books. donald trump is a private citizen and he's under no obligation. he said he's undergoing an eight. but he doesn't have to. it's nobody's business. she is as public employee. that's a different story. >> he doesn't want to release them because he makes less money than he says. he's been bragging about how much money he has. when you file your taxes you try to make it seem like you make the least. kennedy: one or two year's tax won't necessarily divulge his net worth. he knows that she can't release that. she could release it all to the state department if she wanted to. >> she doesn't have control over the emails. all these court cases are controlling. so the timing is out of her hands. donald trump could decide to release them if it was in his advantage to do so.
8:06 pm
i don't know what's in them. but i will tell you this. in our polling see see more than half of the pollers believe donald trump should release his tax reforms. it will be the most read story when we have those tax returns and we start telling people what's in it. i will reminds people what eric trump said before. he said people wouldn't get it. they wouldn't was they were reading and make a big deal out of nothing. >> i think lay people might not understand. but when there is a supreme court case that comes down, for those of us who didn't go to law school, you say, h, -- huh -- words. there are people who can interpret his tax returns and a legion of folks who would love to paint them. >> i'm sure fox and journalists could do it.
8:07 pm
kennedy: there is a "wall street journal" poll. 13% of voters still undecided who they are going to support in the presidential election. that's important because in the latest fox news poll, hillary clinton has 48% to donald trump's 42% with an election that tight. a 13% block of undecided voters could swing the whole thing. these are republican leaners. and they are hesitant to throw their vote behind either major party nominee. what does donald trump have to do to sway them. these undecideds are not like undecideds of past election. they are people who traditionally have voted republican but we have seen them turning towards the democrats. if donald trump can't bring them
8:08 pm
back into the camp, do the republicans lose them forever. he has been speaking the language of the white working class, and now he has to speak the language of the white educated class. maybe more action that speaks to the intelligence crowd saying i have a plan and you don't have to take my word for it. that may help. kennedy: that line of interpretation is wearing thing with people. he did have a lot more specifics on military today. i think this is good news for gary johnson. he has been taking votes way from hillary clinton more than donald trump. but he does well with millennials, independents and some of those better educated white people we are talking about. >> you never know until it comes time to vote. there are voters who are hold their noses for trump because they are republican. kennedy: you think we'll wait until the last second.
8:09 pm
>> then people will hold their nose for hillary because she has tuberculosis and they are afraid she is going to cough. these aren't the traditional undecided voters. you are not undecided, you are sort of disgusted and mortified. it's that you know these two clowns too much. >> we know the republican leaning. they said they wanted see republicans control congress. but they are undecided about the president. kennedy: there are people like jeff flake who say they will not vote for donald trump or hillary clinton. but you say in the end that doesn't matter, you say donald trump is going to win. how does he do it? in the latest fox news poll he certainly narrowed the gap between them. but he has a lot of work to do in the critical swing states. >> i don't think he has a lot of work to do. the reason i always thought
8:10 pm
trump was going to win from the beginning is he's the more interesting candidate. i think the more interesting person always wins. post world war ii, the more interesting one wins. all he has to do, 12% undecided? i think 11% of them will go for trump if he does nothing. kennedy: he has to do more work to make himself seem interesting and in other rattic. speeches that are boring when he's on teleprompter do him a service when hillary is on defense with news of cheryl mills controlling everything and huma abedin and her personal life. donald trump could do much better if he were in fact the more interesting person an doesn't have a lot of time to do it. >> i think he's already more interesting. all you have to do -- not smart
8:11 pm
people are tolerant of smart people. smart people won't vote for a dumb person. they are the ones who are intolerant. kennedy: that's the one thing about this race, it's so unpredictable. if there is a huge block of people, 13%. it sways it for either direction in either direction. if they are undecided up until that final moment, the most unpredictable election our lifetime could really go. >> it come down to who screws up the closest to the finish line. coming up, the party panel returns. the at the obama administration has given iran keeps on ballooning. did hillary clinton and her puppet masters tinker with the benghazi hearings? judge napolitano joins us with
8:12 pm
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kennedy: $1.7 billion. that's the latest tally for what the obama administration has reportedly paid iran in what some are calling an illegal ransom. $the obama administration gave
8:15 pm
$400 million to iran and it coincided with the release of american prisoners. since then two more shipments have come to light totaling $1.7 billion in cash payments. obviously it and ransom payment. they gave money to iran. there was no ray they were going to release those prisoners until they had cash in hand. >> it's a rather jaundiced view, kennedy. hillary clinton has said this was something that was in the works for a while. and i believe they wanted to make the payment at the end of last year but the iranian baines were closed for hanukkah. ♪ i'll kill the americans unless you pay ♪ kennedy: do you buy we were on the hook for more than $10 billion if this made it way through the hague?
8:16 pm
>> that's a lot of interest payments. they negotiated the interest down. current rates are negative. i don't know how that would play out if we kept holding on to the money. but i think they wanted to put this behind them. and this is all in the backdrop of the iran treaty trying to work through diplomatic channels the bring wrawn back into the fold rather than leave them out as a rogue nation. kennedy: would you say they have successfully been brought into the international fold? >> they had too fly cash -- they had to fly truck loads of cash to iran. kennedy: make the deal, and when they are a party to the international banging system, then you make the payment. otherwise, it's ransom. how is this similar to iran contra to you?
8:17 pm
>> we had a nice iranian scandal in the 80s. and we ode them money from 1979? they didn't ask for it while we were shoveling them the arms in the iran contra deal. kennedy: you gave us these arms. we'll put that up towards the $100 million and call it a day. >> what kind of scandal is that? >> how much of a needle nose accountant is our president if he's going, that's $400 million in the ledger. >ledger. >> they should i we are not paying you because the reason we froze the money is because you did something bad. >> and the deal was with the previous regime. kennedy: what would have beeniny
8:18 pm
through the hague, and an international tribunal say $10 million. the united states can say that's great, we can gift money to victims of terrorism. >> under sharia law it's unlawful to charge interest. all right. coming up, the party panel returns. the team u.s.a. hockey coach has a message for any player thinking about sitting down during "the national anthem." we asked trump's new plan to revamp' the u.s. military. stay here. i'm just a guy who wants to buy that truck.
8:19 pm
8:20 pm
8:21 pm
8:22 pm
kennedy: earlier today donald trump called on congress to lift caps on military spending and increase the defense budget in an address critical of hillary clinton and the obama administration. >> we'll build an active army of 540,000 as the army's chief staff has said, he needs desperately and really must have to protect our country. kennedy: who would be better as commander-in-chief? hillary clinton or donald trump? welcome. obviously you are looking at the speech with different eyes. what did you see today? >> i saw a definite step in the right direction.
8:23 pm
i saw someone who cares deeply about the military and rebuilding the military that has been slashed the past 8 years and wants to bring it back up to that level that's great for our max national security. 237 right now i still talk to lots of people who are active duty in the military and they are feeling the budget cuts, especially on the training side at home. kennedy: i think that means they are disbursing the money ineffectively. they talk about inefficiencies and commanders at the top and areas of the military that were so below thed. donald trump did talk about trimming. where do you think the military could be trimmed? >> there is definitely room for lots of fat to be trimmed. one of them is acquisition. there needs to be serious acquisition tree forms and nobody on the political side wants to tackle that.
8:24 pm
it's so bureaucratic, there is so much red tape, it's similar to the va system. and that goes into the government defense contract can as well. that's a fine line as well. but that acquisition reform and civilian reform. those are two place whereas they could cut back. kennedy: the f-35 sucked up billions of dollars and what do we see for that in is no reason people on active duty should be feeling those cuts and their family members should have to send them kevlar when they are stations overseas. >> we need to make sure we are getting equipment that the military needs to fight the wars. so i worked with some of the procurement and acquisition side on the division level. sometimes the military is
8:25 pm
getting equipment they don't want. kennedy: i heard that as well. donald trump talks about the $320 billion spent on expired laws in this country. there is duplication and overlap. there are people who say hillary clinton and donald trump are not that different when it comes to defense spending. they are going to increase military spending. do you see a differentiation between them? >> i think if we are going to talk about defense reform we have to talk about entitlement reform as well. it's not going to help if we go after one and not the other. there is room for both. >> there is room for your story. you come from a military family, your sisters also serve. your dad, your grandfather. what an exciting journey. "danger close." that's amber's book. kennedy: should dogs be required
8:26 pm
to use correct postage when they try to send packages through the mail? the new sighs bucket challenge. "topical storm" is next. een lif. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we wor what we do together changes how we live. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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that's an organic chemistry
8:30 pm
professor cut a deal, if that student made the shot into the garbage can west coast, he would cancel the first quiz for the class. now the kids will have as much chemistry knowledge as the actors in twilight. it ignited a passion of excitement sport school year ahead. >> science! mostly right. kennedy: topic number 2. jordan is not only filled with the holy spirit, he loved to swim. at his recent baptism he dove head first into his new sacrament. >> i baptize you in the name of the far it, the son and the holy
8:31 pm
spirit. he was so excited. he beat pastor do it which may become a new trends. hallelujah. there is another name for this holy belly flop. what is it? >> cannonball coming. topic number three one of the perks of being a television host is meeting new and interesting people. and sometimes animals. here is a sports journalist? boston confront a baby alligator. >> hold it tight. >> i am. i am. >> that's okay. kennedy: it's so not okay.
8:32 pm
i don't blame him. allocators are creepy. you may remember a giant gator wandered on to a golf course in the south. it was huge and terrifying. whoa! i would love to see that sportscaster wrangle that bear. he held up the golf course for over an hour by shot him. topic number 4. dogs love presence and packages. we all know that. that's why they get so lippy with mail carriers. they can't wait to open those boxes of goodies.
8:33 pm
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8:34 pm
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8:35 pm
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kennedy: colin kaepernick has stirred up controversy by refusing to stand during the national anthem at nfl games. but one coach said if any of my players sit on the bench during "the national anthem," they will
8:39 pm
sit on the bench for the rest of the game. have nfl coaches been too soft on players who take a knee? >> absolutely. kaepernick is kneeling now. i'm assuming he's not catholic. kneeling is the hardest thing. sitting is the easiest, then standing. kennedy: reclining is easier. >>it is. it doesn't make sense that now he's kneeling. it almost seems more respectful to me, the kneel. it's weird. kennedy: hockey is so wiped. i think this is a very racially divisive issue. we had strong disagreements by the and i have seen on social media this tends to split people along racial lines more so than
8:40 pm
socioeconomic line as or religious, and hockey is the whitest all sports. >> that may be true. we are talking about instead of a protest nationally, it's international. so there is an expectation that you represent us and you are on our team. but this is that we are place where spree speech and expression and all these ideals come to conflict. >> we just finished the olympic summer games. can you imagine a u.s. athlete sitting on the podium during national anthem? people would go nuts. >> in the nfl, i believe while you have your freedom of speech, you also enter into a contract with an employer. that's why at sporting events you wear a uniform. so it's not a first amendment issue. and you are representing team u.s.a.
8:41 pm
no one forced you to be there. if you have that much of an issue with the national anthem you can express yourself with not being on that team. the full national anthem does have a line about slaves conscripted to fight. you have to go pretty deep into verses that people don't sing. kennedy: do you think kaepernick did? kennedy: big news for coffee drinkers. a colorado startup is infusing its brew with cbd? a non-psycho active chemical found in -- hem'. the founder says it keeps the buzz but lessens the jitters. and turbo coffee has 80 times
8:42 pm
the coffee of a regular espresso shot. so gulls some cbd for the jitters. let's talk about this weed and coffee business. i don't know a lot of people who want hemp or mayor wanna in their coffee. using coffee as a chaser for the hemp oil. it's like coffee and red bull. when i realized it was taking the jitters off. kennedy: i think the speed ball, i think it intensifies the effect of both. do you think that turbo coffee should be legal? >> the turbo is no good. it should be legal. don't mess with it. i don't even like cream in my coffee.
8:43 pm
i don't want this turbo nonsense. and i don't like going in two directions. they don't do that in ireland, they do it here. they say you want a whiskey, have a whiskey. don't put it in your whiskey. drink your whiskey then drink your coffee. it's not really irish. it's some jerk in america. >> it goes down real smooth with a little bit of folgers. >> i like to start my day with a mix of nyquil and 5-hour energy and let them duke it out. kennedy: thank you so much, tom, joe and glenn. coming up, did hillary clinton spoon feed questions to the democrats before her grilling at the benghazi hearing? june napolitano is here with the latest and i can't wait.
8:44 pm
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kennedy: we are still hearing about this just when you thought hillary's email scandal couldn't get any worse, it does. newly released emails suggests a senior clinton aide fed predetermined questions to nng senator bob menendez. an email reads we wired it. menendez would provide an opportunity to debunk per actions and whereabouts on 9/11 and the email from chris stevens about moving locations. chris stevens was the ambassador to libya who died in the attack along with three other americans.
8:48 pm
did they close the investigation too quickly? let's discuss this. it sees as though perhaps the f.b.i. closed the case too soon. where are we hearing about these emails? why are they from? >> the f.b.i. knew about the emails at the time it closed its case which make its more troubling. we know from a document dump that came out the friday of labor day weekend. that mrs. clinton and her people were involved in manipulating senator bob menendez so he would ask her friendly questions as she appeared as secretary of state before the for affairs committee. this is not uncommon. many of these congressional investigations are really a dog and pony show. the witness already knows what the question is, the questioner already knows what the answer will be. what is uncommon is it would be reduced to an email and made
8:49 pm
public so the senator involved would be embarrassed. mrs. clinton has not yet been questioned about this. i don't know if senator menendez has. kennedy: as you said, both parties face the same thing. when someone is a republican or democrat, if they go before the committees, if they are republicans were nice. what i'm wondering is about those emails, they were told, hillary clinton and her team were told to preserve them and they were destroyed after the fact. when is that problematic to the point of being obstruction of justice. >> the f.b.i. also looked past this when they closed their investigation. the benghazi committee served notice on mrs. clinton when she was still secretary of state to preserve all document having to do with benghazi.
8:50 pm
she then leaves office and begins the process of cleansing the server and losing blackberries, several blackberries were smashed with hammers and the f.b.i. couldn't reconstruct them. the f.b.i. did not present any evidence to a grand jiewr question, did not obtain a subpoena from a grand jury, did not obtain a search warrant from a judge. they did not use three basic law enforcement tools available to it. how could they have known at the beginning of the case they wouldn't need to use these tools during the case unless they were handcuffed from the white house from the beginning and the marching orders from the white house was not get to the truth wherever it takes you, but exonerate mrs. clinton, which is
8:51 pm
what they did, if the face of overwhelming evidence of intentional destruction of evidence that had been subpoenaed and the grossly negligent treatment of state secrets which we call espionage. >> those state secrets on those device, not too difficult to track. you can't imagine she had any sort of security code or pass code on any one of those 13 blackberries because she had a hard enough time remembering her own name. >> she sent confidential and secret emails to her friend sidney blumenthal. and those were hacked by guccifer. kennedy: and she was sending confidential emails while she was overseas which is a big no-no. >> she is either dumb, indifferent, or deceptive.
8:52 pm
none of which would qualify her for president. but her treatment of state secrets is so reckless, so obviously criminal, that only a political interference prevented her from being indicted. kennedy: you talk about the ignorance alone, saying she was unable to realize the "c" stood for confidential on the emails she was reading when she was explicitly instructed on how to create those markings herself. >> the f.b.i. has in its possession the document. i have seen the document, a two-page oath that she signed day one in office after a 2 1/2 hour tutorial by two f.b.i. agents explaining what all this means. julian assuage told our colleague sean hannity he has emails she sent him where she put the letter "c" in the margin to warrant seer that what she was sending was confidential.
8:53 pm
and she told the f.b.i. she didn't know what it meant. we are dealing with a breakdown in law enforcement and attack on the rule of law when the world's premiere law enforcement agency looks the other way. kennedy: she is about to become -- all signs are pointing in the direction i believe they are, she is about to become the most powerful person in the world. >> if you put this in a plot to a publisher, they would reject it as fanciful and not believable. kennedy: great to see you again. welcome back. coming up, a wave of heroin overdoses in ohio makes authorities believe they are adding elephant products to their products.
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8:57 pm
kennedy: the opioid problem in the u.s. is apparently so bad dealers are cutting heroin with insanely potent elephant tranquilizers. investigatorsed in the philadelphia area say 8 people have thought to have died from the toxic mixture. what should the government do to counter drug fatalities? let's ask katherine mangu-ward. let's discuss this a little bit. carfantanyl. why are drug dealers mixing it with heroin? >> i don't understand the economics of this. if it's an opiate that's super powerful, why not just sell that stuff. but people thought they were
8:58 pm
getting something, and they got something different. when we use the word overdose for these deaths, it's misleading. they are poisoning people. somebody lied to them about what was in there. kennedy: there is no way of knowing what's in these substances. you have no idea what you are putting in your body, and that's because of prohibition. >> exactly. you don't hear the story pfizer cut a whole bunch of its drugs with elephant tranquilizers. that story doesn't happen because those drugs are on the up and up. people joke, you crazy libertarians one want to legalize heroin. because it would save lives. kennedy: but instead the problem here is not that legislators and city council members are going to wage and smell the cat food
8:59 pm
and realize prohibition is directly leading to death. the worry is they see something like this and they become more ardent drug warriors. >> that's the biggest problem for people who see legalization as the solution. no better fact pattern is, people who want to ban drugs because drugs are bad, see every piece of evidence as more -- another way to buttress their desires. it should obviously be the other way around. if these drugs were from the up and up market. if they were not in the black market. if they bought these drugs from a guy whose name they don't know. kennedy: thank you, katherine mangu-ward. "reason" magazine. tomorrow i have got gary
9:00 pm
johnson, jimmy faila and eboni williams. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. email have a glorious night. >> a mysterious client pays her lawyer with an exotic object. >> maybe she was a spy. >> maybe. >> it becomes his son's strange inheritance. >> it is quite a stunning piece to look at. >> can he decode its past and unlock a fortune? >> it's the equivalent -- for us, as americans -- of owning something that may have been there with george washington. >> wow. >> "wow" is right. >> a small town, an ancient emperor, and a puzzle. >> it was a three-week auction, and nothing happened. >> nothing? no bids? >> you're thinking that "my gosh. this is terrible. oh, it's all out the window."


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