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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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lauren: breaking news this morning. president obama wraps up a week early and trained bumpy weeklong trip. good morning. i am lauren simonetti appeared nicole: good morning. i'm nicole petallides. punch and counterpunch over who would be a better commander-in-chief. we will have that story. lauren: record and record and i think that the dow and s&p 500 slipped by declines in consumer stocks. checking in on your stock market futures. the dow was up 21, nasdaq up 4.5
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in the market. nicole: stocks in japan 0.3% on the backs of the currency while the shanghai composite index is one 10th of 1%. oil prices up another 1.5% gain in 2% to $46.39 a barrel. super mario at iphones unveilings taurine on the news. we will have that story for you. lauren: serena williams moves to the semifinals. nicole: 5:01 a.m. in new york did thursday, september 8th. we welcome you to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. lauren: we're waiting president of imus and his comments in laos as he wraps up his weeklong trip to asia before he met with leaders of the southeast asian countries. the president attended his final
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g20 summit in china. meanwhile, the president had an informal meeting with the new leader of the philippines after the white house can't vote a formal meeting scheduled for may. the white house canceled it because the philippine president when we go to terry k. profane comments about president obama. he later expressed regret. nicole: in deed, let's get us from an asian expert jordan change, author of the coming collapse of china. how would you grade the president's trip? >> china was bumpy as you said. they disrespected him. there were all sorts of incidents and they are probably a firmer response. a pitch perfect performance talking to the lao people in the other number of leaders.
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this has been the way out of a show, his trip there. the important thing is he showed up en masse because he's the first u.s. president to go there. nicole: he's been to asia more than any other president. a record 11 times. if you think a lot of disrespect from china and others. are they taking advantage of the change in leadership here in the u.s. or any week since? >> that's part of it that countries are worried the united states is not resolute enough. china has been militarizing the south china sea and doing all sorts of things inconsistent and i think we should've been doing more. we are starting to step it up a little bit, but we seem to always be one or two steps behind beijing. >> i want to ask you about the trip overall with the accomplishments. talk about our ally philippines in particular in your thought they are about everything that
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transpired and what he may have done wrong or right with that. >> there have been various to terry k., with very corrosive comments. president obama canceled the formal meeting which he should have done. at the same time, the president said this is not affect america's responsibility to defend the philippines because right now we have chinese ships around scarborough which the chinese took in 2012 and a depression. what they are about to do is reclaim it, in other words cement over the call and that would make permanent aggression. i would be a game changer for asia that the rest of the world. lauren: we talked about this earlier. he said at that time in 2012 president obama sat back on his heels for a should've defended his position to protect philippines in that issue. >> yes, something reverberating today. in 2012, chinese and philippines crass to the main philippine island of this.
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we work a deal. only the china sea state. the worst elements of the political system were bolted and then went to pressure and the south china sea but also in the east china sea. the chinese surveillance but we permitted them to be villainous. nicole: gordon chang, we are waiting for this news conference this morning is vivid for president up on a page of me page of me say page of a statement that cicadas your your expert advice as well. nicole: in the meantime, other news. donald trump and hillary clinton talking about their experience and judgment to be commander-in-chief. trump criticizing the obama administration by nbc news last night. >> under the leadership of barack obama have been reduced
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to rubble. they've been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing to our country. a beautiful part of getting a loan. russia wants to defeat isis as badly as we do. if we had a relationship with russia, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could work on it together and knock the out of isis. i would have it very, very good relationship with putin. he does have an 82% approval rating with the different pollsters. if he says great things about me. he's very much of a leader. i did learn barack obama did not follow what our experts when they call intelligence is there for a reason, but her ex are said to do. the main thing is i have good judgment. i called so many of the shots and i happened to hear hillary clinton say that i was not against the war in iraq.
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the va is almost a corrupt enterprise. if you look at what is going on as an example in arizona where they caught people stealing and they can even do it. they can incite the people appear bright now we are not strong. we're the greatest people in the military that is very sadly depleted. >> i said repeatedly it was a mistake to have a personal account. i would certainly not do it again. i make no excuses for it. it was something that should not have been done. most of the government systems are way behind the curve. we've had hacking repeatedly even in the white house. there is no evidence my system was hacked. classified material has a harder
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push this top secret, secret, confidential, nothing. i will repeat this and this is verified in the report by the department of justice. none of the e-mails sent or received by me had such a header. i will not let the va be privatized and i do think there is an agenda out there supported my opponent to do just that. i think that would be very disastrous for our military batteries. with respect to libya, and again there's no difference between my opponent and myself. he's on record extensively supporting intervention in libya. we are now putting her on trips into iraq every cad and we are not putting ground troops into syria. we are going to defeat isis about committing american ground troops.
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we are going after baghdad is a leader because it will help us focus our attention just like going after bin laden helped us focus our attention in the fight against al qaeda. trade to the democratic nominee will campaign in north carolina, home to a u.s. military bases. donald trump heading back to the key battleground state of ohio. just a reminder we are awaiting a live news conference from president obama and says he wraps up his week long trip to asia. lauren: his final trip to asia as president. a russian fighter jet flew within 10 feet of surveillance aircraft over the black sea. the russian plane made an unsafe maneuver. he was conducting routine operations in international airspace. a dangerous encounter lasted 20 minutes. this is just the latest in a string of maneuvers backing a pro-russian jets buzzed over the
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uss donald cook in the baltic sea coming within 30 feet then of the warship. the resignation comes a week after the controversial visit to mexico. the trip was widely seen as a humiliation to henrique pena yanked out after disparaging remarks about mexicans. the decision -- >> green party president joel stein has spent treasure trespassing a criminal mischief. accused of spray painting construction equipment during a protest against the controversial oil pipeline in native american tribe is trying to stop work on part of
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$3.8 billion project to tribal leaders say would violate ancient burial and per se. the judge has temporarily stopped work on the site in north dakota until tomorrow. >> a first-hand look at the cause zika yesterday. david jolley brought a container filled with zika mosquitoes inside the chamber. he is a gesture to criticize colleagues for failing to pass legislation providing $1.1 billion to combat zika. >> this is the fear of floridians right here. it is not good enough to work on a compromise for months and months of no solution. the time for politics of zika are over. they are garbage right now. nicole: democrats block funding and a dispute over restrictions on plant care of it.
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lauren: way to drive home the message. as many as 10,000 members of the mine workers of america are expected to rally at the capitol today. they will have the life of health care benefits for thousands of coal miners and survivors fared congress considered legislation. it would be the first time in history that congress had a private pension plan. over for thousands of other pension funds to demand a bailout. let's get caught up in the global market actions we have been seeing this errata by prescott runs for president obama. a look at the nikkei in japan 131% of the shanghai composite gaining strength as well. hong kong hang seng gains three quarters of 1%. korea's kospi at one 10th of 1%. the ecb meeting. nicole: investors and the european bank. pigs are mostly higher.
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the ftse in london up half a percent. i cannot be then one point right now. the dax and germany down well find this morning. a look at how stocks are faring. the dow and the s&p pulled back. some anxiety and businesses. the likelihood of a rate hike in september and last but again the weak jobs report. data features is burning up 20. s&p futures upgrade. nasdaq futures gaining five. lauren: central bank policy that. of $3.80. oil gaining almost 2%. eighty-five cents oil trading at $46.30 a barrel. nicole: key currencies that the dollar is faring against everything. the dollar pulling across the board of the euro, u.k. pound, japanese and all again against the greenback.
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nicole: let's check out the ultimate ten-year treasury 1.54% today. trade to the spanish army of america does. hewlett-packard enterprise has been enough merging and software operations. the appointed billion dollars to this macro international is the latest move by hewlett-packard enterprise to narrow its business focus. hewlett-packard was created during the breakup last fall of the technology to businesses. hp enterprise reported better than expected adjusted profit for latest quarter. revenue fell $12.2 billion missing expectations. lauren: one of the socks we watch today, the tech giant to sell a majority stake in its security unit to private equity firm price tag $4.2 billion. the business recently called intel security will go back to its original name mcafee. getting the latest quarterly earnings from barnes and noble down before the opening bell
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today. analysts look for the country's largest bookstore chain still in business to report a loss of 13 cents a share on revenue of about $959 million. nicole: headlines in today's edition of "the wall street journal." hanjin shipping said that those cargo adrift at sea. they struggle to get their goods. the $14 billion worth of cargo has been disrupted as retailers prepare to stock their shelves for the holiday season. wells fargo to be the subject of enforcement action ever cross selling and sales practice. regulators and prosecutors have been investigating whether the banks pushed employees too high to meet sales goals while failing to do enough to prevent questionable behavior. an fdic survey has found that their ranks at the time they have declined. percentage of americans without
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a bank account fell to 7% in 2015 from 7.7% in 20 to 10. good news for consumer spending. lauren: john malone's liberty media agreeing to buy the auto racing franchise in a deal valuing formula one at almost $4.8 billion. the cities around the world including austin, texas must recently in the united states. formula one carries with it the lucrative television rights and sponsorships to negotiate venues and teams could liberty media has liberty media has interest in the atlanta braves baseball team in satellite radio service series asks a good trade to keeping a close eye on laos for president obama is due to speak there. we will bring that to you by the minute he had said to the podium so stand by for that. in the meantime, quick market check. look at how they mixed bag,
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shanghai composite index gained a 10th of a percent. the hong kong hang seng up three quarters of 1%. >> the european central bank extend their bond buying program. i had in fact, action for equities. down arrows for the cac and germany down slightly for both of them. the ftse in london gaining half of 1%. nicole: u.s. stock market futures. the big unveiling from apple. dow futures gaining 20. and nasdaq up five at this time. the downside hits a record that we are to 43 days about the s&p moving within 1%. transfer of these to blame it on the summer but it is the gender. commodities right now. oil at 84 cents. nicole: probably within two minutes of president obama headed to the podium for by his news conference.
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we did just get back to minute warning. we will see when it comes out we'll bring it to you. other currencies abroad can the euro, u.k. pound, this morning. lauren: gordon chang, lets ideas we await the president is take about his weeklong trip in a shed. how would you grade overall this final trip? >> i guess china was like i see. i would give him an ap or china was more important because that was the g20 and when you have the biggest economies in the room at the same time, some and should have been. president obama should've done more to talk about chinese aggression in the south china sea, but increasing predatory trade behavior. everyone is worried about it. lauren: a third of global maritime trade goes through that seed. there's oil underneath it, fisheries around the block for
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president. >> $5.3 trillion each year. also the issue of freedom of navigation. you are talking about the russians is named and you have the iranians challenging us on the pershing of. same issue in the south china sea. this is an issue of freedom of navigation and if the u.s. has had in a consistent foreign policy, it's been defending our right to be in the global comments. if everybody else's file. >> as you talk about president obama dealing with these issues, you have been russia's putin that the stare down at the naval ships coming close. overall it is very interesting. do you think the media is making too much of china president countries had been president on that. they cap back some of the white house staffers that were supposed to join him. too much of a big joke or rails not by china? >> of his arrest not.
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countries around the world, nobody cares more about protocol. nobody cares more about protocol then china and now they say there were so many protocol slips. this was clearly intentional. the problem inside the political system with a chinese chinese leader trying to create a situation where everyone has to rally around him. the united states shouldn't take this. >> china, philippines and allies feeling so emboldened lately? they met the president is near the end of his second term. this could happen to any president. it also obama has opened himself up to a little bit of this by not defending american interests. lauren: here is president of bob and laos. >> i want to thank the government and the people of laos for their wonderful hospitality and their leadership icehouse is the ici and east asia summit. i want to express my gratitude
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for the warmth and kindness they showed me is the first u.s. president to visit this nation. it has been a memorable and at times very moving visit. we are here because i save reaching with more than 600 million people, several fast-growing economies, some vibrant use, but also countries transitioning to these and given their strategic location along vital trade routes. the 10 nations of asean art critical to peace and prosperity in asia pacific and the world. the united states are among each other's top trading partners. we're the largest investors in this region and asean is one of our largest markets for u.s. exports supporting hundreds of thousands of american jobs. so our trade and investment feels jobs and prosperity across our country is about as wide as
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part part of my rebounds of american foreign policies in the asia-pacific, by deep in our engagement the nations of southeast asia and asean as an institution. the first u.s. president to meet with the leaders of all ted asean countries. i sustain their cooperation throughout my presidency. earlier this year is proud to host the first u.s. asean summit at santa ana, california. our meeting in laos will start our meeting in laos was start a famously said marks my ninth to the asean region, more than any u.s. president. together, the united states and asean forged key principles including asean will remain central to peace, prosperity and process. the united states is now firmly part of the east asia summit and we have word to make that organization the regions leading
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forum for dealing with political and security challenges and 30 maritime security and were guided by their shared vision of the region would put forward. open, dynamic and competitive economies. mutual security and peaceful resolution of disputes and respect for human rights. in short, a region where all nations play by the same laws. that's the vision we had dance here. we are stepping up efforts to increase trade and investment as part of the mission i announced earlier this year, u.s. asean connect, more to connect businesses and investors so it is easier to start adventures together. more to connector entrepreneurs. encouraging innovation and increasing the digital economies. more to connect clean energy projects as we pursue a low carbon future all of which will reinforce the continued economic integration through the community and give them the four nations also part of the
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transpacific carter said, i reiterated i am determined to do everything i can to encourage the u.s. congress to approve tpp before i leave office. with regard to security, nations reaffirmed commitment to a regional order where international rules and norms are upheld and where disagreements are resolved peacefully. there is recognition of the importance of the international arbitration ruling in july which is legally binding and clarified maritime claims by the philippines and china in the south china sea. we discussed the importance of claimants adhering to steps to which they've already agreed including respecting international law, non-militarizing disputed areas and not occupied uninhabited islands, reefs and shores. i reiterate the united states will stand with allies and partners in upholding fundamental interests. among them the freedom of
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oversight, lawful commerce that is not impeded and peaceful resolution of disputes. the united states and asean continue to deepen cooperation. discuss the importance of information to prevent terrorism and foreign fighters given the threat of climate change to other nations, especially countries in this region. we agree on the importance of the paris agreement as soon as possible. we agree to cooperation in the fight against human trafficking including sharing more information on smugglers, law enforcement cooperation more support for the dems. and east asia summit are 18 nations express our grave concern about north korea's provocative missile launchers, highlighted threat posed by new there and ballistic missile programs and called on north korea to uphold its international obligations. finally on especially pleased we continue to deepen connections between the people of asean and
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america, particularly young people by the aspiring young men and women i met yesterday. our young southeast asian leaders initiative has not been 100,000 strong. the women's leadership academy today announced yesterday was appropriate and leaders in business, government and civil society throughout asean and we will help increase language skills among students and teachers through our english for all program. in closing, i am mindful of this is the last day of my last trip to this region as president and when i think back to the time i spend here as a boy, i can't help but be struck ready extraordinary progress made across so much of the region in a decade cents. even if there's still a lot of work to be done. it means a great deal to me not only as president but also personally over the last eight years we've increased cooperation between trade takes kind trees and the united states. it is unprecedented breadth and
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depth of our relationships and one of the most successful parts of our rebounds policy. we have made it clear the united states will continue to stand with the people of this region and advancing their security, prosperity and universal human rights and very optimistic the ties of friendship to train our people as reflected by the roomful of young people that we saw yesterday will bring us even closer in the years to come. with that, i would take a couple questions and i will start with kathleen hennessey at hp. >> thanks very much, mr. president. there's been a lot of talk back at home in here about how you were received on the strip. your last trip to asia, donald trump said you were humiliated. i do think that was overblown. maybe you could talk about whether or not you think your
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reception was limited or related to the limits and challenges of your asia-pacific policy and while we're talking about legacy items, if i could ask another quick one on guantánamo bay. you have four months left, 60 prisoners left. at this point are you willing to acknowledge that the prison will be open by the time you leave office? >> well, in terms of my reception here, as far as i can tell it's been terrific. i don't know if you've gone and talked to some people in laos, but they seem pretty happy about my visit. everywhere we have gone, we've got a great reception, just as earlier when we went to vietnam, we got a great reception. you will recall millions of people lining the streets. so if this theory about my
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reception and nine rebounds policy is based on me going down the short stairs in china, yes, i think that is overblown and any reasonable person, certainly any person in the region would be puzzled as to how this became somehow indicative of the work we have done here. if you look at the remarks of readers, if you look at the remarks of ordinary people, if you look at the concrete work we have gotten done on everything from economic programs to develop and programs to legacy of war issues, to promoting civil society and young people, the concern that i have heard is not that what we have done has it been important and successful. the concern i've heard is
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working a new and almost uniformly the question that i get from other leaders as we hope that america's injuries and presence and engagement is sustained. and my hope and expect asian as my successor will in fact sustain this kind of engagement because there is a lot happening here. you've got countries here that are taking off. you have got one of the most dynamic and youngest populations in the world. this is where the action is going to be when it comes to commerce and trade and ultimately creating u.s. jobs by being able to sell to this market. that is the only feedback that i have received. that is not just a somewhat leaders tell me.
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if you read global newspapers, if you talk to people, that has been the same commentary that we have received generally. with respect to guantánamo, i am not ready to conceive that it may still remain open because we are still working diligently to continue to shrink the population. i continue to believe that guantánamo is a recruitment tool for terrorist organizations, that it clouds and salaries some of the counterterrorism cooperation we need to engage and it's not necessary and is usually good for u.s. tax payers. is there strong resistance in congress? absolutely. but as they continue to shrink
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the population to the point where we are looking at 40 or 50 people and are maintaining a multimillion dollars operation to house these individuals, the american people should be asking the question, why are we spending this money that could be spent on other things when it not necessary for our safety and security. there is no doubt that because of the politics in congress right now it is a tougher go, but you know, i expect to work really hard over the next four, five months -- four and a half months. >> thank you, mr. president. can you tell us if last night the president of phillip and offered his apology to you and
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if you set the u.s. will continue to help the philippines pushback against china. last night, donald trump said vladimir putin has been more of a leader than you and then he said you've reduced american general survival. do you care to defend your legacy? >> do i care to defend -- okay, respond, got it. i did shake hands with the president last night. it was not a long interaction and what i indicated to him as my esteemed should be meeting with his then determine how we can move forward on a whole range of issues. as i said when i was asked about this in china, i don't take these comments personally because it seems as if it is a phrase used repeatedly including
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directed at the pope and others. i think it seems to be just a habit, a way of speaking for him. but as i said in china, we want to partner with the philippines on the particular issue of narcotraffickers, which is a serious problem in the philippines. it's a serious problem in the united states and around the world. on that narrow issue, we do want to make sure that the partnership we have is consistent with international norms and rule of law. so we e going to back off our position that if we are working with the country, whether anti-terrorism or going after drug traffickers as despicable
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as these networks may be, as much damage as they do, it is important from our cave to make sure that we do it the right way because the consequences of when you do at the wrong way as innocent people get hurt and you have a whole bunch of unintended consequences that don't solve the problem. it has no impact on our broader relationship with the philippine people on the wide range of programs and security cooperation we have with this treaty ally and it certainly has no impact in terms of how we interpret our obligations to continue to build on the long-standing alliance that we have with the philippines. however that may play itself out. my hope and expectation is as
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president said three and his team get acclimated to his new position, that they are able to define, clarify what exact they want to get done, how fast it can with the work that we are already doing with the philippine government and hopefully it will be on a strong footing by the time the next administration comes in. as far as mr. trump, a think authority offered my opinion. i don't think the guy is qualified to be president of the united states and every time he speaks, that opinion is confirmed. the most important thing for the public and surprise is to just
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listen to what he says then follow up and ask questions about what appeared to be either contradictory or uninformed or out right out ideas. there is this process that seems to take place over the course of the election season while somehow a behavior that in normal times would consider unacceptable becomes normalized. people started thinking that we should be grading on a curve. but i can tell you from the interactions i've had over the last eight or nine days with foreign leaders that this is serious business and you actually have to know what you're talking about and you have to have done your homework
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and when you speak, it should actually reflect find out policy that you can implement. and i have confidence that if in fact people just listen to what he has to say and look at his track record or lack thereof that don't make a good decision. >> thank you ran much, mr. president. on north korea there's increasing evidence that china isn't enforcing economic sanctions when it comes to coal. what is the next moving your remaining 4.5 months in office? second, is it time for a fundamental rethink of policy given all these years of condemnation and sanctions hasn't led to a desired outcome? >> those are good questions. and my meeting with president xi jinping, we emphasize full implementation of the u.n.
5:39 am
sanctions that have been put forward. i can tell you that based on not only their presentation, but actually intelligence and evidence we've seen, china has done more on sanctions implementation then they have the previous security sanctions. you are right there are places where they need to tighten up and indicate to them the importance of tightening up. you may have noted that china continues to have shed to the deployment in the republic of korea and what i said to the president directly as we cannot have a situation where we are unable to defend ourselves for treaty allies with increasingly provocative behavior and escalating capabilities by the north koreans.
5:40 am
i indicated to him that if it bothered him, particularly since it has no purpose other than defensive and does not change the strategic dots between the united states and china, that they need to work with us more effectively to change pyongyang's behavior. it is true that our approach, my approach since i've been president is to not reward bad behavior and that was based on the fact that before i came into office, you have a pattern in which north korea would engage in some provocative action and as a consequence of the equivalent of throwing a tantrum, they would placate them
5:41 am
by giving them humanitarian aid or providing other concessions in dialogue which would relieve some of the pressure and go right back to the same provocative behavior later. and so our view was that was wasn't working. let's try something else. it is entirely fair to say that they have continued to engage in the development of the nuclear program and these ballistic missile tests. we are constantly examining other strategies we can take, close consultations with republic of korea and japan as well as china and russia and others who are interested parties. we do believe that if there are any signs at any point that north korea is serious about
5:42 am
dialogue around denuclearization and the korean payment to that we will be ready to have those conversations. it is not as if we are looking for a prop of her avoid and a willingness to engage diplomatic way. but diplomacy requires that john young needed its international obligations and not only is it failing to meet this obligation, it's not suggesting that they have any intention to do so anytime in the future regardless of the inducement that might be put on the table. we are deeply disturbed about what has we are going to make sure that we put our defensive measures in place so that america is protected, al-azhar protect it.
5:43 am
we will continue to put the toughest pressures north korea has ever been under as a consequence of this behavior. can i guarantee that it works? no. but it is the best option we have available to us right now and we will continue to explore what all parties involved, including china, other potential means by which we can bring about a change in behavior. >> thank you, mr. president. i want to let you know i have a more personal question for you. we almost the exact same age, august 1961 but in 2 weeks younger than you. >> i noticed in the jan you are working out a little harder than me. those two weeks are making a difference. >> i want to ask you about some of your thoughts all those years ago. we are living in the age of the vietnam era. what were your thoughts about
5:44 am
the vietnam war a time when on, but more importantly about the secret war when you find out about that and also as time went by. given what you learned about data but you see now and what you've witnessed when you're here, do you think you should apologize fully to the country of laos? one other important thing to us for those american veterans who did serve in the secret war, those that are special ops, cia, pilots that drop the bombs, those are the ones that targeted known enemies in a war they did not create. would you be comfortable in laos calling them heroes as we do with those that served in iraq and afghanistan. >> well, because we are the same age, and you'll recall that at the peak of the war we were still too young to fully understand the scope of what was taking place.
5:45 am
it was the tail end of the war where we are entering high school in starting to understand the meaning of it. at that point, it was -- i think the debate had raged, even though strong supporters of the war recognized they needed to be some mechanism to bring it to an end. i can't say that i was so that i had deep thoughts about it at the time the the time the date in the images we are soft on television. standing here now in retrospect, i think what i can say is that the united states was on the right side of history when it came to war. there may have been moments
5:46 am
particularly in southeast asia and which in our singular focus on defeating on an expansionist and very aggressive communist, that we didn't think through all the implications of what we did as policymakers. and certainly, when used the dropping of cluster bombs, trying to figure out how that was going to be effective, particularly since part of the job was to win over hearts and minds, how that was going to work. i think with the benefit of hindsight, we have to say that a lot of those consequences were not ones that necessarily served our interests. having said that end i've said
5:47 am
this before, regardless of what happens in the white house and decisions made by policymakers, when our men and women in uniform go into action and put their lives on the line or carrying out their duty, they are always zeroes pete -- she rose -- heroes because they are saying i am willing to do whatever it takes, what my commander-in-chief has ordered in order to keep the american people safe. by definition, their job is to put their lives on the line and make sacrifices, both seen and been that have long-standing ramifications and the act of sacrifice is heroic. and one of the things when i
5:48 am
think about it in terms of legacy and i reflect back on my presidencies as it comes to an end is the degree to which i came in respecting and honoring our men and women in uniform. i leave here even more in awe of what they do. and it also is one of the reasons why i take so seriously the decisions they make about war in peace because i know whatever decision i make, there are men and women out there who will carry out my decision, even if they think it's wrong. even if they didn't vote for me, even if they have complete a different ideas about what is required for national security. that is hair with them. that is service.
5:49 am
that is the definition of the period and that puts a special burden on the occupant of my office to get it right or at least as right as you can. and hopefully when people look back 20 years from now or 30 years from now, the decisions i made, they will be able to say that he did pretty good. thank you very much, everybody. let's go home. lauren: president obama wrapping up his asia trip from lhasa to a news conference that lasted 25 minutes. he made a short statement and then took questions from the crowd gathered. question sprang up from gordon chang. he's been with us all day. gordon of course is the author of the book the coming collapse of china. wide-ranging news conference they appear above is the take away for you? >> the most important thing he said as he did receive and has
5:50 am
continued to receive a brief reaction around the region. he's talking for months but is also mentioned vietnam and other places is gone. he needed to be a little more frank about china, what happened there because he was disrespected as well as susan rice being this was active. lauren: let's bring in senior fellow for the center for american progress and assistant secretary of defense. thank you for joining us. you just heard the president. during this trip we have north korea firing missiles. were you happy with what the president had to say about policy in north korea and china's implementation of sanctions against north korea? >> i thought he struck the right tone by saying previously we would relax the sanctions and put them back on when they behaved after getting the benefits. he has not done that. he also taught about putting the
5:51 am
high altitude air defense system of missile defense system in south korea that sponsored the chinese and said that bothers you then need to north korea to stop this and we won't need it. i thought he handled the situation very, very well, balancing between north korea's erratic behavior and china wanted to have it both ways with north korea. nicole: as president obama's outcome he talked about loads globally and how important it was to see the relationship he's worked hard on over the last several years, even as far to say donald trump not qualified to be president. your thoughts on this. >> the transpacific burger shape is really important because this is not just a trade deal. this is also the showing of american leadership. if we want to avoid conflict in asia, one of the best ways is to bind the region through the u.s. through trade and investment.
5:52 am
this is critical. the question is whether it's our trade rules are china's trade rules. when it comes to the issue of donald trump fair, the issue is the treaties we have with philippine, south korea, japan. we need to defend those allies. whatever one thinks about the street is coming out as a potential change them. lauren: let's bring the same question to larry. are you confident the president has done a good job in the region? >> i think he's done a very good job. the key thing is that david werther rebalanced to asia to tell the world that this is where our future really lays. this is where we have the threat of the rising power and all of our economic interests. i agree with gordon. going against the transpacific partnership in the long term if it doesn't go through a squid to go through is going to really, really make it more difficult to
5:53 am
detract not a fire -- china will become the leading power. train to larry, as donald trump has been rising in the polls over the last week or is, one area of concern is his dealings with foreign leaders and the like. your thoughts on how it should be handled. we heard president obama saying he didn't feel that trump would be qualified. your thought on that. >> well, as i get when i talk to foreign leaders or people around the world, they are very, very concerned about the way mr. trump handled themselves and the answers he gives to a lot of questions about the need to think it through. for example, it doesn't matter south korea and japan want to get nuclear weapons. the last thing we need is nuclear arms race.
5:54 am
we are really throughout the world went back to the president. nicole: she went to mexico when he backed of an immigration. to think he would end up making deals with some of these countries has been quite forceful in? >> not unless he changes the way he deals with them. the last thing you want to do is tell people it's okay to get nuclear weapons. there are other deals you want to make it one of the best deals of the transpacific burger shape which he is against. lauren: no, it's interesting, it seems to me, larry, you're suggesting donald trump would not do a good job as commander-in-chief this is in protecting the united states, something the president ago criticized donald trump and called his ideas wacky. even president obama is not commanded the respect in this area. look at the recent instances. north korea, right?
5:55 am
>> well, i think he has done an excellent job in focusing on the pacific, getting all of the asean or non-chinese nations to work together. the philippines, they invited us that. we have forces in singapore, forces in australia in addition to korea and japan. the japanese are beginning to spend more on defense. he has basically created an environment where in which the american interest will be dead and the american economic economy will grow. lauren: already. like the optimism. thank you for your time this morning into you gordon chang for joining us throughout the morning. nicole: thank you very much. we are waiting on the ecb meeting, european central bank. record closes for the not that. advocate a ship you a break on
5:56 am
the shanghai composite index was one 10th of 1%. japan's nikkei one third of 1%. hong kong's hang seng up three quarters of 1% increase costs via fractionally. very choppy ahead of the european central bank meeting with the ftse still higher by half a percent. cac in paris at one point. nicole: will focus on is focus on this whether they will be immersed in this and the outlook will be so kiefer 2017. here at home u.s. stock market futures are gaining across the board. the nasdaq had a record close and had a lifetime high yesterday. dow futures are starting up 17. s&p futures up to an aspect of paris. nicole: the nasdaq up five days in a row. oil at 80 cents. $46.30 a barrel. gold at three bucks. nicole: energy will help us along. coming up, we will hand it over to "mornings with maria."
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nicole: thanks for joining us at fbn:am. we had an hour with breaking news. lauren: it was an exciting hour and we are going to happened it over to mornings with maria, sandra smith sanding by. sandra: thank you, we will take it from there, good morning, everyone, i'm sandra smith, maria bartiromo will be back tomorrow. it is thursday september 8th, top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern. candidates clash over their visions for the military.
6:00 am
donald trump and hillary clinton highlighting temperament in the role of commander in chief. >> steadiness and mixed with strength to be able to make the hard decisions, these are not easy decisions, if they were they wouldn't get to the president in the first place and when you're sitting in the situation room as yvonne numerous occasions -- >> i would be very cautious. i think i would be a lot slower. she has a happy trigger, i've been preparing this for a long time. sandra: hillary clinton spefnedding large portion of the night defending e-mail scandal. we will get reaction to last night's forum. from one military expert and find out who made the better case to the american people. the new terrorist target, the fbi and homeland sec


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