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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 8, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> don't wear underwear to work, kids. very important. [laughter] >> thank you. and stuart varney will be covering. "varney & company" is next, i believe he's there, take it away. stuart: oh, yes, i'm here. yes, indeed. breaking news. moments from now, hillary clinton will step out onto the tarmac there at white plains airport at westchester county, new york and she will take questions before she boards her campaign plane. she'll take questions from reporters on the tarmac. this is a brand new developments, announced literally just minutes ago. i want some commentary on this late breaking news and lisa booth just happens to be here with us to provide it for us. lisa, welcome to the program. >> good timing, stuart. stuart: i was not expecting it because the pattern in this election so far has been trump gets out front first and hillary responds. now, today, we've got hillary
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getting out there at 9:10 or whatever it is in the morning and then trump will speak this afternoon on education. >> this has been a candidate in hiding. she's been unwilling to take questions from reporters at any sort of press conference format. what we've seen for hillary clinton, she's lost the narrative of this election the past few weeks or the past couple of weeks, particularly with the focus being on her private e-mail server, as well as the clinton foundation and revelations pertaining to those two specific things. and so, i think this is hillary clinton trying to get out in front of that. stuart: definitely. >> seeing the damage it's had on her candidacy. stuart: she answered questions about the e-mail scandals, i think, for certain minutes at the commander-in-chief forum last night and she admitted to making mistakes. maybe she feels she is -- she's done it, answered the questions and get out front. that's her approach. >> we see why she hasn't been taking questions because we saw
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her give another iteration of the classified information. i mean, she's changed her story about classified information several times, as well as she's just changed her story even regarding the devices. she has one device for convenience. we know because of the information the fbi put out prior to labor day, 13 phones and devices and ipads. we see one thing and another. stuart: and we'll see questions on the tarmac. >> i hope they're tough. stuart: but i think she'll open with a blitsterring critique of donald trump from last night and then the questions start and they will be about the e-mail scandal and the rest of it. >> and hit him on putin and reiterate what president obama recently said in criticizing his ability to be commander-in-chief, criticizing his temperament, a line of attack from hillary clinton. i suspect we'll see that from her. stuart: tanner is also with us.
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what fortunate timing, tanner, you are a senior advisor to the trump campaign. welcome to the program. >> thank you for having me. stuart: what do you make of this? this is hillary clinton, who is now trying to preempt donald trump, get outfront on issues and answering questions. she's going to do it. >> well, shocking. i think it's shocking. but that's okay. i mean, hillary clinton will never steal donald trump's spotlight. i can guarantee you that. she's usually following the leader so she wants to jump in and make a speech or a press conference. let's see how many questions she answers. let's see if she really does take unscripted questions from journalists, reporters. we will surely see. stuart: now, i think she will use this, i think she will open with a statement of some sort, relatively short and i think she'll go right after donald trump and what he said last night, specifically-- >> of course. stuart: he said that the barack obama and hillary clinton had reduced the generals to rubble. and i'm sure she'll go after
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that. what's he going to say-- what's your response to her going after him on that? >> of course, she's going to go after him on anything she thinks will work. the reality is, stuart, that donald trump was not criticizing the generals. he was criticizing their horrible leadership, while in the white house. he was mentioning-- he was trying to suggest that isis was created under the obama-hillary clinton watch and that we're in this horrible situation with us not being safe because of them. so, of course she'll try that, but people who know donald trump and realize what he wants for this country will understand he wasn't criticizing our generals, just their leadership. stuart: you know, donald trump is taking a lot of flak this morning because of what he said about vladimir putin, called him a great leader. you know, lisa-- tana, putin is the guy who invaded crimea, threatened ukraine and kicked america out
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of the middle east. that's not going to go down well and i'm sure that hillary clinton will draw on that when she makes her statement shortly. >> oh, i'm sure she will. but the reality was, they were saying, you know, he was giving him high praise, was it high praise? i didn't see it that way. what it was-- what it is, donald trump is concerned with making america great again and he wants-- and he knows that putin will learn that america is once again, very serious about his foreign policy and it will become more serious when donald trump is the president. stuart: now, this afternoon, donald trump goes to a charter school in cleveland. he's making a speech on education. is he going to come out firmly against the teacher's union and for school of choice? >> he most definitely believes we need to keep this in states and i'm anxiously awaiting, i don't know what his speech is going to be. i haven't spoken to him or the team about that yet this morning. it will be great. he will layout his plan and i think that a lot of parents
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across america, including myself will be very excited and invigorated by his speech. stuart: hold on a second, tanner. lisa is with me. he makes the speech on education this afternoon and going to a charter school. i think that's important because the teachers union very much pro hillary hates charter schools with a passion and he's going right at it. >> i think it's important and i think it's important particularly for minority voters. if you look at rick scott, the florida governor, was able to double his numbers with african-american voters between his 2010 election and when he got reelected in 2014 because of the focus on school of choice, at least that's what has been accredited with helping him move those numbers. i do think it's an impactful speech that he would try to give to resonate with minority voters and voters who want their kids to have the best education. stuart: and tana, any evidence that this outreach to
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minorities has worked so far? >> definitely. after mr. trump's visit to detroit, you can't believe the response, the feedback, and the people that are coming over to the donald trump side. that showed that he is a leader who will listen and wants to learn and really, wants to help and listen to the hopes and the goals and the love that people have and other different states like detroit. people that are despaired and desperate. mr. trump went in and he said let me help invigorate this economy and you put your trust in me, put your vote in me and i will get it done for you. absolutely, it's working and i'm proud that he's going into the areas where we need help. stuart: stay with us, please. i want to look at what's happening on the markets this morning, news on technology stocks and news on apple and of of course, the overall markets. as of now, the dow is what,s 100 from the all-time high, but it's going to open lower. we're looking at a downside move around 70-odd points for the dow industrials.
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you want to talk about records, you've got to look at the nasdaq. yesterday, it closed at its 7th record of this calendar year. the money clearly is going into american technology. that's the home of technology, the nasdaq, that's where the money is going. speaking of big tech. amazon keeps making new highs. yesterday, moved up to the mid 790's actually and came down to close at 784, but, still, i believe make sure i've got this right. it's now the fourth most valuable company in the world. that's amazon. >> yes. >> and now look at facebook, that's now the fifth most valuable company in the world. >> correct. >> how old are they, about 10 years aled liz: about 20. stuart: facebook? liz: no, amazon. and how about that, the story is apple, they unveiled the iphone-- . [laughter] >> i like that. they've unveiled the iphone 7,
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better camera, better battery, but, ash, no head phone jack, hold on a second. is the outrage or the no phone jack, is that overdone? eyou know, i woke up and looked out the window and the sun is coming up and we've all survived. it's going to upset some people and the fact that now you have to get an adapter to use the old power charging and the lightning port to get on flash and ear buds. i'm kind of a gadget guy, kind of like the idea of the air pods, wireless ones, they say the sound quality is very good. to be honest with you, they're going to be $159 by the way, in addition to the full cost of the phone. stuart: oh. ashley: they don't give those away liz: and you have to charge them. ashley: you have to charge them up to get fire hours straight of listening to music, but that's an accessory you're going to pay $159 for liz: so it's a profile in courage. they said it was a courageous move to do this.
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is this courageous to annoy your customers? in china, the reaction is hilarious. and you're going to lose them. stuart: and nintendo, super mario, nintendo is going to return to the iphone. it's going to be on the iphone. let me get this right. this is the first time that a nintendo game has appeared on anything other than a nintendo device liz: that's correct. stuart: it's going to be on the iphone liz: and basically the mario creator stole the show and came on stage and said, yes, you're going to see super mario run on apple devices, including the iphones. the other thing, too, they're going to bring out possible pokemon go to apple watches. and what's the end game for apple? it's apple tv, a way to get a apple tv. it's a big push. it's the first time, a rare move for nintendo to make.
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ashley: apple says it's not going to announce the first weekend sales of iphone 7 which leads you to believe they're a little nervous about it, they said, no, it's that we have more supply than demand on the weekend, but they're not going to give the numbers. stuart: fascinating. now, we're waiting for hillary's press conference to be held on the tarmac of the white plains airport in westchester county, new york. any moment now. you can see on your screens right there, they're testing the mics, making sure everything is fine and the reporters are assembling. hillary will appear at some point in the very near future, taking-- maybe making an opening statement and then looking for questions from the reporters on the tarmac. we'll take you there when it hams. i want to follow one stock in particular very closely today. it is apache. that's an oil and gas driller. they've found gigantic new reserves in texas. that stock really took off. more on that when the market opens. let's see what it does today. the price of oil this morning
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is at $46 a barrel. that's interesting. oil up, but stocks down, what happened. ashley: the market hadn't opened yesterday at the time. stuart: all right, news from the world of sports. how about this? tim tebow signs with the new york mets. here is my question, why did they sign him? for his ability or for his fame? which is it? we're following the story from europe. they're building a wall in calais, france. yeah, building it to keep migrants out of britain. doesn't that sound like donald trump's wall on the mexico border? well, they are building it right there. it's going up. later this hour, a retired navy officer challenges hillary clinton on the use of a private e-mail server. listen to this. >> had i communicated this information for protocols, i would have been prosecuted and imprisoned. secretary clinton, how can you expect those such as myself who were and are trusted with america's most sensitive information to have confidence
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. i'm inclined to say moments from now, but i don't know that. in white plains county, she will take questions from reporters on the tarmac with her and we'll, of course, listen in when that begins. we have news from the trump camp about what he's going to say on education and charter schools at his speech this afternoon in cleveland. liz, what have we got? liz: he's going to say essentially federal block grants to pay for scholarships for children in poverty. basically he's going to hopefully cover, he wants 25% of those children living in poverty, they can use that money to go to private schools, public schools, charter schools, parochial schools, virtual schools, 11 million children in poverty and do away with the department of education. stuart: wait a second, that's fascinating.
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he's going to give money to the states, and the states decide how to spend it and he wants them to spend it on school of choice liz: that's it. stuart: so he's giving power to the states and he's giving power to the charter school movement and not the teachers union liz: yes. stuart: i love it. >> i love the concept and now it's incumbent upon trump to sell that vision to voters, to minority voters and i think what is important about donald trump recently a the fact he's giving more nuanced substantive speeches because i think this is what voters wants to hear, staying on message-- liz: the other important point. the new york times fails in its coverage of education in this country, the highlights the problems in charter schools and children falling down. never abuse of children in public schools. so this is a shot across the bow to the public sector unions and teachers unions. stuart: well, the teachers union is in lock step with hillary clinton all the way down the line. ashley: absolutely. stuart: totally so.
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>> and i suspect some strong statements coming out in response to donald trump's speech later this afternoon. stuart: we're waiting at the tarmac, bottom left-hand side of the screen, that's what we're waiting for, hillary clinton to appear at that podium. she will, shortly. now, new this morning, vladimir putin inviting the israelis and palestinians to go to moscow for talks and the two have agreed in principle to go. is that accurate? principle. ashley: yes, in moscow. stuart: come in, ambassador john bolton. isn't it another sign that americans have been run out of the middle east and the americans are not in control. >> it's stunning. we've tried for 50 years or more to keep the russians out of the middle east and the fact that netanyahu and abbas are willing to travel to moscow for a negotiation session shows both on the israeli part and the palestinian part they think that barack obama has been completely sidelined in the middle east, i think that obama
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would agree with. that's his idea. we wanted to reduce american influence, he's got it. stuart: it is extraordinary, isn't it? who would have thought in the space of a couple of years, and that's all it's been, that america would be pushed out of any influence or power in the middle east. the russians would walk in, and now, hold talks in moscow, the palestinians and the israelis. why would the israelis agree to do that? >> well, i think given the number of russian jews that immigrated to israel over time, given that netanyahu, faced with the prospect of a clinton presidency sees four more years in that case of little or no political help from the united states, wants to expand his political options. it's a terrible signal that the united states is less of a player. i think there's one thing that's hard to explain about this is we have recent revelations from kgb archives that only recently have been made public that abbas back in
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the cold war was a russian agent. so he's perfectly comfortable going to moscow. i wonder how the israelis view that. stuart: now, donald trump praised vladimir putin last night, i believe great leader, certainly very popular within his own country, a fine leader within his own system. does this news about the moscow meeting jibe with what trump said about putin last night? >> no, this shows that putin is exploiting american weakness. he is horning in on an issue that's absolutely vital to the united states, the security of israel. he has succeeded in putting a russian air base in the syrian a few minutes flying time from israel's northern border that compliments the russian naval base and he's much more able to help his friends like the assad regime in syria, like the ayatollahs in tehran than we
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are able to help our friends. i think it's a further sign that the middle east is spinning out of control. stuart: two huge stories today and we have the right people to talk about it, including ambassador john bolton. >> thank you, sir. stuart: an update on hillary, we're told now that she will speak to reporters at 9:30 eastern. we are going to take you there when it happens even though it coincides with the stock market, believe me, we'll juggle them both. next, the latest-- wait for this one, the latest liberal lunacy on campus. we've got it for you in a moment. you both have a
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>> youngsters showing up at college, going through orientation and listening to pure nonsense from people called diversity officers. the new york times article caught my eye. at clark university in massachusetts, the diversity officer held an orientation meeting for incoming students. a young woman asked the following question: when i, as a white female, listen to music that uses the n-word and i'm in the car when i'm with all white friends, is it okay to sing along? no, said the diversity officer. another question, can i say, hey, guys? no, you can't. and let's not forget this, memorable, microinvalidation.
9:26 am
that, too, is a no-no. what is it? well, don't say everyone can succeed in in society if they work hard enough. you cannot say that. ashley: what? >> brian is here, a professor. what do you think of this? you've got 30 seconds. >> it's absurd. you can see in the article, it's incomprehensible to students. they don't understand what they're being told and what it means we've lost the ability for patience, tolerance and. >> i'm not paying for in any longer. hillary about to speak in a moment and more varney in a moment for you.
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>> thursday morning, we're off, they're running. we are started trading. it's down, not a massive selloff, but we're down what, about 30 points. can we see the breakdown of all 30 dow stocks? i'll give you a sense of the overall market. yes, we can. it's mostly lower and the dow is off 50 points, only three, two stocks on the upside. now, please, let's have a look at the nasdaq. it's had seven record highs this year, it's pulling back a little today, down .3%. it is pulling back some of the money may be coming out of technology just a little bit. here is the story. look at apple.
9:31 am
it's unveiled the iphone 7 and yes, it's water resistent. and better battery, camera and no phone jack. ashley: yeah. stuart: investors seem to be saying, i don't know about this. the stock is down, i think it goes up if we see solid advanced orders for the iphone 7. and how about nintendo. huge pop yesterday. super mario comes to the iphone and only the iphone. that's yesterday and we'll get you a quote today, and the market is open shortly. >> amazon, where is that today. record high territory, down a little. 783. 10, 11 bucks from the all-time high. how about facebook? retreating from the highs that it reached yesterday. 131, almost 132. 130.87 as of right now. barnes & noble, sales down almost 7%. weak are demand for that nook.
9:32 am
you know the nook tablet, the e-reader. down to barnes & noble, 11 a share. my favorite story, apache, a big gain yesterday, another today, why? they found gigantic oil and gas reserves in a geological formation in west texas and southern new mexico. to be pre advice, 75 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, 3 billion of barrels. ashley: it's a gusher liz: forget opec production caps. stuart: the price of oil is now $46 per barrel and new word on how much supply we've got coming up at 11:00 this morning. now, we're going to take you to hillary's press conference momentarily, she's about to speak. we're joined now by brian, dr barton, larry levin, ash and liz of course. now this, apple 107. dr, would you buy it at 107? >> you know, stuart, i think over the long-term apple is
9:33 am
still a legacy buy. it's a cash cow. i don't like it at 107. we talked about this last week. i think that this might be a little bit of a sell the news, pullback. we get coming, that will bring us to a point where we could add this to the portfolio. stuart: how about you larry, 106 now on apple? >> i'd wait for $100, maybe below. i want to see how the iphone 7, does it start melting, do the head phones work, and bluetooth connected? if they don't 0 work, that stock could drop. stuart: i want to see the advanced orders. how about that you're turning your nose up to a company with over 200 billion in cash. who would have thought. look at the nasdaq, it's up more than 5% i believe this calendar year. dr, am i exaggerating if i say that technology is driving the whole market.
9:34 am
the dow, the s&p, the nasdaq, the whole ball of wax, it's technology? that's the story? >> i believe you're spot on and we've got some numbers that show us that, stuart. you know, the top five market cap stocks right now are all technology companies. five years ago, that was only two. ten years ago, that was only one, so, technology is on the rise and it's going to be the thing that keeps this market afloat if we can keep these rich valuations. stuart: this is fascinating. you're a professor of economics, you know what you're talking about here. it seems the american economy as a whole has been transformed. to a technology base. >> everything you've seen in the real technology, it's driven by technology and we should be talking about that more in the presidential debates. instead more marginal issues like trade when it comes to the economy. tech is the big driver here. it's the driver and we've got to see more conversation around that. >> it doesn't create jobs, does it?
9:35 am
the minuscule number of employees at huge value. >> but, still, the new business formation does create jobs. it also eliminates jobs in legacy and older industries. we have to look at these. all of those in manufacturing, that's a myopic view. >> ash, what have you got here? >> it's interesting, we talked about speculation, why hillary clinton, as we continue to look at the podium on the westchester airport. perhaps the clinton-- this is one theory out there. stuart: as to why she's holding a press conference. >> why is she doing this, a lot of questions asked. chuck from nbc tweeted this out. if the clinton campaign was happy with last night's forum, they wouldn't be looking to do press to provide new hillary clinton sound. that could be one theory. the other one is that trump, perhaps, said what they believe the clinton campaign to be a lot of disqualifying stuff in the second half of the town hall because he went last now she wants to get back immediately and respond to what he said from the end of the
9:36 am
town hall last night. who knows, speculation. it's interesting, as you know, 270 plus days since she's held a press conference and taken questions. stuart: it's fascinating. why is she doing it and what is she going to say? and we'll answer the questions. starbucks, as we wait for hillary clinton, the ceo howard schultz endorses hillary clinton. dr, do you buy a stock based on the politics of its ceo? do you or don't you? >> i don't, stuart. if i did that, then i'd have to cut out about half the ceo's, depending on which side of the aisle i was on. you know which side i'm on so that's not a primary driver. somebody might incense me so much i'll stop buying their products personally, but i won't make my stock analysis on that. stuart: and larry address the ordinary investor. should they allow their politics to get in the way of solid, sound investing for profit?
9:37 am
>> no, dr, has it exactly right. if you don't like the company, but you think it's a good investment, you might buy the stock, don't buy the coffee. i think that's the way to do it. if it's a good investment, it doesn't matter what the politics are, you're investing and you want the mindset not really letting politics get in your head. don't buy the coffee, but buy the stock liz: the point is it going to sell to customers, or annoy customers. stuart: the best performing stocks were tobacco stocks, if you wanted to make money you put your money in phillip morris. that's what you did. i wouldn't do that. the only area i would not invest in because of my personal preferences and my personal views, politics. ashley: didn't like the sin stocks. stuart: just tobacco, i'll invest in alcohol and gambling stocks, i don't care, but tobacco stock, no, i wouldn't do that. are you with me. ashley: that's interesting.
9:38 am
>> it's your choice and that's fine. stuart: yeah. all right, that's all you've got to say. >> well, no. stuart: leaving me hanging here? >> buy companies where you like the products and servicesment if you like starbucks, buy it. stuart: i hear a lot of laughter. is that you, larry levin, laughing at me because i wouldn't buy tobacco stocks, is that you? >> well, i mean, one thing, stuart, you're not a professional trader, so i think that professional traders people working very, very hard to make their income in investing, can't think like that. the regular people out there investing on the side and it's a hobby, it's a side thing, i think that's okay. if you're a professional trader i don't think you can. stuart: that's a fair point. thank you for clarifying, larry and bailing me out. [laughter] and moody's say that the united states will maintain its credit rating no matter who wins the election. that seems a bit of a comeback from mark cuban's assertion that the market would tank if trump is elected president. so, moody's kind of going
9:39 am
against cuban. what do you say? >> that's smart. look, it's a complicated process. there's no reason for moody's to move just because of an electi election. and they can't say that. stuart: can't say that. would you say that the market goes down significantly. >> i think there are many factors that are going to move the market other than donald trump. stuart: and we see a black van arriving and secret service. wait a second. news on the-- as we watch this. ashley: yes, charlie gasparino sources say that a bayer-monsanto deal could be announced next week. moving along strongly, they were 127.50 a share and some analysts said it would take 130 a share, but apparently the bankers according to charlie gasparino working on the regulatory issues. stuart: i'd like to see man santo stock.
9:40 am
if that's accurate and they move forward with a bayer takeover, then monsanto stocks should go up liz: there are regulatory concerns. in the european union and here in the united states. we're worried about that. >> the market says they don't expect the deal to go through. >> they may not have heard charlie's report. stuart: it looks like the scene on the left-hand side of your screen is almost frozen there, they look like secret service guys waiting to open a door. i'm making the assumption, perhaps i'm wrong, that hillary clinton is inside that suv. ashley: looks like a government suv. they're looking suitably grim. stuart: they're grim-- >> it's not funny. stuart: you know what? i've been told that minutes ago we saw the mystery man. now, i didn't catch this. our producer caught it on the video. ashley: oh. stuart: he was in the passenger seat of that suv? is that right? okay. and now, our floor director is nodding, he saw the video as well. the mystery man is the guy who looks like a secret service guy, but i don't know whether
9:41 am
he is or not, but he looks like one, and he stands right next to hillary. you saw him the other day at a rally where a protester interrupted hillary. she stopped momentarily, looked froze, the mystery man ran up, put his arm around her, reassured her and said keep talking. now, who is this guy? much speculation. ashley: wants to know. stuart: speculation on social media. who is this guy? i can't tell you, but apparently reappeared today and i don't know whether he's a secret service guy or not, but hillary clinton not in the suv. ashley: no. stuart: there she is. >> decoy. stuart: let's listen everybody liz: white plains, new york. stuart: first press conference in 275 days. here we go. okay. we-- the microphone has its problems. >> yes. stuart: this is live television, folks, we're about to hear from hillary clinton. this will be her first meet the
9:42 am
press kind of situation in 275 days and she's now speaking, let's go. >> good morning, everyone. last night i was very glad to be able to begin a conversation with the american people and offer some of my thoughts about isis, iran, and how we reform the va system to provide better care for our vets. and i'm honored that in the last 24 hours, more retired generals and admirals have decided to endorse my campaign. to focus more on these crucial challenges, tomorrow i'm convening a meeting of bipartisan national security leaders and experts, including former secretaries of homeland security, michael chertoff and janet napolitano, general john allen, former acting director
9:43 am
of the ceo, michael morelle and former nato supreme allies commander and others. we will discuss how to intensify efforts against isis and keep our country safe. to that i want to underscore what i mentioned last night. we should make it a top priority to hunt down the leader of isis, al-baghdadi, as we did with usama bin laden. as with that, it will be a focus driven at the highest levels, i believe it will send a resounding message that nobody directs or inspires attacks against the united states and gets away with it. let me be clear. last night was yet another test and donald trump failed yet again.
9:44 am
we saw more evidence that he is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be commander-in-chief. he trash talked american generals saying they quote, be refused to republicans. he suggested he would fire them and replace them with his hand picked generals. he attacked dozens of former officers by saying that quote, we've been losing for us for a long time. that's how he talks about the distinguished men and women who have spent their lives serving our country, sacrificing for us. that's how he would act as commander-in-chief. meanwhile, bizarrely, once again, he praised russia's strongman vladimir putin. even taking the astonishing step of suggesting that he prefers the russian president to our american president.
9:45 am
now, that is not just unpatriotic and insulting to the people of our country, as well as to our commander-in-chief, it is scary because it suggests he will let putin do whatever putin wants to do. and then make excuses for him. i was just thinking about all of the presidents that would just be looking at one another in total astonishment. what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks america's generals and he's praised russia's president. i think we know the answer. and when asked how he would stop the spread of global terrorism, trump's answer was simply, take the oil. the united states of america does not invade other countries to plunder and pillage. we don't send our great men and women around the world to steal
9:46 am
oil and that's not even getting into the absurdity of what it would involve, massive infrastructure, large numbers of troops, many years on the ground. of course, trump hasn't thought through any of that. every republican holding or seeking office in this country should be asked if they agree with donald trump about these statements. now, one thing you didn't hear from trump last night is any plan to take on isis, one of the biggest threats facing our country. he says his plan is still a secret, but the truth is he simply doesn't have one and that's not only dangerous, it should be disqualifying. so, i have a very different vision for how we keep our country safe and strong. i respect the men and women who put their lives on the line to serve america, i will work with our allies to defeat isis and i will hold true to our country's most cherished values.
9:47 am
you know, even with all of the attention being paid to the campaign, we cannot forget how important this decision is. this weekend is the 15th anniversary of 9/11. i will never forget the horror of that day, but i will never forget either the victims and survivors and the brave first responders and emergency first responders that i worked with as senator from new york. that's what kept me working so hard in the senate on behalf of 9/11 families and that's who i was thinking of ten years later in the white house situation room with president obama when the decision was made to bring usama bin laden to justice. that's the kind of commander-in-chief i will be, someone who will bring us together in common purpose to keep our people safe and our country strong.
9:48 am
>> madam secretary, the latest real clear politics average has you by an average of 2.8 percentage points over donald trump. given what you say are his historic inadequacies and disqualification on the commander-in-chief point that you just made, shouldn't you just basically be running away with it at this point? >> well, as i've said many, many times, i've always thought this was going to be a close election, and that's why we've been putting organizations in place, gearing up for these final weeks to mobilize and turn out our voters. satisfies that's exactly what we're going to do and i feel we're in a strong position, but we're not taking any place, anyone, anything for granted. we're going to keep working as hard as we can and hopefully pull out as many voters who agree with me as we possibly can muster. >> hi, jeff.
9:49 am
>> you said unequivocally last night you would not put troops into iraq ever again. isn't, a, that's ignoring some ground forces there, and b, boxing yourself in should your military commanders, if elected, advise that you in fact need to do that. jeff, first of all, i have said that before. i've said it on numerous occasions, i believe it. i think putting a big contingent of american ground troops on the ground in iraq and syria would not be in the best interest of the fight against isis and other terrorist groups. in fact, i think it would fulfill one of their dearest wishes, which is to drag the united states back into a ground war in that region. however, i've been very clear, and i've said this again last night, i support the air campaign, i support special forces, i support enablers, i support surveillance, intelligence and
9:50 am
reconnaissance. i will absolutely be prepared to do whatever is necessary to support the arab and kurdish fighters on the ground to take out as much of the infrastructure of isis from the air, to go after baghdadi as i've said today with a very focused commitment to taking him off the battlefield. i think the approach i've outlined intensifies what we are doing, but also, recognizes that there is no, in my opinion, path forward to ground troops that would be in our intere interest. >> hi, good morning. secretary clinton, you've been criticized by the rnc for your demeanor last night, that you were too serious, you didn't smile enough, can you react to that and also you suggested there is a double standard. do you think you're treated differently in this race because you're a woman? >> well, i'm going to let all of you ponder that last question. i think there will be a lot of
9:51 am
ph.d. thesis and popular journalism writing on that subject for years to come. i don't take my advice and i don't take anything seriously that comes from the rnc. we were talking about serious issues last night. i know the difference between what we have to do to fix the va, what we have to do to take the fight to isis, than just making political happy talk and i had a very short window of time in that event last night to convey the seriousness with which i would approach the issues that concern our country. donald trump chose to talk about his deep admiration and support for vladimir putin. maybe he did it with a smile and i guess the rnc would have liked that. >> thank you, madam secretary. >> like the hat. >> appreciate that. >> is this a new look? >> no, kind of an old look now.
9:52 am
>> bringing it back? >> bringing it back. >> went shopping in your closet? >> you got it. >> i do a lot of that. >> last night, mr. trump suggested in some of his security briefings that the-- that briefers made a suggestion or insinuation, the cia was not pleased with the decision that the administration and obama have made so far. did you get that same impression in the briefings that you got and can you comment otherwise on that suggestion from mr. trump? >> i think what he said was totally inappropriate and undisciplined. i would never comment on any aspect of an intelligence briefing that i received. >> different standard and what does it mean to you going into the debate? >> that's a very fair question. i have been somewhat heartened by the number of articles
9:53 am
recently pointing out the quite disparate treatment of trump and his campaign compared to ours. i don't understand the reasons for it and i find it frustrating, but it's just part of the landscape that we live in and we just keep foraging ahead. look, i think this is a really important moment for everybody in our country. as you have seen by the numbers of republicans concerned about trump coming forward and saying this is not acceptable. they are willing to put their names out there, people who have never endorsed a democrat. people who have never endorsed before because they are so concerned about this man and how totally unqualified he is to be president and how totally temperamentally unfit he is to be commander-in-chief.
9:54 am
so, i know that he says outrageous things on a, you know, pretty regular basis and i know that's part of the coverage and i know that it may be difficult to feel that, you know exactly how to respond to some of his behavior, but we're on the brink of making a very critical decision for our country and if i were not the candidate, if i were not the nominee, if i were just a concerned citizen, i'd be out here doing everything i could to sound the alarm about someone like donald trump getting anywhere near the white house and i will continue to do th that. that. >> thanks, guys. >> well, you can look on the map and find the love boat. [laughter]
9:55 am
>> i love you, andrea, you're indefatiguable, you're my kind of woman. i know, go ahead. i mean, the sympathy vote, the whole thing, i love it. [inaudible] >> matt olson, right, right. [inaudible question] >> no, that's not true. well, you know, look, i mean, the republicans are just in a terrible dilemma trying to support a totally unqualified nominee. i have no sympathy for them. it's their nominee. but i am not going to tolerate them continuing to make misleading, inaccurate accusations and putting out misinformation about me. and here is the latest example.
9:56 am
matt olson, the very distinguished and effective former director of the national counterterrorism center was so disturbed by what he has seen coming from the trump campaign, that he wrote an article that i guess came on-line in the last 48 hours, pulling from public sources very clear statements by isis leaders essentially throwing whatever support they have to donald trump. they have, as matt olson pointed out, said they hope that allah delivers america to trump. they have said that they hope that he is the president because it would give even more motivation to every jihadi, someone who has insulted
9:57 am
muslims, has insulted a goldstar family of an incredibly heroic captain khan, someone who has said he doesn't want to let muslims around the world even come to our country. that is a gift for isis and that is what matt olson, who knows more about this than the republicans trying to somehow muddy the waters, very clearly stated. that's what i mean and look, i'm not asking for any special treatment. i know the road that i'm on. i've been on it for 25 years and i just get up every day and keep moving forward. i love this country, i will serve it with my entire heart, mind and soul. i will do everything i can to protect america and i will do everything i can to make sure donald trump is not president for many reasons, but this latest information coming from a distinguished counterterrorism expert should
9:58 am
put every american's mind in motion to try to figure out what everyone can do to prevent trump from being the president. thank you. >> see you guys on the plane, appreciate it. stuart: now, i counted six questions from the tarmac there at westchester airport, white plains airport, new york from hillary clinton answering six questions. she was asked questions almost entirely about what donald trump had said. not about her own policy either in the past or going forward. it's a very different kind of press conference, i was picking up there. reaction from our company liz: she first talked about how trump trash talked the military last night the generals reduced to rubble and suggested he would fire them we've been losing for a long time. and then hillary clinton citing, hang on, raising, excuse me, putin, that he prefers putin to our president and paul ryan said russia is a
9:59 am
led by a devious thug. ashley: i thought there were softball questions. one being why is it 275 days since she's held a press conference. did anyone mention the e-mails. stuart: not mentioned. >> not once. stuart: her admission of mistakes that she said last night, that wasn't mentioned. that was not questioned not at all. ashley: other than isis supports donald trump, i got that. stuart: i think, again, to go back to the beginning here. she was asked questions about donald trump and what donald trump said. she was not asked questions about her own policy. there was one about what she would do with isis and that's it. six questions, one about her own policy. if you look at the donald trump press conference, the media asks him about what he has said. ashley: yes, yes. stuart: not about what hillary clinton has said liz: all right, what she's saying, what donald trump said last night was so outrageous and needed to be discussed and, for example, you go into a country like iraq to take its
10:00 am
oil, to the victor goes the oil? that makes the u.s. military a mercenary force. in order she's taking trump on for what she feels are the outrageous things she says. stuart: wait a second, brian, you're with us, a part of the trump campaign. >> very much so. stuart: that was a fair comment from liz there. what donald trump said last night was insulting to our troops and, you know, puts us in a difficult position going forward against isis, what do you say. >> i would disagree it was insulting. it wasn't insulting about the troops. he's saying about the generals, under obama and hillary they didn't listen to the generals. nigeria, hillary clinton did not designate boca haram as a terrorist organization, why? because the nigerian billionaire has given millions to the clinton foundation. and libya, the secretary said do not, do not go to libya. she didn't listen to him. they went in now, and now we've got a dead ambassador in libya and isis ruling libya, what's
10:01 am
interesting, i'm not going to call a press conference. call it a discussion at best, that's not a press coverage. and what's interesting, she wasn't asked about the e-mails, she wasn't asked about the foundation. ashley: no. >> she wasn't asked about her immigration plan, about her own foreign policy background. that's what i had a ' like to ask. why are we worse off in russia, worse off in yemen, libya, all over the world. how could you defend your accomplishments or lack thereof. stuart: and i want to bring in from the house intelligence committee listening to the debate last night and listening to hillary clinton this morning, from an intelligence point of view, what do you get out of hillary clinton's press conference moments ago? >> well, she's not telling the truth. i mean, and she hasn't been telling the truth about some of these things for a long, long time now. as she criticizes mr. trump for
10:02 am
saying outrageous things and he does from time to time. but my heavens, if we have a choice between someone who shays thanks outrageous and someone consistently lying, which are you going to choose? to me the answer is very obvious. stuart: this thing about what donald trump said about the generals, that they've been reduced to rubble. and about fighting terrorism by taking the oil. does that make sense to you? >> well, i haven't seen mr. trump's comment on that so it's hard for me to reply to that and i could do so in general terms, but, i will say this, if this is what he's talking about, that the military leadership has been neutered under this administration. if we've seen the politicalization, for example, of intelligence, something we've never seen before, what we're seeing intelligence that's skewed to fit the administration's narrative, if he's talking about that type of thing, no question that's taken place. stuart: i want your reaction to
10:03 am
the breaking news this morning, that vladimir putin has invited the palestinians and the israelis for talks in moscow and the two sides have agreed in principle to go. earlier this morning, ambassador john bolton on this program says that that was an extraordinary development because it shows that putin has kicked us out of the middle east. your response? >> oh, there's no question it's a remarkable development. i was in moscow the last few weeks and in israel, the fact that they would be pivoting to russia, looking to russia for global leadership, are they doing that because they believe russia is a more fair player? of course they're not. they're doing that because they know longer trust the united states and don't think that the united states is playing the role of global leadership that they've played for generations know you and they look to the future and wonder, is the united states going to be fair and is it going to be an important player? and they've determined that they may not be. it's remarkable development. stuart: congressman stewart, i know you have to run because
10:04 am
you're in the iran hearing today and i know you've got a bill which wants-- the administration to disclose all the tax dollars that were paid in ransom to the iranians for the release of our four hostages. briefly, describe that bill, that's the kind of thing we're saying that's nuts for him to say that should be transparent and open and honest in these payments. this bill just requires them to do that. >> congressman chris stuart we know you're a very busy man and we thank you for taking time out to be with us this morning. thank you very much sir. i want to brief recap what hillary clinton said in a press
10:05 am
conference 10, 15 minutes ago she was asking why isn't he running away with the election is this she said well i'm going to keep on working. she says there will be no grouped troops in iraq not now, not every and asked about that but ignored that we've already got 6,000 troops on parking thed in that area of the world. softball questions why are you so serious last night? and obscure -- how about a double standard in running, it was a defensive press conference and she attacked donald trump but never went into her own policies and how they're working out. that was gist of what was saying last night. she was never asked about hem and never asked to defend wrafer this point, and her legacy in the middle east. >> weren't prescreened -- >> not going to speculate on that but hastily arraigned and we only knew about this 8:55 this morning -- >> if she had had a good night
10:06 am
last night they wouldn't have done this today. >> last word. : white house press secretary said august a 3rd that money that wept to iran could support terrorism. that could be used for this purpose too. that's an amazing admission. stuart: we have with us chuck cubic one of the 18 admirals who support trump. we are, i have to bring to your attention what donald trump said last night. he was talking about vladimir putin. she was very much in praise of putin as a leader within his own system. he went on to say that you get rid of terrorism by taking the oil. what do you make of all of this? because he's coming under some criticism this morning an that came from hillary clinton moments ago. >> good morning, stuart. i think it's a comment that require just a little bit of a deeper thought. so i was actually in iraq versus a military commander then that has a construction contractor at
10:07 am
the time of the whole issue of what was going to happen to the oillet came up. this would have been back in 2005. and one of the things that happened was we were not pushing to give preference to u.s. oil companies to develop oil to provide the services an we started to see foreign companies move in. so as a minimum having sacrifice to liberate iraq we should have taken a policy that gave ourselves preference. later on the point he's making is you cannot defeat isis with limited connectic action but you have to go after this ideology and information warfare in the way to hit them hard financially would have been to deprive them of the oil. whether you talk it for argues or say occurred to control the oil field, to deprize from isis and you have to go into turkey and perm who were buying the oil and shut that down. that was what he was talking about. was to shut off money in addition to attacking them.
10:08 am
>> hillary clinton in her press conference moments ago -- she was asked about her commitment where she said, no grounds troops in iraq, not now, nots ever we're not going back to that. she was about that and she said wow she special forces and air power used to support our allies on the ground. what do you make of her response? to the question about ground troops in iraq. >> well, last night hillary clinton had an opportunity to stand up and demonstrate stature as commander in chief and she choked. so she had to come back today and try to make up for it. but she once again shows that she'll be a failed commander in chief just as she was a failed secretary of state by taking options off the table right away. she's going to convene a panel tomorrow to tub a national security strategy implying she doesn't have one, and yet she's basically saying to the enemy, we're not going to do this. so don't worry about that if i'm
10:09 am
the president. you never want to take options off the table as commander in chief. you want to allow your military commanders the ability to come to you and propose the best fully integrated strategy to defeat an enemy both connectly and nonviolent means. >> hold on for a second admiral. we're looking at what hillary clinton just said in her press conference. stuart: it appeared to be largely defensive didn't go into her own policies very much. some but not very much. most of it was a really strong attack on donald trump. now, liz elizabeth macdonald was watching you see one vulnerability what he said about general and putin you see that as a trump vulnerability, corrects? >> listen, you're right hillary clinton was not pressed on her policies at all. i don't know who was in the press pool there. not sure if washington, d.c. reporters were there. they're usually hard nosed but
10:10 am
putin popularity because he's seen as a strong is leader in this country but he's exiled journalist. killed journalist and killed his political and jailed his political opponent. paul ryan his office said russia is global led by a devious thug and unclear what trump's end game is here in, you know, saddling up to putin -- >>[inaudible] opinion >> people prsing putin he said i don't agree with the way that is run. i don't agree with his policies but >> what i do see in him is someone prepared to lead and that was a reference to lack -- [inaudible] >> hold on. >> he's gone 82% rule because f this behavior. stuart: your guy gave an opening to hillary clinton. >> let me respond donald trump in no way defended putin he said we can work with russia and that will happen in this country for a long time. fdr worked, and reagan worked -- hold on a second. hillary clinton -- >> praising him. >> hillary clinton attempted to
10:11 am
recent with russia. under obama on syria, and further, obama is -- working with iran. and we're talking about how -- no that's just something that make hads perfect sense. stuart: hold on a second i want to introduce a new voice to the discussion ebony was watching last night and press conference this morning. my conclusion and i'll say it again was that basically hillary clinton was asked questions about donald trump. and not questions about about herself and her own performance. i think she was relatively defensive and you say -- >> i think she was absolutely defensive i also say that is a more comfortable posture for hillary clinton. she likes running on defense politically she's had numerous opportunities stuart to get out in front of these issues whether it's clinton foundation, e-mails whether it's invoking her policy
10:12 am
subpoena she's taken those opportunities i say because hillary clinton and like to be in a force of an opportunity to be victim to tab whether it's right wing conspiracy or media. it doesn't matter they get to play the defensive role. >> let this -- last night hillary clinton's went first. okay so 30 minutes for hillary clinton. 30 minutes for donald tru. hillary went first. i think she held a news conference this morning so she could recap the fact what donald trump said second last night. i think that's what she went out to do but what she did not do this morning i thought she was was to get out front of donald trump on issue of education. so this afternoon donald trump goes to cleveland. he's visiting a charter school and he's looking at school choice. she was surely a golden opportunity for hillary clinton to say i've got a policy. >> failed to do it. >> she failed to do it and smart
10:13 am
of donald trump i personally have been invoking this many, many times on air saying that is what he should be talking about. i will say this, though, i've been listening this morning doing a great job admiral doing a great job but donald trump is saying things but not precise around it so therefore surrogates to do heavy lifting -- >> that's what it can appear. because look at the accident change you and elizabeth were having around russia it is a good policy point but that's the framework many americans will say -- exactly. >> here's the reason, she had 30 minutes last night as she did to answer a lot of questions. and when goes out general has muchless time out there than we do with people on the campaign and serving for campaign. >> hard to buy that when donald trump as at the whim and does -- [inaudible] >> happy to do it. stuart: wait a second please don't talk over each other and we have with us admiral chuck
10:14 am
cubic trying to get into the discussion. i know you're there. just because you're not sitting around table doesn't mean we've forgotten about you. make your point. >> he went to me -- >> i'm sorry. >> you're talking to somebody else -- i know you are. >> link went down -- stuart varney tossed to me -- >> hep doesn't know that he's on. live tv. live tv. ladies and gentlemen that's the dangerous place to be. on live tv but you don't know it all of that can be serious. now admiral can you hear me? no. we've cleared him. okay i didn't know that. all right we've cleared him and gone. >> but we did hear him. >> donald trump, i know -- to his point. any candidate when they go out there, they give answers to questions right based on their experience, knowledge, authenticity but again especially in the case of donald trump, he's been a politician for a bit over a year. i've been in this game a long time as you have. so, of course, talking about it
10:15 am
from political angle but reason he received 14 million votes in the primary more than any gop candidate ever. and he'll win primary and election is because of how authentic he is. so that place into that back and forth with hillary clinton, she's completely authentic. totally scripted by the way why was engine running in the background of that press conference? they forgotten how to -- >> so long. >> make a quick getaway. >> we're out. [laughter] stuart: i want your judgment from last night who won, with who lost? >> to the point trump won in awe then ties authenticity but i don't know if you get an a for effort at this point, stuart. >> all right i agree top one -- >> zudi is with us i don't know the exact what's the name of the organization? tell me. >> the american islamic form for
10:16 am
democracy. >> thank you. stuart: how do you see hillary's form on terrorist? >> i get tired of someone knee-deep in trenches of the issues and tired of the media grid focusing that she's simply the lesser of evils or alternative. it's about isis it's about failed syria policy. it's about what she was secretary of state the grounds were being laid for cash transfers of 9 9 dollars in 13 payments that we just found out. why isn't media asking her about that? no we have to find out what her rebuttal is to trump's responses which is -- on absurd she's not held to the presidential candidate and in this fake press conference not like what many of you were saying not at the standards of what a washington tough press conference would have been about. and all of these issues were just left on the table. >> how many american muslims will vote for donald trump?
10:17 am
>> well, i think i can tell you from the syrian community many american muslims are seeing this failed intentional syria policy that is empowered russia and iran, and barrel bombs of chlorine gas are dropped and seeing that they don't want another third term of barack obama which is what they're seeing so as american muslims wake up, they're going to see that a third term of barack obama is only going to continue to bring devastation upon people of sear why syria and allow isis to grow. >> american muslims give 80 or 85 or 90% of their votes to hillary clinton? give me a number here. >> well, those numbers actually are probably where they are right now. because unfortunately the republican party through mr. trump has not been able to engage the narrative of strong national defense -- defensive religious freedom that muslims are part of that. that we lead, that we are part of the solution so until the
10:18 am
republican party through mr. trump can get that narrative right we're handing over victim narrative of the islamist grievance group and that's where muslim vote has gone in last two elections. >> i don't to get far away from last night commander in chief forum and today press conference but i want to bring something to your attention and that is the wall that they are building in caillat france to keep migrants out of britain. i've said that this is another -- another example of the breakup of yiewrm yiewrm as we know it and breaking up under pressure of millions of husm migrants. what do you make of it? >> well basically a natural sort of like plit physic which had is equal and opposite reaction to the law of the national identity of many countries and brexit was partly if not a lot about that which is the u.k. wants to maintain its national integrity
10:19 am
and national identity and then flux of refugees unidentified, undocumented those over from france has to stop. and the fence was working and they want to make it into a wall. bottom line is that it's the same narrative as that people need to come legally. not illegally and that's what was happening in that region between the u.k. and trans. and we'll see across that devastation that -- merkel's party in germany has been seeing is because of her inability to show leadership in german integrity and german identity and we're going to see this sweep sw across europe as a response to influx and loss of national identity through many countrieses in europe. >> bottom line i want to repeat this all of our viewers who may not know you well, you oppose political islam. that's where you are coming from, correct? >> i see the root cause is not tri. which is living simply a sm but root cause is islam an we muslims need to lead this solution of reform.
10:20 am
key stuart is reform. whether it be domestically in america and europe or in the countries in middle east so alley saudi they are which is te islam. >> thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. thank you. >> thanks stuart. stuart: back to the market down 15 points with the dow jones industrial most of the dow 30 are in the red that's on the left hand side of your screen. look at apple stock is falling about $2 down. 106 despite the unveiling of the iphone 7 that came yesterday. how about amazon? moved up close to $800 a share the other day. 784 this morning way, way up there the fourth most valuable company in world. liberty media they are buying formula one. that's an interesting get
10:21 am
together. but they're -- no -- liberty media they're buying formula one, and they are at $21 a share down 1%. we just received what latest read on the 30-year fixed rate mortgage. where are we i think 344 correct? >> down from last week.46. okay under three and a half percent. so low. [laughter] >> i love that 30 years ago. [laughter] all right more varney after this. you do all this research on a perfect car,
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maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. test an donald trump failed yet again.
10:25 am
we saw more evidence that he is temperamentally unfit an totally unqualified to be commander in chief. he trash talked american generals saying they have been, quote, reduced to rubble. he suggested he would fire them a an replace them with his hands picked generals pps. he attacks dozens of flag officers by saying that, quote, we've been losing for us for a long time. that's how he talks about distinguished men and women who have spent their lives serving our country. stuart: hillary clinton's first press conference in 275 days. held at the airport on tarmac in westchester county, new york, moments ago. clearly she was attacking donald trump. who has just released a lengthy statement. >> the tip -- quote last night hillary clinton again failed the commander in chief test in direct response to
10:26 am
what hillary was saying on tarmac it says these are desperate attacks of a flailing campaign sinking in polls and characteristics of someone woefully unfit for presidency of the united states. now that -- >> that is back to polls. now, i would like to hear some substantial policy and not i'm not hearing it from hillary clinton but a lot from donald trump and not from hillary clinton. >> i don't believe that's the tech she's going to take. saying for many weeks she's prepared and comfortable to win this by default. >> is it possible sure it is impossible. risky i wouldn't advise her and gives up plul political control when doing it. >> strike that it's all -- got more for you. apple out with a brand new iphone yes, but it was -- about but it was --
10:27 am
80s icon supermar owe. >> supermario stole the show a big deal for nintendo and donald trump propose scholarships for american children. how about that? back in a moment. when it comes to healthcare,
10:28 am
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10:30 am
stuart: no response on the stock market to hillary clinton's press conference moments ago. we're still down about 50 points. where's the price of oil i tell you lose to $46 a barrel. only upside this morning. hour starbucks where's that stock? down a little.
10:31 am
it's chief howard shuttle is going for hillary clinton, and endorsed her. what do you say to that emac? >> of course you have to elect hillary clinton she needs to be the next president. he's basically donated just one republican in the last two decades john mccain in the 90s. he's saying we've seen a victory and bigotry, hate divisiveness and asked too is he going to run for office he said never say never. >> need tone doors him like less than two months from the lx if he's such a big time democrat why wait as long. >> i'd buy stock if i knew it was going straight up regardless of the policy. >> but in position when you're stapsding there paying $6 for a latte to hear his political view. do you care as a mirror? >> i like that liz. $6 for a cup of ice. a smidge of coffee. next case everyone. donald trump moves the conversation forward today. he's talking education at a charter school in cleveland. trump economic advisory and
10:32 am
professor is with us peter you're an advisor to trump on economic team. is this just -- his policy block grants to the state. and let the state decide how they're going to use that money in particular he wants to go for educational choice. now, what -- what contribution to the economy qowld educational choice make in our society? >> well there's a good question, and the answer is pretty simple. better education we have for our children the better opportunity our economy has to compete against the rest of the world. what mr. trump will do today is basically consistent with the principle of empowering parents, empowering students to get the best education they can. and we have essentially a monopoly in public school system and there's at private school,
10:33 am
homeschooling, and this proposal, this policy proposal that mr. trump will put forward today will advance that by basically taking federal money and turning this into a choice for people in communities that desperately need it opinion >>. >> that is actually a radical plan that transfers a lot of power to the states and away from the federal government. and it transfers if it goes u through, transfers power away from the teachers union. the word radical people think what's radical is the federal government basically ruling over local education. i mean, this is a country that's grassroots country that should be ruled from the bottom up. but you know, other thing about donald trump he's what i like to call the sinner synergy president but what we have in this country is we've got people
10:34 am
graduating from good schools, with good degrees that can't find jobs. u right now this many of our inner city communities, it's very difficult to get a good education people don't have faith in their school so donald trump will attack all of these problems at different points of the compass and broader goal is opportunity. innovation, and you do that through education. >> you did it through now peter mark cuban, he told my -- wow. he told my colleague -- >> diverring into a los angeles lakers fan, stuart every time he goes to l.a. it's just so much fun to watch cuban show. but anyway -- i understand -- >> he told neil cavuto earlier this week any colleague neil cavuto that trump presidentially will cause a market crash. the credit rating agency does not agree yesterday. they said look the outcome of the forthcoming election will not impact the united states aaa stable credit rating let's go
10:35 am
back to mark cuban it will cause a crash if he wins. what do you say? >> two i think this about mark besides that everybody loves mark. first of all golden state warrior and cavaliers i'm sure dallas mavericks sorry about that mark. but let's think this through. donald trump wants to cut taxes. reduce regulation, lower energy cost and reduce our trade deficit. and there shall double our growth rate. that sounds like biggest bowl market we've had since the 1980s. on the other hand, hillary clinton wants to raise taxes, increase regulation, basically do away with our fossil fuel industry by buying con, and continue with this crazy markets. now you don't know what mark cuban will do he might be saying something, as soon as donald trump gets buying calls on the s&p 500, so who knows, you know?
10:36 am
>> i'm out of time. stuart: thanks very much for joining us feater. see you very soon. thank you very much indeed. as we know i think we all know look at that -- [sirens] sorry about that. got a nerve i guess he's not a nerd. story is this -- nintendo will put its games on apple. on the iphone -- never done that before. they've never gone outside a nintendo device. i say that is a big deal. a big deal in the world of technology and mashable chief correspondent here with me now. you are a big deal. you are -- you are. you have clouts and we welcome you on this program. >> thank you. stuart: i say that nintendo move put games on iphone and only iphone i think that's a huge move for both sides. >> yeah, i think it is nintendo has an interesting story over past year. we have "pokemon go" explosion
10:37 am
right and that shot up stock on nintendo but interesting that the game was built by nintech and that tampered dun a bit but interesting thing that happened on the portable gaming side that that new interest reenergized buying habit on the 3ds nintendo actual hardware but a while since it was on hardware front. this makes a lot of sense. >> this was a long time coming to be honest. the moment when they announced it, and said super mario run a version of super mario coming to the iphone, the audience exploded. my twitter feed when i put it up exploded. this was the best news that super mario fans had heard in a very long time. >> good news for super marioen pas an nintendo but good news for a ling? of course. apple wants -- the game i believe is free.
10:38 am
it is going to be free. but always going to be in app purchase and cut for apple on thesepurchases so apple macs money through -- through apps. it's a very big business for them. and it also is a gateway this means that more nin ten toe product and i.p. will be coming to apple because they recognize they're not going to win that war. brands are most important thing and proven by what just happened with with pokemon because they got this halo effect. you know this game that somebody else built it and they have the benefit of that and going to get the been the of this. a tremendous love for this character interestingly enough started on a different brand within donkey kong so kind of makes sense now that super mario is going over to apple. >> now you're talking. [laughter] stuart: i remember new super mario that tune is in my head actually new iphone 7 is this
10:39 am
outrage about no phone jack? is that going to die down? is that much to do about nothing? >> it's interesting so people inside had a superlong history and longest history of any port that's out there. longer than say serial, parallel other forts that went away. so if you looked at the ones tht went away people will survive this too and they knew it was coming and no surprises at this apple event we knew which phones were coming and a killing this port and they did it. and it's you know they've got one coming with the phone. they've got u new lightning port, headphones they've got something called airport which are wireless headphone, earphone. >> if you have to guess -- and i'm going to ask you to guess would you say that the advance orders will be very is strong per the iphone 7? >> okay. well i had brief moment of time with it in the room. it was kind of gorgeous. the jet black one which is --
10:40 am
really, really a beautiful phone. apple so good at doing that. and people are excited about it. i think that never had a time when had iphone orders have not been in the tens of millions. stuart: that is important if you can afford iphone and look at new ones and they're sleek and black as you say gorgeous, i think that's a big plus. my opinion. >> waterproof finally button doesn't move anymore so they have innovation they've got, of course, camera better because these are cameras now what everybody takes a picture with. in the right area. >> you're indeed a big deal and chief correspondent of mashable and graced with your presence seriously we like that. you be you know what you're talking about. talking technology with total outsider. >> are you trying to answer with money -- >> no. [laughter] thanks so much good stuff.
10:41 am
stuart: and this a new program to hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. the question is this does hillary destroy evidence under subpoena? and is there enough evidence to prosecute here? we'll answer both questions believe me. something completely different marilyn monroe her 1962 singing happy birthday to president john f. kennedy. the dress she's wearing is now up for auction. expected to fetch what -- 2 or $3 million. that dress, by the way, was so tight that marilyn had to be sewn into it. watch this. ♪ happy birthday mr. president -- happy birthday to you ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
>> i'm nick nicole petallides with your fox business brief. dow jones industrial down 39 points at a 18,487 s&p 500 down 4, and we're also watching nasdaq pulling back after setting record close yesterday. tack a look at some of the movers here this is we're seeing energy, utility with up arrow and material, consumer stocks and financials under some pressure. watching some of the dow winners and losers american express and verizon leaded way while apple an nike come under pressure. apple yesterday revealing iphone 7, new watch as well as some news on the mack. there's american express that is upside by 37 cents retailers are
10:44 am
under some pressure including tractor supply company cutting outis look on agricultural industry. supervalue that's down over 7% tractor supply down 15%. macey and barnes & noble also with down arrows. watching liberty media taken over liberty media that is taking over -- upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at when you should be enjoying still payour retirement?me if you've paid off at least 50% of your mortgage and you're 62 or older, a reverse mortgage might be the answer. a government-backed reverse mortgage
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10:46 am
>> we always bring you biggest movers and this is a big mover. it's the biggest mover on the s&p 500 tractor supply down 16%. they gave a weak outlook ouch. we know hillary clinton's aids use hammers and professional permanant deletion software to preserve serve or. attorney katy fang is with us. katy let's go through this again. the order comes down from congress preserve those records. hillary aids smash the records with a hammer an delete from the server withleach whatever it's called. would you prosecute that case an what for? >> well stuart, the old school way of destroying records apparently doesn't work for hillary clinton's team. there is a federal statute, obstruction by destruction of evidence.
10:47 am
18 u.s. code 1512 subsection c whoever corruptly alters, destroy, a record, a document, an object with the intent to impair its availability for fear to use in official proceeding has broken the law and can be punished up to 20 years in federal prison. that's exactly what is man hadding in this case. i would prosecute that statute absolutely stuart. >> we like your drama. stuart: you would prosecute that i got it. now katy listen to this. it's from hillary clinton last night. roll tape. >> first of all, as i've said repeatedly, it was a mistake to have a personal account. i would certainly not do it again. i make no excuses for it. it was something that should not have been done. stuart: actually that was the wrong soundbite the one i wanted to run is where she said nothing was marked. there was no marking secret confidential it wasn't marked.
10:48 am
so i did nothing wrong. did she do something wrong? >> she said last night that there were no headers or headings that would indicate that it was top secret classified confident information but stuart you have to ask yourself and american public has to ask itself does she need to have it still basically given to her to understand that contents of the information should not be disseminated and that happen when is they use a special software to delete certain e-mails that was evidence that she knew that she was disseminating a violation of every national security protocol that we have. and how does that not expose united states to risk that secret were beginning to become available to the public. stuart: in two cases you can see evidence of wrong doing so how is she getting away with it? i ask you that. >> well, what the problem is the following it's who is the fbi really speaking to in the clinton camp to be able to
10:49 am
determine this information, and is clinton using its army of lawyers to do things like represent the i.t. folks at plant network people maintaining her server? they've been built a privilege saying privileges present employees from speaking to fbi. the fbi is beginning to let it go but a conflict of interest and lawyers be representing that same i.t. company and i tell you no they shouldn't be. >> you do your homework with and we like that. katy fang see us again soon. thank you. stuart: third party libertarian candidate johnson appeared on nbc today asked about the syrian conflicts and responded in confused manner by saying what is a lepo? watch this. >> what would you do if you were elected of a lep organization. out a po what is a lepo? >> you're kidding. >> a lepo is in syria, it's the
10:50 am
epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> okay, got it. got it. >> now that media morning is saying that that was a total men what say you? >> it wasn't good let's be honest, i mean this has been in the news a lot about what's going on in lepo and seemed confuse an said okay not good for him. >> not good. out with a statement saying gary johnson said i blanked he said no morning i began my day by sitting aside any doubt that i'm human. he said yes understand the dynamic of the syrian conflict i talk about a lepo practically every day. [inaudible] >> i made a mistake, sorry. >> who else do you blame? >> torched his whole run -- i don't know. >> i have to get this in. give me 20 seconds here. united kingdom, britain, houses of parliament country state of power is shut down for six years. they say that building is crumbling. there is an impending crisis and
10:51 am
needs refurbished and lawmakers have to meet elsewhere now that's probably a pub. [laughter] stuart: chaos on a jet flight to puerto rico woman set fire to two blankets and a control panel used a lighter to burn items no motive gwinn. woman has been, obviously, arrested and president obama he's speaking to foreign officials in report rs, he attacks donald trump. then he says americans are too lazy to explore the world. how about that? from the 16th -- did he say that? >> we'll be back in a moment. i have asthma...
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10:56 am
military leadership is neutered under this administration. if we've seen politicalization and seeing intelligence that is being skewed to fit the administration narrative that he's talking about those kinds of thing and i happen to agree with him and no question that's taking place. >> that was congressman chris stuart earlier this hour. now take a look at this right now our producer filling in stuart on what's coming up at the top of the hour. here's what we have. hillary clinton say her rift e-mail server more secure than state departments really? we're fact checking that one with a guy who designed this software that was used to wipe her servers clean. hillary clinton by the way, finally holding a press conference today bashes trump, gets lobbed a lot of softball question. we're talking to only conservative colonist at the washington post he's very lonely and what does she make of comments? and heard about the humanitarian crisis in venezuela but there's
10:57 am
a new twist. thousands of pets left in the streets to starve. hour three, just three minutes away. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark.
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11:00 am
stuart: it is a very big day in politics, hillary clinton answering questions from reporters, bret baer talking about that in a moment. we have numbers on how much oil we have in storage. ashley has the number. >> 14.15. ashley: $14 million a drop? stuart: a drop of 14 million, we have to check this. ashley: down 14 million. that would be very positive for oil. stuart: if there was a huge drop in oil and supply we are using an enormous amount of it that would put the price up and the
11:01 am
price is up 3.5%. ashley: we will confirm that. stuart: we are checking this vigorously. stuart: oil is up. the amount of oil in storage is down. it means we are going through supplies pretty quickly. stuart: i am also looking at the stock market which usually reflects movement in the price of oil, stocks up, we cut the loss on wall street because of the soil number, we are down 25 points on the dow jones industrials right there at 18,500 but that is big news on the supply of oil. we have less of a, price is up. jermaine to that story is this from the apache corporation, oil and gas, they found a massive
11:02 am
new find of oil and gas. tell me how much they got liz: 3 billion barrels of oil estimated, 3,000,000,000,000 ft. of gas. it was quietly buying up drilling rights in this area of west texas. what they are saying is could be economical to drill if oil is 50 or thereabouts. the storyline was we are going to lose money, idle our rigs and wealth, now they are saying $50 so that is a big deal, it could, it should give opec concern they found a massive oil field in america. stuart: 3 billion barrels of oil. liz: 3000 wealth could be drilled economically if oil hits 50.
11:03 am
stuart: so much for peak oil. oil $46.86. hillary clinton held a long-awaited news conference earlier this morning, answered 6 questions, most of them about donald trump, just one about her own policy. bret baer is here. give me a response to hillary's performance. >> reporter: i think the fact that hillary clinton did a news conference outside that plane tells you something, the clinton campaign was not entirely happy with the candidate forum. they would let it be discussed on cable channels throughout the country and news channels but they wanted a different answer on a number of questions. i think there were things she said about having troops in iraq and syria that raised concerns about 0 ground troops even though we have 4500 and iraq,
11:04 am
300 plus in syria currently. there were things she said about her emails that raised some questions evolved dramatically from what she first talked about so i think they wanted different sound out there and they did that. stuart: i want to play from sound from last night from hillary about sending troops to the middle east from what you were talking about a moment ago. roll tape. >> putting a big contingent of american ground toups on the ground in iraq and syria would not be in the best interests of the fight against isis and other terrorist groups. i think it would fulfill one of their dearest wishes which is to drag the united states back into a ground war in that region. stuart: don't we have 6000 guys and women with boots on the ground there already? that is a ground force, isn't
11:05 am
it? >> 4500 plus in iraq, 300 special forces in syria, that was one of the things they had to clean up today because last night her word said no more ground troops in iraq or syria. you could call ground troops, she tried to caveat it saying massive numbers of combat troops, she was really for special operations forces and special forces and trainers and facilitators, all us troops who happen to be on the ground. stuart: how about her performance answering questions? i always think donald trump does rapidfire, answers one question after another, 20 seconds apiece to answer anything and everything. i think this is different with hillary clinton, i counted only 6 questions. what do you make of the actual performance in her answers?
11:06 am
>> he is careful. she is conceded that she is not the best campaigner, a careful answer or, she is studying for the debates september 26th, the first one, so you can see some of that play out. a totally different style from donald trump which is much more stream of consciousness and that gets him in trouble. stuart: one last question about gary johnson's performance. he didn't know aleppo, never heard of it before. some in the media say that is a total blunder. what say you? >> it is a blunder. trying to get 15% in the debate, that is not the way to do it, if you don't know this city and
11:07 am
syria used to be the focus of forces there but more importantly the issue of syria, gary johnson knows where aleppo is or not brings up the issue of syria that it is in a death spiral and how the obama administration policy affects hillary clinton in some way in this race. >> what gary johnson do about it? interesting question. we will be watching at 6:00 pm eastern time for special report. back to what gary johnson said. it was quite extraordinary. if you watch the tape of his mistake here it is. >> what would you do if elected about aleppo? >> about aleppo. what is aleppo? >> you are kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria.
11:08 am
it is the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> got it. stuart: issued a statement this morning saying it had a blank spot. >> he thought he was referring to an acronym. stuart: washington times online opinion editor monica crowley. third-party candidate, not like it is trump or hillary clinton saying something like this. >> he is still a major candidate and this was a devastating mistake for him to make especially so close to the general election but more importantly so close to a final decision about which candidates will enter the debates, you need a 15% threshold. this was not as devastating as the sitting president liberating poland from the iron curtain. it cost him.
11:09 am
he probably would have lost the election anyway but when learning for president you are not just running for president, you are running to be commander-in-chief and the syrian civil war is a war that has cost 500,000 lives according to un estimates, 8 million people displaced. you are running to be the american commander in chief to replace the current president who refused to enforce a red line which created the current crisis. stuart: that gaffe could keep gary johnson out of the debate. he has got to get 15% in the big time polls. that will cost him. nice guy but i think it will cost him. we are down 28 points, the price of oil going straight up. a big story here, drawdown in the amount of oil in storage, very unexpected 14 million barrels came out of storage, up goes the price. burger king showing off its latest include creation, that is
11:10 am
what we call it. >> looks good to me. stuart: toledo burger, a handful of doritos. no word if it is coming here. much more on hillary clinton bashing donald trump for his comments about tuten. you hear what she said at her first news conference held moment ago next. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business,
11:11 am
and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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11:13 am
stuart: what is the biggest loser of the 500 stocks in the s&p? tractor supply down 15%. why down so much? they gave a weak outlook. donald trump criticized for what he said about vladimir putin last night and hillary clinton pounced on it is morning. >> he phrased russia at strong
11:14 am
man, vladimir putin, taking the astonishing step of suggesting that he prefers the russian president to our american president. that is not just unpatriotic and insulting to the people of our country as well as our commander-in-chief, it is scary. stuart: just so happens we have carter page with us, a trump national security and foreign policy advisor. what do you make of that, pounced on what donald trump said about vladimir putin. >> there is not much new substance in those comments. what i would note is what mister trump has been focused on from the beginning dealing with the threat of radical islamic terror. stuart: the question is about russia and vladimir putin. your guy, donald trump opened
11:15 am
himself up openly praising the guy who just invaded crimea, threatened ukraine and runs the middle east. >> he has also said scifically that this is a top threat and we will do whatever it takes to address this threat directly. obviously the russian government and russia, the russian military have great insights into that. stuart: this morning we had news the palestinians and israelis agreed to go to moscow to talks held by vladimir putin. we have been kicked out of the middle east and your guy is saying vladimir putin is just fine. >> it is prioritization. this is a significant threat for the united states. thinking through new ways he is very open to accepting the help of other countries, not just
11:16 am
russia. this is things i have heard from many world leaders around the world. stuart: it is going to be a tough sell, you want to establish a new relationship with a guy was previously our extreme adversary. our rival. yours i donald trump wants to make a new relationship with the guy. that is a tough sell. >> it extreme challenges they have created. a lot of that is down to limited leadership. the fact that under secretary clinton, creating this new foreign policy for the united states under obama, this created the situation we have today. stuart: thanks for joining us this morning, appropriate timing for your appearance. completely different, how about this? youngsters showing up at college, this is my take, they
11:17 am
are listening, these youngsters just going to college are listening in my opinion to pure nonsense from people called diversity officers. i can't this in the new york times, and argue a call that caught my eye. at clark university massachusetts, diversity officer held in orientation meeting for incoming students. the young woman asked the following question. when i as a white female listen to music that uses the n-word and i'm in the car with white friends is it okay to sing along? no, said the diversity officer. monica crowley is with us, i have other examples, this is pure nonsense. you are not allowed to say everyone can succeed in this society if they work hard enough. can't say that. >> politically incorrect,
11:18 am
considered insensitive to those who might lack ambition or any other variety of reasons beyond their control they can't succeed. we heard reports from college campuses for a long time. we talk about it every week, a new insane example. what is frightening to me is the next generations of americans are groomed in college campuses and the ease with which they are willing to dispense with the first amendment, dispense with common sense terrifies me. stuart: this is the anti-university, the exact opposite of what a university is. >> 42,$000 tuition. stuart: if i walk to this room, can't say that. >> that is offensive to me because i'm not a guy. it is insane and when we see
11:19 am
this it is easy to laugh and market them and say this is alice in wonderland but these college kids are taking this seriously, college administrators take it seriously and they enforce this. stuart: i am the parent, the guy paying, i take it very seriously. stuart: mercedes showing up a concept for a delivery van of the future, a killer feature, it has a drone launching pad on the roof, loads of packages on the drones, they deliver the package, flyback. a drone launching pad, something completely different from that president obama on tour in asia criticizes trump while he is abroad. you are not going to believe
11:20 am
what he said about the american people while he was over there, you will hear it next. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. we are all in for our customers. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight...
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...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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11:23 am
call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: president obama on foreign soil in asia criticized donald trump during a news conference and he did that after
11:24 am
replying americans are lazy. watch this. >> if you are in laos, you need to know about thailand and china and cambodia because you are a small country and they are right next door and you need to know who they are. if you are -- if you are the united states sometimes you can feel lazy and think we are so big we don't have to know anything about other people. stuart: okay. monica is still with us. he went on to say climate change is terrifying, implies we are lazy for not knowing about our neighbors, and really unloaded on donald trump a couple times. i wasn't expecting that from our leader on foreign soil. >> you are surprised by classic left-wing utterances by this president? after nearly eight years of
11:25 am
evidence what this man believes, how he conducts himself, how he views america nothing surprises me anymore. to dismiss americans as lazy because they don't know much about the world is incredibly insulting to the people he represents, not just the left or democrats. as president he is supposed to be representing everybody and on foreign soil that kind of comment is unconscionable but not a surprise we do ashley: after eight years of the obama economy no one can look forward to flying anywhere else. >> a communist area of the world. stuart: our president should not be criticizing a presidential candidate from overseas. ashley: airing dirty laundry. >> he has done this, attacking donald trump when he was a broad and his comment about climate change is classic obama, he and john kerry and others in his administration said the number one threat to the united states is not isis or islamic fundamentalism but climate change and they believe it.
11:26 am
stuart: he looks rather tired and almost defeated, that is just my opinion. we are still down 30 points, a big jump in the price of oil but that has not affected stocks much. chaos in venezuela, the humanitarian crisis, now look at a new angle, pets in that country are being abandoned in the street literally being left to starve, dreadful story, we will bring it to you. hillary holds a press conference, gets lobbed a couple softball questions. what does the only conservative columnist at the washington post think about it? she is on the show. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology help keep cities moving, so neighborhoods and businesses can prosper.
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stuart: acquired stock market down 32 points and holding for the past few minutes, the price of oil straight up because we have drawn down a lot of supply, using more and the price goes up 4%. donald trump will get a major education speech at a charter school in cleveland later today. he is out front on this issue like foreign-policy, immigration, the economy and he wants to get out front on education.
11:31 am
steve cortez, trump campaign saga, with the speech today he is going right at the teachers union. what say you? >> absolutely and i say amen because he needs to. this issue of education is the civil rights issue of our day. far too many american children of all colors go to bed public schools but particularly minority children. one third of minority children in america live in poverty, they are starting their lives behind the 8 ball. in addition we send them largely to failing schools like mine in chicago that cares more about the teachers unions than actually educating children and preparing them to be productive workers and members of society. these schools, you and i would not want to send our children to them and you know who else doesn't want to? the democrat elite, the obamas, the clintons. as much as they back the education union they would not dare to send their children,
11:32 am
they send their children to expensive private schools. stuart: what donald trump is going to say today is they block grants for education that goes straight to the states and the states have the power to decide how it is going to be used and in that lock grant he will encourage school choice like charter schools and school vouchers. that is a different educational policy. are you with it or against it? >> completed with it. competition works and states and localities figure it out. stuart: sorry to rush you, steve but this is an extraordinary day full of news. thanks a lot. now this, hillary clinton did give her first press conference in 277 days. the media teed her up with a lot of softball questions, nothing about her scandals, many feeding her attack lines to attack donald trump. listen to this. >> the latest politics average has you up by an average of 2.8
11:33 am
percentage points over donald trump. given what you say are historic inadequacies shouldn't you just basically be running away with it at this point? you have been criticized by the are in c for your demeanor that you were too serious, didn't smile enough, can you react to that? you suggest there is a double standard. do you think you are treated differently in this race because you are a woman? >> mister trump suggested in his security briefings he was not pleased with the decisions of the administrations president obama have made so far. did you get the same impression in the briefings you got? >> to a different standard, what does it mean to you going into the debate? >> i love you, andrea. you are my kind of woman. stuart: well, a very special guest is with us this morning. i am going to say this lady is the only conservative columnist at the washington post, she is
11:34 am
with us now. my accurate? i don't know of any other conservative in the washington post. >> i have heard that. i am a columnist and syndicated and a lot of newspapers. i think also other syndicated writers like george will and charles krauthammer are conservative. stuart: very true. >> the only conservative female possibly in the newspaper world. stuart: what do you make of the press conference? i know you are watching and running some pretty softball questions pointing her towards an attack line on trump. >> those questions you excerpted, did hillary clinton produce those questions herself? you looked fabulous today, do you think you can keep this up throughout the presidency? don't know where that question
11:35 am
was but that tenor throughout. stuart: i am surprised she would have a news conference. the washington press corps, the sharp edged guys and ladies from washington dc, not many of them were there. it was hastily arranged. we only heard about it at 8:57 and she appeared at 9:30. i think it was contrived to deny the press a real pool and easy access to the candidate. that is my opinion. >> i think you are right. you put these together quickly, people can't show up or hear about it in time and clearly the people who were there were prepared to treat her gently and i don't know why because you finally have a chance to ask them questions and do the follow-up questions that were not done last night at the
11:36 am
debate. by the same token you couldn't follow the question with donald trump because he didn't say anything. it was sort of a tea party. stuart: we offer commentary on the election process and the commentary i have been giving is a new donald trump has emerged over the last four was five weeks, scripted, on teleprompter, doesn't go off on tangents, talking about the issues, hillary clinton has been forced into a corner of her own making, frequently defensive about her scandals and the only time she gets out there is when she attack donald trump. that is how i see the campaign. what say you? >> i think donald trump -- the presentation quite a bit. kelly and conway is an influence in that regard. she instructed him how he must
11:37 am
now behave going forward. as for secretary clinton, there is no way for her to deal with some of the problems without coming clean and she can't do that i didn't mean to live, just -- i don't know how she ever improved her narrative any better than she did last night. those documents that were classified didn't have a big banner at the top. she didn't know they were classified but when you are secretary of state, you would consider everything you see, do, read and speak is classified to some degree and the content of the documents that were classified should have given her a hint. the question i never heard anyone ask her, maybe they have but i haven't heard it is how
11:38 am
much of this email do you read personally? i have 65,000 unread emails in my inbox because i don't have time to read them all and i can't imagine she could either. someone filtering her emails and passing them along according to their importance but -- how many of these emails did you put your eyes on? stuart: the discussion goes on and on and on him in every hear the last of it. it was a pleasure to have you with us and hope you will join us again. hillary clinton said her email server was more secure than the state department's. role tape. >> what is factual is the state department system was hacked, most of the government systems are way behind the curve. we have had hacking repeatedly, even in the white house.
11:39 am
there is no evidence my system was hacked. stuart: there you have it. joining me now, the man on the right of the screen is the creator of bleach bit, the software that hillary used to totally and forever white her server clean. welcome back to the program. >> my pleasure. stuart: the claim made by hillary clinton amount to this. her server, more secure than the state department server. you know a thing or two about computer security, what say you? >> security is a complicated thing. it seems irresponsible and odd for her to approach the security problem by setting up her own email system, working with the state department to secure their systems. stuart: she says there is no evidence that her server was
11:40 am
hacked. i understand if you are a real pro and you are hacking somebody's server you can get in and out without anybody knowing you were there. is that accurate? >> there is entirely accurate. lack of evidence doesn't mean russian hackers or others didn't make it into her server and they weren't able to access classified documents. stuart: i am interested in the use of bleach bit. it seems to be a very professional tool and i want to know, if i wanted to use it, there have been occasions i would love to get rid of any and all emails forever, if i wanted to use it could i do it? i am not a technical guy at all, could i do it? >> when we heard, the it professional at river network used it on her server but when i designed it and started in 2008 i had in mind every day law-abiding citizen who wants to clean junk on his system, get
11:41 am
letter off and ensured his own privacy. stuart: to wipe that thing clean forever. thanks for joining us. i am sure you are snowed under with business, you can't handle it all. >> it has been amazing, thank you, hillary. >> we put you on tv. thank you, appreciate you being with us. we have reaction to hillary's tarmac press conference from donald trump. ashley: tweet to change without, hillary gave a disastrous news conference on the tarmac to make up for poor performance, she is being decimated by the media, exclamation point. stuart: look at the markets to see where we are, check out the state of play. more red than green, more down than up.mystery man spotted alo hillary at several eventss coming to her aid during a
11:42 am
coughing fit, helping her upstairs. who is that guy? we are asking a former secret service agent next. [ crunching ] yes. yes. uhhh, you're really getting the hang of this. anncr: want feedback that helps? verified reviews. another reason to join angie's list for free. this new ac guy is not that good. no he's not. anncr.: need a job done right? search top-rated providers on angie's list. join for free.
11:43 am
nicole: i am nicole pedallides, let's look at stocks, dow jones industrial average down 40 points in 18,485, one 12:45%. the s&p lagging 4 and the nasdaq
11:44 am
which had a lifetime high during trading and a lifetime high close to the downside as well as oil gains 47 and change. we are seeing names like chesapeake oil related names leading the way. southwestern energy and apple and tractor supply under pressure, apple among other things. hewlett-packard announced $8.8 billion deal, hewlett-packard enterprise on the downside, supervalue among market chains, stocks under pressure, we want you to start your day on foxbusiness at 5:00 am.
11:45 am
11:46 am
stuart: a dreadful twist in the venezuela crisis, food shortages forcing venezuelan citizens to do this, literally abandon in the street. i usually turn away from the tv when i see animal cruelty stories but you have to deal with this. liz: venezuelans are starving and pleasant upper-class are abandoning their pets. they don't want to, they are heartbroken. social media, donating food for pets in venezuela. there is a move afoot for families who can't afford pets.
11:47 am
stuart: in america. liz: more than a days pay. it is a heartbreaking story. stuart: appreciate it. people on social media talking about this man highlighted on screen. in the background, he is called the mystery man, the mystery handler, we don't apple in conspiracy theories on this program but we ask this question, who is he? a former secret service agent, is he a secret service agent, he has the thing in his ear. >> the earpiece is usually a dead giveaway but a lot of staffers, staff people not in law enforcement, most likely a
11:48 am
supervisory agent, a body man. liz: the detailed guarding hillary clinton, why is he touching her? because he did. he came up on the stage, and said keep talking. surely that is not -- keep talking, touching her. that is not what the secret service is supposed to do, is it? >> not sure why he said keep talking. that seems strange, more of a stuff -- staff function but responding to the stage in some kind of medical crisis, it is not unusual at all. the secret service training program. i was an instructor in the academy, respond medical training, i am not surprised someone would pounce on stage if they thought something might be wrong medically.
11:49 am
given the implications, probably telling him to back down a little bit. they don't want this out there that she has a medical problem. stuart: this is all over social media, all over the website saying who is he? what is he doing? is he a special handler? is he supporting her during a medical crisis? you debunk that. i think you just debunked that. >> i think it is effectively debunked. i am pretty sure he is just doing his job with the secret service and probably superuncomfortable with all the attention. they don't call them secret service for nothing. stuart: thanks, i wanted to clear this up. it sounded like a conspiracy theory and i don't want that. appreciate you being with us. look at the share price of apache. it is up nearly 5% today. i believe it was close to 10%
11:50 am
yesterday. why is it up so much? they have a gigantic discovery of oil and natural gas in the united states, 3 billion barrels of oil, 75 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in america. can we go get what is ours? who is that? former nfl quarterback tim tebo find with the new york mets. my question is this. did they sign him because he is a great player or because he is going to get a lot of publicity? we will answer the questions next. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
11:51 am
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11:54 am
stuart: i know that man, former quarterback, nfl football, tim tebo has signed a minor-league baseball deal with the mets. jared max is with us from fox news radio. didn't know was minor leagues, i thought it was the majors. >> it is a minor-league contract and he will play the mets instructionally beginning september 18th through october 8th in port st. lucie. we one did they sign him because he is a good dynamic baseball player or a lot of publicity for the mets?
11:55 am
>> both. i don't think it is a publicity stunt. they all showed up to see him play and if his name was joe blow and put together the framework out he did you measure his workout. stuart: you know what he did? >> he had a lot of home runs, didn't do so great in a simulated game where he didn't know what pitches were coming but look at his stature and looks like he will hit a home run, a former heisman trophy winning quarterback, tim tebo can run. stuart: you say he might make a successful transition from football to baseball. major sports people who switched sports. >> boat jackson -- and deion sanders another one. the best of all time is jim ford, 1912 in the olympics won the decathlon and pentathlon it had a career in major league
11:56 am
baseball and national football league. jim thorpe is the be all end all. people who are growing up today, kids in 15 or 20 years will say he used to play football, somebody would say ronald reagan was an actor? he was a sportscaster first. stuart: did he fail as a football quarterback? >> maybe football failed him. i think he did everything he could to show he deserved a shot. he won a playoff game for the denver broncos and seemed from my perspective to get pushed out of the league a little bit. he is an unbelievable force to be around, goodness is contagious, perfect for a playoff, looking forward to starting this journey and putting in the work and his agent said the mets were the most receptive and best fit for taking the tim tebo experience. stuart: you are all right. >> you are number one.
11:57 am
stuart: you got that right. new jersey hospital, pregnant women, russian citizens who want to give birth here. that is a local lad in russian saying come, have your babies here. ashley: hospital medical center advertising here are basically saying come to the us, get great medical care but better your baby becomes an american citizen and fees ranging 8500 to 27,500, this website will offer to secure citizenship papers, passports, travel visas and, quote, all the benefits that come with it. just reading the bottom line the way it stands it is not illegal. first time a hospital openly advertises. stuart: time is up. more varney after this. at ole see freight... a combination of products and customers.
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and you both work constantly... so you're surprised how much you both want kids, and equally surprised you can't have them. sometimes you fight about stupid things. then you move on. but you feel like something is still missing. so together, you adopt a little boy... and then his two brothers... and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now. then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day lying around watching monster movies on tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. no matter who you are or where you end up in life, with the right financial partner, progress is possible. >> well, what a show we've had. response to last night's
12:00 pm
commander-in-chief forum. and then had hillary clinton's first news conference in 275 days, and then we had gary johnson's flub which he did not know about. and now in five seconds, you've got neil cavuto who i believe will be talking to gary johnson later on the news channel; is that correct, neil? . neil: i was listening on your discussion. would it have been any different if he was asked what do you think about the syrian refugee mess? what do you think of alapo? >> i don't think a candidate should be going blank on the name of the city that has been in the news for a couple of years. i think that's a problem, neil,. neil: what did you say? [laughter] quality journalist. >> take it. take it. take it. . neil: all right. thank you very, very much. but we are going to be following later on today as i said with gary johnson whether he just sunk whate


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