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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  September 8, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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commander-in-chief forum. and then had hillary clinton's first news conference in 275 days, and then we had gary johnson's flub which he did not know about. and now in five seconds, you've got neil cavuto who i believe will be talking to gary johnson later on the news channel; is that correct, neil? . neil: i was listening on your discussion. would it have been any different if he was asked what do you think about the syrian refugee mess? what do you think of alapo? >> i don't think a candidate should be going blank on the name of the city that has been in the news for a couple of years. i think that's a problem, neil,. neil: what did you say? [laughter] quality journalist. >> take it. take it. take it. . neil: all right. thank you very, very much. but we are going to be following later on today as i said with gary johnson whether he just sunk whatever chances
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he had of not only getting to his age but the outside shot of being a force in this presidential election. but of course way, way, way ahead of that, we've got the premier candidate not two party candidate hillary clinton next hour going to be in charlotte, north carolina. she is still trying to gain some momentum of what many, even supporters saying it was a bad night last night with matt allower. having said that last night donald trump is going to be seizing on new education initiatives, that he will do and another battleground state of ohio, cleveland, ohio, we'll be monitoring very, very closely. but much of those clinton e-mails that will not go away. when it comes to the details of the e-mails and what the clinton camp knows, most are not in the weeds, what they are wondering about is where there's smoke, is there fire? or is this a drip, drip, drip of bad news that's going to weigh on her campaign and keep her negatives as high as they are? it's anyone's guess. but right now those e-mails
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and what to do about them and whether the fbi has been a little bit too cozy with the clinton camp even when it comes to the timing of the release of the e-mails, well, you add it up. our blake burman has been doing just that. >> hi, neil, yeah, that drip, drip, drip continued this morning as the on going. the first of three congressional hearings in just the next five days alone. that will examine different aspects in the fall out of the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail practices. the republican congressman jason, who is the head of the house oversight committee and live pictures here i believe. but he's the one spearheading the efforts. and asking the attorney to look into obstruction of justice charges for clinton and her staffers as e-mails on her private server were wiped. now, as this on going hearing is going on now earlier this morning, he continues his push. >> i don't think it's a coincidence that more than two
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years after she left office suddenly she gets a subpoena and then less than 30 days later, these documents are destroyed. >> well, the fbi as we know has cleared clinton of any criminal wrongdoing. but questis still remain if her e-mail arrangement essentially resulted in a easier cyber door for hackers to potentially walk right on in. last night during that commander-in-chief forum, clinton said that securing sensitive systems extends far beyond her reach. here she was. >> the state department system was hacked. most the government systems are way behind the curve. we've had hacking repeatedly, even in the white house. there is no evidence my system was hacked. >> now, as for that fbi report, neil, it says clinton used 13 different mobile devices during her teen you're at the state department. you'll remember clinton initially said she used one device for her own convenience.
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now, it's unknown how many devices she might have been using simultaneously. however, also said yesterday that clinton purchased blackberries off of ebay. potentially more questions there, neil,. neil: well, you get a good sale. all right. buddy, thank you very, very much. now, lawmakers pushing for a new probe, tim jordan at the state of ohio republican aggression man. good to have you, sir. >> good to be with you, neil,. neil: you know, you look at polls on this. you look at -- most i think it's safe to say congressman had no idea about the intricacies about these e-mails and what they do get is a sense that maybe the clinton camp hasn't been straight forward on this. but now the fbi is in the mix because the fbi chose to release all of this, just unloaded on everybody the friday before labor day. do you think the fbi itself should be included in whatever
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investigation you might want to consider? >> what i know is this. the fbi gave us information that shows secretary clinton made many false statements, some of those were under oath in front of our benghazi committee last fall. what i also know is the american people are tired of two standards. one for regular folks and a different one for the politically connected. one for we, the people and a different for learner and hillary clinton. so that is the key. and all you have to do, neil, is look at the timeline. i call it the magic month. march 2015. march 2nd, new york times illeases their report, said situation. march 3rd, benghazi committee said preserve all documents. march 4th, benghazi committee sends a subpoena for the information. march 9th, platte river networks is put on notice that there's a preservation order put in place. march 10th she does a press conference most importantly march 5th. david kindle, cheryl mills had a conference call some time within the next five days.
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all those documents have bleach taken to them, and they're destroyed. and the individual at platte river networks who was on that conference call, his name is redacted, and he refused to answer questions about that conference call. that is a pretty compelling chronology about special treatment, potential destruction of evidence, and destruction of documents, current supposed to do. that's what -- neil: she said that is you guys, republicans in general, are on a witch hunt here. the fbi solved all of this, answered all the questions. >> no. they didn't. neil: debunking latest conspiracy theories. what do you make of that? just dismissing another republican right wing conspiracy. >> all you have to do it look at what the fbi released last friday. the front page of the report said we were investigating the classified information whether that was compromised. there's nothing in there about them investigating was he find destroyed? was bleach bit used to obstruct justice and destroy evidence? . neil: by the way, on bleach bit.
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i'm sorry to wonder here. unfamiliar with bleach bit or for that matter wiping dry and that thing. >> i don't think anyone was familiar with the term bleach bit until we saw it in the fbi report. what we are familiar with is what she was asked a year ago did she wipe her computer and wipe her server she says what do you mean a cloth? no, it was a hammer, and it was bleach bit. that's what we do know. neil: she's trying to say i'm ignorant of this. it was done because i certainly don't know about it. do you accept that? >> that's why we need to know this name of the individual who was redacted in the report who had the conference call with cheryl mills and david kindle, her lawyers. we need to know his name, and we need to be able to ask him what, in fact, was talked about on that call. now, remember what that guy did. that guy took attorney-client privilege or pled the fifth. he wouldn't answer questions when the fbi talked to him and his name is redacted. we need to know what his name is. we need to bring him in front of the committee and ask him
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under oath those kinds of questions, and we'll see what he does. neil: all right, congressman, good seeing you again. thank you very, very much. >> you bet. neil: as i told you, hillary clinton is going to be in charlotte north carolina today. that's one of the swing states won by mitt romney in the last go around. hillary clinton is leading in those polls. this would be a pick up for democrats if they were to reverse the fortunes of four years ago. but it occurs on the same day her opponent is in ohio trying to reverse laws there for republicans and turn that into a win this go around. so with all of this front and center right now, let's go to bob cusack, the editor in chief. good to have you, hugh. >> hey, neil,. neil: it's no reaction where these candidates are and going to be focusing on fewer and fewer states as time goes on. and i know the polls are rolling but it's all about the electoral votes and that's where hillary clinton has a distinct disadvantage still. do you buy that? >> yes. donald trump has done
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better in national polls but all about the battlegrounds, and he has serious ground to make up. now, he's doing well in some states that you wouldn't expect. michigan, wisconsin, but texas is an issue for him as well as georgia. that should be solidly red, and it's not right now. he has to win ohio. if you don't win ohio as a republican, you don't become president. that's history. so he has to win that. he has to do much better in virginia. but without a doubt, he -- you know, hillary clinton's post convention bounce has basically evaporated, and she yields the stage to trump over the last week or two. he had a terrible august. but he has come on and has captured some momentum. and that's why i think that the hillary clinton did the press conference today and has done more. neil: why are they calling that a press conference? it didn't last very long. the questions were not tough. >> well, i agree with you. and i find it amazing. first of all, she only took
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six questions in 15 minutes. and that's kind of weak. but overall, you look at the questions, no questions about the e-mail controversy. and i know you're talking to congressman jordan about the hammer where hillary clinton staff bashed a mobile device of hers. no questions about the foundation. so, yeah, that was -- i guess we can check that box. but, you know, i can't believe there were no questions about the e-mails or the clinton foundation. neil: you know, i'm not taking a right or left view on this. but i find it interesting that if a moderator in this case not hosting each candidate separately is criticized because he did raise some of these issues with hillary clinton. now, i know some trump loyalists were angry that he went after trump on some other issues as well. but this is the first time that the general media has faulted for just botching it in their eyes because of that line of questioning with hillary clinton. what did you make of that? >> well, listen, i think if
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you're in those types of forums, whether you're the moderator or have been in that position, neil. you're going to take some heat. but i think he asked at you of questions of both of them. i think -- first of all, you only have half an hour here. so you can't get too much. and of course both candidates can filibuster and did somewhat. so, listen, i think that without a doubt you're going to take heat. but, you know, i think he has some tough questions, and that's a gad thing. that's what you need to do. neil: yeah, you can't win. in that case who has the momentum right now? you refer to the fact the polls have tight end and this latest go around this last week maybe two weeks good for trump. but it can change on a dime. and i'm wondering if you're hillary clinton and these investigations politically call for hearings and the rest, cynically i'm thinking republicans want to pursue that to keep her negatives had i; right? >> without a doubt. i mean politics are playing on both sides and hearings or, you know, congress' back in town. and it's all about really not about governing but all about
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the campaign and winning points. but i do think that donald trump needs to do better among minorities, and i think it's smart for his campaign since kellyanne conway new campaign managers to court minorities. to court african-americans, to court latinos. he's going to have to get more support, especially among latinos to get to pennsylvania avenue. neil: well, put. good seeing you again, bob. thank you very much. >> thanks, neil,. neil: especially when i was out and following this issue of whether the administration was paying ransom in order to get those hostages out earlier this year and we were told 400 million-dollar payment that was sitting on a plane was just coincidental. and then i heard that it was in cash, and i thought that was a little odd. okay. and then i heard that there's an additional $1.3 million in payments over the next three days.
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>> who specifically made the decision to make this payment in cash? >> i cannot speak to who made the decision in cash. what i can tell you is that it was the determination of people who had to facilitate this payment. >> was the condition of the iranian government or the decision of the united states department of state? >> the condition of the deal is that there would be immediate payment. we knew that iran had critical economic needs that it had to address immediately. >> certainly there are other ways to make an immediate
12:17 pm
payment other than a middle of the night what appears to be a drug drop. >> we have seen difficulties with global banks being willing to engage in these particular transactions. and this was the way, this was the mechanism that we felt we could guarantee immediate payment. . neil: all right. so they needed the cash, and they needed it fast. and wire transfer, which would be very difficult to do supposedly through a number of third parties wasn't feasible. so obviously do the next best thing is put a cash on a crate in a private jet and if that doesn't do the check, get $1.3 billion in other private jets because 1.7 billion total you would need a c5a. but they're asking the total amount 1.75 million but that it's all in cash. it's a little weird. congressman of maine at that hearing also raising questions. it is odd, this whole cash
12:18 pm
portion of it; right? >> neil, this doesn't make any sense. if it's not so serious, it would sound silly. here you have a government which is one of the chief sponsors of terrorism in the world that is vowed to wipe israel off the face of the earth and kill as many americans as possible and already have blood on their hands. and we go through the settlement process and wire $1.7 billion of cash, which is the currency of terrorism to the chief sponsor of terrorism. . neil: but even decided the motives for that. the other part of this and probably the more crucial for the time being. the quid pro quo that they say this is not ransom, but it's coincidental and that is money that was due that goes back to the early days of the carter administration and that they were simply making sure they made good on that and had nothing to do with releasing those hostages.
12:19 pm
do you believe that? >> no. it doesn't smell -- it doesn't smell right, neil. there's about $400 million -- neil: well, what if it weren't cash? what if it was, like, i don't know. just a check? >> well, here's the problem. is that there was nothing in the sanctions at the time of the transfer in january that prevented this money from being wired. but they chose cash. so it begs to ask the question. as i mentioned cash is the currency of terrorism. it's untraceable, it can be used by anybody for any purpose. neil: why insistent on the cash? do you know, congressman? is this our way of saying this is a way for you to cynically get the hostages to us? or that is the currency -- no upon intended, just the cash to do what they wanted to do because cash is king. >> well, they didn't answer the questions. so we still don't know this answer, and we absolutely grilled them on this question. who asked for that cash? was it the government of iran that asked for the cash? why was it in cash?
12:20 pm
you didn't have to do it that way. you could have wired transferred. here's the other problem. neil: well, i don't know if this is true. they say you can't. unless it's third party or whatever. they set it up because we don't have that relationship. do you know what the case is? >> yeah. there's absolutely nothing in law that prevented a direct transfer from a bank in america to a bank in tehran. and they've been working on this for 37 years and why was the transfer, neil, on the exact same day the five american hostages were released? now, we're glad to have the hostages home, don't get me wrong. but it looks like to me this was part of a ransom payment for those hostages, which only further increases the risk for americans broad when gee if we can get a ransom for these five, what about the next people we kidnap? it does not look good, and they did not provide us with the answers we asked. neil: all right. weird stuff. i'm sure you'll get to the bottom of it one way or the other.
12:21 pm
but it's the cash part that just sort of gets my attention. i'm so used to these numbers, they're so numbing to begin with. but when it's all cash, i do take note. >> well, neil, if i can mention one more thing. they could not tell me who when the wire transfer was made to the bank in switzerland and then converted into cash. who we see that cash on the wooden pallets before loaded on a cargo plane in at th we don't even know where the cash is. it's not traceable. there's absolutely no accountable where that cash went. and this is to a government that is the chief sponsor of terrorism in the world. neil: a lot of questions. thank you, sir. very, very much. a lot of us had a chance to catch the matt event with
12:22 pm
dold trump and hillary clinton. but seems faulted to go stir-crazy with hillary clinton. all because he raised issues like e-mail and stuff that you see on this network and other networks that supposedly balance because that's what we do. so why is it a big deal to ask very tough questions when he asked tough questions of donald trump? why all of a sudden does everyone's nose get out of joint? is that fair? is that balanced? or is that nuts? i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country?
12:23 pm
i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
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the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. neil: all right. he's doing it again. breaking some news. charlie gasparino, what do you have? >> sources tell the fox business network that that long-awaited national nightmare is almost over. nearing the completion that what we hear we're getting strong indications from bankers close to this deal that the baehr merger would be the biggest of its kind the pharmaceutical in the world
12:26 pm
that that thing could be donnas early as next week. that's the indication we're getting. next week is the due date that the talks are strongly progressing towards a deal. we should point the last bid we heard from baehr, baehr essentially taking over monsanto was $127 a share or thereabouts. it might go up a bit. but we do understand that this thing is reaching conclusion. that next week bankers are saying if this thing could get done, it's a good chance. my only fly in the ointment here, neil, is that this will face strict regulatory scrutiny both in the eu and here in the u.s. with that, it could always delay it but the bankers are saying this is near completion, and if it gets done, it could be next week. back to you. neil: all right. thank you very much, charlie gasparino. meanwhile the left is still angry at matt for being too kind to donald trump? >> the most important thing
12:27 pm
for the public and the press is to just listen to what he says and follow up and ask questions about what appear to be either contradictory or uninformed or outright wacky ideas. neil: leading aside, that's the president of the united states talking about a potential successor. not exactly the kindest terms. again, off of u.s. soil. dagen mcdowell on whether there is a bias going on here. >> well, clinton supporters last night just lit up social media. and you even saw it in the mainstream media essentially accusing matt lawer for accusing. >> our plan was to put together a international coalition including russia and china to exert the kind of pressure through sanctions that the united states alone could not do. >> right. but you said -- >> this isn't --
12:28 pm
>> this is an important issue. i know we're on tv, we don't have a lot of time. >> i want to get to a lot of questions. >> i will talk quickly. >> god forbid that you interrupt somebody and she just happens to be a woman there. there are a couple of things going on. donald trump has been lambas lambasted by the liberal media since he declared last year and the conservative media. whether you're talking about newspapers or televisions, he has gotten it from all sides. but something that clinton is doing is very crafty. she's using her gender as both a crutch to lean on and a crutch to swat people with because she's leaning on it and saying i'm a woman, you're being sexist. but then telling the american people you need to vote for me because i'm a woman, and it's about time we've had a female president. neil: outside the press conference, some of the questions had to do with the fact do you think you're going to be judged differently or treated differently? paraphrasing here because you're a woman and all of that? >> and i loved her response when she was asked do you think there's a double standard? do you think you're treated differently in this race
12:29 pm
because you're a woman? and she said i'll let you ponder that. there's going to be a lot written by ph.d.s in the media for many years to come about this topic. she's -- that's her nod saying absolutely "yes." the wall street journal calls it using it as a sore -- her gender as a sword and a shield. don't forget bernie sanders referred to even all the shouting in the world isn't going to take guns out of the hands of bad people. and later, shortly thereafter, she said, oh, well, just because a woman speaks up doesn't mean that she's yelling. she turned it on him. and that's exactly what she's going to do. but i think that's why it's so interesting to see donald trump on that debate stage with her because she's essentially gone after everyone. she won't be able to say, oh, by the way, remember rick, do you remember that debate? . neil: right. walked over to her. >> she got up in her space, and she played it up. and you know what? that won her that senate seat. that lost it for him because
12:30 pm
he looked like a bully. neil: if it had been done in reverse, she walked over to him and done that, would it have gotten the same. >> absolutely not. she's always benefited when people felt sorry for her. think back to the story. neil: thank you very much. >> thank you, sir,. neil: apple the big unveiling yesterday and social reaction to the market today. and we've got steve case weighing in on this -- the top of their game before they discover they're not. after this many people clean their dentures
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drain to well, critics say she put them out of business or wants to and is suddenly concerned about whether they will be protected after that. peter burns with the latest on that. reporter: k., neil. a little bit hard to hear. i want to talk about hillary clinton today in coal country here in washington d.c. basically she is putting her backing behind a controversial bill that critics say would him out to a bailout of the call plan. i want to be respectful of the preacher here. 2 billion to $5 billion depending which estimates you look at in part because of bankruptcies by a lot of of coal companies, which supporters say was cause by the so-called war on coal.
12:35 pm
hillary clinton trying to scramble for her support after she made these comments at a democratic debate in march. >> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy into coal country. we are going to put a lot of coal miners in coal companies out of business. reporter: coal miners say the bill was about $160 million a year towards the union pension fund. critics say the bill set a bad precedent given the trillions of shortfalls in hundreds of private and public worker pension plans nationally but also needed a bailout sunday. back to you. neil: thank you. judging with what is happening with apple shares common you have to wonder whether the company is up to snuff or to
12:36 pm
allow folks this go around. the stock down about 2.5%. founder and author of the third wave. i know you don't get into investing details and all that, they just investing community reactions. what is the shrug of the collect its shoulders? >> i'm not completely surprised. some of the other products yesterday but it wasn't a big change. that's also to be it. we saw even earlier with the automobile. people are interested in upgrading every year or two. over time the platforms mature and becomes more incremental. the focus for the last decade has been on products. the focus for next decade will be on software and services. traded to the environment right now, not that of course a string of four or five record days, the other average is not so much.
12:37 pm
technology has been leading the party. you are part of them became very rich as the last big technology ways. i wonder if what is happening to apple as a potential sign that it's running out of juice. >> well, as they talk about and about commie mentioned the third wave did the first first is getting everybody connect it, getting the whole world to understand why they should be connect it. the last 15 years or so has been more about software and the course technology but in the third way which is just beginning to accelerate, it is not about just the technology. it is how it disrupts big industries like health care and education and energy and transportation. even things like food. the puck is moving in a different direction. i wouldn't be surprised if apple does focus more on vertical devices such as health care devices. you will see far more partnerships between the big companies in the startups way general motors bought a company
12:38 pm
called cruz, why wal-mart watch out recently. that is going to drive more m&a between the fortune 500 companies in these sectors whether silicon valley are all over the country. neil: i dutifully try to get into politics thinking i can get you to slip out. in all seriousness i had mark cuban on the other day, the dallas mavericks billionaire and he was saying he sees a follow sees a fall about coming, that we could see a big correction and it would be compounded on election day if donald trump who wins because the market was so uncertainty. what do you think about that? >> is your process will continue to stay out of politics so i can hopefully work in a bipartisan way on policy. it depends whether we are living the future. we been the most innovative entrepreneurial country. we were just a startup idea and
12:39 pm
would lead the way in the industrial revolution, led the way of the technology revolution. we need to make sure we will remain the most with regulations and incentives and leveling the playing field. but all over the country. making sure we have the right education. i hope there is more focused as we head into the next general election. how do we make sure the country remains the most innovative? there hasn't been that much of the debate so far. hopefully we will see more in the coming weeks. it's a critical issue for the country. neil: as a big tech guy, do you worry about this effort that we are leading position on the internet to do some more face sort of nameless counsel or group that will decide such matters going forward, that the line that we invented the
12:40 pm
internet and now we are ceding the internet. the >> not too far from where i'm sitting right now in northern virginia, that was 50 years ago for the u.s. government funded basic research and they need to invest more basic research or example. as the platforms brought you got a man up and create the apis and the ecosystems and a global phenomenon. i'm not involved in the specific issues in terms of how you take this and the internet. there will be other people at the table to figure how to steer the internet forward. >> there's pictures of you and president obama. who do you like more? >> i like them both. i respect anyone willing to serve and they both make contributions to the country and i applaud their effort
12:41 pm
particularly on issue on startups in the area i must understand in a most passionate about. we need to make sure the next administration whether it's the clinton administration or tub administration puts this event innovation front and center and make sure we take the steps to be the most innovative nation in the world is globalizing on entrepreneurship as well. a lot of talk about globalization, manufacturing, finance and capital. we also step up our efforts in the coming decade or we will lose our ranch. so we understand how they intend to steer the country forward so we can continue to create jobs and grow our economy and be the innovator over the past 250 years. trained to have met with donald trump? >> i've met with them several times over the past few years over hillary clinton as well.
12:42 pm
i don't know what either of them personally but i have met with both. neil: did you work with donald trump? >> guest: i will try to work with anyone. i lived now for 30 years in the washington d.c. area, worked with president lynch in the early days of the internet when of his coming-of-age in being commercialized or president bush on a number of issues. president now, on a number of issues paid by the president trump or quit and i will do trump or click metal to a cancer can to move the nation forward and build bridges around the issues of entrepreneurship. neil: good seeing you again. thank you. in the meantime we did mention donald trump. i did that to build a because he is catching some heat for making remarks that he would replace some top generals to get some things done and succeed in our war on terror and go after i says.
12:43 pm
a lot of people were appalled at that. but if i told you there is another president way back who went through generals like tissue paper. that guy's name was linked in -- link in.
12:44 pm
>> i'm nicole petallides with their fox business brief. the dow has been down 80 right now. down 482, drop a one quarter of 1%. the s&p 500 down five points with the 44th day that we are
12:45 pm
having less than 1% to the s&p 500. the nasdaq after a record yesterday dropping 24 points. we see energy and health care leading the way. let's look at oil which is 4729 to the highest level of september after a surprise draw down on supplies. that being said when you look at the s&p 500 companies, energy companies are trading higher. the western murphy just to name a few. keep an eye on wells fargo. wells fargo reaching a settlement to $185 million after what brad stocks. welcome back, neil cavuto.
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
>> just as kerry truman or abraham lincoln. it is within their power to hire and fire generals they like or dislike him especially during times of stress and outright wars. you donald trump caught some heat in a considerable amount of heat for saying he would replace top generals if they were dragging their feet, paraphrasing here on the war and cases. lieutenant general on that and whether that was such a controversy. though it's been made out to be was. again, i mentioned two presidents in our past they did just that. >> yeah, that is right here first, let me say at the family
12:48 pm
research council you've been in our prayers. welcome back. we are delighted to be here with you today. absolutely. neil, it is very important for every president to take a serious objective look with most civilian and military. and in this case i think trump has signaled that he sees the problems in our military today that have been brought about largely due to the lack of leadership at the top echelons. ask yourself how these people got into these positions in the answer in part is that they've been willing to support the obama agenda. i think he's right in what he said. he's got to start with a clean slate. >> i think it comes at a time when he made a famous comment that was replayed on tv in the stats that he knows more about isis and generals and be smarter than they are. did that hurt him an american
12:49 pm
scene vi plane almost on a loop as you know. is that hurting it? >> well, i think we've all made statements that we would certainly like to take that. i know i have. i don't know whether you have or not. neil: i haven't. that is so weird. >> that said, listen, i'm a group of 88 general sent flag officers that have come out in support of trump and in fact it is up to 95 or 96 and grow in. we are supporting him because we want to see the next president make a firm commitment to the restoration of military readiness. our military is in a sad state of readiness right now due to a variety of things. but we want to see that kind of commitment. we also want the commandment that says we will lose the military when u.s. interests are at stake or when the interests of our allies are at stake.
12:50 pm
frankly, hillary clinton was the architect of the campaign and libya was ultimately put americans at risk, but also armed the enemy and we got those arms back on 9/11, 2012 and benghazi. we want to see a commander-in-chief that is committed to using the military the right way and not at a whim. >> general, very good seeing you. >> good being with you, thank you. neil: and the meantime you know all the stuff with apple about the iphone can do. it takes some big changes to the apple watch. among them, a feature that will keep track and remind you that it's time to exercise. with this other no-caps, it will remind you when it is time to breathe. i want my watch to remind me it is time for that napoleon. ♪
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go long™. ♪ neil: as a lot of you know i'm a walking fitness and not at. just what i do, america. anyway, apple now with its new watch has the opportunity to take the day to the next level, where it can be not only exercise, but your yokel moment. whatever. a lot of stuff going on caught the attention of joe piscopo, outstanding radio talkshow host. he got a good political future. anyway, what you make of what apple is doing? >> it is the silliest -- it tells you how to breathe. transcendental music and
12:55 pm
everything. neil: people love that. >> for $800. when we got the, you have to on this one. neil: do now, obviously they are taken all this to the next level. >> ridiculous. i work out. a matter fact, if you order now, my friend, i can get you through 18, 20 minute workout for my days and is working out and really jacked up, no drugs had no steroids. you can do a quick workout. you don't need all this. this is really ridiculous. neil: but it is appealing. the fanatic crowd like me that constantly working out. and i am wondering when i was doing a lot of walking around
12:56 pm
steps, and that anyway, that is where it ended. how many glasses of water have you had? or you can get a little too obsessive. i'm wondering whether that fanatical crowd is to limit it to make it bear the watcher the phone a different device altogether. >> i don't think it works. apple is not showing any more. it is really, really. they're not on my radio show. i'm very dramatically honest with them. i don't think it works. i don't understand it and i don't think it's going to catch on. the apple watch is great. it's great when you've got directions and it taps on your wrist a little bit and you get lost and see what exit are you at in new jersey. i'll tell you this whole briefing is really silly. we workout with me?
12:57 pm
neil: he runs. >> gasparino is an animal. neil: in more ways than you know. joseph, thank you are a match. >> welcome back. it's so great to have been. it's not the same without you. neil: really?do right that's nobody said last week th >> locate you. one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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neil: i am neil cavuto and you are watching "cavuto: coast-to-coast." there is this new push with all these e-mails dumped last week. right before the labor day holiday. now some folks have had a chance to read and look at the 15,000 that were feared republicans are saying with more sweeping investigations. democrats say it's all political theater and they will not entertain it. take a look at a guy very influential in setting up those hearings had to say.
1:01 pm
do you think the fbi itself should be included in whatever investigation you might want to consider? >> the fbi give us information that shows secretary clinton made many false statements under oath in front of our benghazi committee last fall. i also know the american people are tired of two standards good one for regular folks in the different for the politically. one for we the people and one for costuming, lerner and hillary clinton. neil: national republican is that this, brad kurtzman as well. let me begin with this idea that it's a political witchhunt democrats say and that there is no bear bear and the fbi director had said as much that the action was recommended. where do you think? >> so great to have you back. we have missed you. neil: the check is in the mail. >> what i will say if this is not what the polls reflected the
1:02 pm
democrats want to sweep this under the rug. they are desperate to change this to anything else, but it's the reason why 35% of americans trust secretary clinton to lead our country. when you read the fbi transcript from that meeting, you can see how she plays by different set of rules than the rest of the country. think about it. neil: what if she was ignorant of those res and the software and how people might have sent a hammer to a server. what if she just didn't know? >> it is difficult to believe after the meetings she had to go through to learn about classification and learned about the position that she be unaware of the spirit she went to a black or devices through her tenure. two of them were destroyed by a's with a hammer. they bought the blackberry offers ebay. neil: maybe she's just looking for a good deal. anyway, brad, what do you take? her negatives are high the
1:03 pm
donald trumps are higher. say what you will. i would readily agree that most americans are unaware of the intricacies behind all of this, but that there is sort of a feeling i keep hearing about e-mails. and it is going to limit her ability to bring those negatives down. >> listen, let's be honest. this is all about campaign rhetoric. the e-mails are red meat for her core republicans. they will not vote for hillary anyway. this gives them all excited, enthused about voting against hillary. the problem -- neil: independents as well seem to be leaning towards donald trump right now. >> hillary has made a mistake in terms of a rose garden strategy over the last few weeks and stayed out of the media and all of that. when it comes down to e-mails, it is nonsense. now you want to investigate the
1:04 pm
fbi investigation into the e-mails. at some point this has to end. i understand it never will. i'm a realistic democrat. i understand republicans love this stuff. neil: you would probably do the same. god bless your honesty. one other issue is what hillary clinton said about this. this is how she will portray this. they are going to keep coming after me. she went on to say i believe that created so many jobs in the conspiracy theory because honestly they never quit. they keep coming back. >> as has been the clinton argument for decades now. they always claim they're some kind of witchhunt. the majority believe she should have been indicted. when you look at the investigation, it's difficult to see how a normal person would get away with what she got away with. cheryl mills, a principal with them the interview room with hillary clinton at the time of the interview. the interview took place on saturday before the fourth of
1:05 pm
july. the transcript was released before the interview tonight knowing about. >> you think this is going nowhere fast? >> is going exactly where the e-mail garbage has gone. neil: next time guys, make your positions clear. thank you very, very much. by the way, talking now about hillary clinton in charlotte, north carolina today. this would be a pickup for democrats if they were to hold onto that lead. barack obama for years before that. in north carolina right now, donald trump has moved up a little bit here, but that is a must pick up for if he loses ground in states and about new one elsewhere. hillary clinton talking about the issue of voting rights and required people to present i.d. is when you vote and that was
1:06 pm
downed by a judge and that's one of the things she's talking about right now. charlie reingold joins us. well done congressman from the state of new york. congressman, the fact that north carolina is tight, that this was a win for mitt romney last time, donald trump is only just now in the latest poll turned it around. he now has these other states. isn't on his side? >> i don't know about momentum. i really believe that this election looks more like a political nightmare than anything else and that it would be good for people in our nation when this is over. we find mr. trump is such a low standard of expert patient and he is the republican nominee and he is so early on national and the issues that now we are
1:07 pm
talking about the american people. i don't believe they are going to go to the polls evaluating whether the secretary or the state mishandled using her e-mails. i don't really believe it. neil: do think it is at two they can't trust her. most americans are not into this, the political types, but they just keep hearing it. select a watergate were people just kept hearing stuff. >> i think you are right. in the final analysis, if that is the worst thing that they can throw after her as the candidate for president of the united states, we have to deal with the economy. we have to deal with immigration. we have to deal with terrorism. this is like a pimple on an elephant's backside compared to the disaster that the republicans have put a period i am thoroughly convinced that there is a lot of frustration
1:08 pm
among american, democrat and republican against hillary, trump, the government, congress. that frustration has been exercised. when we get time to go to the polls and ask them who they will feel proud of him being president of the united states, i am thoroughly convinced it will not read don trump. neil: you are a democrat is certainly open to that opinion. i will want to ask you about why that seems to not be registering with independents. in other words, you are right, that can change. it seems to be breaking in favor of donald trump with that group that will ultimately decide this election. if you had with iso reprinting right now to stop what has been sort of a sluggish couple of weeks and to stop the slow bleed of independence, how would she do it? what would you tell her?
1:09 pm
>> i certainly would know the reason for it. in america we have accepted that if you work hard, if you have dreams, that in america you can achieve those dreams. in my neighborhood as a kid graduated or was about to graduate from college, his future was pretty well assured. today, having a college degree doesn't mean you are employed, doesn't mean you can leave your parents house. globalization, high-tech, lack of activity and what happened with the fiscal market with those who lost their houses and saving and also the disparity between hard-working people and the magnets that right now, multinational corporation. if enough people saying i'm tired of it and i don't care democrats, ind neil: they are tired of it and frustrated in control of the
1:10 pm
lighthouse. >> they are expressing everything they can now. but what i am saying is when that vote is taken, they have to decide what is in the best interest of their community and their country and it won't be trump. neil: i'm just curious, did you miss me while i was out? >> i always miss you. your voice is such one of reason. it's too bad you render a political side. neil: you have no idea what political side you thank you very, very much. hillary clinton and donald trump slamming each other. what really got hot and he did was over the issue of iraq and the war last night. >> i have said that my voting to give president bush that authority was from my perspective my mistake gave my opponent was for the war in iraq. he said he wasn't, you can go back and look at the record. >> i happen to hear hillary clinton say that i was not
1:11 pm
against the war in iraq yet i was totally against the war in iraq. >> i'm joined now by former virginia governor george allen, senator thayer. we can talk about donald trump with me, one thing with howard stern. the fact of the matter, isn't that an unequal comparison in fact he was a private citizen, albeit a private citizen talking about a war and hillary clinton with united states senator. >> that is a big difference. before i complete the -- there's a u.s. senator on that as well. as he looked back on that, if we knew then what we know now, they would not have even been a resolution. donald trump has a record as a
1:12 pm
private businessman and a successful one at that. i think he is one who's a leader who has certain ideas and visions. the most important thing is not looking back, but looking forward in what are we going to do now. even in recent times, color clinton supported overthrowing bull-market dossier, which is one of the successes with libya after iraq and now what do we have in libya. now i have been for isis and north africa and that is the sword of hair trigger finger or whatever he was saying that hillary's judgment hasn't been really all that -- neil: you have a good point, but is there something charlie sadler was saying that we set the bar low for donald trump because he's an outside the box experienced debater, for example hillary clinton.
1:13 pm
and maybe they left them are dismissed them and obviously a lot establishment of a letter to the president of the united states on foreign soil be reading him that we risked dismissing the combat is actually in his favor. that he goes into this with such low expectations that a future survives he wears. >> well, that is a good point. still, i think once we get to these debates in the undecided or independent voters will be the key in determining who wins or loses in a like florida, north carolina, virginia, ohio, pennsylvania, iowa, nevada, colorado, all of those battleground states, they will say that most people are dissatisfied with the way our government is working. they see our tax policies as too onerous. they see the regulatory burden on entrepreneurs and small manufacturers as too high. they see an energy policy that
1:14 pm
you have the washington bureaucracy that wants to keep it all in the ground and that harms our economy. when you get to national defense and our military, they see a military that needs to be strengthened. the only way we have a strong military is with a strong economy. all of those sort of economic policies that are so important for jobs and opportunity and our competitiveness are important and for us to have a strong, innovative military. donald trump ought to focus on his experience on what ideas, what conditions are best for investment and job creation, which ultimately the economy is the biggest issue. neil: in the end, you are right. it's always about dollars and cents issues. there you go. governor, well put. always good seeing you. thank you for the kind words. in the meantime, we are still trying to understand the present president of the united states role in this entire campaign
1:15 pm
because he has sort of inserted himself in the mix here saying we don't really reward bad behavior, talking about north korea. we also start moving forward and report back. and what was the deal with iran. after this. >> t. remember a time in history where we have dispensed that much cash to a foreign entity and not short of time. >> not that i can recall it not only recent history, but the history of the united states. look who we are dealing with. since the time we gave them this money, three more hostages have been taken. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out,
1:16 pm
my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark.
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1:18 pm
neil: hillary clinton speaking at charlotte, north carolina.
1:19 pm
a state in which the last six weeks or so she has steadily been laid in that surprised a lot of folks because this was a state that mitt romney won four years ago at louisiana state republicans lost a state to the state to barack obama four years earlier. it was one of those rare pickups for the republican ticket and now is thought to turn purple or be chased away. the poles could explain hillary clinton and donald trump is in the lead in north carolina. that would be keeping a flood had been republicans day. but it does confirm a trend that narrow popular vote and that could be translated into individuals dates. the fine state of tennessee. what do you make of what going on there. it does continue what has been a trend for donald trump is becoming more competitive and they were they would not.
1:20 pm
what you are seeing what the numbers coming out as north carolina as what we see the issues our national security retirement security and people do not believe that clinton and her past action are going to put them on the right track to addressing some of these issues and concerns. i talked to so many people it boils down to this. they are less worried about what donald trump might say and they are more worried about what hillary clinton will do or what she has done. i think last night in the military for a that really kind of drove some of those points home. neil: you know, donald trump has had a devil of a time raising money compared to her. a very big month of august by what she's been racing. he says he will make good and raise money himself and often times he bemoans the fact he has
1:21 pm
to do just that. izzy at that. izzy at a disadvantage of rocket of building them on whatever momentum. >> i don't think so. we are never going to see the trump campaign match the clinton campaign imploded staffing bureaucracy, and pedro. that is one of the things he will bring to the federal government is a new set of eyes to do more with less and it's going to take them less money and my staff because he has motivated volunteers and voters and he is going to lay the predicate and established the predicate if you will for how you can go into federal agents these and bright sides these agencies and do more with less. i think it is perfect trump style to be out doing that. >> the stylus to get in your face and start calling people names all the time. it certainly helps them if you have to advise congresswoman about main focus.
1:22 pm
one of the things he raised was stay focused, stay focused, stay focused here and he veers off a little bit. when his son prompter or referring to problems that democrats have had, he seems to do well. but he does bear out. i am wondering, going into the debate, how he plays that. if you could offer advice, what would it be? >> i would say again, stay focused. take to the subject matter at hand. donald trump is a good listener. he has good ideas. he is beginning to drill down on those issues and focus on legislation that is currently in existence. many of us in the house and senate have that with solve some of the problems for solutions to see if they want to be addressed and whether it is i ran our national security, whether it is jobs to the growing federal debt. there are ways to solve these
1:23 pm
problems and people want to see some nuclear thinking and they are going to see that from trump as you go through the debate -- this campaign shows to be more about the policies that people want to see put in place. neil: congresswoman, thank you very much. wrapping up remarks in north carolina. later on we will hear from donald trump talking about charter schools, education, alternatives that would in a fit all races, all income groups. that he plans to do in ohio. two battlegrounds dates being focused on today. candidates who are fighting tooth and nail to get to 270 electoral votes. we will have more after this. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
1:24 pm
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1:26 pm
neil: albright or two of my favorite people on earth are here. charlie sub when discussing money and the race where they stand. first, clarification of months
1:27 pm
then. >> had a banner that read this week could be done. my sources saying it's going to be done there's a good shot. neil: you said that. so my people who screwed up. you are right. suzanne is talking to me now. so when i've heard this week -- what is her last name? so we can let the whole world know. >> is not interesting? she's saying it's great to have you back. >> thank you for clarifying that. good to see you. these numbers have donald trump pretty good. still buying hillary clinton. >> it's okay. i don't think trump is to raise as much as she does. he beat the machine that jeb bush. he beat 16 people in the primary. here you go.
1:28 pm
look at the polls that he is and some leeway going into that as well. but he has the ability to do which is really strange, he can wake up at 3:00 a.m. and then his ruling. he is newsworthy the whole rest of the day. so he knows how now. >> she's right about that. he's like this incredible guy when it comes to controlling the dialogue. he can do that. sometimes he does it are the worst for himself. >> having money does help you. a blitzkrieg of ads. >> listen, a lot of it will come down to debate. if you look at the polls, the polls have her losing in general here except for the cnn poll which had been gaining allies. most of the polls have her losing, him not getting that
1:29 pm
much. if you look at the electoral map, it is still heavily favored to her and she's been bombarded with ads in those days. >> even in those battlegrounds aides, it is narrow. >> as you get closer to the election, if he can keep a mackinac reasonable number, not a far margin in nepal, this is what you can raise money on. >> he looks like a winner. people will start putting money on. >> these business guys committed under layers, they want to be in the know. they want to be the next president of the united states. >> it's holding big time. they will commit money only when it looks like -- >> they want to be behind the winner. they were not excited. >> he is a very tough road. he's got to with not a lot of money keep it really close until the last couple weeks and then his.--
1:30 pm
>> charlie rangel was promoting the fact he has an advantage because expectations are so low. >> i do agree to a certain aspect of that. you've got to look at hillary clinton puccini's two-out racetrack because she has to defend so many from her been in office. >> you want to add the fireworks on fourth of july with the blitz of ads. she is going to have some at the end. i don't know how much, but he might be able if you can keep it close with his game plan now and they go into it at the end they will both have ads. it could be real interesting. she will have more. >> is always a bundle. >> you guys -- >> he made a pledge and you know what? it is not to say that he won't give it. we've talked about this before to an organization.
1:31 pm
but it's not over yet. the election is not here yet. neil: when is that? is that like november? >> a few weeks away. thank you very much. touche for calling it bayer. >> is it bayer. >> i'm sticking she is talking to me. i thought you were gone. taking a quick break. look at this, a couple lawyers in the room. when we come back, karl rove how this is sorting out these next 59, 60 days, after this. mber he, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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. .
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1:35 pm
♪ neil: all right. well, you know, donald trump has always gone after candidates with this idea that you pay-to-play and that he should know the game because he played the game. now hillary clinton targeting that he just did just that in the state of florida. connell mcshane has some updates. hey, connell. reporter: hey, connell. the clinton campaign is trying to make a big deal of pam bondi saying it is pay-to-play which may be a misnomer. background on all of this, the trump foundation, one of his
1:36 pm
entities agreed to pay a $2500 fine, related to a $25,000 political donation to bondi's campaign for attorney general in florida. it came days after the office announced it was looking to trump university. no formal investigation ever came. denials on both sides. trump saying he never talked to bondi about trump u and bondi said it never received recommendation for any investigation. she haded this tuesday appearing here on "coast to coast." neil: what do you say. >> smells bad. let me tell you, i will not be collateral damage in a presidential campaign, nor will i be a woman bullied by hillary clinton. this is about her trying to deflect everything she did as secretary of state. of course i asked donald trump for a contribution. that is not what this is about. reporter: right. that brings up issue, neil, of pay-to-play. you would assume someone is paying they would want to play. take part in some sort of
1:37 pm
existing activity. allegation with clinton side of things, you get access to the secretary of state. this allegation is you pay to have investigation taken away which wouldn't the exactly be pay-to-play. not that it would necessarily be ethical either so. neil: thank you very much, connell. we have karl rove here. best-selling author. former deputy chief of staff for one george bush 43. i was reading about you and reading about these polls. i always learn about reading, normally whoever is trailing at this point in the national polls is losing. >> yeah. in last nine presidential elections, one where they are tied on labor day, 2000 two. obama one. one where somebody was behind. george w. bush was behind weren't on to win. but other seven elections, the leader on labor day went on to win. neil: is that on real clear average or whatever the equivalent is? because you always have static
1:38 pm
polls. >> gotten better in recent years. we do have averages. much averages are more dependable. it is not all averages. we had explosion in last three election cycles of national polls but you go back to the '70s and the '80s there were not as many polls done. neil: you pointed out, karl, rarely have we ever had actually two candidates with such high negatives. >> never had two candidates. think about this. at the end of the 1964 election barry goldwater's negatives were 44%. end of 1972 election, george mcgovern woken one state and district of columbia, was 41. hers are 48 and his 55. neil: have the negatives narrowed? >> they have. eggs essentially at her high point on august 7th, in terms of the ballot up by7.9 points.
1:39 pm
his unfavorables was 60 something odd. in realpolitiks average, 3 yesterday, 2.8 today. his favorables gone up by four and unfavorables down by four. neil: look at north carolina poll surprised some people. it is one poll. first time he loads in the state that was state mitt romney won four years ago. >> three red states where mitt romney won where he has to worry. two he is slightly ahead, arizona and georgia. one in the rile politics average, slightly behind, 1.2% in north carolina. there are number of polls he is relatively close. he needs to win the states in order to start with the same base, mitt romney did, 206. he has to get from 206 to 270. fortunately he is competitive in two big states, florida, ohio. slightly ahead in iowa. took all the romney states plus those three, he would be 259. that leaves him short by 11 from the 270 number he leads.
1:40 pm
neil: lock hillary clinton has, safe bets, you break this down between safe bets an toss ups, she is still closer to that 270 than he is. >> if you take the states that the democrats have won in each of the last six presidential elections, she is at 242. all she needs to do is carry those, win one state, florida, she is at 271. but, that is why he has got to take something away. he can't let her have, he has to take pennsylvania or michigan or, you know, a iowa, and nevada, and new hampshire and something else. but he has to get himself from that 253, 259, depending if you calculate iowa in it, all the way to 270. that he means he needs to take away something republicans haven't been able to win a long time. we have come close. wisconsin, with 11 electoral vote, bush came within 5500 votes winning it in 2000.
1:41 pm
and slightly more 2004. came within 2 1/2% in pennsylvania which has 20. came within 5500 points taking oregon in 2000. you have to take something away from the other side. right now that will be a uphill climb. neil: karl, great seeing you. thank you very much. >> welcome back. thanks for having me. neil: love having you. all right. so that quest for 270, constantly changing here but we'll see where the things sort out. meanwhile the nasdaq is finally down after five straight record highs. a lot of people look at that as a sign that you know, tech is still king. today's falloff notwithstanding, and that is the wind at hillary clinton's back but what if, what if, we're in for another fall correction or worse? even a slight meltdown? didn't help john mccain. what now?
1:42 pm
1:43 pm
reporter: i'm lori rothman live on the floor of new york stock exchange with your fox business brief. stocks and bonds are both moving lower. usually they move in opposite directions. markets here in the u.s. reacting to the european central bank deciding to leave rates unchanged and offering no more qe or bond buying. that has stocks on thedown swing. stocks off 1/3 of 1%. falling bond prices has yields pushing way up. that is significant move on the 10-year up 7 basis points to
1:44 pm
1.61%. shares of apple not helping positive momentum at all. they are down, biggest decline since the "brexit" selloff, off nearly 2 and 3/4 of 1%. will not release first weekend sales of new iphone 7. that basically crimes negativity. only time iphone launch was good for the stock price after launching of the iphone 5 in 2012. back to "cavuto: coast to coast." when it comes to healthcare,
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neil: all right, well a little bit of a slowdown in the nasdaq momentum after five straight record days of highs. it is giving up a little bit of ground but not as much as you would think. craig smith is keeping an eye on this he is arguing that we have a bit of a tech bubble going on. how big of a bubble do you think, craig? >> first i got to tell you, you look marvelous. so good to see you. neil: thank you, my friend. thank you for your kind words earlier. >> hey, so good to see you back, neil. a tech bubble in terms of 1999 in terms of that, no, i don't think we have that tech companies have done a wonderful job learning how to monetize their technology, how to create earnings, how to diversify their corporations, like we see tesla with spacex or amazon with calico and developing molecular
1:47 pm
type drugs. so i think you see a whole new silicon valley than you did in 2000. so we're not in a bubble but i am very concerned about the dow and i think some of these companies like amazon who is creating fba, fulfillment by amazon, could actually give some old stalwarts like federal express a run for that i money. i think the dow is way overbought. no, i don't think nasdaq is in a bubble. you will see pullbacks. hey, it had to have a good year, neil in 2016. device-makers made a lot of money replacing all of hillary's missing phones and -- neil: be kind. be kind. >> and emails servers. neil: mark, you've been here a little while back, mark cuban, said uncertainty breeds selling and uncertainty of either a donald trump improving in the polls to his liking, god for bid winning this the election this, is mr. cuban speaking, you will
1:48 pm
have a big ol' selloff and it is going to get ugly. do you buy that? >> no, i don't. i have the greatest respect for mr. cuban and because he is a billionaire. so i mean, hey i'm probably not in the same league but let me tell you why, neil. i think the whole world is moving towards technology. the world sees the future in science, technology, engineering, mathematics. as a direct result of that, silicon valley people captured that. why you're seeing all this move. go on to any websites for employment, you will see teen activity wanted, scientist wanted, scientist wanted. so i think, mario draghi told us clearly the world is still in a mess. you saw the bund move from .9% negative from.6% negative. what a great improvement. the world is moving towards technology, they see robotics and they see drones, neil. i think that will open up a
1:49 pm
whole new area of business, if we can reduce regulations and see structural and fiscal reforms out of washington, because we've done everything we can monetarily, i think we could see the next 10 years be the best 10 years we've seen in a long time. neil: this would be a record-breaking bull market in that event? >> i'm still concerned about the dollar, neil, i think the dollar is still the cleanest sheet in a dirty closet. i expect we see major breaks for the dollar. that worries me for people that have money in cash worried about the markets and not worried on return with interest and lose on the devaluation of the dollar. that being said people will put their money somewhere. i think as it relates to stocks, i think it is science and technology stocks. neil: interesting. good talking my friend, be well. >> good seeing you, neil. neil: meantime donald trump is set in a few more minutes, depending on the exact time, to announce later on today how he wants to improve the nation's education system and maybe look at more charter schools.
1:50 pm
bottom line, he said that the way we're going about our education is putting us at a competitive disadvantage to the world. how will he fix that? after this. everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here,
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neil: all right, donald trump is about to make a major address on the nation's education system, more to the point, charter schools whether they are our future and whether it would be priority of his to offset what has been going on, not only with high college costs but unproductive test results we've been seeing at traditional public schools and kids who go to them. former d.c. public schools chancellor michelle re is here. >> nice to be here. neil: what does he have to do, depending on your point of view or whether you like the traditional public school system
1:54 pm
or, you know, you're open to hillary clinton's idea of free tuition, for public college and the rest? what do you make of how he diffentiates himself? >> well, i think the important thing is for him to be able to get beyond the platitudes and to get to more specifics. you know, one of the few things we've heard from donald trump during this campaign has been charter schools are good. well, some charter schools are good. good charter schools are good. bad charter schools, not so good. how do you insure good schools, whether charter schools or traditional public schools, that those schools are supported and given resources they need? and how will we make sure for the schools, whether they be traditional public or charter not serving kids well, you how are they going to be held accountable? and how we make sure parent have better options for their kids. neil: do you ever get the sense when it comes to this, that, it
1:55 pm
is a burning issue but then trump and other candidates night not focus as much on it because it is not a top issue? >> i think it is incredibly unfortunate the because right now what so much of the attention is being paid to is the economy. and rightfully so. but the fact of the matter is, in the long term the economy in this country can not be radically improved until we improve our public education system. we have to make sure we're producing an educated workforce. that is what is going to increase the productivity and health -- neil: you always run into doing that, you run into this yourself, run into a buzzsaw, those that kind of like the system the way it is. >> there are certainly protectors of the status quo who want the system, you know, remain as it is. at the end of the day that is what we need our leaders to fight against. it would be very comfortable and easy for both donald trump and hillary clinton to say you know what? let's just focus on higher
1:56 pm
education and affordability of college because that is a concern everybody has but where the real problems lie is in k-12 public education. we have to here from both candidates what their specific plans are improving k-12 education. neil: michelle, good to see you again. i appreciate it. >> nice to see you. neil: michelle rhee. we're talking about donald trump and the big plan and big announcement after talking about the commitment to get serious about our military. today getting serious about the educational system and alternatives to a system, donald trump is about to say is broke, after this. he seared ahi tuna, and i'll be right back to take your order. thank you. thanks. don't you hate that? when they don't tell you how much something costs? and you have to ask? right. i do. maybe that's why i always make sure to... ..."bring up the costs associated with your services." i know. hey, i'm nothing if not predictable. lemme guess, the salmon? being transparent about our costs. it's a big deal.
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neil: i swear we run more of these nutrisystem commercial during my show and it bothers me. a little hard here. we have cheryl casone he following donald trump who is
2:00 pm
unveiling his education initiatives, and one of those battleground states a lot on the line. cheryl: we are waiting to see mister trump address cameras and talk about the issue of education, hillary clinton is facing the media and in a news conference this morning donald trump has taught education in cleveland any minute from now. i am cheryl casone he in fortress reagan and welcome to "the intelligence report". candidates today barnstorming their way through a handful of critical battleground states. looking at life pictures from cleveland am awaiting for donald trump to speak at a charter school in cleveland, he is expected to propose opportunity scholarships. this plan would be to use federal money as state grants to cover millions of chilling attended charter school living in poverty. this is a shot across the bow to the all-powerful teachers unions


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