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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  September 8, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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by the way. the police don't realize he's missing for nearly 40 minutes, gives him plenty of time to get away. by the way, there he goes. his luck runs out. he was rearrested five days later. five dais. well, he was lucky and i'm happy to have liz claman as a colleague. liz: donald trump says pay our teachers more but only if they deserve this. he says money with education nightmare. millions of american kids go head back to school. you're looking liefer at these pictures. this is the cleveland arts and social science academy in cleveland, ohio. this is important, folks, he just proposed $20 billion to fix what he says is a system that is already spending the most of any nation. the question will more money help? and while donald trump talks education, hillary clinton on the offensive after last night's
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commander in chief to rum. today the former secretary of state telling israeli tv that the islamic state is hoping for a trump presidency. what does that mean? we have all the action from the 2016 campaign trail. the epipen saga enduring on social media after an emergency room dr.'s letter to mylan ceo goes viral in a fox business exclusive, author of that letter is with me live. he's going share his reaction the first time he found out how much two life-saving epipens cost and what he wants from mylan ceo now. dragging wall street lower even as gas stocks spike. less than an hour with the closing bell.
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let's start the countdown. ♪ ♪ ♪ liz: breaking news this hour. see all the red on the screen, dow down 37, s&p, nasdaq, everything lower. one stock is slamming the brakes on my record on behalf of major indices to turn positive. yeah, you can blame apple, no bounce at all. the stock is getting bruised at this hour following 2 and a half percent after saying, look at what we are doing, unveiling apple 7. right now apple the biggest loser. 18 points to have blue chip index but the dow is not the only victim of tech giant. two fitness starlings falling. fitbit down more than 1%, both in the red that apple looks to trample over their wearable turf with the apple watch.
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take a look at pier one imports. the home decor company says they're struggling to lure in customers. take a look right now. oil is actually spiking more than 4% so is gasoline. why is this happening? we've got inventory numbers todathat showed a massive drawdown. what have we been talking about? we saw crude drawing down about 14 and a half million barrels, gasoline down too 4.2 million-barrels from last week. what does that mean? less supply, high e -- higher prices. to donald trump, he is wrapping up his education policy speech in cleveland and what he's done and still doing here, unveiling his plan for what he is calling opportunity scholarship for
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millions of american children, not just children but children living in poverty in the u.s. the program would assign $20 billion in existing federal dollars to be used as block grants to help kids attend any school they want whether it's public, private or charter schools. those all are included. charter schools have been a focus of many wall street titans. paul singer, these billionaires have either donated time or money to charter schools. let's get to blake berman, he's been digging into the details. he's also saying that merit pay for the teachers as well, blake. blake: he is. so this is interesting, liz, because this was built as an education speech and you're right on the proposals that donald trump is -- has been laying out and additional and immediate 20 billion-dollar investment as it looks like he's just wrapped up for charter schools, school choice in the first year.
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he talks about merit pay for teachers and wants to bring school choice to every student across the country. however, the first 10 or 15 minutes or so, trump talked nothing about education, instead offered a full rebuke of hillary clinton and the commander in chief form last night. what clinton had said then and what clinton had said this morning during first news conference in some 280 days, her first news conference since last december. he would fire some of the generals and that he feel that is they would be, quote, or have been, quote, reduced to rubble in the obama administration. here was clinton earlier today. >> he attacked officers by saying, quote, we've been losing
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for us for a very long time. that's how he talks about distinguished men and women who have spent their lives serving our country, sacrificing for us. that's how he would act as commander in chief. blake: now trump just fired back moments agassi mentioned. he started this education speech taking on clint's news conference from today and performance last night. this was trump from cleveland just a little while ago. listen. >> the whole country saw how unfit she was at the town hall last night where she refuse today take accountability for her failed policies in the middle east that have produced millions of refugees, unleash horror of radical islamic terrorism all over and made us less safe than ever before. blake: so, yes, liz, this was a speech about education, donald trump unveiled education proposals much around school choice for students in poverty all over the country but there was a very clear focus from
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trump here after this commander in chief forum last night to make sure he got to that part of his campaign as well. liz. liz: thank you. we are going to talk politics in just a moment. let get back to wall street, the big winner today. you know what, it's not just crude folks i'm looking right now. natural gas up 4%. we've got heating -- natural gas up nearly 5%. heating oil is just spiking at the moment. gasoline and here you see crude oil 4 and a half percent although still below forty-eight dollars a barrel. this is the biggest gain that we have seen in five months and this after the energy department reported the surprise drawdown, actually much bigger than expected. as i mention, crude supplies stunning with a drawdown of 14.5 million-barrels. the energy sector in turn is the shining star on wall street. 35 out of 37 energy stocks in the s&p 500 are trading higher. everything from the integrated oils to all of the gasoline refiners. we are going to take a look
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right now because we take it to the floor show. we are back to that trade. it's very interesting where we still do not see the broader market moving because if we did we would have the big indices moving higher but oil is the shining star at this hour. >> no question, liz. it's all about oil today and some strength in the financial sector which is interesting because, you know, as we get closer to this september, there needs to be less pressure around and less rhetoric about the fed actually doing something to interest rates in september. you would think the financials would be weak based on that sentiments, but the financials is showing green and clearly it's all about the oils and you talk about losing money, i suspect a lot of people short the energy sector in all different forms and they have to be licking their wounds today. liz: i have to say i do always like to warn our viewers but
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supply is still an issue but on top of this as you look at some of the names and refiners are jumping anywhere to 6%, these are companies down for the count. >> i think at this moment occurred in january and february, a lot of these stocks have had big moves trading lows earlier in the year. you take your chances, the supply and demand issue is still out there, there's still a lot of supply, there's plenty of production, we don't know what happens with opec because that changes day-to-day. i don't know. it's probably a tough call into the sector. i suspect a lot of it was short-term. liz: can i also said apache had a huge oil discovery in texas.
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again, to let people know, supply is still there. it's still literally -- it's just like bubbling over at curbing, i'm sure. but we will watch. it's a great day to own oil. teddy, thank you very much. okay, so we are keeping an eye on apple because it is what is dragging certainly the dow 30 but a huge part of the s&p 500 and, of course, the nasdaq. there we have it. 2.77 for apple. but a video of yesterday's product launch has taken off and spiking online. don't blink or you'll miz the apple all kids are talking about. that's a little tease of it right there. apple isn't the only thing going viral, one emergency room doctor open letter to the mylan ceo about the epipen pricing is also racing up the hit.
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the facebook hit, the author of that letter, dr. mark joins us in an exclusive interview next on fox business. countdown to the closing bell. don't go away. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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liz: hope you didn't blink. that was part of apple's brand new video that sums apple big two-hour presentation in just 107 seconds. they do everything in this commercial from iphone 7 as the shiny new features to the big apple watch, look at that with the water and, of course, apple was quick to pinpoint that moving 100-year-old headphone jack wasn't exactly a, quote, shocker. so my kids this morning said, have you seen this, this don't blink thing. i watched it. they thought it was clearly cool . it blew up the internet. that's what's missing.
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shares of nintendo spiked more than 27% following apple's announcement. today pairing back some of that. so anybody tendo with pokemon go and mario suddenly super cool once again. checking on apple, though, drags down indices. this has got to turned out to be the most widely attack price hike in recent history and attacks have ramped up in less than 24 hours. three wars have been launched against mylan, the u.s. subcommittee on investigations will now probe the drastic 500% price hike, a class action lawsuit filed in ohio, the new york attorney general is investigating potential antitrust behavior related to how mylan marketed epipen discounts to school and mylan's food allergy partner broke this news right here on countdown yesterday.
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>> removing relationships with mylan? >> there are contractual issues that we can't resolve until the end of the year, but moving forward we are going to be independent of any producer or marketer in the space. liz: really, that means mylan, but the pen may be mighty % -- mightier. that letter on dr. mark's facebook's page has gone viral. you, meaning heather has never performed cpr on a child, these are things that you do not do, i have done them, we do, our team has done them. a fox business exclusive.
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has been viewed nearly 25,000 times. why did you write it? >> you kw, came home after a shift one night and frustrat with the day. sometimes you bring things home with you, you try not to but things come home and i had two patients that day that i had to treat with epipen. i knew i had to give them a prescription. they didn't have insurance or primary care doctors and i knew they wouldn't be able to get an epipen and that was a frustrating thing for me. it's just a small frustrating part of the problem with the healthcare system and went home that night and vented. liz: you vented. >> i was angry and vented. liz: a letter that has gone viral and i suspect more people are continue to go read it as they continue to spread your word. at the very beginning of your
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letter in the first line you write that you we wanted to give heather, the ceo an opportunity to justify pay increase which rose in 2007. she was getting 2 and a half million to now 19 million today or at least in 2015, so could be even higher, why does her compensation matter? >> you have to look at the fact that her pay increase has gone up so drastically and the cost has gone up unbelievable amount to the point where people can't afford this life-saving medication at home. you know, i had people write to me saying, i paid $600 for epipen, my epipen has expired, i don't have insurance, i can't afford a new one, i've just accepted the fact that my allergies are going to kill me some day and i had so many responses over and over and messages to me that it really became overwhelming. when you look at the increase and the price of epipen specially compare today what it costs and what she's making,
3:20 pm
it's alarming. liz: at what price the epipen is affordable? this is very delicate terrain when you talk about price controls, how would you price an epipen? itwas $57. it's the same drug and auto injector that was back then. here are some of the price hikes that we are putting on the screen. they have spent a lot on marketing. i don't know why patients would need to pay for that. you have to be careful when it comes to deeming and who deems what a price should be because we don't quantity scourge down on research and opportunities to create better drugs out there? >> correct, i believe in free market. i can go out a pen and one vile i would spend $6 for that one vile. if in 110mli can provide enough for 33 adult epipens and 66
3:21 pm
pediatrics epipens, so the cost at one point would be about 18 cents and 9 cents for pediatrics epipen . if you're looking at something that costs 18 cents and you have to pay $600 for medication, there's a disparity that needs to be fixed. liz: wow, you did intense math. by the way, they are floating over fox business. a lot of producers, their children, i have to ask you, is anybody in your family in dire need of always having epipen nearby? sounds like you have a need for this. >> my son is two and a half and had first allergic reaction while we were in vacation in hawaii a year and a half ago. my oldest son would only eat
3:22 pm
peanut butter. he had peanut butter and broke out in severe rash and we treated him with the medication that is we had at the time. a pediatrician called a prescription for epipen and we went to the pharmacy that day and we were told that they don't accept our insurance and would cost $500 out of pocket at that point in time. that was the first time where it really hit me as far as what's happened here. i just wasn't aware of this. lizly well, you may well have some type of affect, i'm not sure but there are multiple investigations and multiple probes and we shall see. we more than welcome mylan, representative, ceo to speak to us about this. as of yet, they have refused. >> they haven't contacted me either. liz: if you want to see the letter it's on dr. mark keaton's
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facebook page. her name is linda bates, she's a nurse, her attorney will join us as well. the closing bell is 38 minutes away. the dow is down 36. fife and a half hours away from the super bowl, well, actually the super bowl rematch. kind of, broncos versus panthers in the kickoff of the regular season. are the broncos the same team without peyton manning? and tim tebow can't help them out. we are talking football, tebow and controversy colin. he's with us next live on countdown. standby colin.
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♪ liz: oh, boy, the checkered flag has been waved. billionaire john malone's liberty media is speeding into the car arena buying formula one. here's the big news, fox sports 1 is here on the plaza. take a look. skip bayless and his brand new show. it is very nice to have a poster but a gigantic bobblehead? i need one of these for me. can they make the hair a little red. hi, skip, how are you? absolutely unbelievable. we're out here on the plaza. it big, big, day. football begins. i have my browns johnny mans sell, johnny manzell is not on the browns anymore? i'm kidding, i knew that. i knew that. i am a browns fan.
3:29 pm
it broncos everybody is talking about, tearing up again with the north carolina panthers. bring in superstar of fox sports 1. colin could you could cow hearde with us. >> skip bayless is my friend as well. it is pleasure to be here. liz: absolutely massive. you think what will happen tonight. super bowl matchup with different quarterbacks obviously. peyton manning, he is gone and retired. trevor simean, maybe he has nothing to lose. what will happen here? >> it's a quarterback league and trevor simien is not in the same league as cam newton. i think cam and panthers has a chance to win the super bowl. i don't think denver has a chance to win the super bowl. liz: oh.
3:30 pm
>> for cam to play on the road, 90,000 people, they're lowering, raising flag in denver, the super bowl flag, i think it is tough environment for cam tonight. but through the course of 16, 17 weeks, cam and carolina will have a much better season than denver. they are one of four or five teams that can win the super bowl. liz: i can't believe you think trevor will be more scrutinized because it is his big debut. i get you. another team scrutinized is the 49ers because of the colin kaepernick controversy. you've been covering it brilliantly. i watched your nate boyer interview, the green beret on the seahawks. he looked at it with measured tone. he actually stood next to colin kaepernick, understanding that free speech is certainly something that matters, but is this kind of ridiculous to even be arguing over at a time where people are now using the nfl
3:31 pm
games to make all kinds of statements? i mean i understand it but is it really much ado about nothing or will this get bigger before it dies away? >> well, nate boyar agreed with it, but wanted him to change the way he protested. ray lewis, hall of fame player, said he didn't love it. too isolated. chip kelly, coach of 49ers, liz, says it is not a disaction at all. one thing i say about kaepernick isn't the protest. he is not a very accurate thrower. that is what all coaches want. the problem his game regress ad little last four or five years. they're hoping chip kelly, who elevates quarterbacks can do it to him. as far as his protest, we all agree there is right to protest. i will agive kaepernick credit. he has refined the protest. he is not rigid.
3:32 pm
willing to listen to army veteran. sit down 90 minutes before the san diego game. that shows a level of maturity i appreciate it. but i think his bigger issue right now he is not considered in the eyes of nfl people to be improving or a franchise quarterback. liz: it really does all come down to talent versus these statements people tend to make. there is one player who can't hip any football teams. we went from the jets to the mets, tim tebow, can he pull off a bo, i almost said bo shempp bechler. you can tell i worked in ohio and covered michigan payments. how do you think tebow will do with the mets. >> first of all, people gave michael jordan the opportunity and he wasn't a great high school player. frankly he wasn't built like a baseball player. too tall, a too big of a strike zone. tim was great high school player.
3:33 pm
he is more physically built for baseball. he was younger than michael jordan at 31. he is has exhausted his football. minor league talent is built for promotions. i don't think coincidence he ends up with new york mets and announce it on opening day of nfl. baseball's way to tweak the nfl a little bit. but i don't see him as a great major league baseball player. liz: i am so psyched for football. you have no idea. i do have to tell you, colin, putting on cleveland browns hat. i do believe this is the year for the browns. i know you stand by my side on that, thank you. >> i have a question. i thought you grew up in california? liz: i did. how can you love the raiders. we didn't have a team until ten minutes ago now. >> fair enough. liz: skip has the bobblehead. i'm being told that we're going to get colin cowherd onesies and
3:34 pm
sippy cups. i hope he okay with that. >> my pronotion is good promotion. liz: catch the herd on fox sports 1. you got it, colin. nasa is set to blast off to study an asteroid a million miles away to talk about the mankind's origins. with exactly two months to election day. hillary clinton answers her questions and donald trump lace out his plans to help the poorest american kids get a quality education. we'll debate that next on "countdown." say tuned.
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reporter: i'm lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange with this fox business tech minute.
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nasa chasing down a dark, potentially dangerous asteroid. the agency launching a space probe called owe cyrus rex to take a sample of the asteroid and take it back to earth with the potential to collide with earth decades from now. according to the web site, the information, the company is talking to investment bankers about offering end of this year or early next. niantic will release a device, that costs 35 bucks to improve the player safety as many have been injured or killed playing the game. charlie gasparino breaks down all inside details. more "countdown to the closing bell" straight ahead.
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liz: this marks 15 years since the tragic events of 9/11. in the shadow of -- impromptu news conference this morning, clinton continued to paint the republican nominee someone quote, no friend to our military and leaders this after donald trump lavished praise on vladmir putin last night. >> what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks americas yen generals and heaps praise on russia's president? i think we know the answer. liz: clinton meets with bipartisan group of former national security officials including former cia director david petraeus and former homeland security chief, michael chertoff. julie roginsky, democratic strategist and fox news contributor. we're also joined by the chairman of suffolk county republican party and trump campaign surrogate.
3:41 pm
sir, i want to start with you. as we look at the tone, a lot is national security. you have donald trump. he has 88 different military who signed a letter and been very supportive of him. a lot of people have come forward on the other side for hillary clinton but what does he offer that she doesn't from where you stand. >> strong leadership. common sense leadership. putting america first. that is what donald trump's mantra, putting america first, whether our economy, military, every way, shape or form. that is what the american president should be doing and i find it humor russ that ronald reagan would be turnings in his grave. the same ronald reagan sate with mick gail gorbachev and achieved peace through strength. that is exactly what donald trump want to do. liz: julie what is hillary clinton's answer to something like that? >> other than my head to about to explode? look, ronald reagan, with all due respect would not talk about the 82 or 88% approval rating
3:42 pm
that a dictator in russia has by virtue or killing, suppresses all of his political opponents and whatever free press press. that is why vladmir putin's approval ratings as all dictators. saddam hussein would win with 100% of the vote. i wonder why that is not because flourishing democracy. someone of russian origin lived in horrible soviet system where vladmir putin strongly contributed is donald trump completely clueless? this isn't that policy disagreement. one person wants to be a strong war hawk and another person a peace dove. this is no -- liz: if that were true, john, 88 different military who feel he does strike a tone at the moment that really is welcoming to them. he is saying he will spend billions of dollars, again, military budget is pretty heavy, but also saying at same time he would scale back our international obligations. why spend more when you possibly needless?
3:43 pm
>> it is peace through strength. having a military not rohn down. these military officers, the general, the military is not with we think it is. our army at a point lowest point since 1939. the navy, 1911, the air force, 1947. we need to rebuild our military. they know donald trump is committed to doing that. it is not smoke and mirrors. hillary likes to say things that sound good but she doesn't get the job done. liz: let me get now to education because donald trump just laid out an education plan, julie. julie, i know you heard. john, i know you heard. it is involving a lot of money. that is two things, pouring money into the military and 20 billion, which trump says is available for the taking. he wants to get rid of the department of education and make it more after meritocracy. merit pay for teachers. what is hillary clinton's best idea, julie? >> look, merit pay is not novel idea. idea actually if you think about it, barack obama pioneered
3:44 pm
through race to the top programs and other programs, so it is not like this a new idea. look, merit pay for teachers is fabulous but at the end of the day if donald trump wants to spend all this money on education, look i'm for him spending more money on schools while doing that spending more money on defense, while balancing budget, all ideas are good. merit pay for teachers is fabulous idea. i'm not somebody who believes you have automatic tenure if you're teacher. i think it should be married baste. at same time you can't have schools teach to a test without teaching anything else. that is more and more with we're seeing with some of these programs. i would like to hear both candidates frankly address how to balance that, to make sure students actually learning and critically think and learn to a test. liz: we have a few seconds. lost in the discussion, john, how to pay for all of this. we have a ballooning deficit. sound like it gets bigger. >> with barack obama and hillary clinton it's a race to the bottom. we need to pay for that. $20 billion into the urban communities to build up the
3:45 pm
urban communities. liz: of course. >> the poorest. and they are the ones who will get an education, will become employed, paying taxes. put money back into the system. all americans will have a chance at the american dream under donald trump. that is not happening right now with hillary clinton. or barack obama. and we don't need for more years of it. liz: both of you would agree, boy, taking on teachers union will not be easy. we've got to run. julie, john. julie roginsky, john levalt. corporate giants under attack from our own government. the obama administration dropping a hammer on high-profile megamergers from pfizer's takeover attempt and staples failed union with office depot. now another massive deal may be very close to being signed, sealed and delivered but will it be doomed from the start? charlie gasparino on exclusive news straight ahead. essor who never stops being a student?
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♪ liz: we've got some breaking news on the negotiations between bayer and monsanto, that gigantic u.s. seed company. the german chemical giant has put its most recent bid at $127.50 a share, but both companies are really trying hard to work a final price. could a deal be announced imminently. charlie gasparino with a details. >> i think that is good question and i think that is yes. the talks, we're getting sources close to the deal that talks are progressing pretty strongly towards a deal being announced. the timing i hear, if this thing is going to be announced, good can chance it will be announced next week. generally i covered m&a deals for many years now. they usually happen over the weekend and they get announced monday. a good day to sort of look at
3:51 pm
this is over the weekend, monday, whether two sides have reached an agreement. i hear barring something, that the likelihood is they will reach and agreement. i say barring something. you can never say a deal is a deal until you see terms on the paper. until you see both sides agree. that is not a deal. i will explain in a minute. one. problems they're having in the negotiations of this is regulatory concerns. liz: tough. very tough right now. >> eu, bayer or bayer, whatever you want to call them, german company, big german conglomerate, monsanto u.s. company, those cross-border deals generally have massive regulatory scrutiny and that is one thing, that is one thing that could force the two sides to back off. there is an issue on price. bayer recently raised price to 127. i know that monsanto wants a little more. maybe they keep pushing more
3:52 pm
money, this delays it even further. i don't know. at least from inside of the deal, talks are progressing and that is a good thing, enough that what the people close to the deal are telling us, that there is a very good, likelihood this thing will be announced, if it is announced next week. and even then, now here's what makes it interesting, look at our reporting stock is jacked up a little bit. liz: up 1 1/3% for monsanto. >> that is reason why, bayer would be acquirer company. liz: monsanto is down. >> put monsanto up. tell you why this is interesting. up above 108. why isn't it up above at least 127 you have to ask yourself because the latest bid. liz: commodities are in trouble, some of them. >> that is part of it, i think a bigger reason why, the arbss trade this stuff whether a deal is happening, for you investor, professional investors are
3:53 pm
saying not so fast on the deal, even if they announce terms they have to get it through the eu and u.s. regulators. it is still not a done deal. liz: we know the u.s. regulators jettisoned staples and office depot which is unbelievable. now both companies are struggling. you want them to go out of business? >> e.u. regulators held up the deutsche boerse and new york stock exchange deal. liz: and comcast, time warner. >> this is not a done deal when they announce it. i can't tell you it will definitely happen. my sources say progressing strongly. they think next week could be, that is when the announcement is coming. you never know. liz: start speaking german. >> you know what? pay attention to over the weekend. liz: you will have it if it happens? >> if it happens. usually these things break over the weekend for monday morning announcement. that is good time to watch. liz: tune into to anytime. day. >> a great website. liz: charlie gasparino. closing bell.
3:54 pm
we're seven minutes away, a sea of red on wall street. look at the dow jones industrial index, down 46 points. a handful of stocks are still making investors money right now. big banks holding on to the gains in the oil patch that is skyrocketing as we told you. my next guest says financials may very well be that bright spot ahead of the fed's big meeting. we're breaking down the biggest money plays. that is straight ahead. don't go away.
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enjoy your family. your home. your life. lendingtree: when banks compete, you win. melissa: for all of you who asked i'm keeping my iphone 6. >> for now. until the 7 comes out. liz: no. apple down nearly 3% at this hour. strap your seatbelts in. only apple, getting noise louder about a rate hike. fed comes out with the interest rate decisions, 21st of this month. patrick case sar, how to position portfolio ahead of
3:58 pm
fed's next move. do you feel the fed will move in the next few days? >> i don't know if it will be in a few days. definitely will be this year. i don't think a september hike is off the table. i think decent is certainly expectation being more likely. we think the fed moves this year. we think that will be positive. for financials and negative for many bond proxies that people are hiding in. liz: would it be negative for things like telecom and utilities, patrick? they have done extraordinarily well. they have been the top performing sectors? is that trade old. what is the juicier trade that you guys look at? >> if you're out there watching you own staples, utilities, tell campus. that is a bubble. they are historically overvalued, relative to financials and other sectors. if you want to food company or tobacco company more than 20 times earnings, utilities companies more than 20 times earnings. i don't know how you make a lot of money or money at you all over next several years.
3:59 pm
financials where the leverage are. people say regulatory environment, what have you. banks e under earning right now. returns relative to history are low. cheap, single-digit p-es. 10, 11 pes some cases. our problem is not regulatory problem. our problem is a rate problem. when rates go up, banks will make a lot more money. and there are already cheap right now. so that, that rotation needs to happen. liz: you like bank of america. you like the financial blackstone. certainly a platinum name out there. and magna, which is canadian auto parts pricing operation. that is great chance. that is chance to play what you assume is this great opportunity in the auto world. those are not cheap purchases there, when it comes to buying a car. you believe consumer pretty healthy? we have 10 seconds to go? >> we believe the consumer is healthy. look at labor data. claims this morning. the jolts data yesterday. workers feeling good.
4:00 pm
unemployment continues to go down. payroll hiring continues to go up. we think the workforce is strong and will benefit and financial and consumer names. [closing bell rings] liz: patrick has 70 billion in assets at brandywine. thank you, patrick. i'm handing it to david asman and melissa francis for "after the bell." david: we are here, thank you very much, liz. no new record for the nasdaq today. stocks sinking in final moments for trading. major averages ending in the red. oil is huge story. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers. here what else we have for you coming up this hour. outlining ambitious plan for education. how will he pay for it? ask his economic advisors steve moore. house republicans on capitol hill demanding answers on nearly $2 billion paid to iran by the obama administration. was it even legal? that is


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