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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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their medical bills. do they factor in how much they spend on gyms and gym clothes? >> chocolate and red wine are also supposed to be good for the heart. >> classified material has a header which says "top secret," "secret," "confidential." none of the emails sent or received by me had such a header. classified material is designated, it is marked, there were no headers. there was no statement, top secret, secret or confidential. liz: hillary clinton dishing out word games for us to digest. i'm elizabeth mcdonald in for deirdre bolton.
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hillary clinton said none of the emails sent or received had a header. for months prior the democratic presidential nominee claimed none of the emails that went through more server in her home in chappaqua were marked classified. what do you think of this new line of defense from hillary clinton. >> this is about the third or fourth different defense mrs. clinton has given us in this respect. here is the trouble with it. on her first day in office she received a 2 1/2 hour tutorial by two f.b.i. agents on the proper care, handling and recognition of classified material. it's either classified, secret or top secret. she signed an oath, the vie
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laying of which is a crime. the oath says she understands her obligation to recognize classified material whether it has a header or not. now, we know for a fact some of the materials she sent or received did not have a header. they had markings in the margin that said "c" for confidential. she said she didn't know what that meant. it's inconceivable she could not have known what that meant. she has the secretary of state is the prime person in the united states government for determining what is classified and ways not classified. we know from the oath that she signed that it's not the header that decides whether there is a secret in the document, it's the wording of the document itself. she knows that, she swore that she knows that, and she is not being truthful. liz: james comey said a reasonable person should have known it was classified information.
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the f.b.i. director said some of her emails bore that "c" marking. i'm talking to the viewer right now. we know this is confusing. we are going to walk you through it. more than 2,100 emails were considered classified. we know that more than 31,000 emails were erased. 110 emails, you see that right there, they did have classified info at the time they were sent or received by hillary clinton, it took her more than 150 days for mr clinton to turn over the private server. here is the other important point that's missing here. the f.b.i. didn't press hillary clinton on the use of the private server to begin with. if she had not used that private server. hillary clinton's campaign said the u.s. government uses a special system within the government to share classified
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information that would have marked those emails as classified. is that correct? >> it is correct the united states government does everything under the sun including lock people up who leave classified material in unclassified venues to keep national security secrets secret. it's correct it's the job of a secretary of state to recognize national security secrets when she sees them, whether they have a header on them or not. the f.b.i. found 5 s.a.t. documents. select access privilege. that's a document that requires a code to receive, another code to open, another code to store, and another code to send. they found five of these on her home-brewed server. it would have been impossible to receive it, read it, stored it
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or sent it without the access code. liz: hillary clinton is making it seem like more recordkeeping, breathtakingly tedious revelations about record keeping. >> it's not. she would like to us think it's tedious. it's of the utmost seriousness. the government prosecutes and gets jail terms for people who misplace as few as one of these. according to the f.b.i., mrs. clinton had 110 of them. 25 top secret of those 25, so super secret, the s.a.p. that it told you about, wouldn't view of it themselves because they didn't have the security clearance she did. liz: up next. the "wall street journal" is saying the f.b.i. basically ignores glaring incriminating
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evidence when they interviewed hillary clinton. the f.b.i. refusing to press her on contradictory answers. clinton's immediate aides told the f.b.i. they were unaware of the private server until after clinton' tenure as secretary of state and before it became public knowledge. hillary clinton says the idea for the server came at the recommendation of her top aide, huma abedin. there is a lot more examples like this in the report. >> the f.b.i. is the premiere law enforcement agency in the world. and we have all come to believe it's filled with human beings that can make mistakes. but their job is to protect the national security and enforce and investigate violations of criminal law of the united states of america. they failed to do their job here.
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i don't think it was a lack of will. i think they were restrained by the politicians in the white house. jim comey was told from the outset, you will exonerate mrs. clinton. the f.b.i. did not follow leads about the destruction of evidence or obstruction of justice. they didn't follow leads about mrs. clinton'sized lyin clintono them. how could they say they didn't know about the private server when they used it thousands of times answer they were aware when that private server went down and they had to find another way to communicate with her when the server went down. the f.b.i. did not issue search warrants or get subpoenas. they knew their job was to exonerate her. it assaults the rule of law, it's reprehensible and it
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violates public safety. liz: we didn't even get into the fact that her emails were hacked. the clinton camp is accused of playing defense. clinton's camp not happy with chuck todd. they are saying trump said a lot of disqualifying stuff in the second half of the town hall and we want to weigh in because we went first. we have gina louden, and jessica tarlov. what's your reaction? >> i think it's obvious. if you just watched social media you could see hillary was not on her game. but i don't know how she can be on her game.
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i don't know how you convince the american people that whether it's that you lied as director comey said or you have memory loss issues, or that you are just corrupt as many have asserted. it doesn't matter. it fully disqualifies her as president and it will be harder and harder for her to answer questions. elizabeth: no questions about the clinton foundation and the intersection of the foundation with the state department on the tarmac in white plains, new york. >> first of all, as a hillary supporter, i'm just thankful there was a press conference. this week shows they are finally listening that she even did a press conference in the first place. i was looking at social media and i saw matt lauer was so widely canned for his uneven questioning.
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he didn't push back on donald trump when it was well known was in favor of the iraq war. matt lauer took between a third and half of her question time to talk about emails. that's why this morning the press was not pressing on that. when people say it was a softball question, it's a delicate issue dealing with an election our first female candidate and a person who has reason to say she is not being covered as fairly as trump is. elizabeth: gina, what are your thoughts. >> two days ago a cnn poll had her up 16 points ahead of trump. and this morning you have to trying to control the narrative and change the conversation so she is back in control. what came across last night is a lot of bad stuff did come out,
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reaffirming to voters that she can't be trusted. it reminds voters on the fence that maybe they are not so sure they can pull the lever for her. elizabeth: we have president obama calling americans lazy. >> in the united states sometimes you can feel lazy and think we are so big we don't have to know anything about other people. if you see the environment destroyed, it's not because that's necessary for development, it's usually because we are being lazy and not being as creative as we could be. elizabeth: he goes overseas to call americans lazy twice. at a time he went golfing when baton rouge was under water. what do you think of this? >> this is more his leading from behind and more of his apology tour and this is why people
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don't want a third term of obama through hillary clinton. the night of benghazi when americans died, she was sleeping. she takes whole periods and days off because she sleeps so much. jessica, i want to say something to your point about hillary getting an unfair treatment. liz: quick 5 seconds, but we have to return to president obama calling americans lazy. >> just that matt lauer asked mr. trump twice as many questions as he asked hillary clinton. elizabeth: sabrina? >> let me say something about this lazy community. this was tremendously sloppy on the president's part. but conservatives do themselves a disservice by focusing on it. the reason that the united states is a better environment
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than most countries in the world is because we are a freer society. that's what conservatives ought to be hitting home rather than tearing apart on this political stuff that i finds sort of off-putting. liz: the american people voted. is there some poll we missed that he knows americans are lazy? did he ask every american this question? how can he call americans lazy overseas. he is in a communist region. he said it in laos, a socialist maxist. china is nearby. it was a sloppily word to use. the points of americans going
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abroad when 40% don't have a passport. elizabeth: did viewers miss the memo? did the white house do a poll of all americans and their knowledge so he can just say flat out that americans are lazy? where did he come up with that? >> this is their pattern. you have seen this over and over again. it's the take one to know one mentality from elementary school on the play grounds. when you are doing something you accuse the other side of doing it. it's a tactic. but i'm afraid it's falling on deaf ears. going overseas to a communist region and calling americans lazy, not once but twice. wow. a veteran confronting hillary clinton on her handling of
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classified information saying she would have been in prison for doing what she did. my next guest says that's not right. he's a trump supporter. >> i think the liberal media needs to get your head out of your butt and focus on the real issues. they say a lot of things about rain. (engine revs) like how hard it's gonna fall. (engine revs) the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain, too: when it rains... it roars. the all-wheel-drive charger. domestic. not domesticated.
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sensitive information, you clearly corrupt our national security. >> you know and i know classified material is designated. it is marked. this a header so there is no dispute at all that what is being communicated to or from someone who has that access is marked classified. and what we have here is the use of an unclassified system by hundreds of people in our government to send information that was not marked. there were no headers. there was no statement top secret, secret or confidential. elizabeth: a veteran confronting hillary clinton on her handling of classified information. representative baltazaro, what
5:20 pm
do you think of hillary clinton's response? >> i thought she was a liar. what she did to the veterans is an insult. the header and footer does not identify the actual message. it might tell you it's secret, but there could be confidential information down blow. one of her aides took those headers and footers off. liz: we don't know that. i want you to answer this question. let me get your thoughts on this. the real problem is from the get-go, using a private server in your basement. the u.s. government has a classified system where documents are sent electronically and headers and classified markers are put on that classified system. the fact that hillary clinton's
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private server was in the basement and not in that stem, don't you think that always problem from the get-go? >> it is a problem. she can't be that stupid. she knew what she was doing. she was wrong. i'm glad my fellow veterans understand and see through her last night and asked her the tough questions. >> i want four thoughts on mrs. clinton's questions. she said basically the va problems are quote not as widespread as it has been made out to be. here is what mrs. clinton said last night. >> i was outraged by the series that came out about the va. i have been very clear about the necessity for doing whatever is required to move the v.a. into the 21st century to provide the kinds of treatment options our veterans today desperately
5:22 pm
need and deserve. liz: contrast that with what hillary clinton said a year ago on another network. >> overall veterans who do get treats are satisfied with their treatment. nobody would believe that from the coverage you see, and the constant berating the v.a. that comes from the republicans in part in pursuit of this ideological agenda. liz: what do you think, al? >> it depends on who she is talking to and where she stands. her records the way she treated veterans. we are used as political pawns by that lady. she says what she wants you to hear for a vote. there are issues within the v.a. not all v.a.s are bad. but there are more issues facing veterans. when you have got many dying,
5:23 pm
and you have got 20 veterans a day committing suicide because the mental health system is not there helping them, something is wrong. liz: you are bringing up an important point, the inspector general point out, you are situation they found, that veterans are getting sick and dying waiting for care. but both candidates are saying healthcare for vets is a top priority. is there a better chance now that changes, systemic reform will be made at the va? >> i don't think so. i think trump planned with the competition within the v.a. i'm a disabled veteran. i use the v.a. i have v.a. insurance. how can i vote for veterans if i don't use the system. we don't even have a full-service hospital here in new hampshire.
5:24 pm
trump sent me around the country look at different v.a.s talking to the veterans. you would be surprised what's going on with veterans sitting there for hours and hours waiting for a 15 minute appointment. hillary has no clue. with donald trump's plan with the medical card and keeping the v.a. in place builds competition. it will make a big difference within the v.a. system. elizabeth: just a footnote, hillary clinton acknowledging now systemic problems within the system. in new hampshire this not adequate va care, is that right, al? >> that's true. we have pretty good specialized clinic. but i had a heart tack and i had to go to a civilian hospital. i had my gallbladder out and i had to go to a civilian hospital. but i'm fortunate to have full
5:25 pm
coverage insurance so i have choice. illegal aliens get better insurance than our veterans. liz: thank you for your time, we appreciate it. hillary clinton says we didn't lose a single american in libya. but the aftermath is a different story. my next guest says she is forgetting the four americans killed in benghazi. former marine, mark geist is next. >> was it because of a protest or some guys out for a walk and decide go kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make?
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he's on record extensively supporting intervention in libya when gadhafi was threatening to massacre his population. i put together a coalition that included nato, included the arab league, and we were able to save lives. we did not lose a single american in that action. liz: hillary clinton claiming last night we didn't lose a single american in that action in libya. my next guest says what about the aftermath, forgetting the four americans we lost in the 2012 benghazi terror attacks? with me to discuss, a survivor is former marine mark he's with me now, what do you make of clinton's comments, mark? >> typical clinton splitting hairs. she wants to focus on -- she wants to focus on all of her -- what she would like to call her
5:30 pm
successes and not have anyone look at anything she's ever done wrong, and you know, the sign of a good leader is someone who is able to recognize not only what they've done good, but what they've done, you know, mistakes that have been made while they were in charge and accepting that and moving forward. that's how you get better at it, you get to look at what you've done wrong to fix it, if you don't want to look at what you did wrong, you're going to get the same old same old. she's pretty much that. liz: mark, if you were to advise hillary clinton, what would you tell her to say? what did you want to hear her say? >> i would like to see her tell the families of the four americans that sacrificed their lives that night that she apologizes for lying to them. i'd like to hear her apologize to them for lying to them and tell them the truth for what happened and why it all happened. liz: to make it clear to the viewer, lying to them about what? >> about what happened to their -- the reason that the events happened that night on
5:31 pm
september 11th 2012, you know, she immediately after at the coming home ceremony of the four dead americans. she looked them in the eye and said it was because of a video. and the video didn't play -- had nothing to do with what happened in benghazi, that happened to do with a bunch of terrorists that wanted to kill americans and they don't -- it's radical islamist extremism that is causing the problem and we don't want to recognize it. and she didn't want to then. liz: mark, we had another benghazi survivor said last week there is unreleased video of the attack. watch this. listen to this. >> if they want to squash all the conspiracy theories, release the consulate video they have. they have it, we've seen it. >> what did it show that the public doesn't know? >> there wasn't no protest. liz: mark, do you know anything about a consulate video?
5:32 pm
>> you know the consulate for part of their security is to have video cameras on the outside walls, up and down the roads, and there's a tape out there somewhere that would have that recorded footage. so i think john's right on point. show that footage and see -- let it speak for itself. but there's a reason they don't want to show it, i'm sure. liz: what do you think the reason is? >> because it goes against the narrative they're trying to sell the public. liz: which is? >> that it was about a video about mohammad and not a terrorist attack. liz: right, insulting mohammad. mark, as a survivor of the attacks, what is your reaction? what do you feel when you see mrs. clinton make these statements and some critics said she seems unaffected by her words? >> you know, just looking for her whole career, she has had a problem with telling the truth.
5:33 pm
and i think it's just the same thing over and over, and i think if people would look at her full career, because it's one thing to make a mistake, we all have done that, we misspoke and made a mistake, and you go to the people and ask for forgiveness and this is what i did, diwrong. but you go all the way back to when she worked for a democratic congressman for -- on the watergate and got fired for unethical behavior and lying and take papers home, all the way up to currently with taking e-mails home on her own server, i mean there's a lot of correlation between her whole career of i'm better than everybody else. the rules don't apply to me. liz: mark geist, benghazi survivor, thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. liz: nbc host matt lauer accused of sexism for repeatedly interrupting hillary last night. i'll show you which liberal groups are crying foul. >>the clinton campaign
5:34 pm
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so you can breathe, and sleep. better than a catnap. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. . >> our decision was to try to put together an international coalition that included russia and china to exert the kind of pressure through sanctions that the united states alone could not do.
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>> right, but you think you're going to cheat. >> look, this is an important issue, i know we're on tv, we don't have a lot of time want. >> to get to a lot of questions. >> i will talk quickly. >> matt lauer accused of sexism for interrupting hillary clinton at forum last night. with me now is media research center director rich noise. rich, what do you make of the reaction to this? >> well, i think matt lauer is getting bashed today not because matt lauer did a bad job, he actually has tough questions of donald trump and hillary clinton. he interrupted donald trump. trump stopped and didn't try to plow through him. hillary clinton didn't do a
5:39 pm
good job answering the questions, substance wasn't great, and demeanor, she looked irritated and testy. if she answered the questions crisply and to her campaign's benefit. they would have been saying she hit a home run out of the park. she didn't. they're attacking the interviewer. matt lauer asked tough questions of donald trump. he looked relaxed, answered the questions. nobody is criticizing that at this point. it's not matt lauer, it's the candidate and the way she answered. >> matt lauer criticized for not pushing mr. trump on statements of support of the iraq war, the vietnam draft deferments, comments about senator john mccain. the gold star family. this is sort of predebate forum that's happening right now. what can we expect going forward? >> well, i think what you're seeing is you're going to -- the next debate is in two weeks and you're going to have lester
5:40 pm
holt knowing what happened to matt lauer, he's going to be very careful with the questions he's asking hillary clinton because of the way he's seeing his colleague being treated. you're going to see retiscence in trying interrupt and trying to hold candidates to time limit. maybe you'll see a more respectful tone of questioning. called playing the refs. and i think it's something that democrats are doing right now because they have a press corps that is sympathetic to the idea of stopping trump. you have the "new york times" and other outlets saying reporters need to drop objectivity because the cause of defeating trump is so serious and upset matt lauer wasn't on reservation for that anti-trump crusade they're trying to whip up. liz: i want to ask you the question, the clinton camp and reporters going after reporters for covering hillary clinton's coughing, one of the most aggressive she's had during the 2016 run. in other words, the coughing is
5:41 pm
getting more intense. dan phifer, senior adviser to president obama tweeting -- we've got clinton traveling press secretary nick merrill tweeting to nbc get a life. new video shows an interesting history of these coughing spells. watch this. take a listen. >> you talk. >> to represent inmates. [coughing] . >> excuse me. i'm sorry, okay. [coughing] >> the clinton campaign is trying to make the health of a possible future president should be off-limits.
5:42 pm
what do you make of that? >> well, they have friends in the media saying the same thing, this is all conspiracy theories, that it's silly to cover hillary clinton's health. look, this coughing may be nothing more than a nuisance, we don't know, we're not doctors, but she hasn't released medical records. donald trump hasn't released medical records. journalists should be asking for these candidates' full medical histories to find out what's going on. when the coughing interrupts the campaign. it's something that is too visible to ignore. nothing like we've seen in other candidates. it's four minutes in a row at a press event. that's something that does need to get mentioned and reported. if they covered it up, that would be the journalistic malpractice, not covering the news in their face. liz: rich, thank you very much for your time. smart insights, appreciate it. coming up next, a video going viral. incredible shot, watch it. the entire class got a perfect score, the teacher challenged
5:43 pm
the student, can he make the shot, and he did it? we have the both of them coming up next. a coach criticized for not backing off and about to bench all players any, players who protest the national anthem like colin kaepernick did. my next guest wonders why the person standing up for the national anthem is getting more flack than the person sitting down. that's next, don't go away. is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud,
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. liz: welcome back. we've got team usa hockey coach john tortorella facing criticism for making comments he would bench any player who sits out the national anthem. colin kaepernick critics wondering why the person standing up for the national anthem is getting more flack than a player sitting down. back with me is my power panel. is the media going after the wrong guy, sabrina? >> hey, absolutely are. look, our national anthem, our flag, these are symbols that represent a set of values of
5:47 pm
ideals, liberty of virtue of public good. that won't mean we are a perfect nation or we don't have challenges, and it is time that we took a stamping out these temper tantrums that whether it's students in college campuses or players in sports teams or actnors hollywood are having, they're missing the larger point what this is all about. liz: a new report hitting the wires that the seattle seahawks are not going to protest the national anthem. there was word that they might do a protest at the season opener sunday. but now looks like they're standing down, that they will honor the country and the seahawks will honor the flag. what do you make of that, jessica? >> i think it's the right thing to do, no one should be penalized if they want to take a knee or do a peaceful protest. the issue with what the nhl coach has done there is to say someone's going to be penalized if they choose to protest silently and peacefully.
5:48 pm
this is what america is about, your first amendment right. they're not taking it away from anyone else. not personally what i would do. it sparked an important conversation and for instance, with the female soccer player who took a knee and now moved the national anthem to the locker room. liz: gina -- go ahead. >> as a gay american she said i looked at the flag many times and not felt included in the american dream. she wanted to take a knee publicly. liz: we've got a kaepernick supporter, megan rapinoe denying the chance to kneel during the national anthem by the team's owner. he kept the teams in the locker room while the anthem was played. finally we have team owners speak out. they're not liking this. >> this is part of our free market. has nothing to do with our first amendment. first amendment wasn't written so the people could act ridiculous in public. it's meant to be a free speech right that has nothing to do with what these people are
5:49 pm
doing. let's remember, liz, the flag and the national anthem are not representative of the people you don't like that are in your country. representative of men and women who died for this country, and i love what university of texas chancellor said, he spent 37 years in the navy, liz, he said our flag encompasses all of those people that have felt left out of anything. that's what america is about more than anything. liz: gina, by the way. >> that is what the first amendment is about, precisely, it's about exercising your right to free speech, free protest and should be commending that. liz: don't talk over each other. go ahead, gina, go ahead. >> there's a big difference between protesting the government, that's when you have a protest. the signs like the tea party did, that's different than protesting our military heroes. big difference. liz: sabrina, five seconds, final word. >> our democracy is built on disagreement and debate.
5:50 pm
there's a time and a place and this is not the right way. liz: thank you very much. next up, a video going viral, an incredible paper ball shot. watch it. from the upper deck of ohio state lecture hall and earned a perfect grade for the entire class after the teacher challenged the student. the student who made the grade a shot, the professor behind the challenge joins me next to talk about it. i loved the whole thing. so glad they're here. don't go away. [cheers]
5:51 pm
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5:54 pm
student made a whole lot of friends after a professor gave them a chance to award everyone in chemistry class a letter grade a for a quiz that was coming up. he had to sink an impossible shot. had to throw a ball of paper into a trash can all the way across the room. watch this. >> oh! [cheers] >> not only did the class go wild but earned every student an a grade in organic chemistry. this video has been retweeted over 120,000 times, making the student vinny forte an internet sensation along with the teacher. joining us is dr. chriscallum. did you expect vinny to make the shot? >> the first ten years, we didn't have anyone make that shot.
5:55 pm
last year vinny made it and a student made it this year? liz: vinny made it last year? >> no, a different student. liz: you play basketball? how did do you it? how did you make the shot? >> i felt confident, and i kind of cleared my head, i didn't want to overthink it and let it fly. liz: you went into a zen head like a michael jordan shot, you winged it. god, that's an impossible shot. so dr. forte, how were the students doing in your chemistry class and getting an a, are they doing okay? >> organic chemistry is a tough topic, they are working hard each day. they got an a on the first quiz. we'll see next week. liz: are people coming up to you and asking to you make impossible shots all around town? >> there are a few freshmen practicing around town. liz: what about you, chris? are people asking you to make
5:56 pm
the shots around town? >> not yet. i'd be more than willing to entertain them. liz: vinny, you are through the to entertain them, right? >> of course. liz: major is in chemistry, what do you want to do after you graduate? >> i'm majoring in chemical engineering and hoping to take it to research or join an engineering firm. liz: professor calum, are you going to keep the bet going with the students? >> the tradition will keep going. liz: the impossible shot, professor calum, you are a great sport. appreciate it. >> thanks for having us on. liz: we're monitoring a hillary clinton rally. clinton plans to address the national convention in kansas city. we'll have more after this don't go away. when it comes to healthcare,
5:57 pm
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. liz: okay, we're monitoring a hillary clinton rally.
6:00 pm
she plans to address the national baptist convention in kansas city. he will possibly respond to some of donald trump's criticisms from today. next up, we've got "making money" with charles payne, he's next, don't go away. . charles: stocks ending the day in the red, soaring oil prices weren't enough to lift stocks overall. it's the word of the day, do you know where aleppo is? the current crisis and past history are much more critical than you think. plus the candidates taking part in national security forum last night. we'll look at what both of them had to say. the drama is over hillary clinton taking questions from the media. >> we were talking about serious issues last night. i know the difference between what we have to do to fix the


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