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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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she plans to address the national baptist convention in kansas city. he will possibly respond to some of donald trump's criticisms from today. next up, we've got "making money" with charles payne, he's next, don't go away. . charles: stocks ending the day in the red, soaring oil prices weren't enough to lift stocks overall. it's the word of the day, do you know where aleppo is? the current crisis and past history are much more critical than you think. plus the candidates taking part in national security forum last night. we'll look at what both of them had to say. the drama is over hillary clinton taking questions from the media. >> we were talking about serious issues last night. i know the difference between what we have to do to fix the va, what we have to do to take
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the fight to isis than just making political happy talk. charles: clinton answered media questions on the tarmac today. maybe it was last night's debate threatening poll numbers are overall criticism it's been mounting about her not having a press conference. today finally hillary clinton stepped up to the mic, and donald trump did weigh in tweeting -- a new poll showing donald trump and hillary clinton in a statistical dead heat in at least four key states that hillary was winning last month. so is the tide in the election starting to turn? joining me lisa boothe, rob taub. i guess we have a press conference, spoken to the media three days in a row, why? >> because she has to. she's seeing her poll numbers take a hit, and a lot of focus in the media.
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and essentially been driving a lot of the headlines is negative news stories regarding private e-mail server as well as the clinton foundation. she's trying to get out in front on the stories and try to answer some questions, because she realizes the damage that that's doing. but i found it a little suspicious the fact she wasn't asked the questions this morning at the press conference about her private e-mail server. the fbi released a lot of information before labor day weekend, including the fact her aides smashed phones with hammers and the fact that her e-mails were deleted after a "new york times" story hit. there's a lot of new information she needed to be pressed on. charles: might be new to you, wasn't new to the media. here's the thing, rob. obviously, listen, hillary has gone by an old school playbook. you take august off, raise a lot of money. hang out in the hamptons, whether there is a disaster in louisia louisiana, she's paying a heavy price for it.
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is this her s.o.s.? >> not her s.o.s., the mistakes she's making and she's got to step up, i watch a lot of law and order marathons. charles: i hope i never get hooked on it. >> asked and answered. that's what happened with the e-mails. she's got to say with the press, we've discussed this, the fbi cleared me, move on and talk about important issues like isis, like syria, like the economy and deal with that. charles: here's the thing, morgan. you know, she unveiled the plan this week that had the -- >> whose plane is bigger, do we know? charles: i know hers is greener. >> trump has more fixtures. charles: trump's plane goes back to 1991. it's greener, environmental embracing and the colors of the united nations. make of that what you will. [ laughter ] >> having said, that she spoke to the press a little bit back and forth going on, on the plane, more here. there's clearly no doubt that not only i think that last
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night played a role in this but the humanizing of hillary, the project. this dr. frankenstein project of making her human. she smiled. tried to chuckle. have a little banter. >> it's painful. charles: what was the guy, he had a hat she had never seen, and the back of his mind is like i've been wearing it 277 days, that's why you never saw it. what do you make of it? >> k.t. mcfarland, i was her press secretary. charles: really? >> that was a bruiser. i love k.t. charles: the new york media was tough on k.t. >> they were totally dishonest with her. charles: the media can pick and choose who they want to be tough with. hillary has a task and she's got to use the press conferences to her advantage. >> she's just bad. bad. former press secretary is going to say, you always think about wanting to put your candidate in the light that makes them look best.
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she is mechanical. she's awkward, and i don't think you can change it. it's who she is. listen, not everybody who runs for president has a type a personality and is an extrovert. she has the command of the facts whenever she is not backed into a corner. i don't think there is changing it. this is the hillary clinton we've seen for 30 years and it's just cranking her up and trying to make her look as good as possible. charles: tarmac press conference help or hurt? >> it didn't help, it didn't hurt. i think she's got to be less vituperative and be natural and discuss the issues. if she does, she's going to see a change there. she's got an opponent who doesn't have the handle on the issue. >> rob, she could be more natural if she stayed out of the hamptons and went to places. instead of fund-raising, hang out with normal americans and she'd understand why trump is so popular. charles: she's going to hit the ground, she's in north carolina
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which is a toss-up. go ahead, lisa. >> charles, if you remember, there is a picture of her at the chipotle with her sunglasses on, not talking to anyone. hillary clinton genuinely doesn't like people, and it comes across in her interactions with the media. but to the point before, hillary clinton also can't talk about the issues because she owns president obama's failed foreign policy. she also owns president obama's failed economic policy. he's literally going to go downsa the worst president as far as economic growth. so there aren't a lot of issues that hillary clinton is strong on to embrace or talk about either. charles: i don't want to digress too much. i did an exhaustive report on that, it's not going to matter, i don't think, his overall thing as long as third quarter looks like we're building momentum. that's what people might believe or see. >> i mentioned the other person on the show, the gentleman, what he said prior. >> i haven't been called a gentleman. charles: i was confused too,
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lisa. >> confused who she was talking about. >> i can't see you and didn't hear your name. i was trying to be polite. you sound like a gentleman and a scholar. [ laughter ] >> talk about the project, humanizing hillary clinton because we've got three debates coming up. last night is something of a harbinger of things to come. she might lose the election because of the debates? >> i think hillary can be tough and mean and that's what she should be, tough and mean because she's good at that. like bob dole when he was running and tried to be a nice guy. charles: did bob dole win? >> no, he should have been tough and mean and he wasn't. charles: is it fair, she has the criticism like reince priebus tweeted out, hillary looking mean and angry and uptight, is there something sexist about that. >> no. charles: she got three or four questions about that. >> her people are pushing that narrative which is why she got three or four questions about
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it. she's on television and it doesn't matter if you are male or female, you're going to be judged as a political candidate. if they talked about her looks, if reince priebus talked about her outfit, of course it would be sexist. if you are on television and people tell you to smile, people tell me to smile all the time on fox, so hi. >> if hillary comes across as tough it's a lot different than grumpy. >> i would agree with rob, it's about being your authentic self. charles: one second, go ahead, lisa? >> for trump, he needs to be careful. i've worked on campaigns where you are working for a male candidate running against a female candidate and hillary clinton is going to play the card, going to do it in debate. comes across as too hostile, too strong, that could potentially look negatively upon donald trump depending how he approaches her during the debate. that's what he needs to stay
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cognizant of. charles: did you see him today? he had a speech on education, and began with an update after hillary's press conference. one thing that kellyanne has achieved is the lower volume, taking down the base sort of even paced cadence and those things, and i think that's what people call presidential, it looks more or sounds more presidential. felt like he did that today? >> absolutely. a remarkable change since the new leadership has taken over the campaign, and the donald trump giving nuanced substantive speeches about issues americans care about. whether it's the economy, school choice, improving the education system, these are issues americans care about, and he's done a good job. he should take the same tone he has been using and take that to the debate. he should still hit her and be strong and hold her accountable but needs to do it in a way that doesn't appear he's a bully because we know hillary clinton is going to play the woman card. charles: l
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preview for the debates to come. which will be longer, more personal and a lot more jabs and baiting. up next, want to talk about the hillary clinton finally taking questions from the media. first press conference. here's the thing, all she had to swing at was soft balls. pretty obvious the media who they want to win. but why? why so obvious? we'll be right back.
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. charles: so hillary clinton finally coming out from behind the veil holding her first press conference this morning. the first time in nearly ten months, did you notice what was left unsaid. the press failing to ask a
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single question about clinton's ongoing e-mail controversy. the swirling scandal around the clinton foundation. is there an explanation for the softball questions, here to break it down, kelly riddell and mark serrano. hillary, rcp polls have you down by 5%. what's the deal with troops? are you serious? third question, the rnc was mean to you in the tweets. what do you make of it? >> it's a complete dereliction of the press corps's duty, they are stenographers for hillary clinton and putting out her talking points. listen, there are so many unanswered questions when it comes to the clinton foundation and why she set up a private e-mail server at the state department. first, she hasn't acknowledged she violated state department protocols and policies. we don't know why she did it. no honest answer as to why she did it, and then a good question for her would be like what do you think the impact is of you having set up that
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server. to the rest of national security as well as other employees with the intelligence service. we don't have the answers to any of these questions, and the press seems afraid to ask them. charles: you know, mark, it really is becoming painfully transparent at this point with the press and secretary clinton, but matt lauer, some people got upset at him for finally pressing her on the same issues, and it's really the media that turned on one of their own who stepped up to the plate? >> he broke a cardinal rule, charles. you don't take on one of our own, matt, what do you think you're doing stepping out of line? that's the message they sent him today, and believe me, he will not be as tough next time in questioning because of it. we did not witness a single act of journalism at the press conference today. after 273 days, the best the can do is say madam secretary, don't you think everyone is mean to you because you're a woman? look, the kind of questions that have the greatest impact are the simplest.
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the kind of questions they should ask is did you violate the federal records act? once? ever? since your foundation is open to foreign contributions will you reveal any contributions from a foreign entity to the foundation between now and election day? will you or won't you? those are the easiest most impactful questions. that's what the media should ask, but they're a bunch of sycophants who want to see hillary clinton elected as the first woman president. charles: kelly, could this backfire on her? give an example, the "quinnipiac poll" out today. she lost a lot of ground with non-white voters, though she's dominating. she's in a tie with donald trump in florida. he's beating her in ohio, and numbers come down sharply in pennsylvania. so even with all of this blocking and tackling by the mainstream media could the fact they're so disliked backfire on hillary?
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>> absolutely it can, they've been so aggressive with donald trump, and because of that, there's a bias that the average person, the average viewer has noticed. they seem to be rooting for hillary clinton, and that enables and emboldens donald trump supporters as well as influences independents, and you've noticed in the polls, it's the independents flocking to donald trump. now not that she hasn't done things to hurt her, the honesty and trustworthiness and the e-mails out of the state department. we're in a real rat race, it's after labor days, things are getting started. hillary clinton is going to have to face the media and tough questioning. charles: mark, i want to find out your thoughts on the debate. do you think it will be sort of a fairer line of questioning for both candidates or still this bias? >> well, i think there's going to be a lot more time. a lot more opportunity for tough questions, absolutely, charles, regardless who the moderator is. hillary clinton is going to play for a tie in the debates. donald trump needs to be himself.
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he doesn't need to worry about insulting a woman, show he's tough and presidential, and if he can hold her accountable like the media refuses to. charles: thank you very much, appreciate it. coming up, donald trump is getting criticized for controversial comments about sexual assault in the military. donald trump bounced back. well, he's bounced back before from the comments, but the female voter will be key in this election. we'll discuss it. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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. >> 2013 on this subject, you tweeted this, quote, 26,000 unreported sexual assaults in the military, only 238 convictions. what did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together? >> well, it is a correct tweet. there are many people that think that that's absolutely correct.
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charles: donald trump at the commander in chief forum landed himself in hot water after defending that controversial tweet made in 2013. the republican nominee doubling down on the provocative proclamation, sexual assault in the u.s. military increased as men and women served in greater depth along each other. is the outstanding billionaire pushing female voters right into hillary's hands. here to break it down is morgan ortagus and jessie jane duff. you have served in the military, outspoken on these things, what are your thoughts on the answer, the tweet, and overall this notion of -- i think a lot of people are shocked by the sheer numbers, are women in that much danger as they serve our country? >> the tweet reported said many of the sexual harassment complaints were unreported and the low number of prosecuted sexual harassment. so there's a big disparity there, you can't prosecute if it's not reported. that's the first error there.
6:23 pm
i don't think donald trump said anything negative. he said in his tweet this is what's going to happen when you put men and women together. that's a no-brainer. when you are deployed, you are sleeping in the same quarters. 24/7, you have showers that are open, bathrooms that are open, not with the opposite sex but males reported sexual assault and sexual harassment. what he's saying is what were they thinking? if they didn't prepare for this, we've got colleges and universities with high rates of sexual assault and harassment. it is a serious issue that has to be addressed, and the military buried this for many years, until the 90s. charles: are you saying the men trained to fight in combat can't restrain themselves or just makes a higher probability of it happening? >> i think that we would be naive to say that sexual harassment does exist in every aspect of our lives, we have to be trained on how to prevent it and how not to cause it.
6:24 pm
the military ignored this for many, many, many years and the reporting cycle with the numbers that donald trump presented told me many women didn't feel comfortable reporting it. there was prosecution but it was not reported. the military has come great ways. the marine corps made it so people have more access to report crimes. however, we also have to recognize everybody has due process. just because somebody reports it doesn't mean it happened. but we can't do victim focus. charles: morgan, from a political point of view, i heard some today you do channel surfing and look at social media, but it feels like everyone is saying it's a suburban white woman in the suburbs, is going to dictate this who will be any swing states in north carolina and virginia and pennsylvania and other places. so this sort of thing, plus, it was so convenient that matt lauer had the tweet in the first place, lot of people believed donald trump was set up with this thing. >> well, he wrote it. charles: the idea that someone would ask this question and
6:25 pm
matt lauer would have in his lap a tweet from 2013 was coincidental, wink-wink. how was the answer? is that the answer you prefer? >> it was a stupid answer, a stupid tweet and should apologize. it's offensive to every woman who served and is serving now. and stupid to all women. offensive to all women. it's not unprecedented for donald trump to apologize, when kellyanne conway, we were just talking earlier what a great job he's done. his first speech was apologizing for some of the stuff he shouldn't have said and he was unprepared last night to talk out the rape case. cases in the military. he didn't understand the judicial court system. the court-martial system within the military. and i understand that he doesn't want to be overprogrammed and doesn't want to come off like a politician but i think this was a test case for him that shows he's got to prepare a lot more on these issues when it comes to the next debate. and the bottom line is he's got to apologize. it's a really student and
6:26 pm
offensive thing he said and he's just going to dig himself into a bigger hole. charles: jesse, we've got 30 seconds, i want you to reply. >> it's not stupid, he was accurate. charles: and the question about suicides. >> what was he accurate about? that is so outlandish? what was accurate. >> what was inaccurate? the military has never treated sexual harassment seriously. >> the military has gone so much over the last five years. >> i am i active duty and the military did not address sexual harassment. >> you have been in the last five reayears? >> i have not. >> exactly. exactly. >> they've come a long way. >> you haven't been in the last five years, you don't know what you're talking about. >> i do know what i'm talking about. charles: this touches a nerve, we will see and hear it a lot more.
6:27 pm
tonight come back, maybe not now but later in the show or a different time about suicides, it's a national crisis and it's a shame. >> yes, it is. charles: thank you very much. also coming up, clinton and trump were grilled to a degree on national security. want to break down their answers and performance, ultimately one of them will be our commander in chief. we'll be right back. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark. before it became a medicine,
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it was an idea. >>
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charles: two presidential candidates on -- v last night to field questions about national security. without national security there is no prosperity, stock market or future. both candidates had some uneven moments. donald trump took heat for his character zaik of vladimir putinen leadership. he's have much of a leader. the man has strong control over his country. it's a very different system and i don't happen to like the system, but inside that system he has been a leader. charles: hillary clinton said this about the notion of u.s. military presence in syria and iraq. >> they are not going to get ground troops. we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again or syria.
6:32 pm
we'll defeat isis without committing ground troops. charles: did donald trump or hillary clinton prove their fitness to serve last night? eric, it's been a long time. let me start with you. last night both candidates had -- both had good points, both had so-so point. did either one of them make the case that they should be commander-in-chief. >> i think trump won the night, even though i don't care for him. hillary clinton was secretary of state for four years and she couldn't defend her record or the emails when she knew they were coming. if she can't be prepared for a question she had to know was coming for a year. charles: it felt that hillary
6:33 pm
was trying to push back on a notion she is some sort of a hawk. maybe she wasn'tennable of that that we have troops in that region. troops, combat troops, whatever it is. >> she failed to detime any kind of doctrine that wouldn't repeat the experiments and adventures she has been a part of whether you are talking about iraq or libya. has she found a way to defeat china in the cyber war? this woman is supposed to the expert on foreign policy. and a tie mean she loses if you are talking foreign policy. she need to do better than trump, and she did worse. charles: the media is making a
6:34 pm
lot that he talked about our generals. you know it's not unusual for a president to assign leadership, particularly military leadership at a time of war and crisis. >> this is an area where donald trump could have chosen his words better. i think what he meant to say is barack obama and hillary clinton when they were in office determining whether to intervene in libya did not lean on their generals as much as they should have and did not warrant the advice of the generals and count it. they went to ben rhodes. that's what donald trump meant by that. given the entirety of the night. donald trump, i believe, should have been more specific and on point. but overall he did not appear like this madman that hillary clinton is trying to paint him out to be. on that point he won.
6:35 pm
charles: everyone says the bar is lower for donald trump than it is for hoik. should it be that way? >> let's go back to the democratic national convention speech. it was terrible. she gave one of the worst speeches of a main nominee ever. the media said on a curve it was an excellent speech. these were democrats on other networks framing the democrats it was terrible. they can't say they have a lower bar for donald trump when the media is sending their resumes to get jobs in the clinton administration. charles: hillary went to the mic and tried to shore up on the capture of al-baghdadi. what do you make of her notion, it will be air power. we'll get the kurds involved and the wholes involved, and this is how we'll win this thing. >> that's why we have complete and total victory today and the
6:36 pm
world is at peace. unfortunately it's not. she is doubling down on obama's strategy. if we are depending on the iraqi army for our own security and to defeat radical islam at large we are in deep trouble. it will be a challenge to define something new for the voters and she failed at that. charles: the market today not going anywhere. oil had a huge, huge session. what's missing from this market? it's you, the consumer. are you coming back?
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for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at charles: coming up. we'll take a look at a major gaffe from third party candidate gary johnson. will it dash his hopes completely of getting into the debates?
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charles: another lackluster session that continues. crude oil popped. it had a great day on a shocking decline in crude and gasoline. the news lifting that sector almost 2%. now it's a top performer. most of the action this year has been in things like oil industrials, materials, all of these by the way, these are all severely oversold second towards. the question is what about the consumer? consumer discretionary names are muddling along. we learned late in the session that overall consumer credit increased in july. but most of that increase happened in what they call a non-revolving credit. we are talking student and auto loans. the credit card debt at 3%.
6:41 pm
it does reflect a possible reluctance to get over credit card debt. this trend began in the mid-1990s. we actually have the cash to spend. as an average financial obligations are significantly lower than they were in 1998. mostly higher wages must increase to move that spending and borrowing needle. meanwhile lower expectations could help the discretion terry stocks move higher. restoration hardware posted earnings of 45 cents. they clubbed the streets. they beat estimates. now on the other hands. the biggest loser was tractor supply. another great company.
6:42 pm
by the way, you don't want to miss "wall street week." his thoughts on the health of our economy. >> i think the economy is more robust than we are being told. the employment rate is higher than being announced. i think it's closer to 9%. if someone said i'll guarantee a 2% gdp growth, i would hit the bid right now. charles: we'll take a look at aleppo it's a city with an extensive history. world powers have crossed there many, many times. and now it's under relentless siege. you both have a
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charles: we often talk about man's inhumanity to man on the unquenchable thrirs for destruction. no city plays it out over and over again more than the large city of aleppo. at the crossroads that connects
6:47 pm
europe and asia, it was once the last stop on the silk road. now the city has indiscriminately committed slaughter against the city. 1183, 1260 the man gol mongols . it stands to reason anyone running for the position of commander in chief should know about the currents slaughter happening in aleppo. and the history of where good
6:48 pm
and evil have clashed. but gary johnson seems oblivious to the current state of appears there. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> what is aleppo? >> you are kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> okay, got it, got it. charles: around very own kennedy spoke with johnson and he tried to explain his confusion. >> as much as i hate to say it, just knowing ahead of time what the issues are, very quickly, that wouldn't have been an issue. charles: morgan, what do you make of his explanation and what happened today? >> i like that he was forthright
6:49 pm
and said i screwed up. at least he was honest about it. i don't know that there is much of an excuse for not knowing about this. beyond whatever you think about american intervention or lack thereof in syria the last four or five years. aleppo is home to genocide and mass murder. it's a base for isis. i don't know how you run for the presidency of the united states and don't know. i understand he apologized. but i think the republicans that were on the fence about voting for donald trump or him, if you have a national security focus you went over to the trump camp after he made that statement today. charles: , aleppo, raqqa, syria, they pose an amazing challenge for the next president.
6:50 pm
historically it has marked the domination or siege of aleppo was the crowning jewel of conquerors throughout the beginning of time. >> yeah, but i think for an american presidential candidate it's not that big of an issue. i note twitter vers and the talking heads like to make a big deal out of this. there are many humanitarian tragedies some we get involved in and others not. american voters don't care about aleppo. they care about isis and radical islam. but it's not a big deal frankly to me. charles: if you care about isis, don't you have to address aleppo? you have to have a strategy for syria.
6:51 pm
>> this was a gotcha question from a journalist. the issue isn't the humanitarian tragedy. that's the end result of radical islam and person incompetency. that's more an issue for europe. if this was something happening in mexico or central america this would be more of an issue for us. to think that we can alleviate harm and suffering in this part of the world. when it came to the question about what do you do about syria, he answered it well, i think. >> it's a complicated subject that's hard to boil down on television. there is a period of time the first two years i think we could have made a difference in syria and maybe gone the assad out. the next president trump or clinton likely will inherit a mess.
6:52 pm
this is something i hope the american people and the candidates will take time to think about and talk about. charles: and the role of russia and turkey making it much more complicated. coming up, we'll compare it plans from hillary clinton and donald trump. and the ever growing problem with isis. we have a special guest who has a new book out. "scales on war." he's next. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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charles: donald trump and hillary clinton unveiling their plans to tackle isis and bring stability to syria and the world. >> we are not putting grounds troops into iraq ever again and we are not putting grounds troops into syria. we are going to defeat isis without committing american
6:56 pm
ground troops. charles: donald trump said he would ask the military generals to complete a plan to defeat isis within 30 days and he will invest in rebuilding our military. general scales, "scales on war." thanks store joining me. i thought about you this morning. i saw the images of the new destroyer. maybe technology comes to the rescue. but you seem concerned about our preparedness right now? >> i do. we have an army that's probably 25% smaller than it needs to be. 2/3 of the army brigades aren't combat ready. the navy is down to 276 ships. and the air force is about to
6:57 pm
break 1,000 in the number of available fighter planes. donald trump has this right. before we do anything, we have to ramp up the quality of our military, the numbers, and i think most important, the modernization. if we were just fighting isis, we wouldn't have a problem. all three of those militaries are modernizing themselves. 5 years from now my grandson may be in a take battalion that still uses reagan-era material. charles: i know we have b-52s ready to go at any time. the critics will say we spend more on our defense than all of those nations you mentioned combined, and we have been doing that for decade. why would we not be prepared on a hardware side to confront any
6:58 pm
he merging threats? >> that's a great question. and the answer is, the american military particularly the ground forces have not modernized since the reagan era. 22 main army programs have been canceled the last 9-10 years. the army is essentially living with the relics of the reagan era. we spend more on the military. but personnel, that's pay, allowances, and medical care take up 70% our budget. what we spend on our close combat forces, the infantry, those who do the killing and dying, those numbers have gone down the last four years. let's say we can somehow turn his around.
6:59 pm
hillary clinton asked for the removing of the sequestration last week. donald trump asked for it last night. we rebuild the military. are we able to walk softly and carry a big stick. i don't think china is going to back off this global ambition. >> first of all, for china and russia, and so extent north korea, the key issue is deterrence. the the russians aren't going to do anything against us if they know they will be defeated. the same holds for china. isis is a different more pedestrian, more sort of muddy boots type of enterprise that some day, charles, perhaps in the next administration, maybe even after that. some day the army and the marines are going to have to go into syria and take them out. >> i just want to point out.
7:00 pm
on the back of your book you have an endorsement from general petraeus and wesley clark. it takes a special person to get them and more to endorse their book. up next, here is lou. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. brand-new polls out tonight show donald trump gaining on hillary clinton in critical battleground states. the quinnipiac survey shows in ohio trump is ahead of clinton by 1 point. in florida trump tied with clinton. in north carolina, clinton up by 4 and in pennsylvania she is up by 5. hillary clinton last night did lit toll help her cause in a commander-in-chief for up.


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