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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 8, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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to implode you will see trump's numbers continue to rise. lou: that's it for us. we thank you for joining us. them and more to endorse their book. up next, here is lou. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. brand-new polls out tonight show donald trump gaining on hillary clinton in critical battleground states. the quinnipiac survey shows in ohio trump is ahead of clinton by 1 point. in florida trump tied with clinton. in north carolina, clinton up by 4 and in pennsylvania she is up by 5. hillary clinton last night did lit toll help her cause in a commander-in-chief for up.
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she seemingly forgot four americans were killed under her watch in libya, but trump today reminded her. >> when qaddafi was threatening to massacre his population, i put together a coalition that included nato, included the arab league, and we were able to save lives. we did not lose a single american in that action. >> she falsely said no american died in libya. i heard that.said could she havn so quickly? lou: four years, hard to excuse her omission because it was in all of the papers. the subject of congressional hearings, and one of which she testified for 10 hours and they even made a movie about it. we'll take up the never-ending clinton scandals with two leading congressmen tonight.
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also joining us the learned and bright perspective on it all. pat buchanan how he sees the race for the white house progressing. one of the candidates having one of those moments he candidate fears. that moment belonging to a libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson. and here he is flubbing a question on the syrian civil war. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo. >> about aleppo? what is aleppo? >> you are kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> okay, got it, got it. lou: and got it he did. johnson promised he will end his daily marijuana habit if elected to the white house. it's becoming increasingly
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likely he won't have to adjust his lifestyle in any way. hillary clinton is accused of more lies. that's the focus of a house hearing today in which congress examined the clinton email scandal and whether the state department is complying with the law as it declines freedom of information requests. jason chaffetz condemned clinton for intentionally making a mess of the system for archiving and retrieving state department documents. >> since 2009 there have been thousands of congressional inquiries fan foia requests, subpoenas, media inquiries. if any of those required secretary clinton's records, i.e., her emails, there was not a way for that those requests to
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be fulfilled. lou: emails confirm clinton was told by powell how to use a private email account. he said he had a personal computer hooked up to a private phone line so i could communicate with a wide range of friends without it going through the state department servers. the foia request process is out dated when forced to go through a court order. congressman, were you satisfied, any of your questions truly answered today by the state department? >> no.
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but we didn't really expect them to be able to answer and satisfy the inquiries we had. they not on are slow walking and taking their time and not getting information the public and congress deserve to have. they don't have all the information to comply with the foias. secretary clinton heard her legal team destroyed information. that's what we have to remember. hillary clinton and her legal team got to decide on the front end which ones they kept, which ones we got. the ones they did destroy they said weren't work related. but the f.b.i. said there were 1 -- 17,000. the state department isn't complying because they don't have them. lou: i think there is a certain fatigue setting in with the
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american public on this issue. the scandal has been raging over years now. and we are learning little by little, and i think like nearly everyone who is not fatigued by it, i salute you and other members of congress who are proceeding and pushing for every scrap of information you can get from the state department. at the end of the day, this will be decided by an election that's two months away. >> here is two new pieces of information. the f.b.i. only looks at the classification issue. they did not look at whether destruction of documents took place. we know the chron onive one month, march of 2015, that looks like documents were destroyed under subpoena and under preservation order. march 2, 2015, "new york times"
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reported the special email arrangement hillary clinton had. march 4 the subpoenas sent. march 9, the server providers are on notice of those things, march 10. and march 25, david den today and cheryl mills have a conference call with platt river. and several days after that bleach bit destroyed the server. and he refused to answer questions when the f.b.i. asked him what took place in that conference call. one month tells the story. and we know the f.b.i. didn't look at that issue. they only looked at the classification issue. lou: the first question people ask me is why did they keep it to such a narrow pursuit and
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what set it off in the first place. >> when you have platt river networks conference call with david kendall and cheryl mills, them december trois the system with bleach bit. then he claims the privilege. first thing we need to know, who is this guy, we need to bring him in front of congress and see if he takes the fifth in front of our committee. lou: we know about two people. bill clinton and his wife. for 20 years they have been doing the same thing. they have been destroying work product that you can argue one way other other that was critically important information. before it was so critical at least we do know that millions of emails were destroyed from the clinton administration forward to the obama administration. and there can be only one reason. because they don't take up a lot of room and they certainly would
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have taken up a lot of congressional time if those 30-some ought thousand supervised the destruction on. >> here is the thing most i think most bothers most americans. and that is this idea that there are now two standards. one standard for you and me. a different standard for the politically connected. a different standard for john koskinen and hillary and bill clinton than for we the people. everyone should be treated equally under the law. lou: there are two different subsets of trouble in this. we have seen congress does not have sufficient coequal power to deal with the recalcitrant and mendacious executive department. we also learned that our court
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system is influenced strongly. much more -- much strong than we thought by politics. there is now a little "r" or "b" attached to everyone sitting on the bench -- >> great point. when you have the justice department more concerned about politics than they are about administering justice. that's a major problem in our country. we know it's the case. we saw it in the learner investigation and the clinton investigation. we save the this week in the memo james comey sent out to his own people. he realizes the pressure. i think he deep down realizes this is a concern from some of the very people who work and him. lou: people have tried to rationalize his failure to act and meet straight up the challenge that is by the way
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statutory, as the director of the f.b.i. instead, defer and relegate to the state department to make a decision about whether he should recommend a prosecution. it's some of the most circuitous reasoning i have seen by someone trained in law enforcement. >> the fact that loretta lynch met with bill clinton on the tarmac. she admitted under oath for the first time and only time in her career she announced ahead of time, whatever james comey recommends, i'm going to do. when a top southern says whatever that recommendation is, i'm going to follow it, ask yet they announce it ahead of time. never has that happened before. so by her own actions she demonstrated that this case was different and not treating everyone equally under the law. >> it's also disturbing, is it
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not, that a former president and sitting attorney general would waste taxpayer dollars money talking about their grandkids and golf. i was just appalled at that. it's always good to talk to you. much more ahead. stay with us. donald trump says it's time to rebuild our country's military. a force depleted bit failures fcht obama-clinton administration. >> i have great faith in the military but no faith in hillary clinton and the leadership. she has been there for 30 years. we need change. we have to have it. lou: is president trump the leader this country so desperately needs? we'll take that up with pat buchanan. he joins me next. this daredevil taking to the this daredevil taking to the sciets w
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good to have you with us, pat. let's start with these polls. it shows trump moving rather quickly toward closure here. and really eliminating the national lead hillary clinton enjoyed just five weeks ago. what do you make of it? >> i think it's a pretty serious matter. it's been in the last 10 days. he closed the began to almost equal and in some polls he's ahead. he's still behind in the state by state polls. but i saw some tonight where he's tied in ohio and up one in florida the big mo is on the side of donald trump, you saw that last night when you saw hillary clinton all tied up in knots over the emails and the f.b.i., and what did she say,
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what was secret and what wasn't. i can't see anything coming out in the future of any of these packets of emails that will be good news for her. lou: some of it will come out. but the american people i think are stunned to know that thousands of those emails will not be released until 27 months runs out after the election. >> i predicted if she wins the election, these things will come out, connections with the clinton foundation, the contradictions with what she said to the f.b.i., a federal official. you could have a real possibility of one more independent counsel in the first year of a hillary clinton administration if she won. but i think they are going to drag her down as they have done the last 10 days. lou: what do you make of what is becoming a serious problem. these coughing fits she has, one
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lasting four minutes the other day. last night forgetting that four americans died while she was cretary of state which she is accused of lying about. >> with regard to the coughing fits, if nothing more occurs and it looks like she had an allergy or something like that, i think she is okay. but if it starts up again, i think the american people -- if she does it again, i think the country has a right to know, have a physician inspect her, a ear, nose and throat guy check out the causes. they have a right to know before they vote if she has a serious problem that's causing lou: we are talking about momentum. trump has it. does he have enough of it? >> i think he has for the last 10 days.
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he closed an 8-point to 10-point gap to 2 points or something even. i think the momentum is clearly with him and he's got enough i think to pull ahead. also last night. that's her number one issue. foreign policy. that's where she leads trump. but he came off fine last night. and we have her people all complaining about matt lauer. when you make accusations against the referee you probably lost the game. lou: matt lauer is asking himself why he wanted to do that, i'm sure. the fact of the matter is, he did fine. she did terrible. trump by the way did far better than fine. all the polls i looked at. i'm talking about nbc, liberal networks, their audiences say he won it. if she can't win on her issue, what is she going to win? >> he got i understand twice as
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many questions. the reason was, he gave crisp abbreviated answers and kept moving the ball. that's why he won just on appearance and substance he did fine. lou: pat but cab man, great to have you here. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. our question is, has the liberal media protected any presidential candidate as much as hillary clinton? cast your vote on twitter. our word for the day is mollycoddled. breaking news now. nasa just moments ago successfully launched its spacecraft from the kennedy space center in florida. there it goes.
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the space probe will travel 4.5 billion miles to an asteroid and take samples from the surface of the asteroid for research. it then will return with those samples. the entire mission will require just about 7 years. so far, so good. now, please roll the video. one high liner achieving the impossible miles above the french alps. watch this terrifying moment as the daredevil staggers on that line. it's a little wobbly. held up by two flying paragliders. the thrill seeker staying on the line in free-fall for five seconds before he activated his parachute. i think he has bragging right at the bar for some time to come.
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but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. lou: a few thoughts on tough times for hillary clinton, times better like to get a lot worse but if i'm as fbi and justice department may say the case is closed against her but that's a somewhat narrow view. the state department has yet to release all of clinton's schedule which she headed at the department. it it will do so before the election not later now and october 17. we will see how that deadline adjusts if it does at all. they are convincing claims that clinton ran the state department
11:28 pm
like a racketeering enterprise for family foundation. evidence of that effect is mounting and also we will be hearing a lot more about clinton's conduct in a the lawsuit brought by citizens united, yes that citizens united we as citizens united a great deal because they do have inquiring minds and are producing answers to questions that have avoided even congress for some time. citizens united seeking e-mails among state department visuals the clinton foundation and the consulting firm which to say it has close ties to the clintons is an understatement. the obama administration has blocked the release of 14,000 e-mails among those entities for 27 months. these things have a way sometimes, i'm not saying they will but sometimes of working out in favor of americans right to know or at least surmise. the state department has until
11:29 pm
the end of this month to release the remaining documents related to a freedom of information act request by judicial watch to also a great deal. the state department officials being forced to reveal far more than they wanted to buy a federal judge again thanks to judicial watch. also at the end of this month her response to the 25 questions submitted by judicial watch to explain her creationist views of her personal e-mail server, 25 questions of the national media should be asking clinton every day. the core interest in asking softball questions like these. >> i will come back and talk to you but i wanted to welcome you onto the plane. how was your labor day weekend? >> it was really good. >> happy labor day. i know, that's exactly right.
11:30 pm
>> i definitely do. >> the assembled media folks simply surprised by clinton coming to greet them on her new playing or their new playing too is the mystery perhaps they weren't prepared to ask the tough questions and she wasn't prepared to answer any. the press corps had another chance to quiz the democratic nominee today in new york her first so-called real press conference in 278 days. i know you were getting excited but let me ease you into a reality that is somewhat disappointing. there'll may 7 questions over the course of several minutes. nothing was asked about her e-mails. nothing was asked about the clinton foundation and there were no follow-up questions whatsoever. i'm not sure we can qualify this as a press conference at the campaign insists. congress too is still asking questions as you heard jim
11:31 pm
jordan. the house oversight committee trying to go after her for concealment, coverup and obstruction of justice charges for destroying evidence i.e., over 30,000 e-mails and somebody took a hammer to a number of her smartphones. there hasn't been a former response from the justice department on this latest request. we don't know why. we have our suspicions, don't you? more congressional hearings are also scheduled now but as we have learned or hold your breath but it is on paper to hold for the sake of the department. then there's the october surprise the bombshell document by julian assange from wikileaks. assange now telling fox those documents could come any day now which would make for a september surprise by the clintons over the years absolutely hate
11:32 pm
surprises almost as much as they lost for power. now about those scurrilous politicians and the hacks and our liberal national media. brimming with mediocrities that passed so i reach back in time for one of my favorite observers of wife's absurdities and tonight from andy rooney from whom we have heard far too little. our quotation of the evening from andy rooney who said quote the only people who say worse things about all editions than reporters do our other politicians. and we kope them off. we are coming right back. stay with us. the countdown is well underway. president obama with 133 days remaining in office and he's on a global tour that has been downright embarrassing. >> i think it's very sad when you look at barack obama air force one in china and they
11:33 pm
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we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. lou: joining me now mercedes
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schlapp former spokesperson for george w. bush and the host of the chris plante show. chris plante and mercedes ghadafi here. mercedes last night the commander-in-chief forum, trump, it looked to me beat hillary clinton and the one area she should be safe with an advantage in campaigning. >> well, i thought that was the case as well last night. i think when hillary clinton came across very defensive on answering her e-mail situation and when she answered the question, it was basically look at the would have been me and i would have been handling substantive information i would have been in prison and what does this all means correct she goes into this convoluted explanation about headers, no headers which left you just dumbfounded. hillary clinton is having a very
11:38 pm
ing her actions while she was using this personal server and she is also having a difficult time explaining why staffers were taking a hammer and basically destroying her -- anyone who has worked in the federal government knows that property, that information along to the government. lou: not if you are clinton, writes chris? there such an error about this woman part night utterly befuddled entitlement. she seems to be lacking totally confidence and also arrogantly thinking that she shouldn't even have to be there. that's what she projected to me. what to you? >> i think she was shocked that matt lauer was second -- asking her questions and was being a little bit aggressive. i think she was made very uncomfortable. she expects better treatment and
11:39 pm
by the way don't think the state department issued her a blackberry. i think she got it at the verizon store someplace. lou: you would think whoever's in charge of the blackberries, the secretary of state doesn't have one. >> you know she goes to them faster than "el chapo" so i'm sure she has a bag full of burned funds that she drops more often than a mafioso who is being hunted. it was an piercing in a lot of different ways for hillary clinton. she is supposed to be up to this and get friendlier treatment for matt lauer appeared she supposed to be better on her feet at this late stage of the game. this is her last i met that running for president she just comes off terribly. she's a terrible retail politician. she doesn't come off even if she were telling the truth she would come off as though she were lying because she just loses dishonesty and insincerity and contempt for matt lauer and for the audience and she is an awful
11:40 pm
candidate. i don't think she's a very good person and donald trump came off as donald trump rally think he probably stepped in at a couple of times last night also if you watch certain other cable networks you will see they are spending a lot of time paying attention to those moments and very little time talking about hillary. lie lots of people going crazy over a luppo because gary hnson did know what it was or where it was. >> he maybe needs to not smoke so much pot. that may help him. >> give him a break. lou: we have two candidates here one of whom represents the screwed up mess that they created in syria through their red lines and nonsense and the way in which they treated russia. what do you think mercedes the way in which trump responded to the fact that he complemented by mere putin after he complemented him? you would have thought he had
11:41 pm
decided to create a fifth column in this country. >> i have to tell you i did not agree with trump's comment about this great control over his country. think the word great is not what i would use. it's an authoritarian leader. he goes after his dissidents that it's not what i would call a prime example of a nation where i would want to live to say the least. i think for trump what he was trying to say and this is when they come up and clean it up is to say putin is exerting strength at this point. i, trump will do the same and i will be a strong leader because what's happening is putin is stepping all over obama. we saw this in their last exchange when they were talking about -- lou: it was very clear that he will not be persuaded in any way by these perfunctory little compliments. >> you can't say that. lou: if you are the leader of the free world, writes chris?
11:42 pm
he can say whatever the hell he wants. >> i wouldn't go around praising vladimir putin too much if i were running the bats said listen we are talking about the obama administration which came in criticizing george to be bush for not getting on with putin and anybody forgets him and his anybody's memory go back further than a week ago? barack obama was pandering to vladimir putin when he was running for president. he tried to reopen -- he said hillary clinton over with that easy button which was close to saying reset on it that said overcharge on it. lou: is reset at me right now. chris plante has come up with a third answer so there's no agreement and we will move on with this. >> that's unfair, unfair. lou: mercedes thanks so much. thanks for being with us. roll the video please.
11:43 pm
startling video out if clinton, connecticut. watch as and suv barrels through through -- whoa through the front door of a convenience store striking the clerk covered in debris. the clerk is recovering from yes, you guessed it only minor injuries. the driver who mistook the gas pedal for the break has been cited for reckless driving and no injuries at all to speak of. up next, donald trump coming down hard last night on president obama and hillary clinton's foreign-policy failures. >> the generals under barack obama and hillary clinton have not been successful. >> do you know more about about isis and they do? >> under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble. lou: former commander in navy s.e.a.l.s team six congressmen what is success?
11:44 pm
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lou: joining us tonight congress men ryan zinke. the congressman spent 23 years as a navy s.e.a.l. commander s.e.a.l. team six and also served as joint special forces commander direct. congressmen it's great to have you with us.
11:48 pm
quite a display last night and the commander-in-chief for him. hillary clinton, that should have been her purview it seemed to me to stumble excessively. your thoughts? >> i agree and her comment about iraq and that we are not going to put truth in iraq and the commander-in-chief on do you never disclose your intention and certainly used you keep all options available to you and it's just the basics. of course her comments on libya. no one can blame libya except for hillary clinton and the president, that's clear. she still refuses to admit that we lost for individuals there in two of them which were my friends and her comments are inconsistent with what i would think would be a commander-in-chief. lou: it is persistent, this muddying up everything.
11:49 pm
now moleh seem to follow her. mistakes are part of her dna now but to say there are four americans, no americans killed in libya she has lied about the circumstances of their death obviously and clearly. at least that's the way the families of those fallen operators felt. it gets frankly onerous and distasteful and excessively awkward for us all for couture couture -- for her to persist in them. >> when you tell a web of lies it's difficult to remember which lie you told and what we are witnessing, she can't remember exactly which lie. it's easier just to tell the truth but her positions you know as far as being a commander-in-chief, i look at it and it is built on the crux of
11:50 pm
the lie and her record as a state department as the secretary which she did very well, a tour around the world and raised money for the clinton foundation, that is clear. lou: it's actually to me pathetic. we look at it and there is no one signature achievement on the part of hillary clinton as secretary of state, no lasting legacy and certainly this administration and this foreign-policy. it's disastrous in every quarter of the world. i want to ask you about donald trump and the generals talking about them being reduced to rubble as he put it. today tried to make amends and expressed his regrets for that. your thoughts about the sentiment though about placing failures, military operations on the generals themselves.
11:51 pm
>> what is clear is that the rules of engages meant with the generals can and cannot do have largely been replaced by armchair quarterbacks. susan rice a lot of times was directing specific operations and there's an enormous amount of frustration in the troops that they can't fight and win and i have always been an advocate if we are going to fight, fight to win and make sure the troops have the right training and the right rules of engagement and the right leadership to win on the field of battle decisively but a lot of frustration in generals largely happened stripped of their power and their advice is not taken. lou: obviously that would change if donald trump says under his leadership and we are delighted. i've just got to tell you, i don't think i've ever said this to you 23 years in the navy as a s.e.a.l. leading s.e.a.l. team six the joint task force in iraq, thank you for your service d thank you for being in congress.
11:52 pm
we desperately need men and women with your background and your skills and talent so thank you congressman. >> well thanks. i was sorry surrounded by talent and i never the best jumper diver but i always was able to surround myself with americans that were looking at the mission of the finest forces our country could muster. lou: amen. thank you for being with us. up next hillary clinton says radical islamist terrorists are praying for trump victory. pastor robert jeffers will weigh in
11:53 pm
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let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at lou: in our online poll we asked you last night if you trust the f.b.i. more or less after the friday night document dump. 98% of you said you trust the f.b.i. less. joining us, pastor robert jeffress. great to have you with us. let start with what hillary clinton said. here we go. >> they are saying, please, allah, make trump president of america. i'm not interested in giving aid and comfort to their evil am bigs.
11:57 pm
i want to defeat them. i want toned their reign of terror. lou: are you sitting down there? she is in israel. president obama is calling americans lazy while she is sitting in israel cog up with the idea she is the one designed to defeat isis. >> let's just suppose hillary is telling the truth. that's a big assumption. but let's suppose she is telling the truth that isis wants donald trump as president. there is one of two reasons isis would support trump, neither of which is good for hillary clinton. either they believe trump would protect its citizens and this nation, they would go against terrorism to the point they would precipitate the myth on calmus limb apocalypse or they
11:58 pm
are engaging in reverse psychology. they believe the american people are so gullible if they say they are supporting trump the people will support hillary clinton. i think isis would be' more comfortable with hillary clinton. they know her policy for open borders. i man they are rooting for hillary. lou: i don't know what she is talking about or how she would know one way or another. it seems like one of those extraordinarily just ridiculous statements that come from candidates and presidents when they are overseas talking about this country. at least presidents of late. i just don't get it. and trump himself, the idea that he is going to hold up with
11:59 pm
attacks from president obama or her without response is silly, and she doesn't advance anything. the politics of this are making somewhat no sense on the left now, and donald trump seems to have found an inner calm. i don't know if it's spiritual or what it is. but he's staying disciplined and he's carrying the battle, too. >> trump had a tremendous night, hillary clinton had a terrible night. when you are a liberal like hillary clinton and you have matt lauer coming after you, you are having a really bad night. but i think people saw donald trump as the real person he is. a measured thoughtful leader instead of a caricature people thought of him. when they get to know him as clinton's characterrer continue
12:00 am
to implode you will see trump's numbers continue to rise. lou: that's it for us. we thank you for joining us. good night from new york. kennedy: who's got a better plan for the u.s. military? libertarian candidate gary johnson should have paid bert attention in geography class. he will join me. another big star claims she is going to leave the u.s. if trump wins. anybody want to chip in on one-way tickets? the president thinks you are lazy. whether it's global warming or world geography, his royal


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