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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 9, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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charles: i hear that but we only have 19 seconds left. i will say this though a lot of people think someone making 66 million may not need the right representative for any oppressed people and should be celebrating the brilliance of america. we will respect that. now here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening everybody i'm lou dobbs. we begin with breaking news tonight. the united states and russia have just announced a new peace deal for syria. secretary of state john kerry says russia and the united states have agreed to a cessation of hostilities in syria to take effect by monday. also tonight a big selloff on wall street. investors increasingly anxious about our country's leadership weather in the white house, capitol hill or the federal reserve. the dow jones industrials today plunged losing nearly 400 points. that's the worst one-day loss since brexit, that from the
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united kingdom voting to exit the european union to an half months ago on june 23. that turned out to be a one-day affair even though wall street analysts have predicted brexit would create financial armageddon for the brits if not for all of europe. it of course didn't either and today's selloff appears to have been mostly the result of another round of federal reserve trial and the capital city conspicuously brimming with incompetence in ineptitude and precious little modesty. investors today reacted to the mounting russian chinese and iranian provocations increasing challenges facing our government and our passive/aggressive president. a frequently confounding president bushes passive in the end insistence when confronted with their enemy and his aggressiveness seems to know no bounds when asserted against our friends and allies. it has been on most nine months since the fed last raised interest rates.
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december 16 of last year and warning us that two or three more interest-rate hikes would follow this year. they have course have not. the fed was wrong then and it seems utterly confused now but nonetheless every bit as vocal. the president claimed there is a case to be made for gradual interest rate hikes. investors thought them to be both wrong and unserious and they sold on his nonsense. arnold trump earlier this week saying the fed has been rigging the economy to help president obama in peril awaits us all. >> is a very false dichotomy. we have a bad economy and everyone understands that but it's a false economy. the only reason the rates are low is so he can leave office and say see, i told you but at some point the rates will have to change. lou: we will be taken up the taking up the issues of confused leadership weather at the fed
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are government or in executive offices, corporations across america and certainly on wall street. we will be taking up falling markets in the slowing economy as well. also tonight now does the turn of the democrats, what to do about hillary? hillary clinton's plunging poll numbers have struck fear and anxiety into her former colleagues in the senate. reports that democratic senators are now anxious the democratic nominee may be doomed in november as well as their chances of winning control of the senate. amongst her problems and bears lawmakers say it's her public or sauna. to guard and they say in her failure to connect with white working-class voters. donald trump in contrast continues to build momentum having one of the best weeks of his campaign. the republican nominee today speaking at the value voter summit in washington argued that more of the same failed them radically to ship and devastating social policies that
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punish the poor and minorities for a half-century will surely lead to ruin for them and the nation in this century. >> the democratic party has run the inner cities of america, the 50, 60 and 70 year cases over 100 years, over 100 years. their policies and their politics and in particular the politics of people like hillary clinton have produced only poverty, joblessness and rising crime. lou: tonight more evidence that the politicized justice department priorities in this so-called investigation were to protect hillary clinton at almost any cost. new reports that the department of justice gave immunity to his second computer technician who erased and wiped out hillary clinton's private e-mail server despite a congressional subpoena and orders from congress to preserve her files. just another day for the clinton
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cartel and our corrupt capitol. we will take all of that up with their extra -- experts fred barnes tony sayegh and tony west. turning now to the longtime leader of that cartel the former president himself, bill clinton on the campaign trail nine coming up today with a beauty. mr. clinton trying to sell democrats on the notion that donald trump make america great again it's actually a racist slogan but hypocrisy and memory failure cause unknown elements in the clinton family. listen as the former president went after trump card in the battleground state of florida. >> that message making america great again is if you are a white southern or you know it's ackley what it needs. what it means is i will give the economy you had 50 years ago and put you back up on the social totem pole.
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what hillary wants to do is take the totem pole down and let us all go forward together. lou: wow that was self-destruction by the former president. he had to work hard to come up with his strange interpretation and he obviously has forgotten when he and arkansas southern baptists favored the very same phrase when he was campaigning for president. >> i believe that together we can make america great again. i want to attack these problems and make america great again. >> you are being called upon everyone of you to secure a better future for your children and your grandchildren and to make america great again economically, educationally and socially. lou: amazing isn't it and it was the phrase the clintons used again and again when hillary ran for president that in 2008. listen to her campaign radio ad. >> it's time for another comeback, time to make america great again. i know hillary wants to do it.
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lou: wow, impressive. trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway pointed to the inconvenient video and audio calling the former president's bizarre allegations about trump's slogan a disgrace. have you notice we haven't heard from bill clinton a lot lately on the campaign trail and today's performance is a reminder of the reason the hillary campaign can afford a lot of bills support. our first guest tonight since bill clinton's remarks in the latest example of flailing clinton campaign joining me now is ticket editor of "the weekly standard" "fox news" contributor fred barnes. fred it's great to have you with us. that is an amazing performance on the part of the former president even by clinton standards a nasty but utterly silly attack on a man who looks to be now the front-runner in this context. >> it was a silly attack and thomas saul has always said you
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are racist and that means you are losing argument and hillary indeed is losing the argument. a terrible week for her. the e-mails are still a problem. she did very badly in a non-face-to-face debate on wednesday night where donald trump did well. wherever the bar was for him to rise above the rows above it and did very well in the clinton campaign doesn't know what to do. they are panicking and bill clinton's statement is a good example of that panic. >> it is extraordinarily strange to hear now everyone advising hillary clinton just as they were doing for donald trump a month ago. now she is too guarded, she needs to reveal herself to the electorate and i think many republicans are thinking please hillary, please reveal yourself to the public.
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what do you think lacks. >> i think she has revealed her soul to the public and you have assessed it correctly. they act like there some hidden personality there. they are desperate trying to come up with something for hillary. i will tell you what she needs to do. she needs to stop making excuses for herself and taking responsibility for a thing or two. the e-mails as she said again this week all code that was a mistake and non-secure e-mail system but i don't make any excuses and then she goes on as she always does to make excuses. excuse after excuse after excuse. lou: kirk scuse is our supplanted by her lies often and they simply just lay there. the national liberal media simply doesn't know what to do.
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they continue to attack trump. to look at them on the front page, the whole page of the "washington post" is to see a constant stream of attacks on donald trump. have you ever seen anything like what the "washington post" and to a lesser degree with "the new york times" are doing and any presidential campaign in your career? >> i haven't and i flipped in the washington area almost my whole life and i've been reading the post since i was a teenager and i've never seen anything quite like it. you know one thing that was interesting today a former post political. reporter: a founder of "politico", the great institution that covers politics and he's forming a new venture and what he said today in an interview was he has never seen the media so decisively trump, clinton and anti-trump. he said it's scary this bias.
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lou: it may scare him. i am heartened by it because there is no veil of pretense and they longer. the national liberal media is presenting themselves for what they are. a left-wing bias that overwhelms reason, reality in favor of the establishment of the status quo that's been created by wrongheaded liberalism for a half-century in this country. can you see my point of view? >> i do and i happen to agree with it. lou: fred barnes and good to get out of here with that. its eyes great to have the great fred arnson we appreciate it. thanks so much for it. much more straight ahead. stay with us. obama's backdoor dealing with i ran. first it was $400 million in foreign currency and then 1.3 billion now almost $34 billion. where does it end or does it? donald trump says obama and clinton are trying to cover up
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their money trail. >> not to mention the ransom payments, oh those ransom payments. remember two weeks ago it was $400 million in cash. this is cash. lou: the defense of democracies john hammond joins us. tensions running high between these two drivers pick what happens next is simply astonishing. we will bring you the video plus a lot more right after this quick break. we are coming back. stay with us. when it comes to healthcare,
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lou: first the controversy about $400 million. remember foreign currencies that were flown in to iran in an unmarked aircraft before iran released hostages that they had taken. then we learned there were two more payments to iran to total $1.3 billion. again delivered in foreign cash currency's. now reports that the real number , that is what we have done, we have gone from 400 million to 1.7 billion in total to now more than $33 billion, that's right delivered to iranians in cash again foreign currencies and
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gold according to a new report from the foundation for defense and democracies. joining us tonight that organizations bindings senior counselor and former cheney security adviser john hammond. john, it's great to haveou with us. this is absolutely an incredible in the full sense of the word, an incredible series of developments to learn that a president of the united states is dealing with the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism in cash in the currency of foreign nations and for the life of me i can't figure out how we got ahold of the button. >> yeah and totally untraceable of course lou any drug dealer or terrorists can tell you that the way to go is cash because nobody will catch you as you engage in all kinds of nefarious activities from funding the likes of hezbollah to of course this incredible program that iran has got that they want to
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eventually aim at the united states. lou: would he make of the president who says to everyone upon all of the reports that we learned then that there was a contemporaneous if not instantly simultaneous transfer of the hostages that iran had taken and the 400 i am dollars in foreign currencies and cash delivered to them and the president denied there was a ransom. he denied that there was anything new about this development but in fact it's all new to the american people, isn't it? >> absolutely. the fact that he hid all of the most important sordid details about this deal from the american people and their representatives in congress just underscores how are on this deal was from the beginning. the american people had known that we send cash to the leading state sponsor of terrorism in unmarked bills in the middle of the night on the plane that was probably connected to iran's
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revolutionary guard, they would have been outraged and no doubt congress would have taken steps to try to put a stop to it. lou: where is congress on all of this? are they truly the impotent institution that they now appear to be? they call for hearings and send letters to people including the president of the united states. they don't get responses and they don't get results from their investigations. what is congress as a co-equal branch of government? >> the balance is completely out of whack now lou and it's very dangerous especially given this this -- lou: why doesn't anybody talk about john? it's staring us in the face. we have not an imperial, we have an imperial presidency that has unchecked powers with the possible exception of the supreme court which now is at least delayed in executives against stopping the deportation
7:20 pm
as many as 5 million illegal immigrants but that simply held in advance. it's not resolve. >> unfortunately the supreme court is not an elected branch of government. we have a congress that is supposed to be a co-equal branch of government that is a serious oversight role over at mr. chen efforts that are contrary to the constitution including foreign affairs and it's just not playing that role at the moment. >> what role does government whether the executive or to bring along congress what will that do in to the provocations of russia, china whether we are talking about the black sea of the baltics whether we are talking about the south china sea or whether we are talking about suddenly the appearance on the part of iran if they are moving straight ahead with the development of the nuke we are bomb despite the release by this administration of $150 billion to them.
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>> don't forget tattoo that the fact that we had a fit north three in nuclear test today not to mention last week that fired off three more medium-range ballistic missiles. this has been an awful word -- weaker u.s. interest and it underscores how weak in fact was they see this lame a administration being they will contain to push and probe and increasingly probe and dangerous days and that's the way the countries get to war. it begins to wrestle -- unravel and things become very dangerous. there's no fixing it until he get a new president then it's only going to be a higher cost of to the american people to restore our deterrence. lou: it's going to be a higher cost in some ways but perhaps much lower cost than others and the most important ways with the lost of greater treasure and loss of lives because modest form policy that george w. bush
7:22 pm
spoke of when he campaigned for the office unassuming he was anything but modest, we are talking about right now a nation that is almost 2020 and dollars in debt. we are watching our military a masculine good weather by the civilian leadership under this presidency or whether it be by lack of resources as a result of the sequestration that this republican congress and senate agreed to. >> it's a huge rebuilding path that the next president is going to have to do to try to figure out how he rebalanced as america's role in the world and tries to correct some of the enormous damage that i fear has been done. lou: how frustrated are you with the national liberal media that goes after the republican nominee because he returned the compliment to vladimir putin and
7:23 pm
they act as if you just created a column in the united states. 10 national left-wing media get any more peer i'll, just outright silly in their coverage and their analysis. >> listen i'm no fan of putin neither but the fact is if you look at what this administration did and they did it with secretary clinton and power, absolute tragic failure on the russian reset he just hope that the media would give equal time and attention to that instance that really affected you -- u.s. policy and interest around the world. lou: john hammond is always great to have you with us. appreciate it. sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is do you think president obama has it in his nature to be straight with the american people on any issue, on any issue whatsoever? just one. cast your vote on twitter @lou
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dobbs. follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like the on facebook follow me at an instagram @lou dobbs tonight and follow us as well lou please roll the video now, the reminder to stay calm on the road. watch as this voter cyclist smashes a where we are no on a car after confrontation with the driver in los angeles. he do this in los angeles almost hourly i'm told to the motorist pulled a hammer of his truck and took a wild swing at the bike as he went by. according to the auto -- los angeles is considered the road rage capital of america. they had to go out of their way for that and i? up next donald trump says hillary clinton is utterly controlled by special interests. >> hillary clinton opposes it because she is controlled
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totally like a puppet by special interests. lou: we will examine the facts next to my commentary. stay with us. we will be right back. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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lou: a few thoughts now on the widely clinton shake-shifting on the campaign trail. clinton wants to sound as much as donald trump as she can these days, it seems but she's been bought and paid for by the establishment donald trump is running against. she wants you to forget she's the principal architects of the status quo. she's the corporatist, he's the populist. she's the globalist. he's the nationalist. she's about global no matter how high and how severe the cost to america and americans. trump is all about america and americanism. look who loves her specially with her money.
7:30 pm
clinton benefactor billionaire has given millions to clinton and that's not counting the million given to left-wing groups as well to hep her win the presidency that he sees important to his own influence. clinton's individual donors are hedge fund billionaire who is have given $123 million to clinton. okay, i know. they've also given money to donald trump and here is the amount, $19,000. that's right. 123million for clinton, 19,000 little dollars for trump who says when he finds out who that 19 grand came from, he will give it all back. the billionaire cofounder says he's giving another $20 million to clinton and other democratic groups. joins a long list of technology millionaire who is backed
7:31 pm
clinton some of them heads of apple, tim cook, facebook mark zuckerberg and using those public company resources to support clinton and to oppose and attack trump. clinton spent much of last month through the wealthy onclaves of the country picking up million dollar checks on the way. 30 there but nearly two-thirds of that $327 million she's raised so far comes from big donors, two-thirds compare today -- compared to 15% from trump. we know who the populist is and we know who is bought by the establishment, don't we, just ask yourself, what would all of those billionaires get for their money were she to be elected,
7:32 pm
you only have to look at the last clinton presidency to get some sense of it. from the nafta trade deal that destroyed millions of manufacturing jobs to the repeal of glass steigel that led in large measure to the 2008 financial crisis. we all know what the clinton cartel is capable of. look at what big donors to the clinton foundation expected and what they received when the clintons were shaking and baking the clinton foundation and the department of state at the very same time. what a cash machine they created as they carried out the biggest pay for play scam in american political history. so the question tonight is, how in the world can anyone who gives a damn about this country who has any sense of decency even think of returning to clinton cartel to power in the white house. it is in my humble opinion utter maddens and frighteningly
7:33 pm
remains possible. it's time for everyone who does care about the country to do our part. we have 60 days till the election that will decide the future for generations of americans. our quotation of the evening, on the context of what we face this year, liberalism if we can call it that and conservatism as such as it is this from william. buckley, jr., liberals are generous with other people's money except when they prefer to be generous when other people's freedom and security. we are coming right back. >> president obama's time is running out and the trump campaign says president trump won't tolerate disrespect from our allies or our enemies. >> he would always look out for the interest of this company and north korea and the rest of the
7:34 pm
world would know, charlie, that president trump and vice president pence aren't messing around with anybody who is trying to threaten our lives. lou: ready to race into history, we will show you the pumping video right here next. a lot more straight ahead, weg are coming right back. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. with toothpaste or plain their dentures and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend
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secretary of state john kerry and russian minister reached an
7:38 pm
agreement in syria, the agreement held for seven days, the united states and russia will increase military cooperation. that cease fire to take effect on sundown this coming monday. joining us now to discuss the developments and much more general, chairman of the institute for the study of war, fox news military analyst, great to have you with us. assess for us, if you will, the likelihood that this agreement is meaningful and has some chance of succeeding? >> we shouldn't hold our breath here. the chance of this actually leading to anything in terms of a political objective and ultimate solution is next to nothing. first of all, even the russians have not abided byhe previous cease fires and the radical groups are not participating and
7:39 pm
not participating in the cease fire. lou: the rebel groups in syria are almost indistinguishable by one another. and the american public has very little to go on when the administration talks about arming rebels, arming opposition groups to assad and now russia steps forward with kerry shaking hands, if you will, at least figuratively if not literally on the prospects for piece -- peace in syria. what is it going to take to make something work there and can it work? >> under the current proposition, no, the russians have successfully propped up the assad regime based on military incursion. the reality is the oppositions forces in 2015 were putting the
7:40 pm
regime in a precarious position not seen since the beginning of civil war. russia has solved that problem. the second issue is most of the opposition groups will not stand for assad or the regime staying in part. in other words, they will fight and they will continue to fight. they have lost 400,000 people in their neighborhoods and communities. 8million people displaced, the sacrifice they have made is significant, genocide is being committed on a regular basis against them, they are absolutely committed to this removing this regime. they are not going to give this fight up. tragic ironyhe great ironies condemnation particularly the republicans of president obama because he's bringing in 10,000 syrians, unvetted and at the behest of the united nations without any responsibility or accountability for the
7:41 pm
administration itself, while the administration is, in fact, responsible for the millions of people who have been displaced by the hostilities in syria and as if he gets a complete pass for what has been one of the most wrong-headed and -- and inhumane policies taken by any administration. >> you push a finger on that and that an american administration would underwrite this human catastrophe and not take reasonable measures which were available to us to try to do something about it. even to this day, we could still put in safe zones near the jordanian and turkish border where a lot of the people would go to. that would take some risk, of course, but it's worth doing given what's taking place before our eyes. lou: yeah, leaders take risks. donald trump has proposed
7:42 pm
precisely that -- proposed obviously long before he agreed to the view of those safe zones for the hundreds of thousands, millions of refugees. north korea, if we can touch upon it briefly, general. we are talking about a magnitude 5-plus earthquake readout on their latest nuclear test. this is starting to be a very, very urgent threat, is it not from north korea and its sponsor china? >> yes, they are on a path to develop a nuclear ballistic missile capable of reaching the united states. that has been their goal. the south koreans who have the best insight say they are making progress, but the technology challenges here are formidable, also developing a reliable
7:43 pm
intercontinental ballistic missile and both of them are tough and will still take some time. reality is two ways this can end in terms of trying to stop the north koreans, one is china, you mentioned it, but they're more frustrated with the united states than they are with north korea and i believe they are going to continue to give them a lot of rope here at least for the foreseeable future and the second thing is we have sanctions going on right now but they don't make any difference to the north koreans. we should go out for the personal wealth, individuals themselves. the bush administration did it one time and brought them to the negotiation table. we have the means to do that. it would take international cooperation to be sure but we should do that and don't hope on china, though, we should work with china, don't think china is going to solve the problem in the near term. lou: general as always we appreciate your insight. general jack keane.
7:44 pm
turning to video this dare devil, look at this, this is the ramp, he's going for the world record for fastest skate board ever recorded and reaching nearly 90 miles an hour, previous record 80 miles an hour, this ambitious thrill seeker train to go hit, you guessed it, a triple digit speed some day. for now what a record to hold and what a scary, scary enterprise. up next, donald trump vows to be the law and order candidate to great effect to the country. >> violent crime rose more than 20% in los angeles in 2015. homicides in baltimore increased by 63%, 63%. there have been nearly 3,000 victims of shooting in chicago, so far this year. the government is failing our
7:45 pm
citizens at every level. lou: government failing our citizens at every level. well, one of america's toughest sheriffs, perhaps the very toughest joe arpaio joins me next to talk about solutions, stay was. we will be right back audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks.
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lou: joining me now america's toughest sheriff and i would say america's best sheriff, maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio. >> yeah. lou: i'm doing my quick doesn't there. it's great to have you there. let's talk about the tightening race in arizona. trump is up in the averages, is he on his way, do you believe, victory in arizona? >> obviously, i don't believe the poll that is come out. he has a silent majority out there. he has a lot of people supporting him in arizona across the country. he works hard and never seen a guy work so hard in my life. lou: isn't -- >> yeah, i was with him on day one. one reason i supported him right from the beginning i know and
7:50 pm
believe today and i'm a veteran, cop 55 years and he said that he's going to crack down on crime way back then, talks about the wall, he opened the door for illegal immigration, the politicians does not want to face that issue that everybody talks about the wall, you better build that wall and stop the drugs and terrorism coming into our country. lou: you know, sheriff, i can't believe -- i shouldn't say this, but i really still am surprise that had the national left-wing media refuses to acknowledge how dangerous that border with méxico is where the majority of the marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine come into this country over that border and the little darlings will sit there and talk about border control as if it was some sort of fantasy. it is absolutely essential to
7:51 pm
the well-being of this country. >> well, i have to go back to when i was a director in méxico city with the u.s. drug enforcement. i say that because i know how they operate, you have to take the lead from the president, secretary of state. how many times has hillary been to méxico and the president to put the punish on -- pressure to stop the illegal drug traffic and illegal immigration? how many? lou: one of the things that he met with the president of méxico, it looks like the beginning of a mature relationship between méxico rather than the nonsense of this administration and previous toward méxico, responsibility for what is happening on the border on the part of méxico as well as on the part of the united states. sheriff, we are right out of time, i just want to reinforce, sheriff arpaio, one of the
7:52 pm
earliest supporters of donald trump's candidacy for presidency, truly both men commit today law and order in this country which is frankly in short supply. i wish you all the best. thank you so much. sheriff joe or poio. -- arpaio. we will take it up with diana west and tony here next. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers.
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to defeat the monsters that live in the dark. lou: in our online poll last night we asked you has the liberal national media protected any presidential candidate in history as much as they have hillary clinton. 87% of you say, no, they have not. which means 13% of you think everybody is ducky. joining us tonight, diana west, columnist and author of the book american betrayalal, secret assault on our nation's character. thank you both for being here. diana, great to have you back on the show. you too, tony, but seemed longer with diana. diana, what do you make of this race tightening. donald trump seems to be hitting every note absolutely perfectly. he's in perfect stride on the
7:57 pm
campaign trail and hillary clinton is falling all over herself. >> yes, long wave. i want to see donald trump get crunchier, i want to see him bring more details, specifics to his case. lou: tony, what do you think? >> hillary clinton has been forced out of the witness protection program which he's resided for the better part of the summer because donald trump has gained net of 11 points in three weeks largely because he is going out there and making the case, started with immigration reform, took the trip to méxico, got specific in phoenix with his speech, he's done with school choice, military preparedness and done it with isis in combating terror, he has become the person who is the most presidential in this race and the people are rewarding him. aside from now having 90% of republicans in these polls, he's
7:58 pm
winning independents by 20%. he's winning married women by close to 20%. military voters by close to 20%. lou: he's losing women overall and, diana, that is troubling, i know, to donald trump, but it's also important that women are responding to a flawed candidate with deep and profound character issues, scandals that are trailing her from every -- each of the past three decades. i mean, how -- how can that be? >> i've got the solution for donald trump and that is specifically there's an amazing video that's gone viral called i thought you should know and it details the terrible rape case of becky shelton back in the 1970's, hillary clinton got that rapist off using every trick in the look at that video and listen to
7:59 pm
her talking about the case in the 80's, laughing about it, this woman was scared for 40 years. she's only come out to talk about this once she realized it was hillary clinton who was her defense lawyer in this case that ruined her life. she could not have children, the rain was to terrible. hillary got this person off. women listen to that story. lou: it is frankly -- i cannot process why anyone would go for a candidate with the flaws that she's demonstrated, the lapses of character and judgment that are extraordinary. >> when we go beyond the top of her winning women, they still don't trust her and don't like her and not enthusiastic about voting for her. i don't think she can. lou: all right with that, tony,
8:00 pm
diana, we appreciate you being here. that's it for us tonight. please join us here monday among our guests will be congressman mike pompeio, until then, have a great weekend and goodnight from new york. >> from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week". >> welcome to "wall street week", i'm gary kamisnky. liz: i'm bliz -- liz claman.


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