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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX Business  September 11, 2016 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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from me, adam. you're going to be a rich man, spy. >> there's another book there. the cost of freedom is now a day that is the place for business. to the rub after the snub. china does not roll out the customary red carpet staircase for the president forcing him to use the emergency exit. and donald trump doesn't waste a minute noticing it. >> you know, it's interesting with the president, because i saw that yesterday with the stairs. he went to asaudi aarerabia and top people didn't greet him. if that happened, he's there to pay respect to the country, not to him, but to pay respect to the country. i would say, thank you very much, close it up, boom, let's go back to washington. i would. >> so is trump right or wrong?
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hi, everybody. i'm david asman. let's find out when steven forbes, john tamney and bruce jackson, think. steve, what do you think? >> trump is right. what the chinese did is inexcusable. it was a slap in the face. one chinese official chuckled and said he had to leave the rear-end of the plane. so trump should have done what reagan did, if something is not right, walk away. but it shows the world is becoming more dangerous when the chinese treat that president like that. >> and bruce, it's this whole idea of soft did lo diplomacy. you look at the nuclear explosion that north korea set off this week. i mean, this is in direct defiance to president obama's nuclear test ban proposal. so all of the soft diplomacy doesn't get us a lot.
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>> well, first of all, the soft diplomacy, i beg to differ on that with trump snuggling up to putin this week and doing interviews on russian tv. so i don't know what the hard diplomacy is there, but i would say president obama is part of a strategy in asia. he was the first president to go to laos, i think, ever. and he's been over there in the whole region. and i think that the chinese are worried about that. i don't think that they are snubbing us so much is that they are worried about the relationships he's building. >> the question is, what does it get us in the end? they hood to communicate at the end of the meeting in china, there was nothing substantiary, that's a threat to everyone who lives in the region. so what has this gotten us? >> well, this has been obama's approach, david, throughout his presidency. i mean, even for things like the olympics when he flew to europe to try to get the olympics to chicago, they laughed him back
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to chicago. you know, it's okay to speak softly, but as teddy roosevelt said, you have to carry a big stick. unfortunately, president obama has a tiny stick. >> and rich, also there's a question of symbolism. and it does matter in diplomacy, in places like china, when the president got off the tarmac or was preparing to, there was a big furor between the chinese reps ragging their finger saying this is our country, our airport. that led trump to say, he would have just flown away. >> you know, when i first heard trump make those remarks, i thought it was a hot-headed overreaction. but i have to say i've come around to the point of view, particularly with the subsequent comments of the chinese, the trump symbolism and the u.s. president has to show strength. if it's real or symbolic. and obama has been pushed around the world map like you've never seen, even the president of the
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philippines within the last week called him a son of a whore. >> unbelievable stuff. the president canceled his side trip to the philippines because of that. but as steve already mentioned, the ronald reagan symbolism is important. there was a meeting in iceland with the soviet leader then, gorbachev, president reagan walked out and ended up ending the cold war. that was significant. >> that's right, david. it happened in 1986. it was the dramatic and spontaneous moment when reagan stood up and walked out. it was over eliminating soviet and nuclear arsenals. gorbachev's circles, it created a new trust. they had a new understanding. and gorbachev spoke differently about ronald reagan. it changed dramatically the events of the cold war. >> john, again, symbolism.
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we saw a little bit of soft power symbolism at the beginning of hillary clinton's stint as secretary of state. when she gave her counterpart one of the buttons. that was supposed to be the reset button. that didn't turn out too well, did it? >> well, i'm not too worried about it. the reality is china or the people's government may not treat our people well, but the company lines up to serve our needs on a daily basis. we are number one, as for how our politicians are treated, i like this. i think this is healthy. we need to stop holding them in such high regard. >> i see mike almost jumping out of his chair. go ahead. >> i think john is so off on this. look, one of the reasons the republican party didn't want ronald reagan to become president is because our companies were doing big business with russia and other countries. and ronald reagan said, i'm sorry, i'm going to stop this and built up our military. they had to pay respects to us. ronald reagan cared about main street americans and the safety
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of this country, not just our -- >> the point is that china does have -- we all love free trade, but china is very protectionist. we let in all their goods, they don't let a lot in their own country. >> well, then remedies are in place, david, to take care of these kinds of infractions of a trade agreement, violations, and cyber stealing. it is rampant. we have measures we could use against them. but if you let them get away with it, they are just going to do more. there was this president, when they say there will be consequences, everyone knows that means there will be no consequences and they can continue to push us around. >> well, by the way, bruce, you mentioned that trump had some relations with him speaking very kindly of putin this week. but, of course, hillary has a lot of connections we have explored before with russia. but despite the connections that may or may not be true with trump and hillary clinton, china seemed to get along wonderfully.
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they didn't pull out the red carpet for president obama. but they rolled it right out for putin. look at this. >> yeah, i mean, who knows. first of all, back to the red carpet. i believe we take our own red carpet around the world. that's one of the things i discovered about this. and this is not a big deal. but trump continued to smuggle up to russia and that is problematic. we need to see his tax return and need to see where his investments are in all of this. >> what about john tammy's point? >> i'm not so sure about that. listen, we have a crisis in how we govern ourselves. and, you know, what is problematic is how president obama has been talking down america. america has been a dramatic force for good and hope in the world. the people around the world look to us for security and for freedom. we're a beacon of hope. for the president continuously to talk america down is so bad. and i agree with bruce, trump
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needs to release his tax returns. there are problems there. we need to see if there is a russian connection. >> rich on the idea of commercial diplomacy, soft or hard diplomacy. >> i think john tameny underestimates china's ambition to reassert itself as the preimminent civilization on earth. the position it once had and had fallen very far from. they are hugely ambition about this. >> john, i'm getting a wrap, but i have to let you in here. you are getting beat up here. >> this is the cheapest foreign policy. i'm hearing a lot of nonsense. >> that's the last word. mike wanted to get it in. better education for our kids. one nominee says we need more funding. the other says we need more schools to choose from. who's plan is the right choice? we debate, you decide.
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and work three days a week. i'm leland vittert. now back to fox. with students back in school, both presidential candidates agree education is a key to getting our economy back on track and our competitive edge back on top of the world. but they differ dramatically in the way to get there. clinton would increase federal spending on education and trump would take funds away from washington giving it back to parents in the form of school vouchers. so sabrina, who has it right? >> well, donald trump has it right. this is always a good thing. we have seen trump talk about charter schools in states like michigan, which is seeing a savings of 20%. 20% vifewer kids per teacher. which is a good thing. this will create a marketplace that is a much better option.
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>> well, bruce, i have to say, the amount of money that we as taxpayers are spending on federal, the federal role in education is extraordinary. we have gone from $14 billion in 1980 to $87 billion. i have to mention, this is not inflation adjusted, so the 1980 figure would be $40 billion today. but it's still double what it started as. go ahead. >> well, spending on education is generally a good thing. but my issue with trump and the charter schools is, charter schools are such a mixed bag. as a matter of fact, the charter school he had as a little campaign event in cleveland, they were failing on their reading and their math scores. so in some states they do well, and some states they do well. and i always question the breitbart managing of the photo op. >> steve, overall, most americans have kids who are old enough to remember what it used to be like, i agree, things have slid. we got an incredible staytisting by the way, only 37% of high school seniors are prepared for college level math and reading.
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we're spending all this money and this is what we get? >> yes, now you can understand why the kids that go to college, more than half don't graduate even after six years. they're not getting the education. this is all about the unions, which treat students the way the v.a. treats veterans. the veterans administration hospitals treat veterans. it's a scandal. so the more you can get out to parents, the more control you can give with the parents out of the unions the better. >> john, there are two powerful unions, the ena is a huge union with a lot of hooks and then there's the aft, the american federation of teachers. between the unions, it's so hard to get a change. because they don't want to move power from washington back to the localities. >> they don't like change but i'm also one of the people who thinks that both presidential candidates vastly overstate the role of education in our economy. i don't think it's terribly relevant, but my main thing is
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running for president you should say one thing. i am running for president. education is a local matter. i have nothing to say. i wish someone would say that. >> well, let's drill down at least a little bit. because donald trump talks specifically about a new priority. taking $20 billion out of the federal budget and giving it back to the localities in terms of vouchers and other things. what do you think of that? >> yes, it goes for private or parochial schools. i have a niece at an academy here in new york city and she has given me information about it. this is really a civil rights issue. black families are lining up to be chosen via lottery for their kid to get into charter schools. 80% of the families live below the poverty line in many localities. stanford university looked at this too, david. they get less funding for student. but watch this. the teachers, this is why it's a teacher issue, too, they can double their salaries with
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pensions and bonuses. that's why the teachers union is against this. because the charter schools give these teachers incentives. they can double their salaries working there. >> this proposal of donald trump might do two things. one poll out power of the unions, two, give localities and parents more control over how to spend their money. >> yeah. for those two reasons, it should be supported. look, hillary clinton is against charter schools. look where chelsea clinton went to school, sidwell friends, the elite institution in the washington, d.c. area. you don't have to drive more than five miles to come upon some of the more blighted areas of washington, d.c., where the public schools are a wreck. and the parents are desperate for charter schools. >> let's give bruce a chance. he's holding up one side. bruce, the bottom line is, she had that choice. poor people usually don't have that choice. wouldn't it be better to give poor people the same kind of options that middle class and
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wealthy people have? >> well, in chicago, which i don't want to defend the education system there. we don't have enough time. >> i used to teach junior high, so i know the school system very well. they have a lot of problems. go ahead. >> they do. but the clinton's bud rahm emanuel tried to fund more chatter schools but the charter schools have not performed well. >> that's besides the point. this is exactly the reason -- >> we have to go. but we can't leave this segment without talking about somebody who is going to have a very deep interest in school and education. he hasn't so far in his life. john temny has a new baby claire born. that's why john was not here. congratulations. a beautiful baby. i can see in her eyes already the interest in what the fed is up to. >> she won't care about education, also. >> thank you very much. the cashin' in gang getting ready for the bottom of the hour, eric, what do you got?
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>> should any president speak this way about our citizens, especially in a foreign country? plus, why an interfaith group wants the wording on the 9/11 memorial to be changed. see you at 11:30. >> great stories, eric. thank you. but up first, is the administration just weeks away from giving the internet away? from giving the internet away? why someone here says remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina?
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republican lawmakers are trying to stop the white house from handing over u.s. oversight of the internet. if they don't succeed, an
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international organization could take it over as soon as three weeks from today. michael, you say that's a bad idea for the whole world. >> absolutely. the united states should not give up total say in the internet. this is even something that france and russia have been against. >> bruce, you look at some of the countries that will be involved in the control of the internet. countries like china, et cetera, they don't have a lot of respect for the freedom of the internet, do they? >> well, one of the opponents of this is ted cruz. and i usual will i don't agree with ted cruz and don't in this instance, although i did when he said to vote for your conscious in november. but i would say that it just doesn't seem to be that big of a deal for congress. it's so alarmist on his part. 22 days before it's happening, i mean, we haven't heard about this. >> isn't it better to act before it happens? >> mike is right. you have to stop it because russia, china, saudi arabia could sensor it. what would happen to charlie hebdo? they would be criticized for
7:24 am
sharia law. wasn't the u.n. caught up in a bribery scandal? the u.n. could oversee the corruption. >> it would be a collection of essentially the same people that are in the u.n. rich, is this an opportunity for donald trump maybe to go to silicon valley and say, hey, look, you guys, this is what the other team is planning for you. >> well, tactically he doesn't have time to win over silicon valley, but he would be on the right side of this issue. it's not just censorship. in europe, they want to have this right to forget that you can wipe out your past, if you have a criminal record, child molesters, people like that could wipe out their past. >> sabrina, what do you think inside the beltway? >> well, yeah, on top of it all, i thought this was a headline out of a science fiction movie that seems strange to me. but no citizen voting body has control over the united nation or any international organization like that. so we would almost certainly see it come in odds with our own u.s. constitution, which i would be concerned.
7:25 am
>> steve, beyond the issues of freedom, there's the issue of spontaneity of the internet and how that is so beautifully with the entrepreneurship with the internet. you think of the millions of dollars it has created. >> that's why he wants this to be with the bureaucrats on top trying to control it, because you find more and more uses for it. and this combined with what the federal communications commission is doing with regulation here at home that is going to crush the internet. so leave the internet alone, it will prosper. we'll all prosper. >> mike, why is this sort of slid under the door? i mean, has this been -- is that a plan? or hopefully we'll bring it out in the open. >> david, every chance president obama has to ruin the sovereignty of this country whether with immigration or military trade, he's done it. i disagree with rich. he's trying to take this to the american people. and the fact that we should not give this up. >> that's the first and last word there. seven in ten people in a you are
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meanwhile, we are back with the picks to help you retire from work for good. you have a drone pick. >> yes, a military contractor. elvis systems that sells a lot to military and defense systems around the world. >> and everybody is into drones, mike, you like it. >> great company. the stock has been red hot. wait for a pull-back. >> another company into drones is amazon. you like it. >> football season, david. they have just come out with an app for the san francisco 49ers. tailgaters are order food through the app while tailgating. >> can you beat amazon? >> wall streeters say get in on
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the tip. >> it is still pricey. that's it for "forbes on fox." have a wonderful weekend. keep it right here. the number one business show wi in." sometimes you can feel lazy and think, we're so big, we don't have to know anything about other people. if you see the environment destroyed, it's not because that's necessary for development, it's usually because we are being lazy and not being as creative as we could be. >> come on, mr. president. president obama calling the americans lazy and did it twice during a town hall overseas. but should the u.s. president criticize u.s. citizens, especially in a foreign country? welcome to


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