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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  September 11, 2016 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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>> wall streeters say get in on the tip. >> it is still pricey. that's it for "forbes on fox." have a wonderful weekend. keep it right here. the number one business show wi in." sometimes you can feel lazy and think, we're so big, we don't have to know anything about other people. if you see the environment destroyed, it's not because that's necessary for development, it's usually because we are being lazy and not being as creative as we could be. >> come on, mr. president. president obama calling the americans lazy and did it twice during a town hall overseas. but should the u.s. president criticize u.s. citizens, especially in a foreign country? welcome to in' in."
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i'm eric bolling. should the president be calling us lazy, especially overseas? >> allow me to translate his lib speech here so guessive. he's really giving a socialist message here trying to say that because america is a tree market, if we were more regulated by the government, we would somehow be clear. the big fat lie from the left is that in the actuality is that we are the cleanest country and he needs to get his facts straight. >> we spend a lot of time making sure our air is clean. and brazil, these countries overpollute. pollution is fungible. so if the pollution is there, we are breathing it here. who is lazy here? >> obviously, obama is very upset. he's throwing a tantrum because of the fact that congress has not moved forward on his very
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radical environmental agenda. he's moved forward obviously on so many of these regulations, especially on the coal industry causing electricity prices to go up. so there are these big challenges for the president. so i think it is very easy for him to just point the finger at americans saying, oh, we are not lazy or picking up after ourselves. which i have to tell you, eric, it's very insulting. because as a leader of the free world, when you go abroad, you are representing every single american. and i think that it's unfortunate when he points the finger right at his own finger. it's very discouraging and i think it sends the wrong message abroad. >> very good. do you agree with the president, are americans lazy because we don't spend enough money on making sure the environment is safe and clean? or we don't understand the cultures enough? what is this all about? >> i'm going to give -- since gina said he was lib speaking, i'm going to lib speak now and say president obama was being
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diplomatically lazy when he used that term. the better temperature would have been easy, actually. because we have such a vast culturally rich country in america, sometimes americans don't travel abroad. we know that 46% of americans don't have a passport. we also know our passport is the fifth most expensive in the world and that should be dealt with. so i think if he made that point to talk about how important it is for americans to engage with others across the world, it would have gone down a lot better. as for the climate change issue, mercedes is right, we do have regulations and obama wants us to be greener. while we're leading the way, there's a lot more work to do. he just signed a climate pack. lazy, no, that was the wrong word. >> kristin, a little bit tone deaf on that because i'm sure a lot of americans on both sides of the aisle are offended by being called lazy. we do a lot for our environment and a lot of other things. >> we'll take the cleaning metaphor where if you're a parent and you've got a kid whose room is messy, you can tell your kid, hey, you need to
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clean up your room. if all of a sudden you're running around the neighborhood telling everybody, my kid is so terrible. here's the kid, you're not going to like that, right? it's one thing to say, we need to get more creative. there are a lot of people that do things to promote clean energy, but there are 18 million layers of regulation to get through to make it happen. let's deal with that and let people be creative instead of charging them with all kinds of regulation. just going overseas and saying we're just lazy the wrong word. >> that's the wrong word but there was nuance to the word creativity to say he wants you to be creative in what you're doing. it is, to some degree, to take the step to recycle. i know it sounds like a reductionary way of building windmills, it takes money. >> it's not laziness.
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it is very expensive. >> to finish the thought, we'll bring it around. >> that's not laziness. the fact that everybody doesn't have compost piles in their backyard and solar panels on their roof isn't because it's lazy, it's because it's expensive to do. and there's the perception that is only for the elite. sometimes the left wants to assume everybody is lazy because they don't have osolar panels o the roof. it is not tens of thousands of dollars, something to pay off over a decade of time, we have to make it cheaper to make more people do it. >> let me bring up gina and then mercedes. let's talk about the regulation, there's the regulation of the epa, there's been studies that show literally hundreds of billions of dollars. the epa costs businesses with overregulating. we're spending a lot of money with -- >> let's not forget, just like everything in this administration, it's a play to play. a lot of the contracts are
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supposed to clean up the environment. go to their political favors. a lot of the so-called environmentalist policies like the wind farms and other things are very lucrative for the people who actually get the contracts. let's not forget that. let's also consider the context. he made this comment in laos that talks to everything in the free way. and it is more of what obama does to indicate him leading from behind. >> you know what makes americans lazy in when the federal government is so involved in their lives from cradle to grave, in our businesses, that they don't allow american creativity and american innovation to be unleashed. >> there you go. there you go. we'll wrap that one up, mercedes. coming up, the mainstream media finally getting a crack at hillary clinton holding her first press conference in more than nine mont
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hillary clinton this week holding her first press conference in 238 days. 278 days. the media got a chance to ask her tough questions. so the media got tough, right? >> are you suggesting that there is a double standard? do you think that you're treated differently in this race because you're a woman? >> oh, boy, there's another woman. >> reporter: do you think donald trump is being held to a different standard? and what does that mean for you going into the debates? >> all right, mercedes. seven questions, two were softballs like that and some of the others were soft as well. is this proof that mainstream media is soft on hillary? >> i don't know if they are soft on her but they are scared of asking the tough questions. there's so much material right now to ask about. the clinton foundation and the way it relates to the state department, her convoluted response to the e-mail server and whether it's a heading or classified information. there are so many unanswered
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questions that i think that these reporters are definitely giving her an easy path. while at the same time you're getting a different set where clearly for those in the mainstream media, they are basically focused on the destruction of donald trump. i'm going to take one from univision who says, isn't it our job to take on donald trump in this election? i mean, that's not what i would call unbiased journalism. >> kristin, can you imagine 278 days and your question is, how are you treated differently than donald trump? it just blows me away. you finally have access, ask the tough questions. ask about the e-mails and the clinton foundation, where is the money? why did you lie? this is what she gets. i'm blown away. >> there are two things at play here. first, off lot of folks that know this is a very guarded candidate. they don't want to miss their shot and don't want to be capped out of the inner circle. if you're the kind of journalist
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asking questions that are really annoying, do you risk losing that access that you have. and the second thing that is driving this is that a lot of the reporters are process junkies, they love about who fund-raised what? what is the narrative? what is the message? rather than asking tough questions. so their bias is, let's talk about the narrative and the standard you're being held to. the media is holding the standard, but they are asking the process meta questions because that is a bubble in the world that you live in if your a journalist out on the campaign trail. >> earlier in the week there was that commander in chief forum, and matt lauer is being skewered for pushing back a little bit on hillary clinton over donald trump. >> i think that happened the night before with matt lauer informing them with what happened in the press conference. first of all, she was pressed about no ground troops, having them in iraq and syria. so that was serious.
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i do think thats the important. seven questions, baby steps, we'll get ten next time, then 15. this is the first time hillary clinton has been in full view for the press. so i think that that's important. >> i'm sorry to interrupt, but kr kristin makes a good point, that the journalists are scared to ask the tough questions. where is the journalism there? >> i take kristin's point. i hadn't thought about it that way. surely that is possible, but i do think after what happened the night before, when matt lauer didn't push back on donald trump's big lie and didn't support the iraq war in 2008 where we know that he did, and you can check the "esquire" article updated for new details. >> i have to stop you there. >> matt lauer spent half of his questioning about the e-mails. >> donald trump was a private citizen. he didn't have access to military intelligence. >> but is it okay for him to be a liar? i don't care if he supported the war. >> hillary clinton had access to
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all the information. and she voted for the iraq war, in favor of it. >> people say that all the time. because donald trump was a private citizen. it diffuses the fact that he tells lies. it doesn't. it is a lie! he backed the war. >> let's be honest here, this is a no spin zone at 8:00 every night during the week. >> i'll be back. wait for me. it's the truth. >> he told howard stern, i guess i would go to war. and immediately thereafter, during the war and after, he said, this was a bad idea. how is that a lie? let me get gina in here. >> she'll point out how it is a lie, for sure. >> well, i'll tell you, here's another example of where it seems like basic math is a challenge for them trying to write the narrative in the mainstream media. and that is this, the reality is that they asked donald trump 16 questions, asked hillary 7 questions. if anything was uneven here, it was that donald trump was more interrogated than hillary clinton.
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the bottom line is that hillary doesn't want to talk about all of her lies, her scandal, her cover-up, her bleeped bit, the hammer to her phone, the list goes on and on. she isn't available to media. when she is, as you pointed out, to hand-pick a small group and they all know their access is on the line. when you compare her to donald trump who is available every day, i can barely turn on my television without seeing him. >> i know, it's exhausting, isn't it? >> but it is access. mercedes -- >> that is what this administration -- >> mercedes, can i just remind everyone, remember when hillary clinton said, yes, press, you can come along for the ride but stay within this rope. and she literally roped off reporters. that is not transparency or not journalism. merce. >> that is clinton's biggest problem, the lack of transparency. the media's job is to inform the
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american people with the tough question. and i have to tell you, during that forum, one of the best questions asked was by the navy veteran who said, guess what? if i had top clearance, and i did what you did, i would have ended up in jail. and hillary clinton could not give a clarifying response to that man. and so i think that the media owes it to the american people to keep addressing this. to keep reviewing what is happening. i think for hillary clinton there's a will the lot of unans questions and the american people need to ask these questions directly to the public. >> do we see that the american journalism reemerges with journalists? >> i think what you are going to see is the clinton campaign realizing they need to be a little more transparent. you know, playing really strong defense up until now. the hole has narrowed. it is still a lead but not as big as two or three weeks ago. so she can't sit back to run out
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the clock. donald trump, the one thing he's done, he's been very available, very in the media, not holding back. and so you would have instances where say a terrorist attack happened. and the clinton campaign is in the bunker working on a statement. trump would have already done three interviews in the media. >> we have to leave it there. coming up, as our nation mourns the 15-year mark of the 9/11 attacks, a multi-faith group is taking issue with the 9/11 memorial calling the attackers islamic terrorists.
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elizabeth pramm. now back to "cashin' in." hard to believe it's been 15 years since the september 11th terror attack. and as american remembers the fall-in, an interfaith group is upset about the 9/11 memorial in upstate new york calling the attackers islamic terrorists and want it changed. >> i think you shouldn't change what is already there. in the days immediately following 9/11, you had president bush very clear we are not at war with islam. but it is true that the terrorists attacked america because of radical islamic beliefs. so i don't think they should change the memorial. >> do you think they should change or would that be too pc?
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>> well, it's so pc, eric. these are the same people that want to take god out of all the national monuments. god out of the libraries, schools, everything else. they want to make sure to protect the people that kill us. it makes no sense at all. it's too pc. >> okay, jess. does the liberal want us to -- pull off the name of islamic terroris terrorists? >> no, the liberal likes history and history shows they were islamic terrorists. i have always said i want that to be the term used in conversation about this and should stay as it is, obviously. >> wow, you can shock us all. >> no spin zone. >> merce, your thoughts. >> i think it is important to have the dialogue, especially with moderate muslims in the u.s., to talk about why, for example, using the term islamic terrorist would be insulting for them. obviously, we know that the terrorists radicalized, took islam, radicalized it and distorted the religion, which is incredibly, obviously
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discouraging. but at the same time, you know, i don't think they need to change it. i think we can all agree that this was shocking. it is one of the few times we can all agree that it shouldn't be changed. it is what it is. it's history. it's a fact. but i do believe that part of this has to be a bigger, greater discussion with muslims across the country. >> very quickly, i don't have a lot of time, but your reason why president obama cannot say that? >> since we had discussions in this election about a full-out muslim ban, it shows that some people who are running for president might be confused about the difference between a whole religion and the radicalization of a religion as mercedes points out. >> whatever that means. >> does anyone else know what that means? >> no. coming up, someone in the cast and crew was nominated on the 50 most beautiful people list.
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i want to say thank you to the crew for joining us. and congrats to mercedes, she was named one of the 50 most beautiful people. by the way, do you feel microgressed for that. ? i want to thank the fox lay ladies for making us all beautiful. >> time to wake up, america. tomorrow, two big things will happen. we'll remember the heroes and the first responder who is ran to the towers as america was attacked by terror 15 years ago. cops and firefighters trying to help heroes, period. we also remember the thousands who die in the aftermath of that field on the battlefield, afghanistan and a wide array of battlefields around the world fighting the
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war on terror. our flag and the national anthem pay homage to those heroes and remind us that america is the land of the free, home of the brave. we will not be okay with radical ideologies. and the other thing we kickoff is nfl. that brings me to colin kaepernick's publicity stunt. tomorrow the flags will be flying across america and "the national anthem" will be sung. and this fool refuses to stand so he can earn $19 million a year sitting on the bench. the irony is that kaepernick is protesting america being too oppressive. are you kidding me? the real oppression is in radical islam where women are required to hide their faces behind burks or given death sentences just for being gay. that is what real to progs is like. americans die every day while
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you kneel before the flag. you should stand up and pay homage to your country or get the hell out. >> i'm bob massi. for 32 years, i've been practicing law and living in las vegas. i help people with all sorts of real-estate problems, from trying to save their homes to closing major deals. eight years ago, 6,000 people a month moved here, looking for employment and affordable homes. little did anyone know that we would become ground zero for the american real-estate crisis. now, it's a different story. the american dream is back. we're gonna meet real people who faced the same problems as millions across america, and we'll dive deep into a city on the rebound because las vegas was a microcosm of america, and now vegas is back. [ woman vocalizing ]


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