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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 11, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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bye! good evening everyone, i am lou dobbs. brand new poll shows donald trump gaining on hillary clinton on critical battleground states. trump is ahead of clinton in one point and in florida, trump is tied by clinton. the previous poll shows clinton leading in all those states. now the race is obviously closing quickly. hillary clinton last night did little to help her cause in a commandeering chief forum, she seeming my forgot that four americans were killed under her
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watch in libya but trump today reminded her. >> i put together a coalition that included nato and we were able toll save lives. we did not lose a single american in that action. >> she falsely said "no americans die in libya." i heard that, could show forgotten so quickly. as they say it was in all of the papers of the subject of the congressional hearing. they even made a movie about it. joining me tonight is pat
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buchanan on how he's seeing this progressing. one of the kacandidates have be a moment that everyone fears. gary johnson. flooding a question on the sir caltran civil war. >> what would you do if you are elected of aleppo. what is aleppo? you are kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. the eppie center of refugee crisis. >> got it. >> johnson has promised that he will end his daily marijuana if elected to the white house. it is becoming increasingly likely. he won't have to adjust to his lifestyle in any way. our top story, clinton is accused of more lies supported by our state department of
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legitimate request from the media. all of that of a focus of the house hearing today. clinton's e-mail scandal and the state department is complying with the wall. jason condemns clinton for making a mess from the system for archiving and state department documents. >> since 20009, there is thousands of voyeurism request and subpoenas and if any of those required secretary's clinton records of ie, her e-mails, there is not a way for those requests to be refilled. >> they confirmed clinton was
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told by powell how to use a private e-mail account. powell wrote, "i had a personal computer that bus hooked up to a private phone line so i could communicate with the wide range. our first guests said the voyeur request process is out dated. joining me now. congressman jim jordan, he was at today's over site hearing and he serves on the hearing. he's chairman of the freedom caucus. good to have you with us. >> good to be with you lou. >> were you satisfied or any of your questions answered by the state department? >> no. we did not expect him to be able to answer if and satisfy the in
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query we have. they don't have all the information to comply with the voyeur. secretary clinton heard her legal team destroyed information. that's what we have to remember of the e-mail that's out there, hillary clinton and her legal team got to decide on the front end which one they kept and which ones we got. the one they did destroy, they say were not working. the fbi says no, there were about 17,448 that were appropriated that we got through other sources that you would e-mail to. the state department is not complying. they don't have tall informatal information. they take their sweet time before they get it to us. i think there is a certain fatigue setting in with the american public on this issue. >> the scandal has been raging over years now. we know and we are learning
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little by little and by the way, i think like everyone, who is not fatigue by it, i salute you and other members of congress who are proceeding and pushing for every scrap of information you can get from the state department. but, at the end of the day, this is going to be decided by elections that's not two months away, is it not? >> it is going to be decided by the voters. here is two new piece of information. the fbi only looks at classification issues. they did not investigate whether there is evidence destroyed and destruction of documents took place. the chronology of one march of 2015, march 2nd, 2015, new york times report of a special e-mail arrangement hillary clinton has. march 3rd, a preservation order
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sent from the benghazi. and march 10th of her important conference date and sometimes in the next five days, something we never heard of taken to the device and they're destroyed. that person who was on that conference call, name is red redacted in the fbi report. one month tells the story, we now know that and the fbi did not look at that issue. >> first question, most people ask me is why do they keep it to such a navorture narrow pursuit sets it off in the first place. >> right. why not look at that. when you have a guy with david kendalls and destroy documents
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with bleach bit and when he won't answer questions whether it is a attorney's privilege, we are unsure. first thing we need to know is who's that guy and what is his name and we need to bring him in front of congress. >> well, we know about two people. we know about bill clinton and we know about his wife. for 20 years they have been doing the same thing. they have been destroyed, work product that you can argue one way or another. >> yeah. >> critical information but it was so critical that we do know millions of e-mails were destroyed from the clinton administration forward through the obama administration and there can only be one reason. they don't take up a lot of room and they certainly taken up a lot of congressional time of 30 something thousands of kendall
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and mills. >> i think here is the think that bother most americans. there is one standard for you and me and regular american and a different standard for the politically connected and hillary clinton and bill clinton than there is for we, the people. that's not supposed to be how it works in our great country. this is a great nation where everyone should be treated equally under the law. >> the two of the subset of troubles in this congressman. one is that we have now seen congress -- congress does not have sufficient coequal power to deal and mendacious executive department. we also learned that our court system is influenced strongly. much stronger than we thought by
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politics. >> there is now little d attached to everyone sitting on the becnch. >> no, i want to go ahead and say great point. when you have the justice department, more concerns of politi politics. that's a major problem in our country. we know that is the case and we saw that in the learner investigation and we saw in the clinton investigation. frankly we saw this week in the memo that james comey sent out to his own people. he realizes the pressure, wait a minute, i think he deep down realizes this is a problematic concer concern from the people that work under him. >> people have tried to rationalize and his failure to act and mean straight up of the challenges that's statutory as the director of the fbi and instead defer and relegate to
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the state department to make a decision when he should recognize a -- >> the fact that loretta lynch met with bill clinton and admitted under oath that for the first time only of her career that she announced that whatever james comey recommends me to do. without knowing what the recommendations going to be. whatever it is. i am going to follow it. yet, they announced it ahead of time and don't know that recommendation. never had it happen before. she demonstrated that this case was different and not treating everyone equally under the law. >> and it is also disturbing, is it not that a former president and a sitting attorney general would waste taxpayers' dollars
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money talking about their grand kids and golf. i am appalled by that. >> yeah, exactly right. >> it is always good to talk tow. good to be with you. >> we are coming right back, much more ahead, a lot to cover tonight, stay with us. donald trump says it is time to rebuild our country's military and depleted by the failures of the administration >> i have no faith of hillary clinton or the leadership. she's been there for 30 years. we need change and we have to have it. the -- is president trump is what our country needs. >> the first of his kind ever, we'll have the incredible video for you coming up next. we'll be right back with a lot more after thi it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well.
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built for business. well, joining me now is pat buchanan, he's a syndicated and best selling author and smart fella. >> good to have you here pat. >> good to talk to you lou.
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>> it shows trump is moving quickly towards a closure here and eliminating the national lead of what hillary clinton enjoyed. >> in one or two polls he's ahead nationally. i think he's still behind by state polls. he's tied in florida and win in ohio. >> some momentum. the big mo is theirly clearly o side of donald trump. clinton is all tied up and over the e-mails and fbi and what did you say and what was secrets and what was not? i cannot see anything coming out in the future of any of the package of me-mails that's goin
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to be good news. >> some of it will come out. the american people are also stunned and thousands of those e-mails will not be released before 27 months run out for the election. >> let me tell you something. i predicted that if she wins the election, these things are going to come out and contradiction of what she says maybe of the fbi and federal official, you can have the possibility of -- i think these things, i think they're going to drag her down as they have done the last ten days. >> what do you make of a serious problem. that it seems to me of these fits she had routinely, one last thing four minutes the other day, last night forgetting that four americans died while she
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was secretary of state which she was accused of lying aboutme. >> i think if nothing more occurs and looks like this is like where she had analo allergr something like that. >> i think the country got a real right to know to have a physician and check out what are the causes of this frankly. they have a right to know before they vote on her if she has some serious problem that's causing this. >> we are talking about momentum here. trump has it, does he have enough of it? >> he has closed about an eight point gap or ten point gap to two-points or something even. >> 2.8. >> i think you know the momentum
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is clearly with him and he's got enough to pull ahead and also last night, that's her number one issue, foreign policy, that's where she leads trump. he came up fine last night and we got her people all complaining about matt lauer. you know when you are making accusations against the referee, you probably lost the game. >> matt lauer is asking himself why he wanted to do that, i am sure -- the fact the matter is, he did fine. she did terrible. and trump by the way did far better than fine and all the polls i am looking at. i am talking about the ones at nbc and liberal network. their audience said he won it. >> if she cannot win on her issues, what in the world is she going to win. the reason was he gave chris abbreviated answers and kept on moving the ball.
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i think that's why he won just on apparent and on substance, i think he did fine >> pat buchanan, it is great to have you here. >> thank you, lou. >> please roll the video, one highlighter achieving the impossible miles about the french alps, watch this terrifying moment though as the daredevil staggers on that line. he gets a little wobbling, held up by two sliding paing paragli. he t i mean that's, well, i think he got bragging rights at the bar for some time to come. >> up next, hillary clinton does her news conference after 278 days avoiding the media all together. oh, it was quite an encounter.
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a few spots now, tough times for hillary clinton. obama's fbi and justice department may say the case is closed against her but that's a narrow view. it will do so before the election. not later now than october 17th, we'll see how that deadline adjust, if it does at all. there are convincing claims that clinton ran the state department like a racketeering enterprise for her foundation. support evidence to that effect is mountaing.
7:27 pm
we'll hear a lot about her lawsuit of citizens united. they do have inquiring minds and are producing answers to questions that have avoided while even congress for some time. citizens united seeking e-mails among state department officials, the clinton foundation and the consultant firm to nail consultant to say it has close ties to the clinton is an under statement. the obama administration is block release of 14,000 e-mails for 27 months. but these things have a way of working out in favor of the public's the right to know. the state department has the end of this month to release those documents by judicial watch.
7:28 pm
state department officials are being forced to reveal far more than they wanted to by a federal judge. thanks to traditional watch. also do it at the end of this month. her response to 25 questions, submitted by judicial watch to explain her creation and use of her personal e-mail server, 25 questions, of course, the national liberal media should be asking clinton everyday that are interested in asking softball questions like these. >> really, i will come back and talk to you more formally but i want to welcome you on the plane. >> how was your labor day weekend? >> it was really good. >> happy labor day. >> i know, exactly >> do you have a labor day message? >> i definitely do. the simple media folks maybe
7:29 pm
surprised on clinton coming greet them. perhaps, they were not prepared to ask tough questions and she was not prepared to answer any. >> the virginia complexity court had another chance. her first so called real conference in 278 days. i know you are getting excited. well, let me ease you in a reality that it is some what disappointing. there is only seven questions over the course of several minutes and nothing was asked about her e-mails and nothing was asked about the clinton's foundation and there were no follow up questions what so ever. i am not sure if we can actually qualify this as a press conference but the campaign
7:30 pm
insis insists. ie, over 30,000 e-mails and somebody took a handle of her smart phone. we have our suspicion, don't you? >> more congressional hearing is scheduled now. that's what we learned and adopt hold your breath. then there is the october surprise, the promise bomb shell document dumped by wiki leak. the clinton as we have learned over the years hate surprises, almost as much as they lust for power. now, about the poll titicians a the hacks of our liberal media.
7:31 pm
i reach back in time for one of my favorite observers a, tonigh from andy rooney. the only people who say worst thing about politicians than reporters do are other politicians. we get to quote them all. we are coming right back. >> donald trump exposing clinton's failure as president obama's secretary of state. >> unlike my opponent, my foreign policy will emphasize diplomacy and not destruction. >> hillary clinton's legacy in iraq and libya and syria has produced only turmoil and suffering and death. >> how will president trump fixed the mess? we'll discuss that and much more with that slap and tammie brew
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incr...think it wouldotection in a pwork, but it does.dn't... it's called always discreet for bladder leaks, the super... ...absorbent core turns liquid to gel. i know i'm wearing it but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks. hillary clinton is accused of lying after she told the fbi she did not know what the
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classified markings of her e-mail means. it stands for classified credentials. >> there will be a surprising surprise of damaging e-mails. >> we are soon. we might put out some teases, i don't promise anything because you have to see how formatting goes. we'll put out some teases of next week or the week after. >> that'll make us a september surprise. matt slab is chojoining us now tammie bruce. the next week or two, tammie, teases from hassan, is hillary
7:37 pm
clint clinton, well, i know one thing, nancy pelosi thinks the republican could not be using any of that material. what do you this i? >> a lot of people don't like them and they have a reputation because they deliver and they don't make things up and they're careful of what they have and when they'll deliver what they have. we have seen them delivering some important things. i think this kind of comment from him is an indication >> do you think he's going to back it up? >> he will and the clinton team knows whatever everything has happened or even bigger trouble. >> matt, julian asan, the republicans are boosting him and the democrats are fearful of him right now. can we embrace the idea that the public has a right to know and taking behind most and i really mean that. i don't care who it is on. if it needs to be out there with the public, i am delighted that
7:38 pm
it has happened. how about isn't it true. >> it took five con depressiogr investigation before we figured out she had servers from her home. what pelosi should have been doing is send her a letter saying you have broken the law. what did she do in she attacks the man over seas who's doing those disclosures for hillary clinton. he's complied with the law than she does. why should the american voters think? >> there is no reason and the idea of pelosi, she implores and pa paul ryan -- that's laughable.
7:39 pm
tammie, your thoughts right now ho ho . what do you make of it. >> everybody should who is republican and cares about the future of the country. they should be excited about this. hillary clinton has spent over $100 million on ads for herself and against trump. she cannot get away from donald trump and even with some of his own unforced errors. it reflects the baked in of the american people are when it come to batwatching and not just watching but a chant for something different. it is finally the indictment of hillary clinton that we have been waiting for. i think we are going continue. what do we have? 60 days, eight weeks. >> it is going to be very
7:40 pm
exciting >> 62 days. >> lets get to that issue and the issue is this. republican establishment, matt, there are signs and reports even that some of the never trumper are starting to realize that he may win this damn thing and they're start to think they're shoveling money on the table towards him and his candidacy. is paul ryan on board or mitch mcconnell is on board or still playing a fool. >> my approach and others is their republican members and constituents, i have talked to the poem weople who are looking tracking these polls, lou, they look very good. the house is in good shape. republicans in the house are feeling confident and they're going to hold the majority of the house which eases their concerns. >> in i realized that these are
7:41 pm
statements and not interested in politics. the reality is they're starting to understand that as if they can carry the label even and hypothetical discussions like this. that they're going to have to follow their constituents towards donald trump even if they don't have the guts to do so. >> they are hearing from grass roots across the country who are saying to them, we voted for him in the republican primaries and we want an outsider. the thing you don't like about him are the things we like about him. we need real change in washington, when elected officials have trouble with trump. trump is taking on what they have done. this is going to be good for the country. >>s t it is going to be good fo the country. that should be the priority and it is not for everyone. >> matt, it is great to have you here. tammie, it is great to have you. >> thank you. >> right here in studio as
7:42 pm
always. >> my pleasure. >> roll the video for us, please. watch this thrill seeker. we are talking about jumping off. there it is. jumping off the cliff. whoa, he misses that rock. what do you think, one inch or two inches? that's laguna beach in california. the man let out something of a panic scream when he realize he's free falling jagged rocks. such excitement, he nearly missed the rocks. afterwa afterward, he says he will try it again any time soon. >> one jump too late. up next, donald trump says there is one positive outcome from hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. >> hillary clinton has thought us really how vulnerable we are in cyber hacking. that's probably the only thing that we have learned from
7:43 pm
hillary clinton. >> well, we are going to talk about that with former un ambassador, john bolton, we take that up next, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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the uk is taking a page from
7:47 pm
donald trump. announcing plans to build a "big new wall" at a border port in france to prevent refugees and sneaking aboard vehicles and head to britton. a spokesperson tells folks it will be a 13 foot high wall along the main road. not quite as big as trump's plan 35 foot wall which will arise as he becomes frustrated with mexico's refusal to pay for it at one point. we can expect that and the minimum if you will, the floor on the wall is 35 feet hall. joining me now is former ambassador and american enterprise senior, john bolton and fox news contributor. i have to say the british are now after being so -- they were
7:48 pm
rude to donald trump and now are stealing his ideas. >> well, they face it, really ironic of this callat entry point attracting thousands of people who want to get. they are rise and terrorist threats. t it is a serious matter. it is amazingly political effective. >> the effect that for the people being that you are letting donald trump, this looks like t lets turn to russia's current problem that we are facing as a nation. again a russian fighter taking on one of our pa, surveillance and over the black sea within 10 feet and what happened? nothing. how long can this nonsense go on
7:49 pm
without a mistake? well, we are right at the point of mistake. 10 feet away with those kinds of planes and that kind of speed is 0 feet away. it calls of the same sort of thing that they did our shift in the baltics of a few months ago and any number including once again resuming tlieflights of strategic bombers their our coast. >> putin will continue to do this as long as he can get away from it. it is not just a russian's problem, it is around the world. everybody see what china did to obama making him coming out of the belly of the plane instead of the normal entrance of the top of air force one. and i think it is a reflection both on president obama. >> does he not -- can i ask you
7:50 pm
a question as a national security expert, former member of the state department, and ambassador of the united nation, what leader in his right mind or her right mind takes an insult like that and just tramples down. >> this is president obama. he did stand up of the president of philippine calling him an sob. >> it is demonstration that you got bulls eye and they are happy to oblige. meanwhile, the russians have crimea and the chinese continue
7:51 pm
to build their island and building up their military capabilities whether it is missile system or preparing for fighter jet squadrons. this is happening. >> that's precisely correct. this strategic environment for the united states is shifting under our feet that positions of strengths that we created over decades and not just military strengths but political and economic strength is i roading a roading -- you don't hear anything about this with hillary clinton. foreign leaders know that already. >> ambassador, john bolton, it is always great to have you here. >> please roll the video. >> three lucky fishermen treated
7:52 pm
to an amazing sight. dolphins swimming alongside and below the boat, there is 30 dolphins swimming with them. dolphins depend on these pods for their hunting and mating defense. in this case, they're having a lot of fun. what amazing, playful creatures. spectacular. hillary clinton says
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online poll, we asked you last night. do you trust the fbi more or less after the friday's document dump and decision now to seek prosecution of hillary clinton. >> 98% of you say you trust the fbi less. joining us tonight the pastor at first baptist church in dallas texas, it is great to have you with us. >> lets start with what hillary clinton said. here we go. >> they are saying oh, allah, make trump president of america, i am not interested in giving aid or comfort to their evil
7:57 pm
ambitions. i want to defeat them and end their reign of terror. >> are you sitting down there pastor? that was remarkable. she was in israel. president obama is calling americans lazy and while she's sitting in israel coming up with the idea that she's the one design to defeat isis. >> look, lets just suppose hillary is telling the truth, that's a big assumption, lets suppose she's telling the truth that isis wants donald trump as president. i wrote a book of "the rise of radical islams." there is one or two reasons that isis would support trump and neither is good for hillary clinton. they believe that trump would protect his citizens and he would go against terrorism to the point that it will precipitate the muslim apocalypse or the most likely
7:58 pm
scenario is they're engage ing reverse psychology. the truth it isis would be much more comfortable with hillary clinton. they know her policy to open the border and allowing a flood of undocumented syrian refugees to come to this country. i imagine they are rooting for hillary right now. >> one is i don't know what she's talking about and how she's knowing one way or another because she does not have any special access and making any sense. it seems like one of those extraordinary ridiculous statements that come from candidates and president when they are over seas talking about this country, at least president of late. >> i don't get it. trump himself, the idea that he's going to put up with the tax whether it is president obama or her without response,
7:59 pm
it is silly and she does not advance anything. the politics of this are making some what no sense on the lap now and donald trump seems to have found an inner calm. i don't know if it is spiritual or what it is. he's staying disciplined and carrying the battle to him. >> last night, trump had a tremendous mignight and hillary clinton had a terrible night. when you had matt lauer coming after you, you are having a bad night. people saw donald trump as the real person that he is of a thought leader instead of this character jerk that so many people are bought in. i think people got to know him more and more the next few weeks and clinton's character continues to implode. i think you will see trump's
8:00 pm
number will continue to rise. >> pastor, it is great to be with you. >> thank you, lou. >> that's it for us. we thank you for joining us and tomorrow, we would like you to do the same. please be with us. good night from new york. >> tonight on war stories investigates -- >> we awoke to this war on 9/11. but the roots of this jihad runs deeper than most realize. >> we represent everything they hate. >> they can watch "american idol" at night and the next morning there is suicides going. >> that's next on war stories investigates, jihad.


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