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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  September 12, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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i would like to know what you thought about it. tell me what you think. i'm glad to be back. the market is up. liz: we have bulls and bears. also some creatures at war. one of the nation's most powerful bankers contradicts it. they think prudence is needed. wall street takes raynor's side at this hour. it spikes 236 points. weirdly having fallen nearly 400 points at the exact time on friday. we are about to jump into the wall street wart with two big
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exclusives. the pneumonia diagnosis. who else much closer to her was taken off guard. she nearly collapsed at a 9/11 ceremony. it is the comments the former secretary of state made about his loyal followers. the billionaires response and how it all figures into your vote. we are less than an hour to the closing bell. give to stay with me to see how this ends. let's start the countdown. breaking news this is very much a had snapping swing.
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right now at this moment if you look at the dow jones industrial is up 245 points. it has been a moving target when you're talking about the actual intersection. we may or may not climb up to that right now. with a low of down 90 points to that session high. they are just hours ago. here is what happened. the federal reserve easing investor rate hike jitters by warning against moving too quickly. >> this risk management council prudence. why does she matter. she is a federal reserve governor. she is the last speaker to say
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something big for the central banks. now following her speech the probability dropped to 15%. that is where it stands right now. the feds may be shutting down but we are not the same quiet. were talking to one of the most followed investors on wall street. about what he thinks the feds should do and what a turn around though. tumbling is much as to an half% this morning. going before $55 per barrel the benchmark rebounded. oil in the after aftermarket is at $46. and why did well reverse.
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it goes about a hundred points after. and then spiked again. we were down more than 90 points early monday morning. she said be careful and be prudent. we jumped and then we fell about 90 points again. and now we are up. what's going on at the heart of the floor. on friday we have that. i think traders were happy this morning. on those got stopped out. what we did was we held 21-25. there is still a lot of relative nests. it did not break. stone me. it jumped nearly 40%.
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is down about 13% from that. now in the so-called quiet time frame. >> it wasn't just stocks it was assets. we had traded sideways. so obviously we have to have the breakdown. we recovered and come back to that breakout point. they did get as high as 20. that is an extreme level. they had been consolidating. it goes from 12 to 14. sixteen is an important point to keep an eye on. that is the measure moving target on the outside. let's watch the 16 as a pivot. >> with a major pivot in oil
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prices this morning. down below 45 we went as low as 44 and change. you can see it suddenly started to jump back up. aside from the fact that they said our non- rivals are still going to try to get that market share so they will out produce us even i don't know why anybody believes that we won't have oversupply here. >> first i'm really thankful you have me on all the time. i say the same thing for nine months. forty-five magnet is where oil is going to be. they tend to stay out of the market on election year. so until december we are safe. the dollar is up a little
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better today. i think it is going to stay right around this level. there is a lot of production that can come on board if oil has a spike and we even have some problems out of libya today. it just continues to stay here. until one of the candidates talks about energy policy. it will give us a clear picture. and then a the scene if congress does anything are two totally different things. great to see you guys. and believe me i love how cheapo gasoline. as i mentioned this cone of silence is now officially on at the fed. it has officially started but we have the one guy who held no to -- no such rules. it's what they are expected to do next. they're coming up in just a minute on the foxbusiness
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exclusive interview. they offered brain candy. as i told you at the top of the show did the complete office it telling the audience to get on with it. twenty-five basis points is a drop in the bucket. it goes really slow. don't worry about it. let's just raise the rate. you don't want to be behind the eight ball this morning. neither the bankcard or the brainerd chairman and chief strategy in your here in an inclusive interview. economic you're an economic advisor to the trump campaign. we think they will do and what they will do are two different things. they had been for quite a while.
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a rate increase is long overdue they ought to get on with it and get it over with. i think the worst part is they have made guessing what the next rate hike will be into an olympic sport and i think that is totally unnecessary. if 25 basis points is all that's keeping this economy together we have nothing going. they should do it and they should stonattering about it. they've made it into a thing that has blown totally out of proportion and if they don't start raising at the real problem will be the economy isn't that great summer and the next couple of years we will go into a recession if there is still a sub low rate where they can use in their toolbox to fix things. we have learned negative interest rates don't do a whole lot.
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>> nowhere is that more evident than what we talked about on this and that is at the bankruptcy. is the seventh largest shipping company in the world you were warned in march of 2014 you predicted that stresses were going to be quite evident and you could cite excess capacity but more importantly in the big global growth. what do you think happens here and are they an indicator for the retail investor watching right now. >> that has been an accident waiting to happen. we rejected the taking those charters. we didn't think it was stable even then.
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that is not a new view on our part. the big dumb style are the shippers. there are the customers. their goods are stuck they are dependent on the back-to-school season. that certainly matters. let's talk a little bit about a big plate that you've made and that's in the trouble energy space. we continue to watch it. are you piling into that debt or regretting it. >> the ones that worked okay. so to the degree from 50 that will be just heaven.
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we did not underwrite a massive recovery in oil. i think it's probably gonna be some months maybe even into next year before you see any kind of a recovery because it is quite economical. if you have the huge move up in the price of oil it will be accompanied by a lot of supply. liz: we've heard a lot of people sit in the chair and predict the market collapse. do you? >> i don't see the signs of access so far. there is no sub prime subprime lending going on now. it is cooling with most parts.
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they normally see signs of the greatest access to predict a major collapse. >> is the economic advisor what is your take on the concerns about hillary clinton's health issues that were exhibited yesterday. i think the american public has a right to be sure into that and should then donald trump have long ago released his medical records. he said he well. i am more focused on trump's economic plan. and the professor at university of california has been working a lot on the trade. liz: will he stick to heavy-duty traded tariffs on countries like china. >> i will not preempt what he will say on thursday.
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but i think people will be intrigued with what he does say. we will wait to see what he says about the economic plan. thank you so much. now, can the dow remain drenched in green until the closing bell rings. i head have about 46 minutes before that happens. the only one. they are the big leaders for the dow 30. elon musk having a day in the sun or the green so to speak. there was an upgrade to the autopilot feature. they fund new projects. tesla is taking over solar city. both of these stocks jumping right now. it's better by 2%.
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liz: we want you on friday about this potential samsung is dealing with this headline at this hour. one of the recalled samsung galaxy note seven caught fire over the weekend. the boy was burdened by the farm. he is now home and resting thankfully. samsung is now dealing with reports of the company may take the drastic step of remotely deactivating any phones that were not returned. they did not deny that that was a possibility. the issues are not stopping there though. $38million worth of merchandise into electronics that has stuck onto cargo ships. the shipping and giant last week left 12 ships in a total
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of around $14 billion in goods stranded at sea with imports turning away the long jim has broken. this is what we are starting to see. the emergency cash. it started to kick in a little bit. it is starting to filter down. they are starting to filter it down. it's offloading over the weekend. it is the largest terminal in the world by the way. they were starting to see it clear up slowly but surely. that was seized before the bankruptcy filing.
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they had $750,000 in back fuel bills. there are about a dozen more ships waiting to get in. this is a positive step that they have the again. it's very key for the retailers. a lot of details left to be resolved. it's good news for the shippers. nearly tripling just in the past two months alone. to about two grand now. that according to the times commission. look at the past decade. they are paid to all commodities. you could see were even at levels lower than back during
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the financial crisis. and lowest shipping rates. you can see it's been a perfect storm so to speak. they are unclog the log jam. they rolled their eyes in january of this year when i brought this up the shipping index was showing severe signs of stress and what we have now thank you very much for keeping us up-to-date. they did make news here. even if it came to this he would not buy them unless they were basically offered at the cost of scraps. we are watching the story very closely. closing bell 37 and a half minutes away. not the only ones kept in the
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dark we are learning more at this hour about who else was left out of this bombshell development including those closest to the democratic nominee. we break down the best medicine to keep both campaigns on track. that is just two weeks away. and speaking speaking of the 2016 race donald trump among the stars turning out. with a live update on the annual event that has raised more than a hundred million dollars to support those fallen. count on to the closing bell. we are coming right back. it's scary when the lights go out.
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starting at $5.99 a month, plus fees. just call 855-874-7746 to keep hearing all the things that make you love taking the long way home. ♪ so call 855-874-7746 or visit to turn us back on. and up. liz: we have update to the mylan epipen controversy. carl lewis, the attorney representing the first person in the u.s. to file a class-action lawsuit against mylan, now says more than a thousand users of the life-saving epipen expressed
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interest in joining a class-action lawsuit which alleges price-gouging. lewis spoke to fox business exclusively on friday, saying his phone has not stopped ringing since our interview it will be 60 days before his client hears anything. mylan and heather bresch have 28 days to respond to the lawsuit after getting it. he believes the case going to federal court. he will inform us as soon as it is class certified. that is what has to happen with class-action suits. mylan's stock is moving higher by 3 1/2%. we're waiting comment from mylan. team "countdown" has been at forefront of this story. it affects millions of you. visit my website,, we have the interview with attorney carl lewis and much more. we would love to hear from you with a personal experience either bad or good with mylan's epipen price situation you would like to share.
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you can tweet me. follow me on facebook. we reached close to 48,000 followers on twitter, so keep it going. joining in the conversation. to wall street each year to mark 9/11, trading firm bgc and cantor fitzgerald host a star-studded charity event with actors, models and celebrities for its annual charity day. donald trump was there. they deliver 100% of global revenues to the cantor fitzgerald relief fund. they lost 611 employees in the north tower on 9/11. they have raised approximately $125 million globally. that is why we go there every year. i've been there many times. lauren, you're there at b-fc partners, the bigger stars are charities and ceo howard lutnick that made this happen. reporter: you got that right, liz. we're making trades for charity on the floor of bgc partners.
3:30 pm
the goal is to raise more than $12 million raised last year. it is looking good so far. that money goes to 658 members of this firm who lost their lives on 9/11 15 years ago and to their families. because the charity has gotten so big and brought in so many money they're working with charities worldwide. we caught up with ceo howard lutnick. >> to raise money for charity like we're doing today, all these people here have to wave their pay for the day. you can't ask people to work their tail off all day for nothing. if you look at all the people, people giving money to charity are all the people in this room. they have all, 10,000 global employees chosen to wave their day's pay in order to give every penny that comes in the door to charity. reporter: so it is celebrities and athletes and even presidential nominee donald trump. the rapper dmc. carol alt, the model, all coming
3:31 pm
here to promote their charities. it is all for a good cause. listen. >> this is great thing cantor fitzgerald is doing asking me to be a part of it. again we're raising money for fisher center. >> sara ferguson, thanks for joining us. >> duchess of new york. >> why is that? >> why not? >> king of rock set the whole world of fire, cantor won't stop rockin' until i retire. >> rapping on the floor here. one of my favorite parts is that they ordered pizza, 65, liz. just came in from harry's. we to the one of them here. i kind of stole it, because it is clam pizza. ever had that, liz? liz: how many clams are they raising? let's hope for 12 million. which is the charity i work for is great recipient of bgc trading day. we thank how -- howard lutnick. >> thank you, liz.
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liz: we're not at session highs but very close to it. stunning move, up 249 points. still erases not entirely the 400 points which lost on friday. up next we take you to the new york stock exchange. ashley webster has major action and reaction from the floor as the fed goes you know ground ahead of net week's fateful meeting. ♪ is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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is. liz: we have a market alert right now. it is pretty epic turn around on wall street. all three major indices are taking a big bite out of friday's stunning losses and now trading near session highs. with the s&p up 31 points, the session high for the s&p is about 33. we're very close at the moment.
3:37 pm
let's dig down a little bit. s&p 500, telecom, consumer staples, utilities leading the way. let's get to the floor of the new york stock exchange. i'm stunned to see miners doing good, freeport-mcmoran, but there is big action, ashley? >> reporter: yes, liz, almost 250 points on the dow and we still haven't gotten close to regaining what we lost on friday. such is the action of the fed presidents and what they have to say. regardless the risk is back on. biggest gainers today, walmart up more than 2% thanks to some upgrades from analysts. proctor & gamble up 2.2%. coca-cola up 2.1%. also getting a nice upgrade. you can see all the green on. screen from the major indices. coca-cola up 2%. apple up 2.25. visa up 2%. how much further can we gain, liz, as we head towards the closing bell but it goes a nice way to wiping out what we lost on friday. liz: i would say so. everybody needs to stay with us.
3:38 pm
we have only 23 minutes before the closing bell rings. ashley, we'll go back to you if something dramatic happens although this is pretty good up, 246 points. turns out hillary's own campaign staff did not know she was battling pneumonia. those who did know, admitted, quote, they could have done better when it came to dealing with her health scare but her health is taking a back seat when it comes to donald trump's attacks in just the last couple hours. he released an ad focusing on her earlier faux pas saying quote, half of trump's supporters fit into a basket of deplorables. so he beat that drum less than an hour ago in baltimore. here is what he said. >> while hillary clinton lives a sequestered life behind gates and walls and guards, she mocks and demeans hard-working americans who only want their own families to enjoy a fraction of the security enjoyed by our
3:39 pm
politicians. liz: let's bring in democratic strategist, chris at this setter is, fox contributor, tammy bruce. a couple ways to go, christie, but let me start with this. clinton, not even voters knew, but even people close to the campaign, whether this is the worst thing in the world or not, she has got pneumonia. a lot of candidates tend to get sick. what do we learn from this. >> i don't know what there is to be extrapolated from this, liz. i'm pretty sure and i, lots of your viewers gone to work at some point sick, if their coworkers didn't know about it, it was not a scandal. so i mean typically in the past we really only find out about a politician's health condition, if there has been a cancer scare or something much, much more serious. i really believe this has been blown out of proportion. i think even donald trump knows that. why he is uncharacteristically a
3:40 pm
bit reticent to go crazy and only say hope she gets better. they know there is danger they're overplaying their hand. liz: christie, maybe they tend to guide the situation. that may be the right move. he is going to the basket of deplorables comment. neither candidate can get out of their own way. >> circumstantial for clinton. "people" magazine are reporting that many people in her office in brooklyn also have pneumonia. this brings up a question, if this was infectious, how serious it has been. and i think it is less about the sickness itself -- excuse me, it is less about the sickness itself than the circumstances. you have an argument after woman who clearly has been ill for some period of time. that has been argued being a conspiracy theory. she ditched her press corps at the memorial, september 11th memorial. the argument is about no transparency, lack of honesty, trustworthiness.
3:41 pm
this is where it sits. are we hearing right stories? why are they hiding things t happens to be about health in this instance. overall it is about how she is viewed as not trustworthy. liz: they should come out and say things. remember before citizen journalism, everybody with an iphone, we remember when george w. bush reportedly choked on a pretzel and passed out. nobody saw it so we didn't hear about it right off the bat. i need to get to the economy. thursday donald trump is supposed to speak about this. on top of it we're waiting to hear what hillary clinton plans. we've got a market that is moving higher on a suspect issue, christie. that is that the federal reserve again is indicating it will back off, no rate hike. we must have nothing going in this economy if that is the case we can't even endure a quarter-point hike? >> you know i think we'll probably see movement regardless who is the next president after november. you know, i think you know that, you know, we're reluctant to do
3:42 pm
anything until that point because again who knows what is going to happen, what sort of effect it may have. look, could a quarter point make a difference? you know, i don't know but, you know we're not going to see anything until after november. liz: might hurt in the short term, tammy. last time we saw it in december it plummeted but we recovered that and more. what us did the next president have to do to make this less of a drama and more of an issue, hey, we have got to normalize rates? >> traditionally in the 8th year of two-term president the market getting very nervous. you have a lame duck president. especially if the opposition looks like they're going to win, so you don't know what will happen. traditionally the market tends to go down and gets very nervous. the next president will have to deal with all the propping up going on over nix several years. it will have to be aggressive, more transparent, more communications with the american public why this is happening and why suddenly the economy might
3:43 pm
be a little jittery only because of all, you're right, holding back on rates like this will have impact on next year and next president. liz: tammy, christie, we've got to run because we do have a very strong market. although you could argue that it is strong because the fed says we're not strong, we can't endure a quarter point measely rate hike. we're heading back up to session highs. we blew through the ceiling of one of them. stay tuned. thanks to both of you. we're watching two major media developments. sumner redstone closing the door on viacom chief phillipe due -- dauman. will les moonves be the chief the entire empire? charlie to break the story. warner brothers released tom hanks starring a "sully" sullenberger. a remembrance from the fox
3:44 pm
business archives from that incredible stay. we have breaking news right now. we have a witness telling reuters that a small plane has apparently gone down ithe hudson river off manhattan. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
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♪ >> this is the captain. brace for impact. liz: warner brothers hitting "sully" soaring as winner of weekend box office with $35.5 million take that surpasses expectations by 10 million bucks. the warner brothers film starring tom hanks cost a reported $60 million to produce but it is the first-ever to be shot entirely with imax cameras. amazing true story unfolded live on our watch in the 3:00 p.m.
3:49 pm
eastern hour back on january 5th tenet, right on fox business in 2009. watch. when we're hearing, passengers were seen standing on wings of plane floating off of the water in new york. a us air a320 airbus went down 20 minutes ago into the hudson river. we're hearing 14passengers were onboard the flight. that is considerably larger than we had thought. it was just a few blocks that way. it was a great ending and a true happy ending. that is what is materring the most, right? from the big screen to the small screen we've got shares of viacom spiking more than 2 1/2% right now. why? well, charlie gasparino is getting some information about who may very well take over the entire empire of viacom and let's get to it, charlie. >> we should point out that the first board meeting post phillipe dauman of viacom.
3:50 pm
he is leaving today. has new email address as of right now. today he is leaving. wednesday is the first board meeting with viacom post phillipe dauman. what we know, they are talking, strategic options including a cbs-viacom merger. remember cbs and viacom both companies held by holding company owned by sumner redstone family. sumner at his daughter, sherri. they are going to talk at this meeting about the combination of these two assets. they will also be discussing from what i understand other strategic option including the sale, apparently still on the sale of their paramount division one of the strategic options and whether a sale to somebody else is going to happen. now that's part of the meeting. the other part of the meeting will be a cash flow analysis from what i understand of the various viacom assets and properties that they own.
3:51 pm
nickelodeon, mtv, paramount obviously. they are going to figure out what the cash flow is of those things so you can properly value those assets when they go forward. this is the first step, real step with a new board to determine the future of viacom, whether it sells paramount, remains independent. whether, from what i understand, shari redstone had a lot of board members want that to be combined with cbs. you have to know what the assets are worth to do that. liz: so is it les? >> this is the fly in the ointment. whether cbs ceo les moonves support as combination of cbs and viacom. we don't know. i reported and we reported this in the past he has been against it because he doesn't want to be stuck with this, this dog with fleas somebody put it. viacom's property are not that
3:52 pm
bad but not greatest in the world. liz: nowhere to go but up. >> cbs is doing well, looking at cbs stock versus viacom stock. i can tell you this, shari redstone who essentially controls the company, her father sumner, put it together, ailing and kind of out of it, at this point. she and various board members believe the cbs-viacom combination makes a lot of sense. they will talk all options on wednesday, including sale of paramount. including possible sale of anything else. a large part of this presentation i understand will be a cash flow analysis of viacom's properties. so you can determine what they are worth for the future. another thing i want to point out, i get the impression from talking with people close to the company that they're going to have some sort of more concrete plan in the next couple of months. they're not going to wait forever for this thing to happen. the next two or three month we'll know where they are going to go with this thing. liz: charlie, thanks very much.
3:53 pm
charlie duffy, charlie, thinking of terry duffy. he is in the green room. he is coming up in a few seconds. let's get terry on to the set right now as we have a big rally come going on. he will tell us what to think about the fed next. do you worry if you've saved enough for retirement? are you or your spouse 62 or older? a government-backed reverse mortgage enables you to turn the equity you've built into the retirement you deserve.
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liz: breaking news. the dow up 236 points, had been up more than 270. we have the rally just as fed officially lowered its cone of silence. silence now until the big announcement next wednesday, to hike or not to hike. let's bring in terry duffy, executive chair of the cme. markets believe there is 90% chance the fed won't move. jamie dimon says, come on just move. leyla brainard says which side are you on?
3:57 pm
>> the fed is confusing. they signaled over the years want to see several things happen, then they start to move rates. they have not done that only thing they have done is cause volatility in the marketplace. i heard your earlier guests say if they only move 25 basis points, all the economy is leaning on, that is a big problem. i happen to agree with wilbur ross more than other go. i think jamie dimon is right, fed needs to move. i think fed lost credibility. they can't keep their credibility because they should have done it over last several years. only difference i agree with jamie but completely agree with him. wilbur ross said it best. liz: if the market drops 1000 points short term as it did back in december the last time but you see a comeback, don't you? >> hard to see see a come back. or is it fully priced as wilbur said?
3:58 pm
i don't mean to quote wilbur but he made good comments. it is trading extremely high. corporate earnings are no way they are keeping up with the overall market. liz: can you make money in fed funds futures pits? >> yeah you can make money. no different than trading volatility indexes like the futures contract. liz: have you seen volume move higher on those particular trades? >> we've seen the volume move higher over last couple years but seen it tail off. this is the whole situation where people crying wolf. people eventually give up on it. now i think it will be a wait and see situation when the fed does move rates. the whole situation with rates is, we're trying to lower rates to see them spend in the economy. i'm trying to figure out who are the people that are going to spend. we have $9 trillion between mortgages outstanding. $20 trillion as a nation. when you look at savers of the united states of americas, we have roughly 14% of the united states has $10,000 in their account or more.
3:59 pm
86% has less. 21 lives paycheck to paycheck. who exactly are the low rates stimulating to go into the economy? those people are already in debt unfortunately. liz: it failed now. it doesn't work anymore. i don't know if it ever did. it may have worked initially. does it stun you to hear opec is pointing the finger, a sharp finger at the fed saying you know what? we don't control oil prices. we don't control the energy sector. the federal reserve does. you guys trade oil heavily at nymex which you own. >> right. liz: what are you seeing there? we've seen some real gyration. >> we'll continue to see it anytime the market goes up the production costs are x, y or z. you can get more oil out of shales at higher price than input costs. lower it goes not very productive to be in the business. i think market will be in a range. you had a guest on from nymex i believe. liz: 40 to 50. >> 40 to 50 in that area. we're here to manage the risk but we're going to see
4:00 pm
volatility whether it is 60 or 30 but we'll see a lot of movement back and forth on different policies. [closing bell rings] liz: here is the closing bell, terry. you get to prespied over 240 point gain. >> thank god. liz: terry duffy. here is david and melissa for the "countdown to the closing bell." david: good to see you, terry. dow ending up nearly 240 points. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers. here is what else we have coming up this hour. donald trump firing back at hillary clinton this afternoon in response to her calling half of his supporters millions of americans that is, deplorables. nor what he had to say there. this as clinton and her camp are coming under fire from both sides of the aisle for their lack of transparency over her health condi


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