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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 12, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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obama in the palm of his hands. >> no administration is going to be more accommodating for russia than barack obama. he came into power in 2008 promising the exact same thing donald trump is promising. charles: here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. the clinton presidential campaign tonight in crisis. political crisis, credibility crisis, a health crisis for the democratic nominee who is tonight recuperating at her home in chappaqua, new york. she collapsed as she left the september 11 me more yool ceremony in lower manhattan, tried to make her way to the street. but the 68-year-old former secretary of state required assistance from her staff and secret service detail and she leaned against security while she waited for the van.
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her agents tried to screen her as she was escorted to the van. as you see in this video shot by a private citizen, she collapsed. the agents carried her along as her feet dragged on the pavement and they lifted her bodily into the van. temperatures were in the high 70s and humidity moderate. the clinton campaign facing a backlash from normally supportive liberal news organizations. because the press knew nothing about her whereabouts for an hour and a half. the press barred from coverage of the so-called medical incident. the campaign fabricated a new approach or decided to come clean. depending on what proves to be the reality and the truth.
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some 9 hours later blaming the episode on pneumonia which the campaign claimed had been diagnosed friday. clinton was not seen by the media for more than two hours when she finally he merged from her daughter chelsea clinton's apartment trying to act like nothing unusual happened, smiling and waving. >> it's a beautiful day in new york. lou: that at least was the truth. a beautiful day in new york. but not for hillary, the clintons or her campaign. the episode prompting more questions about her health which the national liberal media and her campaign had been trying to suppress for months.
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she insulted donald trump supporters friday evening before a crowd of her contributors and supporters. >> to be grossly generallistic, you can put half of donald trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. right? racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic. you name it. lou: she suggested her insults might apply to a smaller fraction of trump supporters and donor than she suggested. ed rollins and congressman mike pompeo.
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he has no illusions about the clinton capacity for cover-ups and forthrightness. he says the clinton campaign is still stonewalling congress in the investigation of the benghazi terrorist attack and the email scandal. hillary clinton's latest medical scare highlights its transparency problem, her struggle with the truth. even tim kaine offered a vague response concerning her pneumonia diagnosis. >> the first time i talked to hillary about this was sunday. i don't want to get into the character of communications. i reached out to her as soon as the incident happened sunday. and we had a good dialogue. but other than that, that was the first time we talked. lou: other members of the clinton campaign scrambling trying to explain why it kept
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the press in the dark for 90 minutes about the democratic nominee's whereabouts and condition after she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial. her press secretary offered this apology if you can call it that. >> i think we could have gotten more information out quickly and that's on the staff. and we regret that. lou: that's what passes for forthrightness in the clinton campaign. jennifer palmieri admits the campaign has not hand it well. she tweeted, we could have done better, by the many a fact that the public knows more about hrc than any other nominee in history. the clinton campaign promised to release more medical record later this week, and pushed back
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on any suggestion she may face another undisclosed, underlying condition saying she did in the lose could be chusness at any time yesterday. joining me now, ed rollins and randy evans. former senior adviser for the newt gingrich presidential campaign in 2012. thanks for being here in new york. great to see you at the studio for a change. i can't manage a much greater crisis than what faces hillary clinton and the democratic party. >> a large part of it relates to the credibility issue. last week when we were talking together, the coughing was the product of an allergy and the allergy was what the problem was it's a more serious problem. they call it pneumonia.
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we'll find out what's wrong with the former first lady. the and american knows whatever they tell us, it isn't the truth. and whether it's an allergy or causing or pneumonia. after all, my good friend ed rollins pointed out to me earlier, who goes to see your grandkids after you have been diagnosed with pneumonia. lou: we still don't know what kind of pneumonia she has been diagnosed. we don't know for sure, but she seemed to be accompanied by her personal doctor at the time of the incident. we go through her history of falls and fainting, and condition, severe concussion. keep vein thrombosis. blood clots in her brain, and we are supposed to take this as a simple incident at the 9/11 ceremony.
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>> the last type we had this discussion i argued position natalie with you that we shouldn't make her health an issue and we didn't, she made her health an issue. and there are two thing here. one is the integrity issue. she doesn't have anything. anything she tells the american public they are not necessarily going to believe. if on friday afternoon you are diagnosed by a doctor that you have pneumonia, she is fundraising with barbra streisand and all the beautiful people from hollywood. then she has a national security briefing, then races to her grandchildren and talks about playing with her grandchildren. that's bad judgment. i think to a certain extent i hope she recovers quickly and isn't as severe as i think she is. but at the end of the day i have a hard time believing her or admiring her lack of judgment.
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hour * we didn't know where in the world she was for almost two hours. there is no protective pool as it's called covering these candidates. i do not know why in the world the news organizations are not standing up against this. i do know why some of them are not standing up, because they are complicit, compliant, and would, you know, dearly love to accommodated her in any way possible. but this is nonsense. >> part of it is the rules don't apply to the clintons. the rules that apply to donald trump or any other presidential campaign about the way the van had to be waited on. knowing everything going on with the president doesn't apply to the clintons. lou: the rules only matter if they are enforced. the fact is national news organizations are so complicit in this campaign that they have rolled over and are letting her
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do precisely what she wants. and i do not understand the secret service being complicit in screening and covering up an incident taking place and should be in view in my judgment of the mire can public. the american public has had a belly full. this is why donald trump is running so well against a candidate who was supposed to be coronated months ago. what is going on with the secret service? >> this is a city full of hospitals. some of the greatest within blocks of where she fell. i can't believe protocol isn't when someone stumbles as badly as she did. lou: she did not stumble. her feet were dragging along the pavement. this woman collapsed. some of the mainstream media is
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trying to call this a stumble. this is preposterous. this is a medical event, the nature of which we do not know which has not been explained to us. it's more than a day later. the national media is standing around waiting like a bunch of guppies. >> it's a stumble like after being hit by joe frazier. even her husband, apparently they had a big argument. he wanted to take her to the hospital. he knows the history and the severity of her condition. it's judgment -- the irony of it is the night she made this story about the very insulting trump supporters in front of all these people, she was playing to that audience, i think she basically is trying to hide this thing
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whatever it may be. we'll get to 0 days and we'll be elected president and do of what we want to do. lou: if that was the strategy, that strategy is at an end. couple to new york more often. get away from that nasty crowd in washington. fox news just learned iran threatened to shoot down two of our navy surveillance planes. kt mcfarland will take that up with me. we are coming right back. there is much more to discuss and focus on. please stay with us. hillary clinton no longer a conspiracy theory. >> i think it' an issue. this last week i took a physical, and when the numbers come in i'll be releasing very,
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very specific numbers. lou: clinton and her campaign have no choice this time with this issue but to deal with the truth. this group's high-flying stunt is a slam dunk. we have the incredible video for you and much more straight ahead. we'll be right back after this quick break. stay with us. you both have a
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lou: breaking news tonight. u.s. defense officials telling fox news that iran threatened to shoot down two of our navy surveillance aircraft over the weekend. the navy planes were flying over international waters near iran's coast when the iranian military warned those planes to alter course or risk being shot down. the navy poseidon intelligence reconnaissance aircraft, a spy plane, if you will, each had a crew of 9. and the aries both flying 13 miles off the coast of iran in the strait of hormuz, the gulf of oman. officials say the pilots ignored the warnings and continued on their mission and obviously without event. joining me now, former national
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security analyst, kt mcfarland. this is incredible. this administration, this government is being made to look like halving stocks all over the world. >> sun chris sense weakness. they think president obama is a weak president. they will continue to push the united states around. the iranians want us out of the persian gulf. the chinese want us out of the south china sea. and they are going to continue to press, press, press because they don't think this any consequence to them for doing this. i think they are look at this thinking we don't know hot next president is, but let's grab while the grabbing is good. lou: we have had a presence in all these regions and areas for more than a half century. why is it at the same time
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contemporaneously that we are being pressures to withdraw and we have withdrawn, this administration, our power from elements of those regions whether it be in germany in our military or korea. we have an administration that has dismissed the monroe doctrine, inviting people into whether it's china or russia, whomever it may be. in this case also iran, hamas, hezbollah, into this hemisphere. this an administration acting against the interest of the united states. can anybody say it more plainly? can it be straightforwardly the consequences of his policies are simply against the interest of what has been this nation's doctrine and pursuit throughout
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decades. >> and then the criticism, the monroetr docine going back to the beginning. when donald trump or other conservatives talk about america first they are ridiculed. lou: why toes don't groups have the -- where don't those groups come back at them and engage in a spirited debate and show the world what a complete bunch of -- >> it's hard to find a word. >> this is a very deliberate plan. obama wants to quote lead from behind. >> to hell with lead from behind. >> what he's doing is driving this country to its own shores.
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everyone talks about trump being the isolationist. obama is the isolationist. he's insular to the points of absurdity. >> continuing to believe history will verify and endorse. >> i think dick cheney had it right. somebody needs to get over the mythology and work in the national media in this country. this man is not only a lame duck, he's been a lake president throughout. name one thing he has done correctly in foreign policy. name one thing that makes any sense in terms of consequences to the american people that this president accomplished in 8 years. >> in most cases, whether it's the iran nuclear deal or dealing with the russians or the chinese. in every case it's not been to the advantage of the united states. we are not putting ourselves first. he's handing a toy stop chalice to the next president.
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>> that's a grand idea. what do you think of the doctrine called america snirls. >> i think that has a good ring to it. lou: kt, thanks so as much. kt mcfarland. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is would anything less than a full accounting of hillary's health by independent physicians satisfy your curiosity as a voter? we would like to hear from you. cast your vote on lou dobbs on twitter. please roll the video now. and we'll take a look at a team of daredevils. look at this. watch as the acrobatic
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basketball team on a speeding train in slo slovenia. beautiful country. and quite amazing athletes. up next, hillary clinton hiding in plain sight and she has been doing so for years. will the american people demands the truth? the subject of my commentary next. stay with us. we are coming right back. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me?
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lou: a few thoughts on hillary clinton's aversion to truth.
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her staff yesterday tried cover up what they called overheating. her escape to her daughter's apartment. no race to the hospital even though she had just collapsed. she had been diagnosed with pneumonia by her doctor two days before. rick leventhal, the first to report so-called medical episode relied in part on his sources in law enforcement. even democrats taking aim at hillarclinton with david axlerod tweeting this. antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. what's the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy that unnecessarily creates problems. axlerod talking about a penchant for privacy. a nice turn of language but it's mad fear of truth and expose our. her been dhanlts is for
7:29 pm
dishonesty and deceit. between her private email server, thousands of emails, hidden ties between the clinton foundation and the state department's government and leaders. a penchant for privacy translates to cover-up, lies and more lies and the american public be damned. it took her 9 months to hold a news conference, if you can calm it a news conference. she took just 7 questions from the press corps last thursday. yesterday it took mrs. clinton leaving a september 11 memorial service and a shocking video of her struggling to stands for the campaign to come clean or just concoct another preposterous lie about mrs. clinton's 2 day old diagnosis as having pneumonia. so claimed her campaign and their candidate who won't lie
7:30 pm
about precious little and her healthcare isn't on that precious little list. all the while, reporters covering her campaign were kept in the dark for some 90 minutes after her sudden departure. would we even know about her diagnosis if she hadn't left the memorial yesterday or if there had been no video of her collapse? taken not by the national media who cover her. but by a private citizen. over the years mrs. clinton has had all kinds of health scares and issues, falls, a severe concussion, several blood clots, including at least one in her brain. she has painted and god knows how many coughing fits she has had, and we don't know why to this moment. now her campaign won't say what kinds of pneumonia mrs. clinton has allegedly contracted. they put out the story that a
7:31 pm
member of the campaign staff has also been sick. what are we to take from that now? almost 70% of americans surveyed say hillary clinton is dishonest and untrustworthy. while it's not clear her medical condition is contagious, her staff makes it clear they are character seems to be. and that should be downright frightening to everybody. her quotation of the evening, this one from hillary clinton who once said people can judge knee me for what i have done, and when somebody tonight public eye, that's what they do. so i'm fully comfortable with who i am and what i have always stood for. with that we are coming right back. four years now since the deadly benghazi attacks. congressman mike pompeo says hillary is hiding the truth as she sometimes does from the american people.
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lou: republican lawmakers seek
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to halt any future ransom payments to iran. new legislation being introduced to tie the administration's hands in future dealings with the iranian regime. it would stop any and all knew future money going to state sponsors of terrorism like iran. joining me congressman mike pompeo. congressman, great to have you with us. let's start there, $1.7 billion. now we understand it could be more than $33 billion in cash and foreign currencies turned over by this president to the iranian regime. would that be envisioned in your legislation if that's the number? >> it would exactly. it appears the bottom number is $1.7 billion.
7:37 pm
it could be $30 billion plus of taxpayer dollars provided by: this administration to the world's sponsor of terror. we know it was done in cash, a way that make it as easy as pie to put that in place whereas the financial system can't see it. the legislation i introduced along with senator marco rubio would prevent this from happening again. lou: the idea of ransom by this administration, is there anything that can be done about that, or will that be who we elect object november 8? >> it mostly end up being who we select to be our commander-in-chief and lead america. we can do thing in congress to prevent that and shine a light on places where the administration has not put a
7:38 pm
price tag on every american. if you take an american and hold out long enough you can get something in exchange for that. we'll try to get congress to slow it down. but the american people have to hold accountable leaders who have done this kind of things. lou: one of the people congress has tried to hold accountable is the secretary of state who denied security. you picked the number a number of times for our consulate in benghazi. we still don't have the facts. we don't even have all the emails. and this administration and its former secretary of state have stonewalled successfully the united states congress for four years. >> it is four years and a day since four americans were murdered in bengazi when secretary of state clinton was at the helm. we learned there was no american
7:39 pm
aircraft inbound trying to save these men. they were doddling -- dawdling in washington, d.c. while these men were under attack. we still don't have access to all the document secretary clinton had on her unsecured server. things that the american people and the families of those four dead americans have every right to see. lou: if donald trump is elected president, le and his administration have access to all that has been denied you and the rest of congress and the senate? >> he will certainly have access to a broader swath of document. his challenge will be' like the challenge we had on the bengazi committee. some of those document are not in possession of the united states government. hillary clinton put them on her own home brew server.
7:40 pm
so i'm confident we'll get the one that government has. those that she destroyed may never see the light of day. lou: what about the state department that seems to be an end prize that is wholly owned by the clinton cartel, still defending her, and still slow walking you all, stonewalling the american people. >> one of the things i think is most important to consider when folks go to the polls in november. the likes of jake sullivan and cheryl mills and huma abedin that will tree populate a clinton national security administration. we know what that meant for american national security and our armed forces. that's the kind of thing everyone should think about when they go to the polls and make sure hillary clinton is never promoted to that highest office. lou: thank you for your time.
7:41 pm
please roll the video. one daredevil jumping by faith and not by sight. watch as this base jumper hurled himself off a balcony in dubai into thick clouds block his view of the ground. he jumped from more than 600 feet in the air. and he lands at a construction site below. you have to take my word for it. we'll accept dubai's word for it. up next, f.e.c. commissioner lee goodman says democrats are going to silence conservative media outlets. poor mouth breather.
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lou: new warnings that left is trying to silence conservative media. that's according to a republican on the 6-person federal election commission who says the left its
7:46 pm
actively working to amended the first amendment and chase conservatives out of democracy all together by regulating free speech. we are joined by the man raising those concerns and warnings about government regulation of free speech. f.e.c. commissioner lee goodwin. i want to say thank you for raising these concerns and warning the american people what is going none this country increasingly in trying to restrict our liberties and specific think free speech in this instance. thanks to you on my congratulations to you for being strong enough to do what takes some guts, especially in that town. >> i don't think it takes a lot of guts. at the end of the day all i'm trying to protect are words and the ideas they represent. what could be more american than protecting the first amendment
7:47 pm
and the freedom of all americans to have free speech rights to disseminate their rights to freedom and democracy. lou: whether it's mark zuckerberg at facebook or twitter trying to censor the right in this country, to ownership of various organizations, george soros. what are your greatest concerns and the source of those concerns in that effort? >> where i sit in the federal election commission which is the agency that regulates commit cal competition and spending to fund speech, i'm always worried about the threat government poses to free speech. if mark zuckerberg wants to have an editorial viewpoint, i put in the category like fox news or
7:48 pm
msnbc or the post. it's good if the public knows mark zuckerberg has a bias. but i'm concerned about the use and misuse of government to restrict first amendment rights in a national debate you can hardy miss every day when you pick up the newspapers to regulate and restrict speech and target certain viewpoints and speakers and push them out of the public debate. lou: which speakers. >> particularly conservative speakers right now. 2002 and 2003 marked the high water mark for the left's control of speech generally because the left believes the government needs to regulate speech much like the college campus. where the central administration on college campus gets to invite and disinvite speakers and
7:49 pm
protect the students from ideas that might be unsettling. the midwest believes the country as a whole should be regulated that way. right now the free speech is winning because of the roberts court. but that has so frustrated the left that the left is attempting to put it back in the bottle at the securities and exchange commission, the federal election comikses another irs where they targeted the tea party. i'm fighting that effort at the federal election commissions every day to make sure everyone of all political stripes has free speech to express their opinions in the a democracy. lou: we'll continue to follow your efforts and and completion our gratitude for what you are doing at the f.e.c. on wall street stocks rebounded.
7:50 pm
the dow up 240 points. the s & p up 31. listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. more nfl players joining colin kaepernick's protest of the national anthem and more miami dolphins players kneeling. supermodel kate upton took to social media to blast the movement. she tweeted protest and speak your mind whenever, but on september 11 you should support the people who protect our freedom. dr. david today maddy joins us next.
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because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. lou: well joining me now to talk about growing concerns over hillary clinton's health, chairman of new - neurology, let's start with the cough, that was at one point allergies, they double her antihistamine dosage. friday, she is diagnosed with
7:55 pm
ne pneumonia, we're told, what to you make of this? >> i think that cough. the question is whether h she had walking pneumonia or bronchitis, and overtime she got an infection, you have to add stuff other things going on, maybe dehydration. she has a very high stressful, full program, you add it up, i don't know if she has a chest x-ray. lou: we don't know what kind of pneumonia it is. >> there are two type, bacterial and viral, we have to assume, we have never seen her mod medical records,
7:56 pm
because she was treated with antibiotics we're assuming it bacterial. lou: shes had had blood clots, she has a troubling medical history, and we don't have a sense of what is going on with her. but we know, it is not normal, she collapses as she is waiting for the van to pick her up and not taken to a hospital? >> this was a little bit of a concern, if someone has you know shaking and not stable then she fell into the car, the first thing you want to do is be in a monitor set up, ivantibiotics, and fluids, without knowing her records it is hard. we have a letter and a medical letter from the doctor about a year ago, but a lot has
7:57 pm
happened since last year until now, many new findings that is there. we have to get more information. lou: she is not keeping nearly the schedule that donald trump is. she is, there are days she goes without being engaged in a rally or a campaign events. we also now hear this staff of the clinton campaign itself putting out something about 5 or 6 officials had new meania. -- pneumonia, we never heard this, we have no one reporting this. no reporters assigned full time too her. this is crazy stuff. we're talking about -- by they,. we have people not being covered as they have been throughout most of modern history. >> they need to treat it medically seriously, if it is a pneumonia, you talk about the age of 68 that has a
7:58 pm
potential to be a major he'll issue for her -- health issue for her, they need to make sure there is no real infection in her lungs, treat is aggressively, and give her appropriate antibiotics, she needs a panel of doctors, a pulmonary doctor, they need to take care of her, the fact she was just standing for the car, and fell into the car is concerning. >> one of the women there, looks to be her doctor, herrin ternist. -- internist, she plunged into the van with with her feet dragging. >> yes, it it is -- we don't know what is in the apartment, they may have full equipment, they may have iv fluid for her, they may have called
7:59 pm
doctors to go in and make sure she is stable. lou: only reason you do that is, to keep that secret from the american people, is what i think of it. >> i cannot make a comment on that, if i were to take a call, i would rather have her in a hospital if she is not stib estoo -- stable on her feet. feet -- lou: i would bring her doctors before cameras and journalists to tell us what is going on. >> i think best thing, doctors, donald trump records transportation person see both sides for him and her. lou: absolutely, doctor thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: on-line poll we asked
8:00 pm
you, do you believe president obama has it in his nature to be spate with the american -- spatstraight with the american people on any issue. thank you for being with us, join us tomorrow, good night from new york. kennedy: happy monday night, hillary's health on the front burner, now both candidate medical histories are campaign issues, the panel and the doctor with the prognosis. >> and team clinton is sorry about that basket of comments, today trump shot back like a battleship. >> and why did the nfl stay out of the national anthem debate at yesterday's game but went after athletes who wore cleats to honor the 9/11 victim? >> hillary clinton is suffin


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