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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  September 13, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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we are looking at every twist and turn from every fed president, albright and a brilliant, if you can't agree have someone speak for the fed. where are we going? >> they want fame? >> great to be heard. full employment and protecting against inflation. stuart: neil cavuto, i am taking up his time. that suit, checkerboard, sorry. neil: check every week, is that how that works? great discussion on janet yellen and the fed. all right. thank you very much. that take a look at the dow, a couple reasons for the selloff, unwinding after the big game, the fed governor said not so fast but in the middle of this,
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demand could be week well into next year. oil prices collapsed in, oil stocks dominated the dow and other averages also collapsing and this sacred item we are getting from citigroup, a distinct possibility with help from a from hillary clinton, donald trump could win, 30% probability, more meaningful than investors appreciates, political, not like blackjack, there is only one role of the dice and 30% probability events happen frequently in real life, don't know what that means, 35% means it could happen. and this healthcare has increased those odds. what the heck is going on?
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people who dismissed this. charles: after hillary clinton's healthcare wall street firm started dipping up and saying she couldn't or may not have enough stamina to make it through this grueling process which is the next 60 days and that could be the opening for donald trump to win. stuart: you are always good at this, it is not right or left, the more uncertain prospect looks like it could happen, the more they get annoyed. stuart: charles: wise donald trump uncertain? he has a good regulation plan which bank of america, he could -- the economy could take off just as well as it could be stagnant. the problem is the trade stuff scares investors. if you make it difficult for apple to operate overseas which is the rhetoric, that would be a problem for the markets, the
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instability aspect, that he might not know enough about events, what is going on in the world, maybe something rash. >> you don't die -- by hillary clinton's views on taxes but they know what they are getting. they don't know what they are getting with him. 65% probability is down, but they are pretty convinced she will get it. they know what they are getting. charles: they are less convinced she will win. you can read the whole thing, both reports. charles: are you holding up with me? charles: i want to promote our they give her the probability of winning based on the electoral college but there is a growing probability he will win and they are saying factors that into the
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investment analysis, stocks very volatile. my view is if you think donald trump is going to win the election, wait until the markets after he is get elected and start buying. neil: you are convinced that is the kind of thing. charles: i would be buying stocks. if there is a republican congress and he really does do regulatory reform that he wants to do, scale back on dodd-frank, get rid of the crazy epa regulations, he has a formidable stimulus plan, if he get some of that in, helps improve obamacare that is good for the economy. neil: americans think the country is on the wrong track, dominates our thinking and our bedding and all of a sudden that has become central to the trump campaign. charles: if hillary clinton looks week in the debates it
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will be hard for her to win this election. neil: is there a different bar set for him? charles: he doesn't have to looked -- he has to look like he knows where afghanistan is on the map. i am serious. he does not have a high bar. he could lose it in one debate by just ignoring geopolitics and throwing hatemaker that her. neil: any news on san antonio? charles: final negotiations on this. we think a decision based on our sources in the next 48 hours, monsanto board voting on it today. raised to $125.50 and may go higher. we don't know if it is all-cash or whatever, both stocks are down, that is the market, they think dollars to donuts in the end of this regulation, the regulators, it is not finalized.
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i think it is likely to happen but the eu regulations, us regulations are mixed to know end. neil: charlie gasparino. hillary clinton and bill clinton coming to the defense of his wife, she had health issues in the past but it is not a big deal. >> it is something that occurred a few times over the course of my life and i am aware of it and usually had avoided. >> rarely but on more than one occasion over many years the same things happen to her. neil: we will talk to dennis kucinich about that but what fascinates me is you have a couple not on the same page describing her health condition. a couple who get to a party late and each has come up with a different reason why they are late but they haven't run that by each other so there are two
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different sources. we will be following that. also if we take a quick peek at what is going on. a selloff in suing, the dow down 243.5 points, twin bills not only the collapsing situation with oil but also a situation with people getting increasingly concerned the economy could be sputtering. that is a one day event, we were down on friday, then up 200 yesterday, low volatility market we saw dominating much of august reversed itself so which is more accurate? which will be more status quo as we get into the fall? anyone's guess will we will pick this apart and a lot more. i have people who talk in my head and tell me if a guest is go to bed and dennis kucinich is good. good to see you, sir. >> hello, glad to have you back
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and good to be with you. >> on the clinton group and citigroup and others, her odds of winning this thing have gone down a lot. these guys could be completely wrong. they often are but is she in trouble with this whole thing potentially imploding on her? >> it will be a close race no matter what. i think it is good that she takes a few days off to get her health sorted out. let's face it. a presidential campaign is very grueling for the candidate. having run a couple times i can tell you it does tax your health and it can put you, where you out. charles: do you believe what she is saying? >> i think at this point there is little left to conceal. if she has pneumonia she needs to take a few days and come out on the trail. do i know everything about her
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health situation? of course not, no one does. neil: the reason i mention it is we get different stories. i know where you are coming from politically. isn't that hurting her in the one area she wants to get the one up on donald trump, the negative, the believability, the fact that she can be trusted when it comes to issues of health, and argument she made about donald trump releasing his taxes. >> it has been said before by political analysis that you can cure pneumonia with antibiotics but if there is a question about transparency the voters will link that 2 other questions about transparency. charles: there was confusion from the campaign whether it was pneumonia or heat exhaustion, you can't blame average hoax for being confused. >> that is true but let's look
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at something that is also obvious. hillary clinton is one tough customer. she has had her share of health problems and she keeps coming back. we have had other presidents who have had health problems and they kept in the game. i think hillary clinton's health problems will require her to be more forthcoming about her situation and as long as she shows up after a reasonable time to recover from pneumonia i think this latest episode will not have a major impact on the election. >> if it is worse than we thought, you never know, we get different vibes from different statements, what should the party do? >> any political party needs to have a plan b in the event their front runner is not able to go forward. so the democratic party is already in discussions about what would happen if the nominee
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is not able to run. neil: they are in discussions now? >> i hear reports that they are in discussions, let's put it that way but we should be very clear about this, understanding hillary clinton's stick to it of this, as long as she is breathing she is a candidate and if something happens, i wish her the best in recovering from this incident but if something happens. >> obviously there are those in your party who are just sort of coming up with backup plans just in case. >> if i was donald trump's campaign i would be very careful getting distracted by whatever is happening with hillary clinton. they better put together their own ballgame to convince the voters why they should be given
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a chance to lead the country because frankly the election is still far enough away that people now are really willing to listen and look at trump but he shouldn't lose the opportunity to communicate to the american people what he would do if he were president. this is about more than hillary clinton. neil: dennis kucinich, former presidential candidate. all of this political fallout or health fallout, donald trump surging up bowls fallout, collapsing oil and stocks, what is happening here? scott martin and david scranton are with us. we were talking about how calm the markets were, september is already -- >> interestingly since you got back. they waited for you to come back, trading like they were earlier this year. there are five things that could be rocking this market.
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i think it is the fed. number one priority is the fed meeting next week. of the fed raises rates in a pretty slow economy, pretty tough credit market i don't know what is going to be sicker, the markets are hillary clinton. charles: the expectation until yesterday, not so fast, they might be. now a little less so. if that is the case and they don't. >> i will stick with my story from december when the fed raise rates last time i was on a panel at the stock exchange, i would not be surprised if she is unable to raise rates at all during 2016 and the biggest reason is the flat yield curve. despite mario draghi's comments i don't see a long-term yield going up that much. we have 5 months from the end of 2014 to the beginning of 15 between our own end of quantitative easing and beginning of europe's and it
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didn't spike during that time. the reason is global lack of demand. when you have lack of demand globally you simply cannot have spiking interest rates. charles: the yield curve, short interest rates and longer-term. and they have been kind of flat, signaling the flat economy. >> you made a good point. in the last couple weeks the yield curve has started to pick up quite a bit. look at today. it tells me something is going on in the sense the fed is in play. i think december is. >> one of the fed surprise you and hydrates? >> it would be incredible he dangerous to the market short-term, incredibly dangerous to hrc's plans for november. it would put voters at the polls thinking the economy is on thin ice, the fed made a mistake, donald trump's first order of business is to toss janet
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yellen. imagine if trump wins in november does she hike in december knowing she is on the hot seat? >> to you by the trump's prospect look better than they did you people who crunched the electoral the number state is an uphill crime but better than it was a week ago? >> i do. i think he hasn't put his foot in his mouth yet. he has better prospects than before in the last couple weeks he is honestly for the first time making an attempt to be more presidential. what that means for the financial market will depend on his first few months in office. we have to see. it is anybody else guess. he has the momentum. >> if you look at the markets as they have reacted to polls, trump is tightening the lead or bringing in a little bit of the narrow lead hillary has. the markets reacted a little bit severely to that. hasn't really liked what we have
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seen in the polls. >> they don't know what they are getting after all this time. thank you with all of this going on. we should also say in the middle of all this some good news for apple, getting word from t-mobile that some of the early ordering for this new iphone 7 has been off the charts, stronger than expected, apple doing just fine. next, clinton workers grilled on the hill. step back this. several were granted immunity even though their job was to take a hammer to the server and make things disappear. this is right out of the sopranos. i don't know how to describe the enormity of admitting that we were told to wipe that server clean, left to right, democrat or republican, just weird. that is my professional insights, just a little weird. there are two billion people
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>> you had full access to the server the whole time you were working for the clintons. >> yes, i had access to the server. >> and no security clearance. >> no security clearance. neil: that with an it guy access to hillary clinton's server with no security clearance, she is the secretary of state of the united states, he gets full exposure to her server which has a lot of important stuff on it, classified or not, turns out it was, he has no clearance to do it and he and some others clear or wipe clean on her orders to do so. it is odd, it is weird. representative mark meadows from
12:21 pm
north carolina doing the questioning and taking this in. that seems weird. >> it is not only weird, but it doesn't pass the smell test. when you look at it, you let someone without security clearance be in charge of secure documents, what we now know are secure documents but even more troubling than that is around the horn way of putting this together and explain it to the american people when we know emails have been disappeared. it has been done in such a way to make sure they could neve two standards, one for washington dc, 1 for main street, 1-size-fits-all when it comes to accountability. stuart: do you know for a fact that he was under -- it folks
12:22 pm
under orders, wipe this puppy clean or take away a huge chunk, now that it is at least eyebrow raising. if given that order. >> it should be. one of the witnesses today who took the fifth, we do know from fbi testimony he was aware of a preservation order when he embarked on wiping the server clean. he knew he was supposed to keep it and he went ahead with his orders. neil: why did he do that? was granted immunity so bulletproof right now but went ahead and ignore the preservation order which was don't touch, don't bleach anything and went ahead and presumably under other directives. >> we are piecing the puzzle together, but it was apparently him with clinton staffers,
12:23 pm
clinton attorneys who got together on a conference call and that you need to get rid of this but they believe they will never be held accountable and that is why this is so critical. the american people know that something was not right and yet people continue to get off free weather was him or lois lerner or john cosco and in, and time we held people accountable and when you start to piece this all together, the story is made up for a john grisham novel. neil: just had you wondering who on earth would follow in order like that and wipe things you know belong to the secretary of state? crazy. i have been out a long time. >> good to have you back. neil: i am just as confused. we are adding more details over
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neil: iran is talking tough threatening to shoot down spy planes. jeff babin is following this, secretary of defense under bush xli, why is he doing this and escalating? >> though wonderful to have you back. neil: of all the letters i received so many wonderful letters of support from so many people. they were foolish enough to recommend following doctor's orders, i am. thank you very much.
12:28 pm
>> the issue is they have an agenda, drive us out of the middle east, take over the region and go on from there. neil: do they think they will that we will leave the strait of hormuz? >> there is nothing to dissuade them. look what is going on this year. they shot off a missile near nuclear aircraft carrier, took sailors hostage for 24 hours, buzzed our boats, trying -- it is really pretty simple. our navy is good at this stuff. when they are trying to threaten our aircraft, send a couple fighters to cover them. the basic point is if you come within 5 miles we will target you and if you come within 1 mile we will shoot you down. these guys don't answer radio calls, and there is some point where you have to defend yourself and your people and that is what we need to do. neil: i know what you say about get us out of this. may be they have been emboldened
12:29 pm
by others in the region but they have to know that encountering war or battle with the united states they will come to 206, what do they want? >> they won't be stupid enough, maybe they are, to engage our people. if they do they will get their butts kicked very quickly. things happen fast. neil: taking our guys hostage. >> we never responded appropriately, far less responded in for so what they are doing is ratcheting it up constantly and encourage every single time we don't respond they are further encouraged, proving the point, weakness is provocative. we are provoking them by being so incredibly weak. neil: when we take it to a scarier level, as a military power start shooting planes down and escalating, how does that
12:30 pm
play out? >> it plays out badly if they are stupid enough to fire on one of our aircraft, you are going to have a lot of responses kicking of the terrorism going on around the region, kick it up in iraq, do what they can to kick it up here and those are the things we have to deal with but can't allow them to drive us out of the middle east. if you have a response from mister obama that says we will ratchet back are reconnaissance flights that is exactly wrong, that is another way proving we are weekend showing them they can get away with more. neil: the defense minister saying something to the point we are not getting close to us carriers, they say within 3 km, not 1 km, almost touching. >> we have videographic proof. we have tapes.
12:31 pm
neil: it looked pretty. >> it looked pretty close. when they are stopping about with a 100 yards of our guys and trying to have our guys forced to move around at some point you have to protect your people and that is what we can do but it will require is opening fire on you guys pretty fast. neil: great seeing you, thanks for your kindness. we are watching stocks, watching a big selloff and we are watching a selloff that some say has a lot to do with donald trump emerging as a potential winner in november. is that true? is that fair? is that right? the other side of the selloff on the only network on the planet you should be watching. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... tapped into dance as a kid... raised a child who never stood still... and opened a dance studio. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer.
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neil: fortunately you've missed them being, dropping to 20. anyway, the dow was down 245 points. a lot of it has to do with tumbling oil prices and growing concerns the economy could he dramatically slowing into next year. but then there is an added noise that dennis lockhart when it comes to rates raising sooner rather than later the atlanta fed president is about to his death down. the fallout from all of that with peter burns. what does this mean? reporter: dennis lockhart has been a centrist on the fed board on policy and most recently said that a rate increase at the policy meeting in september deserves serious consideration as he has put it, given the
12:36 pm
latest numbers on the economy. but this does look like it is a mandatory retirement on the part of dennis lockhart. under federal if he is appointed after the age of 55, he can only serve for 10 years and is appointed at age 60 almost 10 years ago and was almost 70 when he had to step down and is stepping down in february of 2017. the atlanta fed is now going to assemble a group of non-thank you members of its members of his board and it will conduct a search to replace lockhart and it has retained executive search for stuart to conduct a search. neil: when they do so, do they look like someone like-minded to come up with this supreme court justice, is it the same way there or someone of confidence? >> competence. dennis is one of the few real
12:37 pm
bankers and the fed system. he worked as citigroup in the 70s and 80s but they do look for bankers. they look at academics, economists and sometimes business people. neil: thank you, peter barnes. pingback a most deplorable comments comments. did you see this? >> for hillary clinton to express such disdain. one more reason that disqualifies her. anyone who has that low an opinion of the american people should never serve as president of the united states of america. neil: they are running with this. they are looking at the assessor met met romney 47% moment. but is it? >> it very well could be. this is one of the moments moments where she's handing down much of those feared neil: galvanizing his days. >> you see over the place people
12:38 pm
are proud to be deplorable spirit drinks you would any of them have voted for hillary anyway? >> probably not. you are meant to ring people long for your vision and not put people down. they basically said they. she thinks they are deplorable, disgusting, like it's worth being left behind and that will make her like a leader. there's all kinds of surveys, all kinds of polls. church or she is donald trump for calling people names. now she's guilty of the same thing. >> absolutely. neil: deplorable is pretty strong. the movie despicable name was sunny. instead of behalf that republicans made it out to be? >> this is one of those homers were a part of people have felt like she doesn't even like people that much.
12:39 pm
she's not a people person and she's not fighting for me. when your comment like that it crystallizes the person that she probably doesn't like most people. neil: i'm reading the reaction of the room. they believe her, but more there was a condescending snicker to a comma like an arrogance that i think will conduct to hurt more than anything else. >> at best she was seen as nobody does. at worst, it seems that you really have to stain from the date you really dislike 50 million americans. that's what we're talking about here. they're not all deplorable. they're kind of clueless. a>> which way we're being really condescending to a huge group of people. we've seen over last time 35% of voters have changed their mind with a really fluid election and
12:40 pm
it's shockingly had these decisions go between donald trump and hillary clinton or bernie sanders instead of flipping a donald trump or gary johnson. ideologically, everybody could not be more different. people don't have loyalty to these candidates. there's not a huge likability. it is very fluid. when you make this mistake, it is the thing that says i'm not sure she is for me. she doesn't like me. is she only for people like here? i think that's a big issue. neil: thank you very, very much. one thing is very clear. it's helped donald trump at the polls. we shall see. in the middle of this, what is going on with apple? it is soaring right now and the report added t-mobile that orders for the new iphone seven are off the charts. fair already beating iphone six.
12:41 pm
that is something very few people saw coming even assam sun phones are exploding, quite literally. stick around. to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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demand. it is down for 2016. take a look at the numbers down by 100,000 barrels a day in 2016 in may 200,000 barrels a day next year. that doesn't mean oil demand is growing. it continues to. however not growing as fast as it used to be. apparently one other headline from the iaea report saudi arabia overtaking the u.s. again that the world's top oil producer. the u.s. number two once again. on the cheap flooding the market. "cavuto: coast-to-coast" next. stay tuned. with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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12:45 pm our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. >> an update on the wells fargo scandal. wells fargo casa sandbagging, a procedure where they open unauthorized account and transferred money from customer accounts without permission from the customers. the bank paid $185 million settlement after a financial protection bureau of investigation from the bank can charge customers more than $2 million in fees on those bogus accounts. as part of the settlement, they neither admitted nor denied they did anything wrong. since 2011 it has fired 5300 employees for that very illegal activity. the employees did it to meet sales goals which the bank announced today it has
12:46 pm
eliminated. the bank ceo praised the wells fargo vacated in charge of the department at the center of the scandal. the executive was jerry toth said he was retiring. not being fired, but retiring at the end of the year. a statement in july calling toll said one of our most valuable wells fargo leaders. a standard error of our culture, a champion for our customers and a role model for responsible principled and inclusive leadership. tolstedt earned more than $125 million in stock and stock options are in her tenure at the bank at wells fargo has the ability to call back executive compensation at the bank chooses. i wells fargo spokesperson would not comment if that could happen to tolstedt. executives briefed members of congress today on the scandal in preparation for a senate banking committee hearing next tuesday. neil: thank you very much.
12:47 pm
apple is surprising everybody with a big search day when almost every other stock seems to be down. connell mcshane on what could be causing all of that. >> the pre-orders the good. it's interesting when, in comes out with a product. no headphone jack. that could never have been. i'll decide when people have to put their money where their mouth is they start doing it. the no headphone jack is no big deal. the t-mobile ceo said this is so good that it's four times bigger, the iphone seven and iphones fix was at the same stage for them. neil: are a lot of those folks who might've bought a galaxy note seven? >> it does help when your competitors, not to make light of it, but when your competitors found his literally blowing up. this would help apple? i've always found people who buy apple phones are apple devotees. neil: i wouldn't have thought it would have searched, especially
12:48 pm
when you know next year is the real big. >> on a personal level you do a big win for the anniversary so i will hold out until then. some people do like this thinner model. they want to get rid of their headphone jack. neil: so many capable blues that peer >> it's not that big of a deal when you think about the fact people have wireless headphones anyway. a few of sixth avenue with your beads. neil. not paying attention. neil: olive garden, all-you-can-eat pasta. >> as a matter of fact i do. this is some story. the passes for never-ending pasta at olive garden last year. you get 100 bucks and you can get seven weeks of unlimited pasta. it's not in effect isn't always
12:49 pm
the anchor chair. you get the lion part. a special table. soup salad, the whole thing. >> it's going to be gone right away. this is bigger than the iphone. this thursday at 2:00 p.m. they will go online on their website and they start giving out these passes. last time they had 2000 a matter of seconds they sold them all. neil: during that time you can eyeball the pasta you want. >> a good 21,000 passes for seven weeks. for seven weeks you can hobble the pasta you want and only pay $100 if you get one of these passes. train to go bankrupt me in a week. connell: the thread in the show when. good luck with that. neil: thank you very much for all your hard work.
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now we have the whole national anthem. though when high school kids and younger are doing it, it is getting a little maddy. -- nutty
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12:54 pm
kaepernick a little lack. >> 100%. first of all, welcome back and i'm glad your back healthy and everything. great to see you again. i look at kaepernick and see what he is doing. he's continuing the conversation. this is so important because a lot of times when things happen, we see them, we protest, go to social media for a couple hours or couple days and then ends. in the community, in the lives of so many american, this is huge. this is big. the effect that kaepernick is affecting other athletes in our culture in general and keeping the conversation going is the most important part of the topic. neil: the one thing i wonder about is why our kids. i can see other professional players, constitution, free to do it. but our kids, do they even know what this is about or are they
12:55 pm
just imitating for the sake of imitating? >> well, i think we need to pull back the curtains a little bit and recognize we are not talking about a racial issue at this point. we really are talking about an ideology issue. we're the can of socialist and the atheists and marxists. hard work and efforts. a young man making $11 million this year. under the last eight years of a black president, we have arrived. we are in a country with the greatest opportunity we can. at the end of the day, the democrats need to have vision, hatred for this election coming up. it's all about getting black voters out to vote for democrats. neil: you don't think it's right at him to be doing this in the mixed signals at once to her youth. >> i understand he has a right to do with these doing their same time i have the right to boycott him.
12:56 pm
the black race comes to the race i remember coming back growing up. christians, free enterprise. we can point to the greatness of our country instead of what they're trying to do right now. neil: what he think about that, george? >> we do live in the greatest country in the entire world. you read a book that's titled how to turn good men into minors, and winds. these cancers than enough for anything albeit they may not fully understand what they're doing and all of that. the fact we have kids willing to be bold and take his chance. so many years we have professional athletes at michael jordan, dear reader, who didn't take a stand initially. now you have guys willing to stand up. neil: a lot of these kids have no idea what they're sitting now. >> i would agree with that on some levels. but i've been to nine military
12:57 pm
bases around the world and i've spoken with people in our military. i've given my time, effort and money towards this. neil: it just seems off. the reason we don't.i' donald trump is in iowa. stick around. one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. who don't have access we thto basic banking,on people. but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank.
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one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. neil: we are at session lows with everybody. what is driving this today is kind of the reverse of yesterday when of course everyone was using that because it didn't look like the federal reserve so i'm going to raise rates. today oil is front and center. collapsing. normally that would be good news. the agency reporting weak demand and a lot of excess supply rate through 2017 and that is sending oil prices down in gas prices down as well. so many oil plays in our markets including the dow, s&p 500,
1:01 pm
fortunately energy. elsewhere, we are following donald trump in iowa. we've got president obama and planning a little campaign of his own in philadelphia. bill clinton only a couple of fundraisers for his recovery life. and to all of this, we had the overall for intelligence report, trish weekend. my did i combat? >> last week. neil: do in every hour and then people were saying the bathrooms were a mess. >> i was pretty busy. it is so good to see you. neil: i love your advice peter data have been through this thing. >> just about two weeks before the end about you, my father had gone through something very similar i'm exactly the same thing in fact.
1:02 pm
i had done a lot of research about it. when i heard about you, my heart just sank because it is really a tough thing. i know first hand i know firsthand it's a very tough thing to go through. neil: i like what you said about drinking heavily. that wasn't you. what is going on in all areas missed today with these markets? when i was watching it during august, they were called. nothing was going on. what is happening now? did they discover volatility again? speenine people are coming back from vacation. the fed is back on the list as well. people were thinking the fed might move and not causing trepidation in the market. maybe they won't move. we've got a big thing coming up in november. there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding that. and the policy is for the
1:03 pm
result. they don't like uncertainty. that either candidate people like this study out at oxford economics saying the u.s. economy would lose $1 trillion. neil: how did they know that. >> they say they're independent. neil: $1 trillion smaller than otherwise six acted. they do the same for hillary clinton. >> they are solving perhaps they are. i think a lot of the policies he spoke forward our policies that any econ 101 professor would tell you being that will help in the way of lower taxes. they hate them. >> this stuff, the fear of the slowdown and then you have hillary clinton in this whole illness thing that might be worse. companies like citigroup, and say, you know, term could win.
1:04 pm
>> trump could win. absolutely. this is interesting. during the month of august we had a number of publications. mainstream media publications and it's over. the race is done. i kept saying things about 1988 and dukakis was destined for the white house. then all of a sudden a change. neil: ronald reagan at this point was down. >> people want to think it's over. i think there's certain prejudice against him. neil: why is it a field that he is just a crazy stuff and they know what to expect. >> people say with hillary will get a continuation of what we had, wedding of that bag did the fed continuing to keep it open so we'll have these low rates move a quarter of a point along the way. we'll have this low rate environment and what kind of the status quo. donald trump comes in.
1:05 pm
everything could change for a drastic better. it could be tremendous. he could go down as the best president ever. but then there are those that also fear it could change for the worse. neil: i think they are surprised. it laid "the wall street journal" editorial page used with the john lovett "saturday night live." and yet they are. she's got a powerful surrogate in barack obama in her house then. but it not helping her. >> no, it is not helping her because she is not a natural or gifted politician or communicator. she is getting caught in their own problems along the way. why not say until this weekend come and not feeling well. i was diagnosed with pneumonia. why go through all of that? his feedback.
1:06 pm
if she were spiritually get out in front of that and say my health records that john mccain did that. megan mccain said my dad was dealing with all of this. neil: they couldn't take anything outcome of the data chance to read it and convey and said he's okay. >> maybe that's what she's got it dude. she will come forward with more health information. this race is being away from her. it was hers to when and if she doesn't, it no ones fault but her own. donald trump is running a good campaign right now and she's clearly not. neil: it's not that she's winning. it is wonderful to have you back. we will be seeing her in about 54 minutes. thanks for everything. and i do mean everything. in the meantime, donald trump is unveiling a childcare plan.
1:07 pm
blackburn has the details on that. reporter: he's the only one on the campaign trail. a live look at clive, iowa. hillary clinton's deplorable comment in that state. tonight as he mentioned he will be in pennsylvania and that is when the focus will turn to his childcare affordability plan in which his daughter would have the forefront of the plan. just released this morning there are four main proposals. i will walk through them real quick. first, they want to allow working parent to deduct childcare expenses from their income taxes for up to four children along with elderly dependents. the cap for individuals to be those earning up to 250,000 to 500,000. not the wealthiest americans. it will include childcare spending. they want to create a dependent care savings account like the hsa in the medical side. attack deductible contribution in the government would match
1:08 pm
the first half trump said of the first thousand dollars. third they want to add incentives for employers to provide childcare at the work place and the fourth is one in which trump is crossing the out in which he will guarantee six weeks of paid maternity leave are those where it is not an option. trump gives that speech later this evening. watch it here in the fox isn't a part. i am told that lou dobbs and kennedy will have national coverage tonight at 7:00 and 9:00. big speech later tonight. neil: closely scrutinized to thank you, my friend, blake burman. there is a separate report out from the folks at citibank, citigroup, whatever you want to say. donald trump could win. what's going on with hillary clinton shows her probability has dropped. his has risen, even though they still give a 35% chance. it is a one and done event. you have a one out of three shot of seeing this guy six e. statistically they are right
1:09 pm
with that, but they spend far too much time examining that. and fretting about one thing that maybe and think that maybe isn't a big fry. the uncertainty that they don't like and weigh in the market. that is the excuse for the time being. i don't buy at conveying what others are saying. former guys there art laffer with me on that. there was trepidation. maybe not to the same degree here, but there was a new case, a new approach to things, big tax cuts that many thought would be too big. that worked out okay. would he make of the latest? >> is a great deal of similarity between donald trump and ronald reagan. if you look at both of them, a lot of personal differences. they are both from the outside, both got very little support in both of them are moving in. if i were to look at that report, i would say the probability of trump when it is far, far higher than 35%.
1:10 pm
if you look at republican turnout, 2008 versus 2016, 60 plus% democratic turnout down 22%. look at what is happening in state and local governments. 2009, 28 democratic governors, 22 republicans. today it is only 18, one independent. if you look at the economy, i will go with james carville. the economy has never been worse. i don't see how hillary can possibly lack. in terms of the type of growth at all. the administration has come back and argue jobs are back. not to the degree they were. we thought the market was tripling under this president's stewardship. they come back to say, you know, we are not exactly off to the races, or we are further than on the mac. republicans otherwise at best ignorant. what do you say? >> i don't think it's ignorant.
1:11 pm
what you have to do when reagan came in if you look at the reagan recovery versus the obama recovery, we had 11.5 million more jobs today. if it had been replaced by a chilly in my gdp, those are the correct ways of looking at it that we've been bouncing along the bottom. we are bouncing along the bottom and there's no sign out there that is going to have groove. they could see her interest rates for eight, nine years. neil: they will keep it at least another month. the market is doing the fed bidding. >> i don't think it's a good thing at all. yesterday how soon they will raise rates, the market went way up. this is something that is really bad economic policy, neil. frankly, the fed should get out of the business of controlling that. just let the interest rate secure a muslim at level about the housing market come back again.
1:12 pm
i don't think they will do that. they'll play politics to the very end which is a tragedy. neil: good seeing you my friend. >> could have you back your you back it sorry wasn't there on the day of your return. i was in turkey. i was wishing you well all over istanbul. neil: doer in turkey or eating turkey? >> i was in turkey. neil: art laffer. oil prices lower. so many oil components when it flies away, so too did the markets. jeff flock at the cme with clinton. what is going on? >> clearly, fear of donald trump has torpedoed the oil model. >> exactly. not trump gets elected, are we drilling everywhere? we will be drilling in your backyard. i don't think that has anything to do with it. it's the international agency report blubbering demand exit
1:13 pm
patients. the energy agency when it comes to demand forecast is about as accurate as the federal reserve's. >> people think is demand going down? demand is not forecast to go down. >> it's not going to grow as fast as originally thought. after the exit, the international agency was out. the recent demand numbers from china, the imported the most oil they have all year and their economic data was a lot bigger than you. the other headline for me is that the u.s. for the first time april of 2014 lost the battle for number one. >> denies well declare we won the price were. it's over, they won. that's why they've increase production. >> i don't know if it's going to affect gas prices any more than a dirty hat.
1:14 pm
neil: you two are like dean martin and jerry lewis. >> can i be the italian guy who can sing? >> no. you have to get back to flint. later on. that is something to hold onto. don't rush it, buddy. look at stocks are down about 262 points. interest rates are backing up a little bit as well here. the yield curve steep things a lot. say about what that means and how that plays out after this.
1:15 pm
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1:18 pm
hillary clinton and he will seize on that to see what it says about her sentiment and democrats have invented people like donald trump. something reince priubus was talking to me about yesterday. >> obviously you can't write a lengthy millions of people who have had it with government. this is the same party in the same% that tries to make the claim that therefore all of this openness and all of this tolerance except for when it comes to apparently half of the country that may not agree with them. neil: commentator from the bush 41 campaign advisor, mark serrano. i ended with you and i heard it explained in a sort on this. it is not so much trump gaining as hillary boosting, hillary stumbling. do you agree with that? >> not at all.
1:19 pm
what, this is a moment that republicans have been looking for. this is a moment that reince priebus and the republican party is rightfully trying to drive home. they've taken the responsibility for any of the hateful or bigoted remarks at donald trump with key supporters have made. voters can see. >> she was the one who clarified herself and apologize such you should have been so general. she was right to do that. >> this is very calculated. this was planned, scripted and focus group tested. this was intentional.
1:20 pm
on august 1st -- on august 1st they were very smug, overconfident. september 1st, not the much feared now they're in a panic. they will overreach and take steps like this -- typical liberal elites, they're going to put the media and democrats, what are they doing? the republicans disapprove as opposed to asking hillary clinton what it should prove your point. who were you talking about? if it's half, how many is that? >> you have to look at the audience in the context in which a saturday. it was to an audience and i'm sure she knew that was a friendly vibe and she wasn't going to be attacked for it. this is coming off of you being criticized. romney thought he was off the record. she was fully on the record and meant to be.
1:21 pm
neil: i think this was intentional. the problem is it isn't that jazz. you remind me and others have reminded me things can always change. they change a lot already. this was a strategy. you think it worked? >> who else is not jazz about this right now has got to be mike pence because he is having to dodge questions about whether or not the founder and architects have one of those prolific hate groups in america. >> despised as human being. >> the question to him is the support. he's a white supremacist. we have a bit of a problem. politicians always start around this hyperbole is. it's about the fact that hillary
1:22 pm
didn't talk about the issues affecting americans. she called donald trump the name. you can not name call the issues. neil: all of a sudden they did the same thing. by going back and forth on this whole illness thing, whatever is wrong, they took the tax thing off the table, which is something going in their favor for donald trump. so they botched on a couple of key issues it would seem politically. >> the nonpolitician is showing more sophisticated here. he calls hillary clinton were. endline, but i think i'll supporters that. he doesn't offend supporters. she was talking about supporters solely so she can get numbers that he or she is pulling miserably with white males, less educated white. whether she have to do to make up for that?
1:23 pm
she needs a good turnout for minorities and and she was speaking to the other night. and get the turnout. >> and from independents. neil: that is the problem for her right now. that could change, but she is leading them off. >> no, well, i don't think any of the polls we're seeing right now. hillary clinton has a strong standing in several key states. neil: with independent she is dropping. >> 20-point.but the latest polling. >> state-by-state, hillary clinton is in a strong position in the states that matter with women voters. women voters do not take into donald trump. neil: her latest in the battleground states. anything could change. thank you area, very much. it is no official has released its ios 10 update.
1:24 pm
a fancy new way for you to get dramatic. what are the little animation they do? >> you know. >> i think it is that you actually appeared in his pants on. apple stock is up. so much happening. anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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. .
1:27 pm
neil: all right. despite passing overwhelmingly in the house and the senate, a measure that would allow families and relatives who died on 9/11 to sue countries like saudi arabia that measure is expected to be vetoed by the president of the united states. our next guest is confident that given those overwhelming numbers on legislative side that veto will probably be easily overridden. his name is ron desantis, republican from the fine state of florida.
1:28 pm
good to have you you back, sir. >> thank you, neil. good to have you back. neil: thank you. the numbers look good for override if it comes to that. the president wants to avoid that. can he? >> i don't think so. especially 15 years after september 11th and all members of house and senate have been requesting like other americans on the dreadful day, we resolved to see justice, we have militarily, we changed policies, those families have never been able to seek justice against any countries that may have been involved in helping facilitate that. i was a big supporter of releasing the 28 pages from the 9/11 report. here's the thing. all the bill says they can go in to make their case. we're not saying saudi arabia was or was not. that is for them to prove in a court of law. i think when you're talking about sponsoring terrorism as a country this is important mechanic measure that will give the victims a chance to seek justice.
1:29 pm
neil: congressman, the president says it is all well and good to be angry enough to do just that but a lot of american lives would be in jeopardy to say nothing about american interests being dragged into court all over the world and worse. what do you say? >> the problem is, if you read the bill, it is very narrowly tailored to focus on instances in which you're sponsoring acts of terrorism on american soil. so, i am not aware of our country sponsoring acts of terrorism. and so -- neil: here is where lawyers become involved. i don't know if you're a lawyer, sir, i'm not. one of the things that came up, terrorism is in the eye of the beholder. those in another country could see a u.s. air strike campaign against hotbeds of let's say isis recruits and interpret that as terrorism and drag this out in courts as well if not again, worse. what do you say? >> the problem with that is, if a government, say a saudi arabia were to take action against an american ship in the persian gulf, we're both sovereigns.
1:30 pm
this doctrine of sovereign immunity you deal with it through the diplomatic process, the political process makes sense but when you're talking about non-state actors that are committing acts of terrorism the same thing doesn't apply. so whatever anyone thinks in europe or other countries think about american military action, no one can deny that is state actions. that is not giving aid and comfort to a stateless entity for the purpose of attacking civilians. so i think it is narrowly tailored. i think a lot of that is more smoke and mirrors. i think this is a food bill. neil: is it your bet this will come down to override of presidential veto? >> oh, i think so. i think it would be very difficult to see him being able to hold 1/3 plus one in either house of congress on this one. neil: numbers i heard from others saying just that. congressman, thank you very much. good seeing you again. >> thanks for having me. neil: stocks continue free fall and not as early as they were earlier.
1:31 pm
we have that and more waiting to hear from the president of the united states. a lot of folks are focused on a quiet federal reserve, a week away from deciding the course of federal interest rates and maybe a hike that doesn't look so certain anymore. after this. t cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. always has to be who sat your desk? phone now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is.
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1:35 pm
ryan lochte, this is it. [shouting] neil: ryan is okay. everything is all right. could have been dangerous. but no, america, relax. everything is okay. right. we've got a huge selloff going on. 224 points. markets right now continue to be underwater. [laughter]. that is about the extent of it. and this election, is this biggest threat to these markets and the economy? so to a lot of folks are weighing in, this is their biggest concern right now. what does that mean? what does that say? we have bank rate financial analyst joining us on that. what do you make, greg, about this, when people are saying,
1:36 pm
hey, this is a wildcard, this is a worry? this is something that is scaring the you know what out of us? that is two out of three people? >> yeah it is. it is overwhelming, neil. there is a lot of uncertainty, right? people don't know what is going to change or if it does, by how much and those are questions that the consumer, the small business owner, the corporate executive, doesn't definitely know the answer to today. they don't know when they will. they may not even know the answers to those things november the 9th, after the election day. that type of uncertainty that is where the risk to the economy comes in. because when people are anxious, they don't spend. business investment that has been so weak, for so long, it is not going to pick up as long as there is cloud of ununcertainty hanging over it. neil: hearing this in survey and what citigroup and bank of america were publishing today in their statements to shareholders an investors, they all agree on this much. uncertainty of the election, how
1:37 pm
it is weighing on folks. not talking about whether you're democrat or republican. the uncertainty is pronounced here it's a big worry. i didn't realize until this survey came out, greg, so too individuals, right? >> yeah, absolutely. you know the thing is, when you think about things that, you know, might normally be considered risks to the economy, rise in interest rates, sharp drop in the stock market. maybe weakness we've seen in overseas economies, those were single digits in terms of where they registered on the worries. 61% of the americans pointed to the election, and that is five times as many votes as what we saw for the second highest which was terrorism, that ever-present concern we live with right now which is just 12%. neil: all right. let's bring in danielle demarch tino booth. david kudlow, join us as well.
1:38 pm
danielle, i know about the uncertainty stuff. along comes oxford university with a report today that pretty much rips donald trump and his economic policies. that they are going to cause a trillion dollars hit to the u.s. economy. they don't do the same with hillary clinton. i found that a little odd. they just don't like him. when they get reports like that, people get reports like that, based on i don't know what, that puts more fear into people, doesn't it? >> it does but i think there is a little bit of scaremongering going on here, neil. to go back what greg was talking about before, i was speaking to a audience of small business owners this afternoon, frankly what they're frightened of, more of the same. they don't feel like they can do business in this country. they feel like last eight years shackled them. i wouldn't be so sure a lot of fears are coming from prospect of a clinton victory because how it implies it will be more of the same going forward. think about the "brexit" and all studies that came out before the
1:39 pm
british people did speak for themselves. there were plenty of these oxford type studies that came out trying to scare the public. don't buy it. neil: david, help me with it. we have a big change in sentiment over the last few days whether the federal reserve raises interest rates this month. increasingly that looks unlikely. i don't know your stand on this. that is how much sentiment can change mightily based on fed governor, fed district statement in a given time, given city or given speech. that is weird, isn't it? >> if you go back to what greg said, and i understand people's reaction to the election and maybe their concern about their personal economy, if they work in the coal industry, health care industry, will their job go overseas, will it come back. when we look at the overall economy i think last couple days in the market told us, the market being a discounter or predicter of future economic activity how fragile the market
1:40 pm
and the economy are relative to federal reserve monetary policy. thanks came out relative to the election, but what moved friday or monday and what a fed president said and fed governor said in their speeches. neil: we focus on the campaign as well. you can't ask for a more powerful surrogate for hillary clinton than president barack obama. her husband, bill clinton campaigning on her behalf in california or attending some fund-raising function. are these guys enough to turn around what is drop in the polls over last week or so? that they can help stablize things, or is the question mark over her health and other comments going to come back to zoom her? >> i'm not sure the public necessarily buys into the president's sincerity when it comes to backing the clinton campaign. i certainly don't. i'm speaking for myself. it really is questionable because you don't try to lead from behind.
1:41 pm
you don't try to defeat the public and come out to make announcements such as major health issues after the fact unless again you're trying to deceive the public. i don't know that she can necessarily turn that image around at this point. i don't. neil: all right. guys, i do want to go into this, dip in for a little while, with the president united states highest approval rate he is enjoying since he came into office. 58% in one poll. that is a powerful surrogate for one hillary clinton. let's listen in for a bit. [cheering] >> it is good, it is good to be back on the campaign trail. [cheering] now, i understand, i am not, i know i'm not the first person from the white house to come to philly this week. some of you may have seen joe biden at the eagles game. [cheering] he told me, barack, you have to get on the wentz wag gone.
1:42 pm
we have a new quarterback. we have hope in philly. i had to explain, joe, i am a bears fan. [booing] [shouting] and we play philly next monday night! so i got to stick with my team but i am going to go to philly to scout out what all the fuss is about. i, i also am here because you have got some of the best public servants in america. they work their heart out every day for you. [cheering] you got the favorite son in addition to joe biden, senator bob casey, one of the best senators in the country. [cheering] your outstanding governor, tom wolf, is here. your wonderful mayor, jim kenny is here. [cheering] one of your outstanding members of the house of representatives, bob brady is in the house. [cheering]
1:43 pm
your candidate for the united states senate, this is a special woman, she is going to do a great job, katie mcgtty is here. [cheering] and your candidate for attorney general, an old friend of mine, somebody who was with me early, early, early, on, josh shapiro. give josh a big round of applause. [cheering] now, i love you too. but i got to -- [cheering] but we have got some business to do here. we've got some business to do. this will be, this is going to be one of the last times i visit philly as president. and so, my first order of business is to say thank you. for all the support you've given me all these years. [cheers and applause] and i've got, i've got incredible memories here in
1:44 pm
philly, most recently at the democratic national convention. [cheering] and i could not be prouder of the leader that we have nominated to take my place. even though i have run my last campaign, i am going to work as hard as i can this fall to elect hillary clinton as our next president of the united states of america. [cheering] >> hillary. hillary. >> hillary. >> hillary! >> now, in election season you will often hear crazy stuff but i have got to say we've been hearing a little more crazy than usual.
1:45 pm
having said that, after almost two terms as your president, i am here to tell you i am more more optimistic about our future than i have ever been. because i've seen an america that for all the challenges, for all the noise of the politics still has the capacity to come together to do great things. you think about it. we fought your way back from the worst recession in 80 years. we turned around a declining economy. we helped our auto industry set new records. our businesses created 15 million new jobs. slashed dependence on foreign oil. doubled clean energy. made marriage equality reality in all 50 states. [cheers and applause] we brought more of our troops home to their families. we delivered justice to
1:46 pm
osama bin laden. through diplomacy rather than war we shut down iran's nuclear program. opened up a new chapter with the people of cuba. brought nearly 200 nations together around a climate agreement that could save the planet for our kids and grandkids. that's what we've done. by so many measures america is more strong err and prosperous than when we started out on this journey together. in fact some of you may have saw there was a new report out just today showing that last year across every age, every race, in america incomes rose and the poverty rate fell. [cheering] in fact, in fact the typical household income of americans
1:47 pm
rose by $2800. that is the single biggest one-year increase on record. [cheering] we lifted 3.5 million people out of poverty. that is the largest one-year drop in poverty since 1968. [applause] the uninsured rate is the lowest they have been since they kept records. the pay gap between men and women shrank to the lowest level ever. [cheering] let's face it, republicans don't like to hear good news right now but it is important to understand this is a big deal. more americans are working. more have health insurance.
1:48 pm
incomes are rising. poverty is falling and gas is two dollars a gallon. [cheering] thank you for reminding me. thanks, obama. [cheers and applause] so the steps we have been taking over these years, they are paying off. we have shown progress is possible. of course none of this was easy. we knew all along change wasn't going to be quick. we wouldn't meet all the challenges in one term or even one presidency. we're here today because we know we have got more work to do for every worker that still needs a good job. for every worker that still needs a raise or decent retirement. for every child who still needs a world class education as a
1:49 pm
ladder out of poverty. for every family who hasn't yet felt progress the past eight years. we have more work to do. we know that. and the choice that you make that you make, just eight weeks from today, will determine the direction of this country for a long time. and i have already said this. this is not a choice. this is not the choice between policies and left and right. this is more fundamental. this is a fundamental choice who we are as a people. this is a choice about the very meaning of america. >> yeah! [cheering] you know, democrats and republicans we always had our differences. there is nothing wrong with that. that is how the country moves forward, right? we have debates, different ideas, compete. we see what is going to make us work.
1:50 pm
but what we've seen from the other side in this election, this isn't abraham lincoln's republican party. this isn't even division of he freedom that ronald reagan talked about. this is a dark, pessimistic vision. of a country where we turn against each other. where we turn away from the rest of the world. they're not offering serious solutions. they're just fanning resentment and blame, and anger and hate. and that is not the america we know. that is not the america i know. [cheering] the america i know is full of courage and optimism and generosity and ingenuity and innovation. [cheering] yes, we have got real concerns. we worry about paying the bills. we worry about protecting our kids.
1:51 pm
we worry about caring for a sick parent. lord knows we get frustrated by washington and all the gridlock. we worry about racial division. there are pockets of america that never fully recovered from the factories closing down. there are parents who are worrying whether their kids will have the same opportunities they have. but, look, i have traveled in every state. and i have seen more than anything all that is good and right about america. i see people working hard. [cheering] i see folks starting businesses. i see teachers just, digging in their own pockets to buy school materials and teaching kids, just because they love kids. i see men and women in uniform serving their country, making incredible sacrifices. i see engineers inventing new stuff and considers coming up with new cures. most of all, i see this younger
1:52 pm
generation, that is so full of energy and ideas. [cheering] and they are not going to be held back by the old ideas. imagine what can be, instead of just what is. i see americans of every party and every background and every faith who ultimately believe we're stronger together. all of us, young, old, men, women, black, white, latino, asian, native-american, folks with disabilities. all pledging allegiance to the same proud flag. that is the america i know. that is the america you know and believe in. [cheering] and there is just one candidate in this race who devoted her life to building that america. [cheering] a mother and a grandmother, who would do anything to help our children do better. a leader who has got real plans
1:53 pm
to break down barriers and blast through gas ceilings, providing opportunity for every single american, the next president of the united states of america, hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] >> hillary. hillary! >> hillary. >> hillary! >> now, look, can i just say, i am really into electing hillary clinton. [cheering] like i, this is not me going through the motions here. i really, really, really want to elect hillary clinton. [cheering] and, sometimes, sometimes folks, you know, they're kind of surprised by that because they remember, man, you guys had a
1:54 pm
tough fight eight years ago. and it was tough because hillary's tough. every time, i thought i had that race won, i was like, going up the rocky steps. i was about to celebrate and i look and she's right there. [laughter] and i got whooped here in pennsylvania. she whooped me. now you did make it up to me no november when i won but, i had seen what she could accomplish. i had seen how smart and savvy and tough she was. so i asked her, i said, join my team. she wasn't sure bit at first. but she ultimately knew that what was at stake was bigger than either of us. that's the kind of patriot she is. an so for four years i had a front row seat. i watched her intelligence, judgment, discipline, saw her in
1:55 pm
the situation room where she argued for the mission against bin laden. i watched her pursue diplomacy to open up new partnerships, to help promote democracy, help reduce the nuclear threat, she worked hard tirelessly flying around the world again and again. i don't know how many times she lapped world. she didn't forget -- neil: fair and balanced. trying to juggle everything here president talking about hillary clinton and supporting her. donald trump laying out reasons why you economically would support him. donald trump. >> we'll unleash american energy. we'll put those jobs back like you've not seen in your lifetimes, you have not seen before. by contrast, hillary clinton is running a policy-free campaign. she offers no ideas, no solutions and only hatred and derision.
1:56 pm
it is true. you saw that. i'm running to be a president for all americans, democrat, republican, independent, everyone. whether you vote for me, right? [applause] whether you vote for me or whether you vote for someone else, i will be still your greatest champion, right? [cheering] our support comes from every part of america and from every walk of life. we have the support of cops and soldiers and carpenters and welders and accountants and lawyers, the young and the old and millions of working class families all over this nation. we cover everybody. this is a movement like nobody's ever seen before, really is. it's a movement. they're considering it a great phenomena. i consider it a great phenomena
1:57 pm
if we win on november 8th. that is what i consider. >> usa. usa! >> well my opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hard-working american patriots, who love your country and want a better future for all of our people. [cheering] her comments -- [applause] displayed the same sense of arrogance and entitlement that led her to violate federal laws as secretary of state, hide and delete her emails. think, 33,000 emails. and that is just one batch. it's a lot of wedding talk. it is a lot of wedding talk. with classified information in the reach of our enemies, lied to congress and to sell government favors and access through the clinton foundation. it thinks attitude of arrogance that explains why hillary clinton made 13 phones disappear, including with a hammer.
1:58 pm
so the fbi couldn't see them and why she bleached her emails after a congressional subpoena. thats after the subpoena came. this isn't before. that's after the subpoena came. now the people who destroyed the emails are all pleading the fifth amendment in front of congress today. have you seen, have you seen what's going on in front of congress? fifth amendment, fifth amendment, fifth amendment. horrible. horrible. and will anything happen? that is going to be the question. we'll find out. anyone watching today's hearing in congress knows that hillary clinton's actions are far more corrupt than we ever imagined. it happened today. this is far bigger and a far bigger scandal than watergate ever was. but with watergate we had justice, we had a justice
1:59 pm
department that went after the people. here is something that just, nobody has ever seen anything like this, folks. what we're witnessing is a first. we have never, ever seen anything like this. this is a scandal that threatens national security, and that involves a multimillion-dollar pay for play scheme between the secretary of state and her foundation. whether it is her emails, her disasters in iraq, libya and syria or her failures on the economy of which it's been disasterous, hillary clinton, lacks the judgment, temperment and -- neil: we're been monitoring both of these events. we're likely to tick off somebody depending on your point of view. we're trying to be fair. hearing president speaking highly of hillary clinton saying under the weather but ready for the task. donald trump saying her comments on the deplorables and everything else is not in keeping with presidential behavior. so you have the luminaries of each party.
2:00 pm
of course barack obama, the surrogate that hopes to be for hillary clinton, to lift her chances. donald trump saying he has got momentum and an economic plan to do just that. trish regan, obviously this comes at a time when the poll numbers have narrowed in battleground states as well. the battle i think is on, to put it mildly. trish: it's on. it is definitely on. thank you, neil. happening right now, donald trump speaking at that rally owa just as the president is out there campaigning, stumping for hillary clinton. it is all coming as we look at right now, pretty big market selloff. we're off 263 right now. this comes on the heels of a positive day yesterday. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. markets have been selling off in part because of oil. oil is moving lower, considerably lower. show you what oil is doing in part because of concern for supply. glut of supply driving prices down. we'll show you oil in just


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