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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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19-year-old is suing chipotle demanding free food as part of her settlement. the chain agreed to pay her undisclosed amount of money. if you ever had a food-borne stomach problem, you don't want the same thing ever, do you? >> no, but she wants coupons. that does it for us. here's "risk & reward." >> we will focus on making sure to track down her doctor, making sure she had the quickest access to medical attention, and honestly just getting her feeling better. >> in the 90 minutes we were putting a priority on make sure she was okay. deirdre: hillary clinton's campaign explaining why there was a delay in revealing the democrat nominees real diagnosis. new answer, concentrate on getting her emergency care, this is "risk & reward," i'm elizabeth mcdonald in for deirdre bolton. they rushed to mobilize emergency care but hillary said she was okay.
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>> my daughter list of nearby, so i went over to her apartment and, you know, spent time with her and my grandchildren, which, you know, the best medicine for anything in my life. >> confusing, right? we've got a fox business analysis that shows four hospitals were closer than her daughter chelsea's apartment. one was five blocks away from the 9/11 memorial where mrs. clinton collapsed. this on the heels of a new report from the new york post that the clinton team may have avoided those hospitals on purpose to conceal details of her medical treatment. trump national spokesman katrina pierson joins me now. glad to have you, katrina. what do you think of the new information coming out of the hillary clinton campaign? >> well, i mean, if the emergency was as bad as they thought it was initially, surely there was an ambulance on-site, this is a memorial service. it's unfortunate. we want hillary clinton to get
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better and get on the campaign trail so mr. trump can continue to contrast his message with hers and looking forward to seeing her at debate. >> katrina, who at the trump campaign is responsible for the tone of being subtle and being understated and about hillary clinton's distress here? >> well, i mean, this is everyone, you know, there's been a lot of criticism since mr. trump has been saying from the beginning last year when he first entered the race he felt like mrs. clinton didn't have the strength or stamina to be commander in chief. this cord a world stage being at the memorial. >> what i meant to say is -- sorry, katrina, were you in on the negotiations with mr. trump to say you know what? let's dial back, she collapsed. treat this with care, were you in on the talks to mr. trump to approach it this way? >> no, i wasn't in on the talk. this was pretty obvious, you know, it was definitely very scary.
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if you saw the video, you would be very, very disturbed by what you've seen, and i think everyone has a mom, has a grandmother, really felt this was something that the campaign shouldn't even touch. this is something hillary clinton is going to have to explain to the public. her campaign is continuing to try to explain what happened though the story changes, but this was something that was scary for many people to see if you saw the video. >> it's disturbing, you are right about that. you have been around secret service, a campaign operative may have overruled the secret service saying you know what? don't go to a hospital, don't go to emergency room, go to chelsea clinton's apartment instead. have you ever heard a campaign official overriding the secret service? have you heard of that? >> i've never heard of that but i can't speak for what's happening on inside the clinton campaign, but i do know that hillary clinton has already come out and said that they take responsibility for the way
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that this has happened and they've exercised poor judgment so yet again this is hillary clinton stating she herself has exercised poor judgment. this is something the clinton campaign has to answer. >> you know, katrina, i appreciate you being direct and forthright in your answers, it's refreshing. sometimes when you interview people, you don't get a direct answer, i appreciate that. i think the viewers would, too. we had clinton's press secretary apologizing for not notifying the press earlier. i want you to take a listen to the sound on tape that we have and we'll get your reaction. >> i think that in retrospect we could have handled it better in terms of providing more information more quickly. i should say as soon as she got into the vehicle, she was alert and telling staff she was fine. i think in the 90 minutes that elapsed, we could have gotten more information out more quickly. that's on the staff. on us. we regret that.
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[inaudible] >> no, andrea, i don't think so. >> katrina, you see the theme, now it's the campaign's fault, it's the press secretary's fault, it's the clinton aide's fault. i would think hillary clinton would be calling on the shots whether or not she goes to the hospital or her daughter's apartment, right? >> i would hope so, but again, i don't know the inner workings of the clinton campaign or how they had the protocol set up. i can say it was scary to see and i would hope she would have gone to an emergency room, but if she gave her campaign the directive, they're the ones that have to explain that, and the trump campaign is looking forward to her getting better. we want her out there so we can contrast the differences between what a trump administration would look like versus the status quo and the continuation of obama administration, you know, the debates are coming up and i think everyone gets to decide who best suits their needs moving forward. >> let's get to the next segment on here. hillary clinton is basically
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trying to tampdown the health controversy, opting to keep it a secret, watch? >> well, i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. >> critics pointing out this is not the first time mrs. clinton made light of a controversy. >> those messages disappear all by themselves. >> did you wipe the server? >> what? with a cloth or something? >> jimmy, my e-mails are so boring. >> mine aren't. >> i'm embarrassed about that. >> blaming the cough on being allergic to trump. katrina, do you see this as a recurring theme for mr. trump's opponent? >> it is a recurring theme and bernie sanders said she lacked the judgment that was sufficient to be commander in chief, and mr. trump has been saying that as well. you know, this is something that she should have been up-front with to the public simply because the diagnosis apparently came that friday. so there really was no reason to have all the secrecy around,
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this but again, this is very clintonesque, and her campaign has to answer for that. >> when you are on the campaign trail, do you feel the voters are telling you the excuses are getting old? >> yeah, the voters are tired of a lot of things that hillary clinton has mismanaged as far as her judgment goes from back before her time as secretary of state, but as she was secretary of state, we have, those who lost their lives in benghazi, we have potential national security secrets that have been released. we've seen she's avoided state department protocol with how to purchase and made destruction of her blackberries, these are things voters are taking into consideration. i hear about the negatives and how mr. trump and hillary clinton have high negatives, but i'd like to.point out those are very different reasons and once we get forward and moving to the debates, they're going to see the policies on display and mr. trump is going to be a
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leader, he's going to win and make america great again. >> thank you, katrina pierson. trump national spokesperson. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. hillary clinton is in day two of self-imposed quarantine as she recovers at her home in chappaqua as a former dnc chair says hillary's successor must be found right now. now is the time for all good political leaders to come to the aid of their party. something you would be a fool not to prepare for. but political comment aert cokie roberts saying democrats may already be eyeing a presidential replacement for hillary clinton. >> it has them very nervously beginning to whisper about having her step aside and finding another candidate. it's unlikely to be a real thing, and i'm sure it's an overreaction of an already skiddish party. the candidate that everybody looks at is joe biden. >> okay, we got to go breaking
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news, charlie gasparino up in the newsroom. what do you got? >> from what we understand, the bayer-monsanto deal is progressing, where the deal, according to bankers are telling the fox business network, could be done tonight. from what we understand a deal where a price tag would be close to $130 a share. we should point out the deal is not finalized, liz, but what we're hearing from bankers that this thing is basically going -- moving towards a conclusion and that the announcement will be made tonight. we should point out if they announce the deal, it's not finalized yet. they do announce the deal, this is going to face severe and significant regulatory hurtles which is one reason why monsanto's stock hasn't gone as highsa the deal offer price from what we understand is close to $130, maybe $129 a share. the breakup fee could be as high as 3 billion. >> three billion? that is about double what it was.
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>> it was 1.5 billion. now it's 3 billion. that is part what took bayer to get monsanto to agree to this. what we understand, the parties are nearing completion, all but agreed. i only hesitate, my sources are erring on the side, when there is a deal that faces this much regulatory scrutiny, you never know what pops up at the last-minute. >> good point. >> this is nearing completion and that there's a good likelihood tonight it will be announced. >> yes, and the antitrust guys at d.o.j. watching this. charlie, you have been all over this. appreciate your breaking news there. thank you so much. to our political power panel. republican strategist ford o'connell, richard goodstein with me now. mr. good stein, what do you make of the comments from cokie roberts and don fowler that they should be preparing to possibly replace her? >> right, liz, you won't be surprised to know sitting
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around the green room at fox for many years, i've heard people talking about joe biden stepping in after her first concussion, after benghazi, after e-mails, and the day after election day, i bet we'll hear about it again. >> wait a minute. this is not fox people saying it. you know it's cokie roberts and don fowler, right? >> and just proves and that if you're on the air long enough you'll say silly things. >> ford, what do you make of this? i hear what you're saying. >> there is 57 days until this election, and the democrats are between a rock and a hard place. if clinton really is indeed that sick, they're going to have to make a change. you have to understand the ballots have gone out in north carolina, and in alabama, if they're going to make the switch to joe biden or whomever, they have to do it now. that simple. >> hang on a second, richard. i wanted you to react to this, don fowler supporting hillary clinton since 2008 run, and you
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know, he was noted that -- he was on the job during the bill clinton administration, and in 1972 he basically was talking about replacing tom eagleton as george mcgovern's vp with sargent shriver. don fowler is no slouch. >> he's a serious guy. i don't remember any talk when george bush the dad or the son collapsed as president, while they were president, i don't remember any talk at all -- >> how did the son collapse, he choked on a pretzel? >> just watch the tape. he admitted he blacked out. he smacked his head. there was a big bruise. and the dad was recently. element of gender bias here. >> no charges about sexism, no, no, no, i hear what you're saying, richard, i understand. ford, we're talking about a candidate having health problems since she was 50 years old with multiple blood clots
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and other issues. so is there a possibility, ford, that joe biden could step in you? see it between joe biden and bernie sanders, right? >> the rubber is going meet the road, if clinton doesn't get back on the campaign trail in the next weereal possibility. right now the clinton campaign is dealing with the fact they've been serially dishonest throughout the situation with her health, and because they've been hiding it the entire time and not saying everything, what happened on sunday is now a much bigger deal, and they're going to come to grips with reality. if they replace her, they're going to have to do it now and have mechanisms in place. joe biden may not be able to get on the replacement every single ballot. they have to decide to create a constitutional crisis, get her elected and jump ship. >> i'm sorry we are out of time. we have breaking news on the bayer-monsanto deal.
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the stock market, the dow tumbling 258 points. lori rothman at the new york stock exchange with the very latest. >> a tough session for the bulls today but a fascinating session nonetheless, and the reason i say fascinating, we saw stocks get clobberred and bonds get hammered as well. as you well know the asset classes move in opposite direction. so what happened? we got more clarity about the fed's plan on interest rate hikes. looks like the fed is going to push off rate hike until december. at the same time, interest rates went up. government bonds, the 10-year yield shot up to 1.75%, the yield curve steepened and that's a sign higher inflation may be around the bend. the yield on the ten year did back down to 1.72%. that's at the level we haven't seen this high on the benchmark ten-year yield since before the brexit vote. there is a lot of concern here that inflation could be coming and that interest rate hike
5:15 pm
will be coming although likely not next week. a lot of influences on the market today. but getting back to stocks. volatility is the name of the game once again. we saw 1% move for the last three sessions and the vix, the volatility index had highest close since late june because of that. back to you. >> pretty volatile. thank you so much, lori rothman. appreciate it. now we've got a hillary double take, hillary clinton recycling, sounds like she's recycling the same kinds of excuses for medical problems like she's used for e-mail controversy. next guest says yes, he's got the proof that's what it is. don't go away. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
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about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . liz: we've got critics of hillary clinton attacking her
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for seemingly using the same kinds of excuses she used for private e-mail controversy. hillary clinton telling the fbi she didn't know that c meant classified and when asked about hillary's missing e-mails and private server, the fbi quoting aides saying i don't recall 327 times, that's right, 327 times. hillary is using the same i don't know excuse for how many times she's fainted. >> how often has this happened? >> oh, i think really only twice that i can recall. you know, it is something that has occurred a few times over the course of my life, and i'm aware of it and usually can avoid it. liz: there it is again, i don't know. but she did admit she's fainted but i don't know and then dialling it back trying to tamp it down, you know, yes she's under siege, but there's maybe more at play here.
5:20 pm
i'd like to bring that question to daily caller news sunday editor in chief chris bedford. chris, you're seeing continued lack of transparency and we've been saying all along this is why americans can't trust hillary to be president. what else are you picking up here? >> well, and you can see if you watch the analysis of this video of the way the secret service really pulls in, the way they stop in front of the van, stopping is a huge security threat for a candidate. they stop because it's something serious. looks like secret service agents who analyzed this who used to be on clinton's detail they were familiar with the episode and moved in to make sure she didn't fall and hurt herself more seriously. the only time i've ever said i don't recall was in high school talking to the local police officer, and he didn't believe it for a single second. and then you see this fainting thing that comes up, and she says two, kind of reminds you
5:21 pm
of the guys, how many beers have you had? two or three. it's bogus. liz: chris, stay on this for me, what you said it's disturbing, hillary clinton collapsing, and again, we at fox business and fox news hope she has a speedy recovery and voters are concerned as well. you're picking up on the secret service reaction to her, right? and to the way you saw it was, it seemed like it's happened before, right? they went at it, here it is again, is that what your reaction was? >> yes, she was standing by the van and the secret service closer another part of the zero transparency thing. you see one aide helping her out and an agent helping her, and you see who looks like to be the team leader, a big guy, shaved head, he swoops in and she starts to wobble, the secret service agent, a young guy with black hair comes in front of the car, you have to be careful when someone
5:22 pm
collapses like this, to not let her have her head slam into the much to the car, they grab her, they have her low, they pushed her in quickly. it was obvious the agents who all acted professionally knew what they were dealing with quickly. liz: that's a good point. next up, we want your reaction, thoughts on this. first it was former secretary of state colin powell, hillary clinton citing colin powell as the reason she used a private e-mail server. now hillary clinton saying you know what? democratic senator chuck schumer has pneumonia too, he didn't make it public. take a listen. >> i know chuck said today, he didn't tell anybody. it's the kind of thing if it happens to and you you're a busy active person, you keep moving forward. liz: what's your reaction? >> it's just like another childhood excuse that reminds me of growing up. i was in double trouble for taddling.
5:23 pm
this is a long string of things you see with the clintons, blaming other people and the people who have been embarrassed are the reporters that cover for her. if you look at coverage from the other networks and newspapers, the day before she collapsed, they're saying can we please stop talking about this? they're completely away from her, not traveling until last week, the secret service is guarding them, they can't take a picture, and after she finally collapses, the "washington post" columnists have egg on their face and it's embarrassing for them. the same thing she did with schumer. liz: daily caller chris bedford, appreciate it. >> thank you. liz: next up, a possible bill clinton mistake. a gaffe. critics wondering if the former president made to say frequently or did he mean rarely? listen. >> frequently -- not frequently, rarely but on on on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, the same
5:24 pm
thing has happened to her. liz: which is it? hillary faints frequently or rarely? we have dr. marc siegel here with his diagnosis. that's next, don't go a, what. a.
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. >> well, if it is, it's a mystery to me and all of her doctors because frequently -- frequently, not frequently, rarely, but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing has happened to her when she got severely dehydrated, and she's worked like a demon, as you know, as secretary of state and as a senator and in the years since. liz: the former secretary of state is working hard. the campaign trail is really tough. get up at 5:00, you may go to bed at 100, it's hard. bill clinton saying hillary had similar health episodes to what
5:28 pm
happened sunday. her doctor says she has pneumonia, that diagnosis came down friday before the collapse sunday. senator chuck schumer and vice president joe biden have had pneumonia before, with me now, fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. here's the thing with the hillary campaign, you tend to know in spite of the campaign not because of it what's going on as someone once said, is pneumonia no big deal as mr. schumer and biden, i think mr. biden was saying that? >> i think it is a big deal and a medical diagnosis, i have a fact i can work with here, doctor was saying she is diagnosed with pneumonia friday. it is an infection with the lungs which i confirm with the well, i do, if someone is an x-ray to confirm it. guess what?
5:29 pm
that's something you treat with antibiotics, they weren't sure, treat her with antibiotics and follow her very, very closely. i might hospitalize a patient for that if they weren't doing well. this is a serious condition. people will get better, but waiving it off like a common cold is not good, especially if it is pneumonia. liz: you established the mccain protocols for presidential nominees, john mccain released 1200 pages? >> 1100+ pages. liz: you have been quoted in the "wall street journal" about the medical records issue. >> carl cameron and i flew to phoenix and looked at mccain's records, the reason was he had an extensive history of melanoma. the media is saying how do we know he won't have a recurrence of melanoma. the criteria was established if you are elderly, older, he was
5:30 pm
over 70, 71. or you have significant medical history, we want to see your records and the candidate gives the records to a private viewing. she's not going to want the public to see her records but we have a president where mccain gave his full records -- liz: let's bring it up to date right now. so hillary clinton could be releasing medical records, and you want to see them, right? and the issue is can allergies turn into pneumonia, could the pneumonia cover up a bigger or deeper problem, right? >> that's one issue, i want to see records from 2012 when she fell and hit her head. bill clinton is saying a similar episode where she hit her head, ended up with a blood clot which is unrelated and ended up on lifetime blood thinners, if you have a tendency towards fainting which is what bill clinton is suggesting and you are on blood thinners you could have a problem if you hit our head like that, you could have a bleed.
5:31 pm
there's a lot of coulds but i want to know if she has a tendency to faint and want to know specifically because she's on blood thinners, i have a reason i want to see it. liz: could pneumonia -- have you seen pneumonia symptomatic of another problem? >> yes it could be, the way it's described here i'm not necessarily suspicious of that. in other words, yes, pneumonia could come on because of underlying problem. liz: like what? >> you could have a problem with asthma, allergies, a problem with something structural with the lung that's causing it. but again, we're supposing here. look, if the mccain protocol is in place because he had a significant history they wanted to make sure i didn't have again, same thing here, history of a blow to the head, history of fainting spells, now history of pneumonia. that's enough to make the criteria. liz: are you concerned? >> and trump over 70. the same thing. liz: are you concerned? >> concerned enough to want to see the records. yes, i'm concerned enough to
5:32 pm
want to see the records. liz: appreciate it. next up, hillary clinton's computer specialist a no-show, pleading the fifth, defied the congressional subpoena to avoid testifying about setting up her personal e-mail server. to the guys who sued the government for the e-mails in the first place. we have judicial watch here on whether anyone will get the answers after this. don't go away. >> he should be here. when you are served a subpoena from the united states congress, it is not optional. that is not an optional activity. and he's not here today. th me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers.
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when you run live, you run simple. . >> the irony here is we're trying to protect the classified information. i didn't create this mess, hillary clinton created this mess. there are years of federal records. some of it so classified, none of us in this room should probably see them. it's ironic you don't want to appear for fear of protecting classified information when hillary clinton walked around with a blackberry full of classified information and gave access to folks without security clearances at all. liz: former clinton aide and computer specialist bryan pagliano a no-show on the house hearing on clinton's e-mail server. pagliano was served a subpoena to appear before the house oversight committee. he didn't. his attorney said --
5:37 pm
with me now, judicial watch attorney michael, you know, jason chaffetz says it is not political, he's talking about national security. what do you make of that? >> astonishing mr. pagliano would not attend the hearing today. the house committee issued a subpoena, it was not optional. when mr. pagliano came to testify for judicial watch, he asserted fifth amendment right 125 times, he still appeared and went through the process. the fact that team clinton has no respect to congress is astonishing and should be a big disappointment to the public. liz: set this up for the
5:38 pm
viewer, 2100 e-mails were deemed classified after the fact. at the time it was 110, the fbi says 2100. 22 were top secret. longtime clinton aide justin cooper with the clinton foundation, the clinton global initiative, he testified today. he's the one who handle clinton's server in its earliest days, watch. >> do you have -- did you have a security clearance at that time? >> no, i did not have security clearance. >> after you left the white house early in -- when did you leave? >> 2001. >> 2001. did you have security clearance after that? >> no, i did not have security clearance. >> and you had full access to the server the entire time you were working for the clintons? >> yes, i had access to the server. >> and have you no security clearance? >> i have no security clearance. liz: again, to recap, more than
5:39 pm
2100 e-mails classified. 22 labeled top secret. drone strikes on potential terrorists and pakistan. i don't understand, michael, how could he have no security clearance but have access to this classified information? >> because for what we've seen for the past year and a half. hillary clinton just doesn't follow the rules. she has clinton rules for her and all of her people, team hillary, you know, just ignored the rules completely. he didn't have security clearance, but he had access to classified information. the other thing he testified to today was the fact he had no i.t. training, not an i.t. guy, but he was in charge of maintaining the server. there were a lot of questions raised by his testimony today. liz: we've got a clinton foundation official looking at classified information about national security. who should be held accountable? do you think anyone? who should be held accountable for justin cooper having no security clearance and having possible access to this information, what do you think?
5:40 pm
>> i think everybody needs to be held accountable. mrs. clinton needs to answer questions about why the system was set up and why individuals without a security clearance had access. i think justin cooper needs to answer the question whether or not he was concerned he had access to classified information. president clinton probably also should answer questions on why his staff had access to classified information without having security clearance, and then also the fbi. the fbi needs to answer why they did not believe this was a concern or this was a problem? we learned today that mr. cooper wasn't granted immunity, which means the fbi apparently didn't seriously consider the risks of mr. cooper having access to classified information. liz: do you think the fbi should be -- comey will be testifying in a couple weeks shortly. you think they should ask him, i bet they ask him why did this guy have zero security clearance. why didn't you ask him about that fbi? this guy had access to our
5:41 pm
nation's secrets? >> absolutely. that question must be asked. liz: michael, attorney with judicial watch leading the way on this and other issues. thank you so much. donald trump inviting supporters on stage to show hillary clinton and the world what a deplorable person looks like. next a couple of trump, quote, deploreables are here. they're going to speak out. they made national headlines when a vandal burned down the trump sign, so guess what? they replaced it with one twice as big. they're speaking out next, don't go away. >> after all the horrible scandals that hillary clinton has been involved in and has the gall to call us deplorable. unbelievable. >> do i look deplorable? >> no! >> what? >> no! >> i'm a wife, mother and work full-time, i'm voting for donald trump, and mrs. clinton, you can go home! [cheers and applause] ♪
5:42 pm
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. >> never in history has a major party presidential candidate so viciously demonized the american voter. she was attacking millions of moms and dads who love their children and want a better future for all americans. liz: donald trump defending american voters after hillary clinton called half of his supporters deplorable racists on friday. also talking to israeli tv she used the term deplorable. and mr. trump, watch this, he invited a few, quote, deplorables to speak yesterday on stage. watch. >> these are not deplorable people. that, i can tell you. come on over. [ cheers ] >> we are honored. my wife and i represent nondeplorable people.
5:46 pm
liz: i got more trump deplorables on set with me. you are sam and scott. >> yes. liz: what do you make of this whole thing? >> i have a confession to make, my name is sam and i'm a deplorable. i think it's ridiculous hillary clinton could say something like that. i'm from staten island, recently we've had nine deaths due to overdose of heroin. i can't imagine the children who died to stop drugs from coming into this country are racist. liz: do you think, and scott, do you think that david duke is racist? do you think white supremacists, do you agree with them? >> look, i've been called --. liz: no, no, no, do you think david duke is deplorable? >> maybe. i don't know. liz: he's a white supremacist. do you think he's deplorable. >> white supremacy itself may be deplorable. liz: may be or is it? >> i don't know the guy or anything like that, i would assume.
5:47 pm
liz: he's a former ku klux klan leader. >> yeah, but i'm talking about hillary clinton called half the population deplorable. i'm a conservative new york city artist, i've been abused by the art world critics, called everything under the son but it bounces off of me because i know who i am. but to call half these people the blood and guts of america, the gears that keep america running, if these people tomorrow did not work altogether, this country would seize to exist. liz: it's offensive. it's disgraceful. you are not sexist, not racist. >> i'd like to know what the candor or the metric was. >> this is the politically correct problem we're afraid to say anything because we're called a racist or bigot. i know so many trump supporters who are not speak out. liz: i want your reaction when president barack obama just recently called americans lazy. react to this, watch.
5:48 pm
>> here in the united states, you can feel lazy and think we're so big, we don't have to really know anything about other people. if you see the environment destroyed, it's not because that's necessary for development, it's usually because we're being lazy and not being as creative as we could be. liz: you guys are new yorkers, right? you're around democrats. do you think the democrats have a poor opinion generally of conservatives? what do you make of the president going overseas and calling americans lazy, what do you think? >> he's a coward he goes overseas. why doesn't he they to my face. i've operated my business for 25 years, supported families. he says i didn't build that on my own. there isn't one school that hasn't been built with tax dollars. liz: scott what do you think? >> i'm from staten island, new york, it's a hard-working community. i'm an artist and i work -- liz: i hear what you're saying,
5:49 pm
so trump, some vandals burned down your sign, and how much bigger did you make it? >> it was 12 x 8, i made it 12 x 16. liz: you have been great sam and scott. you represent the deplorables of the trump wing. thank you very much. i appreciate it. to a mother we had on earlier in the week whose son was sentenced to a year in jail. he was accused of mishandling classified information like hillary clinton. kathleen saucier is back to update us how her son's military trial went and hillary's aides pleading the fifth in trial today. >> i'm screaming about the double standard for hillary clinton and her staff who have six things but thousands have come out as documents that have been shared and my son has again, as you stated earlier, never shared these photos. it's clear to me there's a double standard.
5:50 pm
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liz: we have a navy mom, the mother of a sailor. her son sentenced to a year in federal prison after awas convicted of misharming classified information. that was six pictures he took of the inside, the interior of a nuclear submarine. i know this is such a difficult time for you.
5:54 pm
can you just go over the situation. explain to the viewer what happened with your son. what did he down side the submarine. my son in 2009 when he was 22, along with many other submariners were taking photos. there was no cell phone ban. they were taking pictures for what would be mementos of their service. my son had charged brought against him for mishandling classified information. for having classified information on an unsecure device just as hillary clinton has been known to have. and he went forward in a civilian trial, not a trial, he pled guilty to those charges and sentenced last month to a year in federal prison, six months home confinement following that
5:55 pm
and three years federal probation. you mentioned the part about a trial and hearing. last week in military terms, he had what was call an administrative separation hearing. they review the service member's service time, 11 years for my son, and make a determination as to what type of discha they reviewed his service records as well as letters from others that served with him with regards to his service. elizabeth: weigh he was taking selfies, but he never shared the selfies, then he maybe got scared and destroyed a laptop and memory card? did i say anything incorrectly? >> you are absolutely correct. liz: now we have clinton aides pleading the fifth.
5:56 pm
also clinton aides destroying devices, erasing and wiping out private emails with bleachbit after they were told to preserve information. what do you think about the double standard? >> i'm so upset about the double standard for us americans. there is a part of me that's disgusted by what's going on with the people that are in power. i say in power when they should be standing up for our rights and be held to the same standard we are held to, and it needs to be addressed over and over. elizabeth: has congress reached out to you? are you going to testify? >> absolutely. i would love to sit in the front row of the presidential debate and look hillary clinton in the eyes when she tries to explain to the american public why she doesn't have to be held to the same standard we do.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
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6:00 pm
liz: donald trump holding a special childcare policy speech at 7:0 with his daughter ivanka and fox business will be bringing it to you live starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. "making money" with charles payne is next. thanks for joining me tonight. charles: we are in the midst of the store. stops grappling for direction. sagging oil prices and fading credibility for the federal reserve. donald trump set to deliver his childcare proposal in just about an hour. his plan will treat childcare as a deductible expense. three isis members arrested in ge


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