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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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liz: donald trump holding a special childcare policy speech at 7:0 with his daughter ivanka and fox business will be bringing it to you live starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. "making money" with charles payne is next. thanks for joining me tonight. charles: we are in the midst of the store. stops grappling for direction. sagging oil prices and fading credibility for the federal reserve. donald trump set to deliver his childcare proposal in just about an hour. his plan will treat childcare as a deductible expense. three isis members arrested in germany.
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bill clinton answering questions about hillary clinton's health. >> she has been -- frequently -- not frequently -- rarely, but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing has happened to her when she got severely dehydrated. and she hayes worked like a demon as you know as secretary of state and as a senator and the years since. charles: hillary clinton continues to recover from a bout of pneumonia. bill clinton said she is in good health, even though she has fainted before because of dehydration. there are reports about why the campaign didn't disclose the illness sooner.
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it's reported even factions within the campaign didn't know about it. >> they know more about me than almost anyone in public life. they have 4 years of my tax returns, thousands of emails, and a detailed medical report. it's so strange with all of that information out there, and as soon as it became clear i couldn't power through, we said what was going on. charles: joining me now, tammy, you feel like you know hillary like your bosom buddy you grew up with? >> we don't. you can send out 40 years of tax returns and we know nothing. tax returns don't matter. letters from doctors don't so much.
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i like what mr. trump is doing this week, having a new physical and having the result revealed. what we have with mrs. clinton is troubling. the inclination to immediately lie or mississippi lead about the dynamic. it's about something more. this is not just fainting in one instance. we have years of her fainting, of a fall in an airplane. the fall that created the concussion before the benghazi dynamic. this is reinforced with them that this is a woman you can't believe anything. and this is a main problem for her campaign. charles: what's more important to the voter. the health of the candidate. or not being straightforward? >> we have all experienced health issues.
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70% of americans are on pharmaceutical drugs to deal with a heart issue. we understand health issues happen. but it's still important for the person running the world, if they are saying the campaign is too grueling, how can you take care the united states and be president. if you can't be honest about your health and you are going to go up to a little girl when you are an active pneumonia patient and you have that lack of judgment, how do you have the judgment to be president of the united states? charles: axlerod, david axlerod put out the tweet heard round the world. just exhibiting his frustration with this elite the clintons above everyone else, string of errors that herb campaign continues to make. >> i'm not so sure it many a string of errors. i think we are talking about a human experience. hillary clinton kept a breakneck
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pace. she -- she has disclosed -- charles: the idea is we have to see this video the audience was watching a moment ago and even the idea people in her own camp didn't know. >> more than 600 people work for her campaign. not everyone is going to know everything at any given moment. what hillary clinton said is right. i got the diagnosis friday. i wanted to plow through. it was important for me to be at a 9/11 memorial, and they disclosed to the public and press what was going on, and we now know. so i think there is a lot of transparency coming from this campaign. it may not be as convenient as the media would have liked.
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but we know what's happened. we know the cause. we heard the opinion of her doctor. and as the sam pain said many times, there will be more information coming this week. certainly we need to scrutinize the health information of both candidates. we know nothing about donald trump's health just like we know nothing about his tax returns. it's really where we are -- if we are going to talk about health, let's also talk about finances, and donald trump needs to come clean. charles: the campaign could have said saturday, hillary clinton has been diagnosed with a form of pneumonia, maybe it's bacterial, maybe it's not contagious. she'll go down to 9/11 to honor everyone, but she'll stay for a brief moment and leave. that would have covered all the bases. but this is a video that will impact her campaign and the
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campaign finds itself awkwardly walking this back. >> it's another instance of the campaign and hillary herself not being honest with the american public but even her own supporters. it would be one thing if this was just a fainting spell or mild dehydration. if folks knew by the and were aware of it. and say hey, look, it's a campaign, it's tough, it's grueling. but because she deliberately doesn't want to inform the press, the american public and her own staff, it reinforces the secrecy that surrounds the clintons. in this instance not the biggest of a deal. but reinforces what they have seen with what happened in benghazi and so many critical issues.s: there is a feeling of elitism.
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i can't be bothered. in her interview last night, she'd called in enter on cooper. it's not a big deal. put it out and let the voters decide. you don't think it's a big deal to let the voters know this stuff. >> he new act has to address and make sure the previous misrepresentation remains intact. the new york post revealed the secret service protocol would have been to take that candidate to an emergency room. the campaign detoured to chelsea's apartment so there wouldn't be any doctors in an emergency room asking her questions about her condition. when you have created a world where it is about covering up, you won't be able to make the right decisions with the appropriate ones. and that's a decision voters
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make and americans find appalling. charles: coming up, while hillary clinton takes another day off from campaigning to rest up, donald trump expected to give a major speech. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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>> every time i think about trump i get allergic. charles: hillary clinton's health has become a primary concern for voters after she appeared to faint sunday. tonight donald trump will unveil a childcare plan. if they had been more honest and told the press she had pneumonia, she could have visited 9/11 for a half-hour. but now it's dishonest and unfair because we are treating her a different way because she is an older woman. what are your thoughts on that? >> i'm sorry she is not feeling well. i wish her well. i hope she gets better. but she needs. he back in her step because i'm looking forward to a debate september 2.
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if it's a feisty debate it's always more fun and we'll learn more. i wish her well and i hope she does get that. he back in her step. charles: do you think as a woman in politics this has been unfair scrutiny of her coming into this week? how important is the would-be president's health? >> i think everybody's health is important. particularly my own. but i know we want to know everything about everything. at this point in time i think running for president i'm more interested in her getting well. let's talk about the issues and the things the american public is interested in. it's an unfortunate situation and we are not able to talk about jobs and the economy and taxes and security and those things and healthcare. childcare that we'll hear more about tonight. those are the important things as a hard-working american
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public. charles: let me ask you about this childcare proposal from donald trump. we know the parameters of it, if you will. some are saying it sounds like a liberal policy, something progressives might throw out there and some are worried about how do you pay for something like this. >> families out there that have to have two people working and something they can't afford. we need something. and i know they are going to score this sometime later this week so we'll know. but it's my understanding it will be revenue neutral as long as we get the tax donald tax plan through. so that's encouraging. something has got to be done in the age we live in today because everybody is work and everybody has their lovely children. and they are paying -- charles: you are okay with the government then stepping in and
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paying for maternity leave for people if their employer can't do it or forcing even small employers to do it? >> i think something has to be adjusted. the fact of the matter is we need to have those people covered. they are not going to survive. if we don't subsidize some way, somehow with a tax credit it will all be proportional. if it's revenue neutral, why not so we can afford these families the opportunity to make a better life. it's changing the way we think about things in america. i'll be interested to see how it plays out. but i trust it will be the right thing. charles: one of the shifts in thyor case both parents working. governor brewer as usual, really appreciate it. donald trump pushes his
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childcare tax credit tonight. it's a plan he created at his daughter's urging. but will all republicans be on board with this? we'll break down that plan next. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. sage. we are all in for our customers. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported.
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i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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>> i'm going to roll out a plan to help our mothers and families get affordable quality childcare for their children. and my daughter ivanka is going to be involved. she is the one. she is the one that has been pushing for it. daddy, daddy, we have to do this. and it's true. charles: donald trump will be joined by his daughter ivanka in probably less than an hour from now. his childcare policy has been heavily influenced by her. while it may help him get
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headway with women voters, the proposal is a departure from traditional republicans othere docky. we know the dogma d. let me start with you hegar. you are a mom. from what we understand in this plan, do you think it's the right time for something like this, particularly from the republicans? >> i do. it makes sense for the time we live in where you have both partners working. i am a mom of two, and i think it's critical we have some kinds of plan for childcare. i just think mr. trump needs to have his plan backed up by real analysis to make sure something like this can be funded. otherwise he's just making false promises.
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charles: some traditional conservatives are worried it will be layered over the deficit. >> as a young person and millennial and working woman who hopes to start a family some day, the republican party needs to shift their mentality in the way they think about these investments. you have to think about employee loyalty. keeping millennials in the workforce. and conservatives are concerned about conserving the family. we'll find ways to pay for it. i don't think it's an entitlement, but a way to help families remain the backbone of this country. charles: it seems to be blurring progressive ideas with ideas that were not conservative before with respect to the government's role in our own personal lives because it will become an entitlement.
6:23 pm
>> this is where donald trump as a businessman can show the government can be involved slightly without government getting bigger. you know where government gets bigger? 45% more people on food stamps since obama took office. the government accountability office found $125 billion in wasted spend on payments alone through wasted systems. he said he will pay for this dealing with waste and fraud. that's not a joke. in addition to a businessman understanding it doesn't mean government has to get big. americans can see government can do the right thing and get smaller in the process and making sure you can have healthcare doesn't mean the government is telling you what to do. charles: if we are going to double size of the military, not do anything with social security and medicare.
6:24 pm
send money intoer cities like detroit. i'm a supply cider. but even at a -- i'm a my sideer. i have heard the waste, fraud and abuse speech before. are there limitations to lurching further into these -- the role that progressives have seen of a nanny state? are there economic risks? >> if you look at the figures, you have a majority of families paying over 10% of their income for childcare. a fifth paying over a quarter toward childcare. that's a lot. as both family and kirsten mentioned, this is about restoring the family. both should be able to work and at the same time be centered on the family unit. in the long run it's better for
6:25 pm
our economics. >> we are near an all-time low in birth rates in this country. if you want to know the central issue around the world, it began in europe when they stopped having babies. that's when you have to import people whether you want to or not. charles: it would be great to see a baby boom in this country. >> families are a good thing to invest in. charles: tonight you don't want to miss fox business special coverage of donald trump's speech. lou dobbs is hosting a special followed by kennedy at a special time 9:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. coming up, president obama hitting the campaign trail. is he going to be her secret weapon? he had the crowd rocking and rolling today.
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>> we turned around a declining economy. our business has created new jobs. doubled our production of clean energy. more americans are working, more have health insurance, incomes are rising, poverty is falling.
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and gas is $2 a gallon. thanks, obama. charles: president obama patting himself on the back taking credit for this great booming economy, this as the race for the white house is tightening up. the latest polls show hillary clinton with a slime 5-point lead. -- with a sli 5-point lead. this is last year's economic trend, including household income, poverty levels and those covered by healthcare showed significant improvements compared to 2014. breaking just now, an aide is saying hillary clinton will resume campaigning thursday after her bout with pneumonia. blake, you are the democrat on the panel. the census bureau report was
6:31 pm
great news for the campaign. i suspect the party will go with it. despite the big increases, you are still talking 43 million people leg in poverty and massive disparities in income equality. >> i think you have to hook at where we were and where we are going. certainly the accomplishments of the obama administration are not to be disregarded in the context of this political campaign. it's going to matter a great deal that the president has a 58% approval rating. in pennsylvania donald trump is campaigning because without it he can't win the election. we have to come back to a record of achievement by the best campaigner we have ever seen. we are talking about the relationship that barack obama's popularity has on the
6:32 pm
presidential race and what it means for hillary clinton. i think we'll see in pennsylvania -- >> what does it mean? what does barack obama, could he be the secret weapon? he could be a continues maker? >> that was all wrong. incomes are down 2%. charles: starting from president obama's term. 2000 encompasses democrats and republicans. > this is the worst recould are you we have had since the great depression. in terms of poverty. there have been 700,000 more african-americans in poverty than in 2008. and wages are falling. and income is falling. as far as being the best campaigner of all time, i think ronald reagan would have an argument about that.
6:33 pm
charles: he was elected twice. last time against what i thought were incredible odds, the economy in my mind was worse the last time. >> he was an incumbent last time. in 2008, we could have had -- charles: 2008 was easy. and that brings us to this year. you know, the economy is -- these numbers suggest the economy turned last year. these are the same census numbers the republic cabs used. they will say poverty went down from every single category in the last year and hillary is going to argue. if the counter argument would be, if you like these numbers they are terrible in the greater scheme of things. >> hillary clinton never excited anybody in the electorate. let's be clear about that. what's happening to barack obama, he's going to philly to get as many voters out on election day as possible. he can bring a crowd out.
6:34 pm
the same with joe biden and michelle obama. donald trump needs to win every romney state. if he doesn't run the table on those he won't be president of the united states. charles: he has momentum in those states and they are within striking distance. it's not about field offices. it's about how many doors are being knocked on. and we have more -- charles: you feel pretty good about the momentum donald trump has now? he is gaining in all the swing states. you don't think virginia is out of reach? >> 100% not. look at north carolina. wisconsin, michigan.
6:35 pm
blake, hillary clinton really doesn't excite anyone. and maybe she can use these numbers and piggy back off of barack obama. but she has an uphill battle with respect to the charisma it might take to pull this thing off. >> i am not sure i would agree she has an uphill battle. this is about what states hillary clinton is going to compete and win in versus what donald trump hasn't been able to do which is get momentum in a state where he has to win this election. it's folly to believe not having a ground game won't matter. barack obama coming in to philadelphia -- charles: donald trump does have momentum in those states. the kind of ground he covered in the last few weeks, if i'm a democrat, i'm not sipping my tea
6:36 pm
and waiting for victory day. charles: we are back in sell-off mode. the key is the market needs a spark or is the market saying it's correction time. my commentary and a couple special guests. we'll be right back.
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charles: german authorities arrested three syrians for their and he involvement in isis. we'll have more details coming up. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica,
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creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at charles: monsanto's board is close to approving a bid for bayer. it will combine monsanto and
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bayer with a wide range of pesticides as well as aspirin. an annual estimated sales of $67 billion. bayer's board is expected to approve this deal as well. in the meantime if you thought the coast was clear yesterday, you are wrong. afterrer. >> eerie calm -- after eerie calm all summer long. i think some of this is the result of poor and conflicting comments from the federal reserve members. and this market has been grappling for leadership for a long time. the market needs a catalyst. it's not going to be bad news is good news. the dow held above 18,000 today, and crude is up in the aftermarket. but the bigger overarching
6:41 pm
question is what's going to spark this market or has the correction begun. ross, let me start with you. we are waiting for the pullback. maybe the market is looking for a place to pull back and a little pricey here. >> it's that time of year it's september, october win the's never really great -- it's never really great. we have an election coming up and the policies are so different among the candidates we can't predict what's going to happen. the catalyst will be this election ending. we are just going to have to accept the shift where the bond market rally is over and the stocks are in position to rise over the next six months. >> a lot of people believe the
6:42 pm
outkovment election could rattle the market. no matter who wins, there are still going to be question marks and unthose. what happen to the that massive great rotation. we have been waiting three or four or more years for it to happen. >> the election will no doubt have an effect. that's why it's so crucial the house and senate remain in republican hands. business needs consistency. they need to know the government won't be overreaching. even if the white house goes into big government mode, that there is a safety there in congress to stop the overreach of various agencies including the epa and others that have put their foot on the brakes stopping our economy from moving full forward as it should. charles: ross? >> i do think that the
6:43 pm
government has been a negative for business for some time under obama. so i do see either candidate being an improvement personally. and i do think the market will be happy. this certainty that the election is over. this election has not been a positive overall discussion about the future of america. sow i think this is a positive. charles: i kinds of remember this in 2012, not necessarily -- maybe we don't suck but we are not doing all that great. everyone is promising us the moon. is that enough to get us over the hump? we are talking about the fed, we are talking about consumers. and overextended stock market that justify valuation. >> i fear we have something of a perfect storm with slumping
6:44 pm
crude prices and the fed giving all kinds of signals one week changing to the next. there needs to be some consistency there. then you have the issue of our political management and leadership our country. i'm confident with again with strong leadership from congress. we look to the white house for leadership.ongress can provide t safety, then i think the markets will react, they will have confidence going forward and we'll continue to flourish. charles: coming up colin kaepernick continued his protest before taking the field against the rams. it's no long ear one-man show and the hi layer yuls reply byplay everyone is still walking about. poor mouth breather.
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>> some governor ball ran out on to the field. he takes off the shirt. he runs to the 50, he runs to the 40. the 20. they are chasing him. waving his arms. bare chest. they tackle him at the 40 yard line. charles: a streaker made it to the field at levi stadium between the l.a. rams and san francisco 49ers. colin kaepernick kneeling along with other players who raids their fists during the playing of the national anthem. the ncaa announced they are
6:49 pm
relocating all the ncaa games that were scheduled to be played in north carolina because of that state's controversial bathroom policy. we used to watch sports as an escape. moist many front and center and in our face. what's going to be the end result of this? >> hopefully the end result is something positive. hopefully we can reflect as a country and nation and look at what colin kaepernick is trying to express with this protest. you have various players joining in as well as other athletes. it's all about equality in this great country in america we love dearly. this is not something unpatriotic. this is simply. charles: you are a former
6:50 pm
professional player. professional football players have done things for the community in so many different ways from foundations to charities, and other things. while you may not think it's unpatriotic, a large swath of the american public does, and they wonder why with the kinds of advisability and the money -- the kinds of visibility the athletes have why they wouldn't choose another form. >> if i say i don't believe it's unpatriotic, on the letters say it is patriotic. it's about the injustice we deal with speaking really on the black lives movement about unarmed african-americans being gunned down in our streets. that's what the issue is. that's what we are talking about
6:51 pm
and that's what the protest is for. charles: someone who makes $10, $15, $20 million a year. perhaps if we walk down the streets of chicago or san francisco on his days off, that might bring a better light to it and put himself in a position of saying, i'm fighting for the struggle in a way that matters. >> these players need to understand no matter how noble their intentions are, when it comes to p.r., perception is reality. the way these actions are being perceived is it's disrespectful to the american flag. if their ultimate goal is to bring people to their side, they are not doing it correctly. people, americans across the country are on the fence about this important issue are likely being turned off because the first conversation starter they see is perceived as disrespectful to the american flag.
6:52 pm
it's no wonder it's such a poor issue. there are a multitude of ways to make a difference for this cause if he believes tonight oh deeply. >> there are a multitude of other ways. when you get down to the root of it, we are having a conversation about it. the black lives movement didn't die. i would implore all of those people who have a problem with it. let's do some research about the star spanglestar spangled banne. charles: are you going to dis the stars spangled banner? go do some research. go do a little bit of research and it will shed some light. charles: in this country if black lives really matter it might be smart for these athletes to start in inner cities where their lives are at
6:53 pm
much great risk. >> we do countless amounts of work and give money to the inner city. i have done that my whole life. i know hundreds of other athletes that do the same thing. >> this form of protest is only bringing attention to the protest and does nothing for the cause it pry tends to want to help. we have got to leave it there. >> we don't see that. we'll see how it shakes out. the new york attorney general has opened an inquiry into the donald trump foundation. wanting to make sure it many complying with charity laws in the state. this is huge. we'll have the details when we come back. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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6:57 pm
b, ris, you have a slight smile/smirk on your face. the mainstream media looked like they were teeing this up. this will be head line news tomorrow. >> is it any surprise? hillary clinton is having the week of this campaign, now the mass media and the liberal left -- eric schneiderman is a donor to the clinton foundation. he has endorsed hillary clinton. he should not be allowed to oversee any investigation into a candidate where he's opposing the candidate. he's a partisan hack. he will make it an october surprise if you will. but there is nothing there. unlike the clinton foundation which violated new york rules by not disclosing foreign donors
6:58 pm
and schneiderman led it slide. charles: they are probably tying it in with donald trump's refusal to release his taxes. he hasn't put any money into this foundation and they don't have any employees. now it's probably going to be an official inquiry. >> it plays into the story line that transparency will be an issue for both of them. what you will see here with whatever comes of these allegations, is how it affects independent voters. hillary clinton and donald trump both have their camps set. but how is this affecting independents? these kinds of little things will be important. and where you will see this play out in the foundation battles will be in the debates. >> hillary clinton was involved in pay-to-play while secretary of state. donald trump was a private
6:59 pm
individual. what kind of prerequisite is it when you are a private citizen. charles: they are saying that the clinton foundation has actually donated a lot of money to a lot of organizations over the years all over the world. and they want to know what donald trump's foundation did and how is the money intermingled. we know where it's coming from, but they wanted to create smoke. >> kristin mentioned transparency. i think the same rules need to apply in terms of look into those charities and making sure they go by all the rules set by the attorney general. and i'm not sure you can say the trump foundation is clean. an investigation should happen just as it is with the clinton foundation. >> they are not the same. hillary clinton when she became secretary of state had to sign a pledge that they wouldn't take
7:00 pm
foreign money into the clinton foundation. that's didn't for a public official at the highest level. she lied and broke that pledge. charles: we have a special two-hour coverage of donald trump's speech on childcare. lou dobbs is at the helm. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. we are awaiting a main speech by donald trump this hour. the republican nominee is in the battleground state of pennsylvania. there he will unveil his plans to make childcare more affordable and accessible for working parents. his policy proposals crafted in part by his daughter ivanka who will introduce her father at the campaign he excellent aspen, pennsylvania. the appearance will mark her formal return to the campaign trail, her first season she introduced her father at the republican national conventi


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