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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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so our campaign is about ideas. we are about solutions to big, big problems, problems that of don on forever. i have traveled all over the country in recent weeks offering detailed plans to make things better for you and for your families. it's so important to me. i've outlined detailed proposals by providing school choice, we have to do that, reforming our tax and regulatory codes. [applause] lifting restrictions on american energy, rebuilding our military, changing our foreign-policy, fixing our immigration, so important, and keeping our country safe. [applause] right now, -- thank you.
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right now our politicians have locked their country and to endless fights about smallnd petty things. i am asking the nation to lift our sights and to imagine what we can accomplish if we work together, trust each other and put the needs of our citizens first for a change. [applause] we must break their ties with the failed and bitter politics and policies of the past and pursue a future where every american is honored and i mean really honored and respected. [applause] we have to reject the arrogance of washington d.c. that looks down on everyday hard-working people and that is what is happening. [applause] too often those who have power
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have disdain for the abuse beliefs and attitudes of those who don't have any political power. those in the leadership must put themselves in the shoes of the laid-off factory worker, the family worried about security or the mom struggling to afford childcare. childcare is such a big problem. [applause] we are going to solve that problem. that means we need working mothers to be fairly compensated for their work and have access to affordable quality childcare for their kids. that's what we are doing. [applause] we want higher pay and better wages and a growing economy for everyone. these solutions must update laws passed more than half a century ago when most women were still not in the labor force. most of them weren't even close.
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today, nearly two of three mothers with young children have jobs. for many families in our country childcare is now the single largest expense. who would think that? even more so than housing. yet very little meaning we -- meaningful policy work has been done in this area and my opponent has no childcare plan. she never will and if it ever evolves and the planet will never get done anyway. all talk, no action. [applause] many americans are just one crisis away from disaster. the sick kid, a lost job, damaged home. there is no financial security in our country especially anymore. but that will change under our pro family plan. just take a look, it's pro
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family, it's pro child, it's pro worker. these are the people we have to take care of and this is what i am going to be outlining tonight [applause] before going any further i want everyone watching on tv, and there are a lot of people right now, to go to donald j. read the full plan. the first part of my childcare plan allows every parent or family in america including adoptive parents and foster parents guardians to deduct their childcare expenses from their income taxes. that's the first. [applause] i see the women who i just met in the front row are very happy
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about that. they will be able to deduct the average cost of childcare for their state, from birth to the age of 13. because of the way the benefit is capped and structured our plan will bring relief to working and middle-class families. the deduction also applies to older care, capped at $5000 deduction per year. 5000-dollar deduction. importantly our policy also supports mothers who choose to stay at home and honors and recognizes their incredible contributions to their families and to our society. [applause] families with a stay-at-home parent will be able to fully deduct the average cost of childcare from their taxes. [applause] well back.
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wow. i like to hear wow. the congresswomen like to hear wow. it makes your life a lot easier, right? for low-income individuals who have no net income tax liability we will offer an expanded earned income tax credit, that eitc in the form of a childcare rebate. [applause] working parents can get an expanded eitc benefit that equals up to half of their total payroll tax, a major relief for low income parents. low income parents have a tougher than anybody. this translates to is much as an extra $1200 in eitc benefits for working families. [applause] next, our plan allows every
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parent in america to open up a dependent care savings account. families can contribute up to $2000 a year to these accounts completely tax-free. [applause] she is very happy about it. crucially unlike the flexible spending that exist today these accounts will be available to all americans. you won't have to depend on your employer to provide them. immediate family and employers, and this is like right away, can also contribute to a dependent account each of which is designed in designated for a specific child including an unborn child. the money that has put into these accounts can also be. >> not only on childcare but also to child enrichment activities.
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[applause] we will start with that child. that will be our first child. [applause] that's cute. additionally the funds in these accounts do not expire at the end of the year. they don't referred to employers or two the treasury. instead, the funds roll over so that while only $2000 can be contributed each year on. >> sums can accumulate and create substantial savings, tremendous savings actually. [applause] these savings can be used by parents to get help get their kids school choice and will thus contribute to the school choice reforms i outlined last week. a lot of good outlines last week on schools and really popular i will tell you. the funds will remain in the account until the age of 18.
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whatever still remains at that time can be used to help offset the cost of higher education for your child. [applause] for low income individuals, the federal government will provide matching funds if parents contribute $1000 the federal government will provide a 500-dollar match. to help low income families save money we will put a box on federal income tax forms of r&b's parents to have their earned income tax credit funds directly deposited into their dependent care savings accounts. simple. these dependent care saving accounts can also be set up to provide care for elderly dependence of which we have many. [applause] many, many, many. our plan also includes
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much-needed regulatory reform to incentivize her solutions. the new funds are offered by our plan will create a new market for innovative childcare solutions. but to make sure these solutions are available especially in low income and rural communities we must reduce regulations that favor large institutional care facilities. you know what i'm talking about. [applause] it's called special interest. we will allow the states to make the decisions that are right for them. in this era of sharing economy we want parents to be able to access lower cost competitive and innovative solutions at the click of a button including services like nanny sharing. our plan would also cover care provided by relatives and grandparents. our plan includes incentives for
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more employers to offer on-site childcare as well. we want the employers to get involved. now they will start getting involved, right? [applause] and you will start liking your employer a lot more. that's one of the benefits. this can often be a good solution for many working parents and can save them up to 30 minutes in commute time. currently only 7% of employers provide these services. not very much. our plan will expand tax attractions for employers, allow companies to pool resources to provide -- and i think this is so important, provide shared childcare services and remove needless requirements that have prevented employers from using the credit. their requirements are so onerous that they never get to
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use it even though in many cases they would like to. finally, our plan offers a crucial safety net for working mothers whose employers do not provide paid maternity leave. this solution will receive strong bipartisan support. do you agree with that? when you go to the other side they will be up to a? i'm hearing they won't he. we will get them to be okay, right? will be completely self financing. i think you will have bipartisan support. by recapturing fraud and improper payments in the unemployment insurance program we can provide six weeks of paid maternity leave to any mother with a newborn child whose employer does not provide the benefit. [applause] this maternity leave will be paid straight out of the employment insurance fund and
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again the safety net will be completely paid for through savings within the program. there are more reforms and solutions in our childcare plan and you can review them all on the web site. on thursday i will outline my full economic plan which is completely paid for through economic growth and proposed federal budget savings. it's going to something specia, like this country hasn't seen in many many decades. [applause] together our tax, trade regulatory and energy policies will add trillions and trillions of dollars in new deficit lowering growth. these are the kinds of solutions i want to bring to the white house as your president.
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it's time to free ourselves from the baskets that politicians try to put this into and always have put us into and instead to work together. and i think you know what i mean. that includes democrats, republicans and all americans. [applause] i think you know. [applause] thank you very much. thank you. i think you know what i'm talking about. while my opponent slanders u.s. deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hard-working american patriots who love your country, love your family and want a better future for all americans.
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[applause] [chanting] >> thank you, thank you. it's time to end the rule of special interest and to begin the rule of the american people. it's what it's all about. it's going to be a big change. [applause] it's time to stop fighting over the smallest words and dreaming about the grated ventures that lie ahead for our incredible country. [applause] it's time to start believing in america again. together i promise you, together, we will make our country strong again. we will make our country
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prosperous again. we will make our country great again, greater than ever before. [applause] thank you. take you very much. god bless you. thank yoveryuch. and ivanka thank you. congresswomen, thank you very much. [applause] lou: donald trump wrapping up his proposal on childcare and elder care and stealing a margin on the democrats and the democratic nominee by focusing on an urgent, urgent need for working families in this country a and her fighting support from the nominee himself for working families. it is something that has been missing frankly in both the democratic and republican party. these very issues that he and his daughter ivanka took up here tonight in the proposals were laid out.
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still with this "washington times" columnist charlie hurt, surrogate attorney aaron elmore and former reagan white house and "fox news" in jupiter at rollins. add that want to get first your reaction to the politics of this going straight at the working family and making a proposal, a series of proposals that on the face of it looked. interesting and attractive. >> i think the politics are very good. i have to look at the details of the policy but it's courageous to go into the middle class and convince them that it's a problem in the country as his daughter articulated before the speech. he has had some very serious beaches in the last three or four weeks and this is one of them. again i need to analyze it and see what it isn't obviously he is to get it through congress but it's a giant step forward in trying to reach out to
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significant people who today are struggling trying to work, the working middle class as we say. lou: air and as you and charlie hurt were saying before the speech began donald trump is obviously not your typical or ordinary republican candidate for nominee. he has the capacity to go where no nominee in the republican party has ever gone before. your reaction to it? >> ivanka lured out of the water. she said 40% of the labor force is made up of women and affordable childcare should not be a luxury. i think that's the working class and this is not a woman's issue, this is a family issue. moreover tying into elder care, think this is great. lou: charlie your thoughts? >> ipod is a very good speech but as we talked about before
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this isn't something i particularly like. i don't like the idea of the federal government taking care of our kids and i get a little mayor was about all these tax credits that basically wind up being some sort of welfare but my goodness of the lookout for welfare that's extended to corporations in this country and to wealthy people. the system is so screwed up that i don't tank this is all that more drastic than what we are to have and like we said earlier i like the way that sounded. i think it's brilliant politics and as long as he remains true to all the other things than i think america will be better off. lou: you know that if the need for this, talking about 70% of women in this country with children and all working in some capacity. there is a desperate, desperate need for some help. if republicans talk about supporting family and family
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values, we know that the breakdown of the family is creating many of the sociological challenges, profound challenges that we face in this country. this is a beginning in terms of proposals to contend with those challenges and the fact that it comes from the republican nominee, this news in and of itself. we will continue with an air and charlie and just moments. up next we will have more analysis of the child's speech and proposals and also hillary clinton trying now to downplay her health issues. who would ever imagine she would do that? >> you know it is something that i have heard a few times over the course of my life and i'm aware of it and usually i can avoid it. lou: you may be reassured. many americans are not. we will take that up as well. stay with us. we are coming right back with much more.
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lou: this is a compelling program but we don't know what it's going to cost and we don't know how it's going to be paid and we don't know about the choreography with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell should he be president of the united states. >> i think this is a great starting point your points are very valid but i think it's a great jumping off point. this is what i would like to do and i hooked into the debate and move on over the next 55 days. we will learn more about what it's going to look like. lou: charlie your thoughts? as we look at the politics of
8:25 pm
this thing, he is really seizing a command of the issues as he did throughout the primary. he is setting the agenda for this national debate and contest for the presidency whether it's immigration, whether it is in this case elder care, childcare. he is moving forward. these are issues that he write now owns. >> yeah. the guy has truly an applicable air for what matters to people and we have seen it as you say all along. we are going back to interesting points you made before the break. it's absolutely true the full assault that is on the american family today. we are to have welfare for people who don't work, we pay people not to work in those welfare programs they clearly, the effect of them is that they
8:26 pm
burnish people for raining together as families. they destroy family so why not have a welfare program that goes to people who do work and rewards people for staying together and reports people for taking care of their elder parents and taking care of the children? like i said i don't particularly like it but you know what we have all the damaging once. why not have one that's less damaging? lou: in support of traditional american values. >> i would argue you can't use welfare for working people and you can't use entitlement. you basically have to argue that this is a stimulus. these kinds of programs -- lou: they are incentives. >> more people go out and earn more and pay more taxes and help pay for some of the left another entitlement program would be dead on arrival. lou: it's going to cost money and welfare is a pejorative connotation.
8:27 pm
incentive sounds better. it is a buttressing the american family which has precious little of it. one of the things erin are republicans who keep talking ex-doling values that are supposedly those of the family but they don't do a thing to support those families, to support the idea of raising children with both parents in the household. we know those risks and people cluck about it all the time but they don't do much in terms of public policy. donald trump is changing now. >> he is putting his money where his mouth is and that's why he's such a popular candidate. lou: either way it's our money. >> that's very true but he's actually stacking it up and telling us what he is going to do support the american families just like he did with the veterans last week. he's got these issues that matter to the mac and people and not just something you put in a basket or a bucket or whatever early clinton wants to do. these are working americans have
8:28 pm
needed better life and that's why they are attracted to donald trump in the first place. >> as difficult as that is for mothers to take care of their kids when they go to work the eldercare, that is a more severe problem. you can ice cave neighbor or a mother-in-law to take care of your kids. you can't get anyone to take care of your elderly parents when they are very deficient. we are now basically living longer with many cases with more deficiencies. hopefully our minds the intact but with all the wonder drugs this is going to be in long-term expensive problem. lou: it is bad but one of the things that is great is donald trump bere our very eyes is becoming an aspirational candidate. he is not just talking about the problem, he is locking those who have gone to to death but now he really wants to fix fix it and s impulse to fix things and to
8:29 pm
give people hope you have not even had a discussion of their hopes and their needs and their aspirations for so long, we have had this dour dull amorosa president who has brought the entire country down in one crashing to presses to terms that i am so eager to be rid of. how about you charlie? >> one thing that i can say for absolute certainty about this is this will not be anywhere near the colossal disaster that obamacare is. lou: that does. >> the other thing that i think is vital here is the fact that you know i think it was the ad that was saying this, he is going to run into problems with the republican congress are republicans in congress with something like this and you know what, that's great. let them fight it out and maybe they will wind up with something even better.
8:30 pm
i love the idea of having an adversarial congress and the white house where the parties even within the paies they are keeping each other honest for once. lou: your dreams have been realized, mitch mecom on paul ryan already aligned against the candidacy of donald trump and their lack of enthusiasm. hopefully it will change soon otherwise they're going to be run over by course of history. ed rollins thanks for being with us, erin elmore and charlie hurt, thank you. up next we are going to take up these issues for the very first congressman to endorse donald trump. chris collins joins me next. stay with us, we are coming right back. there's much more ahead and hillary clinton recuperating and combo listings while donald trump is stealing a march on the democrats. stay with us. with a 401k and meet your wife.
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lou: vice presidential candidate mike pence meeting with republicans on capitol hill. he used that opportunity to hit hillary clinton over her recent insults to trump supporters. >> i think millions of americans were shocked and saddened to see hillary clinton refer to people across this country as a basket of deplorables. and frankly, i have never heard a major party candidate in the united states speak about the american people with such contempt. lou: joining us, congressman chris collins. he was the first member of congress to endorse trump. congressman, great to have you here with us. i want to get your reaction to the trumps' speech.
8:35 pm
ivanka introducing her father. she laid out the need for precisely the need for the programs her father prescribedth his remarks. i thought it was a spectacular campaign performance. >> it was one of the strongest 1-2 punches you you could imagine. i said at the convention when you have to follow ivanka on stage it's a tough act to follow. ivanka a very unique and caring individual. very proud of her dad. there is a message in and of itself. but for donald to follow up with a detailed program. people in the primary were saying where is the detail. he has the detail. he's been laying them out. hillary has been silent on any details.
8:36 pm
america is seeing an aspirational president who is defining success in america growing to success, and you are just seeing him bring solutions to the forefront that matter to americans. as we said, whether it's the veterans or childcare, elder care. i think it was a home run. lou: i think this is going to be perhaps setting the stage for pyrotechnics within the party. because there are those who consider themselves better than i do absolutists, conservatives who are going to look down their primarily status question noses and say no, this can't be. this is about spending more money. it's for a quote unnote social program. irrespective of the fact it addresses a need for this nation
8:37 pm
that's becoming critical. care for children as welas elder care, which trump for the first time has conjoined. >> it is a desperate need. and ivanka laid out the case brilliantly. when you think about the plan as we move forpds. we are going to repeal obamacare. the billions and trillions of dollars wasted in this government program that's not working with the exchanges shutting down, squandering taxpayer money. lou: we only have six exchanges left it's shutting itself down. >> when you think about the total budget of the u.s. it will be a exreem hencive redove our budget having patient-centric healthcare that works again. there is a lot of money wasted through obamacare that can be used through other programs.
8:38 pm
this is a need that's universal through the all america. but by lumping in elder care as well. most all of us have parents in our 80s and 90s. donald trump hit on a theme. i believe as we work in congress with a republican president we'll get this through in a comprehensive way. amongst other things we'll have a tax code that grows our economy. gets money back here with the jobs. lou: all of this assumes that paul ryan and mitch mcconnell haven't signed on to a deal with obama for a massive continuing resolution rather than dealing with a budget. what will we see unfold there? your response to that. ryan keeps talking in more cooing tones about obama than he does about donald trump. >> there is not going to be any christmas present for obama in our lame duck session.
8:39 pm
we are unfortunately going to have to continue some programs. but it's our decision to put forward we would call mini bus legislation, a lot of appropriation bills passed during the lame duck. a few will have to be done with satining resolution. there won't be any huge present handed up. that is not our intent. lou: congressman always great to talk with you. up next, donald trump moments ago slammed hillary clinton for her insults against republicans who support him. and tonight saying she has no plan at all to help working families. he does. >> my opponent has no childcare plan. she never will, and if it ever evolves into a plan, it will never get done anyway.
8:40 pm
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lemme guess, the salmon? being transparent about our costs. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. lou: president bill clinton defending his wifeles health scare, insisting, defending his wife as rawflt that scare, saying the collapse of the democratic nominee wasn't indicative of a larger medical issue. but then the former president may have made things in some ways slightly worse. >> well it's frequently -- not frequently -- rarely, but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing has happened to her when she got severely dehydrated. lou: compliant and complicit cbs
8:44 pm
news is under fire because it edited what the former president said airing the version of that sound bite last night and edited out the word "frequently." cbs news claims they edited it purely for time. joining me, charlie hurt and charlie we appreciate you staying with us at this hour and adding so much to our broadcast. and mercedes schlapp. thanks for being with us. your reaction as a member of the republican party elites in a good way. we are delighted that you are there at pinnacle of the party because now we can ask you what did you think of the
8:45 pm
presidential nominee of the party taking off down this road of programmatic policy that is usually anathema to the gop. >> i think the party gets nervous when they talk about potential government spending and entitlements. as a working mom, it is refreshing to hear a republican take on these issues that are so critical at a time in america where childcare is essential. it is a necessary part of our society. and the fact that we are -- the republicans are not necessarily talking about slash and burn. they are saying let's try to find solutions to how we can make the situation for working moms and stay-at-home moms easier. what a change. lou: working moms.
8:46 pm
70% of mothers with children at homeworking and 64% of those mothers have kids 6 and under which speaks well for the future. the population is growing, we want that faith in our future. we want to see children, families, i personally am pro children. i would love to see every family have four or five. but i would like it not to be a devastating blow against the family. i would like to see a great beautiful thing for american families to have faith in the future and have children who can make this country great again, to coin a phrase. >> in so many ways, the system does sort of seem rigged against people who are trying to do the right thing and raise a family the right way. but one of the things i think is so interesting, and mercedes is right it's a positive thing to have a republican trying to do new things.
8:47 pm
reach new voters. and one of the things i think is interesting about donald trump. here is this billionaire and his daughter has never had a want in her life. but because of their respectful tone and the way they seem to respect voters. a lot of people feel like they don't respect certain voters. but the voters that support them, the way they respect them. they are able to connect with them with middle class or lower income voters in a way that none of these other politicians can. i can't help but think it has something to do with that kind of a shrewd way that donald trump mentioned how politicians always want to put everybody in baskets. he was making a reference to the basket of deplorables, but it's true. voters are objects in baskets for most politicians. for donald trump, it doesn't seem like that. lou: every time he references
8:48 pm
baskets but doesn't use the word deplorable. i think republicans are making a mistake. but every time he uses that word "baskets," i'm convinced this is a millstone around her political neck that she'll long regret. charlie hurt, mercedes schlapp. thank you. up next. donald trump unveiling a plan to help working families. the cost? well, it's expensive. we are told somewhere around $158 bill. will republicans buy into that or go back to their old ways? we'll find out. we'll be talking about former presidential candidate media mogul, steve forbes. what does the future hold for the party and for america. stay with us. we'll find out next.
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lou: on wall street stock prices closed sharply lower. dow down 258 point. the s & p lost 32. the nasdaq down 5. household income up 5%. incomes still 1.% more than when the recession began. a remind tore listen to my report three times a day on the salem media network. steve forbes, great to have you with us. your impression the trump
8:53 pm
proposals that are i am la tough one would think for the american family. >> he's now discussing elder care and childcare. what are the democrats discussing? are they going to have to replace email and have more email and fainting scandals? he is up on the upswing. he's aspirational. lou: to talk about how this candidate donald trump has matured over the course of this campaign. his tone was perfect. his approach, his he can explanation -- >> the setting was perfect. lou: his daughter up producing him. she laid out the intellectual, desperate case for many families to do something in term of public policy including elder
8:54 pm
care, conjoining elder care and childcare is a brilliant stroke. >> and having the congressional women there as well thoughing this will have support in congress. the details now, what they want, what are your goals. he realized there is a problem and he has some idea on it. he laid it out tonight. that's all he has to do. lou: one the thing that was impressive when i talk about the maturity of the candidate. it's striking. and that he chose not to do what one might have expected giive all these event, that is to in any way even insinuate a remark about hillary clinton. he made an allusion to baskets. and did use the word hillary tagged them with, and that is deplorables. but it was an extraordinary performance.
8:55 pm
>> in terms of deplorables. people can wear that on a t shirt. it's not like romney 47%. that will be played again and again. it means she is in the past. he may be the future. lou: i don't think there is a may be to it. i don't think their is any way the country can embrace a candidate who deplores. >> he struck the right tone and he did it tonight. lou: intellect, passion and oh, yes, stamina. a couple of -- you know larry cud low. he has been a friend of yours and mine for 30 years. he has a new book, jfk and the reagan revolution.
8:56 pm
it's a great read on how jfk pioneered supply side economics and the great idea in economics. also supported and advocated mightily by the former presidential candidate of the republican party one steve forbes. >> john kennedy today would be a republican. lou: with that we say thank you for being with us. we watched donald trump make his pitch to suburban american public.
8:57 pm
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9:00 pm
working families. maternity reform long overdue. there you have it. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: trump is on the offensive while hillary stays on the sidelines. can trump capitalize on the deplorables? clinton's email scandal may be tough tore shake than the pneumonia. wait until you hear what happened on capitol hill. the stars of the new season of "deadliest catch" are here to show us how it's done. let's gas up the boat. time to hit the waves. hillary clinton has given donald trump the ultimate gift. the basket of dough morables


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