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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 13, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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artistry. i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." two-hour coverage of donald trump's speech on childcare. lou dobbs is at the helm. lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. we are awaiting a main speech by donald trump this hour. the republican nominee is in the battleground state of pennsylvania. there he will unveil his plans to make childcare more affordable and accessible for working parents. his policy proposals crafted in part by his daughter ivanka who will introduce her father at the campaign he excellent aspen, pennsylvania. the appearance will mark her formal return to the campaign trail, her first season she introduced her father at the republican national convention back in july.
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we'll be bringing you strum''s speech and carrying his address in full. we'll have the best political analyst and commentators covering this through the the next two hours. among my guests, karl rove, john bolton, and the fir man on capitol hill to endorse donald trump, congressman chris collins joins us as is congressman ron desantis. the oversight committee searching for answers still in the hillary clinton email scandal and they were frustrated by technology experts, some of whom set up clinton's private server who were called before the oversight committee. some of them refused to cooperate. three witnesses defying congressional subpoenas. donald trump today said the
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cover-up was disgraceful. >> now the people who destroyed the emails are all pleading the fifth amendment in front of congress today. have you seen what's going on in front of congress? fifth amendment, fifth amendment, fifth amendment. horrible. anyone watching today's hearing in congress knows that hillary clinton's actions are far more corrupt than we ever managed. it's happened today. this is far bigger and a far bigger scandal than watergate ever was. lou: also tonight, hillary clinton trying to downplay her health issues. she claims she was simply overworked when she collapsed sunday. >> i probably would have been better off if i had just pulled down my schedule friday. but like a lot of people, i thought i could keep going forward and power through it and obviously that didn't work out so well.
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lou: many voters aren't buying her pneumonia excuse. where they right? our top story, the ever expanding clinton email scandal. republicans on the house oversight committee. two the computer technicians repeatedly invoked their fifth amendment rights and the man who managed the server didn't show up at all. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has our report. >> the committee served subpoenas on four witnesses. three turned up and two refused to answer questions. >> i desert my fifth amendment constitutional privilege. >> on advice of counsel i refuse to answer asserting my
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constitutional fifth amendment privilege. reporter: he managed her server and deleted the email archive despite a preservation order. platte river was deeply concerned after they used bleachbit to shred the clinton emails. >> we are starting to think this is coughing up bad stuff. they wanted something in writing because they knew they would be get thrown under the bus. bryan pagliano got immunity from the justice department. pagliano was a no-show and now faces legal consequences. >> wet you are served with a subpoena from the united states congress, it's not optional. if anybody thinks i'm going to let go of this, they are very ill advised. >> there is no legitimate reason for republicans to force
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mr. pagliano to appear again before congress just to he hurt is fifth amendment rights one more time. this is absolute abuse of authority. reporter: the panel did hear from justin cooper who used a hammer to smash two of hillary clinton's blackberries. >> it's not to destroy or hide any information at all. i was going out of my way to preserve all of the information on those devices. reporter: cooper had unlimited access to the clinton's server. >> did you have a security clearance at that time? >> no, i did not have a security clearance. reporter: the republican committee chairman served a meana on the f.b.i. demanding the entire f.b.i. clinton investigative files. the files sent to congress are heavily redacted. an f.b.i. official could not point to a single law or
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constitutional provision to justify the edits. lou: our first guest tonight says witnesses were thumbing their noses as he put it, at congress today. and hillary clinton's complete disregard for handling classified information. congressman ron desantis, a member of the excite he that conducted the hearing today. congressman, good to have you with us. an extraordinary day. and as catherine herridge just said, the redacted material before your committee. no basis for it whatsoever. unclassified. your reaction and that of the committee? >> there is just so much that stinks about this investigation. and we are finding out more and more. there all kinds of redactions.
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i have gone through all the materials and some of the classified material even though we have the clearance totally redacted. then of course you have witnesses. take this guy paul combetta. he was overseeing the server in march of 2015 when the media broke the story that this server existed. the following day congress issued a subpoena for that server. a couple weeks later he has a meeting with cheryl mills, hillary's chief of staff and hillary's attorney, and a couple days later he uses bleachbit to erase forensically all the emails there, the f.b.i. was not enable to recover many of them because of that. he initially lied to the f.b.i. then the justice department gave him immunity based on what we are seeing. he pled attorney-client
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privilege on behalf of hillary clinton so he wouldn't answer questions about that meeting with kendall and mills. now he comes before congress and pleads the fifth. the american people would say why would you suddenly delete all this stuff knowing the stuff was under a congressional subpoena? lou: i worry about congress, too. congress knows cheryl mills goes back to president bill clinton and his administration and practiced the same destruction on emails and materials and documents during this administration. this is in the dna of the clinton cartel, is it not? this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. >> you make a good point. look at the irs scandal. we are trying to impeach the commissioner of the irs.
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even though we seen ad lois lerner *'s emails, the irs destroyed her emails. if the executive branch can do that with impunity and face no consequences, they will continue to do it. at least it shows congress is willing to impose consequences when people behave this way and obstruct justice. lou: the era of the imperial presidency has got to end. congress has been rendered insufficiently powerful or feeble to the point it's not a coequal bran than of government when it can be run over and dismissed by the executies as you say without consequences. justin cooper described matter of factly destroying
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blackberries, saying that he had backed it up. but i didn't hear a single question about where in the world is that material he backed up and why doesn't congress have it. >> he didn't have an answer for that. he's destroying blackberries sometimes with a hammer. if you read the f.b.i. report there is a laptop that went missing in the mail somehow. this is par for the course. but he acknowledged he never had a security clearance. so he didn't even have the ability supposedly to handle all this stuff. it just shows her email setup was allowing people to had never been vetted by the government to handle information at the confidential, secret and top secret levels. lou: the american people are watching this unfold. 70% of them have the since hillary clinton is dishonest and trustworthy. and they are having that sense
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of her and her campaign and her career validated by the past week of events. they are also seeing it val gaiftd your committee -- validated by your committee. they are agents for a cartel rather than employees or considers for a secretary of state who has the responsibilities of a duty to the american people. this is bizarre what we are witnessing. i can't even imagine where this leads. can you? >> i think it's very instructive for the american people to look at this the next 50-odd days. if she is elected president of the united states, this whole email saga, how they hand it, how they lied to the public repeatedly. how emails were destroyed, that will be standard operating procedure in a hillary clinton administration.
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it will be four years of nonstop vest gaitions and scandals. i think the american people want to get beyond that and get his country back on track. lou: meanwhile your speaker of the house goats to talk with our president about -- goes to talk with our president about the agenda for the fall. has he gained some perspective and hugh military or is h -- ane going to skip into uncharted territory when it comes to budget politics? >> i don't think so. i think when mike pence came to the hilda and met with republican members. it was a good meeting. he had a good message. the members go back for the fall campaign.
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i think people will be excited with the opportunity to gate change in direction for the country. i think there is broad agreement amongst our colleagues, particularly having watched hillary clinton over the course of this campaign that we have to stand up and do something about this lot * do you think the never trumpers who serve in congress and the senate, some from utah, do they understand a vote against donald trump is a vote for hillary clinton? never trumps are committed to hillary clinton? are they ready to wake up? >> there are some people -- some of the pundits here in washington -- i have seen a number of so-called conservative pundits who do prefer hillary. lou: are you talking about rich lowry?
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they have an audience of 50,000 people. they work for non-profits, no better they call themselves, and their influence ends at the rotunda as you walk out of the building there. >> we have people who will come and testify in front of congress who are sensibly on the right, who are gravitating towards hillary clinton. i don't think that really matters with the american people. lou: it doesn't matter to me. i just want to know if anybody has the sense to grow you have and act like a rational human being or will they be pretenders to a conservatism that has nothing to commend it other than elitism and the establishment status question. >> there is no doubt aversion among the political class. lou: i'm talking about leadership.
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i'm talking about paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and their minions. >> i think they are supporting the nominee. how vociferously they are, that's open for question. the better we do you and count ticket, that's better for everybody. there is a realization of that. lou: hallelujah. congressman, always good to have you with us. we are after he waiting donald trump's speech tonight. he will put forward his proposals to make childcare more affordable for working parents it's not tap coincidence trump is delivering this speech targeting moderates, and independents in you you are about and pennsylvania. his winning largely dependsen the support of blue collar democrats. we have a lot to caulk about. a lot to cover. stay with us.
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order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. lou: donald trump pledged to be the president of everyone while on the campaign trail in iowa. the republican frontrunner didn't address hillary clinton's health crisis but he did address her. he didn't ignore her insults of tins of millions of his supporters. trump blasted her for calling them a basket of deplorables. >> while my opponent slan ders s you as deplorable and unredeemable, i call you
11:21 pm
patriots who are hard work and want a better future for your country. lou: that was just part of her horrible week and continued gaffes on the campaign trail, and continued developments even gulf her campaign. republican strategist fox news political analyst karl rove. that was about as nasty and offensive as anything i have ever heard a presidential candidate say about the american voter. >> and then she had a half-hearted apology in which she said i'm sorry for using the word half. she is not sorry for using those labels and suggesting large numbers of donald trump's people of his supporters are homophobic and racist. she was just sorry about using the word "half." this is the way it is with her.
11:22 pm
she makes these outrageous statements and when she is forced to retreat, she only retreats a little. lou: she regrets her mathematics, but none of the words she employed. i think trump is beating the deckens out of her on the campaign trail for her insults. what do you think we'll see as a result in polling. will this have a measurable effect among independents? >> i think it will have two. i think you need to look at all the weekend's events together. the attack on trump supporters will tend to raise the enthusiasm level of his people. today when he paraded across the stage in iowa, a group of diverse americans who are his supporters. we'll see this in the t-shirts people will be wearing and the hats they are going to be wearing.
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i hope we see them in ads by trump in the battleground states. she has gone after him in the battleground states. but they put up an ad that have some of his comments that fifth americans against each other. he's relying on the free media and she'll rely on paid media for longer than a couple days to blunt this. lou: her health issues. we watched the mainstream media coalesce around her trying to describe what she did. she walked from the 9/11 ceremony to the curb, awaiting her van. they tried to describe her -- she collapsed -- as a stumble when it was clearly an utter collapse. this is a remarkable feature of what we all know to be the liberal mainstream media. but they are trying to distort a very important perhaps even seminal moment in 2016, this presidential campaign.
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>> they are not on the ballot. so let's keep focus on her. >> i said they are complicit and compliant. >> i get it. this is the fourth time the clintons have been able to pull this off. december 2012, she falls on a tuesday or wednesday, and suffers a concussion. we find out by the on friday. she go to the hospital on december 30. we find out about it december 31. when she is let out of the hospital on january 7 of 2013, we are told by the state department spokesman that she is quote fully recovered. it's not until february 14 that she is seen in public without the prism glasses you wear to compensate for vision problems from a brain injury, a concussion.
11:25 pm
and in may of 2014, her husband finally admitted it was a terrible concussion and took six months of hard work for her to get back to it. now we have she has a bad cough on monday. they get her to a doctor friday. and we find out they diagnosed her with pneumonia on friday. what if they say we have a doctor here to bore you to tears about what it's all about. it can be treated with antibiotics. but she wants to go to that thing on 9/11 and she had the same episode. we have have had it in context. but the paranoia of the clinton machine led them to create a gigantic public relations problem that is primarily about her honest and trustworthiness. lou: on that the vote is in.
11:26 pm
survey after survey shows 70% of americans find her dishonest and untrustworthy. >> i think we'll see a tightening of the race. i'm not certain how much more tight it can get. but, you know -- we have to be careful about this. due mentioned the follow from usc "l.a. times." it's got an odd methodology. they asked people to rate their enthusiasm about the candidates. we don't know what form la they used to translate that into the ballot. buthe trump supporters have been more enthusiastic than the clinton supporters. lou: the outliar, they may be right, it turns out to be the abc news, the post have been the
11:27 pm
outlier. >> my best guess is we are at 2-point to-point range. i wrote a piece about this on my website and last thursday i drew from a study that showed the continues between the polls conducted by using real people to call other real people and those conducted on the internet and robocalls. and there is. >> big difference between the two different times of polls. lou: if you are going to get people to you will have to sell something beside a bunch of numbers. has stuff that's really good. but you are going to bury us with numbers. >> no, no, no. if you read that beautiful piece. lou: i did.
11:28 pm
>> what it says is, the traditional kind of polls we conducted were with real people talking to real people with a different set of outcomes. lou: you are killing me. >> i don't want to kill you because i want you to have good health, unlike hillary clinton. by the way, it's >> you got it. lou: up next we are awaiting trump's childcare proposals. he's delivering his main speech from pennsylvania. also the state department admits president obama's nuclear deal with iran may be contributing to the regime's aggressive new behavior. can you believe that? >> as much as we would like to see iran's behavior change in the region. we have not seen a significant shift. >> but you can't rule out in
11:29 pm
fact this deal served as a cause for this more aggressive posture? >> i can't rule that out. lou: you can't right out. empowering and embodenning iran. empowering and embodenning iran. we'll find out if ambassador afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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lou: united states has now launched bombers over south korea in a show of support for our ally south korea and japan the philippines and other nations in the face of threats from north korea. the two nuclear-capable b-1 bombers flew some 705 towson miles from the border of north korea escorted by u.s. and south korean jets. a show of force comes days after north korea's fifth nuclear test
11:34 pm
and its most powerful today. joining me now former u.s. ambassador to the united nations american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton "fox news" contributor. ambassador it's good to have you here this. >> lied to be with you. this. lou: this is a departure for the administration to make this effort to show the north koreans that we are serious and they will face some consequences if they continue. what do you make of it? >> well i think the president has paid so little attention to the north korean threat that what you see happening in east asia is our military thankfully acting on autopilot. obviously north korea just detonated its fifth nuclear device area there is chatter already that they may be about to do a six. south orient deals very threatened and we just demonstrated to north korea that they shouldn't even think about any hostile action because the former secretary of state colin powell used to say when he was a
11:35 pm
civilian that if north korea tried anything like that we would turn that country into a charcoal burkett. now unfortunately the president is not doing the same thing with respect to iran and i think the difference is really striking. lou: you use the word automatic autopilot. you don't think the commander-in-chief ordered back? >> now, i don't. they may have told them about it while he was there but they presented it to him directly he would have said that so provocative let's not do it. this is the sort of problem that obama has personally created and led countries all of the world to think that we are weakening and withdrawing our intentions from around the world. lou: speaking of what he has created and the mistakes that have been made in every corner it seems of the world, the state e part not, the obama state governed by the clinton cartel
11:36 pm
today acknowledged that the nuclear deal with iran could well have led to the aggressive behavior, the increasingly aggressive behavior of iran. astonishing. do you not think? >> well i think it fits the definition of the washington gaffe. that is to say the spokesman spoke the truth inadvertently and i will be interested to watch how they try to walk it back tomorrow but the fact is it's an accurate assessment. look the premise of obama's nuclear deal is one that would solve the iranian nuclear threat which it has not and second it would change iran's behavior fundamentally to make it into a civilized nation of which it has not. the behavior in the nuclear program continues unabated and its provocative behavior in the persian gulf and its support of international terrorism all continues and in fact enhanced
11:37 pm
by the tens of billions of dollars of assets we have unfrozen and given them along with the payment for our hostages. virtually every part of the foundation underlying this nuclear deal is being proven false. lou: and the american people are watching all of this aghast, those who are paying attention to it as we coddle and in fact support iran through this president's generosity and indifference to national interests, our national interest at least. we have got what, five months to get through here? i mean it's going to be a narrow thing, isn't it? >> i think we are in a very dangerous period. from now until they not gration and particularly the period after november 8 before january 20 when there is zero political consequences whatever for obama that we are very much in danger of him doing something for his legacy, real acts of
11:38 pm
ideology that put the united states at grave risk that we will see others coming up soon. he goes to the u.n. next week. get ready for it. lou: what do you expect? it sounds like you expect him to surrender half of western civilization or something to tehran. >> i think what he is going to do at the u.n. is very dangerous. he's going to try to bind the united states to the copper inset nuclear test ban treaty even though the senate has rejected it. i think we can expect that lk this is now the time when all of this ideological predilections that he is has had to restrain for seven and a half years the very words are going to come out even worse our adversaries around the world russia and the baltic republic china and the south china sea iran and north korea. if you have something you want to dance against united states the period between now and january the 20th is the best time to do it. lou: and the alliance, the burgeoning alliance between
11:39 pm
russia and china and particularly on display now in the south china sea creates a real quandary or u.s. foreign policy and certainly for our president who is confused about the exercise of power and the advanced than the u.s. interest or in the defense of u.s. interests. >> exactly and that is where i think trump speech a few weeks ago about how he would rebuild the military after the savage would you cut to the obama gears is so important more ships at sea, more planes for the air force more troop strength for the army and marines because we don't have that capability our diplomacy will be even more prone to failure than it is already. lou: i think you would agree that it is fair to say the republicans bear some considerable responsibility as well because they went along with sequestration which has stripped our military of so many
11:40 pm
resources. am i wrong? >> the sequestration decision was one of the worst budget decisions that i think has ever taken place in the united states. trump is said he began rid of it read the sooner we get rid of the better off we are. lou: the point being republicans bear immense responsibility as well with the president. >> it was a mutual suicide package but we were the ones were harmed by it, not obama. lou: it's time for change in the instincts of both political parties certainly paid one seems to be on the way to at least having recovered that suicide pact as you describe it. john bolton is always great to have you with us. thanks for insight. >> yankee loco. lou: investor john bolton. sure to vote in our poll. the question is deeply the clinton campaign is mortally wounded? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs and follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like neon facebook and instagram "lou dobbs tonight" there.
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links to everything lou please roll the video. this is quite a moment. one thrillseeker filming his with death. watch this jumping off the roof of a california hotel into the pool some 60 feet below. he narrowly missed the concrete. the daredevil is no stranger to death defying leaps. you may recall he just jumped off of a cliff in laguna beach and we brought you that video just a month ago. we are proud to say this is incredible. how does this occur to people? sober that is, people. up next donald trump said to give a speech on his plans tonight for childcare and how to make working parents lives better. we will bring it to you when trump takes the stage. earlier today the republican nominee slammed clinton sense of entitlement and are outright arrogance.
11:42 pm
>> it's this attitude of arrogance that explains why hillary clinton made 13 phones disappear including with a hammer so the fbi couldn't see them and why she bleached or e-mails after congressional subpoena. that's after the subpoena came. this isn't before, it's after the subpoena came. lou: charlie hert, aaron elmore join us next. join us next. stay with us, we a
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lou: donald trump's jog your speech this hour aims at winning over women voters in part to the latest abc news "washington post" poll shows clinton leading jump among women with a 15-point deficit if you do the quick path which is the only method capable of. "washington times" columnist charlie hurt attorney aaron omar now a circuit for the trump campaign. it's great to have you both with us tonight. this speech in part looks like almost a democratic document as we looked at the early indications in the script. >> we know that donald trump is a traditional republican candidate.
11:47 pm
lou: we have noticed that. >> a slightly untraditional and he has laid out a program to help veterans and i think this is the next step helping women. lou: your take away. >> i think aaron is exactly right and the reason people love him so much is that he is not a typical republican andes also not a doctrinaire. lou: by the way forgive me for interrupting but not a typical republican is such a massive understatement but also an accommodation for him. >> absolutely and i think the reason he has taken the political world by storm as the fact that he ran for the republican nomination by going after republicans and attacking the republicans that bush meant and that is a small -- no small order and that took real guts and is also not a traditional conservative and my ideas align
11:48 pm
more with that. i don't like a lot of the stuff he talks about in his speech but it's the other stuff that if he sticks with the immigration, the illegal immigration and sticks with the stuff about going after isis and sticks with -- lou: the wall. >> a wall and sticks to his promises about putting the justices he is talked about on the court or promises to protect guns, if he does all that you know you don't get everything you want and we know we have trd some of these great principled conservatives or great to both republicans and they are terrible. lou: i just saw bill kristol and i can see him seated at the head of the table and neoconservatism do you think you will ever come around by the way? >> i don't know. on those key issues and the other one of course is complaints about going around
11:49 pm
the globe invading other of these countries and stuff like that. we have had enough of that and if that's conservatism give us something else. lou: sign me up for the charlie hurt foreign policy right now. i think most of americans have had a belly full of that dot you? >> donald trump is a breath of fresh air. people are tired of business as usual in washington. that's why people like him and i think the republicans are too serious and that's why they like the way donald trump is handling it now. lou: trump is now standing up -- ivanka trump standing up to introduce her father donald trump about to unveil his proposal to make childcare more affordable and more accessible for merrick and working families. here she is. >> her children had been hospitalized and she was jailed and charged with felony child abuse. as i have traveled around the country with my father stories
11:50 pm
about hardships caused by our insisting childcare system one that is too expensive, too outdated into the inaccessible come up time and time again. just last week i spoke with a military spouse who recounted the vicious cycle responsible for holding so many american families back economically. she relayed to me the frustration i have heard all too often of not being able to work and bring home a second income because she can't afford quality and reliable childcare. stories like these go straight to my heart and they field my belief that there has to be a better way. i have three young children myself and i am grateful daily for the means to pursue two of my dreams, being a mother and investing in a career that fulfills me. i recognize that far too few women can say the same for themselves and that i am more fortunate than most. this must change.
11:51 pm
as a society we need to create policies to champion all parents enabling the american family to thrive. my dad agrees that he's in a very unique position to do something about this problem and the numerous other problems facing tens of millions of parents and caregivers across our country. today childcare is the single greatest expense for many american famieeven exceeding the cost of housing in much of the country. it's depleting the hard-earned savings of men and women across our nation and it's at the root of wage inequality by disproportionately affecting women. the federal policies that are in place to benefit families were written more than 65 years ago to serve a primarily male workforce that no longer exists. dual income families were not the norm in 1949 when the current tax code provisions
11:52 pm
regarding families were established. today however women represent 47% of the wesley report and its almost two-thirds of married couples, both spouses work outside of the home. 70% of mothers with children at home also work in a professional capacity and 64% of these moms have kids aged six and under. the number of households led by single mothers has doubled in the last 20 years and approximately two-thirds of these women work in low-wage jobs that offer neither flexibility nor benefits. my father has created a plan that is designed to bring relief and to provide working parents with options so that they can make the decisions that are in the best interest of their families. safe, affordable, high-quality childcare should not be the luxury of a fortunate few. historically this has not been
11:53 pm
an area that has received nearly as much attention in the policy world as it deserves. while there are systems in place for older children hardly any intellectual energy has been devoted to addressing the needs of families with children from birth to four years old. in particular little focus has been put on determining how best to alleviate enormous financial burden's childcare places ongoing, and middle income families. at the same time the united states is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not provide new mothers with paid maternity leave. my father's policy will give paid leave to mothers whose employers are all among the 90% of u.s. businesses that currently do not offer this benefit. this is a reform that is of critical value and long overdue. my father's plan also recognizes and supports the many women who may not be mothers but who have
11:54 pm
less paying jobs to provide care for elderly dependents. this is another example of people who been routinely ignored by federal policies. empowered thousands of women at every level of this company throughout his entire career my father understands the needs of the modern workforce and is offering a new and innovative solution where others have not. my father's plan also acknowledge is the vital contributions of stay-at-home moms and parents, fathers and mothers, who will ensure that they too will receive this new tax benefit. raising children full-time is one of the hardest jobs anyone can do and it's essential that our policies recognized and honored that reality. as an employer, a mother and a woman who works both inside and outside the home, these are topics i consider critical in
11:55 pm
importance. the policy my father is about to outline is one that i am proud to have helped conceptualize and insuring its announcement will be one of my top priorities when he is elected come november. [applause] this is not a women's issue. it's a family issue, it's an american issue. it's an issue that's often discussed but is yet to be solved. my father plans to change that and now he will tell you how. it is with great admiration and respect that i introduce to you our next president and my father, donald j. trump. [applause]
11:56 pm
[applause] >> thank you. thank you. [applause] thank you everybody. that's very nice. [applause] thank you very much and i want to applaud my daughter ivanka for her leadership on this issue. she has been working so very hard. [applause] ivanka has been deeply invested in this since long before the campaign began i can tell you that and i'm very grateful to her for her work, her efforts and this proposal which we are going to be outlining right away. i think it's going to make a lot of people very happy, a lot of moms very happy. [applause] i want to also take a moment to recognize congresswoman cathy met doris rogers the chairwoman
11:57 pm
of the house republican conference and a mother of three small children who has been such a leader and works so hard with us. cathy we want to thank you very much. [applause] also we are joined tonight by some amazing members of congress and our audience, congresswoman loomis black marks where and commerce. come on up your. they work so hard on this. come on up. [applause] >> my name is marjah black urn
11:58 pm
urn -- black urn and i'm from the great state of tennessee. [applause] i want to say to all of you with a warm reception that you have given to us and i want to say a special thank you to mr. trump. focusing on the issues that affect working women is something that is vitally important to each of us standing on the this stage. we come from a variety of backgrounds. we have a nurse, we have farmers, we have ranchers, we have teachers. we have small business owners and entrepreneurs. that's the skill set that we bring to congress and the experience that we draw from and we know that each of you are not like us. those are the experiences that you have. we know that there are issues when it comes to childcare, when it comes to dealing with the work place and just as ivanka
11:59 pm
said so perfectly. this is a family issue. we know men always want more money. what do women want? more time. [applause] and we are thrilled to finally have a president of the united states who was going to put the focus on working with women to make certain that you can achieve your american dreams. thank you so much for having me. [applause] mayor giuliani please stand up. [applause] the nation's mayor. he has done a good job.
12:00 am
so our campaign is about ideas. we are about solutions to big, big problems, problems that of don on forever. i have traveled all over the country in recent weeks offering detailed plans to make things better for you and for your families. it's so important to me. i've outlined detailed proposals by providing school choice, we have to do that, reforming our tax and regulatory codes. [applause] lifting restrictions on american energy, rebuilding our military, changing our foreign-policy, fixing our immigration, so important, and keeping our country safe. [applause] right


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