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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 14, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> we need working mothers to be fairly compensated their their work and have access to a affordable quality child care yet meaningful work has done in this area and my opponent has no child care plan. maria: meanwhile the trump foundation facing new investigation this morning, attorney general opening probe of impropriety this coming after shocking revelation that worker had full access to hillary clinton's private e-mail and server. disturbing video of a man plowing his car into two officers at a gas station in arizona. that driver charged with attempted murder. mylan labs under pressure. the wall street journal with new details with the company sky
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high-executive pay. coming up. the deal of the day, big deal 65 billion-dollar merger. we will bring it to you. cyber threat of american athletes, credit cards, we use them every day but a new study says most americans probably do not understand the contract because they're too hard to read. what you need to know to protect yourself. in markets futures indicating stocks will open fractionally better this morning after another big move yesterday. in europe take a look at how the tone was set, rebound in the price of oil, in asia overnight declines across the board. kospi index in korea closed for a holiday and all the stories coming up this morning. joining me to talk about maverick cochair morgan and scott martin and former cia diligence president mike baker.
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good to see, everybody. morgan: good morning. maria: a lot to talk about this morning. >> definitely, the markets have been front and center this week, haven't they? we went through this period a couple of months post brexit. so much on the political front. retired four star general jack kean is with me, john and alberto gonzález joins us. you don't want to miss a moment so do stay with us. republican presidential nominee donald trump lays out his plan for affordable child care with his daughter at his side ivanka trump. child care is such a big problem. we need working mothers to be fairly compensated for their work and have access to
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affordable quality child care for their kids. it's what we are doing. we want higher paid, better wages and a growing economy for everybody. >> raising children full-time is one of the hardest jobs anyone can do and it's essential that our policies recognize and honor that reality. maria: i want to bring in congresswoman marcia. good to see you, i was watching you taking such leadership and getting on stage and taking the microphone. i want to ask you about this plan, whrs it -- whether it is a game changer. he needs to win pennsylvania and he needs that women vote. is this a game changer in order to winning for female votes? >> yes, maria, not only is it a game changer, but what you're doing is starting a
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conversation, this is a conversation starter, you're talking about options, you're talking about relief and making sure children are safe and have access to the opportunities that you want them to have and experience is one of the top issues for working parents and i think it is so important that the deductibility for those child care expenses being able to do that birth through 13, stay at home moms also having the opportunity to access that tax incentive, that is something that's very important and then when you look at the dependent care savings account, elder care and how many of us end up caring for elderly relatives, so this is a way to help offset some of that expense. the other thing i liked was the fact that we've always had debate about paid maternity leave and how is an option
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that's a good conversation starter saying, go after waste fraud and abuse and unemployment insurance program and put it through that. so plenty for capitol hill to work on and good conversation starter. maria: there are a lot of good things in here for mothers, women, for families, on the other hand this goes against what the republicans have been talking about for a long time and that is too much spending. donald trump came off right off the bat, we are going to eliminate the deductions and here we see the child care deduction, how does that sit with you in terms of the spending portion of this and how you pay for this? >> well, i think the big difference there is previously when you would hear things about child care and paid maternity leave it was always a mandate. okay, we are going to mandate this and then the private sector figure out how to handle it, now
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what he is saying, look, let's look at the tax code and families have changed, work conditions have changed. the way people organize their life has changed. yes, it is a family issue and let's look at the tax code, let's look at incentives. it's another option. you want to take advantage of it, it is there. since we have the tax code, let's put this into it and let's use this as a starting point. maria: i want to bring in one of my colleagues because i want to talk about the women vote, before we get to you, morgan, yesterday marcia three workers were called to testify before overieght committee on hillary clinton's use of private server. you've worked a lot on this subject. they all pled the fifth. listen to this. >> on the advice of counsel i respectfully decline to answer. >> i respectfully decline to
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answer. >> i have no opening statement. maria: i found this stunning. there's also e-mail congresswoman that show workers, they were concerned about a cover-up, one e-mail says, starting to think this whole thing really is about covering up some shady stuff, i will say. what's your reaction to this congresswoman? >> i think somebody was pretty perceptive when they wrote that e-mail and the american people are finding that out now. this is another of the pattern of deception that you get from bill and hillary clinton. the clinton foundation needs an investigation. they did not file those 990's for a period of 10 years and only did it after they felt like they had to and now they never filed the proper paperwork.
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you look at frank, you look at uranium one, you look at what happened with russia, i just -- the nicaraguan land deal, maria, this goes on and on and on. one of the things i've heard from people also is the string of emails that show people that donated to the clinton foundation would then go back through and ask presidential treatment with vias, things people have to deal with if they want to travel and since they were giving clinton foundation money, they were entitled to treatment. people don't like that and very curious about really happened. maria: this is getting extraordinary by the moment. it's actually -- donald trump trying to appeal to women. morgan, do you think this
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situation is resinating with women and do you think this child care proposal is going to lure in that vote? morgan: i do. i'm the age demographic that donald trump should tb going after. i think a lot of young women are too. these are the issues that women my age are facing, how do we have a career and how do we raise children and what's really important, it wasn't that we mandating the business, trump offered a plan to pay for that. there has to be a plan to pay for it. maria: what about the new york attorney general opening inquiry of the trump foundation? listen to this, congresswoman. we have to get your reaction
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here too. >> sure. >> you want to debate foundations and charities, one candidate family foundation has saved countless lives around the world, the other candidate's foundation took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a 6-foot tall painting of himself. he had the taste not to go for the 10-foot version. in response, why isn't president obama working instead of campaigning for hillary clinton. what impact do you think this inquiry will have an trump's campaign? >> you know, it's very interesting, maria, i think it's going to raise more questions about the clinton foundation and the president's inappropriate remarks yesterday listening to him, my goodness, why don't you look at what happened with hiv
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drugs in africa and the link there with some of the india pharmaceutical companies and some of the drug that is really probably -- there are just a lot of questions on that issue of what happened with those hiv drugs. maria: yeah. >> and the association there. so i know that there is more information on that and it is a debate that is going to move forward and i think hillary clinton is really in trouble. i was on the ground in new hampshire on saturday, it's a 1-point race there. and this all adds to the discussion of my, goodness, you cannot trust bill and hillary clinton, she is a liar, she is untrust worthy and the actions of their foundation show that and i think what i've heard and read on twitter, social media people are saying why aren't they investigating the clinton foundation, you have people sitting in those witness chairs in dc that are saying i didn't
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have a security clearance and i worked on the server and they see this as being unfair and they see a lot of inequity of the system. maria: i was watching a video ten times i'm not going to answer any questions. i thought to myself, well, we know these guys dedestroyed emails. we know -- >> that's right. maria: connect the dots for me? how does that happen where we know already they destroyed emails and yet they're allow today take the fifth and we are done. i mean, is it done? >> well, but here is the thing, we are not done. maria: right. >> they know they are guilty so that is why, yes, they took the fifth and people want to know more about what has happened with the clinton foundation, how did they go for ten years and not file 990's and bill
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clinton saying we are going to stop taking foreign donations. that's like you better line up now, make contributions now. that's kind of the altar call, if you will. people see through this and i don't think the american people want another four years of that quite frankly. maria: good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> sure. maria: coming up next taking a look at the dramatic moment caught on a surveillance camera, a plan plowing into three police officers with his car at a phoenix gas station, details on the disturbing incident next. even higher paydays at mylan, we will tell you how much more executives were paid than peers, next. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95."
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that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity. maria: welcome back, an arizona man drives his car on police officers on purpose. cheryl casone with the details and headlines now, cheryl. cheryl: yeah, on purpose, that's the key phrase. 44-year-old ran vehicle toward three officers before hitting patrol car and crashing into the front of a quicktrip store. the attack happened tuesday morning in phoenix, two offers were struck by payne's vehicle.
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one officer suffered a broken leg and another suffered a head injury, all taken to hospitals for treatment. phoenix's police chief spoke about the incident and increase and attacks against law enforcement. >> it's unacceptable. i've been in law enforcement for over 30 years and i've seen a lot of things but i have never seen so many senseless violent acts targets law enforcement. >> well, payne will likely face three counts of attempted first degree murder and three counts of agra vaited assault. well, moving onto weather, tropical storm julia is making landfall this morning on the northeast of florida. julia is expect today dump between 3 and 6-inches of rain on northeast florida, georgia and parts of the south carolina coastlines, that's going through friday afternoon. 1.2million people under tropical storm warning and 6 million under flood watch from this storm.
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julia expecting to be tropical depression later on today. in businesses this morning, mylan, drug maker behind epipen hike, wall street journal say that is executive pay executives received second compensation in the drug and biotech sector. 292.2million during that time frame. mylan's compensation and the compensation, maria, very unusual for mylan's company size that the number 11 drug maker by revenue and 11 in market cap. so it doesn't add up, back to you. maria: wow, really interesting numbers there. thank you so much. coming up the state department
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joining us right now on the phone charlie, charlie, thanks for calling in. break down what we know so far. >> 120,000 a share, people thought 130. it's not. it's right below that. it's an all-cash deal which was intize to go monsanto board members and i think this is like what got it over the hump. they've been wrangling about this since march. we actually broke when it first became public that bayer was interesting and made an official bid back in may. this tells how how long it's been going on. this was the clincher, i believe. if regulators and i will tell you, there's a lot of regulator talk about this, this will get scrutiny f regulators, monsanto gets a check. if you look at the share price this morning. the deal hasn't been announced
6:24 am
but i guess we are pretty much -- we know what's going on. it's six hours difference between here and germany and we expect to be announced very soon. the price is 2340 where near 128. that i think reflects two things, number one the deal hasn't been announced and it's never a deal until you see the press release and i think the biggest concern is scrutiny. u.s. regulators and the department of antitrust are going to be all over this. this deal is the biggest deal of the year but, you know, to just think about all of the various chemical and agricultural products that both companies bring to the table, this is going to be a huge undertaking. that's why the deal is not trading, that plus it's never a done deal until you see it in writing but i think the
6:25 am
regulatory concerns have investors a little freaked out. >> charlie, on that note, you mentioned the department of justice and some other regulators got in the way of the office depo and staples deal. you can go on. what do you think of the deals going forward where companies may talk to each other? what do you make of how things are regulatorily with some of the deals? >> if you notice the eu is pushing back on some of the cross-bord agriculture deals. i mean, there's a few of them that are out there right now, dupont has one that's being held up and, you know, this is a big concern. there are two complicating matters here, number one it's two huge companies. monsanto is one of the biggest
6:26 am
companies out there and bayer in germany. you have two sets of regulators. you have u.s. antitrust and eu regulators. you know, that's what the market say and i can tell you that when this thing is done and you start talking to investment bankers, you know, they think that they got this covered that. they are going to share some noncore assets, meaning the buyer will and they think they are going to be able to appease the -- appease the people, but i will just tell you the new york stocks exchange when they were looking to merge but as you know, it didn't happen. one thing as being a journalist, i get paid no matter what happens with the deal. maria: all right, charlie, we will wait for the announcement. the eu looks at deal-making differently than the u.s. the eu is trying to protect competitors.
6:27 am
if this deal is too big, it actually -- >> exactly. that's the whole issue. that's what's dangerous about this deal and some of the other ones to be rumored to be in the works. how eu comes into play. maria: we will see about that. short break. president obama wants to admit 25,000 more refugees into the country now, more than the 65,000 who have already arrived this year, the national security concerns front and center when we come right back. mike baker is going to weigh in on that. america's tough athletes are the targets of hack attacks. stay with us. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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maria: good wednesday morning, everybody. welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday september 14th, here are your top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. new questions this morning over how google could be affecting the vote. tensionstizing with iran and the state department admitting that the nuclear deal may be the reason. >> we have seen disturbing trends makes significance of the nuclear agreement much more important because the last thing anyone would want to see a nuclear armed iran but also show that is iran also has a choice to make. maria: secretary kerry announces
6:31 am
how many people president obama wants to bring into the country now. details coming up. a failing grade for schools suing governor. medical records of simone biles and williams sisters released by hackers. they're too hard to read. what you need to know to protect yourself. markets this morning looking higher. futures indicating a fractionally better opening this morning, in europe stocks are edging higher as well as. that is boosting stocks in europe. ftse up, three quarters of one percent. different story in asia. the markets in korea, by the way are closed today for a holiday. well, the obama administration admitting now that the iran nuclear deal may be to blame for iran's increased aggressions
6:32 am
just coming three days after the iran military threatened to shoot down military planes operating in international air space. mike on -- toner said this yesterday. >> you can't rule out that, in fact, this deal has served as a cause for this more aggressive posture? >> i can't rule that out. maria: this marketing the first time any senior u.s. officials acknowledged iran's behavior is worsening. general keane, thank you so much for joining us. last time we spoke about iran testing the limits on the wake of this iran deal. now we hear from the administration, are they finally realizing this deal was a mistake or what do you think is going on now given what we have
6:33 am
seen from iran against our military in the last several months? >> well, they'll never admit that the nuclear deal was a mistake because it was seminole objective of the obama administration's foreign policy. that's going to stay on the table. they're going to claim that this is a good deal. they were incredibly naive and that was always nonsense. no one believed that that would happen. iranians have been since 1980, maria. the strategic objective is domination of the middle east and they have never come off of that. to do that, drive the united states out, weak tennessee relationship between the united states and the sunni arabs and that's what bullying in the united states and trying to
6:34 am
humiliate us and are they emboldened by the nuclear deal, you bet you they are, they got what they wanted. the deal legitimizes them and doubtful we will ever see july 2009 repeated again with the movements in the street of tehran trying to overthrow the regime. maria: wow. we've got obviously a few more months of president obama's presidency where he's not going to do anything. what do you want to see in the next administration regardless of who it is, general, in terms of the iran relationship? what should be done, are we supposed to just take this taunting and bullying from the iranians on our military men and women? >> i think things will change almost drat -- dramatically of who is president. the russians, chinese that we have a weak president and they can take advantage of this
6:35 am
president. clearly what must happen is the united states has to reengage in we have to get back involved with our sunni arabs, we have to have a strategic alliance and recognize that iran is the number one adversary from a nation's states perspective in the middle east and they are threatening the stability and security of the middle east and therefore threatening the economic and prosperity and well-being of the global marketplace. maria: yeah, it's really extraordinary, actually. the obama administration, now this, it's announcing new plans to raise the number of refugees admitted to the united states by 30%. so we are talk about 110,000 refugees in 2011. the administration already called for 85,000 and they're already here. some of the refugees will be coming through syria, does increase in migrants correlate increase in terror threats? >> not necessarily but it certainly is an increase in the level of security that we have
6:36 am
to have. we -- so our viewers understand, we traditionally take in 70 to 80,000 refugees. now refugees are not part of the normal immigration process. these are people seeking asylum largely because of political oppression and when it comes to syria, iraq and afghanistan, some are literally coming because of survivability particularly out of syria. what we need to do is bring in the homeland security immigration folks, we just brought ten thousand of them. i think it has gone largely better than most expected but i would still like to see those officials come before the congress and explain this program and how they have strengthened it and make certain that if we are going to increase those numbers out of syria that we are not going to have any concerns, what they have taken in as i've been told by people involved in the process is largely families, some who have been tortured, some who have
6:37 am
been displaced and some have illnesses, et cetera, if that is going to continue, we should be okay. but i think that congress deserves as representatives of the american people to see the details of that so we are clear that we are going to be able to protect the american people. maria: do you have confidence in the vetting process, you know, over the last six, eight months we have been talking about the fact that isis has been very clear, they have a passport-making machine, they're going infiltrate the refugee flow, they have done it in europe. what's your confidence level when it comes to the vetting process in the u.s. right now? >> that's a great question. well, first of all, there is a problem in europe and because there is no process there. second, isis has said that they will infiltrate, i do believe, maria, take some credit here, i think the attention that the media has placed particularly
6:38 am
fox and getting congress heavily engaged this has forced the administration to get into the details in this maybe a little more than what they would have for the syrian refugees and i think they're sort of all in on this thing to be frank on it. i don't have the concerns now that i had months ago because i believe anecdotally the feedback has gone pretty well. we have never had a single one of them that i'm aware of them ever commit terrorist act. maria: i think you make a great point. fox has been reacting to viewers, that's why we are focused on it because we are hearing from viewers n. the face of all of this we have north korea, i want to get your take on the weapons there. the country will have enough nuclear material for 20 bombs by tend of this year, north korea conducted fifth and largest nuclear test, as you know that was last week, what responsibility does the u.s. have in relation to north
6:39 am
korea's nuclear program? >> 6 to 7 bombs, now up to 20 because of their enhanced enrichment capabilities and we have classified way to monitor the activities, that's how we can come up this with number, so to speak. nuclear weapons, what is north korea up to with these weapons? are they really going to attack the united states, i doubt that. so what is going on. nuclear weapons have always been about regime preservation, this regime, third generation, that's all they care about. they suck the country dry just to take care of themselves. it's a brutal repressive regime and that's all they care about.
6:40 am
they look at saddam hussein, if he had nuclear weapon, he would never been deposed and gaddafi, if he had nuclear weapon, she would have never been deposed. i believe mostly for geopolitical and economic leverage and make sure that south korea is never going to think about unifying the peninsula and making a one korea out of the pe none sulla. largely what scares us or concerns us, this guy is a nut. he's not a rational actor who had dangerous nuclear weapons for years and was an adversary. we don't rational actors. maria: general, thanks so much. such great insight always from you, we appreciate you joining us. parents of students in detroit giving the city schools report
6:41 am
card, they are suing governor rick snider and education officials of failing schools in detroit. stright ahead what is next to the talk show queen's role and the company's quest for a new ceo. we will be right back.
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6:44 am
maria: welcome back, stocks are looking higher this morning. take a look at futures indicating higher opening this morning. this morning weight watchers shares taking a hit after ceo resigned, the stock fell over 8% following that news yesterday reportedly cost investor oprah winfrey $120 million just on that move.
6:45 am
the shares of ford motor, it will present its financial outlook for 2017. also discussing future business and product strategy, could include more insight on ford ride business as well. russian hackers at it again. now confidential medical information from u.s. female athletes who competed at the rio olympics has been posted online. cheryl, good morning to you. cheryl: athletes include simone biles, tennis player serena and venus williams and basketball player. the doping agency said russian hacked and allowed athletes to use substance because of verified need. this is what simone biles, i'm taking drugs to treat adhd. i believe in clean sport and have always followed the rules and will continue to do this.
6:46 am
fair play is critical to sport and very important to me. she has a very good attitude about all of this, we should say. parents of detroit school children are suing michigan governor rick schneider saying their kids lack a fighting chance. the state deliberately has fail today provide tools to provide good education, it's the country's first federal case that pushing for literacy as a right under the u.s. constitution. the institute seeks a number of remedies including evidence-base program and system to monitor condition that is deny access to literacy. and finally, a credit card agreement too hard for americans to read. they're written at the 11th grade level and half of americans read at of ninth level or below. 45% of car holders say they
6:47 am
never, hardly ever read their credit card agreement, i bet if you ask most of them, they would have no clue what their interest rate is on those cards. [laughter] maria: it's all the fine print. >> well, by all the debt, they don't understand. clearly a credit card being on the rise here and a lot of folks making minimum faiments but still carrying balances. maria: i want to get on the other story that cheryl brought up on the doping scandal and hacking. now we have another e-mail dump, what's your take on this? should we be worried? >> we should be worried but this is something not new. this has been going on for years. we are slow on getting to the game. congress is still trying to sort out some legislation. the pentagon doesn't really have a protocol for what is a cyber warfare. so in a sense the horse has left
6:48 am
the barn, we lost a lot of information of economic espionage and china is the number one sponsor of this sort of activity and cyberspace. russia being number two. maria: it keeps coming from russia, it feels like. >> persistent threats, they are not necessarily state sponsored but they are sudo state sponsored and there's a claim of disconnect between the government and hacking groups. this one that went after the doping federation, fancy bears which has no connection to care bears which is a great -- [laughter] >> is there any collaboration between russia and china with all of these hacks? it's hard to track these guys. maria: at the end of the day they all hate each other. >> we sometimes forget that here. each country acts in its own
6:49 am
best interest. general keane is fantastic in talking about iran, we looked at the nuke deal or the administration did as if somehow we were going to be on the same agenda and what the current administration seems to forget is that each nation acts in its own best interest. russia acts in its own best interest. is there cooperation between china and north korea, there is in some degree. north koreans have been trained by chinese agents. >> similar interests and geographical area. >> the fancy group that went after doping agency went after the dnc, to say they're completely separate from the russian government would be naive. maria: i have to get your take on the increasing expectations of numbers of refugees coming into the country. take a short break, more from
6:50 am
our panel coming up and then google helps you complete your search request, right, but also may be influencing your vote, how search could be favoring one candidate. back in a minute it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: google's auto complete is bias in favor of hillary clinton, that is wh recent research from news suggest, google reportedly suggest only positive search results for the democratic presidential candidate. joining me right now the man behind article senior research psychologist at the american institute for behavioral
6:54 am
research and technology, dr. robert, good to see you, thank you so much for joining ut. >> well, thank you, maria. maria: most people when they use google they are not expecting it to get political. tell us what your findings suggest? >> well, there are a little shocking, we did an experiment to see what happens when you show people negative suggestions like something about hillary's health or donald trump's flip-flops or things like that and what we found is that negative search suggestions attract a tremendous number of clicks specially for undecided voters, undecided voters will click on suggestion about 15 times as often as they will click on a neutral search suggestion. so a simple way to to rig an election is suppress negative search suggestions for your favorite candidate but to allow
6:55 am
negative search suggestions for the other candidate and there's a lot of evidence that, in fact, google has been doing exactly that for hillary clinton. maria: wow. we know that the founders and senior leadership are fans of hillary, eric, and the founders of the company as well, but they -- they have said, look, this is auto complete and this is not -- this is not something that we can control, so what's the answer to that? >> well, we looked at that carefully and their suppressing all negatives for hillary clinton but they're not doing that for other people, prominent people including donald trump, so there does seem to be bias there, not only that, the numbers are big because we estimate that this manipulation alone will shift some where between 800,000 and 3.2 million votes in november.
6:56 am
maria: wow, this is pretty strider. >> it is extraordinary. when you talk in light of the previous story about russian hacking, and you talk about what's the game plan behind the russian hacking at the dnc, in part it's possibly to damage the trust in the system, you see something about this that the doctor is talking about grade -- google. maria: what do you trust? obviously we want to make sure people understand that there's a capability to do this. >> they are getting suggestions, they are clicking on something, basically people are unaware and specially in search rankings people are entirely unaware of any manipulations there.
6:57 am
and if you manipulate search rankings to favor one candidate that can shift 2.6 and 10.4 million votes with no one being aware and no paper trail. you get the story at the top. how many times you googled something and you go to the top five and pick the story out of the five. maria: we know that goog sl denying -- google is denying it and the founder gave money to hillary clinton. some are being clear about who their candidate is. >> there's no question that there's favoritism here. >> thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it.
6:58 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> good wednesday morning everyone. here is your top stories. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. hillary clinton off the campaign trail for the third straight day. donald trump is on the attack on it. this attitude of arrogance explains while hillary clinton made 13 phones disappear including with a hammer. that's why she bleached her e-mails after a congressional subpoena. and now the people who destroyed the e-mails are all
7:01 am
pleading the fifth amendment in front of congress. the actions are far more corrupt the latest on the race to the white house. is raising questions for bank customers across the country. the sparks social media outrage. amazon teams up with general electric c can remotely preheat your oven and start your laundry. another big movie yesterday. in europe the tone was set higher.
7:02 am
declines across the board. you all of those coming up this hour. what a story on google just there. what could be happening. let's just say that google is impacting searches on hillary clinton. the thing just goes on and on. it's no surprise. that's why were seeing this play out in the election cycle. they seem to control our lives.
7:03 am
the problem is you don't know it. you could be taken advantage of. we are about to speak with the former u.s. attorney general. we will ask him his opinion on this. mark penn is with us. former hillary clinton senior advisor. meanwhile outrage on capitol hill this morning. three former clinton workers refusing to testify yesterday regarding the democratic nominee use of a private server. watch. >> on the advice of counsel i serve my fifth amendment privilege. i have no opening statement. >> justin cooper also took the standby he actually stand but he actually answered questions listen to this. >> did you have a security clearance at that time? >> no i did not.
7:04 am
after you left the white house early when did you leave the white house. >> 2001. did you ever have a security clearance at any level after that? >> was your purpose in destroying the blackberry device ever to hide her e-mails from being saved or disclosed from federal records laws. no it's not in any way i was going out of my weight to preserve all of the information that was on those devices. that's why he used a hammer to destroy that advice. >> congressman good to have you on the program. thank you for joining us. your take away from the happenings yesterday. >> i think they're trying to run the clock out we saw one
7:05 am
witnessed not show up to that took the fifth amendment this has been a cat and mouse game from the beginning. we started with and ghazi trying to find out what took place and who did what we just keep getting at the stall and not the information that congress ientitled to. >> does is just mean you are powerless in this regard? what are you going to do? one guy says i'm not showing up. he blows it off. you have the other two not revealing anything. and no pushback. but we know he's the guy with a hammer. what happens now. >> we have to follow the law in the rules of procedure peg
7:06 am
liana did not show up. he can be held as a question the chairman and attempt to congress. it would then go to that. possibly against him. right now were looking at the options. i don't know if the chairman will give him another opportunity to come forward i don't know whether there are other remedies from a legal standpoint that we have. you see a stalling game this guy played the same thing with the fbi. we think he was granted immunity we don't know to what extent. but he should have at least shut up if he wanted to access --dash exercise this right he could take the fifth amendment before us. but again this is just a continuum of stalling and
7:07 am
stalling to give congress the information we are entitled to. we are entitled to conduct a thorough investigation. it has charge over our all matters. they are thwarting that process. >> good morning congressman. hillary clinton had gotten a pass by the fbi. but can you tell me what is going on with her top aides. are you still investigating them in congress. we saw plastic on the show that immunity was granted to yet another person on the server. what is going on with the people who are actually in control of this information on this e-mail. we haven't really heard and i think the american people would like to know what is happening to those people in power? >> we heard from one witnessed a little bit of information we are trying to gather all the facts. you can't proceed without the facts. some information we did learn and we seized from some of the fbi one of the aides to the secretary ordered some of that
7:08 am
instruction. we have a requirement to preserve records. she classified information and other information that wasn't properly turned over and may have been destroyed. so were trying to find out what took place. we find out there is more when they talk to the fbi they suddenly dump new found e-mails it is a stall to try to run out the clock i think we are entitled to complete the investigation in a proper and thorough manner. >> good morning. there is a sense of consequences of action. there is a frustration out there and the american public that perhaps things just go to the hill and die nowadays. regardless of where on the
7:09 am
political spectrum it stands. what is your timeframe for this situation. they ignore a subpoena and doesn't show up. i realize you have to follow procedures but you're also congress and do you have the ability to move at your own pace and what will your timeframe be to deal with that. >> unlike some who we do comply with the constitution with the constraints imposed on us even congress has constraints. we can't can go and prosecute now had to see again what was done in the law and the rules and take the steps that are allowed under the law unfortunately we have a department of justice that are non- responsive. and they turned a blind eye. with a very difficult situation in a very difficult job.
7:10 am
this is kind of like that all law enforcement serial on tv. all we want is the facts ma'am. we want to get the facts for the public and take action. but we have to do that if they want to be lawless our side of the aisle is not going to be. we want to comply with the law and the proper procedures. when you let the clock run out does that mean that i was gonna let the clock run out until the end of the couple months and let the election happened and then they're hoping that hillary went in and it just dies and goes away is that we are saying. >> they already had control of the department of justice. it appears the fbi may have been compromised from there. and with the director comey who has have a fairly good reputation. not to give us the information. you might recall during the hearings i said the secretary
7:11 am
and her interview recorded. do you have any information from that yes we have the 302's from that. and some have been kept from us. they are playing cat and mouse game. and now the fbi. it's a very sad time for our judicial system and the process that should move forward in an orderly manner under the constitution laws of the united states. >> what a disgrace for theameri. thank you very much for your insights. we will continue this. >> he said the fbi may have been compromised as well. what i would say is i don't know his motivation for his decision that he made it recently i will say this i've have the good fortune of
7:12 am
working with the fbi over the years including recently and i know some of those folks. the agents there they are not compromised. this is not an issue. not knowing what director comey's concerns are. those folks do their job. look at all the evidence we found out. what happened to james comey. i don't know where were you get an answer too. your member the talk in washington. he is the most nonpartisan person there. the interview was not recorded it was not on the record if you record this she's not showing up. two days after she met on a private plane. explain that to us. it's as political as it gets. we will talk about this tomorrow as well.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
welcome back. they disclosed the documents of the cyber security conference in london yesterday. in the network infrastructure. among them vice presidential candidate tim kane. they suspect russian involvement. if you upgraded your apple device to the latest software yesterday you are one of the lucky ones. they were hit by a major bug. their reports that some of the upgrades resulted in a bricked iphone or ipad. those head to plug the devices into the computer and restore
7:17 am
their devices completely this is why you should always backup your phone they acknowledge the problem they said they had resolved it. this new item from burger king yesterday. you have to eat lunch at some point right. before we dive into them we should tell you the fries are made with all white meat chicken that covered in the flavored branding that includes crushed up chinos. one order is 280 calories. i brought them to try because i think we should try things like this.
7:18 am
you can taste it. can you taste the chicken. if you have this with the red bull and vodka in the morning your day is set. we do had breaking news. monsanto the deal is done. as we expected. have fun with the regulators on this one. it's good to see this be done. it's interesting to see these two companies get together. >> 128 a share. if the eu or doj decides to
7:19 am
nix this deal. i think the market does not trust the regulators. this is the biggest deal of 2060 of course the regulators are going to get involved in this. we are almost out of chicken fries. this one is zesty and has a course horse radish. >> i bet the 280 does not include the sauce.
7:20 am
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>> welcome back. shares of wells fargo plummeting. cussing the company the standing jaundice shifting
7:24 am
john is shifting the blame to employees. he said there was no incentive to do bad things. good to see you gentlemen. what do you think was behind this because people were saying why do we see this at other banks. i don't know if it's fraud or conspiracy. i think more than anything it's probably aggressive sales practices. they can probably talk to some of these people and find out what really happens. the big issue is can be if they did this it was set by
7:25 am
higher level executive. since then wells fargo had to pay hundred $85 million in fines. this reported payday that carrie is walking out with. does it add to the wrongdoing in your view. they talked about not letting financial institutions same that. morgan the see if they're 70 there 70 that should be accountable. how to protect yourself in a world for of skimmers. what you explained to us how you can protect the money at banks. here is a situation that ends
7:26 am
up holding the bag. the system encourage this kind of action. you have to realize this is a classic definition of identity theft here. what consumers need to do is they need to do a number of things. you should be signing up for what is called transactional monitoring alerts. you should be specifically looking for small charges or ghost charges because they are designed in order to evade bank systems. consider freezing your credit so that nobody can get access for the purpose of opening up a credit card account. what you think is the proper
7:27 am
response at this stage what should they do. >> i think people have to walk the plank. i think higher-level people the confidence of consumers has been shaken in this finance still -- financial institution. the scandal that happened a few years ago they were reordering the chronology of debit accounts in order to put the consumer over. it's one of the things that led to the credit card reform act. she was able to stay in the position people are getting fired in her department yet the banking executive did nothing about it. if your consumer should there
7:28 am
be a call back as she walks out the door. i don't think you reward people for being oblivious to things. really quick. the final word from you in terms of what we should be looking at. you are former white-collar criminal fbi. there is a lot that needs to come out yet. do you sign a signature card. i don't think that happened. i think they manipulated the system. there still the potential i think the bigger fall fallout is good to be 5200 people are without a job now.
7:29 am
there can be toxic trying to get jobs now as part of this. and what can they do. there can be toxic trying to get jobs now as part of this. and what can they do. tell it up front it was like drexel years ago. tell them you were a part of it and move on. pay attention your personal responsibility you are dealing with the financial institution e you a credit card whatever it is. you have to pay attention. otherwise things happen. this is not the first time. no one has a greater interest than you do. thank you so m us.
7:30 am
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good wednesday morning every buddy. it is wednesday september 14. here are your top stories. breaking news moments ago a buyer acquires monsanto. that is a hundred $28 per share. hillary clinton gets presidential support as she
7:33 am
takes another day off. and attacking that. just last week went on russian state television to talk down our military he loves the sky. can you imagine ronald ragan idolizing someone like that. new pay to play questions. details on the pay out his daughters charity received. peter teal this morning and what he said that has them up in arms. they're teaming up to make your home smarter.
7:34 am
guns and glamour. with a look at what company is looking at that. take a look. after the deal was announced that it was in fact complete we have a tick up in stock. it is up the market is getting a boost from another big deal this morning. there up 44 points. in asia over night. overnight. a quiet session. he used his time in philadelphia yesterday to slam donald trump and has president. think about what has happened to the republican party.
7:35 am
they used to be opposed to russia and their nominee is out there praising saying he's a strong leader because he invades smaller countries jails his opponents and when the interview asked them he is a strong guy. he has a 82% pull rating. donald trump responded to president obama's attack on twitter russia who wouldn't know this and why does obama get a free pass. good morning good to have you on the program. thank you so much for joining us. let me get your reaction to all of this talk i seem to
7:36 am
remember quite clearly who whispered in the ear of i will have more flexibility after the election. there is a lot more ties between clinton and obama. were in a political campaign there are gointo be outrageous claims obviously we watch them very carefully what they do around the world is something of great interest to us. it can be helpful and deal with certain problems that we need help with.
7:37 am
i just chalk up to winning the political season. i don't know that i would trust russia implicitly they could be helpful but obviously they will be doing some things that are in not in their best interest. >> you are obviously in a very important place during the getting of the war on terror. what are you trying to say in your new book. all of the different frit decisions some of them are controversial but one of the things i hope that they can lay with is how hard we work
7:38 am
to try to get it right. many of these we have not seen since world war ii. how do you deal effectively and legally within actor. i don't shy away from any of the controversial interviews. hopefully they will have a better understanding of why these decisions were made in the rational behind them. the next question is where are we going we know that donald trump has talked about expanding the military she wants to continue many of the policies and we need help to actually take down isis.
7:39 am
i do believe we need middle eastern friends. i do worry about the changing viewpoint of america around the world. i think we are america we are the beginning of beacon of hope and democracy and we are expected to lead. i worry that we step back from that i think the common phrase is we are leading from behind. we're less today than 911 if teen years ago. in terms of trying to influence outcomes overseas. i do worry about where we are today. >> have you made a decision to
7:40 am
support a donald trump for president. i will vote in terms and who i believe is best for america and me we still had two months before the election we had time to make this decision which is a very important one it is a very dangerous time around the world for us and also we had seven serious domestic policy issues that we need to confront. i encourage all of your viewers to do the same. before coming out publicly and endorsing the republican candidate. two witnesses yesterday and a house hearing pled the fifth yesterday while a third failed to show. should a special prosecutor have been important to
7:41 am
investigate the server. >> that's a difficult one for me to answer. i know that the conversation that occurred i think that was very unfortunate for the investigation and some of them may have taken alone. in the end it's not about the attorney general and the involvement in the case. what is important is the total confidence in the justice system what i worry about what happened here is entirely from this case and as a result it felt entirely to james comey. the fbi reports to the attorney general at the end of
7:42 am
the day that response they present whatever they find. and they decide whether it should move forward or not it was turned on its have in the investigator made the decision not to move forward with the prosecution that troubles me. if you are sitting on your plane and you got the message from your aid save bill clinton wants to come up to the plate and talk to you. what would you have said to your aid. i think that would've worked. you would say hello to the president as a matter of courtesy and say avidly because of the circumstances here. where would've been
7:43 am
appropriate to say because of the circumstances involving your wife it wouldn't look good for the wife or the attorney general to have any kind of conversation or how about having it paid on the plane. such an important position doesn't have someone taking notes. it would likely occur. where you would not have anybody on the plane. have we become incredibly politicized quacks testified with the fbi investigation what is going on some of the appearance and that is troubling to me. it's something that we should worry about. and something that they have an obligation to address
7:44 am
because it should be viewed as an apartment -- department that is viewed without any bias. congratulations on the book. be sure to turn in tomorrow. mike pence my special guest tomorrow. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:45 am
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welcome back. victims. it will not be on the hook for the major legal fee. cinemark which owns the theater has dropped its request that the victims pay 700 thousand dollars in legal fees. the company withdrew its request that they pay the bill after they agreed not to appeal the burdick -- verdict against them.
7:48 am
all of you cou pchatoes out there. general electric is good to make it possible for you to have the voice commands. it's adding amazon into the products. is the bluetooth speaker. it will work on 70 different models. too bad they probably can't actually cook it for you. more than 15,000 appliances are already connected to wi-fi so they can be integrated with eco. the billionaire peter teal saying talented people go to new york or silicon valley. it is an extremely important question at the type of question that we don't ask enough.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
welcome back. firearms in fashion. they have ignored this for decades. background checks for god purchases hit a record high in july. in growing demand from women have created a new fashion industry. they are designed for women by women and they offer up stylish looks and practical way for women to carry their gun. good to have you on the
7:53 am
program. thank you so much for joining us. how do you come up with this idea. i was taking some classes with my husband back in 2011 and i wasn't satisfied with any of the holsters that were on the market. they were all really geared towards men and men's bodies so i made my own. we actually had one of my colleagues wearing it this morning. but how did you get into the accessory business to begin with. did you see this demand out there that women needed fashion and opportunity to conceal and carry. at the time most of the manufactures were just making products smaller and turning them pink and that's how they were marketed to women. there wasn't really anything for a woman's body and for our curves and i definitely saw a need there on the market for new items from women and so i
7:54 am
spoke to some girlfriends that were in the fashion industry and they were really excited and it really encouraged me to go forward with this. when i first started it was a taboo issue here in chicago as you can imagine as time goes on or more people are being supportive of it especially as the crime goes up in the city. tell us what we need to know to actually wear one of the sticks. how does it work. it is a shaper based foundation. it goes underneath her clothing. your clothing. and it has special use pockets. it is not meant for a -- it is meant for a cross body drop.
7:55 am
if you're not any use of firearm and laces like chicago you can't carry everywhere you can also carry yourself on your key your ids. there is a lot of different functionalities to it. they have it on. let's take a look. how does it feel. you can wear this underneath a blazer and then you could see the signs right there we will keep looking at that for the rest of the show. you can have it. what is the next for nickel
7:56 am
and lace. we again expand to a lot of things but most of them are going to incorporate firearms. we're working on outerwear vast at the moment and that well had conceal and carry pockets were also working on up belly be in for runners. as well as another shape wear. we are just plowing away. in making our products better. and more useful for women. you have seen what has gone on there in terms of the murders in the violence. it must be resonating in chicago. now with the rise in crime i am seen an increase in sales as well.
7:57 am
joining us there nickel and lace. coming up. we tried the burger king chicken chinos in fries. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. seconds can mean the difference between life and death.
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8:00 am
large they did yesterday congressional hearing donald trump immediately went on the attack. >> this is far bigger, and a far bigger scandal than watergate ever was hillary clinton lacks judgment temperament moral character to lead this country everybody knows it. >> obamacare drop out latest roadblock for president obama legacy why so many insurance companies will not participate the war on police disturbing video of a plan plowing his car into three officers, at gas station in arizona that driver now facing tempted to murder charges we've got the latest on the police officer's condition.
8:01 am
>> deal of the day acquiring monsanto done 66 billion dollars, confirming the deal we need to hear from regulators 128 dollars a share interesting the stock is at 106 when 128 dollar deal somebody not believing reportsing go about with this fast regards heating up what companies are doing to bring customers into restaurants markets this morning higher expecting the markets to open fractionally better on session expendeding a big move yesterday in europe the tone was discontent higher fox edged higher continued on upside the ft 100 up two-thirds of 1% a rebound in oil prices one of the sports for stock prices this morning in asia declines across the board, as you can see, korean markets closed for the holiday four-legged funds to know baseball diamond more than 1,000 dogs showing up at the white sox game we will tell you about, all stories coming up joining me to talk about it
8:02 am
national co-chair morgan or ortegus, former cia militant diligence president. >> you have carry vest. morgan: favorite show ever i had cheetos executored chicken model shale wear for sequel carry god bless america today a great -- >> model shape wear. >> try it on. >> -- white sox thing i am from chicago, looks like they had some dogs i guess at the -- >> yeah. >> a rough season for the white sox not for the cubs. >> aha got it. is in a can't-miss lineup stay with us this hour hillary clinton former sr., advisor with us former chairman ceo
8:03 am
young brands novak joining us stuart varney you don't want to miss a moment do stay twhus hour on campaign trail president obama steps into the campaign for hillary clinton pb, plans to return to the campaign, tomorrow. balkan blake has latest now in washington, blake good morning to you. reporter: to you as well. for the third day in a row hillary clinton will be off the campaign trail as she recovers from pneumonia that has not stopped the clinton team from rolling out high profile help, later day in las vegas bill clinton will step in for his wife, it was yesterday in pennsylvania standing obtained podium with clinton slogan that the president repeatedly launched attacks against the republican nomine nominee. >> you want to babe would is more fit to be our president? one candidate who traveled to more countries than any secretary of state ever has, and the other who isn't fit in any way shape or perform to represent this country abroad
8:04 am
and be its commander in chief. >> donald trump with daughter ivanka by his side unveiled plan tuesday to reduce financial burdens of child care throughout the day though he also continued to keep the focus on clinton's about basket of deplorables comment. >> while my spent slurnz you as deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hardworking americans patriots who love your country love your families, and want a better future for all americans. [cheers and applause] . >> meantime maria take a look at this polling surge appears continuing this morning, for trump, a new reading out from bloomberg has trump overclinic in state of ohio up 5 points, now there is two things, to point out here with this pol when it is head-to-head 5 points, when they bring in third-party candidates it still remains 5 points and, secondly, maria this is the largest lead for trump over clinton in ohio for the entire
8:05 am
election cycle prime and general some might say peaking the right time. >> about incredible about number i wondered what john kasich has to say about that given his stance on this election season. >> joining knee form hillary clinton presidential campaign sr., advisor mark penn good to see a you thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> what do you think, obviously it has been a tough couple of weeks, we hope hillary is well. and feeling better obviously, that was the very scary video to see her collapse the way she did do you think it was wise for her to take a few daysoff, and rest or does this feed into trump's narrative that she is not healthy to be the next president? . >> well, i think it was unquestionably right decision given all the circumstances, here for her to take couple days off who hasn't taken a couple days off, and, you know, nursed illness in bed and come back bounce back i think this will be a blip
8:06 am
here, once she gets back on the campaign trail, and, inc., she is going to get a tremendous welcome when she comes back out. maria: probably so from her supporters no doubt, but let's talk about las wooebz comment about deplorables criticizing half are supporters of donald trump, of course,ing watching this video of her stumbling into the van can she recoup what has occurred. >> i think she can, i think the american people have seen her be a first lady, a senator, a secretary of state, who as president appointed out traveled to unbelievable number of countries and they have seen her run through campaign enormous stam stamina always able to carry out whatsoever job she was doing to the absolute fullest i think this is going to pass pretty quickly. >> good morning mark this is mike baker you've been responsible for very successful campaign messaging, over the years.
8:07 am
what do you think is the one message that during the course can have these index two months she needs to really focus on. >> well, look. i think unquestionably delis a big difference between qualifications and competence i think a huge began i think you saw president hit that issue, i think also you saw some great economic numbers, you know, come out yesterday in terms in terms of rising incomes better exchanges from her perspective she has got to say she has got a vision for america she is going to carry it out, she is not going to take america down wrong tracks down track of division when donald trump would represent. maria: we have been talking this morning, mark, about who to trust, and why you know all of these agencies politicized have just enraged people the mainstream media it seems protecting hillary clinton cbs even news edited the bill clinton flip-up about his wife's health we want to show
8:08 am
you original interview not what aired broadly the original interview look at this mark. >> well -- to me, all doctors, rarely but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, same sort of thing hoped to her she got severally dehydrated. >> so that is what was edited we want to listen to the entire piece of it so that you can see what cbs edited out listen to this mark. >> rarely but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, same sort of thing happened to insure she just ghost several dehydrated. >> initially, mark bill clinton said it happened frequently. and then he said, well it happens rarely so they took out the first frequently cbs released a statement defending i diding said clip in question from former president bill clinton interview with chary rose ran in intirt on "cbs
8:09 am
this morning",, cbs digit streaming service one clip on cbas it evening news edited purely for time deadlines are not live broadcast what do you think about this cbs editing out saying see that frequently has health issues. >> i i am glad they ran the whole clip slip of the tongue was slip of the founding i don't think frequently would be accurate characterization i worked night and day with clintons 13 years never saw her anything but fully able to carry out whatever job in a strong vibrant matter i think about frequently was a slip of the to think. >> you have never seen the her or heard she does dpaifaint. >> no. >> morgan. morgan: sop health issue to close out on obamacare we have seen -- we are seeing in october expecting premiums to
8:10 am
rise dramatically for the american people how is hillary clinton going to address very bad environment for obamacare heading into is it election what is going to be a rough october. >> i think health care an issue the american people trust hillary clinton to really fix i think if you look at every poll, she has the significant lead on health care issue, and going to take a look at problems i think this is a case of obviously, going back and mending some problems that are emerging i think what is what is going to happen. >> mark if i don't mind me asking when was last time you worked closely with hillary? >> well, you know i was really -- 2008 worked with her in 2000, 2006, but and so that is when i worked very closely with her. >> okay. >> mark in light of latest polls you worried about ohio? >> look. i think it is a very close race, i think that the upcoming debate is going to be a decisive event public has not seen two of them
8:11 am
face-to-face and krsts i think you saw in the primaries when people saw s contrasts between hillary and bernie sanders first debate was plethora stabbering i am expecting a stark contrast will make decisive difference in this race. >> debates are going to be critical what does hillary clinton need to do is to ensure she wins the debate from your standpoint first debate. >> again if my standpoint i hope the first debate evolve into negative personal exchanges will be on higher with level the american people deserve a good debate i think she is going to get out there show she has a program for the future of america, that she is qualified, that she is ready to serve, that he show a is going to bring people together rather than divide them if she shows that she will beat donald trump i am not convinced he has a strategy where he could win using performances that worked in the republican primary. >> very good point mark great to see you as always, thanks so much mark penn governor mike pence joins me tomorrow
8:12 am
morning 8:30 a.m. eastern on "mornings with maria" don't miss it do stay with us, for that special interview tomorrow, 66-billion-dollar megadeal details behind buyer 66-billion-dollar deal for money sant -- edward snowden wants to come home calling on president obama to pardon him on moral grounds, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ a cancer diagnosis can
8:13 am
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maria: welt back driver plowing into police officers outside a gas station in phoenix the latest cheryl casone with that now. cheryl: we've got the videoing take a look at this islamic 41-year-old sath 33-year-old officer working first day only the job, obviously this looks intentional, a third policeman getting out of the way arrested the attacker. >> officers hit by the vehicle, flies about 8 feet in the air, mashes into front glass of qt goes down not only did suspect try to run over but fought after that these officers could have been killed, and i thank god that we're not planning three are funerals right now you -- >> they were er seriously injured suspect to face three counts of attempted first degree murder two counts
8:16 am
aggravated assault. >> a lot of pardon on these presidents issue during final months in o office to snowden wants in on action the when will blower in exile for russia more than 3 years says president obama should pardon him before he lease office next year, commuted the sentences more than 200 federal inmates is now den said he asks for clemency the information he leaked was morally correct and benefited the public. you decide on that one it is official, germany bayer buying monsanto 6 6 billion dollars includes debate this teal charlie gasparino said i am nent kwifrpd 1228 dollars per share 6% more than original offer in may, two-billion-dollar break up
8:17 am
fee, premarket -- action 106.10 deals for 128 a share we shall see acquisition creating more world's largest agrichemical firms, as you pointed out early that might be why stock is not moving higher right now. >> we will watch that thank you so much mike baker quick comment on snowden should he get a pardon. >> good god no, this could make my head explode if i thought about two too long edward snowden's life in rush bastion free speech openness wearing thin on mr. snowden. >> shocked he do you have the doesn't likes it if he copies to the u.s. i don't mind bring him back to the u.s. he should face justice, for what he did, i don't stand in a that dwrooup should be hang ordinary treason no. he should face justice he skipped the country, he essentially handed over an enormous amount of data to the chinese and to the russian intel services and others, and to say that didn't happen to
8:18 am
say that somehow he was i.t. administrator we're going to be glorified in ol veerstone movie to stay smarter is naive at best. >> i am passionate as mike about this issue, i was in saudi arabia as a diplomat when this happened i saw it directly affect meetings we are in we know we've lost the people lost the lives because of i have the lost the people scientists there are proper twice blow when isel without clog classified information intel there are proper ways go to congress go to chain of command you can do it without spilling american secrets to the world, and preventing our about ability to go after terrorists. >> fair point -- >> fired up -- >> whether or not hero or criminal. >> a short break more debating coming up president obama giving himself a pat on the back why taking credit fort
8:19 am
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8:23 am
company of kfc i know you are out with a book we are going to talk about you are a inspir insider we tried products on set talk about what is new out of fast-food restaurants wlais your take on newest food items, companies going to any lengthies to get people in the doors? >> well i tell you one of the things that drives our category news people look to go try new things all of us trying to come up with good innovation you want to have o innovation that sticks, i personally prefer doritos locos tacos, that we have taco bell burger king had chicken fries a number of years effort to bring unique image to kno quantity see what it does i don't think a huge idea. >> what is driving business what are you seeing. >> i think what always drives
8:24 am
business innovation brands well position had the outstanding operations if our business if you don't have core operations right making customers happy you don't have a chance i think what -- what the brands that are winning are the brands that bring a steady stream of news to customers and well advertised well positioned taco bell for example is leading our industry on that front, great marketing, great products people look forward to, and solid operations that is the winning equation. >> you are also all about teamwork, and showing appreciation for people you wrote this book a little story about power of recognition. >> i was running yum! brands recognition one of the powerful things you can do i call it secret weapon of every leader really an awesome thing for people the last thing you want to have happen go to work every day, and not being recognized for what do, 82%
8:25 am
feel not recognizes by supervisors i am trying to spread good word on recognition get leaders in the world to recognize people more and get great results, this is a parable about a guy jeff jenkins runs happy face toy company not getting good results because nobody is happy based on experience i had running yum! brands, kfc, taco bell. >> i remember company went public incredible euphoria growth story runway incredible at yum! brands congratulations, isn't it funny a little thing makes people feel good a motivator for people not done as much as you would expect. >> 50% national research for new company building the brand first recognition inspiration brand for amazing people in your life we did some research, and we funny that 60% of people say they are
8:26 am
motivated by recognition as money 40% will put more in work if recognized it really doesn't happen, and this is just just a shame. i hate it when you see people hardworking, people in the world, really doing a great job, and what they do isn't noticed. >> people want to get recognized know that you know they are doing they are working hard so you are motivational leader as well have a do you make of the 2016 presidential election the skills that are required, to run this country. >> yeah. well i think what we really need is a leader that can take people with them and bring this country together i this i what is going to happen this year basically going into voting booth and hold your nose and make your vote, so it is a sad time for our history but i -- i home some won some day can step up get this country modifying the direction it needs to go that means to be united. >> what do you think most important issue for customers customers of the fast food bits and who are ultimately voters. >> i think you know, in terms off the election?
8:27 am
>> yeah. >> i think what people want like anything else you want to be in our industry you want to be proud of the brand you go into you want to be proud of the -- proud of the -- the food that you make, i think, you know, people want to have happen is people want to have a country be great, and be proud of what we are and what our leaders are, and i think we have a wayings to no doubt in my mind, that this is greatest country in the world we will prevail in the end. >> isn't it extraordinary that we have not seen 3% economic growth in a lot of years at this point how do you characterize in backup. >> i think cautious, i think cautious -- cautiousness everywhere you look, and there is cautious optimism but northbound is ready to jump in that pool and say hey, you know we're is there yet. >> really important, that is why this book is so important, oh, great one a story about the awesome power of recognition congratulations on book and great to see you. >> nice to see you maria.
8:28 am
>> david. >> pr nightmare for samsung outrage over handing of faulty galaxy phone. >> weak in the knees, check it out. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:29 am
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8:31 am
bartiromo,it is wednesday september 14, your top stories right now 8:30 am on the east coast, the economy in focus on campaign trail, boat president obama and donald trump touting policies, how they have and will help the american people. >> america is stronger more prosperous than when we started out and -- [cheers and applause] that is even -- [cheers and applause] . >> thank you for reminding me. thanks obama. maria: we are taking a closer look at numbers straight ahead, thanks obama, mylan labs under pressure over epipen prices the "the wall street journal" has new details this morning the company's sky-high executive pay, how the company compares to the rest of the pharmaceutical sector when it comes to compensation. fears over exploding batteries samsung telling users limit charging galaxy note 7 this is fast background worst pr
8:32 am
disaster since chipolte food crisis markets little changed higher, as you can see, markets expected to extended rally dow jones industrial average up 20 points factional moves higher in europe positive that is being led by rebound in price of oil, the ft 100 up a half percent cac quarante in paris was higher has since reversed course, in asia overnight declines across the board, fractional movers nonetheless but lower, and it be korean markets closed forl today for a holiday. >> the record night in chicago as more than 1,000 dogs showed up for last night's white sox game we tell you about it the economy key concern for voters donald trump gave are supporters you a preview of economic speech he will deliver tomorrow. >> on thursday i will outline my full economic plan which is completely paid for through economic growth and proposed federal budget savings. it is going to be something special like this can you be
8:33 am
hasn't seen in many, many decades. maria: bring in steve o more trump economic advisor distinguished fellow visiting fellow he er heritage foundation good to see you. >> hi maria. >> so he has spoken about corporate tax rate 15% tell us what we should expect from the speech tomorrow. >> well, i think there will be a lot of focus on that tax plan because he does really feel that is the kind of heart and soul of economic recovery plan. we will we do have 15% corporate tax and available to all small businesses going to dramatically simplify tr personal income tax system you know what the vast majority americans have to comply with bring rates down get rid of loopholes much simpler most americans the vast majority will no longer have to it myself deductions. >> good nice on economy yesterday top story in the journal day household incomes
8:34 am
rose by more than 5% last year, to 56,000 dollars, president obama is taking credit for that listen to this i want to get your reaction. >> [laughter] okay. >> more concerns are working more have health insurance, incomes are rising, poverty is falling. and -- thank you for reminding me. thanks obama. >> [laughter]. maria: what do you think higher household incomes lower gas prices help hillary clinton? >> first of all, let me say that i was kind of shocked when barack obama wooden to take credit for 2 dollar a gallon glean he has done everything to stop oil and revolution going on as tried to shut down coal industry thank you oil and gas industry providing that, which has driven down the price of gasoline when it comes to income data look tre was good news yesterday no questi about it finally we
8:35 am
saw a rise in incomes but i looked at the longer term data i pored over this last night maria really a dismal statistic i quietly that bureau date shows you go back to in 2000, 15 years ago maria average family higher income 15 years ago than they do today when you justify just a for federal law is that is bush era and obama era i think this idea clear leading for economy a little over the top right now. o other statistic i found very depressing in this country, 40 million people in america still in poverty or poor intolerable. >> speaking about economy major issue in markets the presence of the federal reserve and janet yellen mr. trump talked numerous times abouting removing miss yellen if he happens to take office any updates for us on
8:36 am
that as to maybe who he would look empower. >> i haven't talked to hinl who he would like how about somebody like steve forbes or larry kudlow very close advisories to donald trump what i believe i think donald trump believes as well we need much more rules based monetary policy not based on on discretion of a few people but basically very signal to markets when we are going to ray of rates when going to cut them i not not going to make your job interesting can't inspect slaughter what fed is going to do all the time. >> but anyway i do think that there will be a new fed chairman, if -- if donald trump is elected president. and, by the way,, on issue we were just talking about you know donald trump has a very pro production policy where we can within five years wufrlts one of the reasons he is going to talk about make united
8:37 am
states of america totally energy independent first time half a century every president says refreshard nixon promised that we can actually get that done with amazing new technologies we have in drilling. >> big part of the story, mike baker. >> steve good morning. i've got three little kids so i think that i know the day care is extremely work issue s my concern here is the cost, are you confident that this is -- something that is not going to blow up the budget? >> just a quick story on that, because as you guys know, you know, i helped donald trump put this plan together we kind of just about finalizing it ivanka trump said we need to do manager about working moms, and that are struggling with day care costs, i am a father i am not a mother i don't do the child care stuff a lot of us weren't really aware how big of a problem this is for working women, so this is something i think is going to be really particular with voters, and one other quick
8:38 am
thing about this maria we will also offer a corresponding credit for stay at home moms we felt strongly yes we want to help working moerz with child care expenses what about women like my wife stay home and take care of the kids need help, too. >> steve what mike is asking he likes it has three kids -- >>. >> pay for it. >> how do you pay for it. >> okay. so -- i am glad you asked that, so we are going to have drat spending cuts in the budget some outlined tomorrow, in new york, by the way, i will be there, i hope to see you there maria. maria: i will be there. so -- >> there you go. we are going to do spending cuts then have, by the way, we are going to look at all agencies of government and cut the waste and abuse, and some of the agencies we don't need, there is hundreds of them going to get rid of the other thing donald trump is right about this, if you get this economy from this one to two percent growth that we have been in or 8 years up to 4%
8:39 am
that is our -- said on bernie show few weeks ago 5 years 4% growth this program you do that amazing amounts of revenues going to be able to balance budget within five six years. >> tomorrow the child care credit hear about tax reform also trade that is area of his economic plan that scares some people. are we gonna have to do new trade deals that is disruptive. >> i am a free tried guy always have been i don't always agree with donald trump on this issue i think more reasonable on this going to say some trade deals you asked when ones need to be renegotiated i will tell you one absolutely will be the about about asia tpp trade deal, and that is not to say we're not going to have a deal with asia just needs to be renegotiated not in america's interest doesn't open up
8:40 am
sufficiently in donald trump's mind mine, too, markets to american producers china we open markets to china and japan they don't open up markets to us we need to get tougher with them. >> i think that is fair. >> i don't think we have -- i know that is the term that really scares people you haven't heard donald trump talk about terrorists last three or four months. >> no terrorists, but going to eliminate fraud and abuse cut spending satisfied on child care? >> look, every -- you can go back to 1931, franklin roosevelt fraud and waste to pay for programs never seems to happen famous words it is totally paid for, we have heard from obama, year after year didn't turn out that well. >> does pay for a lot of things but steve there is that looming question out there can you pay for it. >> there is. >> i will give you a couple of examples you know, we could cut dramatically some commerce
8:41 am
doesn't require germany france korea pay more for defense that we are providing them i think that is perfectly he appropriate you talked about tens of billions of dollars there. >> we will seaver there it see you tomorrow. >> the nasdaq up i promise. >> we are holding you to it. >> good deal. >> tomorrow big day for us we've got governor mike pence joining us 8:30 a.m. earning right here "mornings with maria" don't miss interview tomorrow morning first price now the pay outrage surrounding mylan labs struggling to the fallout samsung's race to restore consumer confidence following galaxy seven a deficdisaster. back in a minute.
8:42 am
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. >> welcome back 45 minutes from opening bell for a wednesday we are expecting a higher opening for the broader averages we know monsanto bayer deal has been confirmed, as a result that gave market a business of a boost this morning so looking at broader averages opening higher a couple names on move mylan labs drug maker between epipen price intensify facing new criticism a "the wall street journal" article analysis of compensation, shows executives received the second highest compensation in the be tech sector at milon outpaced peer including johnson & johnson and pfizer larger companies, apple, reviews second series of the apple watch coming out, the journal reporting devices found purpose in life with refined focus on fitness, still calls it a luxury over a necessity in journal this morning, how about that pr primary for so many sung
8:46 am
useers reporting the galaxy phone exploding, due to faulty batteries company has let to have a response the host of "varney & company", stuart varney is toaway in what a mierm. >> taken 22 billion dollars, off the value of samsung's stock only traded south korea it was 14 billion now 22 billion, rising just occurs to me maria frequently we deal with major companies global brand image a pr disaster chipolte for food poisoning takata air bag exploding air bags, wells fargo, even with high executive pay, and the cheating with customers accounts these are huge pr deals, really bad news, and you know it takes some companies a long, long time to
8:47 am
recover i am surprised that apple has not been given a shot in the arm by the samsung galaxy problems that are soest around the world i would have thought apple got a better boost. >> may be they are getting a boost we will see numbers eventually anybody on the panel have a galaxy phone that blew up? >> no but stu you want to take pr nightmare i took a flight from o'hare o to lagar guardia made airline announcements flute flight said please we ask you not charge your samsung galaxy phone if you have one. talk about -- >> part of the airline announcement. >> now part of the airline announcement was on my plane yesterday. >> i guess you do in time a giant company, that is a pr disaster. >> for sure. >> big time. >> mike bake wither here, have been good to see you this morning, by the way. i am wondering how bad do you think this can get for
8:48 am
samsung? >> i think it gets even worse actually these stories emerge around the world they have got to withdraw redesign battery on i think 2 1/2 million smartphones cost a lot of money you don't know how many future sale they are gonna lose as i said earlier, 22 billion off the value of the company so far, that is probably going to rise and who knows whether the whole galaxy line can recover i am sure it will because it is very good phone i have one on set right here beautiful screen all things good except that battery so i think there is worse to come, but they will stabilize it some point i don't know when i don't know when they are going to rebound s significantly. >> a big issue we will see what happens, stuart see you 12 minutes. >> you'll. >> top of the hour veterinarian vairn begins 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" join stuart the top a ballpark dog we are going to tell you about it
8:49 am
stay with us. >> aww. ♪ ♪
8:50 am
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8:52 am
. maria: wow what happens when you get bored hitting home runs change it up 24-7 sports reporter jared max highlights right now good morning. >> hey maria good morning, major league baseball layer made who heed lines for taking a knee but not what you think check out texas rangers third basemaned a decreean beltre, down on one knee a home run amazing. >> 30th of the season belfry did this is in 20 s 1 world series he said i don't like
8:53 am
doing it normally happens on breaking balls trying to fight out a breaking ball knee goes down he swings he said i wish i could stop doing it thinks it hurts him more than it actually helps him however you get it done more than one way to skin a cat. about conflicting reports over whether nfl players wearing cleats past subto honor those lost on 9/11 will be punished by league no release from nfl on this expect fines if any totally 6,000 per player. >> -- why are so few women employed by nfl teams as coaches or scouts, 30% of front office workers in the nfl are women, jobs in football operations are scarce for women nfl created a position to address the a gender inhe equality named former women's pro tackle sam rap port as director of football development the job to create a pipeline for
8:54 am
famili females to enter positions traditional held by men guinness world records last night most dogs at live supporting event you have seen n not. >> the dogs fans told to be in seats, with frry children by the end of the second after dogs counseled anybody want to guess how many were there? >> i don't know. >> 1200. >> you are pretty close 1122. -- i did not look at i did look at teleprompter. >> come on! . >> 1200 dogs. >> 1122 they set record the white sox had husky was in the crowd as well. and joking that from the crowd, from the -- from the field you could hear dogs talked to each other you don't know what's going on just -- >> better than booing usually goes on at white sox, yeah. >> i don't know if draw
8:55 am
usually 1200 fans by your dog a hot dog when you take him to the stadium only if. >> everybody makes fun of me for think it i watched nfl games halftime i think great a private corporation taking initiative to get women to the top good for them. >> definitely 30% front office jobs as i mentioned held by women, 52 million women watching super bowl you can't tell me there are some fantastic positions waiting to be filled by people happen to be women i don't think gender matters anymore people watch football. >> how good can new york giants be this year. >> depends on health i think of wide receivers. >> cruz needs to stay healthy if case al a strong. >> a dark horse a good player. >> one thing on baseball game. >> let's see -- >> come on. >> for the mets.
8:56 am
>> we have to mention mets. >> game up for. >> -- wild card. >> do not let mets -- cubs again cubs that would be cubs bugaboo. >> bring it on. >> come on. >> for the indians last night at the u.s. -- field it was a ruf night. >> ruf. >> we will leave it at that how is that, rough. >>. jared thank you, final thoughts from all-star panel after the short break. stay with us.
8:57 am
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♪ >> welcome back. final thoughts from our all-star panel, mike baker. state of connecticut not exactly known for its fine fiscal management currently. and that's finally announced a very good decision, they're bringing back the far cars on metro north, a new haven line. they retired these in 2014, last rolling bar cars in the country. they're bringing them back on won't be on-line until 2018, but makes that commute back and forth to new york city much more pleasant. maria: you like it. >> thumbs up. maria: scott. >> market volatility is back and the really tell if you're investing at home is interest rates. they're starting to tick up. when they tick up the equity market goes down. watch that keep happening. maria: morgan. >> i'm watching syria.
9:00 am
the obama administration is desperate for the latest deal between kerry and the secretary of state for russia to work. the state department and department are going to fight whether we should have air strikes. maria: thank you for joining us, see you tomorrow, "varney & company" starts now. stuart, take it away. stuart: and trump rolls on. he's dominating. the most successful political turn around in decades, don't you think? good morning, everyone, he's campaigning hard. here he is, he is a holding a baby as he unveiled child care plan. every family, by the way, gets a break. tomorrow a rollout of his economic plan. he says it will be paid for by the boom his policies will create. most important, his strategy is working. he's moving up in the polls. will you look at this? this is ohio. ballot ground state. he's now up by five points. this is a big shift. in a few weeks, his new team


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