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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 14, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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desperate for the latest deal between kerry and the secretary of state for russia to work. the state department and department are going to fight whether we should have air strikes. maria: thank you for joining us, see you tomorrow, "varney & company" starts now. stuart, take it away. stuart: and trump rolls on. he's dominating. the most successful political turn around in decades, don't you think? good morning, everyone, he's campaigning hard. here he is, he is a holding a baby as he unveiled child care plan. every family, by the way, gets a break. tomorrow a rollout of his economic plan. he says it will be paid for by the boom his policies will create. most important, his strategy is working. he's moving up in the polls. will you look at this? this is ohio. ballot ground state. he's now up by five points. this is a big shift. in a few weeks, his new team
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has turned around a failing campaign. hillary clinton in trouble. she's constantly pushed on the defense. she had been insulting millions of voters with her deplorable comment, had her medical condition is concerned. all of that is reflected in the ohio poll. she's resting, recovering from pneumonia and gets back on the campaign trail tomorrow. this, too, is a big shift. four weeks ago, she was way out front. now, she's not. president obama doing what he does best, bashing republicans. he's stumping by hillary by boasting about his own legacy. no shift there. "varney & company" about to begin. ♪ i've got to bring you this, a shocking video indeed. a driver plowed into police officers outside a gas station
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in phoenix and this was early yesterday morning. it was the first day on the job for one of those officers. a complete rookie. the police chief said it was intentional. the driver under arrest, he's an african-american man who has a record of attacking police. brutal stuff. we'll have more on this later. to the markets, please, it looks like a slightly higher open for the dow industrials after yesterday's selloff, that the dow has held at the 18,000 level thus far. the stubborn glut of oil and that took some blame on the selloff. we'll get a read on the supply of oil. could move the market again. the long-awaited trump speech on the economy is coming out tomorrow. he's given a couple of hints as to what the plan contains, including this one. roll tape. >> i will outline my full economic plan, which is completely paid for through economic growth and proposed federal budget savings.
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it's going to be something special, like this country hasn't seen in many, many decades. stuart: that's quite a buildup of course. the plan focuses on tax cuts, deregulation, and his economic advisor, steve moore, guest on the program says he guarantees 4% growth for five years with that trump economic plan. lenore hawkins manages money for wealthy people. you're telling your clients that that plan will work? >> there's the plan and whether or not he can implement it and the implementation is arguably going to be difficult. but lowering tax rate, the u.s. has the highest tax rate in the world. this is causing a problem when you see how many companies are engaging in mergers and acquisition activity to reduce their taxes overseas. lowering the top income tax rate, absolutely. that stimulates economic growth and we've got an economy that's been really constrained by the regulation.
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you've got nearly a quarter of the people in the country, they need to have some sort of permission to work because they have to be authorized with a license. stuart: here is where the rubber meets the road. are you telling your clients, wealthy people in america and europe, that-- >> we need more details. stuart: are you telling you like the plane. >> i'm on data and trump is an incredible marketer not so good on details so far. stuart: that's good. president obama is taking a victory lap on the economy, roll that tape. >> we turned around a declining economy. we helped our auto industry set new records. our business has created 15 million new jobs. and our lessened our dependence on oil. and more americans are working, more have health insurance,
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incomes are rising and gas is $2 a gallon. thanks, obama. stuart: cue the audience to thank him. okay. mentioned himself 137 times. got that. now, lenore, this morning, eye read headlines in the financial times, surge in u.s. incomes. the wall street journal, family incomes rise after a lull. new york times, incomes in u.s. are up sharply. >> fantastic. this is great. however, we need to put this into perspective. it's still 1.2% below the peak of 2007 and still 2.4% where it was in 1999. on top of that, employment so great? we've got about 63% of the working age population is actually employed. na is where we were in the mid 1970's when women hadn't entered into the work force, that's not looking so good to me when we're talking about employment. stuart: you're on your way to a conference, an investment conference in florida. >> economics, yes. stuart: are you prepared for the reception you're going to
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get after you just blasted the obama administration? >>. [laughter] . we usually have quite entertaining discussions after hours. stuart: i bet you do. next case, lenore. >> imagine economists with a couple of drinks in them. stuart: and thank you for joying us. donald trump leads hillary clinton by five points, a bloomberg politics poll in ohio. this is a big deal. taken friday through monday while clinton faced a backlash for her deplorable comments and the secrecy around her health. and peter is here, and my main point is this past weekend the election shifted, am i going too far? >> i found that insulting half the lectoctolectorate, and abou
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health. >> and in these numbers are a huge boost for donald trump and reflect republicans coming home. i've spoken to a lot of republican audiences, there used to be skepticism about trump. they've coalesced around them. the working man, the republicans, the numbers don't surprise me in ohio. stuart: vice-presidential candidate mike pence, he met with mainstream republicans yesterday, including speaker ryan, and the media was saying, oh, wait a minute, they didn't warm to each other. trump still has not brought in mainstream republicans. okay. that's the mainstream media. you don't believe that? >> i don't believe that at all. i don't. the numbers are reflecting, he's brought in more and more of the share of republicans on the ground, amongst the grass roots, enthusiasm is up. and the scandals around hillary clinton's neck are dragging her down in this very poll.
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issue number one negative for hillary, benghazi, 57% and then her server, and then her clinton foundation. all of these things resonate in the ears of americans. you add on top of that, telling them all they're sexist in racist in a place like ohio who says i want a job, the economy doesn't work for me anymore and hillary clinton has been in washington tore 30 years. that's a message that wins for donald trump and doesn't surprise me. stuart: you know, later in the program, we have some people on the air with us who have embraced the deplorable label. they're wearing t-shirt, i am a deplorable or proud deplorable or adorable deplorable. this is resonating. it back fired against hillary clinton, i think. >> oh, it is. i looked out at an audience last night at a fundraiser and i see a room full of deplorables here and everyone laughed. they realize this is the way the left works. this is the way that hillary clinton works. if you don't agree with me, you
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must be sexist, racist, homophobic and islamophobic and plen plenty of isms they'll call me. and republicans are starting to laugh because trump has fought back. an independent voter who hasn't had a job, and voting for trump and wants something different. and look at hillary clinton and say, you're telling me i'm deplorable because i want something different? that will flip them. stuart: the one you said xenophobic, fear of people wi foreign-- >> and we have this from elon musk. he's offering a potential cause for spacex's spectacular rocket explosion. hold on a second, liz, is he really saying it could have
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been a ufo? >> he's been asking-- had this conversation on a twitter account. do you think that something hit the rocket. he he's saying we have not ruled that out. there's the tweet. this is september 1st massive explosion that destroyed the facebook satellite, 200 million. >> he says there was a bang before it exploded. something could have hit it. there was no apparent heat source, the engines were not on. and he says the rocket launches for the falcon 9 was 93%. he doesn't understand, he put out the word send us video or solve the mystery. he's saying something may have hit it. stuart: i'm a supporter of of private industry in space. got to say it. serena williams, simone biles, other american olympians, the latest of russian attackers,
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and their medical records. that's a hack for you. and this one a hack of the dnc computer system. donna brazil blames russia and says that trump is encouraging them. hillary clinton called trump supporters deplorable. will you look at that. they're embracing that. two ladies say they are proud to be deplorable. that's next hour. and later this morning, trump taping an episode of the dr. oz show. the results of a physical will be revealed. i want to know, what will a basic physical tell us about his overall health? we will ask a doctor. a bombshell admission from the state department. a spokesman says the nuke deal with iran may be encouraging iran to be more aggressive. john bolton on that next.
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>> oh, watch out now. ford telling investors brace for a less profitable year ahead.
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ashley: yeah, they're saying that it's not going to reach the levels it reached in 2016 of this year and also, you know, they say that they're spending money on emerging students. ie, self-driving cars and other costs, so it's kind of one of those, what they call consolidating years, but there are those that say that the car industry peaked a little bit in the last year and ahead, there are so many deals to be had. there was easy financing and everybody jumped on and now it's hard to reach the same levels and the comps from a year ago. stuart: it's wild overcapacity, every car maker, they could double their output if they wanted to. but they can't because there's no demand. and the democrats are trying to tie dnc hack, resulted in the resignation of debby wasserman schultz. this is what the in you interim dnc chair said, there's one person who stands to benefit from the criminal acts and
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that's donald trump. not only has trump embraced putin he further encouraged russian espionage. and ambassador john bolton is here. what is the trump-putin connection with any? >> i don't know if there is any connection than a lot of remarks made around. i just come back to the hack, it's not at all clear to me that it is a russian hack of the dnc. don't get me wrong. i think the russians and vladimir putin in particular are perfectly capable of thinking about doing it and doing it, but based on the information we have publicly, there's no guarantee this was not a false flag operation, somebody else doing it and leaving signs to point to the russians. it's not true that the hack could only benefit donald trump. i mean, really, if they can pin trump and putin together in the american public's mind, russia doesn't enjoy a high level of popularity.
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there are a lot of factors at play here. i'll just close again by saying, do i think the russians are capable of doing this? sure, they are. stuart: there's another development which is far more serious and that's the state department, the spokesman, mark toner, you're going to see him in a second, says the nuke deal could be making iran's behavior worse, more aggressive. that sounds like a big admission to me, ambassador. >> well, we'll see if they walk that remark back at the noon briefing today or walk mark toner out of the building looking for a new job. because if that's what he meant, it was a rare burst of candor. i think there's no question that the eye rain -- iranian negotiators took john kerry to lunch. they're encouraged by the deal and their behavior is becoming more belligerent. assertive, cheating on the nuclear deal. increased support for terrorism, establishing
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regional in the middle east and see administration through to january 20 as weak and inadequate and they're going to take advantage of it and so are the rest of our add ver-- add ser sarryes. >> it remind me of 1980. >> thank you. here is something developing into the worst pr nightmare. the samsung galaxy 7, transit officials in new york and new jersey say, telling people, hey, turn your phone off before you get on the train or the bus. the batteries might explode. they told you turn it off before you get on the flight back to america. >> i was on a flight from mile lan, you couldn't have it in the checked luggage, he had to have it in the carry on and
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off. >> this video is shocking a driver plows into police in arizona. it's terrible. they were targeted. more varney in a moment.
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>> a story that we're going to follow today. donald trump taping a segment with dr. oz. earlier we thought we would be
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reviewing the results of trump's physical. instead the campaign says that tv appearance with dr. oz will focus on trump's child care and health initiatives. but that he will, mr. trump will release his health records soon. we'll have some comment on that a little bit later. back to what i'm going to call shocking and alarming event in phoenix. a surveillance video captured three cops, a man used his car to mow them down. it's outside of a gas station. it's another attack on cops organized in recent months. ashley: it's incredible no one was killed. three officers, two serious injured. one as you can see gets thrown in the air and his first day on the job as a river by. the suspect, known to police, he had attacked a police officer. the video proves, he backed his car in, saw the officers,
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waited, waited and drove his car straight at them as they were standing there. it's on video and phoenix police say no doubt he intentionally tried to kill the officers. stuart: it was an african-american man who had a history of attacking the police. there's a pattern here, the officers ambushed and targeted by african-americans in our society. my question is, where is president obama this morning? is he going to say anything about this? that was brutal. ashley: apparently his economic legacy, apparently. stuart: not saying anything? why not? you spent your life in europe and san diego, california you come back and you see this kind of thing. >> it's heartbreaking and a problem on the national level. a started off being clear that police, some police force and some police individuals treated people differently based on the
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color of their skin and you have african-americans fighting back and clearly not acceptable. and this has police when they see people who are african-american more concerned and we're not getting a solution on the federal level, we're getting yelling and name calling. stuart: president obama should be saying something here, either knock it off or, you know, can we all cool down a little bit liz: at the least, the u.s. attorney general, right. stuart: at the very least. >> ranting racism, we need to solve the problem. stuart: thanks, lenore. the big stock of the day is bayer, buying the gmo seed company monsanto, an american company. offered $128 a share cash. the question, why are they paying that much? why? offering 128, why is the stock going to open around 106? there is an answer, i think i've got it for you coming up. donald trump will unveil his economic plan tomorrow, lower taxes, less regulation.
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is this the plan that's going to bring us 4% growth in the next five years as steve moore promised? watch this. >> every problem is alleviated to degree with economic growth. we're 1.2% growth over the last year, i guarantee it, you hear it on the "varney & company" show, elect donald trump and we'll have 4% growth for the next five years. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... .oshipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight...
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>> all right. we've got about 15 seconds, 10 seconds before that opening bell rings this wednesday morning. we're expecting a fairly flat to, well, fairly flat opening in two seconds. bang! 9:30, here we go. we're off and running away. we've opened up 4, up 3. [laughter] i was right, a flat opening. and at the lefthand side of the screen, a little bit of green, and mostly red and a couple of blacks, that would be unchanged. how about the s&p 500? where is that? same story, dead flat. how about the nasdaq? where is that? where is that? thank you. dead flat. not dead flat, but fairly flat. the price of oil is at $44 as of now. we get a new read on the supply of oil in an hour's time and that price could change. oil stocks ahead of that report
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are all, ever so slightly down. look at apple, problems being reported with the new ios 10. i'm going to pour cold water on this, there's always problems of some sort. i think they'll get over it. we'll have more in a second. the wells fargo ceo defends the bank and blames bad employees. they paid a record fine for cooking the books with phony accounts. the stock is up. the restaurant change cracker barrel, weak outlook, down it goes nearly 4 1/2%. ford says financial performance next year will not be as good as this year. who is here on a tuesday morning. ashley, liz, dan, and shah gilani. trump's plan, lower taxes, do you like the sound of it? >> i like the sound of it. talking about lowering taxes and reducing brackets from 7 to
9:32 am
3 which makes perfect sense, i think it's 12, 25, 33 for top bracket. lowering the corporate bracket from 35 to 15. and that will encourage small business growth so i think it's terrific regulatory form and we need that and i think trade reform, all in all a great job. i'd love to see him become president and exercise these platform agendas. stuart: he says it's going to pay for itself. i'm not sure about that. but dan, cutting taxes, deregulation, is that the plan the market is waiting for. >> well, it's something not only the market is waiting for, actually needs. the question is, should donald trump get elected, would he be able to get it through the congress? that's the sticking point. what he is encouraging, at least somebody is addressing the issue, whether this is revenue neutral or not, that's another problem, too. but i do like it going forward d i like the idea of cutting taxes and decreasing regulation. it should help this country grow. stuart: lenore, you manage the
9:33 am
wealth of rich people, do you like the plan? >> i'm waiting for the details. cutting the taxes is fantastic. changing the regulations. but making it more expensive for our companies to import-- >> and bayer is paying monsanto 128 a share, and it's now 106. where are they now? well, 106. [laughter] bayer is offering 128 and monsanto is at 106. i've got an answer for this, shah, are you going to listen to it?
9:34 am
monsanto is the gmo company, wildly unpopular for its genetically modified organisms and the germans want to buy it. gmo is wildly unpopular, it's banned in europe. i don't think it goes through. >> i think that makes sense. i think the market looks at in terms of the debt load that would have to be encountered, because monsanto-- excuse me, bayer's debt was 7.8 billion in 2011 and jumped to 17.9 billion last year. this is a 66 billion dollar all cash deal. where are they going to get that money? what is it going to do to borrow it, 20% below, unlikely to get there because the deal probably won't happen liz: charlie gasparino broke this story last night, said it was coming. watch this, basically dominate 30% of the market and be the world's biggest supplier of seeds and pesticides, so that's a big deal. stuart: they hate gmo in europe.
9:35 am
you do business in europe, they hate it. >> this is what happens when you've got so much regulation, bigger and bigger companies and fewer competitors and mormon monopoly, it's hard for the little guys to compete with the regulations. stuart: look at apple, they've got the new ios operating system, 10, whatever it's called and there are problems with it. there's always problems with it. ashley: typically it just happe happens. listen, iphones or ipads freeze and you have trouble getting into your device. we've got it, only a small number of people are affected everything is fine. it happened in march 2013, and 14 and they're not exploding and catching fire. stuart: with the problems in the galaxy i'm not surprised 109. news of the galaxy 7, what's this, a fix? liz: samsung is going to roll
9:36 am
out an ad on customer safety, the software upgrade, how much charge and how fast the battery could be charged, could maybe about 60%. here is the problem. this thing could be exploding because the casing could be bad, the electrodes are touching and-- hold on, in the past. stuart: they've got 22 billion in two days. >> they need to take a page out of the tylenol play book, when they had the poisoning scare. they made it good for the brands. if samsung came out and said our customer is the most important thing and immediately shut down the phones and-- >> it totalled a house, a car and burned a boy. and just recall the whole thing. stuart: we don't think that-- staying on iphones, listen to this, donald trump says that iphones under his leadership will be made in america.
9:37 am
that's what he said. you're looking skeptical. >> well, if you're having an upgrade cycle, a fantastic premier-- >> you're laughing, too, it's not going to happen? >> it's not. it's possible, lower the tax rates and repatriate money and yes, entirely possible. stuart: are you going to build iphones, 20, 30 million a week every week, in america? >> why couldn't we? >> because of the labor costs. >> they're reaching some kind of parity. prices are not indicative of labor costs everywhere, i think we could bring it-- >> we're fair from parity in china. >> there's comparable labor here if people want to work. >> what's that minimum wage going to? >> let's hope it doesn't go there. stuart: caught between. check out the big board, what are we, seven and a half minutes into the day and we're up 19 points.
9:38 am
as i said we're opening pretty flat. ge links its appliances to amazon's alexa. the virtual assistant that does things for you. apparently now, wait for it, you can control wi-fi ge enabled appliances from your voice from the remote. aren't you dying for the little extra? yeah, sure. alibaba pays 100 million for an eye scan firm used by u.s. banks. alibaba is up on there. no retail ice age, arizoniair-- aeroposta aeropostale. and chipotle is going to hire 5,000 people through the second annual national career day. elk know, give me that story, please. nicole: are you high energy, happy and polite? chipotle might be for you. it turns out that they did a
9:39 am
national hiring day. they did it last year and hired 4,000 employees. this year is the second annual national hiring day, you go on national career and you apply. they'll be taking applicants around the country and hoping to hire 5,000 workers and they said regardless of your background, you don't need experience and they're looking for specific characteristics like some of the ones i mentioned sooner. presentable, respectful, conscientious. stuart: as opposed to deplorable. the people who are bearish on the market, they feel it's going down and that chorus is getting louder. the latest bank of america survey found that money managers don't think stocks have been this overvalued since before the tech bubble burst. >> we have a-- we're going into the sixth consecutive quarter of profits contracting. we're in the good producing
9:40 am
part of the economy. capital exend turs and in a recession when it comes to the durable goods part of the economy and recession in all of those areas. stuart: so do you join the chorus of bears who think that this market goes straight down. >> yes. stuart: dan, are you in that camp, that you think the market goes straight down soon? >> in addition, we have an emotional recession. i don't think that the market goes straight down. as i stated in the past, i think that the market is going to go down. it's done too far given the economic fundamentals we have and there's got to be some give, it's not in the economic fundamentals anytime soon. stuart: shah gilani should i sell the meager stock holdings that i have? >> it's getting precarious up here. we got out of our microsoft positions and taken out of a lot of our stuff. we're happy because we booked profits and i'm happy to be sitting on more and more cash, it's not time to apply it. stuart: you didn't tell me that
9:41 am
you sold microsoft. you didn't ask. [laughter] >> thank you, one and all, shah, lenore, dan, thank you for being with us this tuesday morning. appreciate it-- it's wednesday, wednesday morning. got to get that right. where is the big board, it's up 18,087. donald trump embracing hillary clinton's deplorable comment. and so are his supporters. proudly proclaiming, we are the deplorables, you'll meet them. u.s. medallist, simone biles hacked, and colin powell's system hacked. and now the man on hillary clinton's e-mail admitted there were repeated attempts. the judge next. ♪
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>> 15 minutes into the session, we're up just 14 points. the dow still above 18,000. how about twitter? just announcing it will be releasing apps for apple tv, amazon fire tv and xbox. that means when twitter live streams an event, you can watch it on your tv. i would have thought that was pretty good news. twitter still at 18. alert, the nfl will spend 100 million dollars to address the problem of concussions. what are they doing. ashley: they've put aside 100 million. this is another 100 million to research technologies to reduce concussions and look at effects of the concussions. there have been, well,
9:46 am
criticism, the nfl has been funding a lot of the money to friendly doctors to get the kind of answers that they want. they're fonding to that and now going to put this money to independent investigators 0 to real look at the issue. is there equipment that can be use today protect players better and what are long-term implications, so concussions. stuart: good stuff. russia allegedly behind more hacking. accessing the world anti-doping agency and releasing the medical records of olympians like simone biles and serena williams. colin powell had his hacked and released to the public. on the same subject, what about hillary's private server, can that be accessed and hacked just like the others? joining us now is judge andrew napolitano who was following the hearings yesterday when the very-- it was mentioned that her server could have been hacked. >> you know, the fbi has been less than clear on this about
9:47 am
whether or not she was hacked by foreign adversaries. but we know the following, we know she dangerously and recklessly used a nonsecure blackberry when she was in the presence of foreign add ver sar sar-- adversarie adversaries. and people she sent material, her colleague and friend syd blumenthal was hacked. they will not tell whether she was hacked. about two months ago there were rumors out of moscow that they had 20,000 of her e-mails and were prepared to release them. stuart: nothing's come out. and a presidential candidate one of two who may be the next president of the united states of america, may have had her private service hacked while she was secretary of state, releasing these e-mails to the world. >> i wonder if these russian
9:48 am
hackers have mr. trump's tax return. stuart: can you give us an update on senator grassley who says he has seen the unclassified e-mails sent by hillary clinton and found by the fbi, he says they're earth-shaking. any updates when we'll see them, we the people. >> the update is that the same information has been subpoenaed by the house of representatives and we don't know whether it's going to go, but the fbi, which is in the business of serving subpoenas and executing search warrants, it's now the recipient of a subpoena and they have the choice either to comply or do the unthinkable. go before a judge and argue they shouldn't have to comply with it and then the judge may order the material sent to him or her, and he or she, the judge, may view them in secret and decide what the house gets and what it doesn't get. question, can this be done before election day? it can. it doesn't help the judge if the fbi resists, and subpoena could move.
9:49 am
stuart: and senator grassley, the best i could remember, here is what i saw? >> well, there's precedent for that. senator feinstein of california did that with respect, she did that with records to what she saw torture, she did that and was immune. there would be consequences for senator grassley. stuart: and for senator clinton, too. >> it's unlikely that the executive branch entities would share secrets with a senator which uses the constitution that allows you to say on either floor of the house. stuart: do you think he should do it. >> yes. you know me, i'm in favor of governmental transparency except for secrets that would risk someone's life. stuart: i didn't know there was any.
9:50 am
>> and that trumps the other. i don't know where this is going to go, i believe that enough pressure will be put to bear on the fbi and judiciary should the fbi invoke protection that this will be resolved before election day. stuart: so we'll get to see them. >> i think so. stuart: more at 11:00, important stuff. appreciate it. where are we on this market? this is wednesday morning. where are we? 50-50. it looks like we're half in the green and half in the red and that's a stalemate market. we're 20 minutes into the session. donald trump's campaign says it will release the results of his physical, quote, soon. >> unless the hackers do, first. [laughter] >> you've got a mic on, i see. [laughter] here is my question, when we get the information from a physical, how much will it tell us about the man's true state of health? we'll ask a doctor that question. but first, there's this.
9:51 am
all of this talk of protesting the national anthem. a child, youngster with cerebral palsy, a football fan, from michigan, trying to stand during the national anthem. his mother says he didn't do that before, but he knew it was the right thing to do to show respect. a fine young man. we'll be right back. ♪ ustomers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. always has to be who sat your desk? phone we are all in for our customers.
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>> donald trump taping an episode of the dr. oz show. now, originally was expected to release his health records. the campaign now says that that interview with dr. oz is going to be about child care planning. the campaign also says those health records will come out, quote, soon. dr. marc siegel, fox news medical a-team is here. now, if all we get is the results of a standard issued physical, how much will that actually tell us about the man's medical history? >> well it won't tell us everything, but some things. most revealing would show that he doesn't have a lot of skeletons in his closet. in other words, health records should be accurate. if someone has a significant history of a hospitalization or a severe disease, that's listed
9:56 am
in the yearly physical. that's what i would do. ekg, electrocardiogram, screen for the heart unless you have a significant risk factor. he has high cholesterol, we'll find out what his cholesterol is, probably a prostate involved, psa. has he had a colonoscopy recently, everyone should have a colonoscopy every five to ten years at that age. his blood pressure. stuart: we'll know some, but not the entire thing. i'd like health records for both. a physical will tell us some things, but not everything. stuart: one more thing, hillary clinton is diagnosed with pneumonia, goes to her daughter's apartment after the fainting fit and then she appeared with this young girl, a young girl runs out from the crowd and they embrace. should she be doing that with a young girl when she's got pneumonia? >> look, i'm not her doctor, i don't know what the x-rays showed, but i'm assuming
9:57 am
they're calling it a pneumonia, an x-ray diagnosis, it's a serious condition pneumonia. not as light as people are treating it, generally contagious a few days if not longer. i wouldn't advise a patient of mine to be going out in crowds. it's a contagious disease. stuart: you'd advise them to stay home? >> rest, fluids. stuart: and the market is dead flat, 18, 074. trump support,now embracing hillary's deplorable label. we have ladies on the show. and the new donald trump, that seems to be working, he's up in ohio, a critical swing state. the second hour of "varney & company" about to begin.
9:58 am
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>> be aware of u unintended consequences. look what's happened in weak of hillary clinton's insulting comments. i'm referring to the basket of deplorable speech meant to shame trump supporters instead they've adopted the word. they have embraced that label. trump paraded a group of people calling themselves the nondeplorables another group emerged calls themselves the adorable deplorables you can buy deplorable merchandise with the word on hats and t-shirts. bumper stickers, clearly coming soon. hillary clinton made a bad mistake. she called trump supporters racists, sexist, zen, whatever that's part for the course these days. shut down the debate by name calling. seriously. you're a bigot if you want something done about about 11 million illegals? it's backfired there are millions of people who are tired
10:01 am
of being dismissed as deplorable and insulted too and now the push bash you're going to see a lot that word and regular people who are proud to be deplorable and meet a couple of them later on this program. yeah, the second hour of "varney & company" sb to begin. >> all right where we a half hour into the session up 17 points, 18,o 84. oil remember please 10:308 this morning a read on howmp of the stuff we've got in supply. that could affect a the price, now at $44 a barrel. big tech stocks love to check these things apple, facebook, google, microsoft apple a five month high. looking at -- back to the text stocks intel
10:02 am
cisco ibm down. yahoo! up. a physical facebook, alphabet microsoft except for microsoft up -- and say microsoft which i know is down. back to the buyers that's the german company, they are buying or trying to buy an all cash deal. they're offering it 130 dollars per share for santo. why is it stuck 106? maybe investors don't believe that deal will go through. that's an a explanation. politics, donald trump and supporters are embracing the deplorables label. they turn it into a campaign rallying call. watch this. >> well my opponents lands you as deplorable and ire redeemable. i call you hardworking american patriots who love your country. love your family, and want a better future for all americans. [applause] >> with us i would say that
10:03 am
powerful pushback i'd say that deplorable label now is an attractive label for so many people. >> i think deplorable is fashionable quite frankly and can i be added to that adorable deplorable group it was fabulous. stuart: you're in the club. you're right there. [laughter] but taken a life of its own stuart. >> with individual and twitter handle it is changed to deplorable betty or deplorable sue or put pictures of their pets up about cute fluffy pets so it's amazing how the campaign has successfully been able to take such a who horrific commend insulted comment and really reach out and energize supporters who are not racist who are not bigot and who are hardworking americans and she literally just slapped half of the americans in on their face. >> been putting deplorable stuff u up on screen. and kind of funny. look at that one.
10:04 am
supposed to be expendables. to deplorables. the latest poll i'm drawing attention to this u because i think it is important it's in ohio shows trump now up by 5 points and this poll was taken between friday an monday. so or partially taken when hillary was making those deplorable comments and joining her health crisis. whatever trump is doing appears to be working. >> well not only that deplorable comment that health conspiracy of hillary clinton. but also you're rt stag to see that donald trump is controlling the narrative in terms of policy. he rolled out school talking about school choice last week. he opened up the conversation about child care by offering a proposal something that is so unrepublican like so i think stuart, for donald trump he's making the news proposings policies that are kitchen table issues that can work well with suburban moms and women.
10:05 am
and which is a key group he needs to be reaching out to. >> it's day and night if you compare donald trump say june and up-- with donald trump late august, september two different candidates. >> and you have to really think that this is because of the transforms in the campaign staff with kellyanne conway two very is strong -- >> i think he wants to win. and i think he realized it to win you have to change and he changed mid-august. i think that's when he did it opinion >> being a disciplined messenger enor suring your policies get out there, and be transparent which, obviously, in the case of hillary clinton she's having a slight problem with that. >> you've got that right. one of our adorable deplorables mercedes thank you so much for joining us. >> what an honor. ad for sure. thanks very much indeed see you again soon. more adorable later this hour hear from two of them who embrace the negative comments. they are the deplorables and proud to be it. we'll find out what they're all
10:06 am
about, and later on this program. fresh data from the census bureau that shows medium household income up 5.2% last year. okay. that's still below the peak back in 1999. isn't that correct? >> look at those numbers going to show them in a second it is going to pop up nearly riches 17 years ootion. basically a little about there's the number see look there -- below it. now here's the thing stuart, president obama watch this, he'll use this we've created 15, 14 million new jobs but factoring in 2009. when you do math he's at jimmy carter lowe below ronald reagan in term of job creation and majority of the net u new jobs in low paying, you know, fast food or health sector and that's the majority of the job kration for the next ten years according to u.s. government. >> let me read that white house statement we brushed past it there. put it up again white house statement saying today's report
10:07 am
from census bureau shows remarkable progress that american families made at the recovery continues to strengthen. not quite accurate. stuart: got it thank you very much. with those numbers in mind president obama praised economic publishments while campaigning for hillary in pennsylvania. watch this. >> we turn aired a declining economy. we help our autoindustry set new records. our business has created 15 million new jobs. last our dependent on foreign oil. doubled our production of clean energy. more americans are working. many have health insurance, incomes are rising, poverty is falling. and gas is $2 a gallon. [applause] thanks obama. >> now that should have been $10 million new jobs right not 15 -- he put it. started in 2010 not factoring in 2009. so these playing with the numbers there.
10:08 am
>> cherry picking time frame. what do you make of that tammy? he was standing in for hillary clinton campaigning for her vigorously, obviously, is that going to work? >> sounded like he was campaigning for himself didn't he? it was a little bit of a theater there. look, even the consumer numbers from last month are contradict about the rise in household wealth brookings newt is wondering if those numbers are ac. through bank of america internal credit data that retail spending crashed last month that consumers have stopped spending which is contradictory to notion that we have thousands of more dollars that are floating around or that we've got this great economic dynamic. it's same thing he's talked about health insurance. you might have health insurance but now you can't afford health care. and he didn't talk about more access to health care. he talked about having health insurance. so americans now know about spin but reality is when they go home, to those two part-time jobs they have a $5,000 deduct
10:09 am
out of pocket expense for health insurance. their premium has risen. premiums in health care are also eating into this extra money that might exist. but we're not spending. we're hanging on to it. >> the claimings made made by president don't jive with reality for middle america. now reminding everyone -- with the jobs creation number over the last quarters those also remember they keep changing. they go become and change them and then they go down and curious to see ultimately next year or sooner -- what this number ends up actually being. >> we shall see and we have this for you. hillary clinton still recovering from pneumonia today. yet she's being featured in the next issue of women's health magazine. >> timing serving. what do you know about this? >> we know her health problems we know that she had this episode of the 9/11 -- memorial she's been diagnosed with pneumonia. her doctors says you've got to stay in bed and had coughing fits low and behold on the front of the women's health magazine. basically it's a tough piece talking about how --
10:10 am
>> terrible timing. but optics of this not good at all. unfortunate, and you know sometimes in life -- timing everything. >> former chapter leader of the now in los angeles you say what? >> i say these are done several months ahead of time and probably didn't care what the situation was. they felt all of this is going to be moved along. look that is literally a picture of health. that's not the fir picture most americans see. she talks as ash noted helping her goals for women. not about health issues. and a clearly now she complains, though, they asked is her what her biggest problem was on the field in the arena she said new media. she talked that's what she is complained about new media that was her biggest problem that it requires short answers and she likes longer -- longer the answer the more you can obscure the truth, right so interesting complaingt that she made. >> new media, the phone catching that.
10:11 am
irony of that. >> we talk about the new trump. it's the new tammy, different from the tammy brewings of ten years ago in los angeles. >> same in sense of wanting honesty and good future for women is just a matter of noticing where it's really coming from the conservative ideal. >> got you thank you tammy, an this colin powell's e-mails yep, hacked. they reveal what he think about hillary clinton. he makes reference to qoat hillary's mafia. then say that hillary doesn't look good. that she's working herself to death. more details on that for you, coming up had. we bring you everything on this program. check out this new japanese drone with a pair of robotic claws that can lift 44 pounds. big octobers -- bring them into the air carries them off. you might want to hide your pelt. ♪ more varney after this.
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10:15 am
>> you know, we're moving up. 54 -- 55 points own the big board most of the dow 30 and now in the green. how about the restaurant chain cracker barrel a weak outlook don't do that. down for the stock price off 4.7% and ruby tuesday chief executive has resigned. board reportedly said lousy performance bit company out you go. didn't help the stock down nearly 6%. u how about time warner entire unit with a deal to air "star wars" movies. i thought that might be a bigger deal for the stock it is not but up 33 cents. obama administration is going to expand dramatically. number of migrants brought to the u.s. up by 30%. 85,000 this calendar year
10:16 am
110,000, 2017. this year almost all of the migrants were muslims, next year maybe, probably the same. zudy with us forum for democracy guy. good to see you. >> nice to see you, stuart. stuart: next year is it the same story 90% muslims virtually no christians? >> i mean horrific thing stuart is if we actually vetted for ideology for those who are coming with our values, that would eliminate 20 to 30% of them which are islamist and then allow minority, the christians -- the other minorities to become the natural fair part of that. but unfortunately the president has a darwinian process and radical permeate those who come in and i have invested in this. i want to see a robust muscular vetting process because that allows americans to respect refugees that come to realize that any every war we've brought
10:17 am
them in. but no he wants to destroy multiculturalism from within. let this trojan horse come in and not realize we're at war an leave business as usual which is absurd. >> do you think this is absolutely deliberate, bring in muslims, do not bring in christians. i mean that's a blatant thing to suggest that -- is that the quality. >> it is deliberate because that's how the left operating and a he doesn't care about syrian. if he did he wouldn't have done iran deal and let assad and others savage syrian population. no. he doesn't daughter about them. he's using this as a mechanism to unravel national unity. national identity no different than merkel did in germany left did and led to brexit to recapture their own identity. the left uses this to sort of dissolve what it means to be an american. by the way, not realize that we're at or war against radical
10:18 am
an political islam. there's two purposes here achieving both by letting them come in. >> i want you to address this subject which -- had is off outside your regular subject matter. and that's i know that you live in phoenix. and i'm sure you've seen dramatic video of the three police police officers attacked by a man in the car ran him down an african-american man is being arrest ad. and he has a history of going after cops. now, i know this is not your regular fare but you live in phoenix and i wonder if you can tell us what had people of phoenix are saying about this. at this moment -- >> you know, listen. as our police chief says thank god we're not plan three funerals god looked over those three officers, they survived. you know, i'm waiting to hear i mean we don't know exactly what motive was but clearly intentional and clearly attempted murder. thank god they're alive, and i'm waiting to hear for the quick
10:19 am
calls for unity. we hear such calls when there are -- when there's a minority killing by a police officer god forbid but attacked like they were in dlation or elsewhere where's the immediate calls for unity and a this is a time for our community to come together and reject this type of division. >> and where are calls from president obama? knock it off. knock it off. zudy thank you very much for joining us sir is thank you for being here. >> i have this for you as well millions of muslims beginning to saudi arabia for pilgrimage. 2 million people are there in this video there's the stoning of satan. small pebbles thrown at a large wall that's the hash going on right now in saudi arabia. to north korea reports that the country will will have uranium by the end of the year despite sanctions 37 we thought we would bring you that cheerful message. and this bill clinton commenting on hillary's health at a cbs
10:20 am
interview a for the of that that cbs did not want you to hear so they cut it out completely. tell you all about it in a moment. ♪ (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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liberty mutual insurance. >> just booked him. john legendary actor a rare conserve tifer in hollywood out con campaign trail for donald trump he's going to be on the show this morning. right in the 11:00 hour john great guy. now, this cbs news is facings criticism for ed titting out the world frooctly from an interview
10:24 am
with bill clinton when she was asking about hillary's collapsing episode we have the full unedited clip. watch this. >> she's been -- well if it is it's a mystery to me and all of hour doctors because frequently not frequently that's not -- rarely but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years same sort of things happen to her when she got severely dehydrated. >> uned titted they took out the frequently part. and left in rarely. i got that right i think. >> honestly what else have they edited how can we trust everything we hear? it is very stunned by cbs should i be liberal media. left leaning cbs? but that is egregious and aired it but damage was done. >> yeah, look i think when this was aired on basket broadcast network intending to perhaps reach presidents lower informed voters not going on the
10:25 am
internght who are not checking on certain things to just have that be singular message as they reach out to people. people are voting 23rd many are doing early voting so they need to get this out o. clearly cbs tries to reverse themselves there. but network happen it is all of the time. new media is reason why this is now exposed to same thing like with her issue in general. >> goodness. and more bad edit, katie couric and antigun documentary facing $12 million defamation lawsuit. allegedly they edited members of a gun rights u group to appear stumped. by couric's gun control questions when, in fact, they were not. what's that about? >> nine second she asked them a question about how with background check and a issue of terrorism or criminals, and they had an immediate answer pps instead they edited in nine seconds of silence to make them look stumped and clueless and that's what they're suing over
10:26 am
now for about i think it's $12 million. >> it is $12 million appropriately so quite shocking. >> what a disgrace really. i don't mind if they come out and say we're antigun don't buy guns. look at this. that's okay. you can have an opinion nothing wrong with that. >> this is their job and great gun rights group and like they don't know what they're doing and that's really a defamation. >> you're just middle of the road you are really fair. equal opportunity on both sides of political aisle that is nonsense. >> you should be strong enough in your position to debate it. >>precisely. >> yes. and be able to win that's the way you persuade win on that argument. >> enough score -- >> no, never enough. [laughter] price of oil where is the price of oil right now at $44 a barrel and falling today by the way a few minutes the latest supply news. that price could change again. donald trump says apple in his president city would stop
10:27 am
making iphones in america. can frump really make apple do that? really? more varney in a moment. the microsoft cloud helps us stay connected. the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the plan
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10:30 am
>> all right. breaking as of right now we've got latest read on how much oil we've got in storage, liz. >> down 560,000 barrels. i mean -- that's not much. so small draw down that's correct. and price is actually stabilized virtually no difference in price there. scott in chicago, an oil trader mooping in other commodities down not much. >> there was a ton of riewrls we've had a bill but that's not
10:31 am
a big draw number one 37 number two gasoline stuart, this was a much, much bigger bill than expected. as well as a bigger bill in gasoline, so i would is say tenr 15 cents higher than where we were -- we have to wait and see. >> scott i'm intrumghting but when you say a build in the dislat does that mean there's more gasoline in storage because we're not using as much gasoline as before. is that accurate? >> yes, that's accurate you know i'd like to kind of put a couple of thing together here frequently but rarely on more than one occasion we see this -- have a bill like this it will be negative for the market. smg did you catch that -- >> yeah frequently really -- snuck in -- [laughter] stuart: he dropped his own bombshell frequently, or rarely ask bill clinton why not? [laughter]>> but i do know oil 4
10:32 am
per barrel that's the important takeaway right now. by the way dow is still up and rising. now we have the dow jones average up 85 points. scot thank you very much for joining us it is at 18142 news on carl icahn revealed that he's got -- he's asking regulatory improvement to increase stake in the life that's why stock is up 5%s at 63. look at apple look at that. biggest winner and dow 30 that's a five month high. apple at 111. probably benefited from the problem of the galaxy -- 7 smartphone. that's probably a reaction to that as well as the rollout of the iphone 7 and they've got this few minor league problem with ios10. >> that seems good news. all right. donald trump says if he's elected, he will be building --
10:33 am
apple will be building iphones in the united states instead of china. watch this. >> apple and our other major companies will start making their iphones, their computer, other products in the united states. not in china and not all over the world. [applause] because we don't make things here like we used to anymore. we're going to start making things in our country. we're going to start having the jobs be jobs that are good for our country. [applause] tnches now there are skeptics out there who don't believe we can actually build iphones in the united states. come on in republican strategist ford o'connell very much a trump guy. ford welcome to the program. good to see you, sir. >> good to see you stuart. stuart: will he make a all make iphones in america. can he do that? >> no for a multitude of reasons
10:34 am
but this is a fantastic talking points for trump because it's a white working class whisper focused on bringing back jobs to america something that americans want to hear particularly midwestern folks. >> that's a devil of a statement he knows he can't do it but says it anyway because it's good politically. >> remember in politics reality is not reality perception is reality and a is is a brad which literally touches the lives of virtually every american so that's have very, or very powern stumple and upset the stats us quo if you look at that bloomberg poll today said he was leading in ohio by five, 70% of the people polled said his policy unrealistic but pull lever for him to upset that status quo and that's what is powerful about trump. >> okay step aside for a second take your trump hat off. an you tell me, you think we're going to build iphones in america and charge $600 for them
10:35 am
when they're done, do you? >> well if you want to go to policy side first of all i don't think it is even within president's executive scope of power to be able to do this to a el and even if did put through terrorists trust me with a $600 million cap and on hand apple has a lot of lobbyists to make sure this doesn't happen. but suspense with reality say it actually occurred and apple is able to put together sort of supply chain in america to make this happen. the iphone could go from $600 to probably $2,000 and remember this is a -- high volume low cost device. >> i don't know which side you're in. i can't work it out. >> telling you we have to suspend disbelief in politics because he has to talk about a brand. if we were going to talk about tech industry brand that we should be incentivizing we would be talking about elon musk and tesla. problem is tesla doesn't have gravity that apple does. >> hold on a second i want to break away for a second this happened in new york city
10:36 am
moments ago. nothing dramatic if donald trump's caravan arrive at dr. oz's studio to take that tv segment. segment will air a tomorrow. it will center on his child care, and family policies. that's what we do with president candidates that's where we go to follow -- >> even to the doctor. >> dr. oz. you're right. stuart: stomping for hillary clinton and lashed right out at donald trump. watch this. >> you know, democrats and republicans we've always had our differences. there's nothing wrong that. that's how the country moves for forward but what we've seen from the other side in this election, that this is not abraham lincoln's republican party or division of freedom that ronald reagan talked about. this is a dark -- pessimistic vision. of a country where we turn
10:37 am
against each other. we turn away from the rest of the world. he's not offering any real policy or plan but just offering -- and offer aing fear. and he's et being that he scares enough people, he might just scare up enough votes to win this election. >> ford o'connell with us right there. i know you were listening to that and your response please. >> well this is not fear mongering you have to brush up stuart only right fear amongers. polls were tightening and enthusiasm gap in favor of trump and democrats are worried about turnout there's about 20% of the electorate that is undecided or probably not going to turn out to vote. a lot of them are young minorities and white college educated folks who may well vote for clinton and they've decided that essentially they can't turn them out because a lot of them are turned off by clinton dishonesty so instead of saying here's why you should vote for clinton i'm going to play on your fierce and tell you that donald trump is a monster and a hopefully that will make you cast a vote for me that's what
10:38 am
they're doing here. >> ford o'connell thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> cigarette brand newport targeting millennial with coupons for cheap cigarettes. they're offering 40 menthol cigs wrnght allowed but apparently they are. >> a whole market thing. i wanted to note that dow is arranged session highs up 90 points and seaing verizon, apple doing well caterpillar. renolds is down slightly but this is a story about newport and marketing to millennial 18, 25-year-olds in particular. they have something called gnu fort pleasure lounge. these are big 18 wheelers around the the country. they woo in young smokers. menthol these flavorful options
10:39 am
appear to be growing overall growth rate nearly doubled the market share of the young folks actually went to 20% up from 17%. now, they do say we're not trying to get new smoke terse in. because that's unhealthy. >> really? >> just trying to bring in those who do smoke and have them get a good taste of the menthol minty fresh of newport and that's what they're going on so that's why they've given you $40 for 2 instead of 14. >> tobacco stocks are a group of stock that i would not buy on moral grounds. but you know what you would have made a lot of money $5 year up 158%. 10 up 192% and it it is legal. stuart: news flash stuart varney walks away from none. thanks very much nicole. actor john one of the very few conservatives in hollywood he's on the campaign trail for donald trump. he's in our next hour. now, he can check this out a
10:40 am
woman in new jersey at a checkout countinger e-cigarette battery explodes. plume of smoke and sowptded like a gun shot like a bomb went off. nobody injured but i think that mall was evacuated that is an e-cigarette sorts of thing. next two trump support percent embracing deplorable label. they're wearing t-shirts with wd written across the front. those two -- two of those women will be joining us on this show after the break. >> my wife and i -- represent nondeplorable poem. >> i am probably a lot of things deplorable is not one of them i assure you i've been separated and i want everybody to know that i partner with the family. i'm part of the trump family and i want to make sure he's president. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
10:41 am
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10:43 am
least for a few days if not longer so i wouldn't have advised a patient of mine going out the in crowds. i don't know what advice you got. okay is it a contagious disease i have to be honest. don't do it. i say stay at home or get your antibiotic, rest, get fluids. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. it's a very specific moment, the launch window. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls.
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>> to just be grossly generallistic, you can put half of trump supporters into the basket of deplorable. tame froze right there. our next guest are trump support rs who are embracing the deplorable label. they even made their own t-shirts to prove it as you can see. welcome becky love and kathy pups becky to you first. why did you do this stamp deplorable across your front? [laughter] >> well, number one it's fun. but we wanted to show that trump supporters aren't deplorable but every day people, we're moms, educated wove had careers, we had children. we volunteered in their schools,
10:46 am
their sports afnghts and we wanted to show everybody that we're not deplorable. we're normal middle class women. >> becky is this your idea? >> yeah. [laughter] no kathy made these. idea came to you first, when did he get the idea? right after hillary's speech? >> it was kind of brewing with me and on saturday night before they muse and i were going out to dinner i rushs over to hoib hobby lobby because they're not open on sunday and bought iron on letter and on sunday morning ironing on deplorable because we were scheduled to go to see -- newt gingrich speak, and newt's topic was two d's. it was deplorable and deceitful. and we backed in and everybody was applauding our t-shirts, and it was really just a statement because becky and i both hoped
10:47 am
mrs. clinton is feeling better but don't like divisive language or insulted because we're college educated hardworking taxpayering parents. and didn't appreciate it. >> either of you walked out on the street you're from -- atlanta walked with those t-shirts -- >> no we were walking on the campus of the university, and actually we had to have a mixed response but mostly people walked up and said hey can we have your picture taken with you and then evolved from there. >> are are you thinking about creating a line of deplorable fashion? [laughter] >> well my daughter is in law school and she wanted me to trademark it. i said you know i'm not about making money with t-shirts i said iemg more concerned with bringing awareness to the issues, and you know, i'm extremely concerned about the economy and i believe donald trump has the right kind of ideas and mike pence is a great running mate, and --
10:48 am
>> you know what i first heard those comments from hillary clinton, i was angry about it because i think of myself as a regular ordinary american, and i don't like being call thed names. but what you've done, you've taken the sting out of it. made it into a joke and embraced label. do you realize what you've done ladies? >> it's fun. [laughter] >> well we hope so but really i'm bringing attention not so much for myself and for our family -- we're concerned about our children. we want there to be better jobs, a better economy. you know, i grew up in ohio, my father was june factory work and all college professional people an we want our children to have the same opportunity. that we have and we don't feel those opportunities are no longer out there for our children.
10:49 am
>> kathy love got it right becky love kathy sorry about that. but you're both deplorable. [laughter] thank you for joining us. j thank you. thank you so much. stuart: good stuff. we were learning this morning two years worth of e-mail hacked. ashley some e-mails about hillary clinton. >> obviously mortifying for colin powell that they were hacked from his gmail account and couple of quotes for you this one back from march 2015. talking to a wealthy private equity investor colin fowl says being have been fun we mail gig...hillary mafia keep tries to suck me into it. then we have this one from march of this year, about hillary's health he says look she doesn't look good first part of that on hd tv she doesn't look good. high-definition she's working herself to death.
10:50 am
also other pieces in there where he says look, it's the one price she wants. she's talking about hillary in presidency she has everything else and she hates the president. that man as the clinton's to call mr. obama. >> they hate -- >> gossipping stuff there. they don't like each other. after donald trump calling trump a national disgrace. and international pryer so everyone was shot at in these e-mails. >> to ashley's point he also fowl said that media is not getting fooled about hillary's e-mail set up and crucified she forgets she's been using him in excuse. i said i was using my -- personal account i said nothing but servers, basement, domain withering stuff in there right? >> very revealing yeah. >> check that big boortd now what one hour and 20 minutes into the session and we're up about 50 points 18,100 state
10:51 am
department says it cannot rule the out possibility that the iran nuke deal made iran more aggressive. that's a breaking story which we will deal with. first this, some nfl athletes protest the national anthem look at this from michigan. this young one has cerebral palsy while watching nfl game trying to stand during the anthem. his mother said he's never stood before. but understands you should show and stand up out of respect. fine young man. well done, son. ♪ ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ e. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you!
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10:55 am
>> john is here scholar with american enterprise institute . what is mr. ambassador the trump putin connection if any? >> well i don't know that there is any connection. there have been a lot of remarks made arranged i come back tots hack not at all clear to me that it is a russian hack of the dnc now don't get me wrons. i think that russians and vladimir putin in particular are perfectly capable of thinking about doing it and doing it. but based on the information we have publicly, there's no guarantee this was not a false
10:56 am
flag operation somebody else doing it and leaving signs to point to rawrns it is not true that hack could only it benefit donald trump. really, if they can pin trump and putin together in the american public's mind russia doesn't enjoy popularity. but i'll close again by saying do i think russians are capable of doing this? sure they are. >> and that was stuart last hour with ambassador john ballton our producer filling us in on what's coming up at the top of the hour. john he's a trump supporter what does he make of the whole deplorable label? plus, congressman jim jordan or hillary e-mail scandal. how do we know her server wasn't hack haded lots of questions, and new information on hillary's health you don't want to miss this power packed hour in three
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
tree and do every day this week
11:01 am
11:02 am
last week at that commander-in-chief for an nbc
11:03 am
news she had an absolutely terrible performance paired she cannot give a brand-new excuse for her e-mail. first it was no classified information and that it was no marking. then it was no headers. this is terrible. what a donald trump do? he spent his time in bracing vladimir putin and a double down the next day and spent days talking about the romance. that is not disciplined. that is not helping. he's making it much easier for her to win the election. stuart: let me throw this one at you. president obama was campaigning for hillary clinton. it was touting what he calls the strong economy. he thinks himself basically. >> we turned around a declining economy. we helped our industry said the records. our businesses between new jobs. our dependence on foreign oil, double the production for clean energy. more americans are working. more have health insurance. incomes are rising.
11:04 am
and gas taxes $2 a gallon. [applause] thanks, obama. stuart: you askew in the crowd to say thanks obama and did it himself. that was a long list of accomplishments for the president. >> is oversellin his economic achievements by quite a bit. it is the year of the economy i'd hate to see the villain. first of all, the claim is created 15 million job. the fact checker who gave that three pinocchio's. the reality is he's not counting from 2009. his time from 2010. an entire year of the presidency. the reality is 10 million jobs since it took office so is oversold that by a third. he is saying things that are gas prices. i worked in the white house when gas prices were incredibly high and president bush would've done anything. the fact is the president has almost no control over gas
11:05 am
prices. he's taking credit for santini is nothing nothing to do with. he's overselling economic achievements and americans on the ground feel they know when the president does something not true. stuart: was that report from the census department yesterday median household income of 5% last year? i know that still puts median income below where it was in 2007. certainly below 1989. nonetheless, that is an improvement. >> at the first increase in median income in half a decade. still the poverty rate is higher than it was before he came into office. the work force participation rate is still higher than it was before he came into office. during millions of americans not participating in the economy. by american enterprise institute had a great op-ed in "the wall street journal" the other day about the idol army we have a 7 million prime working age americans who are not in the
11:06 am
labor force that all who have completely dropped out of the labor force. those people did not get an increase in their income because they had no income. you have the smallest labor participation rate since the age of jimmy carter. a problem when a president goes out and oversells his economic achievement is that he is talking to the people who feel the reality on the ground. you spent the entire obama administration trying to find a job and you can't see on social security disability and come. you don't feel the president is doing such a great job. stuart: didn't use to write for the "washington post"? >> i still do. stuart: i've never seen a more rabid anti-term publication in my life than the "washington post." >> well, if you look at the opinion page you have lot of anti-term publications. lots of conservatives on that page. you have made, charles krauthammer, george will, a
11:07 am
bunch of other people. lots of people. stuart: take it back. >> there you go. stuart: mark, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. to the markets create pretty stable. another big drop yesterday on news of an oil glut. this morning the combat 40 points. 18,100. by the way at 10:30 this morning, we have 47 minute ago, 37 minutes ago, we have news that just a small draw down to just a half million barrels from the oil market, oil supply i should say. look what that is done. oil all the way back to $43 a barrel, down 2%. folks who is here. john hofmeister, the former president of shallow president of shell oil, the man who told me, put money on it, that we did have oil back at 80 bucks a barrel by the end of the year. was that it? >> not the end of the year.
11:08 am
stuart: you are still holding out hope you'll take my money. >> you never know. the glass has lasted longer than anybody thought. stuart: the iaea saying it's well into next year. in a club, the iea is generally wrong. you can count on that to not be right. the stuart: are you sticking withhen down of fairness in the price of oil goes back up again, you're sticking with that? >> absolutely. three problems out there. one is hundreds of billions of dollars of capital not been spent that needs to be spent to supply 17, 18, 10, 2020. it's not been spent. so that's going to be sure. the industry is in such a depression the banks will loan money to anybody right now. the parts industry, the supply industry is on its back. all the so-called productivity
11:09 am
taken place in the oilfields has been price cuts. price cut by the supply chain to try to keep some cash flowing through the system. meanwhile, plants are closing. 40% of the workforce is laid out. over 400,000 people gone from the industry and unlikely to be coming back anytime soon. and then you have the big issue of around the supply chain is broken. all these rates paid down, 1000 ranks have been cannibalized. stuart: it would be good for the stock market of the price of oil got back to $50 or $60 a barrel as the stock market decline is in part due to the oil price decline. the >> industry cannot make money and it's not going to make money until we get back to the 70, $80 mark. this is a man-made recession by saudi arabia, iran and russia. they are putting a 50-dollar bill on every barrel of oil that
11:10 am
they sell because they are taken from their own sovereign wealth because they are fighting to each other for market supply, but they are putting money on every barrel. stuart: real fast. when do we get to $60 a barrel? give me a new timeframe? >> certainly by the end of the year. stuart: john hofmeister. imo said john foy. thanks for joining us. again, special gas almost here. legendary actor jon voight talking about the election. how does it feel to be a conservative in hollywood? he'll be back in a moment. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in.
11:11 am
♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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11:13 am
stuart: here is my opinion. donald trump has shifted to a more effective campaign style and substance. i say is looking more presidential and i say it's a winning strategy. jon voight is he, actor and term supporter.
11:14 am
first of all, it's not her to have you on the program. above yours does. great to have you here. >> my pleasure. stuart: you heard it all before. >> no, stuart, i really like you a lot. your energy is fantastic. stuart: have a cup of coffee through the 10th of the day. my stance is this is the neutron. you are term supporter of the neutron, not the old one, correct? >> i'm a tram supporter for quite a long time. i think this fella has a certain -- he is a problem solver and he is used to taking on impossible jobs and figuring them out and getting them to work in solving them. i've seen them a couple times on the road and it's got a tremendous amount of energy. i see him at the end of the day when he jumps through three states and 11:00 at night he looks exactly the same way he
11:15 am
started at 7:00 in the morning. it's quite remarkable and as you can see after the debate, always feels positive. he has quite an interesting fellow. i've been very impressed by the statements setting aside on the different problems than shedding a light. he's done a good job and i can't think of anyone in my memory who has been says this if it prior to the election. stuart: a few moments ago we had a couple ladies on the program who adopted the label deplorable as. they've got deplorable is across the fire. it seems that table which hillary stuck on tram supporters has backfired and has now become almost fashionable. are you saying that, too?
11:16 am
>> i got a little picture last night of a fellow holding up a sign saying deplorable lives matter. it was terrific. i think it is great. obviously she didn't invent that. somebody took a lot of time and thought they were clever writing it. but it has backfired. stuart: you're a conservative in hollywood, a term supporter in hollywood. have you ever been blacklisted, you just didn't get the part because of politics? >> not that i know of. there's plenty of reasons not to hire me. but you know, listed, i have many friends in hollywood. people know i come to work. i don't proselytize, and there are, by the way, many conservatives in hollywood. they just aren't very vocal. stuart: is that accurate? we don't hear from them. i don't hear much.
11:17 am
>> well, they kind of keep their heads down a little bit, but they are. stuart: do you ever think a republican can win the presidential election in california? >> well, i'm certainly going to make a little effort out there. i don't think there's any place donald trump can't win if he gave the team focused and finds a way to introduce them to people. once people see who he is, they claim and not say. stuart: are you officially part of the campaign or just a supporter? >> on the tram supporter but i'm friendly with everyone. i just thought eric yesterday and i met ivonne god many years ago so i know them. i've then with donald for a couple of events. here is something people don't know about donald trump.
11:18 am
you know, he loves people and a scary, very can figure it in his heart goes out to people. he is not making it up when he sits for somebody who's suffering something and you can see him for them. this is not an act with him. also, i was at a speech at the voters and values summit and he gave this wonderful speech. the audience stood almost the entire speech. he came off. he was quite moved by i and then he said thank you to me, thank you to a few others. he went over to the fellow running the teleprompter and gave him a patent that thanks very much. you did a great job. i can see that is why people like this guy. if you look at so many people who have worked for him, they can find a person who's not 100%
11:19 am
maybe if they peel through all the stuff. 95% of people love him. stuart: john boy, that's an endorsement and we'll take it. thanks very much for joining us. you can come again anytime. appreciate it. stuart: more on the samsung notes seven for you. new york and new jersey transit officials told people, turn those thumbs up before you get on the train or the bus. they are worried the batteries could explode and catch fire. could you get worse pr? this i want to warn you, graphic video. arizona, three cops hit by a speeding car in a parking lot appears they were elaborately targeted foreign attack. more on that coming up. some very different video. michigan mother proudly shared this with us. her nine euros and has cerebral palsy. he is trying to stand for the national anthem. he knows the meaning of the word
11:20 am
respect. we will be back. ♪ n health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. when i pick it up for stuart: will show you this video
11:24 am
again. we'll show it to you. three cops hit by a speeding car in a gas station in arizona. they were targeted. come on in. arizona sheriff paul idea. i want to hear from the president. cops are being attacked, targeted frequently in this country. i want to hear from the president. how about you? >> absolutely. incentive always cheery nonblack lives matter with al sharpton and painting the scenario that are heroes in my enforcement are the bad guys and compromising due process for cops and always standing up for criminals. here again we see me for tax time in time again shooting, killing police officers throughout america and now here to run down three of our hero cops, trying to kill them. stuart: you're in arizona. you know a lot about this case. am i right in saying an african-american man has been
11:25 am
arrested for this targeting, this attack? >> yes, it was unprovoked. you could see him early in the morning. there's a video. he parks, rest his engine and speeds as high as 40 miles an hour to run over these three police officers. one of them is dispersed in a job and a sergeant as sergeant was there giving him expect asian and this guy comes out of the far end of the parking lot to run them over. it's the car, his two officers, since one flying into the window of the convenient store they were standing in front of. stuart: that was his first day on the job. barely survived. thanks for joining us and telling us the full story. we will see you again soon. new york eric snider with an investigation into a trump foundation. we will ask judge napolitano about that. he is next.
11:26 am
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i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured.
11:29 am
i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? stuart: the nfl reportedly will find players who were special cleats honoring 9/11 responders on monday. they are going to find them. ashley: 9/11 first responders
11:30 am
and the dems on the anniversary. these players, one for the titans, to where the giant expecting a $6000 fine for wearing these pager attic shoes because the violation of the uniform rules, which is nine pages long. it's kind of put this in it. we have players who will not and for the national anthem and to stand for the flag and nothing is done. the nfl being remarkably quiet. three guys who choose to honor 9/11 victims and the first responders. is that objectionable to anyone? stuart: $6000 fine. you can disrespect the flag and the united dates of america. you can sit down in disrespect to. ashley: here in new york to policing and what to pay the fine. liz: but he can wire socks with police officers as pigs.
11:31 am
stuart: we are told senator grassley has been seen many of the e-mails that hillary turned over to the eia. and the senator says he has in them. they are earth shattering. judge napolitano is the first one to bring this story. can you update it. >> there is no news is we did at last, but it clashes definitely coming. it is not just e-mails. it is what is called 302. the fbi nomenclature for the raw note taken by fbi agents during interviews. so you're the fbi agent. on mrs. clinton. and ashley are preparing 302, writing down everything you're asking me and i'm singing to you because she refused to be tape-recorded and her lawyer said she won't show if you tape-record even though all other interviews are tape-recorded in the fbi exceeded to die.
11:32 am
so you have just a hand written notes the fbi agents the two colleagues they are listening to our interrogation. that's essentially what is in that senate date for a as well as classified e-mails, as well as unclassified e-mails. the 302 are unclassified, but he can't reveal them. they are called mingled with classified. stuart: he's seen them in sizes that earthshaking earth shattering. >> i don't know which. the public would want to know this. absolutely want to know this. stuart: the same question i asked to two hours ago. why didn't he stand up and say here's what i saw? because these on the senate floor? >> correct. he'll never be invited to see a secret again. it's a policy judgment as to whether or not he wants to do that and take that risk. i senator feinstein did.
11:33 am
i think he is an active little poker gymnast type of courage will ultimately be rewarded in the long term. stuart: reported in having perhaps. stay right there, judge. the new york attorney general, eric schneiderman investigating the trump foundation. he says they try to ensure they comply with charity laws. judge, they've not been complied. the charity has not been complied with the irs. >> we have eric schneiderman, a democrat attorney general of new york, strong supporter of hillary. we pam bondi, attorney general of florida, supporter of donald trump. attorney general bondi asked donald trump for a contribution to the super pac and he had his foundation send her super pac $25,000. that implicated a lot of wrongdoing. she asked her office investigating the activities in
11:34 am
florida. she said she was unaware of it. the investigation was terminated by others, not by her. the irs declared the contribution of the go because as a matter of law, charitable foundations cannot contribute to campaigns are super pac supporting politicians and this is inexplicable. the trump foundation attempted to disguise the donation by instead of saying it went to a super pac in florida, claiming it went to a bona fide charity and campus. the irs doesn't like that. train to mr. schneiderman, attorney general of new york has real grounds to investigate, but the timing is highly positive. stuart: he is free admission as well as select did attorney general do. they'll want to become the governor of the state. >> i think you're right. the reason is the investigation will never be completed before the election. >> wonderful duty. two separate hours what a guy.
11:35 am
thank you, judge. this is important, too. the battleground state of ohio. trump leads hillary clinton by five points. now there's a reversal. congressman jim jordan, an ohio republican is with us this morning. congressman, that's a remarkable turnaround in your state. i put it to you that the new trump is working. >> now, it is. we had a situation a few weeks ago when we opened the party headquarters and one of the larger towns in our district. when we are done with the speeches in the speeches amount of stuff that typically happened, we had a nice crowd there. this gentleman walked up to me and said stuart, congressman, i'm a union pipefitter voting for donald trump. good for you. but i thought afterwards, since when have you seen union folks show up at republican party headquarters opening. this is the phenomenon we see in
11:36 am
a day. people are rallying to mr. trump and the poll numbers reflect that. stuart: who would've thought. some hacking incidents today. apparently some american olympians their medical files have been attacked. colin powell's e-mails have been hacked and now we understand some concern about the hacking of hillary's private server as well. you were in the hearing. what do you make of this? >> you've got athletes have been hacked, chinese and russians were focused on this and other people as well. of course hillary's server was safe. this is just laughable. once again been treated differently from so many examples, she gets away with things no other american can get away with dennis starts right
11:37 am
from the get-go when they decided to set up separate private server, only had that one account, not a government e-mail account and do the things you're supposed to do when you're in that sensitive position in our government as secretary of state. stuart: who would've thought. you're part of a group of republicans, house republicans trying to impeach the commission of the irs, job costing them. number one, why are you doing that? number two, do you think it would be a successful impeachment matter? >> we hope so. the facts are so strong. in february 2014, john koskinen's chief counsel learned there were problems with learners hard drive in the past. they wait for months to tell congress and during that timeframe, they destroyed the backup tapes. mr. koskinen will say i didn't order them destroyed. they were destroyed while they were three orders to preserve the documents into subpoenas for
11:38 am
that document. it's still the same kind of pattern with secretary clinton were there her preservation orders in place, subpoenas in place and the typographer network took to the server. the same pattern. we said when you're the head of the irs agency has as much power over the lives of americans, you deserve to be held accountable. you deserve to lose your job and that's what we're doing. the last thing i would say is this. no private citizen can get away with this. you're been audited by the irs in effect documents missing in the way for vendors to tell the irs they are missing and during that timeframe it contains those documents. what is happening to you? you're definitely getting time but somehow it is okay and not a sweat just is a double standard we see now. one standard for you and me and americans in a different one for the politically it and it's not supposed to be that way.
11:39 am
stuart: you've done it now. you put the image of stuart varney and my hat and i've got a problem with that. thanks for being with us. we do appreciate it. check the big board. steady as you go up 33 points. we've had three trading sessions of real volatility. steady as she goes. right now back to hillary clinton's health. author ed kline reporting that she has been sick for quite some time. he's going to move with us in a moment with the new information. first, listen to what he said on this program in january of this year. >> she is blinding headaches frequently, swooning spells. not fainting, but close to fainting spells. after the benghazi hearing, the 11 hour benghazi hearing, she literally had to be carried to her car because she had almost collapsed. arting at $5.99 a mon, plus fees.
11:40 am
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11:42 am
the technology story here certainly is helping the s&p along. we are seeing apples for are seeing apples for example with five month high soaring since we heard from t-mobile and sprint. netflix on the global set top boxes. twitter at about 3% here 3% here today. up over 2%. mark the video. more "varney." keep it right here. that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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11:44 am
>> people don't realize hillary is not as healthy as she claims to be. she has had series of fainting problems as we all know. she is -- has frequent headaches. she is having troubles leaping at night. she has insomnia. will has told her to take it easy, to try to pace herself. if anything would make it possible for her not to run, it would be her health. stuart: can we make it clear that was ed kline back in june of last year, well over a year ago raising questions about hillary's health. he's with me this morning. ed kline, welcome bau've got a . >> i do. it's called guilty as sin. stuart: i want a timeline.
11:45 am
you've been talking about hillary's health for a long time. when did the problems start? >> we don't know when it's up. in 2005 in buffalo, in front of a woman group, she fainted. 2009 come again and getting on an airplane, fainted again, broken elbow a fractured elbow. 2012 while she was in the state department, that is when she fell, had a concussion. we all know about that. recently in february of this year, if you recall that video of her trying to get up the stairs, the she had to be held. this has been going on for years. stuart: are your sources telling you that though clinton has been aware of this for sometime, urged her to get it checked out, but she wouldn't. is that accurate? >> that's correct. he has been telling her for three or four years now at least, but in your presbyterian
11:46 am
hospital, which is his hospital. i doubt why you're doing that. why are you thinking? she's fainting at home as well as in public. very afraid that she's going to do exactly what she did at the memorial in public and really screw up her campaign. she has refused to do it. she refused to stay home on 9/11. he said he would take her place. she said no i'm going to do it. when she went home that day that she fainted 9/11, he really let her have it and said you shouldn't be home. you should be in the hospital right now. she is absolutely refuse to do that. stuart: he is a this is not just the known yet. >> it is not just ammonia. when she didn't have pneumonia, she was fainting. stuart: you've got something else right. what was that? the latest to reveal colin
11:47 am
powell say that the clinton really did pass the obama's. your say about it but feared a couple years ago. >> i was absolutely murdered by the left-wingers who said they love each other. to this day, even though you have obama on the campaign trail today saying i'm for hillary, there's no love lost between these two. stuart: the quote is on my prompter right now. this is what colin powell has said. having friend with e-mail gate. hillary's mafia keeps trying to me into it. and not hdtv, she doesn't look good if she's working herself to death. she will turn 70 her first year in office. other comments about the abundant detesting the clintons. >> in the new book, guilty as sin i talk about, almost begging them to run and biden was still
11:48 am
in grief. in the oval office, by that i'm just not there yet. stuart: i'm sure you're not welcome in the hillary clinton. ed kline, thank you for being with us. how about this. hillary clinton has a spread in october is new issue of women's health magazine. live testing it. liz: unfortunate timing for the clinton campaign. this is now hitting the newsstands or hillary clinton this document equal pay and paid leave. nothing about her own personal health issues or the interview was done before disclosures about her pneumonia. the october issue hitting the newsstands now. stuart: i wasn't listening. you know why? i've got some rather dramatic news from reuters. they are reporting the ford motor company will move all of the company's small car
11:49 am
production to mexico over the next two to three years. the ceo is mark fields. he made the announcement that the investor conference. big news plays right, does it not come into donald trump's narrative. stuart: the political implications are j&r miss. >> is talked about a terrorist. ashley: he will jump all over this. stuart: how many jobs will not lose? >> port-of-spain they will have more jobs in the united states if that's what they said in the past. ashley: is just to reduce those cards at a lower cost. stuart: are you familiar with the expression like a red rag? that's exactly what this is. liz: we are familiar with that expression.
11:50 am
stuart: check the marketplace. the left-hand side of your screen. the downside movers have it, but the dow is still a 28 points. how about this one. buyer, a german company wants to buy a month and so, an american company. i believe they offer about 100 dirty dollars a share. all in cash by the way. here's the question. why is not entail at 107 instead of 100 dirty? we will address the question after this. this man creates software, used by this bank,
11:51 am
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ stuart: i want to repeat the news we brought you moments ago. ford said the lemieux followed the company's small car production from the united states to mexico in the next two to three years. big news. i would suggest it plays right into donald trump's narrative. more on that coming up throughout this network throughout the day. how about this one. buyer, a german company wants to buy monsanto american company $128 a share all crashed deal. why are monsanto shares still at 107 offering 128. why is that one of seven and not 128? he might quite frankly wall street mrs. a story we've been
11:55 am
reporting on the last two weeks to those two stories here. the story that we broke last night with final details with a martini glass in my hand. that's the news. now going forward is whether this thing happened. i just don't think it will. i think u.s. regulators are very, very skeptical putting together big conglomerates. i think the e.u. regulators are even more skeptical about this. and then there is this huge controversy about what the athlete wants to be the leader in creating genetically modified food. they are hated in europe. >> bear has this sort of technology to make it even bigger. they are hated in europe. here' the back. how are you going to feed the world? air betting they can use this deal to feed the world.
11:56 am
if it passed regulatory muster, which i think donald trump becomes the president. the donald trump antitrust division will pass this thing. but hillary clinton of the day? you've got to get through the regulations. although you think the germans might have that covered. they really wanted this deal. stuart: charlie, thank you for bringing us the story. senator grassley made a statement on the senate floor earlier this week and i think this is dynamite. >> he's saying the fbi and quite an e-mail server scandal only have a narrow slice of the fact the fbi introduced misleading and inaccurate information into the public discussion. as inaccuracies there. stuart: grassley has seen the fbi e-mails that were sent to the fbi. hillary's e-mails. he has seen them and he says they are earthshaking and he says we are being misled on the senate floor. transfer we only have a merit is that the facts.
11:57 am
stuart: that the only way you will see or hear what grassley had himself to protection of the senate floor. he made that statement on monday. i would love to hear more statements. we will have more "varney" after this. anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got b ak, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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it's a very specific moment, the launch window. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. .. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,
11:59 am's handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. stuart: developing stories all over the place, the nfl is going to find players who wore special find on their cleats honoring 9/11 first responders, they will be find for that. ashley: a $6000 fine. this breaks the uniform rules the nfl are imposing. stuart: the second big story, ford motor company just announced or reuters says they just announced that they are going to move all small car production out of the state to mexico.
12:00 pm
liz: he wants to tax that. stuart: the dow jones industrial average almost two hours into the trading session, up 54 points, stability ending volatility of the last three sessions. i am out of town. i am out of town. cavuto has plenty. neil: i am out of town. mailing it in. is that what you are saying? thank you very much. right now an issue that is central to the campaign, companies that even think of moving their manufacturing operations abroad, ford indicating that, we are on top of some poll numbers, looks good for donald trump or reversing would be a disturbing trend that could be reversing in whole or in part. connell mcshane is keeping track of


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