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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 14, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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greg: this fall might show why hillary clinton has been tweeting today, she trails in the battleground state of nevada. it is tied and right now donald trump, a lot more coming up. >> you are right. the race is tightening, a couple new polls show the the battleground state of ohio and nevada are now donald trump's, beating hillary clinton in both places, trump is on the campaign trail in flint, michigan, hillary clinton is resting at home for the third day in a row. welcome to the intelligence report. mrs. clinton resting in new york
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after her medical episode on sunday. she appeared to collapse. donald trump is in michigan traveling to ohio later today, all this after traveling to iowa and pennsylvania yesterday where he laid out his plan to help working families pay for child care costs, a direct appeal to women voters. will it work? two new polls showing trump's leaders upset, 5 points, ohio a critical battleground state, no republican has made his way to the oval office without having won ohio first. and nevada trump beating clinton by 2 points, she was leading by two points, republicans have gained ground on democrats in registering voters in three important battleground states. this race as we predicted is getting much tighter. donald trump promising a big
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announcement tomorrow. listen in. >> thursday i will outline my economic plan which is paid for through economic growth and proposed federal budget savings. together our tax, trade, regulatory and energy policies will add trillions and trillions of dollars in new deficit lowering growth. gunmac we will hear more on the economy tomorrow and his health, trump is on a doctor arts show where he will release the medical records of his latest physical for the first time. joining me with his thoughts on this race as it stands, are in the communications director john pfeiffer. you were saying that things are going to tighten up by labor day. here we are. what is the path? is he going to take on hillary in more battleground states? >> you point out that ohio and
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nevada have not just gone back but the swing is significant, and in ohio 5. not only is he tied but he is ahead. you are seeing more states do that, florida leaning that way, iowa and new hampshire, one thing the mainstream media has not talked about is in 2012 the ronnie path of 270 was narrow. this time if you look at it we are talking pennsylvania and michigan and new hampshire and nevada and iowa, completely off the map, there is an expansion on the map. each one is in a huge amount of electoral votes but when you command those votes, past 270 has gotten broader from donald trump. gunmac i said all along party is out the window. a lot of traditional democrats
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are saying my job got shipped to mexico. i might as well give this guy a shot. >> trump is not a traditional republican or a traditional politician. it contrasts with hillary clinton, the epitome of washington and the establishment and the status quo. if that is what you want, you will go with her but there are a lot of blue-collar workers and union workers and disaffected or angry americans going higher than the government and both parties saying you like to me, things will change, they are ready to give somebody a chance who will shape things up and trump speaks to that. trish: the criticism is he is not appealing to enough women. he tried to make some inroads, this is a very innovative policy, we will talk more in depth coming up but he is talking about offering a tax credit to women who stay home to take care of their kids or men for that matter, same-sex marriage would be included in
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this as well as a tax credit to families with both spouses working. >> 60 plus years since the tax code was written to address families and i grew up with a mom, stay-at-home dad went off to work, both parents going to work every day, and the woman being the breadwinner, the tax code needs to catch up but it is an important point. there was a dependent care account, it is not just for kids. it meant other dependence and eldercare, and you are seeing more parents move back in with the kids as this idea of paid maternity, post pregnancy up to 6 weeks. they both talked about that. the changing environment we live
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in. trish: women face a lot of challenges of working women with kids, family trying to make ends meet and the daycare budget is hogging up most of it so this is important stuff to be talking about, important proposals to hear. >> they talked about expanding through the unemployment insurance account. it goes back to the philosophy where trump is, shaping things up and doing things differently and not accept the status quo. there are fraud and a level of bringing it, private sector experience to say we have to root out a lot of problems that exist, and not just accept the government, this is the 3 of fraud you should accept. trish: i want to ask about ground games, what are your thoughts?
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>> when you hear the clinton campaign talk about offices opening, we have plenty of offices, i can tell you where the office is. we have 596 in the battleground state, we made an early investment to put these people in battleground states, and that the end is a voter contact work, you point out registration republican registration is up in every state, democratic registration down, 72% of republicans in the presidential year vote. trish: how much do health concerns play into that? >> it is not the health, she wasn't doing well and we hope she gets better but the reality is how they handled it is the bigger problem, coverups --
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>> how they handled it reinforces that you can't trust her and she has one set of rules for her and one for everyone else. trish: good to see you, interesting times. donald trump reaching out to women voters with a promise to make childcare more affordable, there and he knew mothers 6 weeks of paid maternity leave and we create savings accounts and tax deductions for childcare. >> we need working mothers to be compensated for their work. and for their kids come of these solutions will update laws passed more than half a century ago when most women were not in the labor force. trish: trump pushed an issue associated with democrats and while that might help them reach out to new voters it may alienate some traditional conservatives who are leery of
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another big government program and asking who is going to pay for it all. joining me is conservative commentator gina lowden and katie pavlovich, good to see you guys. it is really important that we had these discussions, living in a different time where women are like wonder women, somehow doing it all. going to work, they get the kids, responsible for the house and it is challenging and they are not getting any help. can we change that? >> being completely honest, and as a conservative, smacks me wrong in the first place but what mister trump is done is ingenious. he has taken hillary's issue and brought it to the free market side using incentives and
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deductions which are free market, where hillary can talked about tax increases and mandates and regulation and obama and hillary's own mandate and regulations against them, a key point to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse to pay for all of this and enable businesses to breathe easier and families to breathe easier too and i love the way he addresses even though moms like you and i, we might not work normal hours. there is a lot here unveiled tomorrow when he makes this speech. trish: how do you pay for this but as sean pointeded out, it is a legitimate fair point, there is a lot of fraud in the system. if you go in and clean some of that up, you might not find a little extra money left over. >> that is a valid point. they should be applauded for
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providing voluntarily paid maternity leave, the reality of the fact that donald trump is losing married women and single women, needs to get more in the demographic and the reality of how do you pay for them? we have to be careful about jumping onto a big government program, words like affordable are thrown out, and how the affordable care act is going to make health care more affordable and at the end of the day someone has to pay for it and tax deductions cost money. trish: you can think of it as inflating childcare costs. if you're getting a tax deduction maybe the daycare facility can pack a little more. from a political perspective, all that aside, if you want to beat clinton at her own game is
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this not a pass to go down? >> a good idea you brought it up politically. he is losing with women across the board, he has to gain more votes if he wants to be successful in winning this race but when it comes to the reality of what we are dealing with we have to be cautious about selling a plan only to win votes, we know it likely will not pass congress because congress refused to bring this up in the past because we don't want to create another big government program. the other question is how to enforce 6 weeks of paid maternity leave, willimantic companies provide this? >> there are bigger details about the consequences. trish: in italy, they require a woman to take 3 months ahead of giving birth, 6 months after giving birth. if you are a married woman in
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those childbearing ages the government pays for it, not as though the government is paying for it but they don't want to deal with it or you will be out for that long. they don't want to deal with women being out that long. i would get back to these are important conversations to be having. women today are faced with a lot of challenges, wonderful we have the freedom to do what we want but it is almost as though women have more pressure on them because they are doing it all. >> what i think will be appreciated by women about mister trump's plan is he will continue to explain more about this tomorrow in his speech but things like tuition. i am a homeschool mom, with 1 foot in the workforce and 1 foot out trying to balance, his plan
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actually affords the deductibility for example of tuition costs, to an academy, and materials to supplement their education. gives you more choices and allows you if you don't use that money to roll it over and these are free market principles applied to what we are programmed to think many of them are. and can only be handled by government. >> he is heading into uncharted waters, dealing with challenging economic situations, and challenges working women face, a
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smart move politically. two brand-new polls, donald trump leading hillary clinton in two key battleground states. trump is up by 5, this is a huge turnaround, think about where we were with donald trump versus hillary clinton two months ago. what has happened? extraordinary pollster lee carter will explain all of it. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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day after her medical episode that happened on sunday, she allegedly was diagnosed with pneumonia friday. there are a lot of questions about her health. more importantly her honesty. the question we are asking is whether it is taking a toll on her campaign. donald trump in nevada by two points, quite a turnaround from two months ago and another poll in the all-important swing state of ohio, no republican has made it to the oval office without winning ohio. those trump ahead by 5 points was there is news republicans have gained ground in registering voters in four crucial battleground states, florida, arizona, north carolina and iowa. what happens to hillary having these swing states all locked up? lee carter's until, this race is
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seemingly getting quite close. how has it changed so dramatically? >> for a couple reasons. donald trump has gotten back on message, talking about the issues that matter to voters, really just gotten to be a disciplined presidential candidate, people want to see who is able to do that, he is meeting that objective. on the other hand hillary is losing ground. when she talked about the basketful of deplorables it confirmed in my mind a lot of people, she is somebody who look down on, disdained, doesn't like the average american, she's an elitist who is out of touch. trish: he capitalized on that. >> really well and even today you are hearing them talk about how we don't want to be basketeded into groups of people, people don't want to be labeled and identified, this is one of those pivot moments. it was really a bad time for her and if you look at these polls a lot of them came out of the field sunday for the full impact of her health is not yet -- when you look at some of the polls coming out, it is a health issue
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on sunday morning, 55% of americans are questioning if it is in fact pneumonia and if she actually is hiding something bigger. and make it totally makes sense. if you have pneumonia you wouldn't have gone out there as important as it is, the 9/11 memorial, might have started that one out or taken a day off saturday, but then when the whole thing happened it happened -- your campaign -- quite ill with pneumonia right now and trying to power through. than trying to say with the dehydration issue and she was overheated and we see her stumbling and this other stuff comes out, americans are scratching their heads saying not again. >> the issue is about transparency. she has an issue where she will not seem to tell the truth, she is cost over and over, she will
2:22 pm
be adamant something is not going on and then you find out something was going on, same with the emails. trish: if i was monica lewinsky, time to believe in what i said and i did not, but we soon learned otherwise. unfortunately. so is the public worn down by this? the emails were one thing and there is the foundation, the health and -- >> if you look at the emails people are tired of hearing about the emails but now the foundation, they are laying it on the health issue and reminding people there is just something about her you just can't trust, you don't know what she is hiding but people feel she is hiding something. it really is, two very unlikable candidates but i guarantee when we look at trump's numbers over the next week she will go down further. trish: thank you very much. a major hack of colin powell's
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. trish: hackers releasing a batch former secretary of state colin powell's e-mails today, and they reveal he's not a fan of either candidate. powell calling trump a, quote, national disgrace, while others show his frustration and his anger at hillary clinton and her team's attempts to blame him for her private e-mail scandal. powell writing in one e-mail that is, quote, a sad thing,
2:27 pm
hillary rodham clinton could have killed this two years ago by telling everyone what she had done and not tied me into it. i told her staff three times not to try that gam. but i had to throw a mini tantrum at a hampton's party to get their attention. joining me is alan colmes along with mark serrano. good to see both you guys. >> hi, trish. trish: is powell right? couldn't she have nipped this thing in the bud? did she make it worse dragging him in the whole thing? >> that's the problem with the clintons, they fall transparency because they're not transparent ever. and should have dealt with it forthrightly from the beginning and fueled speculation. they leave a lot of things to wonder. trish: you try and teach your kids, right? look, just tell the truth and come clean and move on, and sometimes you can create a bigger problem, i mean the health situation this weekend. >> but it's the clintons.
2:28 pm
come on! it's the clintons. trish: really? so you expect this from them too, alan? >> paranoia. >> transparent about the e-mail, could have nipped this in the bud. more transparent about her health, should have announced it friday what the diagnosis was. an international pariah and went after rumsfeld about the iraq war in the e-mails. quite frankly the right-wing got it much more than the left wing. >> no, no, no, this is much more damning for hillary than what powell said because of who she is. she wanted his endorsement for credibility, he's elitist, and establishment time and former secretary of state, right? she wanted his endorsement. he thinks very badly of her. he grease with the 60% who question her character. >> call her an international pariah. trish: could she have stood a
2:29 pm
shot at getting his endorsement, had she not have gone down the strange path of blaming everything on him. >> i'm not sure he's going to be voteing -- certainly not for donald trump, and pulled a lever to hillary clinton. trish: i don't know. it's a little personal. >> he was going to endorse her. >> that would have swayed you, right? it would have swayed you toward clinton. >> look, he endorsed obama twice, okay? turned on the gop, endorsed obama. he's an establishment player. he was going to endorse her. trish: let me ask -- i want to turn to the new polls, ohio and nevada. all of a sudden he's winning. what's going on? >> i got a bunch of red states he's not winning, you got pennsylvania he's not winning. >> that's not a red state, alan. >> there is pennsylvania, which is a purple state. having trouble in ohio. north carolina. >> wait, wait, wait, wait, five
2:30 pm
points up in a new poll in ohio. >> wait, wait, wait. >> ohio and nevada, there you go. >> we can cheerlead for him all you want if that makes you feel better. trish: i'm not cheerleading, i'm just asking the question what has happened in the last several weeks that the guy everyone is writing off is beating her in those states? >> she spent august doing fund-raisers, he's been out there, but we never got stuff coming out about the trump foundation which is being looked into by the attorney general of the state of new york. >> come on. talk about a leftist attack. >> come on, a leftist attack by the attorney general of new york? a "wall street journal" story today about -- trish: it's not even out there campaigning right now. she's taking a break. >> she should be doing better. >> she spent $200 million on ads and he's leading in some of the battleground states? on august 1, her team looked at this and said we got this locked.
2:31 pm
>> they did not say that. the team never said that. >> everything started to change. >> it was not mexico city. trish: it's remarkable to see. anything in politics could happen. we'll continue watching and continue seeing you guys, see you later in the show. thank you so much. president obama plans to increase the number of refugees by 30%. the greatest number in more than 20 years and the largest groups from the middle eastern part of the world, including syria. why when we know that isis has infiltrated the syrian migrants flooding into europe. we got evidence of that yesterday, germany arrested three. why does the president insist bringing more syrians here and why does hillary clinton want to do the same? that's next. everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here.
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. trish: brand new report shows president obama plans to raise the number of refugees admitted into the united states of america next year to 110,000, that is a 30% increase from this year. while many lawmakers have voiced opposition to taking in so many refugees, the president is ignores concerns, particularly when it comes to those arriving from syria. european leaders are saying another terror attack is imminent. so how does the white house plan to keep us safe when they're out there effectively letting potential terrorists in the united states by the tens of thousands? look, they say they can vet
2:36 pm
them, but even members of his own administration have come forward and said they can't possibly vet them enough. joining me right now, fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland. k.t., i mean, look, if i were president, the one thing i would have on my conscience, a few things, actually, you got san bernardino, you got orlando. >> yes. trish: tennessee, and the one thing i would want to do is protect my people. protect my country, and part of that means being discerning when it comes to who we allow into this country, does it not? >> yeah, and it's the whole idea that what's wrong with america first? why is that somehow dirty word, a dirty phrase that if you believe in american security first, americans first that somehow you're all of those basket of deplorables. i look at the situation, not just the security thing that you rightly pointed out.
2:37 pm
no ability, the fbi director said that the databases we need to vet properly some of the people coming from the worst parts of syria, the most war-torn parts of syria, those databases exist. how do you know who you're getting is the person you hope to bgetting? the second issue is assimilation, multiculturalism, europe has done open borders, multiculturalism, cut back on security, security and national defense issues and what has happened to them? trish: they think it's the right thing to do. feels emotionally a good thing, feels like you're being inclusive. it feels nice and there is intellectual prestige to it as well, and then there is reality. >> if you want to be a great humanitarian, don't bring them into europe or the united states where they don't have anything in common with the population they're joining, where they're not necessarily wanted where they can't be assimilated. they don't have jobs or language skills they need to
2:38 pm
survive in the new environment. leave them in the region, make safe zones, build proper camps, not tent cities but schools, hospitals. in the end, it's much cheaper -- trish: like a marshall plan for the middle east. >> a marshall plan for the middle east. that doesn't seem to be crossing the european leaders' minds. trish: what is your reaction? 30% more, what would you do if you were in his shoes, 30% less? >> safe zones in the region. if you want to get people and bring them into the united states, make sure you can vet them and make sure you have a place for them and a way to assimilate them. it's not just bringing them in, in the security, it's the assimilation, lack of assimilation, are they welcomed in the neighborhoods they are going to? trish: no, you are right.
2:39 pm
touting in excess for hillary clinton, watch. >> last year across every age, every race in america, incomes rose and the poverty rate fell. trish: i got news for you. behind all the positive headlines he's talking about, i got grim economic news. that's next. , but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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stocks about an hour ago fell into negative territory. dow down 31 points. s&p 500 off about a point, and nasdaq, it is positive up 19 points. that deal that everyone knows about thanks to charlie gasparino, he broke the news that bayer is going to buy monsanto. stock is up today but nowhere near the $128 per share price that bayer is going to pay. this is roughly a $56 billion cash, $10 billion debt. crude inventories fell, gas rose, not good pressure on the downside of oil. libya will ship oil. that's a report. ford shipping small car production to mexico. more after this.
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2:43 pm
. >> more americans are working, more have health insurance, incomes are rising, poverty is falling, and gas is $2 a gallon! [cheers] thank you for reminding me! thanks, obama! [cheers] >> that was the president touting how he has turned this economy around. now, he's kind of right, sort of right.
2:44 pm
americans did see a bigger paycheck last year, the first significant hike since 2007. but horse the thing, the annual income of the typical u.s. income is still less than before the recession, nearly a thousand bucks left. 57,400 and change versus 58 and change. this shows you the number of americans looking for work, going to work. it was 66% before the recession. now, it's at a level we haven't seen since the 1970, in other words, people have given up for -- there's no point. are we really better off now? alan colmes, mark serrano back with me for a spirited discussion as always. i'm going to start with alan for a change? are we better off? >> yes. trish: why? >> what did the president say that's not true? certain people not in the workforce because the baby boomer population doesn't mean
2:45 pm
a whole lot unless you look at totality of the population. average family make $58,000 a year now. save general motors, 15 million people who have jobs. people make the argument the economy is worse than the end of 2008 if they want to put down what obama has accomplished over the last eight years. trish: it kind of is when you look at what people are earning, the wage number is a big one. >> 5.2% increase in family income. trish: if you look at it over an eight year spread. >> yeah. trish: the average family has less money today than they did -- >> compare the economy to what it was. stock market is more than double. trish: oh, i love that one, alan, you brought that one up before. >> but that affects people's 401(k)s and savings. it has a lot to do with people with money in the bank. trish: people with money in the stock market. >> most people do with jobs and 401(k)s. the average american has affected by that.
2:46 pm
trish: i'm not blaming president obama for this, i blame the federal reserve for leaving interest rates at zero for so long and creating an environment where only those with capital can prosper. they were trying to do the right thing but have been unsuccessful in terms of fundamentally changing this economy. yeah, the s&p is looking good but reregards those with capital so inadvertently they have helped create an environment of income inequality. >> for obama to say this economy just got a little better is sighing oo. >> it did. >> like hell freezing over, that's what it was. 2014, median income was down $4,000 per household from 2007. it only got a little better. before a year ago, that's why it was. >> how are things working out at the end of the bush administration, pretty good? >> we spent $20 trillion.
2:47 pm
ten of it in the last eight years, what good did it do us? trish: it didn't fuel anything. can't make that case. trish: why do you think this is. politics aside, is this in part globalization? is this this change where we have become so much more efficient that we don't need workers the way we did before? >> the economy has changed, not a manufacturing country anymore much as trump will say i'm going to bring back manufacturing, he's not. that ship has sailed. trish: why can't you, alan? why have such a fatalistic attitude? >> we've moved on, we're not a manufacturing country. >> it's about tax and spend. we didn't fuel growth, we need free market growth, that's what trump wants to do with the tax cut. >> i want to tell you when president obama was elected. they thought he was the hope and change guy. >> he has been. trish: the ceos were excited. a ton of regulation. >> you can't say there's been no results. the numbers speak for themselves, everything he said
2:48 pm
yesterday is true. >> it's anemic. >> it's not. >> working-class people -- >> tell that to the 15 million people. the millions who don't have health care, the auto industry. trish: i have facts and figures, looking at 1-2% gdp growth. that is not good. you need a whole lot more than 1% which is what we got in the second quarter. you say 15 million people have gotten jobs. a lot of those are part-time jobs. part-time jobs, and obamacare has helped create an environment for more part-time jobs. >> who did not have health care before. look at general motors. you don't like to talk about the stock market but it affects everybody because of 401(k)s. >> you are in denial. there are still people from 07 and 08 who cannot get fully employed. trish: the stock market is a great point, but again, it affects people with money, with
2:49 pm
skin in the game, who can take those chances because the fed -- and i'm not blaming obama for this, the fed pushed people further and further out on the risk curve. >> raise interest rates and we'll see. trish: thank you so much, alan and mark. we'll be back with much more intel after this. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at now that fedex has helped us we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey,
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. trish: bill clinton sitting down with cbs' charlie rose to talk about hillary clinton's recent health episode. here's what he said. >> she'd been -- well, if it is, it's a mystery to me and all of her doctors. frequently -- not frequently. rarely but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing's happened to her when she got severely dehydrated. >> but you know, that's not the clip that the cbs "evening
2:53 pm
news" ran. listen to this version. >> she'd been -- well, if it is, it's a mystery to me and all of her doctors, rarely, but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, the same thing happened to her when she got severely dehydrated. trish: did you catch that? in the episode bill clinton said she had the episodes frequently and quickly corrected themselves and said rarely, cbs "evening news" cut to the shot of charlie rose so they could edited and said they edited it out for timing purpose. saved them a grand old two seconds! joining me the host of fox's media buzz howie kurtz, why do you think they did that? >> that bit of stealth editing by cbs is indefensible. you and i have been in editing booths trying to get a 30-second sound bite to get a
2:54 pm
20 second sound bite to fit it into a piece. to do this finagling, you got to go to a cutaway shot of charlie rose to cover the fact you are changing what bill clinton said happened to have the outcome more favorable to the clintons, instead of saying rarely, first instinct is to say frequently. was that a stumble or correcting himself? the viewer should have been able to decide that. trish: you are changing the editorial composition, if you ask me, of what was said. is this, you know, piece producing, or do you think there is an ulterior motive they were trying to help mrs. clinton and bill clinton? >> well, if it wasn't trying to help the clintons it was an interesting coincidence. maybe this was a botch by associate producer, but if you have an interview with the former president of the united states, and you're going on make that change, it's important, you would think that somebody, a top supervisor would be aware of it, and the
2:55 pm
one cardinal rule when you screw around with taped interviews is don't change the person's meaning, and now we can't read bill clinton's mind. was he being honest or just a stumble? i don't know. cbs changed his meaning, did run the full thing as you showed the next morning, cbs "evening news," as you know having worked at cbs, people didn't get the straight scoop. trish: i can also tell you how it works at cbsing are the majority of the people had a big d on their shoulder there in that they were liberals and proud liberals, and i saw this, in fact, quite a bit. and you know you see this in general in the media, i don't know for whatever reason it attracts liberal arts majors that tend to be the bleeding heart liberals or a culture left over from the watergate days, but howie that has serious repercussions, maybe it's like i like cable as a medium. we don't do that kind of stuff,
2:56 pm
it's all lies and a little more authentic, but bottom line, what do you think they should do at this point? >> apologize for a mistake. if cbs said, look, some line staffer screwed up, we regret we changed the meaning of what president clinton said and sorry for it. fine, mistakes happen. we're all human. in the business world, it doesn't wash. two more seconds to have the actual meeting where president clinton said frequently, maybe rarely, i don't think so. trish: big mess, howie, thank you. we'll be back in two. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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future might be running a virtual simulation on all of us. what do you think? are we living in a virtual reality in this political reason? i wonder myself. anyway, let me know what you think, go to -- always love hearing from you, you know that. send it over to liz claman, over to you. trish: i'm pinching myself, trish, am i real? trish: definitely. liz: it's the deal of the year and fox business got you way out in front. bayer officially swallows up monsanto creating a mammoth in agriculture and business, will it be able to sell the deal to regulators around the world? charlie gasparino broke the story. he's here and so are the ceos of bayer and monsanto. why they believe they can convince the government bureaucrats to say yes? plus, trump versus the other clinton. president clinton filling in for hillary on the campaign trail while she'ou


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