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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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infrastructure will be positive no matter which candidate wins. liz: that is excellent point. josh dietz of the alpine funds. [closing bell rings] word of an investigation breaking in the last hour of wells fargo that could lead to a industrial inquiry. david and melissa, "after the bell." guys? david: thank you. melissa: stocks ending the day mixed with the dow and s&p sinking for the second day. the dow dropping below 18,000. i'm melissa francis. whoa. david: this is wild day. i'm david asman this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers. here is what else we have in the packed hour. donald trump speaking in flint, michigan right now. questions over hillary clinton's health and her insults to trump supporters dinging her in some major swing states where donald trump is now in the lead. this is trump reveals the results of his recent physical exam at a taping of the "dr. oz" show. it won't air until tomorrow but
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we have the scoop. some big names as well, karl rove, art laffer, judge napolitano, those are among our guests weighing in this hour. melissa: back to the markets. the dow singing for the second day, ending at the lowest level since july 7. shares of american express, ibm, chevron weighing on the blue-chips. phil flynn, price futures group is fox news contributor. watching all the action of oil and gold from the cme. adam shapiro on the floor of the new york stock exchange today. adam, tech is one of the biggest bright spots today, amid going on today? reporter: no pun intended, apple of tech's eye is iphone 7. despite the reviews. the stock closed up today. haven't seen this price for apple in quite some time but here's the deal. they have already, according to companies like at&t and verizon, they are selling out of the preorders of the new model. certain kinds of the model, the jet black model with the total 200 plus gigabyte of memory.
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apple's stock is big winner. suppliers and parts suppliers for apple. sky works solutions, they were up today. broadcom. limited was up. it was good day for apple. something very interesting happened with tesla. tesla had another car accident in china. they don't know the details of this. they weren't able to get the upload from the vehicle about what might have contributed to it but it was a deadly accident. if that stock was still managed to close up today, in the past, you know, with the autopilot system it has been a problem for tesla stocks. they don't know if autopilot was part of the situation. tesla in the green as well. david: adam, thank you. phil, another roller coaster it day with oil. looked good at beginning of the day. then it tanked. what happened? >> it really did. we saw a shocking drawdown in crude oil supplies. aplifts looking for supplies to really bounce back from a week ago. they fell by 600,000 barrels. but when traders got into the meat of the report they saw that
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u.s. crude oil production rose surprisingly last month by 30,000 barrels. we had a huge build in diesel fuel like distillates and jet fuel and gasoline. that was a big shock. that could have been caused in part by a shutdown of the colonial pipeline. traders have to put that into perspective next week. the other big news, gulf coast imports were up 2 1/2 million barrels after the storm next week but there could be concerns about venezuela. we saw a big drop in venezuelan oil imports to the united states. so that means that their production is continuing to fall. could impact our supplies down the road. but gold today, it shined today, throughout all the concerns up today on gold. we have at least one positive today. david: poor venezuela. looks like there is no bottom to that story. phil, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: you heard it here first, biggest takeover of the year, bayer to buy monsanto for $66 billion. the company's ceo speaking out on "countdown" just moments ago. >> i think, at the end of the
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day it is about opportunity. this is a great deal for our shareholders. >> our purpose is really to bring better solutions faster to growers to increase yield and with that contribute to feeding a rapidly growing population. melissa: got to feed the world. our own charlie gasparino reported the deal hours before the competition right here on fox business. charlie, take it away. >> couple things on the deal. it's a pretty frothy deal. it is $128 a share, up from the first bid a couple months ago at 122. something like a 66, $68 billion deal. it is an all-cash deal which is pretty, again, pretty lucrative for monsanto. they're getting paid a chunk of change. there is a $2 billion breakup fee. just in case this thing does not pass regulatory muster, we'll get to that in a second, monsanto shareholders get a $2 billion check. here is where it gets interesting, will this thing pass regulatory muster.
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if you think it is, it is easiest trade in the world. you're buying at 1404 down from the highs today, 106, yeah, it down from the highs. buying at 106 and you get $128 a share. that is pretty good gig. why wall street trading at 106? they this thing will not pass regulatory muster here in the u.s. which it has to go through our justice department, doj antitrust division or the european commission which has to look at this. there is the whole issue of monsanto, what it does. monsanto does a lot of genetically modified foods, gmos. those are very controversial this is kind of trying from arbitrage standpoint, whether you buy the deal at low price and get higher price later on when this thing is complete. is the market basically saying this deal is not going do get done because of the gmo aspect, the controversy surrounding it?
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a lot of people think this is poison. a huge discussion, particularly on my twitter page whether gmos are good, will feed the world as the bayer ceo warner baumann said it will feed the world cheap way or is this poison? your european regulators havehat understand. is this something, because of the gmo aspect of this deal, is that something that the european regulators are going to take into account whether to approve this deal or not. i don't know if that is the case. it sounds like an absurd antitrust argument, doesn't it, to you, about gmos? they're here. it is not antitrust issue. i wonder if the traders and arbs conflating policy of gmos and the controversy with the antitrust policy that this thing has to pass. i will tell you bankers on the deal think it is going to pass. melissa: they do, so often
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politics gets mixed in with money and regulation even though it is not supposed to. that is not out of possibility. charlie, great reporting, thank you very much. david: exactly that. breaking news, federal prosecutors investigating wells fargo over illegal sales tactics. according to "the wall street journal" the investigation is in early stages but could lead to criminal inquiry. let's bring in today's panel. gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum capital management and veronica daguerre, "wall street journal." gary, remember all the regulations brought to us by dodd-frank. remember liz warren's creation of new bureaucracy focused on financial regulation that was supposed to prevent this kind of thing apparently going on at wells fargo. what happened to all of that? >> no matter what in any business you can not prevent bad behavior and in a case like this it was pretty darn big.
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i'm surprised we haven't heard of a criminal investigation sooner. i thought it would be the first day. david: this is pretty soon. >> they were on this when it comes to the justice department, when it hits the news and hits in a big way they get on top of things pretty quick and there you go. david: veronica, point i was trying to make, democrats come out this proves you need even more regulation. the problem we have plenty of regulation now. we have more laws than we ever have rig lating financial businesses you, regulating financial businesses. the problem we don't have too few laws, they're not well-enforced. people get special deals. >> we have a lot of regulations especially connected to the banking sector. next tuesday when the ceo goes before congress, elizabeth warren will be talking to him. she will be responsible for a very interesting exchange. we're going to see what happens with that. i think this is going to become an election issue, if it isn't already. there are a lot of eyes on the banking sector. david: right.
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>> this affects so many consumers because this hits close to home on main street, look for this to become an election issue. david: when people listen to liz warren talking should remember, she created a billion dollars bureaucracy unaccountable to congress and that was unable to prevent what happened at wells fargo. thanks, gang. melissa? melissa: analysts at moody's warning sears and kmart do not have, do not have access to enough money to stay in business. kmart which merged with sears in 2005 is particularly at risk due to the loss of market share. sears needs to continue to selling assets to sustain operations. gary what do you think about this story? do you follow their logic in terms of the cash position of both companies? >> the stock has gone from 195 down to 11 since 2007. the bonds have been hit hard. for whatever reason the dude that is running the show there, almost like he has a death wish. they're doing nothing to change anything there.
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they shut a bunch of kmarts in my area here. they were dirty. they were dinghy. there was no service. there wasn't inventory. away we go. this will happen. i don't know sooner rather than later but they will be gone eventually. melissa: veronica, looking at sears, they took a $300 million financing from eddie lampert at same time for second quarter, sales plunged 7%. i don't know if he should be lending the stores more money. >> what is the endgame for him? i don't know what the endgame for the stores. hard to tell. they had $41 billion in sales august of 2000. august of this year they had 15 billion in sales. melissa: whoa. >> this is huge drop. not only did they have issues specific to sears but issues specific to the entire retail industry. a lot of people are not going to the big box stores anymore. that foot traffic is down. it may not come back either. melissa: thanks, guys. david? david: let's talk about ford
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motor company ending the day down almost 2% the automaker announcing it will be moving all of its small car production from the u.s. to mexico over the next two to three years. all. donald trump as you know has been very critical of ford for moving u.s. jobs to mexico, just remarking on this from flint, michigan. this is horrible saying this is horrible for u.s. jobs. melissa. melissa: google launching a new program giving customers first chance to use self-driving cars from their phones. oh. fox news's rob schmitt is in pittsburgh with the first-hand look at the new ride experience. you're a brave man, my friend. reporter: took a little bravery i guess, melissa, but if you think about it, more than 30,000 people are killed in this country every single year in car accidents. the bulk of those, more than 90% are killed by human error. when you think about it that way, maybe not so brave. uber, google, tesla, ford, many
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other companies working to prevent this, trying really hard. uber offering up their autonomous ride service to some of their customers today here in the steel city in pittsburgh. we took this for a ride and we're going to show you what it was like to let your car drive you around. so here we are coming off a bridge of the car knows that the light just turned green. now as you can see it is turning itself. turn signal and everything. i had nothing to do with that. obviously there is a lot of skepticism about the safety of these cars but you can't deny that the technology is amazing. and you will know them when you see them. here you can see one, a spinning lidar on the roof provides a 360 scan of everything around the car. also lasers and 20 cameras watching for anything possible. critics say this technology though is being rolled out to the public too fast. a crash in may reminded us that this technology is still a work in progress. a man killed in florida when a self-driving tesla barreled into
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a tractor-trailer. some critics say uber is getting way ahead of itself trying to release the technology before it is perfected. we spoke to the ntsb. >> there are several concerns. just the theory if you remove the driver you remove driver error, there are several defects to that theory. first of all the automation has to work. if the automation doesn't work, then what? if the automation fails, will it fail-safe? reporter: if you are a bit nervous about this, and a lot of people are, don't worry. as it rolls out in beginning only select. amount of people are allowed to do it. there are people in the front seat. he takes over if anything went wrong and another records what happened. why pittsburgh you might add? there is a lot of this going on in pittsburgh. uber wanted to tap carnegie mellon for their talent for this. an pennsylvania has lax laws for this testing allowing cars to go on the road. a lot of states wouldn't do that. back to you, melissa.
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melissa: it reporting, rob schmitt. david: questions over hillary clinton's health and her insults to trump reporters damaging her in major swing states where donald trump is now in the lead. karl rove joining us with the breakdown of two brand new polls. melissa: this has trump reveals the results of his recent physical exam at a taping of the "dr. oz" show. what he admitted about his health there. david: we know, we'll tell you. the head of the clinton foundation now admitting donors got special treatment at the state department. melissa: no? david: yeah. melissa: come on! david: judge andrew napolitano has a lot to say about this. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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melissa: donald trump just wrapping up comment at a flint, michigan church where he was speaking to people about the water crisis as he pivoted to the campaign. he was interrupted by pastor who tells him he wasn't invited to make a political speech. listen it this. >> i invited you to here to -- >> okay. >> okay. that's good. i'm going back on, okay. david: wasn't exactly a heckler. she made her point. he said, okay, i will do what you asked me to do. donald trump taping interview on the "dr. oz" show today, an releasing his own medical records for the first time. this as hillary clinton remains off the campaign trail, battling pneumonia. new polls released today, showing donald trump pulling ahead of clinton in two key states heretofore she had been winning. blake burman standing by inside of beltway. shocking for the clinton team i guess? reporter: there is a lot of polls out there, david.
4:19 pm
we'll get into those in a second, for donald trump though as you mentioned he just took to day time talk show television to reveal part of his health records. he appeared this afternoon on the "dr. oz" show. handed over two pages worth of testing. because of the show, it doesn't air until tomorrow. so those, the results of which come anecdotally from audience members and they say "dr. oz" didn't reveal any red flags and everything appears normal with trump. however those documents still have not been made public. you talk about the polls, and possible concern for the clinton campaign. if you're a poll lover, listen up because i'm about to list off a handful of them. there are literally five out today. let's start with the national level. this just in this afternoon from quinnepiac university. shows hillary clinton only up 2 points nationally over donald trump 41-49. she had been up as many as seven points in four-way race at end of august. then in the swing states, let's start with nevada, as
4:20 pm
bill clinton was there campaigning for hillary clinton today. you can see it in nevada, it is trump leading there by two points, 44-42. even though he had been leading by four point in july. move east, go over to ohio. a bloomberg survey was relessed this morning which shows trump leading in that state as well, 48-43. five points in head-to-head matchup. when you bring in all third party candidates, yet again trump winning by five. david, last few minutes here, cnn released a poll in both ohio, trump up five in that one, 46-41. david: wow. >> in florida, trump up three, 47-44. five different polls. four swing states, trump leads nationally. david: important to mention, once again he turned that around before she was leading. blake, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: who better to analyze all that we just heard than karl rove, former deputy chief of staff and senior advisor to president george w. bush. he is also a fox news contributor. so much to react to.
4:21 pm
can i ask you first, we watched video live of donald trump talking to that pastor saying we did not invite you here, oh, he backed away. isn't that kind of surprising. that doesn't fit with the guy we've seen. >> not the guy we saul until last three weeks. remember mexico where he gave extraordinarily good performance. could have been very contentious. that is donald trump that he needs to display between now and end of the election. melissa: that was on the fly. he did it. >> he did it on the fly. melissa: very interesting. let's break down some of those polls. now we see the momentum really shifting. ones that we just got, that we hadn't heard before, cnn up by five in ohio, three in florida. nevada he is ahead. ohio he is ahead and other poll we had been looking at this morning. so much elasticity in these polls. isn't that unusual? >> first of all we have to worry about reading too much into any individual poll. reality this race tightened
4:22 pm
since august 7th, look at national polls, real clear average of all the national polls on august 7th, she led by 7.9 points. today she leads about three. it has been cut more than half. if you're going to cut the national margin you will tend to cut the state margin. i would say the most important number we had today is ohio. because we have validation of, two separate polls that show him up five. we have only, that make as total of five polls this month. and he has been leading in "real clear politics" average by about half a point in ohio. this will probably pop it up well over one or two. probably over two. melissa: yeah. >> that shows real movement because he was behind a month ago. melissa: for our audience, confirmation we just got cnn poll out of ohio shows him up by five, confirms a bloomberg poll out of the ohio had him up as well. >> that's correct. melissa: what would you focus on now? he has to focus on battleground states. where do you like now?
4:23 pm
>> step back to get the construct, how do you get to 270. he has to win all of romney states which, if he does that he gets 206 electoral college votes. he is behind this one of them today, north carolina 15. he is barely ahead in georgia with 16 and arizona with 11. he can't lose any of those. north carolina is the problem area. melissa: okay. >> he has to win florida. wins everything she won last six elections. she wins election. that is booed number by florida. marco rubio is up by 11 same poll, cnn poll. so that's good news. florida is key. ohio, great news. those two states would get him to 253. nevada, if it is accurate, i think it is, nevada has been close. he actually led in nevada through the end of july. if nevada goes his way that gets him to 259. if he is ahead in iowa, that gets him to 265. he still got to get to 270. that means he has got to win
4:24 pm
second district of maine plus new hampshire or win pennsylvania or win michigan or something else. melissa: start working on that territory. >> start figuring out where that is. melissa: thank you, carl, really insightful. david: karl, the one only. latest threat facing donald trump supporters. plus president obama taking a victory lap for making the economy stronger, while donald trump prepares to make his economic pitch to voters. art laffer joining us next on the best strategy economically speaking for the republican nominee. poor mouth breather.
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david: surge in u.s. incomes. census bureau reporting that median household income rose 5.2% in 2015. this is the first gain since 2007. it's a big one. this is donald trump set to outline his full economic plan tomorrow, based on the premise that we're not doing so well. what is republican nominee need to say to voters in light of a stronger obama economy?
4:28 pm
here now, art laffer former member of president reagan's economic policy advisory board. >> good to see you, david. david: president obama bragging about the numbers. some of them look pretty good. doesn't he have some bragging rights here? >> not really. you can pick and choose your political point if you want to. the median wage is nice that it is higher. i do like it is higher. when you look at economy, what you really want to look at is total production of goods and services in the -- david: that's terrible. >> that is the totality of it all. david: but, art, let me stop you for a second. >> sure. david: $56,500 is now the median household income. that is rise of $2798 in one year. that means a lot to people. that puts more money that their pocket. >> if it is really true, it is great. but the median is median. david: ah. >> back up to where it was in 2007 or something like that? david: that's the point. actually we have, 1.6% he lower than it was in 2007.
4:29 pm
>> i rest my case. david: does that stick in voter as minds. >> was it median or nominal income, i don't know which it was. david: you think they're playing fast and loose with the stats? >> the numbers are the numbers. they are correct. no one is playing with the numbers. it is cher hery picking of political points. david: right. >> that's the thing here, when you want to look at the economy, david, gdp you want to look at, real gdp, you want to normalize it for adult population. real gdp per adult. you look at that, that has been just terrible. david: here is the point you and i talked about many times. if you want to make more business in america you make it cheaper and easy for people to start businesses and people growing businesses. >> yes. david: you do it by lowering tax rates and lowering regulations. >> there you go. david: it is not rocket science. >> rocket surgery the way larry
4:30 pm
gatlin calls it. david: larry gatlin and you live in the same city. you're friends. >> people don't work with taxes. you can not tax an economy into prosperity. it just doesn't happen that way. tax people to work, pay them if you don't work, you will get a lot of people not working, which exactly what happened under both w and obama. it is not just obama, please. david: right. >> it is w and obama. stimulus spending is the silliest thing i ever heard, next to quantitative easing. they're both really silly. david: funny, sophisticates out there, "new york times" editorial board, gee, it has to be more complicated. every time they try to make it more complicated we have a lower growth figure. >> that's right. david: every time you focus on the simple stuff it works pretty well. >> just because it is simple doesn't mean it's wrong. that is exactly correct, david. david: art laffer, thank you very much. >> larry gatlin lovely? david: he is. melissa: newly-hacked emails revealing very harsh comments.
4:31 pm
former secretary of state colin powell had to say about hillary clinton and donald trump. we're going to be digging into them. plus all of these emails surfacing just as questions continue stirring over hillary clinton's health. connected. the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. siriusxm's free listening event that's might be over,ckin'. but now you can turn us back on with packages starting at $5.99 a month, plus fees. just call 855-874-7746 to keep hearing all the things that make you love taking the long way home. ♪
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melissa: another day, another hack. former secretary of state colin powell email was hacked revealing very harsh email exchanges discussing hillary
4:35 pm
clinton and donald trump. peter barnes sifted through emails and what do you have, peter? reporter: aide to colin powell said his e-mails were hacked and these are his emails. dc has ties to russian intelligence. colin powell says hillary clinton's campaign, hillary's mafia is trying to make him the scapegoat for secretary clinton's email troubles. he only tolder he used email account for personal classified email and used a state department computer for classified email far different from hillary clinton who used a personal server at home that did carry emails in some cases included classified information. powell writing in may, quote, i have told hillary's minions repeatedly that they are making a mistake trying to drag me in yet they still try. the media isn't fooled and she is getting crucified.
4:36 pm
in another message last month, he wrote,hrc could have killed this two years ago, merely telling everyone honest think what she had done and not tie me to it. i told her staff three times not to try at that gam built. i had to -- gambit, i had to they a minute my tantrum at at hamptons party to get their attention. he called donald trump, calling him a national disgrace and international pariah. melissa: wow. thank you so much. let's get to that, david. david: juicy is the word for those emails. let's bring in the panel to discuss emails. kirsten haglund, conservative political commentator, jessica tarlov, schoen consulting political strategist. kirsten, "new york post" came out with a new couple e-mails. if you thought the first batch was wild, take a look at these. >> i'm too young. david: i'm quoting one. i would rather not have to vote for her although she is a friend i respect.
4:37 pm
after calling her a friend, a 70 year person with a long track record, unbridled, ambition, greedy not transformational, with a husband still blanking bimbos at home. how will this sort itself out? >> i like how he attributed to new york pest post in the email. just making sure he got his source correct. i would love to see the fit he threw in the hamptons that would make good tv i don't think this is really that -- not good for either candidate. it affects both of them in a negative way obviously. this is more of the same with condemning the way hillary clinton has handled the email scandal. for donald trump's people, colin powell came out endorsed barack obama in 2008 and 2012. he is establishment. trump -- david: he is establishment. jessica, he is directly contradicts what we have heard hillary say about the emails. he says when i left i took no emails or records with my, no private servers in the basement, et cetera, no secrets.
4:38 pm
everyone in the department knew what we were doing. the point, in the past she said they did things exactly same way. not true. >> not exactly the same way, i don't think she said he had private server, used private email. that is word games. it is problematic in terms of that. we've seen this happen over and over again with the email story. you have little chips in the exterior there that adds to these issues with honesty and trustworthiness. david: not saying top secrets are big chips. >> things coming out in the past with colin powell saying things like that. i get your point. it was obviously big mess-up. this is bad for both candidates. david: quickly, kirsten, most damning of all the insight into her character. when she says, when he says everything hrc touches she kind of screws up with her hubris. i told you about the gig i lost at the university because she so overcharged them they came under heat and couldn't afford any fees for a while. just gets to her character issues. that is the problem. >> absolutely. reinforces i think the picture a
4:39 pm
lot of american public feels anger toward the clintons and towards the establishment because of this. david: melissa. melissa: helps hillary clinton, go ahead to scroll up still recovering from pneumonia. bill clinton on the stump in nevada, down playing her health issues. >> this is crazy time we live in when people think there is something unusual getting flu. last time i checked, millions of people were getting it every year. melissa: it is flu now. kirsten, i don't know about having her on the cover of something called women's health, even if she is not there to show off her health, got her, brings it all back up. >> such bad timing. obviously they decide who will be on the cover long before these things air. such bad timing forker had. she has to get out to the correct the message. she has to get well. i hope she gets well and doesn't stay sick. be honest, audience of a lot of these mag sense r scenes, in one in particular, are liberal women, they're more interested
4:40 pm
in the content. bad news for her. campaign has to get on this. bill clinton has to figure out what his wife is struggling with and gets straight on message. melissa: jessica now he says flu. >> i don't think that was intentional. i think that was bubba freestyle. >> he has to make sure he gets did -- >> obviously pneumonia is lot more serious than the flu. what she has is more serious. polls are showing, clinton's health is partisan issue like everything else. melissa: why is trump pulling ahead of all the polls? >> not because of hillary's health. melissa: why is he pulling away? >> conflagration of things going on. going back to the fbi report from couple weeks ago. >> had very bad couple weeks. >> knows how to read teleprompter now which is very exciting innovation. >> i don't want to see donald trump on cover of men's health either. hear what "dr. oz" has to say. they need to be more transparent about the health. >> especially at that age.
4:41 pm
thinking back to watching barack obama and mitt romney, obviously i had a preference for barack obama in terms of policy and i guess in terms of looks but i wasn't concerned at all about either being fit to serve for eight years. i'm not concerned about these two candidates, their fitness. obviously at0 years old, it is more concerning. >> i'm not going to comment who i think is suiter. >> i know who you think is cuter >> vote it on policy. melissa: david? david: i feel like i'm on "outnumbered" again. if you can't campaign, then tweet. hillary clinton firing off serious of accusations against donald trump. judge andrew napolitano sounding off on where the true conflict of interest lies.
4:42 pm
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4:45 pm
tropical storm over land. this is the first time this has happened in the u.s. in nearly 30 years. the storm is expected to weaken into a tropical depression this evening but there is still potential for flash floods over the next couple of days. we have some breaking news. hillary clinton releasing her medical records. blake burman is in d.c. with the very latest details. blake? reporter: hi, there, david. the clinton campaign releasing additional medical information on hillary clinton just seconds ago in which they call a comprehensive update supplementing past information that the campaign has already he released. this of course comes as questions, many questions surround the current health of the democratic nominee for president. now they went through a bunch of different items that the clinton doctor did. i will go through a few here. they described hillary clinton's, doctor, the lab testing, quote, normal. the vitals are also listed and those reads did not raise any serious red flags. you're looking at some
4:46 pm
highlights here. the clinton doctor also released a statement in which she said, this is lisa bardok, the doctor, quote, remainder of her complete physical exam is normal and she is in excellent mental condition. the doctors says she is recovering well with antibiotics and rest. she continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. now, the medications there are listed, you put some of them up on the screen which include, thyroid medication and blood thinners as well. this comes as clinton is set to reemerge on the campaign trail tomorrow after taking three days off due to pneumonia. in the release from the clinton campaign, they say hillary clinton received a ct scan which revealed, mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia. the campaign says it will release tim kaine's medical records as well. clinton campaign which donald trump appeared on
4:47 pm
"dr. oz," hours before hillary clinton is about to go back on the campaign trail, puts out additional medical information, not per se records. david? david: blake, thank you very much. back to our panel. kirsten, first of all, with donald trump we can see video of him pulling a couple of pages out of the inside of his coat pocket. that was thin. this is even thinner. there are a couple of vitals in there. her medications, her blood pressure, et cetera. i just wonder if people will buy it? hillary does have this history of not telling the whole truth. will the public buy that this is the whole truth? >> i'm sure they won't. i'm sure they will expecting a drip, drip in the same way we saw drip, drip with the emails of more revelations coming out. november is inching closer and closer. so we don't have that much time left. same with donald trump of the just handing a few pieces of paper. any doctor, much less mentioning one who was under congressional investigation for misleading public about certain drugs that were supposed to, you know have miracle weight loss associated with them, one doctor run
4:48 pm
through a list and give accurate health examination is really not realistic. i think both of them need to overcome the fear from people they're just not being honest with the american public. david: jessica, you said her health has become political. i would agree. i think sometimes health of a candidate has to be political. that is what happened with john mccain. i don't think you would doubt the same thing happened with john mccain, his cancer, which became a campaign issue. >> right. david: ronald reagan of course, his mindset became a campaign issue in 1984. so, sometimes it is justified for it becoming political. isn't now one of those times? >> i think that it is. david: you say it is or is not? >> i think it is. i think a lot of liberal journalists were loathe to talk about it in 2008, who wanted to say, oh, john mccain, sorry, who did talk about it with john mccain and said hillary should be off limits are having to eat crow after what happened on sunday. i personally think if you
4:49 pm
diagnosed with pneumonia and take saturday off and hydrate and come back on the trail on sunday. these are two older candidate. we need to know as much as possible about them. kirsten is completely right. donald trump's note, it is not enough. from the same doctor who write the first note. but she had a more extensive note to begin with. hillary clinton had much more information out there in the first place. david: she didn't say she had pneumonia. >> she didn't say she had pneumonia, four pounds away from being technically obese. these are concerns. i'm not say something william taft. david: we have to run, but i think more of this is going to roll out as the public demands it? >> absolutely will. that is all that we have to focus on. remember the debates are coming up. when you see the two incomes to each other, when people duke it out. david: remember, when ronald reagan totally killed that rumor about his, what he did. gang, thank you very much. we have a lot more to come. head of the clinton foundation now admitting donors got special treatment at the state
4:50 pm
department. you can bet judge andrew napolitano has a a lot to say about this. he will be here next.
4:51 pm
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ david: new york's attorney general eric schneiderman opened an inquiry to donald trump's foundation. considering mr. schneiderman's support of hillary clinton and the fact he sits on clinton's new york leadership council, many calling this pure politics. what does the judge think? here is judge an dru napolitano, fox news senior judicial analyst. looks like a political hit, judge. >> timing is 60 days. david: he could have waited until after the election. >> well, there is real evidence of potential corruption here. both sides have denied it. donald trump has denied he was buying off the attorney general of florida. she has very forcefully denied
4:54 pm
she even knew her own office, she has hundreds and hundreds of lawyers working for her was investigating him. she did ask him for a contribution to her super-pac while she was running for re-election and while her office was investigating him. he had the contribution come from his charitable foundation which is a violation of federal law. david: let's talk about a charitable foundation which has office here in new york, the clinton foundation. >> never going to see eric schneider man investigate that. david: that is the point. hillary clinton came out with series of tweets, questions she would ask donald trump, suggestions for media. >> they can be turned around on her. david: big go. exactly the point. draws coclinton. will you sever ties linked to foreign leaders, criminals if you become president? how many of those individuals associated with clinton foundation. >> how many of those individuals paid money with the clinton foundation to do business with the secretary of state? david: here is another one. willing to work with qaddafi and
4:55 pm
no dictator you're willing to work with? how about iran, terrorist state that is take tate toreship. goes on and on. isn't she drawing attention to her own problems to the clinton foundation? >> not only drawing attention to her own problems, david, but actually making suggestions of an obligation on the part of the president of the united states which the law does not impose. so if donald trump becomes president, is he obliged to put all of his financial holdings in a blind trust? absolutely not. is it the wise thing to do politically? of course it is. but she is suggesting there is legal obligation for it and there is none. david: by the way, donna shalala, head of the clinton foundation says, now, admitted essentially there was pay for play in terms of people getting a meet-and-greet with secretary of state hillary clinton when they, at same time they were contributing to the clinton foundation. is that admission, does that play into the whole legal ramifications of this? >> no. i, well, politically i think that goes over most voters heads
4:56 pm
but it is an acknowledgement that hillary rodham clinton charged money as the secretary of state to meet people and that money went to a charitable foundation, quote, unquote, charitable, that her husband controls. david: fang r frankly what bothers me more as secretary of state her foundation was taking money from interests, foreign interests like the russian-ukrainian deal and like the russian city that was getting money from silicon valley, that as secretary of state, she influenced u.s. foreign policy by clinton foundation supporters. that seems verboten. judge we have to leave it at that. >> that is called bribery. david: they saw the signs. now one donald trump supporter might have to open his wallet. more to come on this you don't want to miss it. ♪ for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world.
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5:00 pm
yard. there's a city law that prohibits political signs totaling more than 32 square feet. and his signs add up to more than 300 square feet. for now the man plans to stand his ground, literally. you might know it. too many rules there! "risk & reward" starts right now. liz: more stunning revelations from colin powell e-mails and why he will not vote for hillary clinton. this is "risk & reward." i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. the former secretary of state under george w. bush writing in a stunning leaked e-mail he doesn't want to vote for hillary clinton. he calls her her because her husband is still blanking bimbos at home! he said, quote, i would rather not have to vote for her, though she is a friend i respect, a 70-year-old person with a long track record


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