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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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yard. there's a city law that prohibits political signs totaling more than 32 square feet. and his signs add up to more than 300 square feet. for now the man plans to stand his ground, literally. you might know it. too many rules there! "risk & reward" starts right now. liz: more stunning revelations from colin powell e-mails and why he will not vote for hillary clinton. this is "risk & reward." i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. the former secretary of state under george w. bush writing in a stunning leaked e-mail he doesn't want to vote for hillary clinton. he calls her her because her husband is still blanking bimbos at home! he said, quote, i would rather not have to vote for her, though she is a friend i respect, a 70-year-old person with a long track record
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unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational with the husband still blanking bimbos at home. hillary clinton's camp declining to comment to fox. we have tana goertz joins me now. what do you make of this, tana? >> wow! i'm glad i didn't say that. you know, well secretary powell, i appreciate what he was saying about letting the america people realize exactly what hillary clinton was all about there. you know, he warned her that this e-mail-gate was going to happen and she continued to lie to the american people and the fbi and therefore now there's a lot of americans that feel that they can't trust her and rightfully so. she was reckless and very extremely, extremely careless with all of her national security, and i think that is why we're seeing the bump in the polls going up for mr. trump and going down for hillary clinton. liz: i want you to respond to this one, when asked about the
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e-mail's authenticity, the colin powell camp wrote to the new york post, geez, i don't remember this one, best to ignore, don't understanding? . >> the powell camp, not denying this, what do you make of that? >> well, he didn't want to be dragged into this mess, and unfortunately he was dragged into the mess, and i can see where his camp is saying keep us out of this, this is negative, and this is very disarming. you know, people are very disappointed in the fact that we expect to be able to trust the skrachecretary of state. we expect to trust our government. this is proving records we cannot trust them. donald trump brought this all to light, this is what we're dealing with. we're dealing with a candidate who the american people cannot put their trust in. we can't have hillary clinton going to the white house. so i see why secretary powell didn't want his association with what's going on with hillary. liz: and both these former secretaries of state, they
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travel in the same circles in washington, d.c. and you know, here's what else -- the other thing going on too, the e-mails came days after the new york post, which powell appears to cite, the "new york post" says, quote -- what do you think? this seems to be an open secret in chappaqua, right? doesn't add to the trust issue. >> well, this definitely doesn't add to the trust issue, made me wonder why secretary powell says he respects hillary a friend. i don't know how you respect someone who may know of the information and stay with the man. it's unfortunate, this is not the first time i heard this, because i do deal with a lot of law enforcement being with the campaign, and a lot of people have also said that this is
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common practice, but i'm not here to talk about what hillary clinton or bill clinton's personal life, unfortunate as it is, may be. i can tell you what, my candidate, the person they work for, the next president of the united states loves his wife melania very much and comes home to her every evening. liz: tough going to clinton's marital problems again. hack on former secretary of state colin powell's e-mail. he believes mafia was trying to drag him inteeshgs mail, the use of the private server scandal and now this. hillary clinton is in day three of recuperating from pneumonia that she basically was diagnosed with last friday. newly leaked e-mails showing colin powell who served under president george w. bush, warning he did not want to be scapegoated. he did not want to be blamed, tied with the hillary clinton problems, in days after the news broke about the clinton
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e-mail scandal he e-mailed this -- and yet in another e-mail he writes -- what do you think of powell's comments? should be pointed out colin powell used aol account, didn't use a private server. what do you make of it? >> what i make of his comment there, i see a different scenario. he was more or less saying hillary clinton is not transparent, hillary clinton is not honest and trustworthy with the american people. her e-mail showed that. he was letting the american people realize this is not a person can you trust, not only with your national security but with anything. and so this is not going to be -- this will not be the first president. trust me, i know there will be the first female president but it won't be hillary clinton, and secretary powell more or less agrees she is not going to
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be the right one because she is extremely careless with her e-mails. liz: next up, powell, the former secretary of state colin powell doesn't only have tough words for hillary clinton. e-mail says he called hillary clinton a national disgrace and international pariah and questions trump for questioning president obama's religion -- what do you think of colin powell criticizing trump here? >> he's entitled to his opinion just like anyone else. if it wasn't for donald trump, maybe president obama wouldn't have brought out the birth certificate. there were a lot of americans that wanted to see that and donald trump brought that to light. liz: what do you make of the fact that colin powell brought up the racist charge here?
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>> that's common, that's what they do when they realize this person is making ground, getting millions of people behind him. i'm afraid of what's happening, let's throw the racist card out. i know mr. trump very well and know for a fact he loves all americans, and he does not see color. liz: to your point about the race getting tight, you're right. we've got brand new results from polling coming out that donald trump is gaining on and surpassing hillary clinton. news on that coming up. thank you, tana goertz. appreciate it. >> thank you! >> next story, by the way, viewers, we have all of the colin powell e-mails. you're not going to get it anywhere else. we have it all right here right now. another one showing serious concern whether hillary clinton is physically fit to serve as president. more than a year ago colin powell wrote --
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we've got fox news contributor, former democrat representative dennis kucinich with me now. nice to see you, congressman. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> are you concerned about hillary clinton's health? >> well, i'm concerned about anyone running for president that they're fit and capable of doing the job. i think that we have to take at face value that her campaign and her physician have said that she's suffering from pneumonia. i think we can expect to see her back on the campaign trail and i would predict that this particular episode will fade from public attention once we move towards the debates and people want to know what the respective candidates stand for and what they'll do if elected president? liz: sir, we have such respect for you, you're a straight shooter. what was your initial reaction when you saw the disturbing video showing hillary clinton collapsing at the 9/11 memorial?
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>> i was concerned for her. i've known hillary clinton for many years. she sets a pace, and anyone running for president sets an incredible pace. most people cannot imagine the physical taxing that goes on in this kind of an endeavor to run for president. i was concerned for her. you know, i'm glad to find out that it was nothing as serious as pneumonia is, nothing more serious than pneumonia. i would expect she's back on the campaign trail. we want to know what she's going to do if elected president, same thing as donald trump. liz: she's been diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis twice and the diagnosis go back to when she was 50 years old in 1998. we'll have breaking news on the mix of antibiotics and drugs she's take. are you concerned about that? >> i'm not a doctor. i can tell you many people have run for president and people who have been president suffered from various types of medical conditions but with
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modern inside have continued to serve in the capacity that the american people expect. i think that we want our candidates to be physically fit. but we also know that human health being what it is, people come up with problems, hopefully in her case, they'll find a way to make sure she can continue. liz: congressman, i want to get your reaction. this new poll which shows half of country saying mrs. clinton misled voters about her health. now, do you think she can regain the people's trust on this? look at the numbers coming from politico morning consult. >> yeah, i would say that trust is what holds the country together, and if there's no trust or limited trust, that is a serious problem in the presidential campaign, so in the closing weeks of the campaign, it's going to be very important for hillary clinton
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to address the issues that have surrounded her, that have caused the american people to be skeptical. i think she has time to do that, but it needs to be done in a forthright way. liz: time to do, we're less than two months away. thank you representative dennis kucinich. she has to step up, less than two months away. hillary clinton camp releasing full medical report moments ago. a letter from her doctor has been released as well. we've got the latest. we're going to ask blake burman, our d.c. reporter about all the details. and again, we have all the leaked colin powell e-mails for you. turns out the clintons and obamas don't like each other. we'll read them to you after this. don't go away. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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. liz: breaking news. hillary clinton releasing her medical records and a letter from her doctor. we've got blake burman in washington, d.c. in the bureau there with the details. >> reporter: hillary clinton set to return to the campaign trail tomorrow. we know after three days off from recovering from pneumonia, and her campaign just preempted that with the release of additional medical records. this adds onto the records they put forward in the past. according to clinton's doctor, the outline is normal, they outline different thing, clinton's vitals were among them. we checked those by a doctor, none raised serious red flags. clinton was diagnosed last week with pneumonia, which the campaign now says was revealed
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by a ct scan as a mild noncontagious bacterial pneumonia. this was public after she was escorted away from the 9/11 memorial ceremony. the campaign says clinton has been evaluated by her doctor since, several times they say, including today. here is a statement from her doctor in a letter that was just released. the doctor goes onto say -- now according to that medical information that was just given about half hour or so, liz, clinton is take thyroid medication and blood thinners and the campaign released medical records for tim kaine, her running mate as well. that was described by his doctor as being, quote, overall excellent health.
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the bottom line is this, liz, hillary clinton coming back onto the campaign trail tomorrow after three days of being off and clearly the clinton campaign trying to put this out here as a candidate they say is in excellent health to be able to be the next president. liz: thank you blake burman. hillary clinton's doctor writing in -- hillary clinton did faint a few days ago because of the pneumonia, she does have a history of blood clots, she suffered a concussion, the question is, is her doctor addressing that? and do we know the mix of medications that she's taking? we're going to get into this right now. i'd like to bring in gop strategist gianno caldwell and julie roginsky. gianno, i'm counting four medications, she's taking a
5:18 pm
thyroid medication, taking coumadin for blood thinner, clarinex, i know you're not a medical doctor. i understand that. do you think you're satisfied or the viewers should be satisfied. doesn't seem it's addressed she's taking a mix of medications that could have caused the dehydration and the collapse, what do you think? >> no, i don't think we should be satisfied. we need a comprehensive view of medical records. this isn't something we should look at how she is just today. we need to see over the past five years what has she been doing? what has led up to the issues we've seen which may not correlate to things in the medical report currently. i think they need to go way back. unlike trump, he hasn't had issues where he's falling down and perhaps collapsing. they need to do extensive review of medical records and put it before a panel of doctors to see what's going on.
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liz: julie, she got a chest ct scan, there was rumor she didn't but she did. looks like hillary clinton is preempting donald trump releasing her records before he released his. >> i love what gianno said donald trump didn't have an episode where he fell down. how do we know? he may have had an aneurysm. >> he never had a public incident. >> so what? >> it matters. the facts matters. >> because he hasn't publicly had one we're supposed to take him at his word he hasn't had one. doesn't matter if it's public or private. >> people all over are questioning the overall state of her health. >> i'm questioning his. >> democrat mega donors -- pardon? >> i'm questioning his. why is it different? answer my question. why is it interesting to you she's had it in public but not relevant whether or not he's had them in private? i don't understand the distinction here.
5:20 pm
>> both of the details are relevant. hers is in question right now. >> it's questioned by me, i'd love to see it. liz: got it. the other thing that came out, colin powell is a retired four-star general. the other thing that came out we have all the colin powell e-mails. hillary clinton reportedly hates president obama for beating her in the 2008 race that's a quote from the colin powell e-mails, the use of the word hate. it's coming fromis pvate e-ma sysm. another one of these e-mails corporate financier jeffrey leeds rights, quote -- leeds goes onto say -- julie, what do you make of this? >> i make out of it fact that colin powell said donald trump was a national disgrace and international pariah.
5:21 pm
liz: i understand that. >> hang on. >> it's relevant, we can't simply call people -- >> it's not relevant? >> it's not? it is relevant. z: tonweenheo this that coli. o? >>weho liz: between clinton and the obamas. >> that's somebody's assessment. i'm supposed to take colin powell's word for it. >> gianno, what did you make of it? >> president obama was praising joe biden, seems he was his preferred candidate for president. since then you see president obama going on the stump for hillary clinton, but what he talked about not necessarily her policy, talking about his legacy. that tells me she isn't the preferred candidate but wants to protect his legacy for hillary clinton. i think that colin powell's message, one who has been critical of republicans and democrats alike -- >> hang on, i hear what you're saying, so what gianno is pointing out what colin powell points out.
5:22 pm
colin powell and hillary travel in the same circles. president obama is afraid hillary clinton will wreck his legacy. what do you make of that? >> i think barack obama was in philly stumping hard for her, endorsed her strongly. he needs her to win in order to continue his legacy. she's not overturning obamacare, not overturning the strides in the economy. there is only one person that's going to do that. >> gianno, five seconds, quick. >> i think president obama is concerned, he cleared his schedule in october because he believes that hillary clinton has a good chance of losing to donald trump. liz: gianno and julie, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. liz: a media byesa -- bias alert. he's saying he has the, quote, shameless fawning newscast to prove it. admitting it edited out bill clinton's hillary sick remark for timing. we timed it here.
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. >> frequently -- not frequently, rarely but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing's happened to her when she got severely dehydrated. liz: did you catch that? use of the word frequently and switching to rarely. that was the original interview with cbs' charlie rose about his wife's health. here's the way it later aired. watch. >> if it is, it's a mystery to me and all of her doctors, rarely but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing's happened to her when she got severely dehydrated. liz: the word frequently deleted in the final cut when.
5:27 pm
clinton referred to hillary's fainting spells. cbs says they cut it out for time. we have executive editor vince with me now. vince, we timed it, the part that cbs cut out. it amounts to two seconds. so what do you make of the timing excuse? does that fly? >> they cut it for time. the most interesting two seconds. it just needs to leave, we need to cut it down for time. no, of course, it doesn't fly. this one of the things if it wasn't done with malicious intent, an effort to deliberately protect the clintons from further scrutiny. it was done with a tremendous amount of credulity. he probably meant rarely, the frequent part is not that serious and cut it out. i think this is why voters at large are distrustful of the media. they think the press is favoring the clintons. liz: i didn't mean to talk over you. i apologize. i know cbs is in damage control right now.
5:28 pm
did they edit for time or did they edit for access? what do you think? >> well, i can only speculate, and i think it could be either option, which is sad to think that could be a coined answer. the press, by and large is unconsciously openly campaigning on behalf of hillary clinton. so when it comes down to decisions what audio or video is included, let's cut out the frequently part. and that's important. liz: vince, it's worth pointing out the publication the hill said they got a transcript of it, of that interview, and in the transcript, the word frequency was edited out, but apparently another version cbs this morning has another version. let's get to the next topic. hillary clinton does get back on the campaign trail tomorrow. apparently an event in greensboro, north carolina. but the media seemed really happy yesterday to see president obama on the campaign
5:29 pm
trail, we're talking about the media. watch. >> was it what the doctor ordered? with hillary clinton recovering from pneumonia, president obama hits the trail and takes aim at donald trump. >> tonight, trump takedown. with hillary clinton sidelined, fiery president obama unloads on trump. >> and he looked a little bit like a retired athlete thrilled to be back in the game. >> his comments were just what the doctor ordered for a recuperating clinton who spent the day accepting flower deliveries. with hillary clinton at home recovering, president obama took over on the campaign trail today, stepping up to the podium, loosening his tie, blowing a kiss and getting right down to business. liz: really? trump takedown? retired athlete? really? >> how could you not help but shudder throughout that. that was downright north korean! this is basically, look, the press loss of obama, never made a secret of it. he comes back out and he's out
5:30 pm
on the campaign trail. and some ways they're so happy to see him, hillary is a terrible campaigner, not great at the stump, so obama as a stand-in to the press for the democratic candidate, they are in love with and infatuated. it's amazing. the liberal outlets cheering on hillary clinton and barack obama does create a tremendous amount of opportunity for places like the daily caller. liz: the media critic said this is an imposition on the viewers, it's leading them, using leading words to lead them to a conclusion when it underestimates the viewers' intelligence. they are smart out there. next up, while he was supposed to be campaigning for hillary, the president mentioned himself 137 times. what do you make of, that vince? >> yeah, well, he has a weird way of building himself into every birthday, holiday, every time somebody passes away, a fixture of the obama presidency
5:31 pm
he invokes himself. i will say that just what we discovered in the last 24 hours, inside colin powell's e-mails that the obamas and clintons don't like each other, he must be putting that behind him on the campaign trail, he made it clear on the stump, hillary clinton is the future. liz: colin powell doesn't like president obama, hillary clinton or trump. it's clear in the e-mails. what's clear too, vince. we're less than two months away and for all of this to be coming out now and more on the way, it's going to be a heck of a ride. thank you, vince. katie couric caught editing a clip of one gun advocate's answer, suing for 12 million bucks. sarah palin is weighing in. we have philip van cleave and
5:32 pm
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. >> there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun? . liz: you notice that 9 second extended silence, that was edited in. put in for effect, and katie couric's gun control
5:36 pm
documentary. the edit was done to imply that gun advocates were stumped by katie couric's question. she since apologized for the edit, but my next guest doesn't accept her apology, suing couric and here team, the director of the documentary for 12 million bucks that is virginia citizen's defense league president and panelist philip van cleave. sir, were you in the documentary? >> i had a separate two hour session with katie, totally ended up on the cutting room floor. so i was there during the group interview but i wasn't in the group, i was observing, they told me they didn't need me because they interviewed me for two hours. they didn't mention it was on the cutting room floor. liz: walk the viewer through it. what happened here? they edited in nine second pause. how quickly did they answer and what was the answer? >> they answered immediately,
5:37 pm
and the answer was that, you know, we don't believe in universal background checks, that they're actually harmful to a person's gun rights, and we explained why they're dangerous, and why we don't want them in america. what they did is got b-roll at the very end of the session, they told everybody we need to you sit still for ten seconds while we get the background noise in the room. so everybody sat there. when you can't speak or communicate, you don't look at people because you can't talk to them. human nature, you look at the ceiling, you look down, you don't stare at somebody you don't communicate with. they were filming, that's why they got the footage. liz: has katie couric or the other party responded to your suit? >> not that i heard of yet. i think epic said something they didn't think they should be a party to it. that's all i know about. there have been no -- katie couric acknowledged what she did, but they're continuing to
5:38 pm
distribute and promote the film, even though they admitted it misled people watching it and misrepresented us. liz: we reached out to couric's camp on our part and the filmmaker, epic, couric has not commented but epic says they only acquire film after the screen. had nothing to do with the production process, so why did you include them in the lawsuit? >> well, they're distributing it and showing it, and they know about this, they've known about it from the time that we brought the issue up, months and months ago, so for a while they sort of moved it off their premium slot but they're still promoting and showing it, knowing what they know. liz: okay, virginia citizens defense league president, philip van cleave, suing katie couric, thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you, liz. liz: a business alert for you,
5:39 pm
federal prosecutors investigating wells fargo for aggressive cross selling tactics according to the "wall street journal." after the bank fired more than 5,000 employees for illegal sales practices and paid $185 million fine. this investigation could lead basically to a criminal inquiry. we're staying on the story for you. next up, on the heels of iran threatening to shoot down u.s. navy spy planes in the persian gulf. a nuclear deal may have emboldened them. we've got the sound. while hillary is taking a break in chappaqua, she is putting out 20 foreign policy questions that the donald needs to answer now. one of the 88 generals who has endorsed donald trump, retired lieutenant general tom mcinerney reacts next. don't go away. this is the all-new 2016 chevy malibu. wow, it's nice. let's check it out. do any of you have kids? i do yes. this car has a feature built in called teen driver technology, which lets parent's see how their teens are driving.
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upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at . liz: the state department
5:43 pm
finally admitting the nuclear deal with iran have made iran's behavior worse. watch. >> but you can't rule out that, in fact, this deal has served as a cause for this more aggressive posture? >> i mean, i can't rule that out. you know, iran like many countries has an internal political process, that's defined by a lot of different dynamics. liz: well, since the deal was reached in july 20 sarc the iranians have increased harassment of u.s. navy ships in the gulf. they've detained ten u.s. sailors. televised them on their knees with hands behind their heads and the state department admission comes one week after we learned the u.s. paid iran $1.7 billion in cash before the release of four americans. with me now retired lieutenant general tom mcinerney, one of 88 military leaders supporting
5:44 pm
donald trump. i just cited the military examples what iran has done. what took the state department so long to come to the admission, do you believe the admission? >> i believe the admission, it was overwhelming, liz, that's why they finally admitted it. you cited a number of things, i could throw in testing icbm's, having north korea test nuclear weapon development. a whole host of things. the significant thing is when the patrol boats are harassing our navy ships, and also with the patrol aircraft that were threatened a couple days ago to be shot down, this has to come directly from the supreme leader khomeini. so that's why it's so significant, it's coming from the very top. liz: you know, the other thing is we have a house panel, they just approved a bill that would prohibit cash payments to iran.
5:45 pm
other thing that happened too, lieutenant general, i want to get your reaction to this, congressman ed royce quoting barack obama saying we couldn't send a cash, check, we couldn't wire money, but ed royce said the administration did use a bank wire to send nearly $9 million or 32 metric tons of heavy water. what do you make of that? >> again, they're not telling the truth, are they? ed royce is doing the right thing, it seems to be a little late but the fact is she doing the right thing as a committee chairman, and the fact is the president is lying to the american people that they couldn't do it any other way. first of all, i would not have done it. that whole deal is a bogus deal because a total amount of money is $150 billion that is fueling more terrorism in the region, fueling more harassment to us. fueling the development of
5:46 pm
icbms as i mentioned. the procurement of the s-300 surface-to-air missiles, one of the most formidable in the world from the russians, so it is fueling our enemy, our adversary over there to be stronger. liz: and speaking of that, lieutenant general, you're a highly decorated general, i mean, you have been serving the country for sometime. josh earnest, general, basically said a little over a month ago that it's certainly possible that the $400 million cash payment, that was the number used at that time, went to iran and went to iran and basically iran possibly used it for nefarious activities, including terrorism. what do you make of that admission that came a little over a month ago from the white house press secretary? >> i can't argue with him, liz, he's spot on. if he would have said that before they did the negotiations or thought this, why would they go through with the negotiation?
5:47 pm
i believe that mr. trump is spot-on when saying he comes into office, he's going to cancel it. unfortunately, the damage has already been done by the obama administration. there's not much we can do. we can't walk that cat back and get the dollars, so we have a problem, there were other ways to solve this that we could have used if we'd have been far more innovative than giving $150 billion. liz: basically, the white house knowing this money was going to fund terrorism, not admitting it to the american people while it was striking this deal. it wasn't a treaty that congress oversaw, it was a deal. thank you, appreciate it. really disturbing video coming up. three phoenix cops run over in what's being called an intentional act where a driver, an african-american gentleman targeted the officers. we've got a former new york police officer says these types of attacks becoming an all-too-common sight.
5:48 pm
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. liz: disturbing video out of phoenix, arizona showing the moment three police officers were intentionally hit by a fast-moving car that targeted them. one of the officers, he was a rookie on his first day, thrown up into the air into a window. the suspect marc payne seen trying fight officers. >> first day on the squad gets propelled onto the glass, gets back in the fight and take this guy into custody. unbelievable, a hero. liz: the police chief saying they were targeted. rookie and second officer tackled him. he's facing three counts of attempted first-degree murder.
5:52 pm
he was convicted of assault on cops back in 1997. two officers still in the hospital in serious condition. all three are expected to be okay. we have former nypd officer and former secret service agent dan bongino with me now. what was your reaction when you saw that video? >> just disgusted. you know, liz, this entire cultural decay we're seeing right now where the good guys or the bad guys, we want to have a conversation about police brutality but doesn't seem like a large segment of the country wants a conversation about brutality on police. these incidents i think you're going to see more and more until we can all agree collectively as a country that cops are generally largely speaking a really good bunch of men and women, hard working and do not have a process to handle the chaos in the streets but have a process for handling police brutality cases. liz: the perpetrator stopped at one of the pumps at the
5:53 pm
convenience store, reversed into a parking spot. he turned off the headlights and slammed on the gas gunning for the officer. would this be considered premeditated? what do you think, dan? >> you know, i don't think it was premeditated. i think this is just a deranged individual who saw an opportunity when he saw the cops sitting there and basically took it. it could have happened any time. he could have been walking down the street and saw a police officer giving a parking ticket and probably would have punched him in the face. this is clearly someone with a severe psychopathology. this is what worries me about the cultural decay and the permissive atmosphere political leaders have created where it's permissive to assault the cops and associate yourself with groups, fried bacon and pigs and stuff. people with mental disorders it gives them more ammunition and
5:54 pm
propaganda to do so. that's why i think you're going to see more of this stuff with the explosion of social media and the internet. liz: former nypd officer and secret service agent dan bongino, thank you very much for your time. appreciate it. and we wish the officers a speedy recovery. a main tourist town under fire after visitors complained about a large hand-painted sign on a private lawn that reads black rifles matter. my next guest is an nra member, he says they should be more offended by those who support an assault weapons ban. he speaks out. that's next. management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. the mistay connected.elps us the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single
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5:58 pm
rifle sign. i would like to bring in nra member and gun rights activist. people are kind of scared about this in maine. what are your thoughts about this? >> i don't have any issues with it at all. i'm vehemently pro gun. i agree with the sentiment. if you are against firearms or inherently anti-gun or against people being able to own air, r-15s. but if you are pro gun and have been following the debate there is no offense to be taken. liz: the locals are saying they feel uncomfortable. this is a small town. even if they said rifles matter, they are tourists, and this is
5:59 pm
polarizing and disturbing to them. >> the gun debate in general is a polarizing topic but it's an important topic in this country. just because it offend a few people, we shouldn't be having a conversation by the, especially how important it is. liz: what is your sentiment on the assault weapons ban? >> i disagree with it. >> ar-15s have been used in 1% of the gun deaths in this country. 80-90% of those gun deaths are happening with handguns. so it begs the question in that regard. liz: this is a polarizing issue. some people don't like that assault weapons are on the streets and they feel scared. we have a small maine town
6:00 pm
embroiled in this controversy. we appreciate your time, sir. this was a heavy show. we had a lot of news about the colin powell emails, and a lot of news breaking on hillary clinton's medical records. picking it up next, "making money" with charles payne. don't go away. charles: hillary clinton releasing more of her medical records including the results of a physical exam and it includes a list of medications clinton is taking including her blood pressure and heart rate. she fainted on sunday, forcing her to admit her ongoing battle


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