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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 14, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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movement and throw the bums out. that's what donald trump has done. lou: thank you both. that's it for us tonight. tomorrow congressman marsha black vernon among our guests. plea you don't want to miss a moment of the show and you don't want to miss a moment lou dobbs, he's right here. [♪] lou: good evening. i'm lou dobbs. themes days are sweet for donald trump and bitter for hillary clinton. hillary clinton is suddenly beset by a health scare crisis and attempted cover-up. she has become a victim of her 3e7 -- ofher penchant for secree cumulative weight of it all is turning off voters. brand-new polls show donald trump leading hillary clinton in key battleground states. in nevada a monmouth survey show trump with a 2-point advantage.
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in florida a cnn poll has trump leading by 3. in ohio two separate polls show trump with a 5-point lead in the critical battleground state. trump beats clinton 46-41. and he's ahead 44-39 in the bloomberg politics poll. to say ohio is important, critical or crucial is understatement. ohio is essential for trump because no republican has ever won the presidency without winning ohio. trump has moved into the lead there. that's why donald trump is holding a rally in canton, ohio at this very hour. you are looking at life pictures it's a big day and big night for the republican nominee. one of the people working hard to make sure donald trump is the next president of the united states is his campaign manager, kellyanne conway. she'll be joining us in just moments. we have a lot to discuss tonight
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including trump revealing the results of his latest physical. we'll take up the republican nominee's health and go through the findings of his doctors and discuss his fitness for the most important job in the country. we'll have the details and analysis. hillary clinton continues to convalesce at home in chappaqua, new york. after she collapsed at the 9/11 ceremony, diagnosed we learned with pneumonia, she'll apparently nonetheless be returning to the campaign trail soon. her husband, the former president bill clinton doing his best to allay concerns about his wife's health. >> i just talked to her, she is feeling great and i think she'll be back out there tomorrow. it's a crazy time we live in when people think there is something unusual about getting the flu. last time i checked, millions of people were getting it every year. lou: flu is one thing and
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pneumonia another. an increasing number of voters doubt hillary is healthy enough for the campaign and presidency. many doubt she would survive a full term in office if elected. the democratic nominee forced to follow trump's lead. she released medical records of her own. clinton's doctors said she is suffering from a mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia. the distinction is important because she is being criticized for hugging a young girl. her campaign said she could be back on the trail as soon as tomorrow. we'll take up the impact of hillary's health concerns and their impact on the race for president. former reagan political director ed rollins joins us. and jerry falwell * jr.
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and sheriff joe arpaio. donald trump released his medical records today. he did so in a taped appearance on dr. oz *. the program set to air tomorrow. i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. [applause] it's two letters. one is the report and the other is from lenox hill hospital. >> may i see them? those are all the tests that were just done last week. lou: audience members say they reveal trump to be in good health. >> he said he needs to lose 15-20 pounds. he's a healthy man, i think he would be a healthy president.
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lou: we'll have to watch "dr. oz" have an uptick in his ratings. kellyanne conway, this has been quite a week or so for your candidate. and with the release of his medical records to dr. oz, things seem to be going his way.
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then dr. oz commends donald trump's health situation. ribs him on his dietary choices. lou: we don't need to linker on the dietary choice issues. >> i did tell dr. oz said in trump looked very fit and i said he does that. but i think you are just seeing a lighthearted donald trump on the one hands. last night at the childcare speech where we were outside philadelphia, ivanka killed it with he her introduction of her father. she is amazing. he picks up so many baby hands. he's enjoying being with the people. but knows we are facing serious grave nice our nation's history.
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he's talking about how to defeat radical terrorism. he's talking about how to crack down on illegal immigration fan stop 367 and he's talking childcare. lou: you know what i haven't heard in a long time, the word presidential. he is exuding a presidential demeanor and attitude it's been weeks since i heard anyone question that capacity and characteristic in his candidacy. >> the way you disprove a
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republicans normally do. so you are exactly right. the way you show people you are presidential is by being presidential. lou: being presidential, president obama decided to campaign for a third term, perhaps not his in person, but certainly his in the at least in the figure of hillary clinton. but at the same time he's being criticized for being too much the candidate and campaigner and not sufficiently the president. donald trump being attacked right now by the president, by the vice president, there is an
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array of figures that are -- democratic figures going after donald trump, and at least to this point, to little effect. your t
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aspirational uplifting optimistic solutions. he's out there telling jokes and being negative. donald trump is so in the head of every major democratic figure right now. that they just don't know what to do with themselves. they can't run a positive campaign about her. lou: obama has moved to the campaign trail puts number juxtaposition to donald trump's persona and the comparison i think is not favorable to our president. kellyanne, it's great to have you with us. donald trump is addressing supporters right now in canton, ohio. we are going to go to that event in just a moment. we are coming right back. after these messages we'll have much more including the remarks of donald trump when we continue. stay with us. donald trump climbing in the polls, cutting away at hillary's
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lead in key battleground states and they are all but tide. >> the poll vts gone up amazingly well. people are liking what we have to say. and i think we are going to be victorious. lou: this master of balance is raising the bar for his next death-defying stunt. we'll show you the remarkable ♪ there's no one road out there.
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lou: donald trump holding a rally in canton, ohio. the real clear politics average shows him tied in the battleground state. he's at the canton memorial civic center. the most recent polls, 5 points ahead. let's listen in. >> the economic policy of hillary clinton on trade, and immigration. how bad is immigration? how bad is immigration? have devastated the inner cities of america. her policies are the problem. we are offering the solution.
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and we have the solution. hillary clinton believes in globalism. taking jobs from flint and other places and moving them to other countries because that's where her donors and special interests want them. i'm not running to be president of the world, i'm running to be president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] i'm running to bring hope to flint and so many other places, including even canton, and i love this place. i love this place.
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and i'll be back. i will be back. lou: he will be back, and you can tell he's loving the fact that he is ahead there in ohio. he has not been swayed, he has not been convinced by anyone to ignore ohio. he has been relentless of his pursuit of the favor of the great state of ohio and to considerable great effect. former reagan white house political director and fox news contributor, ed rollins. this is a man, he's in his moment right now. >> he's on the verge of turning this thing totally around. we started this many months ago, he had to win ohio and florida and hold the romney states, and pennsylvania would give him the 270 plus vote.
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he's now very solid in ohio he's basically ahead in florida. he should not be saying he's behind anymore because he's ahead. he has got her on the ropes. and she has had the superior organization and has spent a lot more on ads. but he caught her and is moving forward. he's the confident candidate and she is not. lou: in terms of tactics and approach today, a brilliant move i think, going over to "dr. oz," taping a segment. who else would do this but donald trump. he hand hip two pieces of paper with the test results from his fiscal and from his doctor. >> we know he's a healthy man. he's very vigorous man. if he can lose 15 or 0 pound, don't we all. but he goes 0 hours a day. we have seen that. he's like an energizer bunny.
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if he's not well, i want to take it medicine he's taking. lou: hillary clinton is does a third the numbers of rallies and travel donald trump is. this is a contest that's not going to change. no one is going to be told don't believe you're lying eyes. they are watching a man exuding energy and optimism against a candidate who is con have lessing. >> 50% of the country don't believe her tory. the critical thing here is her integrity has been challenges, and i think at the end of the day she represents the establishment. this is a campaign against the establishment. lou: do we have available bill clinton talking about the flu? we don't. we already aired it. but he seemed to me to be feeble. he misspoke. he talked about the flu, described her condition as flu. who doesn't have the flu when he
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should have been talking about -- here we have it. you can check out how -- i did paraphrase the former president. >> i just talked to her. she is feeling great and i think seal be back out there tomorrow. so i -- it's crazy time we live in when people think there is something unusual about getting the flu. last time i checked. millions of people were getting it every year. lou: but one of them is not his wife. that's a terrible mistake to have made. and it's terrible optics because he seems himself tired and a shadow of himself. >> he is tired. he was one of the great campaigners i have seen in my lifetime. he's note that today. obama is still in good shape. but both he and she are very, very tired and they represent the old. even though trump may be older, certainly the same able, he's vigorous, a new wave and new
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revolution. lou: as we discussed, the man is driving with energy that i don't know that obama was keeping his pace in 2008 and 2012. we'll check it out and have that for you at some point. ed, god to see you. this is quite a race. >> it's a great race it's far from over. but i think it language has to change. lou: ed rollins is showing a certain sense of optimism about this race. i'm just suggesting, you can conclude anything on it. but that's smile i see on ed rollins' face. >> i'm pleased by the thus am i'm finding. lou: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. the fact that hillary has been on bed rest, does it make you somewhat suspicious pneumonia is
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the correct diagnosis? please roll the video. a daredevil performing a jaw dropping stunt without safety equipment of any kind. i don't understand these people. but i want to share this with you. watch as this thrill seeker balances on a ladder perched over a raining 900-foot waterfall in norway. he's attributing his success to yoga, meditation and i think a certain, small amount of courage, guts. wow. that's a fellow that has desperate needs that can only be met that way. i don't get it. up next we'll have more from trump. earlier today donald trump promised to do what obama and so many progressive liberals have
11:23 pm
failed to do. >> flint is the result of so many failures. the damage can be corrected and corrected by people that know what they are doing. unfortunately people who caused this tremendous problem had no clue. but it will be fixed quickly and effectively and we'll bring jobs back to flint. lou: the very presidential donald trump. the subject of my commentary tonight. tonight. stay with us.
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lou: a few thoughts on the surging republican nominee and is energized focus campaign was now less than eight weeks on election day. it is easy to describe donald trump at this point in the campaign. the man is absolutely presidential and he is looking more presidential everyday that passes. he exudes confidence in himself and his campaign and he has
11:28 pm
already convinced tens of millions of americans that he loves being their voice and a man who will lead them into a future that is brighter than they believed possible before he entered the race. trump last night delivered a speech on child and elder care. think about that. no one has conjoined the two important needs and issues before. the elderly and childcare. but he and his daughter ivanka dead and they told us the details of how important the proposal is, who would benefit from this proposal and how much it would cost and he was persuasive about how to pay for it. the nation would be better for it. his proposal was about better living and organizing incentives to encourage and support working parents and the american family. everyone talks about the importance of the american family but it's donald trump who has put forward a plan that is magnetic and his support of the
11:29 pm
all important american family. with that is his promise he delivers a major speech tomorrow on the a common meet in new york and make no mistake about it the republican nominee is in action. he's not just in motion. he traveled to flint michigan earlier today and there he toured a water treatment plant removing contaminated lead from as water supply. last month he was the first to meet with and reassure residents from flooding in louisiana. he traveled to the area before president obama who is on vacation playing golf and trump brought with him a semi-tractor load of food and supplies, not tv crews and microphones and cameras. and of course he didn't hesitate to travel to mexico when president enrique pena nieto invited him to discuss u.s.-mexico relations and invitation declined by hillary clinton. i believe trump is showing americans through his actions
11:30 pm
how he will respond to challenges as president and how he will govern and how he will lead and his leadership style is being met with approval in the latest polls. today two new polls showing trump with a five-point lead in the important battleground state of ohio. trump is now leading in perhaps the pivotal battleground state of florida by three points, pivotal and certainly absolutely crucial. he's ahead in nevada by two points up from july when he trailed by 10 by four points and in a new quinnipiac national pulled trump has slashed clinton's lead in the four-way race to just two points from seven-point from a few weeks ago. donald trump has obviously found his stride and his voice and he is -- giving working americans and their misrepresentation with the voice in the national political arena on the issues that matter the most to them and the nation. this all may take some getting used to.
11:31 pm
americans haven't had this kind of leadership since a fellow named reagan. now all that's to be done is to put him in the white house. a quotation of the evening is from ronald reagan who said this, life is one grand sweet song, so start the music. we are coming right at with as much music as we can muster. stay with us. donald trump is charging in the polls following hillary's health care and her insults to his followers. >> when she said that's good of deplorables you couldn't even believe it. i thought it was so terrible. lou: trump's furthering his case for the partisan -- presidency and the nominee is now looking as he puts it very presidential. jerry falwell junior is our guest, next. this stunt driver putting on a
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11:36 pm
[applause] my daughter ivanka trump helps me a lot but that plan. [applause] she is a big believer. she has got a big heart. believe me, she is a big, big believer. policy after policy we are going to bring opportunity and prosperity to all americans. i am going to lower your taxes. i'm going to get rid of massive amounts of unnecessary regulations on business and in your life. [applause] i am going to repeal and replace obamacare. i am going to appoint justices of the supreme court who will follow the constitution. [applause] i am going to rebuild our
11:37 pm
depleted military, the greatest people on earth and take care of our fats. [applause] i am going to save your 2nd amendment, the national rifle association has endorsed me and they are great people. we are going to save your 2nd amendment, believe me. i am going to stop illegal immigration and drugs from pouring into our country and yes as i said, we will build the wall. [applause] and i am going to, so important, so important, don't forget when i announced, it seems like a long time ago, 17 people running i was the nonprofessional. everyone said auto, trump has
11:38 pm
never done this before. how could he possibly survive? these are the greatest professionals in the business. [applause] lou: down when his 16 and they quickly dwindled in the primary and now in the general election facing hillary clinton. trump today was earlier talkg about hisnergy and his stamina. he was then flint michigan talk about the devastating effects that localism outsourcing and free trade have had on our national economy and in particular michigan. >> it used to be cars were made in flint and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. now the cars are made in mexico and you can't drink the water in flint. that's not good.
11:39 pm
lou: donald trump may have just articulated the essence, the critical central issue of this campaign, globalism versus americanism, the middle class versus the elites, the status quo establishment. his comments come in on the same day that -- announced its shifting all of its north american small car production from the united states to mexico joining us tonight president of liberty university jerry falwell junior. it's great to have you with us. i was so impressed with that's the same statement by trump comparing what was in michigan to what is today and it's a sad, sad comparison, isn't it? >> its chair and it's amazing how many buildings are being bulldozed in detroit.
11:40 pm
once the powerhouse of america's farsi auto industry and it's all been because if democratic leadership and republican, republicans in congress refuse to stand up and do anything to stop it. you know it's one of the reasons i was an early supporter of trump. i saw that he was not part of the establishment. he was not a career politician. eiseman 20 years as an attorney before becoming president of liberty university about 10 years ago and many of those years were. >> trying to bring liberty university that to financial vitality. we were struggling as the onion diversity and after years of struggle now we are the most prosperous largest christian university in the world and one of the five largest universities in the country. so i have seen what can be done and when i saw donald trump and when i heard him talk about the bad trade deals and taking jobs away from america, when i saw how the it been so successful of
11:41 pm
his own company that's when i became a believer. lou: a lot of people are becoming believers and it's interesting too that this presidential candidate donald trump in two days it will be 15 months in standard the race, he has pressed the issue that wasn't even going to be discussed in this election cycle , much to those in the primary who opposed him and much of the establishment both business and political establishments. we are talking about illegal immigration and. policies that are having devastating mortal effects on much of this country, on jobs and are middle class. he is changing the direction of both the discussion and the focus of proposals that will guide the country for the next four years. jerry you got to be thrilled to be watching what is happening as he is taking the lead in various
11:42 pm
battleground states and taking the lead in a number of the national polls as well. >> i believe that's the most recent national polls will be out until tomorrow. i think you'll see a big bump there and i really believed -- lou: the vegas pole tomorrow, that's the "fox news poll" so that will be the most important. >> all right but i think those polls and correct me if i'm wrong target likely voters and i'm not sure chomps supporters fall into that category. many of them have never voted before. i think many of them don't answer questions when they come and i really believe we are going to wake up november 9 and my prediction for what it's worth, we are going to be a shot for the people in great britain after the brexit vote. i think the same type of sentiment is out there and i think that's what we are going to see. lou: well, there is an empirical
11:43 pm
basis for it as you well know also. he outperformed his polling in the latter half of the primary election season. no reason to expect otherwise in the general election. jerry falwell junior always great to talk with you. thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you lou, always. lou: roll the video now. daredevil creating his on hyatt hang action movie in buffalo, new york. oh my -- watches as drivers aims for an industrial park and runs in front of an oncoming train. he avoids them by mere seconds and then does a series of turning donuts so close to the edge of the pier that is backed by her roles. i've got to tell you, someday we will just have to meet all these people. who in the world thinks of these things? do you in the world is crazy enough to do them but thank you.
11:44 pm
thank you very much. we appreciate it. up next the obama administration says it's ramping up the number of refugees being it made it to this country to 110,000, a 30% increase as the national presidential election a major part. one of its issues is how in the world can this administration bring in the refugees without vetting them? republican nominee saying we need extreme vetting. no argument for most americans. we will talk with america's top we will talk with america's top sheriff joe arpaio joins us what is success? we will talk with america's top sheriff joe arpaio joins us is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner
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thune joining me now the man who is called a tough the sheriff and also the countries that sheriff in my opinion. maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio. great to see you sheriff. i want to just say that as we are looking what is happening with the border of mexico and the refugees and all these issues you have been fighting for years donald trump as saying straightforwardly he's going to stop illegal immigration. he has owned so mad with the present of mexico and is starting to elevate the discussion authorities in office about a responsible relationship between two adults as leaders
11:49 pm
rather than one that is patronizing and condescending to the other as has president obama and before him george w. bush when it comes to mexico. >> that was a great move when he went to mexico city. when i was there i was head of the federal drug enforcement, you get things done by mutual respect, talking talking. he has already started it. he is not even the president so when i'm sure he gets the presidency he's going to go to mexico and he will make some deals in our favor to resolve some of the drug problems and illegal immigration. a very good move, believe me. lou: hillary clinton, secretary of state, did nothing to improve matters in a relationship with mexico or the crisis of illegal immigration and border crossings. what is your sense of her remarks about the deplorables,
11:50 pm
people, i mean i'm not even going to go through the list of names she called, 50 million people. >> i think i'm part of that but it kind of earns turns me up, 55 years of my life serving his country and you know she was in phoenix several months ago reading a teleprompter. she blasts the made and the bad part is she could not pronounce my name right. i presume i'm one of the 50% that she is referring to and that's a personal insult to me because i was with donald trump from day one, day one and she's making those remarks. i take it personal. maybe i should not but i do. lou: the things -- the reason you take things personal is the reason you have been such a great sure for so long in the great voice for this country and i know donald trump is going to be thrilled to have you as one of his most prominent supporters.
11:51 pm
sheriff, we are out of time but is always great to see you. say hi to your wife ava for me and all the best to you both. >> think you lou. lie up next donald trump moments ago taking issue with the president's work ethic. >> i watched obama yesterday. why isn't he working? why isn't he working instead of campaigning for crooked hillary? who is paying for that a plane that comes, i just wonder. fu we will take up those questions and answers. tony sayegh and morgan ortegus tony sayegh and morgan ortegus among our
11:52 pm
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one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. lou: and our on line poll last night we asked you, do you believe the clinton campaign is mortally wounded? 82% of these eight yes, it is. we asked that question is meant meant -- as well as many others joining us "fox news" contributor tony sayegh and maverick pack cochair morgan ortegus. good to have you both with us. we know now this dual over health has been basically resolve. one candidate is in comp lessons and the others on dr. oz with people regaling his health. what do you think? >> i think it's a good move for
11:56 pm
him to go on dr. oz because people actually watch the show. women like to watch the show in men like to watch the show. he's speaking directly to the voters. he's bypassing the traditional media and everyday that he's talking about his health is a day that her health stays in the news as well. we have to be careful about how he does it. it's more appropriate to shine the light on his health and let that continue the story about hers. lou: a great thing is every candidate sees it. a comparison and this could be more positive for him. >> certainly and also the bigger problem for hillary clinton is at this point the way the campaign responded to the questions surrounding it. where would we be in this conversation lou if there wasn't video footage of her collapsing and being rushed to the hospital. lou: where would be -- we be without the man who took that, it's a billion of the national media organization because the media had gone along with the
11:57 pm
prohibition on video the events, the most mindless thing i've seen happen collectively. >> the clintons campaign's lies about her health and much of transparency has been criticized by who? david axelrod said it's an unhealthy amount and lack of transparency. he talked about the penchant for privacy when he's talking about the penchant to live to obfuscate into cover-up. this is the clintons. this is who they are and it has been revealed for all of america to see. is there anyway in the world she can overcome this? >> she is blowing a double-digit lead sensor convention. the polls are tightening and i think that was bound to happen. tony and i were talking about this earlier. i think this is the super bowl. i think it's going to go back and forth. i don't think anybody's going to run up the score. i think it will be hillary
11:58 pm
clinton until election day. the close ones are more fun. lou: i'm not certain that necessarily holds this time because i don't see any way in which you can create a narrative that overcomes her health and overcomes the cover-up, overcomes the scandals that are unrelenting and enlist metastasizing. it's been going on and this is not one year, this is not one month, this is decade after decade of something called the clintons. >> what you have happening on the exact same time in the trump cited much more disciplined campaign of his own policy announcements just yesterday as childcare tax cuts he announced with ivanka. very innovative. lou: at the show this to you from the green room. that is what donald trump said. i really believe his statement today quote i really believe in the essence of this campaign. let's look at what he said about contrasting mexico and detroit
11:59 pm
because this is it. it used to be cars were made in flint and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. now the karzai made in mexico and you can't drink the water in flint. that's not good. i can't tell you, he has summed up what is happening to this country and the idiots, the establishment by the way if i may say and mark shields a ceo who is otherwise a good guy just made the announcement today and one of the worst moments of timing i've ever seen ford is moving all of its small car production in north america to mexico he said. what do you do with people who are that indifferent and tone deaf to what the american people need and want? >> i thought we had this epiphany after the financial crisis that we needed to make things in america again and i think that's where we are going.
12:00 am
>> you create a political movement and throw the bums out. that's what donald trump has done. lou: thank you both. that's it for us tonight. tomorrow congressman marsha black vernon among our guests. there's so much to talk about. good night from new york. kennedy: to my present, plans to accept 100,000 more refugees to the u.s. but here's the rub, they would arrive next year when the next president is in charge. dana perino weighs in plus gary johnson could now be the deciding factor in the biggest election of all, ohio. the latest on the polls therein johnson's latest push to get into the debate in rock music icon is here to tell me about his brand-new album and what it's like to work for the donald. it's time to jam. hackery is now a common practice and you are just as likely to get news and information from stolen e-mails as you are from the story in "the new york times."


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