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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 15, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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... >> well, everybody on the panel wanted to do final thoughts on the economy and we've got the retail sales number out and it wasn't great. i want to thank our all-star panel. and tomorrow, big show, republican nominee donald trump will join me live 7:30 a.m. eastern, you do not want to miss it. we had a great interview with governor pence who made the point that today's economic speech is what is going to be front and center and tell you live with that speech. "varney & company" begins right now. brand new. hillary's lead nationally has been cut to a dead heat. in a four-way race. in early august, hillary had an 8 point lead. what a turn around. the trump surged in other polls. he's ahead now in ohio, florida and nevada, a big factor is hillary's weekend disaster. her insulting comments about millions of americans and medical coverup. today, another big policy speech for trump at the
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waldorf-astoria in new york city and plans for tax cuts and deregulation. his team says that plan will produce 4% growth in each of the next five years. later today, the results of this physical will be released on the dr. oz show. hillary clinton is now playing catchup. sidelined by illness, she returns to the campaign with a speech in north carolina. she is in a tough spot. she has pneumonia. and she's lost momentum. and she faces an opponent who has learned a lot about politics. just look at the way trump handled this incident. >> everything she touched didn't work out. nothing. now, hillary clinton-- >> mr. trump, the political-- >> oh, okay. diplomatic, restrained. how do you think he would have responded just say a couple of months ago. it's the new trump and he's winning. "varney & company" about to begin. ♪
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>> yes, of course, we'll get to politics in a moment, but first, you can be sure that we'll get to politics, but look at that. the dow is going to be up a few points at the opening bell. the dow, the s&p, they are-- they closed yesterday. the lowest level since july. the dow barely held the 18,000 level. as for the price of oil. still around the 44, $43 per barrel level. yeah, the glut continues and the price continues to be depressed. the story of the day, the stock of the day is likely to be apple again. it's already at a five-month high. we've got strong sales of the iphone 7 and for the competition, more headaches. samsung is in real deep trouble with their new phone. ash, they've got a fix, but it doesn't account to much? >> it doesn't accounts in south korea, they've got a software update that will limit the capacity on charging of the
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battery to 60%. it will only charge up to 60%. that is for south korea. that will roll out on monday. when asked, are you going to do this for the u.s. and elsewhere in the world? they don't know at this point. all they're telling people right now, do not fire them up. do not try and charge them. and turn them in as soon as you can. stuart: wait, there's more. i believe there's another problem, it was a fire in florida, again we believe caused by the samsung 7. >> happened to quarter of 8:00 tuesday night in port st. lucie, an explosive fire on a highway. this was near where the st. petersburg man saw his jeep grand cherokee totalled by a samsung note 7. the police are investigating whether the note 7 is responsible for the fire. the wife of the 55 year old said the note was in there. and we have a number of homes set fire because of the battery exploding and the six-year-old b boy. ashley: they've got to get it on. every passing day--
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>> you've got to get their holds on them liz: quickly, to ashley's points. geek magazines are questioning whether the software fix is the problem. it could be the casing that could be a fire. stuart: it's a problem and apple is going up. got it. donald trump talks with his doctor-- talks with. dr. oz about his health. the shore is going to air this afternoon, but here is a clip for you. roll tape. >> if elected at age 70, you'll be the oldest person to ever enter the oval office. why do you think you have the stamina for the job? >> just about the same age of ronald reagan and hillary is a year behind me. i would say just based on my life. i've had-- i don't know if this makes sense, i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. stuart: i wish i did. okay. senior trump advisor tania is with us this morning. >> good morning. stuart: the criticm, you can
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expect it. this appearance with dr. oz is just show biz. nothing to do with real physicals and real medical problems. what say you? >> i mean, of course people are going to say that. that was mr. trump, being transparent once again, unlike hillary clinton. he was like you want to talk about my health record, let's go on dr. oz, we'll talk about it. he's a very well-respected doctor, a cardiac surgeon and i thought that was brilliant that mr. trump went on, had a nice candid conversation and brought his medical records which i know firsthand that mr. trump has the stamina to be the next president because i try to keep up with him on the campaign trail and i'm a lot younger and it's difficult. stuart: tana, i have to ask this, are we going to get the medical records in full from the physical he had i think a week ago. is that whatter woo' going to see on the oz show this afternoon? >> yes, you are. he had every test imaginable. stuart: there's confusion whether it's a letter from the
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doctor or two letters from two doctors or the full records and you say it's the full record of that physical. >> yes, yes, and dr. oz did look it over and said, if he was my patient, i would be very proud and i would be happy to say this is a very healthy man. and this is a well respected doctor. stuart: i want to move onto the ford motor company. ford is going to move all small car production to mexico over the next couple of years. but ford-- mr. trump told, that ford tells fox business that it's replacing those cars with two products that have yet to be announced. so, no jobs lost. look, what i'm trying to get at here, just roll tape about what trump's going to do about mexico, roll that tape, please. >> when they make their car, they think they're going to get away with this and fire their employees in the united states and they move to mexico. when that car comes back across the border into our country that now comes in free, we're going to charge them a 35% tax and you know what's going to
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happen, they're never going to leave. stuart: tana, come back in, a 35% tax is a trade war. you've got to answer that one. >> well, i'm going to say, donald trump's got a plan and he'll revitalize this stagnant economy we're in. used to be the cars were made in flint and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. now, you can't-- now the cars are going to mexico and you can't drink the water in flint. donald trump is going to do something about this and he's going to make sure that we keep the economy and america strong. we're going to keep workers here and manufacturing will come back to the united states of america. stuart: okay. >> the reality is-- >> do you believe, do you really believe that you can build the iphone in the united states? >> i mean, now, that's not my lane to know if you can do that. i believe that we put people on the moon, of course we can do anything we want to do here in the united states about you mr. trump has got a plan of exactly what he's going to do
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with this trade and how he's going to keep the manufacturing in the united states. i mean, mr. trump is the only one that's protecting the american workers. he talked about this five years ago, stuart, well before he was even thinking about running for the presidency. he was mentioning, we cannot let our products go to other countries. what are we doing? this is the united states of america. with carrier and ford and nabisco and all of these companies leaving our country? it doesn't make sense. stuart: we hear you, and thanks for being with us once again this morning. >> thank you. stuart: i'm staying on the ford motor company and building the iphone in the united states. here he is, former reagan economic advisor, art laffer. two questions, number one, you impose a 35% tax on mexico coming back to the united states, that would be a trade war. >> i wouldn't suggest that, you
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don't chain workers to the united states, but what donald trump proposed, cutting the rates and attract the businesses to the united states. i prefer sugar rather than vinegar to keep the workers in the united states. the reason they have so much trouble in michigan is because of the taxes in michigan. we have no problem in tennessee with foreign car workers. stuart: i understand it's politically attractive to say we'll bring those jobs back and impose a tariff. whether you can actually do that or not is another story, but i really do contest that you can build the iphone in the united states of america. i contest that, do you? >> i don't know. i have no idea. stuart: art. >> some things we do better than foreigners and some things they produce better than we do. stuart: art, you don't know? >> i don't have a computer, stuart. i've got a flip phone. i'm not a techie guy, everybody in my office is. i don't know what you're
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talking about when you say an iphone. stuart: oh. art, i know you're going to stay there and have you back at the opening bell for the stock market to think about the iphone for a while, will you? >> i will, i will. [laughter] >> i've got some video for you. we like to do this, from the u.s. navy. the u.s.s. jackson is a
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see if you're eligible for 12 months free at iment. stuart: london's muslim mayor appoints a deputy who worked for an organization that described jihadi john as a beautiful man. tell me about it. ashley: i really don't want to. khan, the mayor of london created a position, you're going to love this one, stu. deputy mayor of london for social ability, and community engagement. he appointed a gentleman by the name of matthew reiner, a
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person who has spent time alongside a former guantanamo bay inmate, inmate admitted to being an al qaeda recruiter and it's hard to believe, he's been appointed to this deputy mayor position, as you say, worked with a group that has all sorts of ties to radical islam and did indeed call jihadi john a beautiful man and now this person is a deputy mayor for social integration in london. stuart: no wonder i would never go back. ashley: amen. stuart: i'm not going to be seen dead there, quite frankly. next case. and some are making the most of the deplorables comment, emblazoned on a t-shirt, now cars, decals, coffee mugs, you name it, deplorables has been embraced. donald trump was on stage with
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people walled deplorable. here is what nigel said about that comment. >> the reason for doing that, to say to people in the middle, undecided voters, look, for goodness sake if you vote leave the eu you're i think jo us with the appalling people, and that's the same game that hillary tried to use, and when she used the word deplorable. i think only one person comes out of this deplorably and that's hillary clinton. stuart: joining us now, steve hilton, the former direction of strategy for prime minister david cameron in britain. i'm going to ask a leading question. was this hillary's worst political mistake ever? >> i don't know about ever, stuart, but certainly the worst moment of her campaign. but, the thing is, when i saw that comment, my immediate
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reaction was, wow, that's unbelievable, but of course, it's not unbelievable. we've got completely used to it because we've had this for years from the left if you disagree with them, you're not just wrong, you're morally inferior and evil. the new thing it's not just the left doing it, you're getting it from the right as well and that's what you saw in brexit. you saw the conservative establishment vilifying other conservatives. you have people like david cameron and george osborn, my former colleagues in government saying those kinds of things about members of the conservative party and conservative supporters who happen to disagree with them for brexit. here in america, you're seeing the republican establishment joining hillary clinton in their view of those who support trump as cannot just wrong did you racist and xenophobic and the other things that see said. that's the new thing and that's truly deplorable. stuart: steve, earlier this morning, literally two hours ago, the new york times released its latest poll.
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it shows that clinton and trump tied at 42% apiece. and that means that hillary clinton has lost the eight-point lead that she had in early august. now, commenting on that, we have nate silver, an elections analyst and he says, clinton's narrowing lead is a lot like remains lead over leave, referring to brexit. he is an american analyst and he's drawing that direct parallel again about the state of play in the brexit election in june and the state of play in america's elections right now. i think you see that parallel as well, doesn't you? >> i do. and i think that the interesting thing is that the reason that some of the polling and the modelling and the data that went on in the-- the data work that went on in the u.k. during brexit was so wrong was that they missed a whole group of people who were so disillusioned with politics they haven't voted for years. they're kind of off the grid politically, but came out to
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vote for brexit because suddenly here was a chance for actual changement for something really to change and i think that's the same story here. he had some new income figures out this year, this week, stuart, that i thought were interesting. people were celebrating the fact that in the last year, incomes have gone up, but if you look at the long-term, what it showed was that the median income in america today is still lower than it was 17 years ago and for the bottom 10%, it's lower today than in the 1980's. these people haven't seen anything change, whether it's been republican or democratic leadership in congress and in the white house. but finally in trump they see someone who really might change things and those people are coming out to support him. and i think that's the parallel with brexit. you've got people who have given up on politics coming back to vote because they really believe that change might finally happen. stuart: fascinatinfascinating, steve hilton, we'll see you soon. >> thank you.
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stuart: hillary releasing some of her health records. and here is the question. do they explain her fainting spells that she's had recently? we're asking a doctor about that. and a college freshman sends an e-mail to her new roommates, a list of demands. you're not going to believe this. entilement at its worse. more varney after this. ♪ there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering,
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> >> at the top of the hour confused about a development from ford. yesterday we learned ford was moving small car production to mexico. got it. in a comment to fox business, quote, this is not news. we indicated last year that the company would be doing this. there is no u.s. jobs impact. we will replace those jobs in michigan with two other car models that we have yet to announce. it is an economic and political story and we're covering it. now this, you don't believe this one. this just stood out. an incoming ucla freshman sends her future roommates an e-mail with a bunch of demands. part of what she sent out. i'm not sure why neither of you responded back to my e-mails, but i don't really care as long as you both know and understand that i'm not going to settle
9:25 am
for anything less than what i'm going to tell you i'm going to get once i arrive at the dorm. hold on a second, what did she demand liz: she's not met her roommates yet. she says i want the top bunk and one of the closet, the window. i don't like being ignored, i won't be in the mood for arguing, any other nonsense because i see one of you two ignored my e-mail. stuart: take that liz: disregarded it. ashley: boy, she sounds like a bute liz: and the roommates would move out? >> and a lot of taxes, less regulation, donald trump, you'll see him do it on this program. and apple, a stock to watch, a five-month high already. strong pre-orders for the iphone 7 and all of the samsung
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galaxy problems, that's not hurting apple. the opening bell moments away. >> when it comes to healthcare,
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upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at >> now, we're expecting the dow to go up a little bit at the opening bell and the dow and the s&p are under a lot of pressure recently. the dow barely holding the 18,000 level.
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we're expecting a gain of maybe 30 points right at the opening bell. you will see it in about 10 seconds' time. the price of oil, i know for a fact, we're down to $43 a barrel earlier today. that's not helping stocks very much, but the worry is that we've gone down below 40. we're not there yet. 9:30, thursday morning, we're off and running and where are we going from the get-go? down ten points. futures predicted a gain, but we've got a minor loss. look at that, there's a lot of red out there, that means all the issues are on the down side. so know you we've opened .05 lower for the dow. the s&p 500, where is that in the very early going? also down just a tiny fraction, i'm calling it flat. how about the nasdaq? we're up there, and they love those technology stocks. price of oil was 43, still 43. a five-month high for apple stock. yes, the iphone 7 sales and headaches for the competition,
9:31 am
all of it giving apple a boost. up another $2 in the early going this morning. 114 on apple. we are following that one closely. ford motor moving all small car production to mexico. trump put a 35% tax on the cars as they try to bring them back to the states and more on that in a moment. ford unchanged and slightly down to the very low level. now, we have volkswagen, it might resume diesel sales in america. maybe. maybe. the company took a big hit from the emissions cheating scandal and it's down more, 28 for stocks today. who is here, it's ashley, art laffer, and bart, and layfield, who doesn't need the money. and trump laying out the economic plan 90 minutes from now and you will see him do it on this program. he'll come out for low taxes and deregulation. i want to go around the block. if that system were put in
9:32 am
place today, what would the market do tomorrow? dr, you're first. >> well, stuart, first of all, low taxes and deregulation are two things the markets are going to love. i think his economic protectionist stance offsets that a little bit, but if he comes up with something today around deregulation or taxes we haven't heard of, the market might like it a lot. >> the market would like it if it were put into place. would the market like low tax and deregulation? >> of course, yeah, trump said this before. there's not really a lot of gran and some of the policies remind you of herbert hoover. i don't think right now trump is taken seriously on wall street as being the candidate and i think that's why wall street is doing okay. stuart: i agree with you that the whole idea of slapping a 35% tax on stuff coming in from mexico, that sounds like a trade war to me. earlier on the show, the gentleman in the bottom left box right there, mr. art laffer, dismissed all of this.
9:33 am
no trade war, no problem with herbert hoover. you want to repeat that, art laffer? >> no, i don't really want to. [laughter] i think the 15% corporate tax would be plenty to bring jobs back to the united states like mad and when you look at michigan, i understand he is campaigning in michigan as well, and reagan did it and bush did as well. i wish they wouldn't do it, and i'm free trade. we're taking the jobs from michigan in tennessee because of bad economic policies in michigan versus tennessee. we've got volkswagen in tennessee and all the jobs here. it's economics, all economics and you can't win with vinegar, you can win with sugar. attract them here, don't chain them here. stuart: if you've got donald trump's plan lower taxes and deregulation and put it in place, what would the market do tomorrow? >> i don't know about tomorrow, but double in three years put into place, how is that?
9:34 am
>> first of all, he shocks us all by saying he doesn't know about the iphone and now says double the stock market. >> i'm 76, stuart. i'm 76 years old. my whole office has iphones, i don't. i write in cursive all of my books. stuart: i want to see a medical history to see if you're-- >> believe me i'm-- you've got to live with me for a long time, stuart. stuart: now, let's have a quick look at the ford motor company and look at the stock and they announced a whole lot of things yesterday. 9 billion dollars worth of investment in michigan and moving very gradually towards the auto driving car. they're going to invest big in that, but that stock is down. i'm not sure how low it is on a monthly basis, but just above $12 a share, not doing that well. the dow industrial has recovered and we opened lower and now we're up 16 points at, where are we now, 18, 052. let's get to apple, that's the
9:35 am
stock of the day in my opinion. riding high on the strong iphone 7 sales and all of samsung's problems. dr, do you like apple? would you buy it at 114? >> i think we'll see good numbers out of the iphone 7. a lot of people were talking about it, but the iphone plus is sold out for friday. you will not be able to get one, strangely enough or not so strangely, that competes directly with the samsung note that's having the fire problems, that's the bigger one. stuart: that's interesting. >> two-thirds of their problems come from iphones, so a pickup there could be good news for the can. they had their first down quarter. stuart: john layfield, would you buy apple at 114? >> no, i wouldn't. only right now bought it from 90 to 105. i think it's been getting ahead of itself and worries me buying at this rate. i'm holding onto it, not selling it. it's the most profitable company in the world and keep making new iterations, don't
9:36 am
make new evolution products like they used to with steve jobs. with the streaming service, i believe that apple is eventually going to step into something like nfl rights, like twitter has done partially with the thursday night program. i think when that happens, that would be a game changer. stuart: that would be a whole new line for apple, you've got it. check that big board, yes, we're now up 33 points. the futures predicted a gain of 30, 40 points. that's what we've got. we're at 18,068. google offering 350,000 in prizes if you can hack had a nexus phone. it doesn't affect the stock, but it's an interesting story. mark zuckerburg sold $285 million of facebook stock in the past month and the proceeds go to charity. again, no impact on the stock. close to the high. biogen, this is interesting, biogen reports positive red lights for the multiple sclerosis drug.
9:37 am
the stock is down a fraction, i mean, a tiny fraction at 299 and can't quite explain that one. another fatal crash for tesla in china. the autopilot system is under the microscope there. nicole, what's going on? >> it's interesting, you remember june 30th, july 1st, we were talking about may 7th that a tractor-trailer turned in front of a tesla and the tesla wasn't able to distinguish the white side of that truck. and we thought it was the first fatality on automatic pilot. we're learning about something that happened in january in china where the driver, 23-year-old driver died. he was driving behind a road sweeping truck that was half on the road and half off the road. what happened there? the car apparently did not brake and there's an investigation underway now, whether or not in full automatic pilot mode or not. in the meantime, it could be another fatality and another piece of bad news for tesla, which missed on its earnings, missed on deliveries and it's
9:38 am
been going down since basically the beginning of july. stuart: all right, nicole, thank you very much indeed. there are some stocks that we cover every single day. it's not that we cover the stocks, but we cover the companies. there's a handful of companies that do something new and make the news virtually every day. case in point, amazon. i don't know if there's a day gone by in the last couple of years where we've not talked about amazon. the stock performance is amazing. because of that, jeff bezos, principal shareholder in amazon has just changed places with warren buffett. bezos is now the world's nird richest person. remember, warren buffett used to be third and now he's got some stock and-- >> it's bill gates and ortega, and then jeff bezos, what's important, amazon's stock more than tripled since 2013.
9:39 am
plus, he owns shares of berkshire hathaway and wells fargo and that's dragging buffett down. stuart: the odd man out is the founder of zara. and he's worth $77 billion. >> that's correct. stuart: everybody else, i think that everybody else, but buffett is technology. that guy is a retailer. what did i say about a retail ice age? maybe not. we're down a fraction on the big board. there you go, now we're down 11 points. i don't think anything just happened, but tell you this, does the new york times watch this program? look at the title of this article, a rebounding economy remains fragile-- >> some people said that president obama had to deal with the banking collapse and
9:40 am
recessions under the bush administration. and what they ignore is ronald reagan had a worst if not equal collapse in '81 and deal with three recession periods including the carter period and ignore that the economic growth under reagan exploded. and that president obama almost doubled the federal deficit. ashley: 50% of people surveyed believe the economy is getting worse. stuart: john layfield, i'm leading the new york times headlines. look at 2007, we're about 121 million full-time jobs, we're about that right now. all of the jobs that have been lost and put back into the economy have been part-time jobs.
9:41 am
as jobs and median income has been down and middle class destroyed. i think there are reasons to do that. stuart: john, dr, art, all of you, thank you for being on the show this thursday morning. shall appreciated. let's get back to the big board. we're down-- down a tiny fraction, i'm going to call it flat. and donald trump laying out his economic plan, tax cuts, deregulation, all about growth in my opinion. we'll bring it to you live. hillary clinton calling for a 50-- no, wait, wait, no. a 550% increase in migrants coming into this country in her first year in office. donald trump says we need to provide for americans in need first. governor huckabee on that next. ♪
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>> when i say flat, i mean flat. ain't going nowhere thus far. down 4 points on a 18,000 index. pope francis puts the murdered french priest, the priest killed by islam ic terrorists on the path to sainthood liz: that is the reverend who was killed by isis inspired terrorists, and they slit his throat. the pope says he's on the path to sainthood. he's a martyr and martyrs are beatified. stuart: thank you, liz. president obama wants to increase the number of migrants
9:46 am
in america, he wants 110,000 coming in next year. hillary clinton has stuck with percentages and she wants 550% increase in people coming into this country from syria in her first term. if trump is elected, he says not going to happen. he wants to build safe zones in syria. listen to trump on this. >> hillary clinton wants a 550% increase over and above what president obama has been bringing in. he's been bringing in thousands and she wants to increase it by 550%. what is going on? instead of providing free health care and jobs to millions of refugees, we need to rebuild our inner cities and take care of our struggling americans and we have plenty of them. stuart: now, joining us now is governor mike huckabee. governor, i'm sorry i couldn't
9:47 am
spit it out there, i apologize for that. welcome back to the show. >> thanks, stuart. good to be back. stuart: a lot of people are very, very concerned about syrian migrants coming into america because of the terror threat. but you say-- you're a christian minister, do you see things from the other side? the humanitarian side of things? america is a humanitarian country. do we have an obligation to take a lot of these people in? >> well, let's make sure that we understand that being a humanitarian doesn't mean that you bring danger into your neighborhood and into your family. what it does mean is that you provide assistance in a way that it is best for those who whom it's being provided. bringing people to america who don't speak english, who have no relationship to this culture or country and who possibly could be terrorists, that's not humanitarianism. that's idiocy. smart policy would be to do
9:48 am
what trump is saying, build safe zones in syria. let's remember something though, why are we having so many syrian refugees? because of the colassel failure of the policies of barack obama and hillary clinton who said there was a redline when there wasn't. who looked the other way when all kind of things were deteriorating, while isis was a jv team and clearly gaining foot hold in syria and now the president says i've made a mess in syria, heck, let's make a mess in america, too. that's nonsense and nothing humanitarian about that. stuart: i would ask another question, why is it that 99% of the migrants coming from syria to the united states are muslims when the real persecution is against christians in the middle east literally being slaughtered and sometimes crucified. are they not the genuine persecuted refugees and should
9:49 am
be in america. and why aren't we seeing them here. >> obama doesn't want them. the pure and simple reason. you're right the christians are being slaughtered unmercifully not just in syria, but thought the middle east. in the kurdish territories of iraq and so many areas around the world. stuart: i hate to interrupt you, i'm sorry, are you suggesting that president obama tilts deliberately towards islam to bring in muslim migrants, it's a deliberate act on his part, to bring in muslims, do you think so? >> now, stuart, i don't know how to interpret it, i know what the numbers are, i know what he's advocating, i know what he presents and every time he's had an opportunity to be critical of christianity,'s done so, at the national prayer breakfast talking about how christians are out of touch and hillary, i guess, think we're all a bunch of deplorables because we believe in old-fashioned truth and biblical text, but, you know, i don't know what's in his head.
9:50 am
i just know what he's trying to do with his hands. and it's not good. it's not healthy and it's something that americans out to reject and frankly they are. look at numbers of people showing up for a donald trump rally versus the number of people showing up to hear hillary clinton come up on stage and cough. stuart: wait until you see the latest polling numbers. new york times this morning. hillary has lost her eight point national lead. governor huckabee, got the name right eventually. thank you, indeed, governor. [laughter] >> appreciate you with with us. >> you bet, thanks. stuart: where are we with the dow industrials, pretty much evenly mrit with winners and losers. the dow industrials are, do you believe this? up .20. ashley: and now exact at zero. the markets are going to move side ways until the fed is going to do something next week. stuart: that's ashley's opinion.
9:51 am
and they say hillary is fit and ready to serve. do they explain the fainting spells? dr. siegel on that in a moment. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
9:52 am
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>> front of a woman's group, she fainted. 2009, yemen, getting on an airplane, fainted again. broken elbow or fractured an elbow. 2012 while she was in the state department, that's when she fell, had a concussion. we all know about that and then recently in february of this year, if you recall that video of her trying to get up the stairs, the stairs and she had to be held, so this has been going on for years. stuart: that was the timeline there. the fainting issue. dr. marc siegel is with us this morning on the same issue. you're not-- you're not happy with the medical records thus far released because they don't address the fainting issue. spell it outments we have a letter released by the doctor yesterday was quite extensive on the issue of the pneumonia
9:56 am
and the only thing that she said that was relevant on the fainting was that back in march had a ct scan of brain that's normal. that's helpful, not an mri. we haven't seen any previous records since the big fall in 2012 precipitated by a fainting spell. you heard ed klein and it's well-known, she faints fairly frequently. stuart: do you think it's a big deal? >> depends what's causing it. it could be a small deal or a big deal. what makes it a big deal, she's on blood thinners. if you fall and smack your head when you're on blood thinners, you could have a bleed and watch carefully for that. in 2008 there was a big hunt on mccain because of melanoma. i'd like to see more records. stuart: as an ordinary citizen, i pulled back a little when i
9:57 am
see this kind of intimate personal medical detail released for the world. she is, after all, and so is donald trump, a human being and i'm not so sure we need all of that out in the public record, but i think you disagree with me. >> i rarely disagree with you, i disagree and because of the mccain protocol. hispanic 69 and donald trump 70. stuart: and if you're running for presidency. >> we don't want a surprise when you're in the presidency for one month. and all of the presidents who were sick. this is transparency. stuart: dr. mark siegel, he's good. now, in our 11:00 hour, donald trump, well, he's going to double down, repeat his economic plan for prosperity. meanwhile, new poll, barely 30% of americans trust the media. is that because they're slanted towards hillary?
9:58 am
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stuart: here's my opinion. the most important issue in this election is, returning america to prosperity. and to do that we node growth, economic growth, vigorous, vigorous dynamic economic growth. not the weak, sluggish performance we had last several years. growth means nor jobs. stuart: wages, tax revenue. when the money flows mood in the country is upbeat. prosperity is the glue that could bind america together again. unfortunately growth has hardly made an appearance in this election campaign so far. that may change. today donald trump will spell out his tax and deregulation plan. you will see it live on this program. hillary too may be forced to spend more time on the economy. her attacks on trump and her scandal defense have produced
10:01 am
declining poll numbers, maybe it is time for her to spell out her prosperity plan. here is another opinion. can't grow the economy without giving private enterprise free rein. that is the engine of growth, always has been, always will be. so in my opinion the key issue is prosperity and the key decision for voters is, who allows us to grow? who unleashes the american beast? the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: 31 minutes into the session this thursday morning and the dow is virtually flat. we're up nine points. that's with we have. the stock of the day, probably the stock of the week is apple. that figure, $114 a share is a nine-month high. we're just getting the latest read on mortgage rates. what have we got on the 30-year? ashley: 3.5%.
10:02 am
that is up from 3.4% last month. we've seen these numbers creep up a little. a bit of a perspective for you. historical average on 30-year mortgage is 8%. has been as high as 18%. i know when that was, late '81, beginning of '82. mortgages are getting a little more expensive. stuart: another number came out. i hate this technical stuff. that is called business inventories. that is essentially product on the shelf. what's there, unsold at this point. ashley: how much stuff have you got on the shelves. completely unchanged, how excite something that? that was the july number by the way as compared to june. basically you have less inventories you're selling more. in other words, right? if the shelves are emptier you have been able to sell more stuff. stuart: the shelves have same amount of stuff. ashley: sales are not going up. very good, we figured it out. stuart: without get the boss. donald trump will deliver his big economic policy speech in new york city? the next hour.
10:03 am
we'll take you there. but first this. a british forecasting firm known as oxford economics, predicts that a trump presidency and his plan put into effect, would cost the economy 4 million jobs and a trillion bucks over five years. that is a very negative forecast from the brits. however trump's economic advisor peter navarro is with us here in new york this morning. where, look, you advise trump so you disagree with the oxford guys. where are they going wrong? >> well, we've done our own forecast, we're showing millions of new jobs, trillions of additional tax revenues, trillions in new wage income, and basically where they're going wrong is they don't understand the philosophy of the trump plan. it is cut taxes reduce regulation, eliminate our trade deficit and unleash the energy resources of this country which are some of the most abundant in the world. that's a process of growth.
10:04 am
what we're doing now is living in an obama world a clinton world where she wants a third obama term. all she has got is raising taxes, increasing regulation, killing your fossil fuels industry and basically keep negotiating all the bad trade deals that have got us into this mess. where oxford is getting wrong, they don't understand this is structural problem with the american economy politician-made, as a result of taxes too high, regulations too many, trade deficits that are too high. and energy that is not being used in this country. stuart: i remember just a couple of days ago he came out with his child care plan. i couldn't believe that that was from a conservative kind of guy because that child care plan was straight out of the left's playbook. big government program based on tax credits and tax breaks and all the rest of it. costs a fortune. >> the essence of that plan is conservative because it's family first, and it recognizes that the mothers and children of this
10:05 am
world are our future, and in terms of costing a lot, in the scheme of things not a lot. here's the thing. it is like, we're in this fight we've going on 15 years now where politicians fight over tax cuts and spending cuts to balance the budget. the best way to do it is increase our growth. we're at 2% now. if we go to 3 1/2 or maybe 4% like reagan did what we do, we solve all the budgetary problems. plus we create millions and millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of tax revenues. stuart: okay. one of the things that donald trump has said is, he is going to make apple build the iphone in america. all right, peter, you're a sensible kind of guy. do you think you can build the iphone in america, and sell it for 650 bucks a pop? >> yes you can. stuart: you can? >> let's get the underlying philosophy of trump-nomics here. the from we have right now, it's a big problem with ford going to mexico. stuart: i will deal with that in a second. >> the problem is that we have a
10:06 am
high corporate tax rate and we have a burdensome regular -- regulations. apple loves to go to southeast china. stuart: that is the not nature of the question. the nature of the question do you think we can build an iphone in the united states? >> there is people all up and down the west coast and assembling those components here in america. the reason why we don't do this, because of this overlay of regulations and taxes, and the fact that our trading partners cheat. they have like vat tax relief they get we don't fet. it is unfair treatment of taxes. they do all sorts of things. stuart: hold on a second i want to bring up the ford and mexico idea because donald trump appeared on fox and friends this morning. the topic of discussion was ford moving small car production to mexico. roll tape. >> when they make their car and they think they will get away with this and fire all the employees in the united states, and they move to mexico, when the car comes back across the border into our country, that
10:07 am
now comes in free we will charge them a 35% tax. you know what will happen? they will never going to leave. stuart: peter navarro, 35% tax on imports coming into america from mexico sounds like a trade war to me. >> what donald trump promised to do renegotiate nafta. who signed nafta? bill clinton in 1993. who lobbied for it? first lady hillary clinton. how does nafta fit in, nafta all our jobs are going to mexico. because of our high tax rates all our jobs are going to mexico. so the solution is not a trade war. the solution isn't -- stuart: labor rates. can't ignore that. >> labor, environmental all of that but at end of the day, those jobs going to mexico are part of the vat tax issue. that is really complicated thing we don't get into, but under the rules, we, our companies are penalized heavily on the tax issue. so they would like to go there instead of staying here.
10:08 am
so the idea is not a trade war. the idea is to change the regulatory and tax environment to change the incentives and keep those companies here. that is what donald trump will do. stuart: peter, we hear you. hold on a second i have to move something else. i have a round up, i will you call this liberal media bias. start with cbs. they edited words out of an interview with bill clinton. they did it strictly for political reasons. second, katie couric, sued for $12 million over allegedly misleading edits in her anti-gun documentary. and she made the gun people look ridiculous, deliberately. third, cnn host, christiane amanpour suggested on air that coverage of hillary clinton's health is sexist. and now this. gallup reports only 32% of the americans say they trust the news media. that is the lowest level in history. political analyst ebony k williams is here. are you going to give me a fight whether or not establishment
10:09 am
media is biased towards hillary clinton? >> as much fun as that would be, no. stuart: thank you. >> i do think that some liberal people in the media are actually owning the fact they are biased. i think katie couric, at this point i don't think she can with a straight face pretend her agenda is not at play. this is the difference. there was a time in journalism, stuart, always traditionally more people with liberal views go into journalism, he they had a standard of objectivity they held themselves to. i believe at this point that standard is gone, diminished significantly. people have to know, when you get your journalism, get your media reports you have to filter itly the lens and perspective who it is coming from. stuart: did you ever think you would he see the day when cbs, when i came to america, walter cronkite. >> the house that cronkite built. stuart: tiffany network, guarranty of objectivity. that is who we thought of him. now they're editing words out of a bill clinton interview, instead of frequently fainting,
10:10 am
it is rarely fainting. do you believe, so latetant that they would do that? >> i used to work at cbs news. stuart: i know. >> i will tell you, i do stand by the fact they're a strong news corporation. they know this bias exist. many people in america have strong suspicion what cbs is doing. atkinson talked about it in her book. this is something they know they're up against. i'm disappointed and surprised. they know this editorially they have this reputation. charlie rose did ask the question, stuart, we have to give him credit, you unfortunately edit made it different way. >> what is the point of asking the question if you he had it out the answers? >> that is the point. you have competing interests and competing priorities right internally. that is the problem. >> ashley: yes. >> remember the strong applause lined it cruise got in the debate, those questions, those moderators were showing why america doesn't trust the media. everybody, right, left, everybody was happy to here that. it's a problem.
10:11 am
stuart: you have redeemed yourself. >> oh, goodie. this is a good thursday. you made her day, thank you very much. stuart: that's good news. trump supporters, this is very interesting. they are embracing hillary clinton's deplorable comments. you have seen the t-shirts. i am a deplorable. i like the one, i am an adorable deplorable. here is the question. how is the mainstream media is spinning this, against trump, because they are? we'll tell you about it. bill clinton says the media is treating hillary's email scandal as the biggest story since world war ii. wait until you hear what he he actually said. more "varney" in a moment. ♪ music
10:12 am
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10:14 am
>> we wanted to show that trump supporters aren't deplorable. they're everyday people. we're moms, we're educated. we have had careers. we had children. we volunteered in our schools. there are sports activities, and
10:15 am
we wanted to show everybody that we're not deplorable. we're normal, middle class women. stuart: there you have it. meanwhile donald trump is surging in the latest polls. really, a lot of this surge took place after hillary's deplorables comment. now his supporters, trump supporters, they have been embracing that label, deplorable. seemed to become a campaign rallying call. come on in from the "washington examiner," byron york. now, this works both ways actually. because trump supporters, they embrace the deplorable label, but now hillary is turning that against trump. how are they doing that? >> absolutely. this was not a gaffe. this was something that hillary clinton intended to say. she hasn't apologized for the deplorable thing. she backed off the half part but not for the deplorable thing. so, on the one hand it is helping solidify trump's base. you saw that in the interviews. on the other hand, what it is doing it is, allows some willing members of the media to
10:16 am
essentially apply a deplorables test when they interview trump supporters. mike pence, presidential candidate, appearance on cnn earlier this week. wolf blitzer say, some of trump's deplorables around they? how about david duke, he is deplorable, isn't he? >> mike pence condemned david duke. we do not want his support and we do not want the support of people who think like him. yet still the question was, yeah he is deprobable. getting the trump campaign to adopt clinton criticism didn't do it. if you look at coverage, mike pence refuses to call david duke deplorable. stuart: lit me look at other side of the coin, byron. yesterday we had on our show the actor jon voight. he is a trump supporter. we were talking about hillary's deplorables comment. watch this.
10:17 am
>> i have a picture of this fellow holding up the sign, saying deplorable lives matter. it was terrific. yes, i think, i think it's great. obviously she didn't invent that. somebody took a lot of time and thought they were very clever writing it, but it has backfired a little bit. stuart: i think he is right. i think it has backfired. i think the expression deplorables on t-shirts and key chains and all the rest of it, that really has been turned into a pro-trump rallying cry. >> oh, it has. it has. it created the sense of unity among trump supporters, perhaps made marginal trump supporters a little more intense in their support of him. but here again it's something that clinton i think is also using to try to unify her base. it is basically, it is a base sort of thing. i'm not sure it brings in any new voters for donald trump, or any new voters for hillary clinton. it is basically, it's turned into real sort of base play on her part and on his.
10:18 am
stuart: i think it is funny. the idea of people walking around with a big label, deplorable, you got to he see the humor in that. that's a note of humor in this campaign which has been sadly lacking until now. i like it. do you? >> i think jon voight was right in the sense that, they thought about this. this is not something that just popped out of hillary clinton's mouth. they thought about this, and to that extent with the deplorable t-shirts and all, that sort of thing, certainly did backfire when the targets actually embraced the charge. stuart: isn't this is a wonderful and fantastic election for people? >> every single day. stuart: it is manna from heaven. ashley: every day is a gift, byron york, he is all right. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: that is the highest compliment you can give, he is all right. look at this, moments ago a rocket launch in china. this is china's f-2 rocket. actually the payload was what, a space lab?
10:19 am
ashley: space lab going into the air. unlike other chinese structures people will live into it. stuart: really? ashley: a couple astronauts will go epcouple months and inhabit. i was being sarcastic about ghost towns in china. this is called the heavenly palace. how about that? the ultimate goal is to send up a massive 20-ton space station in 2020, only three or four years from now. but the fact it is it is impressive and everything working going to plan for the chinese in space. stuart: there it goes. ashley: heavenly palace. stuart: the first presidential debate is two weeks away, september 26th. this will be political theater at its highest level. yes, we are on it. bill clinton jokes about hillary's email scandal. says his opponents are making it the biggest story since world war ii. more "varney" in a moment.
10:20 am
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10:23 am
stuart: sin any mark a is movie chain, a movie theater chain. they were suing the victims of the aurora victims for the cost of the lawsuit. they have intelligently dropped the suit. ashley: talk about robbing salt into the wounds. cinemark was -- jury said it could not have been foreseen or prevented. law in colorado allows the defendants to try to recoup the costs which cinemark was estimated at 700,000. they decided to drop it, quite rightly so, for image reasons if nothing else. but, in exchange for dropping it, they made these people agree, and signed to the fact they won't appeal that case. pretty harsh. stuart: all right. we got it. wells fargo scandal, the
10:24 am
company fined 185 million bucks. you know that adam shapiro is with us, and he interviewed the head of the consumer financial protection bureau. they will try to go after the ceo. reporter: this is what is going on. we'll lay it out very simply. federal prosecutors, according to "wall street journal" subpoenaed documents from the wells fargo bank which would mean they're looking at a potential criminal investigation which could be rammed up if they take it to the grand jury. i asked the head of the consumer financial protection bureau, if this scandal goes up to the ceo's office. here is what he told me? >> when you say managers of managers, how high up did it go? did it go up to mr. stumpf, the ceo? >> some of that is to be determined. it has been acknowledged by the pang firings of employees included hundreds of people who were not simply from the time line employees committing fraudulent acts with accounts and people managing those people and people managing the managers
10:25 am
that goes up the chain a good ways. reporter: goes up the chain a good ways. i asked how high. he said he would not speculate. it is up to the prosecutors and investigators to find out. stuart: the word criminal crept in there. reporter: anything came out of the cfpb is illegal activity. i reached out to wells fargo. they declined comment. stuart: it ain't over. adam, thank you very much. sir. this is clearly one of the most dramatic presidential races in history. in a couple weeks we get the first presidential debate. i consider that to be the super bowl of political television. september 26th, huge audience. this could be deciding fact for, is it not, for november? today's hillary clinton deplorable comments are ringing in the headlines. we had one of the proud deplorables on the show this week. watch this. >> we don't like disviiv sieve language and don't like to be insulted. we're college educated, hard-working, tax-paying parents.
10:26 am
10:27 am
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stuart: we're up 63 points. we opened fairly flat. we have moved up. almost 18,100. look at apple, nine-month high. now it's 1 is 5. troubles with the galaxy competition. 115. they have sold out globally the iphone 7 preorders. up goes the stock. now look at facebook. no impact on the stock from this point of view, this news, but listen to this. austrian teenager suing her parents for sharing photos of many things, including her potty training as toddler on facebook. wait a second. ashley: not saying a word. stuart: how come a youngster in a family can sue the parents about a facebook post? ashley: because she claims it's denied her a personal life.
10:30 am
500 pictures, basically chronicling her you life. a lot of pictures of her potty training. she begged them to stop putting them on facebook. they went out to 700 of her parents friends. she is being humiliated. now she has a lawyer. but the question is, legally, funny enough it is unclear because if you do that, say, i'm begging you to stop, maybe you have a case about infringement on your life. on other hand the father took photos and felt like he could post them anywhere he wanted to. in austria, no one really knows. in front of a judge. it will be interesting. stuart: wait until it comes to america. everybody will sue everything for everything. liz: she has been begging them since 2009 to stop posting them. stuart: whose side are you on? liz: i'm on her side. we can only mention what you post. stuart: dan hen anyonefer will not comment. >> i can't process that story. stuart: the first presidential, debate, is what, 11 days away?
10:31 am
how will donald trump handle hillary clinton? will hillary try to bait donald trump? will he take the bait if offered? lisa booth is with us, republican strategist. lisa, how are you? >> good morning. stuart: why don't you speculate wildly. how do you think donald trump is going to handle hillary, that is the first question? >> he well i, it's to be seen. he actually did very well during the republican primary debates. even if you look at commander-in-chief forum -- stuart: wait a second, lisa booth. hold on a second. you think he is going to do what he did in the primary debates with hillary? he is going to call her names and humiliate her? >> no. i'm saying a lot of viewers believe that donald trump won a lot of those republican primary debates. if you looked at the commander-in-chief forum according to nbc's own polling, majority of those viewers believe he won the commander-in-chief forum.
10:32 am
he is heading into the first presidential debates with lower expectations for his performance, based on the fact that hillary clinton is in the public eye for decades. she has a lot more to live up to than he does. to your question earlier the start of the show, talking about her, trying to bait him, that is something she is trying to do. donald trump is in very on message lately. he has shown a lot more discipline. hopefully he does not take that debate or that bait from from her. stuart: whoever is considered winner of the debate, do you think that pretty much soes up the election? >> i think there is going to be three debates. i don't know necessarily know if that soes up the election. look at mitt romney's performance against president obama, 67% of voters believed he had won that debate. he had gotten momentum for that but unable to keep it. if you go back in history, there have been defining moments throughout debates. look at john f. kennedy's debate against richard nixon.
10:33 am
nixon appeared, sweating, nervous. that was, that was, at least expected to, or people have said that has been a changing moment in that debate. you look at gerald ford's blooper heard across the world regarding the soviets. that was sort of a game-changer in that election as well. you can go back in time where debates, there have been pivotal moments. reagan in 1980, are you better off than you were four years earlier? there have been defining moments in debates. perhaps we'll see one in the first debate? we just don't know. it will be interesting to watch. stuart: lisa, i'm breaking in real fast here. thank you very much for joining us. i have got to break away because donald trump releasing some medical records. that's a the result of his physical. dr. siegel is with me right now. he just had an initial look at what we've got available here. give us the headlines. >> stuart, this was a letter written by dr. bornstein as a result of the physical on september 13th and basically he reports that he was hospitalized once as a child at the age of 11 for his
10:34 am
appendectomy. he is 6'3", weighs 236 pounds which is overweight but not as high as original report. had cholesterol 94, under pretty good control. psa is normal. blood pressure, 116 over 70, quite low. blood sugar 99. that is normal. liver funguses, thyroid all normal. annual physical exam every year. colonoscopy in 2013 normal. ekg, x-ray in 2013 normal. cardiac valuation, included echocardiogram in 2014, completely normal. cholesterol, normal. does not surprise me. there is no family history of cardiac events or of cancer in the family. he takes a lipid lowering agent which is crestor and aspirin. he does not smoke or drink. that is pretty much it.
10:35 am
stuart: that is a long list of what sounds like redeeming medical features. doesn't sound like the man has serious medical issues, from what the medical records tell us? >> i completely agree with that. stuart: need more to give a real picture of him. >> this shows someone with normal heart, normal lungs, not essentially any ongoing medical issues except for cholesterol which sunday control and his weight he should lower. i said before, and say again he needs to exercise. everyone does. stuart: echo cord yo gram check. >> that shows how the heart is working, wall of the heart, how the valves are functioning. overall assessment muchof cardiac functioning. stuart: ma major tests show okay? >> liver okay. kidneys, okay. hard okay. lungs okay. stuart: is there anything missing that you can think of? >> the only thing is, assume this is complete record. there is nothing else, he says only time he has ever been
10:36 am
hospitalized at the the age of 1 for appendectomy. this is pretty complete. stuart: you're content with this. >> i'm content with this i believe it shows someone in good health who needs to lose a few pounds. stuart: don't we all. dr. seek gel, thank thank you vy much indeed. a run-through of the medical records. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: today's "wall street journal." i will paraphrase. transfer of wealth from the blue collars workers to the creative class resulted smug progressives who perceive middle america as deplorable. who said that? that is dan hen anyonefer, title of his column in the today's "wall street journal." titled. les deplorable. the deplorables. >> exactly. stuart: are you saying whole idea of deplorables is the product of silicon valley? >> no, i'm not.
10:37 am
i'm saying silicon valley is the product of politics of hillary clinton at least the way they think about most of america. i mean this column is based on the deplorable. let's go back to exactly what she said because i love to say this, stuart. she said that half of trump's supporters are quote, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, the five phobias of the average trump supporter, right? stuart: it is not funny. >> it is not funny. stuart: people were really insulted by this. >> they should be insulted. this put back on the table i think is one of the most potent issues in this campaign, and that is the revolt against political correctness. when she said this, the reason i brought up "les mis," the progressives give you impression trump supporters are kind of writhing mass of people. remember in "les mis," everyone in dark rags, faceless, living under bridges?
10:38 am
this is the trump supporters, progressives like hillary clinton think are kind of faceless bunch of americans out there, writhing in all of these phobias all day long. stuart: yay. >> and those people are revolting against that point of view. stuart: they are, and very successfully relet verying. you've seen on our show, people with t-shirts, deplorable. adorable deplorable. #deplorable. that kind of thing. making a joke of insult laid on them. that is very effective counterattack. >> who is their spokesman? donald trump. i mean donald trump, because he cracked back at this political correctness, indeed often crude terms, is the one person they think in political life who is finally cracked back and dumped on this constant, relentless, super sill just, holier than thou attitude that progressives dumb on most americans. stuart: is that the one good thing you will say about donald trump in the "wall street journal"?
10:39 am
>> we're getting there. we're getting there. stuart: dan, thank you so much for joining us. a pleasure, thank you, sir. a lot of investors are putting money into emerging technologies. for example, 3d printing. jeff flock is learning all about this. we used to cover this all the time on this program. we have kind of forgotten bit a bit. jeff is at the international manufacturing technology show in chicago. and, jeff, 3d is right in there, is it not? reporter: you want a house? just hit print. this whole structure here, stuart, was made by a 3d printer. company called cincinnati incorporated. see the striations on that? that is how the print gets laid down and they build an entire house at that way. you want a jeep? you can prince that out too. this is old willies jeep. no it is not a new jeep. look at striations. how it got printed and they smooth it off. it is amazing what you can do with a 3d printer these days.
10:40 am
this may be more up your alley, this vehicle. this is all 3d printed as well. the thing that printed that house was a machine that had an eight foot by 20 footprint bed. this is the international manufacturing technology show. i tell you, 3d printing is huge. stuart: jeff, that's great. we have to get back to more coverage of 3d printing on the program. if you can print a house and a car, you're in business with us. flock, good stuff. see you throughout the day. thank you very much. check out the big board. now we're moving up again. we're now 72 points higher. 18,107. bill clinton on the campaign trail for hillary jokes about her email scandal. says we're treating it like the biggest story since world war ii. we'll deal with that in a moment. ♪
10:41 am
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10:42 am
ashley: remember varney and company starts 9:00 a.m. eastern. here is what you missed last hour on trump's migrant plan. >> bringing people to america who don't speak english, who have no relationship to this culture or this country, and who possibly could be terrorists, that is not humanitarianism. that is idiocy. smart policy would be to do exactly what trump is saying.
10:43 am
in syria. let's remember something though. why are we having so many syrian refugees? because of the colossal failure of the policies of barack obama and hillary clinton, who says there was a red line, when there wasn't, who looked the other way when all kinds of things were deteriorating. thought isis was jv team and clearly gaining great foothold in syria. now the president says, oh, i made a mess in syria. heck, let's make a mess in america too.
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: fbi chief james comey warning everybody, hey, cover up your laptop webcam now. why? ashley: because if someone hacks into your webcam, they can basically their own reality show, watching you go about your life inside of wherever you're in front of this camera. put a little tape over it every night. people make fun of him. if the director of fbi is doing it is probably a good idea. stuart: that is how far the hacking idea and massive hacking is going. ashley: think of it like locking your cars or door every night. cover up the webcam. you don't know who can get in there and spy on you. stuart: that is really upsetting, isn't it, looking at you? ashley: yes, creepy. stuart: now this. according to bill clinton
10:46 am
hillary's emails troubles are all but over. watch this. >> after all the hullabaloo over this email deal, you know it was, for a year we were told this the biggest problem since the end of world war ii. finally "washington post," to their every lasting credit we've had enough of this. we know what hillary said talking to secretary powell was true. finally they released it so long they released that email. we know that secretary rice didn't do emails. smart girl. but, her senior aides did on personal device. we know secretary kerry did until the law changed. how come you only heard about hillary? stuart: okay. justicejustice with jeanine. good morning. >> when he is talking about condoleeza rice, he says, smart girl. stuart: yes. >> okay if a republican said that, we would be talking about
10:47 am
that for 20 minutes. but i have to tell you, when i listen to bill clinton, i say to myself, you know, he is not the guy he used to be. he doesn't have that, yeah, that power, that strength, that credibility, that believability, but then again, it may be me. here is a president who was impeached for obstruction of justice as well as perjury. let's get the right hats on this morning. so when he says what he says, you have to take it with a grain of salt. stuart: is he right? he is saying it is of no why the, that it is over. that other people did the same thing. >> he is so wrong. stuart: you're right out front on the email scandal. i saw you smashing a cell phone the other day. >> with my four-pound hammer. yes. you know what? i got so tell you. way was a prosecutor, judge, d.a. and if i serve ad subpoena on someone and took a hammer to it, i would drag that in for obstruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, there is a myriad of crimes i could
10:48 am
have charged them with. stuart: why have we not seen any action? >> because you have an fbi and department of justice that is beholden, for whatever reason to the clintons. now let me ask you this -- stuart: are they compromised? >> compromised? they are so compromised. stuart: tell me how. >> everybody knows, i love jim comey. i worked with him. i was a d.a. he was a u.s. attorney. in a building next to mine when he was in the southern district in white plains. now, what you've got is the summary of information that was dumped by jim comey on weekend of labor day, that friday, which he says was done in the interest of transparency. jim, that is hogwash, you know it. we all do, dump on weekends when we didn't want people to see it. what we find out is number one, not only did they know about her private server and you say, in your summary that they didn't, but they were emailing each other about the private server. huma, cooper, as well as cheryl mills. they knew, and when bill clinton
10:49 am
said they only make a big deal out of it when my wife is there, that is wrong too. you know why? it is public document. it is public record. the proof is in the pudding because hillary clinton would not allow the inspector general in her department to oversee what she was doing, which was collecting money for the clinton foundation. but i digress. stuart: if that was the jury pool, you have just addressed them directly. >> yes i did. stuart: you have stubborned the jury pool, that's what you've done. >> i could go on, stuart. stuart: i know you could. seriously what is happening hire is, this email scandal, with all these actors, it has gone, so technical, so legal listic, so detailed it has gone over the head of most voters, no? >> you're absolutely right, it is not simple enough. stuart: it's not. >> when they say and cultivatehs nothing, emails, it is hogwash. public goes, oh, okay. stuart: if we concentrated on smashing the cell phones, that is an image that people understand. >> hopefully they will watch justice and see me do it again.
10:50 am
stuart, that is why i referred to it. don't miss justice with judge jeanine. they have two shows, fox news channel, 9:00 p.m., both editions. your honor. appreciate it. check out the big board, high of the day, 74, 75 points higher. most of the dow is up. 40 minutes from now, donald trump, his economic plan, live event on this program. we'll take it there. we're expecting to start around 11:30. you will be there for the start. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet.
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with our base policy. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> donald trump has a plan. he will revitalize this stagnant economy we're in. the cars were made in flint and you couldn't drink the mexico, the water in mexico. now you can't, now the cars are going to mexico and you can't drink the water in flint. donald trump will do something about this he will make sure that we keep the economy and america strong. we're going to keep workers here and manufacturing will come back to the united states of america. >> what donald trump has proposed, that will work is cutting that corporate rate to 15%. then the ford people would never want to move out of the united states. they would attract the businesses to the united states. so i much prefer sugar rather
10:55 am
than vinegar to keep the workers in the united states. the reason they have so much trouble in michigan because of the taxes in michigan. we have no problem in tennessee with foreign car workers. >> we've done our own forecasts and we're showing millions of new jobs, trillions of additional tax revenues. trillions in new wage income. basically where they're going wrong, they don't understand the philosophy of the trump plan. it is cut taxes, reduce regulation, eliminate our trade deficit and unleash the energy resources of this country which are some of the most abundant in the world. that is a process of growth. ashley: we have been talking about donald trump's economic speech all morning long. it is coming up in our next hour. trump will be laying out his plan, tax cuts, less government, fewer regulations, and this, a guarranty from trump economic advisor steve moore made on this very program. >> every single problem is
10:56 am
alleviated to some degree with economic growth. we're 1.2% growth over the last year. i guarranty it, you heard it first on stuart varney show, we get a donald trump presidency, we'll have 4% growth for five years. ashley: who is joining us next hour, forbes media chairman, steve forbes. andy putser in, and peter morici. we'll have one of the deplorables on stage with donald trump. varney and the company three minutes away. >> everything she touched didn't work out, nothing. now hillary clinton -- >> mr. trump i invited you here to thank us, not to give a political speech. >> okay.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
stuart: politics and money. that's what we do. moments for now will bring it all together. donald trump politician talks
11:00 am
money. specifically tags and deregulation plan. and a backdrop, trump surging in the polls. first thing this morning "the new york times" national poll showed a dead heat. a month ago in that same poll, hillary clinton had an eight-point lead he had other polls show term for leading by five points in ohio. it saves by three points in his come from behind in ohio and florida. this morning in a radio interview, hillary clinton was still playing defense on scandal and tried hard to divert attention to trump and putin. within the hour, trump will again set out or get out front with the same for growth and prosperity. hillary plays defense, trump seizes the political initiative. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. here comes trump.
11:01 am
stuart: you are looking at the podium in the waldorf astoria. within the hour, donald trump will deliver his plan to raise the economy and make america great again. an all-star cast of characters to get into this. "washington times" online editor, monica crowley, peter marie c. and is always come ashley webster and elizabeth mcdonald. i am going to start with the ford motor company. they are going to move all their small car production to mexico. trump doesn't like it. he blasted that decision this morning. listen to this. >> when they make a car, they think they'll get away with this and they fire all the employees and moved to mexico. in the car comes back across the border into our country, we are going to charge them a 5% tax.
11:02 am
he notes in a happen? they're never going to be. stuart: at 35% tax on cars coming back into america from mexico. does not sound a bit like a trade war to you? >> in mexico is certainly would be. the deal with mexico's mini to balance trade. we have a terrible trade deficit and certainly we want to sit down and renegotiate the deal. and if necessary the threat of characters she could accomplish that. the endgame is not to have a permanent ban. we get too much in the endgame should be what makes a moist feeling about prosper together. stuart: it's among way away. that is a big threat. dirty diapers and present terrorist. >> absolutely. and awfully big threat. but mexico and china unit that. mexico is terribly corrupt. china is terribly recalcitrant. getting to where we need to be with both regimes is hard and will take a tough guy to do it.
11:03 am
it's not hillary clinton. stuart: i've got that. monica crowley, trump supporter, what do you say? >> the politics are something completely different. i found it striking that "forbes" comes right in the heat of campaign for the state of michigan i.e. detroit is a critical swing state this time. i tweeted the announcement last night from "forbes" and i said to michigan voters because michigan is going to be deeply and play in this election i could very well go to donald trump. the timing could not be better for a child. liz: you've got to do it through congress. stuart: you don't think it'll happen? even if trump as president? trump economic adviser i economic advisor i believe you may say. there you are.
11:04 am
trump economic advisor. let's talk about this mexico thing for a second. i understand it's a political plus for donald trump. but when mexico against these jobs. i don't understand if it's an economic plus for america decides to 35% tax on cars coming back here. >> normally it's not only political and economic. there is also negotiating position. nobody really talked about this, but the president said he was willing to renegotiate nafta. i don't know if he would have said that if donald trump had been talking about renegotiating that. donald trump is taking the positions a businessman would take up is going to go in and get a great deal. the united states as a 135 tax come into the united states. if mexico believes that his upper going to do, we'll get a much better deal.
11:05 am
to be an economic class, political plus in a stake in the right position if your businessmen going into negotiated deal. stuart: next case. donald trump says if he's elected president, apple will make iphones in america. how was he going to make that happen? i know you're into politics, monica. let me ask you to think you can do this? you think you can build an iphone in the united states of america? >> i don't think the government can force a company like apple to do it. but what the government can do a set out an agenda that creates the business friendly environment. stuart: a trump supporter in the program saying that just saying it is a good idea because it's a good idea politically. but he didn't get a chance. >> is very savvy for him to be making arguments. but in terms to enable to coerce a private company in making
11:06 am
their product manufacturing here. but the government can do is create a business friendly environment. stuart: who said now? or was that? >> i said no. apple went 10 minutes devices in the united states and chose to go overseas with automated production these days we would still be importing components but it's possible to do these things. >> at everyone's 401(k)s. >> it's technically possible. the trick is to create a positive environment getting beyond revalue, lowering the corporate tax rate to 15% would create the kind of value situation and then it wouldn't pick the stocks. which you've got to do is create an environment where it makes economic environment. under the present conditions in the obama economy if it hit the start. remember most about their
11:07 am
getting up this is the return on intellectual property. if they don't do that it will have everyone's 401(k)s. >> a dow jones industrial average step 102 points. that is occurring a half-hour before donald trump releases again his economic growth plan. is there any connection? ashley webster is here throwing cold water on my creation of the market every trump president lee. ashley: i'm not going to say you're full of it. that would be very disrespectful. listen, i don't think it helps the market. no one knows for donald trump is doing. less taxes, less regulation. how could that not be good for the economy as a whole? talk is cheap. the markets we've been told they prefer hillary because it's the same as you go.
11:08 am
no confusion, no worries known. to your point back to the beginning in my humble opinion. stuart: a british outfit called economics. they say -- >> those are the same guys that told us the u.k. hasn't sunk into the atlantic. stuart: that they finished the story here. they see a trump residency featuring the economy by a trillion dollars. what they mean is they would add a trillion dollars to the death of our nation. i'm not sure for what period of time. it would cost america 4 million jobs. tell me why they are wrong. >> is donald trump banished to get them to revalue we'd be getting more jobs, not less.
11:09 am
donald trump is in place this big terrapin no one negotiates with us. if we do that, we've got a problem. it will take time to readjust u.s. economy to that effect. you've got to remember that most economists, especially in these places are progressive, democratic leaning and so forth. they have a stake in the status quo. all the things candidates are proposing, you can pick and choose scenarios for these studies as he pleased. remember the brexit studies great britain was going to sink into the atlantic ocean. it hasn't happened. stuart: you've got 20 seconds to make your case. >> they overestimated the negative impact of immigration. they underestimated the positive impacts. of course they come up at the wrong answer. they're just not looking at the right things. stuart: everybody stay in place. now we are up 110 points.
11:10 am
let's break this up a little bit with some extraordinary video from the u.s. navy. the uss jackson combat ship. third rounder shock trials. they put a 10,000-pound explosive charge right next to it. the jackson is okay. we are still awaiting donald trump speech. the waldorf astoria in new york city. also embracing the deplorable label that hillary clinton put on his supporters. you see the pastor right there on stage with him. the pastor joins us in a moment. >> good evening. i am a pastor. let me tell you to search three questions i believe you can ask when you know who is the best choice for america. that is donald trump.
11:11 am
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>> good evening. i'm a pastor. but me tell you, there's three questions that i believe you can ask to know who is the best choice for america. and that is donald trump. ladies and gentlemen, we need to pray for and vote for the next president of the united states of america, donald trump. stuart: pastor bill michaels to stop on stage with donald trump earlier this week. then a lot of other people are embracing the deplorable label that hillary clinton put on them. this into how she just decide that label. roll tape. >> i said donald trump, his running mate mike pence, former leader david duke deplorable. he has incited violence and he
11:15 am
has been more than willing to remind himself with the so-called every deplorable thing that they represent. stuart: joining us now is pastor bill michaels, trump supporter brought onstage by mr. tron. you made almost a joke out of the legal deplorable is. >> i i think they embrace that as i believe the incorrect description of people that support trump and have a different point of view than his opponents. stuart: your christian minister and i don't associate with you with outrageous an average singer. but tell me, how did you feel when you saw hillary clinton label half of trump supporter's deplorable is? >> it is a bit of an insult. i also understand some of the
11:16 am
political things that have been. but i think it is unfair to label people that just have a different point of view with a negative or derogatory term that may not even be the case of who they are. stuart: excused as a way to shut people out. you call someone a racist and at that point the discussion breaks down. >> some of those things are used to divert the real issues and to not address what may be more important to talk about. it keeps people from reaching the talking points, especially in race relations because they you can't have meaningful discussions to understand where different people come from and what they might believe that bank. stuart: if you have the opportunity face-to-face with hillary clinton, what would you say to her? >> while common i probably would
11:17 am
ask her if she really thought that about me, for instance because of what my belief system is. stuart: and? >> i'm not sure what you mean in. other than that? stuart: what else would you say? >> you know, she claims to have a faith in one of the common that's bad or worse than deplorable is unredeemable. however, the essence of the gospel as we are redeemable through the lord jesus christ. that is the grace and mercy of god that all of us have fallen short of god. that's in the scripture. we are redeemable to be sons and daughters of god. so if god says we are redeemable if we have faith in christ, no men or women can say where
11:18 am
unredeemable. >> go forth and multiplied welcome back to the show. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: the other news of the day came out first thing of the morning. donald trump in the polls. the first is the most important one on your screen. that is from "the new york times." a dead heat 42 hillary, 42 donald trump. in early august that wasn't a point lead for hillary clinton. stuart: shakiness hillary clinton went for so long without doing a press conference. not really in front of the media. was it the fact they were keeping quiet the fact she's been ill so she couldn't step out and say yes i was sick. maybe get some sympathy vote of people saying you are sick kid that's why you couldn't counter questions about your e-mail server. stuart: the new york times poll was taken between friday of last
11:19 am
week and this week. >> "the new york times" paul which is a revolution in my opinion. ashley: her strategy for so long was to bury her head and let donald trump shoot himself in the foot. trump bob atkins started to gain. she comes out of the shadows. liz: that's maybe because she's been ill. i'm not sure. some it's got nothing to do with the dataset 111 points. i'll tell you why it's a good because it's the economic data that's been pretty poor. the chance of a rate hike next week has pretty much going to have the window. >> you are right on that. thank you very much. we will be right back. that is the podium.
11:20 am
he will be speaking very, very shortly. back in a moment. ♪ that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity.
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and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> you know he loves people and he's very, very considerate and
11:24 am
his heart goes out to people. he's not making it up when he says with somebody who's suffering from a name you can see him feeling for them. this is not an act with him. stuart: legendary actor jon voight on this program yesterday. you're about to see donald trump on that podium shortly. not immediately, but shortly. the campaign tells us mr. trump will speak for 30 minutes valid like a 15 minute q&a session with the moderator. trampled the podium standing for the speech. he'll sit down q&a. monica crowley along with ashley and lives. to you first if i may. comp is going to propose a radical taxcutting program. are we sure that he was the president would get it through congress? >> a lot of what he proposed in his detroit speech lines up very
11:25 am
well with paul ryan has proposed. you're going to find attacks deal between donald trump and i would assume the republicans as well. that is very close to what donald trump is going to propose. the reduced rates for everybody, reduce it for corporations that we can have what we need. everyone knows we need it. the cornerstone getting back on track with a progrowth economic agenda. they are right about the tax reform, tax cuts and corporate tax rates. coupled with bad and equally as critical as the regulatory state. barack obama in this administration. stifling regulation including
11:26 am
the biggest at the mall which is obamacare. >> this is almost the height of the day. now up 112 points in 29 of the 30 stocks that are out.ain, waip speech at the waldorf astoria in new york city. he was take the podium come to speak for 30 minutes in two q&a newell watch it live here. you're surprised how much you both want kids, and equally surprised you can't have them. so together, you adopt a little boy... and then his two brothers... and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now. then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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stuart: any moment donald trump will deliver a speech on the economy, any moment now. trump's economic advisor, washington times, monica crowley, ashley webster and elizabeth mcdonald, joining us now kathleen parker, washington post columnist and steve forbes, editor in chief. let's pause for a second because last hour donald trump released his medical records, doctor mark siegel breaking them down. >> this shows someone with normal heart, normal lungs, not having ongoing medical issues except his cholesterol which is under control and his weight which he should lower, he needs to exercise, everyone does. it shows someone in good health.
11:31 am
>> he is surging in the polls, tied with hillary clinton nationally, a new cbs new york times poll, hillary clinton had an 8 point lead, kathleen parker from the washington post, that is a surge and a half. she doesn't have one of those things, couldn't hear what i was saying. i will turn to steve forbes. welcome back. 4242 new york times poll. how come there is such a surge? >> hillary clinton must secretly want donald trump to be president, she's a more miserable candidate than any in
11:32 am
american history, the way she handled the health thing is a disaster, email a disaster, the slap at:powell and has not offered a positive vision to get the country back on track. stuart: i have not heard a series policy speech by hillary clinton, what she will do with the economy, what she will do with immigration, foreign policy, but i have heard all of that from donald trump. >> hillary clinton has made some proposals including massive increases in taxes which will kill this economy, especially 45% capital gains tax, last time we had those levels was in the 70s, she will make obama look like reagan. she is trying hard. >> kathleen parker is with us. i know she can hear me. the earpiece has been fixed, so you can hear what i have got to
11:33 am
say and i will repeat the question, new york times poll out this morning, 32 hillary clinton, 42 donald trump, what a reversal from hillary's 8 point lead a month ago. how did this happen? change i don't think it has been helpful that mrs. clinton, secretary clinton has had serious health problems, her not saying something was disingenuous, that doesn't help her and donald trump is still delivering a message in many quarters that is resonating with people who are dissatisfied with the way the economy is moving even though it is moving steadily as the new york times article pointeded out, many people in certain communities or industries are not feeling the effects of the economy and the job market is not improving for them so as long as he can convince people he has the upper hand on job creation and the business acumen that can change things he will gather steam and that will be difficult for clinton to counter with the
11:34 am
policies she wants to continue as the third term of president obama. stuart: trump economic advisor, how do you explain this surge of donald trump in the past few weeks? >> he has done a good job in the speeches, the presentation. her deplorables comment is having more of an effect than people are giving credit for but he is talking about decreasing taxes and generating growth, she wants to redistribute income, he wants to reduce regulation nancy business growth. every problem she sees on her website involves more government, she wants to hurt the american energy sector in the interests of climate change, he wants to build the american energy sector in the interests of economic growth and job so i'm not surprised we are seeing him surge in the polls and her decline, people are focusing on the issues and focusing on who they are as people, not the way the media paints them. stuart: trump economic advisers
11:35 am
have seen, they wrote the plan he is about to release again and they say, the advisers say you will get 4% growth in each of the next 5 years, that would be a boom and a half. steve forbes, is that possible? that would be an extra ordinary extension of america's economy. >> 4% is rather low. we have that in the 16s and the 80s. and we need to get back to the long-term growth. stuart: here is steve forbes's opportunity, the dow is up, the high of the day, that rally has something to do with the speech donald trump is about to lay on about growth in the economy.
11:36 am
>> i don't want to shoot you down. i want to come back on the show. 150 points up and he is about to make a speech about growth at 4%. >> business investment, bad expectations for the future. rhetoric on trade will be more bark than bite. and reforming the federal reserve, >> kathleen parker, >> so far it doesn't seem to me the idea of growing the economy and returning to prosperity, that is not a major role it seems to me, it will become a major issue before the election. >> i'm surprised to hear you say
11:37 am
that, jobs jobs jobs is always where people are most focused. if you want to say immigration is the greater toll on people's attention that ties into the economy and growth. i don't know that is the decision but the regulatory system has always been the biggest element, for his promise and fulfilling his promise to bring people back, lowering corporate taxes and reducing the strain of regulatory impositions that can be reformed. it speak specifically to those things and they can bring business back here and wait and see what he says. stuart: earlier on the show we had wall street journal columnist dan hettinger who said the biggest contribution by trump is getting stuck into political correctness so wiping it away. do you agree with that? >> that will resonate with a lot
11:38 am
of people because he says things they were thinking but didn't feel anyone was allowed to say certain things, he said it in the most grotesque and offensive way. there are ways to say let's be honest about this, and whatever follows, some of our problems are due to uncontrolled immigration but you don't just say mexicans are rapists and bringing crime and drugs and i assume some of them are nice. there's a big difference between what is politically correct and what is rude and offensive. i think he had an effect but you can get trapped in that. stuart: he is you can. our viewers are seeing the deus filling up with dignitaries at the new york economic club. if you look carefully, i can't get the camera to 0 in, look to
11:39 am
your left, the viewers left of the podium, look at that. that is maria bartiromo who does "mornings with maria". come back. on fox business, i speak and she looks. at 9 am eastern time, "mornings with maria" on the foxbusiness network, there she is with donald trump and the rest of us. when we see governor mike pence appear at the podium that is the two minute warning. of a nuclear attack. that means two minutes after he takes the podium, donald trump will start his 30 minute address and when he is done with his 30 minutes he will then take questions from the moderator and that will take 15 minutes. you will see it all. we will take you right there as
11:40 am
soon as governor pence appears and trump starts to speak. we have a new york times headline that says, have it right in front of me, a rebounding economy remains fragile for many. sounds like the times has been watching the show. that is what we have been saying. do you agree that the economy is fragile? this is not a strong robust economy. >> everybody on each side look at the metric in their favor. the new york times article focuses on the new median income, democrats will focus on that, republicans won't. of jobs numbers are good democrats will focus on fat. what you need to focus on is the overall economy, focus on goods and services and it is really gdp. the past four quarters gdp has been around 1%, averaging
11:41 am
one.2%. that is what those metrics added together end up with and of course people are not feeling it. the economy is not growing, taxes are too high, regulation too many, bad energy policy, bad trade policy, we need all of those fixed. of course people are not feeling it. stuart: some viewers told us, why do you always have donald trump, why do you carry his speeches, why not hillary clinton? hillary clinton does not have many speeches. she doesn't make statements where i can get a soundbite on any particular issue. >> the irony is to the economic club, guess who well said that before that, john f. kennedy in
11:42 am
1962 cutting corporate taxes, and high manufacturing jobs is the issue. low-paying retails. stuart: governor pence is about to speak, we are going to take mister trump. times guests, is hillary clinton were to make, we do you think that will help her? >> i do. she does a good job and has a depth of knowledge to handle whatever questions might come her way and people can appreciate her being present more, and what the american voter once, she denies them. stuart: you want to see speeches by hillary clinton?
11:43 am
>> more policy oriented speeches. the irony is when this race began donald trump was marked and dismissed for running a substance free campaign and was all personality all-time, donald trump is setting the policy agenda with major policy speeches on the economy, immigration, national policy and mrs. clinton is nowhere to be found. stuart: she was going to start the set peach speech routine this week but was sidelined because of her illness but she will be speaking in the carolinas. >> her fragile health is one reason she has been reluctant to give half an hour or hour long speeches. stuart: the dow jones industrial average a few seconds before it is up, 140 points, he will speak about tax cuts, and getting the economy going. i'm told that has nothing to do
11:44 am
with the dow jones industrial average down 140 points. steve forbes -- i hear kathleen parker laughing. >> my response is whatever you said. it is 139 points. before mister trump speaks. >> what do you want to know? i do have something to say. >> 14 state a tossups, important swing states. ohio, pennsylvania, michigan and clear politics, and trump would
11:45 am
have gained so dramatically -- stuart: electoral college vote, >> tossup's for 14 important states. stuart: a few weeks ago. >> it can go either way. stuart: the odds of him winning have gone up. >> momentum is with him. if you have the momentum you will win. of the one winning in florida and ohio. >> because the momentum is with him. you have a large number of undecideds, they know hillary clinton very well the last 25 years, she is not winning them over, they are going to trump, he has been doing disciplined approaches and hillary sets speeches that would tank ratings and what she said would send the market down 1500 points, more taxes and regulation. taking off the mask on halloween
11:46 am
and finding out it is even worse. >> one other thing if i might interject in donald trump's favor, stop acting like a lunatic, he is much more temperate in his remarks, sticking to his script a great deal more. before mexico he was going to build a wall and he was going to round anybody up and send them to the moon and in mexico, i love mexican americans, they are great people, changing his approach and style and tone is a great relief to people, there is another person in their. >> he went to detroit, louisiana, mexico, he is acting very presidential. people are saying this guy could be president and we would be okay. >> people need to be able to visualize the candidate sitting in the oval office picking up
11:47 am
the red phone, donald trump has passed that hurdle. the other thing to keep in mind about the momentum trump has the momentum right now but there are two outstanding wildcards, primarily the first debate where all eyeballs are looking and the second is any possible unforeseen external event, god forbid a terrorist attack or the economy falls apart or something international happens, that the throw the rate into a new trajectory. stuart: one more question, we are two weeks from the debate. what advice would you give to donald trump on the tone he should adopt in that debate? >> i would like to think he would be so solidly grounded in his policy positions and facts that he wouldn't need to take hillary clinton on in any personal way. anything personal is off-limits but he has to counter everything she says with better ideas and better facts.
11:48 am
if he can master the material between now and then. stuart: you can see on the corner of your eye that donald trump is on the stage shaking hands, i hope he makes his way to the left to shake hands with maria bartiroma who is right up there. here, ladies and gentlemen, is donald trump of the new york economic club. >> a great honor to be with you. we had some really incredible things happen today, the polls are coming out, leading in so many polls, don't know where to begin but that is a good feeling. cnn came out, we are leading nationwide with cnn, ohio, leading, just came out we are
11:49 am
leading in north carolina, florida, and having a lot of fun, having a lot of fun in the campaign and on the trail. i want to say it is a lot of fun when you come up and people don't have the teleprompter working but that is okay. lucky i brought some notes. today i do want to outline a plan for american economic revival. it is a bold ambitious forward-looking plan to massively increase jobs, wages, income, and opportunities for the people of the country. my plan will embrace the truth that people flourish under a minimum government burden, and tap into the unrealized potential, workers and dreams, 92 million americans are on the
11:50 am
sideline outside the workforce and not part of the economy. it is a silent nation of jobless americans and look no further, no further, all you have to do is look at flint where i spent a lot of time, the city of flint and what a disaster has taken place. the jobs have been stripped from the community and its infrastructure has totally collapsed. in 1970 there were more than 80,000 people in flint working for general motors. to date is less than $8000. we have 8000 people and that is going down and they are making very very little and people are trying to go down to that $8000
11:51 am
mark, ford announced yesterday they are moving small car production facilities to mexico, i have been taking a long while, one of the reasons we are doing well in ohio and michigan and lots of other places where cars and parts are involved but to think florida is moving its division is a disgrace, disgraceful. disgraceful that our politicians allow them to get away with it. really is. [applause] >> it used to be cars were made in flint and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. now cars are made in mexico and you can't drink the water in
11:52 am
flint. [applause] >> we are going to turn this around, my economic plan reject the cynicism that saves the labor force, keep declining, that our jobs leaving and our economy can never grow as it did once before, and did it used to grow. we reject the pessimism that says our standard of living can no longer rise and that is all there is left to divide, looking at an economy of no growth and redistribution of wealth and that is not going to work. everything that is broken today can be fixed and every failure
11:53 am
can be turned into a really great success. look at the way i noted into the teleprompter that just went off. who else could have pulled that off. jobs can stop, leaving the country, and absolutely start pouring in, flailing schools can become flourishing schools, crumbling roads and bridges can become gleaming new infrastructure inner cities can experience the blood of new jobs and investments and rising crime can give way to safe and prosperous communities. all of these things and much more are possible but to accomplish them, replace the
11:54 am
present policy of globalism, with so many jobs out of the community. and replace it with a policy of americanism. america first. under this american system every policy decision pass a simple test. and more jobs and better wages, if we lower our taxes, destructive regulations and do that, unleash the vast treasure of american energy and trade deals, there is no limit to the number of jobs, the amount of prosperity we can unleash, will be the greatest place in the
11:55 am
world to create new jobs, new technologies and entire new industries. instead, thank you. [applause] >> instead of driving jobs and wealth away america will become the world's great magnet for innovation and job creation. my opponent's plan reject this, offers only more taxing at her tax increases are unbelievable, more regulating, more spending, and more wealth redistribution. a future of slow growth, declining incomes and dwindling prosperity. the only people who get rich under hillary clinton are the
11:56 am
donors and special interests but bad for our country. in hillary clinton's america we have surrendered our status as the world's great economy and we have surrendered our middle-class to the whims of foreign countries, we take care of them better than we take care of ourselves blues not one single idea she has got will create one net american job or create one new dollar of american wealth for our workers. the only thing she can offer is a welfare check. that is about it. our plan will produce paychecks and they are going to be great paychecks for millions of people, now unemployed or underemployed. in the course of this campaign i have traveled all across the country and met the most amazing people. every day i have seen the goodness and character of our
11:57 am
country, proudly fighting through hard times and difficult circumstances. i have been all over this country and we have unbelievable people but they need leadership. the country needs leadership. in many parts of our country, the hard times never seem to end. i visited towns in upstate new york, where the jobs of left and moved to mexico and other countries. the businesses are gone, they have been taken away like taking candy from a baby. politicians have abandoned these places all over the country and the people who live there are just there. no hope. we are still politicians, wonderful americans, my opponent
11:58 am
described tens of millions of american citizens as deplorable and irredeemable just last week so how can hillary clinton seek to lead this country when she considers it's citizens, tremendous numbers of them beyond redemption? the hard-working people who she called deplorable are the most admirable people i know. they are cops. [applause] >> cops and soldiers, teachers and firefighters, young and old, moms and dads, blacks and whites, latinos. above all, everything else, they are americans, some are rich americans, some are poor americans, they are americans, they love their families, they
11:59 am
love their country and they want a better future. these are the forgotten men and women of our country and they have been forgotten. people who work hard but don't have a voice. i am running to be there voice. [applause] >> to fight and bring prosperity to every part of this country. too many of our leaders have forgotten it is there duty to protect the jobs, wages and well-being of american workers before any consideration, before any, we have to do that. i am not running to be the president of the world. i'm running to be the president of the united states of america. [applause] >> and as your president, i will
12:00 pm
fight for every last american job and every american company which a lot of companies in this room i can tell you we will be fighting for you. you are bringing the jobs. we are a nation that tamed the west, dug out the panama canal and won two world wars and put a man on the moon. it is time to start thinking big once again. that is why i believe it is time to establish a national goal of reaching 4% economic growth. [applause] change and my great economist don't want me to say this but i think we can do better than that. now they are upset. they will be very upset but i think we can do substantially better than that. and working with my economic team who put together a plan


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