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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 15, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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neil: let's look at the latest polls, we will get more tonight that will update a trend that is widening a lead in this crucial battleground state as he has in ohio and florida, brought it to single digits in pennsylvania. something is going on. but i handed to you. trish: may have to do with the economic plans we are hearing. donald trump laying out a very detailed, bold economic plan that focuses on creating jobs he says will put america first. he vowed 3.5% growth and says his plan will add 25 million jobs, promising to cut taxes and make china and our trade partners play fair. donald trump blasting president obama and hillary clinton for the economic mess we are living with today. >> it used to be cars were made
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in flint and you couldn't drink the water in mexico, now cars are made in mexico and you can't drink the water in flint. in hillary clinton's america we have surrendered our status as the world's great economy. the only thing she can offer is a welfare check. on top of it all the obama/clinton policies have doubled the national debt. it took president obama less than eight years to add another $10 trillion. trish: from promising he will get the economy going, he wants 25 million jobs, simpler tax
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load. steve cortez along with berkeley economics professor and economic advisor to president bill clinton, so great to see both you guys. i say this is lower regulations, cut taxes, lower taxes, cut regulation and there you go. >> agreed. this is donald trump's wheelhouse blues wealth generation and economic growth, watching stefan curry play basketball, something he does well and makes it look effortless. what is important here is he has an optimistic and detailed plan to achieve economic growth, something we haven't seen in a meaningful way in a decade and americans are starving for in their personal lives, this is exciting and bold and it will work. we are capable of growing double the rate we are growing now, we are too greater country to accept one and 2% economic
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growth. >> he is being conservative, not promising 5 but what issues do you take with what you heard today? >> we could get 3.5% growth, we could get for, we couldn't even get 5 but only with massively greater integration than we have now so over the next we 4 years the machines we have to work with are largely in place you want to get that kind of economic growth, we need people not only to work smarter but to hire a bunch more people, put a bunch more people into the country in order -- >> talking engineers, scientists, nurses, doctors, who are you talking about? >> engineers, scientists, people willing to pick up the garbage, take out the garbage, take the jobs many americans do not want to take and people willing to work hard and work long hours. >> we have a lot in this country that are willing to work hard, long hours but they are not
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finding the jobs. those low-level jobs, those jobs, this is part of the reason he is resonating in some swing states because those manufacturing jobs, those jobs that don't require a lot of intellectual capital in terms of a lot of degrees are not there. bringing more people -- i don't see -- >> the unemployment rate is down to 4.9% right now. it is vastly exceeded in the speed of decline, what anyone was daring to project. >> these are part-time jobs, low-paying jobs, steve cortez -- >> paying 5% more than they were
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paying last year. >> compare that to 2008 when you are down nearly 3%, people are making less money than they were eight years ago and less than they were 20 years ago. >> more money than they were eight years ago -- not true. as a matter of fact there is an excellent report called poorer than their parents and i encourage our viewers to google and downloaded. it is depressing. over the last decade 81% of american households have seen their incomes decline. 81% so the top is doing well but the vast majority of households have done poorly over the last decade in terms of income. you talk about -- >> that makes no sense at all. any numbers i have seen say if any household in america -- are making less than they were
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making. trish: keep this graphic up but i will tell you what it says. the us census bureau, 2007, the average family has $57,000, 423 and today it is 2015, 56,516 so you are talking -- >> the average american family in 2007 -- trish: we are not getting anywhere. >> it is new people, new young people entering the labor force who are lower today than they were a decade ago. >> what do you want to see? >> 3 quarters -- i want to see more investment in high technology, more investment in america, if we want to get 5% growth, throwing 11 million hard-working people who want to become americans out of the
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country is exactly the wrong way to go about it, you want to bankrupt america, pushing people who want to be here and i willing to work hard to be here is the wrong way to go about it. breaking our value chain, breaking our commitment. >> you are making the economy all about immigration. one quick word over to you for the rebuttal and i got to go. >> we love immigration, we love doing it legally, donald trump loves immigration, it is most unfair to legal immigrants if we were to allow illegals, people who cheated the system to help the line to get in front of them. >> republicans -- >> hillary clinton back on the campaign trail today speaking to the press en route to north carolina this is after taking 3 days off to rest after her medical episode this weekend
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where she appeared to collapse and insulted donald trump's supporters by calling them deplorable. the polls today starting to reflect the very rough week she has had nationally among likely voters, mrs. clinton and donald trump are now tied at 42% lead in the critical swing state of florida trump is up by 3 points according to the latest cnn polls, by the same polls he is up by 5 in the all-important battleground state of ohio. a new poll shows his lead in iowa widening to eight points. some change in his campaign strategy a month ago started to shift. it seems to be working. when you look at those numbers continuing to rise, joining me one of his former opponents,
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child care and senior care, things that touch people's lives where they live. while he is out there focusing on things that matter, hillary clinton is mia and we are not sure if it is the flu, pneumonia, something else, because she has kept as transparent as a theater curtain about these issues. the combination is people are saying we don't trust hillary clinton, she never tells us the truth but donald trump is speaking to our hearts. trish: she made some mistakes on the truthfulness front but you think about all the criticism leveled against him, governor, in terms of people saying he
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doesn't have enough there, not enough oomph to his policies, he is not talking about real policy and i feel like i am living in an alternative universe because for the first time in years we are reform, talking about trade with china, with mexico, with the rest of the world and as an economic journalist we love this stuff, she is not doing any of that. now he is out in front on the policy. how does she respond? >> he has to show up. that is part of it, shlost. that is the most important thing you have as a candidate is authenticity and credibility. of people don't believe what you are saying it doesn't matter what you say anymore. that is the deep hole hillary clinton finds herself in an
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there is something just to take your point, we just got surveys this week the trust in the media is at an all-time low and part of the reason is americans have clearly seen that there is a bias against donald trump and for hillary clinton, people are not as stupid as hillary clinton thinks they are. they are not all deplorable or irredeemable, they are hard-working people, some are a lot smarter than hillary thinks and the result is they are sick and tired of being told they are stupid. trish: the incident at cbs news the interview bill clinton gave where they edited out the most meaningful part of the interview where bill clinton said frequently, she does have these episodes, prove perhaps of the media bias, the public tapped into that. do y the truth we
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every time a new revelation comes out, whether it is colin powell, here's another example, colin powell's emails excoriated hillary clinton. he was not complement 3 toward donald trump at all but why would he be? he supported barack obama twice but rather than headline the conflict he had with hillary clinton what did the media do? they ignored that and pointeded out what he said about donald trump. classic examples of why people are moving toward donald trump's they feel he is the guy fighting the same things they are fighting every day. trish: it feels a little bit deplorable, the word itself kind of makes you cringe. feel like an elitist word in and of itself, the choice of that.
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>> she basically said we should rid ourselves of the great unwashed, these deplorable people. it is one thing had she said there are some people that say deplorable things or do deplorable things, that is not what she said but she said the people themselves are deplorable and that is a bridge too far. that is when you are attacking the people and not something they said and i believe hillary who made that statement as part of her script, it wasn't accidental, she was heavily medicated, was what she wanted to say, she believes that. he believes those of us who have values different than hers are truly deplorable and should be in a basket somewhere and are irredeemable and that particular phrase may be the most damning of all, irredeemable? that is pretty harsh. trish: one thing about americans is they like to believe everyone
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can be redeemed. good to see you, thank you, sir. be sure to tune in tonight at 6:00 pm eastern time because a new poll is coming outcome our poll, fox news is releasing it showing you what likely voters think of our candidates for president. hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail an hour from now after spending 3 days at home resting after that medical episode she suffered sunday, this is donald trump releases his medical report which doctors say shows him in pretty good shape though he could stand to lose a few pounds most americans, pretty careful not to go there, he couldn't help himself at a rally on wednesday. that is next >> i don't know, folks would you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't think so. i don't think so. the microsoft cloud helps us
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>> 6 foot 3, 236 pounds, your body surface area and bmi is high, close to 30 which is the barrier for most people, your doctors are family give you a hard time about your weight? >> i can is a little weight. i have always been a little bit this way. that is probably a good swimmer but i have always been this way. i think if i had one thing i would like to lose weight. it is tough because the way i live but the one thing i would like to do is be able to drop 15 or 20 pounds. >> donald trump telling doctor rise his health is good but
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needs to lose weight, cholesterol is quite good and he passed every single test and while he has been quiet about hillary's health he couldn't resist at an ohio rally, listen. >> i don't know. you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't think so. >> hillary clinton will be back on the campaign trail this afternoon after releasing a letter from her doctor saying she was fit to serve. republican strategist john riley, how much do you think candidates should disclose about their health? >> they should disclose a lot but we can't trust the reports, we can only believe our eyes. both candidates are old, chubby and not athletic. her health is an issue because it shows her slouching, powerful
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imagery you can't un-see. between now and election day, that -- >> interesting choice of words, people have debated whether she collapsed, she did seem at least to lose her footing, she slouched i supposed to your point and seemed to nearly collapse. you can't trust what anybody tells you about the health of these candidates. do we need something more invasive, more independent? working on behalf of the american public? think about life insurance, if you are applying for a life insurance policy they will know everything about you. should the american voter may be take the same tactic. we are the life insurance company that needs to ensure someone will actually be there for four years. >> i would be surprised if someone doesn't propose a law on financial disclosure and health
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disclosure. it is unfair for almost any other job and illegal for most any other job in the land but for president it may well be reasonable but trump's line of attack is a little hypocritical given his own state of health. the thing he was talking about earlier, for him to say he is 6 foot 3, 230, those are the dimensions of a pro quarterback. it is all muscle. muscle weighs more than fat. >> if he was smart he would shock the hillary campaign and have it to issues that are most compelling. trish: i don't think he wants to stay on the health issue. for the most part if you take the high road and say we want her back, he should want her to do well. if he was competing against joe
2:22 pm
biden it might be a much harder race. >> obviously he wants to take the high road on the health and look compassionate. >> when did he take the high road. >> the entire time. understand, she can't walk out today and say he's cured. every day will be a hurdle for her for the next 54 but she has the power through it. he is wise to bring up the idea let's see if she can make it to the debates, if she can make it to the debate -- remember if she doesn't do this, if she stumbles along the way she very well could lose the presidency on this issue. i have unique experience in this. i worked for john mccain in 2008. he released 12,000 pages which was the gold standard and still didn't stop democrats from feeding conspiracy theories that
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he was too old. >> hillary clinton will be 70. >> that wasn't even one of the top 20 lines of attack on john mccain. >> the democrats thought they could point out his health being an issue and that is sarah palin would be president and that was something they polarize the voters on. >> we need more financial and health disclosure and interesting hillary released 30 years of financial records, let's broaden that, nobody in history -- trish: i have a lot of questions on the clinton foundation. a lot of financial questions about the clinton foundation. >> he released her tax returns. trish: a lot more about the foundation and the state department, not saying anything did but i deserve as a voter to know. good to see you guys. border patrol agents on the texas border under siege as illegal immigrants, many from
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countries other than mexico surge across the border up 24% last month alone, all this as we get reports from the debarment of homeland security sitting on a bombshell immigration report because it reportedly shows the obama administration has caught far fewer illegal immigrants than they say they have. up next one of the world's foremost expert on terror on the very real security threat of our border. i am back in two. these goofy glasses. yeah. well, we gotta hand it to fedex. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm.
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all while continuing to live in, and own, your home. find out how much you could receive for retirement. lendingtree: when banks compete, you win. >> we are in session highs, up 207 points today on the dow, s&p 500 trading new 25, nasdaq composite index doing the best of all up 1.5%, we continue coverage of these markets throughout the show so stay tuned for more. i want to get to this other story because new data shows us border patrol agent of
2:28 pm
apprehended 370,000 people attempting to illegally cross the southern border so far this year, 70,000 and more than half are from countries other than mexico, potentially dangerous people flooding into the country at an alarming rate and we are not sure where that is, a reason voting -- border security is such an important issue in this election, joining me with his thoughts on this, one of the world's most renowned experts on terror, the author of the best-selling book defeating jihad, welcome back, thank you for being here, 370,000, we don't even know where they are coming from. what is the fear here? that perhaps some islamic terrorists could be working their way with human smuggling rings up through some borders? >> absolutely and it is not just hypothetical, it is a reality
2:29 pm
that has been documented. looking at the amazing work of judicial watch in dc, people associate that organization with the hillary servergate scandal but they are doing amazing investigative reporting on what is being used across the mexico/us border by terrorists so that is out there already. we have isis declaring they will use illegal immigration and they will use refugee streams to execute terrorist attacks, not hyperbole, not a theory. we know of the brussels attackers at least one of them was in a false syrian passport and had acquired refugee status in the eu. if you look at the current administration they wish to increase by 30% the refugees coming into the united states so this is an imminent threat. >> a number of those guys in brussels were on welfare payments from brussels taxpayer,
2:30 pm
one earned $20,000 a year and now i am speaking about a paris attacker, he continued collecting his check until they figured out he was one of the bad guys. as we confront this reality and i look at europe it is hard to get my head around the challenges they are facing because europe is a lot like us. they have been our allies and friends, similar culturally to us, they made such a huge mistake it makes me worry we run the same risk, do we? if we bring in syrians to the country? >> potentially. there is one big difference, that is the proximity geographically. as you get into a boat in north africa you could get across pretty easily into greece and italy. it is harder when it comes to america but if we are willfully letting them in, if 1% of the
2:31 pm
number comes in, we are talking 100 terrorists so this is something not to be sniffed at and not to be treated as politics or business as usual. trish: it shouldn't be political. here is the threat we face please let me ask about something else. a new report shows president obama plans to raise the number of refugees admitted to the us to 120,000 in 2017, 30% increase, what do you think of the national security implications of that? >> let me quote his own director of the fbi. it says the goal of this administration is to have 40% of those refugees come from the middle east, war zones like syria and iraq. james comey has said in front of congress we have no way to vet those individuals to ascertain whether or not they truly are
2:32 pm
refugees or economic immigrants or jihadi's so we can let the director of the fbi speak for how much of the true threat to the republic. trish: always good to see you. the market is rallying 200 points, see you appear after this. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. hthis bad boy is a mobile trading desk so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me?
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trish: a market rallying big time as we look at 202,180, 237 is the level. the market has been climbing throughout the session. we are near highs of the session. let's turn to the middle east because iran is becoming more aggressive by the day, flexing its newfound by threatening to shoot down two us planes flying in international airspace. earlier this week james rosen grilled the state department spokesman on iran's emboldened behavior. listen to this exchange. >> you have seen a ship. it got worse. >> i don't have all the facts and figures in front of me but we have seen trendss. >> you can't rule out that this deal has served as a cause the more aggressive posturing. >> i can't rule that out. trish: there is some honesty. he can't let out.
2:37 pm
joining me, fox news military analyst general jack keane. what do you think? basically saying you can't that out, maybe the nuclear deal did inspire iran's boosting confidence. >> i don't think it is disputable and here is why. when they negotiated that deal with the international community it legitimized iran, no longer considered a rogue state. and the second thing and equally important they got everything they wanted, removal of the sanctions, the windfall, and a nuclear weapon in 15 years, that is a good deal. of course they are emboldened. trish: what are they doing? trying to flex their muscle before new president walks into the oval office. how should we handle this going forward?
2:38 pm
what would your advice be to the next president of the united states? >> we shouldn't be focused on what is the navy response going to be to this bullying and aggressive tactics the iranians are doing. the navy knows what it is doing and they will use lethal force if they have to but the real issue is the geopolitical one. what we need to do is reengage with sunni arab allies and form an arab nato alliance but at least engage them so they know we are back in the historical role, we consider the iranians the most dangerous country in the region, they are an adversary because they want to have a nuclear weapon with ballistic missiles and they are clearly still about trying to dominate the entire region of the middle east which is their objective from the beginning. at is what we need to do and that can be achieved. trish: i want to point out to our viewers that the market has been in rally mode and the
2:39 pm
reason for that is in part because oil has rebounded after two pretty tough sessions. you are seeing this rebound in oil. i think about oil not just from an investment perspective but national security perspective in that we are so dependent on the middle east because of the source of oil and yet we have the ability to do this ourselves, we have the ability through fracking and new technologies, something donald trump talks about at the new york economic club. how important from a national security standpoint is it that we do not need to rely anymore the middle east? otherwise who is our negotiating power with saudi arabia? >> we still do and stability and security in the middle east is of national security interest in the united states and that is a
2:40 pm
reality and that is why we have got to engage. this engagement has taken place for eight years. it made the middle east considerably more dangerous and volatile place from our policy decisions we have made. a new president is going to hear from our allies in the middle east they want the united states back in and helping them deal with the threats not just of radical islam but also iran. trish: thank you, good to see you. i want everyone to look at this video, pretty incredible video of the u.s. navy testing a new warship off the coast of florida. the navy detonated 10,000 pounds explosive near the uss jackson. it could withstand underwater shocks like that. it barely moves, barely moves. that is a 10,000 pound explosion
2:41 pm
next door to it. the navy says the ship experienced only minor damage. there you go. markets rallying up nearly 200 points. apple is doing great, strong iphone sales, i also mentioned with general keane talking about oil the oil is rallying and there is speculation that the fed will not raise rates when it meets next week. everybody likes that because low interest rates, game on for the market. i will see you back here.
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>> the iphone 17 stronger sales. retail sales more than expected, the health of the consumer and consumer spending ahead of the fed meeting, we are going to be back with elizabeth warren telling foxbusiness what should happen in the wake of the wells fargo scandal.
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everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology help keep cities moving, so neighborhoods and businesses can prosper. i can book 3 or 4 gigs on a good weekend. i'm booked solid for weeks. it takes ingenuity to make it in the big city. trish: one of hillary clinton's on just supporters, senator elizabeth warren joining peter barnes in the last half hour talking about wells fargo's
2:46 pm
practices of opening those accounts without customer permission and donald trump, how could she resist? peter barnes joins us from capitol hill for that interview. >> she went after wells fargo over the customer account scandal. the ceo of wells fargo will be here, she's a member of the senate banking committee and plans to ask some tough questions which i asked do you think john stump should quit or be fired over this. >> i don't understand how he answers the question. he was responsible. >> i asked her to react to donald trump's speech in which he called for less regulation which he did not talk specifically about repealing dodd-frank but he does support that. on the other hand he supports
2:47 pm
restoring glass-steagall which would force the big banks to break up and separate investment banking operations from commercial banking operations and i said could you find common ground with a president trump on banking issues? she said i will work with anybody who wants to try to help make things better for bank customers. trish: i would not have expected that answer from her. >> but she did rip into trump. trish: the repeal of glass-steagall is an interesting thing to be thinking about because back in the old days you had consumer banking, commercial banking separate from the investing side of investment banking. having those two things together with a big old citibank has really started to muddy the waters in a way that consumer funds are being used to take on risk. thank you very much, interesting interview, we are back with more
2:48 pm
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trish: the acc is pulling its championship games out of north carolina in response to the new bathroom law which requires transgender people to use public bathrooms the correspond to the gender they were born with. the acc decision comes two days after the ncaa decision to move its championship game out of the state in protest. jonathan terry joins me with all the details on this. >> losing these sporting events, there is disappointment on both sides but each point the finger
2:52 pm
at the other. the acc issued a statement saying, quote, the acc council of presidents reaffirmed our collective commitment to uphold the values of equality, diversity, inclusion and nondiscrimination. north carolina house bill 2 is inconsistent with these values was the acc decision to move the championship out of north carolina came two days after the ncaa announced it would move some games out of the state. reaction from both sides have been swift and strong. >> the ncaa would bode well to care more about the safety of college athletes more than their ticket sales. >> you don't get anywhere by blaming ncaa basketball, the nba, the city of charlotte or paypal for the problems you were causing the state of north carolina. >> reporter: democrats are calling for a special session to repeal house bill 2 which became law in march. it is nicknamed the bathroom bill because it requires people in government buildings to use restrooms and locker rooms that match the genders listed on their birth certificates.
2:53 pm
critics say this law discriminates against transgender people but supporters say the law is designed to protect women and girls from sexual predators. republican state senator who initially voted for this law back in spring is now calling for its repeal. she is tamra errands are. she says she is still uncomfortable with the idea of men going into a woman's room but she says this law had many unintended consequences. listen. >> i did not realize the consequences of this bill that would have worldwide consequences. they keep piling up. at this point i am willing to stand up and say let's get together and find a common solution we all can live with. >> reporter: senator barringer
2:54 pm
is in a tight reelection race, to repeal hb 2 at the same time she faces backlash from social conservatives who are still defending this law. the north carolina values coalition issued a statement saying, quote, how much is it worth to prevent the sexual assault of one little girl in a public bathroom or locker room. that is the question state senator tamara barringer out to ask herself. trish: joining me with more is a supporter of the law, north carolina lieutenant governor dan port. good to have you here. >> good to be with you. thanks having me on. trish: are you surprised by the economic impact you may see in the state following this news from the ncaa and acc? >> no. it is just a point. it is not a surprise. this is not an ideological battle. this is a political battle where a month and a half away from voting starting in north
2:55 pm
carolina, the tip of the sphere in the election cycle. this time in america for the president and governor, this is a political battle. trish: i agree with you on this. to me in some ways why does this need to be made such a big deal? if you are a man and you are in the women's room and look like a man and dress like a man and you are in there that is going to raise suspicions as it should. if you are a man that clearly has some issues and identity crisis, you may look like a man but dressed like a woman i don't think most women would say anything but the whole idea that it should be legislated and it is illegal for anyone no matter how they feel on a given day to be able to go into a bathroom, people start to scratch their head about. >> it does so much farther than that. this is an unconstitutional
2:56 pm
ordinance by the city of charlotte that literally said, i have a piece of paper here, my critics try to bait me on this, section 3 part b of the ordinance itself, you have to take the signs off of the bathroom with you can't have men and women, completely open bathroom policy for showers and locker rooms across the city of charlotte, for private business and for the public. it is such an extremist way of looking at this policy, they look at us and say you tried to solve a problem that didn't exist. charlotte tried to solve a problem that didn't exist we haven't had one example of a lawsuit from a transgender person fearful of using a bathroom or being bullied, we have not had one example of anybody in the lgbt community getting disconnected against. you have to ask a question when it comes to the ncaa and the acc who are these people? trish: i am out of time but thank you, lieutenant governor. >> thank you.
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a pretty nice little rally we have going on. the market near session highs. you can look to apple for part of this as well as oil today. be sure to go to my facebook page and tell me what you thought of today's show. liz over to you. >> we are watching the big market rally. friendly fire the government's biggest watchdogs already telling us they are livid how they mismanaged the bank account scandal. scott stringer is with me exclusively. his pension holds $10 million of wells fargo. what is he going to do about it. he is stuck with them island story as well.


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