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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  September 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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you don't have to worry about anything if you own just the dow 30 today. [closing bell rings] we turn it over to david asman and melissa francis with big news this hour. david: very big news. start with news of stocks are rallying with major averages all ending up more than 1%. dow moving up 100 points four out of last five days. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis this. is "after the bell." we have you covered on the big market movers. here is what else is coming up at this hour. hillary clinton out of bed and on the campaign trail! speaking in greensboro, north carolina, as new polls show she is losing even more ground to donald trump. this as trump is delivering more details on his economic plan. how he plans to create jobs, help the economy and kilnedless regulation. did the obama administration order the department of homeland
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security not to release a major report showing troubles with the border security? we have disturbing details on that one. david: a lot of fascinating stuff coming up. to the market, dow ending up nearly 180 points with all 30 of the dow stocks in the green. oil climbing as well. phil flynn, fox news contributor and at the cme and lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, four out of five days, 100 points move on the dow up or down. i'm getting seasick. reporter: big reason for this, buckle your seatbelt, david, it will get more friday. they have expiration friday, quadruple-witching. funds are rebalancing in all kinds of industry, gold, reits, s&p stocks. it will get crazy tomorrow. that is the direct word from the floor.
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we had economic horrible news, retail output, that according to that the fed won't raise interest rates when it meets next week. bad news is good news kind of day, risk-on day on wall street. i mentioned the horrible retail sales for last month. look what happened to some of the key retailers they were up. not just up, way up. nordstrom up 4.6%. tiffany up 3.3% today. tiffany the jeweler is up 8% on the week. here's why. reporting that william ackman could make tiffany a target for his persian capital hedge fund. that may have given a lift to some other retailers as a result. we'll keep an eye on that. that is from "barron's" blog. look at technology names. tech one of the leading industries in the s&p 500 today. n individual you up almost 4%. -- nvidia. hewlett-packard up 3%. oracle, waiting for latest earnings from oracle. back to you. melissa: lori, thank you so much. phil, oil climbing along with
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stocks, still below 44, right? >> it is. a lot of news brought oil up. it had to do with gasoline prices. rbob futures, the wholesale price, hit the highest level since last june. for two reasons. number one there is a major pipeline has been down on the east coast of the united states, the colonial pipeline t was supposed to come back online. they said no way. it will be delayed. so that means on the east coast you better fill up your gas tanks, prices are going up. if that isn't enough, the midwest is not off the hook either. we had a report from the whiting, indiana, bp plant, their biggest crude unit will have to go down. when we have combination of those two stories, rbob futures soared. at one point they were up 8 cents a gallon. right now they're up about six, but not good news. back to you. melissa: phil, thank you. david: here to react to the market rally, scott martin,
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fox news contributor and kevin kelly of recon capital partners. scott, it is weird what is happening with this market. i don't know how else to describe it. four out of five days, sometimes way up, sometimes way down, up over 100 points. it sort of tracks with the economic news. one day we're hearing incomeses are going up. next day retail is terrible, retail stocks. what's happening? >> there are a lot of crosscurrents, david. let's mix in, i don't know, the elephant in the room which is the federal reserve meeting next week. david: that's right. >> probably not hiking rates, next week, putting something on the table for decent. you're right. you have a lot of push and pull. gold sold off, dollar rallies. interest rates, as equities gone down, interest rates go up. bonds have been sold. there is a lot of things to look at if you're investor here. trump is narrowing the gap, some places taking the lead in polls.
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that is pushing asset classes. as an investor you want to monitor closely. david: one thing being used on campaign trail, already has been by both democrats and republicans, kevin, looked great as average. incomes up 5% over the past year, but, it turns out that it's an average. coasts are doing fine. new york and california are doing great. but fly over country happens to be a lot of swing states like michigan, ohio, pennsylvania. things there are much more static. they're flat-lining. melissa: great point. >> it is a great point you bring up. income levels are not above where they were in 2007. so we're actually just starting to get back to that level. it is important to note what companies have given on the guidance in respect to that. look at supervalu. look at ford. they said second half of the year will be tough for them, it will be a struggle. investors need to be conscientious, because some
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retailers are saying, wait a minute. we're seeing that the consumer is struggling a little bit, especially in the swing states you talk about. david: guys, hang in there. we'll come back to you. first we have earnings alert. oracle reporting first quarter results. let's go back to lori. lori? reporter: this is miss from oracle. this is first quarterly earnings miss for oracle in seven quarters. let me give you the numbers. 55 cents a share. wall street was looking for 58 cents per share on 8.6 billion in revenue. just a little shy of the of 8.7 billion other call was forecast on wall street. oracle is having transition into cloud computing industry. we know the cloud business increased by 59% to 9$9 million. i don't have a expectation on what the cloud business was expected to generate in terms of revenue. there you go, 59% increase by
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most metrics is big improvement, pretty decent one at that shares are coming in. down 1 1/2, 1 and 1 and 3/4 of 1%. oracle missing on bottom line. david: thank you, lori. melissa. melissa: apple is sold out of the iphone 7 in jet black and completely sold out in any color at all. meanwhile the u.s. consumer safety agency is set to have recall of galaxy samsung note 7 this hour. scott and kevin are back. scott, wow, samsung was poised to eat apple's lunch and they blew it, no pun intended. >> they really did. take another pun for you, melissa. apple's stock has been on fire while the samsung batteries had so much trouble. that may be really the case here. i will tell you this though. remember when tim cook revealed iphone 7 reveal, it was poo-pooed. there were a lot of things
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talked about it wasn't good. criticism was probably overdone. reviews came out and actually praise ad lot of the device's capabilities. that is two things going on. samsung problems and the fact that iphone 7 came in a little better than expected lately. melissa: samsung phone is waterproof, not fireproof. maybe it shouldn't be waterproof. that would put out the fire. jokes are not funny but endless? >> they obviously focused on the wrong element but has apple run up, investors need to be conscientious that u.s. only accounts for 40% of the iphone sales. the rest, 60%, vast majority is internationally and one of the places they have struggled is china. melissa: good point. >> tim cook, two quarters ago said that was the next leg of growth for apple and they haven't got enthe traction there. so that's one of the reasons why apple isn't disclosing their first, their first weekend sales because they're worried on international side. and when people do look at how
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t-mobile as well as sprint said they sold out, it has done well, those are two of the smaller carriers. investors need to be tempered on the expectations looking at the numbers and the way stock has moved. melissa: great points from both of you. david? david: the scandal at wells fargo could be getting bigger as federal prosecutors in new york and california begin to investigate the bank's sales practices after the bank was slapped with a nine-figure fine last week by regulators. adam shapiro standing by in the newsroom with the details. adam? reporter: yes, david, there are other banks that the consumer financial protection bureau says it is investigating for the same kind of practices that were occurring at wells fargo. remember the protection bureau said practices at wells fargo were illegal and called them fraudulent. when i interviewed richard cordray who is the director of the cfpb on this issue he would not specify which banks but here is what he told us. >> it's a violation of trust.
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it is abuse of trust. when we as individuals put our money in a bank we expect it to be managed wisely, handled carefully and we know exactly what is being done with it. we're kept informed at all times. none of that happened here. reporter: when he says none of that happened, none of that happened at wells fargo. i continued in the interview, i asked him would there be a clawback of compensation paid to executives? we're talking c-suite level executives, who overall wells fargo, because remember they knew about this problem, the bank, going all the way back to 2011 and what he told us, that is an issue for the bank. we asked the bank will you claw back different executive salaries? they had no comment on that. david? david: we have to keep on this story because it could have happened in your bank. might not just be wells fargo. thank you, good reporting, adam. melissa: good job. a state senator refusing to stand for the ledge of allegiance in solidarity with
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colin kaepernick. retired marine lieutenant colonel oliver north weighs in on this one. david: perfect person to talk about all this. donald trump meanwhile, out with more details on his economic plan. how he plans to create jobs growth. and grow the economy and kilnedless regulation. all at same time. melissa: hillary clinton on the campaign trail. questions still remain over details of her health and why the campaign tried to conceal it. >> i will never be the showman my opponent is. that's okay with me. just look, look at the show he is put on with "dr. oz" today.
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because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. david: back on the stomach, hillary clinton returning to the campaign trail today after spending three days at home recovering from pneumonia.
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the clinton campaign hoping to put her health concerns behind them. our own blake burman is live in d.c. with very latest. she seemed to be a little slower perhaps than usual but in pretty good shape? reporter: you know, she spoke to the media beforehand. she was on her plane and got in north carolina for the rally in greensboro. she was back on the campaign trail, as you mentioned, hillary clinton was, after three days off, recovering from pneumonia. this event just wrapped up moments ago. she immediately addressed her absence and made it very clear she feels recharged for the final 54-day homestretch, david. clinton said time off allowed her to reflect on the race, including about issues like access to health care. >> it is great to be back on the campaign trail. sitting at home was pretty much the last place i wanted to be.
4:16 pm
turns out having a few days to myself was actually a gift. reporter: for donald trump, it turned out he was in two places at once earlier today. as he was giving a speech to new york economic club, his taped appearance on the "dr. oz" show also hit the airwaves. as issue of each candidate's health come to the forefront trump's results appear to pass the test. listen here. >> i would have shared this earlier. why didn't you last this out? >> i didn't think it was necessary. the public's known me for a long time. they have never seen me in the hospital, okay. one thing if i'm in the hospital, it will be out there, big league. reporter: numbers for trump that best suit him revolve around the polls. new national poll out from cbs news and "new york times" has him down two point to clinton. that is statistical tie. when you go over to iowa, david, a monmouth university poll has him leading by eight in the hawkeye state. crucial swing state. david: momentum seems to be in his corner.
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blake, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: here is dr. kevin campbell, practicing cardiologist and assistant professor of medicine at unc. dr. campbell, how much do you believe in the documents that either campaign is putting forward at this point? i mean of what you have seen do they seem complete? are you suspicious? what is your overall take? >> overall i think mr. trump's documents he released today on the "dr. oz" show were pretty legitimate. he has all his blood work there. looks like he had lots of health maintenance things done for him. looks like he is low risk for heart disease. low risk for mental illness and other things. hillary is little less forthcoming with her medical records. what bothers me the most about secretary clinton is t that she sort of hidden pneumonia, if she came out and said i'm sick, i have pneumonia, we would be a lot less suspicious. melissa: does anything stand out? a couple things i thought was
4:18 pm
pretty funny from trump's appearance. he talks about how he is 23pounds. he would like to lose a little weight. he hasn't been in the hospital since he was 11 years old. he had a appendix or tonsils, something out at that point, itch got it somewhere, he hasn't been back in the hospital since he was 11? that is kind of unusual. >> it really is. because he did have his appendix out at age 11. some of us are blessed with really good genes. other than high cholesterol he is taking medicines for, appears he has no chronic illness. it would be nice to see more complete records at some point. melissa: would there be a way to really verify the health of either of these candidates are in? to me, i feel like it is so important to both of them. they don't have a huge incentive to produce documents that show that they're not healthy. i'm very cynical person i guess. maybe that is why i'm a journalist. i'm always suspicious. is there a way we can know the
4:19 pm
true health of both of them? >> what should happen the medical records be he released to the press and individual physicians who are vetted by the press to look at these records and interpret them in a non-biased way. i think that would be very, very helpful for all of us because the president of the united states is a huge office with lots of stress. i want a healthy person in that office. melissa: yeah. so many soft things that kind of struck me even though obviously i have no background of this, but if it was member of my family, things that strike me for hillary clinton, this idea she has had, seems like a number of blood clots. her husband said that she had a number of episodes like the one that we saw where she seems to collapse, you know and lose the ability to control her body or black out, whatever it is. if that were a family member i would be kind of concerned about that. it doesn't seem like a normal thing for a normal person of that age? >> you know, when i see folks that are in their late 60s and they come to me with passing out episodes and thinks like that, i am very concerned, i think there
4:20 pm
is lots of things that you have to look for. pneumonia may not be the primary diagnosis. it may be secondary to some underlying condition we don't know about but certainly i would be concerned about recurrent falls and balance issues. it may represent something significant. melissa: we have to got to go. we have breaking news. thank you so much, dr. campbell. right now the u.s. consumer safety agency announcing an official recall of the samsung galaxy note 7 due to serious fire and burn hazards. so that's it. it is official, they want to recall those. david: we saw that coming. >> yeah. david: back to the genuine battleground. the white house admitting now more terrorists released from gitmo are returning to the fight. also a promise of growth. donald trump revealing new details of his economic plan. >> in hillary clinton's america, we have surrendered our status as the world's great economy, and we have surrendered our middle class to the whims of foreign countries.
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...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. melissa: hillary clinton takes questions from reporters in north carolina. let's listen in. >> whether we will bring people together or pit americans against each other. whether we'll work with our
4:23 pm
allies to keep us safe, or put a loose cannon in charge who would risk everything. i'm going to close my campaign focused on opportunities for kids and fairness for families. that has been the cause of my life. it will be the passion of my presidency. we're offering ideas, not insults. plans that will make a real difference in people's lives. not prejudice and paranoia. and as you know my opponent is running a very different kind of campaign. his latest target is a pastor in flint, michigan. who respectfully asked him not to use her pulpit for political attacks. he called her, a nervous mess. that is not only insulting, it is dead wrong. reverend faith green timmons is not a nervous mess. she is a rock for her community in trying times. she deserves better than that. and flint deserves better.
4:24 pm
in fact so does america. i will keep working as hard as i can to lift up our country, not tear it apart. i honestly believe there is so much more that unites us than divides us. and i believe with all my heart the american dream is big enough for he one to share in its promise. so i'm determined to be a president for democrats, republicans, and independents, for all americans, to really roll up our sleeves, solve our problems and make positive differences in people's lives. so with that, would i be happy to answer your questions. hey, celia. >> when you were home, when you were home reflecting over these last three days, did you have concern about poll numbers that the race is tighten especially in swing states? is there anything you should be doing differently right now? >> i've always said this was going to be a tight race. i have said it from the very beginning, whether i was up, down, it didn't matter.
4:25 pm
i think those are the kinds of presidential elections that we have in america at this point in our history. i'm very proud of the campaign that we have put together. i feel like we are in a strong position going into these last weeks. what matters is who registers to vote and who is motivated and mobilized to turn out to vote. and i'm going keep doing everything i can to deliver my message about what's at stake in this election. and my campaign is going to continue to work hard every day to turn out every voter we possibly can. and that's, that's our goal and that's our strategy. >> secretary clinton, the agreement that john kerry and sergey lavrov negotiated with syrian violence less than we ol is having trouble reaching the city. i was wondering if you think the agreement can hold. if not, what should the next
4:26 pm
steps for the united states be? >> this has been such a terrible conflict and humanitarian cost is incalcuable. i really applaud secretary kerry's persistent effort to try to reach some kind of an agreement with the russians, in order to create a period of cessation of hostilities in order to, get humanitarian assistance into a help he poe and other places within syria. i think whether or not this works is really up to the russians. it is up to whether or not vladmir putin decides that it's time to do what the russians can do, to, bring this conflict into a period where there can be the beginning of political
4:27 pm
discussions. a hoped for protective zone for people who are under relentless assault from the air, an a commitment to going after terrorist groups that pose a threat to everyone. i'm going to watch this closely, at the end it will be determined whether or not the russians decide it is in their interests to pursue this agreement. >> it appeared your running mate, tim kaine may not have been aware of your pneumonia on friday. i'm wondering with you informed him? if you didn't inform him on friday, what does that say about your relationship with would like in the white house, how in the know he would be on minute to minute development in your administration? >> my senior staff knew and information was provided to a number of people and, look, this
4:28 pm
was an ailment that many people just power through and that is what i thought i would do as well. i didn't want to stop. i didn't want to, you know quit campaigning. i certainly didn't want to miss the 9/11 memorial as a. as a senator at that time i consider it a sacred moment and i was determined to get there. it didn't work out, so i got the antibiotics up and going. got the rest that i needed, and we're going on from there. [inaudible]. >> in terms of tim kaine, how often do you talk, what is your relationship, whether he would be a real partner? it -- [inaudible]. what kind of role is he in? what do you feel that your
4:29 pm
important objective -- [inaudible]. were in any way jeopardized by the fact that you didn't explain -- >> look -- >> [inaudible] >> no, i communicated with tim. i talked to him again last night. he has been a great partner and he is going to be a great vice president. >> [inaudible]. >> we communicated. we have communicated. but i am, you not going to go into our personal conversations, and i feel very comfortable and confident about our relationship, and i really look forward to working with him closely. >> [inaudible]. >> has gotten rough and you put up some defenses. can you be a little bit more specific about what those defenses are that you are referring to? did voters get a glimpse of some of that in the way your campaign
4:30 pm
handled the events surrounding your illness over the weekend? >> you know, my campaign has said that they could have been faster and i agree with that. i certainly expect them to be as, as focused and quick as possible. but i have to say from my perspective i thought i was going to be fine, and i thought that there wasn't really any reason to make a big fuss about it. i should have taken time off earlier. i didn't, now i have and i'm back on the campaign trail. >> [inaudible] >> going to the -- [inaudible] meetings with leaders from other countries of course. neither they nor their citizens can vote in the united states. so why are you making that sort of calculated choice to take time off the campaign trail? what do you think it can get
4:31 pm
you, what contrast you're hoping to show with donald trump? >> well i think it's important to be constantly reaching out, listening to, learning from leaders and i was pleased to be able to find the time to meet with several of them which i intend to do, to hear first-hand of their perspective what they see happening in the world today. to answer their questions from what i think is happening, whether it is in syria or anywhere else. there is a lot going on in the world, and, i have a long-standing set of relationships, that go back not only to secretary of state, and senator, but back to first lady, and i think it is important to tend to those relationships and i won't be able to have as many meetings because of the press of the campaign as i have had in prior years but i'm looking forward to the ones that we are
4:32 pm
scheduling. [shouting] thank you all, very much. david: hillary clinton, this of course is her first campaign appearance since her collapse on sunday at the 9/11 memorial. and the announcement that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. of course there was a 48 hour lapse there between the time she received the diagnosis and the campaign announced it. let's bring in steve moore, donald trump economic advisor and fox news contributor. noelle nikpour, a republican fund-raiser, emily shire, political editor at bustle. noel, any of these concerns about her health still linger? >> i don't know about you, but i felt, this was an absolutely lackluster, very tiring speech to even watch. i mean, if she has recouped from pneumonia and she is back on the campaign trail, number one, she was totally put out, that people were asking about the illness. they want to ask about the
4:33 pm
illness because she hid the illness, not even her vp pick knew. so this is, this goes beyond anything i have ever seen. david: emily, frankly, to come back even from a bad cold, melissa and i were talking about, she sounds like the way you talk when you're coming off of a bad cold, you kind of give as little breath as possible because you don't want to instigate another coughing jag. frankly it was about what i expected, what do you think? >> she hit a home run to this speech, directly responded to trump's criticism campaign lobbed against her being sick. trump said as she said for weeks she doesn't have the stamina to be president. she instead responded, you know what, i have the luxury getting to take a few days off and used it to make a broader arguments about health care and problems in this country which was a brilliant move. david: steve, let me steve in, because we have three folks
4:34 pm
here, steve, it comes on the day when trump was rolling out more details of his economic plan. i frankly, a lot of the tax policies i was familiar with because he rolled out a lot of that but are we going to see more specificity now? and are candidates forced to folk must more now on the details of their own economic policy? >> i have to say about hillary's health, every night i say my prayers because i pray for good health. as trump fan there is no democrat in the country we would rather run against than hillary clinton. if you compare what donald trump said today, i was there the at waldorf as you know, david and helped with the preparation of that speech. it was a very detailed speech about what we're going to do on taxes, how we roll back regulations, what we're going to do about pro-america energy policy i listened to hillary, the speech she gave about 30, 40 minutes ago, it was flimflam. it was nothing. there is kind of, it is stark contrast. we have a very specific growth plan. she doesn't have it.
4:35 pm
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4:39 pm
i don't think they would do, i really believe, if it was political decision or right decision they will go with the political decision every single time. melissa: a lot of people think that. donald trump outlining how he will boost economic growth and bring back jobs to the u.s. he couldn't stay away from criticizing the fed as you heard. fox business's connell mcshane is live in new york city where the event took place. connell, what other color can you give us? reporter: it is interesting, melissa, that comment about the federal reserve we heard before. many economic policies unveiled today, have been unveiled before by donald trump. but today it seems like he wanted to take all the policies to put them together in one speech. if there was overriding theme what we heard at the waldorf, it was growth, economic growth. donald trump is promising higher growth in this country. 3 1/2% of the annual rate. he want to lower corporate taxes. he is promising fewer regulations.
4:40 pm
wants to unleash what he described today as energy revolution, supporting coal production as an example of that. but more than anything else, he argues that he has better ideas for all of these things than hillary clinton does. listen. >> not one single idea she's got will create one net american job, or create one new dollar of american wealth for our workers. the only thing she can offer is a welfare check. reporter: late this afternoon we had direct response to that from team clinton and senior advisor saying, this is part of a statement that i'm quoting from, trump's latest revision of his economic plan would benefit trump at the expense of millions of hard-working folks across the country who deserve the opportunity at a better future. obviously not going to see eye-to-eye on all of this. one question even some conservative economist, melissa, had about donald trump's plan
4:41 pm
coming in, how does he plan to pay for it? you guys were just talking to steve moore and one of his advisors, they have gone back to work on the cost of the first reviews weren't that great. looked at the tax plan for example, say they have gotten the cost down. they're cutting some loopholes they say. instead after $10 trillion plan over a decade, they say it is over 3 trillion. they are aware of that, looked at that made some changes. overall a lot of what we heard in the past, melissa, we heard today, with the overriding theme of higher growth. that is what donald trump is promising. melissa: using dynamic accounting when it comes to taxes which makes more sense to me, you but that is just my opinion. connell, thank you so much. david: your opinion is right on the mark. alleged cover-up at the border. how your tax dollars paid for a shocking new report on border security that you have never seen. wait until you hear the details, coming next. who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number.
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melissa: so hillary clinton
4:45 pm
losing more ground to donald trump. in fact a new "cbs/new york times poll" showing that the republican and democratic nominees are tied at 42% in a four-way race. bruce turkel, author of the new book, all about them, and he is the ceo of turkel brands. he joins us now. start with hillary clinton. i was listening to someone not a fan of trump, says her campaign is in free fall. you're our crisis management guy. hillary clinton on phone. what advice -- >> at least you didn't tell me middle of the night. she has to play her own game. she looked rattled, made mistakes, she has to stop following him. has to stop talking about him. has to stop talking about her, believe it or not and she has to tell you and i why our lives will be better if she is president. melissa: is there anything she can do to turn around idea of her health weak, her thing, understandable, come off pneumonia she would look weak,
4:46 pm
she walked away very gingerly, is is a problem. >> didn't rahm emanuel say it shame to not use a chris crisis. getting ill would be perfect opportunity for grandmother, working 24/7 not feeling well. her staff want her to stop. she says i got a couple days back. i'm ready, you have to talk about your health care. pivot story away from her to you and every other voter. >> she tried that. i'm not sure if she did it in the last hour. go back to donald trump. he did the thing with "dr. oz" where he sat there, why don't you release your medical records. >> i just happen to have them right here. surprise. melissa: a piece of paper. what did you think of that performance? to me it felt phony. >> be honest, anything a candidate ace when a camera is on and someone is watching it is phony. melissa: is phony, not feels phony? >> it is phony. i happen to have them here they say i'm not suitable to run for office? come on.
4:47 pm
melissa: right. >> then you have it look like that, like reality tv. dr. oz is not an actor, oh, really, do you? hmmm. it was awful. it was embarrassing. i was embarrassed. melissa: yeah. but there, is there any way, i don't think there is any medical records either of them could present i would believe. i feel they both want to be president. maybe i'm a very cynical president. i feel like they both want to be president so badly they will produce all kinds of papers say that i'm super fit. only thing i would believe, leaked emails. colin powell. >> maybe you're cynical? that is why people watch, saying here is what is actually going on. what is actually going on they will not release anything bad they don't have to. anything they release voluntarily, oh, here, is only going to say good things. you're right, leaked emails. i didn't know you were going to read those. oops. melissa: that tells the truth. bruce turkel, always a pleasure. great to see you in person. we love having you here. david. david: this could make you a little cynical too. the obama administration
4:48 pm
publicly claimed it catches 80% of illegal immigrants, but, in a new report from the department of homeland security that number appears to be far lower, closer to 50% in fact. this according to new report from the department of homeland security. now fox news has learned that the white house domestic policy council ordered the dhs not to release the report to the public. we will bring you the latest on this story as we learn more. returning to the fight, freid gitmo detainees back to their terror ties. what this means for the national security coming up. plus a stand against the national anthem, outrage over a state senator's decision to join colin kaepernick to protest the pledge. retired marine lieutenant colonel oliver north sounding off on that, next. ♪
4:49 pm
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ david: returning to their terror ties. at least two more gitmo detainees have apparently rejoined terrorist groups overseas. this according to new report by the office of national intelligence. that makes a total of nine released detainees that returned to terror ties since president obama took office. there are a lot more that are unconfirmed. those are the ones that are confirmed. here now lieutenant colonel oliver north. he is fox news military analyst and "war stories" host. colonel north, once again in pursuit of a political goal, putting our nation's security at risk, you don't, you don't substitute politics for security, do you? >> no, well, you shouldn't. this is long-standing pattern
4:53 pm
with this particular commander-in-chief. look it, closing gitmo was never a good idea. it wasn't a good idea in the bush administration to send all the detainees out and this administration's excuse, that gitmo is recruiting tool for radical islamists is bogus. not one of the many detainees that i have seen captured, my own eyes, has told interrogators in the field the reason they joined or motivated to join a terror organization is gitmo. totally bogus. david: reminds me of the iran nuke deal, there the again you have a political goal. it is lofty, long term there may be something good about the goal. you don't put our nation's security at risk because after political goal. let me move on to another issue. >> let me make an observation on this every decision made by the come -- commander-in-chief ought
4:54 pm
to make us safer that is the number one question to ask, i'm sorry. david: this issue is, missouri lawmaker sitting for pledge of allegiance. she was refusing to stand while her colleagues cited the ple of allegiance to show solidarity on her part to nfl quarterback colin kaepernick. colonel north, i received a note. literally one sentence, ex-marine, former marine. he didn't want his name to be associated with it. i will read it quickly. there are 100 ways our great country allows you to protest without insulting its greatness an insulting those who fought for its greatness. >> had to be marine. david: there are hundreds of ways to protest. you don't have to do this. >> what the nfl is allowing is an insult to every veteran, every gold star family and everyone who sacrificed in defending this nation, not just in this war but every war. there are 40 million americans who are directly related or who
4:55 pm
are veterans. listen very carefully, roger goodell. what you're allowing to happen is turning off your audience. commissioner goodell needs to act on this. because facebook post i did this week, hit 1.2 million people because i was steamed about this. freedom you can read the whole post that tom kilgannon steelers tackle. villanueva, when they were here in d.c. trashed us at fedex field. former army ranger. three combat tours. told the pittsburgh post gazette and stand proudly and sing every ion of the national anthem every time i hear it. i will stop whatever i'm doing, because i recognize i have to be very grateful for this country. i will tell you right now -- david: again he doesn't necessarily agree with what the country does in any particular time. >> absolutely right.
4:56 pm
david: he absolutely agrees wits greatness and the fight that people have made to defend that greatness. >> well, freedom alliance offered goodell a common sense solution. take the protests off the field. it is a double-standard of nfl. protests of unsportsmanlike conduct last week, five players were penalized. could have been fined for their actions taken during the game. why is there a double standard? players can't demonstrate in the end zone. can't flip off a ref. can't do it. so why are they allowed to denigrate the flag that drapes coffins of some of our troops? you and i know what that means. you have got a marine son. i've got a whole bunch of marines who are outraged at what is going on. david: we could go on for an hour. colonel oliver north. thank you very much. we'll be right back. >> appreciate you, brother. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
4:57 pm
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david: if you have got a camera on our laptop, you may want to consider covering up. james comey recommends taping over your webcam. adding if you look into any government office. most employees actually have camera guards on their computers. i'll bet they do. "risk and reward starts right now. >> it turns out having a few days to myself was actually a gift. i talked with some old friends, i spent time with our very sweet dogs. it's great to be back on the campaign trail. deirdre: hillary clinton back to recovery.


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