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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  September 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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david: if you have got a camera on our laptop, you may want to consider covering up. james comey recommends taping over your webcam. adding if you look into any government office. most employees actually have camera guards on their computers. i'll bet they do. "risk and reward starts right now. >> it turns out having a few days to myself was actually a gift. i talked with some old friends, i spent time with our very sweet dogs. it's great to be back on the campaign trail. deirdre: hillary clinton back to recovery.
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the mainstream media was giving her an easy time of it with softball questions. >> madame secretary -- that's something to look forward to. i get a big kick out of it. i watched it with a little bit of scepticism at first. but i liked the story line. liz: hillary clinton back from comap quaw arresting up from her collapse from pneumonia. the democrat presidential candidate even taking questions from the press. the press didn't show up to play guy pleading the fifth and one not showing up. no questions about colin powell and his wittering emails and no
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questions about her husband saying she is frequently sick to conference? it looks like the press wasn't asking tough questions. >> are you shocked? when they are talking to hillary they are tossing her nerks rf balls to make sure nothing hurts. when they toss something at donald trump, it's a 6-pound or 10-pounds bowling ball. this is why the u.s. media has people don't trust them. it's stuff like this that causes people to just throw up their hands and say we can't trust the media because they are not fair, they are not unbiased and they don't play the game same with
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everybody. liz: i would love your reaction to this. here is a moment when mrs. clinton says she is america's president. >> i'm determined to be a president for democrats, republicans and independents, for all americans, to roll up our sleeves, solve our problems and make positive differences in people's lives. liz: i'm not sure if that's inoculates the deplorables comments. a new cbs "new york times" poll showing they are tied nationally at 42% each and a quinnipiac showing a neck-and-neck race as
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unwashed of society. that we would do better without. my gosh, we are irredeemable. there is nothing left to do with us other than to put us out of the mits are you than those who are extraordinarily educated and far more sophisticated than we ever hope to be. i hope hillary stays on this message. because she is going to lose just like she did back in 2008. elizabeth: it doesn't look like it's playing in the battle grounds * states. there are 14 states where it's a tossup. 175 electoral college votes. i think you are on to something there.
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i want your reaction from the trump campaign releasing. he's 6'3:00, 23 pounds. he had a colonoscopy in 2013 and that came back normal. he also discussed his medical records on the "dr. oz" show. i have always been a little bit this way. you know? i have always been this way. if i had one thing, would i like to lose weight. it's tough because of the way i live. but the one thing i would like to do is drop 15-20 pounds, it would be good. liz:
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i think a lot of people would be delighted with the numbers he presented to dr. oz. i have been on the campaign trail with him. we would be up at 5:00 a.m. i'm there is no down time for this guy. and, you know, i don't doubt those numbers one iota having been around him on a campaign day. in fact a repeated series of campaign days, unstoppable, just
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amazing. all the good stuff. wouldn't we all like to lose some weight. i sure would. i want to get back to the deplorable comment. it's mind boggling to keep bringing up the word deplorables. it looks like hillary clinton is doubling down. you don't know insulting the voter. it's about going after your rival. i don't understand why she is going after the voters. listen to this her latest interview. >> i have said donald trump has run a deplorable campaign. his running mate mike pence wouldn't even call kkk leader david duke deplorable. he has incited violence and and has been more than willing to align himself with the so-called alt-right and every deplorable thing they represent.
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pence have disavowed david duke. they didn't endorse david duke. david duke made some kind comments about trump. you can't keep freedom saying things about you. it doesn't mean the admiration is both ways. let me tell you something. association, the old-fashioned mccarthyism is what hillary is doing it's disgusting and it's revolting. what hillary did is call half of
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trump supporters deplorable. there are a lot of us who would proudly wear the label deplorable of what she is talking to are people who believe in old fashions american values that she apparently once believed. liz rsh i do want your final poin never been heard of get that appointment without a contribution? you can bet there is no way this would ever happen. it comes to the fact that the clintons have played a game if you pay, they play.
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liz: thank you, governor mike huckabee. turning to more tightening polls. we have a brutal -- it's tough for the clinton campaign to see this new batch of polls. it shows donald trump winning against hillary clinton in some key swing states. in ohio donald trump has a 5 percent and point lead. florida he's up by 3 percentage point. the monmouth poll, in nevada clinton is down by 2 points. trump is up there by 2 percentage points. we have the former campaign director for george h.w. bush. >> 41. elizabeth: h.w. what do you make of the results, danielle?
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>> the trends show she has had a tough couple of weeks. she was off the campaign trail in august. she just had at basket of deplorables and the illness. not a good week and we are starting to see the polling reflecting what's happening on the campaign. trend-wise she is doing pretty wise and she is putting states in play no democrat has done in a long time. liz: critics are saying it's not a serious campaign. >> that's not work at all. back august 1, this campaign was in the white house taking measurements where they would install her chairlift up to the master staircase. they were so confident they would win this race, they were smug by the. now we have polls showing there is a trend line. these polls right now are more credible because most of them
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are polling likely voters, not just registered voters. elizabeth: hillary clinton said she wants to unite country. but president obama has been divisive. just constant division. the country has never been this divide. with donald trump it seems he's saying jobs aren't great.e incoo where it was in 2008 levels. nevada, north carolina, florida. >> a couple things. president obama's approval ratings are great. he has been a good president, to many americans. liz: how does that explain donald trump coming on strong. >> when you are not the incumbent party of course you say america isn't great. >> it's not.
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it's teutful. president obama, no matter what he says, the results, the income people are taking home. it went up in 2015. but what did it do between 200 and 2014. it was down $2,000 per household. hillary clinton who comes off as this sickly grandmother cannot possibly relate to these people across the country. liz: some are saying president obama inherited a recession. reagan, though, inherited, there was a bad recession in the carter era and a major banking collapse. city group collapsed, but reagan's economic growth really popped. we haven't seen that. by the way, untiles still went down. incomes -- the growth was there
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in the g.w., 3 3e 3%. >> what ra reagan did was cut taxes. but when you create a deficit, that's certainly something that happened. both of candidates -- we don't have a lot of time. >> one candidate wants tax cuts, the other one doesn't. liz: a major recall announcement from the consumer safety commission. they said you should stop using galaxy note 7 devices due to bad fire and burn hazards. >> because this product presents such a serious fire hazard, i'm urging all consumers, all consumers to take advantage of this recall right away.
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liz: you are advised to contact the place you bought this samsung note7 device. we have seen two cars totaled, a house burned and a boy burned in brooklyn from this device it looks like the note7 is behind that. the battery exploding. donald trump promises to cut taxes to promote growth. one of his check advisors say where does he see the tax rate going down? it's scary when the lights go out.
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liz: donald trump laying out his tax plan for economic growth. if he would claments 7 tax brackets down to 3. those with less than $75,000 in taxable income, you get to pay just 12%. more than 75k, 25%. we have got a trump economic advisor peter navarro with me. you looked at that lower break the. would never that bottom bracket have to pay taxes? >> everybody wins here. folks on the lower ends of this income stream basically are removed from the rolls to simplify their lives. trump will try to get them a job at a good wage. the whole plan is targeted at
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lower to middle class families. the story today was a comprehensive plan to raise our growth rate from the stagnant 2% we have been stuck in to 3.5%. the plan itself works synergistically. it's trade, energy and regulation. so like the tax and trade thing is interesting. if we cut the corporate tax, that allows to us bring back some of our factories here on domestic soil. liz: i think what the trump campaign recognizes, and even john f. kennedy recognized. the high-paying jobs are in manufacturing. isn't the government showing that we have these low wage retail jobs. not to disparage them.
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but they don't make enough money. restaurants, retail, health services. >> it's like a ski slope. we used to be well above 20% manufacturing and it's down to 8:00. in germany it's still 20. in gentleman paint's 17. this idea that? japan it's 17. this idea that we have to be a service economy. what trump did today was beautiful in that room it's a plan to grow and make everybody in this country prosper. liz: back to 4%. police shutting down 21nd street between 6th and 2nd avenue outside of penn station, a major train station. what they are saying is the chase of a suspect holding and wielding a neat cleaver.
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one or two police officers were reportedly shot. this is a developing story. the for us coming in fast. it's a very fluid situation. we'll bring you the latest developments as they come in. we have a pastor interrupting donald trump to stop donald trump from attacking donald trump from the pulpit, from the church. >> everything she touched didn't work out. >> i invited you here to thank us -- >> that's good. i'll go back on that. okay. liz: some from the trump campaign are saying it was a setup. does former congressman allen west agree? the microsoft cloud helps us
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thank you. >> clinton in flint michigan but some himself are saying it was a set up. she have that in mind. >> does it bother you it doesn't bother me. the audience was so great. >> they are phenomenal people. >> allen west. first before i get to the questions donald trump has been showing discipline on the campaign trail. she was so nervous she was like a nervous mess. why attack the pastor personally.
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when you get off the script and you don't get your thoughts put together he's there to reach out to that community. it is the party that has destroyed the black family. the lack of good cart quality education. we don't have that small business entrepreneurship that we should have. and you have black ministers and other leaders that did not want to have that story to get out. they can speak freely.
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one of the only shows that really showed all of the leaked e-mails where colin foul was basically criticizing a lot of people. he thought he was a national disgrace and international pariah and one of the hacked e-mails. i was never a fan. >> we could do much better. obama is about to destroy what do you make of those. when you have someone as general foul he was the chairman of the joint chief of staff. very concerned about what is happening with the military under barack obama.
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we have this created the modern united states. they have back is supported he has an individual he still supports. for them to die in a combat zone. i think that's a national disgrace. it's a little bit too late there. of course it is. and you see political games. let's go back to several others many people that were on the left side of the aisle that voted in supported the action that was taken back in
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2003 that sent men and women including myself into the iraq he combat zone. but what you have seen happen is what will go down as the greatest foreign policy foolish mistake ever to withdraw all of our combat capability and forces out of iraq. >> that was colonel allen west. next up we are going to bring the very latest on the reported attacks on members of the nypd. the situation is very fluid. we will bring you the latest details as they come in. next up hillary clinton and com. looks like it really did back for ire. they're using it as a rallying cry across the country. some officials are questioning that use. we have a couple of women who started the trend for the started the trend for the deplorable t-shirts.
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we have more breakages. outside of the penn station is a major trade station here in new york city. it has been shut down after a reported attack on a police officer with the meat cleaver. the suspect was reportedly shot multiple times one police
5:35 pm
officer is injured he has been taken to bellevue hospital. this is coming in from the new york post. we will have more on that as a comes in. donald trump picking up for deplorable supporters. after all of the horrible scandals that she's been involved in. unbelievable. i am a wife, a mother i work full-time and i am voting for donald trump. donald trump bringing fans on stage after hillary clinton called them racist deplorable spared the comments seem to have backfired. now the term is taking on a new life. there is a pro trump rallying cry after he said as much to our very own stuart varney i have a little picture leslie of this fella holding up a sign that same deplorable
5:36 pm
lives matter. it was terrific. i think it's great. obviously she didn't invent that. someone took a lot of time writing it. but it has backfired a little bit. and my next guest gained international fame they are gaining in increasing international fame. we have the deplorable's. high deplorable spirit so why did you decide to do that. why did you decide to embrace the label. the shirts are not really a joke. it's up lyrical a clinical statement and we wanted to give a voice and a face to the millions of forgers -- supporters out there. what kind of reaction are you getting from people when you were at the shirts. most people want to have their
5:37 pm
picture taken with us. it's probably get to be a hot stocking stuff for this christmas. if you were in the same room as hillary clinton what would you say to her about the term. i would let her know that we are hard-working families we are moms we are volunteers, at schools into churches we pay our taxes and we are anything but deplorable. and hillary clinton just did it just call us deplorable. she called a several other names. none of those things are true and we really feel it's unjust and unfair to say we are in this basket of deplorable's. other people that you know would you say the same of them. absolutely not. they are our friends and our need neighbors. earlier in the week donald
5:38 pm
trump double down on this use. she used the term at least three times now. let's take a listen to this. hillary clinton still hasn't apologized to those she slandered. in fact she hasn't backed down at all. she has doubled down double down on her campaign conspiracy in contempt. if hillary clinton well not retract her comments and fall i don't see how she can credibly campaign any further. do you want an apology from hillary clinton? >> i don't need an apology. i think people need to understand that donald trump is just like daniel in the he's comparing that to the french revolution. mister trump is trying to save our republic into the french were trying to create a republic.
5:39 pm
i don't need her apology i just want mister trump to win. thank you for your time. we really appreciate it. next up they are suggesting the health coverage is sexist. we will play you that next. and in hillary's defense they are not turning to body shaming donald trump. saying he's not exactly slim. my next guest wonders what would happen if republicans said this about hillary's weight. >> dr. feel good put out a one page letter. he is the heaviest present we've had william taft.
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like silly things hillary the media are having a field day. of indignant outrage. this is a number -- another clinton for the overqualified women. were even a level playing field what we know that story. the extensive coverage is sexist. he was doing the same thing with kennedy and john mccain in 2008. let's take a walk down memory lane. and what the big-name journalists were saying then.
5:44 pm
>> since john mccain's health we're talking about. his health becomes the public business. we know five different skin cancers and then we found out today he have a carcinoma as well. how concerns are doctors that this. >> what do you think of that. health has been an issue for many campaigns. he blew it out of the water. i don't think it's sexist at all. i think it's something they care about. there's really nothing out's going on. everybody's waiting for the debate. he too was under heavy fire
5:45 pm
for his health. what you make of that. >> i don't agree with her. i think what was harry reid was doing was responding to the things that trump was doing. kind of like the club getting together. we shouldn't see candidates shaming one another. i think it was a mistake. >> thinking about we just said. let's switch gears. now we have major senators going after donald trump for his weight. he is saying what she's in the background here take a look at this character. he complains about her health. he 70 years old. he is not slim and trim. look at him. those are three of the senators.
5:46 pm
and take a listen to this. here's trump who dr. feel good put out a one page letter. he 70. he's the heaviest present we've had since william task. i think in some way he is invited it. it looks like they were written by dr. seuss. it was a counterpunch situation. we are doing it with the trappings of power around. when he went on the floor of the senate. doesn't really look good. for a lot of supporters who say that that people in washington are the elite.
5:47 pm
this is exactly what it looks like to them. and second heart either party. the criticism will not hurt her at all. their camps are established. but no one should be body shaming anyone. weight should not be an issue. i speak on this issue constantly. weight is not an indicator of internal health. we should all be focused on healthy lifestyles. the quality of things that you eat and everyone can eat fast food once in a while. let's focus on things of substance not about weight. issues that actually matter to the american people. we 54 days to go. trump is upping his game. she's doing a really good job. we have a long time to go. she is the policies in the experience.
5:48 pm
that was troubling for us. i'm so confident in this. thank you so much for your time. they are releasing more medical records to dispel concerns about the fainting. the information he provided was not enough. they talk about it next. don't go away. they say a lot of things about rain. like how hard it's a-gonna fall. the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain too: when it roars. the all-wheel-drive lineup from dodge. domestic. not domesticated. now get 20 percent off msrp cash allowance for an average of $6,400 in savings on select everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here.
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hillary clinton back on the campaign trail but not before releasing additional medical information questions about the health rose after biddy video showed her nearly collapsing leaving a 911 memorial on sunday. we later learned that she have pneumonia. she is recovering well with in
5:52 pm
about x and rest. we have information that she's on an antibiotic's and something for do we learn anything new. the stuff you're talking about now is things that we now understand. she have an upper respiratory infection. they found the right lobe pneumonia. it shows that it already is responding. the white count is normal. she has no fever. she's getting better. they're calling it non- contagious. it is less and less contagious it is a trick to be able to use the blood thinner
5:53 pm
properly. what wasn't explained in that letter is what the fainting is all about. if you have a propensity to faint and then on top of it you're dehydrated or you are suffering from a medical condition and might make it more likely that you would faint. it raises a question since there was a big thing in 2012 that led to a confession does she have a tendency to faint. that's why i would want to see more records. i don't think we've seen sufficient records. and more about whether she has a tendency to faint. it still would it be something awful there but something to know about. often you get those things. she's been having she has been having issues since she was 50. are you concerned there something deeper going on there's no way to know.
5:54 pm
do you think there might be. i'm neck in a speculate. i just want them to reveal more information like john mccain did. everybody was speculating. and guessing. there was no melanoma recurrence. if you're over 70 both candidates fit that. today they released a recent physical the has a lot of information actually. his neck and had those. i don't like that term. there's no such thing as non- contagious. the made up term.
5:55 pm
when that point comes is not a medical term. it's a political term. that's interesting. let's get onto donald trump. his dr. releases a letter today that he is in excellent physical health. donald trump talked about the importance of a presidential candidates help. >> i think you have an obligation to be healthy i just don't think you can do the work if you are not healthy. i'll take think you can represent the country properly you're not a healthy person. someday that's a pretty good health. from what were seen. that calcium score a few years ago that was very low. he have an echocardiogram on the heart.
5:56 pm
he has low blood pressure. his cholesterol is will managed. he shouldn't eat fast food and i would like to see him exercise more the size throwing his hands around. having said that it sounds like he is pretty vigorous his health is good. testosterone is a little up. is a very vigorous energetic a guy. he is in very good health for the age of 70. we really appreciate your time. they are sliding in the polls. we have a new fox news poll. see the latest numbers after this. when it comes to healthcare,
5:57 pm
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they tied in the four-way race. moments away from the latest fox poll release. we will bring it to life as it comes up. up next making money with charles payne. >> good evening we have the major breaking news for you. hillary clinton and donald trump are in a one point race men --dash among likely voters nationwide. this is the first time they had used this sort of pulling in likely voters this season. they pull ahead with 41% to 40% in the two-way matchup. he's up to 46%. hillary clinton at 45 percent. if we look at it the way we had been looking at it among registered voters it scares back as you can see right there.


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