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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  September 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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they tied in the four-way race. moments away from the latest fox poll release. we will bring it to life as it comes up. up next making money with charles payne. >> good evening we have the major breaking news for you. hillary clinton and donald trump are in a one point race men --dash among likely voters nationwide. this is the first time they had used this sort of pulling in likely voters this season. they pull ahead with 41% to 40% in the two-way matchup. he's up to 46%. hillary clinton at 45 percent. if we look at it the way we had been looking at it among registered voters it scares back as you can see right there.
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look at how much she has slipped right there in the last month. she was up by ten points in early august and now she's up in this particular poll by just three points. this is all within the margin of error of his that we have the horse race right now. and kenny hold kenny hold onto this momentum through november. lisa let me go to you. no doubt that he has a lot of momentum. we also see johnson and stein also taking away some of that support for hillary as well. especially with the younger voters. and this is the big? for hillary clinton and she can i be able to rebuild that obama coalition and not only rebuild it to get those voters to turn out. they turned out the historical margin for present a mob by --
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president obama. if that returned to pre- obama levels they would lose florida and would lead in ohio and virginia would be cut in half. i think hillary clinton is can have a tough time rebuilding that coalition and also you see that he he's certainly gaining momentum in the polls. they had been released in recent weeks. what do you attribute this to. is this the new pivot for the most part on message sticking with the teleprompter. where is it or is it just a series of miscues that she cannot seem to avoid. this is what happens when the focus and doesn't back into a referendum on the system. for a couple of days secretary clinton obviously has had what you call a deplorable week.
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you see what happens when americans focus once again on what is in front of them. look at what the poll says to us. seven and ten are down in government. between republicans and democrats and the most worrisome sign of all is the young voters in minorities are among those less likely to turn out. but with all of the said we are seen as something pulled out there right now that you might say this is a read on a very good week donald trump in a very bad week for the secretary it could turn on its have again as we head into the wonderful day, september 26 when 90 million americans are likely get to see the first debate between the two. there's no doubt obviously that they have momentum. probably a lot of reasons for it. i started to seem like hillary was distancing herself from the e-mail scandal.
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they were looking pretty good. they did not get a lot of press. the scare crisis and just another mountain for her to climb over in the meantime trump is looking polished and he's really resonating. i think this really comes down to i mean tax plans that don't add up. he offered 4 trillion-dollar tax cut. did she hide it $4.4 trillion tax cut. that is traditional. traditionally lower taxes. they want bigger government i don't want to discuss that part i'm talking about the idea that hillary can clinton has sabotaged her own campaign and they have gotten better
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and better. i'm not petrified but i'm concerned i'm feeling great. what i would say is she's have a fantastic effect on this. she definitely have definitely have a bad week. i think it was more of the health stuff than it was that was the deplorable comment because that is in a be a trend going through the rest of it. we had been through this already. we saw where donald trump took the lead. and now it feels like were back to go. the difference of course is just six weeks left. can everything change with the debate is there still enough up in the air. they both head something to
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prove. hillary clinton has been doing this for decades she has had so much media training so much prep for interviews. it really should be troublesome to the democratic party donald trump benefits from the fact a decent enough job it's gonna be a win it's good to be more concerning for me to have a candidate who has been doing this for decades and is still doesn't have it.
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the republicans in the donald trump camp thinking the bar is. it could also be something of a trap as well? >> no question. let me offer you this. having been doing this 37 years and having been with so many candidates behind the curtain. when you are front runner which i think is what hillary clinton believes she has been used or to try to play it safe. you try to worry about taking risks and not necessarily bringing in a game every time out. you start to let it all hang out. and i think what hillary clinton is can have to try to find by the time we have that first major debate is her sea legs again. no matter how may times many times you run for office and how often you're there you still have in the back of your mind may be i've hit a patch where i may not recover and i can tell you ecologically she
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starting to second-guess herself right now. that puts even more of an emphasis there. >> that is a great point. for me it feels like she's been operating on this old playbook. raise a lot of money. that was her first major mistake. she was arising in the polls. she probably could've put this thing away. and remember after iowa in 2008 that loss even though she won the next one devastated her in a way that the world saw they saw how visibly she was shake it and did not think she was commander in chief material. but if that comes out in some kind of way that could be the ultimate thing. >> donald trump has it. he radiates a picture of strength and had responded to that.
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if you start this afternoon she took on board exactly what adam was talking about. she doesn't do as well in public as she does in private. she said she's can work on it. our people going to say 90% we trust hillary clinton. i understand completely. she is aware of her problems. and i hope they have gone to her. for the next 54 days or whatever it is. in the last 24 hours there have been a few cases where donald trump has gone off of the teleprompter with the visit to the church yesterday. this is still a chance. he's been prone to shoot himself as well. he is new to the radio so to speak. this is a little bit different
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for him. we have seen message discipline from him. they were just released today. the fact that he's been sticking to these nuanced policy speeches. this has become a referendum. whether it is a clinton foundation or the concealment of the pneumonia diagnosis or just a way that hillary clinton operates as a candidate about being transparent and truthful. and donald trump need to keep on the track that he has been going. it's having a major impact. donald trump is enjoying a significant amount of momentum. thanks a lot guys. we will have more on the specifics and the overall economic vision. the big question of course is due those numbers add up. we will break them down for you with some experts next.
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>> i think you can have low interest rates until the end of the year may be no increase at all in the market will stay artificially high and then well had to see what happens after that and i'll think they are doing the right job. with all of that being said can you imagine because i can't even take advantage of it i'm okay. i will say it's become in my opinion extremely political. that was donald trump speaking today. while touting his own tax proposal. maybe even 4% annual growth. if they will rein in
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government spending by cutting one from every government program over the next ten years. i want to get right to it with the economic panel right now. let me start with you. donald trump made some changes from the initial plan that he put out there before understanding that middle many people criticized him for raising the debt how do you like this new version. i usually don't have any problem with the plant that's not revenue mutual. as long as it's matched with spending cuts. to the extent that this doesn't do this he doesn't touch entitlement spending at all. i like it better that will only raise the deficit by
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$4 trillion instead of ten. he's not kicking as many people out of the tax roll. role. it is the real problem. president bush did the same thing. and we have very few people paying the income tax they don't really quite care about how high other people are paid income tax. charles: peter, what is your assessment? it doesn't bother me particularly. it calls for all kinds of increased taxes on the middle and upper classes. i was speaking to one of her economist today and they think they could easily have a marginal tax rate of 60% in the discourage people from working. that is incredible. but what we have here are two sets of themes about the direction that tax changes in
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reform will go. we know we can have lower taxes on business and more incentive for growth. an easier time for the middle class we will have more taxes and more government programs and likely slower growth. the overall i like the themes and like the plan. i think we might all agree on the supply side. but when you think your neck and do anything with entitlement perhaps create a new one with childcare and put a lot of money in inner cities even as a supply side and the greatest dream could it be possible to do all that and not see the deficit or the debt to go through the roof. right now with $19 trillion of debt is unacceptable is not right. it's unacceptable. i do like four for elements of
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trump's program. i think cutting taxes is gonna stimulate the economy. you make less rich accountants. expensing our taxes when we go by the piece of equipment they will get people to be more bullish and optimistic. they have $30,000 per employee because the regulations are crazy. is wonderful. i will throw one thing in there. how would that change any of this if you throw that in there.
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love lower taxes and those sort of things. i think if he could actually put that there. if he actually could put in place less regulation it was way better. we are due for a recession. how is the state of our economy. there is no doubt under hillary's plan. on the reform we head in mind there's a chance that it won't be too bad. if you gauge this still think
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wall street is still a little antsy when it comes to trade. we saw with ford they made it official the ceo came out today and saying at second the cost american jobs. but acknowledging that donald trump has been pressuring them. trade has to be handled very carefully. they finally get them to bounce it. with regard to china it wouldn't be that disruptive. the currency is so undervalued. the tariff would just basically revalue it.
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give to be very careful about how they go about that. charles: at the very least we should be having them pick up the goods at the border. we had run on out of time. we can have a chat all day long. thank you a lot i appreciate it. you don't want to miss mornings with maria. she will sit down with the republican presidential nominee donald trump himself to talk about the latest poll numbers and of course is economic policy at augustana tomorrow morning. we are getting reports that a man outside a of penn station about ten blocks was shot by the nypd after he attacked a police officer with a meat cleaver.
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we are told the police officer is in stable condition. a suspect is also in stable condition. for other officers were transported to the hospital to be evaluated we well of course keep you updated with more details. it was inevitable. when will the real and be. will talk when it next. it's a very specific moment, the launch window. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics-
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upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at >> flooding in venezuela. they are foreshadowing that. 720% inflation rate.
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it's already suffering extreme poverty. doubling down on failed policies. the very we'll rich nation. it's in the ground and it should be here. red is the new black. congratulations. >> we all know that famous quote that you eventually run out of other people's money that is why this is so frightening. and so relevant for us even here in america. that's awful. that's a tragedy. but we have enough problems here. what it means is that this is what happens.
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and when you are look at what is happening there trying to put in price controls and regulation. but our oil prices have plummeted. we can't do that either. and then you get on rest. we have a political candidate who got 13 million votes. if you look today they said there can a call for a referendum vote. they are sick of the anti- capitalist agenda. it's not working for our country. so all we have to do is look around as you know this week i have an intro about the
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national debt. one family the national debt right now when you had millenials when you're drawn to socialism let's talk about this. there was actually a coup where he survived it. i don't think he is as strong. we have seen over the last three years. they are raising the pay of the military something like this would happen how do you think this ends up. i don't think the vote that he's talking about i think they will cheat. they have done a lot of security work. all of our clients most of them are european have long
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moved out. many of them lost their assets to the government. i have good friends down there. it is disastrous. when we talk about the runway inflation into the packet -- the panic and the lack of food on top of that the fact that the citizens down there are living in fear because of the rise in crime i can't overestimate or overstate how bad the crime situation is down there. we talk about how it's in a sort itself out. it will sort itself out with the violent overthrow and he can't pay that military and law enforcement enough money at some point to keep them from turning on her. charles: i think both candidates are making a whole lot of promises no one wants to mess with entitlements. it used to be a scary thing in this country it feels like a
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lot of people are ignoring that right now. i do worry about the conservatism in this country with respect to debt and where we could ultimately be. >> we have done a terrible terrible terrible job in this country. they do not make these financial web. you have a job. the fdr is there. you quoted it. earlier. churchill says if you've reached 35 conservative you know have a brain. the reality is this if you look at the budget of our government and you get rid of
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all of the humble jumble and make it really simple for people you cannot because of the large proportion is no way for even the best structure in the world to work for america sustainably. if you are american and you are voting whether it's this election for president and you don't think they can have that conversation and do something about it you might as will shut the door. it's a strong statement but it is true. the nonsense from both sides that were to pay for a variety of programs you look at 1931 and roosevelt was talking about paying for relief it just builds on the government and the debt. it's like a hundred $25 billion.
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we stood at some point. i don't want to get to the point where we actually have a debt crisis which i think is where were heading. i really challenged millenials. you are worried about paying your mortgage or trying to get a good paying job and you're not paying attention to the national debt but we are all can be empowered to running this running this country soon. the national debt is being left for us. i think it's human nature network and had to hit that wall i think it's human nature no matter what. thank you all very much. hillary clinton returning to the campaign trail today and the democratic nominee didn't hold back. she is lost a lot the last couple of weeks. we will discuss it next. what is success?
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she didn't mince words when it came to donald trump. >> i confess i'll never be the showman my opponent is. and that's okay with me. look at the show he put on with dr. oz today. but i'm going to deliver for you and your family. charles: the polls tightening. which candidate is about to pull ahead. meika, let me talk to you. you came on the trump train a little late after hanging out with ted cruz. but a lot of of people have followed you up. >> i saw the light. first of all, the unconventional, unprecedented candidate is a force to be reckoned with. the grand old party is no longer in grand old panic. trump is reaching out to
6:38 pm
african-americans, latinos, and people who have never voted and independents. he's raise the growth to 4% rather than the 2% growth. he has been to flynt, michigan, take his message to eastern ohio and coal miners whose jobs have been wiped out. saturday he's in houston raising money. he's everywhere, and this is being reflected in the polls. he's within striking distance. north carolina, nevada, ohio. he's got the momentum and i think he can go all the way. charles: lisa, i know yesterday in flint donald trump spoke at a black church and this morning he had some comments that ruffled feathers.
6:39 pm
but from hillary's points of view, what does she have to do? it feels like when she is out of the news she goes down and when she is in front of the news she goes down. >> that's the challenge for hillary clinton. she has been on the defense for weeks. aides literally smashing phones with hammers. and most recently with her health scare. her campaign concealed and hid that information. for hillary clinton she needs to figure out a way to make this election about donald trump. right now this is an election about her. she is a candidate without a message. she is a candidate without a reason for running. she has no message. what does hillary clinton represent beside blind ambition? charles: let me bring in lieutenant steve rogers. what is the mood like right now
6:40 pm
at the trump camp? is it don't get too excited or -- >> it's great. hillary clinton is on the verge of winning the miss credibility problem lady. she has been lying all along about benghazi, she lied about the emails, she lied about this health issue. she has a pattern of covering things up and she'll continue to cover things up. and as a result she'll lose this election. i said all along donald trump will win. >> i have to lay clean up. to mica, to say donald trump was at 7 rallies. hillary clinton was at home. charles: but it hasn't been. we know it hasn't been, jessica. hillary is in a bind, what is her game plan?
6:41 pm
>> to acknowledge that she has faults. to say i want to do better and i'm here for all americans. her honesty and trustworthiness numbers have moved up. if you look at the fact checking which is a big problem. donald trump has been proven to tell mostly false or pants on fire lies. charles: that does not seem to be resonating with the public. the trump train is filling up. we have to leave it right there. the market had a good day today. apple keeps rocking. but there are some other things that happened. that's next.
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charles: computer users beware. f.b.i. director james comeyco warning people to cover their web cams. we'll discuss how safe are we in this new cyber warfare world next. allergies?
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charles: the fed hiking rates in september. food prices had their largest monthly decline since 2013. so yellen and company won't be the october surprise. it's enough to sort of put rates back into play. it could be a positive october surprise. in the meantime move over uber. you have got company. the california dmv approving the chinese internet giant, they gave them permission to start test driving their self-driving car in that state.
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6:50 pm
here is the problem. 41% of households are still stuck in the middle. 32% are stuck in a lower income bracket. add that up, you are talking 74%. that's your source of resentment and anxiety. they are watching that prosperity train leave the station. they are not on it. incomes have just begun to rebound leaving many folks with bitter feeling over being stuck in a rut for so long. so the basic question is income advancement a right? do we have a right to it? and how can we make steady wage growth part of the american dream. the key in my mind is education. let's take a look at a chart. 54% of asians in america earn a
6:51 pm
college education. 36% to whites. 22% to black and 15% top is panics. and it correlates perfectly to higher incomes. make no mistake. the big key to economic freedom now and in the future is education. on that not want to bring whack morgan and peter. if you haven't moved up in the last two or three defend kids, you are bitterly resentful and you want someone to help you get back up. >> there are jobs available, and we can create more jobs with the right monetary and fiscal policies. so people have to have the skills. we have to make high school more relevant. bring back vocational training
6:52 pm
and the state colleges that are very inexpensive, they aren't offering relevant education. getting an english degree doesn't get you a job from a so-so state university. charles: this is a major political issue as well. people are resentful and they want someone to come in and put a factory back in their yard so they could get that sold school job that provided them with a home and enough money to send their children to college. 237. >college. >> both of the candidates have talked about penalizing ford motor company for moving jobs to mexico. but promising young people a free four-year degree doesn't necessarily equip you for the skills you need in life.
6:53 pm
so we have a lot of the promises in the campaign. free education for a degree that may not necessarily be useful. but what we need to focus on is giving mayor cans right skills to get the jobs available now. there are plenty of high-tech jobs and when you think about machine learning and innovation. robots, et cetera. charles: the ceo of ford did suggest if we had lower taxes and lower regulations he would be able to create more jobs in this country. the f.b.i. director is warning americans about using a computer webcam. are we at war with our laptops and technology?
6:54 pm
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charles: f.b.i. director james comey is warning americans about hacks on their computers. he said they should couch their webcam. mark zuckerberg revealed he has painted over his camera and also the mic. joining me now to discuss, scott, and mike baker is back as well. we hear about breaches and hacks. and now we are being told this little camera could be -- someone could be watching us right now. are we at war with the very things that are supposed to liberate us? >> to some extent yes. it's a cyber war.
6:58 pm
it's called creepware. they have a ma delicious code and they can download it to our laptop and mobile device. there are reports of half a million people per year who are victims of this. miss teen u.s.a. was a victim of it. for over a year she was spied upon. >> when it comes to the big-time officials. for a while the waltz chinese. i assume we are doing something similar to them. where does it stop and how much at risk are we? we are losing sight of the bigger picture. maybe isis takes count electric grid? >> there are so many elements you talk about. people should hope we in the u.s. are doing something similar. because of the level of address it imposed on us and our allies. russia is right up there. but aside from the state
6:59 pm
sponsors you have persistent threats through cutouts indirectly tied to government organizations. charles: could something cataclysmic happen? can someone push a button in china or russia and knock out our electric grid and tryinger. >> magnetic pulse? can something be done with the click of a switch? >> there are probes on our infrastructure. the grid, commercial, public infrastructure every day at a level that if people understood how aggressionive it was they probably wouldn't sleep at night. the power grid. when you talk to people in washington. and you say what are your top consistent threats? it' the power grids it's china, russia, iran. but you are right to point to the power grid. charles: what do we do? >> there is not a lot we dock as
7:00 pm
citizens. but if you have a corporation, best practices, tape on the computer seems useless but that will prevent it. lou: good evening, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump's week just got a lot better and it was going well to begin with. he has been rising in the polls as hillary's scandals and health scares dominate the headlines. tonight more good news for donald trump. a brand-new fox news poll shows trump with a 1-points lead over likely voters in a head-to-head matchup. this is the first time fox news polled likely voters. at the beginning of august


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