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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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citizens. but if you have a corporation, best practices, tape on the computer seems useless but that will prevent it. lou: good evening, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump's week just got a lot better and it was going well to begin with. he has been rising in the polls as hillary's scandals and health scares dominate the headlines. tonight more good news for donald trump. a brand-new fox news poll shows trump with a 1-points lead over likely voters in a head-to-head matchup. this is the first time fox news polled likely voters. at the beginning of august clinton led trump among
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registered voters. it's been a busy day for trump who earlier in the day was in new york where he outlined his plan to create 25 million jobs and 4% economic growth. trump's supporter marcia blackburn will join me in moments. also here to discuss trump's aspirations for our economy and a broad shaffer prosperity for all americans. billionaire investor, wilbur ross. and today marking the return of hillary clinton to the campaign trail. her return did not go particularly well. the democratic nominee speaking to supporters in north carolina where she tried to dispel concerns about her health. >> as you may know, i recently had a cough that turned out to be pneumonia. i tried to power through it.
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but even i had to admit maybe a few days of rest would do me good. lou: do you think voters will buy that? do you buy that? chris plante, eboni williams, they join me later in the broadcast. and donald trump laying out his economic policy with considerable detail calling for a slash of tax rates, regulations to boost economic growth slashed as well. the republican nominee bashing the president's policy of globalism that he says has destroyed american jobs while enriching other nations. trump touted the benefits to workers and american families. trump tore into ford and the car manufacturer's recent decision to move small car manufacturing
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to mexico. >> ford is moving its small car division is a disgrace it's disgraceful our politicians allow them to get away with it. it used to be cars were made in flint and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. now cars are made in mexico, and you can't drink the water in flint. lou: our first guest praising trump's pro-american policy. she was on stage as he unveiled his childcare and elder care plan. joining us, congressman marcia black burn of tennessee. she is the vice chair of the commerce committee. 25 million new jobs. this is music to all our ears
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and our middle class and working families. how achievable do you think it is? >> i think it's very achievable. there is that old equation, less regulation plus less litigation plus less taxation equals more innovation and job creation. that's what donald trump rolled out in that speech today. i think people were excited to hear it. they were excited to find out about tax rates. and no what he is going to do with the individual income tax rates. tupped on cap gains. what he will do there. elimination of death tax. all those are positive steps. lou rar i think most people want to hear that and have a rationale for it. there is normal about what we are doing, this is a period of
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anomaly in american economic history, and donald trump has been the only candidate talking about that reality, and talking about the potential represented by so many of our unemployed, millions upon millions of them, and the potential of this economy to once again be achieving were -- achieving 4% growth. and now he brings forward america first and talking about fair trade deals. >> that's very true. and making certain the trade deals will be pro america and economic policies are pro -- pro work. one of the things that will make a continues with a president donald trump.
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the american people will grab that can-do attitude that made this country great. they will believe they and their employers will be able to do this. new start businesses will believe there will be somebody to help them fight back against bureaucrats so they can see those dreams come true and build those companies. lou: now the american worker is fighting against so many people and american families. it's bureaucrats, politicians, the left, the liberals, media, foreign competition being welcomed into this country, and asked which of our jobs would you like to take back. how much wealth would you like to result from your trade deals with this country? and donald trump, a fresh and powerful voice for the first time looking to move toward the white house and the oval office saying enough. we are going to put americans and america first.
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the question arises, it's a question we can't entertain with any specificity tonight, it's too long a question. how did we get to the point where we are now according to one report the third most depressed nation in the world instead of the most optimistic and a guiding light? how did we get to be a country that is transforming its we will rather than creating it. it's amazing this is a situation all americans must confront as we move toward election day. >> liberal does this incrementally. they chink away a little bit at a time at our freedoms. they come in and take a little bit more freedom. you look at john locke the philosopher who so informed the founders of our country. what did he say? that the law should not thereby to restrain and obstruct. the law should be there to preserve and enlarge freedom.
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that's what we need to return to. it's understanding the law should be there to protect the people to even large freedom, to allow people to do -- lou: the great thing is we have a candidate who is talking straight, identifying the problems, bringing forward solutions and cutting through the nonsense. and hallelujah. now we'll find out if the american people are smart enough to listen and vote come november 8. >> the polls say it is happening that way. he's up 5 points in ohio. he's up in maine, up in until, up in georgia, up in north carolina. i like the trend lines. i think the american people are waking up and saying we want to get this country on the right track. we are tired of wage stagnation and we are tired of making certain we have to wait to find out what the federal government is going to do.
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we are ready to put america first and get back to work. lou: we are coming right back. a lot more straight ahead. stay with us. donald trump today unveiled his plan to provide this economy -- to revive this economy. he said it's time to eliminate obama's job-killing policies and put america and americans first. >> we must replace the policy of globalism. it has taken so many of our jobs out of our community, and replace it with a new policy of americanism. lou: billionaire investor wilbur ross joins me next. this daredevil is about to take us on a high-speed stomach churning ride high above the french alps. we'll be right back with much more. stay with us.
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lou: donald trump earlier today laying out his goal for strong economic growth in this country, restoring prosperity for all. the republican nominee also hitting hillary clinton. he says her ideas won't create jobs and wealth for american workers.
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>> under our plan, the economy will average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. our plan will produce pay checks, and they will be great pay checks. the only thing she can offer is a welfare check. that's about it. lou: joining us to assess donald trump's plans and our current economy and the prospects for the return of prosperity. billionaire wilbur ross. he's one of the world's leading private equity firms. he's their leader and presidential trustee for the trump victory committee. wilbur, good to have you here. it's great to hear a presidential candidate stand up and say he's talking about if it were hillary clinton, talking about restoring prosperity to this country instead of railing
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on about welfare checks, talking about some sort of government support for another program. it's refreshing to hear we don't have to accept obama's new normal which is dismal. >> it's not only refreshing, it's real. lou: 3.5%, 4% growth. how do we get there? >> easily. regulatory reform. just cut out 10 per of that. that's $200 billion aa year pretax profits. run that through the income statement. that's a lot more dividends to come and a -- and a lot more capital expenditures to come. lou: that usually invite investment in america that will create jobs. but we have a corporate america
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that won't repatriate its profits overseas. $2.5 trillion remains offshore around the globe instead of being reinvested in this country. how does donald trump change the and how does corporate america change it. >> he will cut the repatriation to 10%. 10% is not a bad number for bringing things back. nobody is going to bring it back at 35%. these companies have already paid tax in whatever foreign country they are in. it isn't like this is pretax money. it's money that's already been taxed. lou: those companies were not innocents abroad. they knew what the tax rate would be. they made a conscious decision to defer investment of that money and refuse to repatriate that money.
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10% is an incentive to do so. but it will take more than that. >> it will. now when you get it back and you can reinvest it, you can because of the new 15% rate. 85% of preef tax comes down to post tax. before it was only 65%. what does that mean? that means in plain terms any given investment makes a 30% higher post tax rate of return than before. that's a huge incentive. lou: 10% is 50% better than even under the new tax rate that would accompany the truck presidency. this is exciting to think about. the american economy with leaders that are not do youer, depressive. so dismissive of american exceptionalism and the ambitions of a middle class and those who aspire to it.
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it is nice -- it is wonderful, it is beautiful to see this kinds of energy being discussed and at least implied by a presidential candidate. >> more than implied. i thought he summed it up bully. he said in flint, michigan they used to make cars there and you can drink water. now they make cars in mexico and you can't drink the water in flint. lou: he summed up the contest between himself and hillary clinton. the status quo moved cars to mexico and you can't drink the water. ford announced they are moving their small car production in america south of the border. what kinds of nonsense is that from corporate america. what does it say about the regard of corporate america for
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this country, for its economic interests and future. >> i think he probably did it while he could still get away with it. under the present regime they are going to do nothing by the. it's probably a desperation move to get as much as he can out of the country in case donald wins. lou: markfields i think is a terrific ceo. but this is one of the issues with corporate america. it has leaders who don't give a damn about the rest of the country and the workers who depends upon production. >> corporate america, i think the big reason why corporate america supports nutty free trade agreements is they have the luxury to move the factory to the other jurisdictions. >> they can offshore their production and reduce costs and drive the middle class.
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>> it's good to seeft prospect of something better for everyone. it's about time we got a donald trump. what took him so long. >> he had to grow into the job. lou: wilbur, thanks so much for being with us. is he going to win? >> i think so. i told you that last time. lou: ever since you got going. you made me a believer. wilbur ross. breaking tonight. the federal government issuing an official recall of samsung's exclusive galaxy note7 smart phone. it comes two weeks after the south korean company issue offed a global recall of those smart phones. the government only two weeks late. but they are making a big deal out of their move. the consumer product safety commission did sow without even commitmenting samsung for
7:21 pm
issuing the recall itself it received 92 reports of batteries overheating, fires in cars and garages. one an ex dotal report of one exploding as well. be sure to vote in our poll. do you believe corporate america has far too much influence over our national politics and public policy. follow me on twitter at lou dobbs. follow me on instagram. links to everything found at one daredevil showcasing his outstanding skills above the french alps. he's twirling with a chute above him.
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a small pegs chute that allows him to do that. speed flying has elements of paragliding and skydiving. the parachute much smaller and easier to control and also a lot of air quickly slipping beneath its canopy. don't try this at home, as they say. up next, donald trump questioning hillary clinton's stamina to be president. >> i don't know. do you think hillary would be able to stand up here and do this for an hour? i don't think so. lou: hillary clinton's mounting troubles, the subject of my commentary next.
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return to the campaign. first all, ways the deal here? she travels to north carolina and d.c. less than a week after her pneumonia diagnosis and four days after that diagnosis was revealed to the world as she collapsed while trying to escaped unnoticed from a september 11 memorial service in new york. there she is collapsing. and being thrown into the getaway van by her secret service detail and attending staff. it's an extraordinary image. the campaign trying to spin out her answers saying it provided her an opportunity to quote sharpen the final argument clinton will present to voters end quote. but it was her return to the campaign trail that needed the sharpening. today she is touting her openness and transparency during
7:28 pm
an interview on the tom joiner morning show. listen to what seems to be an unrepen don't privateer. >> i think i have worked hard to be more transparent than my opponent and in comparison to anybody who has run. lou: that covers a lot of folks. that borders on the delusional. how delusional? even her own daughter admitted she didn't know her mother had pneumonia until she showed up on the doorstep of chelsea's apartment sunday morning with staff and secret service in tow. never mind hillary's utter lack of transparency about ties between her state department and the clinton foundation as well as her private email server and
7:29 pm
all the bits and bites she had bleached away. police clinton said she won't discuss colin powell's leaked emails. she said she has been spent a lot of time talking about her own personal emails. but she is responsible for erasing more than half of those emails and deleting in the most possible way possible, bleach by the. possible -- bleachbit. the latest monmouth poll shows clinton trailing by 8 points in iowa. and brand-new fox news polls show clinton and trump in a virtual tie. trump pulling ahead of clinton by 1 point in a single-head matchup and she is ahead by a single point in a four-way race. trump hitting his stride. his voice resonating with the
7:30 pm
electorate. and clinton stumbling. tripping on her high wire act with the truth and facing the possible sect of losing once again. just when all that power, all she ever out, seemed within reach, now possibly slipping away. our quotation of the evening from thomas jefferson. he said quote experience has shown that even under the best forms of government, those entrusted with power have in time and by slow operations perverted it into tyranny. a thought for those who might still believe our executive branch hasn't yet become excessivey imperial. a third term in prospect, it makes you worry. we are coming right back. chelsea clinton isn't exactly helping her mother dispel concerns about her health. >> i don't think i have ever
7:31 pm
seen her so tired. i didn't even know she had pneumonia until she came over to my apartment. lou: will she ever come clean with the american people about the state of her health? eboni williams and chris plante take those issues up next. this fisherman about to get a big surprise. a lot more straight ahead right after this break. we'll be right back. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix.
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lou: the department of homeland security accused of holding back a damning report on the number of illegal immigrants who successfully crossed our southern border with mexico. the report shows roughly half of all adults who try to cross the border, they make it. that's a far cry from what the dhs has been claiming, saying 80% apprehended. one source says the department of homeland security is suppressing the report for political reasons. no. they wouldn't do that, surely. there you are. that's how pathetic things have ghont world of presidential politics. joining me now, the host of the chris plante show. and eboni williams, fox news contributor. eboni, the department of homeland security is
7:36 pm
politicized? we'll learn the entire administration is politicized. >> you would never say something like that. lou: the labor department reporting on job creation, economic growth. >> the irs. the bureau of labor statistics, justice statistics. >> it's sarcasm but a significant amount of americans are legitimately curious. i think this government is politicized from a. to z. from top to bottom. this administration is carrying out a ruse on the american people. >> when you look at things, they should be apolitical like the f.b.i. and the department of justice. lou: the most politicized parts of the administration.
7:37 pm
>> as a lawyer that breaks my heart because the american people deserve better than that. >> it should break all of of our hearts. it's horrifying what's happened during this administration. this is the genuine authentic left, and these are the levers of power. they use and abuse the departments and agencies to advantage the democratic party. bryan pagliano and lois lerks rner. if this were a republican administration, this would be a scandal. >> the left is only one-half of the equation. what does it say about washington that this is at play? this is my question. >> i'm with you 100%. in washington,.
7:38 pm
lou: you are bringing us up to date on your radio show tonight? are you kidding me? >> this is not the first type i thought it, that's all. lou: no fresh thought from chris plante today. this is from his radio show two days ago. >> a lie is as good as the truth in washington as long as you can get away with it. lou: we are talking about the clinton cartel and the obama administration in every department has politicized it. we are talking about corruption that extends to both parties through the establishment. through the chamber of commerce and the business round table. the afl-cio, wall street, big donors. and the truth matter is, if we didn't have donald trump to put it plainly, this country would be in a world of hurt. we are hurting.
7:39 pm
but the fact is we have got away out. ebony, do you think we'll see donald trump succeed, will we see this rotten corrupt nasty incompetent government in washington, d.c. suddenly be confronted and hopefully fixed? >> i will tell you this. the success mr. trump is enjoying is rightfully because of what you are pointing out. because people feel like they are so many on the left and some on the right that gain so significantly by the status quo. they are sick of it and tired of it. if it's donald trump that will change the. so many people will be willing to say so be it. >> we have come to expect it, as voters and taxpayers. democrats have become generally comfortable with being lied to about everything. and they kind of don't care. they assume they are being lied to, they are okay with it and they go get lunch.
7:40 pm
>> they get an indication of that that they themselves are lying. we are watching john koskinen get a deal from congress on impeachment so they can talk to him and hear how he did it. there are levels much absurdity that are breathtaking, but none rises to the level of the corruption that even veil opens washington, d.c. a reminder to be on the alert on the high seas. watch this. whoa. a seal jumping into action. pulling up his line when the playful seal sprung out of the water more than a few times. i love it. but you know what? it's all happening behind him. turn around.
7:41 pm
get that boat around. up next, donald trump is confident he will win the white house come november. >> there is a movement, states are in play that no republican has ever come close to winning. states are in play that the republicans fly over those states. me, we are going to land there and do a little fun. lou: our next guest has been correctly forecasting presidential outcomes for the past two decades. who is going to win next year? we'll be right back. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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lou: new polls show donald trump leading in a number of key battleground states, closing elsewhere. the republican nominee celebrating in last night ohio rally. >> we have a lot of states in play that are not usually in play for many, many decades in some places, just not in play for republicans, and they are in play for us. i think we are going to have an unbelievable november 8. got to get out and vote.
7:46 pm
lou: my next guest says a trump victory in november is a virtual certainty and his election predictor has been right for decades. good to have you back with us. we are watching extraordinary numbers reverse in these polls. and in very quick order. we are talking about florida, ohio where he is moving strongly. michigan is now in play. in one poll, the "los angeles times"-u.s. c. poll, a-point lead. and now tonight, polled by fox news. a 1-point lead in the head-to-head matchup and the 1-point deficit in the 4-way. he's looking unbelievably strong after being in effective despair
7:47 pm
two weeks ago. your thoughts. >> the forecast i made relied on a comparison of the strengths of the two candidates. i always said that donald trump was the stronger candidate that was shown in the primaries, he did much better to the primaries relative to the opposition that he had than hillary clinton. i always those had the stronger hand and that seems to be coming through right now. lou: he outperformed his polling in the last half of the primary season doing much better than the polls suggested in the actual elections. do you expect that phenomenon to be replicated in the general election november 8? >> i always feel the polls are sort of lagging in capturing donald trump's appeal. as you mentioned, you mentioned the "los angeles times" poll. the polls that use the internet
7:48 pm
are usually quite different from the telephone poles. telephone poles have a difficult time reaching the public these days. people don't pick up that phone anymore. so i'm sceptical about the polls and one -- lou: one of the biggest outliers in the polls continues to be away from the pack, they may be proved right, they may be proved wrong, but right now they are an just liar and thedthey are taker what's going on. >> when you see a poll, look at what's the division by democrats and republicans. it tells you a lot. if the democrats have a lead of 10 points or more in a poll, hillary is way ahead.
7:49 pm
so i would say any poll that has democrats ahead by more than 4 or 5 points i would be very sceptical, that's not right. lou: now we know one thing here. that is, if your expectations do not conform to those of helmut. yoyou will be proved wrong in november. on wall street stocks rallied after a series of losses. the nasdaq up 76 points. volume slipping down to 6.3 billion shares. listen to my report three times a day on the salem radio network. it's not just the obama justice department targeting america's
7:50 pm
toughest sheriff joe arpaio it turns out billionaire left wing george soros is bankrolling anti-arpaio forces in arizona. sending out flyers to phoenix area voters. but he has a $3 million war chest of his own compared to his opponent's $325,000. arm biowith his record, this reputation, deserves respect throughout the country as sheriff of maricopa county. and a friends of mine. i'm -- and a friend of mine. i'm partial to him. folks in arizona. vote like the dickens. up next. donald trump says the pastor who interrupted him in flint yesterday planned that ambush. >> everything she touched didn't work out.
7:51 pm
now hillary clinton. >> -- nothing political. >> okay. lou: i thought he handled that with grace. donald trump says the flynt pastor wanted to grandstand and get her name in the media. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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. lou: in our online poll last night, we asked you the question, does the fact that hillary has only been on bed rest for three days makes you suspicious that pneumonia is the correct diagnosis? 81% of you say it's -- you're a little suspicious of the diagnosis. joining us senior pastor at the new revival center in cleveland, ohio. pastor darryl scott. pastor, great to have you with us. great to see you again. was the deal in flint, michigan, was that a setup, do you think, for donald trump? >> i think it was a setup. first of all that pastor was very, very disrespectful to her guest, and you know, she was grandstanding, i believe she was grandstanding for the democrats, you know, she probably got a lot of phone calls, they patted her on her back and commended her for what she did.
7:56 pm
but she sandbagged mr. trump. i mean, if she didn't want him to speak politically, then she should have told him that in advance. you don't wait until he already takes the stage or takes the podium and begins to speak and interrupt him. that's not polite, it's not hospitable, it's not in good decorum. she should have said we want to stay focused over here. listen, if you don't want l litical talk, don't invite a candidate, he's a candidate. what do you expect from him? lou: that's right, and pastor, one of the great things, these things always have unintended consequences. it turns out she did, frankly she did donald trump a favor. he looks gracious. she looks obnoxious. she looks, you know, very bad in this. this was a bad moment for her and turned out to be a moment in which donald trump showed that he's unflappable, and moved on without even so much
7:57 pm
as a hesitation. let's do this. let's get trump's reaction to this, if we can roll that, please. >> i mean, everyone plays their games. it doesn't bother me. i'll tell you what really made me feel good, the audience was saying let him speak, let him speak, and the audience was fantastic. she was so nervous, she was a nervous mess. i think it's something -- i think something was up. lou: figured something was up, pastor. and he was being plauded by the audience at church? >> you know trump has great instincts and able to maintain his composure. he took the shot, rolled out with the punch, and came out smelling like a rose. she looks bad. this was probably the highlight of this lady's life, the hield of the ministry, he took it like a champion and rebounded
7:58 pm
from it, and makes him look good, and makes her look bad. it was classless, tasteless and classless as well. lou: we are all seeing donald trump more and more, he's become part of american culture over the past 15 months of his candidacy. are inner cities, the black community in particular, are they -- is he appealing effectively, successfully to them? >> if you notice, remember, we had a number of blacks they said were incognegro. they're coming out of the shadows, coming out of the closet now. there are a number of blacks individually and black collectives that are endorsing and supporting trump. there's a group in florida that i saw today endorsing him. a group that were former bernie supporters switching allegiance to trump. when he said what have you got to lose? it caughts you to be
7:59 pm
contemplative and meditative and what do i have to lose? it can't get worse than this. and his message is on point. he's a job creator, a builder, a developer, you can look at the guy and tell how sincere he is, he seems very sincere by his message to the african-american community. lou: and he continues to talk about restoring prosperity for all americans. he never, ever fails to mention everybody. it's been years since we heard that. >> and you know what, lou? lou: the obama administration years. >> he's getting his message across to blacks without pandering. lou: right. >> he's not showing up with hot sauce. he's not trying to talk in a black dialect or anything. he's being himself, and what he's saying makes a whole lot of sense. lou: pastor scott, always good to talk with you, appreciate it. >> god bless.
8:00 pm
lou: you, too. my colleague maria bartiromo will be talking with donald trump tomorrow morning. you can catch the conversation on "mornings with maria" that begins at 6:00 a.m. eastern on the fox business network. we thanks for being with us tonight. join us tomorrow, good night from new york. . kennedy: tonight, a bunch of new polls show donald trump appears to be picking up major momentum, hillary is out of bed and back on the trail. can she stop the trump train? gary johnson snagged a huge endorsement. the libertarian nominee has the backing of one of the most iconic conservative newspapers in all the land. nick gillespie is here on that. a daughter is suing parents for posting her pictures on facebook. put down the camera. time to get freaky. after hillary's bad week of deplorable pneumonia, the question is how will it affect her in the polls? delusional hillary surrogates were pushing the narrative the


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