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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 15, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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lou: you, too. my colleague maria bartiromo will be talking with donald trump tomorrow morning. you can catch the conversation on "mornings with maria" that begins at 6:00 a.m. eastern on the fox business network. we thanks for being with us tonight. join us tomorrow, good night from new york. . kennedy: tonight, a bunch of new polls show donald trump appears to be picking up major momentum, hillary is out of bed and back on the trail. can she stop the trump train? gary johnson snagged a huge endorsement. the libertarian nominee has the backing of one of the most iconic conservative newspapers in all the land. nick gillespie is here on that. a daughter is suing parents for posting her pictures on facebook. put down the camera. time to get freaky. after hillary's bad week of deplorable pneumonia, the question is how will it affect her in the polls? delusional hillary surrogates were pushing the narrative the
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former first lady is such a hard-working giver, she would tirelessly work herself to death. while donald trump tightly managed and messaged by his new team and juggernaut gary johnson sapping millennials and educated whites, a pounding at the polls. the latest "fox news poll," you can see the erosion from six weeks ago when she was at a healthy nine-point advantage and donald closed the gap to one point within the margin of error. her campaign not on life support and she definitely needs a new prescription for victory or looking at a long november. to the toss-up states, the critical battlegrounds, the florida and ohio flipped more than simone biles on a rio vault. in the buckeye state, donald is giving her a hill of beans, ahead by one point. and a bloomberg poll has her
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down by five in ohio with extra party candidates added. gary johnson hurts hillary more than trump with young people 22% of whom under 35 are picking him in the four way in ohio. it doesn't look too much sunnier in florida where trump is ahead by nearly a point according to rcp, a dramatic gain when he trailed by five there. and remember polls don't matter and no one reads them unless they're wing. hillary got lady lumps on the stump and flew her biscuit to south carolina today, a must-win state for her, that her nemesis, that man, president obama won in 2008 but romney had binders full of women who punched him in the chad in 2012, can she make the tar heel state bleed blue once again or chances clot like a punishing dvt. if she wants to get on the pony and ride like a rodeo queen, she has to cartwheel on stage with the ream of medical
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records under her arm, wrestle gators and spitfire. instead she will minimize, lie and distract from the truth she's a sick candidate and real trouble with two other candidates threatening her coronation. time for you to put on the crown. come on in. i'm kennedy. donald trump today elaborated on his goals for the economy. if elected president. >> under our plan, the economy will average 3.5% growth, and create a total of 25 million new jobs. >> i believe it's time to establish a national goal of reaching 4% economic growth. [applause] >> and my great economists don't want me to say this, but i think we can do better than that. kennedy: what?
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better than 4% growth? you are crazy. it all sounds great on paper but the research from oxford economics firm estimates his protectionist trade policies and the mass deportation plan foreign workers could cost the u.s. economy perhaps a trillion dollars. that doesn't sound good on paper. look who's here, harris faulkner, the host of the fox report. the anchor there and co-host of outnumbered on the fox news channel. mike baker former cia covert operations officer, the president of diligence llc and provides in-studio security. bargain basement price. mark is here, writer for "the washington free beacon." become back lachlan. and welcome back, everybody. polls, movement and the economy. trump is looking for at least 4% gdp growth. what do you think he's really looking for here? >> he has a vision of the
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nostalgfrom for the 20th century manufacturing economy which sounds great if you are in a manufacturing industry, but advisers admit this entail higher prices for pretty much everything that americans spend money on, clothing, food, electronics, the basic household necessities. it's in effect subsidies for industries that trump or his administration favors at the expense of everyone who buys pretty much everything. kennedy: no, i mean, in theory it sounds great to have everything made here, not good in practice if you want to have affordable cars or clothes or computers. >> you know, it's not that much different, really, from the democrat idea of subsidizing certain politically favored industries. hillary clinton wants to make government more expensive in effect by raising taxes on just about everyone. donald trump wants to make pretty much everything else more expensive. so you're going to end up paying more regardless of which candidate. kennedy: those are the things the two have in common, they offer great things when they talk about the economy.
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i think it's going to be nearly impossible for either of them to deliver on the campaign promises they're making. >> no, what? >> candidate may not come through on a promise? kennedy: 25 million jobs, mike baker. >> i know! isn't that going to be great when you get that? that's like -- here's what i think is that, as an example, if you take trump's child care plan he's thrown out there and took his name off of, that you would be hard pressed to identify that as a republican proposal. kennedy: you would be like is this elizabeth warren, bernie sanders or hillary clinton? >> and how he proposes to pay for it or how numerous candidates in the past proposed to pay for anything and talk about we're going to eliminate fraud and waste in the government. if you remember, and i know you and i were good friends back then, it was 1930, 31, franklin roosevelt how are we going to pay for farm relief? the unemployment insurance
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thing you're talking about. i'm going to cut fraud and waste in the government. of course he doesn't. we've been watching the waste and fraud in the government ever since. i will say i've pushed back on the studies that say trump's plans cost us millions, the mass deportation thing is not going to happen. we need to be realistic about the crap he's talking about. kennedy: he walked that back, he's softened, he's evolved, whatever you want to call it but no longer talking about deporting 11 million people. a firm like this, when i read about this economics firm in oxford, i think what is coloring their abstraction of the facts? do they have political bias against donald trump that is somehow informing their research? >> that i don't know because i haven't researched that company to find out where the impetus comes from. i can tell you this, the american people don't drill down as far as what the firm has done. they've done a lot of work, we've done a lot of work. somehow or another, donald
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trump, as he did today, in front of the economic club in new york city at the waldorf, finds a way to break it down in one sentence. if it's broken, i can fix it. that's what he said today. do we have a candidate whoas the gumption to fix the total picture. carl icahn believes donald trump would be good for the economy, others say he wouldn't. i think we're all navel gazing. put all their ideas aside for the second. people want to know what's predictable. would that be hillary clinton or donald trump? >> don't knock my habit of navel gazing. kennedy: you don't just gaze at your own navel which is something i respect but. [laughter] . >> the latest "fox news poll," respondents say donald trump is better able to handle the economy than hillary clinton. 66-44%.
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he is directly appealing to voters who believe in him with a speech like today, something that is measured, sounds practical, maybe harder, too. >> maybe not just those who already believe in him, but he's trying to have inroads with the independents and starting to see that happen in places like florida where he's leading hillary clinton i believe by double digits among independents. he's trying to sound a little bit more level. the market is going to watch for who doesn't shake it up too much, when you talk specifics about shrinking the tax codes from 7 to 3 and putting them into the three categories. the top half would be 33%. kennedy: that's what we had on cavuto on business last week, he starts a trade war, that will be bad for the markets. talk about hillary clinton who, man, she has to restock her own shelves. she has risen like a phoenix from the ashes. >> she has? kennedy: the former first lady back on her feet. >> lady love.
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kennedy: getting the lady lumps on the plane to slide that pneumoniac candidate to north carolina. leading the race can, she help trump's momentum and retake the lead? lachlan, what do you think about the first lady getting back out at this point in the week? >> i'm glad she's fully recovered from, it wasn't really clear what she had after bill clinton came out yesterday. kennedy: flu, pneumonia, tomatoes, potatoes. something. >> this is not a good few weeks for her and a particularly good few weeks for trump. his campaign reset seems to have if not worked but shored up gaps in his campaign operation, i think it would be foolish to expect in the next six weeks to go just as well for trump and just as poorly for clinton, once we start getting in the debates which i think clinton is going to be very good. a good setting for her. kennedy: when she gets her back up against the wall and gets desperate, she clicks into a
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different road and you can't count her out. is she one coughing fit away from a biden presidency? >> you got to wonder what joe is thinking right now. kennedy: i think we know. [laughter] >> he's challenging people to road races. ultramarathons for everyone. >> i've heard people say, i wish joe had gotten into it. joe didn't do so well the last couple of times. he tried. everybody loves the person sitting on the bench. kennedy: not colin kaepernick. >> except for that guy. there's a fine line to walk when you're talking about the health issues. and i think that trump, his team, management team wisely saw that line and realized they got to stay well away from it. she has another coughing fit, another incident, i don't think it's going to be necessarily a problem for it as long as from this point on they deal with it properly. the information was narrow in scope. good information but narrow. i think what's the harm.
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just get your medical records out. how difficult is it for both sides to be transparent? trump, get your tax records out. >> we have a jumping off point, before we might have looked at things and say that was an isolated incident. now that we've seen a presidential candidate fall ill, literally, you've got that against the records show and that's a different context. kennedy: you can't put up the baseline records, now you have to put up the others as well. gary johnson reminded us he's probably healthier than clinton and trump combined. look at that. him on the top of mt. everest. a little selfie. how are you, gary? it's a backpack full of weed and rocks. brand-new endorsement could give him a big boost. and a closer look at "fox news poll"s about how the voters feel about their candidates? that's coming up next. keep it here. ♪
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upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at . kennedy: all right, one of the biggest issues of this election has been of course immigration, and donald trump may build a wall along mexico border, so racist against canadians. brand-new "fox news poll"s show 43% of voters want a wall while 53% oppose the idea. the party panel is back here. let's get back into it, shall we?
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hillary clinton had a nine-point lead six weeks ago as we said at the top of the show, and now up by one. the poll has a plus or minus margin of error of three points. >> couple of things, all of them within her capability to control. someone in her team, maybe her made the decision she would do two public events in a month-long period or the second half of the month of august, i should say. two public events. 20 fund-raisers but two places to talk about policy or pushback on anything that donald trump or ads would put out there. that's one thing. the other is it was her decision to do the basket of deplorables. decidedly on the same day she found out she had pneumonia. kennedy: at the fund-raiser, i think she sounds inebriated. >> she was inebriated. >> sunday, it was starting to heat up as a topic, she went down for the count. that was not within her control. the narrative was, and the
8:17 pm
third thing was the e-mails. she knows she's got to get the written notes in. putting in all the energy pushing those back answering the federal questions dealing with the onslaught of -- kennedy: and thousands more e-mails to be released. lachlan, you say donald trump is moderately improved but as you pointed out is that really enough for a path to victory for him? >> at this point, it looks like a not horrible but still pretty bad campaign might be enough. >> it's a movie. [laughter] >> it will have a testament to how poor of a candidate hillary clinton is, i think, because trump he's just, you know, been shooting off at the mouth for six months now, and looked like it was hurting him early on. numbers didn't look good. they only moved him one direction since then and he moderated his tone, he had uneventful trump event with the president of mexico, but i did notice one interesting number
8:18 pm
in the "fox news poll" is that on immigration, his signature issue, clinton is edging him on that. while he takes, he's beating here by seven points on the economy. he's resonating on the number one issue. kennedy: that's it, and the economy still stays at the top of the list for most people, if he can tie her bad decisions to her e-mail and offer economic promises and plans for people, i think he does better. mike, the big variable, of course, are the debates. the first one is just a week from monday. >> absolutely right. sneaking up on people, they don't realize how quickly it's going to be here. they're going to play a pivotal role, 50 days left. i have spent about 6 1/2 days poring through these latest poll results. >> impossible, they were just out like an hour ago! [laughter]. >> don't question my math, harris. >> no, i'm questioning your judgment. >> well, that, sure! who hasn't done that? but there is one part of this poll they find more interesting
8:19 pm
than any of the others, that is the question how important is it that my candidate wins. i love this question. not important is one of the categories. extremely important, very important, not important. 8% of clinton supporters and 12% of trump supporters have answered that and said it's not important their candidate wins. i want to meet these people. kennedy: those people should be banned from voting and brings up so many more questions than we have answers for. the party panel will be back. >> we are? kennedy: oh, yeah! colin powell doesn't care much for hillary or donald, but in a world where hackers can steal and post everybody's e-mail, is privacy did or just an anticeptic. judge napolitano is here with all the answers. the party panel returns about a daughter suing her parents for posting pictures of her on facebook. you're going to be astonished when you hear the story. the party panel returns to
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introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. . kennedy: welcome back. now this week hackers posted e-mails from former secretary of state colin powell revealing his disdain for both hillary clinton and donald trump. nsa chief mike rogers says hacktivists may be trying to alter or delegitimize scamming your privacy and democracy under threat or prove to be a good thing for the country? let's ask fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. good to have you back, judge. >> good to be with you. it's strange admiral rogers would be complaining about privacy. he runs the biggest spying organization on the planet called the nsa. kennedy: who do they spy on?
8:24 pm
>> us, they capture every keystroke on every mobile device and every desktop and every computer on the planet. almost a joke he's complaining about privacy. the reason there is so little privacy in this country and i argue with our friend stuart varney almost daily about this is that the government is the biggest assaulter of privacy and people are mimicking the government. the government can do it, they can do it. kennedy: yep, and they created all these tools and opened so many doors. the other day on outnumbered, the question was posed are we safer as a nation since 9/11? everyone was talking about various terrorist organizations? and i say are we safer from the government than we were on 9/11? >> i don't want to speculate on the answers that you got and i missed that segment. you and i know the arguments well, the government has succeeded in causing people to accept the myth, the myth that less privacy equals more security, and it doesn't work. when madison talked about
8:25 pm
security, he talked about security of our liberties, that's the first job of our government to preserve our liberties, instead the government is assaulting them. kennedy: is hacking part of everyday life now that we've seen colin powell's e-mails. >> yes, i'm sorry that it is, because the government has hacked away at everything that it wants. we wouldn't know any of this had it not been for the american hero in moscow, edward snowden. i'm hoping that the free market can come up with some way to give us more privacy, to defeat the government and to defeat the hackers and if the government wants my e-mails, get a search warrant from a judge, follow the constitution. kennedy: yeah, but have you people like tim cook at apple and seem to be one of a few voices on the front line saying we're not going to compromise our product to make it easier for you to get into the things. >> i know you don't want to talk about jim comey, fbi director, tim cook is one of the few people who stood up to
8:26 pm
comey and the fbi and won in court when they refused to acquiesce. kennedy: speaking of director comey, he says cover up your webcam or at least he does. comey caught flack earlier for putting a piece of tape over his computer's camera. at a conference he warned there is sensible things you should be doing, and that's one of them. >> isn't it odd, again, one of the biggest spies in the country is telling us how to resist spying and it's a 19th century technology, a piece of tape over a little bubble, a webcam on the desktop, if the desktop is less than two years old than it has the webcam in it. kennedy: it was through edward snowden we learned nefarious actors be they state or otherwise were able to peer at you without your permission through the camera. >> just like the nsa takes down everything we say when we have our iphones in our pockets, when we think they're off, they're not. the root of this is government.
8:27 pm
one of the good things that came out of this is director comey's acknowledgment. no way he could deny this, we get the revelations every day, the fbi can't stop hacking, you have to come up with free market or 19th century ways to protect yourself from it. it's a sad state of affairs when government has led the attack on the quintessential american right embodied in the fourth amendment, the right to be left alone. as a result, the copycats are digging in deeper. do i think they're going to affect the election, no. i think they are ideological hackers, they'll hack each side equally. each side can take solace and pain from colin powell's e-mails. >> exactly. we don't know what wikileaks is going to droppous before the election. but i share your belief this is not necessarily the russians, you know, the bad guys from the cold war who want to influence the outcome of the election, it's vastly more post modern
8:28 pm
than that. >> hey, if the fbi wanted all of mrs. clinton's e-mails, they know where to go. the nsa has everything, serve a subpoena on them. see how they respond. kennedy: i would like to see that. judge, always great having you. is it possible the moon falling is a hoax? chilling footage from china reveals the distance of a propped moon. and ewok culture performing their own version of the ymca. "topical storm" is next.
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maybe they can use that dog in safety videos to explain how to properly do a trust fall, otherwise, this might happen. >> you sure you got the edge, come back! what is you doing? what! >> the wrong way! my god, he was so beautiful afterward. topic number three, what you're about to see is alien spacecraft outside an area 51 picnic with tiny lgm's parachuting in likants to spoil the ice cream social. it's a drone and dropping burritos to college students. it hovers down, oh, so gently, parachutes in. the foodstuff. success. chipotle was forcing many sickly toilet dwellers to drop weight after chain sickened hundreds of customers with
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e.coli tacos, they have partnered with kraft pioneers project wing to feed hungry virginia tech matriculators, very forward thinking, chipotle. topic number four, he's a huge "back to the future" fan with his very own de lorean but the time travel adventure comedy may have landed him in deep yogurt. police caught him speeding at 89 miles an hour, one-mile-an-hour more than the magical 88 needed to careen back to the 50s. you can't blame him because "back to the future" is a great movie. remember? >> it's a de lorean. >> you see marley, it was on the capacitiator.
8:35 pm
>> great scott! >> so much more entertaining and organized when i watched it the first time. so weird. topic number five -- i love that michael j. fox, he's a friend. ireland is a magical country, so friendly, so whimsical, stormtroopers are a merry lot, like these guys in dublin. look at the brave stormtroopers, taking well-deserved shore leave from duty on the forced moon of endor where they were helping the local ewok economy through a large public works program. look at them. ymca. there is nothing more heterosexual than that. and being dublin, everyone wound up in a pub, pounding a few pints. though it did get a bit awkward
8:36 pm
when one of the lady stormtroopers drunk dialed her ex-boyfriend who coincidentally was also drunk. >> what's up, bro? where are you tonight? um, want to come over and get wasted? [laughter] >> if you have any words to add use hashtag "topical storm." coming up, the party panel returns. a study says americans are depressed. syria and north korea, people are happier. why are we so glum? it's our pants. republicans lost an endorsement they counted on for years to gary, i climbed everest johnson. we talk about the upset next. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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pneumococcal pneumonia almost took me from them. if i had known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor about it. thwow, it's nice.ew 2016 chevy malibu. let's check it out. do any of you have kids? i do yes. this car has a feature built in called teen driver technology, which lets parent's see how their teens are driving. oh, that's smart. it even mutes the radio until the seat belt is fastened. will it keep track of how many boys get it in the car? (laughter) cause that could be useful. this is ahead of what my audi has for sure. wish my beamer had that. i didn't even know that technology existed. i'm not in the market for a car but now i may be. . kennedy: we certainly were fly girls, just like two years ago. that's true.
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listen to this story. 18-year-old woman in austria, where they wear lader hosen is suing her parents for posting pictures of her as a child on facebook and refusing to take them down. she says they knew no shame and no limits and didn't care if i was sitting on the toilet or lying naked on my cot. >> is that austrian acsent in. >> very iowan. the party panel is here, lachlan, mike and harris. >> i had to research this. kennedy: yes, tell me. >> the big question legally is have they sexualized their own daughter? and in most cases -- i know, right? including this one, that might be a case for oddly sexual harassment with this child. she is an adult now, at the age of 18. kennedy: she was mortified and embarrassed.
8:41 pm
>> 500 pictures are a lot. they could mean parental bullying, not a category of law but can fall under harassment. and how do you have a minor give consent. that's the muddying part of all of this? you and i have kids, right? we're on instagram. i try to show a side view but i'm not checking in with bella and dan ca saying, i need you to sign the form. kennedy: do you have a right to publish photos of your kids? >> no, i never post photos of my kids. my wife occasionally likes to post. we don't go crazy at all of posting family or family events. part of it is a security thing. >> for you, especially. >> i was wondering where you are going with that. kennedy: his real name is valerie plame, worked with the cia. >> surprisingly, i'm edward snowden. wouldn't be that something? yeah, i can sympathize with what this girl is saying in a sense, i haven't thought about
8:42 pm
this bullying aspect of it. kennedy: if your kid turns 18 and has a problem with it, take the pictures down. why do you have to say are people going to sue on behalf of animals? >> wow, i hadn't considered that aspect. kennedy: there are people who feel that primates and -- >> 700? >> trying to affirm, i guess they're not called human rights, the rights of primates, i think it was spain. >> i post a mug of my monkey constantly. i have 100 pictures of my monkey. kennedy: he assumed guardianship of bubbles when michael jackson passed. >> i'm kidding. kennedy: the united states is apparently -- this is sad, the third most depressed country on the planet, only behind china and india, according to the world health organization which ranked how unhappy countries are based on drug and alcohol abuse and the third most
8:43 pm
depressed are we. that's sad. that would suggest we are more depressed than people in syria, or afghanistan, a country that hasn't had a good day in 40 years and tajikistan, which is quite sad. why so sad? >> well, hard not to get upset at the news these days. kennedy: is it the election? >> it's the election. >> and syria. >> the cowardly assassination of harambe played a part in that and the folks are upset. cincinnati zoo has come to represent the societal state lurking in the back of our minds. kennedy: thank god for edward snowden. are you upset we weren't number one? you want to finish at the top of the podium and you are slightly resentful. >> i was surprised russia was number four behind us.
8:44 pm
i would put them at number one. kennedy: maybe they were too drunk to fill out the survey. >> this is a serious issue when you think about mental health and reform issues, it is interesting when you drill down into the study and talk about the availability of mental health care here in the u.s., and realize we haven't done a good job at it? kennedy: that's one of the things hillary clinton is talking about, making access to counselors and drugs wider for people. >> i have a serious take on this. i think we stigmatize mental illness to the point people are separated from society because they are shunned into doing that by their own family members or don't feel a part of things. i feel when you were under duress at wartime, you are together and talk about having hope on a regular basis, when you are as isolated as we've become, always on devices, never this, never this. showing contact and love, you think something is wrong. kennedy: you think technology has exacerbated it and even though people have access to
8:45 pm
pharmacies and therapists. >> exasperation, again, don't knock one of my hobbies. >> the constant flow of love. that hope. kennedy: i love you and so glad you were here. thanks for coming by harris and mike and lachlan. >> so good to meet you! >> good to meet you! >> we're going to have five or six pints apiece. gary johnson libertarian is running for president. a very massive endorsement given to republican nominees for the last century. we talk about why this is so important and what else the governor may have in store for the 2016 race? glad you're here. you do all this research on a perfect car,
8:46 pm
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. kennedy: he's a libertarian. presidential nominee gary johnson has just scored what could be his biggest endorsement yet. iconic conservative newspaper,
8:49 pm
the new hampshire union leader, which for the first time in 100 years is not going with a republican nominee. in this case, donald trump. the paper's editors say they chose johnson and his running mate bill weld because in today's dark times they are a bright light of hope and reason, and speaking of reason, with us now, editor in chief of and "reason" tv nick gillespie and joined by "national review" reporter and greg gutfeld correspondent kat timpf. i have so much liberty coursing through my veins. how big of a deal is this in the grand scheme of presidential libertarian candidates? >> i think gary johnson and bill weld have 400% more newspaper endorsements than donald trump and whoever his vice president is, i keep forgetting. the downside is that it doesn't really count for much but i think it's a bellwether of
8:50 pm
people are tired of the status quo and have you 40% basically for hillary, 40% for donald trump. there's 60% of the country disappointed with the choices and i think johnson and weld are not simply the other guys but actually offering a radically alternative program of smaller government and more individual choice. kennedy: do you think with the newspaper endorsements because winston-salem juni winston-salem journal, will it affect the polling at all and is it enough to get johnson on the main stage of the presidential debate? >> i don't think so unfortunately. i think it's a great thing, obviously, and i understand it, too, even if you always endorsed the republican candidate if you are endorsing donald trump, you don't know who or what you're endorsing, constantly changing this or that. i have issues with republicans saying they're small government. that's a different thing.
8:51 pm
this dude being donald trump sounds like a fascist half the time. i would understood oo. >> that's the good side. >> the good side, yeah, i would to say if you endorse donald trump and something terrible happens and you endorsed this guy, it's really, it's really just -- what other choice do you have? kennedy: the terrible thing is -- >> if i could say quick? kennedy: go ahead. >> he was endorsed by the richmond times dismatch which is the largest newspaper in virginia, they say these guys sound like the future of one of the two parties. that's true. we're out of money, and the government is going to have to stop spending as much money as it has for all of the 21st century and talking about having a good defense but not an offensive military that goes all over the place and bombs or occupies things and providing a social safety net while creating smart regulation that allows more businesses to flourish rather than smothering them.
8:52 pm
either the democrats or republicans are -- >> he's talking about spending, va hospitals, i'll build the best once or make cuts to medicare or medicaid. kennedy: he does not talk about entitlement reform. that's how hillary clinton and donald trump are identical. i think the times dispatch is right when they say it could be one of the two parties, if democrats were smart, they would zone in on this and they're not, and it's surprising because gary johnson is taking away more voters from hillary clinton than donald trump. >> i hate when people say -- people on twitter mostly, a vote for gary johnson is a vote for hillary clinton. that's literally not true because her lead shrinks when it's a four way race instead of a two-way race. kennedy: including the cbs-"new york times" poll, when you factor in all four candidates, she and donald trump are dead even. >> this is where the democratic party doesn't understand, if they want to be a party of liberal values, letting individuals live however they
8:53 pm
want, people like johnson and weld are the only ones in favor of more legal immigration, they're not pussyfooting around, they say we have trouble delivering things for our own people here, how are we going to rebuild iraq or syria or whatever? >> yeah. >> they're in favor of marriage equality, abortion rights, they're in favor of drug legalization and criminal justice reform. they are the liberal candidates and then the way you're talking about it they're the conservative candidates, they're the only ones talking about actually cutting government spending from this year to the next. >> it's interesting that hillary clinton is by far the most hawkish person in this race. kennedy: isn't it funny? >> people don't talk about that. kennedy: the only person who points it out is jill stein on a regular basis. >> she's the only one. and it's so glaring, the way she says in libya we'd have a situation like syria if i didn't do what i do. kennedy: donald trump pointed a
8:54 pm
quo twitter what would you have done on gadhafi? the guy you killed? >> now it's a calm that is filled by jihadists. it's important to look at donald trump and hillary clinton are the last, you know, emblems of 20th century america, they're not particularly different from each other, about command and control. not about people being given choices to work within a certain field. one of these are going to lose big and going to move more in the direction of johnson and weld to be relevant. kennedy: we'll see if they are able and self-aware enough to reinvent themselves. nick and kat, thank you very much, it's a sitcom next fall. coming up, straight from your heart to my hard drive, viewer mail like this one from jeffrey -- never. stay here. [alarm beeping]
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. kennedy: clinky, clinky, grab a drinky, with all the hacking going on it feels anyone can get access to deepest thoughts and secrets. fortunately for me, i don't have to hack a thing, all the vulgarity and anger gets sent straight to my e-mail. warren writes -- not what your dad said. dave tweets -- well, your mom was wasted at the third party she went to last night. there were plenty of candidates she met. you know what's terrible? cats. kim correctly notes -- see you in salem, buddy. happy trails, right? cats ain't that bad with a side of garlic and slaw. don't forget the wasted sweet potato.
8:59 pm
now what do you think? michael writes -- because i'm right and you're dumb. gator guy says -- i'm going to put lotion on it. d.j. thinks a libertarian is a republican that's afraid to admit it. not true at all. mark eloquently states such a dork kennedy, i know, buy me a pair of shoes. i'll let you. make sure to watch "wall street week" with anthony scaramucci and gary kaminsky tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. not don stossel, his brother john stossel, that's friday at 9:00 p.m. only on fbn.
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follow me twitter and instagram -- until monday, i will see you on cavuto on business on the weekend, and then i'll see you next week. good-bye.s old... >> these are the biggest trees i've ever seen, and they're beautiful. >> the redwood forest has been on the planet since the dinosaurs. >> then the ax men cometh. one makes a redwood his ultimate log cabin... >> what? >> ...a log-rolling attraction. it's her strange inheritance. >> i was the only child, so i knew i was always gonna get the log. >> but the road takes its toll. >> it's hard to be the log lady and have a life and be the truck driver and the repair person and do it all. >> she's got a big decision to make. >> she sure does, jamie. she sure does. >> and what happens when it's time for the log to be inherited from you?


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